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Dr. D.: Hi Richard.
rich-c: hi Rich
Dr. D.: Glad you are back home.
rich-c: how's the weather in Cleveland?
Dr. D.: Moderate, warm if you are doing physical activity, but not intolerable.
Dr. D.: There have been only a couple of days this summer like the brutal roasting of last summer.
rich-c: we have had about 28 as a high today, humidity nearing the upper edge of tolerable
Dr. D.: Humidity has been good here too.
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: gather we are supposed to see much of the same through the weekend
Dr. D.: Granted I am glad I got the A/C fixed in the Voyager, a small respite during driving, since no A/C at home.
Dr. D.: Hi Bob.
BobS: hi guys
rich-c: allo Roberto
BobS: gonna be HOT HOT THO mon
Dr. D.: How hot?
BobS: forecast is over 90* and up thru next week
Dr. D.: yummy
Dr. D.: good weather to get married in :-S
BobS: about Fri it goes up
BobS: as long as you got AC
BobS: everything on track so far??????
Dr. D.: Erin got the final approval needed via Purolator courier today, she stayed home from work to take delivery.
rich-c: gather you got the last necessary paper today, Rich
Dr. D.: We officially have permission to go purchase a marriage license in Windsor.
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changed username to Ginger
Dr. D.: All we need is that paper and each of us presenting our passports, plus $130 CDN.
BobS: and that would be when dr D?
rich-c: well, here's Rin now
Ginger: hi Gents
Dr. D.: Probably in the morning a week from today.
BobS: YO long lost lover
BobS: SO yo misswed a day of work for this??????
Dr. D.: Rin is coming here at midnight Friday, by bus.
BobS: missed
Ginger: I did :-)
Dr. D.: Staying through her birthday Tuesday, we leave for Windsor Wednesday.
BobS: HELLO, thought yo needed to go to Windsor ????????
Dr. D.: I vote early so we can get the license ASAP.
BobS: oh yea I am a week ahead
rich-c: you should have stayed on teh job, Rin - Dalton needs all the good advice he can get
Dr. D.: Yes...she is coming to visit me first in Cleveland.
Dr. D.: I would rather she had this paper in hand, Richard :-)
Ginger: looking forward to the time off
Dr. D.: Dalton is a big boy, he can look after himself.
Dr. D.: Or get Don Guy to do his looking for him.
Ginger: I intend to turn off my Blackberry for the first time
rich-c: well, that's questionable, Rich...
BobS: you got a BLACKBERRY ???????
Ginger: for work
BobS: now (I think) I am jeolous
BobS: or should I be
Dr. D.: I got a RINBERRY
Ginger: and it is like a drug
Dr. D.: what she said
Ginger: aptly named "crackberry"
rich-c: yes, they call them crackberrys, I know
rich-c: not sure why they are such a big deal, but I know governments love them
Dr. D.: Well, she uses hers only for medicinal purposes.
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BobS: tis a phone, pda and teeny computer all in one, yes ?
changed username to Judy
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Ginger: they help with multi-tasking
Dr. D.: Hi Judy.
rich-c: hi Judy, welcome to the gang
Ginger: yepper
Dr. D.: With a webbrowser too Bob.
BobS: ahso
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BobS: Judy will be back........
changed username to Judy
BobS: she breathed.......
Ginger: hi Judy
Dr. D.: Breathing causes disconnects?
rich-c: yes, so we see - welcome back, Judy
Judy: Hi, Erin, Dr D, Richard,and Bob
BobS: around heree, ANYTHING might cause it
Judy: don
rich-c: well, Bob set up the computer, so...
BobS: no Dougt did
BobS: I can't get the darn thigns to work
Judy: don't know what happened
rich-c: it's a computer - you never will
Judy: I hear that congradulations are in order for Erin and DrD
rich-c: what inspired the late hour for the wedding, Rich?
Ginger: thanks :-)
Dr. D.: Well, for getting all the paperwork lined up, yes.
Dr. D.: Ask Cynthia
Ginger: it was the slot they had available
Dr. D.: Otherwise nothing magical about 5 PM.
rich-c: and how did you get the hall - do they rent to anybody?
Ginger: yes they do
Ginger: and they had an opening too
BobS: ok....married by 5:30 and out for supper by 6pm !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dr. D.: Most VFW/American Legion/etc. posts rent out their halls here.
Dr. D.: That is probably right Bob.
Dr. D.: Maybe by 5:20 if it starts on time.
Ginger: no married by 6:30
rich-c: wasn't sure - Cynthia is eligible to join, as is Frances, and our offspring
BobS: but, but we didn't get our invite yet.........
Ginger: it starts at 6
Dr. D.: 6, ah.
Dr. D.: Well, I am compulsively early.
BobS: oh well, we will be gone camping anyway
Dr. D.: It will give us a chance to check into our hotel room beforehand, though.
Dr. D.: Check-in is 3 PM.
Dr. D.: Lug everything over, then change.
rich-c: nice to have that complication out of the way
rich-c: how long are your family staying for, Rich?
Dr. D.: Last complication is crafting a permission letter for Joan to sign to allow my Dad, or me, or Christina permission to bring the younger 3 into and out of Canada for the specified dates.
Dr. D.: They are checking in Fri. afternoon, leaving Sun. AM.
BobS: WHy do they need special permission ?????
Dr. D.: Dad said they were leaving Warren about 9 AM, that puts them in Cleveland to pick up the girls about 10:30 AM, then on to WIndsor.
rich-c: I gather your father will be driving them, or will you?
Dr. D.: Probably 3 PMish if they stop any.
Dr. D.: Only in an emergency will I come back to get them.
Dr. D.: Rin and I will be in Windsor as of AM the 2nd.
rich-c: we check into the motel on the 4th, leave the morning of the 7th
Dr. D.: Since my Dad is further east than Cleveland, and have to take I-90 west, plan was for them to grab the girls from the house on their way, and all 6 come in 1 car.
rich-c: Pamela keeps yelling at me - don't drive 401 on August Civic Holiday
Ginger: they need special permission as they are not travelling with either one of their parents
Dr. D.: But I want emergency flexibility for me or even Christina (who at age 19 is an adult) to have permission to bring them in/out if for some reason my Dad can't come, etc.
Dr. D.: Well, even if with me, since I am not the legal guardian for the younger 3 post-dissolution, Joan is, she has to formally consent.
Judy: make up more than one letter to provide for whoever is with them
rich-c: right - I understand the reason for the border rules, but they are an awful hassle for teh great majority of honest folks
Dr. D.: She has no problem with the consent, just to write it down so it will look legit to a border guard.
Dr. D.: We have been living "awful hassle for the great majority of honest folks" the last 3 weeks as we have finally been able to act on the last bits of dissolution business...
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changed username to Pamela
Ginger: hi Pam
rich-c: Canada is unlikely to be sticky if you're in the car, but if they're with their grandfather, that's another matter
Pamela: hi, Rin : )
Dr. D.: Nobody will let us cooperate, and are trying to penalize us for doing so...
Judy: hi , Pam
Pamela: Hi, everyone
Dr. D.: Hence the permission letter, with dates and hotel and Joan's contact info.
Dr. D.: Hi Pam.
rich-c: hello daughter
BobS: hi Pam
Ginger: I got the papers Pam
rich-c: the prudent way to do it, Rich
Pamela: when, Rin? And how?
Ginger: I stayed home til I got them
Judy: just have all bases covered and you won't have to worry
Dr. D.: Even gonna get it notarized...
Pamela: ahhh
Ginger: then it was too late to bother heading to work
Dr. D.: <cough>
Dr. D.: She planned it that way :-)
Pamela: shock and surprise
Dr. D.: Shock and Awe
Judy: that sounds like a good idea
Pamela: so did they come by Purolator?
Dr. D.: Notary public on campus here, very convenient.
Ginger: I didn't want to miss it...or drag it out for longer
Pamela: wow, that's handy, Rich
Dr. D.: I told her to stay home today, it is my fault.
Ginger: yep
Ginger: I thought it was a good idea
Judy: spoiling her already
Pamela: good. I talked to Kimberly today, they're coming with Jessica
Ginger: good
Dr. D.: She may be spoilt now, but there is a lot of time apart to come in the next year :-(
Pamela: I gather she had a long conversation with your mother last night : )
rich-c: they are? that's as appreciated as it is unexpected
Pamela: yes. Coming down Saturday morning, staying at the same hotel as the rest of us, at least are planning to, and leaving Sunday to visit relatives and do some sightseeing
Judy: something I doan
Judy: don't understand
Dr. D.: It is the only way she can come here with a Green Card already.
Dr. D.: The other ways that get her here faster, she has to be unemployed for 3 years.
Pamela: that's nuts, Rich
Ginger: yep
Judy: just never heard of anything so crazy
Dr. D.: I agree, but I did not write the immigration rules.
rich-c: I don't think that is too practical a proposition
Ginger: I think it's more like 2
Ginger: but still
Dr. D.: Of course it is not practical, Richard, the intent is to discourage incoming workers...they would take Red-Blooded American Jobs.
Pamela: I agree . . . but still
rich-c: well, the point is, they don't want to encourage marriages of convenience
Dr. D.: Well, we will beat them, stick it out.
Ginger: there is a shorter was\y but then he'd have to petition me over there, get married in 90 days but have to get married in the States
Judy: and people coming in with phony marriages
BobS: AND the illegal mexican NEED those jobs.......
Ginger: lol
rich-c: the rules are diffeerent for different classes of workers, Rich
Dr. D.: Sad to say, it is not much better than what we have now, but we have put up with what we have, so we know what it feels like.
rich-c: a new vice-president coming in to GM does not wait long
Dr. D.: Remember Rin does not have an undergraduate degree...
Dr. D.: She is at risk for automatically being classified as freeloader
Ginger: well no but there aren't any jobs (that I know of) that no one else in the States can do
Pamela: and you know there's an end in sight
rich-c: you'll just have to send her to night school at CWRU, Rich
Dr. D.: That is the all-else-fails-so-she-stays-busy option.
Ginger: if I can't find a job it is an option
Dr. D.: But she has to get admitted before I can send her there.
rich-c: yes - any clues as to how long it will take?
Dr. D.: And she will have to swallow her pride and do work she doesn't want to do and listen to professorial BS she doesn't want to hear :-)
Dr. D.: 6-8 months Rin tells me.
Judy: could she come to the States faster if she was accepted to the college?
Dr. D.: Maybe...but her in college costs us money, her working makes us money :-)
Pamela: as your spouse, does she have easier access to the university or reduced tuition?
Dr. D.: I don't want her wenching at Tim Horton's...but it would be nice to see her doing something that builds on her experience in government.
BobS: doesn't she come with a dowry.......or something??????????
Ginger: ha
Ginger: very funny Bobs
Pamela: we'll see if we can come up with a couple of goats, but it's hard these days
Dr. D.: She would be eligible for tuition waivers...she just has to be able to be admitted same as any other student.
Ginger: the dowry's my bad habits
Dr. D.: No dowry.
Judy: how about a cow or something
Dr. D.: moo
Ginger: but I would be a "mature" student
rich-c: you do have your Ontario SSGD, don't you, Rin?
Pamela: have you looked at the price of beef lately???
Ginger: sot some teenager
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Dr. D.: mature hehe
Dr. D.: all of 27 come next week
changed username to ronald
Pamela: greetings, Ron of the west
Ginger: I have my highschool and 1 1/2 years of university
ronald: hey!
Dr. D.: The Mighty Mitchell
rich-c: hello Ron, finished dinner early I gather
ronald: yes, here I is
Ginger: hi Rin
Ginger: Ron
ronald: not really Rich. My corn on the cob is still a cookin'
Ginger: oopps
Judy: Hi, Ron
BobS: hello west coast manager
Dr. D.: mmmmmm corn on the cob
rich-c: I was sure of the high school, didn't know the university details
Pamela: having a little identity crisis, Erin? : )
Dr. D.: I haven't had any for a long time
rich-c: but CWRU should recognize your Canadian credits
Ginger: no....just apparently talking to myself
ronald: nor have I really.... kinda just re-discovered it
Dr. D.: It is tres yummique
ronald: Hi Judy, Hi Bob, Hi Ginger
BobS: ah the BEST food in the world ?????
ronald: oh yeah
Ginger: I would hope they would...but by the end my marks were poor so I hope they wouldn't judge my eligibility on those
Dr. D.: with butter and salt...<Homer Simpson mmmmmmm>
Pamela: the best food in the world? Steak on the barbeque and chocolate ice crem
ronald: exactly
Pamela: cream, that is
Dr. D.: I could eat 3 ears right now no problem and I had supper only 3 hours ago.
Judy: corn has been high in price here 5 for 2 dollars
ronald: shall I e-mail you some?
rich-c: well, the high school graduation should be unquestionable, and the first year university creditis - maybe you shouldn't push the half year?
Dr. D.: Yeah, shucked and under Gladwrap, that is the price here too
Pamela: wow, that is high Judy - we often get a bakers dozen for $3.00
Dr. D.: Unshucked I have seen 6/$2 at Tops
BobS: how come it is so spensive nere??????
ronald: This was 3 - 2.99
rich-c: No Frills had some in but I didn't notice the price
Dr. D.: But I remember $1/dozen as a boy, fresh from the roadside stand.
Pamela: maybe you're not terribly close to the source, Bob
ronald: Usually I can only eat 2, but I'll make an extra effort
Dr. D.: 75 cents if you went and picked it yourself
Judy: usually we are, they grow it all over around here
Dr. D.: But those are 197x dollars
Pamela: our strawberry farm, en route to the trailer, has fresh corn from the end of June right through to the end of September
ronald: There's a kitty kat crossing my back yard
rich-c: generally, US supermarket prices are way higher than Canadian - or at least Ontario
ronald: He looked at md said.... how come you're so fat
ronald: I'm out back
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
ronald: cats don't give me the time of day mostly
Pamela: you're Ron shaped : )
rich-c: salut, Daniel!
Daniel Bienvenu: good evening ladies and gentlemen
Pamela: hi, Daniel
Dr. D.: Hello Daniel
Ginger: hi Daniel
ronald: ah Daniel mon ami
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Judy: Hi, Daniel
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!!
ronald: Ok guys..... I'll be back shortly. Keep talking, will watch you whilst I stuff my face
rich-c: hello Guy - now Chicago checks in
Pamela: Erin, FYI, I'm heading to M & D's tomorrow night to get our stuff and hem a Tshirt - so should be home before you're in bed to get your T's to you
Dr. D.: And Guy recovered from ADAMcon
Judy: Hi, Guy
Pamela: hello, Guy!
Dr. D.: Yes, T-shirt
Ginger: cool, thanks
Ginger: hi Guy
Dr. D.: They look swell in Ron's photos.
Pamela: shoot, haven't even had time to look at the pictures yet
Guy B.: Like your t-shirt Rin?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm actually at my job...
Dr. D.: Pam still has them for us, Guy
rich-c: she doesn't have it yet, it's sitting in my living room, Guy
Guy B.: Now I have to get mine up.
Dr. D.: Coding away like mad, Daniel?
Pamela: actually, Dad has them . . . : )
Ginger: haven't got it's at Uncle Richard's :-)
Guy B.: Not yet, eh!
Ginger: tomorrow though
Pamela: it's been a busy week, Guy, give me a break!
BobS: cool, Daniel, just don't neglect the job to be here..........
Ginger: the pics of them look great
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not working tonight... only taking time to use fast internet connection
rich-c: Pam will pick it up for her tomorrow night
BobS: AH
Guy B.: Tell me Pam. I'm working overtime
Dr. D.: Well thank you both for being transport for our shirts.
BobS: and yo LIKE the fast connection, yes?
rich-c: so they leave you alone at the shop to play with teh fun machine? neat, Daniel!
Dr. D.: hehe me too Daniel, I am in my office
Dr. D.: Cooler here than at home, where there is no air conditioning.
Pamela: I'm training for my new position, and trying to train the new receptionist - who is slow as molasses in January
Pamela: bright, but slow
rich-c: don't worry, she'll pick things up soon enough
Dr. D.: Just don't train her to replace you Pam.
Pamela: and, trying to finish up something for the wedding
Pamela: and doing laundry
Pamela: etc
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I'm watching some funny videos at google, youtube, etc...
Daniel Bienvenu: something I can't do at home.
Pamela: don't think she could, Rich
Judy: multi tasking, Pam?
Pamela: with all due modesty, I'm good at what I do, and I'll be good at the new job too
Pamela: with bells, Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: well... I relax
Dr. D.: Don't spazz over the wedding, anybody and everybody.
rich-c: as you may know, Rich, Pam has a particularly felicitous telephone manner - competition need not worry her
BobS: SO, you TOOK the job.....good for you Pam
Pamela: yes, Bob, sorry, thought I told you
BobS: ;jsut did
Pamela: spazzing is required, Rich - look it up : )
Daniel Bienvenu: after weeks of rush at my job... taking time for me is not steeling.
Dr. D.: If the wedding ain't fun, I will leave, after the legal part of course :-)
Dr. D.: Not it is not.
Dr. D.: Do you, do you, I do, I do, I now pronounce you, kiss, go eat some pizza and cake.
Judy: I think not, DR D
Dr. D.: See, that is easy.
Pamela: actually, it's lasagne, but . . . : )
Dr. D.: That would work for me, but Rin keeps telling me the familias canadiensis would riot
Ginger: rubber chicken
Daniel Bienvenu: I can't wait to see your presentation, Dr.D
Pamela: you have the right generel idea
rich-c: Daniel, go to, then to the stock car thread, then the item NASCAR in Russia
Dr. D.: Who dis wedding for anyhow?
Pamela: general
Pamela: hmm, need to re-teach my fingers to spell
Dr. D.: Is someone sending you a DVD, Daniel?
ronald: the bride
Dr. D.: I made extras, and can make more if needed.
Ginger: this bride wants cheap-n-cheerful
Pamela: well some of the family would, anyway
Dr. D.: Erin's friend Marie said to beware of Bridezilla and Mother-Of-The-Bridezilla.
Pamela: Bridezilla not so much, but I won't argue with the latter : )
rich-c: yes, the greatest of the hazards of matrimony
Pamela: who knew Aunt C would get this wound up? And Marie is one to talk!
Dr. D.: I wish they would all wind down and chill out.
Dr. D.: Life is too short to spazz over it.
Daniel Bienvenu: I replied the email about having your presentation in dvd
Pamela: in a little more than a week, they'll do just that
Dr. D.: I will be playing Cabbage Patch Kids and Spy Hunter if it gets too Bridezilla-y :-)
Judy: that is just part of the fun
rich-c: females always go ga-ga over weddings
Dr. D.: Okay Daniel, send me a postal address and I can have Erin mail you a DVD via Canada Post.
Daniel Bienvenu: @rich: is it this url?
Ginger: If I could have gotten away with JP and short I would have done it
Pamela: I told Erin last night I was fine till the day before the wedding, had my spaz and got it out of the way, and had a bit of nerves an hour before the ceremony. Piece of cake.
rich-c: maybe Russell and I will retire to watch a football game - want to join us? ;-)
Dr. D.: Get away with jumper and shorts, mrow that would work for me too :-)
Pamela: naw, I'm gonna gossip with Kimberly and Art and ride herd on Jessica
Dr. D.: hehe I am bringing an ADAM and a bunch of cartridges.
Daniel Bienvenu: I got a reply telling that I will have one...
Dr. D.: I will make final assemblage this weekend...taking requests from the girls.
Daniel Bienvenu: ...dvd presentation
rich-c: you got it, Daniel - it's scary-hilarious
Pamela: If I can get near her with Aunt C around : )
Dr. D.: Who replied, Daniel?
Dr. D.: Sadly, the last couple months of my APKnet mailbox got wiped in an ISP glitch.
Pamela: Erin, has Graeme changed his mind about bringing the kids to the reception?
Dr. D.: I am told not...and I am going to attempt some arm-twisting.
Ginger: not so far
Pamela: good luck with that, Rich
Dr. D.: I want kids there, having fun, it will keep me from having to watch all the girls dance with each other.
rich-c: Watch it, Rich - Cynthia says Erin's brothers are wearing suits - so no swim trunks and sandals for you
Pamela: hey, I plan to dance with my hubby (at least once!)
Dr. D.: I am blacktie tuxedo, so pbbbt
Pamela: you are going to look spiffy, Rich
Ginger: I will have flip-flops on :-)
Dr. D.: And I bought my tux, so Erin better be prepared to go out dressed up on occasion in future.
Pamela: and maybe even my father, since I didn't get to dance with him at my own wedding
rich-c: well, I'll have a hard time - union rules, when you retire they confiscate all your neckties
Dr. D.: You don't have to wear a tie Richard.
Dr. D.: You can wear a cardigan and Mister Rogers sneakers if you want.
Pamela: I want a picture of that!
Daniel Bienvenu: err... my mailbox is at home... and i'm at job
Ginger: I have no problem with no tie Uncle Richard
Pamela: (note to self: buy more film!)
rich-c: I'll consider it, Pam - on Monday
Ginger: just be comfortable
Daniel Bienvenu: it was probably guy who replied me
Dr. D.: What people wear is not important, just being able to have you there is all that matters.
ronald: 3000 miles dis I travel to get away from neckties
Dr. D.: It might have been Daniel.
Pamela: exactly, Rich
Dr. D.: But in any case, I will be in Toronto 2 weeks from now, so I will leave a DVD with Erin to mail to you.
Dr. D.: No matching bridesmaid dresses, no color schemes.
Dr. D.: If anyone really wants it, I will give them some JPEGs to play with in Photoshop later
Daniel Bienvenu: rem : I notice that private messages are showed in the log
Dr. D.: Yes that has been happening for the last 6 months or so.
ronald: yes
Dr. D.: Dale changed his log-to-HTML script somehow
Pamela: so what did you do with your ties, Ron? : )
ronald: we should have talked about that in Chicago
BobS: YES Daniel so do NOT use private message base
ronald: They are hanging on a rack in my back bedroom closet awaiting their fate
BobS: email directly instead
Dr. D.: (Private) George Bush is a moron!
ronald: mostly out of style now, but they'll be back in style
Judy: if you don't want others to read it
Ginger: (PRIVATE) haha
BobS: yea right
Pamela: no argument here
Daniel Bienvenu: I notice that when someone who is not a user of this chat telling me something about a message in the chat log.
ronald: I dunno. There is something I like about President George
ronald: Just can't remember what it is
Dr. D.: He makes good compost.
Pamela: what, the stupid smirk? The foot-in-mouth disease?
Dr. D.: 40% less president than your regular president.
Pamela: ROTFL, Rich
ronald: HA and double HA
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I will send you an email, Dr.D... as soon as I can.
Dr. D.: Four out of 5 American housewives can't tell the difference between Whizzo Butter and George Bush.
Dr. D.: Okay Daniel, thanks.
ronald: So what was this about a New Coleco cart at Mal Wart?
rich-c: Daniel, I was wrong - the thread you want is General Automotive and the item is NASCAR, Russian style
Dr. D.: Speaking of things Python...
Pamela: eww
Pamela: squished bug on the monitor
ronald: we don't got none here, I looked
Dr. D.: Rin and I are going to see "Spamalot" on August 8th.
ronald: that'll teach him Pam
Pamela: can't learn if you're dead . . . : )
Ginger: yay
Dr. D.: Go to and see the Products.
ronald: ok
Judy: watch what you say
Dr. D.: The 12-games-in-1 originally sold for about $30
rich-c: not now Ron, you just ate!
Dr. D.: Now it is $ them away...
BobS: Guy Foster was not impr4essed with Coleco stuff and gave it away.........
Pamela: Dad, did you tell Mom about my dream?
ronald: ha- right Rich
rich-c: that won't even cover the postage
Dr. D.: My girls play it when they come over.
ronald: In fact, I'm still eating
Dr. D.: Some of the games are a bit lame.
Dr. D.: Cheap enough to give everyone one as a door prize at ADAMcon 19 :-)
rich-c: no Pam, I didn't - you can tell her tomorrow
BobS: suppose that these new coleco sellers actually got control of the Coleco name ?????
Daniel Bienvenu: a lot of car good for scrap in this russian tunnel
Pamela: remind me : )
Dr. D.: They *DO* have control of the Coleco and ColecoVision names.
rich-c: how did you like that articulated bus?
Ginger: it was the thought that counts :-(
ronald: which will cost 'em more than they'll make at $2.50 a unit
BobS: and the old games too ?????
Dr. D.: NO
Dr. D.: They are like 16-bit Nintendo games.
rich-c: if they are doing that badly, maybe they'll sell the Coleco names - cheap
Dr. D.: I don't know who wrote them...they are NOT original ColecoVision games.
Daniel Bienvenu: the bus is ... valsing
Dr. D.: Someone got some late-80s-type games and slapped the Coleco name on them.
Ginger: as I said, it was the thought that counts :-(
Pamela: Guy, how far are you from Oakbrook Center?
rich-c: what fascinates me is why they kept re-opening the tunnel
Ginger: I'm heading to bed all.....good night....we'll talk to you from Windsor next week
Daniel Bienvenu: well, dr.d, the coleco tvgame is almost all the electronic coleco games I knew... it plyas the same way too... but it's on tv, not a couple of del with an overlay.
Pamela: night sweetie - how late tomorrow night?
rich-c: OK Rin, see you online if not before
Ginger: (PRIVATE) love you see you tomorrow
ronald: niters Rin
Pamela: (PRIVATE) Love you
Ginger: I don't know....preferably no later than 10:30 to bed
Pamela: okay. Dad, note that I have to be home by 10:00, okay?
ronald: Lordy this corn is good!
Dr. D.: Nite My Love
Judy: might Erin
Ginger: nite all
BobS: nite Riun
Dr. D.: Yeah, we will be chatting from Windsor again
BobS: rin
Ginger left chat session
Dr. D.: corn mmmmm
Guy B.: Nite Rin
rich-c: noted, Pam - but rmember to tell your mother
Dr. D.: I may have to go get some
ronald: "Peaches and Cream"
Dr. D.: Tops is open 24 hours...
Pamela: Guy, did you see my question?
ronald: do you get that variety there?
Guy B.: I'm about 15 minutes from there Pam
rich-c: yes, it's also called "silver and gold" and some other names
Dr. D.: I am not sure they sell them by actual variety.
Guy B.: Not that far.
BobS: but now; IF this bunch bought the names of Coleco games, they didn't get the actual rights for the games themselves ????
Pamela: cool. It's too bad we didn't have time to come find you on Wednesday : (
Dr. D.: That isn't what they bought, names of games, *ONLY* the names "COLECO" and "COLECOVISION".
rich-c: moe to teh point, if they've been burned, would they sell the Coleco name cheap?
ronald: Would be interesting to know Bob. I'll bet they don't know squat about the originals
Guy B.: I went back to work that day.
BobS: ahso... so NOT the name Carnival etc
BobS: now I get it
Dr. D.: nope
Pamela: I know. And our time was limited because we had to be back from dinner at a reasonable hour for chat, and to pack. There's only so much you can pack into a day
Dr. D.: It is like someone buying the name "Studebaker" from whoever has it, building a new car vaguely 50s-ish, and calling it a Studebaker.
Daniel Bienvenu: only telegames did a product with colecogames... named personal arcade if i remember well. telegames stoped selling old games
Guy B.: You didn't expect severe to hit here didn't you?
Dr. D.: I have the DYNA console
Guy B.: severe weather
moved to room Meeting Place
Pamela: well, not as severe as it was, anyway
Dr. D.: I don't know who has "old" existing cartridges for ColecoVision.
changed username to rich-c
Pamela: put a real kink in our Thursday
Daniel Bienvenu:
Judy: so it did
Guy B.: It was heavy where I was.
rich-c: sorry, knocked myself off - now I'm back
Daniel Bienvenu: telegames got the rights for a lot of coleco games
Pamela: gotta watch that Windows key, Dad
BobS: probably noone we know......but Telegames had rights for at least some Coleco games for awhile......unless they were pirating them the same way someon else I know does
ronald: Stop that Mr. Clee
Dr. D.: Ah, that is an emulator with ROM images Daniel.
Guy B.: The rain was coming down so hard that I hopped in the back seat with Annie while I hooked up her leash.
rich-c: that the one that does it, Pam?
Pamela: Dunno, Dad - just following your guesses.
ronald: It does rain hard in Chicago I noticed
rich-c: well, it seems to be one of the three down there
Pamela: Ron followed me over to the Avis lot when I returned my rental car so I didn't have to walk back in the monsoon. Was like driving thru a waterfall.
ronald: exactly
rich-c: yes, NOAA said they logged 2000 lightning flashes in an hour in that storm
Daniel Bienvenu: well, for a while... i was thinking rwb and telegames discussed about these games to let the new coleco company release these games again.
Pamela: and, i had to gas up the stupid thing in the downpour, too
Dr. D.: AFAIK that has not happened.
Dr. D.: There is no news like that on the current website.
ronald: Someday I will look back on the events of last Thursday with a sense of humour
ronald: but not yet
Daniel Bienvenu:
Pamela: i'm with you Ron - it's gonna take a while
ronald: yup
rich-c: yes, I didn't think there would be anyone to top our tale of woe
rich-c: but as it turned out, ourrs was small potatoes
ronald: got to know the two couples standing in front of me rather well
Pamela: we have decided we'd like to go back to Chicago, but I think next time we'll drive : )
ronald: we talked about a lot of things
Dr. D.: Again, those are ROM images and an emulator.
ronald: I agree Pamela, think that would be the only way
rich-c: yes, ask your Mom about teh joys of driving to Chicago, Pam
Pamela: might take you a while from Vancouver, Ron : )
Daniel Bienvenu: well, to publish these games, they must have the rights, exact?
ronald: figure about 5 day
ronald: or 6 maybe
Dr. D.: Rin and I had no problems in Chicago layover from ADAMcon 16...
rich-c: Guy, is there any website that reports the construction progress in Chicago?
Pamela: heck, take a few weeks and take a tour of the country
Judy: we had a very uneventful trip
Judy: you just left on the wrong day
Dr. D.: I guess they would, Daniel...but maybe license only for images in an emulator, not for making physical cartridges.
Pamela: it's about the five days vacation, Judy : )
Daniel Bienvenu: wrong, they released cartridges of these games too... well, they stoped 2 or 3 years ago now
ronald: some people I know could make it here from Ottawa in 5 days easily
Dr. D.: Okay, I didn't know that.
Daniel Bienvenu: they stoped exactly when rwb registred the name coleco.
Judy: it was very hot , though
Dr. D.: Hmmm.
Dr. D.: I just don't know who has the rights to what now.
Pamela: unfortunately the new rules in Ontario say that if you only have two weeks vacation, you must take those two weeks in one week chunks
rich-c: Guy, is there a Chicago traffic website?
Dr. D.: Oh?
Dr. D.: Why is that Pam?
Pamela: because the government is stupid, why else?
rich-c: that sounds like a Harris leftover
Dr. D.: Whose business is it when you take vacation?
ronald: I've not seen that one, Pam, in my excursions thru various collective agreements
ronald: exactly
Pamela: my thoughts exactly
BobS: darn gov't anyway
Daniel Bienvenu: based on the story, hasbro and other compagnies bought coleco in the past. i suppose telegames got the rights for the games and hasbro took the liscences for the names coleco, coelcovision, head-to-head, etc... and rwb got the liscences from hasbro.
Pamela: so, I couldn't take Friday to Friday.
ronald: Although some agreements will stipulate that leave must be taken when "operational requirements permit" - which allows management to pull just about anything
rich-c: you forget Dalton has been far too lethargic in cleaning up the AAHarris messes
Pamela: I had to take Friday to Thursday
rich-c: I need a beer while I consider that - brb
Pamela: once I get a third week, I'll be able to spread those days around
Daniel Bienvenu: unfortunatly, it looks like rwb only got the names... no games at all. well, it's life.
Pamela: but that won't happen for three years yet
Daniel Bienvenu: complex life
Dr. D.: That sounds like poor business on rwb's part.
Pamela: which sucks, because I had four weeks vacation when I left Speedy
ronald: bummer Pam
Dr. D.: Speedy was assimilated, they don't exist anymore do they?
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw this movie too many times...
Pamela: they do still exist, but were bought out by a franchiser, and all the work I was doing - claims admin, insurance, workers comp, etc - will now be the responsibility of the individual franchisees
Pamela: hence, I was redundant
BobS: so NOW you have 52 weeks Speedy vacation Pam.....look at the bright side
Pamela: I didn't want to leave that job, Bob
Pamela: I would happily have retired from Speedy
ronald: brb
Pamela: however, the powers that be decided that's not how it would be - so, you roll with the punches
(Guy B. gives Pamela a can of Diet Coke.)
Pamela: thank you, Guy : )
Pamela: got any rum for that?
rich-c: Guy, is there a Chicago traffic website?
Guy B.: Might as well give you two.
Guy B.: For construction updates?
Dr. D.: Rum and Diet Coke?
Pamela: you work with what you have, Rich : )
rich-c: yes, we will be coming by in September
Dr. D.: Reminds me of the guy in college, health nut, who would only drink Rum and Tab...
BobS: uh ya
Guy B.: Hang on, let me find that again.
Pamela: Diet Coke by any other name . . .
Dr. D.: Not that I drink anything with Rum, or Diet Coke, or Tab if you can find it.
Dr. D.: No, Tab is evidently a different formula.
Dr. D.: The Tabites kill for it.
Pamela: it's made by Coke, I believe
Dr. D.: It is a rare bird, just like Fresca (the precursor to Diet Pepsi).
Pamela: but only in the US
Dr. D.: Yes, Tab was the diet cola from Coca-Cola before Diet Coke.
Guy B.: Rich, here is the link to Illinois Dept. of Transportation:
rich-c: really? thought I used to see it here?
Judy: haven't seen Tab in years
Guy B.: It's still around here, but not everyone carries it.
Pamela: Tab and Fresca both used to be available in Canada. Grammy used to keep Fresca around.
Dr. D.: IIRC Fresca was a lemon diet cola
rich-c: thanks Guy, I copied it
Dr. D.: Ot maybe I am thinking of Pepsi Lite
Pamela: I believe it was basically diet Sprite, Rich - no cola
Judy: more like a squirt, wasn't it
Dr. D.: Squirt, mmmm, I like Squirt
Pamela: more grapefruit than lemon-lime
rich-c: some sort of "Up" drink, from what I've heard
Dr. D.: Squirt with maraschino cherry juice
Dr. D.: mmmm
Pamela: and lots of ice
Daniel Bienvenu: me too, rich... I also found some videos hilarous and scary
rich-c: right, Bob - Biere Noire from St, Ambroise is so much better
Daniel Bienvenu: but not scary in the same way as the russian tunnel
Pamela: one thing I've discovered about Black Cherry soda, you have to drink it cold or it tastes like cough syrup
rich-c: I'll make a note to put out stock on ice for you
Pamela: thanks, Dad : )
Dr. D.: Faygo Red-Pop, mmm
Daniel Bienvenu: what is scaring me is hypnosis... but some videos on google video and also on youtube are funny to watch ( try the key word hypnosis )
Pamela: you can't get that here, either
Pamela: except in Windsor
rich-c: right, most soft drinks are regional
Dr. D.: No Faygo, is a *REALLY* sugary pop, 12 oz Can is like 220 calories...
Dr. D.: And I thought Tahitian Treat was bad at 180 calories per 12 oz can
rich-c: I've always been curious - what is Dr. Pepper?
Daniel Bienvenu: I like the hypnosis videos named "missing number", "alian language", "x-ray glasses"...
Dr. D.: (normal Pepsi or Coke is titrated to be 150 calories per can)
Dr. D.: Cherry cola
Pamela: sort of cherry-flavored cola, Dad
Dr. D.: I don't like cherry colas
Judy: ask Bob he really likes it
Dr. D.: cough medicine to me :-)
BobS: oh no GOOG STUFF.......kinda like a cherry coke
Pamela: again, you have to drink it cold, Rich
BobS: not quite as cherry flavored
ronald: I note that Diet Coke sweetened with Splenda is available in the US
Judy: me toooo, Dr D
rich-c: since I don't drink pop, I would have no opinion
Pamela: isn't that Coke Zero, Ron?
Judy: no pop, how do you get by
rich-c: beer
Dr. D.: I mostly don't drink it any more
ronald: you might have a point..... have never looked at Coke Zero
Pamela: water, coffee, tea, o.j., beer, wine, Judy
ronald: will have to check that out
Dr. D.: I tasted it once, it is sort just like Coca-Cola, no sugar of course.
Dr. D.: It isn't "diety" like Diet Coke or anything with saccharine in it.
rich-c: ah - she squealed on me - but I thought most Adamcon folks knew that, anyway
Judy: we have had it , but didnt notice that
Pamela: it's not like it's a big secret, Dad : )
ronald: battery is going.... must find a power cord
Dr. D.: send Ron some electrons
rich-c: exactly, Pam
Pamela: sounds like it's raining finally
rich-c: btw, I finally got my camera to work with my laptop - even got some Chicago photos
Judy: it rained here most of the day today
Pamela: good!
rich-c: finally? it rained this morning, evidently with some enthusiasm
Pamela: it's kinda hard to tell with the fan running, the computer humming and the leaves rustling
Pamela: Rained when? Not during work hours
moved to room Meeting Place
Judy: but stopped in time that we could eat on the deck, for supper and then went for a bike ride tonight
Pamela: is it cooler Judy?
changed username to 415yuG
Guy B.: HI Guy
rich-c: no, before I got up - but the ground was wet and the birdbath was full
415yuG: Hello everyone.
Pamela: feeling a little backwards tonite, Gui?
Judy: not that you can tell
415yuG: Pam: As usual.
Guy B.: How's Sandra doing?
Pamela: shoot
rich-c: good evening, Mr. Foster
Judy: and is suppost to be hot the rest of the week
415yuG: She's doing great, progressing along marvelously, can't wait for the final touchdown!
Pamela: come to think of it, the sides of the street were wet when I left for work
Judy: hi, Guy F
Guy B.: When is she due?
Pamela: but, because the crown of the road was dry, I speculated on a street cleaner
415yuG: Due date is October 11 approx.
Pamela: damn no-see-ums, they're everywhere
rich-c: so about two and a half months - getting close there, Guy
415yuG: Glad everyone had a great Adamcon! Sorry to hear about the airport setbacks.
Guy B.: Almost 2 months from now. Boy, you must be excited.
Pamela: now there's a turn of phrase - setbacks : )
415yuG: Yup, can't wait to hold my daughter in my hands for the first time, will be a strange yet welcome feeling.
Guy B.: Con went very well, Guy. Wish both you and Sandra could have been there with us.
rich-c: yes, I seem to recall you had a bit more vehement expression, daughteer
415yuG: Next year, I promise! Ottawa is more accessible.
Pamela: unprintable here, unfortunately : )
Guy B.: That I'm looking forward too. I always wanted to explore more of Canada.
Pamela: a four hour drive, sightseeing, and Canadian bucks - who could ask for anything more?
rich-c: yes, I still have a photo of Pamela when she was 30 minutes old
415yuG: Ottawa is nice, lots to explore there, very clean city.
Daniel Bienvenu: allo guy f.
Guy B.: Neil tells us it's a very beautiful city.
415yuG: Rich: Must have been quite a powerful rush of emotions.
Daniel Bienvenu: il ne reste pratiquement qu'un mois et personne n'a soumis de jeux 4k coleco au minigame compo :(
rich-c: and we'll get Daniel to lead him on an exploration of the boites of Hull
415yuG: GuyB: Oh yes, fabulous city to explore.
415yuG: Daniel: Ah, c'est l'ete, les gens on d'autre choses a faire que de programmer des minigames.
rich-c: watch your speeling, Guy, you're confusing us anglophones
Pamela: I got it, believe it or not
rich-c: it's so easy to switch an e for an l, or leave out a t
415yuG: BRB, have to update myself on the situation in the middle east...
BobS: situation sucks
415yuG: yep, such as "on" instead of "ont"
Pamela: trust me, they're still blowing each other up, Gui
415yuG: Yeah, that's the point, my brother lives in Haifa. :)
rich-c: OK, but about half a litre of run first will help
Pamela: ohhhhh
Pamela: speaking of spelling, Dad : )
Dr. D.: Okay folks, I have been up since about 4 AM, so I think I am going to call it a night...
ronald: power- let's hear it for power
Pamela: power is good, Ron
Dr. D.: yay electrons
Pamela: like sleep
Dr. D.: yay sleep
Judy: night Dr D
ronald: indeed
Pamela: gnite Rich
rich-c: actually, I have a form of spellcheck running tonight - but it gives too many false alarms so I ignore it
Dr. D.: well, next week, Rin and I will be live from Windsor
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs and kisses
ronald: nite Dr. D
BobS: bummer Guy
BobS: tell him to GET OUT
Dr. D.: And T minus 3 days and counting.
Guy B.: Night Dr D
Dr. D.: hugs to all
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
rich-c: OK, night for now, Rich - see you again next week
Pamela: Gui, why is your brother in Haifa?
BobS: nite dr d
Pamela: yup, definitely raining
415yuG: Pamela: He was born there, and has lived there all his life, with his wife and 3 children...
Pamela: ah
ronald: Ah..... a nice cool breeze wafting here in the back yard
415yuG: Been there several times myself... nice place.
ronald: been hot all day
rich-c: that hints of an interesting family history, Guy
415yuG: Maybe Adamcon 2008 can be in Haifa. :)
ronald: although after Chicago, we don't know what hot is out here
Pamela: stupid me, sitting here with the ceiling light on - and 180 watts heating up the joint
ronald: turn it off Pamela
rich-c: I will feel virtuous - I'm working by a 27 watt fluourescent
Pamela: just did, Ron
ronald: good
Pamela: turned on the 40 watt desk lamp instead
ronald: virtuous art thou Mr. Clee. T'will be duly noted in the book of things
Pamela: much better already
rich-c: of course the computer is rated at 200 watts, and don't ask about the monitor...
Pamela: watts is watts, I'm not gonna complain about ditching some of them
rich-c: but Frances is playing with our nice economical laptop
415yuG: I'm nice and cool with my tiny Mac Mini and LCD monitor...
ronald: Who's 415?
Pamela: see, this is why I want a laptop - so I can sit in the living room in the air conditioning
rich-c: yes, I want an LCD monitor and will get one as soon as my CRT quits
Pamela: read it backwards, Ron
ronald: ah
ronald: silly me
415yuG: 514=Montreal
415yuG: Area Code
415yuG: Well, one of them...
ronald: 514 yea of course. Evening Mr. Foster
415yuG: Good evening Ron!
Pamela: apparently he's feeling a little backward this evening
ronald: we missed ya!
415yuG: Yeah, missed you guys too.... next year hopefully!!!
ronald: right on!
Pamela: Judy, I can't tell you how glad I am that you two made it to at least one day of the convention. Thank you for coming.
415yuG: 300 KMs is feasible, no problemo, I used to go to Ottawa sometimes as a day trip, there and back.
rich-c: and judging by our experience, plan to take the train up from Montreal
Judy: our pleasure, thanks
ronald: Hoping to unearth some of the old AUFG members in Ottawa. Am in touch with 2
415yuG: James was one, no?
ronald: and maybe even Guy Cousineau
Pamela: you can be our tour guide, Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: good night... talk to you next week
Daniel Bienvenu: bye
Daniel Bienvenu: * p o o f *
Pamela: gnite, Daniel
Judy: night Daniel
ronald: Yes, James was one, but not one of the two I still know there...
415yuG: Later Dan!
rich-c: not necessarily, Pam - the actual location is likely to be Gatineau
ronald: hoping James can wangle a trip to visit his parents in Ottawa when the time comes
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Pamela: ooo - slide!
Pamela: of course, I'm the only one who will go on it, but still . . .
rich-c: apparently Neil works across the river and is thinking of a base there
ronald: Gatineau is good. Nothing wrong with Gatineau
rich-c: likely to cost less, and there will be all those French restaurants around
Pamela: I think he's working on it, Ron - said something about a visit with his parents and grandfather's birthday
ronald: there used to be Hull, Aylmer, Gatineau and Buckingham. Now it's all Gatineau I understand
415yuG: Rich: French? As in Poutine?
Pamela: you tell us, Gui : )
rich-c: yes, he sounded optimikstic in an email to me - seems it's his father's 60th birthday'
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to go here. Will see you all next week.
ronald: yes..... hopefully date can be chosen that works
Judy: night Guy
Pamela: gnite Guy. Thanks again - we're gonna come back!
Guy B.: When?
rich-c: night Guiy, thanks for the url
415yuG: Not too sure abotu Gatineau, if you came to Montreal, that's another story, it's restaurant heaven here.
ronald: Nite Guy
Pamela: soon, I hope : )
Guy B.: Ok, let me know.
rich-c: more like coq au vin perhaps, Guy?
Pamela: oh, we will
Guy B.: Ok, I'm gone.
rich-c: or bifteck aux champignons?
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: that's just steak with mushrooms Dad
Pamela: ick, there goes another no-see-um
Pamela: they squish well
Judy: and a sauce with it, right, Pam
Pamela: just pour on the wine : )
Judy: ok!!!
rich-c: well, actually, the wine in Quebec is not for bragging about
Judy: is it very dry?
Pamela: not to drink, to cook with Dad
415yuG: Wine in Quebec is probably the same wine that they have in Ontario! It's all imported.
rich-c: find a byob place and bring in a crock from Ontario
Pamela: un caisse populaire?
rich-c: no, that's a credit union
Pamela: oh
Pamela: oops
ronald: tee hee
rich-c: Ontario is now a major, world-class wine producer, Guy
Pamela: don't get him started, Gui : )
415yuG: Rich: Hmmm, can't say I heard of Ontario being a major world-class wine producer.
rich-c: best at icewine, excellent on whites, stil lerning on reds but learning fiast
415yuG: I know Quebec also has ice wines, and maple sirup wine or is it maple sirup alcohol, dunno how that could taste.
rich-c: you haven't been listening then, Guy. In Japan they pay over $100 for a half-bottle of our icewine
Judy: what is an icewine?
415yuG: Nah, we don't really hear much of Ontario to be honest in the news.
ronald: grapes must be from a period of the year where there's actually been frost
rich-c: our reislings are on a par with Germany's though we have more different styles
ronald: or something like that
415yuG: Much less about the other provinces!
rich-c: yes, it isn't the sort of news that gets about
BobS: frozen grape juice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ronald: You leave the grapes on the vine for a certain period after frost
rich-c: though with Quebec producing 90% of the world supply of maple syrup, we do hear about that
Judy: never heard of that before
415yuG: It's $$$, even the stuff produced in Quebec.
ronald: Only in Canada. If it has anything to do with ice, we have it here
rich-c: well actually Ron it requires a number of days with the temperature below a certain level
rich-c: minimum 36 hours of -10C or lower, or something like that
ronald: yeah.... I had it all explained once, but don't remember the detail. You're right Rich
BobS: ok, time for bed here gang
415yuG: Ice Storm produced teh best vintage of Ice Wine.
Judy: night to you all, until next week
BobS: will see ya'll NEXT week, maybe late, but hopefully for sometime
Pamela: night Judy, night Bob
ronald: right.... the east wanes
415yuG: g'night
Judy left chat session
rich-c: OK Bob, Judy, take care and see you next week
BobS left chat session
ronald: nite both Judy, Bob. Y'all be well now ya hear!
Pamela: I have an appt at 8:00 am tomorrow - what in the world was I thinking?
ronald: best go horizontal Pamela
rich-c: that you should hit the hay?
Pamela: all of the above?
rich-c: buzz off, daughter, and we'll see you tomorrow evening
ronald: Me I think I'm going to go to see Superman Returns... 9:10 pm
ronald: it's in its last week here
Pamela: we expect a review next week, Ron
ronald: indeed shall ye have one
rich-c: then enjoy, Ron, get there in time
ronald: yup.... have just about an hour to get cleaned up and dishes wash... corn ears disposed of yada yada
415yuG: Superman Returns is really nice, saw it last week in 3D.
Pamela: gnite, Ron, gnite, Gui
Pamela: g'nite, Daddy - see you tomorrow
ronald: nite all... be good
rich-c: nite, Pam - take care
rich-c: niters, Ron
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: looks like our crowd is rather reduced, Guy
ronald: aha Guy. Well I have been meaning to go for a few days now. Usually I get around to it when it's left town
ronald: anyway good people... see ya's next week
rich-c: I think I had better pack it in too
ronald: poooo****** f
ronald left chat session
rich-c: trust you'll be on next week?
415yuG: YEAH, I'm going to take off too...
415yuG: worked from 8:30 AM - 9:30 PM today, a bit tired.
rich-c: OK, night, see you next Wednesday
415yuG: Got home and logged on to chat.... yes, see u next week, take care Rich!!!
rich-c: nite
415yuG: off to bed, poof.
415yuG left chat session
rich-c left chat session
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