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Daniel: a ce soir les amis
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
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changed username to rich-c
rich-c: salut, Daniel
rich-c: je vois que tu es ici de bonne heure
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rich-c: test
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changed username to Dr. D.
Dr. D.: Hi folks, just stopping by briefly.
rich-c: greetings, Rich
Dr. D.: Trying to locate Rin, thought she might be here.
Dr. D.: Hope you are both well.
Dr. D.: And hope that Richard is still at home! No more Sunnybrook...
rich-c: maybe she will turn up later
rich-c: if I were at Sunnybrook I wouldn't be online - no computers :-)
Dr. D.: She is s'posed to be taking a train to Windsor tomorrow...she has to run Marie's bridal shower over the weekend, ugh.
Dr. D.: indeed :-)
rich-c: aha, got teh day off, did she?
Dr. D.: Actually she may be leaving after work.
rich-c: I do go back to Sunnybrook Friday, but only for the Fracture Clinic to peer at my bones
Dr. D.: Hope they are healing.
rich-c: don't know when the train for Windsor leaves
Dr. D.: My Dad is having mega problems with his spine now...osteoporosis and loss of disk cartilage mass has taken about 8 inches off his height...and it is now pinching nerves.
rich-c: finally found out a few things from my doctor yesterday
Dr. D.: 4 nerve blocks and still not total relief...and surgery is really not any kind of option for him.
Dr. D.: He will be 67 next month.
rich-c: oh boy - at least I'm apparently not losing cartilege yet, though I think I've shrunk at least three inches
rich-c: only 67? wow, he really has troubles
Dr. D.: He was 5 feet 11.5 inches at age 25, and now I think he is about 5 feet 4 inches...shorter than me...
Dr. D.: I am 5 feet 10.5 inches, and I can look at the top of his head :-(
Dr. D.: He is not as short as Rin yet...and it is all vertical shrinkage, not scoliosis or kyphosis.
rich-c: seems what really nearly killed me was an internal haemaoma on one of the pelvic muscles - took a CAT scan to find it
rich-c: seems with teh warfarin it wouldn't stop - took multiple blood transfusions to save me
Dr. D.: When were you in for transfusions?!? Frances never sent me that update...
rich-c: between that and teh septicemia, I was in BAD shape
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Dr. D.: Or this is from before?
changed username to BobS
Dr. D.: Hi Bob
rich-c: that was when I went in originally, Feb. 12th - neither of us knew till now
BobS: howdy doody\
rich-c: greetings, Roberto
BobS: you can't remember when yo uwent to the hospital?
BobS: greetinbgs and salutations
Dr. D.: He can, Bob, he is just relating how bad shape he was really in, that he just found out...
rich-c: by the time I hit the hospital I was totally out of it - apparently for about three days
BobS: ah, yes, from what we had been told , you were incognito
rich-c: anyway, just tellling Rich there was something I didn't know - massive blood loss frtom internal bruising, requiring multiple transfusions
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Daniel Bienvenu: good evening
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir
rich-c: even Frances did not know that; don't know when it happened
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry, I was away for a minute
rich-c: salut, Daniel
BobS: and on that fine note.........found out that my dad (sunday eve) upon entering the emergency room, he has pnemonia, pink eye, sinus infection along with almost total deafness at this point from the infection
BobS: have to hooler at him to get his attention
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changed username to Pamela
BobS: THAT is not a good thing to know Richard
BobS: bummer
rich-c: ouch - us old folks are logging entirely too much hospital time these days
Pamela: good evening
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: ????
Pamela: what now
BobS: taking dad to the doctor tomorrow and find out more
Pamela: whose Dad? what's going on?
rich-c: Rich's father is having problems, and so is Robert's - and I've been relating some new findings on mine
Pamela: oh dear, not good
rich-c: Slopsema Senior has pneumonia - wirh complications
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BobS: mine Pam
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changed username to Pamela
changed username to rich-c
Pamela: Sorry, just disconnected myself
Daniel Bienvenu: welcome back, Pam
BobS: what is the matter with the Dr D father?????
Pamela: hang on I'm going to change my name so we can get rid of the right twin
rich-c: you went out too? so did I
Pamela changed username to Pamela too
Pamela too: I don't know what I did, but I ditched myself
BobS: hospitals ?ARE for sick people Richard
rich-c: I think I may have hit the Windows key
Pamela too: Rich, what's wrong with Terry?
Dr. D.: My Dad is having nerve compression problems in his spine, due to osteoporosis.
Pamela too: oh, ouch
Dr. D.: 4 nerve blocks have not worked.
Pamela too requested to ban Pamela
rich-c confirmed ban
Dr. D. confirmed ban
Pamela too: is he in danger of a compression fracture?
Daniel Bienvenu: I will have to say goodbye, sooner tomnight, need to finish something for tommorow morning.
Dr. D.: I don't think so, unless he does something really stupid.
rich-c: and he's ten years younger than I am, for crying out loud!
Dr. D.: Different skeletal age, I guess.
Pamela too: are there any solutions other than nerve blocks, Rich?
rich-c: what are you up to, Daniel?
Dr. D.: Not really.
Pamela too: And Bob, how did your dad get pneumonia?
Pamela too: off topic for just a second here, Rich, do you know what night Erin is coming back from Windsor?
Pamela too: I forgot to ask her
Dr. D.: Monday she says
rich-c: I sort of feel people don't get pneumonia, pneumonia gets them
Daniel Bienvenu: I need to finish a small but important task for my job tommorow. and next week I may be not online at all... deadline.
Pamela too: okay. I'm in charge of feeding the short furry person this weekend so I thought I'd better find out. Thank you.
rich-c: sounds like that "small" is a relative term...
rich-c: hope you will be able to make it, Daniel, in case we hear from the Wicks
Pamela too: anyway, back to the medical stuff
rich-c: so Robert, your father's pneumonia is so bad he needs hospitalization?
BobS confirmed ban
BobS: sorry away for a minute
rich-c: do you know what type of pneumonia it is and where it came from?
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't know how much money I need for the Adamcon this year, but I will certainly be there... except if my boss don't want to, or if I'm in bad shape.
rich-c: I doubt your boss will make difficulties - I'm tempted to say he had better not
BobS: dad's pneumonia is very slight from what I gathered..........who knows how or where he got it - bacterial kind - had an interveneous antibiotic sunday night in emergency rooma nd on Levethin (?) now
rich-c: anyway expect somewhere around ~$300 plus transportation and meals that aren't part of the package
BobS: pink eye is good looking, coughing not so bad, but hearing is bad-virtually still deaf
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Pamela too: work is work unfortunately, and sometimes it has to come first
changed username to Guy B.
Pamela too: hi, Guy
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Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
rich-c: hello Guy
Pamela too: wow Bob, that's quite an assortment of ailments
changed username to Judy
Pamela too: Hello, Judy
BobS: si senorita
Guy B.: HI Bob and Judy
Judy: Hello All
BobS: man's got to take care of hisself
rich-c: gather your father wasn't admitted, Bob, just treated in the ER and sent home?
Pamela too: what is the hearing loss a result of?
rich-c: hi Judy
Judy: hi, Rich
Guy B.: Well, my upgrade to Windows XP from WinME will be delayed. Got quite a surprise.
Judy: they did not keep him in the hospital
Pamela too: and what did you find out, Guy?
rich-c: that's a good sign, Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: I had a pneumonialong time ago, I caugh it during summer, doing camping with my parents, my brother and my sisters. Because of me, we had to stop our vacations... it's very painful.
BobS: just treated, that's correct
Judy: he is very tired
Pamela too: Bob, is your Dad living on his own?
BobS: hearing loss is due to ear infection from the sinus infection
rich-c: there's all kinds of pneumonia, Daniel, some far more serious than others
Guy B.: I bought an 80 GB hard drive from Wal-Mart and when I opened up the anti-static bag. It wasn't a 80GB hard drive, but a 12.5 GB HP hard drive.
Judy: yes, by himself
BobS: yes living about a mile from us alone, but not a lot.......since mom died we have been sticking pretty close
Pamela too: oops
BobS: NOT the same thing Guy
rich-c: sort of shortchanged you, did they, Guy?
Pamela too: is he cooking for himself, Bob?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I woke up one morning with that, laughing was impossible, too painful.
rich-c: I hope it was marked and priced as "refurbished"
Judy: that is a joke, Pam, doesn't cook
Judy: makes oatmeal and boils an egg, that is it
Pamela too: what's he doing for meals?
Dr. D.: Rin just tells me she has DSL, it was turned on today.
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Daniel Bienvenu: a wrong labeled 80GB drive?
Guy B.: Apparently, this is both mine and Wal-Mart's fault. I'm pretty sure I know what happened here. Whoever bought this hard drive originally, decided to swap the drives from his computer and returned back to Wal-Mart and got all his money back. They resell it as a clearance item and now almost a year later. I get this surprise.
changed username to Neil
Guy B.: Hi Neil
rich-c: hey, good for her. who is she getting it from?
Neil: Hi
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonsoir Neil
Dr. D.: Bell I think
Pamela too: she's up? yay
Pamela too: Hi, Neil
Dr. D.: Her computer is not coping with it well though
Guy B.: Hi Dr. D. I didn't see you there.
rich-c: helo Neil, didn't see you come in
Dr. D.: Hi Guy
Dr. D.: and to Neil and Judy
Pamela too: how is this your fault, Guy? I'd say it's all Walmart's fault
Judy: he goes out or comes to one of the kids houses for the rest of the meals
Dr. D.: I think I will have to be logging out now, I can't follow both conversations...
Daniel Bienvenu: I was thinking of the Adamcon 2005 this weekend because they show "Camping Sauvage" on tv sunday and I talked with GuyF.
Dr. D.: I am losing multitasking ability as I get old :-S
Pamela too: okay, goodnight Rich
Dr. D.: So good night folks.
Guy B.: I didn't check to see if this is the correct size drive, but you're right. It's Wal-Mart and I intend to return the drive.
Dr. D.: <poof>
Pamela too: see you next week
Dr. D. left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Dr.D...
rich-c: hey, tell Rin to show off her new DSL line here
Guy B.: He's quick
Daniel Bienvenu: too late again, he's too fast
Judy: night Dr D
Pamela too: next week Dad
Pamela too: she's just setting up - she picked up the package on the way home tonite
Guy B.: But, the good news that my Romtec Trios does work in the Compaq.
Neil: Before anyone asks, I still don't have a hotel booked for Adamcon. I wanted to do it Sunday, but I was just too tired.
Pamela too: do you have dates in mind, Neil?
Guy B.: Any dates in mind?
Neil: I got up at 7:30 this morning and I just got home tonight at 9:30.
Pamela too: what the heck is a Romtec trio, Guy?
Neil: Dates: I think we're down to weekends in July (but not the first) or the 3rd week of August.
Guy B.: It's a hard drive selector. I can boot different OS's on a seperate hard drive by pushing a button.
Pamela too: strangely enough, I had a 12 hour day almost exactly. I left at 7:36 this morning, and got off the elevator this evening at 7:35
Pamela too: oh, okay
Guy B.: I have two of them. The other will go on my Athlon 850.
Pamela too: any of those sound good, Neil
rich-c: Guy, if that hard drive was not open, and clearly marked as used goods, Wal-Mart may be very close to criminal charges
Neil: I wanted to ask Dr. D. about the 4th week of August (just before classes start for him) but he ducked out too fast.
Guy B.: It is a used drive, since I put it in the Compaq and there were folders on it.
Guy B.: Send him an e-mail, Neil.
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, he leaves very quickly tonight
Neil: I will.
Pamela too: do you need an address?
rich-c: OK Neil, just stay clear of my racing weekends
Pamela too: oh give it up, Dad
Daniel Bienvenu: 4e semaine du mois d'Août... it's my brother and my sisters birthdays.
Neil: Oh yeah, that's July 8, right?
Pamela too: think so, Neil
Neil: Daniel I'm thinking 17yh to 20th.
Pamela too: of August?
Guy B.: That would be on a Tuesday there Neil. We usually have it from a Thursday through Sunday.
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't mention my brother and sisters brithdays as a problem to be at the Adamcon.
rich-c: yes Neil, July 6th is the sensitive one
Neil: No 17 to 20 Aug.
Neil: Aren't your brothers and sisters coming :-)
Guy B.: That would be a Friday through Monday in August.
rich-c: Guy, what does teh Wal-Mart bill say that you bought?
Daniel Bienvenu: no, I will be the only member of my family to be at the Adamcon... it's just that they will understand, it's not the first time we celebrate some days before or after the real date.
Guy B.: I still have the original box with the clearance tag on it. I paid $64 for it.
Neil: I'm currently leaning towards the Holiday Inn in Hull, Quebec: close to downtown Ottawa/Hull, close to home, good facilities, and cheapest price of all downtown hotels.
Pamela too: I'm assuming the usual, Neil - meet and greet on Thursday night, sessions thru Sunday and banquet on Sunday evening?
rich-c: it said clearance, but what did it say was in the box? was the box sealed?
Neil: You're right 16 to 19 August or one of the July weekends.
Pamela too: any of those work for me, I think.
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, in July, I will know if I keep my actual job or not... for now, it's rush time. that's why I said earlier that I will have to say goodnight sooner than usual
rich-c: Holiday Inn also has free wireless internet - need I tell you that matters?
Pamela too: I haven't checked the calendar for my department for August yet
Guy B.: August would be Ok with me, although I would be in a heavy workload period. I have gone to Adamcon's in August.
Neil: Yeah, I don't know where I got that 17 to 20. Definitely Thursday night to Sunday night.
Pamela too: then it's the perfect time for a vacation, Guy : )
Daniel Bienvenu: the gaz price difference between Hull and Ottawa is a few cents or more?
Guy B.: Think you're right Pam. I can still get some overtime in before I leave.
Pamela too: what is the price of gas in Hull?
Neil: Of course I checked for free wireless Internet already. That's a given these days.
rich-c: I expect gas will be notably cheaper in Ontario - so will beer and wine
Daniel Bienvenu: I know that taxes in Quebec makes gas more higher, normally.
Guy B.: Especially since most of us have wireless cards in our notebooks.
rich-c: yes, the difference these days is between outrageous and extortionate
Pamela too: some of us need to get notebooks first : )
Neil: Today it's 112.4 I think. Ottawa's 109-point-something last I saw.
Pamela too: holy s**t
Pamela too: scuse me
rich-c: hey, by August even Pamela might have a notebook, wireless equipped
Pamela too: I got gas at $105.4 this a.m.
Guy B.: That would be good.
Daniel Bienvenu: Here , the actual gas price is about 116-118
Neil: Before the drastic hike to 112 a couple of days ago it was around 105 and the same in Ottawa.
Guy B.: Don't ask what gas is here.
rich-c: I know, you get it so cheap it is to weep, Guy
Pamela too: don't make me cry, Guy
Neil: Montreal usually has the highest or second highest prices in the country.
Guy B.: So It looks like August 16-19 for this years con?
rich-c: if you don't think so, multiply our gas price by 3.8 to bring it to U.S. gallon price
Guy B.: I won't Pam. I know very well how much it's gone up
Pamela too: it's still cheaper there than here Guy
rich-c: in Vancouver yesterday it was over $1.30/l
Pamela too: ouch
Neil: Aug 16-19 or one of the two later weekends in July look the most likely. I'm really hoping to have a decision by tomorrow night.
Guy B.: I would have to agree with you Pam
rich-c: be sure and put it out on the mailing list as soon as you have word
Pamela too: guess before you can finalize Neil, you'll need to find out if the hotel has those weekends available
Guy B.: Let everyone know through the Adamcon address.
Neil: Vancouver is why I said Montreal is usually *2nd* highest.
rich-c: btw, the chances of slightly cooler weather are better towards teh end of August
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changed username to Scott
Scott: Hello, all
Daniel Bienvenu: If you count Québec city, it's generaly then the third highest.
Neil: In any case, I will send a message to the e-mail list as soon as I know.
Guy B.: Scott, long time no see.
Pamela too: and Ottawa / Hull is slightly farther north : )
Pamela too: Hola, Scott
Scott: Took awhile, but finally made it.
rich-c: hello, Scott - I have someone trying to track down a Powermate card and cable
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Scott
Guy B.: We are talking about this year's Adamcon.
Judy: hi, Scott
BobS: Hi Scott
Neil: Yes, I have to check availability.
Neil: Hi Scott.
Scott: Powermate card and cable? Not sure if I have any
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry, I will have to say goodbye in a minute because I have things to finish for work.
Pamela too: g'nite, Daniel
Scott: Got plenty of power supplies for the hard drive, though
BobS: nite Daniel
Scott: Bye, Daniel
Guy B.: Ok Daniel. We'll see you next week then.
rich-c: any leads as to where one can be found - either one, for that matter - will be most welcome
Judy: night Daniel
rich-c: they are wanted by one of my co-organizers of Adamcon 02
Neil: Bonne soiree.
BobS: bummer, Scott........Herman Cherney had a a Powermate unit and apparently never used it and lost the card and cable
Scott: Ok, I will have to dig out all of my Adam stuff
rich-c: bonsoir - Daniel - a la prochaine (j'espere}
Neil: So when I'm talking to the hotel, what do I tell them I want?
BobS: so David Hill bought the stuff and can't get the Powermate up and running
Pamela too: here's a question Neil - does the hotel have a restaurant and a pool?
Daniel Bienvenu: I wish us to be all at the adamcon this year. take care! talk to you next time.
BobS: that's right isn't it Richard??????
BobS: my mind is on slow tonight
Scott: BTW, talked to a lady from Vancouver and she said glowing things about the city
rich-c: don't know where he got it, just that the pieces are missing
Neil: Resturant, pool, room service, fitness: all yes
BobS: came from Herman Cherny in NY
rich-c: he doesn't even know the drive type (IDE? RLL?)
BobS: or his wife to be specific
Scott: Apparently Vancouver is scrambling to get a lot of work done in preparation for the 2010 Winter Olympics
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight... bye... *poof*
BobS: mfm I think iks in the Powermate unit
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
BobS: Nanette..........taht's it
Pamela too: so you want accomodation for about 15-20 people for three nights, some single, some double occupancy and a meeting room with internet connection and enough seating for the same number
rich-c: Vancouver can be a very beautiful city
BobS: Vancouver IS a beautiful city
rich-c: though spome critics call it a glass jewel in a platinum setting
BobS: and Victoria on the island is even MORE beautifu
Scott: Never seen it myself, but I'm very interested now
Pamela too: a variety of rooms including one non smoking, two beds and one smoking, King bed or two doubles
Pamela too: that would be Mom and Dad and Russell and I
rich-c: we have been there a couple of times, and have family there
Scott: My little guy is almost 10 months old now
BobS: started walking yet?
rich-c: and Pam, if it's the Holiday Inn to whole place has internet - wireless
Scott: Crawling; almost walking
rich-c: if you have your laptop by then you will be able to fire it up anywhere
Scott: Here's some pictures:
BobS: soon then
Pamela too: is that what you meant, Neil?
rich-c: so you now have your own personal website, do you, Scott?
Neil: Yes
BobS: good looking son Scott
Scott: Yes, I've had it for awhile, but no time to put up anything
Scott: Working two jobs right now
Scott: There's only so much time with a new baby
Judy: he is a cute little boy, Scott
rich-c: oh, what are you up to?
Scott: BTW, I wrote some code in PHP that displays PowerPaint files
rich-c: is your father still with TRW, Scott?
Scott: I haven't added it to my site yet
Scott: No, my dad is working for Honeywell now in Tuscon, Arizona
Scott: I'm still with TRW/Northrop Grumman
rich-c: when did he move down there?
Scott: Last year after he got laid off
Scott: It wasn't pretty
BobS: never is Scott
rich-c: OK, I won't push it - especially since he must have had huge seniority
Scott: He wasn't particularly happy anyway, but wasn't quite ready to retire either
Pamela too: Guy, did you share your room with Ron last year?
Pamela too: or did you both have your own?
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Guy B.: No, I had my own. But, we did at a couple of the other con's.
rich-c: my sympathy to him, Scott - there is too much of that these days
changed username to Neil
Scott: It got me saving for retirement though
Neil: I'm double now. (I don't know what happened to the first one)
Scott: Made me realize that I needed to prepare for things like these
Pamela too: by my count Neil, we're looking at 11 rooms
rich-c: yes, the way the economy is going, if you don't cover it no one else will
Pamela too: that's if everyone is well enough to come and can afford to get away
Scott: Perhaps I'll retire in Canada ;)
Pamela too: also assuming that all the singles have their own room
rich-c: well, I can afford to get away, and should be fairly functional by then
Neil: My guess was 7-10 rooms, but that assumed several singles would like to share a room.
rich-c: just make sure you establish residence for a fair few years first, Scott
BobS: the way things look here, there will be no traveling to anywhere this summer
BobS: las tsummer was marginal, this summer looks bleak
Scott: I've got a good 30 years to go, so I'm sure I've got plenty of time to do so.
rich-c: trust me, when you get to my age, you really appreciate "free" medical coverage
Neil: What's going on there Bob?
Scott: True
Scott: How's the quality of medical care?
BobS: about nothing, had two part time jobs, now cut to one.....bartela above poverty level and unemployment insurance is all used up
rich-c: I just got sprung from 8 weeks in hospital - it's an educational experience
BobS: Judy is going back to school, but won't be able to work until Oct to help out with finances
Scott: Sorry to hear about that, Bob
rich-c: fortunately our quality of medical care ranges upward from superb
Neil: Judy is in classes right now, is that right?
BobS: me too Scott, suggested that we move to greener pastures, but with 3 old parents and 1 grandchild we practically raise, we can't leave
Scott: That's good to hear
Judy: yes, I am
Scott: Where do you live, Bob
Neil: How are they going?
Judy: Michigan
Scott: That's right.
Judy: I am done with the first one and one more week in the second, will be glad when this one is finished
rich-c: sounds like you are making good progress, Judy
Neil: How many weeks for each one?
Scott: Just saw a preview for Pirates of the Caribbean 3 - looks great!
Judy: usually 4
Judy: but i do have 4 that are a week each
Judy: next class is word, that should be an easier one that anatomy
rich-c: at least they may be a bit easier to cope with
Pamela too: I think so, Judy : )
Neil: The really short ones are hard to adjust to I think.
Judy: the homework on this is unreal
rich-c: the anatomy course, you mean?
BobS: BUT the good thing......when Judy is done, she will be a bvoard certified doctor
BobS: or should be
Judy: NOT
Pamela too: LOL
rich-c: let's say if she's an accredited medical secretary, she'll be well along
Judy: that is the plan
Scott: Gotta go -- need to watch the baby. Will stop by next week.
Scott: Bye
Scott left chat session
rich-c: if that's teh plan, it's a good one - I gather medical secretaries are hard to come by and paid accordingly
Pamela too: wow, Scot poofed in a hurry
Judy: night Scott
BobS: I sure hope so Richard..........would be a good thing after 16 months of BS
rich-c: Pam would know better than I - ask her
BobS: I have a part time job I love, and a good place, but no hopes of it becoming a full time position
rich-c: what you need is a matching part-time job - far easier said than done
Pamela too: ask me about medical secretaries? I gather that although i've not paid a lot of attention as it's not my field
rich-c: and then there are those issues of fringe benefits, critical the older you get
Judy: not much of anything in the paper addvertising for jobs here in Michigan, but hopefully school will help find me a job
BobS: yes, that is correct Richard
rich-c: does the internet have anything in the way of part time jobs in your neck of the woods, Bob?
Judy: not much
BobS: but with my age,k qualifications and Michigan's economy, I am pretty screwed
BobS: nothing
BobS: been haunting all the sites
Pamela too: I still say you should hang out a shingle Bob
rich-c: well, in practical areas you have good qualifications and long excellent experience
Judy: for what
Pamela too: maintenance and / handyman
Judy: hopefully something will come along soon
rich-c: maybe an advisor at Home Depot or Lowes?
Pamela too: we need a brainstorming session with my sister-in-law; she's good at thinking outside the box
BobS: applied.......or should have,,,,,,,,, you don't apply, you do it via website, so it is anonymous and faceless
BobS: lots of shingles already out and swinging in the breeze
rich-c: sometimes that's good, sometimes that's bad - eventually you get face time if there is real interest
rich-c: as usual, I'll bet it pays to know someone working there already
BobS: but the pay also sucks............that is probably the reason I get no feedback, they are convinced I won't work for that amount of money.........depends on circumstances and tghe job
Pamela too: that's the problem with retail - pay sucks
Judy: the people at Cook Valley know that they can't afford to loose him but the high up's are the problem
Pamela too: as always, Judy
rich-c: that is a far too familiar tale, Judy
Judy: isn't that the truth
rich-c: they lose sight of who makes teh business go - until they go and the business doesn't any more
BobS: ni, most all business muddle thru somehow......
Judy: seems that something should fall our way soon, have to keep a positive attitude
rich-c: muddle through - sort of like Chrysler
Pamela too: is there a "major " industry in GR? One that employs a lot of the town?
Judy: we have been for over a year now
BobS: ya like that; but for 20 billion and sell for 7 billion
rich-c: apparently even Wal-Mart isn'r looking quite so invincible any more
BobS: smart buy eh?
BobS: not anymore Pam
Judy: Amway, Steelcase are two
Judy: but they are both cut way back
rich-c: is Amway doing that well? thught the government was looking into them lately
Pamela too: Steelcase as in farm / construction equipment?
rich-c: office furniture, Pam
rich-c: the farm equipment one is just Case - as in Case - Western
Judy: they just change there name and continue on
BobS: Steelcase was the premier employer, not anymore, low wages, and all temp work
Pamela too: ah
rich-c: got into the clutches of one of the buyout firms, did they?
Pamela too: just getting a picture
rich-c: Grand Rapids once was the furniture manufacturing capital of the United States
BobS: nope, just hit the economy and foreign competition
BobS: and boom, lost their proverbial butt financially, rebounding lite and cheap
Judy: that is correct
rich-c: didn't know there was that much offshore presence in office furniture
BobS: with about 25% of the workforce
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changed username to Neil3
Pamela too: wow Neil, you're having a tough time tonite
rich-c: never saw it coming, reacted too late - what a familiar story
Guy B.: Your by yourself Neil
Neil3: Really crashed that time.
rich-c: whole computer, not just the chat?
Neil3: Just the browser. The Holiday Inn web site doesn't get along with Netscape too well.
Pamela too: speak to it firmly, Neil : )
rich-c: you mean you still use Netscape? why not Firefox if you're using the Mozilla eengine anyhow?
Neil3: Anyway I should be saying bye for now. I haven't had supper and I'm getting hungry.
Neil3: I don't like change.
BobS: ok Neil, take care
rich-c: OK - just remember we're hungry for news, tooo ; - )
Judy: night Neil
Neil3: I may switch to Firefox. We'll see about that later.
rich-c: take care, Neil
Pamela too: good night and good luck, Neil.
Neil3: Good night all. Hope to have news for you very soon.
rich-c: TTFN
Pamela too: we'll be waiting with bated breath : )
Neil3: <poof>
Neil3 left chat session
rich-c: Guy, you still haven't told us about that hard disc from Wal-Mart
rich-c: all the evidence so far is they tried to diddle you and should be called on it
BobS: tis little when he bought BIG
rich-c: maybe you should demand a new 120 gig HD from them - for starters
rich-c: well, they didn't tell him it was used, either, apparently
Pamela too: just take it back, Guy, and get what you went for in the first place
BobS: Richard, you using Firefox?????
rich-c: and I'd guess the packaging was fraudulent
Guy B.: The hard drive was suppose to be a Seagate 80 GB hard drive and turns out it was a HP 12.5 GB drive. Manuel, CD and cables were all there.
rich-c: of course Bob, what else would I use?
BobS: Guy, was the drive used before you hooked it up?
BobS: using IE6 Richard
BobS: but Doug tells me that it is a memory hog
Guy B.: That's what I'm going to do. I cannot find the receipt, but they will give me a giftcard and I will apply it towards another drive.
Guy B.: Yes it was.
Pamela too: cash or credit card, Guy?
Guy B.: It came from someone elses PC.
Pamela too: the original purchase, I mean
Guy B.: Might have been credit card.
Guy B.: Can't remember what card I used for it.
Pamela too: if it was on your credit card, take the statement in as proof of purchase - that should make them happier
rich-c: oh, I have ie7. Frances adores it. Half my cursor cronies do too. The other half can't make it work and have deleted it from their computers.
Guy B.: I'll see if I have a copy of it somewhere.
rich-c: Guy, Wal-mart sold you defective, misrepresented goods. They owe you BIG. Make them poay.
Guy B.: Stick with Firefox Rich.
BobS: I haven't had problems with it, but Doug says it hogs memory and won't refresh and let go until you exit ie
rich-c: I have buddies who can't get Firefox to work and others who can't get IE to work. Both work for me on both computers.
Guy B.: I'm staying with Firefox. I didn't upgrade to IE 7 for my notebook. I stayed with IE 6.
rich-c: Now don't ask me about XP - it's broken on one co pjter and I don't lije the factory installation on the other
Guy B.: Microsoft was going to include it with the automatic updates. Now I have it checked that I will not have this included in future updates.
Pamela too: I don't understand what the problem with XP is - I've used it at work for the last four years and never had a problem with it
Guy B.: The only time I use IE is only for my work website.
rich-c: yes, one of my buddies accepted the update and it just crashed his whole computer - he had to delete it
rich-c: again, XP works for some folks and is a disaster for others - one of our guys has even reverted to Win98SE
Guy B.: I read today that Microsoft has sold 40 million copies of Windows Vista. Sounds farfetched to me.
rich-c: apparently the big outfits with big IT staffs want Vista to support Office 2007, which is the real reason
rich-c: as for consumer sales - Dell is now offering a choice of XP or Vista, as is the biggest-selling company in Canada
Pamela too: well folks, I'm heading for bed. The room is starting to get fuzzy around the edges. Dad, we're home this weekend so I'll be in touch
Guy B.: Sounds about right. We are not even upgrading at work right now. We're staying with XP.
rich-c: and Dell has just announced they will be offering OEM installations of Ubuntu (Linux) as well
Pamela too: Gnite, Bob and Judy
Pamela too: Gnite, Guy
BobS: nite Pam
Guy B.: Well, sounds like time for me to go too. Annie has fallen asleep.
rich-c: Pam, hang in a minute or two please
Pamela too: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
Guy B.: Bye Pam
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too.
Pamela too: alright, hanging in
Pamela too: ungoodnite : )
rich-c: night then, Guy - take care - and whack Wal-Mart too
Judy: night all
Guy B.: Thanks Rich. I will and Jeanene will come with me to help.
rich-c: good -give 'em hell!
Judy left chat session
Guy B.: Ok, I'm off. See you all next week.
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: and HOW is he gonna prove he got skinked?????
BobS: skunked
rich-c: see we have lost Judy too
BobS: yup
BobS: he should have looked at the drive upon opening the box and ran back screaming
rich-c: when he buys a new Seagate 80 and gets a used (HP?) 12.5 - he got tooked
BobS: to the top of his lungs
BobS: YA
BobS: well that is his problem........not mine, I got my own
rich-c: anyhow Pam I went to see Dr. Santo yesterday (al last) and found out a few things
BobS: and with that thought, good night you two, and have a great week
BobS: see ya next week
Pamela too: gnite, Bob, you too
BobS left chat session
rich-c: OK Bob, see you next week
Pamela too: such as?
rich-c: remember my strange visit from the haemotologist, about my blood thinner?
Pamela too: yes
rich-c: did you know I had an internal haematoma that required multiple blood transfusions?
Pamela too: ????
Pamela too: no
rich-c: the real reason I was so sick was that there was a bleeding bruise over one of my internal pelvic muscles
rich-c: they didn't discover it until they did a CAT scan
Pamela too: Dad, why I don't I hang up and you can call me, and tell me that way
rich-c: I was bleeding to death internally - that was teh story
rich-c: OK, let's can it here, I'll phone right away
Pamela too: ok, I'm gone. Kerpoof
Pamela too left chat session
rich-c: ditto
rich-c left chat session
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