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rich-c: hi guy
GoHabsGo: hey
rich-c: greetings from sunny Spring Green
GoHabsGo: greetings from windy Montreal...
GoHabsGo: Where is Spring Green?
rich-c: you had a bit of breeze too, did you?
rich-c: south central Wisconsin, a tad west of Madison
rich-c: oh, how did the Alouettes do last weekend?
GoHabsGo: Don't follow Football at all.
GoHabsGo: Well, glad to see you are enjoying myself, me, I'm pulling 14 hrs days on average at work.
rich-c: oh, I had the impression Montreal was quite stuck on the Als
GoHabsGo: Rich: Maybe, but I'm not your typical Montreal I guess.
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rich-c: that is a long shift for a new papa - how come?
BobS: hows the camping going?????
rich-c: hi Bob
GoHabsGo: Not a father yet Rich...
BobS: but soon, eh
rich-c: depends - had to get the furnace fixed yesterday, and a gas line on the van today
GoHabsGo: Yes soon, that's when my 14 hrs shifts will stop at work, until then, I'm raking in the mooolah.
rich-c: yes, overtime does have its compensations
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changed username to Roberto
Roberto requested to ban BobS
rich-c confirmed ban
Roberto: ich bin DEAD
GoHabsGo confirmed ban
Roberto: you'se guys still here?????
rich-c: the dire predictions about Wisconsin weather this week have been rather overstated
GoHabsGo: I'm here Bob
Roberto: SUPER, so youa re gettgin some decent weather there?
rich-c: yep, we're here
rich-c: more than was predicted
Roberto: would hate to see you get rained off
rich-c: one of our carnuts has been on which is predicting sort of hurricanes, earthquakes and early morning volcanoes
Roberto: for Wisconsin?????
Roberto: naw
rich-c: so each day I have been posting a pictue of beautiful sunny weather here
Roberto: cool
rich-c: some days had to wait till 5 p.m. for the sun to break through
Roberto: at least you had the sun
rich-c: and did dodge a number of showers, and had some very cold winds
Roberto: weather here says lots of rain also, but 3/4 does not materialize
Roberto: Hey's Sandra holding up?
Roberto: freeze warning by you tonight dude
rich-c: well, I take off NOAA and environment Csanada, which semm to be much more accurate
rich-c: yes, NOAA does say patchy frost maybe around here tonight
Roberto: just keep the furnace running
Roberto: assume you have one....and working
rich-c: but now that the furnace is fixed, who cares?
rich-c: yes, it needed expert laying on of hands fer yrs of neglect, but it runs
Roberto: that is a good thing.......sometimes when summer comes around, we'uns forget about the furnace and IF it works
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Pamela: Hi, Dad!
Roberto: hey Pam!!!!!!!
Roberto: welcome home dear
Pamela: Hey, Bob and Guy
rich-c: well we havent done enough camping in the last five years or so to need it so it never got tested
Roberto: before it got COLD
rich-c: hi daughter
Roberto: assuming it will be cold tonight in Toronto also
GoHabsGo: well, ladies and germs, it's time for me to head off to bed, have to be up at 4:30 AM, as usual... was a pleasure.
Pamela: Current temp about 11 C, I believe - supposed to go down to 8 overnight
Roberto: but, it feels good to be a homeless wanderer now doesn't it??????
Pamela: gnite, Guy - what's the word on Sandra?
rich-c: good to have you, Guy, even if for the short while
rich-c: keep us posted on the new offspring, soon at it comes
Roberto: SANDRA my man
Pamela: I gather still no baby?
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Roberto: oh oh Richard is incognito again
Pamela: Hey Dad, what happened?
rich-1: looks like Guy went out and took me with him
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Roberto: you are now rich-1 yes??????
Roberto: ok
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Roberto changed username to BobS
Pamela: sheesh Dad, you're having trouble
BobS: kill someone
Pamela: the joys of wireless connections
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rich-2: I am tempted, Bob
BobS requested to ban rich-c
rich-2 confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
BobS: still here richard ????
BobS: say YES MON
rich-2: haven't had that kind of trouble on any other server, Pam
BobS: may be Dale's puter......sure took guy long enough to leave
Pamela: it was very slow for me until Guy left - suddenly everything has sped up
rich-2: Pam, did you get your mother's email today?
BobS: so, how was the trailer ma'am ?????
BobS: twas where you desserted us to last week yes????
Pamela: Dad, the last e-mail I got from you was dated the 17th
Pamela: sent to work or home?
rich-2: she sent it to you at work
Pamela: Bob, the trailer was damp, cool and cloudy except for Sunday - but it still beat being at home
Pamela: if she sent it after 4:30 I won't get it till tomorrow, Dad
rich-2: she needs to have an appointment with Dr. Taradesh cancelled
rich-2: she sent it before noon Toronto time, Pam
Pamela: didn't come thru, Dad - sent from the Tamco address?
rich-2: yes, she sent it via Tamco
Pamela: anyway, can you give me the deets now?
rich-2: she has an appointment with Dr Taradesh in the next couple of days that must be cancelled
Pamela: I must admit to being disappointed, Bob - we usually have really good weather during our September holidays
rich-2: he charges for missed appointments
Pamela: who is he and do I need to look up the number or do you have it with you?
BobS: oh no, can't do in the states, we have VERY strict rules about telling anybody anything........a REAL pain in the backside.....and besides, everyone knows the info anyways
rich-2: we do not have the number with us
rich-2: he is our previous dermatologist
Pamela: alright, hang on while I find a phonebook
rich-2: unfortunately the information is on our calendar nd his card is on my sep table
rich-2: but that is of little use to you here and now
Pamela: Taradesh - 200 St. Clair West?
rich-2: anyway he is on St. Clair Ave. W.
rich-2: you got him
Pamela: okay, got the number - will call in the a.m.
BobS: man yoguys are GOOD
rich-2: if he asks why the cancellation, we have gone to anolgther guy who does not keep us waiting six months for appointments
BobS: but it really bugs you when you are not home and need to get some info that is there
Pamela: okay, will advise if asked
rich-2: please do phone asap in the a.m.
Pamela: I must admit, I love being able to get in touch while you're away
rich-2: I kept naggibg your mother to do it before we left and she just wouldnt
Pamela: saves on phone bills, too
rich-2: yes, we have the wireless internet here, and will have it at Elkhart Lake too
Pamela: now if we could just wire the trailer . . . : )
rich-2: but then I'll bet you haven't checked your emaqil since last Sunday
Pamela: I checked it twice tonite - at 6:00 and again just before I came here - so, you lost that bet : )
BobS: do they charge you extra for the wireless???
rich-2: do check it regularly because I will be trying to keep you posted each time we have a connection
Pamela: 133 e-mails, of which 130 were sh**
BobS: in today's world it must be fast becoming a requirement for a lot of pricate campgrounds
BobS: HYE, welcome to my world Pam.....what a bunch of junk lately
Pamela: normally I do Dad, but you might recall we were a little absent last week : )
rich-2: oh, what's the score on cherry 7-up? a ocal super has both cans and two quart bottles
Pamela: we still have two cases Dad - I think we're okay for now, but thanks.
rich-2: yes, you got in a week about as much spam as we get in two days
rich-2: OK I can walk past the display with a clear conscience then
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BobS: first hing I do is kick off MailWasher, then hit process mail and it dumps about 1/2 to 3/4 of the stuff, then I can go thru the rest quickly and dump some more
Pamela: I'm trying to remember if there's anything else we should have remembered to export while we were in Chicago
changed username to Guy B. and Annie
rich-2: the Walmartin Dodgeville was small and didnt havethe undies you wanted - we'll keep trying
rich-2: hello Guy
Pamela: thanks : )
Pamela: Hi, Guy
BobS: hey Guy
BobS: to late ya missed the other Guy
Guy B. and Annie: Greetings. Sorry to be late. Today is Annie's Birthday
Pamela: is your Mailwasher working alright, Bob?
Pamela: I seem to remember something about a pet cafe Guy - did you go?
rich-2: I find Mailwasher can sometimes be very cranky
BobS: works great
BobS: best program i ever bought
rich-2: especvially when new spam arrives when you're clearing the current lot
Pamela: I know that it's much less cranky if you use it every day and it doesn't have to process too many messages at a time
Pamela: yours wasn't freeware, Bob?
Guy B. and Annie: Annie, Jeanene and I went to the K9 Cookie Factory in Oak Park. She got to sample homemade cookies and we bought some treats and toys for her birthday.
rich-2: well, start by telling it NOT to bounce any messages
BobS: bought the version to do as many email addresses as I input into it
Pamela: puppy got spoiled on her birthday : )
BobS: and it has more features....cost like $35 US suggested donation
Pamela: I guess that's part of the issue - I have the freeware version
rich-2: Guy, it's npow the orange line that runs from Midway to Union Station, right?
BobS: nope, delete, bounce and blacklist.....then when they reappear, they are already marked to dump
Guy B. and Annie: Oh yes, and I took photos tonight. Which includes a carob donut with a candle on it.
Pamela: is the donut now in Annie? : )
Guy B. and Annie: The Orange line runs from Midway to the Loop elevated.
Guy B. and Annie: Yes
rich-2: right - got a buddy arriving there tomorrow, needs to get to Elgin
rich-2: told him the El and Metra were his fastest combination
Pamela: we were discussing Chicago again over the weekend - both of us agree we'd like to go back
rich-2: in fact in Chicago traffic it should beat a taxi by miles
Guy B. and Annie: There is a Metra line that goes to Elgin.
rich-2: yes, e know, he looked it up (with a little coaching)
Pamela: as with any city, dedicated subway train line is usually faster than car
Pamela: does Metra stand for something, Guy?
rich-2: Metro Rail, isn't it?
Pamela: what's the public transit situation like in GR, Bob? Do you have decent bus service?
Guy B. and Annie: Metropolitan Rail
rich-2: it's early days yet, but we are toying with the idea of going home the way we came here
Pamela: what was the reason for heading home south of the lake, Dad?
rich-2: getting around Chicago is such a hassle
BobS: IF you want to go where the buses go, yes they have service......probably very acceptable. Goes to the downtown area, malls, main routes thru town
BobS: doen't run all night long, but.......
rich-2: likely bedtter weather, Pam, and campgrounds not yet closing up for the season
Pamela: ah
rich-2: but that killer traffic is so hard on our nerves
rich-2: your mother got spoiled coming out, it was a very calm drive
Pamela: I wouldn't do it, Dad - not towing. Come home over the top - less traffic
Pamela: It would be easier on my nerves, too : )
rich-2: yeah, we wouldn't be back to sheer lunacy till 401 in London
Pamela: come in on a Sunday morning if you can
Pamela: Bob, do you two have any more trips planned for the year, or is that it?
BobS: got one planned for the first weekend in OCtober
rich-2: we often stay last night out in Milton to get the early break
Pamela: where ya goin?
rich-2: but we got out OK in mid-morning on a weekday
BobS: taking Judy's folks along on a color tour up north to the Mackinac bridge hopefully
Pamela: if you can come into Milton early on Saturday, and aim to arrive in Toronto by 11:00 am Sunday, you'll be rockin
Pamela: coming in is usually worse, I find, Dad
BobS: hopefully the weather will be nice and semi warm and no rain, etc
rich-2: better be, Bob, we'll be pAssing through about then
Pamela: fingers toes and eyeballs crossed for you, Bob - hope that same weather is the forecast for Mom and Dad
rich-2: we will likely take a week for teh trip - very slow and easy
Pamela: got a tentative timetable, Dad?
rich-2: thinking Oct. 9th would be a good time to get back
Pamela: Thanksgiving day? Good choice
rich-2: well, it fits with various of our Agendas
Pamela: usually virtually no traffic on stat holidays
BobS: should be an awesome drive thru the UP.....stick to the south route US says color is already @ 65% in north along Lake Michigan shoudl be little later
Pamela: can you drive and rubberneck, Bob?
rich-2: yes, when we came out that way the trees were starting to turn - they are starting now in Wisconsin too
BobS: sure, no people wasy up there to hit !!!!!
Pamela: always a bonus : )
rich-2: and you have to slow down to the slowest common denominator
Pamela: we're starting to get colour at the trailer too - just unexpected flashes here and there
rich-2: the road is two lane with only 18 passing lanes in 128 miles
BobS: would like to camp just south and east of bridge in a compground with a bridge view......have a fire and look at the bridge at night............
Pamela: came back from town along the back road last week and went by a tree that was all green except for one branch which was a brilliant sunset red
BobS: but depends on weather
rich-2: we actually camped just over the bridge on US2 out of St. Ignace
rich-2: hd a view of the bridge from the beach
Pamela: isn't Frankenmuth up there somewhere?
rich-2: no, it's mainland, well down, not that far above Port Huron
Pamela: oh, okay. The upper peninsula is tourist country though, isn't it?
rich-2: not that much, most tourists want more bright lights
rich-2: very ttractive for fishing and hunting, though, except Ontario's is next door and even better
Pamela: it's the sort of place I'd like to go wandering if we ever have time and $$
Pamela: just like I'd like to spend a week travelling in SW Ontario and explore all the places we see on the "tourist" boards on the way to Windsor
rich-2: time's the issue - though I didn't see much in the way of fancy motels here
Pamela: who needs fancy? As long as it has a bed and a shower, I'm happy
BobS: not much till yo hit St Ignace i don't think
BobS: mostly little mom & pop motels along the roads till yo hit the big cities
Pamela: remember Dad, I spent many years in the trailer too and that's all it really is - a rolling hotel room
rich-2: the stretch between Escanaba and ST. Ignace doesn't have too many motels, I would say
rich-2: great area for custom cutlery though
BobS: too true
rich-2: their food specialties are psties and smoked fish
Pamela: That's what you can get for me at the supermarket Dad - cans or bottles of Hawaiin Punch in Fruit Juicy Red - the same stuff I was drinking in Chicago
rich-2: how many
Pamela: if cans, get two 12 packs - if bottles, two sixpacks (if that's how they come). I prefer bottles if you can find them - better flavour
rich-2: how big are the bottles?
Pamela: I knew there was something I should have imported!
Pamela: dunno - hang on, let me do some quick research
BobS: and I think that pasties are a kind of meat inside a pocket type of bread........
BobS: dont' have Hawaiian puch in Toronto?
rich-2: yes, they are the work food of miners in Cornwall, historically
BobS: kinda like Hot Pockets..........
Pamela: either 750 ml or 1 L or the equivalent in oz., Dad
Pamela: Hot Pockets are something else you can't get here
Pamela: Bob, you used to be able to get Hawaiian punch in powder form here, but I haven't seen it in years
rich-2: not like the big 2 quart bottles the others come in,then?
Pamela: only as a last resort, Dad - I'd like to be able to take the bottles with me to work if I can
Pamela: or cans
Pamela: want to see if you can find a liquor store too?
rich-2: OK, I just haven't seen the smaller bottles - all seem to jump from 355ml cans to 2l bottles
rich-2: don't have liquor stores here - it's sold in supermarkets
BobS: now ain't that a bummer, IN the grocery !!!!!
Pamela: if they still make California coolers, I'd love a four pack - citrus or original flavour, I think
BobS: the nerve!
BobS: whoa, haven't seen them lately here
rich-2: if I see them I will try to remember
Pamela: In Ontario you get liquor at the LCBO or the Beer Store, and some grocery stores have small, independent booths but that's all Bob
Pamela: I guess I should say alcohol
BobS: HOOCH, white Lightning...BOOZE
Pamela: obviously, you have my drift : )
Pamela: altho', I ain't touchin' no white lightning, thank you
BobS: ok, good idea.........dont' taste good anyway
Pamela: somehow with that stuff , I don't think taste is an issue
BobS: put my finger in a tasted it once at a distillery.......yuck
rich-2: Pam, can you repeat your wants on the Hawaiin Punch?
Pamela: Fruit Juicy Red, in order of preference: 750 ml or 1L bottles - 2 six packs, or 2 cases of 12 cans, or last resort, a couple of 2L bottles (or equivalent Imperial measurement)
rich-2: we shared a mason jar of moonshime t Watkins Glen - strawberry flavour
Pamela: where did you get moonshine, strawberry flavoured no less???
BobS: and ???????
BobS: prolly don't ask
Pamela: prolly right : )
BobS: when your voice returns, you holler GOOOOOOOOD
BobS: and then collapse
rich-2: it tasted good, and our buddy from North Carolina brought it along
Pamela: so where did he get it?
rich-2: I tried about one thimblefull and decided tghat was my quota for the evening
rich-2: North Carolina
Pamela: probably brought it along in lieu of spare gas : )
Pamela: did Mom try it?
BobS: nope, lightning has about 25% less mielage than regular
rich-2: down there, any good ol'boy can get it
BobS: stinking ethanol
Pamela: any port in a storm, Bob : )
BobS: yes ma'am
rich-2: no, she does not like the hard stuff, especially neat
Pamela: depends on the stuff - me, I like my Baileys
rich-2: this weekend we will be having a regional beer tsteoff
BobS: ah ha
BobS: stay near the front of the line
rich-2: I'm netering Biere Noire and Wellington Imperial Stgout, and expectg to win hands down
Pamela: you'll have to keep me posted, Dad
rich-2: we have Boulevard beer coming up from Kansas City, don't know what from Atlanta
BobS: a HOT weekend for sure
rich-2: test
Pamela: you;re here
Pamela: oops
rich-2: ok, just a hestitation, didn't get lost
BobS: a minor glitch in the pipeline of life, yes
Pamela: : )
Pamela: anyway, I'm glad you're having a good time, Dad, and I know you're looking forward to the weekend
rich-2: pity we cant also do a tasteoff of Chicago hot dog vs Wisconsin bratwurst
Pamela: hot dog would win with me - not a sausage fan here
rich-2: yes, if we can only get our confused crew togeher, should be geat
rich-2: gee, and here I thought I raised you right!
BobS: he is haviNG TOO MUCH FUN Pam
Pamela: in all the important stuff, Dad :)
rich-2: wonder where our tohers are tonight - Ropn, james, Harvie
Pamela: good question
rich-2: james said he intended to try to join us
rich-2: where are Mr. & Mrs. Drushel?
Pamela: I'm gonna head out though, I'm exhausted and I'd like to get a good night's sleep for a change
Pamela: dunno
BobS: well shoot Pam, then we'll lhave to leave too ,kind of slow tonight
rich-2: likely instant messAging, I'd imgine
Pamela: think you could manage to call me Sunday night at home Dad?
rich-2: seriously doubt it, Pam; will be crousing with the boys
rich-2: I will ask your mother, though
Pamela: either that or Monday night, around 9:00 pm Toronto time
rich-2: I will also try to send you emails to keep you posted
Pamela: okay. Will reply when and if Mom's email from today comes through
Pamela: and I will call the doctor first thing in the morning
rich-2: I will send mine to your account at Tamco
rich-2: and, don't be surprised if we extend our stay at Elkhart Lake
Pamela: okay. FYI, Russell is still at the trailer -I'm heading up on Friday night straight from work and we'll be home around dinner time on Sunday
rich-2: one way or another you'll be kept well informed
Pamela: okay. Safe trip, Daddy - drive safely. Say goodnight to Mom for me.
rich-2: anyway, time's getting on for you, I know
Pamela: Bob, say hi to Judy too please
rich-2: good night to you, too - take care
Pamela: goodnight, Guy - give Annie a birthday hug for me
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you too
Guy B. and Annie: (PRIVATE) Bye Pam and Hugs too
Pamela: okay, I'm outta here. Kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
BobS: yes Pam wsill do
BobS: and she WAS
Guy B. and Annie: Well, I'm going to catch up with some e-mails and I'm chatting with a friend on Yahoo IM, so I'll see you all next week.
rich-2: wonder if our paths will cross during your trip, Bob?
rich-2: OK Guy, goodnight nd see you next week (if possible)
Guy B. and Annie: I will be here.
BobS: don't know...we are 'planning' on leaving here like the 4th or 5th and then heading north
rich-2: and I'll hope to be
BobS: hit the briedge by Sat and then back down thru Traverse city
BobS: nite Guy
Guy B. and Annie: Ok, I'm gone. Poof
Guy B. and Annie left chat session
BobS: not planning on heading too far over the bridge if at all
BobS: but what the hey, IF I see you I will wave, eh? :-)
BobS: course some of the time to leave here depends on the weather
BobS: would like no rain and a little warmth IF we need to alter a few days
rich-2: right - we'll likely be wanting to come down either the 5th or 6th thinking exit Port Huron the *th or erlier
rich-2: yep - passing in the night
BobS: how did you come up? thru Port Huron or Soo St Marie?????
BobS: Soo St Marie might be kinda nice trip into Toronto also
rich-2: through Port Huron then up from Flint
rich-2: roads and weatehr aren't as good in Northern Ontario
BobS: ok that makes sense then
rich-2: we will have the Michigan interstaes available if we want to make time
BobS: jsut stay away from the nuts on the road
BobS: true
rich-2: yes, our route is less frequented, which helps
rich-2: all of course subject tochange without notice
BobS: and at this time of year, you shouldn't have too much traffic until Port Huron and then thinning out until near Toronto
BobS: yes?
rich-2: well, actually, 401 is a mess from London in, but till then, we're smilin'
BobS: well just take it easy thru there
rich-2: right - meantime, time to wind it up
rich-2: so hope to join you next week
BobS: yup maybe be lilcky and see you next week
BobS: lucky
BobS: nite then,.......say HI to Frances
rich-2: never know - see how it works out
BobS: and happy vacationing
rich-2: will do, and you give our best to Judy
BobS: yup
BobS: sill dor
BobS: will do
rich-2: goodnight noiw
BobS: nite
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