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rich-c: hi Rich, in early I see
Dr. D.: Yes, the concert ended earlier than I thought.
Dr. D.: So I am here, just had my supper of orange Jell-O :-S
rich-c: oh dear, still feeling the aftereffects?
Dr. D.: Just being cautious.
Dr. D.: Today was dept. Xmas party, I ate a bit more widely as test.
rich-c: well given your frantic pace, I'd think you'd need something a little more substantial
Dr. D.: Piece of chicken pizza...a stuffed mushroom...couple of chicken strips...some cookies and cake.
Dr. D.: I have been RAVENOUS the last couple days, but trying to fight it.
Dr. D.: What my brain wants is a 24 oz Porterhouse...
rich-c: all very heavy on the fat - something you need to know about
Dr. D.: Just giant slab of meat or something substantial
Dr. D.: They had lots of fruit on skewers, I ate maybe 20 of those.
rich-c: OK two pounds of well-marbled beef might be a bit extreme
Dr. D.: So I was pretty good.
Dr. D.: I agree :-)
Dr. D.: But I have hardly had beef for a year...
Dr. D.: I didn't have a single grilled or barbecued anything the entire summer.
Dr. D.: Not one burger or hot dog or anything.
rich-c: but yes, I did push my luck after my extraction, to see what I could get away with
Dr. D.: No cookouts, too much happening in the summer for me to realize it 'til it was gone.
rich-c: don't know what the limits might be, çause I haven't found them yet
Dr. D.: haha
Dr. D.: Well, I am 5 lbs lighter than a week ago
Dr. D.: But that is after having been 10 lbs heavier after the surgery, evidently fluid and stalled bowels.
rich-c: all things considered, losing a few pounds will not hurt you
rich-c: the problem is that they always seem to come back
Dr. D.: That started to vanish Monday...coinciding with ravnous hunger...
Dr. D.: Well, I was 235 in May 2002 and I am 195 now, never even gotten close to that since.
rich-c: listen to your body - if it needs rebuilding materials, supply them
Dr. D.: I would like to get to 180 but I think I would have to significantly increase exercise (from current bike/walking to running, which would kill my legs) to make another jump down...or else totally not eat...
Dr. D.: I have nowhere to go with not eating, I already changed so much to get my BP down.
rich-c: me, despite the prednisone, I seem to be holding steady or perhaps just shading down
Dr. D.: It was 118/72 at the start of the stress test...went to 189 systolic at peak stress, but was 70 diastolic at that time.
rich-c: btw, when I checked my bp this afternoon, it was 122/46 @64
Dr. D.: So I have definitely moved away from the 145/95 of 18 months ago, which was the final get-rid-of-salt-and-most-beef point.
Dr. D.: 46 systolic, wow.
Dr. D.: 64 is good pulse though.
Dr. D.: Have you had a chest X-ray, is your heart normal-sized?
rich-c: yes, I was wondering why I felt a bit dozy all day
rich-c: usually of late I have been running about 130/55 with a pulse up to 0
Dr. D.: 0 is not a good pulse to have :-(
rich-c: sorry, 90
rich-c: no one has ever commented otherwise, so I guess it's normal
Dr. D.: That is good, not enlarged.
rich-c: but today's numbers were about what I'd been seeing before I went back on the prednisone
Dr. D.: Enlargement is a sign of working too hard.
rich-c: well, I don't seem to have that problem, anyway
Dr. D.: Good.
rich-c: anyway my weight range now is 160 - 165 which I can live with, although I'm shrinking
Dr. D.: I have just heard from Rin, she is schmoozing downtown AGAIN :-S
Dr. D.: Shrinking how, weight or height?
rich-c: it comes in the package with politics, Rich
Dr. D.: My Dad was 5'11", but his spine has shrunk so he is about 5'5" now, and it is finally compressing the nerves coming out to his legs.
rich-c: height - my weight stays constant but when I buy slacjs I need to get a shorter leg and wider wste ;-)
Dr. D.: He had a nerve block done last Friday, gave him some relief...he is to get at least 1 more...if it doesn't work, it is surgery :-(
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Dr. D.: And he is age 66.5.
changed username to Daniel
rich-c: ten years younger than me
Dr. D.: I think Rin is going to be bored when she gets here, I do not schmooze...
rich-c: salut, Dniel
Dr. D.: Hi Daniel
Daniel: Happy holidays... Merry Christmas... Happy new year...
Dr. D.: It's Joyeux Noel, oui?
rich-c: et joyeux noel a toi, mon vieux
Daniel: I know, it's too soon, but just in case I can'T chat with you during the holidays.
rich-c: are you at work or home?
Daniel: Joyeuses Fêtes, Joyeux Noël, Bonne Année!
Daniel: at work
rich-c: well, our next chat is due for the day after Boxing Day, nést-ce pas?
Daniel: I need to setup a server, a thing I'm not programmed to do normally. ;-)
Dr. D.: BRB, have to tend to something cooking on the stove
rich-c: but as long as you CAN do it, go for it!
rich-c: me, I'm on the laptop because the desktop is crashed out so badly it won't boot
Daniel: During two days, I try to do it myself, but I always need help from someone... it's not an ideal situation. but I learned a couple of things I can only use at work for now. well, I do my best
rich-c: I havbe Microsoft working on it, but have my own backup strategies too
Daniel: at home, my computer 400Mhz crashed... the HD garanty 1 year burned in only 6 months.
rich-c: it isn't that easy or straightforwrd a chore, Daniel - don't fuss if you find it tough
Daniel: I lost 6 months of emails, documents and other files.
rich-c: when I first got my computer I needed to replace the HD in about three months
rich-c: just after I had done my first image backup...
Daniel: in year 2000, we bought a HD with a 3 years garanty, what is going on today with HD technology? become cheaper? give the opportunity to sale RAID systems to home users?
rich-c: but I get a newsletter from a CNET tech site with a lot of IT information in it
rich-c: I don't know, my motherboard is RAID capable but I haven't used it
rich-c: but hard discs are ridiculously cheap these days
rich-c: I just got a 160 GB USB 2.0 external for ~$100 at Tiger Direct
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changed username to Pamela
Pamela: hi there, sorry I'm late
rich-c: yes, it has an image of my crashed drive on it...
rich-c: greetings, daughter
Daniel: I heard that there is a price manipulation by LCD TV manifacturer... and this fraude is currently study by 3 country including USA.
rich-c: your mom is out making up some puddings for Tuesday
Pamela: yay : )
Pamela: I'm working on cleaing out the back room closet while we talk - finally heard from Johanna Chambers
rich-c: I think there may be pricing games going on on flat panel and HD TVs
Daniel: so, it's possible to see new LCD monitors at a lower price during the next months.
Pamela: cleaning, that is
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: here teh prices have been droppingrapidly, big discounts
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
rich-c: who is Johanna?
Daniel: hello
Pamela: hi Guy, you're early
Daniel: just give me a minute, I have to write an email.
Pamela: Rich, how are you feeling?
rich-c: welcome, Guy - Mderry Christmas
Guy B.: Just came back from my mom's Christmas Party.
rich-c: oh, how was it - trust you didn't drink too much ;-)
rich-c: water that is
Guy B.: Started my last vacation today and running through next week with the holidays in-between.
Dr. D.: Sorry, I was at the stove, cooking.
rich-c: Daniel was just saying there are accusations of price fixing in the LCD panel market
Dr. D.: I am okay Pam, aside from being easily fatigued.
Dr. D.: Super glue on 3 of 4 incisions has fallen off.
Pamela: good to hear. Any idea how long to get your stamina back?
Guy B.: Oh no> Just stuck with punch or water.
Dr. D.: Still some ugly bruising around my navel.
Dr. D.: Another week maybe.
rich-c: there must be some awfully juicy discounts at wholesale, though
Dr. D.: I am fine to sit, and to drive seems to be, walking is just not easy yet.
Dr. D.: Nevermind that I have major Christmas shopping yet to do.
Pamela: well, when you're healing muscles, it can be touch and go
Dr. D.: Have 6 more exams to mark, then i can turn in my grades tomorrow and be done.
Pamela: you're running out of time there, my friend : )
rich-c: that's muscular strain, I'd reckon - they did get stretched
Dr. D.: I cancelled the lab practical that would have been today, the grading in vert lab was done Monday, so it is almost done for the semester.
Dr. D.: Luckily I shopped for all the girls last time I was in Canada.
rich-c: so you can go on holiday with a good conscience
Guy B.: How are you feeling Dr D?
Dr. D.: Unfortunately, that leaves Rin...and she keeps buying herself stuff I would think of :-(
Dr. D.: I am okay Guy, healing up, still eating mostly Jell-O but trying to branch out some.
rich-c: got just the thing for you, Rich - a genuine 233mhz iMac!
Dr. D.: Haven't had anything yet that made me hurt or caused major intestinal traffic.
Dr. D.: haha
Pamela: that won't help him with Erin : )
Dr. D.: I have 1 sitting here just not set up :-$
rich-c: I find apples and oranges (especially clementines) work well
Dr. D.: Well, not an iMac but I think a 450 MHz G4.
Dr. D.: To give Erin? Probably yeah, she does eat them.
rich-c: the local glorified pawnshop has three, priced $80 - $100
Dr. D.: If they have another 17" Powerbook G4, then I am interested :-)
Guy B.: How's Erin?
rich-c: I think their price on that might be a bit more of a challenge
Dr. D.: So why were you in the pawn shop? Not making any "Gift of the Magi" exchanges now are you?
Dr. D.: Rin seems to be okay, she is currently on the political schmooze circuit.
rich-c: no, looking for a recod turntable - our old one died
Dr. D.: I get the wining and dining reports :-)
rich-c: btw it's an Aussie outfit called "Cash Converters", if you know them
Pamela: the Pioneer died Dad? When was this?
Dr. D.: There are still places that sell them new, though I think only 33s and 45s...haven't seen a 16 and 78 turntable since college.
rich-c: when we ent to play it day before yeterday, the turntable wouldn't turn
Dr. D.: Check the belts?
Pamela: and actually Dad, we still have Russell's turntable
rich-c: no - it's one of those "no user srvicable parts inside" deals (yeah, all the time)
Daniel: de retour ... back...
Pamela: try lifting off the turntable, Dad - peel the mat back and there should be finger holes there to lift it off
rich-c: OK Pam, maybe that will do - teh $15 replacement I got needs a needle
Pamela: and it's a Pioneer, right?
Pamela: the old one, I mean
rich-c: yes, full stereo automatic is the model name
Pamela: I'll check with Christopher - he may know something about the mechanics of the thing
rich-c: sorry, old and "new" ae both Pioneer
rich-c: sent them an email asking about needles but no reply so far
Pamela: try Bay Bloor Radio
Pamela: is that the place on Mount Pleasant?
rich-c: I'm not sure if the original (Rondo 2000) opens up though - believe it dates to ~1963
Daniel: off topic : are you ready for christmas?
Pamela: no, it's not that old - you got it when I was in early high school, I believe
Dr. D.: I just installed a software update that requires a restart. I will logout and come back in a few minutes.
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
Daniel: my answer : I'm almost ready
rich-c: Mt.Pleasant is whre we got it but it was a different shop - not sure it's still there
Pamela: almost ready, Daniel
Pamela: I think it is, Dad, just can't remember the name of the place
Pamela: I'd know it if I heard it
rich-c: sure, Daniel - but then we don't have to do much getting ready - how about you?
Pamela: still have some wrapping to do
rich-c: wrapping is so simple it shouldn't count, though it can be time consuming I dmit
Daniel: the word is embeded? well, I have to package the gift with colored paper with nice penguins on it.
Pamela: and you, Guy? Are you ready for Christmas?
rich-c: OK, English the verb is wrap
Daniel: thanks
Daniel: I need to wrap my christmas gifts.
rich-c: penguins? for a closet Linux user, perhaps? ;-)
Daniel: err... the penguins don't look like the Linux logo.
rich-c: just tasing you a bit, Daniel
Pamela: wow, I'm sitting here looking at the closet, at all the boxes I haven't unpacked since we moved
Pamela: guess I should find out what's in them after ten years, huh?
Daniel: I have this paper for years now... still not finish it.
rich-c: I am familiar with that experience, daughter
Pamela: you should have all your boxes unpacked by now Dad - it's been 42 years : )
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Daniel: teasing ?
changed username to Dr. D.
Daniel: welcome back dr.d
Dr. D.: Meesa back
Guy B.: Welcome Back Dr D
Pamela: what happened with your notebook, Rich - did you get a new one, or resurrect the old one?
rich-c: yes, we always bought packages of rolls of paper, must have some still from the 1970s
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Dr. D.: The one with the dead HD, took it to the Apple Store, new HD with 1 day turnaround.
changed username to Mrs. D
Pamela: I'm still using the stuff I bought in my last year at the Bay - so dating back to 1990. It's finally almost finished
Guy B.: Hi Rin
rich-c: tese - gently make fun of/with
Mrs. D: hi Guy
Dr. D.: Wow, she is here.
Pamela: well well - welcome, Erin
Dr. D.: Hi Dearest <kiss>
Guy B.: How have you been?
rich-c: hey Roin, managed to break away from the pols, did you?
Mrs. D: told you I would be
Mrs. D: allo,allo
Daniel: :-)
rich-c: got a call from Dalton McGuinty today
Mrs. D: Hi Honeys <kiss>
Mrs. D: did you??
rich-c: to wish me a happy holiday
rich-c: on tape - ADD
Mrs. D: that's more than I got!
rich-c: I wssn't totally impressed - taped calls turn me off
Dr. D.: I am lifting supper, BRB when I have a plate
Pamela: jello on a plate? : )
rich-c: well we are party members - federal, anyway - you just work there
Mrs. D: I got a card
rich-c: in a dish would seem more prudent
Mrs. D: I like hearing Uncle Dalty's voice
rich-c: good, you can have my share - asyou know he impresses me, but not favourably
rich-c: gee, maybe it was a makeup for still not getting our cards to us yet
Mrs. D: if you could meet him that impression would likely change
rich-c: no, I judge people by their actions
Daniel: I was scared last night after hearing sounds from popular songs... words only hearable when playing backward. I just wanted to know what was the message in a Beatles song, not number nine, but something about someone dead... you probably heard this one, no?
rich-c: I'm sure he's a nice worthy guy and all with good intentions - but ass it were I hired him to do a job
Mrs. D: as do I but unfortunately the press doesn't always report the actions
Dr. D.: Not Jell-O, Salisbury Steak with green peppers and mushrooms.
rich-c: and I wish his job performance wre to a higher standard
Pamela: ah, definitely plate fare : )
Dr. D.: mmmmmm
rich-c: Daniel, that play backwards bit ius an American supestition - there is nothing there to hdear
Dr. D.: waiting for 3 roasting ears to be done
rich-c: hear
Mrs. D: how's it going Pam?
Daniel: Well, rich, you certainly right, but not 100% right if I saw the facts.
Pamela: pretty good - been busy last week or so
Daniel: many coincidence, but some are ... well, there is an example
rich-c: try a debunker web site like, Daniel - it will give you the story
Pamela: heard you've been working a lot of late nights recently
Mrs. D: has been a harder session than expected
Pamela: a lot of good results though : )
Mrs. D: I hoping :-)
Mrs. D: done your Xmas shopping?
Pamela: yes, although I still have some wrapping to do
rich-c: more the added workload from the federal leadership han local, surely?
Pamela: i'll probably still be wrapping on Christmas eve, as usual
rich-c: it's a fine old family tradition, Pam
Mrs. D: I can see that happening myself
Pamela: have you finished your shopping, Erin?
rich-c: when are you off to Windsor then, Rin? Saturday?
Mrs. D: I just finished today at lunch
Mrs. D: actually I'm heading out Friday afternoon
rich-c: taking the train, I Assume?
Mrs. D: only way to travel :-)
Pamela: beats the heck out of the bus, that's for sure
rich-c: I still prefer my van - but not necessarily when it's winter and the forecast is dodgy
Daniel: a music group was accused to push people to suicide because there is the message "DO IT" recorded backward in a song.
rich-c: ys, I know, Daniel - that story dates back to the lsst century
Dr. D.: Steaks done, going for corn now mmmm
rich-c: don't believe it, it's just some strange peoples'overwroked imaginations
Mrs. D: BYW Honeys - the replacement documents were in my mail today
rich-c: that's better, Rich - get a little nourishment into you
rich-c: yes, how is your applicatin going, Rin? any timelines yet?
Daniel: this story is strange because they dont' deny it. they defend themself by showing another message in the same song telling to give your lollipop... i think it's a sexual term here. whatever, I was scared last night know this.
Mrs. D: well....we'll have to fill out this new form I got today and hope to goodness they don't lose this too
rich-c: all a publicity stunt, Daniel - if you don't have talent, try shock tactics
Mrs. D: after that I don't really have a timeline as yet...will all depend on when we get the marriage certificates
rich-c: you don't have those yet? gee, when Frances and I married, we got ours at the ceremony
Pamela: what you get at the ceremony is the Record of Solemnization of Marriage, Dad - not the same as the marriage certificate
rich-c: maybe the rules and documents havbe changed in the lst half century, Pam
Mrs. D: I had to wait 12 weeks before I could apply to get them....and when I called to check on the status of that application - Government Services told me that they "didn't have" the license from the priest
Daniel: A funny fact is in "Pink Floyd - The Wall" the backward message is Any better: congratulations ! You've just discovered the secret message. Please, send your answer to «Old Pink», care of the «Funny Farm», Chalfont...Roger, Caroline's on the phone...
rich-c: yes, they do have quite a talent for losing things - we are still chasing some OHIP stuff from last year
Mrs. D: needless to say I was livid
Pamela: I think the time needed to receive your documents is inversely proportional to how badly you need them
rich-c: try listening to it yourself, Daniel - an original, not someone's recording - and see
Pamela: in other words, Murphy's Law
Dr. D.: problem is, them losing it resets our clock to zero
Dr. D.: start all over again
Dr. D.: Not sure it will be done by 1st anniversary now
rich-c: bummer!
Mrs. D: it must be...and according to the priest in her 11 years ours is the first that was totally lost....of course
Dr. D.: cannot initiate anything USA-side without the Ontario Certificate Of Marriage (tm)
rich-c: Daniel, just how would you play a record backwards anyway? you, physically, I mean
Dr. D.: BOHICA is the word of the day
Pamela: ??
rich-c: forget what that means - my generation said SNAFU
rich-c: Guy, what's on your timetable for Christmas
Daniel: not a record... but I tried with my voice.
Daniel: it's scary
Dr. D.: Bend Over, Here It Comes Again
Daniel: "une slave valse nue" is the same thing backward
rich-c: trust me, Daniel, you couldn't do it with your voice
Daniel: "Angèle et Laurent enrolaient les gens" same thing.
Dr. D.: Able I was ere I saw Elba -- Napoleon
Mrs. D: Able was Love
Dr. D.: krapunakova
Pamela: that's the other one - madam in eden, i'm adam
rich-c: madam I'm Adam
Pamela: knew it was in the back of my head somewhere
Daniel: mine are phonetic ones.
rich-c: those exist too but the spelling ones are perhaps considered more pure
Dr. D.: My odometer had a palindrome today, 78787 miles when I got to the parking lot this morning.
Daniel: how many letters is the longest one?
Mrs. D: Pam, do you want me to stop by tomorrow evening to get the gift for Mom?...I have your's and Russell's as well
rich-c: depends on your ingenuity, I guess, but most are short
rich-c: it does take a certain amount of straining to have a long one make sense
Pamela: I would love for you to stop by - I have yours but decided that it would be better not to try and send your mother's down with you because it's big and heavy
rich-c: they turn up elsewhere, too - my user number with Tamco is a palindrome
Pamela: so, I have told her that I'll bring it down with me when we go down there next time
Daniel: I'm at work and I need to finish something before returning home. goodnight
Pamela: still, I want you to have yours with you
Daniel: talk to you later...
rich-c: how long will you be staying down there, Rin?
Pamela: good night, Daniel
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel, joyeux noel et bonne annee
Mrs. D: oh okay - good to know. I'm hoping to get home at a reasonable hour tomorrow to tidy a bit and pack so I'll call before I come up
Mrs. D: until Dec 27th
Daniel: merry christmas, joyeux noel
Pamela: I'll be here - as far as I know I'm coming straight home so should be here by 5:00 at the latest
Pamela: Merry Christmas, Daniel
rich-c: don't get to stay over New Year? pity
Mrs. D: merry Christmas Daniel
Daniel: happy holidays, joyeuses fêtes
Daniel: happy new year, bonne année
(rich-c gives rich-c a nice tall frosty Guinness)
Mrs. D: re:tomorrow, okie day
Daniel: bonne nuit et à la prochaine! :-)
Daniel: * p o o f *
Daniel left chat session
Mrs. D: well I made the choice to come back early...hopefully Rich will be able to stay a few extra days here
Pamela: just be aware, you may have to rescue me from strings of Christmas lights : )
Mrs. D: I have come home before the last 3 years I think
Mrs. D: can do :-)
Pamela: yes, it was only that first year that you stayed past new years : )
Mrs. D: that's what I thought
Dr. D.: I am back now, washed up everything but the frying pan, which is soaking.
Dr. D.: Sorry I missed Daniel.
rich-c: so hold your new yeards party in Toronto, then
Pamela: the only thing she missed that year was a wedding : )
Pamela: Rich, are you staying through New Years Eve?
Mrs. D: indeed it was hehe
Dr. D.: I don't know. Christina has to be back in Erie on the 2nd, their classes start the 3rd.
Dr. D.: I can't really be gone that whole stretch, I will never see her, or hardly see her.
Pamela: I do wish you'd been here, Erin - it would have been tough to keep the secret, but it would have been fun
Dr. D.: But nothing has been decided.
rich-c: she takes teh bus usually, doesn't she? or is there too much cargo at break?
Mrs. D: it would have been...but I did get to pick out the makeup
Dr. D.: Christina is deep in boyfriend anyhow so prob. she won't notice. I would still have the following week to spend with the
Dr. D.: rest of them.
Dr. D.: Prob. should try to nail that down this weekend.
Pamela: and you know, it's still my favourite - I wear it all the time (when I bother with makeup, that is)
Pamela: just goes to show you, your taste is impeccable
Dr. D.: Or at least arrange a visit in Erie on my way back from Toronto.
rich-c: that shouldn't be hard, it's right on the route
Dr. D.: Makeup is a waste of $$$, heresy to women I know, but there it is...
rich-c: and the trip isn't so long there's no slack in it
Mrs. D: you say that because you are a guy
Dr. D.: I appreciate you with no makeup My Love
Dr. D.: I think women wear makeup for other women...
Pamela: I only wear it on special occasions, Rich - hence why, three years later, I still have the same stuff : )
Dr. D.: or for stage, so the back rows can see face and eyes
Mrs. D: I know you do...and I appreciate yout appreciation however I am less appreciative of own without the accents
rich-c: there's makeup and there's makeup - does it include lipstick or is that hors serie?
Mrs. D: mine's mainly just mascara so people can see I have eyelashes....but that is usually it
Dr. D.: lipstick gets on stuff, I would think it would get in food ick
Dr. D.: It certainly gets left on glasses, hard to wash off
rich-c: where has Guy got to? off surfing on the side again?
Pamela: most days I'm doing well to be up, clean, dry and dressed in the mornings - makeup is beyond me
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changed username to BobS
Pamela: Hey, Bob
Mrs. D: hi Bobs!!
BobS: Guten tag !!!!!!
Dr. D.: Hello Robert S
rich-c: hello Robert - made it at last
BobS: at last my man, at last
BobS: how the 'D's" ?????
rich-c: so how goes it? enjoying teh tropical weatehr?
Dr. D.: Guten Abend mein geehrte Herr
Dr. D.: D1 is recuperating
Mrs. D: ...what he said...
BobS: nope was out to the inlaws near where you bought your refrig
BobS: last lsummer
Pamela: LOL
BobS: had supper with them and visited some and came flyin back here to get on chat
rich-c: figured Wed Dec 20 22:28:00 GMT-05:00 2006: Dr. D. : Dr. D.: D2 doesn't know what I said
Mrs. D: R2 D2 is doing well
BobS: ya sure doc
rich-c: in SZtrine, g'day mate ;-)
Pamela: (PRIVATE) "good evening, my good man"
BobS: will have to teach her german, you will
Mrs. D: (PRIVATE) ah
Dr. D.: Ja wohl
Mrs. D: spechen zie Deutsch?
BobS: slafen sie gut ?
BobS: ys
Dr. D.: She puts spots on the Germans?
BobS: ya
BobS: ok thats about it........
Guy B.: Yo Bob
BobS: hi guy
BobS: hows my weather for tomorrow
Dr. D.: Wuerde mehr schlafen, nie kann zu viel schlafen haben
BobS: and I don't want any yucky stiff
Guy B.: Got rain by you? It's raining here.
BobS: just afew spits Guy
BobS: say what Doc ????
Dr. D.: I don't know what it is doing here, it was cool and dry when I came home from the concert.
BobS: where I sleep, you can have sleeep........
Guy B.: Been light here. Going into tomorrow and maybe Friday as well.
Dr. D.: "Would like to sleep more, never can have too much sleeping"
Guy B.: Where's Judy?
BobS: ok, told you that was my limit
Pamela: sleep is good
Dr. D.: There is no u-umlaut for the "wuerde"
BobS: Judy's here reading
rich-c: we use NAA Buffalo a lot, then link from there to national often
Dr. D.: Or rather I can type it in here, but it will not show up.
Dr. D.: wŸrde
Dr. D.: See it left it out
BobS: can you believe i took 2 yrs of german in HS ?????
BobS: no huh
rich-c: NOAA - dammit, I'll get it right yet
Guy B.: I won another Romtec Trios on E-bay and going to put it in the Compaq.
Pamela: kinda like my four years of Spanish - gone with the wind
Mrs. D: no habla espanol
Dr. D.: You lived there too didn't you Bob?
BobS: it is down there somewhere Pam........we were on a cruise a few yrs aago, and 2 couples from Gremany were, speakingt german......
Dr. D.: me doubleplusgood rinspeaker
BobS: and it was surprising what I could pick out after only a few minutes of listening
BobS: no live der, only here
Dr. D.: I can watch the German news on SCOLA but they talk too fast and I get behind in translating and finally it all goes blank until I latch on to another bit I understand, then the cycle repeats.
rich-c: sort of like when we got down to Quebec - after a while, it makes sense
Pamela: oh good - please pass the clippydo
Dr. D.: clippydodealy
Dr. D.: clippydodealysoapydishything
Pamela: and the soapy dishy thing
BobS: that is very true.....EVERYONE speaks too fast when you are trying to learn something new
Dr. D.: game, set, match
Mrs. D: :-)
Pamela: your point : )
Dr. D.: is on my head
rich-c: here if one is really ambitious, one can tune in French radio and TV
BobS: how you feeling Dr D ??????
Dr. D.: Incisions are healing.
Dr. D.: I can point you to photos...take 2 every day for Rin's amusement.
BobS: and you are out of school when ????? and in the arms of your sweetie ?
Dr. D.: Finish grading exams tomorrow morning, turn in grades to Registrar.
BobS: nope, she is interested, I am on a need to know basis only
Dr. D.: going to Windsor late Xmas Day.
Pamela: that sounds like it should be a song title - "In the arms of your Sweetie"
Mrs. D: hehe
Dr. D.: Navel area is badly bruised.
rich-c: used to watch Formula 1 racing on French TV here, they were the only ones who carried it live
Dr. D.: Super glue on the incisions has fallen off on 3 of 4...the navel one fell off when I took my sweatshirt off this evening to get into my jammies.
Dr. D.: I go to surgeon for follow-up visit Friday afternoon.
rich-c: seems like you have come through pretty well, then
Dr. D.: Just very tired, still hard to breathe deeply or walk fast or bend or twist.
Dr. D.: I think so, Richard.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) btw, am I going to get to see your thong tomorrow?
Mrs. D: he just needs to rest that's all
Dr. D.: but no way could I have been up all night last night setting up the anatomy lab practical like I would have been doing otherwise...
rich-c: likely my turn next - there are signs one of my hernias is reopening
Mrs. D: (PRIVATE) hehe, I'll bring it up
Dr. D.: I cancelled it Saturday, just couldn't stand for the 2 hours for the review session Sunday.
Dr. D.: Yuk.
BobS: bummer Richard........SUPER GLUE IT
Mrs. D: lol
Dr. D.: I have been trying not to laugh or cough or sneeze hard, so I don't get a hernia through any of the incisions.
rich-c: I am not looking forward to it, though I believe techniques have advanced now
Pamela: (PRIVATE) please do : )
Pamela: it's day surgery now, I hear, Dad
Dr. D.: Steroids can weaken connective tissues, even while they are reducing inflammation.
rich-c: don't laugh Bob, they just might find something like that works
Dr. D.: So maybe the recent increased prednisone is some effect.
Dr. D.: My stitches are all resorbable and the outer layer of skin had super glue slathered over it.
rich-c: yes, my hands are just covered with purpura whre teh tissue has broken
Pamela: "scuse me doctor, can I borrow your Crazy Glue"
rich-c: hadn't thought of that but you could well be right, Rich
Dr. D.: At one time, US physicians were sneaking into Canada to get medical-grade super glue that was not yet FDA-approved.
Dr. D.: My skin is all brittle and cracking from the week of ibuprofen, soles of feet are starting to peel.
rich-c: I believe we have other stuff that's an FDA no-no too
Dr. D.: T3s and medical cannabis no doubt :-)
Pamela: BTW Erin, how is your mouth healing?
rich-c: ell, coedine based painkillers, that's for sure, though the medical cannabis is not for export
Mrs. D: so far so hole is closing faster than the other
Dr. D.: Holey Rin
Dr. D.: Batman...
Dr. D.: said the sidekick to the superhero
Pamela: two or four sockets?
Mrs. D: 2
Dr. D.: She has the toofies in a bag
Mrs. D: the lower ones
Dr. D.: Want to make them ornaments for the tree <runs>
Dr. D.: For Hermie the Dentist from Rudolph...
Pamela: got your teeth back, I gather
Pamela: how are the roots on them?
Mrs. D: yes, at his request
Mrs. D: they are long
Pamela: curled at all?
Mrs. D: one broke off in surgery
Pamela: oh charming
rich-c: oh yes, they make great collector items - I still have mine from you don't want to know how far back
Dr. D.: They put up a fight but couldn't beat Sears Craftsman pliers
Mrs. D: a tiny bit but nothing major
Pamela: between mother and I , I'm pretty sure we have all of mine too
Dr. D.: I had my 3, but I think only 1 is extant now, have to go look again...
rich-c: they tend to stray, over time
Dr. D.: Have the gallstone too, my students all liked looking at it.
Dr. D.: So I am a case history for my own courses.
rich-c: I am still not convinced I REALLY needed them out, anyway
Dr. D.: I am fading a bit...have to get up at 6 AM to get the girls off to school at 7 AM.
Mrs. D: I could have had mine filled but they would have been a continual problem so I opted to have them removed
Dr. D.: So I think I am going to sign off and go to sleep.
Pamela: probably the wiser course of action, Erin
Dr. D.: Next chat I hope I will be in Windsor.
BobS: well good to see you dr and up and around too
Dr. D.: Thanks Bob
Mrs. D: that's what I thought
BobS: will plan on next week then mon
Dr. D.: Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.
rich-c: sounds like a plan, Rich - take care and if not beofe, merry Christmas to you and ll
Pamela: gnite, Rich -safe drive on Christmas Day
Pamela: Merry Christmas
BobS: same to ya'll
Dr. D.: Hope to see you Clee-folk in Toronto next week
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
Guy B.: Well folks. I'm going to go here. Merry Christmas to ALL!
Pamela: Merry Christmas, Guy
BobS: ok Guy merry xmas to you
rich-c: yes, have to see what happens in teh available days
Pamela: Rin, I'll see you tomorrow night
Mrs. D: it's prolly time for me to go too
Pamela: (PRIVATE) love you
Guy B.: Poof
Mrs. D: alrighty see you then
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: so what the heck, I got bad breaath.....ya'll leaving
Mrs. D: (PRIVATE) love you too
rich-c: merry Christmas, Guy, you and Annie have a good one - see you next week
BobS: so guess it is the bewitching hour
Mrs. D: Merry Xmas all
BobS: back at ya
BobS: guess I will deal with my emails before bed too,
rich-c: night Roin, merry Christmas to you and all teh family
Pamela: Bob, Merry Christmas to you and Judy, Doug and Meeka
Mrs. D left chat session
BobS: see you all next Wed, MERRY CHRISTMAS and many happy presents too !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pamela: and everyone
rich-c: it is that time, Bob - you and Judy take care, have a great Christmas
BobS: yup will do
BobS: nite
BobS left chat session
rich-c: wow, that was quick
Pamela: Dad, I'm going to look at Russell's turntable and will call you tomorrow
rich-c: OK Pam, so we will talk to you then
Pamela: the name of that place on Mt. Pleasant is driving me nuts
Pamela: guess I should ask him, too, huh?
rich-c: don't fuss it, we'll find it if we need it
Pamela: and I'll see if I can raise Christopher regarding the old one
rich-c: do realize our ambitions man teh turntable will be needed for some time
Pamela: it hasn't seen the light of day in ten years Dad, I don't think that iwll be an issue : )
rich-c: I will see if it comes apart and can be coaxed into action from within
Pamela: I'm not even sure it works, but it's an alternative
Pamela: and it probably needs a needle
Pamela: we'll talk
rich-c: one way or tóther, I suspect we'll find a way
Pamela: yup
rich-c: I just don't swant to spend $14 on a new one
rich-c: sorry, $140
Pamela: let's do the research first, then we'll see
rich-c: I'm sure the problem is not insuperable
rich-c: I'm hopeful
Pamela: well I've prbably got a diamond chip or two around here somewhere : )
rich-c: right - I'll break out the hammer and super glue
Pamela: we may need to borrow the super glue from Rich though
rich-c: well, he's finished using it :-0
Pamela: and on that note, it's time I finished up in here
Pamela: so, I'll call tomorrow, okay?
rich-c: right - go get your beauty sleep, take care, we'll talk tomorrow
Pamela: gnite, Daddy
rich-c: TTFN
Pamela: kerpoof!
rich-c: nite
Pamela left chat session
rich-c left chat session
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