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Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir
Dr. D.: Hi Daniel.
Dr. D.: I can only stay for a short time right now, I must take some laundry out of the dryer.
Dr. D.: But I will be back.
Dr. D.: In perhaps 10 minutes.
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changed username to Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: why not doing it right now?... there is nobody here except me...
Daniel Bienvenu: oops...
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Pam
Pamela: Hi, Rich and Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: this is my new situation : I'm still working, but I'm working at home.
Pamela: how's that going for you Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I setup the network to communicate with the company's servers, but I still need some adjustment and modifications
Daniel Bienvenu: I had to install High-Speed Internet
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Pamela: what still needs adjusting?
changed username to eDr.
Pamela: HI, Rin
eDr.: allo
Daniel Bienvenu: unfortunatly, I had to call the technical support for the first connexion... my password they gave me the first time wasn't right.
Pamela: Rin, where did Rich go?
eDr.: I dunno....
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I have to configure the Linux machine new network reality, including the internet and the vpn link to the servers
Pamela: hmm
Daniel Bienvenu: I know...
Pamela: can you do that without tech support, Daniel?
eDr.: how long have you guys been here?
Daniel Bienvenu: Dr.D. had to take some landry...
Pamela: I just got here
Pamela: ahh
Daniel Bienvenu: will be back later
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm here from the begginning tonight
Pamela: How's work going for you, Erin? Still crazy?
eDr.: home at 8:30 tonight
Pamela: wow, really late
Pamela: do you have a new e-mail address to or is that just MGS?
eDr.: hmmmm I was here at 9:15 but no one was here...must have been a glitch
Pamela: sorry, too
eDr.: you mean ""?
Pamela: yup
Daniel Bienvenu: actual I just needed the tech support because of the activation process that failed. I had no p^roblem to setup the network... I have to check again the configuration, but at least it works.
eDr.: we've had that for a while...but the old account still gets it there
Pamela: Daniel, are you familiar with Linux?
Pamela: so should I change yours too, Erin?
Daniel Bienvenu: I have some knowledge and I got some advice to setup the vpn. I think I will be ok to continue setup the network.
eDr.: you can if you wish
Pamela: what's a vpn?
Pamela: I think I will, just in the interests of continuity : )
Daniel Bienvenu: Virtual Private Network... it's a kind of link reserved to some users only to a server.
eDr.: works for is easier to remember off the top too
Daniel Bienvenu: you can setup one easily with Windows (the reccent ones at least).
Daniel Bienvenu: but with Linux, it's not that easy... except with the most reccent distribution.
Daniel Bienvenu: pptp (win32) pptp-linux (linux)
Daniel Bienvenu: also open-vpn is available
Daniel Bienvenu: they are different
Pamela: you're speaking greek now, Daniel : ) - you've lost me
Daniel Bienvenu: just software name
Pamela: Marsh offered me the job, Rin
Dr. D.: You are going to work in a marsh?
eDr.: Congrats what do you think?
Pamela: now I don't know what to think - Hi, Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: félicitations!
Daniel Bienvenu: think? ... about what?
Dr. D.: I have missed something.
Pamela: the $ is decent and it comes with a lot of perks including 3 weeks vacation off the top, but I'm very conflicted
Dr. D.: I am back from folding laundry.
Pamela: Marsh Canada, division of Marsh and McLennan
Pamela: Insurance brokers - one of the largest brokers in Canada
Dr. D.: That doesn't help me
Dr. D.: ahh
Dr. D.: We're the largest broken insurance company in Canada haha
Dr. D.: So you have been looking elsewhere?
eDr.: sounds promising
Dr. D.: I thought it was the other half who needed to be looking...
Pamela: I wasn't looking, it sort of fell into my lap
Dr. D.: Well I know all about that phenomenon
Pamela: well I'll tell you if his former company doesn't get off their duff, he is going to need to look soon
eDr.: sometimes it's the best way to get jobs
Dr. D.: They are reneging on severance?!?!?
Pamela: still unable to reach his HR person to get a handle on when the balance of his pay and severance are coming through, and in what form
Dr. D.: hmmm
Pamela: they'd better not renege, not unless they want their asses sued off
Dr. D.: Rin, what is Labour's position on "timeliness"?
Dr. D.: Suing requires $$$ to get $$$ and the process tends to eat the proceeds...
Dr. D.: I seem to remember reading about this recently in the online TS, 3-day court trial is $60K?!?!?
Pamela: but when you sue, you sue for $ owed plus court costs
Dr. D.: Yeah but the solicitor's fee is $300 per hr
Pamela: and if they lose, they pay your solicitor too : )
Pamela: however, I'm sure it's just a communication glitch - they are very poorly organized over there (surprise, surprise)
Dr. D.: Bad case of craniorectal inversion syndrome, eh?
Pamela: I'll say one thing for Speedy, they were very organized and prepared
Pamela: LOL
Pamela: really bad case : )
Dr. D.: If Speedy is in your name, anything else is an oxymoron...
Dr. D.: I wonder if any offices had someone named McFeeley who worked there...that would have been a blast.
Pamela: well by the time they got to my group, they'd gone through it three or four times already
Daniel Bienvenu: ... I'm still here ... just watching tv at the same time ...
Dr. D.: What are you watching, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: Ripley's ... strange things and events...
Pamela: Russell is watching something on the History channel
Dr. D.: "Believe It Or Not" is the original English version.
Dr. D.: No videophone here or I would be watching Rin :-(
eDr.: :-)
Dr. D.: She must not be watching the TTY either
Dr. D.: now she is
eDr.: TTY?
Daniel Bienvenu: I went to a Believe or not "museum" and the only thing I'm amaze is the russian guy with doubled eyes.
Dr. D.: TeleTYpe
eDr.: ah
Pamela: that's one we skipped when we were in Niagara Falls last
Pamela: went to the Houdini museum, though
Pamela: heavens, that was back in 1992 - my, how time flies
Dr. D.: I was there in 1977 with my marching band.
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Dr. D.: Apparently some of them are gone, lost in a fire...maybe it wasy Houdini's.
Pamela: speaking of trips, has anyone nagged Neil lately?
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Pamela: good evening, Guy
Dr. D.: Hi
Dr. D.: Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Guy
eDr.: hi Guy
Guy B.: I hope he announces the dates soon, I applied for my passport last Sunday. Had to wait about an hour.
Pamela: and Daniel, have you had any communication with Dale?
Pamela: how long before you get your passport, Guy?
Dr. D.: I hope it is a short "standard" wait for your passport, Guy.
Daniel Bienvenu: with Dale? err... not reccently...
Dr. D.: Mine was 6 weeks IIRC.
Dr. D.: But that was in 2005.
Pamela: do they ask for it at the Canadian border, Rich?
Dr. D.: There is a crunch now because of the impending MUST-HAVE date in January 2008.
Dr. D.: Almost never.
Guy B.: 8 to 10 weeks. Should be in the middle of May.
Dr. D.: I have it there. Sometimes they ask me what my citizenship is, but usually not.
Pamela: I guess they're used to you being a "frequent flyer" by now
Dr. D.: First question is usually "Where are you going?" or "Purpose of your trip?"
Pamela: passports are on our to do list as well, but we're not in any hurry
Dr. D.: Next lately has been "Do you have anything to declare?" Used to be "How long are you staying?"
Dr. D.: US guy asked if I had any raw food or open food containers.
Pamela: going out, or back in?
Pamela: ie, leaving the States or returning
Dr. D.: Coming in.
Dr. D.: It's the latest thing to make truckers throw out all their fast food and Tim Horton's due to "food biohazard threat"
Dr. D.: I kid you not.
Pamela: 'scuse me while I pick myself up off the floor : ) "food biohazard threat"? From Tim Hortons??? OH, brother
Dr. D.: Can't have open food containers.
Dr. D.: No burgers, KFC, doughnuts, coffee, etc.
Dr. D.: They are treating it like fresh fruit or meat.
Pamela: I can just see it - roll up to the border guards and say, excuse me, do you have a garbage can?
Dr. D.: Yes.
Dr. D.: They started this a couple months ago, you bet the truckers do not like it.
Pamela: Sigh - no further comment
Dr. D.: It comes from someone's strict reading of the laws.
Daniel Bienvenu: the situation is crazy... parano...
eDr.: sigh...think I'm turning in folks....gonna be a long day tomorrow
Pamela: not surprised, you sound tired even in print : )
Pamela: goodnight, sweetie - love you
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit, Erin!
Dr. D.: Sleep, Daniel...hope you don't dream of double-eyed Russians.
eDr.: nitey nite all
Dr. D.: Oh it is Rin turning in.
Dr. D.: I cannot read.
eDr.: (PRIVATE) love you too - talk to you on the w/e
Pamela: (PRIVATE) okay
Dr. D.: Daniel is still awake, hopefully not having to work all night?
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changed username to Ronald
Pamela: Good evening, Ron
Guy B.: HI Ron
Ronald: Yo
Dr. D.: Hi Ron.
Daniel Bienvenu: no, only did a nitemare reccently about my boss coming here to see my work space...
Ronald: Pam, Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Ron
Dr. D.: I am not worried about unexpected visitors, I have kept things pretty neat here in my apartment.
Ronald: Mon ami
Pamela: LOL, Daniel : )
Pamela: now there's a dream that needs no explanation
Dr. D.: For Pam it is a dream about her mother visiting :-)
Ronald: bosses should not appear in dreams
Pamela: you've seen the difference, Rich - you know how bad it can get around here
Pamela: and yes, the floor is still clear, at least so far
Ronald: same for ex wives
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I know I have to clean up this mess around me, but I don't have the courage to put things in the trash... just in case I will regret to not have this or this object.
Ronald: I can relate to that
Pamela: Rule of thumb, Daniel - if you haven't used it in two years, you are probably safe to throw it out
Ronald: hence the P133 and P166 in the closet
Dr. D.: Unless you are a historian.
Dr. D.: Then you can't discard it.
Pamela: of course, this excludes things like rare computer manuals
Ronald: and the SE and the SE30
Dr. D.: <looking up a quote>
Ronald: Once a pack rat, always a pack rat
Pamela: of course, I'm very poor at taking my own advice - hence the reason the back room is such a disaster area
Pamela: but, I'm working on it
Ronald: Take my advice, I'm not using it
Pamela: Guy, what's your take on it - is your place guest ready all the time? Or are you a typical bachelor?
Dr. D.: found it
Ronald: Although actually, I tidied up two closets at the beginning of this month. Now I can actually find stuff in there. And there were two garbage bags
Ronald: full of items that got thrown out
Pamela: amazing, isn't it, Ron? : )
Ronald: oh yes, never ceases to amaze me
Dr. D.: 1. Invention. 2. Popular Use. (PRACTICAL PHASE)
Ronald: end of life
Dr. D.: 3. Obsolescence. 4. Obscurity -- BULLDADA (DOWNPHASE)
Ronald: Cannot think of a single reason why I'm retaining the two Pentiae
Ronald: one Pentium, several Pentiae
Dr. D.: 5. MOREALISM (Humorous Rediscovery). 6. Avant-Garde. 7. CHIC. 8. Nostalgio-Popularity. (REDISCOVERY PHASE)
Dr. D.: 9. Passe Tackiness. 10. Obscurity. (DOWNPHASE)
Ronald: how about Retro Rich, where does that come in?
Pamela: in about forty years, Ron : )
Dr. D.: 11. Classic. 12. Antique (BULLDADA). 13. Pre-Xist. (COLLECTOR'S PHASE)
Ronald: right. that makes me almost 103
Dr. D.: 14. Human Artifact. 15. Earth Artifact. 16. Fossil. (HISTORIAN'S PHASE)
Dr. D.: 17. Cosmic Dust. (PALEONTOLOGIST'S PHASE)
Dr. D.: 18. Return to God. 19. BULLDADA. (TRANSCENDENTAL PHASE)
Ronald: archeologists will study the cosmic cust
Daniel Bienvenu: very interresting dr.d ... so a club based on nostalgia have no real future because of the downphase coming soon? but collectors groups based on nostalgia exists.
Ronald: cust? how about dust
Dr. D.: That's from "The Book of the SubGenius" (1983).
Ronald: are we not one such group?
Dr. D.: We are indeed.
Pamela: we are
Dr. D.: And I am proud of it :-)
Ronald: ya got that right son
Ronald: we taught Bill Gates everything he knows
Dr. D.: I think ADAM has already been through a couple downphases.
Pamela: so translation, it's past time to throw out that Clapper taking up room in the closet?
Dr. D.: hehe
Ronald: yes, absolutely
Dr. D.: ADAM may never be totally retro-chic, but I am saving all the artifacts for the historians.
Ronald: So if it's such a good idea, why haven't I done it?
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't want to put my Commodore 64 in the trash... it still pluged and the almost all the floppies are still working... But I have some old stuff not working I just keeped just in case I can re-use the good parts to make something else or to repair.
Dr. D.: That is the majority of my ADAM stuff, too, Daniel, spares.
Ronald: Boy Daniel, have I got a deal for you.
Pamela: because you, Ron, are a procrastinator
Ronald: ah
Dr. D.: I am going to have to organize it soon, I really need to have the 2nd bedroom here.
Ronald: yes, DO NOT today, that which can be put off until tomorrow
Pamela: or the next day : )
Dr. D.: Some boxes have not been unpacked since ADAMcon 14 (which was the last one I drove to and brought lots of stuff).
Ronald: I have several ADAMs in boxes
Pamela: what are you going to do when Erin moves in? She has a lot of stuff.
Ronald: they cry to me some nights
Ronald: theory of batchelor's expanding stuff. There IS no room for anyone else
Pamela: if they've moved into the audible range you're in trouble, Ron
Ronald: I know. It worries me
Dr. D.: She will have less as will I :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: well, working at home help me to realize that I reached a point.... I have to make choices and clean up.
Pamela: good for you Daniel
Ronald: If anyone were to dare to move in here with me, we start by fighting over closet space
Ronald: and there would be the inevitable question, why do you have 20 t-shirts (no more than that)??
Pamela: because 18 of htem are ADAM t-shirts - silly question
Ronald: best to remain single I think
Ronald: yep, and in most cases they are duplicated
Ronald: so really, it's 40. They take up an entire chest
Ronald: My own mother, God rest her soul, was of the view that I should be throwing out the older ones
Pamela: I must say, mine see the light of day much more often in the warm months, and some I wear more than others
Ronald: response to that was uncharacteristically blunt
Pamela: some are fragile and get worn only during the convention
Ronald: exactly
Pamela: well I am an admitted clothes horse, but I am pretty good about weeding whenever the seasons change
Ronald: But getting back to Dr. D, I'm sure there will be some amicable negotiation, and then Rin will get whatever space she needs
Ronald: Dr. D. can have the rest
Daniel Bienvenu: hmmm.... I checked... I have 20 t-shirt, 5 of them are almost new.
Dr. D.: Rin is laughing with you Ron
Pamela: what furniture do you have, Rich?
Dr. D.: <she is on the phone now>
Ronald: of course
Dr. D.: Not a lot.
Dr. D.: On purpose, to keep the place empty.
Dr. D.: No $$$ to buy it now, and why buy anything without Rin to look at it>
Dr. D.: ?
Pamela: so are you going to import some of her furniture?
Daniel Bienvenu: but, in the closet, there are enough boxes that the t-shirt touch them.
Dr. D.: I have a couple of wooden chairs, a wooden desk (all from a library on campus), card table, stationary bike, 2 basket wicker chairs, 13" Commodore monitor on a VCR cart.
Dr. D.: Small bookshelf, my dresser, king-sized double-layer air mattress.
Dr. D.: That is it.
Ronald: quite minimalist, Dr. D.
Dr. D.: Very, it is empty.
Dr. D.: And with Rin in one ear and the chat in one eye, I am going to have to choose and logout now, brain is disconnected :-S
Dr. D.: So good night for this week, everyone.
Ronald: good night to you both
Ronald: be well
Dr. D.: <Rin says bye>
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
Pamela: goodnight, Rich (and Rin)
Daniel Bienvenu: highschool and childhood memories in boxes... I may never look at them again, but I don't want to put these in the trash.
Guy B.: He's fast
Ronald: well, that's the trouble Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, he's fast.
Pamela: wait for a while Daniel - as you age, you will be less opposed to parting with a lot of that stuff
Ronald: Whilst going through the stuff in one closet, I found my old highschool yearbook from grade 12
Ronald: and a bunch of old European coinage from our stay in Europe circa 1961
Pamela: I kept my yearbooks and my diploma, and that's it
Ronald: there were two Canadian Silver dollars, and a 50 cent piece
Daniel Bienvenu: my father is doing a document about our family, and sometimes he wish to have more informations and objects from ancestors.
Ronald: I also found $160. in unrolled change
Pamela: going through my yearbooks is a laugh
Ronald: a profitable afternoon
Pamela: I'll say, Ron
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changed username to BobS
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Guy B.: HI Bob
changed username to Judy
Ronald: Hey Bob, howz my man!
Guy B.: Hi Judy
BobS: howdy mates......& mateeeees
Pamela: Good evening, Bob and Judy
BobS: ??????
Ronald: Evening Judy
Guy B.: You missed Dr. D and Rin
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Bob, Judy
Judy: Hi, everyone
BobS: oh oh
BobS: what did they have to say ?????
Ronald: You're both looking well
Pamela: just barely, though - Rich just left
BobS: stormy here.....lots of lightning and thunder
Ronald: not nice
Pamela: yes, we're supposed to have rain tonite and tomorroWed Mar 21 21:18:41 GMT-05:00 2007: Judy : Judy: thank how can you tell
Ronald: be right's ringing
Pamela: suspect it's part of the same system
Guy B.: We had that earlier too.
BobS: right Pamela........going to send it on over
Pamela: you know, one bonus of dialup is never having the phone ring in the middle of chat
Pamela: i'd rather you didn't Bob, thanks all the same : )
Judy: that is true, Pam
BobS: yup strong thunderstorms came thru from Chicago about oh........8pm and now another line
BobS: can't stop it hon
Pamela: drn
Judy: is better than snow
Pamela: yes, and we don't have to shovel it
Judy: and quite warm
Daniel Bienvenu: I think I was more genius when I was young than now... not that I'm stupid, but I think I lost the imagination that helped me many times to program games and softwares.
Pamela: some predictions for tomorrow were 18C
Judy: how are your parents holding up?
Pamela: Dad was tired today, I could tell wehn I talked to him, but they have the go-ahead to get him up on his feet and they're doing so
Judy: that does happen, Daniel
Ronald: damned salesmen
BobS: that is GOOD
Pamela: so it's a matter of getting him reconditioned so he is steady
Judy: that is good news
BobS: got to start small and enlarge
Judy: baby steps
Pamela: it will take a while, he has a lot of ground to make up, but he'll get there
Pamela: Mom is looking forward to having him home - I think she's getting tired of having the house to herself
Judy: and the running back and forth
Pamela: yes, that too
Ronald: Sounds positive Pam, re your Dad
BobS: mostly the running back and forth
BobS: it is easier to stay at home and deal sometimes
Pamela: yes, it's taken a while to get this far but it's mostly good news now, Ron
Judy: most of us can just hop in the car and take off but she has to contend with other travel
Pamela: I must say, I think she enjoys her "day off" when I go on the weekend and she doesn't have to go out
Judy: hasn't he been in the hospital for 3 weeks?
Pamela: she's taken to cabbing it to the hospital, and coming home on transit
BobS: that helps
Pamela: four weeks as of this past MOnday
BobS: although it might be better the other way around
Ronald: has it been that long!
BobS: transit when patience is good early in the day and cab straightaway home at night
Pamela: I thought so too Bob, but she doesn't do mornings very well and often feels more energetic in the late afternoon
Judy: I thought so
Pamela: it has Ron
BobS: ok whatever floats her boat
Daniel Bienvenu: it's election time here... monday we have to vote for a new provincial government.
BobS: saw the message yesterday and was encouraged
Pamela: Dad and I were trying to figure out the timeline on Sunday for all of this, but much of it before the actual hospital stay is fuzzy
BobS: vote NO !!!!!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: I don'T know what will be the result, but I know that it's politic and the result may be the less worst rather than the best one.
Pamela: what, vote for anarchy? : )
Ronald: Charest vs (what's the other fellow's name) - Not Mario, the other one, the PQ guy?
Judy: it does get hard to keep track with this much time
Daniel Bienvenu: you mean Boisclair...
Ronald: that's him
Pamela: all I know is it all came about after January 28th, when we were out to dinner for Mom's birthday
Judy: that bad !!!!
Pamela: yup
Daniel Bienvenu: he speak and... he's too difficult to understand
Pamela: who, Boisclair?
Daniel Bienvenu: André
Ronald: we're out here in BC (on an island) we don't know much
Judy: and after a while you just stop listening
Daniel Bienvenu: Jean Charest, André Boisclair, Mario Dumond, etc...
Daniel Bienvenu: Dumont, not Dumond...
Ronald: I got 'em. Who's going to win?
Daniel Bienvenu: I have no idea who is gonna win
Pamela: Daniel do you think the federal budget will affect the outcome of the provincial election?
Ronald: minority gov't maybe?
Judy: you have to wait until after tomorrow to find out, Ron
Ronald: Oh I'll watch it. I'm an election night junkie. Doesn't matter what election...gotta watch it
Pamela: heck, they'll be declaring a winner by 8:05 pm if previous elections are anything to go by
Ronald: they'll send that one out here, I'm sure
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, I think it will affect... but maybe not the actual prime minister
BobS: Ron you got to get a REAL life mon............or a good hobby
Ronald: I know. it's downright unhealthy
Daniel Bienvenu: of course, this new budget help to keep some promizing stuff Charest said, but I don't think that will be enough.
Pamela: do you find there's a lot of separatist sentiment still in Quebec, Daniel?
Judy: oh, by the way, Pam, I finished my tablecloth today, is now on the table
Daniel Bienvenu: I have to say, yes. but I have no idea in which proportion.
BobS: I have to fund a NEW hobby Pamela
Pamela: so what are you going to start on next? : )
Judy: what a strange feeling don't have anything to do at night
BobS: bummer dudette
Ronald: a real void
Pamela: done any cross stitch recently?
Judy: have a couple of projects I should finish before starting anything else and in less than two weeks I start classes
Judy: don't know how much time that will take me evenings and such
Pamela: I have so many half finished projects it's unreal
Judy: no, don't see that well enough to do much of that
Pamela: I need to get off my duff and finish them - I could probably clear out some space if I did : )
Judy: I have some quilting to finish up
Daniel Bienvenu: don't start talking about half-finished projects, I have a bunch of them to finish before the next ten days...
Judy: just do them, don't put them off, Daniel
Ronald: easier said than done
Pamela: I can think of at least four x-stitch projects which need to get finished
Pamela: not to mention all the household improvements I want to do
Ronald: roundtuits...... we need roundtuits
Pamela: we'll get around to it, Ron : )
Daniel Bienvenu: I can't do them, I prefer watching tv after work than continue programming.
BobS: ni, we need motivation and about 16 hrs more in a day
BobS: no
Ronald: however.... you will all be happy to know, that yesterday I got last year's leaves raked up - and I took down the Christmas lights....
Ronald: like,, what is it now... March?
Pamela: at least with Russell home, I may get some of the small household stuff done
BobS: you da man !!!!!!!!!!!
Judy: good job, Ron
Ronald: <grin>
Pamela: well done, Ron : ) when you finish that, you can start mowing the lawn : )
BobS: Russell is homebound till another employment surfaces?
Judy: I got my Christmas houses put away and most of my Snowbabies
Pamela: pretty much - he's taking a couple of weeks to relax
Pamela: can't say I blame him; the last few weeks have been very busy
Judy: kept out a few, couldn't put all of them away yet
BobS: ESPECIALLY the snow baby she just bought.............
BobS: ahem
Pamela: I'm going to have to pack away my winter candle holders soon, and switch to the warm weather stuff
BobS: yes
BobS: would be a good idea
Judy: I only bought one this year
Pamela: very frugal of you, Judy : )
Judy: and recieved three for Christmas
Pamela: it's hard to resist collectibles
Judy: especially them, they are so cute and soo many of different ones
Pamela: whatever their form - right Ron?
Daniel Bienvenu: Did I told you that I bought a waffle iron? I wanted one since the day I saw the one at the Adamcon meeting two years ago.
Ronald: you'll get no arguement from me on that Pam
Pamela: have you used it yet, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: I know, it's not a necessayr, but I like it.
BobS: COOL Daniel
BobS: used it yet?????
Judy: good purchase, Daniel, they are good
BobS: you can invite friends over for waffle parties
Daniel Bienvenu: my friends don't know I do my own waffles
Pamela: me, I am lusting over those counter top dishwashers
Ronald: here-we -go a waffling-
Pamela: you know you're getting settled when you start wishing for household appliances
Judy: that would also be a good purchase
BobS: well then you have to impress them and show them the wonders of WAFFLE LAND Daniel
Pamela: unfortunately, they're taboo around here Judy - not enough water pressure
BobS: list is a bad thing my dear
Pamela: also, I imagine it would take up too much counter space
BobS: get Russell a job and he can buy ya'll one
Pamela: only $229.00 at Walmart
Daniel Bienvenu: I need to perfect my technic first, the waffles are good but not always the same result... I'm still experimenting. My favorite is with some chocolate chips.
Pamela: :
BobS: ok sounds good Daniel.......remember, DON'T overfill or the waffle oozes out and makes big messes
Judy: that doesn't sound like breakfast, Daniel
Pamela: bring it along to the convention Daniel - I imagine by then you'll have perfected your technique : )
BobS: desert waffles..............
BobS: AFTER the meal
Ronald: yes... we'll all have waffles chez Daniel
Pamela: Guy can make milkshakes
Pamela: Ron will pop the tops on Diet Coke
Ronald: yup
Guy B.: Yes I can
Daniel Bienvenu: good advice... but I did this mistake at least 3 times... but I had no real problem.
Guy B.: Have to get the ice cream.
Ronald: you will be a professional by the time we meet Daniel
Pamela: there you go, we'll have our own soda fountain
Pamela: will have to see if our rooms have kitchenettes this time. By the way, Ron, have you heard anything further from Neil?
Pamela: we could have progressive dinners
Ronald: Not a peep Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: professional... only for this waffle iron... unfortunatly, they are all different.
BobS: tis about time we SHOULD hear some news isn't it ??????
Pamela: perhaps you could nudge him again? We're all getting antsy
Ronald: yep, can do
Pamela: tyvm
Judy: I was looking at cookbooks this morning looking for a desert and there was one for a waffle desert
Pamela: waffle + anything sweet = good
Pamela: we found a recipe for stuffed camel last week
Judy: like everyone has a camel
BobS: make it waffle from pastry mix.........add some cream cheese or whipped cream and some good jelly or fruit and a chocolate drizzle over the top
Daniel Bienvenu: when will be the adamcon meeting this year? I need this information to be able to take vacancy.
Ronald: they can put blueberries in why not chocolate chips in waffles
BobS: I'll tell you you hwere to stuff that camel
Guy B.: Wondering that myself. Applied for my passport. Anyone know his e-mail address?
Pamela: remind me Bob, closer to the con, and I'll pack the cookbook to show you the recipe : )
Judy: put pecans in them, Daniel that is very good
Ronald: no, not really
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, I will try
Ronald: be right back
Pamela: really???
BobS: NO
Daniel Bienvenu: that's the longuest url I ever saw in my life
Pamela: ha ha ha
Judy: are we all hungry?
Pamela: of course, Judy : )
Pamela: and now it's time for bed, despite the fact that my computer is still on Standard time
BobS: oh forgot..........the above
Guy B.: I was before I came on. Now, after losing almost 10 pounds in the last 3 weeks. I'm not.
Pamela: suggest to Neil and see what he says : )
BobS: so that would be........
Judy: yes, it is tha time again, we started late went to my parents house, night, Pam
Pamela: that's great, Guy. I saw the doctor couple weeks back and the good news is, that while I haven't lost any weight, I haven't gained any in the last three years either > chat > Wed 2007-03-21
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