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BobS: RIN !!!!!!!!
BobS: how are ya?
erin: hi Bobs!
BobS: and how's the hubby?
erin: I'm okay. I've been off sick from work but nothing serious
erin: Hubby is good - been busy busy as usual
erin: how goes it with you?
BobS: going good here, not sick
erin: that's good
BobS: working too much
BobS: but need the work
erin: did you find something?
BobS: you been sick.......but not serious......WHAT does that mean?
BobS: sick or not sick
BobS: got a part time job afternoons for a local senior home
erin: good
BobS: not a hard job, rule # 1.....don't break a sweat
erin: : -)
BobS: rule # 2........dont' work too hard so you have to sweat
erin: I like the rules
BobS: one thing I don't like is cleaning the littel swimming pool (therapy pool).......tis hot and humid in there for an hour cleaning
BobS: but it isn't too bad, go slow and leave for supplies when I get warm'
erin: oy yeah I can see that
BobS: but I am working into the job
erin: well I'm glad something came along
BobS: me too because my unemployment pay ran out the end of January
BobS: this is a little more than the unemployment, so that is good, but I have to work for it.........
erin: bleh
BobS: Judy is hot on the trial of some gov't money to go back for classes in MS Office and medical office training, so maybe she can land a part time or full time job also
erin: ooo that would be nice
BobS: and we can get back on top of things here
erin: it's all in the timing
BobS: she has a couple days to go before the final appt with the counselor before getting the OK for school
BobS: 184 hours of class a month and a half or so.......maybe not all consecutive days
erin: that's not too bad
BobS: and certification at the end, with the caroot to an employer of federal wage repayments for a few months
BobS: carrot
BobS: THA in itself shoudl shake a job loose from the trees
erin: not too this something she has an interest in as well?
BobS: yes, she originally, many years ago, was the bookkepper in a local Woolworths Dept store
BobS: sole office person besides the store manager
BobS: did it all
BobS: so sitting in a office is appealing to her, not standing on her feet doing something
BobS: hear anything about unnca Richard lately????
erin: no, I understand that....I'm not a manual labour sort
BobS: last on the ADAM list was I think Monday from Frances
erin: I haven't heard much.
BobS: maybe she will log on tonight and fill us in
erin: I saw Pam earlier and she said he was doing a little beter
erin: I hope so
erin: I know she's been chatting with my Mom about it
BobS: he needs to do a LOT better just to come home
erin: yeah...I think there is still the problem with the one leg in particular
erin: my Mom mentioned something about possible surgery, but I can't confirm as I don't know for sure
BobS: that's what Frances intimated..........she thinks maybe plastic surgery even..........
erin: Pam has not said anything to that effect
BobS: course, what looks good to us is not good with the docotors
BobS: doctors
erin: I know, well I gather they got him standing a bit more often
BobS: that woudl be a good sign, but with his circulation problems........I don't know what to think.......
erin: I's all very disconcerting
erin: I just hope he gets better....he's really not *that* old...but he has gone downhill very quickly
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changed username to Judy
erin: hi Judy!
changed username to Mr. Ms. Rin
erin: hi Hubbys <kiss>
Judy: Hi, Erin
Mr. Ms. Rin: Hi Bob and Judy.
Mr. Ms. Rin: Hi My Rin <holds>
Mr. Ms. Rin: Rin has been unwell of late, has she told you?
BobS: hey Doc
Judy: Hi, Mr Rin
erin: hehe
Mr. Ms. Rin: And Canada Post still apparently has not delivered my letter to Richard in hospital, mailed 2 Fridays ago...
BobS: gone downhill..............NO LIE, Richard should have another 10 years, easy in the old bod
Judy: that is different usually the woman loses her idenity
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Mr. Ms. Rin: Not sure if Frances will pop in tonight.
BobS: heck we sent him 2 cards............hmmmmmm
changed username to canard
Mr. Ms. Rin: Last word I had from Frances was no delivery.
Mr. Ms. Rin: So either I E-mail to tamcotec and have her read them to him, or mail to the house and have her bring them in.
canard: Bonsoir
erin: Rich will have everyone believing that I wear the pants in the family :-)
Mr. Ms. Rin: I am presuming that it is the hospital mail room.
Mr. Ms. Rin: Your do <says Mr. Ms. Rin, flouncing skirt as he sits down>
Mr. Ms. Rin: You do
Mr. Ms. Rin: I see a duck.
Mr. Ms. Rin: Is it made of wood?
Mr. Ms. Rin: And therefore...?
canard: Daniel, is sick, he caugh a flu
erin: poor Daniel
Mr. Ms. Rin: Oh no :-(
canard: Bye!
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canard: Aurevoir
Mr. Ms. Rin: I hope he gets better soon.
changed username to Frances
erin: hi Aunt Frances
canard left chat session
Mr. Ms. Rin: And speaking of getting better soon...hi Frances, how is Richard?
Frances: Hi, everyone
Mr. Ms. Rin: Hope my letter finally got there...if not, I will just E-mail you the text and you can read it to him.
Mr. Ms. Rin: Or print it out.
Mr. Ms. Rin: It was sent 2 Fridays ago, air mail.
Frances: It got there today along with a card from Bob
Frances: Goodness why it took so long
Mr. Ms. Rin: Yay! Only 2 weeks time I will send it to your house, at least Rin gets the letters in 5 days.
Mr. Ms. Rin: Probably hosptal mail room...
Frances: Richard is much improved but still not very mobile
Mr. Ms. Rin: Well, at least it got there...hope he enjoyed it, if he got to it.
Judy: Hi, Frances
Frances: Physio actually got him walking today, sort of
erin: good
Frances: Hi, Judy
Judy: that is great
Frances: It took 3 people tho - one on each side and one behind with a chair just incase
Judy: sure he has to be getting very weak, not being up for this amount of time
Frances: it's almost a month since he last walked
Mr. Ms. Rin: :-(
Frances: and his back still bothers him
Mr. Ms. Rin: Maybe they can get him on a bike or something to at least move his legs...a lie-down bike maybe.
Mr. Ms. Rin: If he doesn't move around, the muscles will atrophy :-(
BobS: that's not good mom
Frances: a while after that another therapist came along and wanted to talk about getting p to use the bathroom and sit in a chair to eat
Frances: p=him
BobS: IF he can,k it would be good thing
BobS: best thing for sick people is to get up and moving
Judy: that would be a good start
Frances: but this one was so patronizing that I positively bristled
BobS: least that is what they tell us
Mr. Ms. Rin: sigh Frances
Frances: and quietly lost my temper
BobS: sincerity seems to bew missing often
Judy: that is what they did with dad he had to eat all his meals in a chair
Judy: even if he didn't what to
Mr. Ms. Rin: You should at least tell his daily nurse about the therapist's attitude, don't totally keep it quiet.
Frances: well, I have to keep reminding everyone that he has a fractured vertebra
Frances: and it's painful
Frances: Richard would love to be able to get up and walk but he can''t
Mr. Ms. Rin: Have you heard anything about how they will deal with the fracture? Braces, surgery, leave it alone?
Frances: this second one left after I bristled and I sat and stewed for a while then went out to find her
Frances: and reminded her of the fracture - she said they would get the orthopods to look into it
Frances: so that's progress, I guess
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Frances: the physiotherapists are great - this one was an occupational therapist
changed username to Judy's evil twin
Mr. Ms. Rin: Evil twin?
Judy's evil twin: just in case her puter poops out here.........
Frances: and she seemed to be under the impression that Richard was lacking in the thinking dept. and sort of doddered
Mr. Ms. Rin: Evil and Judy do not belong in the same sentence.
BobS: she gots loose wire in the screen I think
BobS: keeps blinking off and on
BobS: Doug is coming Sat and hea can llok at it
BobS: he can look at it
Judy: is working better right now
BobS: whew, that was HARD
Frances: what are you using, Judy - laptop?
BobS: fung tooster.........
Frances: fingers had too much drink, Bob?
Judy: yes,Bob bought me a new laptop, a ladies computer
Frances: a what?
BobS: not yet Frances, but SOON
Judy: is much lighter
Mr. Ms. Rin: pink and fluffy?
BobS: no, toshiba tecra, wighs about 1.2 of mine
BobS: weighs
BobS: light little thing it is
Judy: thought I might need it when I get in classes
Frances: big enough for the fingers, Judy?
Mr. Ms. Rin: Are you taking classes Judy?
Judy: should be soon, I will finish my stuff tomorrow
Frances: what stuff
Judy: then it is just a matter of time, waiting for the okay
Judy: not yet
Judy: I have been in a Step workshop this week
Frances: Step?
Judy: and I have to get a background check, then I will have everything done
Mr. Ms. Rin: I can attest to your character if you need a reference.
Frances: certified honest, loyal and true blue!
Judy: thinking positively, that is what it is all about
Mr. Ms. Rin: On CWRU letterhead too.
Judy: thank you, but I think it has to be a certified thing
BobS: my unemployment = opportunity for Judy to get some free money for advanced schooling = classes to get the cash = 185 hrs of classes @ MS Office training center = certification = JOB !!! = Bob retires !!!! YEA
Judy: pay 10 dollars and there you are
Judy: NO!!!!!
Judy: he can
Judy: not retire, yet
Frances: But Judy, he could do the cooking, the washing, the cleaning
Mr. Ms. Rin: Yes indeedy :-)
Judy: yea, right, as Ryan would say
BobS: RIGHT Frances
Frances: I'm retired and that's what I do
BobS: I am for it
Judy: that won't happen
Mr. Ms. Rin: She with the $$$ can call the tune ;-)
Frances: Right!
Judy: we will see what happens, maybe I will turn in the main bread winner
Mr. Ms. Rin: I guess Rin can comment on my domestic abilities, but I think I am good around the house...
Frances: I also garden, sew and do accounts not to mention income tax
erin: never knew men could be that good around the house :-)
Judy: he can cook that is not a problem
Frances: He can cook - he's worth his weight in gold
Mr. Ms. Rin: Cooking is fun.
Judy: he could do it all if he had to, that is for sure
Frances: Bob cooks, Judy?
Mr. Ms. Rin: And Rin eats it without much complaint.
erin: thank goodness he thinks so :-)
BobS: me GUD cook, ya ???????
Frances: I've cooked for more than 50 years and I'm tired of it
BobS: put pig on stick and turn ........ round and round
Judy: does all the grilling and helps quite a bit this last year especially
Mr. Ms. Rin: Draft Pamela?
Frances: and stuck with it
Mr. Ms. Rin: I think I improvise well, make something edible out of whatever I happen to have.
Mr. Ms. Rin: Limited palette, but lots of combinations.
Judy: all but scrambled eggs, don't like the way he does them
Frances: yes, I can too but it's time someone fed me
Judy: thinks he has to add something to them
Judy: that is right, Frances
Mr. Ms. Rin: Well, get Richard home and put him to work, Frances.
Frances: don't think so
Mr. Ms. Rin: I am planning to be in Toronto for a week (10-19 March). Would you like me to cook supper for you?
Frances: have to get him back on his feet so he can drive me around
Mr. Ms. Rin: One night when convenient.
Mr. Ms. Rin: Whatever you would just have to suffer me in your kitchen.
Mr. Ms. Rin: You could just sit and wait for the courses to come out.
Judy: sounds like a plan, Dr D, you can take care of her
Mr. Ms. Rin: And no dishes to wash.
Mr. Ms. Rin: You'd just have to let me know what you want to eat.
Frances: it's very tempting, thank you for the offer - let's wait and see how things are going then
Mr. Ms. Rin: Okay, just something to percolate in your brain.
Frances: it's not longnow, either
Mr. Ms. Rin: And it could make enough for some leftovers if you like leftovers...or be something that naturally made a lot (like a roast or ham etc.).
Frances: get me out of the house, if I'm not too tired
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changed username to james
james: morning
Frances: I don't sleep well and I'm never sure how I'll feel from day to day
Judy: hi, James
Frances: not yet, James
Mr. Ms. Rin: Well, that might be a reason for the cooks and the food to come to you at home. But whatever you are up to.
Frances: but hello, there
Mr. Ms. Rin: Hi James.
james: just popped on to say hi
james: i'm afraid i really can't stay long
Frances: how are things?
james: extremely busy
james: as always
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changed username to Ronald
Frances: doing what?
Ronald: hello all
BobS: hey Ron
Frances: Hello, Ron
james: hi, ron
erin: hi James
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Ronald: flu bound here..... may die at any instant
erin: hi Ron
changed username to Guy B.
Frances: Hi, Guy
erin: hi Guy
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Mr. Ms. Rin: Oh no Ron :-(
Guy B.: Frances, how is RIch doing?
Mr. Ms. Rin: Hi Guy.
BobS: oh bummer Ron
Judy: hi, Guy and Ronald
Guy B.: HI Rin
Frances: That's terrible, Ron
Ronald: oh well
Frances: Guy, he's improved but just starting to get mobile
Judy: keep it there, Ron
BobS: HEY you just KEEP that flu stuff up ther in Canada mon
Frances: Lots of hard work still
Ronald: How's Rich?
Frances: Don't you get a flu shot, Ron?
Guy B.: That's good.
Ronald: yes I do, but in this case it was obviously ineffective
BobS: must have beenn sir
Judy: bummer
Frances: he's improved, Ron, but not very moble
BobS: sucks to be on the wet coast, with a flu shot and still sick
Frances: mobile
Ronald: was down in Vancouver last Wed thru Sun, and daughter in law had the bug when I got there, so I'll blame her
Ronald: sorry to hear that Frances
Frances: I've never had the flu
Frances: they are just starting to work on mobility
Judy: really, Frances?
Frances: Really!
Judy: that is unreal, good for you
Frances: I can't imagine what I've done right - luck I suppose
Judy: just be glad
Frances: I am
Ronald: yes
Frances: Many long years ago before Pam was born and I was working at the U of T library, the staff in the circulation dept. were dropping like flies
Frances: but I just sailed though it all and so did the others in my dept,
Ronald: so seldom I ever get one of these things, that when It happens I'm floored
james left chat session
Frances: from what I read, you should be
Judy: I haven't had the flu since I started getting the shot
Frances: I get one annually but I also don't go out in crowds much
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changed username to Pamela
Guy B.: HI Pam
Pamela: Hi folks, I made it
Frances: Full up, daughter?
Judy: that does probably help, was getting it every year from the boys
Pamela: stuffed, thank you : )
Judy: hi, Pam
erin: hi Pam
Frances: Yes, when Pam was small, I caught her colds - now I hardly ever get one
Ronald: Hey Pamela!
Pamela: Hi, everyone
Pamela: first, let me say, if Mom has not already, how much Dad appreciated receiving your letter, Rich, and your card, Bob and Judy
Ronald: need chicken soup
Judy: Josh and Michael get colds a lot but this year Ryan is doing really well
Frances: Well, kids get them Judy and I don't know how to prevent that
Judy: he should be getting another one, is on the way
Judy: more of a male type card this time, first was what we had in the house
Frances: I can't imagine why the mail took so long
Frances: except that there's been a lot of bad weather
Pamela: I think he liked the first one just fine, and the sentiment behind it. He said he's looking forward to the summer and to being able to attend the convention as a "full, participating" member
Judy: Josh is the worst this year, he has too long of a day, leaves at 6:30 and gets home at 3:45
Mr. Ms. Rin: sorry folks called awya
Mr. Ms. Rin: away
Mr. Ms. Rin: and not by My Honey
Pamela: by the way Erin, I passed along your greetings and good wishes on Sunday and says to say hi and thank you very much
erin: thanks
Mr. Ms. Rin: So did Richard look at my letter, Frances?
Mr. Ms. Rin: Okay if not, just is now 2 weeks out of date :-S
Frances: Yes, he read it this afternoon
Frances: but at the time he was a bit dozy because he'd had a tylenol 3 for physio and kept nodding off
Pamela: i think he appreciates hearing from the outside world, Rich
erin: (PRIVATE) how are you holding up?
Frances: so I left it with him and suggested he read it again later
Mr. Ms. Rin: 2 weeks is too long...I should send postal letters to your mom, or else E-mail and have her read them.
Frances: Pam was there this evening and brought it home for me to keep
Mr. Ms. Rin: Whatever you wish...there had been some question about how quickly he might be discharged, so I didn't want it to lag behind him moving to a different place.
Pamela: (PRIVATE) Better, thanks - because he is. The first few days were rough
Frances: Send mail to the house
erin: (PRIVATE) I'm glad it's a bit better
Mr. Ms. Rin: I printed it in 14-point or 16-point type to make it big.
Frances: and I will take it to him
Mr. Ms. Rin: Okay Frances will do.
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changed username to GuyPh
Pamela: (PRIVATE) he's in much better spirits and is feeling better, so it's easier to cope
Guy B.: Mr Foster, I presume?
GuyPh: Greetings, just dropped in to get the news on Rich, can't stay for too long.
erin: (PRIVATE) very good
Guy B.: How's everything Guy?
Pamela: Hi, Gui
Frances: Doing better, Guy but not much mobility yet
GuyPh: Good thanks everyone!
Judy: hi, Guy F
Frances: stll in an acute care ward
Pamela: How are Sandra and the baby doing, Gui?
GuyPh: They are both doing fine, Tamara got her ears pierced a few days ago.
Pamela: and how did that go? : )
GuyPh: Awful experience, we had to redo it.
Pamela: oh, my
Pamela: Erin, are you home this weekend?
GuyPh: The lady with 15 years of experience doesn't understand the first thing about symetry.
erin: yep, recovering
Pamela: still sick?
Frances: how old is she, Guy?
GuyPh: 5 months old
erin: yep...and I woke up with conjunctivitis this morning
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changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: oh, charming
Guy B. changed username to Guy B & Annie
erin: I'm home for the rest of the week
Guy B & Annie requested to ban Guy B.
Pamela confirmed ban
Mr. Ms. Rin confirmed ban
Ronald confirmed ban
Pamela: that would explain the no-makeup look from earlier
erin confirmed ban
Judy's evil twin confirmed ban
Mr. Ms. Rin: PIERCING BABY'S EARS IS CRUELTY! Wait 'til they are adults and can choose for themselves :-(
Guy B & Annie changed username to Guy B.
GuyPh confirmed ban
Frances confirmed ban
erin: indeed it does explain it....not pleasant at all
Pamela: no, I'll bet : (
Judy: what is that, Erin?
Mr. Ms. Rin: Rin is very ill :-(
Frances: Erin, do you have anything for the eye problem?
erin: I think it could have been avoided if the first Doctor I saw would have given me an antibiotic instead of a lecture on indoor heating and how it is bad for your health
Mr. Ms. Rin: It has been killing me being stuck here not able to go help her out
Pamela: it's pink eye, Judy
Ronald: brb
erin: yes, I went to the clinic this morning and the Doctor gave me eye drops and an antibiotic for my sinus/ear infection....throat is still pretty sore
Pamela: Man, when you get 'em, you really do a good job, sweetie
Judy: ohhhh
erin: gives new meaning to "go big or go home"
Mr. Ms. Rin: I leveraged the need to bring Christina home from Erie last Thursday morning into an overnight trip to Toronto late Tuesday night...hadn't seen her for almost a month...
Pamela: you did both : )
Mr. Ms. Rin: But that was before this stuff
BobS: Rin, you didn't say you were THAT sick............soory to hear it my dear
erin: it was a good thing it was before this Riches otherwise you would very likely have gotten it
GuyPh: Allright, I'm out of here... Have to go and be a cruel parent to my child... God knows what people will choose to label me next. G'night everyone.
GuyPh left chat session
BobS: be good GuytF
Mr. Ms. Rin: hehe fashion speaketh
Pamela: Gnite, Guy
Mr. Ms. Rin: I am not a piercing person that's all
Frances: I'm with you, Rich
Mr. Ms. Rin: Don't like body alterations on people who are too little to have a say :-S
BobS: well just hold it down a little thewre doc
Frances: right
Judy: Bob just got my background check order, now we will see how bad I am
Pamela: check for what, Judy? Possible job?
Judy: for my WIA money, final step
Mr. Ms. Rin: She wants to work for the CIA,
Judy: for school
Pamela: ah
Pamela: decided what courses to take?
Judy: if the gov will pay for it, I will let them
Pamela: good policy : )
erin: well folks I think I'm going to put my sick self to bed....have a good week all!
Judy: medical assistant, work in a doctors office
erin: (PRIVATE) love you
Pamela: Gnite Rin - I will touch base this weekend about the theatre. Feel better!
Judy: night Erin, hope you feel better SOON!!!!
Pamela: (PRIVATE) love you too
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Frances: you picked a good time, Erin - foul weather tomorrow
erin: alrighty roo
Guy B.: Bye Rin
erin: Thanks Judy
changed username to ronald
Frances: good night
Mr. Ms. Rin: Nite Pam
erin: I did hear that.....give my love to Uncle Richard....g'night Aunt Frances
Pamela: nite, Rich - get some rest
erin: bye Guy
Mr. Ms. Rin: I am thinking of going nite-nite too
Pamela: we wil
Pamela: l
erin left chat session
Mr. Ms. Rin: Must be up at 5 AM tomorrow.
Pamela: ick
Frances: Ron, what are you doing?
Frances: Good night, Rich
Mr. Ms. Rin: Nite Frances, I will mail something to you for Richard.
Mr. Ms. Rin: And think about food for me to cook...
ronald: have no idea
Frances: okay, thanks
Mr. Ms. Rin: Bye all.
BobS: nite erin
Mr. Ms. Rin: <poof>
BobS: nite doc
Mr. Ms. Rin left chat session
BobS: nite evil
Judy's evil twin left chat session
Guy B.: Bye Judy
Frances: I see you have an alter ego and I wondered
Pamela: what happened, Ron? Knocked off?
BobS: oops a well ron and a sick ron
BobS: or something
Judy: I am still here, just my other computer left, this one wasn't working very good for a little while
Frances: Can you make out the screen and the keyboard, Ron?
ronald: gonna take off folks.... not feeling well at all
Pamela: gnite Ron, you get some rest too. Remember, sleep is good!
Frances: take care, Ron
Judy: night Ron, hope you feel better real SOON!!!
Guy B.: Night Ron
Pamela: (someday I should take my own advice)
Judy: it is easy to give to someone else, Pam
BobS: nite ron
Judy: not so easy to do yourself
Pamela: I'm just stubborn, Judy : )
Frances: she saidit, Judy
ronald left chat session
Frances: not me
Judy: just don't want to give up, there is a difference
Pamela: well I took myself off to bed at 11:00 last night, and was the better for it
Pamela: first time in ages that I went to bed on time.
BobS: why???????
BobS: too interested inthe dark?
Judy: what time do you usually go to bed?
Pamela: sometime after midnite
Pamela: and too late for someone who has to be up by 6:45
Judy: I am not one to talk, sleeping is not something I do well
Frances: not I, Judy
Frances: nor I
BobS: her sleeping SUCKS
Pamela: these last few nights have been difficult, it was too hot in the bedroom
BobS: don't tell her though
BobS: HOT, it is winter myh dear
Frances: what does she do, Bob?
BobS: lays awake for god know why
Pamela: yes, but with the mild weather, the building has finally warmed up, and the bedroom gets too warm
BobS: expects something exciting to happen I guess
Frances: Judy, do have trouble falling asleep? or staying asleep
Pamela: I like it warm in the living room and cooler in the bedroom
Judy: both
BobS: <tongue in cheek> window
Pamela: did that, but no breeze
Judy: get my best sleep after 3 AM
Frances: that's okay if you don't have to get up early
Judy: is 7 too early?
Frances: yes
Pamela: it is if you're up till three : )
Judy: that is what I thought also
Frances: yes
Judy: that is when Bob gets up
Pamela: hmm, be right back, gotta water my plant
Judy: and we have breakfast
BobS: or 6:30am
BobS: why go to bed
BobS: ??????
Judy: sometimes I think that sleep is over rated
Frances: the latest thought is go to bed, if not asleep in 20 min. get up until sleepy, get up AT THE SAME TIEM EVERY DAY
Frances: sorry, hit the wrong key
Frances: Judy, I have trouble too and I don't think it is
Judy: I do that if or when I can't sleep, get up and read for awhile then try again, etc
Judy: it is a family thing, Mom and sisters have the same trouble
Frances: And since Richard found he had sleep apnea and started to use a CPAP machine, he is mch better for the sleep
Judy: Bob
Judy: dad has the machine also
Judy: that is Bob's dad
Frances: he used to fall asleep reading, but now he doesn't
Pamela: I got a good look at it on Dad for the first time in the hospital and honestly, I don't know how he stands it
Pamela: I don't think I could sleep with that much gear on my head
Pamela: orthodontic headgear was bad enough
Judy: I agree, don't know how they can sleep with that on their face
Frances: I know - I feel the same way but there are smaller masks than hat one
Frances: that one
Frances: and if you sleep better, it's worth it
Judy: very true, Frances
Pamela: well kudos to Dad for being able to cope with it
Frances: there are masks with very little headgear
Frances: he said that after his titration study, he knew it would benefit him
Frances: and it has
Frances: and it is now possible to sleep in the same room with him
Judy: how has the weather been over there by you
Pamela: mild and alternately snowy and sunny, Judy
Pamela: hovering right around the freezing mark
Frances: Pam, one of the problems then was that his face was swollen and the mask was rather tight
Pamela: today was gorgeous
Judy: we are supposed to have another storm hit tonight
Frances: yes, it was and tomorrow will be stinking
Pamela: yes, we're supposed to start getting it tomorrow
Pamela: I am not looking forward to my trip home from work
Pamela: nor to going in on Friday morning
Judy: should be just rain by the time I have to go to class tomorrow
Frances: the worst is supposed to hold off until the evening but if it doesn't I will stay home
Pamela: Guy, have you gotten hit by the weather yet?
Judy: Monday morning was awful around here
Frances: Pam, the roads will be salted
Judy: had 5 or more heavy wet snow
Guy B.: Well folks, have to take out Annie soon. I'll see you all next week.
Pamela: gnite, Guy
BobS: supposed to hit here after midnight and turn into all rain by thurs afternoon
Judy: night Guy
Frances: good night, Guy
BobS: nite guy
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: I can cope with rain
Frances: I think we should all go to bed, now - well, soon
Pamela: it's freezing rain I don't like
BobS: I agree Frances. so without further ado
Judy: me either, or ice and then snow
Pamela: yes, Mother : )
Frances: I know, but the roads don't freeze as readily as concrete and they get salted
BobS: say HI to Richard, assure him a second card is enroute and GET BETTER
Frances: I will
Pamela: we will Bob - see you next week, and drive safely
BobS: AND any additional cards better go to the house..........
Judy: yes, it is that time of night again, night all, tell Richard that we are hoping he will be up and about very soon!!!!
Frances: Goodnight, Bob, Judy and daughter
Pamela: Gnite Judy
BobS: nite
BobS left chat session
Frances: daughter, go to bed
Frances: 1
Pamela: Gnite, Mom - I"ll call tomorrow
Frances: ok
Pamela: hugs and kisses
Judy left chat session
Frances: xxxxxxoooooo
Frances left chat session
Pamela: :: ))
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