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rich-c: salut, Daniel - quand tu arrive
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changed username to Guy F.
rich-c: hi Guy, Daniel is monitoring but not here at teh moment
rich-c: how are Sandra and Tamara?
Guy F.: Howdy gentlemen!
Guy F.: They are doing just fine! Tamara is simply adorable and too cute for words.
rich-c: enjoying oru heat wave?
Guy F.: Yeah, dunno how long it'll last. I have a small parade to attend to on Saturday, wonder if it'll be cooler by then.
rich-c: (huh - my spellcheck is catching my mistakes but not correcting them)
rich-c: yes, we are supposed to get showers tonight leading in a cooler air mass - nothing like what they have out west, though
rich-c: here we will see freezing temperatures overnight, above during the day
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Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Rich, Guy
Guy F.: Hope it's not too warm for Saturday, me and a bunch of guys are dressing up as Santa Clauses and biking across Montreal.
rich-c: welcome back, Daniel
Guy F.: Howdy Danny boy.
Daniel Bienvenu: Je vais bien... un peu de fatigue, mais heureux
rich-c: well, Santa's bikng gear surely has to be relatively light, anyway?
Guy F.: Costume is warm, synthetic.
rich-c: may depend on the wind then - but bike stuff does have to be wind rsistant
rich-c: tired but happy, Daniel - that means teh job is going well?
Guy F.: Yes, and breathable, otherwise you sweat like crazy. I'm also doing Montreal - Ottawa in a few months (February), should be fun.
rich-c: biking to Ottawa on February roads? you're out of your tree!
Daniel Bienvenu: We are in a rush for another demo to another potiental hotel
rich-c: a sort of Arcadia Encore, Daniel?
Guy F.: Rich: Yeah, me and a few other people... 220 KMs.
Guy F.: Dan, let me know when you need a new version of Space Hunter. I am slowly getting all of my Coleco programming tools to work on the Mac.
rich-c: I wouldn't do it in June - but then I'm a bit past such things anyway
Guy F.: Rich: Yeah, I hear for men, we start becoming wise in our 60s, early 70s.
Daniel Bienvenu: It's a challenge for us for many reasons, the first one is because we didn't think about japanese language support in the first design and now the demo must have japanese language included. I don't have to translate, but I have to make a few changes in my codes.
rich-c: well, since I'm into teh second half of my 70s, guess some wisdom may show up yet
rich-c: can't james help you with that, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, because I don't finish the new graphics for the menu and because I still have to finish my minigame named "jump or die", I think you have at least 2 weeks, maybe a month.
rich-c: are you actually getting sales for tehse games, Daniel?
Guy F.: Awesome, I'm really excited about that Dan! And to show my appreciation, you can keep whatever royalties it is from my share of the game, I donate it to you.
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't have to translate, I just have to make modification in the codes to support the new requests. my immediat superior is taking care of the japanese.
Daniel Bienvenu: For the cartridges, all the authors receive a cartridge, no cash... otherwise the price will be too high and the demand will be too low...
Guy F.: No cash? I don't want any cash, but surely someone should get paid (ie: YOU!)
rich-c: I think I am not fully au fait with just exactly what is going on here
Guy F.: Rich: Daniel is publishing a Colecovision cartridge with a few minigames, 8 or so I believe, and one of the games, is one that I wrote last year.
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, it's a project idea based on the first minigames success.
rich-c: so if you aren't selling the cartridges, who is?
Guy F.: Atari Age is, which a site/store that sells carts for retro/obsolete systems.
Daniel Bienvenu: Because burning a 4k game in a cartridge is not logic... loosing a lot of space (normally 32K)... putting minigames togheter in a single cartridge is the solution
Guy F.: It sure is Dan, and the people that benefit from it are the actual buyers.
rich-c: yes, although it never fazed Coleco - many of their arcade games are only 8K
Guy F.: I would like to polish my game though. Are we limited by 4Ks or do we have 8Ks?
Daniel Bienvenu: the first problem is the pcbs, and someone suggest using the one from AtariAge because they are "adaptables".
rich-c: pcbs?
Daniel Bienvenu: the circuit to be in the carts
Guy F.: F or the game cartridge Rich
Guy F.: So I get to get a cartridge, cool, that
Guy F.: 's more than I expected! Awesome!
rich-c: as the Brits say, better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick
Guy F.: As the jailmates say, it's better than dropping your soap in the showers and having to pick it up.
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, for you, it's your first coleco game in cartridge, it's more special for you than me...
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm very happy to help you publishing your game
Guy F.: Dan: Yes, it is, it's been a dream of mine to publish something for the Coleco, and hopefull the dream will come to reality.
rich-c: I gather that each cartridge may have games from a number of authors, then
Guy F.: Rich: Yeah, about 3 or 4 I believe, including yours truly, Dale Wick.
rich-c: sounds pretty neat, all things considered
Daniel Bienvenu: I think the compositor for your game music must have one too. I will try to work on this.
Guy F.: Well, it motivates me to perhaps embark on another game... something a bit bigger this time. I did find 4Ks to be a pretty tedious job. Took me a good 60 hours of coding to get the final result I wanted.
rich-c: think it's fun I can claim to know at least three people currently writing Colecovision games
Guy F.: Rich: Is your daughter showing up to chat tonight?
rich-c: she should be, I was talking to her earlier - but she did think it might take her to 9.30 to finish up other stuff
Daniel Bienvenu: Right here in Quebec there is Steve Begin who release some games originally from sega 1000 like "Lode Runner" and "Penguin Land"
Guy F.: Dan: Something I've been wanting to ask you...
rich-c: likely she's talking to her aunt (Erin's mom) who will be going to the Liberal convention
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm listening, guy
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Daniel Bienvenu: hi Guy B
rich-c: hello, Otehr Guy ; - )
Guy F.: Dan: Remember Gulkave? I still have the source code completely commented and disassembled. If you ever have time to take a crack at converting it for the CV, I'd be more than happy to give it to you. What's left is to figure out the interrupt issue.
Guy B.: Greetings! I'm on the notebook tonight. Have to charge it up.
Guy F.: It works on the Colecovision emulator, but does not work on the real thing.
rich-c: well, plug it in and go!
rich-c: I got me a new toy - an external 160 gig USB hard disc
Daniel Bienvenu: I have a lot of projects on the ice like Jeepers Creepers, and I also have to adapt Bejeweled to become Jewel Panic to let AtariAge and/or GoodDealGames release it.
Guy B.: It's charging as I speak. We have a Winter Storm Watch here in Chicago for tomorrow night. Expecting some 3 to 7 inches of snow.
Daniel Bienvenu: I can take a look on Gulkcave, but I can'T promise anything.
Guy F.: Dan: It's a project for when you have free time. It's on teh back burner right now, simmering, but if it's ever realeased, it will be the most kick-as* game the CV has ever seen. Super fast paced, lots of graphics, etc.... awesome game.
rich-c: that's OK, you're getting off easy - up to the northwest it's frigid and blizzzard conditions
Guy B.: I have an external hard drive case which I can put in any size hard drive.
Guy F.: Dan: I spent 70-80 hours of my life to disassemble the code by hand, so I wouldn't want it to go to waste.
Guy B.: I can imagine what Bart Lynch is experiencing in his area.
Guy F.: Rich: Yep, got one of those cases too with a 160 GB hard drive that I use with my Mac Mini. What I like about my case is that is has USB 2.0 and FireWire, and no matter what people will tell you, FireWire is still faster than USB 2.0. By pretty much a lot.
Daniel Bienvenu: this dissabled game came from which game system?
Guy F.: Dan: Sega, SG-1000
Guy F.: It's pretty much a direct port... or perhaps Steve Begin can help me out?
rich-c: I got mine at Tiger Dirrect, it's USB 2.0 to SATA internally - all assembled
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, because Steve Begin have good success on conversion from SG1000, maybe he will accept to help.
Guy F.: Dan: Yep, he probably would, because he said the biggest part of the job is to disassemble it, the rest is easy. It's already disassembled, 100% functional. I am able to relocate the code, compile it, and run it on the SG-1000 and it runs flawlessly.
Guy B.: I have a Tigerdirect Outlet store about 15 miles from me in Orland Park and that's where I got my USB hard drive enclosure.
rich-c: now it has a replica of my C partition on it (in one logical drive)
Daniel Bienvenu: you know my email address... always the same since year 2000.
Guy F.: Dan: Mine has changed, I got myself a .Mac account subscription and am using a address.
rich-c: yes, in Toronto they are scatttered around teh outer suburbs too
Guy F.: I know that Albert Yarusso would publish Gulkave in a heartbeat, he already contacted me several times to get the rights to it.
rich-c: I had to pick up some Freecycle stuff (5-1/4 discs, actually) over in Etobicoke while Frances was at the Amiga meeting
Guy F.: Rich: Is Pepsi allowed in Etobicoke?
rich-c: and the new Tiger Direct shop was nearby so I went over to have a look
rich-c: there are dirty rumours some folks even sneak in Nestea - but don't squeal on them!
Guy F.: Rich: Har.
rich-c: me, my department is beer - I do not drink pop
Guy F.: Rich: Rrrrrr. Beer is for real men.
Guy F.: And not the root kind of beer...
rich-c: no, I find these days I rather fancy a strong stout
Daniel Bienvenu: I've just called Steve Begin and he asked me if you changed the joystick routines or still use the original ones from the sg1000 version? he also said that he accept to take a look on your assembly code to help you finishing gulkave.
rich-c: but Mill St. Brewery has a coffee-flavoured porter than I plan to try soon
Guy F.: Dan: Nope, joystick routines I was going to keep as the last thing, once I got Gulkave working on the CV (ie: title screen, demo, etc...).
Guy F.: Dan: Awesome news!!! Is he in Montreal?
Daniel Bienvenu: I
rich-c: I do wish someone could devise an interface that would let a Colecovision type joystick be used on a DOSbox, within the emulator
Daniel Bienvenu: Steve Begin... Quebec city
Guy F.: Dan: Oh OK, thought he was from Montreal...
Guy F.: give him my emal: and we'll take it from there.
rich-c: wonder where Bob is? scared by the forecast, maybe?
Guy B.: It's raining here and no doubt by him as well.
rich-c: right, teh rain is moving our way but is only very scattered showers so far
rich-c: apparently BC got a real pile of snow, so be interesting to see how trhings are with Ron
rich-c: the midwest is bitterly cold with blizzard conditions in places
rich-c: but it looks as if the cold air may take oo and pass us to the north
Guy F.: We're expecting 16 degrees C tomorrow afternoon.
Guy F.: Pretty mild start for a December.
rich-c: yes, we didn't quite make that today but came reasonably close
rich-c: well, it ain't December yet, so don't tempt fate
rich-c: anyway, I believe our recod snowfall date is Dec. 12th
Guy F.: Nov. 30th in a few hours... pretty close.
rich-c: have to get teh Christmas lights up tomorrow
rich-c: yes, better buy my monthly tank of gas for November, then
Guy F.: Rich: Just bought mine yesterday. Close to $60, grrrr.
Guy B.: Annie watched me put up my Christmas decorations over the weekend. I think she's looking forward to her first Christmas.
Guy F.: Annie is your dog, right?
Guy B.: Yep.
rich-c: did she try to sample any for flavour?
Daniel Bienvenu: @GuyF. : done. email sent to you and Steve
rich-c: my van tank holds 102 litres, Guy - need I say more?
Guy F.: Mine when it's really dry about 60 or so.
Guy F.: 57/58 more precisely.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm leaving the chat in approx 20 minutes.
rich-c: I don't let mine get too far down, among other reasons because GM gas gauges are not too exact
Guy F.: Dan: I got the email, thanks!!!
rich-c: headed off home, Guy?
Guy F.: Rich: I usually drive till my gas empty light is nice and bright.
rich-c: oops, Daniel, I mean
rich-c: don't have one of those - set teh trip odometer, fill after 300K
Guy F.: Rich: Never been caught with my pants down up to know.... Actually, that's not true, I was coming down one night at 2:00 AM from NYC, and got stuck a bit before the Canadian border with no gas. I had to wait in a small city for the gas station to open.
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Guy F.: I ended up going to a trucker at 4:00 AM and asking him if he could sell me a few liters of gas. He was quite startled when I approcahed him to say the least.
changed username to Ronald
rich-c: I never got caught - buy once coasted up to the pump at the station with the tank dry
Guy B.: Hi Ron. How's the weather by you?
Ronald: Yo!
Guy F.: Hiya Ronny.
rich-c: hey Ron, got yourself dug out yet?
Daniel Bienvenu: Je suis au travail
Ronald: no..... still looking pretty messy out there
Ronald: the Sebring remained in the driveway
Daniel Bienvenu: I will go home as soon as I close my chat session
rich-c: heard you were getting an unusually heavy dose
Guy B.: We have a Winter Storm Watch for tomorrow night here in Chicago.
Ronald: oh yeah, you could say that
Guy B.: How bad?
rich-c: well, if you can still see the car under it, it isn't that much
Ronald: well it's not so much the amount of snow, it's the wind blowing it all over
Ronald: and it's got the consistency of wet cement
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Guy B.: Oh my.
rich-c: that always makes for fun
changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: \HI Pam
Pamela: made it
rich-c: and where you are winter tires aren't that useful an investment
rich-c: hi daughter
Ronald: had to go to the hospital this morning for some bloodwork (part of annual medical) and I walked (only about 20 min)
Ronald: but what a mess
Guy B.: Annie's beside me. I'm on the notebook. Charging it up so I can take it to work tomorrow.
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Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir pam
changed username to james
rich-c: before I forget - we need to discuss DSL modems - and what rentals ISPs charge for them
Daniel Bienvenu: hi james
james: afternoon everyone
Guy B.: Hi James. How's everything by you?
james: busy
Pamela: who needs to discuss them, Dad?
james: always busy
Pamela: Hi, James
rich-c: morning james, didnt see you come in
Pamela: and Hi, everyone else
james: just came on
Pamela: sorry, just getting organized here
rich-c: you need one, I may have an answer
Guy B.: Is it cold by you James?
james: i occasionally try to do a modicum of work but not getting much done lately
Ronald: Don't send no more snow James
james: is 10c "cold"? heh heh
james: sunny.. not warm by any means but definitely not cold yet
rich-c: well, by our standards this afternoon, yes
Pamela: are you renting yours Dad, or did you buy it?
Ronald: indeed. I travelled 3000 miles west to get away from this sort of thing
james: should have gone about another 3000 :D
rich-c: bought it and just bought a new one
Pamela: why?
Ronald: yes I think so
rich-c: too long for here - but we can discuss it
Pamela: sorry about your weather, Ron
Ronald: Oh hey ! It happens once every 5 years
rich-c: can't you tell we sound sorry? ;-)
Ronald: ummm....yes
james: this coming from toronto, eh ron :D
Ronald: sympathy is a word in the dictionary between sh**t and syphallis
rich-c: we'll soon be into it happening every five days - with encores in between :-(
Ronald: yes, so I shall stop whining
Pamela: I feel sorry for Calgary too - they'e getting the worst of it
Ronald: yes, apparently -26 with a windchill of -50
james: we have a few clouds here
Guy F.: Allright, gonna go for a quick bite, and I have a few episodes of Fraggle Rock to catch up... As always, ladies and gentleman it was a pleasure to chat with you and will hopefully see you next week.
james: where's my sympathy?
rich-c: yes, when I suspended teh satellite service teh call centre was there, and they said it was -28C
james: my brother just moved out there this year
james: maybe this will change his mind
Pamela: OMG, Guy, I didn't even see yo there
Guy F. left chat session
Pamela: g'nite
Pamela: oops
Guy B.: I'm here and Annie is too.
rich-c: see you Guy, take care of your girls!
Pamela: I caught you, Guy, it was Gui I missed
Pamela: caught the reference to Annie : )
Guy B.: And he just left.
Ronald: Never did get to meet Annie
Pamela: not paying as much attention as I should be
rich-c: well, Calgary has its days, but it's also chinook country and pretty tolerable, I'm told
Pamela: not at minus 28 it ain't
rich-c: no, we never di, did we? Guy finked on us with that intro
Ronald: can change on a dime
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Guy B.: I would have Jeanene brought Annie up here, but her air conditioner in her car isn't working and the heat does get to her.
changed username to Bobs
Pamela: greetings, Bob
Bobs: hi kids !!!
Ronald: Right now I don't even want to look outside
rich-c: hello, Roberto
Ronald: Mr
Guy B.: Hi Bob, you ready for the snow?
Bobs: sorry to be late, but family stuff has to be done
Ronald: Bob I presume
Bobs: and better late tahn never, eh?
Pamela: that's okay, we'll get to her next time, Guy
Bobs: got snow eh ronald ??????
Pamela: don't feel too bad, Bob, I just got here
Bobs: NO snow NO snow
Guy B.: He got hit pretty good out there.
Ronald: HAH!
Bobs changed username to BobS
james: we had a real long indian summer here
Ronald: speak for yourself sir
Pamela: no snow till at least Sunday - I have a wedding to go to on Saturday
james: some nice foliage still
Ronald: could send you ours
james: i'll keep the leaves, thanks
Pamela: no thanks, Ron : )
rich-c: we still have two miniature rose blossoms flourishing on our garen plant
BobS: heard there was snow in Vancouver.......Judy has friend flying in today for new granddaughter
Pamela: what astounded me this morning was how green the grass was - I think it's growing again
james: i'll be b&f, reorganizing this office
Ronald: Our biggest problem is idiot drivers with bald tires
james: always a few of them
rich-c: Frances even found a couple of little flowers down in the forsythia yesterday
Ronald: Mounties are ticketing a bunch of them
Pamela: shocking, Ron : )
Ronald: Must admit, I am not equiped for this which is why the Sebring remains in the driveway
Pamela: this is where being an Easterner comes in handy, Ron - you know how to drive in this stuff
rich-c: I thought with your weatehr the normal need was slicks, Ron
Ronald: line up of 60 people at the local Canadian Tire this morning
Ronald: well yeah, but this ain't normal
Pamela: all looking for snow tires, right?
Ronald: yup
james: heh heh
rich-c: I have a set of Nokian all-season but they are unusually capable in snow
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Ronald: I gather the trans Canada east of Vancouver to Abbotsford is a skating rink
changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
BobS: good choice Ron......keep the car in the driveway till it blows over
Guy B.: Hi Dale
Pamela: Hi, Dale
rich-c: hello Dale, welcome aboard
Ronald: indeed Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Dale
BobS: Hi Dale
Dale: I'm not dead yet. But feeling pretty sick today.
Pamela: yes, I was hearing tales of everyone being required to use tire chains
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm leaving in a few minutes...
rich-c: really? what's with you?
Ronald: oh oh
Dale: Bad chest cold. Those always hit me the hardest.
Pamela: Daniel, are you still at work?
Daniel Bienvenu: yes
Ronald: drink hot rums Dale till you can't see the end of the bed
Pamela: oh, ick, Dale
BobS: sorry to hear that
rich-c: yes, first 48 hours you're afraid you'll die, next 48 you're afraid you won't
Dale: Thank's Ron.
Ronald: that's it Rich
Pamela: no, that's the flu, Dad : )
rich-c: trust me, there are chest colds can do that to you too
Daniel Bienvenu: :-) that's the best description I heard
Pamela: we have at least three people sick at work in my area of the office - I'm hoping clean hands and clean living will get me through
rich-c: sure it is just a cold and not anything worse?
Daniel Bienvenu: today it was... slipery outside
Pamela: what's your weather like, Daniel?
james: have i mentioned yet that it's sunny and 10c?
james: *ducks*
rich-c: Ron, you never told me how your trip to the western final went
Daniel Bienvenu: cold
Daniel Bienvenu: like winter
Dale: Ron, that's like Jill's whisky and two lemon cure: Take a bottle of whiskey and a lemon. Place the lemon on the dresser. Drink the whiskey until you see two lemons. When you wake up, you'll be better :-)
Pamela: darn, missed : )
Daniel Bienvenu: sometimes snowing
Ronald: go ahead James, rub it in
Pamela: good thing I only throw socks and pillows, James
Daniel Bienvenu: but regulary cold wind
james: heh heh
james: don't worry. i'll get my own
Pamela: you have snow on the ground Daniel?
Ronald: Tonight I walked 1/2 hour through wind and snow to go to a Weightwatchers meeting only to discover.......(you guessed it)
rich-c: you are getting much worse than the Great Lakes areea then, Daniel
rich-c: that's OK, you needed the exercise - gives you better umberss to talk about
rich-c: test
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changed username to james
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rich-c: thought I'd been dmped there - slow response
james: was it something i said? :D
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changed username to Pamela
changed username to Daniel
james: i got dumped. wouldn't be the first ime
james: *time
Daniel: Great! i got dumped too
BobS: oh ron....sympathy mon......but exercise will NOT hrt ya
BobS: hurt
Pamela: I think we all got dumped, James
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Guy B.: He's back
BobS: not I ma'am
changed username to Ronald
moved to room Meeting Place
Ronald: Hmmm
Ronald: seems I was killed
Daniel requested to ban Daniel Bienvenu
changed username to rich-1
Pamela confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
rich-1 confirmed ban
Pamela: so it's your fault, is it Bob?
BobS confirmed ban
Dale confirmed ban
Ronald confirmed ban
Daniel changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
BobS: yup
Daniel Bienvenu: it's almost time for me to quit
Pamela: so was everyone except Bob
BobS: I am so pure i just stayed online
Ronald: somebody wanna ditch my alter ego?
Dale: I didn't do it. I promise.
rich-1: looks like we all crashed out this time around
Guy B.: We have two Ron's
Pamela: which one is which, Ron?
Ronald: The Two Ronnies
rich-1 requested to ban Ronald
Guy B. confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Dale confirmed ban
Ronald confirmed ban
Ronald: there
Daniel Bienvenu: to answer the question... we had snow and rain yesturday. today it's ice on the ground.
james confirmed ban
Pamela: that better?
james confirmed ban
Ronald: yup
Guy B.: Ok, we are all one's again. Except for me.
Pamela: wow, sounds like you got a head start on winter, Daniel
Guy B.: I didn't crash.
rich-1: you must be getting circulation in off the Atlantic then, Daniel
Ronald: So anyway, it turned out the Weightwatchers meet was cancelled
Pamela: due to weather, right Ron?
Ronald: I got the exercise out of it
Ronald: yup
Daniel Bienvenu: @Dale : when you can, send me the final 4k version of your game... before next year if possible.
rich-1: Dale, did you get that error message from when I crashed out last week?
rich-1: and if so did it tell you anything?
BobS confirmed ban
james: ron, how is the battle of the bulge going? i know my dad has tried for years
Pamela: brr, I'm chilly. Must be all of this cold weather talk
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, it's time for me to leave ... I'm at work and it's cold outside. bye!
Pamela: gnite, Daniel - safe trip home
BobS: nite Daniel
rich-1: bonsoir, Daniel - a la prochaine
james: bye dan!
BobS: be good
Ronald: Down 25 James. Will have to go to tomorrow nights meeting to weigh in for this week
Daniel Bienvenu: a la semaine prochaine!
Dale: Daniel, I will probably have time to work on it next week. I'll just disable the latest buggy feature probably.
Daniel Bienvenu: be good! :-)
james: wow! congratulations!
james: i should start a diet plan here - "james' japan diet"
Ronald: well thank you sir. There's a long way to go yet
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
james: i lost 30lbs here and i didn't even think i had that much to lose
Pamela: any results are good results, Ron
rich-1: ramen thrice daily, nought else ;-)
Ronald: yes exactly
james: that stuff is the devil
james: i'll eat it occasionally. it's not particularly healthy
rich-1: I'm happy to be almost holding my weight despite being on prednisone
Dale: Richard, no I didn't see the error. You were going to send it to my hotmail account? Maybe I should double check there, and see if I can track it down
james: hard to gain weight eating fish and rice though with a 2k walk daily thrown in
Ronald: Good Lord James, is there any of you left?
rich-1: it sure is, james
Pamela: that's what I was wondering
james: most of what i lost was in brain mass i'm afraid
Ronald: ROTFL
Dale: I've had robots sending me AdamCon feedback spam, and I need to add one of those type in GIFs to my feedback page.
rich-1: do chek, Dale; if necessary maybe I can resend, though I may have deleted it
james: i went from 78kg to 64kg the first 6 months i was here. let me tell you, i was freaking out at one point
james: because i wasn't even trying to lose weight
Ronald: stress?
james: no, just change in diet
Pamela: problem is James, you keep losing the weight, and we keep finding it
rich-1: that could make a guy seriously hyper!
Ronald: oh right
james: and doing lots of stuff outside be it walking up to the store or yard work
Ronald: new land, new foods
james: lol
Ronald: that will do it
james: no fool like an old fool though. the good news is it settled at 64-65kg and has stayed there since
Pamela: James, were you a fish eater before the move? Regularly, I mean
Ronald: what's your height James?
james: oh, the latest gem from my little sweethearts - i'm middle aged. good thing they told me cause i'd been in denial
james: i would eat it but it wasn't my principal diet
james: height.. 172cm
james: uhmm
james: 5'8"ish
Pamela: tell them they're still kids - talk about being in denial!
Ronald: ok
rich-1: I seem to mass about 76 kilos at the moment
james: yeah, well at 32 i think i have a few years before i'm officially middle aged
rich-1: but my height varies from day to day - downwards
james: rich, are you trying to keep your weight up?
Pamela: from the lofty age of 41, let me be the first to reassure you - you're nowhere near it : )
james: thanks! i'll pass that along to them
Ronald: reminds me of an essay I wrote in grade 9 - made reference to a middle age man of 30
rich-1: no, I'd rather knock off a few kilos yet
Ronald: My English teacher was not amused
james: i'm sure your teacher docked you a few marks for that one
Ronald: oh yes
james: well these kids are in need of a paddlin' but that could get this lecherous old man in trouble :P
Ronald: can't touch 'em and they know it
rich-1: especially in a private school in a different culture
Pamela: take up martial arts, then threaten to kick their butts - that'll teach them
james: they're good kids, if not a little excitable at times
Ronald: harrassment
Pamela: my guess is James, if they're coming to your school volutarily, they're probably a very good bunch
james: i'm the only one who gets harrassed
james: by far
Ronald: yes, expect so
rich-1: who says it's voluntary - their parents sent them
Ronald: I have to go get a sweater... brb
james: japan isn't as pansied out as north america when it comes to this stuff yet
rich-1: count your blessings - the pc life is a pain
james: parents suing the school for scraped knees and dodgeballs and the like, none of that here yet
james: a few words for parents and kids over there "man up, nancy boy"
james: won't be happy till we're all wearing helmets and dressed in nerf
Pamela: heck there were years where I went entire summers without two solid knees
Pamela: wasn't summer if I didn't have a thick scab or two
james: yours truly here took a bike at 40km/h off of a skateboard ramp
Pamela: OUCH!
james: not a smart thing to do, but then again 15 y.o. boys aren't exactly renowned for being thoughful about potential consequences
Pamela: what did you land on?
james: got a good arial view of the second storey of my friend's house, for all of a 1/2 second maybe
Pamela: and what did you break?
james: then proceeded downward at 9.8m/s^2 onto the pavement. landed on my back and arm
james: remarkably, not only was i not (at least physically) dead, i didn't break anything
rich-1: james, what is your email address?
james: uhmm.. james at decarlo dot ca
Pamela: so how is it I broke my arm falling six feet?
james: luck of the draw. 15 y.o. boys are as rugged as they are stupid
james: fortunately, or we wouldn't have very many 16 y.o. boys around
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rich-1: you and Ron check your mailboxes - sent you a little tory
changed username to Dr. D.
Pamela: well hello, Rich
Dr. D.: Hi all, it took a while to get here.
Dr. D.: I am on a backup computer.
rich-1: hi Rich, how are things now?
rich-1: what happened to the usual one?
Pamela: uh oh, somethin wrong with the laptop?
BobS: hhey Dlc
rich-1: kernal panic?
BobS: how's the health ?
Dr. D.: Powerbook HD died on Monday...fortunately it was making noises Sunday so I backed it all up.
Ronald: dont see no little tory Rich
Pamela: phew
(rich-1 gives rich-1 a nice tall frosty Guinness)
james: anyway, i got away with a scraped elbow and ripped shirt
Ronald: no grits either
Dr. D.: I took it to the Apple Store tonight for repair, it will be out a week.
Dr. D.: Department is paying for it, too.
james: my only regret being that we didn't get it on video
Pamela: and a lecture from the parents, I assume : )
Ronald: hi Dr. D
Dr. D.: But right now I am on a 1996-vintage Powerbook 5300c.
Dr. D.: 100 mHz PPC.
james: nah, though they weren't impressed
Dr. D.: Hi Ron.
Guy B.: 1996?
Pamela: are they ever? : )
Guy B.: Hi Dr D.
Dr. D.: scraped elbow James?
james: "what happened to you?" "fell off my bike" which wasn't entirely untrue, but i didn't want to burden them with details
Dr. D.: Hi Guy, yes 1996.
james: hi rich! long time
Guy B.: Running Windows 95 on it?
Dr. D.: Indeed, James.
Dr. D.: It's a Mac, running OS 9.1.
Pamela: probably a good thing, James
james: i'm d/ling a 4.6gb file of season 2 of dr. who
Dr. D.: haha I have them all
Guy B.: Oh a Mac. Didn't know they had notebooks back that year.
Ronald: Sounds like a good ol Mac
james: you're likely ahead of me on the curve but if i have any episodes you want after i check to make sure they work, you're welcome to them
james: figured as much
Dr. D.: I dled 2 episodes of "Torchwood", watched the first one, and went ICK!, never watched the 2nd one, never wanted any more.
rich-1: I just got an external 160gig HD so now my C drive is well backed up externally
james: so you're turned off the new series then?
Dr. D.: The laptop HD went to a 180 GB Firewire drive.
james: trying to remember what the last episode i watched was
Dr. D.: "Torchwood" was vile, vulgar, foul, a pity really, it didn't need to be.
Pamela: gonna follow Ron's lead - brb
Dr. D.: I will wait for the "Doctor Who" Xmas Special and the pilot of the new Sarah Jane Smith Mysteries.
rich-1: it is currently 13C here - at 10.30 p.m. - eat your hearts out
Dr. D.: As for me healthwise, my cardiac tests are tomorrow afternoon.
Ronald: Something is horribly wrong with this land of ours
BobS: well hope they go well.......
Ronald: -7 out here
BobS: or youwill be like me and richard
Dr. D.: Assuming they don't kill me, I will then be driving to Toronto to take Rin to the orthodontic surgeon Friday morning.
rich-1: and if they're OK you can come support Rin while she has her wisdom teeth out?
james: have i mentioned it's sunny and i think we're up to 14 now?
Ronald: YES JAMES!!!
Dr. D.: Best guess is still that it was all the dehydration and 6 hours of vomiting.
james: did i mentiont that, pam?
james: heh heh
Dr. D.: I think it's your 14 C here in Cleveland.
Pamela: bite me, James
Dr. D.: I left my coat in the car, walked around in just shirt and tie all day outside.
james: i've been called worse ;)
Ronald: like I said, I think we've been ported to an alternate universe
Pamela: LOL
Dr. D.: Is it cold in Toronto Pam?
rich-1: yes, we were essentially teh same
Dr. D.: I was still going to bring my winter stuff.
Ronald: I want my old universe back
rich-1: no, but it will be when you get here, Rich - we are in for a weather change
Pamela: you know, I have no idea, Rich - I haven't paid any attention to the temp, but I can find out - just a sec
Dr. D.: That is what Stephen Harper is saying <runs>
Dr. D.: <to Ron>
rich-1: Guy is already under winter storm watch in Chicago
james: i thought he was saying "vive le quebec libre"
Dr. D.: Guess I will make sure I bring my boots and shovel too.
Dr. D.: Nah, Harper is just saying BITE ME en Francais
Ronald: Yes, everyone in the east is going to PAY for this
james: sunshowers! yay!
Dr. D.: I take it Ron has actual winter weather?
rich-1: we know, but for the moment we'll enjoy the goods and worry about the plastic later
Ronald: that right Dr. D
james: soon i'll have a beautiful rainbow ;)
Ronald: -12 C overnight Blowing snow
Dr. D.: If so, good excuse to stay indoors and generate heat on the treadmill :-)
Dale: Richard the last email I have from your is from November 6 (from the mailing list)
Pamela: okay, Rich - Thursday, high of 9, poss rain. Friday, high of 3, mixed precip. Saturday, high of 2, poss of precip. Sunday, high of minus 3, mixed precip
Dr. D.: Hi Dale.
Ronald: done that. Even walked to a Weightwatchers meeting that (unbeknownst to me) had been cancelled
rich-1: O, guess those hotmail filterss are screwing up again
Ronald: 1/2 hour there, 1/2 hour back in the wind and snow... (POOR ME!!)
Dr. D.: On my way back Sunday night, there was a terrible rain squall around Burlington, like zero visibility.
Ronald: Tell me again James.... how warm is it?
Dr. D.: Just don't overdo it Ron, you have some time to ease back into it, don't undo all the slack years at once ;-)
rich-1: unfortunately Dale I think the email is on the other computer
Ronald: Yeah took me 62 years to get this way
Dr. D.: It sounds cold to me when he says it in C, I hear it in F.
Dale: Hi Dr.D
Dr. D.: Transpose to another key
Ronald: like when James talks Kilograms to me, I have no idea
Ronald: Kilo is 2.2 lbs right?
Dr. D.: I double it for approx. value (really x 2.2)
Ronald: right
Pamela: 454 grams in a pound, Ron (or .454 kgs)
Dale: Double it and add 10%
Dr. D.: A kilo of beef makes a big hamburger
Ronald: indeed it would
rich-1: yes, at one point I took off about 65 lbs., but I did it earlier - about 1973
Pamela: that's not a burger, it's a meatloaf : )
Dr. D.: Not if it is a flat patty
Dr. D.: About 8 inches in diameter it would be too
Ronald: these days I'm very suspicious of anything that weighs more than 3 oz
Pamela: I rest my case
Dr. D.: No hamburgers for me though
Dr. D.: I actually did not have a single grilled thing the entire summer.
rich-1: or better still download teh Windows Calc Plus power toy which does conversions
Dr. D.: I am Jell-O and clear liquids until this gallbladder comes out.
Pamela: there's something intrinsically wrong with that, Rich
rich-1: amazing what you can get free from Microsoft these days
james: i think it's about 15, ron ;)
Dr. D.: Free virus-friendly OS
Ronald: Yeah, like this Windows Vista I'm on, and Office 2007 - both Beta now
james: "Ronald: like when James talks Kilograms to me, I have no idea" you know you love it
Dr. D.: Easy access to market capitalists
Ronald: but they'll self destruct in 2007 sometime I'd imagine
Dr. D.: no security of personal data
Dr. D.: probably backdoors for NSA et al.
Pamela: how do you like Vista, Ron?
Ronald: mostly eye-candy Pamela....but it does run better on the Acer than XP did
rich-1: I think you are being extreme, Rich, but having had my own gall bladder troubles, well, that pain does inspire avoidance
james: i'm still toying with a mac as my next purchase
Dr. D.: Beware Acer, like beware Magic Chef household appliances
Pamela: I have heard that it's more user friendly, and easier on the eye
Ronald: Toy not James...... Serious must you be about Mac
james: though i won't be buying anything for at least a few years. we need fancy things for the house we're building like "appliances" and "beds"
rich-1: my Acer seems to be perking along in a most satisfactory fashion
Pamela: appliances are over-rated, James : )
Pamela: like sleep
james: indeed
Dr. D.: I saw a 17" MacBook tonight at the Apple Store, looks just like my 17" PowerBook G4 except they did away with modem, added a 2nd FireWire port, and put an iSight video camera in the lid.
Ronald: I just love my little MacBook
Pamela: (says she, who only has the two most basic)
rich-1: gee, I am getting by happily on 6-1/2 hours a night (12.30 - 7)
Dr. D.: And it cost the same as my 17" PB did 2 years ago.
Ronald: yeh Dr. D. the iSight cam is underused here. Used it to take a picture of myself, and never went back to it
Dr. D.: sleep would be good, seeing as I got up at 3:48 AM
Dr. D.: Also saw the giant $6K Cinerama display or whatever they called it
Ronald: Good lord man -
rich-1: why did you do that?
Dr. D.: because I have to Richard
rich-1: have to? how come?
Dr. D.: the admin job is running me ragged...they changed major declarations this year to allow freshmen to declare majors the first semester.
Ronald: I thought 6am on the treadmill was bad
Dr. D.: I am swamped with biology wannabes
Ronald: send them each a box of slugs
Dr. D.: I have had to go to a 2-week appointment calendar to keep it straight.
rich-1: sure, but there has to be a time when you just say OK, get back to you on that as soon as I can
rich-1: leaving unsaid that that will be only after you have had your requisite sleep
rich-1: you're supposed to ne teaching them, not killing yourslef
Dr. D.: 75 freshmen all have to see me to sign the forms, or they can't register for classes (which is happening the last 2 and next 2 weeks).
Dr. D.: I agree.
rich-1: in fact if you drop dead at teh blackboard, they'll never get taught anyway
Dr. D.: Lots of stuff has happened with this job this semester that never ahppened in the 33 years the previous occupant had it.
Dr. D.: Our Chairman can't understand it.
Ronald: What, increased student load?
Dr. D.: It is mostly because class size has changed from 650 to 1150 since 2000.
rich-1: he changes teh rules, then can't understand why things aren't the same?
Ronald: ah
Dr. D.: And that is a University decision.
Dr. D.: Chairman doesn't determine who gets admitted to the University...
Dr. D.: or how many
Dr. D.: All depts. on campus now are facing scaling crises, just too many students for facilities and staff.
Ronald: who determines tha
Ronald: tt
rich-1: yes, but he can demand the university hire more staff - they should have the extra tuition money to cover it
Dr. D.: Mostly people needing to make up $80M deficit.
Dr. D.: He can demand it and get laughed at.
Dr. D.: I was lucky to get a 2% base salary increase with my promotion to Instructor.
Ronald: more doing more with less
Dr. D.: Talk of wage freeze this coming year.
rich-1: depends on teh politics - there are ways (like something inspires a nosy reporter to drop by...)
Dr. D.: Yeah, but there is no excess left, they already laid off about 250 workers over the last 2 years.
Dr. D.: Reporters in this town are in back pocket of University.
Dr. D.: I just do what I can...hope to make it through to Christmas.
Ronald: like in my old world - nobody cares about the ATC system until two birds run into eachother
rich-1: oh, here they are more inclined to dig for dirt - anywhere, whether it's there or not
Dr. D.: Then I can relax...maybe spend a whole week with Rin.
Dr. D.: I proably haven't seen her 3 weeks' worth of days since the wedding sigh
rich-1: here or in Windsor?
Dr. D.: Toronto.
Dr. D.: Doubt I will get to Windsor when Rin is scheduled to be there.
rich-1: is she going back there for Christmas?
Dr. D.: She is only there the weekend before Xmas and leaving day after Boxing Day.
Dr. D.: She doesn't have any time off left for the year.
Ronald: Makes it tough on both of you Dr. D
Dr. D.: It does Ron :-(
Dr. D.: Esp. me in hospital, she cannot come.
rich-1: (PRIVATE) Pam - when does Russell's schedule put your Christmas day?
Ronald: geez
Pamela: (PRIVATE) Boxing Day and the 27th off
Dr. D.: In fact, US Consulate in Toronto said it would jeopardize her immigration petition if she formally applied for an emergency visa.
Dr. D.: I am not dying.
rich-1: well, if you're lucky, teh gall bladder should be easy, once you get teh heart issue clarified
Ronald: so the border does exist
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to go. Will be taking out the critter soon. See you all next week.
Dr. D.: thank Homeland Security and xenophobic Republicans
Pamela: (PRIVATE) still trying to work that out Dad - watch here for further bulletins
Dr. D.: By Guy.
Ronald: yeah
rich-1: see you Guy, take cre of Annie
Ronald: be well Guy....see ya next week
Pamela: gnite Guy - stay warm
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
Guy B.: She knows I take good care of her.
Ronald: warm? what's that?
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Hugs too
Dr. D.: sigh I have to go get wash out of dryer then go to I will logoff for tonight.
rich-1: (PRIVATE) OK, guess you'll have to work out scheduling with your mother
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Dr. D.: Nice to chat to you all, bye
Ronald: Take care of yourself DR. D
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
Ronald: Hate to see you being worn like this
Pamela: safe trip tomorrow, Rich
rich-1: OK Rich, you take care too - and get your sleep, registrations can wait
Pamela: well, that was quick
BobS: heckhe is gone
Ronald: Bob my son.... a question for ya
BobS: lightning !!!!!!!
BobS: ya mon
Pamela: s'okay, I will tell him if I see him this weekend
Ronald: My poor old hard drive (the one with the push pins) has packed it in. Do you think I could ask you and Doug to have a look at it
BobS: sure.....what is it????? MFM or IDE ??
Ronald: IDE
Ronald: it hasn't been used in quite a while.....attempted to boot it up a couple of nights ago, and it appears dead
Ronald: booted once last night, but I think there's a power supply problem
Ronald: Thinkin Doug might be able to shed some light
BobS: ok, I can simply send you another one OR you can send it here and we can try to resurrect it for info and transfer to another one for you (free gratus)
james: arright folks, i need to move some more stuff around here
BobS: oh.......and what is the power supply ????
BobS: internal ADAM or external ibm ?
james: so i'll have to bid you adieu until two weeks from now. i'll be in osaka next week and not around. plan accordingly ;)
Ronald: I'll send it down. The power supply is one of the originals from Micro Innovations
Pamela: g'nite James - have fun
rich-1: right, james - take it easy so you don't die of heatstroke
Ronald: night James
BobS: be well james and have fun and be safe
BobS: oh god..........anlther one of those ?????
Ronald: send some sunshine eh?
james: i'll be out in my hammock sipping pina coladas for y'all
Dale: night james.
rich-1: and enjoy your trip to Osaka
Ronald: Oh get outa here
Pamela: lol
james: heh heh
james: thanks! be safe everyone. bye!
Dale: I'd better go. I'm out of it today anyway.
BobS: ok Dale GET BETTER
Ronald: Dale.... here's hopin you get well soon
Ronald: that's no fun, I knw
Pamela: understandable, Dale. Say Hi to Jillian and Jeffrey for us
Ronald: know
james left chat session
Dale: Thanks.
rich-1: right - take care of that cold and make sure it doesn;t turn into something worse
Pamela: and feel better!
Dale: I wll Pam.
Dale: poof
Dale left chat session
rich-1: Ron, my email get there yet?
Ronald: Oh.... sec... will go see
BobS: Roon, send the card and the drive and power supply if possible and cheap
BobS: Ron
BobS: or forget the ps
Pamela: Dad, will have a better idea about Christmas after the weekend
rich-1: that means mailing it, Bob, and that ain't fast
BobS: tis coming whether you plan it or not Pam
BobS: so, he don't use the thiing anyway
Pamela: I know Bob, but am just looking to get past this wedding of my girlfriends' for now
Ronald: Heh heh ain't that the truth
rich-1: right - maybe if you have free time we can even fix your computer
Pamela: it's been a busy week and it's not getting better before Sunday
Ronald: Ok Bob, Will dispense with the case
BobS: pack well, snail mail and isure if possible and cheap and wait for it to come
Ronald: right on
BobS: insure
Ronald: oh yes.
BobS: cheap is the word mon
rich-1: I am no longer using Windows 98SE, it's off my computer, so I can legally pass it on to you
Ronald: There's a couple of wiring jobs in there that will kill you and Doug laughing....but get past that quick eh?
Ronald: I mean this is push pin technology eh
BobS: "-)
Pamela: not much point, Dad, if we're going to replace the computer soon
BobS: go to go now guys and gals.......see ya's next week
rich-1: you've been saying that for an awful long time, Pam
Pamela: do you want your push pins back, Ron?
Ronald: So far as I can tell, all the data is still on the drive both EOS and TDOS, but the drive doesn't appear to be spinning up properly
Ronald: sure Pam...... not like I don't have any around here
rich-1: OK Bob, see you next week - you and Judy take care, now
Ronald: niters B ob
Pamela: night , Bob - hi to Judy
BobS: ok nite
BobS left chat session
Pamela: I know Dad, but there's a family rumour we're getting a computer for Christmas (or $ for one)
rich-1: Pam, re our DSL modem - it was needing frequent reboots
Ronald: nobody here but us Canucks
rich-1: these DI seem to happen mostly after power interruptions
Pamela: I was going to comment, but what sound does a beaver make??
Ronald: dunno
rich-1: there is also a question about the health of the router/hyb
Pamela: the thing is, I have a wish list for a new computer and I have yet to hash it out with Russell
rich-1: hub
Ronald: my my.....
Ronald: the TV station I'm watching has gone from English to Cantonese
rich-1: we got a replacement to see whre teh trouble is, by elimination
Ronald: sign of the times out here
Pamela: what station, Ron?
rich-1: but the old one is now surplus, and may well work
Ronald: M Channel
Ronald: must be Vancouver
rich-1: I have suspended our satellite service for December/January
Pamela: did it used to be "the new XX (insert appropriate call letters here) ?
Ronald: on the Road again Rich?
rich-1: Frances NEVER watches tv, and with no racing or football, I won't either
Ronald: could be.... I'm not the most attentive of TV watchers, and there have been a lot of channel changes lately
Ronald: all tends to go over my head
rich-1: no, just saving myself about $90 on something I won't use anyway
Pamela: sounds like A channel, affiliate of Chum Group
Ronald: oh ok
Ronald: yes, Pam I think so
rich-1: not that I wouldn't like to be on the road again, but trailers pull poorly in the snow
Pamela: they tend to do a lot of local group-specific programming
Pamela: we just got the thing put away, Dad - don't rush it!
Ronald: well that's what I ve got - rehash of the day's news only in a foreigh language
Pamela: I still have mud on my shoes : )
Ronald: Well people.... I think I shall go and do some more work on the Christmas card
rich-1: and now it's time to think about putting up the Christmas lights
Pamela: and I have a date with a full laundry basket
Ronald: here I should have had them up this week....too late now
Pamela: or two
Ronald: right well
Ronald: see ya's next week
Pamela: you too, Ron - keep up the good work
rich-1: my leg is cramping, so gotta get off this chair - so let's pack it in
Ronald: thanks.... I intend to
Ronald: nite
rich-1: dig out and take care, Ron - see you next week
Pamela: okay - will call maybe tomorrow or Friday, Dad
Ronald left chat session
Pamela: in the meantime, g'nite and sleep tight, Daddy
rich-1: right, Pam - we'll see what happens
Pamela: kerpoof!
rich-1: night daughter, you too
Pamela left chat session
rich-1 left chat session
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