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rich-c: verify
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Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
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rich-c: hello Guy, you are very early this evening
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Guy B.: I'm on vacation this week and I'm going to visit the area around the hotel tomorrow.
rich-c: does that mean you have a lot to tell us?
GuyF: GuyB: Take some pics!
rich-c: does that mean you have a lot to tell us?
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changed username to rich-1
GuyF: Greetings Rich-1!
Guy B.: Hopefully. I want to see what restaurants and shopping are around, so everyone has an idea what's there.
rich-1: Hi - looks like our Montrealer dumped me coming in
Guy B.: I'll bring my digital camera.
GuyF: Yeah, was too scared you were an Ontarian terrorist. ;)
rich-1: naw, you know I don't wear a beard!
GuyF: Hahaha!
Guy B.: Rich, guess we have to knock the first one off.
rich-1: btw Guy, the current issue of Consumer Reports has reports on a large number of teh chain sitdown restaurants
rich-1 requested to ban rich-c
Guy B. confirmed ban
rich-1: maybe you should make special note of the ones they recommend
Guy B.: I know about some of the restaurants I visited around my own area. I just have to see what is there around the hotel, so I can see what is there and where to have the banquet at. That has to be worked on and the side trip.
rich-1: also the ones they don't...
rich-1: well, you know where I stand on the side trips - I'm going everywhere that hass been suggested anyway
Guy B.: Speaking of the side strip. I found out there will be a concert at Northerly Island on the day we will be heading to the Shedd. However, that will be towards the evening and traffic will be getting heavy around the area, so I strongly think we should take the CTA to and from the Shedd.
rich-1: anyway a decent, upscale, independent restaurant will be fine
Guy B.: OK, I'
Guy B.: I'll see what'
rich-1: just make sure they have a decent wine list and aren't dedicated to seafood
Guy B.: is there and report back.
rich-1: again, Guy, remember - I cannot walk far
GuyF confirmed ban
rich-1: and above all I cannot walk fast, at least not normal pave for the group
Guy B.: Rich, I can 5 day visitor passes for you and Frances. It will have unlimited rides on the L and buses. Plus it starts the day the card is inserted.
Guy B.: I know. We will stay in pace with you.
GuyF: Be right back, watching a show at the same time. Will be back during the commercials.
rich-1: sounds very attractive, Guy, but don't make any investments until we have time to investigate further
rich-1: remember a bus whose nearest stop is six blocks from my destination is pretty well useless to me
rich-1: also - remember I can't stand on a bus and may have problems standing on the L
Guy B.: I'm thinking of getting 1 day for everyone else, except me. I have a monthly pass that I use for work.
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changed username to Pamela
rich-1: hello daughter, see you made it safely home
Pamela: hi there!
Guy B.: HI Pam.
GuyF: Hallo Pamela.
Pamela: yes, we made it Dad
Pamela: all fenders still on the car and no spares : )
rich-1: I don't want to be a wet blanket, and Frances has an utter horror of driving in Chicago
rich-1: but I have to remember my physical limitations
Pamela: what's this, Dad?
rich-1: discussing getting around Chicago, Pam
Pamela: what about it?
Guy B.: Pam, I was telling your dad, I can get visitor passes for the CTA. They come in 1 to 5 day demonitions.
rich-1: I have great difficulty standing on a bus, less on a subway
rich-1: it really all depends on where the stops are relative to where we want to go, and the crowding level
Pamela: yes, Guy, I saw those advertised on
rich-1: I suspect a 5-day senior pass is a very attractive bargain
Pamela: you know what Dad, we'll figure it out somehow.
Guy B.: 5 day visitor passes are $18
rich-1: agreed, we had better do so!
Pamela: what, figure it out? We will.
rich-1: that's the regular rate, what is it for seniors?
rich-1: Guy still hasn't picked the banquet restaurant. Rich and Erin were in that area recently. Might they hav3e qan idea?
Pamela: by the way Guy, money order will be on it's way to you shortly
GuyF: BTW, when's the Adamcon, anytime soon? From this question you can already figure out I'm not showing up...
rich-1: starts July 13th
Pamela: date hasn't changed, Guy, it's still July 13 - 16th
GuyF: OK, next month, very soon... Pam: The date never registered in my head.
Guy B.: Rich, for seniors. You need a reduce fare permit. I have one because of my hearing disability. But, you are a visitor to Chicago on the L, so I cannot get senior fares for you.
Guy B.: Pam, the dates are correct and set.
Pamela: Rich and Erin haven't been anywhere near Chicago Dad
rich-1: depending on how and where they are issued, maybe I can get one for myself and Frances
Guy B.: Guy if I get your payment by June 15th, then you will get a free t-shirt.
GuyF: Don't you need a special type of ID to get those discounts? I know in Montreal even if you look 90, you still need a card.
rich-1: Erin was talking last time about a number of rstaurants around the airport - by name
Guy B.: Rich, you can't. You must be a resident of Illinois.
Pamela: which she got from the hotel website, Dad
rich-1: something she said made me think she had been in them - though since they are mostly chains, maybe in Detroit outlets?
Pamela: some of them are probably chains, Dad - maybe in Cleveland
rich-1: oh, before I forget, Pam - we went to the Jerusalem last month
Pamela: Guy B, have you looked at any restaurants or have any preferences?
Pamela: how was dinner, Dad?
rich-1: they have a special dinner for two at $35 - wide assortment of middle eastern dishes
rich-1: far more than we could finish, and very tasty and satisfying
Pamela: sounds like it was good : )
Guy B.: I'm going up there tomorrow, Pma. I'm off this week on vacation. I will see what restaurants they have in the area and shopping.
rich-1: I think you would find it very good value and very satisfying too
Guy B.: There go my fingers again. Sorry Pam.
Pamela: 'salright - I got the gist : )
GuyF: Wow, wish I could join you guys, sounds like you will have a great time!!!
Pamela: I wish you could come too, Gui, but we understand Sandra's limitations
Pamela: how is she feeling, by the way?
Guy B.: You won't be able to come Guy?
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rich-1: went to a new one over at Melrose and AVERd last night - very nice but with all the trimmings it was a bit over $100
GuyF: Pam: Well, she doesn't really have any limitations, she walks like 3-4 KMs / day. No Guy, I won't be able to make it.
Pamela: at this rate Dad, you'll have tried all the restaurants on Avenue Road before you're done : )
Guy B.: Ok. Gee wish you be able to join us this year. Maybe next year then.
changed username to Meeka
GuyF: Well, as long as it's driving distance, sure... Chicago, hmm, not sure how many KMs it is from Mtl, but it's far last I checked.
rich-1: for a change your mother was really hungry - appetizer, dessert, half the wine half-litre
Pamela: two and half days drive, I'd say, Gui
Meeka: Hello
Pamela: that's good, Dad
GuyF: Pam: Yeah, 5 days here and there...
Guy B.: It will be a long drive for you. Guess flying is out of the question for the both of you.
Pamela: Hi, Meeka! Speaking of pregnant people . . . how are you!
rich-1: hi Meeka, welcome aboard - where's the folks?
Guy B.: HI Meeka, how's the mom to be?
GuyF: Hi Meeka!
Meeka: pretty good
Meeka: dont know were the folks are
Guy B.: Jeanene wanted to send her congratulations to you.
Meeka: ty
Pamela: and speaking of recently pregnant people, Dad, I was talking to Kimberly this morning and will probably go out there next week some time to see the baby
rich-1: OK, on our walk tonight we mailed a congratulatory card
rich-1: also our regrets to Roland
Pamela: Which reminds me, I need to mail my RSVP to Roland too - thought of that earlier today
rich-1: btw, I suggest a gift card from Macy's or such as the wedding gift
Pamela: it's too bad - if I'd known sooner, I might have been able to work something out
rich-1: they have a picture on their website - Andrea looks rather like you
Pamela: huh? what? website?? what website??
Pamela: I need to get caught up!
rich-1: guess I'll have to forward the email to you - remind me later
Pamela: please do!
Pamela: sorry folks, I know this stuff doesn't mean anything to you, we just need to get caught up
rich-1: message is in your mailbox, Pam
rich-1: my nephew is committing matrimony July 1
Pamela: thanks, Dad
Pamela: and that will leave just one cousin single on either side
rich-1: well, there only ever ws the one on my side
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Pamela: poor Garth -he'll probably resist getting married till he's fifty just to be different!
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changed username to BobS
changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: Hi Bob
BobS: hey hey hey !!!!!
BobS: ich bin here
rich-1: well, Bobs, 'bout time you showed up!
Meeka: hi dad
Guy B. changed username to Guy B & Annie
BobS: I know, got sidetracked
Guy B & Annie requested to ban Guy B.
BobS confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
rich-1 confirmed ban
BobS: Meeka is here too
Guy B & Annie changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: I'm back.
BobS: hallo
BobS: it is NOT pitch dark yet, you guys should be spreading mulch !!!!!
rich-1: speaking of which, Guy, how's the pup doing?
Guy B.: She's doing great.
Pamela: so Meeka, I keep getting derailed - how are you feeling, and have you had an ultrasound yet, and are you taking pictures of your tummy, and has Judy started on a baby blanket yet?
BobS: so did Mekka get derailed
BobS: she is gone!
Pamela: brb, just gonna say goodbye to Russell
rich-1: seewhat you did, Bob? made her ring off to go dig mulch!
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Guy B.: HI Bob.
changed username to Meeka
BobS: I solly cholly
rich-1: welcome back, Meeka
BobS: Hey Guy
BobS: rain coming my way"
BobS: ?
rich-1: don't know about you, but we have a cold front due tomorrow, with appropriate fireworks
rich-1: suggest you get on your local NOAA website and check it out
Meeka: ty
GuyF confirmed ban
Guy B.: No rain here.
BobS: kinda quite here is the forecast
rich-1: qualify that, Guy - " yet"
Pamela: so Meeka, how are you feeling, and have you had an ultrasound yet, and are you taking pictures of your tummy, and has Judy started on a baby blanket yet?
Pamela: I have tons of questions!
BobS: no rain till S8un night
Meeka: lol, I guess so
GuyF: 'tis the season to get pregnant, la la la la la la... :)
rich-1: looked a the continental satellite photo earlier and it did show some srious weather
Meeka: I am feeling good except for being a bit more tired than normal
BobS: how is Sandra handling things now Guy ?
Pamela: emotional roller coaster, Meeka?
Meeka: yes, we had an ultra sound, but it was at about 10 weeks so it just looked like a peanut
GuyF: BobS: Pretty good, I can't joke around and be my regular annoying self around her as much, but things are really good... 17 weeks and counting.
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) I'm chatting with Carla
Meeka: no tummy pics yet, not really showing much yet
Pamela: (PRIVATE) figured as much : )
rich-1: still, you're getting on to half way through
Meeka: no, not that I have noticed yet anyway
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) We are setting up a date.
Pamela: don't forget to document, Meeka -and you too, Gui - there's only one picture of my mother when she was pregnant with me, and it's only a reflection. Kids want to see this stuff.
Meeka: I have no idea what judy is up to, I do know she has one thing she did years ago
rich-1: speak for yourself, daughter...
GuyF: Pamela: You're right! I plan on doing a whole video thing this weekend where we will talk to the baby before she's born to show her when she's older.
BobS: oh mom will have something appropriate
Pamela: what do you mean, Dad?
GuyF: I plan on doing a lot of video editing, and for the occasion, I picked up a Mac Mini a few days ago... I love it!!!
Meeka: I know that dad ;)
rich-1: our generation weree not into that sort of thing, Pam
Pamela: well, this generation is - every one of my friends' kids have asked at some point, or looked at pictures
rich-1: and we knew instinctively that no such pictues would exist of our mothers
rich-1: back then, it just wsn't done
rich-1: Bob, how's the job scene shaping up?
BobS: like NOTHING rihcard
BobS: had some interviews, but no cigars
Guy B.: The only payment I received so far is from Rich. I have Ron and Dale's on the way. Anyone sending there's soon?
BobS: need cash mon........not interviews
rich-1: strange - with your skills and a hot economy, that's tough
Pamela: as soon as I can, Guy - probably will mail within the week
Guy B.: OK Pam.
BobS: heck guy may not even make it, certainly not for full term seriously considering on ly coming Sun to seee the gan, eat 2 banquet and drive on home
rich-1: I hope we can arrange something better than that. Bob
BobS: not when yo consider my experience, AGE and the cheap wages they want to hire a youngster for
Guy B.: OK, let me know, so I can plan accordiingly and notify the hotel.
rich-1: yeah, but a youngster doesn't have the savvy to do your sort of job
BobS: but he works a lot cheaper
BobS: and in today's economy, cheaps the word
rich-1: maybe so, but it's no economy if the work isn't done because he doesn't know how
BobS: but that takes some time to blow up.....I am working 8 hrs a week for just that kind of idiot
BobS: rome is burning and he is stupid to see it
Pamela: (PRIVATE) Guy, re the restaurant, remember to look for somewhere quiet, and if possible, with a private/separate room
rich-1: I have a cursor crony who has the same situation - quit before the company went bankrupt
rich-1: now he's a househusband raising his new son while his wife works full-time
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) I'll what I can find for all of us.
rich-1: he works nights 8 hrs daily loading UPS trucks @ 8.50/hr
BobS: I can't quit....the cash keeps me afloat along with unemployment for the summer and into fall at this rate. don't kill the fatted cow ya know
BobS: but Judy don't want to work
BobS: says she deserves a liesurely lifestyle !!!! ;-)
rich-1: absolutely - when you have something that works, don't throw it away
BobS: ok not really but that may have to come to pass, as I too take a UPS job for $8.50
Pamela: Guy, I know that three nights in the hotel starts Friday night, but since we're flying in early Friday morning, will that still entitle us to lunch on day one?
rich-1: it can be rough - another of our guys over in Elgin, IL is doing call centre desk
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Pamela: oh ick, I'd rather scrub toilets
changed username to james
Pamela: good morning James
rich-1: good morning, james
james: howdy, all
GuyF: Sandra makes less than $8,50 at her current job, but she loves her job! Sometimes, it's not always the money, but granted if you're not the sole provider.
Guy B.: Pam, Yes. You would still get a lunch.
GuyF: Hiya James old buddy.
Pamela: oh, good - thank you : )
Meeka: k, I am off for the night
Meeka: ttyl :)
BobS: hiya james from japan
james: how is everyone?
rich-1: take care, Meeka, and keep us posted - night now
BobS: how come it is dark here and light there ?????
BobS: and prolly a different day too
BobS: nite meeka
Meeka: night
GuyF: James: Awesome!!! Running off of my new Mac Mini and it's such a pleasure to use compared to my Winbox.
rich-1: yeah, over there it's already tomorrow
Guy B.: Bye Meeka
Meeka left chat session
james: that would be my presence, bringing light to the world here
Pamela: night Meeka
Guy B.: HI James
james: i should get one of those sometime
james: hi
GuyF: James: You should, they're a pure blessing!
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changed username to Ron
Guy B.: HI Ron
Pamela: good evening, Ron
GuyF: Hiya Ron.
BobS: Ronald me good man
Ron: Hi All
Ron: everybody awake?
rich-1: hello Ron, now we have Pacific Rimmers from both sides
Guy B.: I got name tags I can design on the computer.
Pamela: do we really need name tags?
rich-1: believe you had a spot of weather out there recently?
Ron: James from the other side of the Pacific Rim
GuyF: Nametags? Doesn't everyone know each other's names already?
james: hey ron, can you see me waving?
BobS: kinda pointless at this point isn't it
rich-1: think that was teh point of Pam's question, Guy
Ron: Ya know, I've often wondered about that
Pamela: stand up, James
rich-1: still no joy, james - stand on a box
Guy B.: You guys don't want name tags? Gee, where's the fun.
Ron: Was out playing golf all day.. I'm sunburned
Pamela: for shame, Ronald - where's your sunscreen?
BobS: aw, now we feel REAL sorry for ya mon
james: i thought you lived on the west coast, ron :P where'd you get the sun?
GuyF: Ron: Life gets more complicated when you retire eh?
Ron: Oh I wore that, but I can still feel it
Ron: yeah, you have to hit a little round ball so it goes straight and far
Pamela: I know where mine is - somewhere in Aunt Cynthia's house in Windsor
james: brb
rich-1: what is it doing there?
Pamela: I dunno - couldn't find it after I put it on on Saturday morning - having a party?
Ron: So..... I now have my passport
BobS: it is keeping the house from getting burned !!!!!
Ron: and my plane ticket
BobS: COOL, will it help ?
Pamela: fat lot of good that does me : )
rich-1: good, I've got my rooms
Ron: yes, that too
Pamela: well, we have plane tickets, and hotel reservations, now I just need to get Guy a cheque
rich-1: good, I've got our room Wed -Wed and Guy has our cheque for the Adam part
Ron: oh damn ! I knew there was something I didn't do yet.... gee.... promised that last week
Ron: Ok.... tomorrow for sure Guy
Guy B.: OK Ron.
rich-1: and I hope our extra days will be credited to the 'con contract incase not enough show up otherwise
Ron: will send via fast camel
Guy B.: I'll be right back.
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: note to self: get batteries and film for camera and remote
Pamela: since with all these fancy cameras, I'm the only one who has a remote for theirs (afaik)
Ron: I have remote for my Nikon
rich-1: aren't you using fechargables, Pam?
GuyF: A remote for a digital camera? I don't have one fo those! Argh, need to get a new camera!
Pamela: not digital, Gui - good old fashioned film
Ron: thanks to son Jeff..... it was a Christmas gift
GuyF: Pam: Bleah
Pamela: I love you too!
GuyF: Pam: Haha
rich-1: enjoy it while you can - did you know Canon has stopped making film cameras?
Ron: Also have a remote for the camcorder, although I've never used it
GuyF: So did Nikon Rich
Pamela: want a digital but it's on the someday list
Ron: Our club has all gone digital
GuyF: And they are bringing down the telegraph lines apparently.
rich-1: I believe even Kodak is talking of it seriously, and likely to quit making film too
Pamela: along with a new desktop, printer, fax and laptop
Pamela: oh, and a new car
Pamela: I don't want much
rich-1: but patience would be a good start?
Ron: Hey Pamela, you stole the last item on my list
Pamela: is Rosie still acting up, Ron?
GuyF: Geez, in 10 years I'll be telling my daughter: "You know what daughter? When I was a child and young adult, I use to develop my pictures at the pharmacy", it'll sound as odd as the old-timers telling me that they used to check their vaccum tubes at the pharmacy.
Ron: no, she's behaving herself, but I've been looking about
Ron: I'm in no rush
Pamela: "God grant me patience, and do it quickly!"
rich-1: actually, the pharmacy will print your pictures from disc or memory card cheaper than you can do it on your printer
BobS: HEY you young wippersnapper!!!!!! I used to check my vacuum tubes at the drugstroe when i was in my teens
Pamela: I'm also on the lookout but can't afford one yet, and having trouble deciding what direction I should go to get the features I want
GuyF: BobS: C'mon, that's like ancient history, 40's, 50's...
rich-1: I'd give you my JamCam but the software won't work with a VIA motherboard
BobS: absolutely Richard.......printing pics is expensive and the stores do ti cheap
Ron: Last transmitter I worked on at a Coast Guard Radio station, we had to go to the USSR for tubes
GuyF: One word for printing pics: Wal-Mart.
BobS: early 60's GuyF
Pamela: ya got that right, Gui
Ron: 12AX7
rich-1: Wal-Mart is a four-letter word around here
Ron: amongst others
Pamela: yeah - it's called "save"
rich-1: save what? and at what price?
Ron: Hey, I patronize Mal Wart despite my original intent not to do so
Pamela: that's a discussion for another day, Dad
BobS: got to go with the flow Richard....things change and we have to go with the change sometimes
rich-1: I find Canaidan tire, Zellers, and the specialist store discounters fully competitive
GuyF: I bought an awesome book today Ron and thought of you, and that it might interest you: "The Victorian Internet". A book, telling the story of the telegraph's creation and remarkable impact and of the visionaries, oddballs and eccentrics who pioneered it. Sounds a lot like the Internet we know of today.
BobS: can only fight so long and get tired
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changed username to Guy B.
Ron: Yes, I'd like to have a look at that
Guy B.: I'm back.
Ron: Zellers here has been completely eclipised by Mal Wart. Think soon somebody somewhere will make a business decision
GuyF: If it weren't for The Bay, Zellers would have went under a while ago.
Ron: you can roll a bowling ball down most aisles any time of day and not hit a soul
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changed username to rich-2
BobS: oops, and even I recognize the Zeller name
Pamela: will be interesting to see what happens to Zellers now that HBC has been bought by the US conglomerate
GuyF: Zellers in Quebec isn't as busy as Wal-Mart. They try their hardest, but it's hard to compete.
rich-2: sorry, knocked myself off there, I think
rich-2 requested to ban rich-1
BobS confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Ron confirmed ban
Ron: See they've just amended their credit policies..... soon I can get cash advances on my Bay card....... at 28.8%
BobS: and so we KNOCK you out also sir
GuyF confirmed ban
Guy B.: OK, thanks to a wonderful new girl I'm about to date. There is a trolley that will stop in front of the Shedd. I will find out more.
Ron: thanks, but no thanks
GuyF: Ron: Yeah, you can do that at Canadian Tire too...
rich-2: cash advances on your VISA card are cheaper - not much, but cheaper
Pamela: IMHO, the biggest problem with Zellers was their HBC mindset - payroll geared to sales. What they forget, as does HBC, is that sales is geared to payroll too.
Ron: As it is, I go there for pharmacy stuff because I get club Z points for my bad health
rich-2: oh, our pharmacy doesn't give loyalty points on prescriptions
Pamela: whereas I go to Pharma Plus, where I get Air Miles, which paid for my ticket to Chicago : ))
Ron: they do here
rich-2: if they did, I'd have millions
GuyF: Pam: I went to a K-Mart in Burlington a few months ago, and literally felt bad for them. The place was literally dead. You could see that they were dying and going out of business due to the new Super Wal-Mart opening.
rich-2: I only pay $6.11 per prescription and still had an over $400 medical claim on my income tax
Ron: There are still K-Marts?
GuyF: Ron: Maybe not in Canada...
Pamela: only in the US, Ron. Burlington VT, right, Gui?
GuyF: Yes.
Ron: you know, I really used to love that store...... it was in Campbell River before Zellers bought it out
Ron: They actually had men's clothing that was my size
rich-2: can't think of any left in Toronto
Ron: ah ok
GuyF: We had a K-mart too in my neighborhood when I was a kid, but it's long gone.
james confirmed ban
rich-2: the one at Bayview Village is now an LCBO
Pamela: gone the way of Woolco and Woolworths
Pamela: actually, it's a Chapters, isn't it, Dad?
GuyF: Yep, we also had Miracle Mart in Quebec.
Ron: Oh I remember them....from my Ottawa days
rich-2: Bob, remember Two Guys from Harrison? we bought things in their econd store
BobS: N O !!!! had a Miracle Mart in Grand Rapaids about 40 yrs ago and it went kablooey
rich-2: no, it's an LCBO main store - A list
Pamela: yes, the Zellers at Jane / Wilson used to be a Miracle Mart if I remember correctly
BobS: no richard i don't
rich-2: once they were a big national chain - now no one even remembers them
Pamela: right at the east end, beside the apartment buildings?
rich-2: sort of like Kresge's
GuyF: Miracle Mart was owned by Steinbergs.
Ron: now you're taking me back
Pamela: me too
rich-2: yes, that end, Pam
Pamela: Bob, do they still have Piggly Wigglys in the states?
GuyF: Piggly WUT???
Pamela: american grocery store, Gui
Ron: or Mrs. Tiggy Winkles"
rich-2: it's a southern chain and, I believe, surviving well
GuyF: Hahaha, probably wasn't too popular with Jews or Muslims.
rich-2: well, it dates back to long before that was a consideration, Guy
BobS: name is familiar but don't know if there are any left Opam
Pamela: there's a question, Guy - what's around in the way of grocery stores in Chicago?
rich-2: Meijers
Guy B.: We have Dominicks and Jewel mostly in the area. There are some independant grocers too.
rich-2: you have Safeway too, don't you?
Ron: gotta have my late nite cheezies
Pamela: that's what we're shipping back with you Dad - cans of Cherry 7-Up
Ron: and diet coke
Guy B.: Dominicks is own by Safeway.
Pamela: dinner of champions, Ron : )
rich-2: see what I get for having a truck?
Ron: yeah
Pamela: what, you want me to carry it back on the plane????
GuyF: Hmmm, time to check the hockey score, see if the Canadian team gave a whooping to the US team.
BobS: how's about cherry coke and wild cherry pepsi ?????
Pamela: go Oilers
Ron: i wouldn't look if i were you Guy
rich-2: it's an uphill fight for Edmonton since they lost their goalie
BobS: oh oh ron knows
GuyF: Uh-oh, that bad Ron?
Pamela: nah, Cherry 7-Up is what we can't get here
Ron: 'fraid so
GuyF: Drat!
Pamela: we can get the other two
Ron: 3-0 Carolina last I looked
BobS: ok then load up the van AND the trailer
BobS: how is the refrig business coming Richard ?
rich-2: trailer, if I can work a deal, will be in Grand Rapids
BobS: keeep workign on it mon
james: arright folks, i'm quite behind in this little "work" thing i have to do, so i'm afraid i'll have to cut out early
Pamela: just lost Dad again
Guy B.: I have discount cards for both stores. So, if you guys get the urge for a snack. You can let me know.
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Pamela: work is overrated, James : )
BobS: be good james......
GuyF: James: Work is overrated, stay for a while longer!!!
changed username to rich-3
Ron: work?
james: as it is, i overslept this morning
Pamela: Dad, what are you doing?
Ron: bad for the health
GuyF: Ron: :d
rich-3: sorry, got dumped again - damn XP anyway
BobS: ya
james: *poof*
Pamela: well if you must, you must James
james left chat session
Pamela: goodnigh
BobS: damn bill gates stuff
Pamela: t
GuyF: That's why I said no more a few days ago and am now running Mac OS X. The best OS on the planet!
rich-3: well, I've got a parcel of ubuntu discs on the way
Pamela: it must be you Dad, I've never had a problem with XP
Ron: My Mandriva Linux seems to be behaving itself so far
BobS: lost richard again
BobS: shees
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to rich-4
BobS: welcome home sir
Pamela: did you solve your anti-virus issues, Ron?
rich-4: but for how long? this is ridiculous
Ron: you will run out of numbers at this rate Rich
BobS: penacillin Pam
Pamela: and I'm not sure about having four (!) fathers!
Ron: No Pam, I've been dabbling in Linux for quite a while..... I'm a newbie with 0 years experience
rich-4: I'll restart with an alpha list
Ron: 10 years that is
BobS: start w/ richard
rich-4: too much typing
Pamela: if you can hang in for half an hour Dad you'll be fine
rich-4: anyway, Bob, the installation quote is the issue - it is ridiculusly high
Pamela: are you going with electric only, or gas as well, Dad?
rich-4: I mean if I'm going to tow that far at today's gas prices, I have to see some saving
rich-4: I have an electric only in there now, Pam
BobS: yes, seems like a refrig should be a 15-30m minute job, aftera IS self contained other than a plug and a copper line
Pamela: and what are you doing with the bar fridge?
rich-4: you got ambitions of inheriting it?
Pamela: sure, if you don't want it and it's usable
BobS: gonna open a 'bar'
Pamela: we can always use more fridge space
GuyF: allright have to go pick up my wife from work, was nice talking to all y'all.
rich-4: for all practical purposes, it is brand new, never used
Pamela: g'nite, Gui, say Hi to Sandra for us
Ron: Hows she doing Guy?
BobS: nite Guy
rich-4: good to have you here, Guy - see you next week
rich-4: you and Sandra take care
Ron: be well
GuyF: Ron: She's doing good, 5 months and 1 week, and counting!
Ron: right..... say hi for us
Pamela: Bob, a few years ago, just before we moved into this apartment, I won a small bar fridge at the company Christmas party
GuyF: Thanks, you too... Will do!
Pamela: I thought, what are we going to do with this???
GuyF left chat session
Pamela: but it's been a lifesaver
Guy B.: Nite Guy
BobS: and
Pamela: we have a very small, very old fridge in our apartment so we put all our beverages in the bar fridge
rich-4: you really should get after the management for new appliances, Pam
Pamela: and that works fine, but if we had a bigger one, it would be better yet. If M & D arent' going to use it, we might as well put it to good use.
Guy B.: Annie is tired today. We had a long walk today on the bike trail.
rich-4: don't know about Hydro rebates, but they'd save it back on electric bills surprisingly quickly
Pamela: is she flopped at your feet, Guy?
Guy B.: She's on the sofa.
Pamela: smart puppy : )
Ron: tired pooch
rich-4: see? mutt's spoiled already ; - )
Pamela: Inky is currently whining in the doorway
Pamela: I'm trying to ignore him
Pamela: i've asked, Dad, but will have to put it in writing, as our landlord has the memory of a sieve
Pamela: also, we have bigger issues to deal with right now, such as the bathroom ceiling disintegrating
Guy B.: She's way different from Abby, but not as wild as her. That's what is unique about Annie.
rich-4: yes, and they should be re-glazing the whole building before the heating costs bankrupt them
Pamela: all dogs are unique, Guy
Pamela: well you know that and I know that, but I doubt it'll happen soon - very expensive in an old building like this one
rich-4: oh yes, picked up the latest issue of HUB for you yesterday, Pam
Pamela: thank you : )
rich-4: true, Pam, but it's even more expensive not to do it
Guy B.: You will get to meet her and she will be all over you in a minute.
Pamela: due to the census, discovered the building was built in 1964 - it's older than I am
rich-4: be warned, Guy, I seem to have a developing allergy to animal hair
Pamela: I hope so, Guy : ) I love dogs
Guy B.: Anyway folks. I've had quite a day, even though I'm on vacation. So, I'll see you all next week.
BobS: but that is no excuse to let the building go to to speak
Ron: right Guy..... 'nite
Pamela: okay Guy - keep us posted on the restaurant issue
BobS: nite Guy
Guy B.: I will.
rich-4: and I can't take antihistimines because they conflict with other medications
Pamela: (PRIVATE) and keep me posted re: Carla : )
Guy B.: I will.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) Hugs to you
Ron: somebody want to fill me in on the restaurant issue?
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) I will and me too.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) thanks
rich-4: OK Guy, as you find word, do post it on the mailing list
Guy B.: Poof.
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: still searching for a banquet location, Ron
Ron: ah
Pamela: Guy is supposed to go up this week and check out what's available
Ron: ok
Pamela: all I recommended was quiet, and possibly with a separate room
rich-4: one wonders why he didn't have that settled last fall
rich-4: yes, since we can get to be a naiosy lot
Ron: Well, as I recall, I was still negotiating with the restaurant here when you guys were showing up on the doorstep
Pamela: I think Guy understands the issue of quiet, since he has the same issue as Mother with hearing assistance
Pamela: that;s the problem with hearing aids of any kind - they amplify everything
rich-4: since I have only second-hand reports, I can't comment on that, Ron
BobS: it is not the banquet per se Ron...but the whole procrastination thing
Ron: right
rich-4: don't know how many we have lost because we ran beyond the deadline for booking vacation time
Pamela: one way or 'tother, it will get done
Pamela: there have been a lot of issues this year, with timing, and money issues just two of the problems
rich-4: yes, we'll have us, Dale and family, some ADr.D. and Slopsema presence, Murray, Ron...
Pamela: Erin and Rich are still up in the air as to how long they're coming for, I believe
rich-4: yes, Rich seems to be feeling the financial pinch, don't know what's with Erin but if she's helping out at home...
Pamela: we lost Ron
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-4: well, nice to know it isn't just picking on me
changed username to Geoff
Pamela: she's not, but they are going to have to pay for a wedding, and an immigration lawyer, to name two things
BobS: hey Geoff
rich-4: oops, which geoff is this? from the Old South?
BobS: welcome
Pamela: greetings, Geoff
Geoff: Hey there! Yep... this is old south Geoff. :)
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Ron1
rich-4: then welcome back, good buddy - missed you these last few weeks
Pamela: okay, Ron, what happened?
Geoff: yeah... been kinda busy here lately. Was doing some laps at the pool this evening.
rich-4: welcome back, Ron - what happened?
Ron1: One thing Linux can't do it seems, is keep track of the state of my laptop battery
rich-4: oops!
Ron1: it died
Pamela: may I suggest a cord Ron?
Ron1: yes, that I now have
Ron1: a good idea indeed
Pamela: : )
Pamela: I'm jealous, Geoff - haven't been able to go swimming yet
rich-4: well, it was swimming weather today
Pamela: Sunday was gorgeous - that's why we were so late getting back - we were at Graeme's and didn't want to leave the backyard and the sunshine
rich-4: won't be tomorrow, or through the weekend, but it was today
Geoff: This is the first time to swim laps for me in several years. It kicked my butt. ;)
rich-4: yes, if you aren't used to it, it can be a challenge
Pamela: well the nice thing about water is, it's soft : ) and next time, it'll be better.
Ron1: probably one of the most strenuous forms of exercise around
Pamela: I love swimming - I'm a fish
Ron1: me too.... I'm not that great at speed, but I can do distance pretty well
Pamela: and the nice thing about the trailer is, we have an indoor and an outdoor pool
rich-4: well I hope you noticed the motel has a pool, then
Geoff: no kidding. I've been looking for a good cardio workout to supplement the bike. It gets freakin' hot here during the summer months, and riding long distances can be a drag when it's 90+F outside.
Ron1: neat
Pamela: Oh, I certainly did, Dad - you may have to fish me out to eat
Ron1: must remember to bring my swim trunks
Ron1: water thus displaced will drain the pool
Ron1: for me I mean
BobS: hey kids gonna blow now and jump in the sack
BobS: will see ya next week
BobS: BE GOOD while I am gone, OK???????
rich-4: OK Bob, take care and keep us posted
Pamela: night Bob - have a good one - hi to Judy
Ron1: very well Bob..... be well.... probably won't be here next week....have an AGM for our Valleylinks
BobS: ok
BobS left chat session
Ron1: and since I'm chairing, I better go
Pamela: : (, Ron
rich-4: if you're chairing, you can keep it short and get home early
Ron1: yes Rich, if I have anything to say about it
Ron1: which I will
Ron1: Oh joy.... a Law and Order re-run
rich-4: right - we have a number of issues to solve right now
Pamela: it'll get done Dad
rich-4: there's a development notice gone up where we park the trailer
rich-4: and the guy who does our service has decamped to Madoc
Ron1: be well all
Ron1: I'm off to have late supper
Ron1: dunno what. but something
Pamela: gnite, Ron - hope you make next week
rich-4: OK Ron, see you next week - even if late ; - )
Pamela: be good
Ron1: right, will do my best sir
Ron1: poooof
Pamela: Dad, what do you require in a parking spot for the trailer?
Ron1 left chat session
rich-4: a sfe place I can get it into
rich-4: and oh yes, not too horribly expensive
Pamela: there's a place off Clayson just north of Wilson that advertises parking space for all kinds of things - RV's, boats, trailers, semis etc. Shall I get the number for you and look around?
rich-4: I would appreciate it - it's likely very expensive but we should ask
rich-4: we're even contemplating a campground, seasonal plus storage
Pamela: as far as I can tell, it's just a big gravel parking lot, but I think it's gated and monitored. I'll check.
rich-4: your mother likes one down by Vineland but it's in a river valley and I don't trudt flood plains
rich-4: anyway, we are neglecting Geoff
Geoff: heheheh
Pamela: well you've just started looking Dad. Just remember, some seasonal sites won't allow you to take the trailer off the lot - if you do on ours, you lose your site and your rent for the year
rich-4: nothing to chip in to the conversation, Geoff?
Geoff: Did Dale and Daniel stop by tonight?
Pamela: neither one, Geoff
Pamela: Daniel sent an e-mail saying he wouldn't be here - don't know what happened to Dale
rich-4: and Dr. D. ws missing too
Pamela: was probably sleeping : )
rich-4: when are they contemplating getting married?
Geoff: oh well... just curious if they had done anything more with the emulator.
Pamela: don't know - that will depend on a number of things which I'll go into in person at some point soon
rich-4: I do believe they ae up to something, Geoff, but no idea what it might be
Pamela: Dad, we're going to the trailer this weekend so don't forget to tell Mom
rich-4: just so long as they don't do it in September, when we hope to be away
Pamela: I'll try to call you tomorrow night and we can cover some of this stuff, okay?
rich-4: OK, your mother hs been informed
rich-4: good idea, Pam
rich-4: I have the satellite guy coming to check out a system failure tomorrow
Pamela: okay you can tell me about that, too
rich-4: so I had better get unwound and headed for bed
rich-4: so goodnight Geoff, goodnight Pam
Pamela: Geoff, I'm sorry we're deserting the field on you here
Pamela: goodnight, Daddy - hugs to you and Mom
Geoff: no biggee... showed up late so that's what I get. :)
rich-4: colour me gone
rich-4 left chat session
Pamela: well, be early next week - and send me some water : )
Pamela: until then, have a good one
Geoff: see ya!
Pamela: kerpoof
Geoff left chat session
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