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Guy B.: Hi Guy F. How's Sandra and Tamara?
GuyF changed username to Guy F.
Guy F.: Hi Guy! Everyone is great! They're both 5 feet away from me doing their own thing. Sandra is cooking and Tamara is playing with a ltitle Winnie the Pooh bear.
Guy F.: How's your dog?
Guy F.: Forgot her name.
Guy F.: hope the program didn't crash... let's see.
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changed username to BobS
BobS: howdy dudes
Guy F.: Greets Bob.
BobS: how's the hosue business gong?????
Guy B.: Annie, she's doing fine. Sleeping at the moment
Guy B.: Hi Bob
Guy F.: It's a done deal.. done and over with. Bought a house and in 8 months will take posession of it.
BobS: EIGHT months ????????
BobS: kinda long isn't it?????
Guy F.: Yes, old retired $*(@*$(@ who are moving into a home for elderly people in 8 months... Can't do nothing about it, can't rush them, although I'd love to.
Guy F.: Way I see it, is I get 8 more months to work hard for the downpayment, so it gives me some added
Guy F.: time
BobS: ok, but I hope that means you got a sweet deal on it for the waiting time
Guy B.: Wow, so when you will be able to move in?
BobS: about Dec 25
Guy F.: Well, the contract says Feb. 1st 2008.
BobS: :-)
Guy F.: But it might be earlier.
Guy F.: Such as Oct. or Nov.
Guy B.: In the dead of winter. Oh boy.
BobS: and in Montreal IT IS WINTER
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Guy F.: Yeah, a few inconveniences, but in the end it'll be worth it I guess.
Guy F.: At least, I hope.
changed username to rich-c
BobS: hey richard, welcome mon
Guy B.: Hi Rich, how are you doing?
Guy F.: Hey, Rich, nice to see you, haven't seen you in ages!!!
rich-c: hanging in there, to both of you - what do I see you plotting?
Guy F.: Plotting the next Adamcon!
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rich-c: anyway, Guy, I can't help it if you're nevr around ; - )
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir
Guy B.: Hi Danie;
Guy B.: Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale will be online later.
Guy F.: how about Neil?
rich-c: salut, Daniel
BobS: with news maybe about AC19?
Guy B.: He will, maybe he might know when the con is???
Daniel Bienvenu: there is a possibility... Neil may talk to us tonight
Guy B.: Alright. This could be the news we've been wating for.
rich-c: time is a flittin - we need to know very, very soon
Guy F.: Con should be technically in 2.5 months, doesn't leave much space for much.
Guy B.: Exactly. My passport should be coming soon.
rich-c: right - if the Wicks ar4en't ready tonight, we'll pass it on to you and Daniel to organize ; - )
Guy F.: And I really want to make it to this one!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: It looks like the hotel final choice will be somewhere in Hull.
Guy F.: Hull? In Quebec?
rich-c: thought they called that Gatineau now (smartass comment)
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, the reason is to save money... it's cheaper, apparently.
Guy F.: It's all good with me!!!
rich-c: besides, I've heard the Hull restaurants and pubs are better
Guy F.: I'm thinking of going back to Cuba with the family soon, so I'd like to know when to schedule my vacations for the con...
rich-c: but we'll likely need Ron to tell us about that
Guy F.: Rich: Quebec girls are better toon.
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope you will have your answer tonight.
Guy F.: *too
rich-c: well, they are often more neatly turned out, but Ontario these days have a better shape to start with
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changed username to Neil
BobS: Hi Neil
rich-c: hello Neil - what's the Word?
Guy B.: Hi Neil. Have some news for us?
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hi daughter
BobS: hiya Pam
Pamela: Hi, Dad
Neil: Hi
Guy B.: HI Pam, You're just in time
Pamela: greetings, all
Pamela: wow, lotta testosterone in this room - where's Judy?
BobS: sitting here studying
Guy F.: <grunt> hi woman <grunt>
BobS: started an anatomy course this week and it is HEABY
Pamela: I get that Bob
BobS: homework up the wazoo
Pamela: I helped a friend study for an anatomy course years back and it's heavy stuff
Neil: Unfortunately, no news yet. My biggest problem is that everbody seems to want Adamcon at a different time.
Pamela: you can remove my date restrictions, Neil, I just started a new job and I am pretty clear as far as timing goes
Guy B.: We need some idea of what month you are targeting.
Pamela: so what are your thoughts on the subject?
rich-c: and just don't put it on the same weekend as the Toronto champ car race
Neil: Also, I'm under intense time pressure at the moment. I have a major research paper (classified as a "comprehensive exam") due by June 1.
Guy F.: make sure it's not a full moon either.
Pamela: LOL
rich-c: why? what kind of were-beast do you turn into?
Guy F.: Capitaine Quebec
Neil: There are four weekends in July (not counting July 1) and four weekends in August. (I think the first weekend in August is also out because it's a long weekend)
rich-c: Oh, I thought it might be a loup-garou
Neil: Pam: You're starting a new job and you're more flexible??
Neil: Rich: When is the race?
Pamela: believe it or not, yes, Neil
rich-c: July 6th I think, Neil
Guy F.: Yeah, was wondering about that one.... you probably don't get vacation time off the first year, no?
Pamela: not only do I get vacation, I get more vacation than the old job and there is little in the way of restrictions on when I can take it. I have 13.5 days of vacation before the end of the year, plus three floater days and two personal days.
Neil: Wow, that's good.
Pamela: at one point, I asked the HR rep if they ever actually expected us to show up : )
Guy F.: Wow, that sounds like a vacation to me, not a job.
Pamela: believe me, I'm making it up in working time. I have yet to leave the office on time.
Daniel Bienvenu: I have cumulate approx. 5 days, I can use them in july or august no problem.
rich-c: Neil: correction: race is July 6 - 8 weekend; Mt. Tremblant is weekend before
Guy F.: I have 10 vacation days per year, plus 15 days I can take whenever I want, with no salary deduction. If I don't use them all at the end of the year, I get paid for them. And I can have a varialbe schedule, meaning I can work 4 days a week if I choose to, at 10 hrs per day rather than 8.
Pamela: Guy, when I found out about the vacation, I was stunned - who do you know who qualifies for benefits from day one, and who is entitled to three weeks of vacation in their first year?
rich-c: Neil, do you know is Dale coming on later?
Guy F.: Pam: Not me! I had to wait a whole year before I qualified for ANYTHING, including benefits.
Pamela: make no mistake, this job is work, but the bennies are far superior to my old job
Neil: Dale said he'd be on about now.
Pamela: and there's room to grow
Pamela: Neil, what other dates have been suggested to you?
Pamela: or suggested that you avoid?
Guy F.: Pam: Not me, I'm counting the days before my job ends, and then they place me somewhere else in the company, somewhere not necessaraly as interesting as what I am doing now.
Guy F.: Where I work, it all goes by your employee number, not merit.
rich-c: did you know that Spaniel Chat will not work with Java 1.6 (the latest update)?
Guy F.: Perhaps a Spaniel Chat upgrade is in order....
rich-c: are they still in business?
Guy F.: Who knows!!!
rich-c: depending, we do have some programming talent within our group
rich-c: and I have saved the error message that says when and how the crash happens
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I'm using Java 1.6 sdk, maybe it's Java 1.5 runtime I'm still using with the browser.
Guy F.: I am using Java 1.5.0, am scared to upgrade now.
Neil: Last info I had was Ron couldn't do August, Frances Clee wanted as late in the summer as possible, Guy B. couldn't do end of July. Just left me confused.
rich-c: yes, I had to delete Java 1.6 runtime to get in here
rich-c: with us old folks, we have our preferences but also have the flexibility to adapt to the needs of others
Pamela: well, Mom wants later in the summer to avoid the heat
Pamela: whoops, we just lost Dad
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BobS: fixed him we did
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changed username to rich-c
changed username to Judy
Pamela: Hi Judy
Guy B.: Hi Judy
rich-c: damn - I dumped me again
Judy: Hi, everyone
Pamela: Dad, you have to stop doing that : )
Daniel Bienvenu: my mother is in Montreal right now, using the free highspeed internet from the hotel. she's talking to me right now by MSN.
rich-c: right - if I can only figure out how
Judy: is that what happens when I come on?
Guy F.: .My dates are pretty flexible Neil, so you can mark me, Sandra and Tamara as: "anytime".
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Pamela: BTW Dad, did you remember to get the Blue Menu ice cream today?
changed username to Dr. D.
Guy F. left chat session
Guy B.: Hi Dr. D
Pamela: Hi, Rich
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rich-c: we didn't shop today, and your mother doesnt want to try it
BobS: hey Rich
changed username to GuyF
BobS: howdy
Dr. D.: Hi all, just briefly stopping by
Judy: Hi, Dr D
Dr. D.: back from softball practice with Gretchen and Diana
BobS: on the way to ???????
rich-c: hello, Rich, where's your better half?
Dr. D.: I am helping coach the team again
GuyF: Hey, it's the Chrystler spokesperson, Dr. D!
Dr. D.: Hi Richard, I imagine at home...
Pamela: glad to see you got home safely
Dr. D.: I just got out of the shower, 2 hours of softball is stinky before bedtime.
Dr. D.: I did, Pam.
rich-c: any word on when she'll be able to join you?
Pamela: she was still working wehn I left the office at 5:40 - said she had an incredibly busy day so I'll be surprised if she makes it
BobS: si, could do a job on the sheets man........damp and stinky
Dr. D.: I just mailed the penultimate paperwork today.
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all
Pamela: Hi, Dale
Guy B.: Hi Dale
Pamela: long time no see
GuyF: Heyo Dale!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Dale,
Judy: hi, Dale
Dr. D.: Once I get confirmation from the Postal Service that it was delivered, I can send in the ultimate paperwork (plus the proof, required to file it).
Neil: Hi
rich-c: when knowing Washington, will take till (when?) to be processed?
Dr. D.: $360 later, then we just wait on Uncle Sam.
Dr. D.: At this point, lucky to be before the end of the year, sigh.
BobS: appears that this chat software is later version tahn I could find on line
BobS: HI Dale
rich-c: hi Dale, did you get my email about Java?
Daniel Bienvenu: we are 10 online now. a new record. :-P
Dr. D.: The 4 months we lost due to Ontario losing our marriage certificate application was a setback.
rich-c: yes, that's sure an understatement
GuyF: Dan: We're missing quite a few of the regular gang too!
Dale: Rihanrd, I didn't really have an answer for you.
Dr. D.: A brace of Wicks, that is a rarity these days :-)
Pamela: Dale the last time you were on, you were feeling really ill - everything okay now?
Dale: Doing great today.
rich-c: I have the error message if it's of any use to you - does hotmail allow attachments?
Pamela: good to hear
BobS: Spaniel chat site doesn't work to get to them and they only list version 2.0 beta 1 as available
BobS: so we are using the latest in beta 2
Dr. D.: I think SpanielChat has been abandoned in place
Neil: Rich-c are you using Sun Java? I'm confused about the version numbers.
Dale: My son Jeffrey joined Beavers in January, and they made me a leader. They meet on Wednesdays, and I'm too overcome from that to chat usually.
rich-c: yes, it comes from a Sun site
GuyF: What's Beavers? Boy Scouts?
Pamela: wow, Jeffrey is old enough for Beavers??? Time flies
Daniel Bienvenu: avant que j'oublie, tu devras ajuster la position des vies de ton jeu, dis-toi que la première et dernière colonne de caractères à l'écran sont invisible pour un tvset normal. les émulateurs montrent tout.
Dale: Hotmail does. I have an upgraded hotmail account that allows for 20 MB attacxhments or so.
Daniel Bienvenu: oops, I forgot to say @GuyF
GuyF: Dan: Thanks, I will do it!
Dale: In Canada, Beavers is the youngest section of scouts.
rich-c: OK, most webmail destinations seem to automatically discard attachments as spam or worse
GuyF: Will you be coming to the big boys cout meeting this year around Montreal, Camp Tamakoota or whatever it's called?
Dale: I'm not, but my brother Brian is going I guess.
Neil: So that was "Java Runtime Environment Version 6 Update 1" that wasn't working for you?
GuyF: Dale: I heard it's a huge event... I was asked to volunteer there to show the kids about radio communication (Amateur Radio).
rich-c: it was working on everything else - just killed Firefox as soon as I hit the "use this name" box
Dale: Yes, there are probably 20 kids from Whitby going from what I can tell.
Neil: Guy, I think there were about 10,000 to 12,000 Scouts at the last two I attended.
Dale: So a few thousand I'd expect overall.
GuyF: Yes, a huge event for sure...
rich-c: less all the Yanks who won't have their passports yet
Pamela: I think that event is for Canadian scouts only Dad
Dale: I think until July you can get away with no passport if driving.
GuyF: I heard it was a worldwide scouting event.
Neil: Well, since it's a Canadian national event, there aren't a huge number of Yanks.
rich-c: oh, I had the impression those events drew a big international attendance
Dale: There are always a few US ones at the big Canadian events it seems.
Neil: This being the 100th anniversary of Scouting, the world jamboree is in England where it all began ...
rich-c: ah, OK, this is a national thing not the international jamboree...
Neil: but they can't possibly accomodate everyone who'd like to go there, so they're strongly encouraging national events everywhere.
Dale: I heard that the Montreal area thing is "Eastern Canada" not national.
Neil: Normally the national event comes half-way between two world jamborees which are held every 4 years.
Dale: They've only had maybe 3 eastern canada events, but the national one happens pretty much every 4 years.
Pamela: Neil are you involved in Scouting too?
Neil: At the last Canadian Jamboree (CJ) in PEI, there was talk about never having another one since they're too expensive, etc., but along comes this event.
GuyF: Dan: I've also speeded up the game by a factor of 3.
Dale: Wasn't it too hard before?
Dale: :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: @GuyF : factor of 3? it's official, I can't pass the 3rd wave then :-)
rich-c: Oh, Daniel my extraxtor didn't want to unzip the game you sent me
Neil: I'm still "sort of" involved. I don't have time to spend on it, and I haven't actually been a member since I moved to Ottawa 3 years ago. Before that I was a leader for over 20 years.
Daniel Bienvenu: why not offering this as "level hard"?
Pamela: wow, didn't know that.
Dale: GuyF, how much of your code uses OS7 calls?
rich-c: he even went to a jamboree in Korea, Pam - missed an Adamcon to do it
Dale: Right now I set my rom to use all of the RST vectors.
Dr. D.: I am going to have to sign off now, Erin is talking about work and I am getting lost following 2 conversations...
Dr. D.: So good night all.
GuyF: Dan: It gets harder with time, but the initial level starts at a higher level. It was too easy before.
Dale: Later Dr. D.
Dr. D.: One more week 'til exams are done here, then I am free...
rich-c: night to both of you, Rich
Pamela: hmm, I have to start making notes on things to ask at the convention : )
Daniel Bienvenu: the 7z extension file is for 7-zip format. I suggest to download 7-zip at
GuyF: Dale: Hmm, quite a few calls to the ROM actually.
Pamela: g;'nite Rich
Dr. D.: Let us know when anything about ADAMcon plans get finalized.
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
BobS: nite
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Dr.D... too late
Guy B.: He's quick
Pamela: especially when he's tired
Neil: I have a "Medal of Merit for especially good service to Scouting"
Dale: Then we have to agree on what the ROM header table point at I guess.
rich-c: you have to react quickly around here
Pamela: and I thought I did well to get 5 years of service : )
Pamela: which reminds me, i really need to look for my service pins
Pamela: I wonder what happened to all my Guiding stuff?
GuyF: Can little girls be scouts too?
rich-c: brownies
Pamela: little girls are called Guides, Gui
Dale: They can now;
Pamela: or were in my day
Dale: Scouts is open to boys and girls.
Dale: Still, about half of the groups are boy only.
GuyF: Good, when my daughter is at the age to do so, I'll look into it, I think it would be just great for her.
Pamela: I was in the first year of Pathfinders
rich-c: have they dropped the Cubs and Brownies?
Dale: And there are girl only guides.
GuyF: What do guides do? Go around knocking on doors selling cookies?
Dale: Half of my Beavers will become Cubs in two weeks.
Pamela: Sparks, Brownies, Guides, Pathfinders, Rangers, Cadets and Leaders if I recall correctly
Dale: Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers, Rovers, Leaders is the compare to list.
Neil: There are still Guides, Brownies, Sparks, but the Scouts accept both male and female members now. You can count all your Guide and Scout service together.
Neil: Pam's got a more complete list.
GuyF: Is it mixed, or do boys stay with boys and girls with girls?
Neil: Well they do sell cookies, but that's not really what the program is about.
Pamela: Scouting (and by that I mean both gender versions) has changed tremendously since my day
Dale: Some are mixed and some are separate.
GuyF: Good, will look into it when the time comes... I'm sure my daughter will enjoy it.
Pamela: the Boy Scouts accept both boys and girls and can have leaders of either gender; the Girl Guides is all female and can only have female leaders
rich-c: favouritiem!!! discrimination!!! ; - )
GuyF: So if you want to spend time with your daughter as a leader and you're a father, well, you can't with the girl guide!
Pamela: exactly
Neil: When was your day? :)
Pamela: about thirty years ago, Neil
Pamela: Four years as a Guide, one as a Pathfinder
Neil: We are mno longer in your tim! News to me. :-)
rich-c: about 65 years ago, Neil - 10th Toronto
Pamela: simply that I haven't been involved in Guiding for a long time, Neil : )
Neil: Okay.
Neil: There are two Scout organizations in Canada. One of them is mostly in Quebec and the age sections are slightly different.
Pamela: and when Erin went thru Brownies and Guides 14 years later, it had already changed tremendously
GuyF: You guys are 14 yrs apart?
Pamela: yes, I was 14 when she was born
Daniel Bienvenu: this year, I started playing bowling with my friends. I wasn't sure first if it was for me, finaly I like it. my friend bring his 2 years old son at the bowling last time, he push the ball so slow that the "fail" detector ring thinking someone put his foot on the line. I didn't know that a 2 years old young boy can play bowling. :-O
Neil: Well, they keep changing things all the time. I rally think the lastest changes have a lot to do with higher insureance due to lawsuits, unfortunately.
GuyF: Dan: We'll call you Fred Flinstone from now on! :D
Pamela: I suspect you're right, Neil
Pamela: Guy, when Tamara gets old enough, go to Scouting and Guiding headquarters in Montreal and pick up the handbooks and use those as a measure of where she will be more at home
Pamela: a lot will depend on how much of a "girlie" girl she is, as to whether she's more suited to Guides or Scouts
Neil: Wow, Daniel, maybe they should start a bowling league for 2-year-olds (but they'd have to adjust the sensors).
GuyF: I will Pam, that's for sure! I really want her to go through that, although I was never exposed to scouting.
rich-c: I guess Neil is by far our best guru on matters relating to Scouting
Daniel Bienvenu: I like flinstones.
GuyF: Dan: Fred Cailloux!!!
Pamela: I will say now, that I wish I had stuck with it longer, but Guiding became "uncool" once I hit grade 9.
Daniel Bienvenu: at a turtle speed, the ball show us all the imperfections. we say the abll goes right, then totaly left, then right agin, then center... incredible.
Pamela: that was not the whole basis for my decision, but it certainly factored in
GuyF: Well, 14 yrs old have a weird idea of what "coolness" really is.
Pamela: ya got that right : )
Daniel Bienvenu: ...we saw the ball goes...
Neil: Guides can be more girlie or less girlie, depending on the leaders (though the organization does seem a little more overportective than Scouts from my perspective).
rich-c: since you're a linguist, Neil. here's a little challenge for you
Dale: Daniel does that mean you are inspired to make a Bowling game?
Pamela: what's the badgework like these days, Neil?
Neil: Daniel: slow motion, right?
GuyF: And, sorry to ask about this, it's probably taboo... but, how safe are the kids?
Dale: It's the biggest thing in the Wii from what I can tell.
rich-c: when did teenagers start saying "awesome" and what started them doing so?
rich-c: it may take you a few months yto find out!
Neil: There have been considerable new precautions safely-wise over the last 10 years.
Dale: Isn't it from skater-culture (skate boarding)?
GuyF: Awesome, maybe from surfing culture?
GuyF: awesome, rad, cool, radical, etc...
Daniel Bienvenu: very few sports games are really appreciate on console. but I saw someone play bowling on his cellphone, so maybe it's not a bad idea.
Pamela: why does Bill and Teds Excellent adventure come to mind, along with Valley Girls?
rich-c: no and no - it can be traced to a specific place and time
GuyF: Aristotle apparently...
Neil: Rich-c: 1975, although there is a possible example from 1925.
Dale: And where is it from then?
Daniel Bienvenu: history of "cool"?
GuyF: Cool is a really good song from Gwen Stefani!
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not sure I know this song
Pamela: I would probably know it if I heard it
GuyF: God, everything and anything is on wikipedia these days!
rich-c: the word is an old one; what's new (or recent) is its adoption into adolescent argot
Pamela: sum total of my popular music exposure these days is 20 minutes in the morning and another 20 at night during my commute
rich-c: if it isn't, Guy, you're welcome to put it on!
Daniel Bienvenu: no, I'm not in wiki
Daniel Bienvenu: :-)
GuyF: I used to use it as a kid too. "cool". I remember hearing it on "Happy Days" and repeating it. Fonz was considered "COOL".
Judy: the job is still going good, Pam?
Neil: 1975: R. Hill "O.J. Simpson" p. 56: "His first year statistics were awesome." 1976: U. of Tenn. student: "There's no doubt about it. She's awesome."
rich-c: yes, "coo;" if I recall dates back to the 50s
Pamela: its busy, Judy - but going well. I have much to learn yet
GuyF: Dan: I'm not in Wikipedia either...
GuyF: Lets see, what can I do within the end of the year, to get into it...
Judy: I am finding that out also, I started Human Anatomy this week
GuyF: Ride a bicycle cross-country backwards!
rich-c: you're doing well, Neil - but it was actually from an advertisement
Daniel Bienvenu:
Pamela: I'm trying to learn to better manage my time, and manage the demands on my time
Judy: and I don't think I am going to like this class as much as the last one
GuyF: Nope, nothing there, no Adamcon entry.
GuyF: Actual, there is one, holy cripes!!!
Pamela: I suspect things will be better once the learning curve flattens out : )
rich-c: maybe Dale can look after that for us
Judy: I take a class in time management later this summer
Pamela: is this gross anatomy Judy, as in names of all the bones and organs?
Judy: that is the one!!!
rich-c: maybe you should use personal emails to Dr. D. for your anatomy coaching
Neil: Ad for cigarettes?
Judy: all Latin and Greek
rich-c: no, a very specialized product, in fact
Judy: have a book that has the answers in it, you just have to find them
rich-c: I have never seen Greek being used in an anatomical description
Pamela: just remember, you know more than you think you do. Put your life experience to work for you
Daniel Bienvenu: Adamcon is in the references links for ColecoVision wiki
Daniel Bienvenu:
Neil: Guy, of course there is one.
GuyF: Doesn't talk about homebrews in the colecovision entry.
GuyF: Neil: Yep, saw that afterwards, my bad.
Pamela: for instance, which bone did Ryan break when his arm was broken?
Daniel Bienvenu: they say there are homebrew games
Judy: I am trying to do that, and once I take my first test in the subject Monday I hope it will relax me a little
Daniel Bienvenu: they only mention kevtris
GuyF: Exacto.. Kevtris although a really good game, is not the sum of all homebrew game authors. I think at the very least you, Daniel, should be mentionned.
rich-c: then expand the entry, Daniel, to talk about your games!
Dale: Well, the general origin of Awesome is said to be: 1590–1600; awe + -some
Judy: instructor said first week is the worst, longest chapter
Dale: So 1590 is a few years ago.
Neil: As for "cool" it dates back to at least 1933, but jazz musicians popularized it after the Second World War.
Pamela: I have every faith in you Judy. And I suspect that once you learn this stuff you'll wonder what all the fuss was about
rich-c: yes, I'm thinking of its particular use recently, Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not a wikipedia member... and I don't want to use wikipedia to promote my games... it can be badly interpreted by they other homebrewers
Judy: don't think I will be able to learn all of it
Neil: Only thing about Wikipedia is that you can't talk about yourself. You have to find someone else to talk about you from a neural point of view.
rich-c: ...thigh bone connected to the knee bone, knee bone connected to the leg bone...
Pamela: whyever not?
Judy: maybe after the second month things will get easier
GuyF: Exactly, submitting an entry about yourself just doesn't seem right.
rich-c: fine - just tell Guy F. he's drafted for the duty, effective immediately! :-)
Pamela: I'm sure they will. I just keep telling myself no knowledge is ever wasted.
Judy: if they called a bone a bone that would help but they have all these crazy words for things
Neil: If people were allowed to write about themselves, it would be full of advertising and entries for people that no-ones ever heard of. The Adamcon entry is actually in a precarious position.
Pamela: such as?
rich-c: well, as long as you explain simply what it is, it should be safe
Neil: ("neural" was supposed to say "neutral")
Pamela: Freudian slip there Neil?
Neil: Just bad typing I think.
Pamela: shucks
Judy: bad typing is easy to do
Neil: Today, I was trying to figure out what rule prevents people from saying "neutraller" instead of "more neutral"
rich-c: yes, I've noticed - my keyboard is a particularly bad speller
Pamela: and why do you think I'm such good friends with the backspace key?
rich-c: some things seem to be simply custom and useage, based more on euphony than anything else
Judy: isn't that the pits, they should just always type what you want to say
GuyF: Well, I'm off for the night, it was a pleasure chatting with everyone!
Judy: me too
GuyF: Adios.
Pamela: c'mon, we all know that computers have a mind of their own
GuyF: poofker
rich-c: when you get a keyboard like that, Judy, I want to buy one too!
Pamela: gnite, Guy - hi to Sandra. What about the house???
rich-c: night Guy F
Judy: night GuyF, say hi, to your wife from us
GuyF: Pam: House was bought, moving in, in a few months.
Pamela: woohoo!
Pamela: congrats and good night
GuyF: Pam: woohoo, 1/4 million in debt!
Pamela: details, details : )
GuyF: haha
GuyF: g'night
GuyF left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bye GuyF... too late again
rich-c: I really should have cut the item from the Star Saturday showing what $250.000 buys in Toronto
Neil: Rich: so people say, but that's a bit of a cop-out. The custom has to start somewhere, and what makes things euphonious is not random either. There are at least unwritten "rules".
Pamela: don't depress everyone, Dad : )
rich-c: of course Neil, but that's the point - they're unwritten and uncodified
rich-c: why do we not say "amn't" for am not?
Daniel Bienvenu: (PRIVATE) so, what's the possible time for the adamcon meeting? july or august?
Pamela: well, take apart the grammar, Dad and see what happens
Judy: because it doesn't sound right
rich-c: it is grammatically correct
Neil: Sonority has to decrease from the syllable peak through the coda and "m" and "n" rank equally in the sonority hierarchy of English.
rich-c: I still remember my grade 4 teacher being stumped by that one - and I've still never heard an answer
Pamela: hence, "I'm not", rather than I amn't" - correct?
Daniel Bienvenu: good question...
rich-c: but I'm is simply a contraction of "I am"
Neil: July or August. I'm really going to try to settle it next week.
rich-c: do what it takes, Neil - just settle it
Daniel Bienvenu: that remember me something. based on my dictionnary "dammage" came from old french "dam", maybe it's the origin of "damn" I heard in all the americain movies.
rich-c: dammage or dommage?
Neil: damage?
Daniel Bienvenu: err... c'est ça. dommage :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, means damage
Daniel Bienvenu: but can be used as an expression...
Neil: not exactly.
Pamela: as in c'est dommage - that's too bad?
rich-c: or, it's a pity - translation is flexible on that one
Neil: Rich: It's my job to discover what the unwritten rules are. How does language actually work?
Pamela: boy, we're going to have some interesting conversations, I can tell : )
rich-c: but damn I suspect likely came from some Germanic religious expression
Pamela: contraction of damnation, isn't it?
Daniel Bienvenu: same word in french
Daniel Bienvenu: almost the same
rich-c: it sure is fascinating, isn't it, Neil? especially with qa complex language like English
rich-c: what is it, Neil, about 60% of English has Romance roots?
Neil: English "damn" comes from French: "originally to inflict damage or loss upon, to condemn, doom to punishment"
Judy: short for damnation
rich-c: so it does connect to "dommage" - that's so pat I automatically assumed otherwise!
Dale: Wow, on you can get damn translated into 30 languages. :-)
Pamela: that could come in handy : )
rich-c: is that all?
Neil: English "damage" comes from Old French "damage" (which later changed to domage, dommage, etc.)
Daniel Bienvenu: good, I suspected the origine, now I'm sure. :-)
rich-c: interesting - I though most of our cuss words came from German
rich-c: yep, Daniel, you're right, I was wrong - you beat me on that one
Daniel Bienvenu: it's not a competition rich ;-)
rich-c: agreed, but I am usually a pretty good guesser in linguistic matters, so I'm saurprised
Neil: "My hovercraft is full of eels in many languages": (now there's a useful one!)
rich-c: hovercraft+ motoglisseur en francais?
Pamela: however it begs the question, why would one want a hovercraft full of eels
Neil: A large percentage of English dictionary words have Romance roots, but a fairly small portion of actual words in use. (All the common words ar Germanic)
Judy: very good question, Pam
Pamela: anyone see Jeopardy tonite?
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't like the sound of the french word "anguille" in your page.
Daniel Bienvenu: sounds like angire, not anguille.
rich-c: the explanation I've heard for that is that Anglo-Sacon (native English) belonged to the Germanic group of languages; the Romance element came from the Court language after the Norman Conquest
Judy: no, was very busy at that time here
Dale: And hey, you can also say "It's all Greek to me." on that site:
Neil: Pam: You need it for a certain Monty Pyhon sketch.
rich-c: I just want a colloquial Latin translation for "Don't force it"
Daniel Bienvenu: that usefull to know which culture-language think about which language is complex.
Daniel Bienvenu: well, at least I understand what I'm trying to say here. :-)
Neil: Rich, that's largely true, although there is a sizeable number of English words borrowed directly from Latin or "New Latin" and not thorugh Norman French.
rich-c: I have heard English and Chinese are the two most complex and difficult languages to learn
Pamela: it's college championship week. Category was Word Origins, answer was "this action which could cause you to fail a class, has it's roots in the greek word for "kidnap"
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to go. Neil, let us know when you have some dates for us.
Pamela: gnite Guy
Judy: night Guy
rich-c: night, Guy B. Take care
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too.
Neil: Damn and damage are not actually related, unless remotely pre-Latin.
Daniel Bienvenu: someting I learn this week is 4 in japanese... it's shi or yon... most of the time it's yon... like 14 is jyu yon, 24 is ni jyu yon, but 4 is shi. that's strange to me.
Guy B.: Poof
Judy: I am off also, until next week, night all
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: nite Judy
rich-c: goodnight Judy, hang in there!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit rich, judy
Judy: thanks will do
BobS: so I must leave also guys and gals
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit guyb
Daniel Bienvenu: too late
Judy left chat session
Dale: Good night everyone. I guess it is time for me to go too.
Pamela: gnite Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Dale
rich-c: OK Bob, catch you next week
BobS: will see you all next week, hopefully ??????
BobS left chat session
Dale: maybe.
Dale: poof
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope so
Pamela: nite Dale - hi to Jillian
Daniel Bienvenu: try to be online again next week Neil
rich-c: well, with Adamcon so close, we do need a larger ration of Wicks here
Neil: Daniel, I'll have to review my Japanese. Hopefully, I'll be on next week.
Dale left chat session
rich-c: you gotta be, Neil - we have to get the word on Adamcon
Pamela: Keep us posted, Neil - we're all anxious to start making plans
Daniel Bienvenu: 1 : one, un, ichi
Daniel Bienvenu: 2 : two, deux, ni
Pamela: uno, ein
Daniel Bienvenu: 3 : three, trois, san
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Pamela: dos, svi
Pamela: tres, dri
left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: 4 : four, quatre, shi/yon
rich-c: now who have we here?
Daniel Bienvenu: 5 : five, cinq, go
rich-c: oops, seems to have been scared off
Pamela: just us, Dad
Daniel Bienvenu: 6 : six, six, rocku
Daniel Bienvenu: 7 : seven, sept, nana
Daniel Bienvenu: 8 : eight, huit, hachi
Daniel Bienvenu: 9 : nine, neuf, kyu
Pamela: I must say, among us we have a lot of languages available
Daniel Bienvenu: 10 : ten, dix, jyu
Neil: Very impressive.
Daniel Bienvenu: 90 : ninety, quatre-vingt dix, kyu jyu
Pamela: uno, dos, tres, quatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, dies
rich-c: yes, one of which says it's 2300H and time les vieux went to bed
Neil: "Shi" is native Japanese. "Yon" is borrowed from the Chinese word. Compound words in Japanese tend to have Chinese origins.
Pamela: Dad, FYI, we're at the trailer this weekend so if you need us call there
Pamela: we're going up Friday night and coming home Sunday
Daniel Bienvenu: 23 : twenty three, vingt deux, ni jyu san
rich-c: daniel, a la prochaine; Neil, see you next week; Pam - well, whatever, daughter
Daniel Bienvenu: err... 23 in french is vingt trois, sorry
rich-c: and OK, we'll remember about teh trailer
Pamela: gnite Daddy
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit rich
rich-c: nite Pam
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu:
Pamela: Neil, if you need any help, just yell - I'll be glad to chip in any way I can
Daniel Bienvenu: I learned numbers by looking at this video
Neil: So "san" is "three" but in a compound it's "mi-" like in "Mitsubishi" "three diamonds" (look at their logo and you'll see them)
Neil: Thanks Pam.
Pamela: how can three be simple and compound at the same time? Oh wait, I get it
Pamela: compound as in part of another word
Neil: right
Pamela: gotcha
Pamela: see, you do learn something new every day : )
Pamela: okay guys, on that note I'm going to bed - it was a long day
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit pam
Pamela: bonne nuit, Daniel
Neil: Okay, good night.
Pamela: goodnight, Neil - see you next week
Pamela: kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit aussi Neil, don't hesitate to check your emails sometimes. ;-)
Neil: I will.
Neil: Bonne soiree. A la prochain.
Daniel Bienvenu: aurevoir, à bientôt!
Daniel Bienvenu: take care
Daniel Bienvenu: bye
Neil left chat session
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