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Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
erin: hi Guy
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Guy B.: Where's Rich?
changed username to Dr. D.
erin: he was here...the whole system seems to have dumped
Guy B.: Speaking of the devil
Guy B.: Hi Dr. D.
Guy B.: Rich Clee is usually the first one here.
Dr. D.: Hi folks.
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erin: I know I'm surprised
Dr. D.: Having some problems tonight.
Dr. D.: Emergency backup computer.
Dr. D.: 100 MHz :-)
Dr. D.: What is My Rin surprised at?
erin: that my uncle's not here yet
Guy B.: I now have a wireless router up, but I'm on the desktop and not the notebook. Looks some storms are coming here.
erin: and when I got here no one was here
Dr. D.: I was here with Doug S., but when I changed my name from <away>, it crashed.
Dr. D.: So I never actually exchanged any words with him.
erin: hmmm
Dr. D.: Unless the stuck <undefined> is him now...or your Uncle.
erin: perhaps
Guy B.: I wonder who is that is?
Dr. D.: Or S...Pamela
changed username to Doug S.
Guy B.: Solved. Hi Doug
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Dr. D.: May just be updating slowly tonight.
changed username to Judy
Guy B.: Hi Judy
Doug S.: nah, was busy
Dr. D.: Hi Doug, Judy, and everyone else.
Judy: Hello, All!!!!
erin: hi Doug, hi Judy
Dr. D.: Rin, maybe that is what Pam was calling about; if she is at her parents', maybe they will all be late to the chat.
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changed username to rich-c
Guy B.: Hi Rich
Dr. D.: Hello Richard.
erin: hi Uncle Richard
rich-c: gee - how did you all get in?
Dr. D.: Front door?
Judy: hi, Rich
Dr. D.: Did you have connexion troubles?
Guy B.: I was stuck too. But, then I pressed Go in Mozilla Firefox and then it started.
Judy: Doug, can't Meeka get in
rich-c: noipe - I was here right on time and my connection timed out - a 404 in IE and time our in Firefox
Dr. D.: Maybe Dale is running stuff on it.
Doug S.: nope. dang java crap.
Dr. D.: hehe
Judy: how come you can and she can't?
Dr. D.: I think it would be fine if the source could be recompiled under a more recent version of Java.
rich-c: anyway hi Doug, haven't seen you for a while
Dr. D.: The company that wrote this seems to have disappeared.
Doug S.: my guess is i have sun java, she has microsoft java.
Guy B.: Heard from Dale. He can't make the chat tonight, but he will send me the logo for the t-shirts and banner.
Dr. D.: Maybe I should write a chat client...
rich-c: anyway I'm going to sign out and re-enter in Firefox - brb
erin: you could
Guy B.: We'll be here.
Dr. D.: ...use it as an excuse to learn Java
rich-c left chat session
Judy: what ever that means, ok, say hi, again
Dr. D.: Firefox is Yet Another Web Browser
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changed username to rich-c
Guy B.: Welcome Back Rich
rich-c: yes, this is much better
Guy B.: And better than I.E.
rich-c: that goes without saying, Guy
Guy B.: Where Bob, Judy?
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changed username to BobS
Guy B.: There he is.
erin: hi Bobs
rich-c: I have IE to get my updates from Microsoft - it won't play nice with Firefox
Judy: right here, is working on something
BobS: HUH ????? sun java or ms java....waht's the difference????
Guy B.: Have you got the new version of Firefox?
BobS: hi kiddies
Dr. D.: Is that like Ms Pacman?
BobS: don't liek any kind of fire........
rich-c: anyway, I have teh absolu-tottle latest Java from Sun on the machine now
rich-c: latest on teh desktop, older on the laptop
BobS: how do I know which Java version I have ???????
BobS: like I care, but......
Dr. D.: Control panel usually.
Guy B.: If you have 2.0.2 then the latest version of Java get's installed with the installation.
rich-c: until I get this god-forsaken XP working properly on teh desktop I don't want to fool with the laptop
Guy B.: Mine notebook works fine with Java.
rich-c: my notebook works fine overall (or fine as XP can) but it's my backup so I won't hazard it
BobS: right Richard,,,,,,,if tis NOT broke, don't fix it
rich-c: more to the point - if one is broke, don't risk breaking the other
BobS: ya sure.......but I need to know how do I know which JAVA I have ?????????
BobS: just looked and it don't say
Guy B.: At least my wireless router works and I don't have to use the software to start it up.
BobS: lest I looked in the wrong place
rich-c: which OS are you using?
BobS: win98se
Dr. D.: Then you have the old Microsoft Runtime for Java.
rich-c: you should be able to right-click on the desktop icon and get the properties
Doug S.: dad, Doug says you have microsoft java
Dr. D.: Back when MS were still bundling it.
Dr. D.: Later they stopped.
erin: hi Meeka
BobS: ok......if that is what you have...wh do't yours work
Doug S.: my puter still givin Doug fits so we sharing his for now
Doug S.: hello
Judy: Meeka do you still want some hostas?
Dr. D.: If you want it now, I think you have to go to and get it explicitly...and if you do, then you will get a Java control panel that will tell you.
Doug S.: yes please
BobS: windows just does thos things to TICK US OFF !!!!!!
Dr. D.: What are hostas?
BobS: houses from Mexico
Judy: I dug one up the other day and don't know what to do with it
rich-c: they are a type of ground cover plant for shady areas
Dr. D.: "Chairman Bill says, Insert fist-born child magnetic stripe down"
BobS: don't ya remeber them from Juarez???????
Judy: it is a plant
Dr. D.: Didn't remember...could be a food
Doug S.: k, I will try to remember to grab it on our way home from the grocery store tomorrow afternoon
Dr. D.: Digging for it, might be a potato or a turnip
rich-c: anyway one should always go get the original Java from Sun regardless of OS
Judy: I will have more soon have another huge one that needs to be split
Dr. D.: Except if there is no stand-alone for it, like MacOS 9.x...only Apple had it, customized
Doug S.: k
Dr. D.: Sun will laugh at MacOS 7.x 8.x 9.x
Dr. D.: Though there are like Java 1.2 versions for it
Dr. D.: I can still get this chat to work under MacOS 7.6.1
Dr. D.: Though it is kinda clunky.
Judy: saw my first humming bird for the year today
Dr. D.: And the only font is Chicago 12
Doug S.: cool
rich-c: well all my sources said even though you have the MS version go get the real thing, it's far better
Dr. D.: That is probably true if available, Richard.
Dr. D.: Win98se support is ending in June IIRC.
rich-c: we rarely get hummingbirds, and for some reason we have yet to see a warbler this spring
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Dr. D.: jays...robins...woodpeckers...and your Canadian Geese, that is what we have.
rich-c: forwhatever MS support is worth, if anything
Judy: we had our first ever warbler last week
changed username to Pamela
Dr. D.: Also sparrows and grackles
Dr. D.: And the odd killdeer
erin: hi Pam
Pamela: good evening
rich-c: hello daughter
Doug S.: hi Pam :)
Dr. D.: Hello
Pamela: How you feeling, Erin?
erin: got your message.....icky
Pamela: Douglas Slopsema, as I live and breathe!
Pamela: How are you??
Dr. D.: She came home sick, it isn't my fault I promise
BobS: why not blame you, someone has to take the blame
Doug S. changed username to Doug & Meeka S.
Guy B.: Hi Pam
Pamela: I believe you Rich, these bugs are everywhere - three people in my office are really sick
Doug & Meeka S.: well, its really both of us
Dr. D.: She is just pining for the fjords, that's all
erin: cuz it really wasn't his fault
Doug & Meeka S.: my laptop not workin so I have to share his
Judy: and Sunday we saw a Rose breasted grosbeak
Pamela: Hi, Meeka - good to see you
Pamela: Hello, Guy
Doug & Meeka S.: you too
Judy: Hi, Pam
Pamela: HI Dad and Bob and Judy and Rich
rich-c: Pam, have you got your tickets yet?
BobS: no want ANY bugs here
Pamela: plane tickets? Yup, booked last night : ) (she says smugly)
BobS: bugs=
rich-c: and still got teh decent price? that's a relief
Pamela: no matter what definition you use, you're right, Bob
Pamela: used our Air Miles for one of the tickets so only paid for one
Pamela: got the hotel booked too
erin: (PRIVATE) I'm not staying long but wanted to let you know I was okay....I haven't decided if I'm going to work tomorrow or not
Pamela: (PRIVATE) did you go in today?
erin: (PRIVATE) nope
Dr. D.: This for ADAMcon?
rich-c: I still have to do that for the extra days - today was kind of fraught
Pamela: (PRIVATE) ah, your mother wondered : )
rich-c: yes
Pamela: yes Rich
erin: (PRIVATE) yeah, I got her message too
Pamela: (PRIVATE) me, I know that if you need me, you'll call : )
Dr. D.: Still trying to determine how many days I can come.
erin: (PRIVATE) see perfect system <cough>
BobS: same here Rich, may even be employed by then and not come at all..........
BobS: don't know yet
Pamela: (PRIVATE) well I love you, but stay down there, please - I can't afford to be sick
Dr. D.: There have been a number of untoward expenses here recently.
BobS: maybe sat & sun and head home late
Doug & Meeka S.: we cant, we had conflicting plans already
erin: (PRIVATE) that's also why I'm staying home, don't need the rest of the office getting it
Pamela: that's too bad, guys, we haven't seen you in ages
Dr. D.: We might be in that boat too.
rich-c: that's a pity, we were hoping to see you two
Doug & Meeka S.: I know
Doug & Meeka S.: but you all havent beeen picking good weekends lately
Pamela: (PRIVATE) always a good policy - I had two people coughing all over me today and I want none of it
BobS: HEY, there are enough people in our boat........ :-)
Dr. D.: Part will depend on Christina getting a job this summer, now that she is home from college.
Pamela: is she done for the year Rich? Already?
Dr. D.: Yes, came home Friday.
Dr. D.: Rode the same bus in from Erie as Rin.
Dr. D.: They sat together.
Pamela: I heard : )
Pamela: speaking of which, Erin, if you're feeling up to it, are you interested in shopping this weekend?
Pamela: how did she manage to haul all her stuff home on the bus, Rich?
Guy B.: Storms are heading towards me and they look bad.
Dr. D.: The only bus I want her on this weekend is the one back here <sigh>
erin: yes if I'm feeling up to it
BobS: SHOPPING...........a great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pamela: don't get excited Bob, it's just groceries : )
BobS: bummer dude
Pamela: no, I meant Christina, Rich : )
rich-c: yes, we have thunderstorms predicted for later tonoight and tomorrow - likely the same frontal system
Dr. D.: Joan got her stuff by car last Tuesday.
Pamela: icky wet - had enough of that for a little while
Dr. D.: Christina had to stay past the end of term for some orientation for a job she will have as residence life staff in the fall.
Judy: we are having storms south of us also, Guy
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Dr. D.: She just kept a duffle bag with a couple days' essentials.
Pamela: good for her!
rich-c: that's OK, by weekend you'll be sweating too much to go out
Pamela: nah, I have housework to do this weekend
Pamela: only weekend I'm gonna Wed May 24 21:39:40 GMT-04:00 2006: Doug & Meeka S. : Doug & Meeka S.: yuck
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
BobS: gonna be SUMMER here by the weekedn
rich-c: make sure teh air conditioner is working and ready - they are calling for 28 or 29
Dr. D.: Well, Rin has keys to the apartment, if she shows up here this weekend, she can get in :-)
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Wow! we are more online now than last week! :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Rich!
Pamela: well since when we got home on Monday it was only 19 in here, I'm not too worried yet
Pamela: it will take a few days for the place to warm up.
Dr. D.: My semester is finally done, all exams graded etc.
Pamela: I have to wash the windows before we put the a/c in
BobS: ALLO Daniel
Judy: it was beautiful today, had Michael all day, he didn't go to school wasn't feeling up to it yet
rich-c: no, not yet, Pam - but by Friday you will be!
Pamela: hi, Daniel
rich-c: start swabbing, Pam
Judy: hi, Daniel
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
Pamela: that's okay Dad, I'll just move in with you guys for the weekend and enjoy the central air : )
Judy: he helped me plant my flowers
Doug & Meeka S.: cool
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Pam!
Daniel Bienvenu: allô Bob!
Doug & Meeka S.: I plan on doing some yard work this weekend
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Doug & Meeka!
Doug & Meeka S.: we have woodchips being delivered next tuesday so I gotta start weeding
Doug & Meeka S.: hello
Pamela: while I think of it folks, for those staying beyond the convention, the hotel gave us the convention rate of $62.99 per night for our extra nights. I spoke with Amy at the hotel and she was very helpful.
Pamela: she said the same rate should be extended to anyone else staying extra time
Guy B.: Fantastic Pam.
Pamela: so Dad, how will you feel if I ask to borrow the van while we're in Chicago? : )
rich-c: Guy, you haven't seen your weather yet, just a few sprinkles ahead of the front
Guy B.: By the way. I have my vacation dates locked up. So I'm all set for this year.
rich-c: there is heavy rain coming down on you from the northwest
Pamela: good thing, Guy
rich-c: and there is a ral storm to the southeast of you too
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Pamela: approval or no, our plane tickets are booked, so we're coming
changed username to Ronald
Guy B.: I just checked the radar. I saw some red echos and we are under a Severe Thunderstorm Watch until 11:00.
Doug & Meeka S.: hello
erin: hi Ron
Ronald: Yo!
Pamela: Hi, Ron!
Ronald: evenin all you fine looking people
rich-c: hi Ron, welcome aboard
Guy B.: Hi ron
Judy: hi, Ron
Ronald: my booking also complete
BobS: hi ron
rich-c: Pam, far as I know we will be using the van ourselves - but we'll negotiate "car pooling"
Pamela: (PRIVATE) Ron, I was just telling people that we've booked our hotel room for an extra three nights, and the hotel has given us the convention rate of $62.99 per night for the rest of our stay, and that rate should be extended to anyone else who books extra nights.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) If you call the hotel, talk to Amy.
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Pam, My date went really great last Thursday. We talked about a lot of things. We are going to start dating soon.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Ron!
Pamela: (PRIVATE) good to know, Guy : )
Ronald: evening Daniel
Pamela: only if you're not using it, Dad - I would never scoop your wheels if you needed them
Doug & Meeka S.: that everyone is here
Doug & Meeka S.: We have an announcement to make
rich-c: thata's the point, Pam - I expect to need them almost all the time
Ronald: (PRIVATE) Noted Pam. Had asked guy to look after that
Pamela: ???
rich-c: but we will likely be go9ing to a lot of places on your agenda too
BobS: how's that ????????
Doug & Meeka S.: there will be a new addition to our family on or around 12-2 this year
Pamela: we'll talk Dad
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) I'm chatting with her on Yahoo IM right now.
Pamela: Yay! Congratulations!!!
Ronald: OH WOW!!!
BobS: HEY yous guys
Dr. D.: congrats
rich-c: look at the radar, Bob, and you will see
erin: congrats
Doug & Meeka S.: thanks :)
BobS: did look and see it coming towards Guy
Ronald: wonderful you two
Pamela: how are you feeling, Meeka?
rich-c: congratulations!
Doug & Meeka S.: great except for being a bit more tired than normal
BobS: whew, thought they would never tell
Pamela: that's wonderful news.
Ronald: another Adamite
Doug & Meeka S.: lol, Doug wouldnt let me till everyone was here
Doug & Meeka S.: its a good dam thing ron finally showed up
Dr. D.: it's vaporware until the beta ships :-)
Doug & Meeka S.: it was driving me nuts
rich-c: well, almost everyone, we'e still short GuyF and james
Pamela: so you're about 12 weeks now, is that correct?
Doug & Meeka S.: saturday will be 13 weeks
BobS: and they don't alwasy show up
Dr. D.: read the fine print in the EULA
Guy B.: That's wonderful Meeka
Doug & Meeka S.: ty
rich-c: I'm vaguely surprised Daniel isn't nagging them by email on the side
Ronald: well, if I'd known that the news was to be so good, I'd have come in earlier
Doug & Meeka S.: lol
Dr. D.: Guess Ron brings good news with him
Doug & Meeka S.: thats ok
Doug & Meeka S.: Doug was enjoying my torment
Ronald: I'm sure he was
Pamela: one of my best friends just had her second one on the 16th
Dr. D.: He can enjoy the torment of the 3 AM feedings
Guy B.: Your due in December.
Doug & Meeka S.: yes, he will get his share of those
Daniel Bienvenu: congrats
Doug & Meeka S.: yup, officially the 2nd
Guy B.: My birthday is on the 16th.
Daniel Bienvenu: nagging them?
rich-c: I was on Kim & Art's website today
Pamela: were you? You didn't sign the guest book, Dad
rich-c: I turned it over to your mother and she skipped it
erin: (PRIVATE) I'm heading off to bed. hopefully I'll be going to work but if not....anyway love you
rich-c: I will go back and do it later, when I can get at the laptop again
Pamela: (PRIVATE) okay, love you too. If you need anything, just call.
erin: anyway folks I'm going to go deal with my cold...have a good night and good week all
Doug & Meeka S.: night
erin left chat session
Dr. D.: poor Rin
BobS: get better rin...............
Ronald: Hot rums Erin..... till you can't see the end of the bed
Guy B.: Bye Erin
rich-c: by the way, Pam, on any website like that use a disposable webmail account as your email address
Ronald: be welll
BobS: or jsut one or two to kill the bad vibes
Pamela: there's an understatement - she sounded awful on Monday night
Dr. D.: Wow, she left quick.
rich-c: ok Rin take it easy and sleep tight
Pamela: I didn't bother with my e-mail address Dad - they have it already
BobS: the whole darn world has's a game out there
rich-c: that isn't the point; sites liek that colelct visitor addresses and sell them to spammers
Dr. D.:
Pamela: that's why I didn't put it in, Dad
Guy B.: Ok, folks. Everyone agrees for the Shedd Aquarium on Saturday the 15th?
rich-c: it this is one of the sites that do that, I'll just close the webmail account
Ronald: I just installed Norton Internet Security on my Acer, and it won't let me go anywhere
Dr. D.:
Pamela: works for us, Guy
Ronald: it's ruddy paranoid
rich-c: I have no objection as long as the conditions are right
Daniel Bienvenu: .uk? ... united kindom?
Ronald: Shedd it is
Pamela: I guess we're going to have to get you another afghan for the crib, Meeka
Dr. D.: yes Daniel
Guy B.: If everyone wants to take the L and bus to there. We can do that.
rich-c: well that's what you get for buying programs - the freebies work better and don't give you hassles
Ronald: why not
Daniel Bienvenu: and "co" it's for ..??
rich-c: company, Daniel
Pamela: Guy, you said you were going up to look around at the hotel. Discover any malls close by?
Dr. D.: The Brits use ".co" instead of ".com" for some reason
rich-c: Guy, if we can meet the conditions I'm game to crive
Dr. D.:
Ronald: Been using Norton for years. There must have been a change in the product
Guy B.: Those storms look like they get here in an hour.
rich-c: I don't know - the System Works I had were always more trouble than they were worth
rich-c: now I use Zone Alarm, AVG Free AV, WinPatrol, Ad-Aware, SPyBot Search
Ronald: Guy, am I to reserve my extra days at the hotel (Mon- Wed nights) or will you do that?
Guy B.: Yes, this weekend. I'm off this Monday and I have a vacation (My first) the week after that. So, I can start planning.
rich-c: Ron, Pam, Russell, Frances and I are also staying teh three extra days
Ronald: right
rich-c: Pam has already reserved directly and was given the convention room rate
Pamela: I gather Murray is planning on staying extra days too
Guy B.: You can contact the hotel directly. Go to There is a number and you can talk to Amy. Pam got hers for the same rates for the con.
Ronald: ok will do
Pamela: or the phone number for the hotel is 847-827-3133
Ronald: noted Pam, thanks
rich-c: is 847 a toll-free number?
Daniel Bienvenu: what do you think about ".eu", for european union... for me, "eu" is like saying "err..."
Guy B.: That is a long distance call Ron.
Ronald: probably not, but that doesn't matter
Dr. D.: I don't know if ".eu" is in use, Daniel
Ronald: no problem
rich-c: so use Yak and it will only cost you a nickel a minute
Pamela: Russell and I looked into the go Chicago card and concluded that for what we wanted to do -the Aquarium, the Art Institute, the Planetarium and the harbour tours, it wasn't worth it
Ronald: they send me too much junk mail
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Pamela: 847 is not toll free
BobS: bummer
rich-c: those places are on our agenda too, Pam - there is also a promising transportation museum
Guy B.: That's what I told Ron. It's a long distance call.
Pamela: only 800, 866, 877, and 888 are
BobS: that is not fair
Ronald: and I said, that's not a problem
Daniel Bienvenu: who is undefined?
rich-c: so phine them collect - bet they'll accept
Pamela: dunno, Daniel
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: patience, Daniel, you'll find out
changed username to james
Daniel Bienvenu: ha ! james!
Pamela: it's James : )
james: good morning
Doug & Meeka S.: hello
Guy B.: Ron you can send an e-mail to and ask for Amy.
Dr. D.: Hi James
rich-c: hey, it's james! great morning!
Pamela: hey, James
Daniel Bienvenu: but who is the second undefined?
james: how is everyone?
Dr. D.: Before you you want this season's Doctor Who episodes?
Dr. D.: To James
Dr. D.: I have all 6 so far
james: @dr. d, i've got up to episode 3 so far. is #4 out?
Dr. D.: 4-5-6
james: 6? ok, methinks i do then :D
Guy B.: Hi James
Dr. D.: 7 by Saturday morning
Dr. D.: Plus the Christmas Special
Dr. D.: If you don't have it already
Daniel Bienvenu: about me... actually in a rush at my job. stressing and challenging, crazy deadline and a lot of surprizes (some bad some good)
Guy B.: Correct.. It's
james: the last one i watched involved uhmm.. y'know.. i don't remember
james: queen victoria and werewolves
Pamela: okay, that's just weird, James
rich-c: so have they offered to take you on permanently yet, Daniel?
james: and then one after that about a bunch of really smart kids
Daniel Bienvenu: ... october, new contrat
james: so how has everyone been?
Daniel Bienvenu: the extension
Pamela: good and busy, James
Ronald: ever more paunchy James
rich-c: sounds like you are fitting in well
Dr. D.: Hmm, that sounds like #2 James
Dr. D.: #3 was with Sarah Jane Smith
james: i should check my downloads directory for the titles
Judy: have to thank-you Doug and Meeka, you just saved us from going to a open house Saturday
Doug & Meeka S.: lol, well your welcome then :)
Dr. D.: 5 and 6 are the Cybermen
Pamela: how did they manage that, Judy?
Ronald: Meeka/Doug - maybe you better tell James what you told us earlier
Doug & Meeka S.: we have a new addition to our family comming about 12-2-06
left chat session
james: ok, i've got the christmas episode and episodes 2 and 3
Doug & Meeka S.: whos open hoise mom?
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Judy: we are going to dinner with them Sat, talked to them just before chat, now a friend called, what timing
Pamela: strangely enough, I have a wedding to go to that day - now I'll be distracted : )
changed username to Dr.M
Judy: we don't really like open houses
Dr. D.: Okay...I will get you 1, and 4-6.
BobS: I goona have anew grandbaby in Dec James!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ronald: They're easier to get into than closed ones
Dr. D.: E-mail me to remind me of the server and login details, please.
james: congratulations!
Pamela: speaking of kids, how are yours, James?
james: i'll have to fire it back up too. it's been off for.. quite some time now
Doug & Meeka S.: ty
james: doing well. case turned 4 back in march and has been going to kindergarden for a month or so now
rich-c: we seem to have a new arrival - Dr.M? as in Montreal, peut-etre?
Dr.M: Hi everyone. Hate to interupt but thought I'd say hi.
james: aiden turned 2 a fortnight ago
Pamela: hello, Dr. M.
Pamela: wow, how time flies, James
james: indeed
Judy: hi, Dr M
Ronald: a FORTNIGHT my... how British
Dr.M: I think I recognize a few names here, such as Ron if he goes back to 1989 with Adam
BobS: yup that is he
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changed username to Pamela
changed username to BobS
changed username to DrM
Guy B.: I can get visitor passes for the CTA in 1 to 5 day formats.
Doug & Meeka S.: wb
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: whoops
changed username to $onald
Guy B.: What happen there?
$onald: damn technology
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to <undefined>
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Doug & Meeka
Daniel Bienvenu: server problem
moved to room Meeting Place
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to BobS
changed username to Ron on Linux
Doug & Meeka: darn thing booted us
Daniel Bienvenu: many twins
<undefined>: Try this again. Hi everyone!!!
BobS: and everyone else
moved to room Meeting Place
Ron on Linux: was it me, or was it universal?
BobS changed username to Roberto
Roberto requested to ban BobS
Ron on Linux confirmed ban
changed username to Dr. D.
Roberto: ujniversal
Ron on Linux: aha
Guy B. confirmed ban
Dr. D.: much weirdness
Roberto: told the others we are back on
Dr. D. confirmed ban
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Judy
Ron on Linux requested to ban $onald
Dr. D. confirmed ban
Roberto confirmed ban
Roberto: we still on ?????
Dr. D.: I was just trying to ask who Dr. M. was
Roberto: ya
Roberto: yes......p[lease
Ron on Linux: yes, me too
Judy: back again
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Roberto: history interests me......I only got involved in 1989
changed username to rich-c
Ron on Linux: it is not good when people recognize me, and I don't recognize them
Guy B. confirmed ban
Roberto: :-)
<undefined>: Dr. M was at Adam Con II and III
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Pamela
Pamela: are we here?
Daniel Bienvenu: and M is for?
Dr. D.: I started at IV so that might explain my not recognizing the moniker.
Ron on Linux: remember do I not
rich-c: well we had a huge crowd at 2 and 3
Guy B.: I'll be right back. I'm going to take Annie out before the storms get here.
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Roberto: well that don't help, I was too and still don't know
changed username to james
Judy: yea, you are Pam
james: back
Pamela: yay
Roberto: Lyle ???????
Pamela: James, when were you here?
<undefined>: I'll sign back on as Dr M
james: just now. i just came back
james: oh. you mean toronto. sorry
james: late march
Pamela: no silly, here in Canada : )
Dr. D.: The NIAD editor, Marshand right?
<undefined> left chat session
rich-c: Marchand
Ron on Linux: oh my!
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to DrM
Roberto: that is my thinkiing
Dr. D.: Trying to think of other Ms
rich-c: you should know, Rich, I gave you my whole run of the NIAD newsletter
Daniel Bienvenu: NIAD... I saw this in some floppy disk images at the ANN web site.
Roberto: only M I know of offhand
Dr. D.: Besides Mason :-)
james: it was quite the trip this year
james: very, very successful
rich-c: except Lyle Marschand was n0ot at either Adamcon
Pamela: good to know
Roberto: ok tht is a problem
Roberto: don't know if he make any, did he?
Ron on Linux: Dr. M. who are you?
Pamela: Dr M, you're triplets
Dr. D.: Mitchell, Mason, Mar(s)chand
Roberto: please tell us, we are goin crazy
james: sorry that i didn't make the time to meet up with anyone. it was quite a hectic schedule
DrM: I've unfortunately forgotten many of the original members, but names like Patricia Harrington, Lyle Marschand, Bonker etc come to mind.
Roberto: Ron you should know
Pamela: we understand James, besides, it's supposed to be about the students
Ron on Linux: Morehen?
Roberto: Big John Lingrel,
james: oh, it was.. 7 of them vs. 1 of me.. i didn't have much of a chance ;)
Roberto: that makes sense Ron
rich-c: that suggests an Ottawa connection, Ron, if he knows you and doesn't know me
Dr. D.: Morehen?
Daniel Bienvenu: unfortunatly for me, I don't know all these names.
Ron on Linux: no.. he wasn't at 2
Dr. D.: I met Tony at 4...
DrM: Chris Matt from WI
Roberto: got that Dr D
Roberto: NOW the name rings a bell
Ron on Linux: and you were at Adamcon 2
Daniel Bienvenu: based on his messages, his nickname now if DrM without a dot. we can kill th username Dr.M
Pamela requested to ban Dr.M
rich-c confirmed ban
Dr. D.: I am sorry Chris I don't know you...but pleased you could stop by.
Roberto confirmed ban
james confirmed ban
Dr. D. confirmed ban
Ron on Linux confirmed ban
Roberto: just enough to recognize it
rich-c: Guess my memory isgoing in my old age - can't make that connection at all, Chris
Daniel Bienvenu: no, wich one is the real DrM.
Ron on Linux: boy.... now I am at a disadvantage
Roberto: welcome back to ADAMland then Chris
Dr. D.: If you are a "real" Dr., that makes 2 of us :-) I am Ph.D. in biology
rich-c: but that just means it's great to see the prodigal return to the fold
Daniel Bienvenu: arg...
Daniel Bienvenu: difficult to see wich one is DrM now
Ron on Linux: But Welcome Chris.... been quite a while since the days of the Adam User Friendly Group
DrM: I sent Dale Wick a picture of Adam III with all the members posing as a group. Don't think he put it up on the site. Was sent about two years ago.
Dr. D.: Shame on Dale.
Ron on Linux: yes
Dr. D.: Though Meeka is the keeper of the group photos now, yes?
Roberto: you'd think he would havemore time, eh?
james: aufg?
james: cool
Daniel Bienvenu: Chris Matt... enchanté, my name is ... well... Daniel Bienvenu, from Quebec.
rich-c: send it to Meeka instead - she'll put it up muy pronto
Dr. D.: Wish we had the III banner...
Pamela: if I suddenly disappear it's because I have a lap full of cat
Roberto: a cat full of lap ?????????
DrM: I was the chiropractor at both of those VERY memorable gatherings
Pamela: adn he won't stay off the desk
james: drm, you're from aufg?
Dr. D.: better than a cap full of latte
Ron on Linux: aww ..... purrr
Pamela: there's catfur on my keyboard
DrM: Does Soloman Swift ring a bell???
Dr. D.: Probably lots of wrenched backs moving ADAM hardware in/out of hotels...I have done my share of that over the years.
rich-c: ding! ding! ding! ding!
Dr. D.: not a bell, but the clang of a jail cell :-)
james: yes..
Ron on Linux: many bells, and real loud
james: not as loud for me, but my hearing might be better so it evens out :P
DrM: I always enjoyed the articles in Nibbles and Bits!!!
rich-c: but Sol Swift never came to an Adamcon, certainly not 2
Dr. D.: The guy was smart no question
james: brb, child process is suspended here on my lap
Ron on Linux: Think Patricia Herrington was the last to have contact with Sol
Judy: we do
Dr. D.: Or Tony Patterson...but I last saw him at ADAMcon 6.
Ron on Linux: I have 5 of them Dr. M, but non actually set up at this point
Roberto: here for pics of old conventions AND TO GIVE MEEKA YOUR PIC.....
Ron on Linux: none actually set up
Daniel Bienvenu: DrM, did you go to a Consumer Electronic Show event during the period Coleco companies exposed new electronic products?
Ron on Linux: most of us now run ADAM on an emulator
Dr. D.: I used 2 ADAMs in my university classes until 2 years ago.
rich-c: Patricia Herrington was Sol Swift's special link to the Adam community
Pamela: speaking of PJ, who has her Tshirt?
james: i have two here, one of which i used to actively teach until last year
Dr. D.: Built some hardware to synch video cameras for a biology experiment that was published in the Journal of Experimental Biology in 1997.
Ron on Linux: I do Pamela, and this time it's coming to the 'con. Keep forgetting it
DrM: Got involved with Adam in 1984 and have used it periodically since. Use to contact Terry Fowler out of Pearland TX for parts.
Dr. D.: That ran on an ADAM.
Pamela: I was going to say, don't forget it
Roberto: Terry still has stuff well as some of us others
Ron on Linux: right Pam
Guy B. confirmed ban
Ron on Linux: Are you still running an Adam Chris?
DrM: Hate to ask this but is Patricia with us???
Pamela: I wish you could see this - I can't see the keyboard
Dr. D.: Alas no Dr. M.
Ron on Linux: of course not Pam. It was meant for the cat
Roberto: still use it in our small business ANd the games for the chewed out royally a few weeks ago
Daniel Bienvenu: Alas? ... a new word for my vocabulary. sound like Hélas... probably the same.
DrM: Is Zonker still involved???
Roberto: because the Richard Scarry game one wanted was on the ADAM and I thought it was a newer ibm version he wanted
Ron on Linux: no Chris, we saw her last at Adamcon 11 (I think) out in Seattle
Dr. D.: No she was at XIII.
Pamela: she was at 13, Ron
Ron on Linux: Zonker came here to Adamcon 15, but that's the last we've seen of him
Dr. D.: She died the next year IIRC.
Roberto: yes, the last one before she died of cancer
Ron on Linux: 0ok Pam, I stand corrected
Roberto: and the Zonk faded after ADAMCON 15
Daniel Bienvenu: cancer .. i didn't know.
DrM: I did enjoy her (Patricia) knowledge and kindness!!!
Guy B.: Ok folks. With the storms getting close. I'm going to call it the night. For the USA folks, have a safe Memorial Day.
Dr. D.: We all did.
moved to room Meeting Place
Ron on Linux: She was special for sure
Pamela: gnite, Guy
Roberto: nite guy
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit GuyB
changed username to rich-2
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Rich-2
Ron on Linux: Nite Guy B. be well
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too.
rich-2: hi, got dumped, don't know why
Judy: you to Guy, and good night
Ron on Linux: Right now Chris, there are about 20 of us (give or take) who still keep in touch
rich-2: nite Guy
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Roberto: twas your naghty language Richard
DrM: That's NEAT!!!
Pamela: just another day Dad
james: wb
Ron on Linux: we now hold the status of religious cult
rich-2: what did I miss?
DrM: I'll try to make Chicago.
Dr. D.: Well according to one blogger...
Ron on Linux: Oh hey Chris, that would be great!!
james: i saw *that*. added some comments too
rich-2: would be absolutely tremendous to have you there, Chris
Roberto: and have some new programmers int he crowd Guy, Daniel, Doug........
Dr. D.: I saw yours James.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm tired... rush continue tommorow at my job
james: was quite interesting to see
Pamela: and some second generation hangers on : )
DrM: What's the name of the website to upload old AdamCon Images???
Dr. D.: Rest, Daniel, go to sleep.
james: good luck with your job daniel
Ron on Linux: your eyelids are getting heavier, and heavier
rich-2: OK Daniel, bonsoir - a la prochaine
Daniel Bienvenu: good night!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit!
Pamela: you are getting sleepy . . .
james: ron, if that was directed at me, it's working
Ron on Linux: nite Daniel
Dr. D.: Mine are too actually...
Pamela: g'nite Daniel
Judy: night Daniel
james: and it's not even noon here yet
DrM: Keep an eye for group pictures to be uploaded there
Dr. D.: hehe
Daniel Bienvenu: ... what is speedy write ? ... bye!
Ron on Linux: well hey you easterners, it's getting late
rich-2: and note hollowdreams is not a www. - that will get you a 404
Roberto: is the picture site Chris.......attach your photo to an email to
Ron on Linux: I still have daylight - tra-la
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
james: i've got more than you! na na na na na na
Ron on Linux: forgot about you - even further west
Dr. D.: My photon is bigger than your photon
Roberto: BUT, we get to sleep you westerners
Pamela: yes, but James, it's already tomorrow for you
james: it's today for me, heh heh
Dr. D.: Today is yesterday's tomorrow
Dr. D.: fnord
Judy: that is okay but I am tried and am glad that I will be able to go to bed soon
Ron on Linux: now I'm REALLY confused
Roberto: IF that doesn't work Chris, email to
Pamela: you and me both, Bob
Pamela: sorry Ron
DrM: Thanks Roberto
Roberto changed username to BobS
Ron on Linux: headed over to Edmonton tomorrow for a few days
james: ron, was checking out houses online in your (old?) neighbourhood (comox)
Ron on Linux: a reunion of ATC types from the 3 western regions
BobS: gonna move James ????
rich-2: getting together with the family, then
Pamela: very cool, Ron
james: eventually
Ron on Linux: yes..... have some estate related business for the siblings
Dr. D.: Back to Canada, James?
rich-2: it will be nice there this time of year, with the late twilight
Dr. D.: Or elsewhere in Japan?
rich-2: we're less than a month from the solstice
james: it's still a ways off, but we've been looking to get a feel for what we like
BobS: sometimes, Meeka doesn't get to her email.......she is on every spammer list this side of the Mississippi
james: back to canada, but again, not for awhile. about 10 years
james: but 10 years, i'm learning, is not long
Dr. D.: That is forever :-S
Pamela: Wednesdays must be spam days - I logged on this morning, dumped 21 spams, and had 14 more tonite : (
rich-2: depends on your age, rich
BobS: well......comox will be a suburb of Victoria by then James
james: i wish. i can't believe i've been here 7 already
Judy: speaking of being tried, am going to say goodnight, talk at you next week
Ron on Linux: hey..... it won't take that long
Dr. D.: Nite Judy
Ron on Linux: the way things are going
james: good night
Pamela: good night, Judy - Grandma-to-be
Ron on Linux: Nite Judy.. sleep well
rich-2: right Judy, good night and take care
james: but we'll see what we can afford and what the markets do
Judy: isn't that the coolest???
Pamela: it is : )
Judy: night again
Dr. D.: I am not counting years, Richard, I will take as many of them as manage to come to me
Judy left chat session
Pamela: me, I don't plan to grow up : )
Ron on Linux: James, I know its probably easier said than done, but if I were going to move here in 10 years, I'd buy property here right now
rich-2: take my advice and don't throw any back ; - )
Ron on Linux: Things are crazy in this province
DrM: Well, it was fun touching base with the Adam Community. I'll try to upload thos Adam Con group pix. G night for now!!!
james: i'd like to, but there are two issues, both finanical
rich-2: night, Chris, come back soon
Pamela: look forward to seeing you in Chicago, Chris. Goodnight!
Dr. D.: Not planning on it...I still have 3 to go to pass my Mom :-(
Ron on Linux: Night Chris. We're here every wed night.......
james: banks here won't lend to me to buy property overseas
Dr. D.: Bye Chris.
DrM left chat session
james: and banks in canada won't lend to me because i'm over here
Pamela: tis a pickle, to be sure, James
james: so in order to get out of this catch-22 of sorts, i've got some investments going
Dr. D.: That is when you become a supervillain in your underground lair and take over the world financial markets.
Ron on Linux: I know. that makes it tough
james: with an asset management company. i'll have a good track record with them and they've told me in 4-5 years with that showing
james: that i should be able to get a low-interest yen denominated loan to buy property in ontario, b.c. or alberta
Dr. D.: Write a SmartLOGO program to transmute lead into gold.
Ron on Linux: there ya go
Pamela: ah, alchemy - ain't it great?
james: so in 5 years, it'll be feasible to buy. i'll have a "decent" amount saved up by then
Dr. D.: Spin DDP tape into gold on a tape drive ala the girl in Rumpelstiltskin
Pamela: we're looking forward to having you home again, James
Ron on Linux: you been watching too much Dr. Wh0, Dr D.
Dr. D.: Maybe
james: speaking of dr. who, i just watched the latest installment of the harry potter series
Dr. D.: Or reading too much Paracelsus
james: goblet of money or whatever it's called
Pamela: what did you think, James?
rich-2: goblet of fire I think james
Dr. D.: Harry Potter and the Gobbets of Blood
james: a little thin on plot development
Pamela: did you read the book?
james: but given that i'm not exactly the demographic for the target audience i suppose it's to be expected ;)
Dr. D.: You'll be disappointed if you do/did...the movie is a poor shadow
james: not yet
rich-2: if Pamela gets the latest movie on dvd maybe I'll borrow it
Pamela: gotta read the book, it's much better
Dr. D.: And the actor playing Dumbledore now has it all wrong...he's playing him like a nutcase
james: but was quite happy to see the good doctor playing a bit role
Pamela: I've got it, Dad. Actually, I've got two copies so if you want one, you're welcome to it.
Dr. D.: Hehe...and Barty Sr. is in the Cybermen episodes 5-6!
james: so i hear
rich-2: OK next time you come by you can swap it for Star Wars 3
Pamela: I think we need one and two, too
Pamela: we
Pamela: 'll talk
rich-2: right
james: some nice places in comox, ron
Dr. D.: They need to close immigration to the island...
Ron on Linux: yes, and more being built
Dr. D.: it will get all inhabited and then none of the beauty will be left
Dr. D.: My beef with Canada in general.
Ron on Linux: you'll get no arguement on that from me Dr. D
Dr. D.: You need to stop increasing your population.
Pamela: Rich, since your semester is over, are you using home e-mail more or still using work?
james: brb
Dr. D.: Stay empty and self-sufficient.
Ron on Linux: but I have a friend here who thinks Vancouver Island can handle 5 million people, and the sooner they get here the better
Ron on Linux: Needless to say, we agreed to disagree
Dr. D.: I use the CWRUnet E-mail address daily and look at the APKnet one occasionally, or if CWRUnet goes out.
Pamela: okay
Dr. D.: You got something to send?
Pamela: just had a quick question
Dr. D.: ask away, or send away, let me know where to read
Pamela: I'll send it to school as soon as I can
BobS: gonna head for the bed guys and gals
Dr. D.: Okay, nothing serious I hope........
Ron on Linux: lie horizontal Bob
BobS: so, will talk to ya all later, eh ??????
Dr. D.: Nite Roberto
Pamela: naw, tis good! : )
Pamela: nite, Bob
rich-2: nite, Bob
BobS: ya I do dat.....flat like a panacake ok???????
BobS: :-)
BobS left chat session
Ron on Linux: fgood
Ron on Linux: I meen good
Pamela: oh give it up, Ron
Ron on Linux: can't ty;e any more
Pamela: farn dingers
Ron on Linux: ya
Dr. D.: Hour is late, probably should go to sleep before I become a pumpkin pie or something.
Pamela: got Dad's keyboard, I see : )
Ron on Linux: yes, and I need to go get organized for tomorrow
Dr. D.: 11:00 PM
Pamela: probably a good idea, Rich
rich-2: our witching hour
Ron on Linux: pack a suitcase and all
Dr. D.: All right all, off to Zedland for you Canukians
Pamela: well, have a good trip, Ron
Ron on Linux: so we'll see ya's next week
Ron on Linux: tks Pamela
Dr. D.: nite nite
Pamela: nite, Ron
Dr. D.: <poof>
rich-2: and happy landings, Ron
Ron on Linux: pooooofff
Pamela: Nite, Rich
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs
Dr. D. left chat session
Ron on Linux: thanks Rich
rich-2: nite, Dr. D
Ron on Linux left chat session
Pamela: well Dad, I'll call - probably tomorrow night, unless you're out
rich-2: looks like we've thinned out drastically - time for me to go too
james: sheesh, i leave for 1 minute and everyone is gone
rich-2: expect to be in, Pam, really nothing all this week of urgency
Pamela: sorry James, it's bedtime : )
james: slackers :P
Pamela: okay, then nighty nite till then, Daddy
james: good night everyone
rich-2: anyhow, Pam, talk to you tomorrow then
Pamela: ya got that right, James : )
Pamela: gnite, James
Pamela: gnite, Dad
rich-2: nite to you and james
james: *poof*
Pamela: kerpoof
james left chat session
rich-2 left chat session
Pamela left chat session
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