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BigRico: hi Ricvh, har you got the ppers
Dr. D.: I do...Richard?
BigRico: I'm short on e's tonight
BigRico: yeah - dat's my nom do
BigRico: Chicago, get it?
Dr. D.: Ahhhh....
Dr. D.: Now I get it <finds clue>
Dr. D.: Hello Richard, glad you got there okay.
BigRico: anyhow mAde it more or less sfe and sound
Dr. D.: Travel without incident, border without incident?
moved to room Meeting Place
BigRico: no border problems, though the immigration guy asked how come we were Canadoan citizens
changed username to Guy B-AC18
Guy B-AC18: Greetings!!!!
Dr. D.: How come? Duh, you come from Canada...
Dr. D.: Hello Guy!
BigRico: and when we told him "by birth"he apparently knew teh way the law works
BigRico: hello Guy, from around the corner
Dr. D.: Sounds like not a very bright border guy.
Dr. D.: So you, Frances, Guy, and Ron are at the hotel already?
Guy B-AC18: Been a busy day for me.
BigRico: had dinner wsith Bob and Judy last night, and went over and ordered our efrigerator this morning
Dr. D.: Hope that Bob and Judy are well.
Guy B-AC18: Rich how is your room?
BigRico: Guy is not here, he lives in Chicago, and if Ron hs arrived haven't heard from him
Dr. D.: Well, it was -AC18, that made me think he was there.
BigRico: and I was implying teh border guy was one of teh sharper knoives in the drawer
Guy B-AC18: Well, I guess you heard the news about the weather here.
Dr. D.: And Ron was supposed to be going to a baseball game.
Dr. D.: No, I haven't, Guy...
Dr. D.: What is up with the weather?
Guy B-AC18: I wish I could join him, but I have to be back at work the next day.
BigRico: very satisfctory, we are on the offside from most tgakeoffs aND TEH NOISE IS WELL DAMPED
BigRico: we are across the hall from the meeting room
Dr. D.: Glad for Richard, sorry for you Guy.
Guy B-AC18: Perfect. I plan to arrive in the early afternoon tomorrow.
Dr. D.: Well, I am writing from Windsor.
Dr. D.: I got here about 8:45 AM.
BigRico: aha - so you are with Erin then
Dr. D.: Rin is out with her mother, getting fitted for her dress.
Dr. D.: Yes indeedy :-)
BigRico: fast work
Dr. D.: It took 90 seconds, Richard...the wait for the signed paperwork and copies was the long thing, about 35 minutes.
BigRico: we had deluges driving to Grand Rapids yeserday but just morning mist today - now suny but muggy
Dr. D.: We went to the lawyer's office at 9:30 AM, put our stuff in the pipeline here, go back to get it tomorrow morning.
Dr. D.: No problems at all so far.
Dr. D.: Ring, chapel, and photographer are taken care of.
Dr. D.: Tomorrow is flowers.
Dr. D.: And Rin's wedding shower, hosted by Marie.
Dr. D.: Friday we go back to Cleveland.
BigRico: well you had better get it straight as we have already paid for our motel bookings for Cvic Holiday weekend
Dr. D.: Well, reservations can be cancelled day of 4 PM.
BigRico: turning chicken already? ;-)
Dr. D.: I have done all I can do, Richard, it is in the hands of the Crown now...if they screw it up, it is your countries bad job :-)
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Dr. D.: country's
changed username to Pamela
BigRico: hi daughter
Dr. D.: Hi Pam.
Guy B-AC18: I'm in the kitchen with both my notebook and desktop up.
BigRico: well, Rin hs pull with the management
Pamela: Hi everyone!
Guy B-AC18: So, I'm going to fix some dinner while I'm here.
Guy B-AC18: Hi Pam
Dr. D.: We shall see...she has to turn in what we bring back from Windsor, on Monday morning after I take her to work.
BigRico: the motel has three wireless networks, apparently - we are on linksys
Dr. D.: I ate my lunch leftovers for dinner here.
Pamela: well we have a couple of people displaced, I see
Dr. D.: hehe
Dr. D.: Your Dad is Capone Jr. tonight
Pamela: how was the trip, Dad?
BigRico: our GR motel had breakfst, hd lunch at Applebees, and dinnre tonight at Jaemson's Char house
Dr. D.: Hope the provender was acceptable
Pamela: and Rich, I trust you made it safely to Windsor
BigRico: yesterday, well, what we drove through was absolutely as bd as it looked on the radar
Dr. D.: I did, it was very bad rain at times, plus bad construction on I-75 north.
Dr. D.: But I made it in 3.5 hours.
Pamela: I trust Erin made it safely to Windsor too
BigRico: your5 mother still isn't speaking to me - seems driving by teh Braille System makes her claustrophbic
Pamela: wow, that's good time, Rich
Pamela: gee Dad, I wonder why : )
Dr. D.: I did not speed
Dr. D.: Just little traffic until Toledo.
Dr. D.: Left 5:15 AM, arrived 8:45 AM.
BigRico: I don'tthink I went over the speed limit once, either - in Michigan eveyone seems happy with 70
Dr. D.: Drove right through the border, just a couple questions.
Guy B-AC18: Rich, you're giving Frances a scare there.
Dr. D.: Why?
BigRico: left Toronto about 10.15, made Grand Rapids around 5.15, stopping at will
Pamela: did you stay at the
BigRico: took a while to get to Chicago but we stopped to buy the refrigerator
Pamela: Comfort Inn last night Dad?
Dr. D.: I stopped once for gas/WC on the Ohio Turnpike and once for WC at Michigan welcome station.
BigRico: no, Bob recommended the Sleep Inn - no prize but we slept well and beakfast was OK
Dr. D.: Since Pam hasn't heard...all my paperwork was acceptable to the lawyer (we were there at 9:30 AM), pick up final stuff tomorrow morning.
Dr. D.: Ring, chapel, photographer are taken care of.
BigRico: Pam, what time does your plane get in on Friday morning?
Pamela: that's good news Rich! Erin e-mailed me yesterday to say the dissolution went thru
Dr. D.: It did.
Pamela: our plane arrives at 7:43 am Chicago time (ick)
Dr. D.: So she will soon be Mrs. Dr. D. :-)
BigRico: ick ick ick, indeed
Pamela: you got your ring, Rich?
Dr. D.: In time not to miss 9 AM convention session :-)
Pamela: exactly : )
Dr. D.: BTW Guy, what time is the Saturday chat?
Dr. D.: 8 or 9 PM CDT?
BigRico: do you get to pe-clear Customs and Immigration in Toronto?
Pamela: no idea but I think so
Pamela: according to Erin, she pre-cleared on the flight to Cleveland / El Paso in Toronto
BigRico: chats are alwsays at 9 ( Eastern) - otherwise everyone getsconfused
Dr. D.: She did.
Dr. D.: Okay, that makes it easy for us then, Saturday 9 PM Cleveland time :-)
Pamela: limo picks us up at 5:00 am Toronto time (double ick)
Dr. D.: Limo, ooooooo
Guy B-AC18: 8 PM Central Time
BigRico: most AC cross-border flights pe-clear, but you never know
Dr. D.: Calgon take me away
BigRico: if we aren't up when you reach tehe motel, don't wake us; we'll be along soon enough
Pamela: airport limo, no big deal : (
Dr. D.: Still, you are being driven, that is a perk.
Pamela: I figure by the time we get our luggage, get the shuttle and get to the hotel, it'll be at least 9:00 am
BigRico: it's cheaper than a taxi, or taking and parking your own, Rich
Dr. D.: I agree, Richard.
Guy B-AC18: Per fect Pam. You will be in time for the first session.
Pamela: well I didn't think I'd be awake enough to drive at that hour
Pamela: hope so, Guy : )
Dr. D.: Is Pam the first presenter? hehe
BigRico: we might be up by then - you could try looking in the breakfast room - they serve till 10
Dr. D.: I know I am the last :-S
Dr. D.: Unless the agenda got changed...
Pamela: you're going to present by remote, Rich? : )
Guy B-AC18: No., my keynote speech. Which I still have to do.
Dr. D.: Friends, Romans, ADAMites, lend me your Super-Action Controllers...
BigRico: no, Guy is the first presenter - he is going to use my laptop todemonstraesetting up the Emulator on a DOSbox
Pamela: (note to self - bring Super Action controller)
Dr. D.: hehe
Guy B-AC18: Gee I thought we would get everyone here by now.
Dr. D.: Rin and her Mom are at the wedding dress fitting.
Pamela: where are the Slopesemas tonite?
Dr. D.: Or rather sizing, the dress has yet to be made.
Pamela: I have faith in Michelle, she'll get it done
moved to room Meeting Place
BigRico: they are off at a family do - they HOPE to get on late but don't bet on it
changed username to Dale
Dr. D.: Garth is sleeping in the basement, so I am holding down the fort.
Dale: Hi all.
Pamela: Hey, Dale
Dr. D.: Hello Dale.
Dale: Just checking in.
BigRico: greetings, Dale
Pamela: and keeping the kitty company ?
Guy B-AC18: Hi Dale
Dr. D.: Yeah, Tiffany is in the living room.
Dale: The tshirts are ready, and I'm picking them up in the morning.
Dr. D.: I expect Rin back soon though.
Pamela: Dale, how are you travelling and when?
Dale: I'm headed out in the morning.
Dr. D.: I told her that she needed to put in an appearance here tonight.
Dale: Car pooling with Jill, Jeffrey and Neil.
Pamela: BTW Guy, what's for dinner, since you're cooking
Dr. D.: Let Jeffrey drive
Dale: I'm the ultimate in disorganized though.
BigRico: is Guy Foster coming?
Dr. D.: This is the first convention since 10 that my presentation is done BEFORE the start of the convention :-)
Dale: I don't know if I'll actually make it to the reception at a reasonable time tomorrow night.
Guy B-AC18: I'm checking some restaurants around the area.
Dale: I hope to though.
Pamela: so who's officially registered, Guy?
Dale: Yesterday my car lease expired. So today I went and picked up my new car.
Dale: I just got back from that.
Pamela: which car, Dale?
Dr. D.: No more PT Cruiser?
Dale: PT Criuser is gone.
Dr. D.: :-(
BigRico: Dale, the traffic on I80/90/94 is a total large size nightmare - long major construction, hours to get through
Pamela: ah -what's in it's place?
Dr. D.: Yes Richard.
Dale: I have a new Dodge car called the Caliber.
Guy B-AC18: That's due to the construction.
Dale: It's yellow.
Dr. D.: Down to 1 lane each way, as of 18-19 June.
Pamela: you didn't - please tell me you didn't! Yellow???? Top Banana yellow???????
BigRico: well, we had thre lanes, but they weren't much help
Dr. D.: That is different at least.
BigRico: I-294 was tolerably navigable, though
Dale: I wanted ABS breaks, which most PT's seem to lack. The Caliber is a somewhat smaller car (and less expensive) and almost always has ABS breaks.
Guy B-AC18: I cleaned my car up and I accomodate 3 in the back and 1 in front. I have a 4 dr Cavalier.
Dr. D.: PTC is way cooler though Dale.
Pamela: I sat in the Caliber but didn't like the view (or lack thereof) out the rear
Dale: I was going to get a blue one back in February...
Dale: but due to some confusion they sold that one, and I got the yellow one today because they had it handy.
BigRico: if it don't have a blue oval on the front, you bought the wtong car (family dogma)
Dr. D.: Taxi yellow :-)
Pamela: darn tootin'
Dr. D.: Hehe my Dad would die rather than drive one of those Richard...
Dr. D.: But his Dad would die rather than drive anything else :-S
Pamela: this from the papa who is driving a GMC van
BigRico: is that where your strange ways come from, Rich? ;-)
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changed username to GoExposGo
Pamela: Hi, Gui
GoExposGo: Hiya!
BigRico: hello Guy - we prefer come Guy Come though
Guy B-AC18: Hi GuyF
GoExposGo: Haha, yeah, I wish!
Pamela: you're not coming, Gui? But I thought you were
Dale: Hi GuyF.
BigRico: we are in the motel already - got here this afternoon
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr. D.: Hello M. Foster
changed username to Neil
Pamela: Hi, Neil
Dale: Hi Neil.
Guy B-AC18: Hi Neil
Dr. D.: And hello Neil.
GoExposGo: NO WAY! Wow, awesome... I'll be on for the Chat on Saturday, what time is it on Saturday?
BigRico: hi Neil - we need you quick to go kidnap GuyF
Pamela: 9 pm Eastern as usual
Pamela: Gui, how's Sandra doing?
Dale: Wasn't it 8pm?
Neil: Easier said than done
Dr. D.: Local time Dale
BigRico: Chicago time, yes
Dr. D.: So they say
Pamela: 8 pm central, I think Dale
GoExposGo: I tried my best, but it was just too complex, with my work, her work, etc.... Sandra is growing, haha, close to 7 months now, her back is hurting her a lot.
Dale: Right.
Dr. D.: Glad to hear about Sandra though, Guy, growing is good.
Pamela: well, darn : (
BigRico: for hat you have to roganize next year's - in Montreal
Pamela: and how are we supposed to pass the banner to you if you're not there?
Guy B-AC18: Oh boy. That's expected for a first time mom.
GoExposGo: So how are the facilities?
Pamela: I see lots of backrubs in her future : )
Dr. D.: hehe
Dale: What about internet?
Pamela: yeah Dad, what's the hotel like?
BigRico: btw Guy the AC02 banner is here - Dale, don't forget the 07
GoExposGo: Yup, started already!
Neil: I found a page on the Web that says the hotel has free wireless high speed Internet.
BigRico: they have three wireless connections - I'm on linksys now
Dr. D.: Richard is on it
Guy B-AC18: Ok. great Rich. I have 17 and I'll be bringing that.
BigRico: rooms are spacious, seem well soundproofed, breakfast included, staff cheerful
Neil: I also saw a "user review" saying they would never stay at that Days Inn again. Curious, since it's not a Days Inn.
Pamela: we're going to have fun finding room for all the banners
Dr. D.: That is bizarre, wonder they were unhappy, didn't even get the hotel they wanted
BigRico: like all motels, they need higher wattage lights, but have more elevctric sockets thanusual
Dr. D.: That would have been a big boon 10 ADAMcons ago, Richard...never can have enough outlets.
BigRico: beds feel sleepable but we won't know till the morning
Pamela: so we have: Guy, Richard, Frances, Murray, Ron, Dale, Jillian, Neil, Jeffrey, Pam, Russell - who else is coming?
BigRico: air conditining is flaky, we aren't sure how to make it work right
Dr. D.: Call to the front desk?
Neil: (Bad review was mainly because there was a problem with the air conditioner in their room.)
Pamela: read the instructions? (Pam ducks)
Dr. D.: <quack>
BigRico: the instrutions say etthe wall thermostt, you don't get to play with anything
Dr. D.: Rin and Mom are here now.
Pamela: Hi Rin, Hi Aunt C!
BigRico: that's use the
Dr. D.: (they say hi too)
BigRico: hi, Cynthia and dugher
Pamela: Schiefer says "mrrp" by the way
Dr. D.: hi to kitty
Pamela: she is still fat and sassy
Dr. D.: And Tiffany just meowed
Pamela: that cat always did have a sense of timing : )
Pamela: GUY! who else is coming?
BigRico: we had the wrold's most talkative parrot at the Sleep Inn lst night
Dale: He said 12.
Dale: I don't know who the 16 for the banquest are though.
Dr. D.: 2 Slopsemas I think at least
Pamela: you do pick 'em, Dad : )
BigRico: well, there are folks in the area who have speculaed on daytripping in - didn't Bair suggest that a wile ago?
Dr. D.: (getting cake details, mmmm)
Dr. D.: (hungry)
Pamela: that's okay, there's ice cream in my near future
Dr. D.: So...guess all we need is shoes for Rin tomorrow, and check loose-fitting of dress.
Pamela: and the paperwork
Dr. D.: Yes...but that is just pick-up-and-pay-for :-)
Neil: (PRIVATE) DAle, how's the preparation going?
Pamela: so what have I forgotten to put on my packing list?
Dr. D.: 2 tins of Spam
Dr. D.: 1 ADAM video cable
Dr. D.: and a Donkey Kong cartridge
Pamela: I'd have to raid the house for the last two -or Erin's place
Dr. D.: hehe
Dr. D.: Hair dryer?
Dr. D.: Shampoo?
Pamela: nah, not bringing a hair dryer - I'll use Mother Nature
Dr. D.: Book to read?
Dale: (PRIVATE) Nothing is coming together for me.
Pamela: got that too
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: Dad, anything you forgot ?
Dr. D.: Then I don't know what else, sounds like you probably have it all.
changed username to Guy B-AC 18
Pamela: what happened, Guy?
Guy B-AC 18 requested to ban Guy B-AC18
GoExposGo confirmed ban
Dale confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Dr. D. confirmed ban
Dale: But it's bound to happen.
Guy B-AC 18 changed username to Guy B-AC18
Neil confirmed ban
Dr. D.: Spilled his dinner on the keyboard
Guy B-AC18: Having some signal problems. I'm on the notebook
Dale: (PRIVATE) When can we expect you Neil?
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: Guy, have you got a spare laptop I can borrow fro teh chat?
Guy B-AC18: No I don't
changed username to Ronald
Guy B-AC18: But, we can share.
Ronald: yo!
Pamela: okay, that'll work : )
Pamela: Hey, Ron
Guy B-AC18: Hi Ron
Ronald: evening all
Neil: (PRIVATE) I'm sort of mostly packed, but not quite. I'm going to have to have a sleep before leaving here. What's your ETD?
Dr. D.: Hello Ron!
Dr. D.: Are you in Chicago?
Ronald: how are y'all
Pamela: when do you leave, Ron?
Ronald: Nope, not until tomorrow
Ronald: departure from here at 6:30 am
Dr. D.: Thought you were catching the Sox?
Ronald: That's next Tues
Pamela: be at airport in the middle of the night
Neil: Hi Ron. (I'm furiously trying to finish packing, so I'm sort of half-monitoring here.)
Ronald: Sox vs Houston
Ronald: Still need to do my suitcase. Spent the better part of the day getting some .dsk files on my laptop
Pamela: Russell was in here, says hi to all
Ronald: or trying to remember how to do it
Dr. D.: Hi/Bye Russell'
Ronald: Hi Russel!
Dale: (PRIVATE) We are planning on leaving at 10am. At 11am at the latest.
Pamela: he'll be back bearing food shortly
Ronald: a question Guy.......
Ronald: you mention in your message that the hotel provides transport from O'Hare. And that I'm to phone them to arrange. Is that the same number for general contact to the hotel?
Ronald: Want to leave it with some friends here
Guy B-AC18: Go Ahead
BigRico: Pam, rooms here have hair dryers and irnoing boards and irons
Pamela: woo hoo!
Guy B-AC18: Yes, I that is.
Pamela: Iron, what's that?
BigRico: hello Ron, didnt see you come in
Ronald: ok good
Ronald: that's because I'm not there, I'm still here
Ronald: I'm here because I'm not all there
Ronald: who's Big Rico?
Dr. D.: Der Cleemeister
BigRico: sign sys they will send the shuttle to the sirport by appointment
Dale: I'll see you tomorrow then Ron, if I can wrangle every one into the car early enough.
Ronald: right
Ronald: Dale.... while you're here..... I have my Adamcon 17 report for you now
Ronald: :)
Dale: I would have prefered to leave tonight, but Jill is stll working for Census Canada until 10am tomorrow.
Dr. D.: hahahahahahaha
Dale: Yes!
Dr. D.: laughing at Ron
Guy B-AC18: I'll be right. I have one eager pup who is pestering me to take her out for a walk.
Dale: Thanks Ron.
BigRico: Dle, even if you leave crack of dawn, rotate dribvers, make minimal stops - do not count on making it in a day
Ronald: hows that for delayed
Dr. D.: Not at Jill!
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to james
Dr. D.: Hello James
james: good morning
james: everyone getting geared up for tomorrow?
Pamela: Hi, James!
Ronald: mr. james
james: hi ron
BigRico: there is constructin all along I-69, much of I-94, don't even ask arpound Chicago
james: thanks for your emails
james: hi pam
Pamela: how the heck am I supposed to concentrate on learning a new job tomorrow with all this stuff running around in my head?
Ronald: what's the weather like in the toddlin' town?
Dale: Well, if we choose the right roads, it is theoretically possible to make it there in less than 10 hours.
BigRico: hot and humid, 90 pedicted for tomporrow
Ronald: figures
Pamela: what about the rest of the week Dad?
Dr. D.: A new job, Pam?
Ronald: Is the hotel air conditioned?
BigRico: with luck on construvction, count on 15 minimum and cross your fingers
Pamela: a promotion of sorts, Rich - moving into the a/r department
Dr. D.: Congrats!
BigRico: about the same, Pam
Pamela: thank you
Dr. D.: Rin did not tell me...I am wagging my finger at her
Pamela: she's had a few other things on her mind : )
BigRico: yes, a kind of eccentric control setup, but I'm cool
Dr. D.: Yeah, I guess so Pam.
james: rather jealous that i can't make it
james: of course i may change my mind after i hear everyone's horror stories of driving in
Dr. D.: Well, since everyone is here but Bob & Judy, and Guy said that they were unlikely to make it tonight...
BigRico: oh well, I mailed your CP/M befoe I left
Ronald: anybody got a webcam?
Ronald: I have one I could bring if needed
Dr. D.: Brief status report from Rich & Rin:
james: thanks rich
james: i shall settle up with you asap
Pamela: which reminds me, I'm going to put a piece of paper with our flight information and the hotel contact info on the bulletin board on the fridge
Dr. D.: Dissolution went successfully yesterday.
Dr. D.: I am in Windsor now.
BigRico: you should ask Frances, james, but I can't get her to stop shakoing - except when she's screaming
Dr. D.: My paperwork is successfully in the system here.
james: i'm confused
Ronald: progress Dr. D.
james: granted, that's nothing new for me
BigRico: there is something aout doing 70 in a narrowed lane two inches from an 18-wheeler that gets to her
Dr. D.: Ring, chapel, photographer, dress, bouquet, and cake are all taken care of.
james: ah ok
Dr. D.: So currently all systems are still go for wedding on 5 August.
james: what's so stressful about that? heh heh
Dr. D.: Got my ring today, Rin is using heirloom rings.
Pamela: he's driving the widest van on themarket, James
BigRico: I don't know - I just set the cruoise control and sut my eyes
james: lol
Dr. D.: My girls are taking everything well, they are all coming to the wedding, their room is booked.
Pamela: that might be the issue Dad
BigRico: funny you should say...
james: well maybe she should just close her eyes too
james: so ron, i still owe you some files
james: i haven't forgotten
Dr. D.: And now Rin tells me that she didn't get any supper, and I should take her to get some :-)
BigRico: she only does that when teh traffic thins out - or when the rain is so heavy nothing can be seen anyway
james: i just like to cut things real close :P
Ronald: If you can james. As it is, I'm going to wing it
Dr. D.: Also, my DVD presentation was successfully delivered to Guy on you can see me in absentia.
Ronald: I have absolutely minimal memory of the entire subject, so it's going to be interesting
james: ron, i can try to arrange to be online while you do it
Ronald: may turn it into something else, with Dale's permission of course
james: what time slot are you scheduled for?
Ronald: I'm not really as comfortable with the subject as I thought I would be so we'll see
Dr. D.: So Rin and I are going to sign off now...see you all in the chat Saturday!
james: good luck, dr!
Ronald: Dale? where is LOGO in the scheme of things?
Pamela: gnite Rich - hugs to all in Windsor
Neil: (PRIVATE) Chances are it's not quite as bad as "BigRico" says, but I hope to be in Brooklin before 10.
Dr. D.: sure to write some status reports to the coladam list so we can read.
Dr. D.: I will, Pam.
Dr. D.: Travel safely all.
BigRico: OK - see you-all Saturday, Rich
Pamela: I'll probably call tomorrow evening
Ronald: Good luck you both in Windsor.... sounds like things are going to shape up, and that's good
Neil: (PRIVATE) I contemplated taking the train that arrives in Oshawa at 10:40, but I don't think I'll do that.
Dr. D.: Write Rin with a time then, Pam...her shower is tomorrow night.
Dr. D.: They are going well, Ron, thanks.
Ronald: and that's great!
Pamela: have her call me then but not after 10:00
Dr. D.: Message delivered, Pam.
Dr. D.: Good night, all.
Pamela: thank you
Dr. D.: <poof>
james: so quiet
Dale: Ron, Logo is ...checking...
Ronald: @James - I had a copy of the schedule around here somewhere..... give me a minute
james: sure
Guy B-AC18: I have returned. Annie had a close encounter with a rabbit.
Pamela: hey Dad, can you e-mail me the airport shuttle info to work?
Dale: Friday afternoon 4-6pm.
james: hmm.. i just remembered something
james: i'm not even home this weekend
BigRico: why dont you just log on to the motel website ( or phone them on the 800 line
Dale: I'll do my best to make daily reports Dr.D.
BigRico: it's esier to get spontaneous questions answsered that way
Ronald: @James. The sked I have says the LOGO session is 4pm - 6pm on Friday
james: 4-6 p.m. chicago time
Dale: Just what I said Ron.
Ronald: ok Dale, tks.... didn't see your reply up there
james: lessee
Guy B-AC18: I will have schedules for all of you in your welcome folder.
Ronald: so add 13 hours to 1600
james: what time is it in chicago now? 9.15 p.m.?
Pamela: all I could see about the shuttle was that it existed on the website
BigRico: yes, james
Ronald: um..... CDT yes
Neil: GuyB, you will have an actual Adam there, right? We're trying to cut down on the amount of stuff we bring.
james: ah, ok, i need to add 14 hours then
james: it's 11.15 a.m. here now
james: so 4 p.m. is going to be aaaack
james: 6 a.m.
Ronald: so 16+14 + 30
Ronald: no, 16+14=30
BigRico: Pam, I'll go ask the desk now - back later
Ronald: -24
Pamela: thanks Dad
Guy B-AC18: I can bring if you guys wWed Jul 12 22:13:56 GMT-04:00 2006: Ronald : Ronald: what... 6am??
james: yeah, which last i checked was 6 ;)
Ronald: Sat morning? Geez
Pamela: speaking of which James, what's this about a second school?
james: so 6-8 a.m. saturday morning here
Dale: Please do Guy.
james: i'm starting up a second school in a town about 1/2 hour from here
Dale: I will hook up to the projector when needed.
james: found a place, hiring a teacher and advertising. flyer is almost ready
Pamela: are you building again?
Ronald: you there Guy B.
Ronald: ??
james: no, just renting to start
Guy B-AC18: I'm here.
Guy B-AC18: I'm working on two PC's.
Pamela: I thought you were planning to come back to Canada in five years or so
Ronald: How chances of getting a Flip Chart?
james: this place is about 5x larger than where i am now and a younger demographic
james: should work
Guy B-AC18: A flip chart?
Ronald: yeah.... ... great big pad of paper on an easel
Guy B-AC18: There is whiteboard in the meeting room.
Ronald: ok, that'll do
Ronald: good
Guy B-AC18: I'f the hotel doesn't have erasble markers, I'll get some.
Ronald: right...sounds like a plan
Pamela: Staples, here you come : )
Ronald: :)
Pamela: brb, gonna take my dish to the kitchen
Pamela: if dad gets back, ask him to hang on a sec
Ronald: me too- time for Diet coke brb
BigRico: im back
BigRico: anyway both of you - no prearrangement
BigRico: whrn your flight gets in and you have your luggage assembled, dial 51 on the courtesy phone And they will send the shuttle
Ronald: aha
Pamela: kay, I'm back
Ronald: that's our hotel?
Ronald: 51?
BigRico: they don't say so but I expect the shuttle is so busy in the morning anyway that it's just a matter of telling them who to look for
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BigRico: that's appaent;ly the hotel number on the airport courtesy phone, Ron
Guy B-AC18: Ok, folks. No name tags this year. I cannot print them out.
changed username to BobS
BobS: hey kids
Ronald: And it's the Super 8 Motel in Elk Grove Village, right?
BigRico: gee, how will we ever know how all those people are?
Pamela: the ADAMcon t-shirts might be a clue : )
Guy B-AC18: HI Bob
Ronald: Bob, my son
BigRico: right, Ron - on Touhy Ave., near Elmhurst, northwest of the airport
BobS: ,l;',l;
BobS left chat session
Pamela: Hi Bob
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changed username to BobS<undefined>
Pamela: what was that?
BobS<undefined> changed username to BobS
Neil: Hi Bob. What's the gibberish?
Ronald: gotcha
BobS: twas I my dear
BigRico: I guess there was a connection problem
BobS: no lie
BobS: just came on and got hung
BigRico: looked like a couple of bugs on my screen, anyway
Pamela: looks like some foreign language to me
Ronald: Gonna bring PJ's t-shirt this time
Pamela: or code or something
BobS: am on dialup on the deck with a campfire and bugs and the pond
BigRico: Elvish, perhaps?
Pamela: life's rough, Bob : )
Guy B-AC18: And I'm working on two PC's. Notebook and desktop
BobS: I know........where's your dad Pamela?????
BigRico: yeah - he's cornered the world supply of goldfinches and is going broke keepimng them fed ;-)
Pamela: are you writing your keynote, Guy? : )
Pamela: IN Chicago, Bob
BobS: ah ha !!!!! there him is
Guy B-AC18: I'm using the desktop with
BigRico: on line, Bob
Pamela: he's undercover, Bob
Guy B-AC18: And I have Carla online.
BobS: too bad you weren't here tonight Rihcard....dry it is now.......
BigRico: gotta get the right atmospherics for Chicago, right?
Pamela: wow, busy boy, Guy : )
BobS: how'd the trip today go Richard ??????
BigRico: well, I bought my refrigerator and still managed to get here in good time
BobS: but you pick it up on the return trip, yes ??????
Ronald: Just for the info of all..... I am on the friendly skies of United - flight 1130 due to arrive at O'Hare at 5:15 pm
BigRico: that stretch of I-94/80 is sheer murder
BobS: the one to get onto I 294 ?????
BigRico: yes, just wanted to trim up some loose edges and convince them I was real
BigRico: from before the Illinois state line until 80 peels off of 294 - and then there's constructin at every toll booth
Pamela: oh yes, FYI our flight info is: Air Canada flight 501 departing Toronto 07/14/06 at 7:00am, arriving Chicago 7:43 am local time
BobS: SO, Neil....Dale and GuyF and Daniel......gonna make it together ?????
BigRico: Dale, you need to know the toll is 80 cents each time and they aren't patient
BigRico: Daniel and GuyF can't make it
BobS: Richard, you will be glad to know that we got an inch and a half lst night AFTER you came int from Lansing !!!!!!
Pamela: Bob, are you two going to try to come in for Sunday?
BigRico: is that all?
BobS: SO that means that you get the rain king title
Guy B-AC18: And you need to pay 4 tolls.
BobS: wouold surely like to Pam
Pamela: woo and two hoos!
BobS: Guy said he would come and pick us up........... :-)
james: you're not gonna drive in, ron? ;)
Pamela: riiiiiiiight
Ronald: negatory good buddy
BigRico: Ron, you arrive tomorrow night?
Ronald: yes 5:15 pm.... the
Ronald: good Lord willin
BobS: Judy says HI YA'LL
Ronald: Hi Judy
BobS: cause on dialup she can't get on also
Guy B-AC18: Only if I get notification.
Pamela: smack in the middle of rush hour - good planning, Ron
BigRico: say i right back to Judy from us
Pamela: hi, Judy!
Ronald: I'm not a driver James, and I have this tendency to fall asleep at the wheel
Ronald: not a good idea to attempt long trips alone
BigRico: out here around teh airport, rush hour is very busy but not gridlocaked
Pamela: so how's the Sebring (shudder), Ron?
Ronald: well and good thanks
Neil: I'm still in Ottawa, but I'm meeting Dale at his place tomorrow morning.
BobS: you gonna leave it home and fly out of Comox ?????
BobS: or drive into Vancouver?????
Ronald: yep Bob. 6:30 am tomorrow flip to Vancouver, thence to O'Hare
BigRico: Ron, when you do get in, give us a holler - we do not know what our schedule will be
Pamela: BTW Dad, it rained heavily all day here and not a single protest from the car, so I think I have my issues solved (she says quietly, so as not to let the car overhear)
Ronald: yessir!
BigRico: that at lest is encouraging, Pam
BobS: shh !!!!!!!!!!!1
BobS: had a problem with rain have ya?
BigRico: hey Bob, I thought we squeezed thoseclouds dry last night, how come Pamela got some?
Pamela: the car does not like the rain, and I was having issues with the throttle positioning sensor which were exacerbated by rain and damp weather
BobS: heck, we had enough...sent the rest over to Toronto
Pamela: take it back Bob
Pamela: oh wait, no, then it would have to go past us again
Pamela: never mind
BigRico: gezz, you could have sked me bout it first - Frances watered the tomatos enough already
Ronald: you'll all be happy to know that my scheduled round of golf got rained out today
Ronald: but it wasn't heavy....just persistent
BobS: well taht IS encouraaging
BigRico: what we got brought new definition to the wrod "deluge"
Ronald: so i understand
Pamela: remember your swim fins!
BobS: HEY........Guy or someone else.......we gonna chat come Sat night???????
Pamela: 9:00 pm eastern, Bob
Ronald: that's the plan Bob
BigRico: we will be here 8 Central, 9 Eastern
BobS: so I can holler at ya'll
BobS: gut mon
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: if you come, you won't have to holler Bob : )
changed username to Daniel B
BobS: wellllllllllllll
Pamela: allo, Daniel!
BigRico: salut Daniel
Daniel B: bonsoir
BobS: hey Daniel
Daniel B: oui, il est tard
Ronald: Hi Daniel
Guy B-AC18: Of course Bob. 8 PM Chicago time
Daniel B: travail dur
BobS: lessee......dat EST ?????
BigRico: I'm in Chicago, Daniel, and it's great - c'mon down!
Ronald: Au travail toujours
BobS: Pam, got Meeka's fog for the weekend
james: so ron, will it be a blood feud lasting for generations if i'm not around at 6 a.m. on saturday?
BobS: dog
Guy B-AC18: By the way. Annie will visit us at the con.
BigRico: that's a start on it, james
BobS: uh huh
Ronald: James, I would not only forgive you, I would understand completely. Were our roles reversed, you know where I'd be
Daniel B: I will be at the CCJVQ meeting this saturday night.. no access to a computer so I will miss the special chat session
Pamela: (snoring is heard issuing from Ron's room)
Ronald: exactly!
BigRico: Guy, hae you checked with the hotel about their ruless on pets? Because you hd better know them
Pamela: when you finally get horizontal that is
Guy B-AC18: I saw it RIch. But, I think we will have Annie outside.
Pamela: remember Ron, "sleep is good"
Ronald: most certainly is Pamela
Guy B-AC18: But, I will ask
BigRico: just don't want yoi to get into rouble, Guy
Pamela: that sucks, Daniel
james: i'm very occasionally up at that time, but not recently
james: so ron, what kind of logo procedures would you like?
BigRico: oh and , your instructions to the hotel don't work - they are missing a line
james: ie: how dirty were people planning on getting?
BigRico: I think they are rebuilding the intersection, is the reason
Daniel B: I know... but I have to go because there is an important meeting about the arcadia festival during this CCJVQ meeting
BigRico: but you come out onto a different street and nothing works
Ronald: something fairly simple James..... can you do something with sound?
Ronald: (toot toot)
Daniel B: sorry to miss the special chat
Pamela: CCJVQ?
Ronald: we'll take it out of your pay Daniel
Daniel B:
BobS: pay ???????
Pamela: tres jolie, Daniel
james: hmm...
james: i could
james: but given the reliability of sound on the emulators and the fact i can't get mine working right..
Ronald: if not sound James, something to illustrate how a graphic pattern can be easily produced
Daniel B: well, I really need to sleep... big day tommorow, with a special meeting and I'm exhausted. talk to you next week.
BobS: be good Daniel
Daniel B: take care and take a lot of pictures
BigRico: take care, Daniel, and good luck with the meeting
Ronald: We'll miss you Daniel, be well
Pamela: bonsoir Daniel - remember, we're usually on late so log on when you get home, just in case
Guy B-AC18: Bye Daniel
james: ok
Daniel B: aurevoir!
BobS: late ?????
james: bye dan!
Guy B-AC18: We will be on this Saturday Daniel.
Daniel B: bye Bob
Daniel B: bye Dale
BigRico: Guy - did you catvch my warning about the wrong instructions?
BobS: like AFTER 10pm ???
Daniel B: bye Neil
Daniel B: bye Ronald
Ronald: my intent would be to put it up on the screen and analyze it... so watch your language
Pamela: heck ya, Bob, we always run late at the conventions
Ronald: :)
Daniel B: bye Bibrico
Daniel B: bye GuyB
Daniel B: bye Pam
Neil: Bye daniel
Daniel B: bye james
Daniel B: bye ... guyF
Daniel B: * poof *
Daniel B left chat session
Pamela: Neil, how long will it take you to drive from Ottawa to Whitby?
BobS: many moons, my li'l squaw
Ronald: 5 hours
BobS: got to use the old bush trail
Ronald: maybe a bit less
Pamela: four score and seven years . . .
Ronald: Ottawa West via highway 416 to 401 to Whitby (zoom zoom)
BobS: darn 401 is everywhere !!!!!!
Pamela: runs from Windsor to Kingston, Bob
Ronald: not at Ottawa, that's where 416 comes in
BobS: ahso
BobS: ho ho
Ronald: Maybe Neil should tell us how long it's really going to take
Pamela: someone asked me how to get to Windsor recently
Pamela: I told them
Neil: Pamela, takes about 4.5 hours at normal highway speeds. I'm leaving VERY early in the morning to arive before 10.
Pamela: get on the 401 west and drive till you run out of road
BobS: oh didn't actually tell them where to go, did you ??
james: i did ottawa-windsor in 6 hours pam :)
Pamela: six hours????? What did you do, fly?
BigRico: what type of aircraft were you flying, james?
james: heh heh
Ronald: yes James, but I'd want to remain alive
james: i think i did 130 most of the way
Pamela: and still have a licence at the other end
james: might have been a bit over 6 hours, but not much
Ronald: It took Cousineau and I more like 8
james: that's a more normal rate
Pamela: it usually takes us about four hours from Toronto to Windsor, but Erin and I like to split up the trip to eat and things
james: i'm going to go here soon. i've accomplished exactly nothing so far today and have a few things to do
james: meh, highly overrated pam
BigRico: Neil and Dale: it took us 7 hours today to get from Grand Rapids to the hotel
Pamela: sounds like my weekend, James : )
james: i bring a jar so i don't even have to get out :P
Ronald: right james.... if you're there on Friday, good, if not, I'll remember not to curse and swear
james: yeah, except it's thursday
Ronald: Sat I mean
BigRico: we did take a diversion to shop and another for kunch, but call it 5 and that's minimal
Pamela: not an option for us females, James : )
james: i'll try to at least come up with something for you to use, ron
BigRico: I was driving the speed limit everywhere traffic allowed
Ronald: kunch?
james: well.. a messy option anyway
Ronald: what's kunch
Ronald: lunch at K-mart?
Pamela: it's lunch with fimble ningers, Ron : )
Ronald: ah
BobS: yes, but remember, Richard, you stopped off for the refrig
Ronald: oh yes, and the Mighty Mitchell award will soon be making its way eastward
james: so have fun at the con, everyone and take care
Ronald: the much maigned and hotly coveted
BigRico: with that stop it was 7 hours - leave 10.15, arribve 5,15
Pamela: thanks James, we'll miss you
Ronald: Dale must devise a method of winning it
Pamela: hopefully we'll see you online Saturday
BigRico: as I say, with our diversions, a net of five hours at maximum available speed
BobS: see yoyu later james
BigRico: night james, take care
Pamela: I just hope Dale remembers us non-computer savvy people and doesn't make it too difficult : )
Ronald: subject to the whims of speed evangelists
Ronald: right Pamela.... we'll have to ride herd on that
BigRico: when they are holding a unning block Across all lanes, you will be going at their speed, Ron
BobS: Dale is always very considerate of all us novices
BigRico: Dale and Neil will have to be extremey ucky to make it in 15 hours
Ronald: I'm more likely to get parked at 10,000 feet over O'Hare, there to remain in a slow downard spiral
BobS: weather supposed to be good, but clear
Pamela: as long as you eventually come down, Ron : )
BigRico: right, otherwise we'd offer to hold dinner for you, but midnight fests aren't our thing
Ronald: fellow I know here used to fly CP kites into O'Hare. He wished me luck
james: *poof*
james left chat session
BigRico: I think he figured you needed it
Pamela: actually, I believe that Atlanta has now outstripped O'Hare as the busiest airport
Ronald: yep
BigRico: but Ithink OHare wants the title back
Dale: The competition this year is movie quotes/tv quotes.
Ronald: yes, it has been for a while Pam. Regional traffic
Pamela: that's why I'm a big believer in direct flights : )
BigRico: Dale, did you catch my warnings?
Guy B-AC18: I'll be right back. Going to check the latest on the weather gere.
Pamela: anyone know when Murray is coming in?
Dale: Well, Neil presents at 10am Friday morning.
Ronald: haven't heard Pam
Dale: So I hope to be there by then.
Ronald: if not we'll shift you
BigRico: You haven't a hope, Dale
Pamela: such a pessimist!
BobS: tsk tsk
Dale: I'd rather get in Thursday night.
BigRico: As long as you allow 14 hours minimum for the trrip, you hve a hope
BigRico: also have fun trying to find the motel - the instructions Guy sent out are wrong
Pamela: and hence why we are flying : )
BobS: well kids.....time to go 'cause the fire is goin out and I have to loaf tomorrow.........
BobS: will talk at ya ll on Sat night.......
Pamela: night, Bob
Ronald: right on Bob
BobS: poof
BobS left chat session
BigRico: see you Sat
Pamela: okay Dad, last chance - anything you forgot that you can't live without?
Ronald: I have miles to go before I sleep..... like packing.... so I'm gonna drift away too
Ronald: we'll see ya all tomorrow
Pamela: safe flight, Ron - see you Friday
Ronald: yup
BigRico: see you tomorrow, Ron - holler when yopu're here
Ronald: will do Rich
Ronald: poof...
Ronald left chat session
BigRico: Pam, swe have eerything far as wse know
Pamela: okay
Pamela: I actually understood that : )
BigRico: that being the state of my typing, guess it's time I went too
BigRico: my head is still on Eastern time
Pamela: okay. Gnite, Daddy - see you Friday morning. Say gnite to Mom for me please.
BigRico: your Mom says goodnight to you
Neil: I've got to go too, to prepare for the day without hope :-)
Dale: :-)
Dale: See you in the morning Neiul.
BigRico: OK Neil, just make sure you get correct directins from uy first
Pamela: safe drive Neil - to you singularly and collectively with Dale and Jillian
BigRico: the onesin his email are wrong
BigRico: anyway, good night to you nd see you when you riive
Neil: No problem. I'll find it.
Dale: Neil has google direections, I have mapquest direction. Between that and Guy's advice, I'm sure we'll figure it out.
BigRico: I hope so - don't cpunt on the moel directions either, they may not know the intersection was changed
Guy B-AC18: You will
Dale: I don't know that the lane restrictions at 2am will be as bad as at 2pm.
Guy B-AC18: Be back in a few minutes.
Pamela: so what's the weather word, Guy?
BigRico: hot and humid stright through, Pam
Pamela: okay Dad, thanks
BigRico: right - time for me to turn off and turn in now
Pamela: guess I'd better go too, I have to do some packing and some organizing
BigRico: so good night to all, and hAppy motorimg
Pamela: gnite, Dad
Guy B-AC18: Ok, Pam. See you Friday then.
BigRico: colour me gone
BigRico left chat session
Neil: *poof*
Neil left chat session
Guy B-AC18: Bye RIch, see you toimorrow
Pamela: early (maybe not too bright), Guy
Guy B-AC18: Ok
Pamela: gnite, Dale and Gui
Guy B-AC18: Guess I'll go too. I'll see you all tomorrow.
Pamela: Dale, enjoy the new car. Can't wait to see it - will bring my sunglasses : )
Guy B-AC18: Poof
Guy B-AC18 left chat session
Pamela: I'm outta here.
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
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Dale: poof
Dale left chat session
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