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rich-c: test
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changed username to BobS
BobS: Hi richard
BobS: how are you?
rich-c: hi Boib see you are on early again
BobS: yup.
rich-c: as usual, creaking, but hey, comes in the package, right?
BobS: was going to go shopping after the church dinner, but too tired so came on home
BobS: probably, Judy would agree
BobS: she just got a heck of a back pain, right at the bottom
BobS: probably out fo whack
rich-c: Oh - well if nothing else, with the prednisone I'm busting with energy these days
rich-c: wake at 5 a.m. then half-doze to 7, and up
rich-c: yes, I have a nasty lower back pain too at the moment, know how she must feel
rich-c: oh - Dr. D. had his operation today, hopes to join us later
rich-c: it was late - scheduled for 11.30 but they didn't start cutting till 1.30
rich-c: still he was to be home for dinner and fit to type after
BobS: good deal
BobS: today, some surguries go pretty well
rich-c: apparently - they did a laproscopic (obviously) adn it went as it was supposed to
BobS: that is a good thing
rich-c: I remember when I had mine done, they insisted a relative (Pam, in this case) drive me home
BobS: and they didn't ?????
rich-c: I was miffed; could have driven it myself
rich-c: Rich had a friend to do it
BobS: well, they take precautions
rich-c: he was the one who phoned and reported to Cynthia, who relayed to Erin and us
rich-c: yes, if they dont and things do wrong, it can be expensive
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: hello
rich-c: sqalut, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir rich
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Bob
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm at my job right now, finishing a last thing before tomorow
rich-c: how are things in Quebec today?
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changed username to Pamela
BobS: hi Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: not too cold..
rich-c: another assignment with one of those "by yesterday" deadlines - the day before they assign it?
Pamela: hi, all
rich-c: hi daughter
Daniel Bienvenu: it's the meeting at Montreal in a couple of hours
rich-c: got a copy of Hub for you
BobS: hey Pamela
Pamela: thanks, Dad
rich-c: you know Rich's operation was a success?
Pamela: I haven't heard anything since the e-mail
Pamela: was it?
rich-c: the only question now is whether he will get to join us later tonight
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rich-c: email? cynthia phoned and told us
Pamela: have you heard anything since?
Pamela: ah, okay
changed username to Dr. D.
Pamela: well Rich, your ears must be burning
Pamela: how are you feeling?
rich-c: just wondering if you'd make it, Rich - we hear all went well
Dr. D.: sore
Dr. D.: not from incisions, they are okay
Pamela: I'll bet
Dr. D.: it is shoulder and neck pain from the CO2 gas bubbles
rich-c: yes, but that will go away soon enough - how many incisions did they need?
Pamela: that sucks : (
Dr. D.: sitting here with heating pad over my shoulder
Dr. D.: 4 Richard
rich-c: I suspect that's standard - same as I had - real small
Dr. D.: navel, above navel, lower right corner, upper right corner
rich-c: yup
Pamela: so no more bikinis for you : )
Dr. D.: Stitches internally for the muscle, but skin is just Super Glue
rich-c: yes, ain't progress wonderful?
Dr. D.: I shaved my hairy pelt Tuesday morning so that there would be no tape-removal pains
rich-c: and I assume the stitches are the type they leave to dissolve on their own
Dr. D.: No tape on abdomen, but it was a godsend for the chest with the 12 EKG leads.
Dr. D.: Also shaved back of hands to avoid same problem with IVs.
rich-c: good forethought
Dr. D.: They all said I was clever...well, it was a way to assert some control over the process
Pamela: hey, the less pain you have to handle, the better. Good call on your part.
Dr. D.: No pain at all ripping off the tape.
Dr. D.: Just now I look bare
rich-c: it's not one of those things that springs immediately to mind for most of us - to our regret
Dr. D.: I have too much fur to forget it, I am like a Yeti
Dr. D.: So I am just sitting here.
rich-c: it doesn't take much hair to make the process pretty uncomfortable
Dr. D.: Had to increase font size way up because my eyes are still not focussing well after the anaesthesia
Dr. D.: When I awoke I had double vision and could not get eyes to converge
Dr. D.: They said normal normal normal
rich-c: well, at least you can do that - computers make life easier
Pamela: you certainly sound okay - no spelling or syntax errors
Pamela: any pain meds?
Dr. D.: I evidently slept longer than they intended, but no worries
rich-c: yes, there are anesthetitcs that leave the eyeballs sort of spinning ;-)
Dr. D.: I am to alternate 2 Tylenol and 3 ibuprofen every 2 hours
rich-c: justOTC stuff? not even a Tylenol2 or 3?
Dr. D.: The Tylenol is supposed to be better for the CO2 pains in muscles, and so far they are right.
Dr. D.: Nope.
Pamela: that bodes well
Dr. D.: Surgeon said up-front Monday that he didn't give narcotics
Dr. D.: no prob for me, I have never tolerated codeine well
rich-c: that's why they rate laproscropy a low-trauma technique
rich-c: I tolerate it very easily, I just don't like it - and it clogs the plumbing
Dr. D.: Only had it a few times, but each time it altered perceptions, I saw an eyeball on the ceiling once when it was just the old painted-over bezel for a ceiling lamp
Pamela: it's a nasty high, T3 is
Dr. D.: The morphine in the ER last month just made me sleep, but they pushed it into the IV too fast (so said the anaesthesiologist today when I asked her about it) and it made breathing hard for a minute or so.
rich-c: that is not a problem I have encountered and when I had my hip done I had first a morphine pump, then T3s like candy
Dr. D.: Rin wasn't too spacey when she took them for her oral surgery, but she took them only at night.
rich-c: they do seem to make it easier to get to sleep
rich-c: and after oral surgery, you need them
Pamela: you can say that again, Dad - you were spacey for the first few days after the surgery
Dr. D.: Guess that is why drugs and alcohol etc. were never an attraction for me :-S
Dr. D.: If that feeling is why people take them, they can have it, nothing pleasant about it to me
Pamela: it's all about control - why some people hate taking anything that removes control
Pamela: and I'm with you on that one
rich-c: as you know I am fond of my beer and wine - but only to a limited level
rich-c: and yes, the control issue is significant - I want to run my brain, not have some chemical do it
Dr. D.: hehe the tech who gave me the IV relaxer first said "it will make you feel like you've had too many Margaritas"...I said I wouldn't know, never had one, don't drink...she was kinda shocked
Dr. D.: But all said I was very healthy, too healthy to have a gallstone.
rich-c: these days TA is very much a rarity, though strict moderation is common
Dr. D.: Well, I brought it home in a bottle in a Biohazard bag :-)
rich-c: oh, didn't they keep it for the pathology lab to audit?
Pamela: have you looked at it?
rich-c: yeah, the spoilsport docs kept all of mine for themselves
Dr. D.: Holding the bottle right now, it is clear...they just put them in a dry bottle, but I filled it with 70% alcohol.
Pamela: and what would you have done with it, Dad? : )
Dr. D.: They cut it in half, then cut a half in half for the pathologists...and gave me the rest.
Pamela: it is snocone shaped as originally thought?
rich-c: shown it to you - who knows, you might have inherited it some day ;-)
BobS: tis not a trophy Dr d..........just a pain in the .......
Dr. D.: It's like a grape 2 cm in diameter, one end kinda pointy.
Pamela: thanks, I'll pass : )
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changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: Hello, Guy
Dr. D.: My students in anatomy wanted to see it, so I am obliging them.
Guy B.: Greetings All!
BobS: hi guy
rich-c: good evenijng Guy, what weather are you holding there for us?
Pamela: any idea what it would feel like to the touch, Rich?
Guy B.: Cooler today and most of our snow has melted.
Dr. D.: Like a wet wooden marble right now, I think.
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Dr. D.: Probably like a rock if I let it dry out, which I may do at some point...just wanted to make sure it was "disinfected" for now.
rich-c: we are warm and ratehr breezy - my first garbage bag took off for Halifax tonight before I could get the rest out
Pamela: for some reason I though it would feel greasy
changed username to Manta
rich-c: had a high of 8 today - call it a bit under 50
Dr. D.: It might, yeah...but I didn't tough it "raw".
Manta: Hello all. Sorry I disapeared the last few times. :)
Pamela: hi, Manta
Manta: Hi Pamela
rich-c: greetings, Manta
Guy B.: HI Manta
Manta: Hello
Pamela: that wind was raw though, Dad
Manta: Hi Giy
Pamela: brb, gonna go say goodnight to Russell
rich-c: chill, but not too bad
Manta: Guy
Dr. D.: Rin just got home from a late night at work, so I think I am going to logout and talk to her some.
BobS: K Dr D
rich-c: yes, I guess you'd better - gflad you got on though, Rich - heal well
Dr. D.: I spoke to her briefly when I first got home, she phoned. My Dad kept her apprised throughout the day, he and Gail brought me home.
Dr. D.: I will try...good night to all
BobS: nite
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Dr.D
Guy B.: Off he goes
rich-c: well, that is a relief - I don't think complictions are likely, it's a very simple operation these days
Guy B.: I have a scanned photo of Annie with Santa Claus if anyone would like a copy.
BobS: yes, glad to see he is in good spirits and seems good and healthy
rich-c: still and visit to hospital for any reason leaves one just a little concerned
rich-c: since I have yet to see the pooch, how about emailing it to me?
Pamela: I would love a copy, Guy
Pamela: sorry I missed Rich leaving - glad to hear he's okay
rich-c: yes, he's gone to talk to Rib on the phone
Pamela: he types better on the meds than most of us do straight : )
rich-c: (PRIVATE) so do you know yet where you want to eat dinner on the 25th?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) Guy, please send it to my work address -
Pamela: (PRIVATE) haven't thought about it yet Dad - will have to factor in some things first
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Ok, on the way.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) especially if we have everyone coming here on the 26th, and BTW Lindsay will be joining us for dinner
rich-c: (PRIVATE) understood, but do let us know soon as you have a reading
rich-c: expected that Lindsay would be there, that's why I got the wine in a liter bottle ;-)
rich-c: (PRIVATE) oops - sorry about that
Pamela: (PRIVATE) Christmas day is no big deal, Dad since we're doing dinner on Boxing Day - I may just stay home
Pamela: (PRIVATE) no prob : )
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry, I have to go now...
Pamela: still at work Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne semaine
rich-c: (PRIVATE) yes, the only thught is we have no plans so if you wanted to come by I doubt anyone would complain
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, and tomorow it's meeting at Montreal. long trip
BobS: be good Daniel
Pamela: well good luck and goodnight : )
rich-c: a la prochaine, Daniel
Pamela: I guess that's backwards, isn't it
rich-c: just hope they make you a job offer there - good enough you can afford to take it
rich-c: bon voyage et bonne chance
rich-c: Guy, did you see Joe Blenkle's posting on the ADAMnet today?
Pamela: wow, quiet all of a sudden
Pamela: Manta, where are you located again?
Guy B.: On the DosBox?
Manta: so. cal.
Manta: close to los angeles
rich-c: which part of SoCal?
rich-c: lots of people in that area, for sure ;-)
Manta: a city called south gate
rich-c: no, about running the Emulator under XP. Guy
BobS: seems he has a problem unique to one computer only
Manta: about ten miles south east of downtown l.a.
BobS: had the same stuff here with IE 6
rich-c: is that perhaps a new one? don't recall it from my visits there, but they were long ago
BobS: darn thing......
Pamela: I just happen to ahve the road atlas out and found it
Manta: what? south gate?
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you next week
rich-c: ten miles from downtown isn't very far out
Pamela: now why does Southgate ring a bell?
Daniel Bienvenu: * poof *
BobS: nite Daniel
Pamela: nite Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Manta: we used to have a GM plant here years ago
Manta: nite
Guy B.: And out he goes
Pamela: I know, I'm thinking of Northgate which was the epicentre of the last earthquake, was it not?
rich-c: if you are running Windows or any app under it, expect problems - right, Bob?
Manta: the city next door, Lynwood, is the birthplace of Wierd Al, Kevin Costner,
Manta: you are thinking of Northridge. and that is in the valley
Pamela: oh, okay
rich-c: in short, close, no cigar
Manta: ;)
rich-c: anyway Guy I suggested Joe join us tonight as you could help, but I don't see him yet
Pamela: interestingly enough, I'm rereading Sue Grafton's books at the moment, set about an hour north of LA in a fictional town called Santa Teresa
rich-c: of course it's still early dinnertime on the left coast
BobS: kind if like that Richard
BobS: Window (all versions) are rather screwya t times
Manta: an hour north sounds like the other side of valencia, home of magic mountain
rich-c: I'm having a problem with Windows Update at the moment - got .NET 2.0 and 3.0 downloade3d and installed, but 1.1 crashed me out
rich-c: so I have a nice little girl in Beijing looking into it
Pamela: allegedly it's close to Santa Maria and San Luis Obispo
rich-c: Sue Grafton - "M is for murder" sort of series?
Manta: that's more than an hour from l.a. santa barbara is about two hours away. with mild traffic
Manta: ah
Pamela: yes Dad
Manta: btw, i have an adam question,
rich-c: I thought Santa Barbara was pretty much on the north edge of L.A.
rich-c: so ask it - that's basically what this chat is for
BobS: Pam......judy read Sue Grafton to the least thru S
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BobS: waiting for the next to come out
BobS: newest one is on hold at the library
Manta: oh no...santa barbara is a way's up. kindda a place to go in the morning for a drive up the coast and come back at night after a nice trip there.
Pamela: I just bought S is for Silence and read it Bob, then went back to A and started again
BobS: :-)
Pamela: I'm currently reading I is for Innocent
Pamela: I wait for the paperbacks to come out and buy them
rich-c: secondhand ;;;-)
Pamela: the hardcovers are too darn big and heavy and take up too much space
Pamela: nope, new, Dad
rich-c: must be nice to be wealthy
BobS: Judy says.....IF you like the the abc books, you'll like the 123 books written by Janet Evanovich
requested to ban <undefined>
rich-c confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Manta: i prefer the hard cover...:)
rich-c: me, I like the Ed McBain 57th Precinct books, myself
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rich-c: sorry, 87th
changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: Oh? I read Janet Evanovich when she was writing romance novels and have looked at the 123 books. I'll take that under advisement, try one and let you know
Guy B. requested to ban Guy B.
Pamela confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Guy B.: I don't know what happened there.
rich-c: see Guy, you sit there without talking and eventually it boots you
BobS confirmed ban
Pamela: well, I have to spend my Chapters gift cards on something : )
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Annie's photo is waiting for you.
rich-c: likely you just timed out with inqactivity
BobS: she says "you;ll LOVE them"
rich-c: yes, I have a couple of Chapters credits now from doing surveys
Guy B.: No, I'm using tabbed browsing with FireFox and somehow the chat window came up again on me.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) thank you, Guy - I can use it for wallpaper on my computer at work : )
Pamela: (PRIVATE) then, I get to explain to everyone exactly who it is : )
Pamela: last Christmas, between Erin, Lindsay and Emily, Russell and I ended up with nearly $200 in gift cards from Chapters
rich-c: well, that should hold you for a few weeks, then
Pamela: Bob, tell Judy the next time I'm in Chapters I'll get the first book
Manta: i take it chapters is a large chain bookstore like barnes & nobles here
Pamela: yes, Manta - Chapters / Indigo is the only large bookselling chain here
rich-c: yes, actually a complex - Chapters-Indigo-Coles
Manta: cool. most of ours here have a starbucks within them
Pamela: as do ours
rich-c: it stated with Coles, who started brokering (as it were) high school text books down through the grades back when we had to buy our own books
Manta: then again starbucks are everywhere. :)
BobS: Pam......library is cheaper
Pamela: but Bob, I have to give them back to the library!
rich-c: as the decades went by, Coles went upscale and added Chapters
rich-c: then Indigo tried to do a B&N imitation, ended up merging with (buying out, actually) Chapters/Coles
Pamela: actually Dad, Coles merged or bought out WH Smith, and eventually all the stores were closed and replaced with Chapters, which was bought out by Indigo
rich-c: it was Coles bought out Smith, IIRC
Pamela: ya gotta realize, Bob, I keep my books forever
Manta: every company buys everyone nowadays. shocked me that k-mart bought sears
Pamela: my place is wallpapered in them
rich-c: K-Mart bought Sears? I missed that - but then K-Mart died here and Sears Canada is independent
Pamela: I got my first Sue Grafton book in the winter of 1992
Manta: yes, after k-mart got out of bankruptcy, they bought sears. you can now find craftsman brand tools and such things at the local k-mart here
Manta: i am an arthur clarke fan :) and niven
rich-c: I remember when K-Mart was just Kreesges, a competitor to Woolworth's in the five-and-dime trade
Pamela: ah, a pure sci-fi fan
BobS: but with libraries, you could still get them and read ove
Pamela: I prefer fantasy myself
Manta: i miss woolworths and well the other was called either newberry or kress stores
rich-c: well, you need to have more than one author on your list to be a science fiction fan
Guy B.: We have some K-Marts that were converted to Sears Essentials and they bombed out. Now Sears will convert them to Sears Grand which will have grocery items as well as Sears and K-Mart items.
rich-c: I like Gordon R. Dickson, and the Alan Maker series
Manta: btw, i have a pic of me on the web if anyone is curious to see what i look like
rich-c: yes, Wal-Mart is trying to come in here and give everyone a hard time, but I think they will bomb out on the groceries
rich-c: got a url for us to copy, then?
Guy B.: That's one place where that's busy all the time is Wal-Mart.
Manta: of course. i help run a website to an 80's singer buddy of mine.
rich-c: you know of course there are all sorts of pictures of us around, from the convention websites
Manta: when you enter the site, i am the guy on the right with dale.
rich-c: try http:/ (that right, Bob?)
Manta: btw, i was 240 in that pic. i am now 180. :)
Pamela: wow, Manta - that's great!
rich-c: good on you - years ago I found it appropriate to lose about 60 lbs. too - I have kept it off since
Manta: thanks :)
rich-c: been there, done that, know how tough it is - congrats to you
rich-c: anyway, while I go get my beer, want to ask your Adam question?
Manta: thank you.
BobS: nope..........think it is
Manta: yes, what is the main disadvantage of expansion module 3 to the stand alone unite besides the obvious hook up to a coleco
Manta: i am on the adam site. which con are you all on?
Pamela: try AC 17, Tom
rich-c: it will not suppport output to a monitor
Manta: my screen only goes to adam con 13
rich-c: doesn't matter, most of us have been to almost all of them
Pamela: try
rich-c: Pamela has only gone to the recent ones, but Bob abd I have been organizers
rich-c: (modesty forbids) 8-)
Pamela: we've been to 12, 13, 17, and 18
Guy B.: Rich, I read Joe's problem. I told him to make sure that he is running AdamEm in Full Screen and not in a Window. I hope that works.
Manta: ok i am on 13 and clicked on a pic
Pamela: but everyone here tonite is in teh AC 17 pics
BobS: Meeka's page only goes to AC13.........the page of Dale Wick has newer pics of recent conventions
Guy B.: I don't think anyone has submitted pics since AC13.
rich-c: in short, Manta, this website, convention picture pagess
Guy B.: Only Dale has.
Pamela: I'm on and Dale has pics from AC 17 up
rich-c: not sure teh rest of us have that many
Manta: ok got it. saw the group shot
rich-c: right - I an Pam's mother are the old folksd
rich-c: Rin is the redhead
Manta: cool. nice to have faces to go with the chat :) were guy all able to see me?
Pamela: ick, those are horrible pictures of me
rich-c: not yet - the entry picture here is Guy on the left (as you face the picture), Dale (organizer) and his wife Gillian helping
Manta: wow, 17 years of conventions.
Pamela: 18 actually
Pamela: this year's was in Chicago
rich-c: you going to come up to Ottawa to join us for the next one?
BobS: with # 19 next year in Ottawa
rich-c: we'll likely be staying across the river in Hull, Quebec
Manta: i may...i will try as i have never been on a plane. ;(
Pamela: any phobias?
rich-c: easy airline connection LA to Toronto then on to Ottawa
Manta: very much so.
Manta: well i always wanted to go to canada.
Pamela: if you don't like heights or roller coasters, a plane may not be your thing
Manta: i love rollercoasters.
Manta: and heights. which is wierd about the plane issue
Pamela: then you should be fine. I love flying.
BobS: you're in then Manta
rich-c: would you believe the first aircraft I was in was a barnstorming Jenny float plane giving rides from the Hudson River?
Manta: well put it this way, there is a rollercoaster called Viper at magic mountain here and right before the final two loops, my restraint unlocked.
Pamela: I got my husband up this year for the trip to Chicago, and even though he has a thing against heights and doesn't do roller coasters, he was able to tolerate the trip no problem
Manta: well the conventions are usually in the fall right?
rich-c: yes, we seem to fly about once every decade whether we need to or not
Pamela: summer
rich-c: no, more likely in summer, makews for better weather here
Pamela: usually late July or early August, to accomodate those with kids in school and those who teach ( such as Dr. D)
Manta: well i should be able to. if not because of work and school, then for sure the 20th...
rich-c: don't know yet where that one is going to be - Guy F. and Daniel have mutttered about Montreal but Ottawa will likely satisfy them for a bit
rich-c: Ottawa in teh summer can be a very pleasant place to be - well worth extending your trip to sightsee
Manta: have any been on the west coast?
rich-c: yes, Seattle and Vancouver Island
BobS: were to Vancouver/Seattle area twice
BobS: and to Le Paso TX once
Manta: true. i have a friend in toronto who is in a band.
BobS: Il
Pamela: we drove out to California in the summer of 1975, Tom
Manta: the 20th in vegas would be cool :)
rich-c: there are a lot of bands in Toronto, some quite famous (eg Barenaked Ladies)
Pamela: took the whole summer, drove out and back
Pamela: was a wonderful trip
rich-c: Vegas is a bit pricey these days, but very accessible
rich-c: heat becomes an issue though
Pamela: I hear the best time to be in Vegas is either late November or early April
Manta: they have a lot of places that have off the strip locations with nice convention spots. a friend has a son who goes to this tech thing i forget what it's called.
rich-c: considering what Toronto is like in late November, anywhere is an improvement
Manta: yes. vegas will melt you. lol
rich-c: IEEE convention, maybe?
Manta: def con?
rich-c: or perhaps Comdex?
Manta: i think it's def con...
rich-c: right - defcon is right, though I'm hazy on details beyond knowing it's tech
Pamela: at this point all we need is somewhere to lay our heads and enough space to lay out a few laptops, and high speed internet
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Back again. Computer froze up.
rich-c: pity it isn't the old days of subsized buffets at teh casinos...
Pamela: again, Guy?
Manta: do any of you ever bring your adams to the events?
BobS: have Manta
Pamela: we usually have at least one set up - as long as the host has a working one
Manta: buffets are the size of food courts :)
BobS: lately, the host supplies some computers, but various ones still bring their own
rich-c: the organizer provides them - for our Waterloo (ONT) Acon 7 I sent down over half a ton of Adams
Manta: yikes
Pamela: and they're still in the basement . . . : )
rich-c: Harvey who isnt on tonight took them down in his pick 'em up, but I had to carry all of them out of the basement myself because of his bad back
BobS: got about 15 setups here from plain vanilla to hard drive setups to 80 column and all in between
Manta: mine is safe in a clean and dry container in the closet with the commodore plus 4 and aquarius on the next shelf
Pamela: it's amusing to see the states they arrive in
rich-c: I finally cleared some basement space and am moving the Amiga 500 down there shortly
Pamela: boxes full of cables, none of them actually for the ADAM, none wound up or labelled
BobS: and the one in the worst shape is owned by Dale Wick, our resident programmer guru
Manta: i used mine like mad when i got it up until i got my compaq in 1997.
Pamela: printers / CPU's with six inches of dust on them
rich-c: mine is stil set up and working though I use it rarely
BobS: I ALWAYS dust mine about once amonth Pam
rich-c: whether they need it or not
(BobS reboots Pamela's computer remotely.)
Pamela: pbbbt to you too, Bob
Manta: i set mine up from time to time searching to log onto a bbs if there is still one out there
rich-c: can't give you any guidance with that - I only ever had 1 1200 modem and the 'net doesn't support anything that slow any more
Manta: well unless it's adam to adam i am sure
Pamela: seems to me that Neil Wick had info on a BBS this summer
BobS: nothing out there Manata
BobS: in the old days.......about 8-9 yrs ago there were. but no longer
Manta: oh well... ;) it was
rich-c: yes, even Zonker has packed it in now, I gather
Manta: that's about when i last got on one
BobS: BUT someday we may find someone to grant us a shell accoutn at an ADAMCON and we can surf the web in text onley
rich-c: well, once you can get live chat like this, a BBS sort of fades in com[arison
BobS: si senor
Pamela: it's even more fun when we're all in a room together, all madly typing away : )
Manta: well yea, but it;s like fun driving a 65 VW bug with nothing in it even though a fully loaded bmw is far better. but something about the bug that makes it special.
BobS: you GOT it !!!!!!
rich-c: yes, the old things hobby covers all sorts of areas - know anyone who'd like to buy a 1973 Mercury?
Manta: mercury what?
rich-c: Meteor Rideau 500 4-dorr sedan Trailer Special - 400 CID V8
BobS: equivalent to a Marquis
BobS: here in the states
Manta: big car
rich-c: no, equivalent to the Ford 500 that year
Pamela: verrrrry big car
Pamela: same size as the Lincoln Continental
Pamela: turning circle of a barge
Manta: that's right...canadians get the better names. like the acadian instead of the chevette
rich-c: but it will haul a trailer up teh Donner Pas without even breathing hard
Pamela: we got both, Tom - the Pontiac Acadian and the Chevy Chevette
rich-c: not really, Manta, in addition to - in our smaller market single-level dealers can't get enough trde to survive
BobS: and the Pontiac Parissiene.......a sweet sounding name to be sure
Manta: i had a fiero once. fun little go kart type of a car
rich-c: right now I haul with a '95 Safari - converted to a 350 V8
Pamela: I'm a Ford person - I drive a '93 Ford Taurus Wagon, which I love
Manta: i got a 2001 explorer sport 4x4. had my lawyer make saturn buy back my lemon of a 2005 L300
rich-c: yes, you have pretty good lemon law legislation in CA, IIRC
Manta: well i feel like a traitor. actually always been GM, still have my 87 camaro :)
Pamela: next on my list is an Escape if I can find one for a reasonable price with reasonable mileage
rich-c: Pamela covets an Explorer
Manta: i found mine with 38000 original miles, fully loaded.
Pamela: nope, the Escape, Dad - the Explorer is too big
Manta: mine is the 2 door
rich-c: you finally figured that out? way to go
Pamela: won't go into my parking space properly
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to go. I might be late next week. My mom's Christmas party is next Wednesday and I start my last vacation.
Manta: yea, the parties begin here too :)
Pamela: well ideally, I'd like a newer Taurus, but the new ones don't have enough cargo space
BobS: nite Guy
rich-c: OK Guy, do check in if you can anyway - don't forget to send me the picture of Annie (copy to Pam)
Manta: nite guy
Pamela: g'nite Guy
BobS: and they are no longer bing made either
BobS: being
Pamela: he's already sent mine, Dad
Guy B.: OK Rich. Will do
rich-c: newer doesn't mean new, just a more recent model
BobS: ah....ok
Guy B.: Poof
BobS: Meeka just got rid of hers
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: the last model year was the 2006 for full production, Bob - they have done the 2007 sedan for rental companies and fleets only, but no wagons
BobS: went to a minivan Chev 2002
Pamela: besides, I wouldn't buy new
rich-c: well where you work, could you get a fleet model - perhaps a retired one?
Manta: new cars are almost always defective. my last two were. that's why i went to used
Pamela: I could, but it would be at most three years old and that's too new for me
rich-c: I just figured the number of miles left per dollar spent was a lot bigger in slightly used
Manta: like all my silly friends that spend $$$$ for a new jaguar when they can get the same car three years later for very cheap. one of the few cars that lose value big time
BobS: check into one with higher miles......der, kilometers.......might be worth the price and keep in good repair from there
rich-c: I always used to buy all my cars new, and hold them - but changed policy when I retired
Pamela: in order to get the most bang for my buck, I'll have to go to a model about five years old
Manta: my mom's 87 toyota camry wagon, 108000 miles and no problems at all.
Pamela: god, Camry's go forever
Manta: yes they do. heck, i even like driving it from time to time. zippy thing it is
rich-c: I should hope not - these days I don't see that as old for a car - though come to realize it, that will be 20 years old next year, won't it?
Pamela: yes it will, Dad
rich-c: mygos how time flies!
Manta: yes...
Pamela: actually, we're already into the '07 model year so it is 20 years old
Manta: so will my camaro. yikes.
rich-c: and you've barely got the thing broken in!
Manta: the camaro has 120000, i began to restore it in 1999. then got sidetracked. almost done with it.
rich-c: why would it need reestoration at that low a mileage?
Manta: i bought it in 1993. my first car. well besides the family nova which was a hand me down
Pamela: that's only what, about 175000 kms - that's nothing
rich-c: I suppose on an '87 it might be getting near an engine rebuild, but that's no big deal
Pamela: my Taurus has 212,800 kms on it now
rich-c: uswe the opportunity to upgrade the internals a little
Manta: well i decided to make it a bit quicker, and had to strip it down to bare metal due to that fiasco with the clear coat on almost all the cars in that time frame flaking
rich-c: right, paint issues can get very expensive and time consuming
Manta: you got lucky with the taurus. my friends aunt had a 2000 and died at 40000 miles
Manta: shes on a focus now.
Pamela: 2000 was the first model year of the new body - not a good year
Manta: no...but she loves the focus :)
Pamela: I know a lot of people who had trouble with them
rich-c: I suspect there is a certain element in teh car community that makes a very lucrative return on cars the owner thinks dies a premature death
Pamela: the Focus is a lovely little car - my aunt has one and I've driven it. It's a bit small inside for me, but nice to drive for running around in the city
Manta: like my saturn. seat belts coming apart at the body, leaking when it rained, stalling, pulling, it was a nightmare
rich-c: mechanically, there is little tht can't be fixed economically - but let's not discuss bodywork (tinworm)
Pamela: and actually, it's not that small stem to stern - not much shorter than my Taurus
rich-c: one of my cursor cronies on is an ex-Saturn owner - VERY ex
Manta: well you know that ultra high performance ford GT thing has a focus steering column. as i read in an auto mag
BobS: well gang...........tis 11pm here and Judy is having some back spasms, so we are off the bed and hopefully a nights sleep,,,,,if the sleeping pill works
Pamela: Kimberly and Art have two Saturns and love them, and Art is on his second one
rich-c: best of luck on that, Bob - you and Judy take care
BobS: see you all next week, K ?????
Manta: saturn was good below 1999. nite bob
BobS left chat session
Manta: i hope to be here
Pamela: good night Bob, hope Judy feels better. Tell her thanks for the reading recommendation - I'll keep you posted
rich-c: that's good news, Manta
Pamela: seems to me they're 2004, both cars
rich-c: I'm told there are some happy Saturn owners - jsut that there are a lot of unhappy ones
Pamela: his is a stripped down manual transmission, no air, manual windows and door locks. Hers is an automatic, power everything, a/c etc
rich-c: didn't know Art was that ascetic
Pamela: he isn't - just cheap : )
rich-c: or do they just use Kim's car for any significant trips?
Pamela: it's a commuter vehicle only
Manta: yea pamela, my first saturn was a 1999 sl strip model and it ran awesome. then the 2002 junk followed by the 2005 trade up
Pamela: if they're going anywhere en famille, they take her car
rich-c: that figures, for sure
Pamela: Kimberly says the hardest part for Art is remembering not to try and shift : )
rich-c: yes, when I first went to the automatic, I had that problem
Manta: i hear ya
rich-c: now I'd need a day's practive to get a clutch coordinated again
Pamela: I think I'm going to wait until his is a bit more broken in, then ask him to teach me to drive standard : )
Pamela: I figure if anyone has the patience to teach me, it's probably Art : )
Manta: some cars are easier then others. saturn, toyota, honda, are generally easy
rich-c: hey, you started off your learning on a standard
Pamela: me?? no I didn't
Pamela: I learned on the Zephyr, remember?
Manta: column shift?
rich-c: thought we gave you a run or two when we still had the Zodiac - no, I guess not, you'd have been too young
Pamela: nope, too young Dad - think we still had the Zodiac, but it wasn't operable by that point
Manta: what is a zodiac?
rich-c: I drove column shift on my early cars
Pamela: Ford Zodiac, 1969, built in Britain
Pamela: only something like 35 ever imported to North America
Manta: oh. cool. kindda like the ford capris of the 70's
Pamela: nice looking cars, very forward-looking design for the time - would not look out of place on the road today
rich-c: Ford (BR) Zodiac Mk.4 - see the TV series Z-cars - 3.0l V-6 Herron head 4-dr. sedan, all discs, all irs, very advanced for 1968
Pamela: sorry, '68
Pamela: Lucas electrics : )
rich-c: intro'd in 1967, with the lower trim (2.5 l) Zephry
Manta: ok. saw one on the net. neat looking.
rich-c: no, I don't think the Fords then still used Lucas electrics, though I don't remember what they did have
Pamela: ours was beautiful - it was "aubergine" with burgundy interior
Pamela: spoke hubcabs
Pamela: somewhere there are pictures of the car with me as the hood ornament
rich-c: aubrgine is the Franch word for eggplant - it was sometimes also called black cherry in Ford specsheets
Manta: older cars had better style instead of today's cookie cutter designs
Pamela: truly, I don't think anyone would think it was out of place if it was on the road today
Manta: like a 65 mustang
rich-c: don't ask me, I'm prejudiced as hell - I still like the old cars
Pamela: btw Tom, can you tell I've inherited my father's passion for cars? : )
rich-c: soon as I win the lottery I'm going to get me the last classic Packard Caribbean convertible
Manta: that;s a good thing. my neice got my love of cars. she knows more than her boyfriend does
Manta: i'm getting my 65 chevy corvair corsa convertible white with tan top
Pamela: since I've worked in the automotive industry in one capacity or another for the last 15 years, it's a good thing
rich-c: you like cars? drop over to
rich-c: we all talk about cars - and everything else under the sun - but it's fun
rich-c: turbo version, I turst?
Manta: cool. i'll check that out. btw, i am going to get my affairs in order for work tomorrow. the boss is on vacation for two weeks as of today and we have a pot luck to plan too :)
Pamela: we currently have an old Ford Torino on the lot - Starsky and Hutch version - at work and I was one of the only ones to ID it immediately
rich-c: right - it's past 11 here, still have to get the garbage and recycling out, so time hangs havy over us
Pamela: and someone had an old Old's Delta 88 out there too
Manta: well it was great chatting with you all again...
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rich-c: we have somedone new arriving at this hour?
Manta: ;) land yachts can be fun...and a good night to all from so. cal.
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Manta: yup:)
Manta: night all. have a great one
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rich-c: we have someone new neow?
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rich-c: looks like we all dumped - bye then
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SleeplessInMtl: Hmmm, guess I'm too late.
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