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BobS: Hi Richard
BobS: did ya get my email??????
rich-c: hello Roberto - what's the word?
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BobS: are not sure..........
rich-c: you mean last night? yes, and I responded
BobS: hmmmmm. not go tit
changed username to Judy
rich-c: hi Judy
Judy: hi, Richard
rich-c: you did not get any email from me last night?
Judy: no, he diidn't and he is checking right now
rich-c: not sure, but I think I did it as a reply, in fact
BobS: no email Richard
BobS: it is lost in space....
BobS: what did it say???????
Judy: that is weard
rich-c: OK hold on while I see if Frances can spare the other machine for a minute so I can check
BobS: didn't hear back for Guy either......and I even called via telephone
BobS: jsut telel us
rich-c: it waws sent at 8.51 p.m. to rslopsema@sbcglobal
rich-c: OK, yes for Frances and I, arrive Thursday or earlier, leave a day or two after the Con - Mon, Tue
BobS: got to have the .net on the end Richard
rich-c: P&R arrive Friday a.m leave for home following Thurs am.
rich-c: as you know we require separate beds - with the CPAP machine, this is NOT optional
BobS: ok......NOW my problem...........Guy seems to be incognito......I am assuming because I have a hotel lined up (tentatively)
BobS: beds is OK
rich-c: in fact if there's a choice a room with minor handicap assists would be nice but isn't essential
BobS: can check on that too
rich-c: well, I just used the reply button to send it so it picked up whatever address you used originally
rich-c: Ffances hass been saying - don't be too cheap, she wants comforts
rich-c: our offspring may have other feelings, as may the Clevelanders
Judy: don't know if we should be doing this without Guy
rich-c: we are also concerned about noise (if near OHare, a LOT of soundproffing is essential)
rich-c: would not be surprised if the Wicks have similar feelings
rich-c: well yes Judy, it's Guy's obligation, but he seems to have booted it
BobS: Hotel is 5 miles from O'Hare........ northwest corner of property.......check it out right now
rich-c: makes it very hard to sort out without hurting feelings
rich-c: but how long can we go without a backstop?
BobS: not cheap but one of the best prices for what wee need AND with a conference room and not 30 miles from Ohare
Judy: very true, but what do we do
BobS: tis an awesome looking hotel and has the right stuff, I was inpressed with the website and the hotel staff I have talked with
rich-c: does it have decent quiet rooms with reasonable space and lighting? adequate room chairs and desks? internet connections?
BobS: ya mon.......quiet as can be had maybe.........copy the link above and check it out
rich-c: does their offer include breakfast? can they supoply lunch if wanted? decent place nearby for banquet?
Judy: yes the breakfast is included
Judy: there are other resterants around
rich-c: northwest of OHare means an ungodly drive through the worst Chicago traffic - Frances will be shaking
Judy: we went thru there this winter, wasnt bad at all
BobS: Burger King, Subway, I HOP restaurants nearby........
Judy: will depend on the time you arrive, make sure that it isn't in rush hour
BobS: the problem I ran into was..........pricing of $100 or more per night, or NO meeting rooms, OR 20-40 miles from O'hare-not good for flyers as RonM
Judy: mostly no meeting rooms
BobS: this is the Flagship Super 8, new, wireless internet,, etc
rich-c: last time we stayed in Chicago it was at the Hampton Inn on the southeasternmost outskirts - nearer you than Guy ;-)
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changed username to Pamela
Pamela: hi there
Judy: hi, Pam
rich-c: hello daughter
BobS: YO Pamela......
Pamela: yo, Bob : )
Pamela: Hi Dad
Pamela: Hi, Judy
Judy: did it have a meeting room
rich-c: at that point we neither knew nor cared - might be totally unsuitable
rich-c: just noting it exists - but a long way down the Lakeshore Drive
rich-c: nor do I know if it has an airport shuttle
Pamela: what are we discussing?
Judy: Adamcon
Pamela: ah, hotels?
rich-c: AdamCon locations - Guy seems to have gone incommunicado pro tem
Pamela: er??
Judy: first he asked for help and then nothing
rich-c: Bob has a line on the flagship Super 8, brand new, 5 miles NW of OHare
Pamela: he hasn't been on yet tonite, has he?
Judy: no
Pamela: oh
BobS: Hampton Inn starts @ $110 per night.......woudl totally shoot the entire budget and moer for the rooms
rich-c: no, but he often doesnt turn up till 10 - we only start worrying after that
rich-c: the other worry is that Bob hasnt been able to reach him by phone
Pamela: as in no answer, or not responding to messages?
BobS: the question hard do we stomp on him about a hotel........the Super 8 has the rooms for us, and 1 remaining meeting room
BobS: all of which I have on hold for now
rich-c: well, are we talking rack rates or group rates? may or may not be negotiable
Judy: not responding to messages either by phone or email
BobS: no reply to email OR phone last night
BobS: we are too samll to be negotiable at this point
rich-c: one evening doesn't tell us much - may have just gone out for dinner and run late
BobS: we are getting a reduced rate, but maybe not the best IF we wanted say.......25 rooms as in the old days
Judy: was supposed to get back to Bob after Sunday
BobS: I know, but I AM WOORIED about him........
rich-c: well, "guaranteed" block of rooms, well in advance, has some bargaining power
rich-c: also Pam will want extra nights and so will we - Ron often does too
Judy: but we are not well in advance by now
BobS: ron does also
BobS: got his request.......
BobS: Murray is coming
rich-c: hey, it's 90 days in a business that runs night to night, Judy
BobS: have 2 double bed rooms, 7 king rooms, and 1 king w/ extra bed for jeffrey
BobS: the time to get the reservation was BY Jan 1st
Pamela: well, Ron will want a single, we'll want a king, M & D will want 2 doubles
BobS: a lot of the hotels I check could not even give me ONE room for that time period
Judy: groups and meeting rooms usually book before
BobS: I do NOT want to step on Guy's toes.......or feet,.......BUT the time is NOW
Pamela: Bob, how long will the Super 8 hold our block?
Judy: I don't really know if we should be taking over as I said before Rich
Pamela: shades of last year : )
BobS: I put them off till tomorrow by requesting a contract or written proposal..........
rich-c: Guy has to be put in the picture, even if only to agree to pull out and hand the bookings to you
BobS: they were holding until today, and this will give us another day......or two
Judy: they said 24 hours but we have a contract coming by fax to hold longer
BobS: I do NOT want to have Guy pull out,,,,,,,,,just ACCEPT the help and get this thing locked in
Judy: but Dale has done it before and you know that he will come thru
rich-c: yes - we did push him father hardd last week, but it sounded to me as if you offered help and he accepted
Pamela: have you looked into the hotel he wants independently or just ruled it out?
rich-c: loks pretty enough but there are no numbers - no guarantee you could remotely afford it
Judy: he ruled that out himself because of price
Pamela: we don
BobS: the hotel Guy had picked out was $100 per room; $200+ for meeting room per day; and minimum $200 (per day???0 for food, etc
Pamela: is that regular rate or group rate, Bob?
rich-c: I can see why he might be desperate and sort of hiding
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changed username to Daniel
Pamela: allo, Daniel
Daniel: hello.... quatuor!
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
Judy: Bob gave him a few to go look at over the weekend and since then he hasn't gotten back to us
Daniel: good evening Judy
Judy: hi, Daniel
Daniel: bonsoir rich
rich-c: that isn't propitious either
BobS: Based on 18 rooms.......$99 per night......$250 per day meeting room AND $200 for foor for meetings
Daniel: bonsoir Pam
BobS: Hi ya Daniel
Daniel: good evening Bob
rich-c: from my point of view, I'd be better off if there wre no food at meetings
Pamela: okay - since I don't know how the budget works, where does the money for the meeting room come from, and the food?
Pamela: is it all out of our convention fees?
BobS: ALL out of the convention fees pam
Judy: no, just ask for help
rich-c: the three regular meals a day are more than I should have at that
BobS: continental breakfasts help the food bill considerably, which of late has helped keep convention costs in check
rich-c: if I'm desperate I'll bring coffee ftrom my room or brfeakfast
BobS: but we have basically about $60-65 per day to spend on rooms to make a go of it @ $300-325 per person
rich-c: after a continental breakfast I want nothing till lunch and that late
Pamela: there's nothing that says we have to stick to $300 per person, Bob
rich-c: but I bloody well hope there is something better for dinner than an IHOP nearby
Pamela: after all, that's been the rate since Cleveland, (I don't know what it was before) and the cost of everything has increased since then
BobS: I know, but we don't want to blow the wad on hotel rooms and push some out
rich-c: well, the Cleveland crowd have limits, Ron will find a way but, don't know about Murray - doubt we need worry about the Wicks
BobS: I am figuring $325 hopefully will cover it......maybe go $350 like last year....
Daniel: slowly please... I try to understand. :)
Judy: you can't make it too high the cost of gas is way up and people have to be able to afford to come
Pamela: IIRC, the costs were much higher last year
rich-c: fortunately the exchange rate has improved significantly since then
BobS: think we went from $300 to $350.........would like to come in @ $325 to split the difference.......although Chicago is not a cheap town
rich-c: it's OK Daniel, we are talking about the hotel for Adamcon
Pamela: I'll BRB, gonna go check something
Daniel: you got news from Murray?
rich-c: yes, gas was $1.05 a litre here this afternoon
Daniel: his speech about "vintage computer" was very interresting.
rich-c: fortunately my truck seems to be surprisingly economical in cruise control at highway speeds
Judy: it is up to 2.79 a gallon here
BobS: news from Murray............ONLY THAT HE IS COMING TO ADAMCON
rich-c: there are 3.8 litres to a US gallon - try the math 8-(
Pamela: sorry, was trying to see if I could find last year's sign up sheet
Pamela: that had convention prices on it but I can't find it
Pamela: wait, another brainstorm - BRB
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changed username to Dale
Daniel: hello Dale!
Dale: Hi all.
BobS: HI Dale
Judy: hi, Dale
Daniel: ... not yet tried sound implementation
BobS: how much was ADAMCON 17???????
rich-c: welcpome, Dale - how's the family?
Dale: But oyu read up on it last month. Which is better than me.
Dale: AdamCon 17's final cost will be in my tax return due at the end of April.
rich-c: Bob has a suggestion re hotel for Adamcon but we can't find Guy
Daniel: ... having a clean "dummy" driver code to fill up may help. there is some parts I don't understand in Marcel de Kogel source code
Pamela: Bob, found Dale's e-mail - all inclusive private room $570.00 US, shared room $350.00 US - don't forget that's 15% more for us Canadians
Dale: I've only filed the revenue with the province.
Pamela: so, having higher costs wouldn't be completely out of line
Daniel: ... a mix of dos/pc speaker, soundblaster and unix drivers...
Daniel: ... it doesn't help me to understand...
Pamela: Hi , Dale
Dale: Now the traditional cost of an AdamCon per person was $250 each.
BobS: thought is was........$350
rich-c: IIRC it's been nearer $300 lately
Dale: I always choose a more expensive hotel than the average AdamCon.
Pamela: seems to me Cleveland was $300, as was GR
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Pamela: dunno about the two after
changed username to gohabsgo
gohabsgo: greetings to all
rich-c: hello GuyF
Pamela: Hi, Gui
rich-c: note large silences from LeafLand
gohabsgo: haha
BobS: Hi Guy (Foster ????? )
gohabsgo: yessiree Bob!
Judy: hi, Guy
rich-c: them's him Bob
BobS: ok now I got ya!!!!!!
Dale: Hi Guy. Leafs are out of it now.
rich-c: oh well, the Jays whomped the Yankees yesterday
gohabsgo: yeah, I know, unfortunate, guess u guys will be rooting for the Senators.
rich-c: you're kidding, of course?
BobS: anyway gang.............we NEED Guy Bona to talk too...........have a potential hotel in Chicago near O'Hare airport, and can keep pricing in $350 range
gohabsgo: hahaha, of course! ;)
BobS: so NEED INPUT and GUY to talk with us ALL
rich-c: well, maybe he will turn up here later
Dale: You can tell I choose more expensive hotels, because my private room upgrade is usually higher than the previous year's private room upgrade.
Pamela: I can't believe I still have that e-mail from last year : )
Pamela: FYI Dale, it's date May 7th
Daniel: salut Guy
gohabsgo: Salut Daniel, comment ca va?
Daniel: je dois encore retarder l'enregistremetn du nom de domaine.
gohabsgo: which one? colecoshop?
Daniel: et je me demande si ton site colecorevival va revenir bientot
rich-c: pourquoi, Daniel?
gohabsgo: Colecorevival? I still have it, but my website was hacked through the scripting software, so I am a bit scared to put it back online.
Daniel: Eduardo (opcode) web site is only one page. he said it was an hacker.
gohabsgo: Yeah, he uses PHPBB.
Daniel: coudonc, il n'Y a que mon site qui a survécu
gohabsgo: Yeah, simple HTML pages cannot get hacked into, no backdoors.
rich-c: why would anyone be going around hacking Colecovision sites?
gohabsgo: It's like never leaving your home and being amazed at the fact that you never got run over my a truck. :D
Dale: Well, I booked the hotel in January, but it took Jillian a long time to crunch the numbers for the cost per person.
Daniel: about colecoshop, the web site still somewhere?
gohabsgo: Rich-C: In order to put their own scripts and then mass email people through that coleco site.
Daniel: I delayed the domainname registration for financial reasons.
gohabsgo: Daniel: Hmmm, yeah, I have it.
rich-c: Dale, I assume is highly hacker resistant?
gohabsgo: Daniel: Domain registration is $10 dude.
rich-c: oh right, hacked as a spammer base
gohabsgo: Daniel: If $10 is a biggie, I know a place that buys pints of blood...
Dale: I have hack attempts regularly. But I've only been infected once in 6 years.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) so Bob, how much is the Super 8 asking?
gohabsgo: Usually they will look for folders with weak permissions and install themselves there.
Dale: I had a spam kit installed. I caught it within 6 hours, and had it back up with the latest patches then next day.
Daniel: yeah, but it's incredible the money I can spend to just update my equipment to be able to continue.
gohabsgo: your computer you mean Daniel?
BobS: got our rooms for $60 and mom & dad's for $62.......meeting room @ $12 per room per day charge plus taxes
BobS: OOPS that was for PAM....DON"T look Ethel
rich-c: don't know how much computer it takes to run the sort of site you contemplte, Daniel
Dale: Those mass email hack attempts, I was immune to all along. I'm pretty careful about security, even though I leave a lot of services running.
BobS: anyway, you got the picture Pam ........ and guys
Daniel: pas juste l'ordinateur, mais aussi les vêtements. c'est incroyable tout ce que l'on a besoin pour sembler être pareil aux autres employés.
BobS: (PRIVATE) got our rooms for $60 and mom & dad's for $62.......meeting room @ $12 per room per day
gohabsgo: Speaking of cheap rooms, I went down to Burlington this week end and figured I'd save on the buckeroos and treat my fair lady to a $42/night hotel room... All was fine until 12:30 AM when all of a sudden the guy next door decided that he had to cut up a body in half. I kid you not, the walls and floors were shaking for like 20 mins. I told Sandra to get dressed and that we were leaving for safety reasons, the guy next door was under some kind of influence...
BobS: (PRIVATE) THAT is a cheap price for any I found cept for 1 and it had no meeting room at all
Daniel: un travail ça change une vie
Judy: not cool, Guy
Pamela: (PRIVATE) that's pretty impressive - $12/day for meeting room? How big is it? 8x8? : )
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rich-c: yeah, that you don't need, Guy
gohabsgo: Nope, not at all, we were literally scared... and no front desk to go to.
changed username to Russ
Daniel: Russ!
BobS: (PRIVATE) go here and check it out........
Russ: hello all
Judy: hi, Russ
rich-c: hello Russ, how are you this evening?
gohabsgo: We ended up driving off and sleeping in a rest area on the side of the road. Next day, I got a nice luxurious suite for 2 days with a Jacuzzi to compensate...
Pamela: Hi, Russ
Russ: better than yesterday...had the flu
Daniel: adam diskdrive problem ... solved?
BobS: (PRIVATE) tis actually $90 per day, but that translates into about $12 per room per day
Dale: Hi Russ.
rich-c: you need a little truck like mine, Guy
BobS: HI Russ
Russ: i haven't had much luck with the drive and have temporarily given up in frustration
gohabsgo: Daniel: Yeah, working is awesome, especially when you get paid properly and are doing something you enjoy doing.
gohabsgo: Rich: Slept in the car, wasn't too bad...
Pamela: (PRIVATE) as in, per hotel room (or person)?
Daniel: I forgot to thank you rich...
Dale: Well, my big news is that I've finished my contract at FutureShop early.
BobS: (PRIVATE) per hotel room
rich-c: you are a lot younger than I, of course - I don't bend so good no more
BobS: COOL Dale.....and now you OWN IT???????
gohabsgo: Dale: Cool, is that good news or bad news?
Dale: Friday is my last day. I'm starting a new business in the fall, with my old business partners.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) gotcha. Okay, that's really good.
Judy: good for you, Dale
gohabsgo: Dale: Courageous man!!! Good luck!
rich-c: hoo boy! what are you guys going to come up with this time?
Pamela: I'm assuming you're pleased about this, Dale
BobS: OK, as long as your severence pay will take you thru the summer
Dale: Well, we know it will have to do with robots in the home.
Dale: In May I'm going to the European Computer Vision conference.
rich-c: how about a new OS - about as demanding as CP/M, maybe? I dread the thought of Visata
BobS: you already have one.........called Jeffery
Dale: I've never been to Europe, so I'm excited about visiting Austria.
BobS: might take a little fine tuning......
gohabsgo: Rich: Tried Linux?
Pamela: but Jeffrey doesn't follow instructions very well yet : )
Dale: I'm taken care of Bob.
rich-c: hey, looks like you'll need to be spending some time chatting with Dr. D.
gohabsgo: Pamela: Nothing a little shock therapy can't solve... :D
BobS: WHEW, that is a LOAD off omy mind Dale
Dale: I'm certainly glad to pick his brain.
rich-c: not yet, Guy, but I am getting more tempted every day
Daniel: @Guy : Je suis content que vous soyez sorti de cet hotel sain et sauf. Est-ce que ça va? Pas de cauchemards?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) btw, that URL says not currently available : )
gohabsgo: Rich: I tried Ubuntu Linux and it'smore user friendly than WINDOWS, a real gem.
rich-c: I've heard about it, and gather the disc implementatin would help with my semi-crashed desktop
gohabsgo: Daniel: No, not too bad, a bit scared but we did well to leave.
BobS: (PRIVATE) try it again with this one, just did it......
Daniel: I tried Mandriva and Ubuntu. Mandriva detected my sound card, but not Ubuntu.
rich-c: except that XP has scrambled my floppy drive letters
Dale: Well, the sale of my company to FutureShop to begin with helped me buy my house, and clear my credit cards.
gohabsgo: Daniel: ISA sound card?
Dale: So I have the summer to relax, travel, write video games, and brush up on robotics.
Daniel: no, onboard sound card... an intel soundchip on the motherboard.
gohabsgo: Dale: Sounds like a fun summer planned ahead.
Dale: Oh, and do some Adam hardware to practice for my new company.
rich-c: well, since teh first company paid off so well, time to see if you can do better with the experience
BobS: (PRIVATE) if'n that don't work try this one........
Pamela: (PRIVATE) actually, that worked : )
rich-c: someone consider sending Guy an email urgently requesting his company?
Dale: I may finish my basement too, who knows.
Judy: someone else try, he is not responding to Bob
gohabsgo: Daniel: I shy away from anything embedded, sound cards, video cards, etc... sometime they can be good, but for drivers it's a pain.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) BTW, how did you get 18 rooms? I only came up with 10.
Dale: brb
Daniel: based on the motherboard web site, and they offer the sound driver for windows xp, 2000 and red hat enterprise edition.
rich-c: oops - I have a VIA shipset and embedded AC97 sound
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changed username to Guy B.
Daniel: hello Guy Bona
Pamela: Hi, Guy!
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
rich-c: well Guy, where have you been, good buddy?
gohabsgo: hello Guy B
Guy B.: Watching Alias. Ran a little late tonight.
Pamela: et bien - maintenant nous avon Gui (Foster) et Guy (Bona)
rich-c: non, c'est Guy F, pas Guillaume
BobS: Hey Guy
Dale: Hi Guy.
Pamela: mais c'est prononce (accent ague) Gui
rich-c: c'est vrai
Pamela: sorry, no french keyboard here
rich-c: you should be using allchars, then you'd have the accent
Pamela: too much work, Dad : )
Pamela: anyway . . .
gohabsgo: As long as no one calls me Gay, I'm fine...
rich-c: Guy, Bob has a led on a dynamite hotel for the 'con if you don't have one signed already
Pamela: pas d'arc-en-ciel?? : )
rich-c: aucune pour Guy
gohabsgo: nope, I don't bat for their team.
Guy B.: Ok, folks. Holiday Inn is out. Way too pricy, but I'm going to inquire one which is about 2 miles west.
gohabsgo: Hmm, wonder if there's a chain of "no tell motels" in Chicago.
Pamela: I must admit I'm annoyed at the movement for co-opting rainbows - I love them
rich-c: Guy, ask Bob what he has found - price and deetails are right
rich-c: you did ask him to help you last week and he seems to have responded
gohabsgo: Dan: Pis le travail? Ca va bien? Les gens sont cool?
Judy: I am back , Sherri just stopped to deliver ice cream for Ryan for tomorrow
rich-c: cool? quel sort de joual est ca?
Guy B.: In fact, Bob was the one who told me, so I'm going to look at it right now.
gohabsgo: Rich-C: I don't speak jouale...
(Pamela gives rich-c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
gohabsgo: Rich: Very rarely.
rich-c: I am glad to hear that, Guy
rich-c: you will be glad to know I am enjoying it this very moment, daughter
Pamela: good!
Pamela: (PRIVATE) you've planted the seed - now let it germinate, Dad
rich-c: (PRIVATE) oh, absolutely - from here on in it's Bob's party
Daniel: les gens sont cool oui
Pamela: (PRIVATE) good, because Guy can be almost as stubborn as me : )
rich-c: (PRIVATE) btw I've given up Guiness; noow it's Macauslan's Biere Noire
Pamela: (PRIVATE) well, you know, you go with what actions are available : )
Daniel: tous gentils et nous parlons de temps en temps de tout et de rien
rich-c: (PRIVATE) yes, and it would be bad if we had to remove him by brute force
Pamela: (PRIVATE) very, very bad
Daniel: nous n'Avons pas les mêmes goûts pour la musique, la télévision et les sports, mais ça ne fait rien.
rich-c: sounds like my carnuts website, Daniel
gohabsgo: Dan: Good, I'm happy for you, it's a great way to make new friends...
rich-c: (PRIVATE) I suspect Bob and Guy are having a PM exchange right now
Daniel: (translating...)
Daniel: I'm telling to Guy that I like my job!
BobS: (PRIVATE) find one if those hotel sites working Pam?????
Daniel: the environment is great
Pamela: (PRIVATE) Hope so : )
rich-c: I know you've had one extension, Daniel; any more in the wind?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) I did, Bob - I have it up and will go back to it later to snoop
Daniel: I have no more news about the extension.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) or maybe not, Bob just PM'd me
BobS: (PRIVATE) OK the best one is the first one with the LONG http name
Pamela: (PRIVATE) that's where i am
rich-c: well, you've already just had news of teh one, so I think anything more now would be premature
rich-c: (PRIVATE) Oh? what about, if I should know?
BobS: (PRIVATE) what really torqs me off that Guy is seemingly oblivious to the late hour here.....wouldn't call me back or email.....watching tv instead of looking for a place even now, when he realizes we need one
Pamela: (PRIVATE) re the hotel info which he sent me the link for - BRB - more PM with Bob
Pamela: (PRIVATE) it sounds like a repeat of last year only this time we don't have the hotel booked yet, let alone pricing
Pamela: (PRIVATE) and I agree, he doesn't seem to realize the urgency but I don't know how to motivate him without yanking the rug out from under him
Daniel: who leave the chat?
Pamela: we lost Gui
Pamela: Guy, is there a website for the Chicago transit system?
BobS: (PRIVATE) well.....tonight is make or break time.....I am 1 day away from washing my hands of it
rich-c: yes there vis - your mother has been on it and has it bookmarked
Pamela: (PRIVATE) please don't give up, Bob - we're going to need your continued expertise
Pamela: well, Dad??
Pamela: don't keep me in suspense : )
BobS: (PRIVATE) but IF we do not get a hotel, we are not having a convention
rich-c: (PRIVATE) Elizabeth said this evening she had found the eral estate agent and lawyer who handled their house purchase in 1977
rich-c: it's on the other computer and I can't get at it
Daniel: goodnight, it's time for me to quit the chat session and go sleep
Daniel: bonne nuit
BobS: (PRIVATE) I have one opportunity to get this hotel and it is in the works with a day or two to lock it in........or who knows if it will still be available
Russ: nite Daniel
BobS: nite Daniel
rich-c: you're a hard-working man, Daniel - enjoy your earned rest!
Dale: See you Daniel.
Daniel: and Dale, if you finish the pcbs, let me know.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) may I recommend that you either call Guy or try PMing him, express your concern over the issue in the kindest way possible, then provide him with the info on the hotel and ask him if he wants you to book it
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Judy: night Daniel
Pamela: goodnight, Daniel
Daniel: à la semaine prochaine!
BobS: (PRIVATE) he seems to be oblivious, especially to me !!!!!
Daniel: talk to you next week!
Pamela: (PRIVATE) that's good, Dad - hopefully they can come up with the survey
Daniel: * p o o f *
Daniel left chat session
BobS: (PRIVATE) hey dude, did you get a look at the hotel I have on hold??????
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hang on for a minute Dad, I'm PMing with Bob
left chat session
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BobS: (PRIVATE) Ifor one am concerned if we don't do something quick,,,,,,,,,we will NOT get a hotel in our price ranbge with a meeting room
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. System eWed Apr 19 22:34:09 GMT-04:00 2006: rich-c : rich-c: Guy is twins!
BobS requested to ban Guy B.
rich-c confirmed ban
Dale confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Pamela: (PRIVATE) if that's the case, then go ahead and book it - we can always break it to Guy afterward - better to have a space and a few bruised feelings than no convention
rich-c: hope that eliminated the evil twin
BobS: (PRIVATE) so youn didn't get any of my messages abou tthe hjoteL?????
Guy B. confirmed ban
rich-c: Elizabeth hopes to know tomorrow where the survey can be had
Pamela: good to know, Dad
BobS: (PRIVATE) it will take an open vote tonight for me to go ahead..........
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) You called last night, but it was late when I got it.
BobS: (PRIVATE) goto..... and check out the hotel I found
Pamela: (PRIVATE) let me bring Dad up to speed, and see what he says - hang in there
Pamela: (PRIVATE) Dad, Bob wants to put this hotel thing to an open vote, but I don't know if we can do it without hurting Guy's feelings - what do you think?
BobS: (PRIVATE) Ok, take alook and see what ya think........... have all rooms on hold till tomorrow, meeting room included, pricing good, near the ariport
Pamela: (PRIVATE) He (Bob) is pretty frustrated
rich-c: (PRIVATE) well, I think we have to tell Guy put up or shut up (very gentley, of course)
Pamela: okay guys, I only have one cat -he can't have everyone's tongue
BobS: (PRIVATE) just told Guy to look at the hotel, have on hold till tomorrow, etc........let's see what happens here shortly
Pamela: (PRIVATE) okay, can I tell Bob that?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) good : )
rich-c: (PRIVATE) yes - making the oint Guy asked for help, the help is here
rich-c: (PRIVATE) I'd be more inclined to say OK here is one firm offer - anyone got another here, now?
rich-c: (PRIVATE) we aer all but run out of time
Pamela: (PRIVATE) Bob - Dad's response is the following: "well, I think we have to tell Guy put up or shut up (very gentley, of course)" "yes - making the oint Guy asked for help, the help is here" and "I'd be more inclined to say OK here is one firm offer - anyone got another here, now? "
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) I'll take a look
BobS: (PRIVATE) Richard says you are coming in Fri morning and leaving the following Thurs morning for convention and want a room, yes?????
rich-c: (PRIVATE) I would not hurt Guy for al the world - but he has obligations he must honour too
Pamela: (PRIVATE) okay, sent all of the above to Bob
Pamela: (PRIVATE) from Dad "I would not hurt Guy for al the world - but he has obligations he must honour too". Re hotel room, yes that is the timing we're looking at.
BobS: (PRIVATE) Guy finally got back to me........."I'll take a look" ........what the heck has he been doing for the last 5 minutes... AAAARRRGHH
Pamela: (PRIVATE) sent that, too
rich-c: (PRIVATE) 10-4
Pamela: (PRIVATE) Bob, better start copying Dad on all this stuff - I can't type that fast, and I'm getting confused : )
Pamela: (PRIVATE) to Bob: "Bob, better start copying Dad on all this stuff - I can't type that fast, and I'm getting confused : )"
BobS: (PRIVATE) I know you were privy to AC10 w/ PJ in florida and what happened....... and i WILL NOT be put in that position again.....NO WAY
Pamela: (PRIVATE) actually, I'm not aware of what happened - care to fill me in?
rich-c: (PRIVATE) Dont fuss it, I think we're on the same wavelength
BobS: (PRIVATE) agree with you on the hotel now idea and nNOT hurting Guy's feelings......but I am not getting anywhere with the boy
Pamela: (PRIVATE) pretty much - hang in there, I'll be back from Bob shortly
rich-c: (PRIVATE) maybe you need to bring it out open - or do you want me to?
BobS: (PRIVATE) we got down 3 days early, PJ had 2 handicapped rooms only because she didn't confirm with hotel, Ron & I got the hotel straightened out and all the food and banquet
Pamela: gotta go get a drink, be right back
Russ: i'm learning some programming......C primarily...any suggetions on making it easier?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) ooohhhh (eyebrows disappear into hair)
Pamela: (PRIVATE) i understand a little better now
BobS: (PRIVATE) and then PJ took the credit at the banquet,.......Herman almost killed her......our ego's did NOT need stroking, but I do NOT want to be in that position again ANY TIME
rich-c: try Dale on that one, Russ - he is by far our best programmer
Pamela: (PRIVATE) really am gonna get that drink - back in a jiffy
BobS: Dale.......programmer should see the ADAM stuff he is trying to teach us....TEACH=key word
Pamela: (PRIVATE) ok, back
rich-c: anyone who can sell his programming talent to Best Buy for a major operation has a certain amount on the ball, Russ
BobS: (PRIVATE) waiting for Guy to return from hotel site........I assume
Dale: Master printf?
BobS: Richard is correct on that one Russ
BobS: say WHAT???
Dale: Get a debugger that works well?
Russ: i had hoped to pull my ADAM out and get back into BASIC but I've kinda moved toward C
Russ: I've got Bloodshed's Dev/C++
Dale: Daniel has encouraged us lately to do Adam programming in C.
BobS: ADAM has C programming.......probably a variation I'm sure
Pamela: (PRIVATE) I understand completely. We're a close bunch, we should be able to work together without ego getting in the way. If you have an answer to a problem, then we should use that solution even though you're not technically the coordinator. If we can just get Guy to agree to that, he can handle the rest - day trip, banquet etc and it will be a better experience for all.
Russ: and the Hi-Tech C compiler
Dale: I like Bloodshed Dev-C++ for sure.
rich-c: Yes, there is a C program that runs within CP/M, isn't there?
Dale: I've been doing some SDL games in Bloodshed lately.
Dale: Yes, there are at least three C compilers for CP/M.
BobS: (PRIVATE) ya sure ma'am.............if he would take charge of schedule and daytrip, folders, etc......I will take hotel, registrations, etc
Russ: I'd love to program some Coleco/ADAM games/programs
BobS: (PRIVATE) BUT he has to agree.........
Dale: But Hi-Tech C is what was released as PD. So that's what most people use in recent memory.
Russ: I have CP/M but I have to get the drive running
Pamela: (PRIVATE) and that is the perfect solution if we can get him to agree. I hope he's not so stubborn that he won't.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) So, who gets elected to get him to agree? : )
Dale: Well, Hi-Tech can be used as a cross compiler, when used with Daniel's setup.
Russ: I have DAniels stuff I believe
BobS: (PRIVATE) :-) THAT is the ONE hundred dollar question..........
rich-c: yes, without a disc drive C/M just uses up too much patientce
BobS: (PRIVATE) HE should make the call..... or concession....or whatever......but....
Russ: is Dev/C++ debugger any good for use with Coleco programming?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) how to get him there is the big question, I know. I don't know if I have the skills, and I don't want to hurt him.
Dale: Well, there is the issue.
Dale: When writing Adam stuff with Hi-Tech C, there is no debugger.
BobS: (PRIVATE) it's been 15-20 minutes since he went to check out the hotel site and no words from him.........
Dale: Which is where printf/sprintf comes in.
Dale: You need to print to the screen all of your debug info.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) slow reader? : )
BobS: ahso....wondered where those words emulated from
Dale: On the other hand, if you can keep the Adam specific stuff out of some of your .c modules...
BobS: (PRIVATE) I think he is procrastinating........personally.......I don't understand it...he HAS DSL for crying out loud
rich-c: (PRIVATE) if there must be a settlement tonight, Bob, I think we need to get on with it
BobS: (PRIVATE) find the site Guy?????
Dale: then you can do a unit test of just the functions in that file, compiled for Windows (maybe a console application for example)...
Dale: upon which you can use the debugger from Dev-C++.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) he's very proud, and asking for help may be difficult for him
BobS: (PRIVATE) and what would you suggest we do....apparently Guy is ignoring it
BobS: here mon ????????
BobS: HELP Guy !!!!!!
Dale: You just write a special main that only calls the functions in gamelogic.c for example, and outputs the results to a text screen.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) gently, Bob : )
Russ: hmmm...i'll have to play with it some more.
rich-c: Guy, are you with us or off surfing again?
BobS: (PRIVATE) frustration is setting in ma'am
Pamela: (PRIVATE) understood : )
Dale: It is good to do unit tests anyway. And I find having the debugger available to step through code can be essential to figure out what is going on.
Russ: i've just started reading on it and playing with Daniels files.
Dale: Then once you know that it works in windows, you can go back to compiling it into your Adam/ColecoVision game.
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Bob, I'm going to inquire on the Super 8
Russ: I wish I could get my hands on more source code so I could see what goes on better
Guy B.: I'm here.
Russ: i suppose windows would be a better place to start
rich-c: Guy, you promised us an Adamcon location for tonight. Where is it? We are almost out of time
BobS: Super 8 is a done deal Guy...........
Dale: Well you can certainly look at my Warm Fuzzy game, that I did at the last AdamCon:
BobS: got pricing and meeting room........contract in the mail. ready to sign....OR NOT
Pamela: (PRIVATE) Dad, please ease off - Bob is pushing from behind the scenes
rich-c: does Bob's comment mean that you like what he came up with when you asked for his help?
Dale: It includes slides on game design, implementation, and of course the source code.
BobS: fits our budget and needs......all make the call Guy
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) You got it already?
BobS: (PRIVATE) have it spoken for.......not locked in yet, but time is late and hotels don't have any meeting rooms left
Russ: wow...thanks for the heads up. I figure there can't be too many coleco/ADAM programmers out there
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Send it to me, 9035 W. Cermak Rd. North Riverside, IL 60546
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Thanks
Dale: There are a few anyway.
BobS: (PRIVATE) it is already coming here......I have to give tha answer tomorrow when it comes in or we will let it go
Russ: thats what i more wont hurt :)
BobS: (PRIVATE) I am more than willing to handle the hotel and registrations from here if you can take care of the rest on your end in Chicago......
Dale: I am such a fluent C programmer, that I like to use it to prototype new stuff. Then I've been known to redo it in assembler, for smaller faster execution.
Guy B.: Ok folks, i got to run, I'll see you all next week.
Dale: The nice thing about Daniel's library is that is is much smaller to learn than general C programming for Windows for example.
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: Guy - answer now or we have no choice but to go ahead without you
Russ: i'd love to learn assembler but i heard it's best to learn something else first to get a feel for programming
Dale: I'd say that's probably good advice.
rich-c: (PRIVATE) I think you've bought yourself a convention, Bob
Pamela: (PRIVATE) I don't believe it. Did he answer you?
Russ: haven't used Basic since my Vic-20 almost 20 yrs ago
rich-c: sorry, Bob - when we do not get promised answers I think we have to take over ourselves
BobS: non answer, no nothing.....maybe mad at me.....can't help it, but I don't need the grief
rich-c: he owes all of us, not just you, Bob
BobS: well I don't know what to do........
rich-c: he promised me an answer and when i sought it, he ran away
Judy: I think I will call it a night also tomorrow we will be in the hospital with Ryan for the day, have to be rested to face that
BobS: he has had 2 1/2 yrs to do this.........and now thi????????
rich-c: I don't feel we can affod more uncertainty no matter how his feelings are hurt now
Pamela: Dale, your opinion?
rich-c: goodnight Judy, take care
BobS: well, someone take charge and let me know what you want ot do.....we are heading to bed......
Pamela: (PRIVATE) Bob, bear with me for a minute here
BobS: nite kids you all know the email address
Judy left chat session
Pamela: Good night, Judy
BobS: (PRIVATE) one second hon
rich-c: I see no choice other than for you to proceed to book, Bob
Russ: nite all
BobS: and do what???????
Pamela: I agree with Dad, Bob
BobS: can the chicago idea???????
Dale: Guy B always wanted to have the hotel booked in December when others ran the 'Con. But booking 9 rooms doesn't require as much advanced booking as it would for 40 rooms.
rich-c: if it has to be one room less, that's regrettable, but better than no 'con
Russ left chat session
Pamela: stay with Chicago - we're all looking forward to it
BobS: votes please !!!!!!!!
BobS: Ron will come, Murray will come, GMK also i think........
Dale: Give it until May 1. A phone call is the way to decide Bob.
rich-c: I say that Super* you're talking about - I can live with it
Pamela: I think you've found a great deal and we would be foolish to pass up the opportunity
BobS: this will only cut Guy out and i REALLY don't want ot trmp on him
Dale: Phone Guy B to work it out.
rich-c: no one wants to hurt Guy - but he just ran away wshen he was "it"
BobS: emailed AND called him Dale, no response
BobS: wouldn't call me back
rich-c: if he can't or won't do the job, the time comes when he must stand aside
rich-c: I think that time has come and passed much though I regret it
Pamela: do you want me to try calling him?
BobS: will think it over gang and see you next week, yes???????
BobS: you cna try Pam.....but don't hold your breath
Pamela: go ahead and book Bob
Pamela: I need his number
BobS: will hold off for now......see yo next week
BobS left chat session
rich-c: just don't leave it too late
rich-c: well, gusee that's it for tonight
Pamela: does anyone else have guy's number?
rich-c: Dale, no opinions?
Dale: I stated my opinion.
rich-c: any plan B if he wont answer the phone?
Pamela: then we book it and deal with the fallout. Maybe I can mediate.
Dale: Rich Drushel said at AdamCon 10 that at some point we should all happen to show up at the same hotel for AdamCon.
Dale: And it doesn't even need to be organized.
Dale: There is lots of options always.
rich-c: yes, I recall that and agree - how long till we name the hotel?
Pamela: we may end up in Guy's apartment : )
Dale: We can easily wait until May 1. I'll think about what we really need.
rich-c: well, if we're all going to get the rooms we need, SOME organization is needed 8-)
Pamela: problem is Dale, this deal with Super 8 won't last that long - they'll only hold the rooms without booking for 24 hours
Pamela: Bob has to give them an answer tomorrow or Friday at best
rich-c: well, actually, they'll still have the rooms available until someone else books them
rich-c: really depends on how their rates may change over time
Pamela: and I still don't have Guy's number - anyone else have it?
Dale: Until someone else books them. And it isn't really such a big number of rooms,
Pamela: it's not rates, it's availability
rich-c: hold on Pam just thought of where I may have a number for Guy
Dale: I'll look to see if I have it and email you if I find it.
Pamela: Bob said he called all over Chicago and many hotels are already booked for that weekend
Dale: The hotel we had the last AdamCon in had 9 spare rooms a week ahead of time. None by the first night of AdamCon.
Dale: Your milage may vary.
Pamela: I figured 10 rooms at least - does that sound right?
Pamela: that includes Guy and Sandra
Dale: Hard to say, but we used 9 last year.
Pamela: Bob said 18 but not sure where he got that number
Dale: We might have used 10 if Harvey had known further ahead of time what his travel plans were.
Pamela: It might include Doug and Meeka, GMK, and Bob Bair
rich-c: damn - I have numbers for more Adam folks than I'd remembereed existed - but not Giuy
Pamela: well, I'll have to look it up then
Pamela: how about for the Slopsemas?
rich-c: I think Bob has a count
Pamela: no, I meant a phone number Dad
Pamela: Dad?
rich-c: don't have Guy's number, do have Slopsemas - but when they say they're off for the night, that's it, they are gone
Dale: This looks possible:
Pamela: okay, I'm pulling it up
Pamela: I don't mean tonite, Dad
rich-c: OK hold on a minute
Pamela: thanks Dale, that looks like it has possibilities
Pamela: just looked at that and boy, do I sound like my father : )
Pamela: every once in a while I open my mouth and my parents pop out : )
rich-c: 619-949-9461 for the Slopsemas I believe - in Kentwood, MI.
Pamela: thank you, Dad
Pamela: think we should all go to bed now?
rich-c: OK - anything further or sahould we wrap it up for the night?
Pamela: I think it's bedtime
rich-c: guess it's time to go then, no 'nays" visible
Pamela: Dale, thank you for your help and just to prove I was paying attention, congratulations on the new company
Pamela: good night, Dad - will call soon
rich-c: OK - so colour me gone
rich-c: nite all
Dale: Bye all.
Pamela: good night, Dale
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Pamela: kerpoof
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Dale: poof
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