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Daniel Bienvenu: what? only one person online?
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Rich!
Daniel Bienvenu: What is going on?
rich-c: you got me, Daniel - everyone seems missing
Daniel Bienvenu: Football?
Daniel Bienvenu: Hockey?
Daniel Bienvenu: Final Exams?
rich-c: hardly - the season hasn't started yet, nor has baseball
rich-c: don't think we have that many hockey fans either, for that matter
rich-c: maybe they are all tapped out after that flurry of mailing list postings yesterday
rich-c: so how are things on the job scene now that you have been renewed?
Daniel Bienvenu: at my job... it's going fine... not extra super mega ... only fine!
Daniel Bienvenu: we are in a rush to prepare a document
rich-c: my experience of preparing documents is that they are no great fun
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changed username to Shannon
Shannon: Hello
rich-c: hello Shannon - don't recognize that handle
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Shannon
Shannon: Yep, I am new to this but not to the Adam.
rich-c: ah - not yet one of us but you want to be - very welcome
Shannon: ? is there a way to wire the old adam key to a PC to use? I know it is missing most of the keys for use on the PC.
rich-c: where do you live, Shannon? I'm in Toronto and Daniel is in Quebec City
Shannon: Clarmore, OK USA
rich-c: a Sooner, no less! how about that!
Shannon: :)
Shannon: So, either of you know where I could get schematics for the Adam keyboard?
rich-c: anyway, our gurus on that topic are mostly Dr. D. and Jeff Oltmans, though Bob Slopsema has more than a ffew clues too
Daniel Bienvenu: they are probably just late
Shannon: I will hang around then!
rich-c: I have the schematics but my scanner is hors de combat - Microsoft screwed me up good
rich-c: omce I get it sorted out then I should be able to oblige
Shannon: That does not suprise me.
Daniel Bienvenu: don't tell me you upgraded your windows 98 to windows xp
rich-c: anyway Rich a.k.a. Dr. D. knows huge amountds about what you can and cant do with an Adam keyboard
Shannon: Just thought it would be fun to hook up an adam keyboard on the PC to type letter and such if possile.
Daniel Bienvenu: my uncle upgraded to windows xp and an a lot of problems... including unable to use again its scanner
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rich-c: funny you should say, Daniel...
changed username to Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Pam!
Pamela: allo
Pamela: sorry I'm late
Pamela: resolving some issues
Daniel Bienvenu: don't be sorry
rich-c: hello daughter - we have a visitor from Oklajoma - how about that?
Daniel Bienvenu: you are here.
Pamela: Hi Dad
Pamela: Greetings, Shannon
Shannon: So how many active Adam user show up for this?
Shannon: Howdy!
rich-c: usually about a dozen drift in over the course of the evening
Pamela: drift being the operative word : )
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not an active Adam user.
rich-c: we're awaiting Dr. D and Erin, Ron, Bob slopsema and family, Harvie is overdue, a couple of Guys...
Shannon: So, is there a good emulator that runs under windows to use?
Pamela: I doubt we'll get Erin tonite Dad, she left here about half an hour ago and said something about it being time for bed
rich-c: yeah, all you do is spend your time writing games that run on the Adam, right?
rich-c: yyes, there is an Adam emulator and a number of our folks use it - Daniel can likely give you an outline
Pamela: I'm gonna go get my e-mail - I'll stay on and monitor but probably be quiet for a bit
Pamela: brb
Shannon: No need for an outline, is it listed on
rich-c: silly as it sounds, I haven't trolled the site often enough to know if there's a link or not
Shannon: Ok, I will look around for it. Is there a name for it?
rich-c: if Dale Wick who owns the site comes by, you're in like a dirty shirt
Daniel Bienvenu: adamem is the only coleco adam emulator I know
rich-c: just Adam emulator - if all else fails try, the basic site
Shannon: Thanks, going to do some research brb.
rich-c: see you on the go round
Pamela: I wonder where everyone is
Pamela: I thought I'd be disgraced for being so late
Pamela: is it just me or is 9:00 coming earlier and earlier?
rich-c: I don't know - I'm happy to have made it at all
Pamela: 'puter still giving you problems Dad?
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rich-c: yes, though I may have made a brakthrough yesterday - no time to see yet
changed username to shannon
Daniel Bienvenu: hello again Shannon
Pamela: you're twins now, Shannon : )
shannon: Hmm, looks like I am on twice.
Daniel Bienvenu requested to ban Shannon
Pamela confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
shannon confirmed ban
rich-c: I the heavens will not fall as a result
Pamela: there, no more double vision : )
shannon: someone has power out there.
Daniel Bienvenu: it's only Spaniel Chat option
rich-c: for all practical purposes, we are our own moderators
rich-c: we all know each other very well and have for years
rich-c: that tends to get the rough edges worn off
Pamela: and some of us are second generation : )
(Everyone welcomes shannon)
(Daniel Bienvenu gives Daniel Bienvenu a can of Diet Coke.)
Daniel Bienvenu: heh heh heh
shannon: So, are the plans worked out for AdamCon this year?
(Pamela gives Pamela a yummy bar of chocolate.)
rich-c: just so long as you stay away from my stout, Daniel ; - )
Pamela: they're still in the works but the plan is Chicago in July
shannon: I may attempt to work that in with diving in the lakes.
rich-c: well, Guy Bona is in charge and he SAYS he has things progressing nicely
Pamela: July 13 - 16th, Shannon
shannon: Ok.
rich-c: if it turns you on, there's lots of underwater archeology to be done in the Grat Lakes
shannon: Yes, that is stuff that we work with. Cave/technical deep all that stuff.
rich-c: I suspect I could end up with a serious case of claustrophobia just looking at it
shannon: We have some video clips up that most like to watch.
rich-c: that sort of thing can be great fun
Pamela: scuba diving, Shannon?
shannon: Yes.
Pamela: neat
rich-c: my schtick is motor racing - our guys show all thier triumphs and disasters on carnuts,ws
Pamela: I've never had an opportunity to try it but always thought it looked like fun
shannon: In MO there is a old mine that is around 280' deep, and on the bottom I have placed an old ADAM computer for divers to go see.
shannon: Not for everyone but I lover it.
Pamela: what a neat idea : )
rich-c: hey, neat - a genuine archological relic!
shannon: What is funny is that most divers have know idea what computer it is. I have an old TI in another area.
rich-c: clearly you have a well-developed sense of humlur, new buddie!
shannon: the water is cold enough that it will be there 50-100 years from now.
rich-c: I fear my stock of T(Is remain on semi-dry land - my basement
shannon: All stock was not working BTW.
Pamela: no comment, Dad
Daniel Bienvenu: 22h... it's time for me to leave. talk to you next week
Pamela: bonsoir, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit!
rich-c: I think I have pitched all my non-working classic computer stuff - which laves the basement "merely" 3/4 full
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-c: OK Daniel, bonne chance, bon soir - a la prochaine!
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changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: hi, Guy
shannon: I take it that everyone on here is from Canada?
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
rich-c: well - Daniel leaves, Guy enters - got our hotel booked yet?
Guy B.: Except me, I'm from the USA.
Pamela: we're all over the place, Shannon
Pamela: Dad and I are in Toronto, Guy is in Chicago
rich-c: for instance Guy is from Chicago
shannon: All over.
Guy B.: No, still waiting for the person to get back to me. I had Jeanene called her twice already.
rich-c: you wouldn't necessarily tell it from some of our less attended chats, but Canadians are very much a minority
Pamela: we have people in Michigan, Cleveland, British Columbia, Japan, Seattle, Indiana
Pamela: Daniel is in Quebec City and we have another one in Montreal
Pamela: perhaps it's time to make an appointment and go in personally, Guy
shannon: Nice way to get everyone together that has an interest in the Adam.
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changed username to Geoff
Guy B.: HI Geoff
Pamela: Hi, Geoff
Geoff: Hey everyone. :)
rich-c: we have been working at it ever since the internet became widely available
Pamela: Geoff, I've forgotten (if I ever knew) - where are you located?
Geoff: Huntsville, AL
rich-c: hey, geoff! we wre just lamenting the absence of our southern contingent
Pamela: ah. Okay, gotta make a note somewhere : )
Geoff: Rich.... is that just me, or are there more? ;)
rich-c: pro tem it's you, but IIRC we have a fw more here irregularly
Pamela: Scott's in Phoenix, I believe - or maybe it's Colorado
Geoff: heheheh, we are few and far between down this way.
rich-c: well, Geoff, guess you're just going to have to do some recruiting
Geoff: Hey, do we have a repository (aka FTP site) of ADAM files anywhere?
rich-c: Dr. D. is working on it, but nothing official to my knowledge
Guy B.: I thought someone did that. Rich, do you remember who that was? Wouldn't been Scott??
Geoff: Well, I think I've got the complete old CompuServe collection of files sitting on my computer.
rich-c: Dale keeps mutterig but - well, you know Dale
Geoff: It'd be nice if there were some disk images around....
Pamela: hello?
Pamela: well, I'm still connected
rich-c: yes, we're here - seems cats got our tongues
shannon: Me too.
Pamela: I am somewhat distracted - researching flights so wasn't paying attention
Geoff: Where you goin?
shannon: So, is there a way to hook up the adam keyboard to a pc for kicks?
rich-c: I am sure there are all sorts of disc images around - and original discs, never opened
Pamela: Hopefully, the Windy City
Geoff: Pam, no not currently.
Geoff: However, I have been researching the adamnet protocol so that I could make an adapter for the PC to use with the emulator.
shannon: I thought it would be good with an emulator or to pull out when I need to impress workers.
Pamela: Guy, O'Hare is ORD, correct?
rich-c: what would be really neat would be to have something to replace those accursed tiny laptop keys
Guy B.: Yes, that is correct.
Pamela: thank you : )
Pamela: brb
Geoff: Rich: Are you still selling ADAM wares?
rich-c: what's the code for Midway, then?
Guy B.: I've got my new notebook configured.
Guy B.: MDW
rich-c: yep, you want them and I have them, theyre for sale
rich-c: time for my glass of stout
Geoff: do you have a pricelist?
Guy B.: Took me long enough to get it up, but having trouble viewing the files from my desktop. Think I found the problem to that.
rich-c: yes, it's floating around the new somewhere, likely on Bob's site
rich-c: right now Microsoft has messed up my access to the net
rich-c: but if you can give me some sense of what you wsant, I can give you a quote I reckon
Geoff: Rich: I have no idea what I want 'til I see it. ;) I think I found the list though on Bob's site.
rich-c: I an always copy a file to the jump drive and send it from there
rich-c: the laptop is working, if not fine, at least well for a Microsoft product
shannon: Got to go, but I will be back in the future.
Pamela: and here I was thinking you were starting to become a fan of MS, Dad : )
Pamela: nice to meet you Shannon - come back soon
shannon left chat session
rich-c: great of you to join us, shannon - we'll be lokking forrward to your return
Pamela: well so far, best available flight return is $321.00, all inclusive
Pamela: per person, that is
rich-c: well, I shall have to see what the story is on criving
rich-c: I am not feeling at my best today, but then I'd make it a two-day trip anyway
Pamela: unless you had multiple drivers, it would probably be a two day trip for anyone
Guy B.: Well folks, even though I arrived late tonight due to overtime. I'm going to call it the night. Will see you all next week.
rich-c: well, there were times when I wouldn't think of it - but I was younger then
rich-c: OK Guy, get all the hotel details ready for registration, OK?
Pamela: g'nite, Guy - give the hotel a call and talk to them face to face - you'll probably have better results
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you (and Annie!)
rich-c: anyway, nite, Guy
Pamela: well since it's so quiet, I think i'll go stalk a few more flights
rich-c: yes, time for me to bail too and see to my health
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me Too. Annie Says HI
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: okay, Dad
Pamela: talk to you soon, okay?
rich-c: so long, all
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Geoff: later!
Pamela: g'nite, Geoff - sorry to bail on you
Geoff: no worries. :)
Pamela: kerpoof!
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