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rich-c: sorry 'bout that, Guy - not my best evening
changed username to Dale
Guy F.: hello
Dale: Hi all.
rich-c: hello Dale, good to see you
Guy F.: Hey Dale, early for once!
Dale: Guy, have you thought about how much time you need for your presentation at AdamCon?
rich-c: both of you - I expected my usual lonely vigil for the first 20 minutes
Guy F.: Wrong Guy.
Dale: You presented with Daniel for 45 minutes last year.
Dale: I was hoping you'd have some hardware hacking ideas.
Guy F.: Dale: Oh, OK... well, I'm not attending Adamcon this year unfortunately, as much as I'd like to.
Dale: ColecoVision oriented is fine by me.
Guy F.: I let Guy know last week in chat.
Dale: Too bad. We'll miss you.
Guy F.: I'll miss you guys too, honestly, been thinking about it a lot recently since the date is coming soon.
Dale: Daniel sent PowerPoints when he couldn't attend.
Guy F.: It's the added cost of a plane ticket that is not working out.
Dale: ;-)
Guy F.: Hey, I'd love to do some sort of presentation!
Dale: brb
rich-c: what prices were you seeing on tickets, Guy?
Guy F.: Rich: Oh? Are you usually all alone at 9:00 PM here? It does seem a bit quiet, I usually try to make it for 9:00 PM myself.
Guy F.: Rich: 800-900
Guy F.: Looked at Expedia.
Dale: Back.
rich-c: I think that is a LOT more than Pamela found - maybe she can tell you assuming she turns up later
Dale: Well, make a presentation up, and we'll find someone to present it for sure.
Guy F.: I'll wait for her to log on... I'll be leaving soon though, starting work at 11:00 PM, doing a double shift till tomorrow 2:00 PM.
rich-c: and for your other question, yes, I am usually first on promptly at 9 - delayed slightly today
Dale: I'm planning on driving to Chicago for sure.
Guy F.: Cool, will have to think up of something...
Guy F.: Dale: How many hours?
rich-c: Dale, you know airlines prices, what should a good Montreal- Chicago return cost?
Dale: If you have the time on the Monday for the drive back, we could try to car pool maybe.
Guy F.: Hmmmm, it's starting to look appealing!
rich-c: I am also driving but unfortunately will be staying eight days in Chicago
Guy F.: Rich: Oh??? Thought you were flying?
rich-c: unfortunately from a carpool point of view, that is
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: no, Pam and Russell are flying, we are going to drive
Dale: Hi ho Daniel.
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Guy F.: Salut Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Dale-W, Rich-C and Guy-F
Dale: I still haven't figured out if Neil is coming.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm at my job... doing overtime ... rush because deadline is friday morning
rich-c: in fact we will likely be 2-1/2 days enroute, as we are taking our trailer over to Michigan for service
Dale: Have you started any CV projects this year Daniel?
rich-c: sounds like you're becoming quite the company man, Daniel ;-)
Dale: I haven't heard you mention any lately.
Dale: I guess you were working on that launch menu.
Daniel Bienvenu: only thinking ... not started any
rich-c: I hope they recognize it with a permanent appointment
Guy F.: I'm actively looking for a good Colecovision Emulator now that I'm on the Mac Mini platform. Can't find any.
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't finish the lunch menu yet... I'm late in all my schedule
Dale: I have done way less hobby programming since it got warm. I guess it's like that every year for me.
Dale: I'm working on a presentation on interactive dialog.
Daniel Bienvenu: for the adventure game you are doing
Dale: Guy, have you tried the SDL version of AdamEm?
Guy F.: No, I haven't yet, is it for the Intel Macs or PowerPCs?
Dale: It should compile nicely for the Mac, I have it working on Linux, Windows and my Sony PSP.
Daniel Bienvenu: oh, I forgot, I didn't programmed the sound emulation yet for this emulator... arg, I'm late in every project this year
Dale: No worries Daniel. It seems the your job drains all of your creative energy.
rich-c: you're a working man now, Daniel, can't do everything at once any more
Guy F.: Daniel: Now all you need is to get married to have every single bit of energy drained outta ya. Hmpf.
Daniel Bienvenu: ... this sunday (stop) my birthday (stop) 31 years old ...
Dale: Happy Birthday!
Guy F.: DB: Are you using a telegraph to chat with us?
rich-c: that's OK, my nephew is committing matrimony July 1 and he's 40
rich-c: so quit fussing and have a happy birthday!
Dale: MY new company that I start in the fall, now officially has a name. CrossWing Inc.
Guy F.: DB: 31? I got married at 32... You're still a young pup.
Guy F.: Nice name.
Dale: I'm putting up three co-op job descriptions next week.
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changed username to Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Jusy
Daniel Bienvenu: err... Judy
rich-c: welcome Judy
Dale: A Mechanical Engineer, an Electrical Engineer and a Computer Science co-op.
Daniel Bienvenu: typing too fast... sorry
Judy: Hi, All!!!
Dale: And we will build robots.
rich-c: where's the Old Man?
Guy F.: Dale: What kind of robots?
Dale: With any luck anyway.
Judy: he is right here, should be on soon
rich-c: why Inc. instead of Ltd. or LLC?
Dale: We are targeting consumer market. The first application is in the kitchen.
Dale: My partners say "Limited is too limited."
Dale: So Inc it is.
Guy F.: Anyways guys, as much as I don't want to do this, I have to leave. I start work at 11:00 PM tonight, doing a double shift, so time to get ready and hop on the bus!
rich-c: OK, sorry I asked! ;-)
Dale: In the kitchen we will clear the table, set the table, and load the dish washer.
Daniel Bienvenu: Ho Dale, if you can have a bunch of pcbs for me this year (before summer ends?), it will be really appreciate. I have to make more cartridges of Mathieu Boyer's Maze Maniac.
rich-c: good luck Guy and keep in touch - maybe we can get you to the 'con yet
Dale: Well, see, so I'm behind on all of my projects too.
Judy: don't work too hard, Guy
Dale: I never finished my 1k game.
Dale: And I don't have a PCB ready yet. Among other things.
Guy F.: Well if some sort of car pooling can be arranged, it might be a possibility...
Guy F.: Anyways, got to run!!!
Guy F. left chat session
Dale: Daniel do you have any time to prep a presentation for AdamCon? You've done something for the last several years.
rich-c: and, I'll ask Pam about good airline prices - though she is on Air Canada, I believe
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: hello Robert, we have been waiting for you
BobS: why????
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, I understand... tell me when you will try to make some.
BobS: did i do something wrong?
rich-c: well leaving poor Judy here without your support...
Dale: Hi Bob.
Daniel Bienvenu: For now, I have to find another solution... I think I will buy some from AtariAge.
BobS: hi Dale
Dale: You will be the first to know.
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Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Bob
Dale: I just have to drop off my existing design to Nat. But I've been sitting on it for two months for now good reason.
BobS: hey Daniel
Dale: I intended to work on it yesterday. But instead I helped my mother and wife most of the day.
BobS: howdy to ya'll others too in case you missed iut
Dale: Ah well. They needed help.
BobS: itr
BobS: it
changed username to james
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm sorry... lady and gentlemen... I really have to stop chatting and finish fixing that stupid bug before midnight
rich-c: good morning james
BobS: hello james
james: morning, i'll be back and forth
Dale: ttyl Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: hello James
Daniel Bienvenu: bye all!
james: how is everyone?
Daniel Bienvenu: * p o o f *
BobS: bye Daniel
rich-c: OK Daniel, get that bug and swat it good!
BobS: doing good here james
james: that's good
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
BobS: heck STOMP on it eh????
rich-c: carrying on, james - finally have some decent weather
Dale: Jeffrey played his third soccer game tonight. He says he had fun.
rich-c: took out trailer in for seasonal service yesterday
Dale: At that age, all players take turns having breakdowns, at some point during the game.
BobS: COOL.......don't seem like he could be that big....but I guess
BobS: time marches on whether we older ones want it too or not
james: weather here is crap
rich-c: what's it doing, james?
james: really windy
BobS: snow??????
james: rainy now
Dale: It is quite funny to watch the coach doing drills that the kids just don't get. He gets more exercise than they do. :-)
BobS: oh that's all?
james: anything that isn't snow is fine though
rich-c: right - we have so far had a chilly, wet month
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BobS: i coached little league on year (many yrs ago) to about 8 year was a real trip !!!
Dale: brb
james: yeah, it's been like that here this year too
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: sunshine hours 32% under average, precip 17% over
james: i haven't used the a/c once yet this year and we're into the middle of june already
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!!
rich-c: hello Guy
james: yup, same here, produce has gotten pricy, even by japanese standards
BobS: oh boy james, this weekend we are going to cook here................and richard cooks on sun & mon
BobS: hi guy
rich-c: I've had it on in the van twice (very briefly) and house once
Guy B.: I'm on the notebook while watching the Cubs.
rich-c: we just got a new unit installed so testing it doesn't count
BobS: so, what'd you do with the trailer richard???????
BobS: tires still round, still follows like apuppy ?????
rich-c: it's in now for brake and bearing check, general fettling
rich-c: then it goes for structural look-see and repair
BobS: repair ?????
BobS: liek as in broken ????
rich-c: and I'm waiting to see if I can make a deal with your Michigander for the fridge
james: bbs, need to clean a few things here
BobS: ah yes.........or just buy the sucker and have Russell and Pam install it
rich-c: I got a new, slightly lighter, trailer hitch earlier, it seems to work
BobS: or your local guy even..........
rich-c: don't want to tow to and from Michigan with no fridge
rich-c: basic plan is tow it over July 10/11, drop it off morning of the 12th and go on into Chicago
rich-c: then when we leave Chicago on the v20th we'll pick it up on the way out
rich-c: that will give them 8 days to handle the installation
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Dale: Gotta go put Jeffrey to bed. I'll talk to you all next time. Bye for now.
changed username to Dr. D.
Guy B.: Bye Dale
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: night, dale - our best to Jill and Jeffy
changed username to Pamela
Dr. D.: Bye Dale...
rich-c: hello daughter
Judy: bye Dale
Pamela: Hi Dale, bye, Dale
Guy B.: Hi Pam
BobS: bye Dale
Dale: Hi Pam
BobS: doktor
Dale: Poof
Pamela: Hi everyone else
Dr. D.: Hi all...I am on the phone with Rin, that is why she is not here.
BobS: Pamela
Dale left chat session
rich-c: you've already missed GuyF and Daniel
BobS: howdy doody
Judy: Hi Pam
BobS: well...........shucks
Dr. D.: Sorry...I am working late tonight, and she just has dialup, not DSL.
rich-c: do we want to know what it is about?
Pamela: ah, that explains that. Rich, ask her if my e-mail ever came thru : )
BobS: we don't care about you working late, it is the dial up part for Erin that bothers us
BobS: HA
Pamela: hey, I'm on dial-up too
Dr. D.: Erin says, which E-mail do you mean?
BobS: nothing wrong with dialup......unless you are talking on thephone
Pamela: the one responding to "which day"
rich-c: yes, but you're on Tamco - it can make a difference
Dr. D.: I am trying to get a poster out the door for a conference I have to go to on Sunday.
Dr. D.: She says no, Pam.
rich-c: hey, you've still got four days - take it easy!
Dr. D.: If it isn't at the printer tomorrow morning at 9 AM, no poster.
Pamela: figures - my work e-mail and her e-mail do not like each other
rich-c: btw, hi, didn't see you come in
james: hi dr
james: bbs, cleanin up here
Dr. D.: Ironically, the conference is in Chicago...annual American Society for Engineering Education.
rich-c: right, Tamco doesn't try to have a lot of useless filter rules
Dr. D.: meeting
Pamela: no,it's not that - they will talk to each other, but it takes forever for some reason. I sent her a response to something yesterday at 3:43, she didn't get it till 7:00
Dr. D.: But alas, Erin and I can not afford to attend ADAMcon 18...we are very sorry :-(
Pamela: and today's response was sent before noon - she still doesn't have it
BobS: does your emial go to china and any chance
Pamela: been there, done that Rich - we understand
Pamela: oh, probably, Bob : )
Dr. D.: Wedding costs are projected at $1500, and ADAMcon would cost us $850 or more.
Dr. D.: So, we had to choose...
rich-c: so when are you planning to have the wedding?
Dr. D.: We are shooting for 5 August, but that is contingent upon having certified copies of all dissolution paperwork very soon after the final court hearing on 11 July.
Dr. D.: I am still waiting for my lawyer to tell me if that is reasonable or not.
Dr. D.: He is on vacation :-S
rich-c: that seems very precipate to me, but then we are going to be away Sept. - October
BobS: the way the courts are....don't plan on getting papers too quick
BobS: the wheels of justice (?) grind slowly.....Lowly
Dr. D.: My Dad got his the same day, so that is why I think it is possible.
BobS: hope os
BobS: so
Guy B.: Dr. D. I told Erin that this is more important to you and we will miss you at this year's con.
BobS: maybe not final papers, but acceptable ones to use.......
Dr. D.: Frankly, Richard, if we have to, we will get married when we can, and worry about having a party for anyone interested later, when convenient for all.
Dr. D.: But once the semester starts here, last 2 weeks of August, I am not going to be able to get out of classes etc. until December.
Dr. D.: No way we will wait that long, since we also have a 6-8 month immigration separation clock.
rich-c: understand that position, Rich - Frances would even recommend it (she doesn't like fancy weddings)
Dr. D.: I want Rin, not the party, and she says the same...of course her mother is not happy with that, but so it goes.
Dr. D.: The simpler the better for me.
Pamela: yes, Mother's favourite line - just tell me when to show up : )
rich-c: Frances says Pamela's wedding was pushing the limits for size and elaboration, for her taste
Pamela: it was ten people!!! How can that be pushing the limits?
rich-c: I had to wear a tie!
Dr. D.: haha
Dr. D.: You are exempt if you choose to attend our wedding, Richard :-)
Pamela: and you looked very nice in it - besides, no one told you you had to wear a tie
rich-c: anyway, ask Rich and Rin, I'm sure they'll agree
Pamela: plus, I now have a very nice picture of the two of us
rich-c: Pam, GuyF says he was quoted $800 -$900 for a flight Montreal-Chicago return
Pamela: something I didn't have before
rich-c: that sounds awfully hig to me - your opinion?
Pamela: sounds high to me too
rich-c: could you maybe give him a lead on where to find something better?
Pamela: check travelocity
rich-c: seems the only place he looked was expedia
Pamela: I found better info and rates on
rich-c: OK - he and Dale were also discussing carpool possibilities
Pamela: also, it pays to check the AC website
rich-c: right - unfortunately, I don't have his email address
Pamela: perhaps Guy should look into driving to the nearest US airport and flying out of there
rich-c: Montreal doesn't have a nearest US airport of any significance
james: dr. d, if i fire up my server, would you be able to hook me up with my who fix?
Pamela: brb
Guy B.: That's a good option for him.
Pamela: here
Dr. D.: Off the phone with Rin now...she said she was going to drop by the chat.
BobS: montreal airport is what ?????? Montreal, PQ (YUL) ????
BobS: travelocity ays direct flights $423 round trip
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changed username to eMac
Pamela: and here she is
Pamela: hey, Rin
Pamela: still haven't received my reply, huh?
eMac: bonjour
eMac: nope
eMac: it'll come at 3AM
eMac: hi all
Pamela: apparently my work and your work don't want to talk to each other : )
Guy B.: Hi Rin
eMac: hi Guy
Pamela: how was your day?
Guy B.: How are you?
eMac: my day was hellfire and brimstone....tried to keep the beast contained
Judy: Hi, Ron and Guy
rich-c: is that US or Canadian dollars, what's the airline, and is that originating in Montreal or Chicago
Pamela: well it's a good thing I wasn't distracting you, then : )
eMac: I put my foot down...people got the hint
Judy: We have had a bad week, found out Monday that Doug and Meeka's baby has died
rich-c: what was teh big fuss, Rin?
BobS: originates in both for round trip american Airlines is $453 us and some other one was $464...
Pamela: what, Judy???????
Pamela: OMG
Judy: Tomorrow they will be taking it
BobS: emailed the business to GuyD
eMac: what?
BobS: GuyF
Judy: yes, not good!!!
Pamela: oh, no
Judy: has been awful
rich-c: that's terrible, Judy - please pass on our sympathy and condolences
BobS: needless to say, they are devastated........
Judy: will do
eMac: omg....I'm so sorry.....
Pamela: oh, that's heartbreaking
Judy: that is true, Pam
james: hi ron
Guy B.: Hi Ron
Pamela: Judy, I'm so sorry
Pamela: that's not Ron, guys - Emac is Erin
rich-c: what's Rin doing with an eMac?
BobS: wondered about that////thought Ron said he would miss this week
eMac: e = Erin, Mac = MacLean
Judy: Sorry Erin, thought it was Ron
Guy B.: Oh Judy. Sorry to hear about that.
eMac: no prob
Guy B.: Erin you should be careful. Ron does have a Mac.
BobS: Ron laughs about it too
eMac: I know
BobS: darn computers
Pamela: Judy, please pass on our condolences, and give them both a hug from us
BobS: will do.....she is gone now fro a tissue
rich-c: and the same from Frances and I, Judy
Pamela: I keep a box beside the computer - handy in situations like this
BobS: things looked good until they went to the doctor tues......and could not find a heartbeat
Guy B.: Pass my condolences to the both of them. That must be awfully hard on them.
Judy: I will try, tomorrow we will be going to the hospital and she is having a d&c
BobS: from there the worst was confirmed. she was almost 4 moths along
BobS: usually past any problems, but
BobS: maybe the docs can find out what happened
BobS: an dprevent it again
rich-c: yes, they aren't getting any younger
BobS: well they have plenty of time.......jsut need it to hapen
Judy: no, and it took 9 years for this one
BobS: their 10th anniversary will be in Dec
Pamela: (PRIVATE) Jeez, my dad has a bad case of foot in mouth
rich-c: Pamela was roughly a tenth anniversary child for us - but that was planned
BobS: well she will like to hearTHA
eMac: (PRIVATE) I was just saying to myself..."trust my uncle"
rich-c: I am sure she knows that already
Judy: hopefully now that it happened once it will again
Pamela: (PRIVATE) sometimes I'd like to get him a muzzle
Dr. D.: sorry another phone call
Pamela: who, me?
Pamela: : )
Dr. D.: my colleague at Wright State
eMac: (PRIVATE) back....
Pamela: where's that, Rich?
Dr. D.: I am just reading the back chatlog...Bob and Judy, oh my
Dr. D.: Dayton Ohio Pam, he is going with me to the conference, my co-author
Judy: one of the worst weeks you could ever go thru
Pamela: okay, now I have to read the back log
Dr. D.: to James, yes I can get you Who episodes
rich-c: University named for certain prominent citizens in the bicycle repair trade, if I recall
BobS: hard to do....the darn thing keeps jumping around and gets me eyes kooky
Pamela: and when is the conference Rich? I missed part of this info, obviously - I did catch that it's in Chicago
Dr. D.: I am driving to Dayton on Sunday. My colleague and I are driving to Chicago Monday morning, presenting late Monday afternoon, then driving back partway to Dayton.
Pamela: wow - long days
Dr. D.: Stay overnight somewhere inexpensive, then drive to Dayton Tuesday, then I come back to Cleveland.
Dr. D.: Wednesday, my summer robot course starts.
rich-c: OK - publish or perish incurs its toll, doesn't it?
Dr. D.: That is why the go-and-come-back schedule, it collides with my summer course, I am losing 2 days of it this year.
Dr. D.: NSF wants me to talk about my work, they pay for me to do it, so I do.
rich-c: sounds sensible, but it also builds academic reputation and that's impor5tant
Pamela: (PRIVATE) Judy, can you send me Doug and Meeka's snail mail address? To
Dr. D.: This month is a nightmare...I will be glad when I get to July 1st.
Judy: yes, we will do that for you , Pam
Pamela: thanks, Judy
Pamela: this month is flying by, and it looks like the rest of the summer is going to do the same
Dr. D.: I am going to have to go now, or I will be up all night :-(
rich-c: Rich, do you know Chicago well enough to receommnd any good restaurants around the hotel?
Dr. D.: I know nothing about Chicago, Richard.
Pamela: get some sleep, Rich
eMac: good luck Honey
Dr. D.: Have not been there except on a band trip in high school.
rich-c: OK - anyway good night and good luck with the poster
Dr. D.: I can sleep after I finish this poster...just got a draft that I have to revise :-S
Pamela: Erin, how does Saturday morning sound, usual time
Dr. D.: Thanks all.
Judy: Bob is taking care of as we speak, Pam
Dr. D.: And I am so sorry to hear about the baby...sigh...
BobS: bye doc
Judy: night Dr D
Pamela: night, Rich
Dr. D.: My condolences to all, but that doesn't go anywhere to make anything better :-(
Dr. D.: Just at a loss for words right now
BobS: auf wiedersehen mien herr
BobS: no words really work rich
Judy: no it doesn't but there isn't anything else to say
Dr. D.: I know, that is what bugs me, no words
eMac: it'll work if we are done early. I have to be downtown by about 2
Judy: I have been that way since Monday
Dr. D.: <hugs>
Pamela: (PRIVATE) oh? whatcha doin?
BobS: sleep.....yo are getting sleepy.........
Dr. D.: I am going to <poof> now...take care all
Judy: thanks, DrD
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
eMac: (PRIVATE) going to go watch Italy vs. USA
rich-c: Rin, why was work so beastly? I thought Duncan was getting all the heat today
Pamela: (PRIVATE) ah - okay, groceries only - I can't afford Walmart anyway
BobS: that is why they call it work rest, just keep plugging away at it
eMac: oh it's just some internal office politics
BobS: work is like.............chiseling out Mt Rushmore......takes a loooong time
rich-c: OK, in a political organization, that's inevitable
rich-c: did I mention we joined the federal party?
eMac: what???
Pamela: the Liberal party?????
rich-c: yes, of course - you wre thinking Tories maybe?
Pamela: (identical stunned expressions on Erin's and Pam's faces)
Guy B.: Well folks, I will check the area and I have to find a place for our banquet. But, I will get this done.
Pamela: alright, who are you and what have you done with my father?
rich-c: want to have our say towards teh new leader
eMac: sound reasoning
Pamela: Guy, good luck with that. Let me know when you get our money order.
rich-c: you know I can't stand Harper, and how I feel about the NDP
eMac: I'm not even currently a member with the feds
Guy B.: Ok, will do. I got you, Murray, Ron and Dale.
Guy B.: Rich's payment I got.
Pamela: Bob, what's the word on you two? Any decisions yet?
BobS: not yet, but doesn't look job prospects in sight
BobS: same problem as Dr D and Erin.........a lot of cash to come
Pamela: man, that sucks
BobS: and hard to justify if it isn't coming in one hand to spend in the other
Pamela: been there, done that - got the Tshirt anyway.
eMac: and even then it's not an easy decision
Judy: too, bad you are flying otherwise you could stop by on your way or way home
rich-c: we may give that a shot, Judy, depending on the trailer deal
Pamela: if we had more time it would be feasible, Judy, but if we drove, we'd use up four days just in the drive, plus incurring the extra hotel expense
BobS: tha'd work richard
Judy: that would be great, Rich
rich-c: we will likely want to overnight twice in GR, once coming, once going
Pamela: besides, it's not like you're all that far from Windsor
Pamela: that's one thing I really miss from my Speedy job - four weeks vacation
Judy: we would love to have you come, would be great to see you
rich-c: well, the width of Michigan isn't insignificant, but agreed it is not Ontario
Pamela: it's only a couple of hours from Detroit to GR
Pamela: much closer than I realized when we did it the first time
Judy: that it is
Pamela: Bob, e-mail just came through - thank you
rich-c: even from Toronto if we got up early enough in the morning, we could do it in a long day
eMac: hey you know what colour the shirts are?
rich-c: but these days when we get up in the morning reflects when we go to bed in the morning
Judy: yes, we drove straight thru coming home last year
Guy B.: No idea at the moment. Dale is getting the t-shirts as well as the banner.
eMac: okay :-)
Pamela: excuse me, did you say get up early??? Now I know we're dealing with a changeling
rich-c: have to try to remember to bring the )@ banner...
rich-c: sorry, 02
rich-c: don't think you read it quite through, Pam
Pamela: oh, I read it alright : )
Pamela: I didn't think those words were in your vocabulary
rich-c: but we are usually up well before the crack of noon
BobS: WHY ?????
BobS: don't rush mon
Judy: way to go, Rich
rich-c: want to get the papers read before getting on the computer
Guy B.: By the way, we do have the usual raffle prize this year.
Pamela: well, I've got mine, so I can abstain : )
Pamela: thanks to my favourite cousin, of course : )
eMac: you can play on my behalf then
rich-c: that's the problem - everyone who's coming has one already
eMac: :-)
Pamela: fair enough
Judy: you can always try for two, his and hers
Judy: that is what we have here
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to call it the night. I will have an update sometime during the weekend on AC18.
Pamela: I realized the other day Erin, that once you're married, Garth will be the only cousin on either side of my family who's still single
eMac: night Guy, have a good one
Pamela: gnite, Guy
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
Pamela: (PRIVATE) looking forward to collecting in person, too!
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too. One critter says Hi
Judy: night Guy
rich-c: nite Guy, keep us posted!
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hi, Annie!
Guy B.: Will do.
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: It's not really ten to eleven, is it??
rich-c: no, 13 of
Pamela: where did my evening go?
BobS: yes'm
eMac: indeed it is and therefore my cue to go
eMac: hope you all have a good night
Pamela: Rin, are you home at a reasonable hour tomorrow as far as you know?
eMac: and I'm very sorry Bobs and Judy
Judy: night Erin
eMac: as far as I know
BobS: and here too to pack some stuff for out weekend 'walkabout' up north to Traverse City to vacation a little
Judy: thanks, Erin
rich-c: right Rin, sleep tight and good luck guarding your back
BobS: thanks rin
Pamela: okay, give me a buzz when you get home if you're not too late
Pamela: (PRIVATE) love you
eMac: thanks Uncle Richard
BobS: see ya's next week
eMac: nite all
eMac: (PRIVATE) love you too
BobS: nitey nite
BobS left chat session
Pamela: nite, sweetie
rich-c: nite, Bob and Judy, enjoy your trip
eMac left chat session
Pamela: g'nite, Bob and Judy
Judy: night all
Judy left chat session
rich-c: james, are you still around?
Pamela: may just be you and me, Dad
james: let me check
james: yup :P
Pamela: you're awfully quiet, James
james: so what happened earlier?
Pamela: didn't know you were still monitoring
james: i couldn't follow but heard there was some bad news
rich-c: you were so very quiet, thought you might have blown away
james: doing laundry and vaccuuming here
Pamela: Meeka lost the baby, James
james: oh, very sorry to hear that
Pamela: went in for dr. appt and no heartbeat. They're doing a d & c tomorrow
Pamela: my heart aches for them
james: i'm sure it's difficult indeed, but nature usually has a reason for... english word...
james: miscarriages
james: how far along were they?
Pamela: 16 weeks
Pamela: or would have been this Saturday
james: is this her first conception / child?
Pamela: afaik
rich-c: and Judy implied that that's after ten years of trying
james: well not much we can do for them, unfortunately accept offer empathy until they work through it
james: damn
rich-c: agreed; they so deserve better
james: it took us four years to have case
Pamela: it's so difficult in these situations, because there's no way to help
james: yeah, not much to do, really
james: 10 years is certainly a long time
Pamela: agreed, Dad
Pamela: actually Dad, your comment earlier about me being a 10 anniversary baby isn't far off the mark
Pamela: I was on a website recently which gives you conception date if you input your birth date
james: some things i'd rather not know :P
Pamela: mine was supposedly October 5th : )
rich-c: no, it's actually just a few months off
rich-c: I was thinking about your birth in 1965 after our marriage in 1955
Pamela: I know
Pamela: I just thought the timing was interesting : ))
rich-c: interesting but in the circumstances, itrrelevant
james: i was five days late
Pamela: sorry James, probably TMI : )
james: so should i put in my due date or my actual dob?
Pamela: good question - it asks for your dob
rich-c: I'd say face up to reality, james ;-)
james: yeah, but if i was 5 days late..
james: hmm..
rich-c: I should make some pun here about misconceptions, but...
james: in any case, sometime in november of 1973 my parents got a twinkle in their eyes and 9 months later a stork brought them a baby boy on the tail of a rainbow :P
Pamela: it's too late in the evening for puns Dad -my brain is tired
Pamela: but let me just say . . . groan
rich-c: mine too - getting the trailer ready yesterday was a killer, and I walked a two-kilometer errand today
Pamela: your birthday is in July, James?
rich-c: I have a niumber of muscles telling me they arent used to that
james: august
Pamela: muscles are very vocal sometimes, Dad
Pamela: okay, when in August ?
james: this year i go to 6 bits
james: 21
rich-c: tell me about it! - trailer set-up is heavy work
Pamela: day before Dad's
Pamela: so did you bring it in, Dad?
rich-c: a day before me, same as the late Princess Margaret
rich-c: took it to Apache to have the bearings and brakes checked out, general fwettling
Pamela: general what?
rich-c: fettling
Pamela: ok
rich-c: next going to a bodywork type shop to find out why a part of the floor is spongy
Pamela: btw Dad, I talked to someone about that storage place on Clayson and he said he didn't have warm fuzzy feelings about it - not well enough controlled
Pamela: He did however suggest Jiffy storage on Wilson at Clayson - I'll check it out when I have a few minutes
rich-c: that can be indicative - evidence of weak security is usually a painful experience
Pamela: Rocco runs the body shop which faces the storage yard and he sees a lot of comings and goings, and doesn't think much of their control
rich-c: they are likely to to excessively expensive, Pam
Pamela: I don't think it's personal experience as such
Pamela: well, if you don't ask, you won't know
rich-c: even Apache out where they are (Yonge and 7) quote about $450/yr
Pamela: how much whWed Jun 14 23:08:23 GMT-04:00 2006: rich-c : rich-c: but I agree with your point
rich-c: iirc about $300, or less
Pamela: per annum?
rich-c: yes
Pamela: 'kay
Pamela: will keep that in mind
rich-c: their security is no hell either, but we've only ever had one incident
rich-c: the interior rebuilder has suggested at least three places we can look at
Pamela: I was just thinking it would be nice if you didn't have to go very far to get it
rich-c: we do want near the edge of the city, possibly some place where we can work on it and load it without bringing it in
Pamela: my cat is using foul language here
rich-c: pulling a trailer through Toronto is no fun at all
Pamela: ya got that right
Pamela: driving thru T.O. is no fun, let alone towing
rich-c: OK before I forget - go to - humour section - thread starting "terror cat' - you'll LOVE it
Pamela: got it
Pamela: are you two home over the next few nights?
rich-c: there are lots of other funnies there but that one is so right down your alley
rich-c: far as I know - there's football Friday, don't know what Saturday or Sunday
rich-c: but they are supposed to be scorching hot so we are unlikely to go anywhere
Pamela: okay. I'm going to pack it in for the night, but will call you either tomorrow or Friday - lots to catch up on
Pamela: James, take care, okay?
rich-c: OK - remember I want to borrow HP and have Star Wars3 for you, and HUB
Pamela: will go and put HP out right now so I don't forget : )
rich-c: so see you in a few evenings - sleep tight, now
Pamela: you too Daddy -gnite
Pamela: gnite, James!
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
james: nite!
rich-c: and james, time for me to pack it in too - have to widh you good night - or good afternoon!
rich-c: depending on which time zone you're thinking about
james: nite rich!
rich-c: nite - colpur me gone!
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