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Dr. D.: Hi Richard
rich-c: hi to you - how's things in Cleveland?
Dr. D.: Cold, bit of snow, frozen rain from a few days ago makes my car door frozen shut sometimes.
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changed username to BobS
Dr. D.: I am on the phone with Rin, she says hi.
Dr. D.: Hi Bob.
Dr. D.: Rin says hi to you too Bob.
rich-c: yes, we had jammed locks too, even though I used de-icer and WD40
BobS: kinda lonely here tonight yes??????
rich-c: hello Roberto
Dr. D.: I was just popping in for a bit, I am kinda beat.
BobS: ice storm?
rich-c: hardly, it's only seven minutes in
BobS: we just kinda missed it all
Dr. D.: Glad that Frances liked the flowers Rin sent.
Dr. D.: She sent us a nice E-mail.
rich-c: yes, seh was quite taken with them
Dr. D.: Good for you Bob, we seem to have too, mostly.
rich-c: she is having sleep problems and is quite depressed - the flowers were welcome
BobS: we had about an inch and ahlaf of snow Mon am and Tues am, but that is about all
Dr. D.: It was sunny some today, above freezing for a while.
Dr. D.: Us too Bob.
BobS: cold here, but sunny
Dr. D.: Ground is still muddy and wet.
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rich-c: we didn't get above freezing but did get close
changed username to Pamela
Dr. D.: Hi Pam
BobS: problems with Frances Richard???????
rich-c: hi daughter
BobS: he yells at the top of his lungs
Pamela: Hi there
Dr. D.: No problems Bob
BobS: good
Dr. D.: It was her birthday Saturday
BobS: HAPPY BDAY FRANCES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rich-c: problems for her - she may have "caught" my sleep apnea
Pamela: I don't think it's communicable, Dad : )
Dr. D.: Cultural transmission.
BobS: Judy says [about sleep]...."welcome to my world".....good news you still live.......
rich-c: it's making her quite miserable, but she has two doctor appointments in teh next seven days
Dr. D.: In any case, I am on the phone with Rin, she says hi Pam, and I am going to turn in early.
BobS: she takes a generic Restoral........and it works great.......and is inexpensive
Pamela: tell her hi, Rich, and I'll talk to her over the weekend, and goodnight to you
BobS: GOOD they should fix her up like new then
Dr. D.: Nite all
rich-c: tell Rin she should come on line and join us
Dr. D.: Sorry I am a party pooper, but I am pooped, day started at 6 AM...
BobS: HI RIN....hope she hears that.......and be good Richard
BobS: nad get some sleep
Dr. D.: She sounds more more pooped than me.
rich-c: nite Rich
BobS: thats Dr D.............
Dr. D.: Nite all.
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
BobS: uh uh,,,,,,,,he blew himself up
BobS: our out
rich-c: details don't matter, but Frances had a very bad night for sleeping last night, so has been miserable all day today
Pamela: poor Mama
BobS: bummer,
BobS: need rest
rich-c: it doesn't help that either the sleep doctor she has been talking to, nor the sleep clinic she is interested in, have been very fast to respond to her inquiries
rich-c: the clinic is in the process of moving to new premises, but they still should answer
Pamela: I gathe the Doc has to refer her to the sleep clinic
Pamela: gather
rich-c: but then so should the doctor
rich-c: yes, for a sleep study you must be referred
BobS: the wheels of medicine work WAY to slowly when you need them
rich-c: that does seem to be a fairly universal truth
BobS: sure seems to be that way when you need immediate or almost immediate relief
Pamela: I wish I had some comforting words, Dad
rich-c: well, you won't die of sleep apnea, but it can make your life miserable
rich-c: worse, you often don't even realize what's wrong
Pamela: btw Dad, what's the humidity like in the house?
rich-c: oh, the humidity is fine - I'm getting "rainout" in my mask a couple of times a night
BobS: :-)
rich-c: even after turning the humidity control down from 4.0 to 2.5
Pamela: in the house Dad, not in the mask. I came home yesterday afternoon to an apartment that was 23 degrees and humidity of 21% - we were striking sparks off everything
rich-c: get up with my face soaking - in fact I am going to have to take a break in a minute to wash my mask
Pamela: when the weather gets cold, teh humidity drops like a stone
rich-c: not if you have electric heat, Pam
BobS: 23 DEGREES!!!!!!
rich-c: you may have been too young to remember, but when we went from oil to gas the humidifier became surplus and got given away
BobS: uh F or C ?
Pamela: celcius, Bob
BobS: thats better, had me worried for aminute
rich-c: 23C is a little on teh warm side - our house is kept at 21
Pamela: it's even comfortable in the computer room this year - a nice change. We froze in here last year
Pamela: remember, we have no control over our heat Dad
Pamela: it's still better than the 28 we had at the old place
Pamela: mid winter and we were sitting around in shorts and t-shirts
rich-c: I know, and you have a spendthrift landlord - he could save a mint with a few energy conservation investments
BobS: true true Richard
Pamela: problem is, he'd have to spend a mint first
rich-c: just storm windows, new refrigerators (and maybe stoves) would have an incredibly low payback time
rich-c: I mean, those old windows are going to rust away very soon anyway
Pamela: think about how much it would cost to replace all the windows in this joint Dad, and how difficult it would be to replace those on the upper floors
BobS: tis true what you say sir.......but they are so busy sucking the life out of the property, they won't put any money into it
BobS: got bosses just like that here
rich-c: and the fridges are far past the MTBI for that type of appliance
Pamela: our landlord is actually very good, Bob - complaints get addressed fairly quickly and things get fixed right away, or replaced
rich-c: think about the BTUs of heat blasting out of them every second - BTUs he's paying for
rich-c: he's practically accomplishing global warming on his own!
BobS: that is GREAT, but he does need to think about capital improvements which would save alot of money in operating costs
BobS: or he SHPULD
rich-c: yes, that's why I can't understand why he won't protect and enhance his investment
rich-c: he seems to be absolutely incredibly dumb on the subject
Pamela: it's a big layout, Dad, there are 41 apartments in this building. Priced windows for the house recently?
rich-c: anyway, can you two hold your own chat for about five minutes while I go rinse my machine?
Pamela: understand, I'm not disagreeing with what you're saying - there are a lot of things he could be doing
Pamela: however, I also understand his side of things
rich-c: ever seen an energy audit on windows, Pam?
rich-c: he is throwing big bills out of them in a constant stream
rich-c: anyway, brb
Pamela: shades of conversations past : )
BobS: ya mon
Pamela: seems to me we used to have conversations like this when I was a teenager
Pamela: some things never change. Did you have conversations like this with your kids, Bob?
BobS: and it serves even today Pam. A schrewd owner would surely be looking at the cost savings....IF he wants to make money
Pamela: I'm not arguing the fact, but if you were to price out the cost of replacing the windows around here, I'm sure it would come to more than what he takes in in rent in a year.
BobS: sometimes [most times] the best investment is to keep the property tip top and the rent and upkeep costs will reflect the quality and up the profits
Pamela: I'm pretty sure that's not how much he's losing in energy costs
BobS: he has to see the big picture and bite the bullet
BobS: or he loses
BobS: might be surprised what goes out in heat cost in a couple of years
Pamela: it's an old building - built in the early 60's
Pamela: plaster over concrete block and single glazed windows
Pamela: outdated wiring
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changed username to Judy
Judy: hi, everyone
Pamela: but it's one of the most spacious places we've ever seen, and we have a good supply of hot water, heat and light
BobS: OUCH sigle glazed windows
BobS: THAT really hurts
Pamela: Hi Judy - Dad's off doing something
Judy: is it really cold up by your?
Pamela: the floors are in excellent shape, and the landlord does repairs as soon as advised that there's a problem
Pamela: our washers and dryers always work
Pamela: we never get locked out of the garage
Judy: that is something
Pamela: we don't pay for heat, hot water or electricity
Pamela: it's a pretty good deal
Pamela: for $980 a month
Judy: do you have A/c?
Pamela: on the flip side, we don't have central air and are not allowed dishwashers, washers and/or dryers, or barbeques
Judy: that is the pits.
BobS: no dishwashers.........
Pamela: we use window air conditioners Judy, two of them
BobS: WHY NOT??????
Pamela: one in the bedroom and one in the living room
Pamela: why not which, Bob?
rich-c: baqck
Judy: that does help
BobS: the dishwahser
Judy: hi, Rich
BobS: ya know aht i mean
rich-c: hi Judy, welcome aboard
Pamela: the pipes won't take the extra load either drawing to fill, or draining
Judy: thank you kind sir
rich-c: we had Dr. D here earlier but he had to leave
BobS: ok
Pamela: I do sometimes have dreams of home ownership with all the amenities, but then I remember I'd have to cut my own grass and shovel my own snow
Pamela: repair the roof
Pamela: the furnace
Judy: we are watching Deal or No Deal, do you have it there?
Pamela: the a/c
Pamela: yes, but are not watchers, Judy
rich-c: and buy your own new roof whe it needs it, and be ready for other BIG unforseen expenses
Judy: it is one of my favorite programs.
rich-c: I have suspended my satellite service for Dec/Jan
rich-c: see no point in wasting $90 on a tv I won't turn on
Judy: it is on regular TN
Judy: that is TV
Pamela: sounds like Russell is watching Futurama
rich-c: oh, antenna television? yes, we hae about 14 stations we can get that way, not all that good, though
rich-c: but I only ever watch "real" football and motor racing, and Frances watches nothing
Pamela: there is painting in my future - no TV for me this weekend
Pamela: I really must get the bathroom finished
BobS: you got tO EXPAND your horizons Richard
BobS: did you get the floor fixed Pam ?
rich-c: wonder where everyone is tonight? no francophones, no Ron or Harvie, no Guy...
Pamela: not yet, we're waiting till Inky goes before we attempt that, Bob
Pamela: and that's outside the bathroom
BobS: ok
rich-c: why? I have two newspapers and the internet for - well, just about everything
Pamela: inside, after the last flood, the landlord came in right away and fixed all the plaster in the bathroom (see?) and primed it for us.
rich-c: I have too much to do to spend my time watching tv
BobS: why won't he paint the thign too ?
Pamela: he offered, we turned him down
Pamela: we wanted to take our time and pick a nice colour other than white
Pamela: it's taken us a while to find the right colour
Judy: Bob thinks that is the only color, well, off white
rich-c: what shade do you have in mind, Pam?
BobS: matches EVERYTHING
rich-c: and flatters nothing ; - )
Judy: I agree!!!!
Pamela: we have to contend with bathroom tiles that are "mocha" to use my sister-in-law's description. Not much goes with them. Oh, and the bullnose tiles are black
BobS: yo got to have ACCENT stuff set around
Pamela: my description? Dried mud brown.
Pamela: so we picked a colour called "sunlit coral"
rich-c: I know I'll be seeing it - but maybe I should wait
Pamela: it was too pale, so we went back and had the paint guy tint it twice - same shade, just more intense. That should do the trick.
Judy: sounds cool
Pamela: in fact it was so pale, it looked white on teh wall unless you looked really closely
BobS: oh......dark pink
Pamela: nope, it's not pink
rich-c: which direction did you tint it, Pam - yellow? orange?
Pamela: coral
Pamela: think of the inside of a conch shell
Pamela: but really pale
rich-c: uh - they tend to have a pink tinge, Pam
Pamela: wait, you'll see Dad
rich-c: that a promise or a threat? ; - )
Pamela: threat : )
Pamela: anyway, it's a colour which is flattering to all skin types, and one of the few that will go with teh tile
rich-c: thought so ,| : - ))
BobS: COOL conch !!!!!
Pamela: BTW we replaced our shower curtain recently, Judy -went from dark forest green to a clear, translucent curtain with a green leaf print
rich-c: oh - I am back on the desktop computer, have it running well enough for this purpose
Pamela: amazing how much brighter it is in there now
Judy: I bet it does
rich-c: yes, inside bathrooms can get AWFULLY dark, especially at this time of year
Pamela: i can actually see in the shower now! : )
BobS: I would think so
Pamela: I do not like showering in the dark
BobS: AH HA watch that Russell guy huh ???? ;-)
Judy: sometimes you have turn on a light
rich-c: not necessarily, Bob, there's no window and it's down a hall
BobS: oh well
Pamela: there's a window in the bathroom Dad - it's over the shower
Judy: not a good place for a window
rich-c: really? I never noticed it was there
rich-c: but then I don't go into bathrooms to inspect the showers - except my own
Judy: because you don' t take showers there
Pamela: actually it's not too bad, Judy - it's only in really cold weather that it gets chilly in there. During the summer it's great - it's high up on the wall, above my head
rich-c: never noticed any light coming in through it, that's for sure
Pamela: that might have something to do with the fact that you're usually here in the evening, in the winter, Dad
rich-c: the thught had occurred to me, as it happens ;-)
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rich-c: Bob, do you know anything about using Linux?
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Pamela: hello, Guy
rich-c: hello Guy, Chicago thawed out yet?
Judy: hi, Guy
BobS: yi Guy
Guy B.: Freezing right now. We missed the big snow over the weekend. Got less than an inch.
BobS: yo Guy......that better
BobS: get any ice ?
BobS: we had a lttle bit, but south of us they got about a half inch
rich-c: yes, wse just got the edge of the storm too, about four inches total but crisped right down
Pamela: we got the ice, Bob - had to chip my way into the car on Monday afternoon
rich-c: snow cover but driving and walking wre easy
Guy B.: Had some sleet on Saturday night, but we missed the ice.
rich-c: toook me over half an hour to de-ice teh van - forget I had a deicer spray in it!
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Pamela: and as usual, all the idiot drivers moving too fast for the conditions
BobS: we got just enough ice to slip some areas up......but it was under the snow and melted some under that
changed username to Daniel B
Daniel B: bonsoir
Daniel B: sorry to be late tonight
Pamela: hi Daniel
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel - comment ca va?
Daniel B: ca va bien
Judy: hi, Daniel
BobS: Hiya Daniel
rich-c: what's going on at the job these days?
BobS: and you should be SORRY mon
BobS: we were all lonesome for you
BobS: we were about the start wiping our eyes and crying !!! <grin>
Pamela: your nose is growing, Slopsema
Pamela: : )
Judy: I had my first interview today
Pamela: tell all, Judy
rich-c: ah - what sort of job, Judy?
Daniel B: Actually, it's not a rush, and I'm still at work tonight
rich-c: you are sure putting in an awful lot of overtime, Daniel
Judy: have to go for a second interview, I guess
Pamela: that's good!
rich-c: well, if you made it through teh first screening, that in itself is a good sign
Pamela: what job, and with whom, etc. ?
Judy: don't know if I even want the job, part time, 9-2 Mon- Fri
Judy: receptionist, Sec for a landscaper in Jenison
BobS: ON the opposite side of town
rich-c: having the afternoon free can be enticing, I would think - though part work means part pay of course
Pamela: sounds interesting
Pamela: PT all the time, or only in the winter?
BobS: might just be
BobS: or summer...........
Judy: all the time
Daniel B: I have so many things in my planning for my hobby (coleco programming) but I feel it's better for me to stop programming after work.
rich-c: I'd expect a landscape outfit to need full time in the summer
Judy: not in the office,
BobS: you'd logically think it would be asummer type job only
rich-c: well, it's really a different kind of programming, Daniel
rich-c: sort of like a truck driver rallying his own car in his time off
Daniel B: do you think I lost interrest in Coleco programming or it's normal to just want to relax after work?
Judy: they have the books done for them
Pamela: what's not in the office Judy - the job?
rich-c: you can only do the same kind of work for so long - depends on how similar the two are
Pamela: I'm confused
Judy: would be for invoices and answering the phone but some of the time would be on the road with the boss
rich-c: and you do need some variety in your life, Daniel - read a book, go to a movie, hit the pub...
Pamela: even more interesting
Judy: making bids on future jobs
Judy: have to work on excell before the next interview
rich-c: have you used it before, Judy? if so, much?
Judy: Bob did get an offer this week
Judy: not at all
Pamela: and how do they want you to use it? I'm assuming for things other than actual accounting
rich-c: hey, neat - was it worth looking at?
Judy: making the bids
rich-c: any experience with other spreadsheets?
Judy: right in the truck with a laptop
Daniel B: my life in front of the computer... 22 years in front of my computer at home and at work... I think I need a break.
BobS: one not so good,l the other what I want......but not offered yet....wait till next week
Judy: yes, adamcalc
Pamela: what are your offers, Bob?
Pamela: Judy, get a good book on Excel, like the Dummies series, and practice the basics.
Daniel B: When can I excepted more details about the Adamcon this year?
rich-c: Daniel, go to (you do not have to sign in) and look at the avatar I am using in my postings - you will like it
Pamela: and ask Meeka, she probably has some experience with it
Judy: Meeka gave me the cd on it
Pamela: good
BobS: maintenance at an apt project, but for 20% less than i really want and what was initially offered......the other a maintenance supervisor job at a retirement home WANT THAT but not offered...yet
rich-c: going by Frances' expereince, if you've used Adamcalc the learning curve for any otehrs is no longer that steep
Pamela: that's great news, Bob
Judy: she doesn't use it much so don't know how much help she will be
rich-c: either way you are qualified and should be able to do the job well - good to hear you did get something going
BobS: apt job was offered, then they called back and said....oops we goofed and we can offer you only 20% LESS
BobS: bad vibes man
rich-c: they try to make them intuitive, Judy - but that's a rather elastic term...
Pamela: hit the bookstore, Judy - the Dummies books are very useful
BobS: and how do I rationalize the lower offer, regardless if the 1st one was wrong
Judy: have been using AdamCalc for years on our antique business
rich-c: yes, that does not suggest teh best karma, Bob
Pamela: did you ask for an explanation of the reduction, Bob?
rich-c: sounds like they are games players - shake hands, but count your fingers...
Judy: I will look into that Pam, thanks
BobS: I am countering by putting tegether a package of pics showing my work and license, along with a letter explaining WHY I am worth more and giving them ano offer $1 less that the first one they sthrew out
rich-c: wonder if they have a little management conflict - person you first dealt with got overruled?
BobS: I will deliver it tomorrow, tell them I will call them late next week.......that gives me the option to wait for the job I want
BobS: GOOD point Richard
Pamela: most spreadsheets are basically the same Judy, so you should be able to transfer your experience over without too much difficulty
rich-c: Daniel, last we heard your company was moving to Montreal - what is going on now?
Daniel B: I'm trying to find your avatar rich... I'm not a good detective
Pamela: Guy, do you use Excel and have any words of wisdom for Judy?
rich-c: go to open discussion, item o transience of power - that has it
Daniel B: no news about that. all I know it's march the deadline for the location of the space here.
Judy: we were thinking of doing that anyway so maybe I will do that sooner rather than later
Guy B.: Use Excel 2003 at work.
Pamela: I use it every day Judy, but not for it's intended purpose for the most part
Guy B.: But, I use OpenOffice Calc on all my PC's here.
rich-c: are they now considering new space in Quebec City, or will they consolidate in Montreal?
Pamela: I use it more for making lists
Judy: we will be going to the bookstore tomorrow
rich-c: yes, a good spreadsheet also makes a pretty functinal database for many purposes
Guy B.: It's good to use as a database. I use it to keep track of what semi annual reports I have discrepancies on.
Daniel B: we are waiting after a decision from Montreal. it's a big stress for me to not know what is the final plan for Quebec
BobS: so it kinda like a marriage of ADAM Calc and SmartFiler ?????
rich-c: in its time, Adamcalc was an award winner - Frances says desevedly so
Pamela: anyway, it's a continuous learning curve Judy - been using Excel and before that Lotus 1-2-3 for years, and I'm still discovering new things every day
rich-c: yes, because you also have to see if they would pay you enough to make a move to Montreal viable
Daniel B: Well, I think you, satelite from space, have a nice avatar ;-)
BobS: We love it for what it has drawbacks, like importing and exporting.......or we haven't really tried maybe.......
Judy: will try it out
Guy B.: 123 is still around, but part of the Lotus Suite. I don't think IBM is selling that anymore.
rich-c: trust you noticed the location and signiture line too... I thought them kind of funny
Pamela: and that's too bad - Lotus is the better product, IMHO
Daniel B: I may finish like the man in the picture
BobS: got Lotus 123 in the basement
BobS: never looked inside the case though
BobS: picked it up at the office one time
Pamela: what release, Bob?
rich-c: with all my crashes of late (see Broken Windows in Computers) so do I - in sapdes!
BobS: who yo REALLY want to know?????
BobS: I can check if important
Pamela: just mildly curious
rich-c: yes, I have the Lotus suite - fairly recent - kicking about somewhere
Pamela: no big
Judy: maybe I will have to learn both
rich-c: time for me to go fetch my beer - brb
Judy: Bob went down to check it out
Pamela: he didn't have to do that : )
Pamela: I was just curious
Judy: needed the exercise
Daniel B: what is Redmond ?
Pamela: well, then : )
Judy: don't tell him I said that!!!!
Pamela: LOL - I won't
Judy: he has 1.1 and 2.2
Pamela: oh wow, those are old
Pamela: probably won't do you much good
rich-c: that is where the head office of Microsoft is located - Redmond, Washington state, up by Seattle
Daniel B: Redmond Rhythm? ... is it a reference to Redmond (Washington) where Microsoft is?
BobS: the original is for XT
Daniel B: ok, I have my answer
BobS: should throw them away or sell on Ebay as collector items ??
Pamela: the latter, I think Bob : )
Pamela: I think those actually pre-date WYSIWIG menus
rich-c: ah, considering teh age of the computers you use, it's still likely current for them ; - )
Guy B.: Sell it Bob
BobS: might try 1 different WordPerfect boxes dow there too
BobS: yo got that Richard
Judy: he is getting a new one soon
BobS: and wht is wrong with broken in computers ??????
rich-c: right now Frances is playing Jezzball - part of a game set we had on the origina 386-16 under Win3.1
Pamela: absolutely nothing (she says, from her very broken (in) computer)
BobS: BUT asm going to upgrade soon....WAY UP.....1 gig machine w/ XP
BobS: only reason is to get aclimated to the new systems as I possible venture into computer use full time
rich-c: you should read my carnuts threadd that Daniel is looking at now - you might want to rethink
BobS: new job description
Daniel B: Do you know where I may find video of Bits & Byte? in french it was Octo-Puce
rich-c: and for heaven's sake don't even LOOK at Vista
BobS: Vista still in test stage I understand form Doug
BobS: but it will come whether we like it or not
rich-c: it will be out retail on Jan. 30th
Daniel B:
rich-c: I get a tech newslatter and man, are they down on it - rally appalled
Pamela: Hub gave it a rather good review if I remember correctly Dad
BobS: kids are pushing me to go computer.......took test online for certification and passed w/ flying colors
Pamela: surprise, surprise
BobS: BUT I feel that I need some classes before I get the certification, jsut so I feel I know what I need to know
Judy: that is what I have been telling him
rich-c: did I send you the clip of the newsletter, Pam?
rich-c: what sort of certification would you be going for, Bob?
BobS: CompTIA A+
BobS: baseline for hardware and software
BobS: and possible networking
rich-c: got an English translation of that?
Pamela: Dad, I think you did but I also think it got deleted - can you send it again?
BobS: see above 10 lines
rich-c: yes, though it may take me a bit, it's in my webmail at
Pamela: did you send it to Tamco or my g-mail account?
Daniel B: how many of you are using a notebook computer?
rich-c: likely to Tamco
BobS: me
Pamela: not here yet, Daniel - although we have plans
BobS: Judy
Judy: me
Pamela: darn
rich-c: I have an Acer AMD Sempron 2800
BobS: Pam not I assume from that remark
Pamela: no, to Dad, Bob
BobS: laptop or desktop tower
Daniel B: During the Adamcon, I had the feeling to be the only one without a notebook computer.
rich-c: why do you ask?
Pamela: re: deleted article
Pamela: re: laptop, we plan to get one soon
BobS: ah older laptops are cheap Daniel and quite funtional
Judy: we have several
Pamela: be right back folks
BobS: Judy and I are using P2 266mhz now, but have P1 166mhz which do just fine using the DSL we have
rich-c: here used laptops are a bad buy - very overpriced, very deficient in capabilities
BobS: Ebay mon
BobS: find on in Canada so the shipping is cheaper and no border hassles
rich-c: that has problems for Canadians, Bob - damn Yanks won't sell to anyone outside the lower 48
Daniel B: I have one now, it's a Toshiba Satellite : Intel Celeron M, with Windows Media Center.
Daniel B: well, I have it since november last year
rich-c: still haven't figured out that VISA is VISA no matter where you're using it from
BobS: Doug is buying 1.8ghz machines w/ 1 gig ram and Xp for like...........$385 US shipped to his door......on Ebay
rich-c: the Celeron is not the top chip, but for what you're doing you still likely have far more computer than you need, Daniel
rich-c: fine - try to get teh same thing shipped to Toronto and see how far you get
BobS: Doug swears by Toshiba, that is all we have, save for a free P1 133mhz laptop we have
Guy B.: My Dell has a Celeron M processor.
Daniel B: my notebook is running on Windows... and yours?
BobS: so what Doug says.....we do
BobS: Win 98SE
BobS: is there anything better ???????
BobS: probably not
Judy: he is the computer MAN
BobS: it gets us from
rich-c: here the competitive new ones are HP/Compaq, Acer, Toshiba, MDG (Local, but best selling), Dell trying to keep up
rich-c: mine is on XP - you know my feeling on that, but it came installed (and is still showing bit rot, I suspect)
Daniel B: any ibook? mac notebook?
Pamela: our ancient laptop is a P1
rich-c: no, that's Dr. D's department, and Ron's
BobS: works fine Pam as long as it works
Pamela: Russell uses it to play very old games and it's held together with duct tape
BobS: now that sounds like Dale
Pamela: the screen is going - top third has lines through it
rich-c: trade it in on a P2, Pam - see what's on offer on craigslist
BobS: on the WAY out my dear
Daniel B: err... off topic... what is the name of Dale's brother? I forgot...
rich-c: Neil
Pamela: no thanks, I'm going with new as soon as I can
Pamela: desktop first, then laptop
BobS: keep about 2-3 years behind new Pam, and you will be fairly current and a lot cheaper
rich-c: right now the new sellers are pushing top of the line - nothing under a kilobuck advertised of late
Daniel B: ok, Neil is the one I need to contact for possible picture of the CES and/or Coleco Industries, and also the one who manage for the Adamcon this year...
BobS: waht we paid $225 for about 4 yrs ago is worth about $35 today
BobS: but they still cruise the net fine and work great
rich-c: don't think that's too good advice in today's market, Bon - too many new technologies
BobS: and you can't hurt them anymore, even the grandkids
rich-c: the flip side is you buy Blu-Ray and USB 2,0 and PCI-e and stuff and by March it's obsolete - useless technology
Judy: depends on what you are going to do with it
Daniel B: what is the tendency about the price (rate?) for a stay during the Adamcon meeting?
Pamela: usually about $350 american, Daniel
Daniel B: that is for one room, for one person?
Pamela: no, double occupancy
Pamela: ie two people in a room
rich-c: Gatineau shouldn't be too pricey, Daniel, and I suspect Neil knows it well enough to find a good deal
Daniel B: 2 people in a room, ok
Pamela: so that's about $400 canadian
rich-c: maybe Guy Foster will be willing to share with you - doubt his wife will be coming
Pamela: at today's rates of .85 on the dollar
rich-c: might be room rates will be a little better, Pam
rich-c: American tourist trade may drop sharply with teh new passport rules
Daniel B: I may convince more persons to be there also... depending on the final price.
rich-c: the hotels and motels might find themselves geting kinda hungry
Pamela: well, Canadian hotel rates seem to be a bit higher than US and with the exchange, I figure that's a good guess
rich-c: rates vary regionally, and with demand, but yes, here they do tend to be higher even allowing for exchange
rich-c: and our food proces tend to run higher, too
Daniel B: Do you think we can talk again about the Adamcon meeting next time? or it's too soon?
rich-c: still, when a hotelier is hungry, he wil negotiate
Pamela: what else do you want to know, Daniel?
rich-c: we can talk about anything Adam anytime here, Daniel - but information can be not yet avaialble sometimes
Daniel B: a possible starting date, at least the month, and also where.
Pamela: Probably in July or August, and somewhere in Gatineau / Hull, because Neil is running it this year
rich-c: assume July, likely middle, likely nominally Ottawa, actually Gatieau
Pamela: it will not be over the August civic holiday weekend
Pamela: and not
Pamela: Canada Day weekend either
Daniel B: so, july-august, ottawa-hull... and about 400$ per room for two people... well, that's enough info for now.
rich-c: likely, it will be the same week as the Molson Indy here {{ : - 0
Pamela: the convention rate usually covers Thursday - Sunday hotel plus breakfast and the banquet, Daniel
rich-c: that's per person, double occupancy, Daniel
Pamela: we will have to buy lunch and dinners ourselves
rich-c: well, lunch can be a variable - depends on the organizers
Daniel B: I think I remember this part of the Adamcon ;-)
Guy B.: Neil hasn't mentioned anything yet on the dates for AC19
rich-c: Dale and Neil have had some organizing experience, though they are not strong on some aspects still
Pamela: still, those are a good bet for dates, Guy - mostly to work around those who have kids
Pamela: and those who are teaching, such as Dr. D
rich-c: he's made general remarks, but nothing specific - has to hear from Dr. D. and Ron, amlng other things
Daniel B: well, it's time to say "bonsoir"... I have to go back home and it's very cold outside tonight.
Guy B.: Ok, I won't be setting my dates until May, so I hope he will have some dates by then.
Pamela: okay, safe trip home, Daniel. Stay warm!
rich-c: yes, it's really icy here too, Daniel - bonne nuit, et a la prochaine
Pamela: I hope we get info before then, Guy - I have to set mine by the end of March
Guy B.: Ok, folks. I'm going to go. See you all next week.
Pamela: goodnight Guy!
rich-c: night, Guy - see you then
BobS: goodnight Daniel........STAY warm
Daniel B: bonne nuit Guy
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
Daniel B: bonne nuit tous!
Daniel B: * p o o f *
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too and one critter does to
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
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Pamela: wow, I can't believe it's 11:00 already
BobS: well Clee's must be time to go to bed !!!!!!
rich-c: sorta thins down teh crowd
BobS: so, hope Frances gets some sleep
BobS: and we will also
BobS: see you two next week
Judy: night Pam and Rich, until next week
BobS: guten nacht !!!!!
rich-c: I fear you're right, Bob - good luck in the job negotiations, and hope for a great report next week
Pamela: well Bob and Judy, good luck with the employment situation. Judy, if you need help, just yell - I'll be happy to do what I can
BobS: would surely like that Richard
rich-c: and Judy, take care, see you next Wed
Judy: thanks, will do
BobS: nitey nite
Pamela: good night to you two
Judy left chat session
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Pamela: guess it's bedtime, Dad
rich-c: looks like that's it, daughter - any "further business"?
rich-c: agreed - so off you go - nitey-nite
Pamela: don't think so, but will call in the next couple of days anyway
Pamela: night, Daddy
Pamela: say goodnight to Mom for me
rich-c: OK, Amiga tomorrow, otehrwise we're clear
rich-c: willdo
Pamela: okay. Kerpoof!
rich-c: nite now
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