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Bob Slopsema: YEEE HAAA
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changed username to rich-c
rich-c: well hi, early bird!
Bob Slopsema: hello der Richard
Bob Slopsema: yup first one here
rich-c: what brings you in so early?
Bob Slopsema: how 's your health ?
Bob Slopsema: got slots of shopping done and too tired to keep going, so just sitting here
rich-c: having a rather fun time - the doctor has me on six prednisone a day for the pneumonia
Bob Slopsema: oh shees, now you got that.......
Bob Slopsema: other than that , HEALTHY ?
rich-c: the result is I wake up at 5 a.m ready to fight my weight in wildcats
rich-c: well, the amiodarone lung went away but didnt stay away so now it has to be dealt with
Bob Slopsema: and what is that ?
rich-c: it's a form of interstitial pneumonia caused by a reaction - unusual but known - to amiodarone
Bob Slopsema: oh for crying out loud........I am OFF the stuff
rich-c: so it leads to an inflammation in the lining of the lung for which prednisome is the drug of choice
Bob Slopsema: better stay off, eh ?
rich-c: yes, I am too, obviously - took me off right after the first bout
rich-c: but I still seem to be perking along OK - how about you?
Bob Slopsema: it didn't help my a-fib, so we cut it out
rich-c: good bloody riddance - so what is going on with the a-fib now?
Bob Slopsema: going pretty good, met with an employment counselor today......he is sending me to a reheb section to access the effects of the a-fib and whether I should be on some amount of disability
Bob Slopsema: total a-fib now
Bob Slopsema: but now it feels normal again.......just hot and tired
rich-c: you have a real, full-time dose of it???
Bob Slopsema: full time, never goes away
Bob Slopsema: to me it is 'normal''
rich-c: sheesh! - far as I can tell, mine is very intermittent
Bob Slopsema: your body ajusts to it and thinks it is the right way
rich-c: and so asymptomatic I don't know when I have it anyway
Bob Slopsema: when I had it going in and out, I felt just plain yucky when it first went out, then better as time went on
rich-c: well they claim that in some ways it's meaningless - not a life-threatening hazard, in any case
Bob Slopsema: that's what my cardiologist says.......pesky problem b ut won't kill you
rich-c: yes, when I had symptoms they involved total uselessness too
Bob Slopsema: counselor are NOT going to get a job becasue of it...either the empolyer would be at risk, or the insurance co will say NO
rich-c: and you feel so lazy and worthless and totally unable to muster the will to do anything about it
rich-c: oh goody! that's just the news you need!
rich-c: no sign of any promising way to bring it under control, either, I gather
Bob Slopsema: actually no. BUT if I can get some disability, it would help with expenses
rich-c: well, yes, and it matters, but it's still half a loaf or less
Bob Slopsema: nope, we discussed ablation, but with my condition, and the fact that the family is full of the same problem with very mixed results to ablation
Bob Slopsema: we all decided it wouls not be the best corse of action, but rather let it be and live with it
rich-c: damn - another door closes
rich-c: but I suspect it is the most prudent course of action
Bob Slopsema: I think the only way to earn a living is to work for myself again doing little upbs
rich-c: better start looking for those jobs that pay under the table
rich-c: upbs
rich-c: ?
Bob Slopsema: actually you can earn sustantial money while disabled
Bob Slopsema: a friend is totally disabled but can earn about $700 amonth legally
rich-c: yes, the laws vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but there is some slack
rich-c: $700 - well, it might cover the groceries and gas
Bob Slopsema: thas right, and if I can get Judy to work..........WOW
rich-c: any hope of doing anything significant on eBay?
Bob Slopsema: don't think so,,,,,,all pricrd seem to be pretty flat
rich-c: how about craigslist - same?
Bob Slopsema: when things were good, it was hard to sell much
Bob Slopsema: craiglist?
rich-c: there's an s in it - look it up, it's a .org
rich-c: btw, if I go silet, IE has been having some "problems" of late and often has to close
rich-c: also, my hands for some reason have been vry cramped all day
Bob Slopsema: hmmm........will wait for you to come back
Bob Slopsema: am on craigslist now.........insteresting
rich-c: oh, if I get dumped you will no doubt know, and I will come back quickly
rich-c: yes, it's a sort of classified - local and national - well used from what I hear
Bob Slopsema: ir is quite unusual........
Bob Slopsema: seems to have lots of stuff
rich-c: lacks some of the drawbacks of eBay
rich-c: have you noticed that also shows private listings, and not just books?
Bob Slopsema: job listings?
rich-c: no - though craigslist has jobs - amazon has CDs, DVDs, software, that sort of stuff
rich-c: you still there?
rich-c: refresh
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changed username to BobS
BobS: I'm back
rich-c: ah, you're back - saw you fell off
rich-c: what happened, wrong key?
BobS: got whacked when the battery died and I plugged the cord in too quick
BobS: and the darn thing froze si I had to KILL it
BobS: and start fresh
rich-c: you're on teh lap laptop, then
rich-c: when I use my laptop I keep it plugged in anyway
BobS: always, because i can sit upstairs and chat
rich-c: so why don't you plug it in?
BobS: tis nice to use thew battery though, can wander to the 'lu',. etc
BobS: it is plugged in now
BobS: but the beep goes off and I am off......not time to do sh$$
rich-c: we have the desktop in the "office" and the laptop in the living room - complete with RJ45 cable through the wall and over the bookcase
rich-c: pretty it is not, and crowds teh dining room table
rich-c: you running a wireless network?
BobS: yup, and it IS NICE
BobS: wirelss with 128 bit encryption
BobS: tis a thing of beauty, and some wired hookups thru the house also
rich-c: I can't even manage to get an ethernet set up - I keep following MS directions and - zip
BobS: with the new wireless unit, I htink I can sit on the deck next summer and compute
rich-c: there must be something I am missing
rich-c: of course, you have a savvy son, which does sorta help!
BobS: probably........the crap is real technical, IF I didn't have Doug.......wouch
rich-c: to hear Microsoft tell it, it's just run teh wizard and bingo - yeah, all time!
BobS: yes right.......NOT
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changed username to Daniel
Daniel: hello Rich, Bob
rich-c: oh well, after all this time I still haven't got my XP install set up right
rich-c: and Microsoft are gettting lazy about helping
rich-c: bonspoir, Daniel, comment ca va?
BobS: HI Daniel
rich-c: how do you like the new Liberal leader?
Daniel: ca va... un peu de fatigue (tired)
rich-c: il est un gars de chez toi...
rich-c: working too hard for too long again, Daniel?
Daniel: yes, working hard
rich-c: any decisions yet on whether you will move to Montreal?
Daniel: Well... Dion is not a part of my familly you know... I'm not sure he's the right candidate for the liberal party.
Daniel: no decision about Montreal
rich-c: I do not think he is the most electable, but he is honest and bright
rich-c: the big issue is whethr Quebec will embrace him as their own and overlook his federalist views
rich-c: regional loyalty has always been very strong in Quebec, overriding other things
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changed username to Ronald MacBook
Ronald MacBook: Yo!
rich-c: greeting to the wet coast - or snowbound as it may be
Ronald MacBook: gettin'better, my son, gettin better
rich-c: here, Whistler is advertising record snowfall in the ski ads
Ronald MacBook: at least we're down to bare pavement now
rich-c: oh, we still have that, with occasional spot discolorations
rich-c: we're sort of drifting up and down either side of zero
Ronald MacBook: Well, they finally got around to ploughing the area right in front of my driveway
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Ronald MacBook: Yes, I heard
rich-c: and of course awarded you a windrow that promptly froze solid, right?
changed username to Dr. D.
rich-c: hello Dr. D. - where are you now?
Ronald MacBook: yes, something like that
Daniel: hi Dr.D
Dr. D.: I am home now, just got out of the shower and my jammies on
Dr. D.: Hi all
Ronald MacBook: Dr. D. my son
Ronald MacBook: how are ya?
Dr. D.: got a MacBook now have ya Ron?
rich-c: how did Rin come through the extractions?
Ronald MacBook: oh yes
Ronald MacBook: just the little guy, but I'm lovin it
Dr. D.: Rin came through surgery okay
Dr. D.: She went back to work yesterday.
Ronald MacBook: excellent news!
rich-c: and how is the recovery doing?
rich-c: so just missed Monday, that's all?
Dr. D.: typical for Rin I guess, some kvetching :-S but no worse than Christina's, which came out 2 weeks ago.
Dr. D.: And Friday, that was when the surgery was done.
Ronald MacBook: And how are you doing?
Dr. D.: I have a new HD in this 17" PB Ron, old one finally died.
Dr. D.: Luckily I backed it all up the day before.
rich-c: bet she's more familiar than she wants to be with the high power pain pills, though
Ronald MacBook: aha...... great timing eh?
Dr. D.: And the turnaround from Apple Store was 1 day.
Dr. D.: It has been dying for 6 months, thermal
Dr. D.: after a while it would grind and have seek errors.
Ronald MacBook: not bad
Dr. D.: So I kept it backed up regularly.
rich-c: I just got a 160GB external USB HD and backed up the C drives from the laptop and desktop to it
Dr. D.: 2 Sundays ago, when I was in Toronto, it started I backed it up one last time.
Dr. D.: Monday it would not start at all.
Dr. D.: I have a 250 GB FireWire external drive for that.
rich-c: Frances wants to know how your heart tests went
Dr. D.: Re: pain meds, yeah she has had a few T3s at night.
Dr. D.: Well, they are not exactly "normal" at highest loads, but not abnormal in any ways that bothered the cardiologist.
rich-c: that's an operation that can be quite gentle or quite pqinful
Dr. D.: I was on the treadmill for 25 minutes and wasn't totally exhausted yet like they said they wanted, but it was 5 PM and they wanted to go home.
Dr. D.: My resting BP is now 118/78.
rich-c: so when do you get the gall bladder excised, tghen?
Dr. D.: Midway during the test, diastolic fell to 70-72
Dr. D.: Peak systolic at the end was 189, but the diastolic was only 80.
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rich-c: sounds good to me
changed username to Payton Byrd
Dr. D.: There are some EKG glitches at the highest exertion, but it seems to be "normal" for me, so they weren't worried.
Payton Byrd: Good evening!
rich-c: hello Payton, welcome back
Ronald MacBook: Hi Payton
Dr. D.: I go to my GP on Friday morning to discuss the results, and hopefully get the go-ahead for the surgery.
Dr. D.: Hi Payton.
Payton Byrd: How is everyone tonight?
rich-c: good - I hope that goes well
Ronald MacBook: well enough for a 62 year old thank Payton
rich-c: hanging in there, PB
Dr. D.: Me too...just hope it either happens next week or not 'til after Christmas.
BobS: Hiya Payton
Dr. D.: Since I have a week of exams and marking 18-22 December.
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changed username to Payton Byrd
Ronald MacBook: I go tomorrow to hear the results of my blood work (annual physical)
rich-c: yes - my own surgery was very easy but your mileage may differ
Ronald MacBook: which I had last week
Payton Byrd: Sorry, forgot I can't close the browser window.
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Daniel: hi Guy B
rich-c: hello Guy - suddenly everyone is arriving at once
Dr. D.: My current hope is surgery next week, get through finals to Christmas, then go to Windsor for a bit late Xmas Day or Boxing Day
Dr. D.: Rin is to be there 22-27 December.
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Ronald MacBook: Joys of cross-border travel
Dr. D.: If my surgery is after Christmas, then I go to Windsor and come back to Cleveland, otherwise I might be able to drive her back to Toronto and spend a while.
rich-c: OK, that gives me a lead on our Christmas socializing
Dr. D.: yeah bleh
changed username to FosterGump
Dr. D.: I have put 12K miles on the car since June 2006.
rich-c: looks like the other Guy has arrived
FosterGump: Greetings to one and all.
Ronald MacBook: I can well imagine
Dr. D.: We won't interfere with any of your holiday plans Richard
Ronald MacBook: Hey there mr Foster
Guy B.: Sorry I'm late, I was uploading some photos of the Holiday Train on the L that's making the rounds this month.
BobS: IT"S A PARTY !!!!!
Ronald MacBook: YUO
Ronald MacBook: I mean YUP
rich-c: plans? we don't got plans
FosterGump: Hey there fellow Mac brother, Ron.
Dr. D.: The odometer was 66666 in early June, and just tonight turned over to 78000
Dr. D.: Hello Guys :-)
FosterGump: lD
Ronald MacBook: Now there are 3 Mac types
Dr. D.: I misread Gump as grump for a second
FosterGump: :D (damn laptop keyboard)
Dr. D.: I am 17" PB G4, Ron is MacBook, what is the other one?
rich-c: yes, they are a pain, aren't they
FosterGump: 1,66 GHz dual core Mac Mini
Ronald MacBook: Mr. FosterGump
Ronald MacBook: there ya go
Dr. D.: BTW there was an article in the Toronto Star a couple days ago about the surviving C64 community in Toronto, apparently they had their version of ADAMcon this weekend.
Guy B.: I'm going to get my Athlon ready for Windows XP. It will be on another hard drive with the Romtec Trios. So I can keep Win98 on another drive. Best Buy has it on sale this week.
Dr. D.: You can go to and search for the article.
Ronald MacBook: Still alive eh?
Dr. D.: I meant to mail out a link but forgot.
rich-c: unfortunately my fingers have been cramping all day and I can barely cope with the desktop keyboard
FosterGump: C64 rulez!!!
Dr. D.: They sound like us, mostly Canadians now but with a few Yanks coming up :-S
FosterGump: Most awesome SID music I ever heard.
Payton Byrd: Yeah, I'm into the C64 scene and have been wanting to go to a World of Commodore event for several years.
Payton Byrd: But I live quite a ways from Toronto.
Dr. D.: They are working on a net.interface for it now
rich-c: yes, we didn't attend, but weere at teh meeting where the reporter came for the story
Guy B.: Hey Bob, I sold my portable CD-Rom drive on Ebay.
Ronald MacBook: Still using a c64 monitor for watching stuff whilst on my treadmill. Have a DVD player attached to it
Ronald MacBook: works great
Payton Byrd: There's a couple of networking interfaces for the C64 that have been around for years. The RR-Net and ETH64
FosterGump: Yup got 3 C64 monitors at home, got my Coleco connected to one of them.
Dr. D.: The 13" C monitor is a beaut, great picture, it is attached to my VCR.
FosterGump: 1702?
Payton Byrd: I have my Adam hooked up to a Commodore 1702
FosterGump: There ya go...
Ronald MacBook: yup here
rich-c: thought you were in New YOrk?
FosterGump: Hey Dan, t'est tu la cal&#@*&?
Dr. D.: That's the number I was trying to remember without getting out of my chair to go look "-)
Payton Byrd: Me? No, I'm in Tullahoma, TN
Ronald MacBook: I actually had 3 of 'em at one point, and also a 1902.
FosterGump: Got a 1902 as well, paired with my Amiga 500, not as good as the 1702 IMHO.
Daniel: oui, je suis la
Ronald MacBook: agree
FosterGump: Cool, salut Dan. :)
Daniel: salut
Payton Byrd: The 1701/1702 were great. They had nice vibrant colors. The newer ones were a bit washed out.
FosterGump: how goes Dan?
rich-c: I have four 1702 monitors, two active with Adams
Ronald MacBook: it was not bad connected to my c128, but not as versatile as the 1702
Daniel: tired
FosterGump: C128 was cool, a distant relative of the Adam (Z80)
Daniel: I'm at work right now... rush to finish tests before tommorow
Ronald MacBook: Are you still working Daniel?
FosterGump: Dan: Lache pas mon Dan!!!
FosterGump: Sorry about the french guys...
rich-c: we also have an Amiga monitor
Payton Byrd: As long as you don't hear my French, things are just fine!
Ronald MacBook: verbe lacher, c'est quoi ca?
FosterGump: Ron: Give up
Ronald MacBook: ok
rich-c: but Frances uses a DOS VGA on her Amiga 3000
FosterGump: Yeah, she's probably got a Picasso graphics card right?
Dr. D.: Mon belle Rinette :-)
FosterGump: Ronette!
Payton Byrd: Sweet. I just sold my A4000/040 on ebay. It needed more love than I could give it.
Dr. D.: Not Ronette
Dr. D.: My Rin, Ms. Rin, Rinette
FosterGump: Been looking for an nicely setup Amiga system for ages...
FosterGump: Rinette and Ronette...
rich-c: not a Picasso - a Cybervision
Daniel: I'm testing on a computer, programming on another one and chating with a third one... not easy
Ronald MacBook: :) glad you explained that
FosterGump: sitting in a tree...
FosterGump: hmm
Dr. D.: Rin would be blushing now
Ronald MacBook: I am in the recliner from Hell
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Dr. D.: 666 positions?
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Guy B.: Bob you're back.
rich-c: sorry - our surplus consists of a 500 and 2000, both in full 1980 trim
Ronald MacBook: we have 2 Amiga fans here in Courtenay
Payton Byrd: You have a surplus 2000?
Ronald MacBook: both still active
Payton Byrd: What would you want for such a beast?
FosterGump: I setup a small webpage on my .Mac account with pics of the new love of my life, if anyone is interested:
rich-c: though the 2000 has a hard disc - a whole 10 mb too, iirc
rich-c: yes, we have an inherited Amiga 2000
Payton Byrd: Congrats on the baby! She's adorable!
FosterGump: I'd love to get my hands on an Amiga 600
Payton Byrd: I have a 600.
rich-c: make me an offer - - but see re shipping costs
Payton Byrd: With a 2gig 2.5" hard drive.
FosterGump: Payton: Thanks...
FosterGump: Yeah the 600 is my dream Amiga... want to sell it?
Payton Byrd: Sure. I also have a 3Com PCMCIA network card that works great with it.
Ronald MacBook: Awwww..... lovely shots Guy
Payton Byrd: The only thing is that it's a PAL unit and until Workbench loads your monitor may not behave well.
FosterGump: Wow... let me know how much you want for it, my email is: fostergst at
Dr. D.: second all the kudos on the new addition GuyF
FosterGump: Ron: Can't wait for her to start talking!!!
Ronald MacBook: So I suspect life has changed for you guys eh?
FosterGump: Dr. D: Thank you sir, it's my first, so I'm real excited each time I see her... a proud daddy you could say.
Dr. D.: hehe just wait then you will wish otherwise when she won't stop
FosterGump: Ron: For the better!
Ronald MacBook: yes..... and believe it or not Guy, it's a surprisingly short jump from that first word to, "hey Dad, can I borrow the car tonight?"
Dr. D.: Some great facial expressions in the pix
FosterGump: Ron: Hahaha, it is, I'm sure!!!
Dr. D.: And she didn't turn out as a conehead either
FosterGump: Nope, labor went fairly well, extremely fast...
Ronald MacBook: and hows Mom doing?
Dr. D.: Now we need to run a pic through BMP2PP
FosterGump: Ron: Mom is bursting with energy, she's gone all day shopping, doing errands, etc...
Dr. D.: put the slideshow on a game cart, eh Daniel?
Ronald MacBook: Good Lord!
Daniel: yes, I forgot to send my christmas picture...
Dr. D.: I should send a Rich-n-Rin wedding pic
Ronald MacBook: Have already given the card to Bob, Daniel, but if you want to send one, we can probably put it on January's ANN Disk - (that might be a bit late)
FosterGump: I think that the Amiga back in the days was hands down a better system than the Macs were... too bad Commodore went under.
Daniel: I did a couple of slideshow in cartridge 32k rom format
Dr. D.: sigh the hospital stuff kinda threw me off, I was thinking about it
Dr. D.: the better mousetraps seem never to win
Dr. D.: so I dunno why they keep telling people to design better ones
FosterGump: less is more?
Dr. D.: "good enough" for certain very poor values of "good" is what wins
FosterGump: worse is better?
Payton Byrd: Commodore was doing great until Mehdi Ali was hired.
Payton Byrd: From $1B to $0 in two years.
FosterGump: I stopped with the Tramiels. :)
FosterGump: I had an Atari ST back in the days, always regretted that purchase and wish I had opted for an Amiga, but I was a diehard Atari fan back then, so I couldn't quite admit it.
Ronald MacBook: All's I know is that if all my purchases over the years had been 10% as dependable as my ADAM, the capitalist world would have gone broke
Daniel: well, I will keep my chirstmas picture for next year...
Ronald MacBook: ok Daniel that's probably the right thing to do
Dr. D.: So Richard, where is Pamela tonight?
FosterGump: Dan: Don't tell me, is the pic the one you sent me where you have a santa hat, and nothing else? ;)
Dr. D.: hahaha
rich-c: at the moment she is on the phone talking to her mother
Dr. D.: ah
Ronald MacBook: VERRRRRY Interesting
Dr. D.: Rin would be mad if I sent Ron that picture of her <runs>
Daniel: my tests are not going well here and I have one one hour left to finish...
rich-c: they are discussing Christmas
Daniel: talk to you later
Dr. D.: Okay Daniel, hope the tests go better
FosterGump: Take care Dan! Let me know how goes with the cartridge of the minigames.
rich-c: best luck with the tsts, Daniel - a la prochaine
Ronald MacBook: better get at it Daniel
Ronald MacBook: g'nite sir
FosterGump: And put one some clothes for cryin' out loud!!!
Ronald MacBook: :)
Daniel: a la prochaine :-_
FosterGump: Ciao
Dr. D.: Speaking of Rin, I am still waiting for her to get home from some function downtown.
Ronald MacBook: Hasta la vista bayb
Ronald MacBook: baby
Daniel: typing too fast... * poof *
Daniel left chat session
FosterGump: Ker?
rich-c: still? what have they got on now? convention post-mortem?
Dr. D.: I dunno if she will login here once she gets back or not.
Dr. D.: I don't know, Richard, she just said she had to attend some "reception" to "schmooze" for work.
Ronald MacBook: I was in political junkie mode all weekend
rich-c: we haven't heard from her, but I suspect Cynthia will be disappointed
Dr. D.: She hardly wrote anything today, she said it was busy, but I dunno with what.
Dr. D.: Cynthia is devastated...
Ronald MacBook: brb
rich-c: well, her judgment of the male of the species has never been astute
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Dr. D.: We were also ready to kill AM 640 radio over the announcement of the 4th vote...
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: welcome back, Guy
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. I lost the display twice.
Dr. D.: we were listening and waiting and waiting and they kept saying "imminent announcement"...then at 6:07 PM they started to read the results...
FosterGump: 3 Guys? Now that's a first!
rich-c: Dion isnt the most electable choice, but he's bright, decent and honest
Dr. D.: they read one set of numbers without saying which candidate had them...then 640 AM cut away to Toronto Maple Leafs hockey pregame!
FosterGump: but he can't speak english?
Dr. D.: Right at the critical moment...Rin was screaming
rich-c: he has an odd accent, but he's comprehensible
Dr. D.: this for an "all-news" radio station...
FosterGump: yeah like Chretien was.
rich-c: and after all, Chretien could never speak either official language ; - )
FosterGump: no he couldn't, haha
Ronald MacBook: I kinda like him
Dr. D.: I haven't heard Dion speak, but I guess as long as he doesn't sound like Pepe Le Pew, that is okay.
FosterGump: I like Harper, what's wrong with Harper?
rich-c: well, Rae would have been better, and more electable
Ronald MacBook: They were going on all weekend about the quality of his English..... I don't see a problem there at all
rich-c: how many days do you have, GuyF?
Dr. D.: From this side of the border, Harper strikes me as a Bush wannabe
FosterGump: few hours
Ronald MacBook: Rae can't carry Ontario
Dr. D.: But I only get my news from Rin and from the Toronto Star (which backed Rae IIRC).
rich-c: OK - anyone who would retread a Harris cabinet minister is unfit for political consumption
rich-c: there are those who recognize teh true story, Ron, and accept Rae
Ronald MacBook: So between the two of them they won't carry Ontario or Quebec
Dr. D.: Rin speculates that the party didn't think they could beat Harper this time around no matter who they ran, so the "big guns" stayed out of this election.
Ronald MacBook: maybe the rest of us will have a chance at electing a gov't
rich-c: well, McKenna didn't run; we would have liked to see Goodale and Landslide Annie in there
Dr. D.: So all the candidates this time were not expected to win, any of them, just kinda placeholders until the *NEXT* election, when they hoped that the Tories would be more beatable (or would have started to beat themselves).
Dr. D.: But I may have misunderstood Erin.
FosterGump: Payton: Drop me a mail, we'll keep in touch.... (in case I forget)
rich-c: oh, the next election is Harpers to lose now, and he's working hard to do so
Dr. D.: In any case, looks like it backfired, current polls seem to report that the Liberals have pulled ahead somewhat, for whatever that is worth.
Ronald MacBook: happens after a leadership convention Dr D
rich-c: worth a great deal imho, though it's more Harper obnoxiousness than Dion lovability
Ronald MacBook: it is usually illusory
Dr. D.: Well, maybe I should throw my hat in the ring as Philosopher-King :-S
rich-c: everyone else is running, why not? but you'd have to move here first
Ronald MacBook: Hey I'd vote for that
FosterGump: We need to get our troops out of Afghanistan...
Dr. D.: hehe I know as much about Canada as Ignatiev :-S
FosterGump: I'd vote for whoever promises that.
Ronald MacBook: I dunno Dr. D. You're sounding pretty knowledgeable
rich-c: but only after we have lived up to our promises, Guy
Dr. D.: I would make everyone equally unhappy, because I wouldn't be beholden to anyone, could gore all the sacred cows...
rich-c: sort of like Harper
Ronald MacBook: yes, we have a few of those
Dr. D.: Rin just BBed to say she is home, dunno if she will login here though.
Payton Byrd: Foster, I sent you a mail a few minutes ago
Ronald MacBook: I was hoping for Bob Rae
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Ronald MacBook: thought his speech was impressive
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rich-c: yes, he was our choice too
Dr. D.: I think that Canada needs to figure out what federalism means...otherwise, each province may as well go its own way.
Ronald MacBook: unfortunately, he got an early shaft up the fundament
Dr. D.: Your provinces are not sufficiently subjugated to your federal government.
rich-c: it is a very loose federation now, Rich - but we muddle through
Ronald MacBook: Yes, most in Ottawa would agree with you Dr. D
Ronald MacBook: but then we are a federation
rich-c: you mean the Kennedy move - yes, that sort of sank him
Dr. D.: Well I want to see the shoe on the other foot and Alberta now be the cash cow for all the rest of Canada.
Ronald MacBook: a strip of real estate 3400 miles wide and 20 miles high, and for all intents and purposes ungovernable
rich-c: they are on a par with Ontario that way
Dr. D.: The West was perfectly happy to let Ontario's provincial surplusses be drained out there, now that they have some surplusses, let them share it around.
FosterGump: Payton: Is there an advantage to PAL Payton, rather than NTSC? Do I need a PAL monitor?
rich-c: Alberta does pay, BC will soon from the looks, they're on the edge
Ronald MacBook: think we would join Washington State in a heartbeat
Dr. D.: I am sure that they will fight it though, even though they were on the receiving end from Ontario before.
Dr. D.: Erin says congratulations, GuyF.
rich-c: there has been a lot of talk of a Cascadia - Oregon, Washington, BC, grouping on their own
Ronald MacBook: is there anything equivalent to our "Equalization" in the States, Dr. D (or Rich)??
Payton Byrd: I have my 600 hooked up to an NTSC Commodore 2002. It works fine, but the very top and very both of the picture are obscured by the bezel when displaying a PAL picture. The A600 with Hard Drives typically have a 3.0 ROM (which mine does) and 3.1 Workbench and that allows you to set NTSC video modes for the desktop.
Dr. D.: I don't think so really, Ron.
Dr. D.: Not a State-to-Washington transfer level anyways.
Ronald MacBook: so let's give it up for the fiscal imbalance
Dr. D.: Uncle Sam just takes it right out of the citizens' paychecks.
Ronald MacBook: right
Payton Byrd: I *like* the way the US does it. If you're a socialist, and want a socialist local government with the corresponding level of taxes, you have plenty of states to choose from. If you're a fiscal conservative, and prefer to spend your own money, you can live in one of the many states with a conservative tax structure.
Ronald MacBook: so I take it there are some of each?
rich-c: oh yes, some states have a strong social bias (NY, CA, for isntance; others are Neanderthal)
Ronald MacBook: oh yes, of course
Payton Byrd: Oh yeah. Basically the North East and all the coast states are pretty much Socialist except South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. Everything else is pretty conservative.
Dr. D.: Problem is that there is no internal state immigration populations will move to get the best deal (e.g., California) and bankrupt them when more are taking out than paying in.
rich-c: Payton, there is no such thing as a "socialist" state in teh US, nor anything near one.
Payton Byrd: Why would there possibly be state immigration control???
rich-c: some have more liberal social policies than others
Dr. D.: To keep everyone from going to liberal-social-program states
Payton Byrd: Hah! You've never been to Mass or California!
rich-c: actually the movement has been to the south and west
Payton Byrd: The running joke in these parts is that Mass is actually the S.S.S.M. (Soviet Socialist State of Massachusetts)
rich-c: when you're in the rust belt, even a peon job without a union looks good after a while
Ronald MacBook: I still say, thank God we don't get as much government as we pay for
Payton Byrd: Yes, people are fleeing the socialist portions of the US. What's left behind are people who depend on the socialism, which then encourages more socialism in those areas.
Payton Byrd: You have to understand, I grew up in the county with the lowest taxation in the U.S.A. I see taxes as the root of all evil.
Dr. D.: hehe they were unconstitutional until 1913
Dr. D.: just try to overturn that amendment nowadays...
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Ronald MacBook: I suppose it all depends on your view on the role of government
rich-1: sorry, knocked myself off - wrong key
Ronald MacBook: serve the common good, and be able to pay for it
Payton Byrd: No joke! Here in Tennessee, we had a Governor who tried to institute an income tax. There was a popular revolt on the capital lawn for weeks.
Payton Byrd: The tax did not pass. :)
rich-1: anyway, Payton, before you refer to socialism, plese look it up in the dictionary
Payton Byrd: Trust me, I know what socialism is when I see it.
rich-1: Payton, some peole would rather get a busy signal when they call 911 than pay taxes
Dr. D.: I am going to call it a night gents.
Payton Byrd: I've lived all over the US. I've seen the best and worst of both sides of things. I can honestly say that there is an entire segment of society that is 100% dependent on government hand-outs to survive.
Dr. D.: Have to spend all day tomorrow setting up and running a vert lab practical.
Dr. D.: So until next week, g'night all.
rich-1: OK Roich, take care, see you next week - less one gall bladder, if we're lucky
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
Guy B.: Out he goes
Ronald MacBook: a vert lab?
Payton Byrd: Good night, Rich! Good luck!
rich-1: you're quite right, Payton. Screw 'em. Let em die. What are they to you?
Ronald MacBook: Is Michigan going to survive Bob?
BobS: probably Ron
BobS: don't know why though
rich-1: yeah, they're making a mint taking in Toronto's garbage
Ronald MacBook: Hell, we've got a situation out here now that I don't think either side intended. We have working people, family people who can't find an affordable house to live int
Ronald MacBook: in
Payton Byrd: Nope, not that way at all. The problem is that people are steered into dependence through socialist programs. Whenever there is a problem, the socialists in America just throw more money at it, create a new beauracracy to oversee the distribution of money. That beauracracy must now justify its existence come budget time every year. To do that, they need more victims, which new socialist programs are created to ensure exist.
rich-1: yes, we're in the same boat. Now our area is million-dollar McMansions
rich-1: you have been watching too much Fox news, Payton
rich-1: be aware that I've been around since 1930, am US born, have family there, and am quite familiar with the US scene
Payton Byrd: Those who are truly unable to take care of themselves need all the help we can give them. Those who fall into the trap of no-education, no-desire to work, no-self respect are the ones that are salvagable and able to become a normal, productive citizen. That should be encouraged, not the socialist programs.
rich-1: unfortunately any reputable sociologist would tell you why you are mistaken, Payton
rich-1: you might find it userful to read "The affluent society" by John Kenneth Galbraith
Ronald MacBook: Gents, I dont think you're going to convince one another, and the discussion is off topic
Payton Byrd: I've lived in each segment of the economy. I've lived in public housing for years. My mother was a slush and as such abused the socialist society as much as anyone. I learned a lot about how not to live from her example. The people I see who are in the same boat are almost always drunks or druggies and they get what they deserve out of life.
FosterGump: What's the topic tonight?!?
rich-1: and yes, there is teh question of "enabling" undesirable social behaviour
Ronald MacBook: I have no idea
FosterGump: Ron: Macs? :)
Ronald MacBook: works for me
FosterGump: Cool...
rich-1: damn near everything that drifts by - there are nights that tet that way
Ronald MacBook: oh yeah
rich-1: I should send Payton to - one of our guys there is his soulmate
Ronald MacBook: What to do about my kernel panic aboard the ailing eMac
rich-1: I thought you had that solved, Ron?
FosterGump: BTW, Payton is this your first time on chat? I've never seen you before around here...
Ronald MacBook: or mailing my Micro Innovations HD to Bob so Doug can die laughing
Payton Byrd: Yes, this is the first time I made it to the chat.
BobS: stomp on the thing will kill it, BUT youwill be cured
Ronald MacBook: oh
Ronald MacBook: yes, that might work
Ronald MacBook: Nothing worse than a panicy kernel
BobS: course, then you would have to get another one
FosterGump: Payton: Always nice to see a new friendly face, don't let Rich scare ya away! :D
Payton Byrd: I've never been scared of a liberal in my life. :)
rich-1: oh don't worry, you know I only bite when provoked
Payton Byrd: :)
Ronald MacBook: Oh Hell, he's not liberal Payton
Guy B.: Well folks, sorry that I'm quiet. So, I'll see you all next week.
Ronald MacBook: that's centre-left
rich-1: nor should you be - they're a very pacific tribe
rich-1: OK Guy, till next week, then
Ronald MacBook: Our politics out here defies labels
BobS: nite Guy
rich-1: in fact I'm a bit right of centre
Ronald MacBook: Only in BC do you have a right sided gov't giving a homeowner grant
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: a cornservative to be sure
Ronald MacBook: I shall remain impaled on the fence between you both
BobS: how's the temps by you ron ??????
FosterGump: I never quite got into politics. It's much more fun playing around with toys, gadgets and old computers and let everyone else decide the state of the nation for me.
Ronald MacBook: persuadable by the last one I spoke to
BobS: saw that Washington got lots of snow inland the other day
Ronald MacBook: yep.
rich-1: yes, they are loving it in the ski country there
BobS: Mt Wahsignton covered and the ski lift working
BobS: ?????
Ronald MacBook: yes indeed it is. they are open for business
Ronald MacBook: And doing just fine
rich-1: we are getting ads for the BC resorts in the Toronto papers - come see our record snowfall
BobS: well gang, got to go now, Judy is getting ready to pack it in for the night also
Ronald MacBook: Super-Natural British Columbia. The Best Place on Earth
rich-1: right Bob, take it easy and keep us posted on the health issues
BobS: be good all.........nite
BobS left chat session
Ronald MacBook: good night Bob. Say hi to Judy
Ronald MacBook: too late
Ronald MacBook: As you can see Payton, we're quite ecclectic here
Payton Byrd: :) I can see that.
FosterGump: We rarely talk about the Coleco Adam as well...
rich-1: and we will talk about anything
FosterGump: But a lot of us have a lot of technical baggage from that era.
Ronald MacBook: baggage, Hell.. steamer trunks
rich-1: when there's an Adam topic to talk about, we talk about it
Ronald MacBook: Still have 5 Adams
rich-1: btw Ron you did get my (apologetic) note about Pat's Yule Tools?
Ronald MacBook: yes sir..... I did. Got some stuff from Bob that filled the bill
FosterGump: Do you own an Adam Payton?
rich-1: I was bragging on last night about having that cellosealed copy of CP/m 2.2
Ronald MacBook: in shrink-wrap? You're kidding
rich-1: I am told that if I open it I'll find Gary Kildall's autograph
Payton Byrd: Oh yeah! My first computer was a VIC-20, but my second was an Adam. I had an Adam up until 2000 when I was stupid and yard-saled it. I got the collecting bug a couple years ago and recently added a pair of adams to my collection.
rich-1: I'm not sure how many are in my basement, I think about 20
Ronald MacBook: Do you still have the Vic 20 Payton?
FosterGump: Vic-20 was my first computer as well... Never owned an Adam,but I program for the Colecovision, so I found this jolly bunch of people through a common friend, Daniel... another Colecovision programmer.
Payton Byrd: I've got two working VIC-20s in my collection these days. I have most CBM machines except the PETs.
FosterGump: Commodore Plus/4?
Ronald MacBook: aha
FosterGump: AHA!
Ronald MacBook: Still have some carts (4 or 5) for the Vic 20 around here somewhere
Payton Byrd: Yup, I have number +/4 serial number 67! It's in it's original box, too.
rich-1: I think I have a bare VIC-20 downstairs
Ronald MacBook: cool
FosterGump: OK, you got me beat.
rich-1: anyone interested in TI 99/4a? I have about half a dozen
Ronald MacBook: I had a PET until just before I left my late mother's place. No room for it here - yard saled
Payton Byrd: I have about half a dozen 64s (and 64c), two flat 128s, a 128D (my main 8-bitter), the +/4, several VIC-20s in various states of disrepair.
Ronald MacBook: you must have GEOS eh?
FosterGump: Sweet collection...
Payton Byrd: I also have an Atari 800, 800XL, and 600XL.
rich-1: obviously, Ron, he's our kind of people!
FosterGump: Yep, Payton has found a home!
Ronald MacBook: Oh yes, I can certainly see that
Payton Byrd: I have a Laser 128 (Apple IIc clone) and Apple IIe
rich-1: I remember the Laser - never had one, but remember
FosterGump: I got married recently, so most of my collection was given away... I still have a few pieces stashed somewhere, but... nowhere in sight, unfortunately.
Payton Byrd: Yeah, I've got a pretty nice GEOS collection.
Payton Byrd: My wife has been somewhat forgiving of my collecting... until this week.
rich-1: fortunately, I'd been married a while before my accumulation started...
Payton Byrd: I recently had to take over another room in our basement. She didn't appreciate that.
Ronald MacBook: alls I've got these days are at PI, a Mac SE, an SE30, a Power PC upgraded to a G3, 2 iMacs, an ailing eMac, an Acer laptop and this here MacBook
rich-1: get more efficient shelving
Ronald MacBook: plus as previously mentioned, the 5 Adams
FosterGump: She thinks I'm going to stop, but no way... I love buying old computers too much, it's just too addictive.
Payton Byrd: eBay is like crack sometimes.
rich-1: funny you should say...
Ronald MacBook: I would pay for an Amiga
Ronald MacBook: never ever had one of those
FosterGump: I have an Amiga 500 if anyone wants it.
Ronald MacBook: price?
FosterGump: Pay for shipping and it's yours.
Payton Byrd: Oh yeah, and I the previously mentioned Amiga 600.
FosterGump: It's collecting dust... if it can find a good home, perfect!
Ronald MacBook: wouldn't mind Guy... let me know what you think might get it here, and I'll send you money
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rich-1: yes, but try and find either of the AGA graphics units - though sometimes a 4000 surfaces
FosterGump: yep, Amiga 600 is AGA
Ronald MacBook: What kind of storage meda does the 500 employ?
rich-1: right - the 600, 1200, and 4000 - all still pricey for what they are, and rare
FosterGump: 3.5 floppies
Ronald MacBook: and there's a drive with it?
FosterGump: Built-in, no hard drive
rich-1: the legendary (?) Commodore disc drive
Ronald MacBook: not the 1541?
Payton Byrd: Actually, the 600 is ECS, not AGA. It came out at the same time as the AGA systems, but it's only advantage over a 2000/500 is 2Meg of Chip ram.
Ronald MacBook: no that was 5-1/4
rich-1: you've heard the cursed number?
FosterGump: I thought the 600 was AGA???
Ronald MacBook: I can hear Mother's voice all the way from the Heavens
Ronald MacBook: YOU
Ronald MacBook: DONT HAVE ROOM
FosterGump: HAHAHAHA
Ronald MacBook: you should have seen my basement at Mom's place. ADAMCON 15 group visited
Ronald MacBook: 26 computers - a real Noah's Ark
FosterGump: Well if you can wait till next years adamcon, I can bring it to ya! (re: Amiga 500)
Ronald MacBook: have since had to cull the herd
rich-1: yeah, we have some sort of attachment for the 500, adds memory and pass throuigh for a floppy I think
Payton Byrd: All of them set up?
Ronald MacBook: that would be fine Guy. Think I can wait till then, and I may have the car with me... don't know for sure yet, but yeah, hang on to it
Payton Byrd: So when and where is AdamCon?
Ronald MacBook: all in running order sir, yes
Ronald MacBook: broke my heart to unload 'em it did
Payton Byrd: That had to be something!
rich-1: speak to Dale nicely and maybe they'll put an Amiga room on the side - there could be a few!
Ronald MacBook: there's an idea..... ADAM and Friends
rich-1: it will be in Ottawa this year, among other thins to give the Quebecers a shot at attending
rich-1: yeah, I can get LOTS of computers in my van, and it's only a day's drive
Ronald MacBook: Ottawa Canada, Payton, date to be announced
FosterGump: It's 2.5 hours away from my place, so I will be attending for sure.
rich-1: Adamcons have been all over the continent, from Florida to Great Lakes to Salt Lake City to Seattle
Ronald MacBook: last year we were in Chicago
Ronald MacBook: don't forget Vancouver Island
Ronald MacBook: you've been here too
rich-1: no, that was when I was sick and couldn't attend - had to cancel at the last minute
Payton Byrd: The most I've had up and running is what I've got up now. 1 Adam, 1 Apple IIe, 1 Amiga 600, 1 IBM Rackmount dual Piii-750, 1 Shuttle X PC, 1 Commodore 128, 1 Atari 800XL, 1 AMD K6-2 400 PC, 1 C-One Reconfigurable Computer, 1 PII-500 PC, 1 AMD Athlon X2 3800 PC, 1 Intel Core2-Duo PC, 3 PC Laptops, 1 AMD Athlon 2800 media PC, and 1 AMD Sempron PC.
FosterGump: Yep, you have me beat by a longshot.
Ronald MacBook: A nice collection indeed
Payton Byrd: My kids have discovered the Adam this week. They love typing random gibberish straight to paper with it.
FosterGump: Hahah, we all did.
Ronald MacBook: yes Rich, that's right I'd forgotten
rich-1: yes, I would be hard put to match that,to say the least
Payton Byrd: And for everything I have up and running (non-PC wise, that is) there's at least one sitting in a closet that may or may not work.
rich-1: anyhow, time for us old folks to get our shuteye
Ronald MacBook: but gets used for parts
FosterGump: same here
rich-1: so I am going to have to sign off
Payton Byrd: Good night fellas!
Ronald MacBook: be well Rich, Guy
rich-1: goodnight Payton, Guy, Ron
Ronald MacBook: see ya good sir
rich-1: see you-all again next week, I trust
FosterGump left chat session
rich-1: colour me gone
Payton Byrd left chat session
Ronald MacBook: just one last point, Payton, what I find really neat about the old machines is you
rich-1 left chat session
Ronald MacBook: can take any one of them, look on the net, and there's a following somewhere
Ronald MacBook: leads to some interesting exchanges
Ronald MacBook left chat session
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