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rich-c: test
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Daniel B: hello Rich!
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Daniel B: How is your back pain?
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rich-c: a little better - I was able to go out today
Daniel B: Guy Foster?
TheOtherGuy: yep, the one and only... the other Guy.
rich-c: how's Sandra, Guy?
TheOtherGuy: Ah man, what a day, glad to be able to relax in front of the puter... even if it's for 30 mins or so.
rich-c: that sounds evetful
TheOtherGuy: Sandra's fine, we will be going tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM to get the labor induced. Spent all day at the emergency for my mother today, then tomorrow have to bring her to a geriatric hospital.
rich-c: oh dear - what happened with your mother?
TheOtherGuy: Oh, old age got to ther. :)
Daniel B: Guy, I don't know if you know it, but Rich-c had an accident ... and the result is a terrible back pain.
rich-c: care to be more specific, Guy?
TheOtherGuy: She's been having problems walking for the past few years, and a few weeks ago came to a point where she couldn't get out of bed.
rich-c: what was the problem? strength? balance? illness?
TheOtherGuy: She's been throwing up also for the past few weeks, adn today they found out that she was throwing up blood as well.
rich-c: that is not a good sign. How old is she?
TheOtherGuy: 72
rich-c: that's younger than myself or Frances - she should be holding up better than that
TheOtherGuy: No, not a good sign at all, I know.
TheOtherGuy: Rich: Everyone is different Rich.
TheOtherGuy: Some people croak at 50.
Daniel B: My mother have also a problem to walk... but she try to walk more and more to avoid being paralyzed or something like that... a bad side effect of months of chimiotherapy
rich-c: I'm well aware of that, Guy - the average person of my age is dead
TheOtherGuy: Exacto.
TheOtherGuy: But people ar eliving longer these days
Daniel B: longer , but in health
TheOtherGuy: What happened with ur back?
rich-c: yes, we are. Daniel: your mother had cancer?
rich-c: managed to thoroughly strain a set of muscles, which went into strong revolt
Daniel B: ... my mother got breast cancer last year
TheOtherGuy: Sorry to hear Dan B
Daniel B: I didn't want anyone to know it, I tried to do everything like before... a kind of denied
rich-c: that's scary, Daniel - though they are beginning to find new methods of dealing with it now
Daniel B: Well, the situation is not so bad... my mother is very active, she can walk more kilometers than me in a day.
rich-c: maybe hers was caught early enough, and/or the new therapies work for her - let us pray so
TheOtherGuy: So I have to deal with my wife giving birth and my mother being in intensive care, all in the same day...
Daniel B: walking in stairs for her is very difficult, but walking it's fine.
rich-c: any diagnosis for your mother, Guy - an ulcer, perhaps?
TheOtherGuy: Dan: Yeah, for my mom, just getting out of bed is very hard...
TheOtherGuy: Rich: Perhaps, we will know tomorrow.
rich-c: you could well get lucky, Guy - medicine today is quite advanced even from five years ago
TheOtherGuy: I hope so... really hope so.
Daniel B: I will have to leave soon, I'm testing a few things before leaving my job and return home to continue the powerpoint file for Arcadia.
TheOtherGuy: Still at work? Hope you get paid overtime Dan?
rich-c: that's all you can do - put your head down, cross your fingers, and take life as it comes
rich-c: forget to ask - how is the job going, Daniel?
TheOtherGuy: Rich: How about waving my fist in the air?
Daniel B: overtime doesn't count... only the result count... I simply leave sooner friday
TheOtherGuy: errr, if I work 2 hrs extra at my job, I get paid for 2 hours... no volunteering there. And I get paid time and a half.
rich-c: whatever form of stress relief turns you on, Guy - you surely need it
Daniel B: well, I received new tasks to do in the system we work on during months. Starting new code is not so easy, I always do copy-paste from my other codings to gain time.
TheOtherGuy: Yeah, we all have our little obstacles in life to get through.... it ain't bad, and I shouldnt complain, tomorrow will be a day that I will remember for the rest of my life.
rich-c: that I think is a pretty likely prediction, Guy
TheOtherGuy: my wife and daughter will be 4 days apart in their birthdays.... nice $$$ cost savings there for me! woohoo
rich-c: well, maybe - I always felt sorry for my uncle whose birthday was Dec. 25th
TheOtherGuy: hahaha, poor fellow...
TheOtherGuy: is next year's adamcon in Ottawa an almost sure thing BTW?
rich-c: the family tried to accommodate to it, but were not always successful
rich-c: well, Hull, or Gatineau or whatever it is now
Daniel B: I'm sure you will not be able to resist to buy many gifts for your daugther... and adios cost saving.
TheOtherGuy: ok, that's all good.... great stuff. I know it's far away, but its nice to plan ahead.
TheOtherGuy: I'll buy her computer components. :) :) :)
Daniel B: ... testing phase in progress ...
rich-c: yes, I can make it in a one day drive
TheOtherGuy: which reminds me, I need to get a baseball bat.... to get ready, in case any boys loom around her.
rich-c: Pamela will also be going but staying on after for sightseeing
TheOtherGuy: Hull/Gatineau/Ottawa are nice in summer...
rich-c: yes, we have been there often - Frances lived in Ottawa during the war
TheOtherGuy: WW2?
rich-c: yes, her father was a banker who was seconded to the WPTB
TheOtherGuy: What's WPTB?
rich-c: he had had tuberculosis so armed service was out of the question
rich-c: Wartime Prices and Trade Board - responsible among other things for export/import controls
Daniel B: ... testing phase 2 in progress ...
rich-c: how's it coming so far, Daniel?
Daniel B: phase 2 is generaly the last one... doing a phase 3 is not a good sign.
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Daniel B: good evening Pam!
rich-c: and so did phase 2 come out right?
rich-c: hi daughter
TheOtherGuy: G'day Pam!
Pamela: Hi there
Pamela: small crowd tonite
rich-c: (PRIVATE) careful with Guy - his mother is VERY ill
TheOtherGuy: yeah, can't stay for long either...
Pamela: (PRIVATE) 'kay
TheOtherGuy: need to unwind before going to sleep.
Pamela: Guy, what's the word on fatherhood?
rich-c: trouble is, you start talking and time flies so fast
TheOtherGuy: tomorrow 6:00 am
Pamela: ??
rich-c: they're inducing labour - so, doctors' hours
Pamela: ahhhh
Daniel B: * shit *
Pamela: 'scuse me?
Daniel B: ... testing phase 3 in progress ...
TheOtherGuy: shit?
rich-c: I gather there will be a phase 3, Daniel
rich-c: English for merde, Guy ;-)
Pamela: : )
Daniel B: lol
Pamela: so congrats are in order to you both then, Guy
Pamela: do you know the gender?
Daniel B: things are not going good for me tonight... but, at least, it's the last phase.
TheOtherGuy: Yeah, it's a girl. Thanks
TheOtherGuy: !
rich-c: well, officially, we should withhold them till tomorrow, but...
rich-c: anyway congrats from here too
Pamela: I'll be back in a minute
rich-c: have you got her named yet, Guy?
TheOtherGuy: Yup, her name will be Tamara Lori Foster
Daniel B: :/
Daniel B: the result of the last phase is not bad, but not good too
rich-c: sounds good to me - I think over time it will work well for her and she will like it
Daniel B: too bad, I will continue tommorow
TheOtherGuy: She can choose Lori if Tamara is too unconventional for her...
Daniel B: I better leave now before I start sleeping infront of the computer.
rich-c: sleep on it, Daniel, and maybe you'll figure out where the glitch is
Daniel B: I think I'm the glitch... I need a good sleep. zzz zzz
Pamela: get some rest, Daniel
Daniel B: goodnight!
Daniel B: bonne nuit!
Pamela: g'nite!
Daniel B: talk to you next week
TheOtherGuy: gnight Dan, think I will do the same too.
rich-c: then get yourself some sleep, Daniel
Daniel B: aurevoir
Daniel B: * p o o f *
Daniel B left chat session
TheOtherGuy: ker.... POOF
TheOtherGuy left chat session
rich-c: good-night and take care, Daniel
Pamela: well, that was short and sweet
Pamela: guess what Dad
rich-c: whoops, we lost Guy as well
rich-c: you'll have to tell me, Pam
rich-c: want to hang about and see if Bob, Guy B., Ron, james, or Dr. D. turn up?
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Pamela changed username to Pamela V.
rich-c: oh, you fell off?
Pamela V. requested to ban Pamela
rich-c confirmed ban
Pamela V.: got dropped is more like it
Pamela V.: what's with Tamco recently, anyway???
Pamela V.: starting to get pissed off with this
rich-c: I don't know, I don't even know if it's them
rich-c: getting dropped off chat is usually Dale's server
Pamela V.: well, the Adamcon website loaded just fine, but Tamco homepage never completed loading
rich-c: Ma Bell has been having cable trouble of late, too
Pamela V.: couple weeks ago it was the e-mail server, and a couple of weeks before that, same thing
rich-c: yes, there were problems on the email - have to ask John about that
Pamela V.: when I tried to connect the other day I got on after three tries, only to get 7200 bps
Pamela V.: which was useless
Pamela V.: oh, and I called John on the e-mail problem last time, and he never called me back
Pamela V.: starting to get really annoyed with this
rich-c: maybe you should give John a call, see what he has to say - he will be straight with you
rich-c: John not calling back is very unusual
Pamela V.: it's not such a bargain if half your service doesn't work
Pamela V.: my connection speed right now is 45333 bps
Pamela V.: still not so hot
rich-c: obviously and absolutely - though longterm I've found the service to be highly reliable
Pamela V.: it has been till recently but don't forget, I'm still a dial-up customer
Pamela V.: he doesn't make any money off me
rich-c: you are not going to see 56K very often in the real world, telecommunications don't work that way
Pamela V.: still, I've been up at 48 or 49000 most of the time
rich-c: for all we know he may make more profit off dialup than off DSL
Pamela V.: I doubt that when DSL is more than twice the price, plus rental of the modem
rich-c: where are you reading your connection speed, btw?
Pamela V.: in my whaddyacallit window at the bottom where it shows I'm connected (or not)
rich-c: well, I don't rent the modem, and he has to pay Ma Bell much more for the DSL line
rich-c: right, I forget that Windows 98 showed it there
Pamela V.: anyway I'm tired and cranky so probably not the best time to think about it
Pamela V.: before I got dumped, started to tell you, guess what I found?
rich-c: know what you mean - meanwhile, our answering machine went kaput today
rich-c: what did you find?
Pamela V.: my five bucks
Pamela V.: right where I dropped it (in the puddle)
rich-c: good - where was it?
rich-c: at the gas station?
Pamela V.: yup
Pamela V.: guess everyone was so busy getting gas last night they didn't bother to inflate their tires or vacuum the car
rich-c: at any station, that area is little used, especially on a rainy night
Pamela V.: I was trying to be philosophical about it, but I must admit I was annoyed
Pamela V.: was very pleased with my self when I found it
rich-c: and were accordingly pleased to find it
rich-c: anyway, I was able to take 6your mother shopping, even went into the store
Pamela V.: Russell got a good laugh out of it. Both of us reacted with "son of a gun".
Pamela V.: that's good!
rich-c: even got over to get my hair cut - at last!
Pamela V.: I must admit you were starting to look a little shaggy
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Pamela V.: so did you dump yourself?
rich-1: man, I just got the plug pulled on me, like totally
rich-1: I don't even know - it killed Firefox completely
Pamela V.: whoops
rich-1: don't know what it takes to do that
Pamela V.: anyway, I must say you were starting to look a little shaggy around the edges
rich-1: oh yes, the answering machine died because Hydro came by to change our meter
rich-1: yes, and I don't think the sheepdog look becomes me
Pamela V.: huh? explain please
Pamela V.: I like my handsome Daddy with short hair
rich-1: since the laptop has a battery and the desktop has a UPS, we didn't lose anything there
Pamela V.: was it a surge?
rich-1: oh, Ontario is going to these new spy meters that report your consumption by hour of the day
rich-1: no, the guy just walked up to the side of the house, pulled out the old meter and screwed in the new one
Pamela V.: so how did that kill the answering machine?
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changed username to BobS
Pamela V.: Hi, Bob
BobS: well, this is new
rich-1: that's a good question, daughter, to which I have no answer
BobS: where the H is everyone lately????
Pamela V.: you missed Daniel and Guy Foster, Bob
rich-1: bout time you showed up, Slopsema 8-)
Pamela V.: Daniel was still at work doing some testing, and was testy : )
Pamela V.: Guy and Sandra have to be at the hospital at 6:00 am so she can be induced so he wanted to get some rest
rich-1: and Guy's mother had to be rushed to emergency today, and Sandra is due tomorrow
BobS: well.......
Pamela V.: Tamara Lori Foster should be born sometime tomorrow
BobS: we had free tickets to a movie we just HAD to use
BobS: whassa matter w/ Guy's mom?????
Pamela V.: so what did you see?
rich-1: there's a movie worth seeing, Annie Oakleys or no?
BobS: which one?????/
BobS: new Clont eastwood produced movie about Iwo Jima.........
rich-1: she was weak and vomiting up blood
BobS: can't member the name
BobS: GuyB or GuyF ?
Pamela V.: It's called Raising the Flag, I believe
rich-1: Flags of our fathers, maybe?
Pamela V.: Guy F
BobS: RICH you GOT it
Pamela V.: that's right
BobS: that man has one full plate of hospital stuff then
rich-1: they have been advertising it on the football games last few days
BobS: don't waste your hard earned cash is my suggestion
rich-1: yes, his mother is only 72 but apparently in rough shape
Pamela V.: no plans to, thank you
BobS: story line about the father of the main character and flashed back and forth like crazy....hard to follw
Pamela V.: the next movie I see in the theater will probably be HP and the Order of the Phoenix
Pamela V.: Dad, two commercials I want to ask you if you've seen
BobS: ok....we got free ticket to a preview showing...SO we had to go you know......FREE
Pamela V.: 1) - the VIA Rail commercial with the guy who's snoring
Pamela V.: 2) the RBC First commercial with the mini 767
Pamela V.: seen either one?
Pamela V.: well at least you didn't waste your money, Bob
rich-1: possibly, but you know I turn the sound off and sometimes take a potty break or something when commercials are on
rich-1: I know VIA has been advertising, and may be have seen the RBC one
Pamela V.: okay - I have the RBC one on tape - gotta show it to you and Mom - see if you agree with me when you see it that the plane looks like my old Fisher Price plane
Pamela V.: and I think you and Mom will get a hoot out of the VIA one
Pamela V.: sorry Bob, unfortunately they're both Canadian commercials
rich-1: I'm sure they'll be running it this weekend anyway, maybe I'll let the sound run
rich-1: yes, this Saturday there are three football games - 1 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Pamela V.: Bob, where did you get the preview passes?
Pamela V.: my God Dad, you'll have square eyes and a numb bum
rich-1: I suspect I may give one of the Saturday games a pass
BobS: thas ok, I was off looking at the wedding website of the couple we must attend thsi weekedn
rich-1: BC at Hamilton does not promise to be a classic
Pamela V.: <snicker>
BobS: Judy's dad go them from his doctor today
Pamela V.: I guess it pays to have connections : )
rich-1: trouble is, there's overlap between Formula 1 and CCWS on Sunday
BobS: and , needless to say, after being in WW2 himself and almost expiring, he didn't want the tickets
rich-1: that figures
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changed username to Guy B.
Pamela V.: the flag raising has become quite symbolic for the Americans
Pamela V.: Hi, Guy
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
rich-1: the greatest pacifist I even knew was my uncle - who served four years as a machine gunner on the Western Front
Guy B.: Rich, how is your back?
Pamela V.: the did it at the Murrah building in OK and at Ground Zero too
rich-1: at last a little improvement, Guy - I was able to take Frances shopping today
Pamela V.: Uncle Dick?
rich-1: yes, haven't you seen his service record? I have it
Guy B.: That's good.
Pamela V.: no - must remember to ask to see it
rich-1: even managed to get over to get myself a haircut - found a safe parking place within the distance I could walk
Guy B.: I got hit with a sinus infection last week. I'm better now and I'll be able to take my vacation next week. Starting to pack things for the move.
rich-1: Move?
Pamela V.: are they moving you while you're on vacation, Guy?
Pamela V.: the office move Dad
rich-1: oh right, the move on the job - I'd forgotten
Guy B.: My office from the 3rd to the 12th is next week.
rich-1: what will you do with your vacation time, Guy?
Pamela V.: you won't be able to find anything when you get back, Guy : )
Guy B.: That's why I can pack now and I'll be all moved by the time I come back.
rich-1: that's why he's doing the packing now, Pam
Pamela V.: my last office move took me three days
Guy B.: Sure I will. I'll have two boxes that I packed waiting for me to unpack.
Pamela V.: at Speedy, that is
Pamela V.: TWO BOXES????
Guy B.: With the stuff I have. Yes, most of will need two.
Guy B.: I still haven't seen the new office yet.
Pamela V.: I have more stuff in my desk drawers than that!
rich-1: as in that's the personal stuff, files and machines are the movers' worry?
Guy B.: I still have to go through two more drawers and those will be packed up next. And a some file holders on my desk.
Guy B.: Most my personal stuff I bought home, since I won't need it at work.
rich-1: surprised at how much had accumulated over the years, Guy?
Pamela V.: just too efficient for words, Guy : )
Pamela V.: when I left Speedy, I brought home three boxes worth of stuff
Pamela V.: and most of it's still in the boxes : )
Guy B.: It was worse with the last move. But, some my co-workers have more than I do.
rich-1: you should unpack them, Pam - never know what's living in there by now
BobS: well, what was in the boxes??? not too important if you haven't looked at it, eh?
Guy B.: I'm going to have a busy day tomorrow though.
rich-1: well, you have till Friday to get the job done, right?
Pamela V.: all sorts of stuff - personal files and documentation, things like paper sorters I bought over the years, magazines with useful stuff in them, that sort of thing
Pamela V.: pictures, cartoons
Pamela V.: stuffed critters
BobS: da man say..."if you haven't looked at it in ONE year, throw it out!" like anyone like us can do that
rich-1: that's OK - I suspect we have stuff hasn't been opened since we moved into our house - in 1964
Pamela V.: that's what I'm working on now, Bob - it all lives in the back room here and I've lost the floor back here
BobS: ahso
Pamela V.: I know we have boxes that haven't been opened since we moved in January 1997
Guy B.: Bob, raining out by you right now?
rich-1: that's why she wants a laptop, Bob - no room any more for a desktop
Pamela V.: but I'm a packrat, I come from two packrats and I'm married to a packrat, so I'm officially sunk
Pamela V.: LOL, Dad
rich-1: at least you come by it honestly, Pam
Pamela V.: I just wish I'd gotten the organization gene from Mom too
Pamela V.: apparently that skipped a generation
rich-1: Bob, did you or Guy get any of that snowstorm last week?
BobS: raining like crazy when we got out of the movie about 9:45, now just asteady rain
Pamela V.: be right back
BobS: YES< we did, but we are NOT bragging about it......had about 3" here, the only good thing is the roads didn't slick over
Guy B.: We got a little snow and it broke a record for the earliest October for snow. But, it melted later.
rich-1: you're lucky - in Buffalo and Fort Erir they got over two feet, power still isn't back for some
rich-1: we got the barest symbolic dusting - I was in the shower so missed it all
BobS: yes, I saw that, bummer to be in Buffalo
Guy B.: I heard about Buffalo's snow out there. They always get so much out there.
rich-1: being located where they are on Lake Erie, they get to define lake effect
Guy B.: Annie went to see the vet today. Got her eyes checked and a nail trim. Jeanene took her along with her cat, Zoe.
rich-1: a bit of the Niagara peninsula gets the same treatment
rich-1: sounds like the livestock is in pretty good condition then
rich-1: for you to remember, Bob abd Guy - GuyF's mother was taken to hospital today, vomiting blood
rich-1: Sandra is to have labour induced at 6 AM tomorrow - daughter's name will be Tamara Lori Foster
rich-1: Daniel's mother is just out of chemotherapy for breast cancer
rich-1: we will have a couple of very worried Quebecers on our hands for the next little while
BobS: man, people are SICK around here.......including YOU Richard, but ont he mend
Guy B.: Yes indeed.
rich-1: not exactly sick, Bob, just in a sort of temporary disrepair
rich-1: buzzed out of my mind on codeine, and moving with difficulty, but it's going away
rich-1: however severe, I don't count a pulled muscle as being sick
BobS: ok will let you off the hook on that one then
BobS left chat session
rich-1: it's like our heart troubles - they slow us down but don't stop us
Guy B.: Looks like we lost him.
rich-1: well, Daniel got booted at one point, I did too, and Pamela, so guess it's his turn
rich-1: anyway Guy, what are you planning for your holiday?
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changed username to RobertoAGAIN
Guy B.: He's back.
RobertoAGAIN: si I am BACK
RobertoAGAIN: got myself lost there I did
rich-1: all the rest of us have been dropped, it was his turn
Guy B.: I'm planning to stay at home. Catch up with a few things and get my car serviced.
RobertoAGAIN: thas what happens when you start Xing screens
Pamela V.: and I'm back (high on bleach fumes, but back)
Guy B.: Laundry day.
Pamela V.: no, bathroom day
Pamela V.: I was too tired tonite to contemplate laundry
Guy B.: Oh, no wonder. I don't use bleach when cleaning mine.
Pamela V.: oh for a house where I don't have to lug laundry up and down five floors
Guy B.: Except with Softscrub. That's the exception.
rich-1: yes, Guy, I need some service too - slow leak in the front tire
Pamela V.: Lysol toilet bowl cleaner with bleach and Fantastick with bleach
RobertoAGAIN: that will NOT stop the tire from leaking..............
Pamela V.: and no ventilation - now you know why I'm high : )
Guy B.: I need an oil change, tire due to be rotated. Some checks that might be covered with the vehicle maintenance program I have.
rich-1: fortunately (since I can't bend) Pamela took it over and got it blown up last night
Guy B.: Pam, does your bathroom have a window?
Pamela V.: that was funny - was telling M & D last night that I had a $5.00 bill in my pocket which fell out at the gas station
Pamela V.: (yes it has a window, it's just not open)
Pamela V.: I went back to look for it later, and it was still there - wet, from the puddle it fell in, but still there
Guy B.: That would help with the fumes or a fan vent.
Pamela V.: Ya, I know - my bad
rich-1: our weather is not an inducement to open windows right now, Guy
Guy B.: I know it's colder up there by you.
RobertoAGAIN: but, but. fresh air si good for you
Pamela V.: finally did warm up this afternoon to about 16 C
Pamela V.: but it's dropped again with the sunset
rich-1: supposed to be semi-decent tomorrow too - Frances is going to the needlecraft show
Guy B.: Annie is right behind me on the couch. I'm on the notebook tonight.
RobertoAGAIN: today warmed up nicely for Oct but crapped out again with the rain tonight
rich-1: I still can't adapt comfortably to the keys on my notebook, they just never feel right
Pamela V.: I hope so, I'm tired of rain. I emptied about two cups of water from the bottom of the car door last night too
Guy B.: We have more rain coming for the weekend.
rich-1: oh goody - that you certainly don't need - but at least it shows the drain is open
RobertoAGAIN: in Grand Rapids so far this month of October we have had over 11 inches of water and about 1/2-1" tonight
Guy B.: We really had a wet fall this year.
RobertoAGAIN: ya mon
Pamela V.: it stems from the broken window I had years ago - when they broke the window, they bent the flashing back and now whenever it rains for extended periods or I take it thru a carwash, I get door slosh
Pamela V.: thank goodness the car doesn't have power windows or locks : )
rich-1: I just looked at the wesather radar and it doesn't show anything near you, Bob
rich-1: you are though at the edge of the screen so something may be missing
RobertoAGAIN: supposed to rain into tomorrow am
RobertoAGAIN: dont' hear it right now......
Pamela V.: well send it north or something, Bob - just not east
rich-1: well, there's a big patch of rain up centred around Sault Ste. Marie headed our way
Pamela V.: oh, charming
Guy B.: Well folks, I know I came on late tonight. But, I'm calling it the night. So, talk to you all next week.
Pamela V.: gnite Guy - relax and enjoy your vacation
rich-1: OK Guy, have fun with the move ;-)
Pamela V.: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
Guy B.: That I will
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Hugs too and Annie says Hi
rich-1: how nice to have it done for when you return
RobertoAGAIN: you got to watcha better map richard. NOAA shos light to moderate rain here right now
Pamela V.: (PRIVATE) kisses for Annie : )
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich-1: I'm using Environment Canada, you're at the far edge of the screen or beyond
RobertoAGAIN: ah
Pamela V.: Hey Bob, say hi to Judy for us
RobertoAGAIN: ok
RobertoAGAIN: she is crocheting like craxy
Pamela V.: how are Doug and Meeka doing?
RobertoAGAIN: has taken about 3" diameter 4 times, that after starting the tablecloth ALL OVER agin
Pamela V.: good heavens, why?
rich-1: just looked at NOAA - yes, that's quite a sky puddle dripping on you - and I don't like the way it's heading
RobertoAGAIN: well. D&M are a puzzle, they are still not on the straight and narrow, some good days and alot of bad days
RobertoAGAIN: something they need to work out in their own time I guess
RobertoAGAIN: croicheted it too tight
rich-1: big hurts take big time to get over
RobertoAGAIN: the GOOD news is, this hobby is cheap for me, because she keeps using the same thread
Pamela V.: LOL Bob
RobertoAGAIN: days are better for D&M, but you are right, it takes time
rich-1: but what will happen when she gets it right?
RobertoAGAIN: especially because of the time to get there and fact of loosing Nikki
RobertoAGAIN: she will just smile and be proud.
RobertoAGAIN: and I will smike and be rich
RobertoAGAIN: smile
RobertoAGAIN: this is the cheapest hobby she ever had
rich-1: how was your holiday upstate?
Pamela V.: Doug and Meeka will get through and they have our continued best wishes
RobertoAGAIN: had a great time, weather co-operatied mostly.......spent Sunday afternoon snoozing in the sun in Cadillac, MI by the lake
RobertoAGAIN: folks had a good time, and that is what really counter
RobertoAGAIN: counted
rich-1: yes, we did reasonably well weather-wise in the Michigan segments of our trip
Pamela V.: did you have good colour? Ours has been amazing - lots of red this year, far more than usual
RobertoAGAIN: but Clee's all good things must end, and so too this chat
RobertoAGAIN: great color up north by Mac bridge
RobertoAGAIN: down here is just blah
rich-1: yes, it's that witching hour - so see you next week, Bob
RobertoAGAIN: so, holler at the Drushel twins and tell them to be here next week
Pamela V.: leaves are falling which means I really must get my curtains up in here soon
RobertoAGAIN: nite , say HI to Frances and Russel
Pamela V.: I will, Bob
RobertoAGAIN: nite
rich-1: we will do that - our best to Judy
RobertoAGAIN left chat session
Pamela V.: g'nite
Pamela V.: well, that was quick
Pamela V.: shall we away?
rich-1: so that's it, daughter
Pamela V.: okay - i'll check in tomorrow evening and see how things are going
rich-1: I think so, maybe talk to you later this week about taping me a race
Pamela V.: don't forget to tell mom about my $
rich-1: already told here 8-)
Pamela V.: as long as the VCR will cooperate (all my electronics are going wonky too)
Pamela V.: oh, good : )
Pamela V.: anyway, I'll talk to you tomorrow
rich-1: or wait - you don't have Speed channel, do you?
Pamela V.: yes, I do
rich-1: OK - we'll see tomorrow, then
rich-1: take care, and goodnight
Pamela V.: until then - sleep tight, Daddy
Pamela V.: g'nite
rich-1 left chat session
Pamela V.: kerpoof
Pamela V. left chat session > chat > Wed 2006-10-18
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