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Judy: Hi, Pam
Pamela: Hi Judy
Pamela: boy was I surprised when I arrived to find myself alone !
Judy: how is your dad doing
Pamela: he's doing well, they moved him to the rehab ward today (from the stepdown ward)
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Judy: Bob was sleeping, had a rough week
Pamela: HI, Bob, rough how?
Judy: that is great
BobS: and where is weveryone????
Judy: his mom died this week-end
BobS: weekend SUCKED
Pamela: oh wow, I;m so sorry for your loss : ((
Pamela: that was sudden, wasn't it?
Judy: yea, we are too, what a shock
Judy: she feel thursday afternoon going to get her hair done
Judy: this happened at 1 in the afternoon and by 5:30 she was in a comma
Pamela: did she hit her head?
BobS: coma
Judy: yes, had a seizure and went down hit her head on the garage floor
BobS: then had a massive hemorage at some point
BobS: about 5pm
BobS: braind dead at that point
BobS: waited for 12 horujs to stop breathing
Judy: hours
Pamela: OMG
BobS: healthy ......... fell 1pm ....hemorrage 5pm .......stopped breathing 5am
Judy: that does say it all
Pamela: oh, that's horrible
Judy: the up-side of it is that she will not be in a home waiting to die
BobS: BUT the good news..............she was possibly facing strokes as a way of slowly passing on IF she had lived some years longer
BobS: her mother dies slowly that way and mom did NOT want to die that way.......and neither did it was a blessing in disguise ????????
BobS: dies
BobS: died
Pamela: was she prone to seizures, or if not, do you know what caused it?
BobS: not that we knew od
BobS: of
BobS: her hairdresser was standing directly infront of her and saw it, noone else has ever done that
BobS: so thereefore noone hasd ever seen it when she fell
BobS: and it was usually vackwards
BobS: backwards
BobS: speeling sucks tonight
Judy: she was on meds for seizures at one point and if you have the TIA's seizures do go with them
Pamela: how is your Dad holding up? He must be in terrible shock
BobS: see ??????? :-)
BobS: he is holding up pretty good
Pamela: that was Friday, have you had the funeral yet?
Judy: he is doing very well, I think he is in shock and will crash at some point
Judy: Monday
BobS: we ALL look at the accident as a possible blessing.......because swhe had a small stroke just as the hemorrage occurred, and another just before she stopped breathing
BobS: funeral MOnday
Pamela: I can't believe it - I'M in shock
Pamela: I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face
Judy: we are too
BobS: join the crowd babe.....
Pamela: ya gotta hug each other for me, okay?
BobS: in an instant, life changes
BobS: ok
BobS: and on that rather unhappy's YOUR dad doing?
Pamela: well, actually
BobS: what
Pamela: just said to Judy, they moved him to the rehab ward today from the stepdown ward
BobS: that is good, no ?
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Pamela: he's been up on his feet several times a day
Pamela: been shuffling around the ward with the back brace
changed username to Judy 's
BobS requested to ban Judy
Pamela confirmed ban
BobS: hey that sounds good, at least he is UP and AROUND
BobS: legs both healing?
Pamela: back to going to the sink to brush his teeth, and comb his hair
Judy 's: that sounds like a huge step up
Pamela: so now we work towards getting him steady on his pins and building up his muscular strength
Judy 's: that probably feels wonderful for him
Pamela: oh, and he's sitting in a chair to eat his meals, rather than in bed
Judy 's: tell him we are thinking of him, hoping he is back home soon
Pamela: I gather from what mom said that on the rehab ward they expect you to get up and get dressed fully every day
Pamela: to stay up all day
Pamela: to eat his meals at the table, in a chair, rather than in bed
Judy 's: that is how they do it here to at Mary Free Bed, a rehad hospital here
Pamela: sitting on the side of the bed felt good to him, and walking feels even better
BobS: will he do it????? or will he resists........... DAT'S the question
Pamela: we'
Pamela: ll see (oops)
Pamela: I think he's the most eager of all of us to get his mobility back
Pamela: so, I expect he'll work hard
Judy 's: that is half the battle
BobS: that's good, he NEEDS to be motivated
Pamela: Mom has been taking him the printouts of the chat logs and they're giving him a great boost
Pamela: he's definitely going through computer withdrawal
Judy 's: do they say about how long he will be there?
BobS: RICHARD !!!!!!! GET BETTER MAN !!!!!!! <think he will see this>
Pamela: he commented on last week's chat that we all seemed to be in a silly mood
Pamela: I'll know better when I see him tomorrow
Judy 's: give him a gentle hug for us
Pamela: and by the way, apologies for leaving so abruptly last week, I got dumped right at the last minute and couldn't get back on
Pamela: I'll give him one for each of you and collect one as well : )
BobS: you know, that is how we left last week also.................maybe the chat burped
Pamela: I've got so many hugs and greetings to send I'm going to spend all my time reciting them tomorrow evening : )
BobS: all of a sudden, we were unable to type and see it come thru
Judy 's: thanks that would be great, need them bad
Pamela: <HUGS>
Pamela: it's been an eventful week for me too - I quit my job last Thursday
Judy 's: why???
BobS: why?
Pamela: took the better one downtown : )
BobS: got a BETTER one
BobS: cool !!!!!!
BobS: longer commute?
Pamela: it was a tough decision - I really do love what I do and where I do it
Judy 's: that is great!!!!!
BobS: the better one.....with your old boss?
Pamela: longer commute - well almost anything would be for me these days, I'm currently 9 minutes from work
Pamela: that's the one Bob
BobS: in the NEW job?
Pamela: but, 5K a year increase, better benefits, more opportunity for advancement, larger company
Judy 's: Bob has another interview tomorrow
Pamela: no, the old one is 9 minutes (4.9KM) from home
Pamela: the new one is about 50 minutes to an hour depending on traffic
BobS: GO FOR IT !!!!!!! BUT don't let Russell sit and watch soaps.......get him out looking
Judy 's: I start classes next Monday if things go the way they should tomorrow
BobS: bummer on the time line for the job
Pamela: oh he will be soon
BobS: but take it in stride, gonna take the subway?
Pamela: well, my last day at Somerville is April 5, I start at Marsh on the 10th
BobS: so russell has a NEW job?
Pamela: no, not yet - but he'll be looking soon
Pamela: we can't afford to have him sitting at home for long, especially since the same night that I tendered my resignation, my car died
Judy 's: can you fix it or did it die for good
BobS: take dad's van
BobS: OR the old Merc
Pamela: got Dad's van : )
BobS: he can't drive
Judy 's: yea, he isn't using it
Pamela: i could probably fix it Judy, but why put $1K of work into a vehicle that has a trade in value of $100? It's not worth it.
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Judy 's: so what are you going to get
Pamela: so, I'm driving dad's van until I take delivery of my new vehicle on Monday
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Pamela: 2002 Ford Escape, all the bells and whistles
Judy 's: Hi, Daniel
Pamela: HI, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir a tous!
Daniel Bienvenu: hello!
BobS: hey Daniel
Pamela: well, newer, anyway : )
BobS: cool
Judy 's: so new car, new job
Pamela: can you say stress?
BobS: new husband........oh no not that............
BobS: nope, just mellow out girl
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry to be late, I have to prepare my stuff for work tomorow
Pamela: nope, keeping the one I have,thank you - I've only just broken him in : )
BobS: that's ok Daneil
Pamela: well now that everything's arranged, I'm sleeping better
Judy 's: bumps in the road, keep a stiff upper lip
Pamela: there were a couple of sleepless nights in there, let me tell you
BobS: just need time to settle in to the new routine and lifestyle
Judy 's: better late than never
BobS: I can believe that Pam
BobS: now we need to find Daniel a good job
Pamela: well, he's employed for a little while yet
Daniel Bienvenu: there is a special meeting in Montreal tomorow and I have to stay there to work friday.
Pamela: Hey Daniel, does your computer at home belong to the company or to you? Do you get to keep it when the contract is over?
Pamela: so that's all the news that's fit to print from this end
Daniel Bienvenu: I have my personal computer and my laptop too... only one development computer is not mine.
Daniel Bienvenu: and also a test machine that I need to experiment
Pamela: shoot, I was hoping that you would get a new computer out of the deal : )
BobS: so you are alright computer wise as the job ends. you will NOT be without computers
Daniel Bienvenu: My personal computer is a Intel core 2 duo 2.4Ghz, the development computer is a celeron 1.8Ghz.
BobS: heck yours arte BETTER
Daniel Bienvenu: it takes me 8 months and about $3000 to finaly build this computer. I hope to keep it for a long time.
Pamela: did you build it yourself Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: almost... the first version was build by the electronic store, but the motherboard was defective and generated memory leak and corruptions
Pamela: and are you running XP or Vista?
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changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: that figures
Pamela: hello, Guy
Judy 's: hi, Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm running Windows XP SP2 home edition. a legal version I bought one week after the computer.
Pamela: Daniel, wil you see Gui and Sandra while in Montreal?
Guy B.: Greetings!! I'm on the Compaq tonite. I migrated all the programs from the Dell to it.
Pamela: problems iwth the Dell, Guy?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not driving the car, I can't decide to visite Guy and Sandra during that time.
Pamela: that's too bad, Daniel
Guy B.: I'm retiring one of them due to hardware problems.
Pamela: the laptop or desktop, Guy?
Guy B.: Desktop
Pamela: ah
Guy B.: Dell will take my old one to recycle for free.
Pamela: sounds like we need to buy our new computer while in Ottawa and have y'all work on it for us
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Pamela: that's good, Guy - it's hard to know what to do with the old ones
changed username to Guy B,
Guy B, requested to ban Guy B.
BobS confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
BobS: put them into storage inthe basement
Guy B, changed username to Guy B.
BobS: what else ?????
BobS: got ADAM's and a 286 or two also
Judy 's: that is what Bob does with them
Pamela: so, what happens when you either don't have a basement (us) or it's full (Mom and Dad)?
Judy 's: you stack higher and higher
BobS: yup, use mom and dad's
Pamela: our 486 is still sitting under the desk back here
Pamela: no room!
BobS: got those too
Guy B.: At least I can use the memoryboards, the hard drives and the CD writer. They will be moved to the Compaq. Then the last part, upgrade to WinXP with my new hard drive selector.
BobS: open the window and toss it out
Pamela: it's full of old ADAMs
Judy 's: we have a little of this and a little of that
Daniel Bienvenu: when will be the adamcon meeting? anyone talked to neil?
Daniel Bienvenu: is it still around his birthday?
Pamela: No idea yet, Daniel - no word from Neil
Pamela: we need to get Ron to nag him again
Pamela: what's a hard drive selector, Guy?
Pamela: like a partition?
Daniel Bienvenu: it will be the last time I will see my boss relax during a meeting. we enter next month to a stressful month of development and rush to deliver the solution.
Guy B.: I have the Romtec Trios. I can boot up different OS's by a touch of a button. I will have WinME on one, WinXP on the second one. Third one is undecided for now.
Pamela: what, no Vista? : ))
Guy B.: Compaq is not compatible with Vista, but maybe Linux
Pamela: Linux is an OS, correct?
Guy B.: Yes it is.
Daniel Bienvenu: if you try Mandriva, try the newest version... more stable and can support the new flash 9 plugin for linux.
Pamela: so how does it differ from Windows?
Daniel Bienvenu: except less virus?
Pamela: except that : )
Daniel Bienvenu: linux is a kind of DOS, but with a lot of methods we don't use naturaly like mounting the cd-rom before to read the cd.
Daniel Bienvenu: linux distributions came generaly with a graphical interface
Pamela: so it's command based like DOS rather than graphics based?
Daniel Bienvenu: Linux distributions the people use came with GUI, one is named KDE.
Daniel Bienvenu: it's like Windows 98, a graphical interface running over DOS.
Pamela: so what does KDE stand for?
Pamela: so clarify for me: since I'm running Win98, when I click on a window, that click is translated into a DOS command?
BobS: Ken's Dumb Entry
Guy B.: There a lot of different versions of Linux out there. Daniel can you recommend one?
Daniel Bienvenu: DE is Desktop Environment ... K means nothing, but I think it refers to the first person who work on it.
Pamela: (I'm discovering that I know nothing of how Windows works : )
Pamela: when you say a lot of different versions of Linux, what do you mean Guy?
Judy 's: just that it works or hopes it does
BobS: mostly the windows get SLAMMED
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, Windows NT didn't use DOS, but can emulate it, not well enough sometimes.
Pamela: while you type, I'm going to refill my juice glass
Daniel Bienvenu: so, in the Windows world there was two major family : working on DOS -or- based on NT.
Pamela: okay, I'm back
Daniel Bienvenu: for KDE, GNOME, X-WINDOW, etc... they are all graphical interface for Linux, but it still Linux text-based OS under.
BobS: and from what I understand 98 and down use dos base, and NT and up (200, xp, etc) use new system
Guy B.: I read an article from Linux.xom website that there different kinds out there. Mandrake has one, Red Hat. Some you have to pay for, since they modify the code.
Pamela: from what I understand, NT was for networks, is that correct?
Daniel Bienvenu: Windows Me is the last DOS based Windows. Windows Vista seems to be a rewriten NT.
BobS: but win2000, winME, winXP are based on NT
BobS: ok
Pamela: so if windows is no longer giving DOS commands to operate, how does it "communicate"? (sorry, that's probably very poorly worded)
Daniel Bienvenu: Windows Me is a huge 98, the only advantage I saw is that the defrag utility is more faster on Me. But you can copy and use the Windows Me on Windows 98 if you want, but only if there is no compressed folder or disk.
Pamela: this is starting to sound like the basis for a session at the convention
Pamela: so here's a question: was the ADAM a DOS based system?
Daniel Bienvenu: Windows NT is an operating system in itself and "talk" directly to the computer. This way, any DOS window you want to use on Windows NT are emulated and that's why my Coleco programming kit running on emulated CP/M for DOS is a problem for new Windows.
Daniel Bienvenu: I find out a work around solution last year, but I can't predict the reaction under Vista.
Pamela: if I understand this correctly, that means that up to NT, if you gave the computer a command in Windows, such as clicking on an icon to open Word, it was effectively giving it the command to "run Word"?
Pamela: in the DOS language?
Daniel Bienvenu: I have to answer : yes
Pamela: and now, it gives it a command in a different "language"?
Daniel Bienvenu: it's almost the same syntax, a filepath with some parameters if needed, but no more woory about short or long filename because its no more DOS file system.
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Daniel Bienvenu: I hope you understand what try to explain
Guy B & Annie: Ok I'm Back. Froze twice
Pamela: wow Guy, is that the computer dumping you?
Guy B & Annie changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Think so.
Judy 's: I am beat so I am saying good night, having a hard time staying awake, talk to you next week
Guy B.: Bye Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Judy
Pamela: good night and hugs to you both, Judy
Judy 's left chat session
Pamela: I think i'm getting this Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I will check my emails sometimes tomorow and friday. if you guys can give me a hint about when will be the adamcon meeting, don't hesitate.
Pamela: I doubt we'll hear before you do, Daniel - any communication will come through the colAdam list
BobS: wish we knew Daniel
Pamela: wonder if I have Neil's e-mail addy - hold on
Pamela: nope - anyone?
BobS: no from Michigan
Pamela: Guy?
Daniel Bienvenu: I had to write an email to Neil in 2005 because of the Adamcon meeting and my money problem.
Pamela: do you still have his e-mail address Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: unfortunatly, my computer crashed two or three times, so I'm not sure I can find again his email.
Pamela: shoot
Guy B.: I'm here
Pamela: Guy, do you have Neil's address?
Pamela: e-mail that is
Guy B.: Let me see. I'll check my e-mail. Be right back.
Pamela: if not, I'll e-mail Rich and Ron and ask if either of them have it. My parents might have it too
Guy B.: Pam, it's neil@wick,net
Guy B.: that is.
Pamela: okay, I'm going to send him a message and see if we can get some info
Pamela: gently nudge him as it were
BobS: go girl
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope it works
Pamela: moi aussi : )
Guy B.: April being next week. If he can at least hint us what month.
Pamela: if I had to take bets I'd say July, Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: last time, he said something about a birthday...
Pamela: but I've been wrong many times before
Pamela: yes, he said that the last two were over his birthday, which is I believe in mid to late July
Pamela: of course, did I write it down? Noooo
Daniel Bienvenu: june is deliver time for one order, july for another one, so it's a crucial time... need more precision.
Guy B.: I've sent him an e-mail too.
Pamela: well lets see what we can do
Guy B.: I think so too.
Pamela: July is big for overtime for you, isn't it, Guy?
Daniel Bienvenu: my email is newcoleco at yahoo dot fr, so if you got news...
Guy B.: Usually starts around the middle for me. Started overtime in the middle of January and I'm still on overtime right now. I'm helping installing officers on the database.
Pamela: we'll let you know Daniel if we hear anything
Pamela: holy cow, Guy
Guy B.: Will go through right into next month. A lot of work ahead.
Pamela: I guess so!
Pamela: Well, I start a new job in two weeks so you may hear me moaning about it too in the not too distant future
BobS: time for me to go also kids
Pamela: however, that's a topic for next week as it's getting to be bedtime
BobS: say HI to mom and dad Pamela
Pamela: see, Bob, great minds
BobS: will see ya'll next week, eh??????\
Pamela: I will, and give my best wishes to everyone there Bob - we're thinking of you
BobS left chat session
Pamela: man, he poofed in a hurry
Pamela: it's time I headed for bed too, so goodnight for now to you both
Pamela: (PRIVATE) Guy, hugs to you
Pamela: Daniel, thanks for the mini-lecture - I understand better now
Pamela: g'bye!
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bye
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