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rich-c: test
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changed username to Dr. D. at last
rich-c: hello Rich, on time, too!
Dr. D. at last: Hi Richard
Dr. D. at last: Sorry it has been so long...this is the worst time of the year.
rich-c: Pamela will not be jining us till later - she was supposed to be home at 8 p.m. but is still talking to her mother on the front porch
Dr. D. at last: Every time Wednesday has come around, I have needed to go to bed at 9 PM.
Dr. D. at last: To be up at 2 or 3 AM or somesuch.
Dr. D. at last: The last 3 weeks have been rough...but I will save the tale for when more folks are here.
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rich-c: I'm having a different problem - with my CPAP machine and new mattress, I'm sleeping far more than I should
Dr. D. at last: hehe wish I could sleep a lot
changed username to BobS
rich-c: heloo Robert
BobS: AHSO, you have retuened
Dr. D. at last: Hi Bob
BobS: sleep is good Richard
rich-c: well it's wierd because I haven't done enough to need 10-1/2 hour sleeps
rich-c: you want from wierd? try this
BobS: ok
Dr. D. at last: 10.5 hours is not would be great if it were restful
BobS: heck I try to get 6 solid hours
rich-c: last few mornings when I've got up, my blood pressure has been about 125/55 - with a pulse of 95!
BobS: and get awakened to hit the little room
BobS: pulse a littl ehigh there richard.......afib
Dr. D. at last: BP is not bad, but the pulse is high.
BobS: bp low # too low
Dr. D. at last: I have been holding around 125-130/68-78
rich-c: by evening, the blood pressure hasn't changed much - but teh pulse is 70 or less
Dr. D. at last: Depends what I eat...still trying to avoid meat, esp. beef.
BobS: tha's good
Dr. D. at last: No meds, all diet
Dr. D. at last: No salt
Dr. D. at last: No beef
Dr. D. at last: No pop
BobS: boy your diet sucks Dr D
rich-c: constant headaches - halo too tight ;-)
BobS: next thing you will be telling me is NO breathing
Dr. D. at last: I have been away from fast food so long that an order of McDonald's French fries makes my fingers swell way up.
Dr. D. at last: I view meds to regulate BP as an irrevocable step.
BobS: well that is prolly true
rich-c: your slat is supposed to be in balance, not non-existent!
Dr. D. at last: Once I start, if ever, I will never be off them...side effects are bad.
Dr. D. at last: US diet Richard is waaaaay to much sodium, not enough potassium.
rich-c: no argument about the side effects - but the option aint fun either
Dr. D. at last: Pretty solid study that reversing ratio of sodium to potassium will bring systolic BP down about 10 mm mercury
Dr. D. at last: So, no salt, no salty meats...and taking OTC potassium supplement about 5 times a day, total about 1000 mg.
Dr. D. at last: I can't argue with it...I have been logging all the BPs since July, and I can correlate it with my food log (which I have kept since May 2002).
Dr. D. at last: If Rin comes to visit and she wants to eat out, and I break down and have some beef, next couple days BP is up.
Dr. D. at last: So I have told her, no more :-S
Dr. D. at last: She isn't happy, she likes her burgers :-S
BobS: VEGGIE burgers!!!!!
Dr. D. at last: I miss all the stuff I used to eat, believe me I do.
Dr. D. at last: A giant portabello mushroom in lieu of beef is not bad, though it's expensive.
Dr. D. at last: Chicken and fish don't seem to bother me, not even canned tuna or salmon.
rich-c: I have outlived the majority of my birth cohort, withpout dietary extremes on the good side...
Dr. D. at last: I just eat veggie stir-fry most nights.
BobS: fish is good on the grill...........been using telapia (?) prettyr tasty stuff
Dr. D. at last: My Dad has had high BP since he was 30...and at 66 he is running out of drugs that work.
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changed username to Judy
Dr. D. at last: Hence I don't ever want to start on them :-S
rich-c: ever tried eating tune with a bit of a curry sauce? we are quite fond of it
Dr. D. at last: Hi Judy
rich-c: hello Judy
Judy: Hi, Dr D
Dr. D. at last: I am not much of a curry guy, the very rare Indian restaurant trip notwithstanding.
BobS: was curry taste like??????
Judy: Hi, Rich
BobS: I know....curry
Dr. D. at last: haha
Dr. D. at last: It's a mix of stuff, not monolithic spice.
BobS: but that is not the correct answer
Dr. D. at last: Saffron makes it yellow, cumin makes it spicy, dunno what else.
Dr. D. at last: It is basically edible Egyptian embalming paste :-)
Dr. D. at last: That
BobS: pickle me insides???????
rich-c: right - which there is a general consensus, apparently every Indian woman has her own private and personal receipe, and holds commercials mixes in utter contempt
Dr. D. at last: 's what they did up their mummies in
Dr. D. at last: Along with palm wine and salt to dry it out
rich-c: and what did they use to embalm their cats?
Dr. D. at last: The same.
Dr. D. at last: Go to the ROM and read about it; Rin and I did :-)
Dr. D. at last: My membership at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History got us in there free, both of us.
Dr. D. at last: There is a reciprocal agreement for full members.
rich-c: anyway Bob, curry is a mix of spices and can be red, green, yellow, hot, mild, whatever the compounder likes
Dr. D. at last: So it saved us $30 CN
Dr. D. at last: The ROM has a collection of cat and other mummies.
Dr. D. at last: Royal Ontario Museum I should say for Bob and Judy.
rich-c: I hate to think how many decades it's been since I've been in the ROM - and the last time was for a political meeting
Dr. D. at last: The dinosaur skeleton hall was closed while we were there though :-(
Dr. D. at last: They are building a Crystal Palace or somesuch through it.
rich-c: and don't get me started on the new Libeskind addition - YUCK!
Dr. D. at last: Yeah, it is pretty icky.
Dr. D. at last: The same "arteeest" stuff that parks a glass pyramid in front of the Louvre.
rich-c: I think it's simply the ruination of a fine, modest, classic building - but then their curator has always put me off
rich-c: comparatively speaking, the Louvre got off easy...
Dr. D. at last: I.M Pei, P.U.
Dr. D. at last: He did the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame glass pyramid here in Cleveland, ugh.
BobS: Ah tis like our very own Grand Rapids CALDER sculpture
BobS: darned if anyone knows WHAT it is
rich-c: we are still having difficulties getting beyond Frank Lloyd Wright
Dr. D. at last: Well at least inside the ROM, it still looks like a 19th-century building.
Dr. D. at last: FLW built chairs you couldn't sit on and roofs that leaked :-)
rich-c: though some of Muriyama's local works I find most attractive, and then there's our City Hall
Dr. D. at last: And the ROM had one of his chairs on display.
Judy: and the paint to paint it costs way to much
Dr. D. at last: We have a giant rubber stamp downtown in front of one of the courthouse says FREE on the stamp part.
Dr. D. at last: It's about 40 feet tall.
rich-c: we will have the opportunity to peer at a fair bit of Wright's arcxhitecture in Chicago should we choose
rich-c: actually, that sounds kinda neat
Dr. D. at last: The house Falling Water is literally falling into the creek now.
Judy: and they call it art
Dr. D. at last: Re: stamp, the artist did a whole series of huge office supplies.
Dr. D. at last: They are scattered around the country.
rich-c: there are structural issues with Falling Water?
Dr. D. at last: There is one of them, though, that I bet nobody under 30 has the faintest idea what it is now.
rich-c: what's that?
Dr. D. at last: Re: FW, yes, the creek has eroded the foundation and the rebar is rusting inside the concrete.
Dr. D. at last: Remember the round erasers with a brush on the end for use with typewriters?
Dr. D. at last: The guy made a sculpture of that.
Dr. D. at last: Kinda like a pizza cutter with a brush.
BobS: COOL, I have some of those and they work great for pencil work also
rich-c: yes, though I don't have any of that kind for my typewriter any more
Dr. D. at last: Since manual typewriters are extinct, so are those erasers...and eraser pencils...
Dr. D. at last: and erasable bond typing paper, my favorite, it was easy to draw on in pencil and erase after you had india-inked a drawing on it.
BobS: paper is so cheap, just print it out again onthe puter andrecycle the pap;er
rich-c: well, I have and use (rarely, admittedly) a manual typewriter, and certainly use pencils and erasers
Dr. D. at last: Non-photo-blue pencils are gone too, the ones that wouldn't show up on an (analog) Xerox machine.
Dr. D. at last: They are all digital scanners now, and the blue pencil shows up.
BobS: same here Richard......confession....TWO manual typewriters..........
BobS: what the lots of old computers too
rich-c: funny you should say...
Dr. D. at last: I found that out when wanting to make some reproductions of comics I drew in college...they were blue pencil with ink on top, for the school newspaper.
rich-c: w3e just gave away an old electronic typewriter
Dr. D. at last: I can't find a machine to Xerox them on that doesn't show the under drawing :-(
rich-c: well, that's what Photoshop is for
Dr. D. at last: Haven't found a remove-the-non-photo-blue filter for it yet.
Dr. D. at last: Old-fashioned high-contrast film (and F5 high-contrast Kodabromide paper) wouldn't show it.
Dr. D. at last: I am so old...I know how to do B&W darkroom stuff with materials that probably aren't made now.
rich-c: yes, I can remember developing my own b/w films, though I did not print them - too much time
Judy: getting old isn't all bad, DR D
rich-c: yes, it does beat the alternative
BobS: NO, you get to walk slower
Dr. D. at last: As long as it's kept dark, the photo paper doesn't go the late 1980s we had some Kodabromide paper in the lab that was from 1970, giant box of it in 11x17, which was why we used it up so slow...usually 8x10 or 8.5x11 for reviewer copies of plates for journal papers.
rich-c: but I guarantee it is not for sissies
BobS: and you get to hurt all over a lot
Dr. D. at last: I lived in the darkroom as a grad student...I was doing electron microscopy, had to develop 4x5 sheet film negatives 50 at a time, then print them.
rich-c: yes, if it don't hurt, it don't work - that strts at a quite young age
Dr. D. at last: I am not worried about getting gripe is I know perfectly good ways to do stuff that the infrastructure has disappeared for, that I don't know what the *current* way to do it is.
BobS: NOW yo are talking MY langugae Doc
rich-c: wait till you get to my age - you're still a kid
Dr. D. at last: It's like when Woolworth's went out of store since then has emerged to carry the stuff that Woolworth's did.
Dr. D. at last: So I don't know where to go to get it.
rich-c: well, five and dime pricing is a bit of a dead issue these days too
Dr. D. at last: At some point I am running out of new brain to absorb new things that are new just for the sake of being new.
rich-c: that's what the internet is for, Rich - you can find ANYHTING on the internet
rich-c: I have an easy solution - ignore them and soon they go away
Dr. D. at last: I can find anything but what I want :-)
Dr. D. at last: haha
rich-c: by the time they look worth buying, they're gone and replaced by something new
rich-c: you're just looking in the wrong places, Rich
Dr. D. at last: I have always said I would do better in the 19th century.
BobS: well, things went much slower then
rich-c: don't think you'd prosper with teh lab methods they used then - they weren't conducive to longevity
Dr. D. at last: I recently had to revise my resume (annual thing for the Department) and I admit I was agog at how many different things I have done...most resumes I have read are very narrow.
BobS: since about 1985, the eloctronic world has developed at breakneck speed
Dr. D. at last: Hehe, I should post the link to it, it's just a PDF file, albeit 15 pages long :-)
BobS: and left most of the civilized world shaking their heads
rich-c: I know - my neck is beginning to seriously hurt
rich-c: at the moment my battle with XP continues apace
rich-c: migod, the amount of reading I need to do just to find out what's going on, let alone options on fixing it
Dr. D. at last: Just in time for still have 6 months
Dr. D. at last: Xtreme Prejudice
rich-c: I think I can confidently state I will not end up using Vista
Dr. D. at last: Microsoft themselves are recommending that crashed or virus attacked machines just be wiped and reinstalled rather than attempting repair or antivirus.
Dr. D. at last: Fine if Dell et al. actually sold XP install disks instead of IMAGES.
Dr. D. at last: buggers
rich-c: yes, and there goes all your dta - letters, pictures, spreadsheets, the whole schmeer
Dr. D. at last: Yes.
Dr. D. at last: I guess burn to CD-R early and often...or DVD-R.
rich-c: I have the XP Upgrade install disc - that's the one giving me the most trouble
Dr. D. at last: Upgrading from what, 98 or Me or 2K?
rich-c: I think I am going to have to get an external DVD burner for the laptop - it only burns CDs
rich-c: 98SE
rich-c: maybe a poweered USB 2.0 hub might be a worthwhile acquisition - I don't think the laptop rserves are that good
Dr. D. at last: Get an x86 Mac and dual-boot XP and MacOS X :-)
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
rich-c: you need teh very latest Phoenix OS on the Intel Macs to do that, right?
rich-c: hello Guy
Dr. D. at last: No, it is still 10.4
Dr. D. at last: hi Guy
rich-c: Pamela was supposed to be home at 8 p.m. - instead she is still on our front porch gossiping with her mother
Judy: hi, Guy
BobS: Hi Guy
Guy B.: One pup has fallen asleep.
BobS: tell Pam to get inside and get on chat
rich-c: One? you have more than one?
rich-c: I can t3ell her but she won't listen
Dr. D. at last: There are multiple flavours of OS X in circulation.
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: finaly, I'm here!
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
Dr. D. at last: 10.3.x, 10.4.x are the most common nowadays, but earlier ones are around.
Judy: hi, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: good evening!
rich-c: salut, Daniel - tu es en retard
Dr. D. at last: Hello Daniel.
Guy B.: Ok, I've contacted the person at the hotel and I'm going to setup an appt. with her. I have some questions to ask her and hopefully I can get a tour of the place.
BobS: hey Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry to be late. I had a discussion with some guys.
Daniel Bienvenu: it's was more a bad discussion
Dr. D. at last: :-(
rich-c: a bad discussion? what went wrong, Daniel?
rich-c: do you know yet, Guy, if theyv will offer a price we can live with?
Daniel Bienvenu: they didn't appreciate a program I did, a code that read files from the net and extract informations without any effort.
rich-c: ah - afraid you might use it to swipe their code?
Daniel Bienvenu: no relation with code from the net, it's a game made in flash, that is a time consuming.
Guy B.: That's what I'm going to ask Rich. I'm hoping it can be in the range of last years.
Daniel Bienvenu: I just did a shortcut to quickly see if the game changed to give me the difference
rich-c: Guy, you mean you have gone ahead and done all your planning for a place that may be way out of our price range?
rich-c: do you remember teh rfeaction to the prices last year? it cost us at least two, likely half a dozen people
Guy B.: Rich, I won't know until I talk with her.
rich-c: and if the numbers aern't there - what is your plan B? time is a'flittin
Daniel Bienvenu: I shared my discovery with the other players, and some didn't appreciate.
Dr. D. at last: Rin and I are coming regardless...
Guy B.: That's why I need to talk with her and so far, I have 16 people coming. George was the latest that he is planning to come. But, I'll need less rooms than I originally thought.
Dr. D. at last: Why were they so angry about it, Daniel? It is just a form of diff, right?
Daniel Bienvenu: exactly
Dr. D. at last: Then they are just being very petty and stupid.
Guy B.: Nothing is final yet until I ask questions and what is covered. So, relax and if I need help I'll holler for someone to give me a hand. Remember, this is my first time doing something like this.
Daniel Bienvenu: the program act in two parts, first pass load the files (like a browser cache), second pass search for the diff.
rich-c: well, bI do believe that Bob has offered his help a number of times
Guy B.: And he is the one I'm going to confer with.
Daniel Bienvenu: I personnaly think it's the moon
Dr. D. at last: haha
Dr. D. at last: Maybe they should go visit a crater or something.
Dr. D. at last: My brain is full of craters right now :-(
BobS: testing
Dr. D. at last: I am here.
BobS: you been here moon
BobS: mon
Dr. D. at last: Just got a phone call from I think I am going to sign off for tonight.
Daniel Bienvenu: it's full moon effect
Guy B.: Bye Dr. D
Judy: night Dr D
Dr. D. at last: I can't talk one conversation and type another simultaneously
Dr. D. at last: haha Daniel
rich-c: OK, better tell her Pamela will be a while yet ;-)
Dr. D. at last: Until next week, happy Easter to all.
rich-c: night to both of you
Dr. D. at last: nite from Rin
Dr. D. at last: <poof>
Dr. D. at last left chat session
rich-c: and happy Easter to you
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Dr.D
Daniel Bienvenu: (too late)
Daniel Bienvenu: how good is going the planning for the adamcon meeting?
rich-c: anyway, Guy, we already have people with use 'em or lose 'em holidays committed to your date, and money committed to non-refundable air tickets
rich-c: we need some very firm reliable answers - by yesterday
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not going this year, but I want some news
rich-c: well so far Daniel we aern't sure wshre it is going to be
Guy B.: Rich, the dates are definate. No matter what
rich-c: yes, as long as we can find a place we can afford, within range of the airport
rich-c: don't mistake me, I can live with the Holiday inn you are eyeing
rich-c: but I am not the only one needing consideration
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changed username to james
Daniel Bienvenu: hi james
james: good morning
rich-c: good morning, james - it's been a while
BobS: hia james
BobS: guten morgan!!!!!!
Judy: hi, James
Guy B.: Hi James
Daniel Bienvenu: how are you?
james: how is everyone?
Daniel Bienvenu: and aiden?
Daniel Bienvenu: and case?
james: doing well
BobS: brething and warmer...tis spring!!!!!
rich-c: still on the right side of teh grass - I think
BobS: breathing
Guy B.: Organizing Adamcon 18.
james: lol
james: been insanely busy here, but things should finally calm down a bit next week
rich-c: oh, is the teaching business suddenly hot in Nippon?
BobS: busy doing what?
james: well i was really busy last month getting organized for the trip with my students
james: and we just got back last friday night
BobS: ah....when will that be ?
rich-c: ah, right - when is that, I've lost track
james: it was a couple of weeks ago
Daniel Bienvenu: how old is aiden? she's walking now?
BobS: about July?
BobS: AH
james: aiden will be 2 next month
james: he's walking and talking lots
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james: the latter he gets from his mother
changed username to Ronald
Daniel Bienvenu: shit
rich-c: so soon? it just deosn't seem that long since Case was a newbirn
Ronald: I beg your pardon?
Daniel Bienvenu: I knew I did a mistake
Ronald: evening all
Judy: hi, Ron
james: well case turned 4 just before my students and i left for canada and started kindergarden yesterady
james: *day
rich-c: hello Ron, how's life on the wet coast?
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Ron
james: hey ron!
BobS: YO ron
Ronald: turned 62 on Monday, so life goes on despite my best attempts to prevent it
rich-c: ye gods - case in kindergarten. How time flies
james: yeah, it's gone by quite quickly to say the least
Ronald: Rosie the Bull is still in the garage
Judy: well, Happy Birthday, Ron
Guy B.: Hi Ron
rich-c: well, mayhap the results will be to your satisfaction
james: happy birthday ron
Ronald: thank you Judy, James
Ronald: could be
BobS: Happy b'day to you.........Happy b'day to you.......
james: $RON=2*$JAMES
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Guy B.: Happy Birthday Ron
james: ;)
changed username to Russ
Ronald: actually, 62 don't feel much different from 61
rich-c: you know I'm all for repairing rather than feplacing - in fact I still have this old computer I use... ;-)
Russ: Hello all
Ronald: Hey Russ
BobS: Hi Russ
rich-c: greetings to you, Russ
Ronald: nice formula James..
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne fête Ron
Judy: hi, Russ
Ronald: merci Monsieur
james: heh heh, fortunately it only holds valid for this set of numbers
james: otherwise in 10 years you'd be 80 :P
Ronald: :)
james: 84 actually, but i'm not gonna split hairs
rich-c: anyway, Ron, I don't think you'll feel that much change till you hit about 70
Ronald: that is a pleasure that I will look forward to with apprehension Rich
rich-c: anyway, Russ, don't just sit there, join in - you're welcome
Daniel Bienvenu: I will be 31 years old this summer
BobS: YIKES....a babe in the woods of Quebec
Guy B.: Hi Russ
rich-c: that's about the same as Guy Foster, isn't it?
Ronald: tempus fugit Daniel
Russ: acutally i was putting some ice on my finger
Russ: i've decided i hate soldering
Russ: :)
BobS: oh oh an OWEEEEEE
rich-c: why? did you manage to cut it or hurt it otherwiseA?
Judy: what did you do to your finger?>
BobS: can be a hot subject
Daniel Bienvenu: (PRIVATE) .a babe in the woods of Quebec ? what is the meaning of that?
Russ: i slipped and burned it
Ronald: you're supposed to solder the joint Russ, not your finger
Russ: those chips are hard to get off the board
rich-c: yes, hot solder and cold fingers can get uncomfortable
BobS: (PRIVATE) that means a young guy
Ronald: there were no doubt some zesty words uttered to the air
rich-c: what wre you trying to desolder, Russ?
BobS: and bery nasty words also
BobS: very
Ronald: yup, can almost hear 'em now
Russ: Coleco IC chip
BobS: (PRIVATE) kind of an old english idiom ........ or saying
Judy: think how good it will feel when it stops hurting
Ronald: oh my..... willingness to undergo personal injury to support the cause..... that's very NOBLE
james: what's your project, russ?
Ronald: brb
BobS: need the desoldering mesh cable....thiink it is like copper?????
Russ: mostly i play with controllers
Russ: nes for colecovision
Russ: atari 5200 paddle
james: cool
BobS: no james......HOT
rich-c: that's down in Waycross, right?
Russ: but i thought i'd se about reprogramming the BIOS for the 12 second skip
Russ: gotta get the chip out
BobS: yank it out by its dark roots
Russ: maybe i should just stick to some Jaguar ones that'll work sweet for Coleco
rich-c: they tend to get a little too used up that way, Bob
Russ: this coleco is broken so it's a test machine
Russ: should see if i can install a/v jacks
rich-c: in fact if I've heard correctly, unsoldering most chips and having them re-usable is something of a challenge
Russ: lotsa burns coming my way
Russ: i can see why that would be true rich
Ronald: mmm... banana cream pie
Ronald: was invited out for dinner the other night... and my hosts sent me home with a care package
rich-c: I gather most were surface mounted, poked through the holes in the boardds, and the wirs cut short at the board level basically
BobS: you are SICK my man........sit and eat it all yourself
rich-c: oh, I am into my evening bottle of stout
james: maybe you could solder in a socket?
Russ: it's getting that solder out of the holes
BobS: but ya still got to geto out the old chip
Ronald created action P/pie
rich-c: yes, but teh chip still has to have some length of attachment wire left, james
BobS: got to have a little blow a baster it is
(Mitch faxes banana cream pie to all)
BobS: blows the solder out of the hole
Russ: i recently picked up a bulb but i'm not good at it yet i think
Russ: too busy burning myself
rich-c: is it really better than desoldering wire, Bob? faster maybe, but better?
Ronald: I am a total clutz with a soldering iron
BobS: just make sure you blow it into the wastebasket, NOT into your hand or your pants
Russ: i usually use the braid but it only gets the surface
rich-c: hey Ron, disclose to him the secret of - ta da!!! - PUSHPINS!!!
BobS: the solder mesh sire will pull it out of the way, and the blow bulb can clean the rest out very nicely
Ronald: yes.... the almighty pushpin
Ronald: there was a time......
Ronald: when this dude had to attach the connectors of an Adam memory card to a serial card
Ronald: twas done with alligator clips and pushpins
BobS: yes....pushpins and alligator clips......MODERN computer technologies
Ronald: Needless to say, I've never lived that down
BobS: and you WON'T
Ronald: no, I don't imagine
BobS: but what the worked, right ?????
Ronald: yup, that it did my son
rich-c: of course not - with any sense of design, the pushpins should have been sufficient unto themselves 8-)
Ronald: too easy Rich
Ronald: and guess who were first to see this rig
rich-c: right - forget you worked for the gummint...
Ronald: the Slopsemas
Ronald: Doug didn't stop laughing for quite some time
rich-c: (that was your first mistake...0
BobS: he's just a kid!!!!!
BobS: he got over the shock......after a little while
Ronald: yes, but he knows what he's doing
rich-c: well yes, but he's a BRIGHT kid
BobS: yes he does, my right hand man for computers, he is
Ronald: yup.... he's a good young man
Ronald: just like his Dad
rich-c: and left hand, and brain, and...
BobS: :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: @james : before I forgot, i didn't pay yet for the domain name. I have difficulties to do a good budget for myself and I still didn't sign for the extension of my actual contract.
Ronald: and probably his Mom had something to do with that too
BobS: probably........
Ronald: anyway..... been looking at Toyotas
Ronald: and Honda
Ronald: s
BobS: wish he could make it this year, but he and Meeka are into one of those multi level marketing deals and working at it......they have a meeting th weekend of convention
james: well the domain expried a few months ago
BobS: in Niagra Falls
james: i don't know if anyone has taken it over or not
BobS: so won't come this year either
Ronald: you know... I've had two friends lately trying to get me into something like that
rich-c: that's a shame, Bob - though maybe the whole thing will have collapsed by then - MLM deals aren't mervels of stability
Ronald: I have not jumped
Daniel Bienvenu: it looks like no one taken the domain name yet.
james: so you can take care of the registration yourself
james: hhhhhh
james: aiden is helping me type
Daniel Bienvenu: hi aiden
james: i had a guy here that i *used* to deal with for trees
rich-c: Ron, take a look at the new Ford Fusion - it's getting some very good reviews
BobS: don't !!!!!! almost all are not money makers for you unless you are a GREAT salesman
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry aiden, I was sure you was a girl.
james: was trying to get me into mlm but i7m not interstd
Ronald: ok Rich. Noted
Ronald: Gotta see what the market has to offer
Ronald: would sure like something that delivers 40 miles per gallon
Ronald: or better
BobS: need some pocket change?????? or just bored ????
Daniel Bienvenu: next week, I will have enough money to try registering the domain name
BobS: Saturn was advertising 35 hwy
james: i got tired of his lip service and unfulfilled promises and then he approaches me with that
Daniel Bienvenu: now, I have enough money to eat
rich-c: have heard little about it (but that very favourable) and only seen one, but the Ford Five Hundred could be a winner too
rich-c: but then everyone knows I have teh blue oval tattooed on my butt...
Ronald: that's a good thing Daniel
james: yeah, eating is a good thing
Ronald: Not sure if I want new, or a couple of years old
Ronald: Have had better luck with my used cars than my new ones
BobS: how about a mini cooper??????
Ronald: hey now there's a thought
BobS: don't know about mileage, but darn small
rich-c: realize Bob that with pour bigger gallons, 35 US is well over 40 here - except we use litre per 100 KM
Russ: Toyota is a good choice for used
Ronald: criterion 1: If I brush my head getting into whatever it is, It ceases to be a candidate
BobS: got ya Ron
rich-c: if you're intpo the older used, Toyota can produce some good candidates
Russ: i agree's the reson i bought my subaru
Ronald: still haven't wrapped my head around "litres per 100" yet
rich-c: they're dull as dishwater, no fun to drive, but they endure
Ronald: think that's the last bastion of metric for me, along with kilopascals
rich-c: yes, I just sort of automatically convert it
Ronald: well... we'lll see. Rosie the Bull (aka 1993 Taurus) will employ her new head gasket to get me around to the car lots
rich-c: you realize that I don't consider a vehicle broken in till it's passed 150,000 miles
Guy B.: I will be back.
Guy B. left chat session
Ronald: so what's 186,000 km??
Ronald: 110,000 mi
Ronald: and change
BobS: good lord Richard, by then they are worn thru one time and need rebuilding
rich-c: likely around v115K in miles - 100K miles is 160K km
Ronald: right.
Ronald: If I get the idea that Rosie is game for another year, we'll see. But no more major stuff
rich-c: so? a rebuilt engine is cheap, so is a rebuilt tranny - by comparison, anyway
rich-c: you do realize the the engine in my truck is virtually brand new, don't you?
Ronald: and that ... is really about all that could go wrong go wrong..... go wrong
Ronald: the trannie I mean
Ronald: think I knew you'd had it replaced Rich
rich-c: well, I have a truck tranny and rear wheel drive so it's likely to endure
Ronald: would be the devil I know versus the devil I don't
rich-c: front wheel drive trannys can be expensice and awkward to repair, I know
Ronald: yeah.... trans-axle and stuff
rich-c: yes, I junked teh V-6 and put in the V-8
rich-c: but we have driven so little sdince that it's barely merited an oil change
rich-c: in fact my oil changes are done by time, not distance these days
Ronald: didn't you have that done when you were thinking about coming out here for my con?
rich-c: yes, and you'll recall I ws grounded by illness - didn't get anywhere, and have been limited since
Ronald: that right
rich-c: once I got over the hip I had to deal with the heart and now lungs
Ronald: never rains but it pours
rich-c: that's why I'm not certain for Adamcon, I think I can make it, but...
Ronald: We know you'll give it an honest attempt Rich
rich-c: anyway, I bolught my gas for teh month Monday so I'm set now
Ronald: what are you paying per litre in Toronto?
rich-c: more along teh lines of as long as I don't arrive feet first, I'll be there
rich-c: if I can't drive I'll take a plane, amybe even train
Ronald: ;)
rich-c: besides, Frances wants to visit teh ARt Institute again
james: bbs
Ronald: I would like to take two or three extra days and do some sightseeing myself
Daniel Bienvenu: ho! Dale message
Daniel Bienvenu: I've just received an email from Dale
BobS: and it says what ?
rich-c: yes, we barely got in the door of the Field Museum, and I believe there's a fairly highly reputed aquarium on Navy Pier
Ronald: et qu'est'qu'il a dit?
Daniel Bienvenu: He will be at the adamcon meeting this summer with Jill and Jeffrey
rich-c: good shpow!
Ronald: bon
Daniel Bienvenu: "Definately coming" he said
BobS: Shedds Aqauarium
Ronald: that good to see Bob?
rich-c: problem is, getting to them - I do not want to drive through Chicago again
Ronald: no.... probably not advisable eh?
Ronald: there must be a tour of some sort
rich-c: on the other hand, I've seen the commuter trains in rush hour and - uhhhhh,,,,,,
BobS: don't kniw haven't been there.......but it is one of Chivago's tourist draws
Ronald: I need to do a little research
rich-c: if nothing else go to the Art Institute and see the miniature room collection - fabu;ous
Ronald: Things to do and see in the "toddlin' town"
rich-c: sorry, don't think there's a race at the Cicero track that weekend 8-(
Ronald: wonder if the Cubs or the White Sox would be playing
rich-c: thionk Pamela and her mother just came in - maybe finished their gossip
Ronald: would be need to go and sit in the ball park
Ronald: neet I mean
Judy: I am going to call it a night, have to change the bandage on my toe before bed, bye all!!!
Ronald: Nite Judy. Be well
Russ: nite judy
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Judy
Judy left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: err... happy easter!?
Ronald: oh ya..... let's hear it for easter eggs
rich-c: Bob. tell Judy happy Easter from us here
BobS: OK
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Guy B.
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Guy!
Ronald: Hey Guy..... got a question
rich-c: welcome back, Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: did you see that? Dale said by email "Definately coming"
Guy B.: Well folks, I had problems with system and it's getting late. So, I'll see you all next week.
Ronald: is it possible to get tickets to a ballgame in Chicago - (either Sox or Cubs)??
Daniel Bienvenu: to answer your question
rich-c: \OK, and keep us posted on progress with the hotel, OK?
Ronald: or do you have to bequeath them to your next of kin?
Guy B.: Cubs are playing during weekend of the con.
Ronald: aha.... Wrigley Field
BobS: cubs may be hard to get....Sox possibly
rich-c: I suspect both teams are walkup-friendly on weekdays, Ron - MLB isn't that prosperous these days
Guy B.: That's right Ron. And I'm a Cubs fan. I was considering that, but I know that would be hard to come by.
Ronald: yeah..... well, we'll check into it from here
Ronald: I've got a year's subscription to MLB.Com
Guy B.: Ok, folks will see you all later. Poof
Ronald: so can check it thru them
Guy B. left chat session
Ronald: night Guy
Russ: think i'm gonna go too
BobS: 60 miliseconds
BobS: nit eruss
rich-c: Pamela is going home now, but says hi and will see you next week
Russ: put some more ice on my finger
BobS: nite Russ
Russ: nite all
Russ left chat session
rich-c: smart idea - I'm trying to remeber the salve that works well for that
Ronald: I probably won't be here next week people...... so it'll be a couple of weeks
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit tout le monde!
Daniel Bienvenu: good night!
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm leaving too
Ronald: nite Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm sleepy
rich-c: et toi aussi, Daniel? bonsopir, then
Daniel Bienvenu: Joyeuses Paques
Ronald: I'm going to thrash about with my latest linux install... so we'll see y'all
BobS: nite
Ronald: may the Bunny be with you
Daniel Bienvenu: Mangez du bon chocolat!
rich-c: man, they're dropping like flies - in a week or two then, Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: du vrai
Ronald: certainment
BobS: well.......guess it will be time to go to bed also......
Ronald: nite all
rich-c: yes, this old guy is hitting his limits too
Ronald left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: I will try to be online more sooner next week.
BobS: see you's next Wed kids.....
Daniel Bienvenu: * poof *
rich-c: so james, sayonara, relax and hope to see you soon
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
BobS left chat session
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Echo.
Dale: Must be too late for the chat.
Dale: Everyone left an hour ago.
james: anyone here?
Dale: Nope.
Dale left chat session
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