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rich-c: test
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changed username to Dr. D.
rich-c: evening, Rich
Dr. D.: Hello Richard, happy 76
Dr. D.: Rin says hi, she is on the speakerphone
Dr. D.: I am in my office
rich-c: thank you
rich-c: ah, you've got a voice link then
Dr. D.: My office IP phone has a speakerphone option.
Dr. D.: I am typing from my laptop plugged into the network faceplate.
rich-c: you're using Skype or something, then?
Dr. D.: CWRU put in VoIP last year.
Dr. D.: I don't have VoIP at home, just DSL.
rich-c: nice - lets you and Erin chat endlessly for free
Dr. D.: No, it is her real Bell telephone.
Dr. D.: CWRU routes its POTS service from the outside world over the internal fiber network.
rich-c: oh, right - you would originate the call, then it's free, right?
Dr. D.: No, it works like regular phone line for billing purposes.
Dr. D.: They junked their Centrex system starting about 2 years ago.
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changed username to Daniel
rich-c: gee, you two should get yourself the full VOIP setup then and cut your costs
Dr. D.: There are only a few genuine POTS lines left, those for fax machines that can't work over the packet-switched network so well.
rich-c: salut, Daniel
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Daniel: hello Rich, Dr.D and ... err...
Dr. D.: Rin would have to get DSL and a new computer to even think about it.
changed username to Meeka
Daniel: hello Meeka
Meeka: hello
Dr. D.: Hi Daniel, hi Meeka
rich-c: hi Meeka, the others coming soon?
rich-c: is VOIP that demanding of hardware?
Meeka: not sure
Dr. D.: Yes it is Richard.
rich-c: oh, I had thought it was one of those things that would run on any Pentium
Dr. D.: Perhaps, but DSL is a minimum requirement. Rin is lucky to get 32 kbps for any dialup connection in that apartment.
Dr. D.: As I can attest from trying to use the networking there...
Dr. D.: Rin just hung up, she will be logging in here soon
rich-c: well, Pamela I believe is getting her full 56K, though she does complain of the speed as she has DSL at work
Dr. D.: Frankly, if I get desperate, there is one tenant who has an unprotected wireless network...
rich-c: I suspect that the ISP you choose may make significant difference
Dr. D.: Or it could be cruddy wiring to her phone jack within the building.
rich-c: the building is of a certain age...
Dr. D.: My apartment phone line actually runs up the outside of the building and into my bedroom window, because the original internal wiring is cloth-insulated :-)
Dr. D.: The original phone box with ringer is still accessible, behind a decorative panel.
rich-c: WOW! - speak of buildings of an age...
Dr. D.: Hehe
Dr. D.: My fraternity house as an undergrad (a mansion built in 1898 or so) had its original Edison DC wiring system still in place.
rich-c: that must predate the great Cleveland Gas explosion
Dr. D.: Not hooked up to anything, mind you.
Dr. D.: But the decorative mouldings around the ceiling had carbon rods embedded in them to conduct electricity, it was really funky.
rich-c: yes, real estate evaluators tend to get shirty about knob and tube
Dr. D.: And the original breaker panel was still there, behind a decorative door...the panel was solid copper, two-toned, like copper-bottomed cookware, very beautiful.
Dr. D.: Big knife switches like in a Frankenstein movie.
Dr. D.: Too bad it went down with the house when CWRU bulldozed it for a soccer field in 1986.
rich-c: yes, in that time period, even the most mundane items often got very formal design
Dr. D.: I do miss the Edwardian look to stuff.
rich-c: yes, it should have been salvaged, even as industrial archeology
Dr. D.: Like something H.G. Wells would have built.
rich-c: one sees such things occasionally and they can be very attractive in their way
rich-c: wonder where Rin has got to - gone up to join Pamela, maybe?
Dr. D.: I don't know...remember, her mom is there, maybe she got hijacked.
Dr. D.: I heard you had automobile woes yesterday.
Dr. D.: (to Richard)
rich-c: yes, broke the left front upper ball joint, pulled right out, just as we pulled out of the driveway
Dr. D.: ouch
rich-c: and of course it was a night Pamela decided not to take her cell phone with her
Dr. D.: That is unusual.
Dr. D.: Rin said you ended up taking a cab to get to the Mandarin.
rich-c: we did managed to get our road service to tow it to our regular mechanic
rich-c: didn't have much choice - same price anyway (round trip) as a rental car for 24 hours
Dr. D.: :-( not a nice birthday present to have to buy yourself
rich-c: I could have done without it
rich-c: but better then than somewhere in the Upper Peninsula in a couple of weeks!
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Dr. D.: I can spare you a toonie or two next time I am in Toronto :-)
changed username to Mrs. D.
Daniel: hello 'rin!
Mrs. D.: allo
Dr. D.: There is Wifey-Rin <kiss>
Mrs. D.: hi hubby <kiss>
rich-c: hi Roin, you finally made it
Meeka: hello
Mrs. D.: sorry got talking to Mom
Dr. D.: See, Richard?
Mrs. D.: hi Meeka!
Mrs. D.: how are you?
Meeka: ok, you?
rich-c: you mean she isn't looking over your shoulder?
Dr. D.: <hi Mom> if so
Mrs. D.: she says hi
Mrs. D.: pretty good
rich-c: Rin, did Pamela check her email last night?
Dr. D.: wish she were here :-(
Mrs. D.: I don't know if she did, we all went our separate ways and crashed...guarantee she is checking it now
rich-c: that might explain why she's late, then
Mrs. D.: likely :-)
Dr. D.: Did you send her a virus, Richard? :-)
rich-c: no, just an absolutely hilarious video
Mrs. D.: hmmm she may complain and send it to her wok then
Dr. D.: Well, what was it?
rich-c: there was another item too - a joke
rich-c: in fact it was a joke about barbecuing - also sent a copy to Ron
rich-c: it derived from our chat last week
Dr. D.: I haven't eaten any barbecue for a while...
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rich-c: does Pamela send large files to work to download there?
changed username to Guy B.
Daniel: hello GuyB
rich-c: hello Guy
Dr. D.: Hi
Guy B.: Greetings
Mrs. D.: Uncle Richard, the site for the plants we were talking about is, let Aunt France know please
Meeka: hello
Mrs. D.: sometimes, I think she does
Mrs. D.: hi Guy
rich-c: OK Rin, got it copied
Mrs. D.: great thanks!
rich-c: btw, had the truck back at noon
Mrs. D.: oh wow!
Mrs. D.: that's excellent!
rich-c: we were pleased, let us get the shopping done with lots of slack
Mrs. D.: good so groceries are done, Mom says
rich-c: yes, we prefer to stay on a fairly regular routine
rich-c: reduces our likelihood of forgetting things
Mrs. D.: @Uncle Richard, Mom asked if you could ask Aunt Frances if she would want to go to Casa Loma or the ROM on Friday with her
rich-c: Frances says sure, phone to negotiate - remember we're on DSL so our line is open
Mrs. D.: unfortunately I am not however if Aunt Frances would like to call Mom on her cell (the numer we gave last night) that would work OR wait til 10 when I log out
rich-c: Guy, how is the traffic mess around Chicago - any improvement?
rich-c: she can phone here anytime up to midnight without a problem
Mrs. D.: I've let her know and she will do so, thanks!
rich-c: OK - the time we get up in the morning reflects the time we go to bed in the morning - enough said?
Guy B.: No, still alot of construction and that will continue through at least November.
rich-c: I was wondering about the choke points - especially the toll booths and that bridge on 80/90
rich-c: we will likely go over to Wisconsin through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
rich-c: but it may be more prudent for us to go home around Chicago
rich-c: Daniel, you are very silent tonight
rich-c: all exhausted by the job?
Guy B.: The bridge work at the I-80/94 IL 394 will continue through November at least. The tollbooths with the Open Road Tolling should be done late this fall.
Daniel: i know... I'm checking something with the compiler
rich-c: OK - there is a bypass available using US30 to the south
rich-c: they were also recommending a western bypass, Ashland Road or something?
Dr. D.: If Daniel isn't exhausted, I am :-S classes start Monday, and my new job as Executive Officer is keeping me busy.
rich-c: -S classes? what are they? and what new job?
Daniel: The cp/m emulator 22nice cannot run properly under Windows 2000. The result is completly different from win98 that is DOS based OS
Dr. D.: Plus, it is kinda hard being away from Rin now :-S still getting used to it
Dr. D.: :-S is an emoticon, a wry smile
Daniel: it looks like the DOS emulation that came with Windows 2000 is the problem
Dr. D.: I am being promoted to a full Instructor and taking over the Executive Officer position in the Biology Dept., upon retirement of the current officeholder.
rich-c: well, eventually the US government will get its act together and let you reunite
Daniel: maybe dosbox will give me a better result than windows dos emulation
Dr. D.: Final handover is on 5 September, but I have been doing the job ever since the wedding, mostly.
Daniel: that's why I'm silent tonight
Dr. D.: We first have to wait for HMS GovOnCa to generate an official Certificate of Marriage. Come back in 3 months...
Dr. D.: Uncle Sam won't accept anything else as "proof".
Dr. D.: So we can't even initiate immigration stuff here until November or December even.
rich-c: well, maybe Rin can pull a few strings to speed things up
Dr. D.: And then it's 6-8 months more.
Dr. D.: I doubt it :-)
Dr. D.: She doesn't hold all the strings that everyone assumes she does.
Guy B.: Still have a long road ahead there Dr D.
Dr. D.: It's kinda like "Do you know Bob from Canada?"
Mrs. D.: I've been told that there are no strings when it comes to marriage certificate :-(
rich-c: civil servants learn to be cooperative when a Minister or Member suggests something
Dr. D.: That isn't what Rin tells me.
Meeka: k, well doug wants his puter back, so I am off ttyl
Dr. D.: The C.C. corps laughs and says "I am tenured, you may be gone by next election, we do it MY way"
rich-c: see you Meeka
Dr. D.: Bye Meeka, thanks for stopping by.
Mrs. D.: bye Meeka
Meeka left chat session
Guy B.: Bye Meeka
Daniel: bye meeka... too late
rich-c: yes, but some like Deputy Ministers are susceptible to "horizontal promotions" if their listening powers deteriorate
rich-c: and the lower ranks know life can get uncomfortable if the Deputy is unhappy
Dr. D.: Since a screw-up could mean her barred from the US for 5 years, I guess I have to be satisfied with something that will work, even if it is slow.
Dr. D.: But I don't have to like it.
rich-c: I would not suggest stepping outside the process, just suggesting the process might work a bit more quickly
Mrs. D.: nor do I
Dr. D.: At least her name isn't Erin Bin-Laden Khadaffi
rich-c: no, she doesn't have that terrorist look to her, does she? ; - )
Dr. D.: She did get her name changed on work E-mail and in the INFO-GO system, BTW.
Mrs. D.: :-)
Dr. D.: Only if I set a spending limit at Target <runs>
rich-c: of course she works for a Liberal government, and you know what that means in Bush's America
Mrs. D.: dems fighting words!
Dr. D.: Antichrist-R-Us, Ltd.
Dr. D.: hehe no Targets in Canada, so no worries about limits...yet
Dr. D.: But WalMart...hehe
Mrs. D.: yet is the operative word <angelic smi>le
rich-c: rumour says Target would like to be here but can't figure out how to crack the market
Daniel: off-topic : a question to star wars fans... where (in the internet) can i find the vader voice saying "I'm your father"?
Dr. D.: What's to crack? Buy a building and put in a store...
Mrs. D.: and watch the women flock
rich-c: good question, Daniel - I'd say Dr. D. is likeliest to know
Dr. D.: Search for a torrent of "Star Wars", and rip the audio?
Daniel: bittorrent is not an option for me... another idea?
Dr. D.: Google for a SW fansite...
Dr. D.: That is where I would start.
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changed username to Pamela
Daniel: hello Pam!
Mrs. D.: hi Pam
Guy B.: Hi Pam
Pamela: hello, finally here
rich-c: Walmart got in by buying the failing K-Mart chain
Guy B.: Sears bought K-Mart here last year.
rich-c: hi daughter, checked your email yet?
Pamela: yes, Dad, that's part of why I'm so darned late
Guy B.: No, it's the opposite. K-Mart bought Sears and now it's called Sears Holdings
rich-c: how did you like the joke?
Mrs. D.: knew it
Pamela: BTW, what's happening with the van?
Pamela: cute, very cute
rich-c: it's home and fixed - John had it done by noon
Pamela: and was it the ball joint?
Daniel: SW Question : in wich SW movie vader said "your mind read easily"?
Dr. D.: Found it Daniel!
rich-c: how about teh video? did you pass it on to Lindsay?
Pamela: what video?
Mrs. D.: Empire Strikes Back....
rich-c: oh yes, we knew that from the start - Danny happened by and to;ld us right away
Daniel: Finally, I have "I am your father" in this web site :
Dr. D.:
Daniel: yours is more complete
Pamela: was there an attachment I missed?
Dr. D.: Just used Google.
rich-c: there were two messages, one a joke, the other a video (or link)
Pamela: I only got one, unless Russell accidentally deleted it earlier
Daniel: I want the sound clip "your mind read easily"
Dr. D.: I can't think what scene that is Daniel.
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changed username to BobS
BobS: HEY KIDS !!!
Guy B.: HI Bob
Pamela: Greetings, Bob
BobS: I am BACK
BobS: or here, or something
Mrs. D.: isn't that when he is fighting Vader and DV reads his thoughts about Leia??
Dr. D.: It's Buffalo Bob and Howdy Doody!
rich-c: OK, I will resend it, once I'm back on the laptop (which will be late tonight)
Mrs. D.: hi Bobs
BobS: si senor
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Pamela: okay, thank you
changed username to Ronald
Daniel: Hi Bob!
Daniel: Hi Ron!
Pamela: Hi, Ron
Ronald: He
Ronald: Hey!
Guy B.: Hi Ron
rich-c: hey, the Bobster finally shows up!
Ronald: How are ya all
Dr. D.: I thought that was "your thoughts betray you"
BobS: was gone to Holland on the lakeshore and then to the in laws before my triumphant return to my castle
rich-c: and greetings to Ron - how the barbecuing?
Pamela: I didn't beat you by much, Bob - just got here myself
Ronald: no barbecue tonight. was out with some friends for fish and chips
Mrs. D.: that's the only one I can think of...unless Yoda said something
BobS: BARBEQUE ??????
BobS: I could use THAT
BobS: oh bummer
BobS: grilled fillets would be better
Ronald: the lady who used to run Joey's Only (where we went one night at Adamcon 15)
Mrs. D.: hi Ron!
Ronald: now has her own place
Ronald: Hi Erin
rich-c: did you not get my email on the subject, Ron?
BobS: don't remember that one, just where in relation to the hotel was it ????
Ronald: oh yes
BobS: and
Ronald: across the street - past Tim Hortons, and there was a small strip mall
BobS: tell us where.......
Ronald: but it's not there any more
BobS: ok........
Ronald: Guess they reached a parting of the ways with the Franchisor
BobS: NOW I remember, was kinda a nice place
Ronald: yes it was.
Ronald: But her latest one is nicer
Guy B.: Annie's first birthday is next month and I'm going to take her to a doggie bakery in Oak Park.
Ronald: neat idea Guy
Dr. D.:
Dr. D.: That has "your thoughts betray you" in it, along with the whole conversation
rich-c: time for my glass of stout
Pamela: a doggy bakery?? what will they think of next
rich-c: got a new one tonight - from Jamaica
Pamela: Just remembered to change your e-mail address Erin.
BobS: and what is the name of this one Richard??????
Dr. D.: Baked doggy, mmmmmmmm
Dr. D.: Barbecue
rich-c: doesn't even have a screw off bottle cap
BobS: totally old world mon
BobS: don't worry, be happy
rich-c: it's called Dragon Stout and comes in a slightly smaller bottle than usual
BobS: didn't see any of that when we visited, must have been under lock and key
Pamela: not a big animal lover, are you, Rich
rich-c: maybe there was a shortage - seems it's quite well thought of
Dr. D.: I love big animals, when medium rare over open flame :-)
Dr. D.: With baked potato
Dr. D.: And mushrooms
Mrs. D.: sheesh
Ronald: Ewww!
rich-c: or maybe it's handled specially - it has higher alcohol than usual (7.5%)
Dr. D.: I never get to eat them anymore
Daniel: a last SW sound to find... "prepare my ship"
Mrs. D.: you're delirious My Love...go home
BobS: Judy likes Caribe beer from Trinidad and St Lucia ( Ithink)
Pamela: I sense a trailer dinner menu
Dr. D.: Cows are big animals
Dr. D.: Pigs too
BobS: BACON !!!!!!!
Daniel: who said bacon?
Ronald: In a parallel universe, pigs and cows dine on humans
Pamela: Gary Larson's universe?
Ronald: probably his, yes
rich-c: Ron only likes bacon when it's real crispy
Ronald: all because his brother used to lock him in the basement
Ronald: ya got that right pilgrim
BobS: crispy bacon YES
Dr. D.: and *I* provided it at ADAMcon XIII, did I not, Ron?
Ronald: Indeed you did good sir
rich-c: Gary Lawson or George Orwell (Animal Farm)?
Mrs. D.: well I should be logging out now so Mom can call her sister
BobS: can't remember that far back mon
Pamela: your preferences are well known, Ron
Ronald: think that's Larson, no?
BobS: oh shees, what are we, chopped liver ??????
rich-c: OK Rin, I'll put her on aleert
Mrs. D.: okie day
Dr. D.: sigh
BobS: nite Rin
Daniel: ... it looks like I'm wrong again... it's probably "prepare my shuttle" no "ship"
Dr. D.: bye Dearest
Pamela: while at brunch the day after the wedding, I commented that if we ever used the hotel for a convention, that they would have to have crispy bacon - it drew smiles from all the Adamites who heard the comment : )
Daniel: bonne nuit 'rin
Ronald: nite to Rin - go straight home now
Mrs. D.: good night Honey...go home
Pamela: nite, Rin and g'nite to Aunt Cynthia
Mrs. D.: love you
Dr. D.: looking for stuff for Daniel
Mrs. D.: nite all!
Pamela: (PRIVATE) love you two
Dr. D.: Love you too Mon Rinette
rich-c: anyhow, goodnight, Erin
Mrs. D.: hehe
Mrs. D.: nitey nite
Mrs. D. left chat session
rich-c: oh, Daniel, about last week - no MDG stores in your area, nearest is i Montreal
rich-c: there are several there, URL is
rich-c: don't knpow what deal they offer on shipping; maybe a friend who commutes to Montreal regularly could help
Daniel: I delayed the laptop purchase for about 2 more weeks, so I still have plenty of time to search and find one for me.
rich-c: yes, Toshiba are showing signs of wanting to become competitive
rich-c: and you may want to check
Pamela: I've heard good things about Toshiba
Ronald: Been a major player for many years
rich-c: well HP have gone on a service kick lately and they are VERY good
rich-c: HP/Compaq are very good is you like AMD processors
Daniel: ... the last SW sound I'm looking is hard to find... prepare my....
Pamela: Rich, are you planning to come up for Labour Day weekend?
Daniel: actually the amd laptop I found are all 64-bits processor, that may be a compatibility problem with my actual tools stuff.
Daniel: maybe a centrino t2400 is the best choice for me
rich-c: acer have some attractive ones with the Sempron processor
Dr. D.: Yes Pam
Ronald: ughhhh
Dr. D.: Arrive about midnight Friday/Saturday, depart Tuesday morning.
Pamela: well, the invitation is open if you two want to come to the trailer for dinner on either Saturday or Sunday. The aforementioned menu could be arranged.
Dr. D.: Daniel, I haven't found it either, have actually found you talking about about it in a chatlog.
Ronald: What, crispy bacon?
Ronald: can I come too?
Pamela: barbecued cow : )
Dr. D.: I think plan is CNE Saturday, don't-leave-apartment until Tuesday morning :-)
Pamela: sure : )
rich-c: sure Ron, can you get through airport security in only 10 days?
Ronald: the way I travel, no way
Pamela: well, the invitation is open, just let us know
Dr. D.: Do you know which film it is in, Daniel?
Dr. D.: Something I read suggests that it got changed in the "Special Edition" releases.
Daniel: I saw almost the same remarks in a forum, Dr.D
Dr. D.: I think it will have to be ripped from a torrent...
Dr. D.: Though my girls have the 3 original VHS tapes at home
Dr. D.: If I knew which one, I could at least get the audio off from the VCR.
Pamela: why do you want the audio clips, Daniel?
Dr. D.: Betcha he is putting them in a ColecoVision game :-)
Ronald: the creative process at work
rich-c: one of the big 4K ones? ; - )
Daniel: no, it's not for a coleco project... maybe you remember I talked about someone I know at my job who said regulary "prepare my ship" and "your mind read easily"... and the classic "nooooooooooooo"
Pamela: and ...?
rich-c: you wouldn't be planning a little joke or something, would you?
Ronald: isn't that plagiarism?
rich-c: depends on how he uses it - could be fair use
Daniel: well, I want to do a surprise for him based on audio clips from star wars film with his prefered quotes
Dr. D.: "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed" <hissss>
Ronald: "I have altered the deal. Pray I don't alter it any further"
Daniel: his vacation ends this friday
rich-c: and you are planning quite a welcome back...
Daniel: simply a surprise... i hope he will like it
rich-c: or perhaps plotting is a better word
Dr. D.: It's in Empire...
rich-c: you should have a good story for us next week then, Daniel
Ronald: can't wait
Pamela: peaches
Daniel: each time I bring chips, he says "nooooooooooo". and before he leaves for his vacation I recorded his voice saying "noooooooooooo" :-)
rich-c: this improves as it goes along...
Pamela: just delivered : )
Ronald: brb
Pamela: I think I made Ron hungry : )
rich-c: Oh, Bob, next time you're down that way, you may try the Dragon Sotut
rich-c: sorry, Stout
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to go here. Will see you all next week.
Pamela: nite, Guy
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
rich-c: I find the flavour smooth, less hoppy than Guiness
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too
Dr. D.: Bye Guy
rich-c: OK, night now, Guy
Daniel: me too... I have to quit chat and return home (I'm at my job right now)
Dr. D.: I will try to find your clip Daniel.
Guy B.: Poof
Daniel: thanks Dr.D
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: good idea, Daniel
rich-c: bonsoir then, Daniel - take care
Daniel: bonne nuit!
Pamela: gnite
Daniel: a la prochaine
Daniel: aurevoir
Daniel: salut!
Pamela: Rich, are you still at work too?
Daniel: * poof *
Daniel left chat session
Dr. D.: I am
Pamela: oh my
Pamela: am I the only one who leaves work on time these days?
BobS: I DO
BobS: left at noon today
Dr. D.: I wish
BobS: am really tired too
rich-c: you have a job, Bob?
BobS: no
Dr. D.: :-(
rich-c: just work
BobS: but I DO have special dispensation to work for the next 2 weeks as well as this week
Dr. D.: Special dispensation?
BobS: got a remodel job for an office suite for the tighwad company
Pamela: that's good news
rich-c: three weeks isn't much, but every little bit helps
BobS: well, you can't just 'do it' you know........the powers that be have to decide to let me perfomr the work instead of farming it out
rich-c: take lots of pictures for your resume
Ronald: a contract?
BobS: will be good thru Dec 2 for unemployment then....and maybe more weeks coming, can possibly make new years.....
Ronald: tough one Bob, when you have too go from week to week like that
BobS: contract, with these suckers ? NO WAY
BobS: thought I had a hot one, but it didn't turn out
Dr. D.: Too bad Daniel left...I will have his clip for him in about 6 hours.
Ronald: oh.... it's like that eh?
BobS: email Daniel
Dr. D.: I will let it DL overnight, come back tomorrow morning.
Dr. D.: Which is about 6 hr from now for me anyhow
BobS: ya mon.....ever hear the phrase 'you are just a number?' that is the way theya re
Ronald: yup
rich-c: sort of like being in a call centre queue
Pamela: Daddy, you said a naughty word
Dr. D.: I am going to go home now, has been a long day.
Ronald: nite Dr. D. Be well
Dr. D.: He didn't say anything bad
Pamela: good night, Rich
rich-c: right, Rich - see you next week, then
Pamela: be well
Pamela: drive safe
BobS: yes, go home and drive carefully
rich-c: good night now
Pamela: he said "call centre"
Dr. D.: ah
Dr. D.: I will say hi to Sandeep on the way out then :-)
rich-c: yes, we were discussing one last night - provoked some most interesting language
Pamela: please do : )
Pamela: none of it printable : )
Dr. D.: nite all
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
Pamela: Bob, I had some good info here on searching for employment - I will try to dig it out and either send it to you or find the links for it
rich-c: it's sort of like mail-in rebates - time for a universal boycott
Pamela: i think you're right, Dad
Ronald: Come to the Island Bob. We can't get enough trades- people here.
Ronald: they're hiring like crazy
BobS: appreciated
BobS: I would Ron, BUT the grandkids and the parents are here and they all need us here.......or New Orleans, or Florida woudl also work
rich-c: well they have to compete with Alberta - there, Tim Hortons are having to pay a signing bonus to get counter staff in some places
BobS: island nicer though
Pamela: got it, Bob
rich-c: yes, the biggest money is in Ft. McMurray and can't you guess why? ; - )
Ronald: Oh I know.... that option would be a non-starter for you guys. It would be a lot better not to have to uproot your entire life
Pamela: I was talking to Neil tonite (part of the reason I was late) and he said they're hiring counter staff for Tim Hortons at $18.00 an hour
Pamela: that was my reaction
Ronald: we're about the same out here. Know a fellow who wants a new house built....has financing all lined up etc, but can't find a builder
BobS: oh shees
BobS: SICKS don't it ?
Ronald: yeah
Pamela: do you have any restrictions on your unemployment insurance, Bob?
BobS: sucks
BobS: yea don't earn any money or they take half of it away fromt he unemplyment check
rich-c: with teh President they have, you need to ask?
BobS: so if I earn $100, they deduct $50 from the umemplyment check
Ronald: can't win for losin
rich-c: and then you'll have to pay income tax on it too, right?
Pamela: and if you earn enough to totally offset your UI cheque, do they extend the time you can be on UI?
BobS: but enough of the crying...time to go and hit the sack for today, eh?
rich-c: 'bout that time, Bob - say hello to Judy for us, and good night to both of you
Ronald: Keep on truckin' Bob
BobS: YES, the time is I had 6 months total - since Feb 15th and so far I am going to be covered thru Nov 30th
Pamela: well that's good news at least
BobS: Judy says....... HI !!!! and BYE !!!!
Pamela: go sleep on it - and say hi to Judy
Ronald: Hi Judy, Bye Judy!
BobS: see ya's next week. ya?????
Pamela: gnite
Pamela: ya!
BobS left chat session
Ronald: I shall be away too. Be well all
rich-c: you bet
Pamela: good nite, Ron
Ronald: may the Force be with you and all that
rich-c: goodnight Ron, see you next week
Ronald: :)
Pamela: go straight home now : )
Ronald: yes
Ronald: poof
Ronald left chat session
Pamela: well Dad, is Mom still talking to Aunt C?
rich-c: no, she's off the line, just on the computer
Pamela: okay, best let you go to bed then
Pamela: did you remember to open your card?
rich-c: they are going to Casa Loma (for starters) Friday
Pamela: ooo - jealous :: )
rich-c: that I did, and thank you both
Pamela: you're welcome
rich-c: and I will resend that email to you
Pamela: okay. I guess it's off to bed then. I'll call in the next couple of days, okay?
rich-c: so nite nite for now, and take care
rich-c: good enough
Pamela: night Daddy. g'nite to Mom too.
rich-c: I'll pass it on
Pamela: okay. kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
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