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MtlBrat: Hmmmm for once I'm on time and no one is here?!?!?!?!
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changed username to rich-c
MtlBrat: as I was saying, for once I'm on time and no one is here?!?!?!?!
MtlBrat: I want my money back!!!
rich-c: yeah, ain't no justice in teh world, is there?
MtlBrat: hahah, good evening Rich!
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rich-c: bad as having Les Glorieux poop out in the first roiund!
changed username to Harvie
rich-c: how goes it, Guy?
MtlBrat: That's old news, the new news is that the 2 remaining canadian times are doing even worse... bleah.
Harvie: Hello
rich-c: helloe Harvie, missed you lst fwe days
MtlBrat: *teams
MtlBrat: G'morning Harvie.
rich-c: well, they aren't out of it yet - I can remember the Leafs being down 3 - 0 and winning their series
Harvie: Yes my timing seems poor lately. Probably can't stay long tonight, expecting a phone call
MtlBrat: ... and to make matters worse, a white dude got the MVP in Basketball, what's the sports world coming to?
rich-c: some nights you just can't win
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MtlBrat: Dan dan dan!
changed username to BobS
MtlBrat: As I was saying.... Bob bob bob
Harvie: Hi Bob
rich-c: this time at last I am on my "big" machine (the desktop)
BobS: hey kids !!!!
rich-c: hello Bob
BobS: what is happening ?
BobS: some stuttering going on?
MtlBrat: Cheering for Bob!
rich-c: well, he's Canadian, so the Yanks will never figure out his ethnicity
MtlBrat: I'm a Canadian, therefore I might be a terrorist. lol
BobS: as per usual, the weatherman is wrong......was supposed to get lots of rain, but now flood warnigns are cancelled because...GUESS WHAT !!! no rain......
rich-c: hey, he even comes from Toronto and you know what that place is like
rich-c: that's OK, we are still suppposed to be getting some rain overnight and into tomorrow
BobS: don't bet on it
rich-c: but they can change that if they like - we're off to a luncheon tomorrow
MtlBrat: Weather has been nice in Montreal so far....
BobS: don't hold back for the weather Richard
rich-c: today was glorious here, in fact the car was seriously hot
Harvie: We managed to duck the t'storms last weekend
MtlBrat: Weatherman predicts a very hot and dry summer for us
rich-c: oh I wont, it's at the hourese of one of my high school classmates - our quarterly old farts lunch
rich-c: when the weestherman says that, buy wading boots and a rowboat...
MtlBrat: Rich: Wow, you still talk to people from your high school??? I was happy to never have to see anyone again from my old high school, and a few years later, I end up marrying a girl from my old high school. Ha.
BobS: don't even know what our weatherman is predicting for the summer, BUT as Richard puts it.....they DON'T know anyway
rich-c: yes, you should have seen our 50th anniversary weekend in 1999
rich-c: we even haed one of our guys flew in from England for the event
Harvie: There is that phone call , at least I got to say hello, goodbye
MtlBrat: Rich: It's interesting to see what people make of themselves after all those years.
BobS: be quick Harvie
rich-c: bye Harvie, glad you could drop in however briefly
MtlBrat: bye Harvie
BobS: so now what.........
BobS: here we sit, broken hearted........
rich-c: some do pretty well - our host has the AOrder of Canada and makes seven-figur3e charitable donations
BobS: get the email from Guy about the hotel?????
BobS: says he is working on youe extra nights Richard
rich-c: well, he confirmed we have it which is teh critical point
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BobS: ya mon
MtlBrat: Rich: Success is not always measured by money.
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: we know they over continental breakfast so that's dealt with
BobS: tis tru brat
Guy B.: Greeting!!!!
BobS: hi guy
rich-c: we've always been on our own for dinners anyway, so only lunch to consider
MtlBrat: Bob: At least that's what us poor b*star*s like to believe. ;)
BobS requested to ban <undefined>
rich-c confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
MtlBrat confirmed ban
rich-c: oh herehe is now - hi Guy
BobS: you can BE whatever you want to be
MtlBrat: BobS: Not in Canada...
rich-c: that is quite true, and Jim had a head start - but he is a good and effective guy
Guy B.: Hang on while I send an e-mail about the ideas for Saturday afternoon.
MtlBrat: So where's Dan? Let's all hold hands a do some sort of chant to get him to log on.
rich-c: oh, he'll turn up, likely just has to wait for his sister to get off the phone or something
MtlBrat: How about a Hooters bar for Saturday? Always wanted to go to one.
BobS: but he can't hear you Guy.......
rich-c: you mean for dinner? that sounds cool - is there one down by the Loop?
BobS: HOOTERS ?????? now that is not nice.....if you area girl
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: our, I think by now our wives have pretty well developed senses of humour
Guy B.: Hooters!!!
MtlBrat: Well, they make good chicken wings.
rich-c: hi daughter
Guy B.: Hi Pam
Pamela: 'scuse me?????
MtlBrat: WE'll let Pam decide.
Pamela: what's this about hooters?
MtlBrat: Rich wants to go to Hooters
rich-c: we thought Russell would like to go so we were volunteeering to escort him ; - )
BobS: yea right
rich-c: so Guy - is there a Hooters in teh area of Chicago where we are likely to be Saturday afternoon?
Pamela: he looks like he's been hit upside the head with a mackerel right now : )
rich-c: Russell or Bob?
Pamela: tell you what - you guys can go to Hooters - we women will go spend your money. Sounds like a fair trade to me : )
Pamela: Russell - can't see Bob, can I?
BobS: don't think so
MtlBrat: When I was in Albany, I went to a shopping mall and they had a Hooters there. I was there during my 1 week honeymoon in the NY area, so it wasn't a good idea to propose "Hooters" as a restaurant idea to my new wife.
rich-c: right, though I thought you might have been being intuitive
BobS: WHY does Russel llok like a mackeral ?
Pamela: good call, Guy
Guy B.: Ok folks. An e-mail has been sent to all on some propose trips for Saturday. It will be through the address.
MtlBrat: Pam: Hahaha...
Pamela: it was the way you took his name in vain, I think Bob : )
BobS: MOI ?????
Pamela: y'all
rich-c: I'm sttil getting my mail on the laptop, Thurderbird isn't fully configured yet
Pamela: by the way, Hi all
rich-c: so won't see the email till later - what are you proposing (besides Hooterrs, of course)
MtlBrat: Argh, an attachement.
rich-c: we will go for the Adler or Shedd
Guy B.: Some of the museums around the area. Just want to get ideas and see if all offer group rates.
BobS: no attahcmenrt I could get
Pamela: Guy, there's no attachment on mine
Guy B.: Those two are on the list Rich, along with a couple others I thought of.
MtlBrat: Pam: There should be, check closely.
rich-c: OK, Field is great, so is the Art Institute - think our buncj would love the miniature house dioramas
Guy B.: There is Pam.
Pamela: nope, there isn't, Guy
rich-c: you could always look into one of the lake/river cruises
Guy B.: I ruled out the Field since the King Tut exhibit will be there and they are expecting HUGE crowds for this.
Pamela: wouldn't Mom be bothered by a cruise, Dad?
rich-c: yeah, I think a Tut exhibit on a Saturday will be a no-go
Pamela: she's not exactly friendly with bobbing boats
rich-c: she actually suggested it and plans to take one while we're there
Guy B.: Now mind you. All the museums are open until 5 PM.
Pamela: **really**
rich-c: that means we'd better be planning dinner downtown in the museum vicinity
Guy B.: Yes, those are the hours.
MtlBrat: How's traffic in Chicago? Comparable to Whitby?
Guy B.: And we will all be back in time for the traditional chat?
rich-c: so they close just at teh peak of rush hour? as I stay, eat near the museum and come home when th9ings have thinned out
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Guy B.: You don;t want to know Guy
rich-c: comparable to Toronto, not quite so homicidal as Montreal
MtlBrat: Guy: That bad eh?
changed username to Murray
Pamela: well as I live and breathe, it's Murray!
rich-c: hello Murray, haven't heard from you for a while
Guy B.: And downtown can be quite a mess. It's just too bad that I scheduled the con after the Taste of Chicago.
Murray: hi rich
BobS: HEY Murray
Guy B.: HI Murray
Murray: hi all
Pamela: me, I'm all about public transit. Park at the L stop and take the train.
MtlBrat: (PRIVATE) Who's Murray?
rich-c: still, if we drive in (and can park) then the traffic should be navigable by teh time we have finished dinner
MtlBrat: will there be a tour of the Chicago subway? That would be nice to see. (that's if there is one)
Guy B.: Now, the only way to get to the Shedd and Adler is by bus and that can take a wile depending on the traffic.
BobS: PARK ?????? you got to be kidding
Guy B.: We have two subways. Red and Blue lines.
rich-c: (PRIVATE) long term Adamite and convention regular
Pamela: are the others elevated, Guy?
Pamela: and what train station are we closest to?
Guy B.: I know some ways around downtown, so I'm famliar where to go.
MtlBrat: (PRIVATE) OH, I remember him, he works in jail or something....
Murray: Is the Adamcon on this summer, Guy?
rich-c: (PRIVATE) live in central Ontari -Cplborne; teaches and helps on the family farm (should inherit it soon)
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rich-c: the Chicago subway (and elevated in the Loop) is quite famous - or infampous - Guy
changed username to Judy
Guy B.: We would have to get off between Washington and Jackson and walk to Michigan Ave. to catch the bus, I'll see what the bus route is that goes there.
rich-c: hi Judy
MtlBrat: Bonsoir Judy.
Judy: Hi, Rich
Guy B.: The Loop L is the famous one and it is a historical landmark.
Pamela: Hi, Judy
Guy B.: HI Judy
BobS: didn't ya get the emila Murray, hotel is booked !!!!
BobS: Hi judy
BobS: :-)
Guy B.: Murray, we have the hotel.
Judy: and Guy, Pam,Murray, and Mtl Brat
Guy B.: I sent the e-mail on Friday.
Murray: No the last email I got was from Guy saying he was still looking!!!
MtlBrat: were the rates posted?
Guy B.: It will be in Elk Grove Village at the Super 8 Motel.
rich-c: not for the extra days - you did say we can get the room layouts we require, right?
MtlBrat: Guy: Is there a shopping center next to the Super 8 motel?
Pamela: Guy, can you e-mail me the attachment again, please
Pamela: (PRIVATE)
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Murray: I certainly plan on coming. Waiting for details from Guy. Plan on staying another day or 2.
changed username to Ronald
Pamela: hi, Ron!
Ronald: Evening all!
Guy B.: Glad you asked. I'm going to go up there this Saturday to see what is there as of shopping, restaurants, etc.
Guy B.: HI Ron
Judy: Hi Ron
rich-c: hello to the west coast
Pamela: as it stands right now, Richard, Frances, Russell and I, and Ron are planning on staying through the 19th, flying out on the 20th
Murray: Hi Ron How's the waether out west?
Pamela: well, Russell and I are flying
Ronald: yes
Guy B.: Of course, Be right back.
Pamela: M & D are driving, Murray
Ronald: Hi Murray
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Of course, be right back
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Murray: i plan to fly out and stay for a day or 2 to site see.
Daniel Bienvenu: wow!
Pamela: bonsoir, Daniel
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Pam
rich-c: salut, Daniel - we were wondering what was keeping you
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi GuyB
Pamela: you'll be in good company, Murray : )
MtlBrat: Dan: Hey mon toi, ca va?
Judy: Hi, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: @GuyB : I didn't see the attachment file (a word file) with your last message.
Ronald: Salut Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: salut Rich
BobS: HI Daniel
Murray: Hi Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I forgot my ... cap (casquette) at the restaurant.
MtlBrat: Man, am I the only one who received his email properly with the full attachment?
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Ok Pam, Try now.
Guy B.: Ok, did anyone receive the file?
BobS: uh huh
BobS: I din't get an attachemntn
rich-c: well, we haven't checkeed yet
BobS: ya that one
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Bob!
Guy B.: Be right back.
Murray: I haven't received an email!
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Murray! Did you finish your book about computer?
Pamela: well now that we're a good crowd, may I also suggest something that Russell found when going thru one of the museum websites: it's called the Go Chicago card, and for one price you can get free or deeply discounted admission to most of the attractions in Chicago
MtlBrat: Dan: Hey c*lis, tu dit pas bonjour?
Pamela: check out for more info
Daniel Bienvenu: minute... sois patient
Daniel Bienvenu: :)
Murray: I've got my book finished but haven't done the editing yet
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir MtlBrat
MtlBrat: Dan: haha
Guy B.: Well I got it. I'll resend it again.
Ronald: sounds like a plan Pamela
rich-c: Guy - we got the email but IA am not sure that I have a Word reader on that machine
Ronald: I'm not even sure what it is I want to see yet
rich-c: and AI lost it on the desktop when I had to do formatA: c:\
MtlBrat: Dan: I had a CV game inspiration today on the bus...
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it's almost the time to do a minigame for the compo
Pamela: okay, got it this time, Guy
MtlBrat: Dan: I will make it a minigame then... 4K is small though for my idea. I want to write a chess game in assembly.
Daniel Bienvenu: the 1k contest is done, and later it will be the 8k contest
Pamela: you can read it, Dad - it's a notepad file
Murray: my connection will die in 2 minutes or so Hope to see everyone in Chicago this summer
Murray: Bye all
Ronald: right Murray. Looking forward to that
Daniel Bienvenu: a chess game?
Daniel Bienvenu: not checkers?
Pamela: night Murray!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Murray!
Judy: bye Murray
Guy B.: Bye Murray
Daniel Bienvenu: Keep us informed about your book
Guy B.: Ok, I sent it again.
MtlBrat: Dan: I'm going through a chess phase these days, playing lots of it, so I want to make a chess game, more challenging.
Pamela: and for information on the CTA, go to
Murray left chat session
Guy B.: I should have the registration ready by the weekend.
Guy B.: I'm there right now.
rich-c: see you Murray
MtlBrat: Are dogs allowed in the hotel?
Daniel Bienvenu: I think Atari have a chess game... 4k I think
MtlBrat: Dan: Yes, ur right... I played it when I was 11. Dunno how good it is.
Ronald: Sure would like to take in a ball game
Daniel Bienvenu: well, they worked hard to make it small
Ronald: wonder if it's possible to get tickets
rich-c: Adam has one, but it runs under CP/M and is a port of a DOS game
Daniel Bienvenu: first, they had to do it because the catalog showed chess and other games who didn't exist so they started one.
MtlBrat: Sweet. I want to make this one from scratch, as a challenge, maybe I'll have something to show for the Adamcon.
rich-c: I doubt the Cubs are selling out this early in the season, Ron
Ronald: Will check on the net
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope you have a lot of free time
MtlBrat: Yeah, I should have some free time off of work in a few months...
Pamela: (PRIVATE) that one didn't work either, Guy : ) but I got the one you sent directly to me
Pamela: (PRIVATE) Dad, do you want me to forward the e-mail Guy sent me directly with the attachment?
MtlBrat: Dan: Might make more sense to write it in C though.
rich-c: work on it during your breaks and lunch hour, Guy
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changed username to Guy B.
MtlBrat: Rich: Nah, I play chess during that time. Working for the Government is very relaxing. 2 hrs lunch breaks, 1 hrs breaks, etc...
Daniel Bienvenu: I wanted to program a checker game, but I can't imagine a way to detect cases "no winner"
Guy B.: Ok, kill my twin. My browser closed on me.
rich-c: (PRIVATE) no, don't bother, Pam - if worst comes to worst I'll download the Word reader
MtlBrat: Dan: I don't know how to play checkers...
Pamela: (PRIVATE) there's no attachment on either general one sent to the coladam list, Dad
Guy B.: I got an itinerary on how we can get to the Adler Planetarium by train and bus.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) why don't I send it and if worst comes to worst you'll have two copies
rich-c: there is on the one we got but it doesn't make sense
BobS: Cub tickets available for Tues, Wed and Thurs
Pamela requested to ban Guy B.
rich-c confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
MtlBrat confirmed ban
Ronald confirmed ban
Ronald: that sounds good Guy. Planetarium would be a good thing
Pamela: I hope that was the right one, Guy : )
Guy B.: Ok, I'm one again.
rich-c: Guy, we oyour attachment in MS Word Re4ader and got effectively noghting
rich-c: how abiout sending the message again in plain text?
Daniel Bienvenu: tu sais, quand il n'y a pas de vainqueur , un match nul... comment tu détecte ça?
Guy B.: I used Word 95 while writing this.
MtlBrat: Dan: I dunno the rules of checkers, but I would look to see if the possible moves have been exhausted and if they have from both sides, it's a tie.
Guy B.: If you have a Word 97 on up it should read just fine.
BobS: Ronald.....ONLY $18-40 us $$$$
Ronald: what's $18-$40 US??
rich-c: well, I don't know if you messed up in the program or in doing the attachment, but it isn't readable in Microsoft's Word Reader
BobS: I got the 2nd email and got no attachement either
Daniel Bienvenu: the same case exisit with chess... sometimes, your opponent suggest you to call it "a tie" to end the game. do you think you can detect a situation where it's a loosing time to not call it "a tie"?
MtlBrat: Dan: In chess, it's easier, if it's your turn to play and every single possible move results in your king being in check, then it is a tie.
Daniel Bienvenu: soory GuyB, no attchment again
MtlBrat: Dan: granted that ur king wasn't in check to start off with.
rich-c: well, in chess, you likely could write a separate sub-program to detect a stalemate
Guy B.: Rich, what versions of Word can that reader read? I can use OpenOffice and give the file another name with a different version of Word.
Ronald: brb
rich-c: Guy, I am rebuilding my C drive after reformat and new OS installation - I can read stuff in simple text for now, period
rich-c: I do have Word Reader which Microsoft claims will support almost any edition of Word
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I'm sure there are other situations where a tie is possible when there still some pieces on the board, not only the kings.
rich-c: but that is on the laptop not the desktop
rich-c: I spent all day downloading teh fundamental programs and utilities for teh desktop
rich-c: and still haven't had time to install over half of them
Pamela: (PRIVATE) Bob, I just forwarded the private one I got from Guy - let meknow if it came thru
Guy B.: It should work then. But, I'll try another version.
MtlBrat: Dan: Yes, you are right, there are certain combinations of pieces that can never do a check mate, such as a king and a knight, you can never checkmate with that, so it will result in a tie.
rich-c: Guy, don't try to get fancy with attachments, just write the damn thing in plain ASCII test
MtlBrat: Rich: amen
Guy B.: OK, be right back.
Pamela: Dad, did you get my e-mail and can you read it?
BobS: got it Pam THANKS
Pamela: no problem, Bob
rich-c: I don't know, your mother is on the laptop and doing other th9ings
MtlBrat: anyways, going to call it a night, have to go sharpen my axe. going camping next week.
Pamela: well, let me know
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit!
Pamela: (PRIVATE) Ron, are you still
MtlBrat: good night everyone, have a good one and god bless.
Daniel Bienvenu: I will stay a little bit longer
rich-c: OK Guy, take care swith that axe and we'll see you here next Wednesday
Pamela: gnite, Gui
rich-c: you came in late, Daniel, so we'd expect you to hang for a bit
Judy: night Guy
BobS: be good GuyF
Ronald: (PRIVATE) yes Pam
Guy B.: Bye Guy
rich-c: Ron, you have been uncharacteristically quiet tonight
Ronald: busy reading
BobS: read faster
BobS: :-)
Ronald: seem to be having some difficulty sending
Pamela: okay, forwarding
rich-c: one has to, the way this can scroll sometimes
BobS: RON go here for Cubs tickets
Daniel Bienvenu: This week-end, it will visit my friend for a bbq party, the first one of the year for me.
rich-c: yes, but the next question is, for which game?
Ronald: I seem to be stuck in the private message area
Guy B.: OK Rich, check your e-mail. The file is a plain text file.
rich-c: as far north as you are, that's rushing the season a little, Daniel
Ronald: test test test
BobS: Houston Astors
BobS: Astros
BobS: all 3 days
rich-c: you're getting through, Ron
Pamela: so having read this, Russell and I would cast our vote first for the planetarium, and second for the Shedd Aquarium, but we plan to see both anyway so if other choices are made, that's okay by us
BobS: 7:05pm
Daniel Bienvenu: I received an e-mail, with 4 points
Guy B.: Grab those fast Ron. Night games are the most popular.
Ronald: test? test? 1-2-3
BobS: think Judy wants the aquarium
rich-c: our priorities with those would be Shedd first, Adler second
Ronald left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, I received your last message, GuyB
rich-c: also would look at a waterfront/ river cruise, or the Art Institute
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Daniel Bienvenu: I can read the message
Judy: yes, the last time went to planetarium went to sleep
changed username to Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: 1 - Planetarium...
BobS: RON did TOO !!!!!!
BobS: remember sir ??
Guy B.: Those seats are very confortable you can fall asleep in them.
Ron: somehow managed to shoot myself in the foot
Daniel Bienvenu: 2- Aquarium
Daniel Bienvenu: 3- Museum
Pamela: Ron we could see you, even if you couldn't
Guy B.: Daniel are you coming?
Ron: yes, it was in my mouth at the time
rich-c: sorry, Daniel, only those coming can vote
Daniel Bienvenu: no, I'm not coming
Ron: oh...... somehow got hung up in the private chat area
Daniel Bienvenu: but I just wanted to tell you that I received the email
Pamela: Ron, you should have the list now
Daniel Bienvenu: no choice without "um"?
rich-c: thought you said teh Field was hopelessly crowded with teh Tut exhibit, Guy?
Ron: no attachment to either message here Guy
Pamela: Ron, check the one I sent you (from Tempest)
rich-c: Guy, who is coming from Cleveland?
Ron: not here yet- when did you send it?
rich-c: more to the point, which address did you use for him, Pam?
Pamela: 10:06 pm : )
Pamela: the one I checked was correct, DAd
Pamela: yes, Dad]
Ron: got it
Pamela: see?
rich-c: OK - last time I used and it bounced
BobS: Dr d and Erin are planning on coming depending on price.......Geo K coming anyway I guess ????
Ron: Can't load that one Pam for some reason.... but got Guy's text. I'd vote for the Planetarium
Pamela: AFAIK, Dr. D and Erin are determined to come
Pamela: weird, Ron
Ron: for me, use or
Ron: well I tried to open it directly from the mail program. Suspect I'd have to save it first, then open it with Word Pad.
Ron: but since I'm currently in Linux.... I'll go there later
BobS: I simply opened it and it came in WordPad good
Pamela: just goes to show you, there's no such thing as a universal attachment : )
rich-c: last time I used for you, Ron, I got a bounce - no big deal, just resent to
moved to room Meeting Place
Ron: I don't know what's going on here, but I seem to have this problem both on my Desktop, and my laptop under XP. I can't open an attachment until I save it first
BobS: came thru this time plain ol email text
changed username to Guy B.
Ron: happened with others too
Daniel Bienvenu requested to ban Guy B.
BobS confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Ron confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: mushave somethign to do with the WET CAOST i would guess
changed username to Guy B.
Daniel Bienvenu requested to ban Guy B.
Ron confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: guy is havin prollems too
Ron: oh doubtless. We do things in reverse out here
Pamela: well send some of your wet this way, Ron - we can use the rain
rich-c: no,I'm on XP now and I think it's a tota;l disaster area
changed username to Guy B & Annie
Guy B & Annie: Ok, now do it.
Daniel Bienvenu requested to ban Guy B.
BobS confirmed ban
Guy B & Annie confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Ron confirmed ban
Pamela: there, is that the right one?
Guy B & Annie changed username to Guy B & Annie
Guy B & Annie changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: we have soOntario getting flooded right now, Pam, and it's moving this way - look for heavy rains through tomorrow evening
Ron: I take it that the message asks for a choice between several options as to what to do Saturday afternoon?
Guy B.: Ok, You hit the second one, so I had to add Annie to it.
Guy B.: We have rain here.
BobS: keep it Guy
Guy B.: I think it's heading towards you too Bob.
rich-c: look on the NOAA weather radar, that will tell you
Pamela: I hope it slacks off by tomorrow evening or I'm going to have a wet trip out to Pickering
Ron: In Comox there is no rain
BobS: no want it....not heavy rain anyway
Ron: We sent it east again
Pamela: and I'm not a big fan of driving in the rain at night
Judy: we really do need some rain here
rich-c: right now you are right on the northern edge of a steam of big juicy clouds, Bob
rich-c: I'd guess they are moving over you - inflate the life raft, you never know
Pamela: bring your wetsuit to work day : )
Ron: (slurping a large glass of V8)
rich-c: looks like the rian will pass out of Chicago fairly soon, moving over the lake
Guy B.: I can bring Annie to the hotel for a visit.
Pamela: so what else is new in the world?
BobS: 100% chance of heavy rain overnight.........HAH probably won't happen
Ron: same old same old Pamela
rich-c: I have spent the last two days starting teh rebuikld of my C drive, to get teh desktop working again
Guy B.: And it's getting cooler now. Now I have to close the windows.
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Got a surprise for you!
Ron: is it humid in Chicago in July?
rich-c: look at the NOAA website, Bob - it's almost in your lap now
Pamela: (PRIVATE) oh???
BobS: you gotta quit breaking computers Richard.........only ron has that problem
Daniel Bienvenu: Did I tell you that I have Mandriva and Windows Xp in dual boot?
Guy B.: That depends Ron. Yes, it can be humid and hot sometimes.
Ron: Moi aussi Daniel
Ron: this is Mandriva 2006
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) I'm meeting a new girl tomorrow.
rich-c: well my mistake was that I followed Microsoft's directions
Ron: Super 8 air conditioned?
Daniel Bienvenu: exactly, I tried the 3 cd version
Guy B.: Yes it is.
Ron: It actually works
BobS: think most of it will bypass up to the east Richard
Daniel Bienvenu: worked just fine.... detected the hardware
Ron: good Guy
Pamela: (PRIVATE) oh really ? : ) when did this happen? tell all, my friend
Pamela: see what happens when you read the instructions, Dad?
rich-c: go to the website, Ron, it looks pretty snazzy -
Ron: that's right Daniel. Best distribution I've tried in a long time
Daniel Bienvenu: still have to configure something for the sound... alsa I think
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) I knew you couldn't resist. Her name is Carla and I saw her ad in Yahoo. We both have a lot in common. Dogs and computers.
BobS: instructions ???????/ READ ??????? naw, WHY ????
rich-c: either of you looked at ubuntu or freespire?
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) In the past week.
Daniel Bienvenu: at my job, they used Fedora, then now migrate to Mandriva 2006
Daniel Bienvenu: that convince me to try it
Ron: Sound worked out of the box on mine Daniel, but yes, it's alsa that's responsible for the sound
Ron: ubuntu aced on the Mac Rich.... and most of them have trouble with the Video. Ubuntu worked out of the box. Others here have nothing but good to say about it
rich-c: when I was installing XP said it couldn't find a driver for my Nvidia graphics card - but teh display works anyway
Guy B.: You should be able to get it at the website RIch.
rich-c: my techie newsletter seem really enthusiast
Pamela: (PRIVATE) so far, so good - so where are you meeting?
Ron: I'm not nearly as patient with configuring things as I used to be. It either works, or off with its head
rich-c: take a look at - it's another iteration of Lindows/Linspire/ etc.
Ron: most often I have trouble with wireless on the laptop
Daniel Bienvenu: had problem with ubuntu
Ron: right. Haven't heard of that one
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) TGI Fridays near her area. She lives in Hometown. It's south of me.
Daniel Bienvenu: problem detecting one hardware
BobS: what trouble........?????
Pamela: (PRIVATE) good choice, we love Friday's
Daniel Bienvenu: got generic driver
rich-c: they just put it out a bit over a week ago - I'm on their mailing list
BobS: our trouble was talking to the wireless unit....and Doug gave me .bat file to holler at it with
Guy B.: I'll be right back. Annie is now telling me she needs to go out.
Daniel Bienvenu: but I had 5 copies of Ubuntu for free with the "shipit" service
Ron: well, in two cases now, one with Mandriva 2006, and once with Fedora, I got the wireless working with ndiswrapper
rich-c: I got the XP driver for my Nvidia card from Nvidia - and when I ran it they said they couldn't find hardwre to match
Pamela: amazing how the critters communicate, isn't it : )
Ron: then when I updated the Linux system, the wireless dropped out.
Ron: there's probably a config file that got replaced, so next time I'm going to have to keep track of my /etc directory
BobS: man you guys got to talk ENGLISH here, not computerese
BobS: OR it upgraded something it should not have........
rich-c: yes, that's teh one drawback of Linux - you have to have a working knowledge of geek
Ron: ndiswrapper uses the windows driver and Linux to use it to talk to the device
Ron: exactly Bob
Ron: right.... enough of that
Daniel Bienvenu: if you ask why 5 copies of Ubuntu... well, their service that ship for free Ubuntu cds said that it's the same cost for them to ship 1 or 5 copies. so they suggest by default 5 copies.
Judy: he really has some bad vibs
rich-c: what is the url for that, Daniel?
BobS: had that here when I upgraded to IE6........4 computers worked good, and then 2 would not run MacroMedia
Ron: That's always been one of my objections to Linux. Before I get to do the job on the computer that I went there for, I always have to fix something first, or re-write something
Daniel Bienvenu:
rich-c: now there's an IE7 beate out - aren't you thrilled?
BobS: had to bcak up on the offending dll file to a 2 month older version
Ron: yup
Daniel Bienvenu: for my computer, the best choice for a Linux distribution is the Mandriva 2006.
BobS: yes Richard, I see that.....but only beta.......means=test purposes and probably no good
Ron: So is Doug still into Linux, Bob?
BobS: not much I don't think ron
rich-c: yes, if you actually gop on the website, it has some "features" that are none too attractive
BobS: hasn't talked about it lately
Ron: I know he was playing with it, last time I was at your place
rich-c: Guy, you will be doing your session on putting Adamem on teh XP Friday morning, right?
BobS: was toying with it for work, but think they stuck to XP
Ron: ah
rich-c: I wonder how they will react when they have to cope with Vista?
Ron: Ah yes, "Vista Whenever"
BobS: as the price on used coputers dropped out the bottom, not much sense in toying with alternatives, just buy faster newer computers
Ron: ya
rich-c: I think I have already bought one Microsoft OS too many
Ron: Jeff tells me that there
Ron: is more to come
BobS: meantime got about 7 computers systems here from 400 mhz up and can';t find buyers
Ron: more problems with processors, compatibility yada yada
Ron: He says, don't buy anything new this year
rich-c: never thought I'd be nostalgic for CP/M
BobS: go back to Win95
Ron: sounds like a plan
Ron: my next will probably be an Intel equipped Mac laptop
Ron: running Windows
rich-c: oh, I can go back to 98SE if necessary - I'm tempted, I admit
Ron: This other crowd that I run with (comox Valley Mac User Group) that's where they are all going
BobS: I haveno intention of going forward from Win98Se unless I absolutely have to
Ron: you'll be good with that for a while Bob
rich-c: and if you have to, you will regret it - learning Linux will be worth it in the long run
rich-c: the problem is that the software for 98SE is drying up rather fast
Ron: Linux, in my humble estimation, is almost ready for prime time, but not quite yet
rich-c: I'd say your assessment has a high level of validity, Ron
Ron: just about got drummed out my last Linux UG for saying that
Ron: I am something of a heretic
rich-c: well, True Believers always tend to be a bit intolerant
Ron: yup. and some nights, I could take a gun to them all
Ron: the operating systems, thatis, not the people
rich-c: with ubuntu, the way they're pushing it, wonder if they're equally eager to offer support?
Ron: don't know.... have never tried asking them a question. But I did ask them for some CD's for the club, and they sent a pile of 'em..... 25 or so
Ron: So they do respond
rich-c: 7yes, Daniel was saying they prefer to ship five at a time 'cause the postage is the same
Daniel Bienvenu: I think, like most of the linux distribution for everyone, a community is formed by users to answer questions
Guy B.: I'm back
Ron: Mr. Bona, I presume
Guy B.: Raining pretty good out here. Had to dry Annie off.
rich-c: I was asking yoiu, Guy, if you are placing your Ademem/XP presentation on Friday morning
Judy: it is raining here, also, had to shut the windows
Ron: Well you just get all that rain thing out of Chicago's system before we get there, Guy
BobS: Chicago.......the WINDY city
Ron: yes.... is it?
Guy B.: I think Friday is good idea for that. The next e-mail I'll send is what kind of presention you want to do. Dale is going to do the schedule for me.
Judy: they will need more by then or they will be the same place as Florida
Pamela: wind just picked up here
Guy B.: I got a CD from Bob Sebelist that has some stuff for the emulator. I'm going to check what's on it and bring it with me.
Pamela: and may I say, brr
rich-c: Guy, since it's the key to our using our laptops for the rest of the 'con, TELL Dale it WILL be the leadoff presentation
Ron: Good.... Guy, I think we were supposed to have that a few 'cons ago
Guy B.: After the welcome and keynote speech.
Ron: He sent a message asking me if Herman had brought it along to 15
Ron: Of course, Herman wasn't at 15
Guy B.: He was suppose to have it back at 15?
Guy B.: No wonder it never got off the ground.
Ron: yes, that was my understanding
BobS: ahso, NOW me unnerstand
Ron: oh well.... we'll see it this year, and that will be good
Guy B.: Bob burned this CD on a 2X burner and it's labeled V2.1a
Ron: my my
rich-c: yes, I want to get it set up on the laptop as my real Adam is getting cranky
Guy B.: Yep, he hasn't upgraded.
BobS: upgrade?????? naw
Guy B.: He still has slow machines over there.
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) You want to know more about Carla?
BobS: ya sure
Ron: Slow machines aren't all bad
BobS: got some of those meself
BobS: no lie
Pamela: (PRIVATE) sorry, was sort of dividing my attention. Sure - what else?
Ron: sometimes slow is good
Pamela: as do I :)
Judy: very good!!!!!
Guy B.: And I'm giving my P133 to my brother in-law. So, the last slow poke will be leaving me. That was the first PC I built.
rich-c: depends on how you define slow - some functions, even my 2.8 gig laptop drags anchor
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) She has 3 dogs and we both lived in the same town we grew up. Only 5 blocks from each other.
Ron: exactly Rich.
rich-c: in fact, I time the boot of XP with an hourglass
Ron: rotfl
Pamela: guess that makes my P3 a boat anchor
Pamela: (PRIVATE) are you close in age?
rich-c: no, you'e still running 98 - or is it 95?
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) She's 37.
Pamela: 98
Ron: Gotta get Jeff over here again. My XP is dragging its butt. He knows what he is doing with this newer stuff better than his old man
rich-c: upgraded to 98SE?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) so is it possible you might know each other by sight?
Pamela: nope
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Tomorrow night.
Ron: Usually involves uninstalling a bunch of stuff that I didn't even know was there
rich-c: the only thing that runs better here under XP is my printer - go figure
Ron: tee hee
Guy B.: I have an article that I can dual boot between Win98 and WinXP.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) well, I guess you'll find out if the face is familiar
rich-c: that's the problem with XP - MS is very careful not to burden you with too much information as to what is going on
Ron: Everything old is new again
Ron: do you remember System Commander?
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) This could be very promising Pam. We have a lot in common.
rich-c: seems XP is no longer a typically Windows territorial OS - it will accept the presence of other OSs
rich-c: I have a copy, I think
Ron: yes
Pamela: (PRIVATE) it's really good news, Guy. Now I'll be dying to find out what happens!
Guy B.: Dual booting will work if you have both OS's in separate partitions and XP goes last.
Daniel Bienvenu: For PC computers unders Pentium III, I really suggest to not go over Windows 98SE.
rich-c: don't remember if it was a dow2nload or if I burned it to a CD - if so cant find the CD
BobS: well kids.....time to head for bed and sleep like a baby, with the pitter patter of rain
Pamela: it's alright Dad, we hope to have a new computer soon anyway
Ron: prefer separate hard drives for each OS
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too. She is shorter than me and that's around my sister's height.
Judy: it is that time again folks, time for me to call it a night, so night all, talk at you next week!!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Bob
BobS: nite all
BobS left chat session
Pamela: gnite, Bob and Judy
Guy B.: Bye Judy
rich-c: night, Bob and Judy, see you next week
Judy left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne nuit Judy
Ron: Right Judy...... g'nite...... hope we haven't been boring you with all the tech talk
Daniel Bienvenu: bon, je vais y aller aussi
Guy B.: And I think that does it for me too. I'll keep you all posted.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit à tous
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you next week
Pamela: bonne nuit, Daniel
Ron: dormez bien
rich-c: donc, Daniel, bonsoir - a la prochaine
Daniel Bienvenu: |-) zzz zzz
Pamela: (PRIVATE) Guy, send me an email. Hugs to you.
Daniel Bienvenu: à la prochaine!
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Will do.
Ron: :)
rich-c: nite, Annie, and that Guy you're hanging out with
Daniel Bienvenu: vous aussi dormez bien!
Pamela: (PRIVATE) good luck!
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Thanks.
Daniel Bienvenu: * p o o f *
Guy B.: Bye all.
Guy B.: Poof
Pamela: : )
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Guy B. left chat session
Ron: won't be doing any sleeping for a little while.... but eventually
Pamela: well, that was quick
rich-c: seems like we have been decimated pretty thoroughly
Pamela: just so
rich-c: guess that means it's bedtime for all of us
Ron: yep, well it's late in your neck of the wood
Pamela: it looks like we'll have to get together and discuss outings in Chicago soon Dad
rich-c: yes, and tomorrow comes early
Ron: I will go too I think >. Haven't had supper yet
Ron: have no idea what I want
rich-c: yes, give us a call soon, Pam - may be busy this weekend (lots of races)
Ron: niters all
Pamela: got a lot to do this weekend Dad, but we'll figure it out. And I'll call soon.
Pamela: nite, Ron
rich-c: night Ron, enjoy your dinner - whatever it may be
Pamela: in the meantime, I'm for bed
Ron: (drifting to the western sunset....) poof
Pamela: gnite, Daddy
rich-c: me too, so goodnight all
Pamela: kerpoof
Ron left chat session
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
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