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Daniel B: Bonjour, je m'appelle Daniel! ;-)
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Daniel B: hello rich!
Daniel B: how is your back pain today?
rich-c: tricky - the original problem went away but got replaced by a return of my usual back spasms
rich-c: hard to explain, but for decades now at intervals I have had episodes of spasms of a certain muscle in my back
rich-c: but what I brought home from the trip was entirely different back pain
rich-c: got that under control, then made a motion that invoked the damn spasm
rich-c: now have that almost under control, may not even need a cane by tomorrow
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: Hi Dad, Hi Daniel
Pamela: how are you feeling, Dad?
Pamela: and Daniel, are you at work again?
rich-c: you mother says the current forecast is rain Saturday, showers Sunday
Pamela: and may I just say, ick
Pamela: so no trailer this weekend I gather
rich-c: you know I just got the trip pain cleared when the old back spasm acted up?
Daniel B: I heard a similar case, it was pression on nerves because the impact changed the cervical vertebrae alignment.
Pamela: yeah, I know
Pamela: and you must be contagious
Pamela: I did something this morning that had every muscle in my shoulders and neck in knots. Made for an entertaining day.
rich-c: anyway, I'm moving around the house OK but can't lift anything and can't challenge stairs
Pamela: just don't ask me what
rich-c: ouch! you sure do seem to have done yourself in!
Daniel B: I'm really sorry... I'm not a doctor, I'm just a programmer.
rich-c: just like my occasional back spasm
Pamela: I've perfected the "turn the whole body" act to look at someone
Daniel B: I have only general knowledge
Pamela: I feel like I have whiplash
rich-c: nothing just about a programmer, Daniel - it's a skilled and useful job
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changed username to BobS
Pamela: hey, Bob!
Daniel B: good evening Bob S.
BobS: WOW, people !!!!!!!!!
BobS: hi gang !
Pamela: so anyway, my time this evening will probably be short and sweet
rich-c: hey Ropberto, you're almost on time! ;-)
Pamela: where???
BobS: why??????
BobS: dont' we deserve our fill of Pamela for once?
Daniel B: who????
Daniel B: When ????
Daniel B: How ????
BobS: ya ;mon
rich-c: anyway, Pam, let's say that we have to see what the forecast is closer to the weekend
Pamela: sorry Bob, was just telling Dad he must be contagious - I did something (don't ask me what) that has me feeling like I have whiplash
BobS: oh oh
Pamela: just keep me posted, Dad - I have no plans for the weekend
rich-c: will do
Pamela: and if worse comes to worst, I'll have a date with my hubby for lunch
Daniel B: ... I can't translate whiplash... give me a second...
Pamela: um, that didn't come out right
Pamela: especially since he's standing behind me : )
BobS: whip lash...........twisted neck.........stiff neck and hurts
rich-c: it's rather like the rebound movement of a whip, Daniel
BobS: only it's your neck
Pamela: it's what you get when you're in a car accident and get tossed around, Daniel
Daniel B: coup de fouet
rich-c: fairly close I'd guess, Daniel
rich-c: anyway it's the usual result if your car is hit from behind
BobS: ya that too
Daniel B: in case of car accident, the impact is the bad alignment for the cervical vertebrae
BobS: technical but correct
Daniel B: pression on nerves
Daniel B: etc...
Pamela: that's either pressure or compression, Daniel : )
rich-c: yes, though in most cases it is " merely" the muscles that are overstrained
Daniel B: ok... wrong word, but you understand me :-)
Daniel B: maybe a case for a chiropractician?
Pamela: I haven't been doing anything recently that would strain them - the closest I came was a quick dance out of the way in the shower this morning when I suddenly lost hot water for a sec, then it came back without the cold
rich-c: English is chiropractor, and not everyone trusts them
Pamela: with me it's usually take two (insert preferred pain medication here) and wait till morning
Daniel B: well, it's babelfish translator
rich-c: which, Daniel, is rather literal minded but can be a big help
rich-c: you at home or at work tonight?
Pamela: had to reschedule my dental appointment as a result : (
Pamela: or : ) depending on your point of view
Daniel B: anyway, my mother visit one and solved 90% of her health problems. it was like magic. so, at least, it works for her... it didn't solve the cancer problem, it's not the miracle pill.
rich-c: what needs doing now, Pam?
Pamela: still trying to get into the endodontist and get that root canal cleanout done, Dad
Daniel B: I'm at work again.
Pamela: you know, the one that caused me so much trouble just before we left for Chicago
rich-c: of the two, I think I prefer the shoulder pain
Pamela: well, me too, but . . . .
rich-c: right - somehow I thought you had that dealt with
Pamela: the dentist has been nagging me to deal with it since May
Pamela: $1,200 later
BobS: well then................DEAL or NO DEAL
Pamela: do I look like I'm made of money?
BobS: ya
rich-c: it's probably about time that you did then
Pamela: well barring disasters, I'm rescheduled for next Thursday at 4:00
rich-c: I can tell you're really looking forward to it, too
Daniel B: I remember, my mother visit the Quantum chiropractor "specific", they added "specific because they concentrate their work only on the cervical vertebrae.
BobS: and WOMAN, are ya gonna feel better !!!!!!!!1
Pamela: I hope so, Bob, I'm tired of this crap. I have the world's worst teeth (and it's all Dad's fault) : )
BobS: hoopefully
BobS: yank em........that's what I did about 30 yrs ago
BobS: best thing I ever did
Pamela: I have enough holes in my head, thank you : )
BobS: they heal over.........
rich-c: among my friends, some swear at chiropractors, others swear by them
Pamela: you wear dentures, Bob?
BobS: and fake choppers cover the holes
BobS: yes ma'am
BobS: awesome ain't it??????
Pamela: well, the things you learn. I would never have guessed.
BobS: tops and bottoms
BobS: had teeth with no enamel for protection
BobS: 31 yrs ago....bye, bye
Pamela: wow
rich-c: well, that's the direct approach anyway, though pretty drastic
BobS: was the best thing for me.....ended years of pain and suffering
Pamela: i'm glad it worked out for you
BobS: nad the grandkids love it when I rattle them
Pamela: I must admit, there are days when I think it's the best solution, especially when a problem like this crops up
Pamela: it always seems to be something
rich-c: the temptation can certainly be strong
BobS: granted, my case was extreme.....I got plates when I was 25, my dad got them @ 18
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changed username to TheOtherGuy
Daniel B: bonsoir Guy
TheOtherGuy: Yello
rich-c: sounds as if there is something genetic operating there, then, Bob
Pamela: well after three (about to be four) root canals, three crowns, four years of braces, impacted wisdom teeth, repeated cavities and abcesses, you can be there are days when it's tempting
rich-c: salut, Guy
Pamela: Hi, Guy
Pamela: or should I say " Daddy"
TheOtherGuy: Hi all!
Daniel B: I finally found it, a web site about the chiropractor I'm talking about.
Daniel B:
Pamela: thanks, Daniel
Pamela: sooooo??? Tell all, Guy
rich-c: so how's Sandra and Tamara?
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
TheOtherGuy: The big day was last Thursday @ 4:13 PM... she weighed 8 pounds 12 ounces.
Pamela: Hi, Guy
Pamela: wow, that's big!
rich-c: hello Guy B.
TheOtherGuy: Very beautiful girl, very quiet, doesn't cry much, very nice temper...
Guy B.: How's Sandra doing Guy?
Daniel B: good evening Guy
BobS: Sandra? ????
Pamela: congratulations to you both, Guy - have a virtual cigar : )
TheOtherGuy: Sandra is recovering from the big day, usual aches and pains, I'm running around all day doing errands and taking care of things, since she's stuck home. Getting a pediatrician has been a hell of an ordeal.
TheOtherGuy: Here's a pic of the proud new father and his girl:
rich-c: specialist shortage down around Montreal?
TheOtherGuy: No shortage, abundance of babies.
TheOtherGuy: Hospital had a record when we were there, 63 babies in one shot.
TheOtherGuy: Move over Toronto, Montreal will be the most populated city in no time! Muahahaha.
rich-c: Wow! shows what a cold February can do...
BobS: NICE pic Guy......congrts to you and Sandra for a job well done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pamela: You're welcome to it, Guy
TheOtherGuy: Thanks, thanks to all. Actually, it was a cold January. ;)
BobS: :-)
rich-c: yes, I recalculated just after I typed it
TheOtherGuy: Hahaha, you were close though.
Pamela: yes, 10-9=1
TheOtherGuy: Learning a whole new set of skills I never thought I'd learn... changing diapies, burping, giving baths, and a slew of other interesting skills.
Daniel B: it's a nice picture, Guy. do you have more?
rich-c: don't get snarky, daughter
TheOtherGuy: Dan: I haven't had a chance to put up any more, but I will put some more soon, will let you know!
Pamela: who, me? (whistles while (attempting to) look at ceiling)
rich-c: so Guy, how's the weather over your way? any nights below freezing yet?
TheOtherGuy: Which Guy? Guy or the OtherGuy? ;)
Daniel B: good question
rich-c: Guy B. - we know what it's like in Montreal ;-)
Daniel B: I'm lucky, only one Daniel around here.
Pamela: finally finished downloading, Guy - she's gorgeous! Look at all that hair!
BobS: kinda looks like Guy only in miniature form, doesn't it ???????
Pamela: (darn dialup)
Pamela: how long after the birth was that picture taken, Guy?
Guy B.: Guy F, I think Rich is asking me that. Yes, we had below freezing weather and a little snow on Monday. Melted as it hit the ground.
Guy B.: And we have more rain coming, again.
Pamela: man, what happened to fall?
rich-c: somewhere it got lost. but now NOAA is talking about a mild winter
Guy B.: That's what I heard too.
BobS: I could go for that Richard
Pamela: I just hope that doesn't mean lots of snow
Pamela: what did Annie think of the snow, Guy?
Daniel B: in the picture.... it looks like a "disney - winny the pooh" theme... in the background.
BobS: mild and samall amounts of snow and stretched out so no snowfall is over 3"
rich-c: we had some snow the afternoon a few days ago but I was in the shower and it ended and melted before I came out
Pamela: that would be nice, Bob
BobS: ye ma'am
BobS: wehave had about 4: here so far.....just melted 'cept for the one day it stayed at about 3" only on the grass and deck
BobS: 4"
Guy B.: When had that one last week. She was sniffing in it. Got a little on her nose.
rich-c: I believe there is an el Nino brewing, which makes for mild winters
BobS: well thta would help wouldn't it
Pamela: what with the construction on the 401 bridge over my route to work and the four speed bumps they just put in, should make for interesting commuting
rich-c: yes, we have to realize that what's old hat to us is totally new to the pooch
BobS: hello ??????? speedbumps on the 401?
Pamela: try again, Bob : )
BobS: ok bumpy 401
Pamela: well yes, but not what I said : )
BobS: I read it
rich-c: not yet, but the local fanatics are undoubtedly trying
Pamela: guess I should have said the four speed bumps on the side street I take : )
Pamela: I reread it too : )
Daniel B: speedbumps?
Daniel B: This friday, the big boss visit us... I have to be ready, so I will quit the chat session in a minute.
rich-c: understood, Daniel - glad you could make it in anyway
BobS: that's better Pam
Pamela: Daniel, have they renewed your contract, or extended it?
BobS: well iimpress the boss Daniel
rich-c: if you don't know what speedbumps are Daniel, count your blessings
Pamela: I'll tell you what they are -they're hell on your suspension
BobS: and bumpy too
Pamela: Wed Oct 25 21:44:43 GMT-04:00 2006: Daniel B : Daniel B: my contract? I have no idea... my superior said there will be no problem, but why driving to Quebec? it's not only for a contract... he can fax the contract. there is something else.
rich-c: maybe they want you full time permanent
Pamela: That sounds like good news for you Daniel
BobS: speedbump = a lump put on the road ALL the way across so that you have to slow down and 'bump' over it
Pamela: about a metre wide and about 8" high
rich-c: the Brits call them "sleeping policemen"
Pamela: just high enough to cause havoc with your undercarriage
BobS: right mate
BobS: and I LIKE that name
Daniel B: ok... I saw them in the shopping center parking.
rich-c: or break your ball joints, and happened to me
Pamela: knew a dog we called speedbump once
BobS: heck in the US we have them about 1/3 metre wide and 8" high
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BobS: they go BUMP
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: that sounds more like a curb, Bob
Pamela: liked to plant herself full length in the middle of the highest traffic area of the house and go to sleep
Daniel B: one more Guy?
Guy B. requested to ban Guy B.
BobS confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
BobS: it is
BobS: but in the roadway
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changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: wow, what's happening, Guy?
Guy B. changed username to Guy B. & Annie
rich-c: we're getting a lot of Guys here tonight ;-)
Guy B. & Annie requested to ban Guy B.
Pamela confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Guy B. & Annie changed username to Guy B.
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changed username to Daniel
Daniel: good night!
Pamela: good night, Daniel!
Guy B.: Ok, I knocked myself out of Mozilla Firefox
BobS: nite Daniel
Pamela: bonne chance
Daniel: * poof *
rich-c: take care, Daniel - et bonsoir
Daniel: (thanks)
Guy B.: Nite Daniel
Daniel: and GuyF... are you available friday, november 10, just before 17h?
Daniel: answer me by email.
Daniel left chat session
rich-c: don't ever ask a new father to predict his availability ;-)
rich-c: the world just doesn't work that way
Pamela: i'm gonna poof too, go take some pain pills and hope my neck loosens up so I can sleep
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rich-c: oops, see he's gone
BobS: nite APam
changed username to MacBook Ron
BobS: and Pam
Guy B.: HI Ron
Pamela: guess I'll say to Ron first though
Pamela: Hi, Ron
rich-c: goodnight Pam, hello Ron
Guy B.: Bye Pam
MacBook Ron: Hey Pamela, was it something I said?
BobS: Mister I live and breath.........WELCOME
rich-c: take care of that neck and keep us posted
Pamela: nope, something I did, Ron - gonna go find a magic bullet for my neck pain
BobS: got whiplash from working too hard
MacBook Ron: I know...rumors of my demise were greatly exaggerated
BobS: how's things on the wet coast?
Pamela: Dad, keep me posted re: the weekend - I have no plans for the next four days
MacBook Ron: cold, windy
rich-c: will do, Pam - check your email
BobS: yuck. that sounds bad
Pamela: Guy F, kiss Sandra and the baby for me
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
MacBook Ron: did Butcharts last week with my visiting cousins..... in the drizzle
BobS: yes Ron. take a looka t Guy and Sandra's baby.........
Pamela: g'nites to everyone else
MacBook Ron: nite Pam
Pamela: kerpoof!
BobS: need sunlight for the gardens
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: yes, it's the only way to appreciate them
rich-c: lots of fall blooms - chrysanthemums, ornamental cabbage, sort of thing
MacBook Ron: actually it was kinda neat. drizzle drops on all the flowers
MacBook Ron: there was certainly lots to see - that place is never the same twice
rich-c: good for closeup photography, especially with the even lighting of an overcast day
MacBook Ron: They pass out umbrellas to all
MacBook Ron: lotsa macro shots with the Nikon
rich-c: this the Trusty Old film Nikon or new digital?
MacBook Ron: new digital
MacBook Ron: Nikon D50 I had at Chicago
rich-c: nice - which one did you get?
TheOtherGuy confirmed ban
TheOtherGuy confirmed ban
BobS: yes Ron.........the times we have been to Butchart, it is always somewhat I can imagine the rain would be beautiful also
rich-c: oh, right - OK
MacBook Ron: I'm still on a learning curve with that beast
TheOtherGuy: Sorry guys, was gone for a bit, I'm back.
BobS: changing diapers ??????
TheOtherGuy: I had a Nikon N50 a little while ago.
MacBook Ron: hey O/Guy......heartiest congratulations!
rich-c: you're excused, Guy - we know you're on instant call
TheOtherGuy: Thanks Ron!
Guy B.: She's cute Guy
MacBook Ron: yeah, they're now selling the D70 for what I paid for the D50
TheOtherGuy: Yeah, she must look like the mom. ;)
rich-c: that's how the digital market is these days
MacBook Ron: yep
BobS: no shocks me to see the prices on the new camera's
TheOtherGuy: I also had a Nikon F601, managed to sell it in 1999 right before the digital camera craze started and made 35mm obsolete.
rich-c: yes, they are so low - same with computers, especially desktops
BobS: right richard.........dropping prices
Guy B.: I'm looking for a new one. The one I have is nice, but I would like one of those that are Picbridge compatible. My printer has that feature.
MacBook Ron: When I bought the D50, 6.1 Megapixels was considered pretty good.... now they're up to 12
MacBook Ron: How many megapixels does a person really need
TheOtherGuy: I love iPhoto! Sorry, had to say that,.
rich-c: apparently you can get a highly respectable computer at Wal-Mart for $200 if you'll accept a Linux O/S
MacBook Ron: you'll get no arguement from me on that O/Guy
MacBook Ron: I have a brand new MacBook now... Intel Core Duo - and an iSight Camera built right in
TheOtherGuy: I have to find out how to back up my pics in iPhoto to DVD. I'm importing a lot, but need to do a backup just in case.
MacBook Ron: can send you my ugly mug any time
TheOtherGuy: Ron: Nice, welcome to the Intel gang! ;)
MacBook Ron: <happy grin>
TheOtherGuy: Ron: What's the duo rated at? I have the 1.66
MacBook Ron: 2GB
TheOtherGuy: 2 GHz>
MacBook Ron: GHz right
TheOtherGuy: Not bad... I'm happy with my 1,66, although 512 is a bit on the low end with Mac OS X
MacBook Ron: Bytes are storage - Hertz is a car rental co.
TheOtherGuy: 512 Megs that I have that is.
MacBook Ron: have upgraded the RAM to 2 GB
TheOtherGuy: I got a new iPod Video 80 gig a few weeks ago... looks good with my Mac Mini.
MacBook Ron: got a credit on my old iBook and related spare batteries
MacBook Ron: aren't they neat? --- have the Nano 2 GB - wish I'd bought more
TheOtherGuy: <cough> Mac snobs <cough>
MacBook Ron: we've turned this into a Mac love-in
rich-c: you folks must have got a raise or something - those toys are pricey
MacBook Ron: Let's just say that Mother is looking down from the Heavens
TheOtherGuy: Yeah, they're pricey, but oh, so much fun!
MacBook Ron: shaking her head
rich-c: yes, I guess that would be the score, Ron
TheOtherGuy: I'm slowly getting rid of Bill and accepting Steve into the house.
MacBook Ron: you doing the Boot Camp thing O/Guy?
rich-c: well, it should be an interesting transition, but
BobS: Sandra is making sure Guy is sharing Ron
rich-c: Steve has such expensive tastes
TheOtherGuy: Ron: At first, when I got my Intel Mac, I thought it was a cool feature... but then I thought about it for 3 seconds, and the thought of running Windows on my Mac was just insance. Even if I can, I wouldn't.
MacBook Ron: yes, and I have no such supervision
BobS: heck I am still having all the prolbems I can take from Bill
MacBook Ron: agreed
MacBook Ron: haven't done it yet, and no plans to do it
TheOtherGuy: Me neither. Windows is long gone, and GOOD RIDDANCE.
MacBook Ron: Have Windoze Vista Release Candidate one on my Acer.... and there it will stay
rich-c: meanwhile I am advised that Bill is going to stick me with a new Internet Explorer any day now
MacBook Ron: the Acer also runs Kubuntu
TheOtherGuy: Whenever I see people buying new Win PCs or Win Laptops, I just look at them and shake my head, thinking to myself: "If they could only see the light...".
MacBook Ron: exactly
rich-c: oh, they see it, but it's so far away with that big price mountain in the way
MacBook Ron: You know me.... one of something is never enough
TheOtherGuy: I begged and pleaded with a co-worker for him not to buy a Dell computer and consider a Mac Mini instead... he just coudln't. Too much peer pressure from other people who do not know.
TheOtherGuy: Macs are not expensive.
MacBook Ron: yes, the market place is sometimes quite blind
TheOtherGuy: I saw a Mac Mini (single core mind you) go for $600 CDN.
rich-c: all they need to do is dangle comparative specs and dollars before his eyes
MacBook Ron: Diet Coke time....brb
TheOtherGuy: Specs, a Mac will lose hands down, ALWAYS.
TheOtherGuy: What are they at in the PC worlds? 4 GHz?
rich-c: exactly, that's what has always held Apple back
TheOtherGuy: Well, to tell you the truth, I'm happy that the illiterate are not falling for Macs.
rich-c: not sure, most seem to be around 3.2 ghz now
MacBook Ron: That's about it Rich
rich-c: time for my beer - brb
TheOtherGuy: Argh! I knew I forgot something at the grocery store an hour ago. BEER.
MacBook Ron: That's the trouble.... users have been sold a bill of goods
MacBook Ron: Oh Oh! No beer
MacBook Ron: How you guys doing Bob? Keeping your heads above water?
TheOtherGuy: Well, Rich will drink a cold one in my good health I'm sure. Maybe even 2.
MacBook Ron: oh at least
BobS: yup, watching the weather deteriorate into winter I am afraid
TheOtherGuy: It's the season to be jolly!
MacBook Ron: Ho Ho Ho
TheOtherGuy: How's job hunting Bob BTW?
BobS: not the holidays yet, Guy
BobS: not so good, have someinterviews but no luck.....have another one Fri afternoon
TheOtherGuy: Break a leg!
rich-c: just one - it's an 8% stout from Jamaica
MacBook Ron: The don't know what they're missing Bob
TheOtherGuy: Rich: You into those exotic beers I see...
BobS: thanks Guy
MacBook Ron: Is the economic situation still down there ?
BobS: yes, worst econmy in the states right here in Michigan
rich-c: yes, I drink so little that I might as well experiment
MacBook Ron: Motor City ain't motorin
BobS: how's YOUR back doing richard?
TheOtherGuy: Really? Why's that? Factories closing? What was the main driving force?
BobS: automotive industry and all related are way down
MacBook Ron: All of Michigan is related
rich-c: the generalized pain has gone away but now the traditional muscle spasm has shown up
TheOtherGuy: Which brings me to this... Seriously, can't Americans produce a car that's as good or better than the Japanese? Surely you guys could... If they did, sales would be up, I'm sure./
rich-c: they are actually doing it, Guy - take a look at the J.D. Power ratings
BobS: on the news last night, they said that for every automotive job, there are 6 related jobs on the line to suffer along with the auto worker
BobS: bummer Richard
TheOtherGuy: I know nothing of new cars Rich.... I stopped looking in 1999 at the Automotive industry. But people are still buying cars, yet sales are down for American cars....
rich-c: what it amounts to is Detroit did such a rotten job for so long, folks don't believe that now they are doing it right
MacBook Ron: Just bought a 2 year old Chrysler instead of a Toyota Yaris.... did my bit
TheOtherGuy: Yaris looks good, I've considered it...
MacBook Ron: Was a nice package
TheOtherGuy: I have a Japanes car built in the states, so I did my part too. :D
MacBook Ron: right on
rich-c: yes - ironically the car with the most US/Canadian content is a Honda
TheOtherGuy: Rich: Yep, that's wht I have, an Acura
MacBook Ron: really!
BobS: you are ALL correct in your observations gentlemen
MacBook Ron: Well Bob, we can but hope
rich-c: the US and Canadian production is so integrated you can't separate one from t'other
BobS: think I have been driving made in canada cars for 20 yearas already
BobS: 82 Caprice was made near Toronto
MacBook Ron: Was watching CNN's "War on the middle class" the other night
TheOtherGuy: Caprice was a nice car, we used them in Montreal as Police Cars...
rich-c: nevertheless Ford and GM are not getting credit for their quality advances or products which are often superior
TheOtherGuy: There's still a stigma attached to their name unfortunately.
TheOtherGuy: I think of Chrysler, first thing that pops up is "K-CAR"
MacBook Ron: It's another one of those "market place perception" things
rich-c: yes, and the big Fords you have were always American quality leaders
TheOtherGuy: Ford Fairmount? :)
rich-c: the Fairmont was not a big Ford - and it was advertised as being built for lightness
TheOtherGuy: Seemed as a big car to me when I drove it!
MacBook Ron: biggest trunk, and most underpowered 4 cylinder I've ever driven
TheOtherGuy: But then again, we are talking about an era where cars were oversized compared to today's standards.
rich-c: in fact it was bottom of the line, if I recall - and I had the Mercury equivalent
MacBook Ron: Dad's 1981 Fairmont was in the driveway when I got here in 1995
MacBook Ron: drove it for another 2 years
BobS: WHY was the Pontiac Grand Prix called a Pariessiene in Canada ?????
TheOtherGuy: Ahhhh the Parisienne, beautiful cars, my friends owned a few...
BobS: saw one the other day, in GREAT shape, don't know where it was hiding in CA, thought is should have some rust
rich-c: don't know, Canada often has different models, though
BobS: copyright issues????
MacBook Ron: Like the Meteor
TheOtherGuy: Yeah, we had the Dodge Omni and Plymouth Horizon, which were the same cars.
MacBook Ron: wasn't that a Canadian Ford?
BobS: had them here too
BobS: had the meteor
rich-c: no, marketing reasons, descended from the days of a really small market
TheOtherGuy: Plymouth Zephyr
BobS: think it was only some GM cars with diff names
TheOtherGuy: Or was it Chrysler Zephyr?
MacBook Ron: nope... British Ford
MacBook Ron: Anglia, Zephyr, Zodiac
rich-c: no, we had the Mercury 114 that became the Meteor then Mercury Meteor
BobS: hmmmm
rich-c: Zephyr is a Ford copyright name. currently used on a lincoln
BobS: had an English ford here years ago........little tiny car
TheOtherGuy: Ford Festiva?
MacBook Ron: I drove a 1961 Ford Anglia.... had the "sliced back" rear window
MacBook Ron: sweet little beast
rich-c: I had a Zodiac from 1968 till 1978
BobS: HOW in heck did yo fit into it Ron?????
TheOtherGuy: I'd love to get my hands on a Gremlin
BobS: was like roller coaster car
MacBook Ron: with great difficulty.... plus Leslie plus baby Jeff and associated baby gear
BobS: had to fit only pigmys for the orient
MacBook Ron: bult a roof rack for that one
MacBook Ron: there was more roof rack than car
BobS: I can belive that
MacBook Ron: If I could have a car of my choosing, it would be a '57 Chevy
TheOtherGuy: Ah, a classic.
MacBook Ron: there are a couple of mint ones here in town
BobS: and today very EXPENSIVE
rich-c: so go out and buy one - although they are pretty expensive now
MacBook Ron: Beautiful
BobS: had one Ron....a 4 door hardtop w/ a 'vette engine in it
MacBook Ron: there's quite a strong local vintage car club here
BobS: went like he$$
rich-c: just stay away from high trim lines and big optional engines - they govern the price
MacBook Ron: right
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to run. I'm travelling up to Gurnee tomorrow to take care of some business. I'm on vacation this week and when I come back. I have some unpacking in my new office. See you all next week.
TheOtherGuy: Take care Guy!
MacBook Ron: night Guy.... have a good week
rich-c: a four-dorr sedan with a Blue Flame Six and automatic is not pricey
BobS: the stupid things we do when we are young..............should have kept it............
BobS: hind sight is 20/20
MacBook Ron: exactly Bob
rich-c: OK Guy, take care and see you next week
TheOtherGuy: when did you get rid of it?
Guy B.: Guy, hope you get some sleep. I know you have been tired since your new daughter arrived.
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Dale: Hi all.
BobS: about 23 yrs ago........
Guy B.: HI Dale
BobS: hi Dale !!!!!
Guy B.: Well, I'm gone.
Guy B.: Poof
MacBook Ron: Hey...Mr. ya doin?
Guy B. left chat session
Dale: Doing better.
rich-c: hello Dale
BobS: better ????? as in sick ?????
Dale: My laptop was too flakey to do anything lately.
Dale: But my new one arrived yesterday.
BobS: oops
TheOtherGuy: Giver your laptop an aspirin...
Dale: So now I feel much better.
rich-c: I thought you were running it on Linux?
BobS: kill it and reload with buckshot
MacBook Ron: and your new laptop is???
Dale: Actively installing everything needed to make a laptop feel at home.
MacBook Ron: of course
rich-c: what did you buy, Dale?
Dale: Linux or Windows the old laptop had started locking up a dozen times per day.
Dale: It is not a very satisfying user experience.
MacBook Ron: sounds like the hardware all right
rich-c: that was naughty of it - mechanical fault, I assume?
MacBook Ron: you dont have time for that sort of caper I would think
Dale: I bought a new thinkpad. It is a 1.83 GHz dual core with 512 Megs of RAM, and a good 3D video card: ATI Radion x1300.
MacBook Ron: a heavy lifter for sure
rich-c: right, that's from lenovo - the Chinese outfit that bought it from IBM
Dale: Well, I'd had the laptop for quite a while, and the keyboard had a broken key, the screen had a crease or two from where the cat like to sleep on it, and the case had a big crack in it since spring.
rich-c: will 512 memory be enough for your applications, Dale?
Dale: When that happens it's days are numbered. It lasted until fall. Which is pretty good.
rich-c: yes, IIRC it was pretty tatty in Chicago
Dale: Lenovo were manufacturing the previous IBM laptops as well, so it isn't as dramatic as it sounds.
Dale: Well, 512 is double what my previous laptop had, but I'll admit XP is a bit of a memory hog.
MacBook Ron: There ya go Bob, all the US jobs are now offshore..... that's a big part of the problem in Michigan
Dale: (it ran Windows 2000)
TheOtherGuy: Hope a recession is not looming ahead of us.
BobS: I agree that is a lot of the problem
rich-c: they seemed to do a lot of initial advertising but then tapered off - have not seen them lately
BobS: we have not been having a boom time since 2000
MacBook Ron: made in China....made in Taiwan, or Japan
Dale: Sort of since Bush got into office, really.
BobS: right now, the home builders here are down about 80% form normal, not even boom times
TheOtherGuy: Nah, can't blame Bush for that... blame WAL-MART.
BobS: no was that way while big bill was in too, just turned nasty after 9/11
MacBook Ron: hmmm
rich-c: well, overall health of the economy is the President's responsibility
rich-c: well, Clinton left office with the budget in balance and debt being paid down
Dale: Bush's first ever economic statement in office was "I thnk there'll be a resession." Then within months there was in the US. :-)
BobS: no wya, Bill left with a huge budget shortfall
MacBook Ron: BRB
BobS: the only thng bill did right was notacrew with the economy....he did screw with other things however
rich-c: check it out, Bob - he was in surplus with surplus projected for 15 years
BobS: no way,,,,,,,,,the balances were only projected, they never materialized
TheOtherGuy: Well, with 2 wars being waged, I can see where a lot of the money is going.
Dale: No-one really knows how to make an economy win, but some have better luck than others.
rich-c: of course not, Bush changed the whole thing, with massive spending and tax cuts
BobS: you can forecast anything and make it look like it is happening when the numbers are moved around...heck I am a millionaire
TheOtherGuy: Think: Nortel
rich-c: well the war on Iraq was and is dead wrong, and the war on drugs is pillow-punching
BobS: thnik SIMPLE
BobS: they are all a big mistake,,,,you cannot win anything if you don't disarm the countyr
rich-c: OK - spend more than you make and you build up debt
Dale: Well, since I got my new robot ocmpany going, I've been spending lots of time doing programming for embedded systems.
TheOtherGuy: Iraq being dead wrong, I dunno, it's the turn of events that is hard to digest.
BobS: been doing it here since the depression in the 30's; won't change any time soon
TheOtherGuy: Dale: What kind of microcontrollers?
BobS: how'
rich-c: there was never any reason or excuse for invading Iraq
BobS: how's the new venture going Dale ???????
Dale: Well, I've been doing some MIPS stuff, but that is mostly for the Sony PSP as a remote control.
Dale: But I've got an Arm7 that I've been working on.
BobS: and what is that?
TheOtherGuy: I've played around a lot with PICs (Microchip). If you need a C compiler, let me know. I have one that is worth $2000 or so.
Dale: And a nice little 16 bit controller from TI called the MSP430.
Dale: I really like that one.
Dale: The Arm cpu is the same one as is in the Palm pilots.
BobS: and these are programming tools and chips, etc for your robots, yes?
TheOtherGuy: Yes, ARM is also in the Gameboy Advance
Dale: It is being used for a motor controller, and to communicate with a laptop to exchange information.
Dale: It has lots of input/output pins, so we can attach lots of sensors to it too.
TheOtherGuy: Renesas has a good lineup of microcontrollers too.
Dale: Then the MSP430 is potientially good for doing counting tasks, and so forth for more remote sensors that aren't near by the Arm7 microcontroller.
rich-c: so the user will control it from a laptop?
TheOtherGuy: There's a few chips that have RF chips in there that can send and receive information at 433/968 MHz.
Dale: No probably not directly. The laptop is connected to USB cameras that the robot uses for navigation.
rich-c: physical or wireless connection?
Dale: It is doing heavy number crunching for computer vision, and also doing some task planning.
Dale: It'll probably be controlled by a keypad.
TheOtherGuy: Would a DSP help in the number crunching?
Dale: So really the laptop will be inside the robot normally.
TheOtherGuy: I've seen Mac Minis used inside robots, they're small enough and very powerful.
TheOtherGuy: Get rid of the case and superdrive (DVD) and it's TINY.
Dale: It's possible Guy, but I don't really know yet. The problem is getting the image data from the cameras to the DSP maybe.
Dale: For now we are hoping that a powerful laptop will do the job.
TheOtherGuy: Mac Mini is TINY and it runs (gosh) Windows.
Dale: Well, we plan to run Linux on the laptop.
Dale: Tends to be easier for an application with no gui.
TheOtherGuy: Runs Linux too. :)
rich-c: decided which flavour of Linux yet, Dale?
TheOtherGuy: See what I mean about converting people into using MACs? It's so hard!!!
MacBook Ron: fascinating stuff
Dale: Anyway we haven't totally decided on how every thing will fit together, but that is the fun of a research company.
MacBook Ron: I now have an older iMac that runs ONLY Linux
MacBook Ron: removed OS X completely
MacBook Ron: 400 mhz G3
rich-c: so how much of an improvement does that produce, Ron?
TheOtherGuy: Yeah I have a PowerPC Ubuntu Linux DVD
Dale: It'll probably by Debian linux in the field. I've been persuaded to try Ubuntu on my new laptop.
MacBook Ron: none whatever Rich.... just wanted to see if it could be done
Dale: It works nicely for a desktop os. Not really tuned for embedding.
TheOtherGuy: Ubuntu works nicely.
MacBook Ron: yup.... right out of the box
TheOtherGuy: There are other choices for embedded apps.
rich-c: I have a copy I plan to try sooner or later - if I can ever get Windows working
TheOtherGuy: Windows... Working? OK, I'll keep my darn mouth shut.
BobS: after a fachion guy
BobS: fashion
MacBook Ron: was thinking the same thing O/Guy
rich-c: oh, you'll need to open it to laugh at my joke, Ron
Dale: The nice thing about the Ubuntu CD is that you can try it from the CD without installing anything.
MacBook Ron: yes, that's true
TheOtherGuy: Yeah, a few distros have Live CDs... Knoppix being the one that comes to mind.
BobS: anyway, i got to hit the proverbial sack guys, so till next time we week, be good, have fun and don't get caught!!!!
BobS: see ya
BobS left chat session
TheOtherGuy: I've had Linux distros that would boot off of a 128 meg USB key.
MacBook Ron: niters Robert
TheOtherGuy: Night Bob
MacBook Ron: say Hi to Judy
Dale: But the applications I use most often in Windows are also in Linux: Firefox, the Gimp, gcc, vim, that kind of thing.
rich-c: OK Bob, take care, our best to Judy and the family
Dale: I'm sort of a unix Windows user, I guess.
MacBook Ron: Our club out here has been playing about lately with VM ware
MacBook Ron: I have it but haven't done much with it yet
Dale: I tend to prefer OpenOffice over MicrosoftOffice, just because, I guess.
Dale: VMware is very cool. I've used it for a long time now. There are two opensource versions of VMware out now too.
TheOtherGuy: Oh Dale, before I forget and fall asleep. Here she is:
MacBook Ron: Downloaded the beta of MS Office 2007 a few weeks ago..... it's really different, and I'm not sure I like it
rich-c: I keep telling Pam she shouldn't plan to spend $300 on MS Office and get Open Office instead, but it just doesn't get through
Dale: Congratulations! Thanks for the picture.
TheOtherGuy: Dale: Thanks, she's 6 days old, will be a week old tomorrow...
TheOtherGuy: Anyways, falling asleep, still have to change an inner tube on my bike before I hit the sack....
rich-c: anyone got Internet Explorer 7 yet? it came out on Tuesday and was supposed to be an automatic download
TheOtherGuy: Talk to you guys next week.
MacBook Ron: see ya Guy
Dale: Well, Jill can't stand OpenOffice. So she has M$ Office.
TheOtherGuy left chat session
rich-c: OK Guy F, look forward to hearing your report of a busy week
MacBook Ron: yeah.... I think mostly it's a "look and feel" thing
rich-c: I see it pretty much is our witching hour, so I'll must be off too
MacBook Ron: Most of the stuff I do with an office suite can be done quite nicely by Open Office
MacBook Ron: nite Rich. Be well .... take care of the back
rich-c: goodnight both, see you next Wednesday
Dale: Goodnight Richard.
rich-c: thanks Ron, will
MacBook Ron: :)
rich-c: niters - colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
MacBook Ron: So Dale, I too got a new laptop..... One of the Intel Macs Intel Core Duo
Dale: Oh yeah.
Dale: That's right up to date, that is.
Dale: So, how do you like it?
MacBook Ron: love it.
MacBook Ron: Still putting stuff on's only about 2 weeks old
Dale: And how good are you at compiling things? I've been trying to find a brave soul to try compiling my PSP game for Mac testing.
MacBook Ron: Upgraded RAM from 512 Meg to 2 GB
MacBook Ron: Let's say, I can follow a set of instructions...... otherwise I'm still on the learning curve
MacBook Ron: would probably be good practice for me
Dale: project is probably just slightly to hard for you still then, I think.
MacBook Ron: would suspect so Dale. At this point let's just say that the process of compiling from source is something I would like to learn
Dale: But someday soon I should get you to work compiling adamem SDL for your mac.
MacBook Ron: yes for sure
MacBook Ron: I certainly have the machine to do it now
Dale: After that, then compiling my game "Jump Gunnar Jump" would be a breeze for you.
Dale: I'll just have to work you up to it maybe :-)
MacBook Ron: ok.... I'm willing to give it a shot
MacBook Ron: Like I say, this has been on my 'to do' list for some time
Dale: Anyway, I'll bug you about it later. For now, I need to install, install, install my stuff.
Dale: :-)
MacBook Ron: yep.... I hear ya
MacBook Ron: what size hard drive you got?
Dale: You know how it is with a new computer.
MacBook Ron: sure do
Dale: New one is just 80 gigs. But that is up from my last one at 40 gigs.
MacBook Ron: same with mine. 80 Gig.... also have a pocket size USB external that's also 80GB
MacBook Ron: should be enough space for a while
Dale: That's cool. Handy for backups too?
MacBook Ron: yes, exactly
Dale: Video editing would use that nicely. :-)
MacBook Ron: downloaded Window Vista RC1 on the Acer a few weeks ago. My son got me into it. So far as I can see it's mostly eye-candy
Dale: I should get an external backup drive. You can now buy 750 GB drives for about $500.
MacBook Ron: yes.... coast of storage is coming down
Dale: All of the things that I think of when they talk of Vista were removed again. So I don't know what is in Vista anymore.
MacBook Ron: Not sure anyone does. think they wanted to include all sorts of new search features but couldn't get them to work
Dale: LOL
Dale: Now that is funny.
Dale: Maybe they should bundle Google search. ;-)
MacBook Ron: yeah right
MacBook Ron: take something that works
Dale: My thinkpad came with google personal search.
MacBook Ron: never tried that, what's it about?
Dale: It is supposed to index everything on my computer.
MacBook Ron: right
Dale: It is downloadable from google's site I guess.
MacBook Ron: by the way, did you know there's a Linux version of Google Earth?
Dale: No. Really?
MacBook Ron: Yes, I downloaded it from the Ubuntu Universe a couple of weeks ago
MacBook Ron: A little different in appearance but not much
MacBook Ron: has same capabilities as far as I can see
Dale: I'll have to try it.
MacBook Ron: yes...go get it
MacBook Ron: do you get Macleans Magazine?
Dale: I do actually.
Dale: That don't necessarily mean I actually read it. But that's another story.
MacBook Ron: check the latest issue..... the figure the Internet (as currently exists) sucks
Dale: I mean to read it, at least.
MacBook Ron: yeah, me too mostly I don't but the cover article this week caught my eye
Dale: I saw the cover story.
MacBook Ron: they figure it's become a place for perverts, thieves, etc etc... and will never realize its full potential
Dale: So you read the story?
MacBook Ron: Not sure I agree, but to some extent theydo have a point
MacBook Ron: yes.... skimmed it today mostly, but want to go back for more detail
Dale: Well that's what the cover says. But you could say that about traveling circuses of the 50's too.
MacBook Ron: that's right
MacBook Ron: or many other advances that weren't immediately accepted
MacBook Ron: colour television for example
Dale: But you know, I've met a few geographically diverse people, especially in the last 6 months, that I never could have without the Internet.
MacBook Ron: me too
MacBook Ron: And I can find things out that I want to know without waiting for the library to ope
Dale: It's interesting. I chat for a few minutes with a guy who does 3D modeling mostly every day. And he's in northern england.
MacBook Ron: aha
Dale: That's right. IMDB has made my life much better. :-)
Dale: (Internet Movie DataBase)
MacBook Ron: right..... no matter what the topic you'll find something on it
Dale: I can finally know what movies I saw that person in, etc.
MacBook Ron: Had to do a presentation last night for my camera club. We're trying to get a standard method for critiquing photographs
Dale: And ebay is much dryer than going to flea markets on a rainy day.
MacBook Ron: so I did a google search on that, then made a Powerpoint presentation on my findings
MacBook Ron: lots of stuff available. Couldn't have done it as quickly without the net
MacBook Ron: oh ebay for sure
Dale: I met someone who claims that you never need to make a powerpoint again. Just search for your topic +PPT and change the title slide. You'll be an instant hero every time. ;-)
MacBook Ron: Tempted to write to Macleans to counter their article. Suspect I won't be the only one
MacBook Ron: sounds neat!
MacBook Ron: Actually, I used Keynote... which is Macs version of Powerpoint
MacBook Ron: found it easier to use
Dale: Right.
Dale: Well, OpenOffice imports powerpoints for me.
MacBook Ron: yup have used that too
Dale: Speaking of powerpoints, I guess some day I should update with news from the Chicago 'con.
MacBook Ron: good idea
Dale: My new computer gives me a new attitude of things left undone. A chance for a new start I guess.
MacBook Ron: probably a little early, but has Neil said anything about a date for Ottawa?
MacBook Ron: that's usually how it works
MacBook Ron: :)
Dale: He want to coordinate it with you or James.
Dale: Do you think James still wants to attend AdamCon in Ottawa?
MacBook Ron: Last he was on here (not long ago) he seemed rather dubious about that, but I'm not absolutely sure
Dale: Neil wants to have it early this time potientially. Maybe as early as May.
MacBook Ron: that would work for me. I have a 50th anniversary reunion at Rideau High in Ottawa on May 11th
MacBook Ron: was thinking of 2 trips to Ottawa
Dale: I'm hoping to go a work with him on picking a venue before December, but I don't have anything confirmed yet.
MacBook Ron: right... it's early yet.
Dale: Would that exclude Rich Drushell do you think?
MacBook Ron: The only thing I told him was that the first 2 weeks of August would be a non-starter for me
Dale: Or is he tied up only until Appril?
MacBook Ron: well maybe.... although he seems to spend lots of time this side of the border these days
MacBook Ron: not sure
Dale: Well, I'll have to get on early to ask. That seems to be when he is usually online.
MacBook Ron: yes.... I usually miss him.
MacBook Ron: Wasn't here last week, and the week before.... was travelling about with relatives
Dale: Neil is concerned that he'll be sent to northern Manitoba for 6 weeks of field research in June/July/Aug sometime maybe.
MacBook Ron: That would throw a wrench into things
Dale: I've been struggling with Jeffrey's bedtime. Now that he is in Junior Kindergarden he needs to be out of the house at 8:10am instead of his usual 9:30am.
MacBook Ron: Well I'd say, put out a message to the group, and see what everyone thinks
MacBook Ron: the routine changes. How's he doing?
Dale: He's doing well, mostly. He really likes his new school.
MacBook Ron: that's a good sign
Dale: It is a split JK/SK class.
MacBook Ron: ok
Dale: His only real problem is the whole potty training thing. He has to take 2 changes of clothes with him to school.
Dale: And once this week, that only lasted until lunch.
MacBook Ron: guess he'll get it in his own time
Dale: So, we've got him booked for an ultra sound to eliminate obvious physical issues.
MacBook Ron: been a long time since we went through that
MacBook Ron: right..... just to make sure
Dale: Then a pediatrician to work on his motivation.
MacBook Ron: suppose it's difficult to know for sure just what's going on
Dale: He's never minded walking around with wet pants, and that is what they say is the key to training a 2 year old.
Dale: So he doesn't mind either way.
MacBook Ron: that's unusual
Dale: But each one in their own time, I guess.
MacBook Ron: yep.
Dale: If you peer pressure him, he'll sometimes go dry all day.
Dale: But then after supper, he'd rather stay and play, than take a washroom break.
MacBook Ron: suppose the more of an issue you make of it, the worse it gets
Dale: It just doesn't bother him.
MacBook Ron: interesting
MacBook Ron: You'd think he wouldn't want to feel that way
Dale: But I'm assured that it'll be fixed one way or another by the time he heads to college. :-)
MacBook Ron: :)
MacBook Ron: one would hope so
MacBook Ron: I'm sure it won't take that long
MacBook Ron: Anyway Dale, think I'll call it a night
Dale: Catch you later.
MacBook Ron: yup.... be well.. say Hi to Jillian
Dale: I'll try and by on early next week.
Dale: I will.
MacBook Ron: right
MacBook Ron: nite
Dale: goodnight.
Dale: poof
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