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Daniel Bienvenu: hello Rich!
rich-c: salut, Daniel
rich-c: ca marche?
Daniel Bienvenu: ca marche super!
rich-c: tres bien - quelques nouvelles de bonheur?
rich-c: es-tu au bureau ou chez toi?
Daniel Bienvenu: au bureau
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm at work right now
rich-c: beucoup de travil, sans doute?
rich-c: anyway, what's the good news?
Daniel Bienvenu: We are in a Quality-Assurance phase where we have to test and test again the entire system and see what is buggy, and what we can improve
rich-c: that's tetrribly demanding work. but can be very satisfying
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it's part of the process... and it also gives me a break of coding.
rich-c: true, and a change of work can be almost as good as a vacation, I'm told
Daniel Bienvenu: exactly!
rich-c: besides, you get that warm glow of satisfaction when your part turns out to be flawless
Daniel Bienvenu: Actually, I saw 2 things to fix yesturday, and a third one today. bugs that happend only when it's an exception case.
rich-c: in short minor, but they still have to be swatted
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Daniel Bienvenu: I already did a patch for this... I'm not suppose to do so, but it was really nothing to code.
changed username to Harvie
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Harvie!
rich-c: hello Harvie, glad to see you back
Harvie: Hello folks
rich-c: how are things up in darkest Brampton?
Harvie: Absolutely mediocre
rich-c: ugh - wehat went wrong? did you bet on Hamilton or something?
Harvie: The good thing about striving for mediocrity is that it's easy to gain a level of consistency :)
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm lost...
rich-c: well, that depends on where you start from ;-0
rich-c: lost, Daniel? how come?
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Daniel Bienvenu: What is going on exactly Harvie? I'm not sure I understand...
changed username to BobS
rich-c: howdy Roberto
Harvie: It's a joke Daniel, people always tell you to strive for excellanc
BobS: AH HA.....caught ya'll
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Bob
Harvie: excellence
Harvie: Hi Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: irony?
BobS: strive for excellence..........but settle for what ya get
BobS: Hi kids!!!!!
rich-c: yes, in many ways, Daniel
BobS: how's the weather there??????
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, now I understand...
BobS: got some crazy stuff here, rains sptty here and there, thunders like crazy and lightning, no rain....wierd
rich-c: we have a band of cloud overhead, but most of the day was sunny, but excessively humid
BobS: was hot here till the clouds moved in
rich-c: we had quite a soaking shower this morning - for about 15 minutes and nothing since
BobS: think it is the LOW system that jsut went by here yesterday coupled with the remnants of the hurricane
rich-c: Frances says teh satellite shows a pool of cloud over the Greater Toronto Area and nothing anywhere else in the province
rich-c: no, Ernesto did his dirty deed last weekend and is now long gone
BobS: think it cleared off here also, getting a little cool it is
BobS: so foggy you couldn't see an eighth of a mile this morning, schoolls delayed
Harvie: 'Twas 25 C here today
rich-c: anyway, between Environment Canada and NOAA it's pretty easy to find out what's going on
BobS: very wet automobile int he driveway
rich-c: fog we didn't have, but check on the vehicle
BobS: why?????/
rich-c: had to take the trailer in for repairs - I managed to dent the right rear corner
BobS: how'd you do that???? right in the driveway????
rich-c: yes, I was doing a left turn at the time, but the tail swung wide out and hit the bumper of a parked truck
BobS: and just when yo want to blow out of Toronto for a while
BobS: shame shame,,,,,,,,ticket????
rich-c: no, I did it in the forecourt of the garage where I was getting hew tires fitted
BobS: Judy says....."hate it when that happens"
BobS: oops?
BobS: but got the new treads, right?
rich-c: yes, it's only the second time I've ever done it in over 30 years of trailering - and the other was with our original trailer
rich-c: yes, and it was no picnic - didn't espect to get A78-13s but no one had the radial equivalent either
rich-c: likely to delay our departure at least 48 hours and maybe more
BobS: oh man
BobS: the tires will delay the departure? or the repairs?
rich-c: fortunately we have some slack in our plans - our critical date in Wisconsin is Sept. 22
rich-c: oh, got the tires, it's the repairs - the wood underneath is all rotted away
BobS: oh yucky!!!!!!
BobS: time ofr a new trailer maybe
rich-c: still, the shop guy hopes to get a patch repair done fairly quickly
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rich-c: we'd have had a new trailer years ago if we could only find one that worked for us
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hello daughterr
Pamela: Hi, folks
BobS: well, that is a problem I can see
Harvie: Hi Pam
Pamela: sorry, still making dinner
BobS: whatever the manufacturers make just doesn't somehow seen to be what we want or need
rich-c: got home late, did you? or too busy gossiping on the phone?
BobS: whatcha making us??????
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
Pamela: pork roast with apple butter sauce, mashed potatoes and peaches for dessert
BobS: Hi dale !!!!!!!!!!!!
Pamela: Hey, Dale!
rich-c: hello Dale, haven't seen you for a while
Harvie: Hi dale
BobS: hold the oven babe, we ARE COMIN !!!!!!!!!!
Pamela: sounds fancier than it is - roast in the microwave, leftover potatoes and I haven't done the peaches yet : )
rich-c: yes, it's peach season in Ontario right now
BobS: ok then we have time to get there
Dale: It's true. I've been traveling much of August. Mostly a trip to Philadelphia.
BobS: cool how Phili ??????
rich-c: Frances is a peach fanatic - we have them every night in season
Pamela: and there's the timer now - BRB
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Dale
BobS: as long as yo have a good place to get ripe ones, they are good !
rich-c: is that in aid of setting up the new company, Dale?\
Dale: Daniel, I was working on a vary similar game to yours for the 1k programming contest.
Dale: Unfirtunately I missed both the 1k and 4k. I guess I can try for the 8k.
Daniel Bienvenu: Of course you can, Dale! :-)
Dale: Maybe I can make my fishing/movie name hangman game in 8k.
rich-c: sounds like you'll need a fairly hefty database for that, Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: how many words may fit in a 8k version?
Dale: I released a version of the 1k game for the Sony PSP, called Jumping Jack.
Dale: I'd picked a list of 100 all time great movies, and uncompressed it takes only 2933 bytes (or less than 4k)
rich-c: but if you admit the limits, it makes it very easy to find the source and cheat
Dale: Well, I could encrypt the movie names, if that is important.
rich-c: no, I mean they could find the source from which you picked up the names
Dale: I used to play a IBM PC gwbasic game called "Poor Judd", which was a movie name hangman.
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Daniel Bienvenu: I suppose you received my 4k minigame I did for the compo. I didn't had time to optimize and the filesize was already more shorter than I expected.
changed username to Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Pam!
rich-c: hello Judy, coming in on your own I gather
Judy: Hi, everyone
Harvie: Hi Judy
Dale: Well, I looked at 5 or so top movie lists to pick the 100 best/most memorable.
Judy: yes, was playing a game
rich-c: oh Pam, got the trailer in for repair today
Judy: oh, Rich is that going to delay your trip?
rich-c: yes, by about the amount of time it's in - likely about 48 hours
Judy: bummer
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changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: okay, I'm back with dinner in hand
Pamela: Hi Judy, Hi Guy
Harvie: Hi Guy
rich-c: the estimate suggested there would be plus or minus four hours labour involved
Guy B.: Greetings All!
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi GuyB
Judy: Hi, Guy
rich-c: hello Guy
BobS: hi Guy
Pamela: where are you having it repaired, Dad?
Guy B.: One litte critter's birthday is two weeks from today.
rich-c: Apache - never did hear back from Gerry Rathbone
Pamela: where's that?
Pamela: is she really a year old already Guy? Boy, time flies
rich-c: Langstaff Road east of Yonge, just south of 7
Dale: Hi Guy.
Harvie: Apaches are wagon burners not repairers :)
Guy B.: Yep, she got a birthday card from the pet insurance company yesterday.
Pamela: good idea, pet insurance : )
rich-c: well, they've been in the wagon business in the same spot for decades
Pamela: yeah, they'll fix your wagon!
Pamela: : )
BobS: AND they ARE working on a trailer 'wagon'
Harvie: You better get John Wayne to rescue you :)
rich-c: they started off with Apache fold-down campers when they only had canvas sides
BobS: oh oh...they are NOT going to fix your trailer with canvas, are they ????????
BobS: course, if it is waterproof, what the heck!!!!!!!
rich-c: no, even Apaches now have hard sides, Bob - canvas is the cheapo option
Pamela: and by the way Dad, to answer your earlier question, since leaving work an hour late at 5:30, I have; done the grocery shopping, talked to Russell, given my Avon order to Robyn, talked briefly to Aunt Cynthia, did a load of dishes, and made dinner
rich-c: essentially they wil rivet some aluminum angle to each corner, and waterproof it
Judy: I am impressed,` Pam
rich-c: there is no such thing as talking priefly with your aunt
Pamela: frankly, so am I : )
BobS: WHAT A WOMAN !!!!!!!
Pamela: sure there is, I just told her I was waiting for a phone call -she's going to call me back tomorrow evening : )
rich-c: btw, one of our favorite clercks at No Frills is leaving - she has a 45-seat reastaurant somewaht west of Baldwin
Pamela: west of Baldwin?
rich-c: not all of that far from your campground
Pamela: get a name?
rich-c: no, she will be giving us details later
Judy: there you go, Pam, out to dinner
Pamela: west of Baldwin is Keswick
rich-c: yes, it's sort of Italian - eclectic
Harvie: My thoughts exactly Pam
Pamela: now there's a description for you : )
rich-c: yes, it would be around there, she lives in that area
Pamela: however, we've found a marvelous restaurant in Sutton - great food, decent prices, excellent service
rich-c: anyway she has a partner in the restaurant who is Italian
rich-c: it would hurt to have two?
Pamela: won't be in the same place anyway Dad
Pamela: The Cookshop and Marketplace is in Sutton proper
rich-c: no, there is some distance between Keswick and Sutton - not that much, but enough
Pamela: I plan to explore Keswick one of these days
rich-c: my point was that with luck you'll now have a choice
Pamela: sixteen years we've had the trailer - I've never been to Keswick
BobS: strange how sometimes the closest places are never explored by us
rich-c: now you have an excuse - she's a black woman, name of Charlene, very cheerful, very efficient
Harvie: Keswick has tripled in the last 10 years
Pamela: in size or in population, Harvie?
rich-c: hasn't everyplace - except for the ones that quadrupled or more?
Harvie: Population, Keswick is of course part of the Town of Georgina
Pamela: as are Sutton, Jackson's Point and Baldwin
Pamela: Sutton has become more of a tourist town in the last few years - started catering to the cottage / antiquing crowd
Pamela: which reminds me, I'll be absent next week while on vacation
BobS: AND Richard???????
Pamela: only if he can't get a connection : )
rich-c: yes, and I guess this is my cue to chime in that I could miss every chat till mid-October
Pamela: me, I have no 'puter at the trailer
BobS: Oh boy!!!!!! thas a LONG vacation
Pamela: colour me jealous : )
rich-c: depends entirely on whether the campground I'm at has an internet connection available for 2+ hours
rich-c: actually, we are planning to be home Oct. 9th or 10th
rich-c: if I get a campgroumd with WiFi, I'll be on
Pamela: me, I'm just hoping for enough sunshine to wash the car
Pamela: my reputedly blue car
rich-c: once we've left, you can always use our driveway, Pam
Pamela: it may come to that, Dad : )
rich-c: you've done it before with success
Pamela: and it's easier if it's closer to the house
rich-c: right - you'll have to turn the water on but that's no big deal
Pamela: have to do that anyway
Pamela: which reminds me, how often do I have to water the violets? I forgot to ask Mom
Pamela: and what else needs watering?
rich-c: hold on a minute, I'll ask
rich-c: optimally, about once a week
Pamela: Bob, forgot to ask - did you get the e-mail I sent you, and was any of the information useful?
Pamela: okay - will make a note, Dad
rich-c: nothing that I know of - don't forget to harvest the tomatos
BobS: got it Pam THANKS, and yes it wil be useful
Harvie: I must go, got to get up early tomorrow, have a good holiday Clees, goodnight all
Pamela: good - glad to hear it. It was useful information for me, especially as I'd been essentially out of the job market for 17 years
Pamela: thanks, Harvie - good night
rich-c: night Harvie, take care, see you online soon as we can make it
Guy B.: Bye Harvie
Harvie left chat session
Guy B.: Has anyone use a dual boot between Windows 2000 and another version of Windows?
rich-c: no, but X claims to make dual booting easier
rich-c: but XP does not contain a dual boot program, as far as I know
rich-c: I've been told that Ubuntu has an installation program that allows dual booting if desired
Daniel Bienvenu: Question : Which compression technic your are using to fit 100 movie titles into 2933 bytes ?
Daniel Bienvenu: dictionnary + rle?
Daniel Bienvenu: kind of lz77?
BobS: huh??????? now I feel lost again
Daniel Bienvenu: I personally did a dualboot Windows XP and Mandriva
rich-c: was the dual boot program inXP or Linux, Daniel?
Guy B.: You can dualboot if you have an older version of Windows and then install Windows 2000 or XP.
BobS: heck I have a hard enough time just waiting for Win98 to boot up
Daniel Bienvenu: Mndriva did the dualboot... windows xp was already installed before intalling mandriva
Guy B.: I'm thinking about installing Windows 2000 and keeping Windows ME on the Compaq that I have.
rich-c: well all the earlier Windows wouldn't tolerate another OS on the same disc
Pamela: Dale, I missed part of the conversation - why were you in Philly?
rich-c: you had to get something like Partition Magic to do it
Guy B.: I got some info from Microsoft's website on how to do it.
rich-c: wow, how times have changed!
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw free partition tools, and one resize partition tool... and some rare free tools support the ntfs format
Guy B.: Windows 2000 and XP will work with FAT32 partitions.
Daniel Bienvenu: Mandriva is a Linux distribution and doesn't support ntfs
rich-c: I have preferred to stick with the FAT32 format for now - at least I am familiar with it
(rich-c gives rich-c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
Daniel Bienvenu: some users use one ntfs partition for windows OS, one fat32 partition to share data between the two OS, and the rest of the space for the linux OS
Judy: as long as it only one, Rich
rich-c: well actuallly it isn't a Guiness, it's Dragon Stout from Jamaica
Pamela: details!
rich-c: your husband might not agree
BobS: tis an alcoholic beverage !!!!!!
Pamela: he's not here to argue the point : )
rich-c: yes, they're all RVs too, but there's a difference between fold-down campers and six-slideout fifth wheels!
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw a funny fact somewhere in the internet abot a guy who installed many OS on the same PC computer... it's almost impossible, except by using emulators or virtual machine like vmware, but the fact is that all these OS was bootable from start. That is amazing, but why installing as many OS as possible on a computer if only one is enough for your needs? anyway, that's the fun fact I saw in the internet.
Judy: some are much better than others
Daniel Bienvenu: ...
Daniel Bienvenu: * DALE *
Pamela: a six-tipout fifth wheel isn't a trailer, it's a house on wheels : )
rich-c: some people find more than one OS useful, Daniel - I used to have Win 3.1 and Win95 on a dual boot
Daniel Bienvenu: did I miss smoething... normally, I'm quiet, not Dale.
Guy B.: When I had Windows 95, I had dualboot between Win 95 and DOS.
BobS: why??????
Judy: we were in a very large fifth wheel this week-end
Pamela: did you take a tour of someone's rig, Judy?
BobS: does not Win95 contain dos?? and would not win95 run all win3.1 apps>?
rich-c: there is something about those things, Judy, that really antagonizes me
Judy: yes, we did, quite a place
Judy: was too much, don''t need that much
Pamela: have you ever been in one of the old GM motorhomes?
Guy B.: Some Win 3.1 apps did work with Win95 and some didn't.
Daniel Bienvenu:
Judy: it is for camping after all
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changed username to rich-1
Daniel Bienvenu: it's the link about the multiple OS PC computer...
Judy: no, don't think so
Pamela: holy cow, talk about huge - and luxurious
rich-1: sorry, managed to boot myself off
Judy: have been in some big motorhomes also, don't want to drive them
Pamela: full size couches, colour TV's, microwave oven, full oven and stove, full bath
Pamela: wouldn't want to drive one either - too darn big
rich-1: exactly, why bother
rich-1: of course most are simply used as moveable homes, even full-time
Judy: we have most of those things just in a smaller space
Pamela: they're for those whose idea of roughing it is a three star hotel : )
Pamela: I shudder to think what it would cost to gas one of those up these days
Judy: we really don't rough it when camping
rich-1: probably do it for under $300 - but then how far would that get you?
Judy: you can't think of that and gas is coming down around here
Pamela: the last time we "roughed it" I was 23
rich-1: nor do we, it's all very civilized - just not spread all over creation
Judy: was awhile ago for us also, we did use to go in a tent
Pamela: you know between the price of gas and the cost of better campgrounds, it's almost cheaper to drive an economy vehicle and stay at hotels
rich-1: yes, our gas is dropping too - it's cheapest Thursday nights after 10 p.m.
BobS: tis getting that way pam
Pamela: BTW Dad, gas had dropped to 76.5 when I left for home last night
BobS: gas has dropped in the last month from $3.25/gallon to $2.40/gallon
BobS: that's good
Judy: the price of campgrounds it getting out of hand
rich-1: ah, it was 86.4 when we went out today and 84 on the way back
Pamela: 76.5 would translate to $2.90/US gallon
rich-1: but there won't be any breaks in the Upper Peninsula, Bob
rich-1: it's fill at Mackinaw and stretch it
BobS: HEY I just figured that out Pam......
Daniel Bienvenu: Because I'm at work right now, I will have to leave soon...
Pamela: would the Meteor be worse on gas than the van, Dad?
rich-1: about the same. Pam
Pamela: my trusty calculator, Bob : )
BobS: probably not pam
rich-1: in fact the van may have a very slight edge
Pamela: I wondered. Speaking of the Meteor, any decisions as to what you're going to do with it?
rich-1: right, Daniel - man needs to get home at a decent hour
rich-1: sell it if I can ever find the right buyer
Pamela: d'you want me to put the word out?
BobS: gas $2.36 in Port Huron Richard
rich-1: feel free, but I'm fussy who gets it
Pamela: what are you fussy about in particular?
rich-1: hope I can stretch the first tank that far - it's 318 KM from Toronto
Pamela: that's 62 cents a litre Bob, pretty good!
rich-1: I don't want it converted into a hot rod, and do want someone who wil restore it
Pamela: you know Graeme wants it, right?
rich-1: I prefer a collector who want something to tow his trailer queen to the concours
rich-1: I don't think Graeme is capable of handling it the way it needs to be hqandled
BobS: Sault Ste Marie gas prices are about $2.63
Pamela: you should be able to get to Port Huron, Dad - I made Cleveland on one tank, and mine's only 65 litres. Even towing, you should be able to make it half that distance
rich-1: I think I have a fighting chance if I keep my speed down and use overdrive
Pamela: any idea what the mileage on the Meteor is?
rich-1: towing, on the good days, 10 mpg Imperial
BobS: go to......... and find all the gas prices by finding the towns in the drop down menu Richard
Pamela: no, mileage on the odometer : )
rich-1: oh, about 173,000 - teh first digit doesn't show, it only has five
Pamela: and that's miles, right?
rich-1: tells you what life expectancy was back then
rich-1: yes, that is miles - engine rebuilt at 110,000
rich-1: has not been driven for over two years so needs major preparation
BobS: and the tranny ????
Pamela: okay, good to know
rich-1: original, the guys at Diamond swear it's still A-OK
Guy B.: We are now at $2.89
rich-1: it is the ful factory trailer package with decal
rich-1: among other things, that means no A/C
rich-1: I notice Illinois was much more expensive than Michigan, Guy
Pamela: and Mom would say, the world's most uncomfortable seats : )
Pamela: wow, you're on par with us here, Guy
rich-1: she'd say so but others would vehemently disagree - it is a luxury car
Pamela: d'you remember what the name of the colour is?
Pamela: I know it's actually copper, but ...
Guy B.: Just a month ago it was $3.19
rich-1: not off the top of my head - iirc it wasn't listed in the catalogue
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to get going here. I'll see you all next week.
rich-1: very similar to the burnt orange Pontiac and Nissan are offering now
Pamela: see you in two, Guy -have a good one
Judy: night Guy
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you and birthday greetings to Annie
rich-1: OK Guy take care, see you when I can
BobS: and ain't it strange.......all summer the gas companies were screwing us royally.......NOW, the price of a barrel is still high, but the backlog is so large, they HAVE to cut way back on price ot unload it
BobS: nit guy
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too.
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: and IF the population has actually changed their driving habits, they won' really need it
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Guy... too late!
rich-1: the racket, Bob, is that the oil companies base their pricing on the spot price in New York
BobS: so the supply will stay high
BobS: no, they set it on how high they can gouge us......can you say RECORD PROFITS each quarter ?
rich-1: but in fact their oil comes from their own wells or long-term contract sources
rich-1: here, gas prices fluctuate in sync with the commodity market - which is very volatile
Daniel Bienvenu: simple note : I think it's time to update the adamcon homepage text... this year meeting is not "soon" anymore.
BobS: I am convinced that here the gas price fluctuates with the amount of gas in the system and the need to offload it into the stations
rich-1: excellent suggestion, Daniel - those responsible please note
Pamela: you'll have to nag Dale, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: but Dale is quiet for a long time now
rich-1: not really, Bob, that's a very minor factor
Daniel Bienvenu: maybe already programming the 8k version of his hangman game project.
BobS: true Daniel.......but Dale needs the time to change things
rich-1: but note that the state of supply will be a potent factor in setting the spot price
Daniel Bienvenu: I just mention about the homepage text... I didn't say to change it right now. :-)
BobS: gas even kept on dropping right thru the Labor Day weekend this past weekend......UNHEARD OF
rich-1: spot prices can go down in exaggerated fashion as weirdly as they go up
Pamela: and, it was cheaper in cottage country than in the city - also weird
rich-1: uit it wouldnt surprise me if the higher price levels we keeping people from driving, lowering demand
Judy: we saw it first in Holland
BobS: the suckers got us by the wallet and won't let go
BobS: my point exactly Richard....and IF they have changed habits, tis not a good thing for the oil companies
Pamela: it's certainly affected sales of vehicles - SUV and truck sales are way down
rich-1: so go buy an electric car and thumb your nose at them
Pamela: how about a hybrid? (In the "if I won the lottery" category)
BobS: maybe get a horse, like the Amish
rich-1: seeing a scattering of Prius and SmartCars around the city now
BobS: would work for me
Pamela: more Smart cars than Prius
rich-1: you'd take an RV vaction with horse and Prairie Schooner?
Pamela: only if you're going to Pennsic : )
BobS: maybe Roger Penske the race driver of yore is going to partner and bring the Smart to the US in a few years
Judy: I haven't been driving near as much, you make each trip count
rich-1: not necessarily, Pam, the Smarts are just more noticable
BobS: Amish don't vacation.....that is the problem
BobS: claim they get 70 mpg
BobS: seems high
Pamela: hang on a sec
rich-1: we have had the Smarts for about a year now, but M-B won't release them in the States
rich-1: we also have the M-B "B'series here
rich-1: and saw a Toyota Highlander Hybrid in front of me today
Pamela: the SmartCar is a diesel
Judy: time to call it quits, night all, have a fun time on vacation Rich and Pam
rich-1: thank you Judy, we'll do our best, be online whenever we can make it
BobS: a company called ZAP in California is now selling them
Judy: call if you are in our area, to get together
Pamela: thanks, Judy
Dale: I was upstairs reading stories to Jeffrrey.
BobS: ah, whole bunch of dealers mostly out west
Judy left chat session
rich-1: yes, but they are grey market - can mean touble
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Judy... too late again
BobS: ya mon, you got the phone number yes??????
Pamela: Jeff is still awake??? good heavens Dale
rich-1: if we're up your way, Judy, we will give you folks a call
BobS: put that boy to sleep !!!!!!!!!!!
BobS: have fun Richard
Daniel Bienvenu: which stories?
BobS: time to sleep here too....see ya's next Wed
BobS left chat session
Dale: He's impossible to put to bed since we went to Philadelphia.
rich-1: yes, we had it last month, didn't toss it out ; - )
Daniel Bienvenu: Bye Bob... too late again
Pamela: according to the CAA magazine, the SmartCar uses 4 litres of diesel per 100 kms
rich-1: OK Bob, good luck and sleep tight
Daniel Bienvenu: they quit very fast the chat tonight!
Dale: He started going to bed at 9:20, which used to mean he'd be asleep at 10. But not lately.
rich-1: that they did, Daniel - it's rather unlike them
Pamela: which reminds me, why were you in Philly?
Dale: Next week he'll need to be up at 7am. So, we'll have to ratched him back by next Thursday.
Pamela: (I missed that earlier)
Dale: I went to a Robotics Conference.
Pamela: oh! cool!
rich-1: did you find it useful?
Dale: Research for my new company.
Dale: They just started this week.
Pamela: new company?
Dale: Useful, encouraging, discouraging. A little of each.
rich-1: that's how such things tend to go
Pamela: tell us more, Dale
rich-1: anyway, I've had a rather rigorous day, so will have to turn in
Dale: I'm sure that I said to you Pam that I was starting a robotics company to make consumer robotic applicances.
Dale: Our first problem is in the kitchen.
Pamela: I recall a conversation to that effect
rich-1: so goodnight, all
Dale: Well we started operation this week.
Pamela: goodnight Dad, don't forget to call me on Sunday
rich-1: I'll try to remember if your mother doesnt
Dale: The most intersting workshop was one on "manipulation in human environments".
Pamela: okay : )
Pamela: examples, Dale?
rich-1: anyway, goodnight all
rich-1: colour me gone
Pamela: night, Daddy
Dale: They showed things like humanoid robots in a competition in Japan to fetch a drink from the fridge for example.
rich-1 left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Rich...
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, it's also time for me to go. I'm at work right now, and it's almost time for me to leave.
Dale: There was even a paper on loading and unloading a dish washer from a grad student at Standford.
Dale: Stanford.
Daniel Bienvenu: I finish a last thing and I quit
Pamela: gnite, Daniel - safe trip home - see you in two weeks
Pamela: humanoid robots like Asimo?
Dale: Never enough tim efor everything.
Dale: I am organizing my AdamCon pictures for the site.
Dale: So there's bound to be an update soon.
Daniel Bienvenu: and Dale, keep us informed about your projects. and try find time for yourself, and also to update the adamcon homepage text. ;-)
Dale: That's the reason that I traditionally post update during the 'con. I don't have time for a long while afterwords.
Pamela: you're not asking much, Daniel : )
Dale: Like Asimo, yes. But smaller and lighter, from Honda.
Dale: I was very tired during AdamCon. I don't remember the reason, but I think it snuck up on me.
Dale: We had some fun sessions though.
Pamela: might have something to do with the 12-hour drive : )
Pamela: which reminds me, my mother took some pictures of one of the window screens sitting on the patio table - created some interesting moire patterns
Pamela: both of us said - we must remember to show Jillian : )
Dale: For sure :-)
Pamela: anyway, having wandered off the point somewhat . . .
Pamela: so is it your aim to design and build, or to market? And if the latter, where do you plan to get your stock?
Dale: Well, ideally we want to sell it through retail channels.
Dale: And have a third party company contracted to do the installation.
Dale: Initially we will manufacture, but ultimately we would prefer to license it to a couple of manufacturers. In a similar way the many cell phone companies use designs that Qualcom develops.
Pamela: and what sort of appliance/s are you aiming to do first?
Dale: The first thing we are researching is the "self-loading dishwasher"
Dale: that can clear the table, load a dishwasher, set the table.
Dale: Daniel, I have been having trouble remembering to come on the chats. I seem to have many distractions.
Pamela: that should actually be fairly simple to program, but it will have to be fairly big. That brings up storage issues, too
Dale: I have on the other hand written several games for my Sony PSP this summer.
Daniel Bienvenu: take care Dale... Goodnight Pam, Dale...
Pamela: night Daniel
Dale: There are defianately some interesting problems to tackle to make a practical unit that sells for a reasonable price.
Pamela: your market research should be interesting : )
Dale: I'll probably try to port my platformer to the CV. It might even fit in 8k. I'll have to try it.
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you next week! and good luck with your projects Dale!
Daniel Bienvenu: * p o o f *
Dale: Thanks Daniel.
Dale: Talk to you later Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: :-)
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Dale: Maybe I'll leave too.
Pamela: yes, I'm thinking it's past bedtime and I have things to do before I sleep
Dale: Goodnight.
Pamela: I'd love to hear more - I enjoy picking your brain
Pamela: have a good one - say hi to Jillian for me, and Jeffrey
Dale: I will.
Dale: later.
Pamela: g'nite!
Pamela: kerpoof
Dale left chat session
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