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rich-c: test
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BobS: hello der
rich-c: hi Roberto
BobS: where is everyone?????
BobS: heck, i got here on time tonight
BobS: and ???????
rich-c: hey, it's only 9.02 - most of them are as casual as you are ; - )
BobS: oh ok
rich-c: anyway we will just have to see who turns up - the folks in other time zones tend to be late
BobS: how are things with you and Frances ?
BobS: specially YOU
rich-c: Daniel these days gets delayed at work, GuyF has the kid
rich-c: me? still on the right side of the grass ; - )
BobS: well that is a good thing I guess
rich-c: more seriously, there are days when my hip is less tolerant of walking
rich-c: and basically two kilometers at a time is my limit, even with the cane
BobS: just because it hurts? or is there a problem with the hip itself?
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rich-c: I'm going to see the respirologist Friday and hope for clearance for our trip
BobS: oh oh
BobS: tis Sandra
ReadyToPop: nah, her hubby
BobS: must have bumped Guy off and is running with his stuff
BobS: oh HI Guy ;-)
ReadyToPop: Sandra is in the room, having her contractions, have a feeling it's soon.
rich-c: we were just discussing who was here and who wasn't
(BobS winks)
BobS: oh boy that soon eh?
ReadyToPop: Yes, a bit early.. it's been going on for the past 8 days actually, slowly dilating, etc...
rich-c: ]yeah, if the contractions have started, reckon you'll be off to the hospital soon
BobS: due like when ????? Judy asks
ReadyToPop: She was due October 11th, but it'll be sooner for sure, she already lost her mucous plug
BobS: hang in there Sandra......the little people are worth it
rich-c: yeah, that's six to seven weeks premature, no disaster but not optimal
ReadyToPop: hahaha... yes, it's 6 weeks premature. the longer she stays in the better I feel.
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james: hello
james: afraid i can't stay on, i'm on my way out the door. wanted to say hi to everyone
rich-c: yes, that is an understandable viewgod morning, james, you're up early
BobS: although tis better , they say, to deliver int he seventh month than the eighth month sometimes
james: rich, i owe you money and will settle up very soon
BobS: ANYWAY, will work out for sure and you will be UP NIGHTS Guy
james: sorry, gotta run. take care everyone. i'll try to be on next week
BobS: hi James
ReadyToPop: BobS: Yes, the lungs and all aren't formed yet. I think at 34 weeks she'd be able to breathe by herself.
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rich-c: OK, I'm going off on a trip Sept. 9th (roughly) so take that into account
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Daniel Bienvenu: hello James, Rich-C, Bob and ... oops, James is gone
BobS: going to Wisconsin then for what.......10 days?
rich-c: salut, Daniel - tu es chez vous ce soir?
BobS: Hi Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm at job again
rich-c: 'bout a month, Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: who is ready to pop?
rich-c: but using the company machinery and bandwidth
BobS: a month !!!!!! SWEEEET !!!! (that's what my 5 yr old grandson says)
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Daniel Bienvenu: hi Pam!
rich-c: we hope to go up through the Upper Peninsula but spend most time around Spring Green - Tasliesin country
Pamela: Hi there
rich-c: hi daughter
BobS: greetings Pamela !
BobS: where is that?
rich-c: will be at Road America for the race Sept. 24th
Pamela: Guy, is that a reference to Sandra?
rich-c: Spring Green is about halfway across the state, not too far north of the Illinois border
ReadyToPop: D
ReadyToPop: Be right back, have to feed the wife. (only time you'll catch me doing it)
BobS: ok
Pamela: Dad, how long are you two planning to be gone?
rich-c: she's entitiled to a little extra TLC right now, Guy
BobS: isn't he a model husband ???????
rich-c: roughly Sept. 9 - Oct. 9
Pamela: okay, so longer than we will - Sept. 11 - 24th
rich-c: you're taking your holidays then?
ReadyToPop: OK, I'm back...
Pamela: that was quick : )
ReadyToPop: Instant cup of soup, simply add water. :)
ReadyToPop: The extent of my cooking abilities.
Pamela: the second week, yes, Dad
rich-c: I'd end up burning the water...
ReadyToPop: haha
ReadyToPop: I'd rather get my nourishment in beer rather than cook.
Pamela: we'll be together for the first week, then R is staying up for the second week and I'll go back up on the weekend
ReadyToPop: that would be an excellent seller. Energy Beer. Beer with added energy products.
Pamela: it's called beer with a Red Bull chaser, Guy
ReadyToPop: Haven't tried Red Bull yet... never tried any energy drinks, wonder if they really work.
rich-c: yeah, considering what they get for Red Bull and its clones, something real in the bottle would be nice
Pamela: I think you underestimate yourself, Dad. If you had to feed yourself, you could.
rich-c: yes, there's always Loblaw's freezer case
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Pamela: you'd get bored in a hurry, I think : )
changed username to Harvie
rich-c: so you'll be at the trailer 11th - 18th then bqck up the folowing weekend?
Pamela: Hey, Harvie!
ReadyToPop: arrI maj
Harvie: Howdy Howdy
BobS: hye Harvie !!!!!! long-a time-a no see-a
ReadyToPop: bleah, chat is locking up on me
rich-c: hi Harvie - we've missed you last few weeks
Pamela: I'm coming home the 17th
rich-c: OK - the 22 - 24 we will be at a campground with WiFi internet
Harvie: Few weeks? You have been to Chicoggie and back since I last got on.
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Harvie
Harvie: Hello Daniel
rich-c: tempus fugit, Harv
ReadyToPop: Dan: Calisse Daniel, j'tai pas vu toe... ciboire.
Pamela: wish you could have been there, Harvie - we had a marvelous time
rich-c: yes, Chicago is a much more interesting city than I expected it to be
Pamela: and there's been a wedding since then, too
Harvie: Me too, wish I could have been there.
rich-c: but the subway ride to the city centre - as Guy says, Calisse!
Daniel Bienvenu: tu ne m'a pas vu?
ReadyToPop: Daniel: Ca fait un gros bout que je t'ai pas vu!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: bin, je suis sur le chat adamcon pratiquement toutes les semaines
ReadyToPop: Oh sorry, from the french deficient amongst us: Hi Dan, been a while!!!
ReadyToPop: Dan: Yeah, wasn't on last week...
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I'm generaly onlinee during the adamcon chat.
rich-c: yes, Guy, but as he points out, he's been here more than you have!
ReadyToPop: He has, I haven't... and when I did show up, I think he wasn't around.
Pamela: your timing was bad, that's all, Guy
rich-c: yes, Daniel is constrained by work demands and computer accessibility
ReadyToPop: Dan: how is work? was your contract renewed?
Daniel Bienvenu: my actual contract ends this october... a few days before Halloween
Pamela: any chance of an extension, Daniel?
ReadyToPop: Dan: Well, at least you got a good 8 months or so of experience under your belt.
rich-c: unless they decide to renew it...
Daniel Bienvenu: I will know only two or three weeks before the end if they renew my contract
rich-c: but I get the feeling you have cause for some optimism?
Pamela: well, start looking for a new job, just in case.
ReadyToPop: That's the hard part of being a profesionnal these days, lots of contractual work.... Engineers/Computer Programmers
rich-c: yes, one of my best friends for decades lived his life pretty much on contract engineering
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changed username to Guy B.
Daniel Bienvenu: hello GuyB
Guy B.: Greetings from COOOL Chicago
Harvie: Hi Guy
Pamela: greetings, Guy!
rich-c: well, Chicago checks in - hi Guy
Pamela: cool as in lower temps?
rich-c: yes, this cold air mass we have is pretty chill, isn't it?
ReadyToPop: Rich: As a single person it would be fine, but taking care of a family, well, I'd rather make a decent living and know my paycheck will be around for the next 30 yrs.
Pamela: I loved today - my idea of the perfect day
rich-c: sure, you looked outside recently, daughter?
Pamela: t'aint raining - that's good enough for me
BobS: but a tad cool Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: excuse me a moment... i need to check something here.
rich-c: the latest word from NOAA is that we will see the remnants of Ernesto on Sunday
BobS: remnants?????? what a fizzling dud that one was
BobS: hit Floorida w/ 45 mph winds only
Pamela: cool nights, warm (not hot) days - no humidity, not a cloud in the sky - I love these days
rich-c: that depends on whether you were in it or not
Harvie: Disappointed Bob?
Guy B.: Yep, we had been in the 60's the past two days. Today we got above 70
rich-c: anyway it will have torrential rains, and Florida is low land
Pamela: i'm hoping that's the weather we'll have at the trailer - we're a week later than usual
rich-c: the highest point in the whole state is 140 feet above sea level
Harvie: But it takes a lot of rain to raise the ocean even 2 inches
ReadyToPop: Hurrican season doesn't seem as crazy as last years...
BobS: yup Harvie
rich-c: yes, but if you're in an area that's fundamentally alligator pasture anyway - which is fundamentally anything south of Jacksonville
BobS: no it is tame so far
rich-c: it doesn't take much to make life significantly uncomfortable
rich-c: water doesn't have much of anyplace to run off to
BobS: true
Pamela: sorry, got caught up in a conversation with Russell
rich-c: anyway those who met him may recall I have a brother in Orlando
BobS: BUt the good news is that the ocean is fairly close so runoff can happen
rich-c: the ocean is close, but the gradient to it does not encourage water flow
rich-c: anyway I expect to hear from my brother tomorrow sometime
BobS: but hey, it is a wet peninsula anyway, right?
rich-c: very wet and swampy, Bob
rich-c: a bit more global warming and it will just slide beneath the waves
BobS: OR the gators will eat it
rich-c: all the Everglades are a swamp, and much of the area to the north is reclaimed swampland
Pamela: did you hear from him last week Dad?
rich-c: yes, a note for my birthday, and a short exchange later
Pamela: Ogre-Fen-Ogre Swamp and Lake Ogrechobee : )
rich-c: I just commented on the hurricane to him yesterday and am awaiting the backtalk
Pamela: I'm gathering no one recognizes the references
rich-c: btw Bob, there is no shortage of gators there
BobS: we got it my dear
BobS: but maybe all floridians are not ogre's
Pamela: I've got to get you guys reading more fantasy : )
BobS: IF they don't start killin' the darn things, they will take over the state
Pamela: BRB, gonna say goodbye to my hubby
rich-c: the Airstream campground on the road to Cape Canaveral from Orlando has lots of them
ReadyToPop: Pam: Which book is it referenced from?
BobS: undoubtedly
rich-c: they live in the little creeks that run through the camp
ReadyToPop: Bedbugs?
rich-c: when it rains, watch your step when you go out
BobS: bedgators?????
Daniel Bienvenu: i'm back
ReadyToPop: For a minute there, I thought you said: "I'm black", which would have been a big shocker to me.
ReadyToPop: lol
Pamela: sorry, I'm back - it's from Piers Anthony's Xanth series
BobS: oh ok......I
ReadyToPop: Ah yes, heard of that series... Heard of the author too. Dragonrider's of Pern?
BobS: s lost
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changed username to Ronald
BobS: I have to GET OUT more I guess
rich-c: no, the Pern books are something else entirely - and far more serious
Pamela: no, Anne McCaffrey did the Dragonriders series and i've never read them
Pamela: Hi, Ron!
BobS: Yo Ronald
Ronald: Hi all
rich-c: hello Ron of the Wet Coast
Harvie: Hello Ron
ReadyToPop: Pam: Read David Eddings if you ever have a chance, awesome Fantasy author.
BobS: how's the weather OUT there?
Pamela: I was into the Xanth books for quite a while, but they got repetitive so I gave up
Ronald: kinda fallin apart cloudy....a shower or two
Daniel Bienvenu: i notice there was a new version of bochs emulator... and because i worked on a workaround solution by using a dos emulator named dosbox, I suppose the solution will work under another dos emulation and that's why I'm downloading bochs now. it's the version 2.3 now, a brand new version.
rich-c: you want a really good one, GuyF, try our own Guy Gavriel Kay
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Ron
rich-c: he just gets better and better with every book
Ronald: hello Harvie
Pamela: I've heard good things about David Eddings, Gui but never read anything by him. I'm a Mercedes Lackey fan, and Tanya Huff - a Canadian author.
Pamela: None of whom write fast enough for me
ReadyToPop: Guy Gavriel Kay? Never heard of that author.
ReadyToPop: Pamela: The Belgariad. Wow, what an awesome series. Made me dream.
rich-c: GuyF: SHAME!!!!!
Pamela: Guy Gavriel Kay is also Canadian. I've read his stuff but didn't like it much.
ReadyToPop: Rich: I will though, been looking for some author tips.
Ronald: I take it the time is at hand Guy?
ReadyToPop: Ron: Anytime soon... she's dilated a few cms... Just waiting around.
rich-c: You may find it worthwhile to hiot him in chronological order and watch his development
Ronald: aha
rich-c: you'd want to start with the Fionavar Tapestry trilogy
Pamela: she's actually in labour?????? OMG, I didn't realize!
ReadyToPop: Well, she's dilated, lost her mucous plug and is having contractions, but it's not leading anywhere, been like that for a few days.
Pamela: I thought she wasn't due until October? Isn't it a bit early?
ReadyToPop: Pam: 1/10 is a preemie.
ReadyToPop: 1 in 10 children apparently is born premature
Harvie: October is friday
ReadyToPop: September is.
Pamela: what week is she actually in?
ReadyToPop: haha, retirement is awesome!!! worry free!!
BobS: come on getting your Christmas hat on early !!!!
Guy B.: Sorry folks. Marsha called me on the phone
Harvie: Oh yes, I ment Septober
ReadyToPop: She's in week 34.
Guy B.: Getting close Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: manipulating disk image is not an ideal solution... maybe bochs is not a good idea finaly...
Pamela: let's hope the baby cooks for a while longer : )
rich-c: all you can do, Daniel, is try and see what happens - that's how you learn
ReadyToPop: Yes, the longer it cooks, the safer it is. But 34 weeks isn't that bad...
Ronald: I have tried various versions of it
Harvie: Bob, I saw halloween candy in the supermarket yesterday
Ronald: I have tried various versions of it Daniel, never really got very far
Ronald: sees like there was alway one problem or another
rich-c: well that is pushing it, Harvie - everyone buyt it the night before anyway
Pamela: is it possible these are just Braxton-Hicks, Gui?
ReadyToPop: Pamela: Yes, possibility is there, but she is dilating.
Pamela: what did the doctor say?
ReadyToPop: Seeing a doctor tomorrow actually...
Pamela: how far dilated?
ReadyToPop: 1.5 cm
ReadyToPop: That was 3 days ago.. dunno now.
ReadyToPop: Oh, and the baby dropped... it's at -2 now.
Pamela: that's not too far, actually. I know of people who were 2-3 cms dilated for weeks before the baby was born.
ReadyToPop: Yep, a few weeks would be good. As long as it's in September, and not October. If she's born in October, she loses 1 school year. Wouldn't want that to happen.
rich-c: (let's hear it for August birthdays!)
ReadyToPop: Or September!
Pamela: actually, you might want that. I have a girlfriend whose younger one turns four on September 9th, and she's worried that he isn't mature enough to handle Junior K yet
rich-c: better to have a little slack, just in case
Ronald: My son passed his 35 yesterday. He made out ok
ReadyToPop: Ron: Was he premature?
Ronald: Of course it didn't help when I told him 35 is half of 70
Pamela: Me, I prefer June : )
BobS: shame shame
Ronald: No.... Guy, only by about 3 days
Daniel Bienvenu: ... well, it looks like using bochs is possible but only if I so an image of a bootable floppy disk with a basic DOS version and the solution I developed for DOSBox, plus a couple of things I don't have yet... so, it's not for tommorow.
BobS: and the poor boy just got marries to boot
rich-c: it's a long way to go, but I'm sure he'll make it
Daniel Bienvenu: I will check for another dos emulation solution.
Ronald: I know Bob.... not nice
ReadyToPop: Dan: I use DosBOX on my Mac. Works nicely.
ReadyToPop: I need to get a license of Parallels so I can run MS-DOS directly.
Pamela: but it's only 1/3 of 105, Ron : )
Ronald: Of course then we have my half cooked suggestion about running DOS 6.22 from floppy. Glad Dr. D. straightened that out
ReadyToPop: Oldest man alive I think is 109 or something?
Ronald: true
rich-c: after all, he doesn't have my history of bad habits, and I'm going strong at 76
ReadyToPop: Dr. D's answer was flawed in many ways, but didn't want to partake in a long discussion about it.
Ronald: really
ReadyToPop: You can always have a partition and keep it FAT32 and use a boot disk. No problem there.
Ronald: What I found was that yes, I can boot from the 6.22 disk, but I would have to run fdisk on the hard drive to do anything else
Pamela: okay, that's it, Dad - you have officially stopped having birthdays
rich-c: on the install, XP offers you the options and explains why each is a good thing - I chose FAT32
Ronald: which of course would be dumb
ReadyToPop: FAT32 is fine.
Daniel Bienvenu: I tried DOSBox with success. I were able to adapt my "all-in-one" coleco programming in C solution for those having problem compiling and linking because of their non-compatible OS.
rich-c: oh? says who?
Pamela: moi
rich-c: I am definitely in the market for quite a few more
Pamela: you can keep having them - just not officially : )
Pamela: 76 is a good number
rich-c: they're mine and I will do with them what I want - so there!
Ronald: right on Rich
Pamela: how about 76 with 24 years experience? : )
ReadyToPop: There's also uttilities that you can use to make MS-DOS compatible with NTFS, such as:
rich-c: the weasel is that apparently once you go to NTFS, there is no going back to FAT32
Ronald: done that..... Jeff's recommendation
rich-c: speaking of which, where is Dr. D. tonight?
Pamela: good question
Pamela: left Erin a voicemail on Monday and haven't heard back from her, either
rich-c: gather Erin didn't mention anything
rich-c: didn't Rich say he had a VOIP setup now?
Pamela: everyone is incommunicado - haven't heard from Cynthia and sent her an e-mail on Tuesday morning
Guy B.: I now have my BIOS upgrade for my Athlon which I'll install before I upgrade to WinXP.
Pamela: I don't know, Dad
rich-c: yes, XP does need BIOS upgrades on some Athlons
Ronald: Jeff was telling me last night that 100,000 people will be allowed to download a
Ronald: Beta version of Vista
Ronald: He's got one apparently
rich-c: on mine I needed an upgrade for my USB and sound drivers too
ReadyToPop: <cough> <cough> get a Mac <cough>
Harvie: Upgrade to XP? I hardly think so
Ronald: tis true Guy
rich-c: OK then Harvie - downgrade to XP?
Guy B.: I bought it a couple of weeks ago and I've downloaded it.
rich-c: well then surely it should already have the latest BIOS and drivers installed?
Guy B.: I read in today's paper that Vista will run between $100 and $399.
rich-c: what's that, the first year's support to untangle the mess?
Ronald: :)
rich-c: local writer who has it says it uses 15 gig of hard disc space and needs 2 gig of memory - riduculous!
rich-c: ridiculous!
Ronald: bloatware
Daniel Bienvenu: Q-Emu is another pc emulator that works like Bochs with image disks. But Bochs seems more stable and tested than Q-Emu.
rich-c: I think we need a new and more descriptive word, Ron - I just can't think of one extreme enough
Harvie: You see rich, Vista is the horizon, thats where your hopes of getting a decent OS is:)
Guy B.: And still targeting a January release date. I'm staying with what I have.
ReadyToPop: When is the new Mac OS due for release Harvie? Any news? the 10.5 one...
rich-c: if that's the hope, I'm abandoning all hope
rich-c: I just have to learn Linux so I can move to Ubuntu
Ronald: What are we calling it now, "Teddy Bear"??
Harvie: I don't know Guy, I use mandriva Linux
Ronald: I still haven't used the 155 improvements in Tiger
ReadyToPop: Mac OS X Leopard.
Ronald: right
(rich-c gives rich-c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
Ronald: I'm sorry, I also get a little cynical about Steve Jobs trying to upgrade me annually
Daniel Bienvenu: I asked again for ubuntu cds on the shipit web site... i hope it's the new version they put on cd now.
Ronald: 6.06 Dapper something
Ronald: I'm running Kubuntu here now on this beast. And it's livened the Acer up incredibly
Ronald: In about a year, I'm going to buy a Mac Laptop..... one of these Intel Jobbies, and then there won't be a desktop in the house
Daniel Bienvenu: Mandriva is an incredible linux distribution, but it's also incredibly slow sometimes for unknow reasons.
rich-c: I don't know, I find a desktop easier to work with somehow
ReadyToPop: I have 3 more PCs to get rid off in my house till I'm totally Gates free.
ReadyToPop: Never letting him back into my house ever again.
Ronald: good man
rich-c: if you get stuck Daniel, I have a spare copy of Ubuntu you can have - quite recent
Harvie: Daniel, have you disabled(or preferably removed "KAT"0 ?
BobS: heck I am NOT fussy, desktop, tower, laptop.......who cares as long as it gets me where I want to go
ReadyToPop: BobS: Most people are like that!
Ronald: Finding that I'm not using the desktops much
ReadyToPop: But one you go Mac, you never go back. ;)
ReadyToPop: *once
rich-c: well, the keyboard on a desktop is easier for older hands and eyes to work with
BobS: use the ADAM, a 486, couple of 166's, a 233 and a 266. AND w/ dsl they are all about equal
rich-c: the posture while using it can be more comfortable
BobS: so what the heck
BobS: cheap is good
BobS: need some tower P2 400mhz systems ?
BobS: mini tower
rich-c: yes, but you find they won't work with the new software, eventually
BobS: got those just sittin here lookin stupid
rich-c: and when you want to exchange files with someone, that's a proble
BobS: older ones are dedicated to a use that only they can perform
ReadyToPop: I have a P3 1.0 GHz system, top of the line, hand picked components that I'm trying to get rid of. People hear 1.0 GHz and are like: "Can you run anything on it?". I'm like, "Hell YEAH!". But people are so brainwashed by new computer adds, etc...
rich-c: ditto some of the fancier new websites - you can't provide what they need
Guy B.: I'm getting rid of my P133. That's the first one that I put together. That one came with the motherboard already installed in the case.
BobS: got some of those too Guy.....forgot
rich-c: I continue to run on my Athlon 1600XP very successfully
Ronald: Our local Evergreen Seniors Organization asked me to get some of their newsletter artwork off a pile of 11 floppies last week
ReadyToPop: I don't see the necessity for all the increased horsepower in computers. Sure it's nice to have, but... it's really not that necessary. Concentrate on making the OS and programs more efficient, not just upping the speed on CPUs to comprensate.
Pamela: and here I sit with my P3 64 meg system
Ronald: turns out the only thing I could read the disks with was an old Mac SE30 I had sitting in the closet
rich-c: I did upgrade the memory to 768 MB but not sure I need that much
ReadyToPop: MAC disks?
Ronald: yes..... double density Mac disks
Ronald: remember those?
Ronald: they were all Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Pagemaker files
ReadyToPop: Yep, good thing you still had a Mac to read them... PCs were unable to read MAC disks.
rich-c: sue - still have a supply of them
Ronald: that's right
Ronald: I've tried to give that computer away twice. But it keeps coming back to me
rich-c: Amigas will read tehm though, in an emulator
ReadyToPop: Yes, Amiga reads Mac floppies, no problem, so I've heard...
ReadyToPop: I'm still looking for a Mac Classic Color, can't find one.
Ronald: That's one computer I've never had
ReadyToPop: Amigas were glorious computers back in the day...
rich-c: Frances still thinks they are very fine, thank you
Ronald: So I understand
rich-c: she uses hers on a near-daily basis
ReadyToPop: Yes they are still fine, but not by today's standards.
ReadyToPop: Rich: Whcih one does she use?
rich-c: well, she does also use teh laptop on occasion
ReadyToPop: I'd still love to get my hands on an Amiga 600
rich-c: she uses her Amiga 3000 - that's the senior one of those we have
Ronald: Wonder if the Amiga Club in Ottawa is still alive
rich-c: have a better shot at finding a 600 through TPUG in Toronto
ReadyToPop: I think there is still one in Montreal..
ReadyToPop: Rich: Most likely, 600s on eBay are hard to find or command a very high price.
rich-c: the 600s had the stronger graphics and were quite rare
ReadyToPop: Indeed.
ReadyToPop: Incompatible with a few of the earlier games/programs though.
rich-c: that was because the programs for the 1.0 or 1.3 OS were too simple to use the later Amigas
rich-c: there are one or two Frances can't get to run at all
ReadyToPop: Incompatible for some reason, not sure why.
ReadyToPop: I have an older Amiga 500 that has an older OS which runs older programs.
rich-c: and others where she has to disble amny advanced functioins to get them going
rich-c: yes, we have an old 500 and 2000
ReadyToPop: Well, going to go check on the wife, see how she's doing and spend time with her... see you guys next week...
rich-c: the 2000 is really primitive, one of the first off the production line, never upgraded
ReadyToPop: Night all!
Ronald: good thoughtGuy... night
rich-c: OK, Guy, any news keep us posted on the mailing list
Pamela: good luck, Gui - keep us posted
rich-c: take care and good luck to both of you
ReadyToPop: If any event transpires, I will, definitely, with a nice picture attachment! ;)
Harvie: Good night Guy
Ronald: fer sure
ReadyToPop: Take care my Ontarian friends, and my south of the border buddies!!!
rich-c: hey, don't forgrt BC
ReadyToPop: As well as my brethren from Vancouver!
Ronald: :)
ReadyToPop: Anyone else? :)
Ronald: the ISLAND the Island
ReadyToPop: Hawaii? :)
Ronald: Vancouver Island
ReadyToPop: hehe
Ronald: :)
BobS: nite guy
Ronald: Bob's gonna move here
ReadyToPop: nite y'all!
ReadyToPop left chat session
BobS: should Ronald......really should
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne nuit tout le monde... I have to go too.
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you next week!
Daniel Bienvenu: bye!
Ronald: niters Daniel
BobS: nite Daniel
rich-c: yes, I hear they're real short of house builders out your way,m Ron
Pamela: nite Daniel
Harvie: Good night Daniel
rich-c: nite Daniel - a la prochaine
Daniel Bienvenu: aurevoir
Daniel Bienvenu: *poof*
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-c: gee, our crowd is thinning out early tonight
Ronald: yes
Pamela: I'm still here, just a bit distracted
Ronald: I've got one eye on Law and Order SVU
rich-c: and Guy B. never says anything anyway
rich-c: we need Judy to stir things up a bit, Bob
BobS: Hi, All!!!
Ronald: That you Judy?
BobS: it is me, Judy now
BobS: yes, it is
Harvie: Hi Judy
Ronald: How ya doin?
rich-c: 'bout time you chimed in, Judy - how goes it?
BobS: have things got a little boring?
BobS: not bad
rich-c: well, a bunch of the folks left early
BobS: and with you?
Pamela: Hi, Judy
rich-c: I'm plotting a month long trip to Wisconsin
BobS changed username to Judy
Guy B.: HI Judy
Judy: Hi, Pam
Judy: and Guy
rich-c: maybe we'll even drop by to say hello on the way home if we are up that way
Harvie: Trying out for the "Packers rich?
Judy: that would be great, Rich
rich-c: nope, trying to get a handle on Frank Lloyd Wright's greatest
rich-c: did you know a two-hour tour of Taliesin costs $50 per person?
Judy: we had to go to Ryan's school tonight, can you believe that he is starting kindergarden next week
Ronald: ah yes, time marches on
rich-c: that really is incredible, Judy - how time flies
Ronald: pretty soon he'll be 35
rich-c: the Johnson Wax building is free, but only open on Fridays
Judy: sure does, Michael started this week so they will all be in school this year
Judy: don
Judy: don't rush them that much
Ronald: gonna be too quiet Judy
Judy: during the day, but I will still be watching him two afternoons a week
Ronald: ah I see
Judy: poor little guy has to start a new daycare and school in the same week
Judy: this one will pick him up after school the other three days
Ronald: now that's gonna change his world
rich-c: well, kids grow up, and have to be dealt with accordingly
Pamela: and he'll make lots of new friends, and won't be able to wait to get home and tell you all about it : )
Judy: that is for sure, but he seems pretty cool about it
rich-c: it's a new experience, so there will be much trepidation
Judy: we are hoping that is the case
Judy: on our parts for sure!!!
Guy B.: Well folks. I'm going to go. For those in the USA, Happy Labor Day weekend. I'm going to have something up on my webpage pretty soon.
rich-c: oh, most of the kids will start crying and want to go home
Ronald: We also have that Guy
Pamela: woohoo, three day weekend!
Ronald: Headed to Victoria to help Jeff celebrate his 35th belatedly
Pamela: g'nite Guy
Judy: night Guy and same to you have a happy Labor Day
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
rich-c: well not quite Ron - we spell it Labour Day ; - )
Ronald: for that I expect to to be fed cake
Guy B.: Yep and Annie has me home Monday.
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too.
Ronald: details details
rich-c: anyway Guy, see you next week
Harvie: Goodnight Guy
Pamela: send cake, Ron : )
Ronald: indeed
Guy B.: Poof
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Judy: we will be heading to the beach tomorrow for the week-end
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rich-c: we hope to pick up the trailer and bring it in over the weekend
Pamela: we're headed for the trailer on Saturday morning
Pamela: I recommend Sunday morning if you can manage it, Dad
rich-c: I can but your mother has reservations - she wants to leave it hooked up through Tuesday
Judy: when are you leaving, Rich?
Pamela: as in hitched? Why?
rich-c: September plus or minus the 9th
rich-c: we need new tires and John will be closed till Tuesday
Judy: she needs time to pack it up
rich-c: that too, Judy
rich-c: needs much cleaning, though major repairs have been done
Judy: the longer you have to work on packing the least you will forget
Pamela: you'd think so, wouldn't you? : )
Judy: as in the fridge
rich-c: oh, I'm sure we'll manage to forget something critical, no matter what
rich-c: yes, the new fridge is installed and working, Judy
Pamela: which reminds me, I need to start on a packing list too
Judy: that is what stores are f;or along the way
Ronald: yeah..... if I forget something, I buy it enroute
rich-c: well, small stuff thts fine - but what about prescriptions, for example?
Judy: that is why we camp at Walmarts, supplies all your needs
Ronald: yes, could be problematic
Ronald: Our local Campground operators hate that
Ronald: but Wal Mart continues to make campers welcome
rich-c: expecially since I'm on Ontario Drug Benefit (like all seniors here) - pay dispensing fee and nothing else
Judy: we have done that also, they have a pharmacy also
rich-c: we need hookups so WalMart is a nonstarter for us
Judy: this week-end we will be staying at the state park
Pamela: which one, Judy?
Ronald: Only thing I found about down east with my cousin in the r/v was that shopping plaza parking lots don't have showers
rich-c: again for us the issue is hookups - we have only 24 hours grey water capacity
Judy: Holland State park on Lake Michigan
Ronald: I preferred the camp ground
Pamela: neat : )
rich-c: yes, the campground's grass, not heat-soaking asphalt
Ronald: agreed
Judy: we only use the motor home, very seldom go in the rest rooms
Pamela: Dad, do you think Mom would agree to hit a US Walmart for me while you're away?
rich-c: if we can find one - we will be in some pretty rural areas
rich-c: but you can certainly ask her - send her an email, for that matter
Pamela: am dumb - should have bought more stuff while in Chicago
Pamela: well if you stop in GR, there's one there : )
rich-c: I was looking at walking shoe prices in Consumer Reports today, US and Canadian
rich-c: some of the Canadian prices were more than double for the same shoe
Judy: yes, there is Pam
rich-c: GR is an if - your mother is talking about taking the sourthern route through Detroit
rich-c: has ambitions of seeing Point Pelee again
Pamela: tis true, Dad - one of the reasons I have a shopping list for you
Pamela: prices and availability
rich-c: well, that's what email is for - though put "for printout" in the subject line
Harvie: Time for me to pack it in. Goodnight all. Have a pleasant holiday.
rich-c: we use the laptop for email and the desktop for printing (don't ask)
Pamela: I'll probably give it to you in person
Ronald: you too well
Pamela: g'nite Harvie - good to see you
Judy: well, the time has come to say goodnight, have to get some sleep, have packing to do tomorrow and shopping in the morning will be leaving in the afternoon
rich-c: night Harv, glad you could stick it in long as you did. Nite now
Pamela: have a great time this weekend, Judy
Ronald: you'll all be happy to know it's getting dark here on the west coast
Judy: thanks you too
Ronald: Niters Judy
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rich-c: right Judy, it's a serious job so get your rest - goodnight to you and Bob
Pamela: 'bout time, Ron
Ronald: I know
rich-c: wow, that sort of cuts into the attendance, doesn't it?
Pamela: anyway Dad, I'll call you tomorrow or Friday
Ronald: nite all...... don't do anything I wouldn't do
rich-c: fair enough, Pam - gues it's time we both bailed now
rich-c: nite Pam
Pamela: bedtime : )
Pamela: gnite Ron - enjoy the rest of your evening
Ronald: l8r all
Ronald: poor
Pamela: gnite Daddy
Ronald: poof
rich-c: and niters Ron, catch you next week
Ronald: rite
Ronald left chat session
Pamela: talk to you tomorrow
rich-c: for now, colour me gone
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Pamela: kerpoof
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