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rich-c: confirm
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514kid: Hello Mister.
rich-c: hi Guy\]
514kid: Hi
rich-c: well, beat you to it again ;-)
514kid: Yeah you did, was watching a TV show...
rich-c: so how's things in Montreal? All ready for the Grand Prix?
514kid: Yeah, things are great. Grand Prix doesn't really affect me... never has.
rich-c: I have been following Formula 1 since 1955, on TV since it was available
rich-c: I still find it fascinating
514kid: I really have no interest for that sport...
514kid: So where is everyone else?
rich-c: to each his own - I have no interest in soccer, and lost interest in hockey long ago
514kid: Soccer I have no interest in. Hockey, I love.
rich-c: oh, they will, I hope, turn up, just takes them time
rich-c: from what I've seen, soccer has much in common with hockey, when both are properly played
514kid: Hahaha, yeah, it is taking time.
rich-c: well, Guy will want to tell us about theWed Jun 21 21:16:49 GMT-04:00 2006: 514kid : 514kid: Yep, very similar to hockey, that's true, but there's just a little bit of nostalgia when I watch hockey that Soccer doesn't have. I remember watching Hockey Night in Canada ever sinceu I was a little boy. Never watched Soccer Night in Canada. :)
rich-c: I used to follow hockey when it was a voice show on steam radio with Forster Hewitt
514kid: Finally switched teams, I'm on the Mac side these days.
514kid: Bought a tiny Mac Mini with a Maxi Price.
514kid: Well, you have me beat there with the voice show, hehe.
rich-c: all Macs come with a maxi price, afaIk
rich-c: oh, it was a serious big deal when we saw his first tv show
514kid: It's not too bad, I bought it off of ebay, so I saved a good $250-$300... I'm loving it so far, no problemos at all.
rich-c: actually, he used to start half an hour into the game, near the end of the first period
514kid: He was busy getting drink the first half of the period? :D
rich-c: Canadian or US seller?
514kid: Canadian seller, from Montreal, was a local pickup.
rich-c: no, the Leafs wanted teh exposure but feared a complete game would get the coustomers to stay home
514kid: Hahah, that's funny, how much mentalities changed over the years.
rich-c: they soon learned that with the exposure they had a 20-year waiting list for deason ticketx
rich-c: and of course there were those extra juicy ad revenues
rich-c: anyway, I have never looked seriously at a Mac - the price always put me off
rich-c: and, of course, the lack of software, especially freeware
514kid: Well, the Mac Mini sure is affordable, still more than a regular PC, but you get what you pay for. Lack of software? The MAC was already loaded with everything I need to do with a Mac.
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Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
rich-c: I like more choice than that - corporate goodies are all very well, but sooner or later you want something extra
rich-c: see, Guy, told you Guy would be here soon - hello Guy
514kid: Lots of free software floating around for the Mac on the net. Just got the best pac-man clone I have ever seen on any platform, and it's totally free for the Mac OS X.
rich-c: games I am not into - productivity and utilities are more my speed
rich-c: not that I am an advocate of Windows, which I regard as a virus, at least the XP version
514kid: It's all good. I wish I told myself 10 years ago to do the switch, would have avoided a lot of headaches.
rich-c: you are not the first user I have heard that from, but many still do find it restrictive
514kid: First time in my life I have a computer that just works. No fiddling around, no rebooting, none of that cr*p we all take for granted.
514kid: Restrictive in which way? I find it to be the contrary, it's allowed me to do more so far.
rich-c: me, I have a couple of ubuntu discs an the way - want one?
514kid: I got 10 sets lying around somewhere.
514kid: Nice distro.
rich-c: spread the word, maybe you can unload them, though most of the group have them
514kid: I spread it amongst friends, but now I spread the Mac word, unfortunately, it requires more than just a disc.
rich-c: yes, like maybe some fairly serious bucks
514kid: Well, once it's done, all that's left is to enjoy!!!
514kid: Love it.
514kid: I have 3 PCs lying around the house now, and have no idea what to do with them...
514kid: Maybe I'll burn them to show my discontent.
rich-c: must admit dont hear many folks say that about their computers - and most who do have Macs
Guy B.: I'm back. My sister called. Had to make some arrangements for Annie while Jeanene is heading on a vacation trip with her girlfriend.
rich-c: oh, thought you were waiting for some more to arrive
rich-c: as for the surplus compute4rs, depends on how old htey are and what you want out of them
514kid: I have 2 fairly recent laptops, P4s - 2.6 GHZ +, might unload them on eBay.
rich-c: yes, they should be good for a decent buck, depending on the screen size
rich-c: what brands are they?
514kid: Yeah, or might greedily hang on to them even though I have no use for them. Ahhh, the beauty of capitalism.
rich-c: might as well sell them while there is a market - it's sinking fast
514kid: I'd love to get a MacBook Pro, but doubt I'd get much cash. New laptops go for $1100-$1200 CDN these days. I paid mine close to $1700 US.
rich-c: if you don't want to riosk eBay or ending up having to sell for a too low bid, you can offer on craigslist
514kid: I just set a reserve price and I'm usually okay.
514kid: But then the payment methods screws me over. I don't have Paypal, nor do I want it.
514kid: And the vicious ebay circle starts all over again.
rich-c: yes, but if it doesn't sell you take a bit of a bath in eBay fees
514kid: I'll keep it, and give it away in 4 years, like I usually do with my older stuff.... too complicated.
rich-c: craigslist doesnt have the audience yet but it's coming on hard
514kid: yeah, heard of it, will cehck it out.
rich-c: and there's no fees and no auctioning - set your price
514kid: Ubuntu runs real slowly on my laptop, dunno why.... meanwhile on my desktop which is 3 times slower, it runs blazingly fast.
rich-c: see if there is a - expect there is
514kid: I got a porn site when I tried
514kid: It's .org eh?
rich-c: there's also this new thing the newspapers are pushing - or something?
rich-c: yes, it's non-profit
rich-c: wonder whre Daniel is tonight, and the Slopsemas?
514kid: They're all having a private party and we're not invited. :D We're the loudmouths of adamcon, haha.
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changed username to Daniel B
Daniel B: bonsoir
514kid: Speaking of the french devil!!!
rich-c: well, speak of the devil - salut, Daniel
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
Daniel B: euh... quoi?
rich-c: we were just wondering where you had got to
Daniel B: stuck at my job because of a mistake I did. will be fixed tommorow
rich-c: an anglo expression, Daniel - "speak of the Devil and he'll appear"
514kid: Dan: What kind of mistake?
Daniel B: ok... ša parle au diable
514kid: Bonne St-Jean en passant caline.
Daniel B: erasing files
514kid: Uh-oh, bad boy.
rich-c: that is not a useful thing to do - I speak from experience
Daniel B: I know... but there is a backup somewhere.
Daniel B: tired... help to do mistakes
Daniel B: exhaudted
514kid: You work too much dude.
rich-c: you mean you actually do back up? good for you; too few folks do
Daniel B: anyway
514kid: Never did a backup in me life!
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Daniel B: well, I will conclude a deal Eduardo for a batch of new cases.
514kid: Oh no, you're dealing with the devil?
Daniel B: well, he have the ressources and said that he will purchase another batch of 1000 and he asked who want some.
rich-c: undefined, are you actually among us?
Daniel B: I said that I will take a batch of 200
changed username to Judy
514kid: Dan: I dunno, wouldn't have dealt with him, especially with what went down between the both of you.
rich-c: hello Judy, how goes it?
514kid: Planning on releasing somethingnew?
Judy: Hi, All
514kid: Hello Judy.
Judy: Not to bad, have been much better that is for sure
Daniel B: not really, but I need ressources to continue. And without the pcbs, these new cases will be no help for me.
Daniel B: bonsoir Judy, en forme?
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514kid: En forme de quoi?
changed username to Roberto
Daniel B: hi Guy!
Roberto: ya that!!!!!
rich-c: hello Robert, about time you showed up
Roberto: oh well
Daniel B: hi Roberto!
Roberto: lil late is all
Roberto: hi all you people
514kid: Hope the Oilers win the Stanley Cup.
rich-c: I think Guy has been waiting for the crowd to build before t4elling us somethihng
rich-c: nest year you mean?
Roberto: well the crowd is now 2 stronger
rich-c: for a long time it was just GuyF and I
Daniel B: I will make a deal will AtariAge for some pcbs... this way I will be able to make some cartridges.
Daniel B: Sorry to be tired but I will leave in a couple of minutes
Roberto: bummer dude
Roberto: cool Daniel
Daniel B: my eyes are red...
514kid: Daniel: Wow, that job is killing you, never saw you this tired? You sure you're not doing construction work instead???
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changed username to Guy B & Annie
rich-c: he's really resting up to be ready pour le fete St.Jean-Baptiste
Guy B & Annie: Greetings again.
rich-c: welcome back
Guy B & Annie requested to ban Guy B.
Daniel B confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Roberto confirmed ban
Daniel B: I have another thing to do this june 24.
514kid confirmed ban
Guy B & Annie changed username to Guy B.
Judy: hi, Guy
Guy B.: Be right back.
rich-c: that's your story, Daniel ;-)
Daniel B: Well, this time it's different.
514kid: Dan: Well, happy St-Jean nonetheless.
rich-c: right - I suppose the office is going to go on working right through the holiday?
514kid: Not allowed to do that.
Daniel B: Jean Luc, a friend I meet at the university, will be married this june 24... and I'm invited at the ceremony.
514kid: Official holiday.
rich-c: hoo boy - wathc out for that punch bowl at the reception
514kid: Yeah, I'd love to see Daniel do the limbo!
Daniel B: not in a good shape to do wild things
rich-c: on occasion, that does not stop anyone
rich-c: just a matter of the right - er, - lubrication
Daniel B: ...
514kid: Rich: Hahaha, good one!!!
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changed username to james
Guy B.: Hi James
Roberto: hi james
Daniel B: hello James
james: heya
Judy: hi, James
Roberto: Daniel doing a wild dance all his own would be .......... well, COOL
514kid: Hey James Blunt!
Roberto: ;-)
Daniel B: I really have to quit now... I don't feel good enough to stay online more longer. talk to you later.
514kid: Daniel: Wow, that job is killing ya.
Roberto: ok be good then Daniel
Judy: night Daniel, don't work so hard
514kid: Daniel: Remember, you got at least 50 more years on this beautiful earth of ours, don't wreck yourself.
rich-c: night, Daniel
rich-c: and good morning, james
Daniel B: I will take my afternoon to go shopping and relax.
Judy: good for you, Daniel
514kid: Shopping for what?
Daniel B: I need clothes.
514kid: For the wedding!
Daniel B: yes and no
james: good evening, rich
Daniel B: goodnight!
Daniel B: bye!
Daniel B: * poof *
Daniel B left chat session
514kid: paf!
rich-c: so how are things on your side of the Pacific today, james?
514kid: (PRIVATE) humm, does this work?
rich-c: (PRIVATE) yes, it does
rich-c: GuyB, found our banquet location yet?
514kid: (PRIVATE) Just testing, never sent private messages.
rich-c: (PRIVATE) some folk do it all the time - Daniel and james, for instance
Guy B.: No, will look at that this Saturday, before Jeanene takes off for vacation next week.
rich-c: (PRIVATE) and of course Dr.D. and Rin
514kid: (PRIVATE) Really? I have nothing private to say, I can't keep my mouth shut in public, haha.
rich-c: that's what you said last week, Guy
514kid: Worst case scenario... there's always, as a last choice, Hooters?
james: very very very wet
rich-c: last choice?
james: why last? :P
rich-c: typhoon season starting, james?
rich-c: there's a really nice Polish buffet near Chicago - unfortunately, off the southeast edge
james: just the rainy season
james: only cause i watered stuff yesterday that it's raining so much
Guy B.: I know Rich, I've have to Jeanene come with and she's not been feeling good lately. But, this Saturday I will go up there.
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: at the moment we could use a little rain - but the forecast says some is on the way
Pamela: good evening, everyone
514kid: (PRIVATE) Hmm, doesn't look like Guy B is too good of an organizer?
Pamela: sorry I'm late
rich-c: hi daughter, wondering if you would show up
Judy: Hi, Pam
Pamela: Ran into some neighbours I haven't seen for some time and had to chat for a while : )
rich-c: (PRIVATE) you might say that - others would
Guy B.: HI Pam
Pamela: Judy, how's Meeka doing?
Judy: as well as can be expected
Roberto: gooday matey
514kid: (PRIVATE) Hopefully all will go well for you guys, but his organization is very shaky.
Pamela: the board seems very slow tonite - is it just me?
Judy: she is trying really hard to hold up, it has been really awfull
rich-c: (PRIVATE) doesnt matter really, we all know the drill anyway
514kid: Pam: You using Windows? :)
Pamela: very funny, Gui
514kid: Oh no, I've become a Windows basher, argh, only 2 weeks after getting a Mac... I can't help it, sorry.
Pamela: I can't begin to imagine, Judy
Roberto: don't Pam
Roberto: board speed is fine here
Pamela: you had to know it was going to happen, Gui
Judy: she delivered last Thursday morning and had a D/C latter that morning
514kid: Pam: Yep, Mac eliteness and snobbism.
Pamela: oh, that's awful Judy.
Judy: was a really long day, started at 2:30 in the morning and finally left the hospital after 4
rich-c: happens far more often than you hear about, Pam - which doesn't ease the pain one bit
Pamela: I know, Dad - on both counts
Pamela: on a happier note, three weeks and counting - I'm looking forward to the trip
514kid: To Chicago?
Pamela: yeah
514kid: <jealous>
Pamela: I'm sorry, Gui - I wish you could be there
rich-c: good lord, is that all? I'm so preoccupied with other things it just sort of sneaks up on me
Guy B.: She is Guy.
Pamela: any news on the job front, Bob?
Roberto: nope, just stumbling along rightnow
Pamela: : (
514kid: Something will show up Bob, it always does.
Pamela: it's going to be a busy summer
Judy: he really has not been able to do much about that right now
Pamela: sometimes you have to think outside the box and that can be hard
rich-c: there is a certain element of luck in it, Judy
514kid: Sometimes you have to build your own box!
Pamela: Lindsay sent me a link to a govt of Ontario job - I looked at it and thought, I'm not qualified for this
Judy: very true, Rich
Pamela: but she helped me see that things I would never have thought of contributed to make me very suitable
Judy: so did you apply, Pam
Pamela: I still didn't get the job, but it certainly gave me a different perspective on things
514kid: Luck is a big factor in things...
Judy: and who you know
rich-c: maybe she admited to knowing Erin ;-)
514kid: Rich: Hahaha!
Pamela: nope, no name dropping this time
Pamela: hmm, maybe I shoulda tried that : )
514kid: (PRIVATE) Hahaha, you have the same type of humour I've been developping over the years.
rich-c: I suspect her department is rather annoyed at her plans to marry and leave
Judy: couldn't hurt
rich-c: she'll be bailing just as they start getting serious about the next election
Pamela: well, since it's up in the air if she would have her job after the next election anyway, I think they can manage without her for six months
Pamela: first principle of employment - no one is indispensible
Judy: very true, Pam
rich-c: poliotical assistants are kept around for their potential assistance in the six months leading up to elections
Pamela: that's why she's the issues manager (sorry, inside joke)
Judy: is her date of leaving set, I thought is was still up in the air
Pamela: nope, nothing firm yet - depends on many factors
Judy: that is what I thought
rich-c: well, it depends on when they can marry, then when the US will let her in
Pamela: first is whether Rich gets his final dissolution decree on the day of the court date
Pamela: then getting approval of the papers in Ontario
Pamela: if all that works, they'll go ahead with the wedding on August 5th
Judy: courts have a timeline of there own
rich-c: well, that step should be routine
Pamela: then they start the immigration paperwork and that takes six to eight months
rich-c: unless they get a big turnover in the midterms
514kid: Sounds complicated, maybe he should move to Canada!
Pamela: I think he would if he could, Gui
514kid: He'd rather steal our Canadian women away from us! :)
james: small crowds lately
rich-c: I don't think we're short of professors in his specialty
514kid: Canada has a pretty good talent pool of professors I believe.
rich-c: yes, this is not our best of nights. james
james: so uhm.. not sure if anyone is interested but there has been movement on the nabu
rich-c: in some areas, Guy, in others we are critically short
514kid: Rich: Short in which field?
Roberto: well Guy......dr d does have a semi secure job, so they probably are counting on that fact to keep him emplyed
rich-c: not sure, Guy, though certain of the sciences seems likeliest
rich-c: the nabu?
james: nabu network
james: most people have *not* heard of it
james: that's naboo
514kid: Nabu, Naboo, pretty darn close! :)
rich-c: I've heard of it but don't remember the details
Pamela: now there's trivia for you
514kid: Off to Wikipedia I go....
rich-c: which reminds me - don't forget the HP disc Saturday
james: basically in the early 80s, a company, founded by john kelly, rolled out the nabu network in ottawa
Pamela: no, I won't Dad
james: there was the nabu pc, hooked up to the nabu cable adaptor
james: and software was available on demand via the cable system
514kid: Ah, an Ottawa-based system from the 80s.
rich-c: OK, got it now - and yes, software on the web is getting a big push niw
Pamela: Guy, you're very quiet
rich-c: one of my cursor cronies on is a computer tech and was talking about it
james: so well ahead of its time
james: about the nabu or web based software?
rich-c: web bsed software, basically - he's enthusiastic, I'm sceptical
514kid: The Telegraph system was ahead of it's time, was very similar to the Internet we have today believe it or not. Just finished reading a book on the early Telegraph systems and they were pretty advanced.
514kid: They had encryption, cyphers, their own lingo, eliteness, romance over the lines, etc...
james: techinically text messaging predates regular calling by a long margin
rich-c: saw a review of that book in the Globe, Guy - recall that point being made
james: anyway, a couple years ago i finally got my hands on a nabu pc w/ keyboard and manual, and i stll have my nabu basic manual from ages ago
james: lost the logo manual, unfortunately
james: and a week or so ago was finally put on to the cable adaptor which is on its way here now. i'll have a complete system soon
rich-c: now that is a genuine collectors item I'd say, james
rich-c: and a significant historical artifact
james: it is and it gets better
514kid: Did you guys have the Alex from Bell in Ontario? Another artifact from the 80s.
james: it was rolled out in a couple communities in the u.s. and apparently in japan
rich-c: no, it died before we could get tempted
james: so i'm working with the curator from york u's computer museum
rich-c: york has a computer museum?
Pamela: that was my reaction : )
514kid: Rich: Ok, wasn't sure, thought it was a Canada wide thing (re: Alex)
Pamela: brb
james: the nabu system is going to be brought back online and accessible via the original hardware connected to a tcp/ip enabled pc
rich-c: cool!
514kid: any emulators?
james: not that far along yet
514kid: for people without the hardware?
james: it's a possibility but i don't know
james: now unfortunately, the original software and documention is lost or missing in action, which is a real shame
rich-c: it had some pretty specialized hardware, didn't it? No off-the-shelf chips?
james: actually, it was remarkably like ...
james: i'll entertain guesses
james: no googling!
Pamela: you know, all this lost / mia stuff had to go somewhere - *someone* must still have it
Roberto: ADAM
james: *bing*
rich-c: sounds like some of teh wilder early Amiga concepts, actually
Roberto: most in landfills Pam
james: rumour has it that john kelly, founder of nabu (and several other companies, now head of cata i think) has everything nabu in his garage
james: whether that would include software archives etc i have no idea, but it's got to be *somewhere*
james: i took to opening it up the other night (and will likely do so again and get hi res pics)
rich-c: where does he live (city), james?
Pamela: well there's truth in "one man's junk is another man's treasure" - that's why the yard sale was created
james: apparently in kanata (ottawa west end)
rich-c: maybe you should try some wanted posts on
james: i'm going to contact the company that was responsible for the pilot roll-out here in japan. not hoping for much but who knows
rich-c: or on the ottawa - or both
james: i found my equipment via two surplus dealers in the u.s.
james: but those are good ideas
rich-c: I assume you are trolling eBay regularly
james: so anyway, similarities to adam: z80 processor, ti9918 family graphics processor
james: i think that's what it was
james: you won't find anything on ebay. it's just a very unknown system
james: i even looked in the archives of uhm.. what was that site.. forget but they have just about every machine ever made online
james: not a single mention
rich-c: true, but by the same token, you never know what will turn up
james: i do search
james: for sure
james: so the cpu and graphics are the same, sound is different
james: i think porting games from one system to the other would work quite well, which was part of my original interest
james: both are systems i had
rich-c: I'll try to remember to post on Toronto freecycle - not optimistic, but who knows?
james: very unfortunate, there were some unique games on it too
james: graphics are for all intents and purposes *exactly* the same. i'm sure addressing is a bit different etc but games would be portable
rich-c: did it operate on CP/M or its own OS?
james: funny you should ask :)
james: cp/m
james: *which* reminds me - do you have adam cp/m w/ manual perchance?
514kid: Aha, so I bet it's a Z80 cpu running this thing.
james: if you scroll up, i mentioned htat
514kid: sorry,w asn't looking.
james: but yeah, z80, same graphics processor (same family anyway and same grpahics specs). only sound seems to be different
james: i'm sure i/o etc might be different. perhaps with high res pics of the board it could be dissected a little better
rich-c: in a word - yes - not sure if I have any unopened, but lots not visibly used
james: i want MINT :P used is fine, rich
rich-c: think they are almost all on tape - does that matter?
james: since my disk drive is dead, tape is fine
james: since i'm bugging you, my donkey kong junior tape died too
rich-c: working with CP/M programs on tape is the pits, james - you DO learn patience
514kid: Why not just get a CP/M emulator for the PC?
james: cause i'm a purist
james: heh heh
james: as is the curator of the computer museum. the nabu will be implemented in its original specification. nothing new and fancy added to it
514kid: You can get a Commodore 128, has CP/M built in if I remember correctly.
rich-c: I think I have a working DKJr I can copy - want to send me the original so I'll be copying onto an original label copy?
james: i'd like to. if you need me to send it to avoid piracy, that's fine but the tape is physically worn out i think
Judy: I am going to call it a night, has been a long week, and I am really tired, bye all
james: also since i'm an adam fan and never did cp/m on it, i'd like to
rich-c: OK Judy, glad you were by, sleep tight
Judy left chat session
james: it's occurred to me that i should back up my tapes onto something more durable
Guy B.: I am as well folks. We see you all next week.
rich-c: night Guy
james: maybe as .wav files to dvds or something
Pamela: night, Judy and Guy
514kid: Well, I'll be around for at least 30 mins... have to pick up my wife from work in 30 mins.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
james: without mp3 compression
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too and one pup does too.
514kid: James: Yeah, that's a good idea, to .WAV. .wave has no compression BTW.
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
514kid: Paf
james: exactly. so then if a tape dies, i can just output the audio to a new tape
514kid: Exacto...
Pamela: I'm gonna bail too, guys - still things to do before I go to bed
514kid: Or you can load them up on your MP3 player and listen to them onthe bus.
rich-c: my DVD burner has a provision for data files and can be done without compression, I believe
Pamela: Dad, anything else for me to bring on Saturday?
james: i do hope we can find the original software. there are a few things i'd really like to see again
james: oh, man hi pam!
james: sorry, totally spaced out
rich-c: OK Pam, see you Saturday
Pamela: s'alright, James : )
514kid: I remember a network called Games People Play, wonder if I can find any info onthe net about it. I beleive it was an Atari only network.
rich-c: not that I can think of, Pam - just your appetite
james: there was a game called "zot", another called "grog" (not grog's revenge) and a few other neat ones
Pamela: Daddy, call me if you think of anything - otherwise I'll aim for sometime after 3:00 ish
Roberto: well kids, I am going also.....see you allnext week, YES ????/
james: and the nabu version of logo was quite nice too
rich-c: still, sounds like a BC connection
Pamela: night, Bob
james: BC? you mean the BC comics characters?
Roberto: good bye.........
rich-c: night, Robret - earlier next time, we hope
james: bye rob!
Roberto left chat session
Pamela: good night, Daddy
Pamela: gnite, James and Guy
Pamela: kerpoof
rich-c: yes -zot was teh lightning bolt
james: nite pam
Pamela left chat session
james: they are based on the same characters
james: in grog, there is fruit and garage dropping from trees and you have to move him left and right across the screen to catch the fruit
rich-c: wonder if they have one called fat broad ;-)
514kid: G'night Pamela...
james: lol
james: and in zot, it's the anteater
james: red and black ants came out of ant hills and you had to grab them with his tongue
james: and if too many got by and reached the bottom, they'd carry him off
rich-c: ah yes, the finger in the dyke plot
rich-c: anyhow, james, drop me an email with your mailing address and want list
514kid: Ahhh, last day of work tomorrow.... Can't wait.
rich-c: I'll see what I've got and let you know
james: thanks rich
rich-c: you have a holiday coming, Guy, or shift change?
514kid: 6 more days and I've passed my probation period at work... can't wait for that too.
514kid: Yeah, St-Jean on Friday, we don't work.
james: nice
rich-c: right - us retired folks forget about holidays - every day is Saturday except one Sunday a week
514kid: Has Nacho Libre reached Japan yet James?
james: i'm guessing no
514kid: Rich: Yeah, can't wait for that too, haha.
james: but where i am, i can't even get decent pizza
rich-c: anyway gentlemen I too must depart
james: alright rich, i'll email you
514kid: Well, thanks for passing the time with me guys!
514kid: I'll stick around, maybe Dale will show up.
rich-c: I'll try to put a nabu query on the local craigslist and freecycle
james: i'll be here for a few more minutes but need lunch
james: rich, i seem to have yet again misplaced your email addy
rich-c: OK, hope to see you next week - and james, include your mailing address too
james: i shall
rich-c: cleechez at
james: oh right, there it is too.. ok. thanks
rich-c: OK, goodnight now, both of you
514kid: g'night kids
rich-c: colour me gone
james: you still here guy?
rich-c left chat session
514kid: yah man
james: these games that were on this nabu system were neat
514kid: similar to Colecovision?
james: pisses me of that they're gone
james: *very* similar dood
james: z80 based and basically the same graphics specs
514kid: OK, you piques my interest, if they share the same hardware.... a port could be done.
james: same graphics processor family from ti
james: only sound would need to be rewritten
514kid: different sound chip, but that can be worked around.
514kid: did the Nabu contain a BIOS of some sort?
james: i'd love to get zot and grog and port them to the coleco
james: yeah
514kid: And if so, can you dumpit for me?
james: curator is doing a dump of it i think. i can maybe ask him for it at some point
514kid: Yes, please... would be interesting.
james: i don't have what i need here to do it and lack the know-how anyway
514kid: I need to get a USB EPROM programmer.
james: i really hope the software turns up
james: but it'd definitely be neat to do a port both ways
514kid: Did they have carts?
james: nope
514kid: how would you load the games?
james: these machines were not around long at all. even shorter than the adam i think, and not widely distributed
514kid: downloaded?
james: ok, the software was on the mainframe server
james: and downloaded through the cable adaptor via cable connection
514kid: OH, so it probably had a shitload of memory then. (RAM)
514kid: At least 32Ks of RAM
514kid: If not 64Ks
james: which is why the software is gone.. very few people had disk drives for the machines
james: 64k
james: plus 16k vram. just like the adam
514kid: Yeah, 64K would be the minimum.
514kid: Oh boy, you're looking at the holy grail dude.
james: so as far as portablility.. very doable
james: but original software..
514kid: Sure, very much so, I'd love to get back into the swing of things.
james: i'd be willing to key in from a friggin hard copy if it were to be had
james: well i'd ocr it and textfile dump it or something but whatever
james: i hope it turns up somewhere
514kid: Hope so for you, would be a shame to have it lost.
james: yeah, definitely
james: one step at a time though
514kid: Well, I'm going to grab a bite to eat and then go pick up da wife... keep me posted on your progress.
james: get the system back up first, dig around, who knows
james: oh, if you get bored
514kid: yeah?
514kid: I get bored often.
514kid: cool.
james: gonna grab lunch
james: maybe i'll leave this in lurk mode for a bit or are you leaving the chat?
514kid: Is that your website?
james: a phpbb i made for nabu
james: i'm the only luser so far :P
514kid: Cool... looks good.
james: works well enough anyway
james: i'm off for lunch. starved
514kid: later
james: *poof*
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