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Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir rich
Daniel Bienvenu: how are you tonight?
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel. Comment ca va? C'est assez froids, n'est-ce pas?
Daniel Bienvenu: il fait froid, oui
Daniel Bienvenu: we have an internet connection problem here at my work
rich-c: ici nous avons ~-15C
rich-c: likely to much contraction in the wires ;-)
rich-c: I managed to really wreck my back a couple of nights back, and now hurt big
Daniel Bienvenu: the internet provider changed its systeme, and now it's worst than ever
Daniel Bienvenu: ici c'est aussi -15C
rich-c: there have been a lot of conections messed p in the Toronto area too of late
Daniel Bienvenu: poor rich... try to not rush yourself, take care, please!
rich-c: not sure what's going on but I get the impression of plans ill made
Daniel Bienvenu: guy foster say hello to everybody
rich-c: oh, the doctor seems to think I will be able to walk freely within six months
Daniel Bienvenu: six months?... it's the adamcon meeting in six months!
rich-c: I gather Guy was on but couldn't stay, then
Daniel Bienvenu: Guy Foster wasn't online tonight... he is in vacations
rich-c: well, bodies heal at thier own preferreed speed, and pushing them does not pay
rich-c: I am sitting on the "office" swivel chair with a heating pad on my back
Daniel Bienvenu: based on the new version.... I have to eat 8 portions of fruits and vegetables
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changed username to Guy B.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Guy B
rich-c: you mean the new Canada Food Guide?
Guy B.: Greetings from COLDDDDDDD Chicago!
Daniel Bienvenu: yes rich
rich-c: hi Guy
Guy B.: Rich, how are you feeling?
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
rich-c: oh - if I felt a little better I'd be dead ;-)
Guy B.: In other words, you're feeling quite rotten right now.
rich-c: I fell off my chair last night while trying to move it and the aftermath was not funny
Guy B.: Francis filled us in last week what happened to you.
rich-c: oh, there has been more foolery since
Daniel Bienvenu: here it's about -15C (5F)
Guy B.: Which computer are you on?
Guy B.: I'm in the kitchen with dinner cooking right now in the oven.
rich-c: the desktop, Frances is using the laptop
Guy B.: Is it very cold up there?
rich-c: yes, about same here as in Quebec City
Guy B.: I haven't seen it this cold in a long time. Even Annie knows how cold it is and she is wearing her purple jacket when we go out for a walk.
rich-c: I have been content to sit on the swivel chair with the newspaper in front and heating pad behind
Guy B.: That should keep you warm
rich-c: oh it does, but I keep dropping off to sleep and getting very little done
rich-c: between the warmth and the Tylenol 3 snoozing is SO cosy
Guy B.: I imagine that. Even I'm using a blanket while watching TV in the living room. I had frost buildup around the balcony door. It's pretty well melted now that the temps are slowing going up.
rich-c: not even getting the paper read, nor watched any movies or stuff
rich-c: well, we are not looking at anything in the way of a warming trend any time soon
Guy B.: Teens for the rest of this week, but we will see the 20's next week. Don't know when a thaw will occur though.
rich-c: well, we had a long run of good luck, so won't complain
rich-c: characteristically, the coldest day of the year here is January 23rd, for what that is worth
rich-c: at least the hours of daylight are beginning to fatten a little
Daniel Bienvenu: er... january 23rd?... i think it was about -20F
rich-c: I woke up briefly at 6 a.m. and it was plain a clear dawn was about to break - very oretty
Guy B.: That it is. Sun settting here aroung 5:15 and climbing and sun coming up before 7 AM
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changed username to BobS
BobS: hi people
BobS: how's the back RICHARD?
Guy B.: HI Bob, Keeping warm and how much lake effect snow did you get?
rich-c: Daniel, there's weather and there's climate. Weather says in many years Jan. 23 will be cold, it can even be the coldest
BobS: probably got about 12" Guy
BobS: ALL strictly lake effect
Guy B.: Oh my.
BobS: closed schools for 3 days
BobS: roads simply...SUCKED
rich-c: hi Roberto - took a nasty tumble off the swivel chair last night and tore things up though
BobS: finally today it warmed enough to get some melting with the sun
BobS: good god Richard!!!!!!
BobS: you have GOT to STOP that stuff !
Guy B.: Yesterday wasn't any better here with the snow and the cold. Roads were very slick. Guess you heard about the chain reaction accidents here.
BobS: YOU richard are getting to be more hassle than my father in law...... ;-)
rich-c: I had some even choicer comments - especially when the paramedics had to lift me up
BobS: so what is the prognosis now sir ??????
Daniel Bienvenu: here, it's... carnaval time. Carnaval de Québec with Bonhomme Carnaval :-)
rich-c: well essentiaaly I have a cracked lumbar vertabra which causes back spasms
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm planning to go see the snow sculptures soon.
rich-c: yes, I keep forgetting about Carnival - should find a way for Bob to go there
rich-c: anyway, reasonably trustworthy walking may take up to six months to come back
rich-c: meanwhile I scoot myself around on one of the office swivel chairs
rich-c: and can bring up the wheelchair from the basement if needed
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changed username to james
Daniel Bienvenu: bonjour james
Guy B.: HI James
james: hi
BobS: 2HI James
james: how is everyone?
BobS: Richard, you got 4 wheels on that chair....or five ?????
rich-c: the community nurse was quite startled at all the aids we had when she came by this morning
BobS: IF only 4, then GET a five wheel one
rich-c: hi james
james: long time
james: i hope everyone has been well
rich-c: it's one of the five-wheel patterns, Rob
BobS: and you and Miyuki and the yung uns
Daniel Bienvenu: before I forgot... Guy Foster is doing a nice trip, he is in vacations... he told me to say "hello!" for him here to everybody!
Daniel Bienvenu: "hello!"
james: the kids are good
BobS: Vacation !!!!!! shame on him, where is he?
rich-c: et au retour, bonne vacance, Guy!
Daniel Bienvenu: err... don't ask me where Guy Foster is... I forgot...
james: i had a guest here for december and january
james: so was quite busy
james: did someone have an accident on an office chair?
rich-c: business or social, james?
james: social mostly
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm at work, and we are in a rush to finalize an updated version of the system to show it as a final version in a couple of weeks.
rich-c: yes - I cracked a vertabra so was using the chair as a scooter
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changed username to Judy
Guy B.: HI Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: the quality-assurance (QA) is right after next week...
rich-c: unfortunately last night when I went to sit down on it, it squirted out from under me
rich-c: welcome Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Bob
Judy: Hi, Guy, Daniel, Rich and James
Judy: not Cool Rich
rich-c: I must say when the local medical backing goes into full-scale operation, they are pretty impressive
rich-c: since Frances can't lift me and I didn't want lifting, she called 911
Daniel Bienvenu: carnival... carnaval... snow sculptures... bonhomme... and I'm at work... well, I will try taking pictures saturday
james: it must have been quite painful. i hope you're alright
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope too, rich
rich-c: the paras got here quick. wporked out a method to get me to where I could be worked on
Judy: and?
james: all the king's horses..
rich-c: I ended up dragging a plastic garden chair into the living room and sleeping in it - quite comfy it was, too
Judy: you must have been drugged
rich-c: this a.m. the public health nurse came by to assess my lumps and bruises and put on new dressig and stuff
rich-c: yes, I've need to pop Tylenol 3's four times a day
Judy: you better be careful they will take Frances away for abuise
Daniel Bienvenu: oops... it's 22:00 now... sorry, I have to return home soon. well, talk to you later... take care! aurevoir!
Judy: they will think someone is pushing you around
rich-c: she claims I'm so cantankerous she's going to report me ;-)
Judy: night drive careful Daniel
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel - a la prochaine!
james: later dan!
Judy: ok!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: *poof*
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Judy: glad my dad is doing better than you are
rich-c: sorry for shouting...
Judy: they not only gave him a new knee they also removed a piece of medal from the bone
rich-c: I'm glad to hear that; I got off with a hip replacement back when, as you know
Judy: some times you feel like shouting when things aren't going so good
Judy: yes, he has one of them also
Judy: but the weather here couldn't have been any worse
rich-c: bet he'll te'' you of the two, changing hip parts is a lot easier
Judy: Bob and I were the only ones to make it to the hospital Sat and Sun
Judy: yes, I think he is thinking that right now
rich-c: we have had bitter cold but no significant snow so far - though no doubt old Iupier Pluvius has plans
Judy: the doctor had to do some digging for the schrapnel, it was in the way of the place for the pin
Judy: we had the snow and the cold, schools were closed for 2 days
rich-c: when the wind is from the northwest we get cold but you get blizzards
rich-c: we are also getting some fine photos from "Winterpeg" - they are really getting a dusting
Judy: the roads still need cleaning, but it is so cold that salt doesn't work
Judy: was getting slippery again tonight coming home
Judy: was beautiful looking out of dads window, 7th fkoor over looking the city
Guy B.: Well folks, my dinner is ready. I'll see you all next week.
Judy: night Guy
rich-c: Pam was all thrilled today - they got stuck at the office with a brand new F-250 they needed in the compound out be Bolton
rich-c: night Guy, take care
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: so when she volunteered to drive it out, everyone heaved a great sigh of relief
Judy: good for her
rich-c: she thinks Ford pick 'em ups are a real deal, and really got herself a fun drive
rich-c: she just hopes they
rich-c: ll remember next timme they are over-trucked os short-staffed that she can and will do i
Judy: what ever floats your boat, right
rich-c: yep - but IIRC your family knows a few things about [ick-ups too
rich-c: anyway she got to drive a honkin' great diesel and it was a real yippee trip for her
Judy: that is cool
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changed username to Ron's Vista
Judy: Bob is working on a cover letter for a job interview , hopefully tomorrow
Ron's Vista: Yo!
james: hi ron
Judy: hi, Ron
james: you using vista now?
Ron's Vista: sorry to be late - was out for supper
Ron's Vista: yeh... you know me.... can't say no to nuthin'
rich-c: Ron! You DIDN'T!!! duck everyone, he's gone over to the Dark Side!!!!!
james: better than out to lunch
Ron's Vista: <grin>
james: but upon hearing what you just said, i may have to take that back ;)
Ron's Vista: had a visitor over from Port Alberni
rich-c: I knew it - the rot started the second someone mentioed Intel
Ron's Vista: Well, you see it was like this....... had a power supply problem about a week ago, and had to take the computer into my guru down town. And he talked me into it
Ron's Vista: That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it
rich-c: you need a higher level of sales resistance, Ron
Judy: and is it working?
Ron's Vista: oh yes. It's a little paranoid, but it works much better than XP did
Ron's Vista: Son Jeff says he's not surprised to hear that I caved. He himself says he'll wait for the next system
rich-c: the stories I'm seeing in the techie newsletters range from hold off for now to don't touch it with a ten foot pole
Ron's Vista: smart lad, my son
Judy: Bob is doing ok on XP
Ron's Vista: I know Judy, most people do. But me, for some reason
Ron's Vista: no
Judy: I am still on 98 but will be moving up soon
Ron's Vista: right
rich-c: well XP is too damn paternalistic - I want my keyboard controlling my computer, not some wet behind the ears geek in Redmond
james: lol
Ron's Vista: I believe only half of what I read and much less of what my common sense tells me
Judy: we have Doug that is all we need
rich-c: you should read the techie newsletters in general - they are very down on it
Ron's Vista: Yes, well if I had Doug, I wouldn't worry either
rich-c: yes, that is a circumstance that alters the case sometimes
Ron's Vista: I've read a fair bit of that stuff Rich. Doesn't seem to have detered my desire to be the first kid on the block
rich-c: so, may the Lord have mercy on your soul... you'll need all you can get
Judy: someone has to be first
Ron's Vista: indeed
rich-c: OK, so be it - let him jump and see how long the scream lassts before he hits bottom
james: i have one machine that i set up with xp late last year
james: everything else is still on win2k
james: except the adam
Ron's Vista: In my own defence, I will say that I got the full version of Vista Home Premium for the cost of the upgrade version
Ron's Vista: saving about $120.
Judy: can't be much worse than your fall, Rich
rich-c: XP is just generally a dog's breakfast, not programmed to be malicious like Vista
Ron's Vista: Oh yes, and Rich - how are you doing?
Ron's Vista: heard nasty rumors last week
Judy: got worse this week, Ron
Ron's Vista: Well, that depends on what you mean by malicious Rich. I think that's to some extent media hype. Certainly haven't seen any malicious here yet
Ron's Vista: oh?
rich-c: oh, dumped myself a real nasty lasst night - but got a quick response from 911 to pick me up again
Ron's Vista: geez!
rich-c: so they sent in a community nurse and supplies to help me this morning
rich-c: and will send a OT assessor to make sure I have all the handicap tools I need
Ron's Vista: good
Ron's Vista: we worry about you my son
rich-c: you should see how my legs have swollen up - paramedic says there must be 45 - 50 lbs. of fluid trtaipped in there
Judy: have they put you in some kind of brace, rich
Ron's Vista: Good Lord!
Judy: how come?
rich-c: nope, that isn't apprpriate - this is just a matter of letting time do its trick
Ron's Vista changed username to Ronald
rich-c: I do not have a single sock, shoe or slipper that fits at the moment
Ronald: that is definately a problem
Judy: why all the fluid?
rich-c: well, since I'm in no shape to go anywhere anyway it means little
rich-c: I don't know, Judy - though I was already on meds for fluid buildup, and you know
Ronald: did anyone say anything about congestive heart failure?
Ronald: reason I ask is that Mother had similar problems
rich-c: problem is to get teh fluid out - I'm onfour Lasix a day now
rich-c: same with my younge3r brother, Ron, but heart failure seems not in the cards in this case
Ronald: ok
Judy: that is good!!!
rich-c: just an obstinate bloddy-minded bod
rich-c: it's all bandaged up now
Ronald: no fun
rich-c: which is frustrating, as I want Pam to see the little geyser field that squirts up when I flex my fooot
rich-c: she is coming over after work tomorrow to take Frances out shopping and all
rich-c: cleanup is messy but it's quite a sight!
Ronald: I'll bet
rich-c: I find it quite mesmerizing and even Frances seems to feel the show is worth the cleanup
rich-c: so since I seem to be colecting our quota of medical miseries, I trust all the rest of us are well?
Ronald: well here Rich
Judy: we are too, Rich
rich-c: not sure Bob and Judy can see out from under the snow to tell how they are ;-)
BobS: oh no, we are on the top of the snowpile
Ronald: except that Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde are still duking it out inside my head over food consumption
Judy: it has been pretty nasty around here
Ronald: Hey Bob
rich-c: I feel I'm suffering from too much medical attention - I'm quite vinundated with offers of help I don't need or really want
Ronald: hmmm
rich-c: about three differrent flavours of nurses, good paramedics, assessment teams dumping tons of "well you might need them" medical supplies
Judy: you better just take the help that is offered to you, Rich
BobS: Yo Ron
BobS: was'up????
Ronald: want to find ways of interchanging my weight and my bowling average
BobS: not possible sir
rich-c: won't say I have no choice, or that I know better than them - I just wish I could sort of say hey, save some for folks who are really sick
Ronald: tell me about it
Judy: you sound like you are, Rich
Judy: a sickly body that is
rich-c: look, at my age if I'm still here by definition I am not that sick
BobS: yo have a point there Richard
rich-c: I am uncomfortable, sometimes don't respond well to treatment
Ronald: oh - by the way folks - slightly different subject - I attempted to contact Neil Wick by phone a couple of days ago, to ask him if he'd settled on a date for Adamcon yet. No answer. Left a message on his machine, but he has not responded
BobS: but you could be in a lot better health, so BE CAREFUL
Ronald: Maybe he's out of town
rich-c: but I feel insultingly inconvenienced, not like my life is being threatened
BobS: don't get excited know how things go
Ronald: Fluid buildup can be very serious if not treated Rich. You better let em do their thing
rich-c: yes, the Wicks are pretty busy guys right now
rich-c: oh, I've been monitored and treated on the fluid buildup for months
Ronald: Well only trouble is, I have plan to head onward from there to PEI, so need to do some forward planning (yeah... me PLAN (rotfl))
Judy: what are they up to?
BobS: would be nice to know the when and why of convention
rich-c: well, Dale has this new idea for graphics that is apparently very promising
rich-c: be nice if they could whip up something interesting for the gamers
rich-c: they have been talking mid-July far as I can tell
rich-c: brb
Ronald: a moment of silence
Judy: had to get something to drink
BobS: or two moments
BobS: just diet stuff roln
BobS: Ron
BobS: mothing exciting
Ronald: ah yes.... have my Diet Coke here
Judy: so how is the weather on the island, Ron
Ronald: in a word - WET
Judy: diet Root Beer for me
Ronald: drizzle, rain, followed by precipitation
BobS: well, we would GLADLY sent you some snow
james: ours is all gone
Ronald: Um..... thanks, but no thanks
james: doesn't last long when it's sunny and 15
Judy: oh that doesn't sound too good, at lease the snow was beatiful
Ronald: you had snow James?
Judy: awful to drive on but you can't have everything
BobS: send us some SUN James
Ronald: Yeah James
Ronald: order it up James
Ronald: weather travels from west to east
Ronald: and you're wester than I am
rich-c: don't get uppity, Ron, we know who's west of us giving the weasther conveyor another spin
Ronald: shh!!
rich-c: (jumps up and down, pointing - Ronnie did it!!! ronnie did it!!!
Ronald: yes, and I'm driving a Chrysler which doesn't give me any carbon emission credits at all
BobS: bummer dude
Ronald: :(
rich-c: well, there is a lot that needs to be done in terms of carbon emissions, but as usual the government is going off half-cocked
Ronald: t'was ever thus
rich-c: yes - poloticians always have to meddle, and the less they know the more meddlesome they become
Ronald: Bob, hear you have an interview tomorrow?
Ronald: or did I hear right?
james: we had about 30 cm last week, and it's long gone
rich-c: guess he doen
Judy: he has to call tomorrow to a place for a second interview
BobS: hopefully a; second interview.........part time job at retirement home......will see
Ronald: good luck my son
james: interview.. retirement home?
BobS: would fill in the gap that unemployment money is leaving nonw that it is done
Ronald: yes it would
rich-c: pity we can't just somehow out and show them the quality they can buy for the money
james: ah ok bob, so you mean working there, right ;)
BobS: yes james
BobS: 23 hours per week
Ronald: better than a kick in the head
BobS: ya mon
Judy: much
rich-c: not always, though - but most are on the up and up
Ronald: I keep thinking about you two....... you work hard all your life, and what does it get you?
Ronald: Not fair. Not fair at all
rich-c: regrets that you didn't get a government job...
BobS: would like to see the part time turn into full time with benefits and more pay......and more pay......and security, and then retirement
james: and when you do retire, you'll be right there :D
james: you can finish work one night and wake up as a resident the next morning..
BobS: basically there aren't any decent jobs here........the decent ones are not coming open and the flaky ones are just that, YES
Judy: be nice,` James
Ronald: yeah, from the sounds of it Michigan is in a rough patch
Judy: they are, big time
rich-c: yes, they are too dependent on a regulated industry
rich-c: and the regulators don't know squat about the industry they are regulating
james: what industry is that?
BobS: the foreign imports are killing the labor force wages, the loss of jobs to Mexico, Mexico's loss of jobs to China, etc, etc, is all playhing into the whole scene
rich-c: auto
Ronald: the automobile
james: oh
james: duh
james: yeah
Ronald: and all related thereto
Ronald: which in Michigan, is pretty well everything
BobS: and cars are most of the problem, yes, the trickle down effect on everything from plastics to tailpipes
james: well yeah, why build cars in the u.s. when you can pay mexicans 50 cents a day to build nissans, right?
BobS: and then Electrolux goes to Mexico......onad on and on
james: and yeah, with cheapass parts made by slave labour in china
Ronald: will the last one to leave please turn out the lights
james: you turnin in?
BobS: maybe true James....BUT we have the lifestyle we enjoy because of the countries like hnina
Ronald: no. - was talking about the state of Michigan
james: oh
BobS: Chihna
BobS: China
james: it's a fine line
BobS: after WW2, was Japan, then Taiwan, then Phillipines, then, then and finally China
james: people don't want to pay more, but then mitch and boan when the economy tanks and jobs leave
rich-c: gotta remember it's past 11 p.m. on this side of the world, and we didn't getmuch sleep last night
BobS: and next decade another porr country working for less
james: yeah, after china i wonder who..
james: i'd say at least a few decades for china
james: china is *huge*
james: it's also a huge mess
BobS: lot of India technology support can companies afford the phone bills to send tech support to India
Ronald: OH Lord! Don't get me onto call centres!
james: voip? it's literally cents per the minute planetwide
rich-c: yes, but if they can keep the proles quiet with the fruits of some growth, pazzunts aren't the most critical audience
james: so if the call price is low, they can pay some indian guy $10 a day versus someone at home $7/hr
Judy: and you can't talk to them, they don't speak so good english
Ronald: exactly
BobS: I guess, but phone problems like Ron alludes to, are killing ALL of us, yes??????
james: generally the indians that speak good english are the ones that are too educated to work in a call centre anyway
BobS: and you can't unnerstan them so good either
BobS: anyway, kids.....gonna head for bed and read the paper and prepare for tomorrow
rich-c: seems pretty smart to me, Bob
BobS: I appreciate your chatting with me as I commisurate with ya'll
rich-c: maybe by then I will be able to type properly too
BobS: so a fond adios and goobye
Ronald: least we can do Bob
Ronald: g'nite sir
BobS: we'll see ya'll next week !!!!!
rich-c: good luck, both of ya
Judy: yea, it is that time again, so night all, until next week
BobS left chat session
Ronald: yes 11:30 in the east
Judy left chat session
Ronald: niters
rich-c: which means I'm on the bubble too - so au reviour, folks
Ronald: Rich - best of luck with this..... hope it clears up real soon
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Ronald: nite
Ronald: and that just leaves us James
Ronald: Think I"m due in the recliner for Law and Order
Ronald: or as much of it as I can stay awake for
Ronald: see ya next week James
james: you still here?
james: ok. take care!
Ronald: nite
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