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rich-c: verify
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changed username to Roberto
Roberto: WAKY WAKY !!!!!!
rich-c: hi Robrt. how goes it?
Roberto: not so bad mon
Roberto: wether sucks, but.....tis only April after all
Roberto: enjoyed the few NICe days we had and want MORE
Roberto: from????? jsut plain sore throat?
Roberto: or something else
rich-c: we had a glorious day today and same foecast for tomorrow
rich-c: don't know - both Frances and I have it, will likely change to cold soon
Roberto: it was nice andsunny here, but could be alittle warmer...think we hit mid 60* F
rich-c: hey, don't throw that back!
Roberto: AH HA, Francis got you sick, eh?
Roberto: that iswhy I said, tis on ly April aftera ll
rich-c: we aren't sure if it's a share proposition or if we both got it from a third party
Roberto: MAY will be even nicer
Roberto: undoubtedly it came from without
rich-c: tomorrow we hope to got get the hitch assembly out of the trailer
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rich-c: there;'s a guy feels he can set it up to make it work and still have me able to lift it
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: finally... I tried 3 times before it works for me tonight
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel - comment ca va?
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Rich
Roberto: hmmmmm, that is a rather heavy thing isn't it........
Daniel Bienvenu: super
Daniel Bienvenu: ca va bien
Roberto: HELLO Daniel !!!!!!
rich-c: really? I got on with no problem at all
Daniel Bienvenu: HELLO Roberto !!!!!!!!
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Daniel Bienvenu: problem with my modem connection
changed username to La Rousse
rich-c: the problem is, Robert, after you pass 70 you rapidly lose muscle mass
Daniel Bienvenu: La Rousse? est douce?
rich-c: just like you get shorter but your weight doesn't change - just moves to your middle
rich-c: I suspect that's Erin
La Rousse: indeed it is :-)
Roberto: yes Richard, methinks you are correct !!!
Roberto: HEY Erin!!!!
La Rousse: Howdy!
Roberto: don't know what I am using here....DSL was down al day I hear
rich-c: oh, it's a well known and documented medical condition, Robert
Roberto: and I thought I was just gaining weight :-(
Roberto: bummer dude
rich-c: that must have been local, Bob - I had no problem when I was on nor did Frances
Roberto: DON'T laugh Rin.....Dr D is soon to have that problem too
La Rousse: weight gain?
rich-c: well, you haven't started to lose height or muscle yet, Bor
Roberto: nope weight redistribution to the center of the, body
La Rousse: he already complains about it :-)
rich-c: at your age it shouldn't be happening, again that's a late 60s or later phenomenon
Roberto: oh OK
rich-c: well with Rich''s fullback build, it's a hard call to make
Roberto: had me worried ther for a minute
La Rousse: his is likely just the weight gain as one starts down the path of "maturity"
Daniel Bienvenu:
Daniel Bienvenu: it's a video, a demonstration of things that can be done with a special touchscreen
rich-c: right, I have it copied
Roberto: am busy making cd roms of a pd game for the grandkids after tonsil surgery.........strangely; the 8x write speed is about 1/2 the speed of the 4x write......WIERD
Daniel Bienvenu: Roberto, did you install a video game reccently?
Roberto: nope
rich-c: yes, that is kinda not what you'd expect - except of course that you are dealing with a computer
Roberto: the computer I am using to make cd roms is strictly a work machine for stuff like that. NO games
La Rousse: so an unprecedented workout
Daniel Bienvenu: if I asked it's because some gamers had weird problems with their cd/dvd burner... going slowly for no reason
rich-c: still, a burner doesn't know what you're burning - bits is bits, after all
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: welcome Guy, how goes it?
Daniel Bienvenu: The following link is a blog that show you some informations about this strange situation.
La Rousse: hi Guy
Daniel Bienvenu:
Roberto: so then if it is bits for bits; WHY is 8x slower tahn 4x ??????
Guy B.: Greetings, I'll be right back with an annoucement
Roberto: Hi Guy!!!
Roberto: yea man I got an announcement a real good line on a job.......course that means I have to work
Roberto: maybe no vacations
Roberto: bummer dudes, and dudettes
rich-c: tell us about it, Bob
Roberto: bulding manager for local TV station
Roberto: could work out real good
La Rousse: you need a travelling job Bobs....6 months in Rio might do it :-)
Roberto: ya but how to get ???????
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La Rousse: the eternal question
rich-c: hey, that sounds neat - sure you can't get sick for three days if you need to?
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: and that's assuming you don't get Saturday and Sunday off
Daniel Bienvenu: based on the forums and this blog, windows take errors as a compatibility problem and try to decrease the performance to finally got a burner that will be impossible to use again.
Pamela: who's getting conveniently sick?
Roberto: greetings Pamela
rich-c: hi daughter that tpok you a while
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Pam!
Roberto: didn't see yo wsneak in
Pamela: Hi Dad, Bob, Erin, Daniel, Guy
Roberto: YO
La Rousse: hi Pam
Pamela: Rin, while I think of it, I remembered to order your anklet
Pamela: 'twill be here next Thursday
rich-c: anyway Bob you can drive around the corner to Chicago and back in a very short time
Guy B.: Ok, I''ve decided that I going to take some offers of help.
La Rousse: oh, thanks...I almost forgot about it
La Rousse: excellet
Guy B.: Dale has offered to get T-shirts and the banner and I took him up on it.
rich-c: well that's how we work, Guy, so just name what you need
Pamela: your total will be $12.29
rich-c: good choice - Dale's family is in the banner business and produce good stuff at fair prices
La Rousse: cool, thanks
Daniel Bienvenu: again, visit the blog. maybe you can find a clue about what is going on with your cd/dvd burner.
Guy B.: If someone had told me this before then, I would welcome any help.
Daniel Bienvenu:
Guy B.: Now I've got a good theme for this year.
Pamela: oh??
rich-c: geez, everyone assumed you knew, Guy - no one has ever done an Adamcon single handed
Guy B.: I know, I guess I should have realized that I couldn't do this all and keep my sanity. But, I do want to do a couple of things with this con.
Roberto: gonna blow now back later !!!!
Roberto left chat session
Pamela: you wanted to stay sane?? Cmon, no one else does : )
Daniel Bienvenu: Roberto?
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Daniel Bienvenu: quite fast
rich-c: he'll be back, Daniel
changed username to Dr. D.
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Dr.D
La Rousse: Hi Honey
Pamela: Hi, Rich
rich-c: hi Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: you just miss Roberto.
rich-c: see you made it home in good time
Dr. D.: Hi folks.
Dr. D.: Sorry I am late.
Daniel Bienvenu: he was there, but then poof
Dr. D.: No, I am not home, still on campus.
Guy B.: When Bob had something lined up. He didn't tell me much, let alone put some pressure on me and yet, I panicked.
Daniel Bienvenu: you was there and not him
Guy B.: Hey Dr. D.
rich-c: what sort of ideas are you playing with, Guy?
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changed username to Judy
Guy B.: The side trip and the banquet.
Judy: Hello, All
La Rousse: Hi Judy
rich-c: my own sense is don't fuss about the side trip, just leave that afternoon free
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Judy
Guy B.: Now, I hurt someone I know who was trying to help.
Guy B.: Hi Judy
Dr. D.: chat problems have to reboot
Pamela: Hi, Judy
Dr. D.: back soon
rich-c: hi Judy, your old man has done gone and skipped out on us
Daniel Bienvenu: quite fast
Guy B.: You guys feel you want to do something on your own?
Daniel Bienvenu: two in a row
Judy: is probably coming upstairs, was working in the basement
Daniel Bienvenu: anyone else want to say "be back" then instantly disappear?
rich-c: well bluntly, we;'re going to anyway - I've mentioned Shedd and Field and Art Institute and shopping and that's just my family
Guy B.: Well I just found the Art Institute will start charging a $12 admission beginning in June.
Pamela: don't forget Dad, we'll be staying an extra three days to fit in some of those things
Pamela: that's not bad, Guy
rich-c: in fact, if you sort of put general intereest sessions one day and high geek another, it would likely be appreciated
Guy B.: It use to be a whatever you want to donate before.
Pamela: Erin, what's the current admission to the AGO?
rich-c: last time we were there it was for the Monet exhibit so it had an entry fee then anyway
La Rousse: $15 I think now....and they still charge it even when half the place is under renovation
rich-c: I think it's free, Pam, because of all the construction - payback for the annoyance
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changed username to Dr. D.
Pamela: so there you go, Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: hello again Dr.R
Daniel Bienvenu: err.. Dr.D
Daniel Bienvenu: :-)
Pamela: better Rich?
Dr. D.: Curse Safari, will not support this chat...had to go to Exploder, ugh.
Dr. D.: Hi Pam
La Rousse: Hi again Honeys
Dr. D.: La Rousse?
Dr. D.: The Russian?
La Rousse: no
rich-c: Pam, your mother went last week and everything but the special exhibits was free
rich-c: the dictionary
Pamela: oh yes, slipped my mind - for the Milne exhibit, right?
Pamela: (note to self - call my mother)
La Rousse: Daniel...what's the translation of "la rousse"
rich-c: yes, she really likes his stuff - won't say it leaves me cold but I am not big fan
Daniel Bienvenu: err... pink hair?
Daniel Bienvenu: not sure
Pamela: close enough, Rin : )
Dr. D.: PINK HAIR?!?!
Dr. D.: bleh
La Rousse: red head
Daniel Bienvenu: in fact, it's red hair
rich-c: The French equivalent of Webster's (or Funk & Wagnalls) is the Larousse - so it's used as a term meaning dictionary
La Rousse: see!
Dr. D.: Then it must be RIn...jeez have you been at the Miss Clairol again?
La Rousse: I am always a redhead....just not the same shade
Dr. D.: The Red-Headed Dictionary...sounds like something Ambrose Bierce would have written.
Pamela: brb, gonna go kiss my hubby g'bye
Dr. D.: Bye Russel
Dr. D.: Russell
Daniel Bienvenu: roux / rousse : reddish, reddish-brown; red-haied, sandy. ... choose what you prefer
rich-c: right, Daniel, and Miss Clairol will produce it for you!
La Rousse: I choose red-haired and thank you Daniel :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: err.. missing a letter r in "red-haired"
rich-c: don't worry, Daniel, my typewriter (keyboard) cant spell either
Daniel Bienvenu: well, rousse is also a beer color :-)
La Rousse: that works for me too :-)
La Rousse: hehe
rich-c: yes, it's a type that is gaining popularity now - I think Jill likes it
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changed username to Guy B.
Daniel Bienvenu: twins
rich-c: you're twins, Guy
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. The system froze while I was typing.
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Guy B.: Let's get rid of one.
changed username to BobS
Pamela: you and Bob must have the same keyboard, Dad :)
rich-c: vhange your name to Guy! so we know which to delete
Guy B. changed username to Hodar
Hodar: The name is Hodar
rich-c requested to ban Guy B.
BobS confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
La Rousse confirmed ban
BobS: which means WHAT????
Hodar: So get rid of the original me.
rich-c: now you can put it back to GuyB if you like
Hodar confirmed ban
rich-c: anyhow, Guy, let's talk convention
Hodar changed username to Guy B. And Annie
Pamela: Guy, have you got a website address for the El?
rich-c: for the banquet - won't that be dictated to some extent by where we end up staying?
La Rousse: employment insurance?
Guy B. And Annie: Oh, by the way we are going to have a new line, Pink.
rich-c: opening in time for the con? 8 - )
Guy B. And Annie: I thought I put Annie here. She's now 7 months old.
Guy B. And Annie: June 25th. It will run from 54th/Cermak and go over a line that hasn't been used in 50 years and then it will join the Green line to the Loop L downtown.
rich-c: any promising hotels near it?
Guy B. And Annie: Bob what was that hotel you had last week?
Pamela: I have to find a decent map of Chicago
Dr. D. confirmed ban
rich-c: may have to go online for it, Pam - the road atlases are not that great
BobS: super 8 by the airport
Guy B. And Annie: No hotels near there. I will have to venture further west from that location. I'm inquiring a Super 8 in River Grove.
Guy B. And Annie: That's long man.
Pamela: I bought a map of Chicago from Chapters the other day but it doesn't go out very far -just Chicago proper, I think.
rich-c: didn't you say, Bob, this is a brand new one and their new flagship?
Pamela: Hard to tell
BobS: supposedly
Guy B. And Annie: I wait until the log is posted and copy and paste it from there. I can't get it right now.
Guy B. And Annie: Is it, aww shoot. I'll still check it out.
rich-c: I know Frances had a real problem finding it on the Super* website
Guy B. And Annie: I found several spots there during the weekend.
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changed username to *Geoff!*
Pamela: greetings, Geoff
BobS: hey Geoff
*Geoff!*: hey y'all!
Judy: hi, Geoff
rich-c: hi geoff, and welcome
La Rousse: hello Geoff
rich-c: @Guy - it's in Elk Grove Village, 5 miles NW from O'Hare
Pamela: which reminds me, I wanted to start buying US dollars while the Canadian $ is still up there
rich-c: don't rush it Pam, I suspect ours will climb on average for the next month
*Geoff!*: speaking of canada, I'll be going to Victoria again this year. :)
rich-c: hey, neat - shall we speculate as to the purpose of the visit?
Pamela: I don't want to wait till the last minute either, Dad - spread out the pain a bit : )
*Geoff!*: just a short vacation. It'll only be for a day or two. Principally going to see more of Seattle on this trip.
Pamela: somehow the $6.65 in small change I've collected over the last couple of years (not to mention about $3.00 in pennies) is going to cut it
*Geoff!*: with the way gas is right now, I don't suspect that the exchange rate is going to be any more favorable for me as time progresses to the 4th of July holiday.
rich-c: well, don't rush it - remember we supply 30% of all US oil imports - and they're paying big bucks for that these days
rich-c: if you're going to Victoria, geoff, buy your Canadian dollars now
*Geoff!*: that's what I've been thinkin.
*Geoff!*: May have to make a trip to the bank downtown tomorrow... payday's tomorrow.
rich-c: atthe moment they are about US$0.88 each
Dr. D.: folks I am sorry for not being talkative...I am on campus and there is some developing stuff with a troubled student that I am going to have to sign off to deal with.
Pamela: okay Rich - good luck
rich-c: OK Rich take care, see you soon
Dr. D.: Thanks...hope all goes well here.
*Geoff!*: yeah, just noticed that. I remember the first trip I made to Canada a few years back it was like $.68US->$1CAD. Those were the days. ;)
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
Pamela: depends which side of the border you're on, Geoff : )
*Geoff!*: heheheh
rich-c: you can still spend US dollars in Canada, of course - just don't expect a good exchange rate
*Geoff!*: that's true.
*Geoff!*: 'course in my experience at some places you pay in USD, and you get change back in CAD $ for $ out real good for those scoundrels.
rich-c: yes, that's one of the subtler rackets
Pamela: to buy US dollars today per TD was $1.149
rich-c: likely you'll get the best deal from your own bank, but they may have to order the currency in, so give them a few days notice
*Geoff!*: I know a local branch of my bank will exchange currency, but I'm not sure what the brokerage fees are right now.
rich-c: if you are a depositor you will likely get teh best - likely 1 or 1.5% though some banks are greedy
rich-c: make sure they know you are a depositor before you start negotiating, of course
BobS: around here the ba$$$$$ are very greedy, was better off getting ripped off at the border
Pamela: Erin, what do you do if you want to buy US $, go into CIBC?
rich-c: but your banking system is so different from ours that it's really hard to offer advice
La Rousse: sometimes....but now I just get cash out at the Key Bank
Pamela: oh, withdraw from an American bank machine? That works : )
La Rousse: yep...better than going to a bank
La Rousse: discovered it worked and ran with it
rich-c: your own branch will almost certainly have all the US $ you want, though you may have to take some 50's, maybe even 100s
Pamela: seems to me we did that in Cleveland and GR and it worked just fine
rich-c: ever figured out what their exchange rate is, and their service charge. Rin?
*Geoff!*: Only problem with using plastic (other than an ATM card) is that the credit card company charges 3% transaction fee for foreign currency charges. At least all mine do.
La Rousse: the service charge was $3
rich-c: and what was the brokerage?
La Rousse: exchange changes with the throughout the day it changes to reflect
BobS: THAT is the problem Geoff.....but whatcha gonna do mon.........they will get you one way or the other
Pamela: seems to me that our Visa charges a small flat fee
*Geoff!*: U got that right, Bob. They'll get you coming and going.
Pamela: again, big differences between Canadian and US credit cards
BobS: well Pam ours screws us....Discover Card doesn't charge, but it is hard to find anyone in CA taht takes it
Judy: Discover charges the least but no one will take it
rich-c: there is a difference - that is why I maintain a US dollar VISA card
La Rousse: on my bank card all I had was the $3 and whatever the rate was at the time I withdrew
BobS: kinda sucks don't it....we are supposed to be good neighbors............BUT
Pamela: I've never seen anyone in Canada who takes Discover, Bob
rich-c: you don't know what commission was built into the rate, Rin - and did your home bank have a transaction charge too?
BobS: first the postal system beats you up, then the immigration is fighting within itself about ID
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BobS: now the exchange rate and the credit card fees
changed username to Guy B.
BobS: hotel on Vancouver Island did
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. I'm having all sorts of problems with the Athlon.
Pamela: speak to it sternly, Guy : )
*Geoff!*: Where's the best places to stay in Victoria? As in good'n'cheap?
rich-c: there are a few places here that take it - mostly subsidiaries of US outfitsd
Pamela: we need Ron for that, Geoff
BobS: KICK it
BobS: pp[sx
Guy B.: Pam, did you check the website?
rich-c: in July, geoff? surely you jest ; - )
(Pamela gives rich-c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
*Geoff!*: stayed at one of the many Travellers Inns last year.
BobS: YES, we stayed oncve at the Royal Dutchman or something like that
La Rousse: cosidering my bank there probably was not commission at this time I'm there I will check and as for my bank charge not sure
Pamela: the transit one? Not yet, I'll look at it later
rich-c: gonna swap it for a Biere Noire, Pam, but thanks anyway
BobS: ANd last time we stayed at........about 5 blocks for the waterfront at a family owned hotel.....cant remember the name thoug
Pamela: one works with what one is given, Dad
BobS: was about 55US per inght I think
La Rousse: probably no more that haviing a bank account with the big companies that charge regular fees
*Geoff!*: wow, that's pretty good.
BobS: look in
Guy B.: Ok, folks. Any ideas for Saturday afternoon???
La Rousse: I mean comparatively to how many transactions I make to monthly fees (with TD or CIBC)
Pamela: Shedd Aquarium?
La Rousse: anything to do with Capone :-)
rich-c: think that would fly with us
rich-c: I think Ron wants to go to the White Sox game
Guy B.: Has anyone ever been to the Adler Planetarium?
Pamela: just thinking it would be a good place for a group because we can wander at will but still loosely stick together, as we did last year at Cullen Gardens
Guy B.: It's a museum with space and it has a super sky show.
Pamela: that's another good idea, Guy
La Rousse: that's one place we didn't go
rich-c: no, but we had one in Toronto for some time, and I've been to the Hayden in New York
Pamela: I know both Russell and Rich would be very interested
Guy B.: They recently got a capsule from the Gemini mission.
Pamela: speaking of which, Erin, you might mention to Rich if he doesn't already know that there's a possible comet tail sighting ( I think it's a comet tail) this weekend
La Rousse: oh really??? nevermind Rich, that interests me
rich-c: sorry if I sound unexcited, but I have been to Cape Canaveral and the Air & Space Museum in Washington - sort of seen it
Pamela: Russell's very interested in getting the telescope set up and is keeping fingers toes and eyeballs crossed for good clear weather
BobS: GEOFF.....Paul's Motor Inn (about $80 US it says.....we were there 4 yrs ago) and it is about 4 blocks form the waterfront - walking distance - little olderhotel, but clean and neat
rich-c: but book now, Bob?
BobS: corporate rates $80 CA
Pamela: I know I want some time to go shopping, too
Pamela: just give me a mall with a Lane Bryant and a Coldwater Creek and I'll be happy
rich-c: yes, but you are staying extra days, Pam
*Geoff!*: Yeah, I was just noticing that. That's about the same distance to the waterfront as the one that we stayed in last year.
BobS: simply checked for June 26th.....easy date-
rich-c: which reminds me, Giuy - when you start bargaining, remember some of us will want additional nights, so you'll be offering extra business
Guy B.: Ok, Rich. I'll keep that in mind.
Pamela: Guy, right now we're planning on flying in Friday morning the 14th and leaving Thursday the 20th, so Friday to Wednesday night - six days
Daniel Bienvenu: someone here tried adobe photoshop elements? I need opinions about this product.
Pamela: (note to self: don't pack more than I can carry)
BobS: haven't done it Daniel
*Geoff!*: Pam: I can relate... last year I packed way too much stuff. hehehe
Pamela: and Guy, you might ask the hotel if they offer a AAA / CAA discount
rich-c: Guy, Frances and I will likely come early and stay as long ass others are around
Pamela: should have seen me in Grand Rapids, Geoff - I couldn't lift my suitcase : ). I had to get Russell to lift it.
rich-c: and Ron Mitchell usually stays extra days too
Daniel Bienvenu: ... well, I suppose no one tried this adobe product.
Pamela: sorry Daniel, I've never worked with it : (
rich-c: actually, Daniel, a number of my buddies on use Photoshop, but none talk about elements
Pamela: maybe I should come with an empty suitcase and fill it while I'm there : )
rich-c: and I never do any editing at that level - just use Irfanview or other freebie products
Guy B.: Got an idea. For those who want to stay past the con dates. E-mail me how long you want to stay past, so I can have a log and to tell the hotel. Send to
rich-c: tentatiovely, Guy, we will look to arrive on Wednesday and likely stay through the following Wednesday
rich-c: if it doesn't look suspicious, Pam, maybe we could bring one of your suitcases home for you and save you airline charges
rich-c: in fact, maybe we could even take an empty down with us
Pamela: now there's a thought : )
Pamela: we'll see Dad
rich-c: keep it in mind and negotiate with your mother when you call ; - )
Pamela: Guy, just sent you an email with our dates
rich-c: I think the Clevelanders will stay only the minimum
Guy B.: Ok, great Pam. So far, you and your dad are the ones staying past the con dates.
Pamela: bet Ron will, too
La Rousse: Rich and I unfortunately won't be staying longer
rich-c: and from what Bob said earlier, he may be driving hom,e right from the banquet
Pamela: Bob, you're going home Sunday night???
BobS: don't knoiw yet
Pamela: that would be the convenient illness I came in on, right?
BobS: depends on whether I get the job offer extended and starta new one
rich-c: he may have a new job and have to play sick to get to the con at all
BobS: won't know for 3 weeks or a month at least
BobS: SICK at a con???????
Pamela: well I'm in the same boat - I've applied for a job and if I get an interview, will simply have to advise them that I've already got this booked and ask for the time off
rich-c: no, sick to be off work a day
BobS: sucks to have to work, don't it Pam?????
Pamela: it's what I did when I applied at the Bay - advised them at the interview and said if that's not acceptable, then don't hire me
Pamela: it does, Bob
Pamela: I keep hoping for that lottery win : )
BobS: yea hit by lightning lately ????????
BobS: THEN and only then should you start playing the lottery
rich-c: getting hit by lightning is actually more likely
Pamela: well, hope springs eternal, but in the meantime . . .
rich-c: at least on that I've come close once or twice, better than I can say for the lottery
Daniel Bienvenu: Can someone here purchase something for me? I can't purchase something I want because I'm outside usa.
Pamela: it's only completely unlikely if you don't buy a ticket
Daniel Bienvenu: the something I'm talking about is the adobe photoshop elements
Daniel Bienvenu: at this url :
Pamela: surely you can get it here, Daniel - it's a very common program
Daniel Bienvenu:
rich-c: tell us about it, Daniel, and I'm sure we can find a way (I assume it's legal ; - ) )
Daniel Bienvenu: it's less than 20$
Pamela: did you try
rich-c: or better still, try eBay
Guy B.: Just read an e-mail from Dale. He will do the t-shirts and banner.
Pamela: Erin, can you feed our critter this weekend?
rich-c: but I bet Future Shop and Best Buy have it, not to mention the computer-only chains
Guy B.: Oh, I didn't give you all the theme for this year.
Pamela: tell us, Guy
rich-c: probably even find it in Stapes
Guy B.: Rediscover Adam
La Rousse: I can...just remind me on Friday :-)
Pamela: via email?
La Rousse: nope phone is tho
Daniel Bienvenu: on ... a used version is 50$ :-(((
rich-c: look on eBay, Daniel - software is often available there
Pamela: okay. Saturday a.m., Saturday p.m., and Sunday a.m. only - we'll feed him before we go on Friday and be home for Sunday evening
Daniel Bienvenu: I want to avoid ebay
Pamela: @ Daniel: ick
rich-c: also, do a Google search for it - that's how I got the best price on Windows XP
La Rousse: okie day
Pamela: thank you, sweetie
rich-c: when you do the google, select pages from Canada only
Pamela: that's a good theme, Guy - I like it
rich-c: and emphasize the game aspect 'cause that's where the big interest is at the moment
Guy B.: Bob, I got the hotel. It looks good, I'll check into it.
BobS: good
Daniel Bienvenu: not luck with bestbuy ... probably "out of stock" everywhere
Daniel Bienvenu: nope... it looks like the best deal was Amazon for this product
Pamela: try Staples, Daniel
Pamela: any idea who's doing presentations yet Guy?
rich-c: just looked at bestbuy and future shop - they have it at $129 but I think there's a French version on at $99
rich-c: what do you want it for, Daniel?
Guy B.: Ok, I'm printing it out.
Pamela: brb, gonna refill my juice
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't have photoshop and I have to fix(?) tons of old pictures we scan here.
rich-c: OK, first try teh freebies
Daniel Bienvenu: it looks like that Elements is powerfull and easy to use
Daniel Bienvenu: I tried Gimp, I don'T like the interface... in fact I don'MT understand it
rich-c: for small fixes use Irfanview ( it's great
Guy B.: Ok, gang. I'm getting a little tired here. I will keep you all posted. Bob, thanks.
rich-c: for more significant work try Ultimate Paint (I think is's but googl;e for it if I'm wrong)
Pamela: (PRIVATE) Gnite, Guy - hugs to you and Annie
rich-c: Guy, book as soon as you can - rooms aren't lasting - OK ?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) anything I can help with, just let me know : )
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Thanks Pam.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Guy ;-
rich-c: and lots of luck!
La Rousse: nite Guy
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) I will Pam. Dale has taken a load off with the t-shirts and banner.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) good, glad to hear it : )
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) I'm glad he offered it.
Guy B.: We will see you all next week.
Guy B.: Poof
Pamela: (PRIVATE) me too : )
Guy B. left chat session
*Geoff!*: Time for me to go as well...
rich-c: also Daniel google for Pixia - it's a growing project
BobS: check out the hotels Geoff AND have FUN, Victoria is GREATG
rich-c: try teh freebies and you might get better results for no dollars
*Geoff!*: Thanks, Bob. :)
Pamela: night Geoff
*Geoff!*: later guys....
*Geoff!* left chat session
rich-c: OK geoff, enjy our fair land and your own Pacific coast, so equally glorious
BobS: hmmmmmmm.what you need Daniel ??????????/got ADOBE PhotoDeluxe
BobS: right here.......
rich-c: anyway Guy, before you spend any money on Adobe, download and try the three programs I just referred you to
rich-c: I strongly suspect they will meet all your photo editing needs nad a lot more
rich-c: sorry, meant Daniel of course
BobS: and got some other Photo program here somewhere
La Rousse: well folks, it's waaaaaaay past my bedtime.....hope you all have a goodnight and a good week
BobS: nite Rin
Pamela: night, Rin - thanks and I'll talk to you Friday
rich-c: take it easy, Rin - see you next week
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs and kisses - love you
La Rousse: (PRIVATE) love you too
La Rousse: thanks all!! bye bye
rich-c: PhotoDeluxe is a freebie bundled with certain hardware - totally useless I've found
La Rousse left chat session
rich-c: so Bob - I gather Guy has seen some reason to buy into your suggestion
BobS: could be........see what hppens
rich-c: I very much like the property but am most unhappy about the location
rich-c: I fear he will not be able to better it, though
rich-c: at lest it will be handy for those arriving by air
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw the reviews about adobe products, and it looks like the product I need is Photoshop Elements. There is a "test" on Adobe web site to know which software I need.
BobS: I could not find any better and certainly not for the price Richard....most were quite high
Pamela: If you're worried about driving it Dad, try to come in early - before noon if possible.
Pamela: if necessary, get a hotel for the night just outside Chicago and come into the city early the next morning
Pamela: that way you're not fighting city traffic so much
rich-c: Daniel, there are better products free - trust me. Don't expect Adobe to tell you
Daniel Bienvenu: the comments is that version 2.0 still a good choice, 4.0 is too big and more for expert
rich-c: go to any of the Open Source sites and get gimp - most reviews say it's more than a match for Photoshop
Pamela: Bob, what job are you looking at?
rich-c: and it doesn't cost anything, Photoshop is nearly $1,000 Canadian
Daniel Bienvenu: I tried Gimp. I have difficulties with the gui.
BobS: building/property manager for a local tv station........would be a good fit methinks
Daniel Bienvenu: but the deal on amazon is less than 20$
rich-c: honestly, Daniel - you can get better free, I have told you the names, will email to you if you like
Pamela: oh, I like it. Is it shift work though?
BobS: meaning????????
Pamela: ah, you poor thing. A riding mower, what hardship : )
BobS: asically a 8-5 job
Pamela: will you have to work evenings, nights or weekends?
Pamela: even better : )
BobS: THAT is a hardship.......probably no umbrella for ths sun...... :-(
BobS: probably not
Pamela: I can recommend a good sunscreen : )
rich-c: you think you won't have problems with the gui on Photoshop? those things are murderous commercial or fre
rich-c: no copy of Photoshop will ever sell for remotely near $20 - you are confusing it with something else
BobS: well kids, gonna go here
BobS: see you's next time
Pamela: Bob, I'm sure if you simply inform them that you already have this trip planned in July, they'll have no problem letting you go (especially if you've already put down $$)
rich-c: take care Bob and keep us posted, OK?
Pamela: so good luck and keep us posted
Pamela: gnite, Judy!
Judy: night all
Pamela: counting on your shopping help, don't forget : )
BobS: nite
rich-c: night, Judy
BobS left chat session
Judy left chat session
rich-c: OK Daniel - before you go out and spend any money, know a couple of things
Pamela: well, I felt that was productive
rich-c: Adobe products have confusing names
Daniel Bienvenu: don't worry, I checked twice
Pamela: Dad, as you've probably gathered, we're going to the trailer for the weekend
rich-c: there is one that is just a throwin with cheap digital cameras and stuff Photo Home or something
Daniel Bienvenu: the good reviews I found talked about Photoshop Elements.
rich-c: there is a cheap limited version of Photoshop called Elements
rich-c: the big expensive one is Photoshop - about $1.000, Elements is around $10Wed Apr 26 23:00:34 GMT-04:00 2006: Daniel Bienvenu : Daniel Bienvenu: and it's only 20$ for the version 2.0 on
Daniel Bienvenu: it's not the tutorial or a book about it
Daniel Bienvenu:
Pamela: I guess the key question is Daniel, what is the most current version?
Daniel Bienvenu: the current version is 4.0
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: yes, that's two versions back - make sure it's compatible with whatever Windows you are running
changed username to gohabsgo
Daniel Bienvenu: err.. the actual version is 4.0
Pamela: then don't forget to factor that in, and make sure that it's compatible
gohabsgo: err... hello all.
Daniel Bienvenu: allo Guy
Pamela: Hi, Guy - you're late
rich-c: but Frances is very much into graphics and very fond of Ultimate Paint
gohabsgo: I know, left home at 5:30AM this morning, just got back....
rich-c: hello Guy, we were all about to leave
Pamela: oh, long day : (
Pamela: glad you made it at all then
Pamela: How's Sandra feeling?
rich-c: and how is the new job?
gohabsgo: Rich: It's cool, took my chances to see if anyone was still around... just wanted to drop off and say hi. Now... the deed is done and I can too go to sleep. Sandra, she's feeling very good nowadays, the worse is over (at least for a while)
rich-c: that's a relief, Guy
Pamela: I'm so glad to hear that Guy
gohabsgo: New job is awesome, am so happy to have found something with job security, nice people, good pay, etc... I can finally think of starting a family.
rich-c: we've been talking about the Adamcon and things may be falling into place
gohabsgo: yes, how much will it cost? $$$
Pamela: Um Guy, I hate to break this to you, but . . .
Pamela: it's a bit late to be thinking about it : )
rich-c: basicall about $300 US from the look, assuming a shared room
gohabsgo: $300 is not too bad. For everything? Room + Convention?
Pamela: that's ballpark, Guy - no firm dollars yet
rich-c: better send an email to Guy for most up to date - though it will be on the Adam mailing list
Pamela: and don't forget that's US $ - about $350 Canadian
gohabsgo: yeah, about... 3 nights, right?
rich-c: yes, it should be doable for that, but you're on your own for lunch and dinner
rich-c: mind you, Chicago is famous for their hot dogs and deep-dish pizza
Pamela: depending on when you arrive and leave either three or four nights
Pamela: mmm, pizza
gohabsgo: Never been to Chicago so it might be a possibility, money isn't as tight this year either.
Pamela: sorry, had to throw that in for the Simpsons crowd
gohabsgo: But I will be showing up alone.
rich-c: tedchnically, four, but Thursday is arrivals only, and Friday morning will do
Pamela: : ( !!!!
Pamela: not that we don't love you, but is Sandra not feeling up to it?
gohabsgo: I might as well go to Cuba for a week at that price for 2 people. ;)
gohabsgo: My wallet ain't up to it. Hahaha.
rich-c: well, I suspect Cuba might be a bit more than that - but then eithers way you have to pay transportation
gohabsgo: I'll have to see, lots of time in between, last convention, I decided 2 days beforehand that I was going.
Daniel Bienvenu: c'était effectivement stressant
rich-c: if you're really durable you could drive to Chicago in two days, but it would be a toughie
Pamela: we're going to assume you're coming Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: une décision si près de la date de départ
rich-c: there is no rail service on any meaningful terms
gohabsgo: Daniel: The stressing factor was Daniel, indeed... He harassed me till the end to go to the convention, not that I regret it, but I hated the pestering. :D
gohabsgo: Any trains to Chicago from TO?
Pamela: way to go, Daniel : )
Pamela: of course, Guy
gohabsgo: How much $$$?
gohabsgo: ballpark
rich-c: no, TO to Chicago by rail is over 24 hours, 12 of which are spend changing trains in Buffalo
Pamela: dunno - check and Amtrak
Pamela: how do you know this, Dad???
rich-c: I checked VIA Rail and Amtrak
gohabsgo: 24 hrs is a long time, I'd rather spend the 6-7 hrs driving
Pamela: are you sure you read that right???
rich-c: we consider TO- Chicago two fairly easy days drive, add teh distance to Montreal and you have problems
rich-c: wrong question, daughter
gohabsgo: TO to Chicago is how many hours by car?
Pamela: check flights too, Guy - I found one from T.O. to Chicago for about $300 return
gohabsgo: That's not bad at all.
rich-c: do you want a wild guess or an honest anser? if the latter, try MapQuest or whatever the website is
gohabsgo: wild guess is usually more precise.
Pamela: we thought about driving, but the flight is so cheap, and the cost of gas so high, and the flight so short, it didn't seem worth it
Pamela: LOL
gohabsgo: would be fun seeing you guys again, that's for sure, had a blast last time!
Pamela: about six hours from Toronto to Grand Rapids, probably another four or five to Chicago - ball park
Pamela: and we want you there, Guy
rich-c: I can't really tell, Guy; I drive gently, start late, stop early, so my estimate won't suit you
Pamela: you could bring Daniel : )
gohabsgo: I could, but won't be able to pay for him...
gohabsgo: If I take the plane.
Pamela: I know, just wishful thinking
gohabsgo: But hold on, he's got a job too!!!
rich-c: I can make it comfortably from Toronto to Grand Rapids in one of my days, and Bob says it's about 90 to 120 minutes to Chicago from there.
gohabsgo: Money is rolling in...
Daniel Bienvenu: no, I already said to Guy that I will not be at the convention this year
gohabsgo: Bah humbug...
Pamela: et pourquoi pas?
rich-c: of course it depends on where you're going in Chicago, and teh traffic
Daniel Bienvenu: mauvais timing
Pamela: ah
Daniel Bienvenu: situation financiere incertaine
Daniel Bienvenu: another summer in quebec
Pamela: well then, I'll just have to practice my French on Guy
gohabsgo: Yeah, you could, no problem.
Pamela: I get that Daniel - been there, done that
Pamela: c'est tres mal, Guy
rich-c: well then start planning now to organize Adamcon 18 - in La Ville or Levis or even Ste. Foy!
gohabsgo: Been there for many years, know how bad it is, glad to be out of the hole.
Pamela: 19, Dad
gohabsgo: Montreal perhaps?
rich-c: whoops, sorry
gohabsgo: Great city with a great hockey team. ;)
Pamela: we're into Montreal, no problem
rich-c: anyone can bid, Guy, singly or incoop[eration
gohabsgo: although we did lose tonight.
Daniel Bienvenu: could be interresting to see the passing of the banner... with two Guy
rich-c: maybe you and Daniel should pick a city and organize together - help and consultation is available ; - )
Pamela: we'll all help, and Sandra will probably be a big assistance - anyone who's planned a wedding can plan a convention
gohabsgo: Yeah, we've managed our wedding together with no outside help within 6 weeks or so and came out really nice!
Daniel Bienvenu: be sure that Dale will do the banner if it happens
Pamela: we did it in four months with no assistance - If I can do that, I can do anything : )
rich-c: well, if you're serious, why don't you to discuss it? Compromise, maybe, on Trois Rivieres? ; - )
gohabsgo: It's a big responsibility to hold an adamcon!
Daniel Bienvenu: Montreal should be a better choice... more closer than Quebec for almost everyone here
rich-c: I've done it, the Cleveland guys have done it, Dale's done it twice, Bob's done it - lots of experienced help available
Pamela: tis true, but all the oldtimers are around for assistance, and once you have the basics - hotel, meeting room and banquet, the rest is details
gohabsgo: 3 rivers is really nice for conventions, they have a nice big hotel for that.
rich-c: years ago friends of my family owned teh Ford delarship there
Pamela: you never told me that, Dad
Pamela: boy, the things you learn after 40 years
gohabsgo: ... until their vehicles were "Found On Road Dead"?
rich-c: that's why Mabel Kimball had that neat '38 Fored sedan, in silver
gohabsgo: FORD
Pamela: be nice Guy, we're a Ford family - or we were, until Dad defected
rich-c: easy there, Guy - I have the blue oval tattooed on my butt - and it's Pam's birthmark ; - )
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: and besides, it's Fix or Repair Daily : )
changed username to james
gohabsgo: I like Fords... Ford Taurus SHO, Ford Mustang
james: fashionably late
Pamela: Hi, James!
james: hi!
gohabsgo: I had a Jeep before. Just Empty Every Pocket.
Pamela: i'll say : )
rich-c: good morning james - you're lucky Guy came in and kept us open
james: been busy with the kids lately in the mornings
gohabsgo: Yo James! Been years! This is Guy/Time-Bandit
james: g'day
Pamela: unfortunately, the SHO is notoriously bad for repairs
rich-c: we're trying to taslk Guy and Daniel into staging Adamcon 19
Daniel Bienvenu: hello James
james: with the nicer weather here, i'm not inside as much
james: hi dan
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, only speculating
gohabsgo: If Daniel is interested, I'm willing to help out with details
Pamela: get outside as much as possible before it gets hot, James
james: no worries of that yet
james: it's been unseasonably cool here this yera
james: *year
Pamela: I've been doing that alot recently
rich-c: yes, what's your time difference now we're on daylight time, james?
Daniel Bienvenu: yesturday, it was snowing here.
Pamela: we've had some beautiful weather - Easter weekend was mostly gorgeous
rich-c: did have a bit of cold and wet early this week, though
Pamela: it was 28 in Windsor on Saturday, the day before Easter
Pamela: that's okay, this too shall pass - and we need the rain
james: holy crap
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm sorry, but I really have to quit.
rich-c: we had the rain already - wait till next week
Daniel Bienvenu: and Guy, try to sleep sometimes
Pamela: bonsoir, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: bonjour James
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Guy
rich-c: goodnight, Daniel - a la prochaine
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Rich
james: salut dan
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you next week
gohabsgo: Dan: Take care.
Daniel Bienvenu: * p o o f *
Pamela: yeah, I know James, it was a bit too much, too soon - I prefer to ease into it
Pamela: that's why I prefer spring and fall
rich-c: well, it's going to depend on his job picture, but wouldn't it be neat if Daniel could organize 19?
Pamela: it would, Dad
gohabsgo: Montreal would be a nice choice I think, lots of nice hotels, not too expensive.
Pamela: I'd love to play touriste in Montreal again
gohabsgo: Especially a bit outside of downtown you can find some good deals.
Pamela: but first, I have to brush up on my French, with Guy as my guinea pig
james: i've still not gone to a con
rich-c: imagine there might be something highly suitable not a million miles from Dorval, which would please our fliers
gohabsgo: haha, no french needed in mtl, you'll be fine with only english
Pamela: but if I don't speak French, how will I practice?? : )
james: yeah, i've been to places in montreal and they didn't even speak french in a few of them
gohabsgo: exactly.
Pamela: there are some places in Quebec that I'm not sure they speak either : )
rich-c: still it's handy to have a little, just in case - even if you don't go into the east end
gohabsgo: yeah, montreal is different, outside of montreal, you got to speak french.
james: yeah, isn't montreal almost half the population of the province of quebec though?
rich-c: anyway people, my leg is cramp9ng, got to get up and move for a while
Pamela: I wonder if it might not behoove me to get an up to date French textbook and practice - hmm
gohabsgo: yeah me too, time to go to slepe, we will talk next week
gohabsgo: well, you'd have over a year! ;)
Pamela: okay Dad - you got the bit about the trailer?
rich-c: so have to shut it off for tonight - goodnight et bonsoir, tout le monde
gohabsgo: bye all
rich-c: no Pam what was that?
Pamela: night, Guy
gohabsgo left chat session
Pamela: we're heading for the trailer Friday night, will be home Sunday late afternoon or early evening
Pamela: if you need me call me there
james: guess everyone is going eh
rich-c: OK have just told your Mom
james: well at least i got to say hi :D
Pamela: sorry, James, I still have dishes to do and laundry to put away
Pamela: okay. Gnite, Daddy
rich-c: fraid so james - you and the family take care
james: thanks
james: one of these days i will get on earlier
rich-c: colour me gone
james: nite
Pamela: promises, promises : )
james: lol
rich-c left chat session
Pamela: nite, James -hi to everyone
james: gotta break something, eh :P
james left chat session
Pamela left chat session > chat > Wed 2006-04-26
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