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rich-c: hi Rich]
Dr. D.: Hi Richard
rich-c: how's things in Cleveland?
Dr. D.: Warmer than earlier in the week, sunnier.
Dr. D.: Busy, classes have ended, finals beginning.
rich-c: yes, we had a couple of pretty gorfeous days, last few
rich-c: most of our trees have leafed oput now, the early flowering trees are really spectacularl
Dr. D.: Leaves have been out here for almost a month.
Dr. D.: Came out when it was still icy...
Dr. D.: We actually had frost 2 weeks ago.
rich-c: our daffodils are in full bloom, in fact the minis are already overblown
Dr. D.: And ice on the windshield.
rich-c: we had a couple of chill nights but not quite that bad
Dr. D.: More tulips here than daffodils now.
rich-c: yes, the neighbourhood tulips have quite a show going here too
rich-c: looks like the hosue next door to us has sold
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changed username to Pamela
Dr. D.: If Pam hasn't told you, I am coming to Toronto tomorrow.
rich-c: hi aughter
Dr. D.: Speaking of...
Pamela: I haven't had time, Rich :)
Pamela: hi, Dad
rich-c: she hasn't told us
Pamela: I just found out myself
Dr. D.: Okay, I am coming tomorrow, prob. about 8 PM...staying until Monday morning.
Pamela: cool
rich-c: Rin has not been talkative?
Pamela: I just talked to her tonite - about an hour ago : )
rich-c: three days then - what are your plans?
Pamela: it's been a weird evening so far
Dr. D.: Go to work with her on Friday.
Dr. D.: Go see LOTR on Saturday
Dr. D.: Sunday probably veg
Pamela: veg is good : )
rich-c: sounds like fun; hope you enjoy LOTR
rich-c: in fact I'm surprised you got tickets on such short notice
Dr. D.: Website, 2 weeks ago.
rich-c: my impressionis that that represents pretty short notice, with bookings being taken into September
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Dr. D.: Even a seat map etc.
changed username to BobS
Pamela: hey, Bob
rich-c: good evening, Mr. Slopsema
BobS: GUTEN TAG !!!!!
Dr. D.: So we are on the left balcony, looks to be good seats.
Dr. D.: It's ABEND now Mein Herr
Pamela: which theatre, Rich?
rich-c: I haven't been into that theatre yet
Dr. D.: Princess of Wales IIRC
rich-c: that was especially built for Miss Saigon
BobS: oh is a nice warm day, tomorrow staying with 'day'
Pamela: oh - it's beautiful, and less steep in the balcony than the Royal Alex
Dr. D.: I will find out when I get there.
rich-c: nothing could be as steep as the baalcony at the Alex!
Pamela: true - it's pretty brutal
rich-c: Bob, any word on the convention site?
BobS: nope, heard nothing
Pamela: had a hard time when we went to see Mamma Mia - even I was a bit unsteady, and I have a head for heights
rich-c: you must have had fun with Russell
Pamela: he couldn't go - I took Erin and Allyson
rich-c: girls' night out ; - )
Pamela: sorta : )
Dr. D.: You would not like the 5th level at Jacobs Field here in Cleveland (baseball field).
Dr. D.: It is pretty steep.
Pamela: that was at least three years ago now
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
rich-c: I haven't been to the theatre for decades
Pamela: the Skydome - sorry, the Rogers Centre - is pretty steep on level five too
Pamela: Hello Guy!
rich-c: hello Guy, what's the word?
BobS: hey Guy
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changed username to Judy
rich-c: welcome Judy
Pamela: hi, Judy!
BobS: HI BABY !!!!!!
Judy: Hello, All
Guy B.: I have a contract for the Super 8 Motel in Elk Grove Village. Bob did you get my e-mail?
BobS: no guy
Judy: How is the Adamclan?
BobS: what'd get for room rates?
rich-c: good enough - they can meet all our needs?
Pamela: having a weird evening so far Judy : )
Judy: what is up, Pam?
Guy B.: Ok, I'm going to send you a copy of the contract. It's in PDF format. Be right back.
BobS: just becasue it is getting dark Pam ?????
Pamela: I fell asleep when I got home, got woken by the answering machine which sounded weird, don't think I made any sense in the first ten minutes of my conversation with my aunt,
rich-c: what are they quoting for extra days befoe and after?
Pamela: haven't had dinner yet because I spent some time talkin' to Erin
Judy: at least you answered
BobS: well, just call her back and tell her that there was an ALIEN in your apt
Pamela: not sure that's not true, Bob - I was totally disoriented
rich-c: how come, overtied, or into the wine cooler? 8-)
Pamela: the machine played the message, which I recorded, but it didn't sound anything like me, and something's wrong with it
Pamela: just tired I think Dad
Pamela: no wine since Sunday night
Pamela: anyway, my whole evening has been discombobulated
rich-c: btw Pam, if you didn't realize, we hadn't noticed your message on our machine when you called later yesterday
Pamela: doesn't matter Dad
rich-c: hangover from trips to Pickering?
Pamela: but, don't you check the machine regularly?
Pamela: didn't go
rich-c: yes, just didn't happen to notice the flashing light
Guy B.: Bob, just sent you an e-mail with a copy of the contract.
rich-c: when did you leave the message, about 4.15
BobS: where did you send it Guy ?????
Pamela: funny, it's almost an obsession with me. Yeah, about that time I guess
Guy B.:
BobS: will get it here ASAP
rich-c: I had just started my shower and your mother was out gardening til dinner time
BobS: opps spell right
Guy B.: Your right Bob, my fingers again.
BobS: CUT THEM OFF !!!!!!
rich-c: well fill us in on teh details, Guy, to the extent you have them
Pamela: okay Guy, where's Elk Grove Village?
BobS: methinks my dsl is out od commission tonight
BobS: kinda slow here
Judy: that is what I did today, also, was a beautiful day here
rich-c: that's the one Bob found, Pam; yo8u have teh url I think
Judy: I am still trying to get rid of someones leaves, not ours
rich-c: it's out west along the toll road, off towards Lisle
BobS: GOT IT Guy
Pamela: heck Judy, I turned on the TV at 8:00 and it was still 24 degrees C
Guy B.: On Touhy I believe. It's a new hotel.
rich-c: thye are behind, Pam, or else in the centre of the city (heat sink effect) - it's 16 here
Pamela: it was gorgeous, and I didn't want to be inside today
Judy: we still have the door open tonight
rich-c: how close is it to the new pink line?
Pamela: that was an hour and a half ago, Dad - before the sun went down
Guy B.: It's closer to the Blue line.
Judy: went for a bike ride after eating supper on the deck
Pamela: is this the same one that Bob was looking at, Guy? I thought you were checking a different one
rich-c: how does one get into teh city centre - Loop area?
Guy B.: It's the same one Pam.
Pamela: ah, okay. Less confusticated now
Pamela: gonna go get my atlas, and some quick brain food - be right back
rich-c: what is the deal for going into town, Guy? how do the railways work or are they relevant here?
Guy B.: Riding the L is $2 one way. You can take it downtown to anywhere in the Loop.
rich-c: tickets only, cash only, tokens, what?
Guy B.: Transit cards. You buy them at the station.
rich-c: OK, I can get teh rst off the website anyway - I think Frances has it bookmarked
BobS: OK, it, printed it out......assume KN1 is king size bed; NQQ1 is 2 beds ??????
rich-c: how far from the motel to teh subway station?
BobS: pricing looks good, except for meeting room
BobS: AMY promised me the room for $90 per day
Guy B.: I believe the hotel can take you there to the Rosemont station.
rich-c: what about teh return?
Guy B.: The meeting room?
BobS: Wills end you an email back with this in it/...........
rich-c: emphasize though that w3 only need it after dinner, on Thusday, not during the day
Guy B.: Ok, let me talk to Jeanene and I'll see if that can be done.
Guy B.: I know that Rich. I'm planning to take a trip over there soon to see the area.
rich-c: yes, you need to physically check things out
rich-c: did not get pricing on extra days before/ after?
rich-c: thye include a continental breakfast, right?
Guy B.: Rich, you can ask about that when you get there and you may be able to get it at the rates were getting at.
rich-c: it would be MUCH better if you could get us the information now - we have planning to do
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rich-c: I also need confirmation we can get the beds we need, and info if they have any handicap assists
changed username to erin
Guy B.: Alright, I see what I can do.
rich-c: hi rin, hear you have big plans for the weekend
erin: indeed we do :-D
Guy B.: And I can have everyone on the first floor.
Judy: Hi, Erin
erin: hi Judy!
Guy B.: No stair climbing.
Guy B.: Hi Judy
Judy: hi, Guy
rich-c: that will be a definite asset to me - I am not so good at hauling luggage up stairs any more
Guy B.: That's one thing I was able to do for everyone.
Guy B.: Hang on while I make a call to Jeanene.
rich-c: OK - we get continental brakfast, are on our own for lunch and dinner, right?
Pamela: okay, got some food and my atlas and am up to date
Guy B.: Correct
Pamela: Hi, Rin, I see you made it : )
Dr. D.: Sorry I was gone, had to change washer loads.
erin: I did
Pamela: you must be tired - no red alias : )
erin: I know, eh :-)
rich-c: does teh hot3el have a snack bar or do we have to find a fast-food nearby?
Dr. D.: I'm hoping she will be awake for the weekend.
Pamela: I'm hoping you'll be awake for the weekend, mr. notorious lack of sleep : )
Pamela: sorry I'll stop pulling your tail now
erin: he thrives on lack of sleep
Guy B.: Rich, I do know there are restaurants around the area. The only way for sure is I'll have to go up there and check it out.
Dr. D.: I always manage to stay awake.
erin: yes, you do
Dr. D.: I don't thrive on it...but I have learned to be productive in despite of it.
rich-c: OK, for lunch we can live with Cracker Barrel or Bob Evans or such
rich-c: but do scout out some decent dinner restaurants, OK?
Guy B.: I will and I'll let you know first hand.
Dr. D.: Just bring your own cooler from home, Richard...
rich-c: you mean with beer for the Cleveland crowd?
Dr. D.: Food is food, I shan't be picky...Rin will attest to that.
Pamela: nice and close to the airport
Dr. D.: No drinkee beer here, sir.
erin: he'll eat anything.....and I mean *anything*
Pamela: fried worms?
rich-c: I am on a holiday and I plan to eat in a condign pattern - good stuff for dinner
BobS: GOTO and see the restaurants, etc nearby
rich-c: you don't but George and Herman do
erin: hi Bobs!
Dr. D.: I haven't heard anything suggesting that HLMjr is coming.
Dr. D.: I'd like to see him of course, it has been a while.
Dr. D.: I want to say since 14.
rich-c: I gather George has declared intent - what has Guy heard?
BobS: Ihop=2 miles....subway near....burger king.......
BobS: hey Rin
erin: how goes it?
rich-c: but some real food, surely?
Pamela: don't worry Dad, it's around the airport - it must be restaurant alley if our airport is anyting to go by
Pamela: allo?
Pamela: got really quiet there for a minute
Pamela: it's still quiet
Pamela: why?
erin: some place called Rosewood Restaurant, Carlucci....
rich-c: I was looking on the website - - they do name a number of restaurants within five miles
erin: Jamison Char House
BobS: don't actually show restaurants close, but would have to look when get there
Pamela: still waiting for it to load . . . : )
rich-c: yep - have no idea how good they ae, or otherwise
BobS: can also go here.........
rich-c: the other url is far easier and it works
erin: I clicked on attractions
rich-c: of course us wealthy Canadians will be looking to eat high on the hog
BobS: it only works for you'se guys that have macromedia
BobS: mine crapped out and I haven't reinstalled
rich-c: it looks like our dollar will be trading at a premium over the US buck by mid-July
rich-c: I don't have macromedia that I know of - though this computer is so messed up I don't know rally what's with it
rich-c: for instance it cant find the sound card
BobS: should have some decent eateries nearby.....for crying out loud...tis in the city and near the airport
BobS: multimedia.........
Pamela: exactly
erin: sigh....I remember these places
rich-c: should doesn't mean does - and it's five miles northwest of the far corner of the airport
rich-c: for all I know with the street pattern the restaurant stip may be 15 miles down the pike
Pamela: interestingly, at least two of the attactions I've already been to in Toronto - three if you count Santa's village
BobS: we can bus in donuts richard......... :-)_
Dr. D.: I am going to be a wet blanket and say I am not interested in the fine points...hotel, dates, cost, where to send $$$, by when...the rest will take care of itself.
BobS: ya mon
erin: I was at the Sears Tower, Shedd Aquarium, Navy Pier and a museum...
Dr. D.: So I am no fun.
Judy: I would like to go to Shedd Apuarium
erin: no Honey, you are just practical
BobS: oh you are a BARREL of laughs Dr D
rich-c: yes, Frances and I have similar ambitions
Guy B.: Pam, did you check CTA's website?
BobS: darn practical guys........
Pamela: as would we - it's on our list of touristy stuff to do
Pamela: not yet, Guy
rich-c: Pam, did you notice the mall is over five miles?
erin: they get things donw and let others have the fun
BobS: Chicago Transit Authority
BobS: datls da bus
rich-c: and the subway if METRA, isn't it, Giy?
BobS: shopping is overrated Richard
Pamela: it may not be the mall I want anyway - I need the one with Coldwater Creek and Lane Bryant
BobS: <ducking out of Pamela's reach>
rich-c: I agree, Bob, but Pamela does NOT
Pamela: you do that, Robert : )
BobS: taxi drivers know where they all are.......
Pamela: it's not overrated for me Bob, because the clothing selection in Canada sucks
Guy B.: Metra is the commuter rail line. It's seperate from the CTA L.
rich-c: yes, and I do not have any ambitions of driving the van around downtown Chicago
rich-c: been there, done that, had the biscuit...
Pamela: that's okay, I'll drive : )
Pamela: but seriously
rich-c: oh, decided to take the Taurus?...
BobS: driving is doable Richard, but parking is a not fun
Pamela: I wouldn't want to drive downtown anyway - too crowded, too expensive to park
Pamela: easier to take transit - after all, Chicago is supposed to have an excellent transit system
rich-c: I tried driving in to the Art Institute on the tail of rush hour, and out dittoe - neither was good for my blood pressure
rich-c: and that was from the far southeast where things are relatively open
Guy B.: That is right Pam.
rich-c: it wasn't quite so bad once I discovered Lakeshore Drive
Pamela: I must admit it's gonna be weird not having a car : )
rich-c: problem is, if we are going to act like tourists, we will end up moving about in rush hour
Guy B.: I'm open for any suggestions for Saturday afternoon. So, anyone who has some ideas, let me know.
rich-c: maybe if we went in later in the morning, and had dinner downtown...
rich-c: you hasve a number of votes for the Shedd, Guy
Guy B.: The Cubs are in town, but I don't know if there are tickets available. I can see.
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changed username to Ronald
Guy B.: Hi Ron.
erin: hey Ron!
rich-c: forget the Cubs - I can get real baseball with the Blue Jays ; - )
BobS: The wet coaster
Ronald: Hey all!
Judy: hi, Ron
Pamela: My two biggies are the Art Institute and the Shedd Aquarium
BobS: hows things ?????????
Pamela: Hi, Ron
rich-c: greeting Ron?
Dr. D.: Hi Ron.
Guy B.: I did mention the Adler Planetarium.
Ronald: can't complain
Pamela: that too
rich-c: (that was supposed to be an astonisher ! )
Ronald: What did I miss last week?
Dr. D.: Aerodynamic porcines
rich-c: yes, we want teh ARt Institute, the Field Museum, and maybe the Adler
Dr. D.: Remember the ADAM too now folks
rich-c: of course we also will arrive early and stay after to cover all the bases
rich-c: well, we just plan to skip out of the geeky sections, Rich
Guy B.: Should I put it up for a vote?
Ronald: everything is under control?
Ronald: or as much as these things ever are?
Guy B.: We're close on a hotel Ron.
rich-c: you've got a straw vote already, but it mkght helpd you establish priorities
Dr. D.: Jeez Richard, it *IS* an ADAMcon...
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Pamela: hi Daniel
Ronald: Hi Daniel
Judy: he, Daniel
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
BobS: Hiya daniel
Pamela: details, details, Rich : )
Ronald: the dates remain unchanged?
Daniel Bienvenu: We still needed the phone here.
erin: hi Daniel
Dr. D.: If a tourist you wish to be, ADAMcon is just in the way...that is my point.
Daniel Bienvenu: but now, it's ok. I can stay online
Dr. D.: I am not going to Chicago to be a tourist...
Daniel Bienvenu: salut Rich
Dr. D.: Hello Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Pam, Ron, Guy
Ronald: Whatever you book, Guy.... book me from the 13th to the 20th
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Dr.D, Erin
Dr. D.: I have to go get my wash again...and pack for I think I am going to bow out for tonight.
rich-c: that's fine, Rich, but we find it these days more a social event, with a bow top the central interest
Guy B.: Thanks Ron. I'll write this down.
Ronald: good man
Ronald: be well Dr. D
Dr. D.: I will be in my room with my ADAM then.
Pamela: night, Rich - see you tomorrow : )
Dr. D.: By all.
rich-c: but ralize that not every aspect of teh Adam interests every one of us all the time
Dr. D.: If Rin allows Pam.
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
rich-c: I think I hurt Rich's feelings
Pamela: Bob, what happened with the job prospect?
BobS: am on unemployment again.....or as I look at it......I am on SABBATICAL !!!!!!
Guy B.: I guess you guys do want to meet Annie.
Pamela: of course, Guy
Pamela: so, are you two planning to stay beyond the three days at this point?
Guy B.: She's a real gentle dog.
BobS: prolly not
Daniel Bienvenu: Sabbatical? during a long period? une année sabbatique?
BobS: IF we can make it................................................
BobS: might have a job by then you know.......
BobS: like a college professor has a paind vacation Daniel
BobS: paid
Pamela: well, will keep fingers, toes and eyeballs crossed that it works out
BobS: tha's what they call it in the states anywahys
BobS: anyways
Pamela: does the hotel allow pets, Guy?
Ronald: interruption of employment
Ronald: is the bafflespeak here
Guy B.: Good question Pam. I'll have to check, but Annie will be staying with Jeanene.
Pamela: sounds pretty typical, Bob
rich-c: or freelancing
Ronald: Guy, am I doing a session?
Pamela: so Ron is staying, we're staying and M & D are staying - anyone else?
BobS: am going to keep looking and see what comes my way......economy in Michigan sucks as of now
Pamela: Guy, are you going to have extra time off too?
Ronald: come west young man
Guy B.: That's the next thing I want to do. Glad you brought that up.
rich-c: I suspect your type of thing might be less depressed than most
BobS: would LOVE to ronald
BobS: love your countryside
Ronald: :)
Judy: but Grandkids are too far away from you, Ron
BobS: no wonder you moved take care of mum.......HA
Ronald: yes, that would be an issue all right
Guy B.: Dale wants to help me with the session schedule.
Ronald: good Guy, he'll do well at that
Pamela: well, I suspect we'll get sessions from Ron, Dale, Neil, Murray, Rich, and Bob
rich-c: do try to put most of the heavyweight tech stuff in the same day, Guy
Judy: Ryan is doing great, surgery didn't slow him down much that is for sure
Pamela: that's good to know Judy
Ronald: we don't have any heavyweight tech stuff!
BobS: BOB ??????
Ronald: It's all good
Guy B.: Ok
Judy: now maybe he can put on a little weight
Pamela: well, you did one last year, Bob
Ronald: Have no idea what my subject would be, but if asked, I can probably think of something appropriate
rich-c: the intricacies of programming have always been beyond me, and it's a little late to start now
Ronald: got off scott free last year
BobS: I can be a great "user and abuser"
rich-c: I can sometimes gain insights that prove useful in my fights with DOS, but not that many
Guy B.: I do plan on one with AdamEm and Windows XP. You guys will see my new notebook.
Pamela: which reminds me, I need to look into a newer laptop
Ronald: I have a newer laptop, and I hate it
Pamela: something with better than Win95 and P100 : )
rich-c: that would be a good one for Friday morning, Guy - let us do things with our emulators during the 'con
Ronald: it's too big, too cumbersome, and it p's me off
Judy: you could always drop it, Ron
BobS: the emulator IS the PRIME subject
Pamela: LOL, Judy
Ronald: I had that coming Judy..... you're absolutely right
rich-c: get an Acer widescreen and you can watch DVDs on it
Judy: sorry
BobS: drop it HARD
Ronald: That's exactly the one I have and hate.... Acer Aspire 3004
BobS: and take it back, tell them is not working correctly, must be a manufacturing defect
rich-c: I finally saw Star Wars III yesterday
Ronald: We'll bring it on an Adamcon. It'll never survive
Guy B.: I have a pleminary schedule worked out. I'll ask everyone what they would like to do a session on.
Judy: you should see Ryan operate my computer, he is better at than I am
rich-c: what's your problem with it, Ron? WinXP or the widescreen graphics?
Ronald: widescreen graphics. Very poor battery life, and it's just too damn heavy
rich-c: yes, widescreens are heavy, and their battery life sucks, unless you get a pricey Centrino version
erin: well folks...I'm dazed so I'm heading to bed
Ronald: reflective material installed over the screen gets in the way
erin: hope you all have a great night and week
Pamela: night, Rin
Judy: night Erin
Pamela: (PRIVATE) love you
Ronald: be well Erin. Go straight home now
rich-c: and you have to play with the setting in graphics, then again in your browser, for a while to get things right
erin: (PRIVATE) love you too
erin: I will Ron :-)
rich-c: night Erin
BobS: nite Rin
erin: night all!
Guy B.: Bye Erin
erin left chat session
Ronald: oh well.... the price was right, and I'll get over the shortcomings I suppose
rich-c: still, I rarely run mine on battery, and am getting teh graphics under control
BobS: nope, you will hate it until the day you drop it....................................
Ronald: yes, Bob, that's it
Pamela: so Guy, if we fly in Friday morning, can we get to the hotel by cab for less than $20?
rich-c: yes, the price on those is VERY right, that's why I bought mine about this time last year
Ronald: And I will drop it..... sooner or later
rich-c: I asm not happy about the necessary compromise between large widescreens and battery life in general
Ronald: Still carry the little ibook around for serious work
rich-c: oh yes, but plugged in at the 'con don't be surprised if you find it quite useful
rich-c: the Acer that is
Ronald: well Rich, the silly sob's put a 2000 ma/h battery in it. I've since bought a pair of 4000 ma/h, and get around 3 hours apiece out of them
Daniel Bienvenu: err.. I have to install the new firefox version.
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry
rich-c: let us know how it goes, Daniel
rich-c: I will want it myself soon
Pamela: oh, good
rich-c: but will they be the RIGHT times?
BobS: ONLY for US citizens Pam....CA citizens cost extra
rich-c: what flight are you on and when do you arrive, Pam?
(BobS hugs Pamela)
Ronald: what did the CAD do today... still up over 90Cents?
rich-c: watch out Bob, as the offspring of American citizens she has claims too, though needs to do the paperwork to get them
Pamela: haven't booked yet Dad but we're aiming for the flight leaving TO at about 7:00, arriving 8:00ish Chicago time
Guy B.: I can pickup anyone from the airport if your flight arrives late.
Ronald: still need to make my reservations
Pamela: no thanks, Dad - one country is enough for me
rich-c: apparently so, Ron - by teh time we hit Chicago it should be at a premium ; - )
Ronald: wouldn't that be something
BobS: then get them Pamela.......the more citizenships the better
Ronald: probably can't get there from here
Pamela: you can't anywhere from there, Ron : )
rich-c: the price depends on when the reservations ae made, Pam - leave it late and you're in for a nasty shock
Ronald: exactly Pamela
BobS: find the deals !!!!!
BobS: Toronto to Chicago should have some deals
Ronald: from where I am Bob, there are never any deals
BobS: now.......Comox to Chicago.......a crap shoot
Pamela: well we have enough air miles for one flight, which will help - just have to get coordinated to get both of us on the same flight
rich-c: Westjet Comox to Calgary, Southwest Calgary to Chicago, maybe?
Judy: that would be hopefull
BobS: let Russ fly alone............he is an adult
Ronald: sounds about right Rich.... I'm going to check on the other 'puter
BobS: NO RON....check the airlline website !!!!!!!
Ronald: yeah...
Ronald: that was my intent
Ronald: on the other 'puter
Ronald: always deal with 'em if'n I can
Pamela: well I'm going to have to convince him he's flying first Bob
Pamela: me, I love to fly
rich-c: at that hour he should be sleepy enough not to care anyway, Pam
Pamela: true, Dad : )
BobS: he wasn't gonna walk, was he ?????????
Judy: he doesn't like to fly, I gather
Pamela: I don't think it's the flight, I think it's the height
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BobS: IF I was rich...........I would fly A LOT
Pamela: I keep telling him, we'll be so far up it won't be real
changed username to GuyF
Pamela: hello, Guy
rich-c: hey, wenthabsgone is here! 8 - )
Pamela: however I value my fingers - so we'll see
GuyF: Rich: Well, at least we made it to the playoffs... ;)
BobS: HUH ???????
rich-c: (sorry about that, Guy, but I just couldn't resist)
Judy: hello Guy F
GuyF: Rich: Now we'll be rooting for Ottawa.
GuyF: Bonsoir everyone!!!
BobS: ya that too
Judy: How is Sandra doing?
Guy B.: Hi Guy
Ronald: still too many teams in it for me...... when they get down to 4, I'll show interest
Pamela: huh fingers, Bob? Let me explain - if he's holding my hand, I might lose circulation - and I value my fingers. Therefore, we'll see . . . : )
rich-c: (in truth, we'll root of any Canadian team that's going on in the playoffs)
GuyF: Rich: Exactly... how many canadian teams left?
BobS: nop Pam.........was Huh'ing about your dad's word ther regarding the playoffs
GuyF: Judy: She's doing fine, gaining a bit of weight, she's starting a new job tomorrow also.
rich-c: not sure - Harold Ballard cured me of any significant hockey interest decades ago
Pamela: that's good news, Guy, on all fronts : )
Judy: good for her, what kind of job?
Pamela: he's dead, Dad - give it up
rich-c: just that I can't avoid the biggest headlines on the sports pages while I look for the F-1 results
GuyF: Judy: call center, taking orders
Judy: and the weight has to come, baby needs that
Judy: tell her good luck!!!
BobS: plannign on coming to convention GuyF ??????
Daniel Bienvenu: désolé, loading firefox update
BobS: and Sandra too ?????
Daniel Bienvenu: hello GuyF
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir
Pamela: FYI Dad, Kimberly is about to pop - she's scheduled for C-section on the 16th, I believe
rich-c: great heavens, I'd completely lost track - how is she doing, then?
Ronald: What do I want? Chicago, O'Hare, or Chicago Midway??
BobS: O;Hare
Ronald: ok
Pamela: well, and very, very pregnant. But she assures me that she can still fit behind the steering wheel of the car, so we may have lunch soon
rich-c: isn't Midway smaller with a lot less traffic?
Pamela: much harder to find flights into Midway though Dad
rich-c: even though it is a longer way to the hotel?
Pamela: usually those that were not direct in the first place
Daniel Bienvenu: err... I will need to restart firefox, loosing the connection with the chat session.
rich-c: agreed but if there's a flight to Midway there can be reasons to prefer it
Pamela: there's actually a flight from TO to Chicago into Midway that flies through Newark, of all places
rich-c: in fact, doesn't Southwest use Midway as its hub?
Pamela: not sure
rich-c: I think that came up when we were checking flights to ElPaso
rich-c: of course that was sokme while ago
BobS: see the country Pamela
Ronald: will have to figure it out later. Website doesn't like Macintosh
Pamela: why fly east to go west?? And remember Bob, I did that by car for ten years with Mom and Dad
Guy B.: If you guys decide to fly into Midway. Then I can pick you up.
Ronald: Doesn't look like I can get there via westjet, so might have to use a travel agent
rich-c: thought Westjet was your only flight out of Comox?
Pamela: Can you get to TO on Westjet, then switch to AC from TO to Chicago?
Ronald: nope also have Air Canada
Guy B.: Air Canada does fly into Chicago, Ron.
Ronald: probably
Ronald: yes, I know that, but their damned website doesn't respond to my Mac
rich-c: do they have a transfer to a Chicago flight from Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, even Vancouver or Seattle?
Ronald: need also to check via Seattle
Ronald: everything like that here goes from either Vancouver or Seattle
rich-c: it will matter which US airlines are StarAlliance too, I suspect
rich-c: if Northwest runs Seattle-Chicago it's a possibility
Ronald: I have this problem with my Macs..... some buttons on websites just don't work. Keep telling the website owners, but that falls on deaf ears
BobS: heck. if Seattle, then Southwest may be chaep for there to Chicago
rich-c: if they do it, I've heard Alaska run a good airline, surely they run from Seattle and I'll bet link to Chicago
Ronald: no such thing as cheap from here Bob.
Ronald: I have this theory.... west to east no matter what way, is always more expensive the east to west
rich-c: agreed, but once you get to a hub, cheap you can talk about
Ronald: It costs me over $200. bucks just to get to Vancouver and back
Ronald: however... we will find a way
Pamela: pack mule???
rich-c: yes, but Van-Chi may cost less than Comox - Van
Ronald: good idea Pam
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to call it the night. Bob, thanks and I'll let you know what I can do with the meeting room. I hope I can get this done by the weekend.
Ronald: could be Rich, but that would really surprise me
BobS: SWA shows $150 going east and and 4180 going west.....depends on time schedule
BobS: bye Guy
Pamela: gnite Guy
rich-c: Guy, keep us posted - daily email progress reports, OK?
BobS: $180
Ronald: Well that's always part of the problem Bob. Timing from here usually means that you can't get the cheapo flights
Pamela: (PRIVATE) Hugs to you and Annie - looking forward to seeing you!
Judy: night Guy
Guy B.: I'll let you know Rich.
BobS: drive to Vancouver and Jeff house, stay a night then onto Seattle
Ronald: What site are you dealing with Bob?
rich-c: be looking forward to it
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Annie does too. Hugs too.
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Ronald: Southwest?
BobS: sourry.
Ronald: ok
Ronald: I'll check them out. Staying with Jeff is an option
Ronald: might be Winnipeg rather than Calgary
rich-c: I get teh feeling there are quite a few airlines, Canadian and American, on the Winnipeg - Chicago run
Ronald: I hate making these arrangements on my own, especially for trans border. Would rather have a travel agent do it
rich-c: in fact that would be a good one for a regional line
Ronald: although that's going to cost, I know
BobS: twell gang. time to hit the sack in GR......and hope that all ends well with preparations
BobS: piffle !!!!!!! the border has to crossed on your own anyway
Ronald: anyway... we shall see
rich-c: yes, Roberto - many thanks for your assistance in them
BobS: ya..................................................................................
BobS left chat session
rich-c: and goodnight to you and Judy
Ronald: I know. that's what worries me
Judy: yes, night all, have to rest up Ryan will be here again tomorrow, and more yard work awaits
Pamela: night, Bob and Judy
rich-c: just have your passport handy and you should be OK
Ronald: I'm not the traveller I used to be
Judy left chat session
Ronald: anyway...... gnite Bob, Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Bob, Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne nuit Pam!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Ronald
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne nuit Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne nuit Guy
Ronald: will see you guys next week hopefully
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry to be so quiet tonight
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
Ronald: nite all
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you next week.
Ronald: poooooffff
Ronald left chat session
rich-c: looks like we've hit teh wall attendance-wise
Pamela: where'd everyone go??
rich-c: to bed - sensible idea
Pamela: probably so - am looking at flights now
rich-c: well, it is time for me to close it off, but first - the house next door sold last night
Pamela: the one we want is 7:00 am departure from TO arriving 7:43 Chicago time at O'hare
Pamela: it did sell - so, to whom?
rich-c: whose flight is that, Pam?
Pamela: Air Canada
rich-c: we saw them talking to Slimeball, but know no more
Pamela: is there a sold sign out there?
rich-c: they did a lot of the dealing on Saturday so they aren't Jewwish
rich-c: sold sticker went on this morning
Pamela: wonder how much it actually sold for - I'm curious
rich-c: younger couple, drive a grey Cadillac
Pamela: any identity clues?
rich-c: if they paid over $825,000 they shouldn't have
Pamela: any kids?
rich-c: Ontario plates on the car
rich-c: none seen
Pamela: I agree re: the price
Pamela: younger as in my age, or younger as in just-marrieds in their 20's?
Daniel Bienvenu: bye
Pamela: night, Daniel
rich-c: why they took it without a solution on the lot lines I don't know
Pamela: Guy, you still awake?
rich-c: night, Daniel
rich-c: late 40s at a guess, but didn't see that much - could be more
Daniel Bienvenu: * p o o f *
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-c: male somewhat chubby, fringe beard, red
Pamela: interesting
rich-c: female also sorta red, decent build, both seem friendly
Pamela: did they talk to you two at all?
rich-c: there is some issue with teh driveway - vity enforcement officer was giving slimeball a hard time yesterday
Pamela: good : )
rich-c: no - they might have been willing but I just nodded and ducked in the door - Slimeball was around
Pamela: i'm sure we'll find out more once they've closed and are around without him
rich-c: don't want to say anything that could be repeated to my disadvantage before the trial
Pamela: when in doubt, keep mouth closed : )
Pamela: good policy
rich-c: yes - in my old age I do seem to be getting that message, at last
Pamela: anyway Dad, I'm around all weekend and will probably touch base Friday to see how Mom's sleep study went. Are you taking her to / from the clinic?
rich-c: I will be taking her to the clinic, but she will be starting home at 7 a.m. - that tell you something?
Pamela: yes, sleepyhead : )
Pamela: so where's the clinic?
Pamela: and what time does she go tomorrow?
rich-c: at leasst with the CPAP machine I am getting good, productive sleep these nights
rich-c: on Wilson, just west of the rail lines at Caledonia
rich-c: she is due there at 8 p.m. and notably early arrivals are not welcome
Pamela: Caledonia doesn't go up that far - you mean between Keele and Dufferin?
rich-c: less, that line - we refer to it as the Caledonia line
Pamela: where on earth? All that's up there is office space and industrial. On the south side?
rich-c: yes - in that complex that looks residential but is actually light industry, retail, etc - 951 Wilson
Pamela: okay. Good thing they're leaving early - Innocon is right next door. Dumb place for a sleep clinic if you ask me -right beside a rail line and a construction company
rich-c: entrance is off Apex Road which I can't find on the map - perhaps the stub of Cornelius Parkway above 401 has been renamed
Pamela: how old is your map???
rich-c: the rail line is strictly Go now with no night trains, and Teskey is across the street and likely shuts down well before 8 p.m.
rich-c: don't know, but we have had it for a few years
rich-c: anyhow time for us to sign off too, daughter
Pamela: if you go across Wilson from Dufferin, once you're under the rail bridge, it's on your left hand side and it's well marked as 951 Wilson. I believe there's an Esso home comfort sign out front of the complex
Pamela: yes, I guess it's time for bed
rich-c: I will likely go up the Allen, 401, Keele exit, turn right onto Wilson
rich-c: sounds like you've been there more r3ecently than I - will look, Pam, and thanks
Pamela: jsut be careful on the Keele exit - it's nuts up there all the time
Pamela: tell Mom good luck and I'll call Friday
rich-c: tell me about it!!!
rich-c: will do - night now
Pamela: night, Daddy
rich-c: colour me gone
Pamela: g'nite Guy, if you're still with us
rich-c left chat session
Pamela: kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
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