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rich-c: verify
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changed username to BobS
BobS: hi rich
rich-c: hi Bob, just off forwarding an ad to Pamela
BobS: cool
rich-c: how did your Christmas go?
BobS: how's the clee's?
BobS: had a good christmas, and ya'll?
rich-c: still hanging in there, one way or tóther
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BobS: weather is great, presents galore
changed username to Harvie
BobS: hey harvie
rich-c: very quiet - Russell was working so Pam ate Christmas dinner with us
BobS: how doing?
Harvie: Hello
rich-c: hello Harvie, been a while
rich-c: then yseterday we went over to her place for the family dinner
BobS: bummer man.......but I suppose lots of people worked chrsitmas
BobS: someone has to do ti
Harvie: Yes, I missed last week, fell asleep
rich-c: unfortunately, yes, that's how things are these days
BobS: the week before CHRISTMAS ???? shame shame
BobS: :-)
Harvie: For the first time in six years I didn't have an emergency call on christmas day
BobS: holidays and weekends don't mean much to bitg business these days
rich-c: don't be too sanguine, Bob, I might do it right in the middle here
rich-c: I did not sleep well last night
Harvie: brb
BobS: Jidy can relate.......having a heck of a time sleeping lately
rich-c: right - busted pipes don't wait till after Boxing Day to require fixing
rich-c: it ws odd for me - of late the machine has been doing me wonders - Frances is jalous
BobS: you mean the puters are WORKING?
BobS: THAT would be an odd situation for you richard
BobS: even mine are 'mostly' working
rich-c: not the 'puter, that won't even boot off teh install disc - I mean the CPAP machine
BobS: ah......THAT sounds more like it
rich-c: yes, I am confined to the laptop
BobS: get a new hd, then start over with an uncorrupted computer
rich-c: have to learn how to break in through Ubuntu, since I have a "live" disc for that
Harvie: Ditch windows and use Linux and get no corruption
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: that would mean sacrificing all my data and files - including all of Frances'photos
Harvie: Hello Pam
Pamela: Hi, Harvie - merry Christmas (belated)
rich-c: hi daughter, get the right answer from John?
Pamela: Hi, Dad
Pamela: didn't talk to him, left a message on the machine
BobS: hi Pam
Pamela: hey, Bob, Merry Christmas to you too
rich-c: he's be back to you - or no he can't since you're onlie
Harvie: No rich, install Linux on the same hard drive windows is on
Pamela: I told him the best time to reach me was between five and six pm so hopefully he'll call tomorrow
rich-c: or did you give him your cellphone number?
Pamela: nope
rich-c: well with a live CD, why would that matter?
Harvie: I mean to install Linux and you won't lose any data or pictures
rich-c: and why not plug in my USB hard disc and work from there?
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changed username to Ron@YEG
Ron@YEG: alo!
Pamela: Hi Ron - how's Edmonton?
BobS: hi ron
Harvie: If it is windows it's open to corruption
Ron@YEG: cool - snowy
rich-c: still in EDmonchuck, Ron?
Harvie: Hi ron
Ron@YEG: yup
Ron@YEG: Hi Harvie
rich-c: p.s. - merry Christmas (if belated)
BobS: havin fun ?
Pamela: ditto from us
Ron@YEG: OH yeah....... out cruising the boxing week sales today
Ron@YEG: actually rather quiet
Pamela: buy anything?
rich-c: given teh @, maybe he;s waiting for a plane
Ron@YEG: no not quite....thats next Wed nighty
Ron@YEG: night
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changed username to Guy B.
Harvie: Hi Guy
rich-c: hanging in with the family for a bit more, then
Pamela: Good evening, Guy - Merry Christmas to you
BobS: WAY afte teh new year logs in eh?
rich-c: welcome Guy, merry Christmas
BobS: hey guy
Ron@YEG: yes.... will still be here for beginning of 2007
Guy B.: Seasons Greetings!!
BobS: is 2007 gonna be better tahn 2006 ?
Pamela: flip, it's cold in here
Ron@YEG: ya got that right pilgrim
BobS: ok I will buy that.......I think
rich-c: (he's really dodging the fact that he's stuck there because teh winds out there are too tough for planes to fly in)
Guy B.: We are expecting rain here again and Denver is going to get more snow.
Ron@YEG: furnace Pamela
Pamela: Guy, quit saying the S word
Pamela: Apartment, Ron
Guy B.: We don't have any here.
Pamela: heat control consists of opening and closing the windows
Ron@YEG: we got it here, but only about a foot or so
Ron@YEG: Everybody have a fun Christmas?
Guy B.: A foot, Denver has alomost 3 feet.
rich-c: seems that in Toronto this calendar year has teh lowest snowfall since records have been kept - and all but zilch in sight
Pamela: 'twas good, thank you
Ron@YEG: all right!
Ron@YEG: yes, Rich they were saying that on the news coupla nights ago
Pamela: I think you got all our snow out there, Ron - and you may keep it, thank you
Guy B.: Anyway, Annie has lots of new toys and treats for her 1st Christmas.
rich-c: nice, quiet family get-togethers, stood us just fine
Pamela: spoiled puppy : )
BobS: we are down about 25 % from normal and it all came in Nov.....
Ron@YEG: Here we have 3 cats, Max, Spooky, and Ebony
Pamela: so you enjoyed yourselves last night Dad?
rich-c: did just fine Pamela, thank you=all very much
rich-c: hope you can say teh same
Pamela: of course
Pamela: and, for once, all but a few of the dishes are done, done done : )
rich-c: just wish tehwine hdn't conflicted with teh cranberry sauce
Pamela: so all I have to do is clean out the roasting pan
Ron@YEG: Oh Joy Pamela
rich-c: your mother has xperience of such things, as you recall ;-)
Pamela: had turkey, smashed potatoes, green beans, carrots and gravy for lunch, and plum pudding for dessert
Pamela: sound familiar?
Ron@YEG: sounds very similar
rich-c: for Christmas Day we had a ham since we'd be having teh turkey ysterday
Ron@YEG: I'm gonna hafta get back on my sister's treadmill before the night's out
Pamela: the ham was wunnerful
Pamela: I still think we should have traded half the ham for some turkey
rich-c: considering it came from Pusaeri's, it needed to be
rich-c: Pusateris
Ron@YEG: a Toronto purveyor?
Pamela: a high-end grocery store, Ron
Ron@YEG: of fine meats
Ron@YEG: right
rich-c: it's been so long since we've had a decent ham, I'm cool with monoolizing the extra
Pamela: I'm not! : )
rich-c: tied with Whole Earth s priciest in teh city, by far
Ron@YEG: do I detect a difference of opinion twixt father and daughter?
Pamela: difference of opinion? who, us? (looks studiously at ceiling)
Ron@YEG: ahem!
rich-c: no comment
Ron@YEG: Bob S. Still haven't sent the Adam hard drive yet.... will have to wait 'till I get back
rich-c: so Bob, what did you and Judy and family do for the holiday?
BobS: no problem ron,,,,,,,got all the time in the world here
Pamela: and Harvie, how did you spend your Christmas?
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Harvie: At home with family
BobS: Christmas eve went to oldest daughters house for presents and late dinner. Christmas we stayed home w/ mandy & Ryan (short person) and Doug & Meeka
BobS: played games, and had a ham dinner in the eve
rich-c: right, you do Christmas Eve, we do Boxing Day
changed username to Ron
Ron: Slight case of cat on keyboard
Guy B.: We have twins
Pamela: well, we would have done Christmas day if it weren't for Russell's stupid work schedule
Ron: got disconnected
Pamela: disconnect cat from keyboard, Ron
Ron: so we do away with Ron@YEG
Ron: right
rich-c: OK, want us toremve the dup, then?
Ron: ya
rich-c requested to ban Ron@YEG
Pamela confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Pamela: done
Ron confirmed ban
BobS: Boxing day is day AFTEr christmas yes??????
Pamela: yes, Bob
Ron: yes sir
BobS: eve is night before
Pamela: Russell had to work Christmas day but was off yesterday
Ron: Future Shop was a zoo
rich-c: thought we might be getting one of our gamers or something - time Daniel and GuyF were here
Pamela: it was HARD to wait an extra day for prezzies
Ron: My brother just brought me a diet coke.. He says to say hi!
rich-c: they say yesterday was the second heaviest buying day all year, after DEc. 22
Pamela: hi back
Ron: some of you have met Dave I think
rich-c: say hi right back at him for us!
Ron: done
Pamela: you won't catch me setting foot in a store until after New Years
Pamela: bad enough I had to go grocery shopping on the 23rd
Ron: he says hi back
rich-c: we don't have an American-style Black Thursday (a misnomer if ever there was one - jargon, bleech!)
Pamela: went at 8:00 am and by 9:15 when I left it was already a zoo
Pamela: black Friday, Dad
rich-c: sorry, Thanksgiving here is the Thursday, isn't it
Pamela: so - called because it's the day most retailers in the US count on to take them over into the black
rich-c: the real Black Friday was in October of 1929 - as anyone but an ignorant reporter would know
Ron: BRB
Pamela: yes, but as with Watergate, the phrase has been co-opted to the point of absurdity
BobS: true
rich-c: the term I prefer is distorted and devalued, but whatever
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changed username to Ron
Pamela: Dad, do me a favour and ask Mom what's the best way to re-heat the turkey to make patty shells with turkey and gravy, please
rich-c: more cats?
Guy B.: Ron, what's going on?
Ron: no that was me..... kill me again will ya
BobS: which one?????
Ron: 2nd last one
Pamela requested to ban Ron
BobS confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Pamela: better?
BobS: still here Ron?
Guy B.: Ok, he's back
BobS: oh oh
BobS: think we killedhim
BobS: he's gonna be mad
Pamela: oops (she says, studiously looking at the ceiling again)
Harvie: At least we didn't kill Kenny
Guy B.: We should have told him to rename the duplicate, then we can kill the other.
rich-c: make the gravy, cut up the turkey and put it in the hot gravy, if you want almonds toast them ahead of time
Pamela: okay, please say thank you, Dad
rich-c: ÿou're welcome" - mom
Pamela: ; )
rich-c: if you toast the almonds on top of the stove., be careful - they take a lot of watching
Pamela: toaster oven : )
rich-c: that should be the best optoipn
rich-c: oh Pam, I sent you that newsletter so check your email later
Pamela: I got it, Dad, thanks - checked my e-mail just before I came over here
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Pamela: oops
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changed username to rich-1
changed username to Ron-2
BobS: hope that Ron makes it back in ONE piece
Pamela: what is goin' on, guys?
Guy B.: They are both back
Ron-2: One shouldn't play about
rich-1: was that me or did we all bip out?
BobS: Hey to tell us who to throw out ya know
Pamela: just you, Papa
Ron-2: Was trying to get the TV listings for Bro Dave.... cause we don't seem to have a TV Guide
rich-1: wish I knew which wrong key I keep itting
BobS: oops
Pamela: no such thing anymore, Ron - TV Guide doesn't publish a paper magazine anymore - online only
BobS: with windows.........probably the 'enter' key
rich-1: is TV Guide still publishing? I thought they had moved to online exclusively
Pamela: or .ca, I believe
rich-1: Doug must be coasching you, Bob ; - )
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changed username to Ron-3
BobS: THAT is the honest truth Richard
Ron-3: Good Lord!
Guy B.: Holy Cow!
BobS requested to ban Ron-2
rich-1 confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Ron-3 confirmed ban
Pamela: Ron, what on earth?
Ron-3: Yeah eh!
Guy B.: Watch that keyboard
rich-1: I would never doubt it for an instant, Bob - that's why my desktop is unbootable
BobS: quit hitting that deathly key
BobS: can you make a boot disk on the laptop to boot into the desktop????
Ron-3: stay where I'm at till you come where I'm to
Pamela: exactly
rich-1: no, I have an MS-DOS boot disc that doesn't work, and teh six-floppy setup for XP tht doesn't work
BobS: leave Doug and email and ask him HOW to get into the hd directory and take out the files you
rich-1: and as mentioned teh Windows install disc doesn't work, at least in repair mode
BobS: cant =want
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BobS: IF you can suck out the directories of pics, etc that you want, you can format the hd and start ove
BobS: over
changed username to Judy
Guy B.: Hi Judy
rich-1: I'm onto my fourth Microsoft Chinese help officer, waiting for a reply
Pamela: hi, Judy - Merry Christmas
BobS: HI Judy
Ron-3: Hi Judy - Season's Greets
BobS: how's it going ?????
Harvie: Hello Judy
Judy: hello, everyone
(BobS reboots Judy's computer remotely.)
rich-1: hello Judy, merry Christmas et al
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Judy: and Merry Christmas and a happy new year too all !!!!!
Pamela: no no, Bob, you need to reboot Dad's computer remotely : )
changed username to Dr. D.
Pamela: welcome home, Rich
Ron-3: Hey Dr. D
(Guy B. reboots rich-1's computer remotely.)
Dr. D.: Hi all, finally here from Toronto.
Pamela: Merry Christmas
Dr. D.: Just got in from Windsor 10 minutes ago.
Dr. D.: Merry Christmas to all!
rich-1: hey, where's the otehr half of the R&R team?
BobS: hi Dr d
Guy B.: Hi Dr. D
Ron-3: and to you Dr. D
Guy B.: How's Rin
Dr. D.: She is fine, unpacking :-)
rich-1: so you'll have to ettle for online socializing tonight
rich-1: how did things go in Windsor?
Judy: hi, Dr D
Guy B.: Is Christina in for the holidays?
Dr. D.: Should be able to join in a bit from her laptop...I am piggybacking ethernet off her dialup
Dr. D.: Yes she is Guy, until 2 Jan.
Dr. D.: Things went well, Richard, AFAIK.
Dr. D.: Nobody was fighting, anyhow :-)
Pamela: always a good sign : )
Dr. D.: Just lots of driving the last few days...
rich-1: fortunately, they aren't given to that - they do get along well
rich-1: yes, over to Windsor, then down here
Dr. D.: Xmas Day I drove from Cleveland to Niles OH for Christmas at my stepsister's, then drove to Windsor from 6-10 PM.
Dr. D.: Saw only 5 semis on the entire trip on the Ohio Turnpike, then only another 5 on I-75 up to Detroit.
Judy: that makes for a fun day Dr
Dr. D.: It was nice driving, no semis...
rich-1: me, I bought my monthly fill-up on the first and still haven't got it down to the half mark yet'
Dr. D.: Everyone is well, both in Cleveland and Windsor.
Pamela: I know, I was on the 401 on Christmas day and not a semi in sight
Judy: saves a lot of money that way
rich-1: wow! a genuine Christmas Miracle!
Dr. D.: Joan and the girls joined me at my stepsister's, everyone was okay with that, Joan was off work this Christmas.
rich-1: next you'll tell us you got through the border with no hassles
Dr. D.: We saw very few semis on the 401 east until past London I think.
Dr. D.: I did.
Dr. D.: There were only 4 lanes open and only 3 had cars in them.
rich-1: thou art on a roll!
Dr. D.: The gal didn't even want a list of the Xmas gifts I was bringing in.
Pamela: not surprising, Rich, most of them come off the 402 from Sarnia just east of London
Dr. D.: Of course, on the way back in, I will be treated as if a terrorist again.
Pamela: where is Niles, Rich?
Dr. D.: So you and Frances want to see Rin and I for a bit while I am here? I will be here until the morning of 2 January, when I take Rin to work and then go back home.
BobS: probably, because it will be the US it=diiots onthe way back in
Dr. D.: Niles is between Warren and Youngstown, about 90 minutes southeast of Cleveland, about 10 miles from PA border.
Dr. D.: see Rin and me I should say grammatically correctly
Dr. D.: Not to put either of you to trouble, just to stop by whenever convenient.
Pamela: ah, okay, found it
rich-1: well, it will depend on what sort of socializing we can cook up -gneral dropin, pizza feed, raid on Mandarin?
Dr. D.: Not wanting to sponge free food or make anyone go to trouble, just whatever socializing is convenient for you...
rich-1: and what can we do that wil allow Pam and Russell to participate - though with them in the same building, something whould be workable
Dr. D.: We have no plans between now and then.
Dr. D.: Yes of course Pam and Russell :-)
Dr. D.: Not sure what P & R have for work schedules
Pamela: Russell goes onto midnights tomorrow night until next Thursday, so won't be available unfortunately
BobS: can we come too ?
Dr. D.: Rin is off until the 2nds
Dr. D.: hehe wanna drive up?
Pamela: I am working tomorrow and Friday
Pamela: c'mon up, Bob
BobS: why not, bordr patrol is good
Dr. D.: Then whatever you Clees/Vilneffs say is convenient, we will work around that.
Pamela: and out Sunday night
Dr. D.: We have no plans other than to be here in Toronto
BobS: ok it is Saturday from 1:35 to 3:07pm
rich-1: since we have a totally open timetable, we really should let Pam say what works for her tehn move from there
Dr. D.: hehehehehe
Dr. D.: (to Bob)
Pamela: sounds good to us Bob, but seems like a long way to drive for an hour and a half : )
Dr. D.: That works for me, your call Pam.
Dr. D.: Drive nothin he is flyin in
Judy: that is about our schedules
rich-1: well, she's here now, can she offer a plan?
BobS: hey's married life now?
Dr. D.: No need to commit right now, just raising the issue since we knew everyone would be here
BobS: got your finally got some time together
Pamela: how about Friday night?
Dr. D.: (Rin says wait a bit, you will find out once she gets logged in)
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changed username to Mrs. D
Pamela: I can be at the house by 6:00
Guy B.: HI Rin
Pamela: greetings, cousin : )
Judy: hi, Rin
BobS: \seee,,,,,,,here she is now
Mrs. D: hi Guy
Pamela: Merry Christmas
Dr. D.: I can bring my gallstone :-)
Mrs. D: Hi Judy
rich-1: hi Rin, just discussing some socializing'
Pamela: cool!
Mrs. D: Hi Pammie
Mrs. D: Merry Xmouse to you too
Dr. D.: Last of the superglue fell off my incisions last night.
Pamela: thank you for the gifts Erin
Dr. D.: Bruising is mostly gone, so I am mostly healed.
Guy B.: Still sore abit?
rich-1: so you are feeling (you should pardon the expression ) NUDE?
Mrs. D: your welcome...and thank you!
Dr. D.: I did get kneed in the belly by one of Erin's nephews yesterday though.
Pamela: : )
Pamela: ouch, who did that, Rich?
rich-1: as long as it ws teh small one...
Dr. D.: Max
Pamela: ow
Dr. D.: He did it by accident...though later he did hit me hard in the shoulder on purpose...I shoulda decked him...
Ron-3: Hi Rin
rich-1: Frances says Friday will work for us - good time for a pizza feed?
Mrs. D: hi Ron!
Pamela: sure
Dr. D.: Works for me, my first pizza in months...
Dr. D.: Hello Ron Mark III
Mrs. D: pizza has all the food groups :-)
Ron-3: fax me one to Edmonton eh?
rich-1: yes, and you've been undernourishing yourself too ;-)
Pamela: we'll e-mail it Ron
Ron-3: Would have to be Weightwatchers friendly
Dr. D.: I want to go home weighing no more than I did when I came here...
Guy B.: I have a very fussy dog when it comes to treats.
rich-1: yes, we have a resataurant here, non-chain, that makes a most decent pizza
Pamela: be thankful, Guy
Dr. D.: I am not fussy about pizza, even Chef Boyardee homemade is good
rich-1: Rich and Rin have had it before
Pamela: easier to keep her out of the people food that way
Guy B.: She insists on having the second biscuit first, then she will eat the first one.
Pamela: smart puppy : )
rich-1: do I get teh feeling that there is an awfully spoiled pooch coming on stage here?
Ron-3: Will be back shortly
Guy B.: She's funny though
Pamela: now what would give you that idea?
rich-1: hey, he vanishes without help of a cat!
BobS: anybody here????
Guy B.: You said Weat right Rich
Judy: test
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BobS: can you see this?
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Guy B.: I'll be back in a minute
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rich-1: Drushels, how about we book you to arrive ca. 5 p.m. Friday with Pam to follow as she can?
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Pamela: did we all get dumped?
changed username to rich-2
changed username to Judy1
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changed username to Dr. D.
changed username to BobS
changed username to rich-2
changed username to Pamela
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BobS changed username to Roberto
changed username to Guy B.
changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back
Roberto: I think so
Judy1: I did
rich-2: did everyone get dumped?
Dr. D.: I did, boom.
Pamela: did we all get dumped?
Guy B.: Looks like it.
Dr. D.: And for some reason the backup coleco server isn't running...hmmm
Roberto: I was here and then I was there, and the BAM
Roberto: roll call sound off.........
rich-2: anyway, Rich & Rin, how about you get here about 5 on Friday, and Pam can follow?
Pamela: here
Judy1: I got dumped but Bob could see what I was typing
Dr. D.: That works for us, Richard. 5 PM Friday, at the Clees.
rich-2: gotcha - putting it on the calendar now
Pamela: I'll come right after work, will stop at home to get changed first
Pamela: luckily, traffic shouldn't be too bad
Dr. D.: Well, looks like has had a hard crash, it is not on the network no backups until I get back to my office on 2 January to reboot it, I guess.
Dr. D.: I will wear red clothing so pizza sauce won't show :-)
Pamela: good call : )
rich-2: right - besides, it's teh seasonal colour
Dr. D.: One of these nights Rin and I are going to do something fancy, I brought my tuxedo :-)
Dr. D.: We should go to Tim Horton's and be the classiest things in the joint
Roberto: man you DO get cleaned up
Pamela: I want pictures of that!
Dr. D.: hehe
rich-2: find a Linux convention and go there...
Dr. D.: <smirk> I don't have a plushie toy of tux
Pamela: have Erin wear her wedding dress : )
Dr. D.: Do you have a Tux, Ron?
Dr. D.: I keep telling her to do that, she says it is not to be worn again, I say nuts to that
rich-2: actually I suspect all teh New Years tuxedo events are longe since sold out
Ron-3: not yet
Dr. D.: I am not wealthy enough to spring for those...anyway those are mostly for drinkers anyhow
Ron-3: Unable to find a chat client for the Mac, so they'll have to wait until nxt week
Dr. D.: So crashing a McDonald's or something might be a treat
Pamela: not ever again, Erin?
rich-2: ye$, they do end to a$k certain thing$
Dr. D.: Hey, I didn't buy that tux just to wear it once Bob
Ron-3: Last time I wore a tux was at Jeffery/Francesca wedding
Mrs. D: nope...but I have a nice red number which will work
Dr. D.: mrow it is nice
Pamela: woo!
Dr. D.: her maid of honour dress for Marie's wedding
Mrs. D: not that red number
Roberto: got to dress up IF you got the closhtes kids
Dr. D.: <pout>
Pamela: LOL
Roberto: clothes
Mrs. D: but yes, that's a stunner....when it fits
rich-2: I don't think Frances hasever worn her wedding dress again, but she still has it
Dr. D.: It fits fine, not your problem if you fall out of the top
Mrs. D: right now it's like climbing into a sack according to Hubby
Pamela: meaning too big, Rin?
(rich-2 gives rich-2 some poutine.)
Mrs. D: way too big
(rich-2 gives rich-2 a nice tall frosty Guinness)
Roberto: well good for you rin
rich-2: slight click error!
Dr. D.: <Dr. D. has a can of Pepsi>
Roberto: rich, it is NOT agift IF you give yourself a brew
Dr. D.: I guess I would rather not have her grow into it
Pamela: (Pamela gets some cider)
Mrs. D: it's only yoo big because it was bought that way
Mrs. D: too
Dr. D.: I think Marie said the raw dress was size 22
Mrs. D: yeah and I am certainly not that
Pamela: I hope you have a good dressmaker. Is the dress here or in Windsor?
Judy1: why would you buy a 22?
Mrs. D: it's here
Mrs. D: cuz I couldn't go to the states to try it on
Dr. D.: That is whatever the European sizing is
rich-2: says you Bob, I am treating myself to a coffee porter from teh Mill St. Brewery tonight
Mrs. D: I expected they would get a 20 (which is still too big) but they wanted to play it super safe
Pamela: heck you'll have enough dress to make another one, Erin : )
rich-2 requested to ban rich-1
Mrs. D confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Ron-3 confirmed ban
Dr. D. confirmed ban
Roberto confirmed ban
Mrs. D: well...for the cat and my Ariel dolls perhaps
Pamela confirmed ban
Dr. D.: I have a brief camera movie of her crawling into it this afternoon.
Pamela: Schiefer in a matching dress - there's a visual for you
Dr. D.: It is kinda comical
Judy1: that is one way to have the bride look the best
Pamela: think I need to either turn down the fridge or defrost it - cider had frost on the top
rich-2: which is, after all, her entitlement
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Dr. D.: haha Judy
changed username to Semi-Ron
Pamela: remember the better the attendants look the better the bride looks
rich-2: defrost it, then we can have our coolers back
Judy1: or visa versa
Guy B.: Ron, this isn't your night
Pamela: are you planning on using them any time soon?
rich-2: (not like we have anything we need to do with them, of course)
Semi-Ron: sorry folks, my attention is divided - seem to be killing myself off regularly
Dr. D.: Don't do that Ron
Pamela: don't worry, you'll get them back
Semi-Ron: this time it was not the cat
rich-2: I see I'm twins but I don't know which is teh extra
Pamela: rename yourself Dad
Semi-Ron: one of these matter/anti-matter situations
rich-2 changed username to rich-3
Mrs. D: Uncle Richard tu-tu
rich-3 requested to ban rich-2
Guy B. confirmed ban
Dr. D. confirmed ban
Semi-Ron confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Mrs. D confirmed ban
Roberto confirmed ban
Semi-Ron: Now- remove Ron-3
Guy B.: Ok, looks better now
Dr. D.: Richard in a tutu?
Dr. D.: Yikes
rich-3 requested to ban Ron-3
Guy B. confirmed ban
Dr. D. confirmed ban
Semi-Ron confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Roberto confirmed ban
Mrs. D confirmed ban
Pamela: I want that picture, too
Pamela: good blackmail material
Semi-Ron: brings to mind a certain visual image
Roberto: oh THAT is NOT a pretty picture
rich-3: actually, it is Jacob Tu-Tu who deals with the Hooded Fang
Dr. D.: I know not of what you speak Richard
Dr. D.: Sounds like a secret snake-handling society
rich-3: (it's a kids book by Mordecai Richler)
Dr. D.: okay
rich-3: of no small fam locally with some export popularity
Semi-Ron: glad you cleared that up
rich-3: no, the secret snakehandling society is just down the block from you, Rich
Dr. D.: haha
Pamela: well, they're failing miserably!
rich-3: (there is a hose vacaed because tehy can't find the king cobra that's loose in it)
Dr. D.: they are giving lessons to the idiot who put his python around his own neck 2 weeks ago, with predictably fatal results
Pamela: ah, a candidate for the Darwin awards
rich-3: a python is a constrictor, not venemous, isn't it?
Pamela: if the snake has any sense, he's curled up next to the furnace : )
Semi-Ron: I prefer kitty cats to snakes
Dr. D.: Yes, but when they get to be 5 meters long, they are dangerous
Dr. D.: They can't eat you, but they can strangle you
rich-3: yes, that's how they get to eat, so it's sortof built in
Semi-Ron: are there no laws about keeping exotic pets?
rich-3: yes, but not everyone obeys them
Semi-Ron: right
Pamela: apparently that was not the only exotic critter they had, Ron
Semi-Ron: Oh?
Judy1: I would move if that was down the block from me
Pamela: just the only one they found ( or lost, as the case may be)
Roberto: oops....what else did they have.......and the danke killed someone?
rich-3: quite a menagerie of snakes you wouldn't want to meet up with
Semi-Ron: Is that the same one that's still crawling around unfound in the walls of a house?
Pamela: that's the one
Dr. D.: It has been too cold for it, it is likely dead, but they want to see the body, which they haven't found yet without ripping out all the walls.
Judy1: good idea
Pamela: never a dull moment around here
Dr. D.: If I were the owner, I wouldn't want them ripping out my house...
Judy1: we like dull around here
rich-3: why they can't find it with an infrared deector is something I'm not clear on
Dr. D.: At least it isn't a nuclear reactor or something
rich-3: the news reports keep evding hat issue
Dr. D.: Probably it is DEAD Richard and hence no IR emissions...if it crawled into some hole or crack and died, they never will find it.
rich-3: seems they feel it is likely still alive, as long as it is sheltered
Pamela: it will become the "house where they never found the cobra" and no one will want to live in it
Dr. D.: Maybe they should gas the house then
Pamela: I just hope there's no connection between the two sides - it's a semi-detached
rich-3: I doubt that would win any neighbourhood popularity contests, either
Dr. D.: Rin says a strange 16-year-old would like to live in such a house
Dr. D.: Great bragging rights
rich-3: and then they'd still have to find the corpse to reassure everyone
Pamela: one thing's for sure, the house is vermin-free : )
Judy1: but it is going to get eventful in Grand Rapids with the dying of the former president coming back here for his final resting place
Pamela: is he from GR, Judy?
Roberto: yew
Pamela: all I knew was Michigan
Judy1: yes, downtown
Roberto: ues, will be vuried at the presidential museum site on the river downtown
rich-3: right, I forgot about that - I didn't know Ford was a Michigander
Roberto: buried
Dr. D.: They could put him on display ala Lenin...
Pamela: ick, Rich
Roberto: born and bred here inthe city, football star in high school and then @ University of Michigan
rich-3: didn't know the museum ws in town, either - just knew teh airport was named for him
Roberto: and they freeway you used to go to Chicago
Semi-Ron: When I was in GR, Bob-Judy, didn't we see his museum?
rich-3: but then, JFK is in New York and he was a Bostonian
Pamela: museum or library?
Dr. D.: Being buried at the museum doesn't sound like a nice idea either...put him in Arlington Cemetery.
Judy1: don
Semi-Ron: library perhaps
Roberto: thru Holland oan donto Benton haqrbor and beyond
Roberto: kinda both Pam
Semi-Ron: I recall a mockup of the Oval Office
Roberto: yes we DID ronald..........right near the Gr Museum with the planatarium show we slept thru
Roberto: RIGHT
Judy1: don't know we were downtown when we went to see the stars
Semi-Ron: :) (ah yes..... must return to see the show I slept thru)
Roberto: think thye had a small dollhouse of the white house also Ron
rich-3: seems we should have put in more time in GR, with the Meijer Gardens and FLW house and Ford stuff
Semi-Ron: right
Pamela: we'll just have to go back : )
Semi-Ron: hey right! I'm good with that
Judy1: yes, come anytime
Pamela: this two weeks vacation stuff just sucks, let me tell you
rich-3: besides, it's not that much furether over to Chicago for a day
rich-3: who knows, maybe they'll have teh roads driveable by tehn
Pamela: one week for convention, one week for the trailer and pfft that
Pamela: 's it
Pamela: I want my four weeks back
rich-3: how is teh roadwork going, Guy?
Semi-Ron: Don't blame you Pamela
Dr. D.: You may need a different job then :-(
Pamela: that's the problem, Rich, - I got a new job
Pamela: back to square one
Semi-Ron: bummer
Dr. D.: I will be working on class stuff when I get back to Cleveland...classes start 3rd week of January.
Pamela: by the time I left Speedy I had four weeks vacation
Dr. D.: Well, a newer one than Speedy
Judy1: don't quit it is too hard to find another one
Dr. D.: I wasn't advising quitting, just saying that might be the only way to get more vacation.
rich-3: well, right now teh problem is Russell neds a new one (maybe)
Pamela: as weird as it sounds, I'm enjoying the accounting stuff
Dr. D.: They didn't grandfather in seniority, I take it?
Pamela: no - no relationship in companies at all - just started over
Dr. D.: That was not nice of them.
rich-3: Kimberly is likely wondering why it took you so long to find out
rich-3: especially since your mother has some fine accounting genes too
Pamela: oh trust me Dad, she's laughing up her sleeve
Pamela: as long as I don't have to do payables or collections, I'm happy
rich-3: by now I'd expect her to be laughing out loud - it's more than justified
rich-3: oh payables are fun - nothing like spending someone else's money
Pamela: no it's not, trust me
Pamela: I turned down the payables job when it came open
moved to room Meeting Place
left chat session
Roberto: ok who's new
Roberto changed username to BobS
rich-3: seems whoever it was went away
Dr. D.: Not me...but I am thinking of signing off for the night.
Pamela: too much contact with the VP / GM who is notoriously picky and sometimes irrational
BobS: gettign to the bewitching hour it is
Dr. D.: Need to take some ibuprofen and lie down for a bit.
BobS: jkl;
Dr. D.: A few tummy twinges starting up again.
rich-3: oh, you've got about 15 minutes yet, Rich
BobS: whew. a little slow here
Dr. D.: Rin is wading through her work E-mail, ugh.
Pamela: ugh is right
BobS: AND, does she have alot of spam in that also?
Dr. D.: She said the bureaucrats never work this hard during a regular week, why are they sending her so much stuff now?
BobS: get tons of it here on reg email addresses
Pamela: nice quiet time, everyone gets more done this week
BobS: thak goodness for MailWasher
Dr. D.: Spam has learned how to get to Blackberry addresses...
rich-3: well, your addresses have been around for a while, too
Pamela: ya got that right, Bob
Pamela: I had 70 e-mails tonite, of which only 7 were legit
Semi-Ron: The office in Ottawa was like that all sorts of things done
rich-3: just use Thunderbird, it has filters built in - including Bayesian
BobS: RIGHTO pamela
Pamela: I'm all caught up at work and am actually thinking of doing my filing (gasp)
rich-3: takes a while to "train" but it does become workable
Dr. D.: Filing ugh
Pamela: (have I mentioned I hate filing?)
Semi-Ron: I've lost track of time
Semi-Ron: sez 8:45 here
BobS: I have so many email addresses blacklisted, the bulk of the mila is set to delete already, jsut hit process mail
Pamela: that's right Ron
Semi-Ron: I'm losing it
Pamela: naw, just misplacing it : )
Semi-Ron: my Mac sez it's 7:45
BobS: you gained a hour somewhere
rich-3: no, youé in Mountain not Pacific time - that's why the bod feels strane
Pamela: and so it would be, in Comox
Semi-Ron: ah so
BobS: there you go mon
Semi-Ron: you guys are most helpful
rich-3: we specialize in it, Ron ; - )
Dr. D.: mine says 10:48
Pamela: there's a reason you keep us around, Ron : )
rich-3: so does mine and I'm on NIST sync
Dr. D.: tick tock tick tock
Pamela: (note to self, put up clock back here)
Semi-Ron: Cause I love ya's all, and there ain't a damn thing you can do about it!
Pamela: <grin>
Semi-Ron: yes.... indeed there is
BobS: :-)
Dr. D.: That's the problem with relatives, you can't pick them, you are stuck with them.
Semi-Ron: :)
Dr. D.: But we like being stuck with you Ron
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm just about done for the day. Enjoying the rest of my vacation this week. Have a Safe and Happy New Year to all!
Semi-Ron: hey! Just as well
Dr. D.: HNY 2 U 2 Guy
rich-3: same to you, Guy - see you next year!
Pamela: just enjoy your rest, Guy. Happy New Year to you
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you and Annie
Semi-Ron: niters Mr. Bona. Be good and give Annie a pat
BobS: nite
BobS: guy
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Hugs to you and Annie says Hi
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Mrs. D: niteGuy
BobS: too late
BobS: gone ins 60 seconds
Pamela: man, he poofs in a hurry
rich-3: gotta react fast
Dr. D.: Rin is now playing with her camera
BobS: gave up on emails ????
rich-3: is this a new camera or something?
Mrs. D: I'm also a slow typist
Dr. D.: She bought it on a whim she said
Mrs. D: this is a new camera
Pamela: just think of it as a large Blackberry, Erin
Mrs. D: finally got out of the dark ages
Semi-Ron: and what kind of cam would it be?
Mrs. D: Sony Cyber-shot
rich-3: don't Blackberrys have cameras in them?
Semi-Ron: ah....
Semi-Ron: good unit
rich-3: one of teh digitals
Mrs. D: they might but the gov't pays for the BB's so I don't get top of the line
Mrs. D: yes a digital
Mrs. D: 4.1 mega pixels
Dr. D.: Her BB has a spycam for the Ministry
rich-3: I hae a camera in my el cheapo phone and some day may find out how to use it
Dr. D.: She snuck it into John Tory's washroom
Semi-Ron: Brother Dave bought me a vest for Christmas with all sorts of pockets - Now all I need for my camera shoots is a swagger stick and a Pith helmet
Dr. D.: Got loads of dirt
Dr. D.: haha Ron
Dr. D.: Commander McBragg
Semi-Ron: my camera gear doth multiply exponentially
Semi-Ron: :)
Dr. D.: There...the Snakepit...did I ever tell you about the time that....
Pamela: believe me, the Clee family is well acquainted with the phenomenon
rich-3: I have a 7.2 mp Casio Exelim but suspect my 1960 Pentax optical is still better
Dr. D.: I can see Ron in the role perfectly
Semi-Ron: right
Semi-Ron: tripods strapped to backside
Dr. D.: I have a Canon SLR I inherited from a faculty member...have 3 lenses including macro
rich-3: he has teh starring lead
Dr. D.: It has great optics.
rich-3: yes - tehy don't build them like tht any more
Semi-Ron: that's my next......gotta get a macro
Semi-Ron: have 5 lenses for the Nikon, but still no macro
Pamela: I shall stick with my little point and shoot for the time being
Pamela: still takes great pictures
Semi-Ron: It's cat treat time here at Dr. Stephanie's
Dr. D.: If they still made the C126 film and MagiCubes I would still be using my Kodak Instamatic
rich-3: these days, I need a camera that holds itself steady, as the digitals do
Semi-Ron: 3 of 'em getting goodies
Dr. D.: It takes great was my Grampa Drushel's, he always used Kodachrome slide film, I have all the slides, they are gorgeous after 45 year.
Dr. D.: years
rich-3: yes, teh way to herd cats - feed ém and they'll herd themselves
Semi-Ron: yup
Pamela: just shake the treat can
Pamela: works every time
Semi-Ron: oh they know
Dr. D.: <shakes chocolate tin>
Dr. D.: <Rin comes running>
BobS: well kids.......gonna go here for this year, see ya all NEXT year
rich-3: right, thouhg in justice most of my 8000 sides seem to have held their colour well too
Semi-Ron: yes Bob.... I should be back home next week in time to start 2007
Dr. D.: Not sure they even make Kodachrome now
Pamela: g'nite Bob - Happy New Year
rich-3: and now in this yer of our Photoshop, one can help the ones that didn't
BobS: the party's over, and now it's time to go........
Dr. D.: Yes Bob and Judy, good night and HNY
Pamela: g/nite Judy - and to you too
BobS: nite
Mrs. D: nitey nite
BobS left chat session
Dr. D.: Prob should go pry Rin away from her camera now too
Semi-Ron: G'nte to the Slopsemas
Semi-Ron: HNY and all
Dr. D.: So 5 PM at the Clees Friday
Pamela: nite Rich and Rin, see you Friday
Judy1: yes, me too, have a Happy New Year to all, talk at you next year, night
Pamela: (PRIVATE) love you
rich-3: OK Bob abd Judy, a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to you - and see you then
Dr. D.: Nite all
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
Judy1 left chat session
Semi-Ron: the group shrinketh
Mrs. D: (PRIVATE) love you too <hugs>
rich-3: we shall be looking for you, R&R
Mrs. D: bonne nuit all!! and to all a good night
Semi-Ron: Nite Rin. Be well.... and enjoy time off eh?
Mrs. D left chat session
Semi-Ron: G'nite to the Clees
Semi-Ron: don't do anything I wouldn't do
Pamela: Goodnight Ron, Happy New Year
Semi-Ron: same back atcha Pam
Semi-Ron: niters
rich-3: good night and happy new year to you and yours, Ron - and a safe flight home'
rich-3: see you in 2007
Semi-Ron: thank you sir..... say hi to Frances for me
rich-3: consider it done
Semi-Ron left chat session
Pamela: Dad, did you try the turntable?
rich-3: OK daugheter, any last details?
Pamela: forgot to ask you earlier
rich-3: no, not yet, maybe in a few days
Pamela: okay. No last details - I'll see you Friday after work
rich-3: had a dozy day today, and otehr concerns
rich-3: OK, see you when you arrive
Pamela: OK. Night, Daddy
rich-3: remember to check your email now
rich-3: night
Pamela: kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
rich-3 left chat session > chat > Wed 2006-12-27
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