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Harvie: Howdy gents
rich-c: hello Harvie and Freddy
FreddyZ80: Hello Rich, Harvie!!
Harvie: Who is Freddy/z80?
rich-c: who is the FreddyZ80 handle?
FreddyZ80: Ghost from the past
rich-c: some sdays I think that covers all of us ; - )
FreddyZ80: Freddy from PQ
rich-c: ah, a belle province - which part?
FreddyZ80: Mirabel sector
FreddyZ80: once upon a time a beutiful airport.....
rich-c: that's where Guy Foster hangs out
FreddyZ80: Really!
rich-c: he and Daniel Bienvenue for Ste, Fiy are our CV games wrtiters now
rich-c: sorry, Ste. Foy for Daniel, down by the capital
FreddyZ80: Amazing, so its the photo of Guy and Daniel then I saw on last Adamcon pics....
rich-c: Guy has a very new daughter and a nw job with the Montreal Mdetro
rich-c: sorry for teh "shouting", my hands are cramping and I'm missing keys
FreddyZ80: been so buzy its too bad I missed the 2005 Adamcon just in Ont.
FreddyZ80: No worries
rich-c: weell this year you should have no trouble at all - it will be in nominally Ottawa and likely Gatineau
FreddyZ80: Really!!! oh thats great!! do you know when??
rich-c: date isn't set yet, but Neil Wick will likely be doing it and he's talking July
Harvie: Would we know you by another name Freddy?
rich-c: have to accommodate everyones'conflicting vacation schedules
FreddyZ80: FreddyMaiden was my old code...
rich-c: are you still using an Adam?
FreddyZ80: I thought FreddyZ80 was quite catchy! just thought it up before enterring today :):)
Harvie: It works
FreddyZ80: Yeah sometimes, I just fired it up yesterday, and thought about the chat
rich-c: good on you!
rich-c: believe it or not, yesterday I had a call from a woman in California
FreddyZ80: I wanted to convert Smartbasic into Rom for the emulator.....well didnt quite work out..
rich-c: wanted to buy some ribbons for her father's ADam printer
FreddyZ80: Great!!! :)
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rich-c: that's OK, bet Rich Drushel can give you all the leads you need to pull it off
FreddyZ80: Adam forever
changed username to retsoFyuG
FreddyZ80: THat would be great sometime
rich-c: or Daniel may be the one swith the closest setup this week
Harvie: Hello Guy
retsoFyuG: Hiya boyz
FreddyZ80: Hello Guy!
rich-c: speaking of whom, here's Guy Foster now - welcome, and how's the family?
retsoFyuG: Rich: Great, thanks Rich, daughter is growing fast.
Harvie: Guy , we have a fellow from Mirabel with us
retsoFyuG: Mirabel? Cool, not too far from here...
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FreddyZ80: from where?
changed username to Guy B.
retsoFyuG: Mirabel the city?
Harvie: Hello GuyB
rich-c: and to finish my report - my California buyer said her father has tried just about every computer ever put out
Guy B.: New Year's Greetings!!!
FreddyZ80: Yup
FreddyZ80: Hi GuyB!
retsoFyuG: Yeah, not far from Montreal.
rich-c: but swears that the Adam is the only one he is comfortable with - he has about ten of them
Guy B.: HI Guy, How's Tamara and Sandra doing?
FreddyZ80: Wow so he is racking them up and none left!! :):)
rich-c: hello, other Guy ;-)
retsoFyuG: GuyB: They're doing great! Thanks for asking... everything is falling into place.
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Guy B.: Fantastic
changed username to Pamela
retsoFyuG: How's the doggie GuyB?
FreddyZ80: Hi Pam!
rich-c: hello daughter
Harvie: Hello Pam
Pamela: Hi, everyone - Happy New Year
rich-c: get my email today?
Pamela: yes, thanks
Guy B.: Annie's doing great. Still chasing the squirrells and the rabbits. She had a really good 1st Christmas
Guy B.: HI Pam
Pamela: Hi, Guy
Pamela: hey Foster, feeling a little backward?
retsoFyuG: Yeah, almost forgot, happy new years to all! Only 6 months or so left for Adamcon! Woohoo.
retsoFyuG: Pam: yeah, today, I don't know what's wrong with me, I'm very irritable and moody... hence the name.
Pamela: Dad, that file took almost ten minutes to download
rich-c: and guess tehre's enough here now to make a Happy New Year stretc h around
Pamela: how are Sandra and the baby doing, Gui?
rich-c: oh, I meant teh text file about Fido and Cars
Guy B.: Oh yeah. I hope Neal let's us know when the dates will be.
Pamela: yes, I got that one too : )
retsoFyuG: Pam: Doing great, family dynamics is finally falling into place... getting used to each other, and are learning our roles... Not easy for first time parents. Next child shoul be easier to get accustomed to.
Pamela: how did you get the offer from Rogers, Dad - mail?
rich-c: he will have to negotiate it with Rich, Dale, and Ron, and others
rich-c: yes, Pam
Pamela: haven't seen anything like it from Fido
retsoFyuG: Is Neal the one organizing Adamcon this year?
rich-c: think it was tucked into my invoice for the month
Pamela: ah, I haven't received my invoice yet
retsoFyuG: I will make it a priority to attend it this year since it is so close to Montreal (as opposed to the one last year).
Pamela: that's good news, Gui
rich-c: pity - we now have two CDs of opera excerpts
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changed username to erin
retsoFyuG: Freddy: What's with the Z80 suffix? Any interest in that old processor?
rich-c: just came today so we haven't played them yet
Guy B.: Hi Rin
FreddyZ80: Hi Erin
Harvie: Hello Erin
Pamela: Hi, cousin - Happy New Year!
Guy B.: Where's the great D?
rich-c: hello Roin, where's your hubby? we need his dvice
erin: hello all! happy new year!
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changed username to BobS
Guy B.: Hi Bob
FreddyZ80: Hi Bob
rich-c: greetings, Roberto
BobS: HI KIDS !!!!!!!
Pamela: way to make her feel wanted, guys - say hi and ask for Dr. D
Harvie: Hello Bob
erin: Hubby had the girls over for dinner...he's taking them home now
Pamela: Hey, Bob - HNY
FreddyZ80: LOL
erin: hi Bobs!
Guy B.: Well, we thought since Rin is here, he shouldn't be too far behind.
rich-c: OK - if Freddy hangs in, maybe Rich can give him the clues he needs for a project
Pamela: I didn't get a chance to say a proper goodnight on Friday, Erin - I lost you guys at the highway and I guess I beat you home
BobS: winter is grand, Pres Ford is in the crypt and GR and get back to normal.......for what that is worth
FreddyZ80: Thanks Rich-C!!! can wait though no probs!
erin: you did beat us home :-)
retsoFyuG: What kind of project?
Pamela: but I didn't get my hugs : (
rich-c: well, if he's likely to turn up anyway, strike while the iron is hot and all
erin: they'll be plenty to come :-)
FreddyZ80: well......just trying to get for example Smartbasic on a diskette converted to ROM for use on emulator
rich-c: yes, isn't this weather absolutely glorious?
Pamela: I must admit the longer this weather goes on, the less I am looking forward to actually experiencing winter
retsoFyuG: Is Smartbasic in EPROM?
rich-c: come to think of it - dn't swe already have a ROM image of SmartBASIC to work on the emulator?
retsoFyuG: On Saturday, they predict it will be 16 degrees. CELCIUS... in Montreal...
Harvie: I had it on ddp Guy
rich-c: do you realize in 2006 Toronto had the lowest calendar year snowfall on recod?
FreddyZ80: I have a copy on diskette for the Adam, dunno....
BobS: Freddy, go to and download it
BobS: twill be the SamrtBasci v.10 for ADAMEMULATOR
rich-c: and if he's still tuned in, does Guy B. have it on his site, too?
retsoFyuG: Freddy: Are you planning on writing an Adam emulator?
BobS: nope, using Marcell DeKogel's ADAMemulator
FreddyZ80: Cool Bob! Thanks for that!!
Pamela: brb, folks
FreddyZ80: Guy, yeah I am not that good....
BobS: have some ADAM programs for ADAMem most in .zip form, unzip them into the the ADAMem directory and use them
rich-c: gee, Toronto they are only calling for 10 0-(
BobS: only ONE that doesn't work at this time is Smart LETTERS & FORMS
BobS: and I have that but haven't uploadied it yet
retsoFyuG: Rich: Yeah, 10 degrees on Friday for us, and Saturday, it will be 16. I plan on going biking in shorts that day...
rich-c: but you've at least found teh original disc, so all you need now is Guy's utilities, right?
BobS: 50* F here today. GREAT May
retsoFyuG: Biking in shorts in January in Montreal. Never thought that would be a possibility.
FreddyZ80: Bob, Thats grand,
retsoFyuG: Last Friday I went biking, and it was very cold (-10 or more with the windshield).
BobS: Freddy will be adding more as time permists
BobS: permits
rich-c: yes, we had ourselves a lovely bright day today too, thugh the breeze got strong and chill in the afternoon
FreddyZ80: Yup, sorry there!
retsoFyuG: Hmm, wonder where Dan the Man is...
rich-c: Pam, I gather the slow download was the alternative wallpaper picture?
rich-c: likely stuck on a last-minute program at work - he puts in a lot of overtime for someone on the bubble
retsoFyuG: Rich: Hope he gets paid for all that overtime.
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rich-c: certainly hope so, but I'm not sure that's how the programming business works
changed username to Guy & Annie
changed username to Judy
Pamela: Hi, Judy!
Harvie: Hello Judy
Guy & Annie: Ok, I had a freeze.
FreddyZ80: Hi Guys!
Judy: Hi, All
rich-c: hello Judy, in to keep an eye on the old man?
erin: hi Judy...happy new year
Guy & Annie requested to ban Guy B.
Judy confirmed ban
Harvie confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
erin confirmed ban
retsoFyuG confirmed ban
Pamela: Yes dad, it was the wallpaper. And strangely enough, until you pointed out the changes, I didn't notice them : )
Judy: no, I was doing that all day
Guy & Annie changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Hi Judy
Judy: happy new year to you too
rich-c: the idea of photo editing is that you shouldn't notice the changes
Harvie: Somebody has to do it Judy
BobS confirmed ban
Judy: that is true
rich-c: and I did forget to modify the file size and type - sorry
BobS: HEY, I don't need watchin
rich-c: since when, Bob?
Judy: was our little town all over TV by you?
retsoFyuG: Rich: Depends at what level you work at and for which company. Programming isn't the high paying salary it used to be, but when I was working as a programmer in R&D, all my overtime was paid.
Harvie: That's what all bad boys say Bob
Pamela: it's alright. I got it at work and it's up on my desktop - I'm just waiting for someone to take a good look at it: )
rich-c: did you get the second one - teh dashboard?
Pamela: how was that, Judy? Was teh whole town in an uproar?
Pamela: yes, Dad
Judy: yes, it was
retsoFyuG: But it's easy to be taken advantage of as a programmer, especially if you have no experience, have a low self esteem of yourself, and are scared of not finding another job... Leads to exploitation.
Harvie: Did Gerry fall into the grave?
Judy: it was really something here today
Pamela: brb, gonna say goodnight to my hubby
rich-c: I gather the funeral was in Washington so you only had the interment in Grand Rapids
BobS: naw Harvie, I think they pushed min im
BobS: him in
Judy: no, we had a funeral here also and more and more
BobS: funeral in California, then Washington then 1 big and 2 little ones here
Harvie: His last chance to stumble
rich-c: don't be cruel, Harvie - he wsas sure an improvement on his immediate predecessors
BobS: almost Harvie.....thought one time the pallbaearers were gong to mess him up......he has to be a little jumbled up inside that casket
rich-c: we have only antenna tv at the moment - I've suspended the satellite for December and January
BobS: funeral here was an hour late becasue the family wanted to keep letting people in to see the casket
BobS: WHY??????
FreddyZ80: Was it that expensive!
Judy: 57,000 people went past the casket
rich-c: the tv networks may not have liked that- but the people are more imprtant anyway
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rich-c: because between the Grey Cup and Daytona 500 I never turn on the tv anyway so why pay for it - saves me $90
changed username to Pondering
retsoFyuG: Pondering?
Judy: that is what the family sure thought, they were shaking hands and talking to people in the lines
rich-c: that hs the air of a breeze from the Left Coast
Guy B.: Good question, who is this one?
Pondering: I think so, Brain
erin: Narf
Pondering: Poit
erin: Zort
rich-c: oh, must be DR.D
Pondering: Egad, you're right, Brain!
Guy B.: Dr D, is that you?
retsoFyuG: Yeah, he's the only one with the faculaty to ponderate.
retsoFyuG: *faculty
Pondering: Been watching PatB with my girls tonight
FreddyZ80: :)
Pondering: An Xmas present from Ms. Rin
BobS: pondering a new year as a newly wed............
BobS: new everything
BobS: new body w/o parts
Pondering: It's only been 5 months, sigh
erin: hehe
Pondering: Same old body I am afraid, to that Rin will attest
erin: well...<half smile>
Pondering: Pondering whether the Old will lose the New paperwork too
retsoFyuG: Pondering: No stamina? ;)
Pamela: Hi, Rich - Happy New Year
Pondering: Scratch and dent sale, Guy, no warranties
Pondering: Hi Pam
retsoFyuG: Pondering: Diamond in the rough.
Pondering: I had 5 hr on my feet today doing manual labour, and my abdominal muscles are tired
rich-c: yes, an operation like that and you lose muscle tone so quickly
Pondering: Had to scrub all the lab benches in the vert lab, discard the carcasses, clean 4 heavy stainless-steel bins and then put them all into storage.
rich-c: mind you, it should come back pretty soon too
Pamela: just goes to show you - you don't realize how much you use your abdominals for normal, everyday stuff until they're out of commission
Pondering: 10 AM to 3 PM, then I had to stop.
retsoFyuG: Don't you have a lab assistant to do that for you?
Pondering: I have 2 besides me: myself and I :-S
Pondering: Believe me, if Rin were here, and not otherwise occupied, I would have put her to work
retsoFyuG: Pondering: You should have left THEM to do the work for you. :)
Pamela: there's a new job title for you, Erin : )
Pondering: The students are still away on Xmas break.
erin: hope it pays well
Pondering: I'm afraid I can offer only intangibles
Pamela: I think it has more in the way of fringe benefits than anything else : )
rich-c: that's one of those oh-so-conveniently vague words
erin: indeed
Pondering: Well at least I would be earning 50 cents more today in Canada...that was the wage increase, right Rin?
rich-c: up to $8.00 whtever the previous base
retsoFyuG: Yeah, $8/hr, woohoo! Or is it $9/hr?
Pamela: $8.00
erin: it goes up 25cents as of Feb 1st
Pondering: Rin did you ever look at the labour link I sent you?
erin: I did - it was great
erin: 4th time in 4 years
Pondering: I am going to order a colour poster of it, worth the $10.
erin: excellent, I think it's worth it
Pondering: For those interested, here is what I sent Rin a couple days ago, unbeknownst how appropos it would be for the MOL announcement today:
retsoFyuG: $80 more per month sure helps families.
Pondering: And the 1911 copyright holders still sell copies of it today :-)
Pondering: Richard should find it amusing, if any of you do.
Pondering: Though he is more recent than 1911 :-)
rich-c: oh, the Wobblies - I have a copy of their Little Red Songbook
Pondering: Yep, the Wobblies
Pamela: I'll have to wait to look at it until I'm on someone's DSL link
Pondering: I don't think it is too huge Pam.
rich-c: not that much more recent vintage, Rich - what's two decades in eight?
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Pondering: hehe
changed username to mitch back home
Pamela: 25%
Guy B.: HI Ron
mitch back home: hey!
Pondering: So why is GuyF inverted this evening?
erin: hi Ron
FreddyZ80: Hi Ron!
Pamela: Hi, Ron - Happy New Year!
rich-c: bout time you got there, Ron - Happy New Year
Harvie: Hello Ronald
mitch back home: Happy New Year to all!!
Pondering: Hello Ronald.
Pamela: he's feeling backward and out of sorts, Rich : )
Guy B.: So, he doesn't get confused with me.
Pondering: "retso Fyug" sounds like some kind of curse
Pamela: LOL
Pondering: Or else the secret ingredient in Certs
FreddyZ80: dats what he is doing lately!
retsoFyuG: Yes, it was the magic word in Zork.
rich-c: maybe you should change your screen name to bonag, Giuy
Pondering: No bad words around the little Foster 2.0
mitch back home: Happy New Year Rich
Pondering: plugh
Pondering: y2
rich-c: let's see - you'd have been back last week but Air Canada couldn't make it through the headwinds, right?
mitch back home: who me?
rich-c: yea, verily and forsooth, thou
Pondering: He missed that left turn at Albuquerque
mitch back home: no I was in Edmonton until today
mitch back home: we had company over last Wed night, so was unable to join the chat
Pamela: I thought it was the second star to the right . . .
rich-c: they have had huge gales on Vancouver Island almost steadily last few weeks, Ric h
Pondering: ha Pam
mitch back home: frozen brain
Pamela: : )
Pondering: can't imagine Ron in the green PP suit though
rich-c: bet they had to use a jet to Comox çause a prop plane couldn't land into the headwind ;-)
Pamela: now *there's* a picture
mitch back home: now now people
Pamela: it's the hat that sets me off, Ron : )
mitch back home: and I don't fly Air Canada if I can possbly avoid it
Harvie: I gotta go, see you all next week I hope
erin: by Harvie good to see you
Pamela: good night Harvie
rich-c: OK Harvie, all the best for the New Year, see you then
mitch back home: nite Harv
FreddyZ80: Bye Harvie
Pondering: Bye harvie, HNY
Harvie left chat session
Pamela: has anyone "talked" to Dale since before Christmas? He had a nasty cold, wondered how he's farin
rich-c: thank you, daughter - getting on to that time
Pamela: g
erin: I should probably head out myself...morning comes quickly
erin: (PRIVATE) love you
Pamela: (PRIVATE) love you too
rich-c: right - you're back at work now, aren't you, Rin?
Pamela: g'nite sweetie, get some rest
FreddyZ80: bye bye Erin, All the best to you!
erin: indeed I am....brite and early as usual
rich-c: when does teh Legislature resume?
Pondering: poor Rin
Pamela: i"m never brite at that hour : )
erin: thanks Freddy you too
BobS: nite Rion
Judy: night Erin
BobS: Rin
Pondering: hardly get to chat :-(
erin: March 19
mitch back home: nite
mitch back home: Erin
rich-c: so a little time to work up to it at least
erin: but I'm acting Communications director this week
Guy B.: Nite Rin
rich-c: woo-hoo!
erin: so been busy
Pamela: so that means morning meetings, doesn't it
erin: I always have morning meetings
Pamela: ick
erin: nite all! Happy New Year!
Pondering: Rin is running the whole fershlugginer Ministry
erin left chat session
Pamela: seems that was sometimes, doesn't it
FreddyZ80: rich-c, does James pop in still once in a while?
rich-c: given the standards of most bureaucracies, having anyone run one is an improvement
rich-c: and I'm sure Rin is thoroughly competent to do it
rich-c: yes, be surprised if he doesn't turn up later tonight
Pondering: I just hope Steveo gives her a great recommendation letter when the time comes...
rich-c: though he is pretty deep into building the new school his month
rich-c: why, will she be looking for a job in that field in Cleveland?
FreddyZ80: New school!
Pondering: It's her profession, Richard, I would hope something in that vein.
rich-c: yes, new rather than expand teh old one - a branch plant, as it were
Pondering: I am not asking her to move here to wait tables at the IHOP...
rich-c: well, no, I would expect a different agenda, but she has flexible skills
Pondering: Politics, marketing, communications, I would think all those are open to her.
Pondering: Maybe even something in labour
rich-c: yes, and a bunch of their associated fields too; those skills are transferable
rich-c: maybe she'll end up as a columnist for the Plain Dealer 0-)
Pondering: haha
Pondering: Apparently some of her policy stuff has been used the last few days.
Pamela: she should keep track of that stuff for resume purposes
rich-c: she is tasked to set up things like that, is she not?
Pondering: Yes and yes
FreddyZ80: Well guys! I got plenty keyboard pounding to do tomorrow, rich-c hope to get the dates soon for the next Adamcon!
FreddyZ80: Bob thanks for the link appreciate that!
rich-c: which mans no turf wars when she does what she's told - and her work will be fairly assessed
BobS: no problem Freddy
rich-c: keep you eye on and your name on the mailing list, and you'll know
rich-c: !
FreddyZ80: Thanks all and wishing all the best to you & familly.
rich-c: have a good evening
Pamela: gnite Freddy
FreddyZ80 left chat session
Guy B.: He's quick
Pamela: some people poof very quickly
rich-c: well, some go fst, others wait a bit
rich-c: (PRIVATE) FYI - the Italian restaurant by No Frills has major construction - I suggested we go there for your mother's birthday
rich-c: (PRIVATE) she said no, if she was going out she wanted something more like the Mandarin
rich-c: (PRIVATE) so for Friday week, be advised ; - )
Pamela: (PRIVATE) anything she wants is okay by me. Russell is on afternoons on her birthday so I'm flexible. we're not going Saturday?
BobS: and others simply WON"T leave at all
Pondering: a hint Bob? :-)
rich-c: (PRIVATE) sorry, is Saturday teh 13th? mental math fell off I guess
Pondering: I can go...<sob>
Pamela: (PRIVATE) yup
Pamela: Rich, stay where you are
Pondering: narf
rich-c: nope, but it's amusing how everyone suddenly falls silent
Pamela: zot
Judy: don't think that is what he meant, Dr
Pondering: Rin is yakking in my ear right now.
rich-c: me, I have an excuse - I was pouring my beer ;-)
BobS: yup some of us are rather silent, yes?
Pondering: I know Judy
BobS: I was checking the paper out and one looking here
Pamela: meaning to ask you Dad - do you know how busy Il Fornaro is on weekends?
BobS: am tired, hungry (and shouldn't be), sore and stiff.....all at once
BobS: bummer isn't it ?
Pamela: Bob, what's become of the job hunt - anything?
rich-c: no, although I think their advertising is paying off - they certainly have enlarged their menu and raised their prices generously lately
Judy: nothing yet, I am now looking also
rich-c: (PRIVATE) (Bad question, Pam - apparently he's been told that with his age and heart condition, employer's cant hire him - health insurance rules
Judy: he has another interveiw Friday
Pamela: (PRIVATE) well I don't know if I don't ask (or no one tells me!)
Pamela: that's good news Judy
Pamela: what field are you looking in Judy?
rich-c: he's doing well - from what I've herd tehre are no jobs to interviwew for in Michigan
Judy: hope so
Judy: it is pretty slow here
Pondering: sigh still looking Bob aiii
BobS: that is about right richard, think most of them are just gathering names
mitch back home: must be hard on ya Bob
rich-c: one of my cursor cronies in Ann Arbor was giving us quite a rundown the other day
rich-c: he's an architect and self-employed and very grateful for the fact
Judy: he worked his head off today at my folks condo
BobS: gettign harder at the end of January, unemployment runs out
BobS: actual jobs are pretty scarce
Pamela: what about working for yourself Bob, setting yourself up as contractor / handyman?
rich-c: better apply for an immigration permit to Canada, Bob - you wouldn't believe what they are paying skilled trades in Fort Mc
Pondering: You aren't going to have to move to find work, are you?
Judy: I was thinking that I could do a receptionist job
Pamela: you'd be great, Judy : )
mitch back home: absolutely
Pamela: speaking as one who's been there
Judy: my typing isn't very fast, but I can answer a phone, etc
rich-c: you could and you'd be good at it, Judy - ask Pam, she's an expert (and that is praisse)
Pamela: thanks, Dad : )
Guy B.: And I got called to Jury Duty today. Got seated, then got excused. I couldn't hear the judge talking, since my headset went out and I using another one, which is not good. My audiologist has ordered a new one.
BobS: can't move guys and gals.........4 old parents here, all the to tough it out and struggle thru
Pondering: I wasn't suggesting that you do move, just wondering what would be on the table for you...sigh
rich-c: well, the economists seem to think that the US economy won't get any worse next little while
Judy: now if a employer would think that it would help
Guy B.: As long as the Feds hold interest rates.
Pamela: these days, typing skills are minor in the scheme of things when it comes to reception. Computer knowledge of Excel, Word etc is much more important, as is an excellent telephone manner, of course
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changed username to rich-1
Guy B.: Computer skills are really essential now.
Judy: I have a little computer knowledge and I know how to talk on the phone, have done a lot of that
rich-1: sorry, knocked myself off the board - damn laptop keyboard
Pamela: since i know you already have those skills, that's half the battle. I could teach you anything you needed to know about a phone system in one day
BobS: the US economy as a whole is pretty good, I hear. It is just Michigan that is down for the count.........forecast is nothing happeining until at least 2008
Pamela: that's why I thought it would be the job for me, Judy - I am an expert at talking on the phone : )
Pondering: Automobiles are no longer an industry in North America.
Pamela: oops, he did it again
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Judy: how do you get someone to give you achance
changed username to rich-2
BobS: ya mon......OR office furniture. both of which Grand Rapids was heavily into
rich-2: did it again
Pamela: you'd never guess how I got into it Judy - when working at the Bay, I did relief switchboard in the last year I worked for them, and that's how I got my "
rich-2: in fact Grand Rapids was into all types of furniture, wasn't it?
Pamela: experience"
Judy: yes, they were
Pamela: after I left the Bay, I did temping for a while with Kelly which exposed me to a wide variety of different switchboard systems, and helped me gain experience. I was hired at Speedy while doing a temp job for them
rich-2: anything doing in the eastern exurbds of Chicago - realistic driving range?
Pamela: and look where that got me : ) (she says, whistling)
Judy: I have my name in at one of those kind of places, maybe need to get in more
rich-2: I gather teh steel industry around Gary is as badly off as the auto industry
Judy: you are working
Pondering: Steel is another extinct North American industry...I grew up in Youngstown, Ohio...
rich-2: not dead, but barely hanging on the ropes
Pamela: you might consider volunteering somewhere on weekends or evenings - the animal shelter, the church or affiliates, someplace that has a fairly busy phone
Pondering: My high school marching band played at the dedication of Youngstown's Federal Plaza in 1978, when the "100 years of steel in the Mahoning Valley" iron sculpture was unveiled...
Pondering: later that year, LTV declared bankruptcy, Republic Steel closed, then Bethlehem Steel...and then all the ripples...
rich-2: now REpublic's gone, Bethlehem's gone, US Steel is a pale shadow - so little left
Pondering: US Steel exists only as a logo on the Pittsburgh Steelers helmets.
Pamela: like I said Judy, if you need an intensive one day course in reception, let me know - I can have you up to speed in no time
Pamela: I'll even write a point form outline if it will help
rich-2: do her up a Powerpoint presentation!
Pamela: that would be great, if I had access to Powerpoint : )
rich-2: not in your spare time on teh office netrork? ; - )
Pamela: don't have pp on my office computer, I don't think
rich-2: I have a compatible equivalent, but it won't work on a computer as wonky as your home one
Pamela: nothing works on this computer : )
rich-2: btw, the January HUB is not out yet, at lest in the regular box
Pamela: Judy, did I lose you?
Pamela: (fallen asleep?)
rich-2: that's OK, I can't get into the desktop at all, even to reinstall Windows
Pondering: "You have reached Messrs. Burke & Hare, London's finest Resurrection Men since 1832. To place an order, press 1. To check on the status of an order, press 2."
rich-2: I can just get Ubuntu to boot and run some stuff
Pondering: You can't get to a desktop?
Pamela: it's DOA, Rich
rich-2: the Windows installation disc ends in a BSOD, Rich
Pondering: time for fdisk then
rich-2: and that is in X-
rich-2: it can't get in to fdisk
Pondering: Or send the disk out for data recovery, but otherwise scrap machine and start over.
rich-2: and I'm not willing to sacrifice my D and E drive content
rich-2: the C drive may be beyond hope - I'm fighting with Microsoft over that
Pondering: Well either resurrect long enough to do a network copy to another machine, or have professional disk rescue...I don't know of any other options.
rich-2: you do not solve a software problem by buying new hardware, daughter
Pondering: Norton Utilities has long ceased to be a useful rescue tool.
Pamela: I didn't say a thing
mitch back home: agreed - re Norto
mitch back home: n
rich-2: I have been able to run Ubuntu on it from a live CD
Pondering: Then you need some *nix utility to do the backups or something of your D: and E:
rich-2: and I've never been able to set up a network successfullly
Pondering: But you would need large removable media, USB or FireWire disk
Pondering: And who knows if your machine has the ports for that.
rich-2: I have a Karen's Replicator copy of C on my 160GB USB 2.0 drive but have never tested it
Pondering: advice is, if you *REALLY* want the info on the someone to rescue it, either the disks or the whole machine.
rich-2: I have eight USB ports - 4 1.0 and 4 2.0
Pamela: time to call the Geek squad
Pondering: Pay someone and let it become their problem.
mitch back home: still here folks
rich-2: if a Microsoft Escalation Engineer can't do it, can the others?
Pondering: You give them trashed machine and $$$, they give you working machine.
Guy B.: Might be good idea, Rich.
Pondering: You need a real live person in person in a shop, Richard.
rich-2: in this case, I end to lack faith
Pamela: Bob, Judy, did we lose you?
BobS: ope
BobS: nope
Pamela: 'kay
BobS: stil listending
BobS: that too
rich-2: as I say, if MS suppot can't do it, can lesser geeks?
Pondering: Phone tech support troubleshooting is an expensive waste of time.
BobS: they get paid to tell you you are screwed and need a new computer
Pondering: MS can't bloody support their own expletive deleted product, they would be the last people I ask.
rich-2: I've been swapping emails with Beijing for months, nibbling away at the issues
Pondering: If you are paying for MS tech support, that $$$ would be better spent on a live repairman in a local computer shop.
rich-2: and I don't accept unacceptable answers
Guy B.: I'm getting two PC's ready for WinXP. My Athlon and Compaq. Both will have Romtec Trios switchboxes installed.
Pondering: It's like trying to get your car fixed over the phone...
rich-2: now if the Geek Squad want to take it on on a no cure, no pay basis, I'll let them look
Guy B.: You might have to pay something just for them to look at it.
Pondering: Well, Richard, sigh, you have painted clear borders enclosing a very small space...I don't know if you have enough room to maneuver.
BobS: I think they can at least get you ack inside the boc
BobS: box
BobS: back
rich-2: and since MS caused teh problems in teh first place, they don't charge for unscrewing their screwups
Guy B.: But, tell them what's going on and see if they can help.
BobS: but they aren't doing it
Pondering: Sometimes free help is worth what you are paying for it...
BobS: true Dr D
rich-2: oh, they are trying hard and have had some success
Pondering: ...the last PC machine I did any resurrection on was at least 5 years ago...everything I knew from the DOS and Win95 days is mostly useless now.
Pondering: Concepts might be the same, but tools are lacking.
Guy B.: A lot has changed in over 10 years time, since Win95 came out.
BobS: do you have a disk drive in the laptop Richard?????
rich-2: yes, that's part of teh problem - XP has no DOS underneath
Pondering: And I have run Macs as my own machines for 10 years now, the only PC was an XT or a 486.
BobS: so you can make a bootable disk from one I send you ....all zipped up with dos boot and fdisk on it?
BobS: I don
rich-2: you mean a floppy? no I dont but I can write to a CD and teh desktop has CD as boot seuence #1
BobS: I don't see what FDISK is going to do for you, but.......................
BobS: can you boot any software taht is one cd right now ?
Pondering: Last regularly-used PC was the Win98 box for slug modelling code QuickBASIC 4.5 for DOS, using Win98 only to boot machine or for web browser.
Pondering: BTW, I did reboot coleco today, so the backup chat server is now working again.
Guy B.: My first was an old Tandy HX. Now I have better ones since then. Of course I got rid of a lot too.
Pondering: Logfiles suggest it died during some serious port-scanning in early December.
rich-2: I have boot dsiscs for Win 3.1, Win 95, Win 98SE, MS-DOS, and Win Millenium - no sweat there
Pamela: I'm feeling protective of my Win98 machine here, and I can't imagine why
mitch back home: Still gotta send Bob my push pin infested hard drive
rich-2: I also have the six-floppy XPPE set
BobS: ya sure Mitch
BobS: ok bear with me....I will try in the next day or two to ziop up the disk and email it to you
Pondering: fdisk and reinstall from scratch has always been the most "reliable" way to fix Windows problems.
Guy B.: I have two Win95's, one is an upgrade. Win98SE, WinME recovery for the Compaq. Now two copies of WinXP. Both were on sale.
mitch back home: I'm talking to a linux chat with one eye, and an adam chat with the other
Pamela: how much did you pay for your WinXP, Guy?
rich-2: but when I use the WinME floppy, which is what XP formats as a system disc, there's no directory on it
Pondering: obviously, the "f" in fdisk does not mean "fix"
Pamela: that makes my head hurt just thinking about it, Ron
Pondering: What about your third eye?
mitch back home: ROTFL
Guy B.: $54 and the other had a $70 rebate and that will be $29.99.
mitch back home: only 2, and a single channel mind.... something is gonna overload
Pamela: Wow. What about Office, do you have that too?
Pondering: Another gale wind then
rich-2: you got WinXP Home for $30?????
Guy B.: No, I use OpenOffiice. The free office suite.
mitch back home: weekend apparently
Pamela: ah
rich-2: WalMart had it here for $90 and that was a terrific deal
Guy B.: Works just as good as MS Office.
Pondering: Maybe it came from
rich-2: whom?
Pondering: that is a joke...hacked copy for $30
Pondering: turn the "3"s into "E"s, it is slang for "elite"
mitch back home: so much for Linux chat..... it's over
rich-2: yes, there are lots of illegal copies around - I gather some will even validate
Guy B.: Now that Office 2007 has been released, you will get the prices cut on the older versions. I believe that's what's happening with WinXP, since Vista will be released on the 30th.
mitch back home: don't know if I'm gonna buy VISTA right away
rich-2: yes, but I can't see any price drops to $30 (or local equivalent) around here
mitch back home: knowing me, I probably will
BobS: welll kids.......time to hit the sack...literally
Guy B.: I heard there is a security flaw found already.
rich-2: and eBay won't take postings for copyright software
Guy B.: Bye Bob
Pondering: Vista...better they call it "Vespers", since you will be praying that it's gonna work.
Pondering: nite Bob
rich-2: night, Bob,Wend I assune Judy - sleep toght and good luck in : Pondering: blah test 1-2-3
Pamela: gnite Bob
BobS: tired and sore......
Guy B.: Well folks, time for me to go too. Will see you all next week.
BobS: see ya next Wed
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Pamela left chat session
changed username to rich-3
changed username to Pamela
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Pondering: yow that was a lag
rich-3: this time I don't think it was me
mitch back home: everybody get that?
rich-3: yes, looks like everyone dumped
moved to room Meeting Place
Pondering: Not dumped, it just hung for a very long time
changed username to Pamela
mitch back home: righ
mitch back home: t
Pamela: I got dumped
Pondering: Then updated the whole backlog of "are we there yet?" posts
Pondering: I just waited it out.
mitch back home: sometimes that works
Pamela: anyway Bob, good night to you both and I'll try to put together that outline for you Judy
rich-3: looks like we'll have to go to the logs to find out what we missed
Pondering: Nite Bob-n-Judy
BobS: nite all
BobS left chat session
Pondering: I made a joke Richard
rich-3: anyway, good night and good luck, Bob and Judy
rich-3: catch you next week
Pamela: is that grinding noise from my hard drive good?
Pondering: About Vista, which Ron was talking about.
mitch back home: yes
Pondering: Did you see it Ron?
Pamela: I missed it, Rich
mitch back home: neg
Pamela: what said you?
rich-3: story in the paper today says business uptake of Vista is very slow
Pondering: okay, here is copy/paste from the log
Pondering: Vista...better they call it "Vespers", since you will be praying that it's gonna work.
mitch back home: I can believe that
Pamela: ya got that right
rich-3: seems too many of the features have the smell of spyware, for privte users
mitch back home: exactly
Pamela: did someone say they've already found security holes in it?
rich-3: I find XP
Pondering: crippleware in the name of DRM
rich-3: takes away too much control already
mitch back home: Maybe I'll forget Windows completely. Have been threatening to do that for years
mitch back home: Maybe the time has come
rich-3: I wanna know what my damn computer is doing behind my back
mitch back home: Gave up on that a long time ago Rich.... but there are some things up with which I will not put
rich-3: well, I am already using Ubuntu to surf on the desktop
mitch back home: like incessant messages about blocking things I want to browse
Pondering: I have read stuff intimating that Windows Media Player is badly crippled, won't let you copy stuff from your own CD or DVD media.
mitch back home: But I still don't know enough about Linux to feel entirely comfortable. And wireless is still problematic
rich-3: well, mine is not allowed to nanny me - I may note a warning something could be dangerous, but I make the call
Pondering: While spying on whatever you insert into the drive and phoning it home.
mitch back home: I use iTunes for all that stuff anyway
Pondering: It's time for the ADAM and 2400 bps modems and BBSes may be a devil, but it's a devil we know, and know how to circumvent.
rich-3: yes, you can set limitations but then WMP becomes really crippleware
mitch back home: Byteman BBS revived
mitch back home: still got PBBS around here somewhere
rich-3: YEAH!!!
Pamela: I don't believe this. I'm taking apart a kleenex box for recycling, and there are instructions here for how to blow your nose entitled "Be good to your nose". Oh, brother.
Pondering: hehe
rich-3: and now I can landline to Comox on POTS for 5˘ minute
Judy: night all
Pondering: (1) remove sheet of Kleenex (tm) brand tissue
mitch back home: there are instructions on everything Pam. You need to be taught. You need to be carefully taught
Pamela: nite Judy : )
Pondering: nite Judy
mitch back home: Night Judy
rich-3: nite Judy
Pondering: (2) apply tissue to nose area
Judy left chat session
Pondering: (3) compress left nostril
Pamela: (actually, they're Puffs, but same idea)
mitch back home: Oh all Right! Dr D!!!
Pondering: (4) exhale at minimum 25 m/sec airspeed
mitch back home: :)
Pondering: (5) be sure to maintain minimum 5 kPa pressure seal
mitch back home: geeZ
Pondering: (6) repeat with right nostril
Pondering: (7) in case of failure at step (5), remove a fresh sheet of Kleenex (tm) brand tissue
Pamela: seriously, get this:
Pamela: use a soft, clean tissue
Pondering: and (8) apply to overspray
Pamela: hold the tissue with both hands
Pamela: Blow one nostril at a time. Blow gently, so you don't hurt your ears
Pamela: Wipe your nose with clean part of the tissue
Pamela: Throw the used tissue in the trash
mitch back home: How did we get onto this?
Pamela: Wash your hands with soap and water
Pamela: Rinse abnd dry with a clean paper towel
mitch back home: noseblowing howto
rich-3: I think we were discussing how XP treats users
Pamela: I mean, who doesn't know how to blow their nose????
Pondering: Forego tissue, blow into hands, wipe hands on pants, return to work serving cafeteria food...
mitch back home: ewwww!
mitch back home: riotous Dr. D
Pondering: Probably a result of a lawsuit wherein someone claimed they didn't know they could blow out an eardrum or spread disease
Pamela: I repeat, oh brother
Pamela: anyway . . . : )
Pondering: Best how-to instructions vandalism I ever saw:
rich-3: Americans are a litigous bunch
Pondering: In some washroom somewhere, with an air dryer for hands.
mitch back home: and we're better?
Pondering: The instructions were printed on a brass plate.
Pondering: Something like
moved to room Meeting Place
Pondering: 1. Press button
mitch back home: well, the local hospital has washroom instrutions on how to wash your hands
changed username to rich-4
Pondering: 2. Rub hands briskly under warm air until dry
Pamela: sheesh, ya gotta stop doing that Dad
Pondering: 3. Stops automatically.
Pamela: that's it exactly, Rich
Pondering: Then some wag had written underneath
Pondering: 4. Wipe hands on pants.
mitch back home: yes, usually before hands are dry
rich-4: gather it was me, then, not the site
rich-4: whatever it is dumps me right out of Firefox entirely
mitch back home: no room for initiative these days, just follow instructions
Pondering: You were thinking unapproved doubleplusungood thoughts about Microsoft
Pondering: And Chairman Bill put the hit on you
Pamela: I'm gonna start carrying a small hand towel and avoid the issue entirely.
mitch back home: forgive me Father, for I have sinned
Pamela: it's been a week since I last used OE
rich-4: well, about Acer too, as I suspect the placement and sensitivity of the space bar row keys explains much
Pondering: (said the nun holding the distributor cap in "The Sound of Music"
mitch back home: May Chairman Bill have mercy upon my wretched soul
Pamela: LOL
Pamela: you never know when these small bits of knowledge will come in handy : )
mitch back home: I still feel like I should be travelling somewhere
Pondering: My brain is all fried now...tired and too much Pinky and the Brain tonight
Pamela: after your experience in Chicago, I'm surprised you were willing to get on a plane again, Ron
mitch back home: I know eh?
mitch back home: however...... I keep doing it
Pamela: at least we got out, even if it did take us 8 hours
mitch back home: right
Pondering: Maybe they will build a bridge to the island
Pondering: Or a chunnel
rich-4: at least come ADamcon he can restrict his flying to Canada
rich-4: and maybe get away with one change of aircraft
mitch back home: it's a plan on the books Dr. D. but so far only a gleam in some engineer's eye somewhere
mitch back home: yes
Pondering: It isn't that far, I doubt the channel is any deeper than say the Bay Bridge in SF.
mitch back home: talk about a tunnel under Active Pass, then bridges hopping the gulf Islands into victoria
Pondering: or Golden Gate
rich-4: dicey proposition in earthquake country, Rich
Pondering: Tell it to CA
Pamela: well guys, I'm thinking it's bedtime
Pondering: Suspension bridge would be wobbly enough I think
mitch back home: each time BC Ferries gets in a jackpit, the bridge talk revives
Pondering: Guess you could make a pontoon bridge :-)
mitch back home: jackpot
Pondering: Nite Pam
Pamela: thanks, I think I'll fly
rich-4: OK daughter, take care, talk anon
Pamela: g'nite, Rich and Ron
mitch back home: nie Pamela
mitch back home: stay home eh?
Pamela: G;nite Daddy - will call probably tomorrow or Friday
Pondering: 11:22 PM, I ought to go also
Pondering: Have to get up at 6:30 AM, sigh
mitch back home: I must finish unpacking my luggage
rich-4: yes, I think we are all pretty much at our limits
Pamela: 6:53 am for me,a nd it comes too soon
mitch back home: g'nite to all the crew
Pondering: Okay folks, nite-nite to all, Happy New Year
rich-4: recycling tomorrow and I still have to bundle up some papers
Pamela: and to you Rich
Pondering: <poof>
Pamela: I'm outta here
Pondering left chat session
Pamela: kerpoof
mitch back home: exit stage left
Pamela left chat session
mitch back home left chat session
rich-4: gues tht's it, Ron - catch you next week?
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