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Daniel B.: oro?
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BobS: comeon in
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BobS: oh well
BobS: tis lonely out tonight
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changed username to Dr. D.
Dr. D.: Hi Bob, you're the only one here?
BobS: doc how are ya????
Dr. D.: I just got home :-(
BobS: so far, someone tried to enter, but I kicked them right on out!!!!!!
Dr. D.: That was me, my browser crashe.
Dr. D.: crashed,
BobS: actually they just kind of fell of I guess
BobS: ahso
BobS: well WB doc
BobS: how's things going?
BobS: with you, Rin, ?
Dr. D.: can't wait for the week to end...
BobS: that bad eh?
Dr. D.: Spring Break starts after classes Friday.
Dr. D.: I am going to Toronto Saturday morning, until the 19th.
BobS: AH HA, and trip to CA
Dr. D.: It will be the most time we've had together since the wedding.
BobS: AND healthy, right?
Dr. D.: I am now, was ailing a bit earlier in the week, some GI bug going around, Gretchen had it over the weekend.
BobS: yuck
Dr. D.: Rin is the one who has been sick, she was home most of last week.
Dr. D.: Ear and sinus infection, then pinkeye.
BobS: how's the time line coming along??????
BobS: should be getting there
BobS: no?
Dr. D.: Final review of paperwork next week, then turn it in.
Dr. D.: On the agenda for the trip.
BobS: cool, and then....theoretically.......
Dr. D.: 6 months later...
BobS: six MORE months ???????
Dr. D.: alas yes :-(
BobS: bummer dude, thought you only had one six month period
Dr. D.: We deal as we can.
Dr. D.: It took us 6 months just to get the marriage certificate from Ontario, they lost everything we sent them in August.
Dr. D.: We had to go back to the minister in Windsor over Christmas to do it all over again.
BobS: absence makes the heart grow fonder..........yea, right
Dr. D.: They would not accept anything but the one original document they lost.
Dr. D.: At least Rin keeps working.
BobS: so you got legally hitched all over again?
BobS: have the minister sign two fo the suckers
BobS: of
Dr. D.: Not another ceremony, but the same paperwork.
BobS: you GOT to be KIDDING
Dr. D.: One of her brothers had to sign as Best Man, 'cause my Dad couldn't make it to Windsor again.
BobS: leave ANY important job to the government and what do you get???? SCREWED
Dr. D.: I am not kidding.
Dr. D.: They are the government, nothing I can do about it.
BobS: so then the six month time line started over at years end?
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Dr. D.: No the 6 month timeline will start when we get these docs filed. We couldn't file them without docs that we needed *THOSE* docs for.
changed username to Pamela
Dr. D.: Hi Pam.
BobS: HI Pam
Pamela: Hello
Pamela: I'm here, but have to pop away from my 'puter for a few minutes to say g'nite to Russell
Pamela: I'll be right back, don't worry
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Dr. D.: I am unsuccessful in getting Rin to login, she says she is too tired.
changed username to Judy
BobS: well, THAT is a fine how do you do ........
Judy: Hi, Dr D and Pam
BobS: tired OR sick
BobS: didn't Rin have the Drushel sickness last wqeek?????
Judy: how is your dad, Pam?
Dr. D.: No she said she is just tired.
Dr. D.: Hi Judy.
Judy: Hi, again
Dr. D.: I was at work until 7:30 PM, decided to stop for some supper on the way home, got in about 20 minutes ago.
Dr. D.: I have 38 exams to grade by Friday.
Judy: that doesn't sound like fun
Dr. D.: Administrative interrupts keep taking me away from them.
Dr. D.: I'd rather have the exams than the admin stuff that has rained down this week.
BobS: go fast and then the students will be happy
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Pamela: sorry about that folks, I'm back
BobS: probably true, paper work is time consuming and boring
Pamela: Hi, Judy
Judy: hi, Pam
Dr. D.: Only some of it is paperwork...
Judy: How is your dad coming along
Dr. D.: ...some of it is stuff that requires shuffling teachers and classes around.
changed username to Daniel
Dr. D.: Yes how is your Dad?
Pamela: not much has changed since Mom wrote the update on Monday.
BobS: clue us IN my dear
Daniel: hello!
Judy: Hi, Daniel
Dr. D.: You knew I was coming to visit next week, if he is up to visitors, Rin and I can stop by.
BobS: didn't wxpect too much to happen Pam
Daniel: are you ready to for march 11?
Pamela: He has been moved to the orthopaedic ward and I gather from talking to Mom that the doctor was in tonite to tell him they're going to measure him for a brace
Dr. D.: And that I offered to cook supper for your Mom, since she was kvetching about it last week.
Dr. D.: Brace is good, better than surgery.
Pamela: and then once the brace is ready, take him over to x-ray to ensure it's doing what it's supposed to
Judy: that sounds like a step in the right direction
Dr. D.: Rin says hi and good night to all via her Blackberry.
Pamela: I'm sure he would love visitors Rich, just let him know you're coming so he has time to cover up
Judy: say hi to her from us
Pamela: Hello, goodnight, Erin
Dr. D.: I'll pass it on.
Daniel: goodnight 'rin!
Pamela: when I arrived on Sunday afternoon he was uncovered to the waist - it's very hot in the hospital room
BobS: he is sleeping "IN THE RAW" ?????
Pamela: told him it's a good thing it was just me : )
Pamela: no, just had his hospital gown to the waist
BobS: he is trying to get the nurses riled up
Dr. D.: haha he doesn't need to undress to do that :-)
Pamela: he's in very good spirits apparently - I haven't been over as I'm working on a cold
BobS: then STAY HOME
Pamela: I wish the damn thing would make up it's mind - I hate the incipient stage
Judy: no, don't give him that!!!
Pamela: either make me sick or go away
Daniel: next week, we have to wake up one hour more earlier...
BobS: sickness is going around here and you are "encouraged" to stay away if you are at all under the weather
BobS: Daniel, when did yo sneak in ?????
BobS: HI
Pamela: Hi, Daniel - didn't see you
BobS: sunday to be exact
Daniel: statistics said it's the worst period of the time, many accidents occurs because of this hour change.
BobS: really?
Pamela: anyway Rich, just give him a heads up before you head over - he now has his phone active and I'll leave the number with Erin for you
Daniel: loosing one hour of sleep :-P
Daniel: bonsoir tout le monde
Daniel: sorry for last week, I didn't feel good enough to be online myself. I asked my mother to say hello for me.
Pamela: as for cooking for Mother, she turned down dinner with us last week, but by next week she may be sick of her own cooking and we may be able to talk her into a dinner with us
Dr. D.: Your Mom said not to ever call there.
Pamela: now that he's in a different room with an active phone, it's okay
Dr. D.: I figured I would bring ingredients and cook in her kitchen.
Dr. D.: So she could just dictate what she wanted to eat and I would make it.
Pamela: the phone is right beside his bed and he can reach it no problem
Dr. D.: Okay, we'll see if we can visit him.
Pamela: good luck with that - I can't even get her to let me cook in her kitchen, and I know where everything is and everything goes!
BobS: take her Pizza Hut
Dr. D.: Well if she wants other cooks and no travel, she must agree to let others use the facilities.
Dr. D.: I am a good cook, and not messy, I clean as I go.
Pamela: oh good, can you teach Russell how to do that? I haven't managed it in nearly 20 years : )
Dr. D.: Deny meals until behavior changes?
Pamela: unfortunately, doesn't work - he's the cook when he's home
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changed username to Ronald MacBook
Ronald MacBook: hi all
Pamela: Hi, Ron
Judy: hi, Ron
Ronald MacBook: am recovered
BobS: hi Ron
BobS: from sickness?
Pamela: good to hear, Ron
Daniel: hello ron
Ronald MacBook: yeah..... nasty gastro - flu last week
Pamela: oh, ick, Ron
Judy: that is wonderful, Ron
Ronald MacBook: ya better believe it, pilgrim
Ronald MacBook: I was here last week, but I wasn't all there
BobS: but NOW, you are tip top and flying high
Ronald MacBook: Yo!
BobS: I remember that
Ronald MacBook: I always know something's not right when I don't want to go near the fridge
Pamela: actually Rich, one thing you might do with Mom is take her out and find her a relatively inexpensive laptop with 98 or XP, which is internet ready, that Dad might use in the hospital. It's something she brought up the other night
Judy: that is usually a bad sign
Ronald MacBook: indeed
Pamela: Dad is suffering from computer withdrawal bigtime
Ronald MacBook: Now I have to watch it, 'cause the appetite is coming back
Judy: what happened to his computer, Pam?
Ronald MacBook: I'll bet Pam. How's he doin?
Pamela: just go back to your good habits, Ron, you'll be fine
BobS: what about his laptop from home???????
Ronald MacBook: Well, last week at my Weight Watchers weigh in I was down 3.6 lbs in a week
Pamela: not much has changed since Mom's update on Saturday. They moved him to the orthopaedic ward on Saturday and plan to measure him for a back brace tomorrow, after which they're going to start getting him on his feet, hopefully.
BobS: or is that reserved for Frances whilest Richard is hospitalized
Ronald MacBook: wouldn't recommend that weight loss method to a soul
BobS: COOL Ron
Pamela: problem is Bob, the laptop at home is the only one with e-mail and internet at the moment - the desktop is still somewhat dead
Ronald MacBook: nothin worse than a dead desk top
BobS: works for me,,,,,,,get another laptop, then when health returns, both mom and dad can come online
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Dr. D.: Bob's solution sounds good to me.
Pamela: it will run but is not internet capable at the moment
changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: Hello, Guy!
Guy B.: Greetings All!!!
Ronald MacBook: Mr. Bona I presume!
Judy: hi, Guy
BobS: hi Guy
BobS: send Richard a laptop
Dr. D.: What will constitute internet-capable for the hospital? Do they have wireless there?
Guy B.: Pam, how's your dad doing?
Pamela: I don't know, Rich, that's something we'll have to investigate in the intervening time
BobS: GET REAL doc.........we're talkiing sick people here
Dr. D.: Well, I am fishing for capabilities, does it need wireless or just a 56K modem?
BobS: although, when Judy's dad was having knee replacement, there was wireless inthe hospital
Dr. D.: And the hospital phone system might not be happy with dialup.
Dr. D.: ala past ADAMcons
Pamela: not much has changed since Mom's update on Saturday. They measure him for a back brace tomorrow after which hopefully they'll start getting him on his feet, Guy
Pamela: hopefully I can find that out when I see him on the weekend Rich
Guy B.: Oh good, he needs to get on his feet and try to walk a little.
Pamela: he is in good spirits generally otherwise
Ronald MacBook: The wards here have cable to each bed, but you have to pay for it, and that's for TV. Probably not for Internet access
Guy B.: Good to hear, I'm glad he's making progress. We miss him here on the chat.
Pamela: and he's missing everyone. He said on Sunday that he's suffering from computer withdrawal : )
Judy: how is your mother holding up, Pam
BobS: probably TIRED
Ronald MacBook: I would imagine
Pamela: she's tired Judy, as you might expect. She has good days and bad days. She's not here tonite because she's just too tired
Daniel: I have to install high-speed internet at home for my job. by phone it's 5mbits, cable it's 7mbits... almost the same limit of data transfer... but there is a special offer for the internet service by phone.
Pamela: I hope that means she'll go to bed early and have a long sleep
Judy: tell her that we are thinking of her, alos
BobS: cool, high speed is nice, and I only have "low speed" high speed
BobS: that make any sense ?
Pamela: of course I will
Ronald MacBook: Are they paying your bill Daniel?
Ronald MacBook: that's like me being a junior senior
BobS: yup that's it Ron
Pamela: she will probably read teh transcripts in the next couple of days and see for herself : )
Daniel: well, based on what I understand, the company will pay for the internet, during the time I work for them.
Judy: that is good
BobS: I have the lowest high speed plan the phone company sells, about 10 times faster than dialup but about 50% of the highsest speed available
Ronald MacBook: Sounds fair enough Daniel
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Judy: works good enough for me
changed username to Harvie
Guy B.: Harvie, long time no see. How are you?
Ronald MacBook: Hi Harvie
BobS: hey Harvie
Harvie: Not so bad
Judy: hi, Harvie
BobS: long time mon
Harvie: How is Richard Cleew doing
Daniel: bonsoir harvie
Guy B.: He's doing better from Pam tells us.
Harvie: Don't know where that w came from
Guy B.: We all get a little like that with the keyboard.
Harvie: My mother just had a stroke monday
Dr. D.: Hi Harvie.
Pamela: Hi, Harvie! Sorry, stepped away for a minute
Dr. D.: Ouch
Judy: sorry to hear that , Harvie
BobS: bummer Harvie
BobS: how's she doing:?
Judy: how is she doing now?
Pamela: oh, not good
moved to room Meeting Place
Harvie: She is out of the MOSS unit and in a room, still can't use her left side, should be home Friday
changed username to Dr. D.
Dr. D.: Sorry folks, chat client died again.
Daniel: the deal I think I will choose for internet...
Dr. D. requested to ban Dr. D.
Harvie confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Pamela: why Bell, Daniel?
Daniel: take a look
Pamela: Rich did we dump the wrong one?
Pamela: I'm on dialup Daniel -looking would take me all evening : )
Dr. D.: Nope
Dr. D.: :-)
Pamela: good
Dr. D.: But I should be going now anyhow.
Ronald MacBook confirmed ban
Dr. D.: Up at 5 AM again urgh
Dr. D.: So good night all.
Ronald MacBook: Night Dr. D. Be well
Dr. D.: Rin said good-night, she went to bed early.
Pamela: good night Rich, I guess we'll see you early next week
Dr. D.: <poof>
BobS: nite doc.......have a safe trip to CA and have fun
Dr. D.: I will get your Hawaiian Punch
Dr. D.: (to Pam)
Judy: yes, sounds like you should call it a night, Night DR D
Pamela: thanks, Rich : )
Dr. D. left chat session
BobS: say HI to Rin
Pamela: I'm going to see her Friday, I'll tell her Bob
BobS: oki Pam
Daniel: bell offer is 3 free months, then 3 months at $20, than the rest (6 months) at $33. that's $260 for one year of high-speed internet.
Pamela: man this "only available in the US" stinks sometimes
BobS: Harvie, mom going to have therapy for right side movement?
Pamela: Harvie, how severe was her stroke? Speech impairment, etc?
Harvie: Neurologist hasn't said yet but I assume so
Judy: you can't get Hawaiian Punch in Canada, Pam?
Pamela: not anymore Judy. We used to be able to get the powder, but haven't seen it anywhere for years
Judy: bummer
Harvie: Slight speech impairment when tired but not too bad for a 92 year old at other times
Pamela: that's good to hear, Harvie
Judy: that's good
BobS: we pay $15 US per month for lowest speed DSL Daniel
BobS: and it is great!!!!!!
Harvie: If the mobility doesn't improve we will have to hire an aide for her
Pamela: it's all I drank while in Chicago - I used up the the whole supply in the vending machine outside our room : )
BobS: want' go back to dial up for that
Pamela: who's your provider, Bob?
Pamela: (I should know this already)
Judy: ok, Pam
BobS: she has earned it HJarvie
Ronald MacBook: got tied up phone folks will be back
Harvie: I'll say
BobS: SBC (AT&T)
Pamela: ah
BobS: one and the same actually, just work out of different buildings
Daniel: if I convert money, bell special offer is between $18 and $19 per month.
Judy: they don't know they are one company
BobS: that's about right Danile
BobS: Daniel
Pamela: what happens after the first year, Daniel - do your rates go up? And are you locked into a long-term contract?
Daniel: thanks bob
Daniel: the offer is for new costumer, and for 1 year "contract".
Pamela: Harvie, what hospital is your mom in?
Harvie: Peel memorial /William Osler
BobS: that is how we started, then after the one year, they wanted to "up" us to a faster plan, but we opted for the slow DSL plan and kept the cheap price
Daniel: so, after 1 year, I can switch to another service if I want.
Pamela: just be warned, Daniel, Bell has a nasty reputation for surprises after the special is over
Pamela: and make sure there's no penalty for cancellation after the first year
Daniel: don't worry, I will ask plenty of questions
Pamela: Peel Memorial has a good rep, Harvie. How are you finding it?
BobS: Bell companies are so screwed up, they dont' know if they are related to each other.........
Daniel: anyway, all the internet provider I was looking for high-speed internet, have the same "pattern" of 1 year contract.
Pamela: Bell and Rogers have gotten so big they think they can do anything they want and the hell with the customer. I'm unimpressed, to say the least
Harvie: The emergency room is absolutely terrible, she sat in the waiting room 11 Hrs before she saw a doctor
Pamela: did they do a workup on her at all in that time, Harvie?
Daniel: don't worry, I will take care.
Pamela: and did she come in by ambulance?
Daniel: bonne nuit tout le monde, good night everyone! I'm leaving now
Harvie: Triage nurse did an ECG and blood sample
Pamela: good night, Daniel
Judy: that is awful, Harvie
Daniel: talk to you next week!
Daniel: * poof *
Judy: night Daniel
Pamela: sounds like Sunnybrook
Daniel left chat session
Harvie: Yes ambulance and yes terrible
Guy B.: He's quick
Pamela: I'm surprised, especially if she came in by ambulance - you would think they would have gotten those clot-busting drugs into her right away. That
Pamela: 's critical to recovery as I understand it
Harvie: I should slit the minister of health's throat and dump him there so he can appreciate how bad his "excellent" health service is
BobS: that's right Pam
Judy: and has to be given within a short amount of time
Pamela: given our recent experience, I'm with you on that
Judy: most of the ER's are like that
BobS: hospitals SUCK anyway
Harvie: you got that right Bob
Pamela: there just doesn't seem to be any sort of system or organization to the way they deal with incoming patients
BobS: I want to livfe to a ripe old age and then simply drop dead
Judy: hope we can stay away from them for a while, we have been in too much lately
BobS: s......l.....o....w.....l.....y.......
Pamela: if I did my job the way they appear to do theirs, I'd be unemployed
Pamela: I think a lot of ER staff could stand a time-management course or two
Judy: between them and the weather people they are the same way
BobS: wouldn't we all ?????
Harvie: the personnel seem competent , just undermanned and under equipped
Judy: neither does there jobs
BobS: efficiency is the key problem
Judy: and the doctors office isn't much better
Pamela: just purely through one evening of observation, and what I was told by my mother, it seems worse when the incoming patient is older
Harvie: this hospital is 350 beds, our new hospital tto open in the fall is a 700 bed hospital that will have just over 300 beds and the old one closed for renovations
Judy: waited 45 minutes in the doctors office to be seen yesterday
Pamela: maybe we should offload my VP/GM on the hospital for a month or two -they'd be running at peak efficiency in no time flat (too scared not to be)
BobS: health care sucks
BobS: \dont' get sick, just die
Judy: what an attitude
Pamela: clearly, "quality" and "care" are not two words to be used in the same sentence with health care around here
Judy: they just are not in a hurry
Harvie: She was depressed before the stroke but now wants to get mobile so she can kick someones ass
Pamela: LOL, Harvie - I love it! Tell her to go for it!
Judy: sounds like a good reason to get well
Ronald MacBook: Friends phone at the wrong time
BobS: at least you have friends
Pamela: you could simply not answer the phone, Ron
Judy: that is what answering machines are for
Pamela: or be like me and go back to dialup - then they'd just get a busy signal
Pamela: although as far as not answering the phone, that's tough - it's so ingrained in me to get it within three rings that not answering is not an option
Harvie: Carrier Pigeons are the answer Ron
Pamela: anyone know anything about pruning a poinsetta?
BobS: yes, throw it out and get another next holiday season
Pamela: I rescued it in Christmas 2005 - not going to throw it out now
Judy: no, when it gets to that point I throw it out
Harvie: We usually use Bobs method
Judy: did it flower this past Christmas?
BobS: do whatever you did in 2005, that will work
Pamela: poor thing is back here and I keep forgetting to water it. It's growing, but because it dries out, it's getting sorta scraggly as leaves dry up and fall off
Pamela: no Judy, I didn't bother trying
Pamela: that fact that it's still alive is an accomplishment around here : )
Judy: then what is the point ?
Pamela: it's alive, and it's green
Harvie: Should be red
Pamela: and despite the neglect, relatively healthy
Ronald MacBook: no nothing about Poinsetta's
Judy: they just grow outside down south, they get huge
Pamela: think i'll move it back into the living room where it's in sight, and therefore in mind
Ronald MacBook: you have to talk to it, and tell it that it's the most beautiful poinsetta in the universe
Judy: good luck with that
Pamela: lie to it????
Harvie: Looks like I have a family conference, see you all later
BobS: if that is what it takes, YES
Ronald MacBook: no, you have to tell it the truth, but you can spin the truth
Pamela: best wishes, Harvie - take care
BobS: hitn Harvie
BobS: nite
Judy: night Harvie
Ronald MacBook: I mean, politicians do it all the time
BobS: right Ron
Harvie left chat session
BobS: that'd be quite right
Judy: that is motivational talk, Pam
Pamela: plants generally do not have a long life span around here. Up until we got the poinsetta, I haven't had anything green in here since 1997
Ronald MacBook: people get paid vast sums of money for being good at spinnint
Pamela: we killed all the old ones during the last move
Judy: see you can do it
Ronald MacBook: I killed my spider plant, and that's supposed to be hard to do
Pamela: I broke down last weekend and got a pot of succulents, and some bamboo
Pamela: so, we'll see what happens
Pamela: problem is, plants don't meow when they're out of water or food : )
Judy: I can do violets
BobS: come on Pam, those are tropical.......adn Toronto is NOT tropical
Ronald MacBook: yes, but if they start to droop and turn brown, the communication is just as effective
Pamela: succulents are actually desert plants, Bob - they do well on very little water
BobS: they look like theya re pucking, and then they need some water
Ronald MacBook: Now violets..... my dear late mother (God rest her soul) had a special knack with violets
Ronald MacBook: she could get them to actually bloom
Pamela: mother's jade plant comes from a small succulent dish I got when I was around 10
Judy: I have them blooming all year long
Pamela: (not sure what my grandmother was thinking!)
Pamela: but thirty odd years later, it's still alive and well
BobS: my forte is petunia's in the summer, boy do those babies bloom for me
Judy: but then they die
Pamela: I managed to kill a peace lily - beat that!
Ronald MacBook: This year I have to do plant what deer don't like
Judy: I have two of them and the one flowers
Ronald MacBook: Have a list from my sister, but I've lost it.
Pamela: was it on paper, Ron?
Judy: check it out on the internet, Ron
Ronald MacBook: e-mailed, and I honestly cannot remember whether or not I printed it out
Ronald MacBook: She'll have it
BobS: EVERYBODY does it
BobS: even I do it
Ronald MacBook: Right..... I shall Google.
Judy: Sher learned how to have baby bunnies that way, and it worked she helped with the births this morning
BobS: most of the time it doesn't work
Ronald MacBook: I know garlic works.
Pamela: I thought the whole point was that having baby bunnies is easy!
Pamela: (there's something wrong with that sentence, but I can't figure out what it is)
Judy: don't know but she was excited with the results, they had 4
Pamela: awwwww
Pamela: how cute
Pamela: now she has to learn to gender type them in a hurry, or she'll have a lot more than four
BobS: 4 buck naked tiny pink rabbits........GET REAL
Pamela: c'mon Bob, small furry things are cute
BobS: not furry, just naked
Judy: yes, she was going to check that out next
Pamela: they'll be furry soon enough
Pamela: just beware, they poop everywhere
Pamela: and a lot
Ronald MacBook: Place to go is anywhere on the grounds of the University of Victoria. More bunnies there per square foot than you can count
Judy: good for the boys, they want a farm, this is as close as they will get
Pamela: sounds like the squirrels at U of T, Ron
Judy: these are special bunnies, smaller than normal
Pamela: did anyone catch the blurb on the news about the squirrels in Santa Monica?
Judy: no, what did it do?
Pamela: they've injected the squirrel population with birth control in order to control the population, which is apparently getting out of hand
Pamela: can you imagine having that job???
Judy: sounds like a plan
BobS: I'd rather jsut kill them
BobS: got some pesky ones here I need to "do in"
Pamela: remember Bob, small and furry is cute
BobS: NO
BobS: not when they empty the bird feedwers
Pamela: we certainly have a well fed population around here
Judy: not when they are hanging on the bird feeder
Pamela: saw a squirrel recently so fat his belly was touching the ground - he could hardly waddle
Ronald MacBook: Thought Bird Feeders were supposed to be squirrel proof
Pamela: ain't no such thing, Ron
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to take off here. Will try to get here earlier, buit with overtime and Annie. It's getting harder to do.
Ronald MacBook: oh
Judy: as least then he probably couldn't jump
Pamela: understood, Guy. Have a good one!
Judy: night Guy
Pamela: (PRIVATE) Hugs to you
Ronald MacBook: niters Guy
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too.
Ronald MacBook: don't do anything I wouldn't do
Guy B.: I won't.
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Ronald MacBook: Hows the new job going Bob?
Pamela: Mom and Dad have been working on trying to squirrel proof their feeder for two years
Pamela: so far, not much success
BobS: job is good, tiring, but not hard,.........RULE # 1 = dont' break a sweat
BobS: RULE # 2 = try to stick to rule # 1
Ronald MacBook: ya got that right son
Judy: it is not working for us either
Pamela: done anything unusual yet, Bob?
Judy: and not get dirty
Ronald MacBook: Judy were you applying on something as well?
Judy: is rule #3
BobS: there is one according tot he Readers Digest, about $100US, has a battery operated loser trya that the squarrel triggers, and then it spins and he gets throw out of the park for cutting in line
Pamela: shouldn't be too hard if he sticks to rule # 1, Judy : )
Judy: yes, will be starting school on April 2
BobS: nothing unusual or illegal Pam
Ronald MacBook: Aha! That was it
BobS: lower tray
Ronald MacBook: be right back folks
BobS: BUT I am not going to spend $100 for that
BobS: pellets are cheaper
Pamela: cheaper to feed the squirrels, Bob : )
BobS: just got to get my gun sighted in better
Judy: got all the stuff down Monday not am waiting for the official go ahead
BobS: kill em
Pamela: so what courses will you take first, Judy?
BobS: think my problem of being tired is all about the stress of a new job, etc, because the job is not hard
Judy: don't know yet, have a call in to the school to find out that and times
Pamela: it will get easier as you go Bob, because you'll have settled into a routine
BobS: think so PLam
BobS: Pam
Pamela: but computer courses, right?
Judy: yes,
BobS: Judy's courses wil take 6 months to complete, so it won't be every day by any means
Judy: I am taking 192 hours
Judy: whatever that means
BobS: try to learn how to "thwart" Bill Gates' office programs and let them allow you to type and figure reasonably
Pamela: especially with Word, which has a large PITA factor
Judy: Excel, word and billing, etc
BobS: PITA factor??????
Pamela: pain in the . . .
BobS: AH
Judy: my goal is to get a job in a doctors office
BobS: NOT billing, just paperwork
BobS: my goal is to be like Ron, retired and busy
Pamela: go for it Judy - maybe you can improve health care : )
Judy: ran into that trying to work on my written statement
BobS: and, and, and work is getting in my way
Judy: that is the idea
Pamela: that reminds me, I need to check my lottery numbers from Saturday
BobS: time to go............
Judy: it is that time of the night to go to bed, so night all !!!!
BobS: tis that time of the night, so to speak
Pamela: heavens, it's bedtime
Pamela: snuck up on me
BobS: si senorita
Pamela: good night to you both - see you next week
Judy left chat session
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Pamela: guess I'd better depart too, Ron
Ronald MacBook: right.... sorry sidetracked again
Ronald MacBook: see ya's all next week
Pamela: s'alright. see you next week - glad you're feeling better
Ronald MacBook: my best to Rich
Pamela: I'll let him know soonest
Ronald MacBook: oh yes.... so am I believe me
Pamela: : )
Ronald MacBook: nite
Pamela: kerpoof!
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