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Harvie: Hi rich
rich-c: hey, harvie, it's been a while
rich-c: how are you keeping?
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Harvie: Yes, I seem to be busy Wed. nights lately
changed username to BobS
rich-c: it happens, though I am able to luckily usually keep it free
BobS: Wed Nov 22 21:07:30 GMT-05:00 2006: Harvie : Harvie: In fact can only stay 45 min tonight
rich-c: hello Bob - in good time tonight
BobS: bummer Harvie
Harvie: Hi Bob
BobS: si, ich bin here
rich-c: OK then, be aware DR. D. is sick - trigger was a gall bladder attack
Harvie: Not Good!!!
rich-c: but before they operated they did an ECG and foud something they don't understand
BobS: oops......and when was all this?
rich-c: at first they thought silent heart attack but that hass been ruled out
Harvie: I don't think I want to hear this
BobS: listen anyways Harvie
rich-c: so now they don't know if it's relevant to anything or not
rich-c: uncertainty frustrates doctors
rich-c: anyway they want to check further before carving him up
BobS: so he is the hospital??????? and Rin ????
rich-c: and btw Harvie - not all gall bladder removals are that big a deal
BobS: she can't come to the states..........right ?
rich-c: he's either in hospital or convalesing under his doctor's observation
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rich-c: and yes, Rin is very upset for the obvious reason as you mentioned
changed username to Manta
Harvie: I have had three friends go in for trivial gall bladder removal and come out dead
rich-c: hello manta - hass Guy gone fishing?
Manta: hello all
rich-c: greetings to you too
rich-c: well, mine was in by 10, out by 5 - literally; Pam drove me home
BobS: hmmmmmmm....this'd be Sandra ?
rich-c: it wzs a laproscopy and apparently very simple, even though they got out enough big stones to build a wall ; - )
rich-c: test
Harvie: Well I hope the Doc fares well
BobS: no kidding..........I can only assume this problem is why we have not seen the lad recently
Harvie: I hope the Doc fares well
Harvie left chat session
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changed username to rich-1
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Manta: i have a quick question not wanting to disrupt the already in progress chat
rich-1: did we all go down or just me?
changed username to HarvieAlso
rich-1: go ahead Manta, whoever you may be
rich-1 requested to ban rich-c
HarvieAlso confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
BobS: ok whod I kill off ?
Manta: lol. actually it's tom. i just use my cybername usually. this is the adam computer room right?
HarvieAlso: I seem to have been dropped too
BobS: yes sir it is !!!!!!
rich-1: you got it right
Manta: great... :)
BobS: nice to meet you tom.......... Bob Slopsema here
rich-1: and you are welcome to use any name you please
BobS: richard and Harvie up in toronto area........I am in Michigan
Manta: nice to meet you bob. all the way from southern california
rich-1: I'm Rich Clee, almost as notorious as Bob
BobS: long time ADAM user ? or recent aquisition ?
Manta: lets just say i forced my parents to buy me my adam back in 1984 when i was 11
BobS: oh richard, you are MORE notorious
rich-1: OK, you've had yours about as long as we've had ours, then
rich-1: modesty forbids ; - )
BobS: well that makes you a longer user than me......1989 when the kids dragged me in screaming and kicking......we need one for schoolwork
BobS: AND the guy down the street has one and he can help us
Manta: well i wanted everything that came with it. my mom refused to get me a modem after watching War Games
Manta: but i got one. and most of the add ons
rich-1: yeah, some folks weere a little uninformed about computers back then
HarvieAlso: Nowadays they are misinformed :)
Manta: lol. yes they are.
BobS: so, long story shor, I got one for the kiddies; they are grown.....bought out the guy down the street.....and too many others to count
rich-1: lordy, remember 300 baud - we thought Syd Carter's 1200 baud upgrade was huge speed
BobS: and have an inventory larger than almsot anyone save adam's house.....and lots of his are pirated
Manta: last time i used my adam modem was in 1997.
rich-1: surprised you could find anywhre to use it
BobS: got some 1200baud externals here,,,,,,,2400baud......original 300baud
Manta: was looking at some local newspaper and there was an access number. so i dialed in and it worked
rich-1: or even an ISP to give you access - or was it direct dialup point to point?
BobS: could still use it today useing text and a 'shell' accoutn Ron Mitchell says
rich-1: well, back in 1984 there were lots of Adam BBSs active
BobS: too true
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changed username to Ronald
rich-1: I'm not sure the lines are there to sustain so low a speed now
BobS: think is was probably around 1995 or 1996 when Zonk bailed out
Ronald: evening all
HarvieAlso: Hi Ron
BobS: HEY ronald
Manta: well my plan for tomorrow was too hook up the adam and dial into my sisters house and chat with an aquarius computer
Ronald: howz everyone
Manta: hello
rich-1: speaking of Ron - greeting to the west coast
BobS: cool
Ronald: WET Coast
rich-1: has it stopped raining yet?
Ronald: NO
Ronald: Dammit
Manta: dry in so cal. where are you ron
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rich-1: hey, you won the Grey Cup - count your blessings
Ronald: d fall
Ronald: well yes..... we also broke the Grey Cup
changed username to Guy B.
BobS: Tom........any connection with the Inland Empire User Group (southern California group) ?
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Ronald: Hi Guy!
Manta: nope. never heard of them...
rich-1: I noticed, but the got it fixed, which it likely needed anyway
HarvieAlso: Hello Guy
Manta: this is my first time on this chat.
rich-1: greetings, Guy - how's Chicago?
Ronald: @Bob: Working on the card..... usual thrashing about trying to remember how to do the thing
BobS: were very active with the screenwriters guild I think
Ronald: need to do this more than once a year I think
Guy B.: Little warmer than normal right now.
rich-1: just don't let it be your last, tom - we are here every week
BobS: I know......and I haven't sent you anything have I
BobS: SHAME ON ME!!!!!!!
Ronald: naw!
Ronald: are ya gonna?
Manta: i dont think it will be my last.
BobS: Tom, do you have PowerPaint by Digital Express ?????
Manta: nope. :(
rich-1: we will certainly hope not - we have a small but congenial group with new additions very welco e
BobS: Ron needs pictures for the annual Christmas card.......Dec ADAM NEWS NETWORK disk
Ronald: Any one else who wants to make a contribution to the annual ANN Christmas card..... nowz the time!!
BobS: ok Ron, tell Tom what other format you can use
BobS: I'll get you one this weekend Ron
Ronald: either BMP (which will be converted) or Powerpaint images
Ronald: sounds good Bob
rich-1: what size, Ron?
HarvieAlso: No ASCII art Ron? :)
Ronald: if you use BMP images, they should be mostly solid colours, and "cartoonlike" in nature. They are going to lose something in making the transition to ADAM
Ronald: Don't think I can process those Harvie
rich-1: how about Logo then? Frances has done well with that in the past
Ronald: size = 256x160
BobS: remember, ADAM only uses 8 colors
Manta: smart logo?
Ronald: ie... a Powerpaint screen
Ronald: yes LOGO I think I can convert
rich-1: huh? sixteen colours you mean, surely?
Ronald: yes
Ronald: although I have used 256 colours.... loses a lot
BobS: ok that is only 100% more
rich-1: yes Tom, SmartLogo, one of the best Logo dialects ever written
Ronald: that's the screen size Rich... 256x160
Ronald: not the colours.
Ronald: 16 colours works best
Manta: i loved playing with that program.
rich-1: well, that's the default in BASIC and Logo
rich-1: my wife still plays with it once in a while
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changed username to Daniel B
rich-1: she also uses Amiga Logo and MSN Microsoft Logo
Daniel B: finaly...
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Daniel B: hello
Guy B.: Greetings Daniel!
HarvieAlso: Hi Daniel
BobS: can even use HGR from SmartBASIC to make a picture also, correct ???????
changed username to MacFanBoy
rich-1: salet, Daniel - comment ca va?
BobS: HI your attachments
Ronald: also midi files .. 4 k or less..... like real simple.... of Christmas carols
MacFanBoy: Greetings to all!
BobS: NOW, are the TWO attachments in English = ONE attachment in French ??????
Daniel B: where my powerpoint files will be available on the net?
Ronald: are you a Mac Fan, or a Boy?
Ronald: or both
HarvieAlso: Hello MacFanBoy
MacFanBoy: All three.
rich-1: whoops! has the "other" Guy arrived there, all but unannounced?
Ronald: only Mac Fan I can think of except the the fellow on the other side of the mirror
rich-1: so how's Tamara doing?
BobS: available for download.........(french only for today)
Guy B.: Hi Guy, how's the family?
Ronald: aha.... I know who you are
Ronald: yes..... howz the family
BobS: you can't fool us bro
MacFanBoy: Tamara's doing great!!! Gaining a lot of weight fast.
BobS: as in Sandra also ??????
rich-1: and is her mum getting back, too?
MacFanBoy: Sandra is losing the weight, fast.
BobS: that's good.
rich-1: I bet that doesn't bother her in the least 8-)
BobS: TOM, Guy in Montreal had a baby girl about 1 month ago (?)
MacFanBoy: And I'm slowly depleting all the cash I have in my bank account. Having visited the Apple Store just a few hours ago doesn't help either.
BobS: but that is YOUR fault Guy
Manta: congrats. :)
rich-1: "lead us not into temptation..."
MacFanBoy: Thanks!
Manta: wait till she wants a car ;)
Ronald: Ah, the old depleted cash thing. Yes, I know it well
BobS: TOM (manta) from southern California
rich-1: but then apples have always been associated with temptation
BobS: good one Richard
MacFanBoy: Exacto!
MacFanBoy: Nice to meet you Tom!
Manta: Same here Guy
HarvieAlso: And cash depletion
BobS: can Apples draw pictures ??????? in 16 colors ??????
BobS: for ANN xmas cards ??????
Ronald: aha...... another west coaster.... I am not alone!!
MacFanBoy: Enjoying the rain Ron?
Daniel B: Manta... Tom... nice to meet you!
Ronald: NO!!
Manta: there you go. we're alive and kicking
Manta: nice to meet you daniel
Ronald: Vancouver Island
MacFanBoy: Hey DB.... define byte, Daniel Bienvenu
BobS: just cause you live on an unnamed island off Vancouver, don't mean you two have somthing in common Ron
Manta: ahh friend from the north.
Daniel B changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-1: or the part that hasn't washed away yet? :-?
BobS: much rain in the last month Ron ?
Ronald: exactly
BobS: Mount Washington still above water?????
Ronald: haven't been counting Bob....... some places on the Island worse than others....
MacFanBoy: Hmm, wonder if there is a Coleco/Adam emulator that works on the new Intel Macs.
rich-1: by the way, Bob, are you and Guy fogbound at the moment? the weather radar suggests so
Ronald: We got "boil water" advisories all over the place
HarvieAlso: Mount Washinton is in the East Bob
Manta: yikes
BobS: no fog here.......
BobS: add a g Harvie.....and it si on the island
rich-1: take a look at the NOAA radar - you might get a shock
Ronald: Guy, I tried to compile it the other night on my Mac Book...... more error messages than I care to sort out at this point
BobS: fot them dumb birds on ti and COLD up top in summer
Ronald: but it should be possible to do it
Daniel Bienvenu: If only I find time to work on sound for AdamEm SDL version...
BobS: screw NOAA.......looked out the front fog
Ronald: last time I went up - mid October, had some visitors with me, and the chairlift was closed
Ronald: But they got snow up there now
BobS: OW
rich-1: Daniel, I got dumped at one point last week - did you say your job was winding up?
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changed username to Pamela
HarvieAlso: Hello Pam
rich-1: hi daughte
BobS: greetings Pamela
Ronald: Hey Pamela!
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rich-1: any word from Rin on Rich?
changed username to Annie
Manta: hi pam. i'm new here. :)
Annie requested to ban Guy B.
BobS confirmed ban
HarvieAlso confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
rich-1 confirmed ban
BobS: got wackedjuh Guy ?????
Ronald confirmed ban
Pamela: Hi, Manta - welcome
Pamela: Hi Dad
Daniel Bienvenu: extended to january 6... after this date, the Quebec office close to keep only the one in Montreal.
Annie changed username to Guy B.
BobS: hi daughter
Pamela: Hi everyone else - quite a crowd!
rich-1: got the pooch on the keyboard now, have you, Guy?
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope you understand me...
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. System decided to reboot on me.
(BobS groans loudly)
MacFanBoy confirmed ban
rich-1: merde, c'est t4riste - I assume you will not be moving to Montreal
(BobS reboots Pamela's computer remotely.)
Guy B.: Annie's asleep and this will be her first Thanksgiving.
Pamela: what, join the crowd Bob?
BobS: ya my dear.\
Ronald: most unfortunate Daniel
Pamela: nope!
Daniel Bienvenu: To move to Montreal, they must give me a better salary.
BobS: course, yo are Richard's li'l girl
Pamela: looks like just about everyone has gotten dumped at one point or another already
BobS: naw, not her in Michigan
rich-1: well, not so little any more - a bit older than tom, IIRC
BobS: stable as a rock
BobS: so Tom........tell us about yourself a little.........
Manta: what would you all like to know?
BobS: got an ADAM onthe eve of civilization
BobS: etc
rich-1: anyway, Daniel, they would keep you if you'd move? that's a bit of a recommendation
Ronald: are you still an ADAM owner?
Manta: yes. same one i got as a kid
BobS: active along the way ???? or put ADAM to bed for many years ?
BobS: what ya got for peripherals ?
Pamela: Hi, Ron, didn't see you !
Manta: got the extra tape drive, memory expander, disk drive
Ronald: Hi Pam
Manta: modem of course. lol
Ronald: if you can't see me, get your eyes checked
Ronald: :)
Pamela: hard to see everyone in the crowd : )
Manta: well and all the coleco game expanders.
rich-1: Pam, any word on Rin?
BobS: cool........on the scene long enough for hard drives ?
HarvieAlso: You were just turned sideways Ron
BobS: and 80 column stuff
Pamela: Dad, FYI, no word from Erin since before I saw you on Sunday
Ronald: oh yeah, right
Ronald: have I missed something here? Re Erin?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) what's the last that you heard?
Daniel Bienvenu: moving to Montreal is in the possibilities, but they always wait the last week to talk about contract extension.
rich-1: Cynthia also seems to have gone quiet - no news is good news?
BobS: I can only imagine Rin's frustration......Dr D in the states and her stuck in ca
rich-1: pretty much same as you, then
Pamela: that's putting it mildly, Bob
BobS: Dr D is in the hospital with god nows what Ron
BobS: knows
Ronald: Oh Lord
BobS: gall bladder...
BobS: and other ??????? Richard says they don't know what
rich-1: that's less the issue than a heart noise that may mean nothing or trouble
Ronald: gee
rich-1: but they don't want to carve him till they know what they are getting into
BobS: and he was so proud he was eating meat....only goldfish and lettuce
rich-1: well, all we have is an anomalous noise - maybe his halo's too tight and is constricting a blood flow
BobS: could be
Pamela: Rich was out of the hospital as of last Thursday, last I heard
rich-1: gotta give him a major plateload of Wendy's
Pamela: Sorry, Tuesday
BobS: no man.......STEAKS, not burgers
Ronald: stress
rich-1: yes, waiting for teh cardiologist to figure out what's happeneing
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HarvieAlso: Well, the timer just gonged, I must go. Goodnight All.
changed username to Annie
BobS: nite Harvie
rich-1: night Harvie, get back soon
BobS: be good
Pamela: g'nite Harvie, sorry I didn't get a chance to chat!
Ronald: nothing worse than a gonged timer Harvie;. g'nite
Annie changed username to Guy B.
HarvieAlso left chat session
Guy B.: Nite Harvie
Pamela: Guy, quit hitting the wrong buttons!
BobS: darn Guy......what is the problem ????
Guy B.: Good question.
BobS: must be that Chicago air.........
Ronald: Is there a button there labelled "Don't Touch Me!"
BobS: or a passing metro train
Pamela: sorry Manda, we got sidetracked a bit : )
Manta: that's ok. i am the newbie here
rich-1: there is one of the bottom right buttons on the Windows keyboard that confuses the Java applet when hit accidentallly
Guy B.: I don't know what I'm hitting or what's going on, but I hope this will stay.
Pamela: speak to it firmly, Guy : )
Ronald: Manta, you'll find the conversation here a little nuts at times. Want you to know that it's all Pam's fault
Pamela: (It's always all my fault - just ask Erin)
Manta: lol. well i am also a webmaster to an 80's icon, i can understand that
Ronald: We talk about the state of the universe, and matters related thereto
BobS: hey Tom, you can jump in and say anything you want...or questions to throw at us.......we know ALL (if you ask the right question)
rich-1: I sent Dale the error message last week so maybe he can work out a clue
Guy B.: I do have three additional buttons on this keyboard, Power, Sleep and Wake and they don't affect Win98, but might when I get WinXP.
BobS: SEE ?????/ use a regular keyboard Guy
Pamela: Gui, is that you hiding under the Mac?
rich-1: it's CNTL, Windows and Alt are the likely culprits
BobS: yes, ashamed to admit it is him
Guy B.: This came when I bought the computer.
Manta: ok, i have a good adam quesiton
Ronald: shooy
rich-1: which 80s icon do you master to on the web, Tom?
Ronald: i mean... shoot
BobS: AND you will be happy to know Pam, that Sandra and Tamara are doing GREAT
Manta: i remember reading somewhere that i could play apple II/C software on my adam?
Pamela: that's great news, Bob - thank you
Manta: Dale Bozzio of the band Missing Persons
rich-1: no, but the BASICs were similar enough you could rewite with few and minor corrections'
Manta: ok. no wonder those games didnt boot up
Manta: lol
BobS: althouhg most of the Basic programs worked pretty well
Guy B.: Nope, you cannot run Apple software on Adam. However, Apple's Basic is similar to SmartBasic on the Adam. Some commands on Apple's Basic don't work with Adam's.
rich-1: some Apple programs if typed in did run without mods - depended on the calls used
Pamela: so Daniel, does this mean you are seriously considering a move to Montreal if you get a job offer?
Ronald: They were a little more than minor....... if the Applesoft program involved peeks pokes and calls, they would likely not work. Screen formatting was another problem
BobS: right Richard......there is a list of crossover wording
Ronald: since the apple and the adam have different size screens, positioning the cursor had to be done with some thought
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changed username to Dr. D.
rich-1: bet by now Daniel could write a conversion program with his eyes shut
Ronald: I think that the claim of Applesoft compatibility
Ronald: was a bit of a reach
rich-1: hello Rich - what's the health word?
Guy B.: Somewhere is a Niad newsletter that lists the Pokes on Apple's with Adam's. I should go find that.
Pamela: Hi, Rich!
BobS: WAY back in some magazine (can't remember the name)....they had Basic programs for ADAM, APPLE, TRS80, etc
Dr. D.: Hello all.
Ronald: Family Computing
Manta: family computing?
BobS: DOKTOR !!!!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm checking all the possiblities before taking a decision. But yes, I'm thinking of moving to Montreal if it's necessary
Guy B.: Hi Dr. D.
BobS: that is it !!!!
Pamela: (PRIVATE) fair warning, word has gone forth
Ronald: Hey..... speak of the devil
rich-1: yep, that was it - it was established for Adam users originally
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Dr.D
Dr. D.: Back from taking the girls home, they were over this evening.
rich-1: make your collaborations with Guy much easier
Dr. D.: (PRIVATE) I presume you mean the hospitalization
Pamela: (PRIVATE) yup
Ronald: State of the health Dr. D??
Guy B.: I got a book called Best of Family Computing.
Dr. D.: Well, not in hospital today anyhow.
Ronald: ie... how ya doin?
rich-1: I have all sorts of books of programs for Adam - some even worth having
rich-1: any clues as to what's with the heart?
Dr. D.: I am scheduled for a stress test/echcocardiogram next Thursday afternoon.
Dr. D.: Best guess Richard is that it was just due to dehydration and 6 hours of continuous vomiting.
rich-1: well, you are more than a little familiar with stress
Pamela: BTW Manta, this is Rich Drushel, aka Dr. D
Daniel Bienvenu: I have modem connection problem... In fact, our phone line here is poor... I think the phone company is modifying the lines somewhere.
Dr. D.: But they want to rule out all other possibilities before letting me schedule the gall bladder surgery.
Ronald: ummm... that would do ut
Ronald: ut
Dr. D.: Hi Manta
Ronald: IT
Manta: Hi there Dr. D.
Pamela: sure about that Ron?
Ronald: no Pam
rich-1: wow, you had a real attack. Will they be able to do a laproscopy?
Ronald: fimble ningers
Pamela: 'kay, just checking : )
Dr. D.: At least the timing of the test will not interfere with current plans to come to Toronto next Thursday evening so I can take Rin to her oral surgery Friday morning.
Dr. D.: Yes Richard.
Dr. D.: They told me in the ER that, had the OR not been full that night, they would have done the surgery right then, last Thursday night.
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr. D.: Then they did the "routine" EKG, which wasn't routine-looking.
changed username to rich-2
Guy B.: Now Rich is having problems.
rich-2: OK, which dumb key did I hit that time?
Pamela: dunno, Dad
Dr. D.: So, I will just do what the docs say and when they say, and schedule everything else around it.
Dr. D.: I hope to get my final exams in, though...
rich-2: anyway Rich, my gall bladder was in by ten, out by five, never felt a thing, no grief since
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Judy
Guy B.: HI Judy
Pamela: Hi, Judy!
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Judy!
Judy: Hi, To ALL
Ronald: now ya see it, now ya don't
rich-2: hello Judy, keeping an eye on the old man, are you?
Dr. D.: It has only just become a problem, so there is no chronic inflammation or anything, they said it would be a breeze to do.
Ronald: Hey Judy!
Dr. D.: Hi Judy.
Pamela: that's good news, Rich
Dr. D.: The stone is 2 cm diameter and looks like an ice-cream cone.
Judy: yes, I am watching him as we speak
rich-2: yes, I had one godawful attack but had to wait a few weeks for surgery
Dr. D.: Round dome, tapers to a point.
Dr. D.: So it is just like a plug in the drain.
rich-2: the hospital was closed because of SARS
Ronald: omygosh
Pamela: July of 2003
rich-2: I got through the time with no further problems - maybe you wil be equally lucky
Dr. D.: It can move around, they dislodged it during the abdominal ultrasound just by having me roll over, but it is longer than wide, so it can't tumble into a different orientation, so it slides back in as soon as upright posture is resumed.
rich-2: and they got a real rockpile out of me, not just one
Dr. D.: My anatomy students want me to bring it all back in a jar :-S
rich-2: well, maybe you should just lie down and catch up on your backlog of rest
Dr. D.: Everything else in liver and pancreas are fine, no stones blocking internal ducts, no cancers etc.
Pamela: it's not a stone in the true sense of the word, I know - what is it's composition (if that's not too gross)?
Dr. D.: Nobody to cover my classes now.
rich-2: ah, the hospital pathologist will want them - I suspect they collect them
Dr. D.: It *IS* a stone, precipitated bile salts, and they can calcify.
Dr. D.: Like a pearl in an oyster, only green
Pamela: cool
BobS: better if it WERE a pearl
Dr. D.: hehe I will buy it with great price, if that's what you mean :-S
Pamela: we could probably make a necklace of it if you wanted : )
moved to room Meeting Place
Dr. D.: Some of the cadavers this year have about 10 luckystone-sized ones apiece.
Judy: no, than it would be round
changed username to rich-3
Dr. D.: It obviously took years to get this big.
Guy B.: Not again, Rich
Dr. D.: So, I am living on Jell-O and ginger ale and white bread.
rich-3: yes, again - in fact Firefox itself closed on me
Dr. D.: Ramen noodle soup too.
Dr. D.: That means no turkey tomorrow
Pamela: wow, thrilling diet, Rich
BobS: stick to somethin that works
Dr. D.: I am very bummed.
Pamela: did they tell you to avoid fats?
Dr. D.: The girls were over tonight to help prepare the "garbage tray" we are to bring to my Dad's tomorrow...cheese, pickles, all stuff I can't have.
BobS: close your eyes......pretend it is turkey andstuffing
rich-3: yes, turkey fat, pie, and butter on the veggies would be indiscreet
Dr. D.: Yes Pam.
Dr. D.: Fat is what apparently precipitated this attack.
Pamela: I understand that's usually the case
rich-3: actually you'd be surprised (based on my experience) what you can get away with
Pamela: cheese I can see, but why pickles?
Dr. D.: I had 2 Banquet frozen fried chicken drum sticks for supper late Wednesday night, bought on a whim from the 24/7 store because I had been on campus until 9 PM running the review session for an anatomy exam to be given the next day.
rich-3: but I did manage to find a box of fat free fig newtons (raspberry ones as well)
Dr. D.: Isn't there oil in the pickling juice? Olives too are oily.
rich-3: no, pickle juice is herbs or spices in brine
Dr. D.: I usually don't eat stuff like that, I have been eating mostly veggies for about 1.5 years now.
Pamela: I don't think so - brine is high in salt and vinegar, but no fat AFAIK
Dr. D.: I didn't have *ANYTHING* cooked on a grill this entire summer...
Dr. D.: Okay then maybe I can eat the pickles.
BobS: see????? you were TOO good !!!!!!!!!!!!!
rich-3: just no cheese dip on the veggies - there may be non-fat dips available
Dr. D.: Probably true, Bob, I wasn't used to even a little deep-fry oil anymore.
Dr. D.: Don't like cheese dips anyway
BobS: EVERYTHING is moderation my boy
rich-3: look around these days and the most incredible thingsg are fat-free or low fat
Dr. D.: It is stuffing and gravy that I will miss, turkey dark meat...
Ronald: including moderation
Dr. D.: hehehe Ron
BobS: :-)
Pamela: You can probably find a fairly good variety of non-fat foods out there
(BobS gives Ronald a can of Coke)
Ronald: TU
Dr. D.: Rin feels bad for me because I eat so much better than her and it happened to me...
(west coast is drifting away from shore)
(Guy B. gives Pamela some poutine.)
Dr. D.: From what I can gather she has cleaned up her act here recently, we'll see if it sticks
Pamela: and you'd probably be fairly safe with turkey white meat, veggies, even potatoes as long as they're not made with butter or cream
(A dog howls in the distance)
Manta: oh poutine is soooo good
(We secretly replaced Dr. D.'s Diet Coke with Folger's Crystals.)
Dr. D.: I will see what I can get away with, but I am bringing cherry Jell-O with green grapes in it that I made tonight.
Dr. D.: haha
rich-3: good for you though, it ain't, Tom
Dr. D.: I had it once to humour my wife-to-be, but really see little merit in poutine, but then I am just an uncivilized Yankee.
Ronald: you have to be in Quebec to eat poutine
Ronald: there is NO merit in poutine
Manta: not if you have a french canadian best friend who lives down here
Pamela: not true, Ron
rich-3: yes, you should be all ready to fill up at the next Adamcon
Ronald: but that never stopped
Ronald: me
Dr. D.: 70% less food than your regular food
Daniel Bienvenu: poutine : fries + gouda + sauce
Ronald: When it comes to food, I have a Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde thing happening
Ronald: never know who's in charge
Judy: not my kind of food
rich-3: as you may have guessed, Tom, both Guy (MFB) and Daniel are bilingual francophones
Dr. D.: Is your diabetes becoming unstabilized Ron?
Pamela: as you said, Ron, all things in moderation
rich-3: I have never tasted poutine - and do not plan to
Dr. D.: I am a MacFanBoy too, typing from a 17" Powerbook...
Ronald: well.... I've been doing Weightwatchers since Sept 6, and the blood sugar has come right down to normal limits
Manta: it's not that bad.
Ronald: down 25 lbs so far
Dr. D.: Excellent sir.
Pamela: wow, that's great, Ron!
rich-3: it does, I admit, smell glorious
Dr. D.: I'll hardly know ye at next ADAMcon :-S
Ronald: daily hour on aerobics and treadmill
rich-3: damn good for you, Ron
BobS: GREAT Ron.!!!!!!! keep it up man
Ronald: hopefully there'll be some changes
Judy: good for you Ron!!!!
rich-3: youre well on the way, for sure
Pamela: keep it up, Ron - you'll be able to walk to Ottawa : )
rich-3: time for my beer - brb
Ronald: some days it's a struggle, 'cause I like all the wrong stuff, but gradually, changes are being made
BobS: well...........that is a far piece away Pam
Dr. D.: Well, since we want you at ADAMcon 20 hex and beyond, sounds like a good plan
Manta: Well i must say good night at this point as i have a lot of family coming over tomorrow and still have a lot to do...nice meeting you all
Dr. D.: Always good to see newcomers here Manta, thanks for coming by.
Ronald: fer sure. SomethiWed Nov 22 22:20:30 GMT-05:00 2006: BobS : BobS: great to have you visit tom.......come on back !!!!! HAPPY TURKEY DAY
Pamela: nice to meet you, Tom - please come back again soon
Manta: thanks for having me. night all
Manta left chat session
Ronald: come on back Tom, ya hear
Guy B.: He left mighty quick
Pamela: you forgot the "y'all", Ron
Ronald: I know!
BobS: oh time sir
Dr. D.: I am waiting for Ms. Rin, not sure where she is at this point.
Pamela: to call, Rich?
rich-3: a great pleasure for us, Tom - come back soon
Dr. D.: To call/write me.
Dr. D.: She had some function this evening I think, but timing, I dunno.
Dr. D.: She has had a bunch of late nights lately.
rich-3: is she doing anything vis a vis the feds at the moment?
BobS: OH together with Luc and am going to send him a good disk drive
Dr. D.: Not sure what you mean, Richard.
rich-3: OK - I am working on the 3-1/2 for him too
BobS: gov'ment functions maybe
BobS: you got any ??????
rich-3: wondering if she'd picked up some side obligations for the leadership convention
Pamela: don't forget Dad, she can't get overtly involved at the Federal level due to conflict of interest
Dr. D.: Yikes, what I just read in the online Toronto Star.
rich-3: doesnt apply to her boss, Pam, who might call on her
rich-3: yes I have a 3-1/2
Dr. D.: Dead man found in the Humber River at Weston & St. Phillips
rich-3: likely fell off the bridge
Pamela: big drop up there
Ronald: Obviously, he would be unable to explain how he got there
BobS: BONSAI !!!!!!!!!
Dr. D.: Sounds like it's in the Cruikshank Park where Rin and I walk alot.
Pamela: FYI, that's just up the street from us, Ron
BobS: hey James is late tonight
Dr. D.: Death NOT due to drowning.
rich-3: might have been walking on the railroad bridge and not heard a train
Ronald: mm
BobS: oh oh
Dr. D.: "Public's help sought in identifying man's body" says the headline.
Pamela: well, we're not missing any neighbours, to my knowledge
rich-3: no physical description, of course
BobS: like you'd know???????
Guy B.: HI James
Dr. D.: At least the cobra didn't get him :-S
BobS: male.....between 15 and 75.......
rich-3: black or brown?
Pamela: they haven't found the snake yet - house is still sealed up
BobS: james no here mon
Ronald: is that the one that was hiding in the walls?
Pamela: yup - that's about five doors down from us
BobS: don't want one of those here
Guy B.: Well, I discovered something with this Compaq Presario I got. It won't work with two separate floppy drives.
Ronald: think I heard something about that
Ronald: good lord
Judy: I would move
Pamela: welcome to Weston : )
Dr. D.: With no heat in the building, after a month of winter no reptile will survive.
BobS: and idea.....turn off Pam's heat
Guy B.: At least Dr. D is still here.
Ronald: Dr. D - have you tried compiling AdamEm on a Mac (OS X) ??
rich-3: it won't work with two floppies? that's unheard of
Guy B.: Judy left already?
Pamela: down the street, Bob, not the hall!
BobS: why in heaven's name won't it work with 2 disk drives?????? that's crazy mon
rich-3: what does it have instead? eight millioin USB ports?
Pamela: problem is, it's part of a semi-detached so some heat will be getting thru from the other side
Judy: I am right here, Guy
rich-3: well. Apple doesn't even offer disc drives
BobS: burn the place down
BobS: that sucks
Ronald: surely does
Guy B.: I did have a cable for both 3 1/2 and 5 1/4. I put that in, setup the BIOS. After I saved it, it came back saying that it updated the diskette drives and both drives became drive A.
rich-3: yes, chasing cobras in skinny places is not an appealing job
BobS: did you have a single cable with both drives on the ribbon ???
Guy B.: Oh, there you are. Annie is having her first Thanksgiving tomorrow.
rich-3: sounds like a BIOS problem - very strange
Pamela: as I understand it, the place is a rooming house and one of the tenants was keeping some rather exotic pets in the place
Pamela: Cobra got loose and was first spotted by one of the tenants in the kitchen.
BobS: well then, make the snake pay rent
Ronald: Exotic pets should be kept in Exotica
BobS: or a zoo
rich-3: just watch your step outside your building, Pam
Guy B.: I took out the 5 1/4 and put back in the DVD Rom. I added a second hard drive, that was recognized by the BIOS, but not by Windows. Found out what caused that.
Pamela: the snake was reported, but no one realized what kind it was until the landlord got a good look at the hood
Dr. D.: If it goes outside, Richard, it will die.
Pamela: then animal control was called in and they shut the place down.
Ronald: good first step
Pamela: came home one night and there were four cop cars around the place. Why they felt they needed eight cops, I don't know
BobS: BIG snake
Ronald: yeah
Ronald: One snake, 8 cops
Dr. D.: Too long a line for Timbits?
rich-3: but you use an FDD controller for floppies, don't put them on the ATAPI or IDe cables
Pamela: (snicker)
Ronald: ROTFL Dr. D
Dr. D.: hehe
Dr. D.: Maybe it's the secret cop religion, snake-handling sect...
rich-3: I could believe that...
Dr. D.: Cobra is immanent form of J. Edgar Hoover or something
Ronald: I would imagine the snake might realize the superiority of its position
Ronald: or maybe not
Pamela: ("In the land of Oz" plays in the background)
rich-3: likely just wandering around looking for snacks of other exotic pets
Ronald: right
Dr. D.: Only snacks available now are black squirrels.
Pamela: I'll bet the place is rodent - free, though : )
Ronald: yes
Judy: that is one plus
rich-3: well, they are not is short supply around here
Ronald: need a robot that can climb around inside the walls --
Ronald: a cambot
Pamela: somehow I don't think importing the cobra is quite the answer you're looking for, Dad : )
rich-3: yes, I'll bet teh building is plenty old, with lots of gaps
Ronald: a snake-locating cambot
Pamela: actually, it's new construction - less than five years old
rich-3: oh, a little pepper sauce on the birdsee, and they get discouraged
Dr. D.: Rin is home at last.
rich-3: and it's a rooming house? unusual
Pamela: ah, good
Dr. D.: So I think I am going to go talk to my wife for a bit...
Ronald: yes... Dr. D. That sounds like a plan
rich-3: or get her to join us here
Dr. D.: Eat turkey and think of me tomorrow :-(
Pamela: yes, one of these places they threw up when the original houses sold and were torn down
Dr. D.: I asked, she says no
Ronald: be well sir..... and keeep us posted
Dr. D.: I shall, fear not.
Ronald: is it Thanksgiving this weekend?
Judy: say hi to her for us, DR D
rich-3: OK - btw, we do not have turkey tomorrow - ours was Oct. 8th
Dr. D.: Tomorrow for us, Ron.
Pamela: g'nite Rich, Happy Thanksgiving and hi to everyone
Dr. D.: I know, I had it with Rin :-)
Ronald: ah
Pamela: and please say g'nite to Rin
Judy: yes, Ron
Dr. D.: I meant for Bob and Judy.
rich-3: nite then to you and Rin
Dr. D.: But Canadians can eat turkey tomorrow if they want.
Dr. D.: Bye all.
Ronald: That's why my Weight Watchers meeting tonight had a Thanksgiving theme....
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Dr.D
Pamela: actually, turkey is on the menu tomorrow : )
Guy B.: Over and Out
Ronald: they must be following the US curriculum
rich-3: may, but likely wont - still, l'on ne sait jamais
Pamela: strictly by coincidence
Judy: yes, we are having turkey tomorrow
Ronald: mmmm
Judy: bye
rich-3: tomorrow and Friday won't count here - waiting for the weekend
rich-3: just totally restocked the wine cellar and waiting to raid the riches
Ronald: watch out for snakes
rich-3: I'm a fair distance from Weston - but spiders, that/s a different matter
Pamela: what can I say, we live in an interesting neighbourhood : )
Ronald: well, they're ok... as long as I know they're there
Ronald: ya got that right Pamela
rich-3: yes, we cultivate them, keeps the other wildlife down
Ronald: Now my daughter-in-law freaks out at the sight of a spider
Pamela: culturally diverse, architecturally diverse, livestock diverse : )
Ronald: all of that
rich-3: I believe she comes from a scene where almost any spider can be very bad news
Pamela: I don't mind spiders but I do wish they'd quit spinning in my ceiling fan
Ronald: Oh really!
BobS: yes Ron, but Jeff is a HERO when he rids the place of the spider
rich-3: so spin them right back in the fan
Ronald: yes Bob...... he kinda grins at me when that becomes necessary
Pamela: c'mon Ron, that's why women get married - for on-site rodent and spider disposal : )
Ronald: :)
rich-3: I can believe that
Ronald: yes,,, of course, how could I have forgotten
Judy: our daughter Sherri doesn't like them either, was bit by a brown recluse
Pamela: well, I'm not and never have been an "eek - a mouse!" person
rich-3: anyhow, you never told us how your visit to the Western Final was
Ronald: well now, she would have reason Judy
Ronald: ample and justified
Daniel Bienvenu: Chez Asthon ... les assičtes chaudes sont ŕ 5$
Judy: that was a good one Pam
rich-3: that could give her pause, Judy - they are nasty
Daniel Bienvenu: $12.99 for a trio of xbox games at Burger King
rich-3: qu'est que ce Asthon?
Daniel Bienvenu: (just writing something to tells you I'm still there)
Ronald: Suppose I should acquire an Xbox??
Pamela: snakes give me pause, as do stinging insects such as wasps and hornets, but mice are cute
Daniel Bienvenu: "Chez Asthon" is a restaurant name
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Judy: yes, they are, was lucky that the doctor knew what the bite looks like and treated it right away
left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: fastfood... many poutine, but al,so burger, etc...
rich-3: yes, there was quite an article about them and hobo spiders in Discover a few months back - I was reading it today
Ronald: Chez Asthon...
Ronald: sounds upscale to me
Pamela: Dad, you really have to catch up on your reading : )
rich-3: yes, it likely dated back to 2005
Daniel Bienvenu: "Chez Asthon"... in January you got a rebate on poutine based on Celcius degrees.
Judy: Ryan will be getting another hamster-(mouse ) for Christmas
Pamela: so much for retirement : )
Ronald: awww
rich-3: well, I have a computer, remember?
Ronald: they're so cute
Pamela: anything small and furry is cute
Pamela: vaguely : )
rich-3: how do you get anything else done when you have to nursemaid a computer?
Judy: they are small but not real furry
Pamela: know what else is cute? Hedgehogs
rich-3: Chez Asthon sounds vaguelu like a Harveys
Ronald: Alas.... Harvey's and I will have to part company
Judy: don't think I ever saw one up close and personal
rich-3: oh, and is St.Hubert's still around, or has Swiss Chalet picked them off now?
Ronald: Don't know
Pamela: I had a friend with a menagerie at one point: three cats, two mice, a hedgehog and a guinea pig
rich-3: yes, Ron, and they'll miss you more than you'll miss them'
Judy: what a bunch
Ronald: indeed
Pamela: a weekend away was a real event for the substitute care-givers : )
rich-3: oh, re St.Huberts, the Quebecois will have to tell us that
Judy: Josh and Michael have bunnies
Daniel Bienvenu: ok... it's Ashton, not Asthon...
Daniel Bienvenu:
Ronald: somebody here introduced me to buffalo meat. The burger has half the fat of a beef burger, and the taste is different, but quite good
Daniel Bienvenu: anyway, it's poutine time there.
Judy: just little ones, some odd kind
Pamela: separate houses, or two of the same gender, I hope? : )
rich-3: they are coming on the market here, too - Loblaws has them. Must try
Ronald: Go ahead Daniel... STUFF yourself
Daniel Bienvenu: St-Hubert bbq... I like this place
Ronald: would certainly recommend it Rich. Although I also have some friends who don't like them
Pamela: PC has had bison burgers for about a year now
Ronald: matter of acquired taste I think
rich-3: they tried to enter Ontario but Swiss Chalet seems to have beten them back
Judy: separate houses, but they are going to bred when they get old enough
Ronald: If nothing else, this plan has me reading nutrition labels more than I ever did
Pamela: oh lord, you'll have bunnies galore
rich-3: a taste perhaps worth acquiring, for health reasons. What wine goes with them?
Judy: Bob had to make them a fancy set of cages
Ronald: no idea Rich. Would not be a question I could answer
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to go here. Happy Thanksgiving to All in the USA.
rich-3: yes, Ron, I found that out when I was waiting my gall bladder operation
Pamela: quote from a book I read recently: "A bunny's a delightful habit, no house is complete without a rabbit"
Judy: no they are some small kind they can sell the babies to the pet shop
Pamela: Happy Thanksgiving, Guy
rich-3: happy Thanksgiving, Guy - see you next week
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you and Annie
Ronald: Next time you guys come to the Island I'll have to take you to the University of Victoria grounds..... bunnies are protected there, and they're all over the place
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Same here.
Judy: Happy Thanksgiving to you, and good night, Guy
Ronald: night Guy... happy Thanksgiving
Guy B.: See you next week.
Ronald: by the hundreds
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: Bye Guy
Ronald: silence
Pamela: hey Dad, question for you: ever seen a copy of "Treasure on the Hill" by Marie Killalea?
Pamela: are they tame, Ron?
Ronald: Hell, why read the copy.... get the original
rich-3: whom by which? rings no bells - further info?
Pamela: author of "Karen" and "With love from Karen" - story of a CP child born in the 40's
Ronald: yes, tame they are..... Got up to about 3 feet of one with my camera one day. It just looked at me as if to say, "are you going to shoot me now?"
rich-3: OK, rmember the tiles, but never read any - more teenage girl books IIRC
Pamela: no - biographical
rich-3: we have a fairly bold bunny around our 'hood, comes out at dusk
rich-3: the two aren't mutually exclusive, Pam'
Pamela: it's an adult series Dad
Ronald: around here we have deer
Ronald: who love all the plants I planted
Pamela: Wren was the children's version she wrote
BobS: we got 'em all guys and gals
rich-3: we're more into raccoons and the odd skunk
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, it's almost time here too to say "goodbye"
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit ŕ tous!
rich-3: OK Daniel, success in the job arrangements, and see you next week
Ronald: be well Daniel. Go find a Mac and compile AdamEm on it. Then let me know how you did it
BobS: got to leave here also gang
Pamela: it's 11:00 already - man, I really need to get a clock in here
Daniel Bienvenu: N'oubliez pas, c'est bon manger! ;-)
Pamela: gnite, Daniel
rich-3: Bob, just so I know, what does an Adam disc drive go for these days? no eBay recently
BobS: twill see ya'll next week.......lord willin' and the creek don't rise
Judy: yes, it is that time, night all
Ronald: yes sir.... I'm gonna go and play with Christmas BMP's
Pamela: nite, Bob and Judy, Happy Thanksgiving
Ronald: gotta remember how to do it
Judy: thanks
Ronald: and yes... Happy Thanksgiving to all
BobS: $90 plus shippng for original.........3 1/2 should go for a littlel more i would think, haven't seen one for sale
Judy left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: ... I will think about Mac, but I have no money for a Mac. If you have a spaire one...
Daniel Bienvenu: bye!
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-3: OK, gives me an idea at least - about $100 CDN which would make seense
BobS: IF youhave a new MI drive, you know what you have in it
BobS: as far as cash
rich-3: I do and I do
Ronald: If you guys are looking for some spares, I have 5 out here - various states, but some do work
BobS: so go according ly
BobS: after all it IS a newer version than the old ADAM drives
rich-3: I plan to - I can wait, I've wait3ed this long
BobS: see ya next week gang BYE !!!!!!
rich-3: night Bob
Ronald: Night Bob
Pamela: bye!
BobS left chat session
Ronald: ... hopefully will be here next week
Ronald: be well all
rich-3: so that sort of cuts down on things
rich-3: yes, we will be looking for you
Ronald: :)
Pamela: glad you made it Ron
Pamela: we missed ya
Ronald: gotta get my Wed priorities straight
rich-3: take care Ron, and hold that diet!
rich-3: amen
Ronald: tend to have a lot of stuff going on around here
Ronald: ah yes... will surely try
Ronald: night
rich-3: niters now
Pamela: g'nite
Ronald left chat session
Pamela: Dad, what's the name of the online company for used books?
rich-3: abebooks, alibris
Pamela: abe books, that's it
Pamela: will have to check that
Pamela: I also want to find a copy of Jean Kerr's books
rich-3: amazon have a lot, Powell's
Pamela: and Louise Baker
rich-3: check the lot, gives you more choice
Pamela: sixteen zillion pieces of paper in this place, I can't find anyting to write on
rich-3: highlight and hit control-c, open notebook, hit control-v
Pamela: there, that's better
Pamela: do you recall a conversation about kids books a while back?
rich-3: not really - give me a hint
Pamela: I was trying to remember the name of a series of books about a Mormon family?
Pamela: we were talking about Encyclopedia Brown and I couldn't remember the other set I loved
rich-3: min
rich-3: ringsa no bells with me or your mom
Pamela: It came to me the other day - the series was "The Great Brain" - author Fitzgerald, I think
rich-3: still a blank here
Pamela: surprises me, as I think you turned me on to them. Pretty sure you had them in your libary
Pamela: library
rich-3: anyway, remember it;s easy to use the National Library catalog or LC for searches
rich-3: entirely possible, but the accessions there were way over 60,000 IIRC
Pamela: you know I think the only books you've introduced me to that I wasn't enchanted with were Guy Gavriel Kay's books
Pamela: that's pretty good for forty - odd years
rich-3: he's an acquired taste but they SHOULD be right up your alley, don't know why he isnt'
Pamela: I think it's his writing style - I just can't get into them
Pamela: I've been spoiled by Mercedes Lackey
rich-3: especially in the earlier ones there is an awkwardness
Pamela: just as I can't get into the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. Russell loves them but I just don't.
rich-3: same is true of the Chronicles of Covenant the Unbeliever
Pamela: author?
rich-3: and you'll remember I gave up on Lord of the Rings, only came back after reading "The hobbit"
Pamela: I never did read anything beyond the Hobbit - can't get into Tolkien
Pamela: Russell and I have decided it's because of the magic systems : )
Pamela: he likes stuff that works the way D & D does
rich-3: yet you enjoyed the movie, didn't you?
Pamela: I like magic systems that are more nature-based
Pamela: I've never seen any of the LOTR movies
rich-3: anyway can't find the Coveneant books (in the second layer maybe)?
rich-3: really? I was under the impressioin you had
Pamela: nope - R has all three but watched them when I wasn't around
rich-3: interesting to see how you sort thqat out over time
Pamela: we have agreed to disagree : )
rich-3: you have one of my LOTR discs, don;t you?
Pamela: I'm going to have to make forays into Terry Brooks - i've heard good things
rich-3: he does seem to be very popular
Pamela: no - we have our own copies
Pamela: I think what we may have is one or two of your Star Wars collection
rich-3: oh, what is that Malaysian pirate edition you have, then?
rich-3: is it a Harry Potter?
rich-3: ah, right, ok
rich-3: no schedule for watching them again - but may suspend satellite service Dec-Jan
Pamela: I gave you the single-disc version of HP and the Goblet of Fire - which you may keep - we bought the two-disc version
rich-3: right
Pamela: know what else I bought?
rich-3: tell me
Pamela: the new Disney - Pixar movie "Cars" - animated
Pamela: we're going to try and watch it this weekend
rich-3: really? the guys on carnuts seem to like it
rich-3: I'm sort of planning to wait till it hits the $9.99 shelf at WalMart
Pamela: if the clips I've seen on the commercials are any indication, we're going to love it
Pamela: once we've seen it, I'll loan it to you
rich-3: OK, that will tell me whether to buy it
rich-3: anyhow, you going to be calling or coming by this week/end?
Pamela: I will try and call, but don't think we'll have time to come by except briefly - I know I still have mom's honey to drop off. We have a busy weekend ahead of us
rich-3: ours should with luck be very quiet, now that football is over, and racing
Pamela: Barbara's birthday is Friday, and we have to shop for something for Russell to wear to a wedding in a week, and we still have to paint the bathroom
rich-3: maybe I will even get some reading caught up on
Pamela: : )
rich-3: anyhow bout time to wrap it up, I reckon
Pamela: well nothing will get done if we don't get some sleep
Pamela: since I still have dishes to do, I'd better scram
rich-3: right, and I've been benefitting greatly from some good sleeps lately
rich-3: OK, talk to you soon, whenever
rich-3: goodnight for now
Pamela: we're planning to head to Moore's to look for a suit for R - if we go to the one on Dufferin, we'll drop by with the honey
Pamela: will keep you posted
rich-3: good idea, call first, but we should be here
rich-3: see you then
Pamela: okay. Gnite, Daddy
rich-3: nite, daughter
Pamela: kerpoof!
rich-3 left chat session
Pamela left chat session
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