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rich-c: salut, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: salut rich
Daniel Bienvenu: je ne peux rester longtemps... I can't stay for a long period of time tonight
rich-c: tu es de bonne heure - comme d'habitude?
rich-c: c'est dommage - Ron aussi n'ira ici ce soir
Daniel Bienvenu: I try to be online each week, but tonight it's a permission I'm giving to me because I have many things to do before tomorow.
rich-c: did you catch his email?
Daniel Bienvenu: I saw his email, yes
rich-c: yes, I think that's the case for most of us, Daniel
rich-c: we all do have other obligations - like I have to sort out a disc drive for Luc Miron
Daniel Bienvenu: meeting tomorow at montreal, i have to prepare my stuff tonight
rich-c: how are you going down there, train, drive, or bus?
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changed username to james
james: hello!
rich-c: good morning, james
Daniel Bienvenu: my immediate superior, my "supevisor" will take me at 6:45
rich-c: you're on early tonight so I get to talk to you
rich-c: so you will be going by car, then?
james: i've hardly been on at all lately. how have you been, rich?
james: hi dan
Daniel Bienvenu: hello, james, I can't stay because I have to prepare my stuff for the meeting tomorow
Daniel Bienvenu: I can talk a few minutes, but not much more...
rich-c: well, as you know I've had my troubles, james, but I seem to be recovering well
rich-c: well, Daniel, at least you get a chance to check things out with james
james: i am glad to hear you are recovering, rich. are you back at home?
james: big meeting, dan?
rich-c: oh yes, I've been home for a couple of weeks now
james: nice, and frances is putting up with you ok?
rich-c: first time I got sprung I was sent away with a bronchial infection
Daniel Bienvenu: well, deadline before installing the system and I have to admit that we are still receiving information about what they want, it's a nitemare.
rich-c: which after five days sent me back to hospital for another five
rich-c: but since then things have been going decently
rich-c: Frances is bearing up well under the strain, but it is a strain
Daniel Bienvenu: not much time to implement and test... have to be done quick and functional... that's a nitemare for me
rich-c: at least she has her chauffeur and computer-fixer back ;-)
james: you're driving?
rich-c: sure, been drtiving since the day I got home - remember I have a van so it's easy to get into
rich-c: they had to send me home in an ambulance because I can't fold into an ordinary car
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: but I can climb up into the truck and once in, a seat is a seat, more or less
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Pam
james: well that's good that you've got some mobility
rich-c: hi daughter, how was teh trailer
Pamela: good evening
Pamela: weren't at the trailer over the weekend Dad - we stayed home
Pamela: ya gotta start reading your calendar, Dad : )
rich-c: yes, I take my walker out daily, even made it over to the plazqa and back one day (~1.5 KM return)
rich-c: right- it was the two weeks before - I'm so busy I lose track these days
Pamela: I know the feeling - getting slammed at work
rich-c: really loading you up, are they?
Pamela: oh yeah
rich-c: hope they do understand you do have your limits
Pamela: today was one of those days when I said to myself "remind me again why I left Somerville?"
rich-c: I assume everyone there has the same problem?
Pamela: pretty much - we have a number of renewals coming up and I'm behind on some stuff. However, sooner or later it will get done.
rich-c: this sort of thing is seasonal, I hope?
Pamela: so do I : )
rich-c: I know Guy B. has that sort of cycle
Pamela: well next year I'll be better organized and more familiar, which will help
Pamela: right now I'm still on the learning curve
rich-c: yes, that's why they pay senior help more - they've learned the tricks and produce better
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changed username to Judy
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Pamela: Hi Judy
changed username to Meeka
rich-c: hi Judy, dragging the old man in with you?
Daniel Bienvenu: hi judy
Pamela: Meeka! Hi!
Meeka: hello
Meeka: how are you
rich-c: hey - Meeka! been a long time!
Pamela: was just saying I'm really busy
Meeka: ya, I know
Meeka: I cant get on from home
Judy: Hi, Pam, Daniel, James, Rich
Pamela: how are you doing?
Meeka: we are at mom & dads tonigth
Judy: we are sitting outside with a fire
Meeka: pretty good
rich-c: you can't? how come, Meeka?
Meeka: finally having some warm weather
rich-c: yes, we were nice today and are scheduled for a semi-scorcher tomorrow
Pamela: I hear we're getting the warm stuff tomorrow - was still reasonable today
Meeka: because the firewall that doug has set at home wont let us for some reasonn he hasnt figured out yet
Meeka: we come over here with our same laptops and it works just fine
rich-c: uh - tell Doug that firewalls are supposed to stop traffic from the other direction ;-)
Meeka: ya well
Judy: we had 92 on our thermometer here at home, don't know what is it really was
Meeka: he says it set to just block inbound
Pamela: ick - it's too early in the season for that kind of heat
rich-c: (actually that's quite unfair, firewalls are supposed to work both ways)
Judy: what it really was(that is)
Meeka: doesnt feel that icky warm yet
Meeka: the hu,midity is pretty low yet
Pamela: obviously low enough to be outside enjoying a fire : )
Meeka: yup
rich-c: we just had something around 25 - that would be 77 F
Judy: I am getting a little cool need to go in and get a jacket on
Meeka: wimp :P
Pamela: Judy do you have a portable fire pit or an actual hole in the ground?
Judy: thanks
rich-c: yes, it's so much easier when it cools down at night
Meeka: they have a portable one that Sherri gave them for x-mas
Judy changed username to BobS
Pamela: oooh - details please
rich-c: in fact if I wsn't cozied up to the computer I would need my sweater now
Meeka: details of what?
rich-c: ah, Robert, see you've decided to join in
Pamela: the fire pit
Pamela: Hi, Bob
Meeka: ahhh
BobS: hi kids
Daniel Bienvenu: hi bob
Meeka: its black mesh with a fire in it :)
BobS: the fire is warm and shiny and it is like camping at the trailer
rich-c: remember Pamela has the use of a trailer on some summer weekends
Pamela: just the fire pit, or a table around it? Round or square? How big?
BobS: well Richard, I didn't have my coputer out here and Judy was playing a game with this one
Meeka: aout 3 foot tall
Meeka: rectangle
Meeka: stands on legs
rich-c: well isn't that what 'puters are for, Bob?
Meeka: where you put the wood is about as big as a medium size grill
BobS: square firepit on the deck with palm trees and cool glasses of sweet drinks with little umbrellas in them
Meeka: lol
Pamela: hmm
BobS: PAM, you could have one too.....just hang it out the windoe and light it
BobS: IF you get a gas log one, you dont' have ot have wood either
Pamela: we've been looking at them for the trailer - Russell has been drooling for a couple of years - but can't figure out which is the best, and what to do with it in the off season
rich-c: oh, she could put it on the balcony, but Russell doesn't like heights
Meeka: face him towards the house then
Pamela: heck Meeka, I can't even get him out on the balcony
Meeka: lol
Pamela: we're on the fifth floor, and the balcony railing is a steel affair but is very open - too open for him
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rich-c: but getting him on a plane is no problem - go figure
changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: I've often thought that we should try and enclose it somehow but have had no brilliant ideas
Daniel Bienvenu: hello guy
Guy B.: Greetings All!!
Pamela: I didn't say it was no problem : )
Pamela: Hi, Guy
rich-c: hello Guy, how's Chicago? heat wave passed yet?
Meeka: hello
Guy B.: Very warm, upper 80's here. But, we have rain coming for tomorrow.
Pamela: but he says being on a plane he's so high up it's not real anymore
rich-c: just so long as it's sunny for Sunday in Indianapolis, Guy
BobS: get some plastic lattice Pam and wire it to the inside of the railing
Pamela: that's a thought, Bob
Pamela: I also had some vague ideas about the webbing used to fix lawn chairs
rich-c: you'd have to run it up pretty high though, wouldn't you?
Pamela: just enclosing the railing would help, I think, Dad
rich-c: tell the landlord it's to discourage the pigeons
Pamela: right now you can look through the railing right to the ground, and that's part of what bothers him
BobS: not as solid though Pam.......can get the lattice in 24 inch pieces by 8 feet long
Pamela: are you talking the white hard plastic stuff, Bob?
Guy B.: They are talking about rain here Saturday night into Sunday.
BobS: yes Pam, although you can get it in colors too
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm really sorry but I have to go now... I still have tons of things to prepare for the meeting tomorow morning. talk to you next week, and keep me informed about the adamcon. take care! bye!
Guy B.: Bye Daniel
Pamela: hmm. I was thinking you were talking about the flexible plastic stuff that you wind through chicken wire fences. That's a good idea.
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Pamela: g'nite, Daniel
changed username to zZzGuyzZz
rich-c: OK Daniel, glad you were here - a la prochaine!
zZzGuyzZz: Where do you think you're going Dan? :)
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight guyf hehehe
Pamela: Gui, WAKE UP
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight !
james: i should get going too
zZzGuyzZz: Dan: Take care... at least I got to see you tonight on-line! ;)
rich-c: strike getting to you, Fos?
james: i might pop back on in a little while though
zZzGuyzZz: Geez, is it my presence that is making everyone leave?
Pamela: shoot James, I didn't even get a chance to say hi
BobS: oh no, this lattice is about 1/4" thick with about 2" square 'holes' in it, can be cut with a small saw
rich-c: yes, you wre very quiet tonight, james
james: just working on some things here
Daniel Bienvenu: before I forgot, the special fancy menu for the minigame cartridge is not done yet, but I have a plan.
Daniel Bienvenu: bye bye
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Pamela: Okay Bob, I know whereof you speak. It's got to be something I can work with myself (for obvious reasons)
rich-c: look for it, Daniel
Pamela: come back if you can, James
zZzGuyzZz: ciao
zZzGuyzZz left chat session
james: yeah, i'd like to hear more about the con if anyone has any info
Pamela: so far, the most we know is either the third weekend in August, or sometime in July, James
Pamela: Bob, do you think I could use "duzzits" to attach the lattice? You know, those little white plastic ties used for computer cables and such?
james: hmm..
rich-c: neil keeps promising information, but we still arent seeing any
BobS: absolutley Pam !!!!!!!!
james: ok, was just curious
Pamela: okay, gotta keep that in mind.
rich-c: Pam, any idea where the Drushels are tonight?
rich-c: Rich's father is quite ill, isn't he?
Pamela: no idea, Dad. Erin came home before me so I didn't get a chance to talk to her. Rich may be en route here, I can't remember when he was supposed to arrive.
Pamela: I haven't heard anything further about Terry, Dad.
rich-c: oh, he's coming up this week?
Pamela: Bob, how is your Dad doing?
Pamela: yes, for the Memorial Day weekend
rich-c: ah, right, the US holiday is out of phase with ours this year
Pamela: shoot, we lost Foster and Bona
rich-c: wonder where they went?
BobS: he is dong well Pam, on antibiotics which brought him back to the ER on Monday night, but is ok now
BobS: needs to get some hearing aids soon
Pamela: that's good to hear, Bob : )
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: welcome back, Guy
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. I froze up.
rich-c: oh, which computer are you using tonight?
Pamela: we lost both you and Foster at teh same time, Guy
Guy B.: Athlon 850 with Win98.
Pamela: Meeka, are you still doing x-stitch?
rich-c: thought that one was pretty stable, Guy?
rich-c: using IE or Firefox?
Meeka: yup
Guy B.: I'm ugraded to OpenOffice 2.2 and a new version of Java was installed. I'm on Firefox.
Meeka: workin on the last of 7 angels on a tree skirt right now
rich-c: ah, OK. I accepted the Java update and the chat kept rejecting me till I reverted to the old one
Meeka: under WIP
Guy B.: I'm running Java 1.6
Pamela: any suggestions for how to secure a really short end? I had to pick out a line (because for some reason I can't count) and one of the lines was a turnaround point. I can pick out the stitches, but I'm going to have to secure them somehow.
rich-c: I think mine is 1.5.something, with teh trouble coming when I updated to 1.6
Meeka: you can use a really fine crochet hook
rich-c: mind you, I am running XP which is trouble in itself
Meeka: or you can inset the needle through the back before you thread it
Pamela: actually the crochet hook is an excellent idea - I think the ends are going to be too short for threading - it's only a couple of stitches, so the ends will be really short
Meeka: or if you have more stitches to do right next to it, you can tuck the end under them as you put those in
rich-c: Guy, what is gas around your area today?
Pamela: I might try that too. The new ones will run perpendicular to the current line. It's the frame around a Pooh birth announcement. it's supposed to be 105 stitches wide - I put in 107
Pamela: since there's a patchwork that goes around that, I couldn't just leave it or I would have thrown everything off
Pamela: really annoying
Meeka: lol
Meeka: that sounds like somethin Judy would do
Meeka: me, i fudge if at all posible
Pamela: oh sure - laugh. You should have seen me when I discovered it - the air around me was blue
BobS changed username to Judy
Judy: it is me again
rich-c: taken it back from the old man, have you, Judy?
Pamela: I have fudged on more than one occasion -there's at least one Pooh out there who's a little fatter than he should be, but I couldn't do it with this one.
rich-c: has he gone off to play the games now?
Judy: had to fix some strawberry shortcake for the group
rich-c: oh, our strawberries aren't in yet, but we're hoping fairly soon
Pamela: Do you know which kit I mean? Green frame intersected with yellow star, surrounded by light and dark blue patchwork with pink flowers - Pooh in the middle with a hunny container and the writing above him.
Judy: these are from CA but they are really good ones
Guy B.: Gas is at $3.69
Meeka: yup
rich-c: ah - one of our eccentricities, on tender fruits we only buy local
Judy: didn't take the computer away but the strawberries were to big a pull
rich-c: but then tend to have them every day the season lasts - asparagus, peaches, strawberries, other seasonal treats
Pamela: i'm a little behind - the "baby" is going to be three this August and there's been another one in the meantime
Pamela: I figure by the time the second one is three, I'll have his done : )
rich-c: you're getting off easy, Guy - one of my cursor cronies in Calgary reports $1.33 a litre - that's over $5.02 a US gallong
Judy: then you better hurry or change and make it for the new baby
Judy: and make something else for the older one
Pamela: well Jessica is the one with the Pooh themed room so I can't really change my mind : )
rich-c: with our dollar topping 92 US now, the US $ price is little different
Pamela: I've been off stitching for a while but am starting to get back into it. Seems to be seasonal for me - more in the summer than the winter
Judy: that does make a difference you will have to stick with it the way you planned
Meeka: I do it all the time:P
Pamela: of course, it might help if I learned to count : )
Meeka: usually does
Judy: I have not been doing anything just homework
Judy: but I have completed that class
Pamela: Meeka, how many tree skirts is this now?
Pamela: woo hoo, Judy
Meeka: this is the second one I have done
Pamela: I'd love to have one but I figure by the time I could finish one, I'll be too old to enjoy it : )
Judy: yes, it was a dandy, glad to have it done
Pamela: I'm thinking of asking my mom-in-law to do one for me, she's been doing a lot of stitching recently
Meeka: lol, well, it only costs money
Meeka: I have a friend that has been droling over it and I keep tellin her that for the right price I will do one
Pamela: I have so many half finished projects and dozens of kits, I'll never get through them all. My kits are on the to-do list for weeding, if I ever get back into this room to clean
Pamela: Russell's cousin has tossed off at least half a dozen. They take her about a month. I don't know how you and she do it.
Meeka: uears of practice and limited interuptions
Meeka: doug plays on his puter and I stitch
Pamela: I know lots of people who stitch and watch TV - can't do that either
Meeka: ya
rich-c: considering what tv programming is worth these days, why watch it anyway?
Judy: you can't stitch and watch tv at the same time
Meeka: I normally have my stitchin in my lap, the TV one and most night have my laptop next to me with instant messanger up & am talking to friends
Pamela: I likes what I likes - it may be trash TV but it's my trash : )
james: plenty of that on the tv for sure
Pamela: how on earth do you keep track of where you are in a pattern?
rich-c: oh well, you may be pleased to know I'm making some progress through Harry Potter
james: it's not any better over ehre
james: *here
Meeka: not sure just do
james: suffice it to say, i may have been happier before i could understand it all
Judy: the commercials are a good time to take the cross stitch up and not watching tv
Meeka: I ahve been know to ready them upside down before too :P
Pamela: good thing Dad - I'm gonna need it back before long
Pamela: show off : )
rich-c: yes, the government is going to allow more commercials on antenna tv soon
Judy: that is for sure!!!!
Meeka: everyone has to have a talent of some kind I guess
Judy: they have enough already don't need more
rich-c: well, I only watch my selected races and football games, and that's it
Pamela: yes, the CRTC in it's infinite wisdom
rich-c: they are also going to make us all buy digital tv sets by 2011
Pamela: I suspect that the end result will be people will get so fed up that they'll simply stop watching TV
Judy: that is supposed to go thru here also
rich-c: I'm close to that - I cancel my satellite seervice two months a year
Pamela: I can't imagine not having the cable - Russell would go nuts
rich-c: figure if I'm not going to turn the machine on anyway, why pay for a signal?
Pamela: we were without TV for the first two months we lived together, and without Cable for the first two years
rich-c: otherwise known as the "good old days"
Pamela: not if you live in this house : )
Pamela: my husband, the TV addict
rich-c: as you know I only got satellite (cable equivalent) fairly recently
Judy: we were without dish for about a year but we have it again, but there are some nights there still isn't anything to watch
Pamela: 57, 157 or 257 channels - sometimes there's still nothing on
Judy: like Sunday night and i was alone, Bob was working security
rich-c: maybe by 2011 the few things I want to watch will be on streaming internet anyway so I won't need a tv
Judy: they are trying to give him some extra hours,
Guy B.: Heard from Ron. He won't be on the chat much. Joined a cycling group though the end of August and they meet on Wednesdays.
rich-c: glad to see he is getting some consideration, Judy
rich-c: yes, saw his posting to the list, Guy
Pamela: yes, i saw his e-mail earlier, Guy. Ron on a bicycle. Hmmm
Guy B.: That would be good for him.
rich-c: he is working on that weight loss pretty seriously, Pam
Judy: yea, this place really seems to care about him, just wish they would give him full time
rich-c: mind you, in all justice, he certainly needs to
Pamela: yes, it will be good for him. I'm just having trouble with the mental picture : )
Judy: didn't know that he was into cycling
Meeka: me too Pam
Guy B.: I'm walking with Annie among the 17 year cicadas that emerged here in Chicago this week.
rich-c: likely he is only now conditioned to the point whre he can attempt it, Judy
rich-c: knew they were due, they are out today, are they, Guy?
Pamela: ick, Guy
Pamela: isn't it early for cicadas?
Judy: good for him, our bikes came down from the hooks so we will be off soon on ours
Guy B.: Some came out Sunday. But, they are appearing more numerous now. Now, I wonder how noisy they will be???
rich-c: well you two are slim and in pretty fair condition anyway, Judy - not so critical for you
Pamela: the joy of that is Guy, you don't have to listen to them if you don't want to : )
Meeka: ya, I need to get mine down too now that we are minus a boat in our garage
Judy: in a couple of weeks we have plans to go to Traverse City again and 10 miles sounds liike a long way today
Guy B.: And I'm trying to get it down myself. Annie decides she wants to walk on the bike trail now, with me in tow.
rich-c: me, I'm happy if I can walk over to our plaza right now
Judy: how is it going, Rich?
Pamela: so who walks who, Guy? : )
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changed username to rich-1
Guy B.: When I'm at work. Jeanene has her and she walks her. When I'm home, then I walk her.
changed username to BobS
Guy B.: Bob, you're back.
Judy: or she walks you, Guy
BobS: si senot\r
Pamela: that's the picture I had, Judy : )
Judy: yes, he had to bring Dad home
rich-1: anyway, Judy, I am able to walk fair distances with my walker and do so every day
BobS: dad had a LONG day
BobS: so I had to bring him home and tell him NOT to tell mysister about the long day
Guy B.: She knows what she wants to do. And when she wants to go out. She will literally climb on me to tell me.
Judy: keep up the good work, Rich, keep walking
rich-1: still can't cope with the basement stairs - no bannister
rich-1: and the doctor signed my handicap parking permit in good conscience
Guy B.: Good Rich.
Pamela: glad you remembered the renewal, Dad : )
rich-1: but I go shopping with Frances every week, and run other errands
rich-1: didn't have to remember, Pam, the province sent me a renewal form
rich-1: can't stand very long, but working on it
Pamela: which reminds me, I need to get in and renew my plate sticker soon
Pamela: especially if I don't want to do it at the last minute
rich-1: your birthday isn't till late June, you have reasonable time yet
rich-1: though I realize your time off when the bureau is open is kind of scanty
Pamela: you'd think so, but time has been getting away from me lately
rich-1: yes, it has a habit of doing that - I'm still trying to set up my CPAP mask
Pamela: get the new one finally?
rich-1: oh yes, it came last week as promised, I think Friday - within the ten days, anyway
BobS: what's to set up?
BobS: kinda fits your face and plugs onto the air, yes??????
rich-1: you have to get the adjusting straps right so the leakage is tolerable
rich-1: that isn't as easy as it sounds - you need to play with mask angles and strap tightness
rich-1: but when it finally does work - the bliss of real sleep at least!
BobS: AND you also hope that the strap don't snap you back!!!!!!!!! :-)
Pamela: I don't know how you do it - I don't think I could tolerate it
rich-1: oddly enough, when you get it right, you can all but forget it is even there
Judy: me either don't think I could put one of them on my face and go to sleep
Pamela: I'll take your word for it : )
rich-1: and when you have had a real sleep instead of an apneac sleep the difference is incredible
Judy: but then going to sleep is not an easy thing anyway
rich-1: it's not going to sleep, Judy, it's getting deep, refreshing sleep - no snoring, no stoppage of breathing
Judy: that may be so, Rich but I don't do sleep well
rich-1: when the CPAP setup is working optimally, seven hours sleep is more than sufficient for me
rich-1: depends on why you aren't sleeping welll, Judy - the cause is sleep apnea only for some, and not all of those can or should be treated
BobS: it may help you completely Richard, but I can't imagine sleeping with the mask either
rich-1: Frances is setting up a study for herself but neither of us has a clue what the result will be
Judy: that is not my problem, don't know what the problem is but sleep is not an easy thing for me
rich-1: even though she notoriously has great difficulty slee[ing
rich-1: Frances says that on the apnea support group there are a number who desperately need the mask but can't get their heads around it
rich-1: but if the thought's unthinkable that seems a clue you don't need it anyway
Pamela: well her results should be interesting.
rich-1: yes - she has found a place she thinks she could tolerate and has asked her doctor for the referral
Judy: yes, she has trouble sleeping also, doesn't she>
Pamela: where is the clinic, Dad?
rich-1: most of the sleep labs, Judy, tend to be pretty uninviting, overheated, overgrown closets with clueless attendants
BobS: you will have to excuse our false typing here, it is kinda hard to see out here by the fire.............
Meeka: k, Doug says time to go home
Pamela: you're doing okay, Bob
Meeka left chat session
Pamela: g'nite Meeka!
Pamela: oops
rich-1: it's at Bayview and Eglinton, Pam, near where we lived before you were born
BobS: we'd send you a picture, but mycell pphone is not a camera phone
rich-1: night Meeka - our best to Doug
Guy B.: Well, I'm going to go myself. Anyone heard from Neil if he has set any dates?
Pamela: no word yet, Guy.
rich-1: mine is, I just haven't looked up how to use it
rich-1: nothing yet, Guy
Guy B.: Ok, folks I'll see you all next week.
Pamela: Gnite Guy - stay cool : )
Pamela: (PRIVATE) Hugs to you.
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too and Annie does too.
Guy B.: Poof
rich-1: I still haven't figured out how to make our cordless phone work yet
BobS: nite guy
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: sheesh Dad, I brought you the instruction book : )
rich-1: yes, but it doesn't tell you how to turn it on or turn it off
Pamela: it's under the phone
Judy: don't you just plug it in and use it
Pamela: push talk to turn it on, and end to turn it off
Judy: that is the proi
Pamela: I'll give you a lesson next time I'm over
rich-1: I tried to take over a call from the main phone yesterday and got an earful of hetrodyning
rich-1: it doesnt have a button marked talk and the book says press any button, which doesn't work
Judy: problem with the phone we have now you have to push end not talk like the last one and sometimes it doesn''t get turned off
rich-1: there isn't an end button either - it's not like the cell phone
Pamela: press any button to answer, Dad.
rich-1: I did but it didn't
Pamela: end, off, something like that.
rich-1: I did get it off, eventually, but it was kind of strange
rich-1: and then I wasn't sure if it was ready to react to the next call
Pamela: we'll review the next time I'm over
rich-1: it interacts with teh landline phone but there is no information as to how
rich-1: right - we need you to help take down the Xmas lights, anyway
james: your lights are still up? :D turn 'em on heh heh
Pamela: maybe I'll send Russell : )
Pamela: oh wait, that's a ladder job. Never mind.
rich-1: he's dodgy about heights, Pam
rich-1: james, one does nt climb shaky laddrs with a nice freshly broken back
Pamela: question though Dad, if we take them down now, who's gonna put them up come December?
Pamela: (wait for it)
rich-1: who knows? we'll worry about that when the time comes
james: i'd say just leave 'em up, now you're ready for christmas of this year, which is only another 7 months off :D
Pamela: geez, gotta start my Christmas shopping
james: i tend to avoid climbing shaky ladders period, unbroken back or otherwise
rich-1: maybe by then I'll be fit to do the job myself, as I did last fall
james: mine's done
james: cause people are getting a whole lot of nothing this year
Pamela: yes, by Miyuki : )
Judy: I can't think of Christmas now only school
rich-1: I think james can identify with that, Judy
Pamela: nothing like a litte advance planning. I must admit, I did start mine in August last year
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Pamela: I was still running around three weeks before Christmas, but I did start early
Roberto requested to ban BobS
rich-1 confirmed ban
james confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
rich-1: bounce yourself, Bob?
Roberto: back again, w2ouldn't show my typing
Roberto: no I was here and reading, but couldn'
Roberto: talk
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changed username to Ron
Judy: I find that I tend to spend more money that way because I just keep on buying
Ron: made it!
Pamela: Hi, Ron - back from cycling?
Roberto: and how are ya lad ?
Ron: yeah.... about 5 mi
james: that's why i like my solution. saves time and money.
Judy: hi, Ron
james: and lots of it.
Ron: my legs are like rubber
rich-1: oh - hitting the windows key dumps you completely - maybe it's alt that just stops the display?
Roberto: bicycling or motrocycling ?????
james: have a good ride?
Pamela: it does have it good points, James : )
Ron: bicycling
rich-1: hello Ron, made it after all, did you?
Roberto: good exercise my man
Roberto: and GOOD for you for doin it
james: whippin yerself into shape eh?
Ron: yep....... not all that far, but we're working up to it. Each week we go a little more
Pamela: is this your first night out, Ron?
Roberto: that's the way to do it
james: that's the way to go
Ron: hadn't been on a bicycle in about 12 years
james: i'm gonna sue roberto for copyright infringement
Ron: no Pamela, it's the 2nd
Roberto: at what point did you start ???? 1 mile?????
Ron: We meet in behind the local pharmacy and proceed fromt here
Pamela: whoops, lost Dad again
james: the first 50' are the hardest
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Ron: last weeks was about 1/2 mile shorter than tonights
james: you get past that and you're golden
changed username to rich-2
Ron: Glad you guys are still here
Pamela: I haven't been on a bike since mine was stolen from the old building
rich-2: this time it wasn't the windows key - control maybe?
Pamela: at least ten years
james: since the first 50' is where you get your butt off the sofa / bed / floor
Roberto: we was waitin for ya
Judy: good for you Ron, we have to get started again, the bikes are off the hooks but I have to feel up to it
Ron: well between the bells, locks, carrying bags, pumps, yada yada and the bike itself I've got about $600. tied up in this thing
Ron: So I better use it
Roberto: you went WHOLE hog in to this sport, eh ?
Ron: I figure with the price of gas up here, I should cycle everywhere I go in Comox and leave the car in the driveway
Pamela: what kind of bike Ron?
Judy: you have a better bike than I have
rich-2: that's OK, Paul Tracy is using a bike to recover from a vertabra shattered in mid-April
Ron: It's a Norco "Rideau" . Hybrid type 1/2 mountain bike, 1/2 touring
rich-2: he is currently logging 80 KM a day as therapy
Ron: not that I'll be taking it on mountains
james: a few of those near where you are
Pamela: multi geared, I'm assuming
Ron: gee Rich, I never heard about that
Ron: no way Bob.
james: ron, do you have a horn and those colourful streamers that come out of the handle grips? :D
Ron: I'll be lucky to make it up Comox Hill
rich-2: yes, he hopes to be back racing at Portland June 10th
Ron: the beast has 21 speeds of which I use about 7
Pamela: I think those only come with banana seats, James : )
Judy: we do have bells and they come in real handy at times
james: banana seats are options my dear. gotta pay the bux if you want one of those :D
Ron: Nah..... I bought a BELL!! Can you believe it!
Judy: to get people out of your way
Ron: ding ding
rich-2: of copurse Tracy is half my age, and arguably one of the 100 fittest people in the world
Ron: actually we have to get our act together when travelling in single file
Ron: there are about 35 of us
Ron: and sometimes we tend to double up
james: wow
Pamela: a bike gang!
Ron: yeah
rich-2: I'll bet passing drivers let you know how they feel about that
Ron: yes, there have been a few comments
Ron: some not so polite
Pamela: the whole idea is great Ron
rich-2: I admit this does not surprise me
Ron: yes, sure feels like a workout
james: people are so rude
Ron: Especially motorists who are cyclists themselves
Pamela: so do we get a picture of you in your helmet, Ron?
Ron: like there's a switch
Ron: well hey - I'll see what I can do
Ron: That
Ron: is the next step
rich-2: yes, usually "reasonable driver" is an oxymoron - no comment about "reasonable cyclistA"
Ron: to take my backpack of camera gear on the bike and go exploring
Ron: with the camera
james: here he is
Ron: Still no word on the Con?
james: the only word seems to be "mum"
rich-2: no, the curtain of silence seems to have descended once again
james: neil has not volunteered much info
Ron: I did talk to him while I was back there, (on the phone). He said he was going to have a date within a day or two (of then)
Ron: obviously something got in the way
Judy: well guys, it has been a long week and it is only half over so I will be saying goodnight to all
Ron: Night Judy....glad I caught up with you here
Roberto: aswill I good people
Pamela: goodnight Judy, enjoy your long weekend : )
rich-2: right Judy, good lucj with the studies
Pamela: Night, Bob
Roberto: she has next week OFF from school
Roberto: can ya believe that??????
rich-2: goodnight Bob, sleep tight
Roberto: gonna
Judy: I will and no school next week due to the holiday
Ron: she's probably entitled
Pamela: woo hoo : )
Ron: party time!
Judy left chat session
Roberto: still catching up for missing Sunday night while I worked security at my 1/2 day job
Roberto: picks up some hours eh?
rich-2: and at this point all hours are welcome
Roberto: but the all night thing sucks
Pamela: ah, the joys of shift work
Ron: Hows that going Bob?
Roberto: htat is about it Ron
Roberto: rich
Roberto: whoever
rich-2: ask Russell for advice, he's an expert on all-nighters
Roberto: I love the job, cep;t for the pool cleaning (hot and sticky in there) but I am only getting 23 hours per week
Pamela: I must say, he's good at the shift work thing
Roberto: 32 or so would be most welcome. or even 40
Pamela: me, I'm a 9 to 5 person
Roberto: I tend to agree with you Pam
Ron: yeah, 23 is probably gonna leave you a little short
Roberto: but could work into the night thing IF it was all ninghts.......
Pamela: it's all in the planning, Bob
Roberto: yes, and np benefits of any kind, not even holiday pay
Pamela: and making sure you get enough sleep
Roberto: anyway, good night good people for this week
Roberto: ta ta
Roberto left chat session
Pamela: ciao!
rich-2: a bed of roses it is not
Ron: night Bob. Be well
rich-2: nite Bob
Pamela: well folks, if i'm going to get my sleep I'd better go too
Pamela: 6:15 comes awfully early
rich-2: OK daughter, FYI Monaco, Indy and a major NASCAR on Sunday
Ron: So it would seem that the way this thing will work out is that I can join you for the first 1/2 hour of the chat and then if you're still around circa 11pm your time, I can drop in then
Ron: guess it's better than nothing
rich-2: your mother may be lonely ;-)
Pamela: okay, we'll be at the trailer this weekend but I'll try to call you on Thursday or Friday evening to make plans
Ron: How are you doing Rich?
Pamela: Mom will be thrilled you're out of her hair : )
Pamela: anyway, I'm going. Goodnight James, Ron
Pamela: gnite Daddy
Ron: Nite Pamela...go straight home now
rich-2: on the road to recovery, Ron - can't sprint 400 meters but can walk 40 (with a cane)
Pamela: kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
Ron: well that's positive sir. sounds better than a few weeks back
rich-2: definitely is - I'm limited but have basic mobility for shopping, doctor appointments, that sort of thing
Ron: good
rich-2: doing without the brace, but still find the walker helpful - it includes a seat and shopping basket
james: well it's good that you are keeping active
james: i think that makes all the difference
Ron: Yes, mother used to have one of those and found the same thing
rich-2: oh yes, I do my little hike daily quite religiously
Ron: and yes- active is good
Ron: Ya do what ya can
rich-2: that's about it, Ron - and the more and longer you do, the longer you can
Ron: exactly
Ron: Anyway people, glad I caught ya. Haven't had supper yet, so I think I better go find something
rich-2: I'd like to do better, but for a guy not that far short of 80, I'm getting by
james: i need breakfast and lunch myself
Ron: right Rich...... one day at a time
rich-2: yes, bet tht cycling built up an appetite - enjoy your meal
Ron: thank y'all. See ya next week the good Lord willin'
rich-2: look for it Ron - till then
Ron: "nite
james: later!
Ron: kerpooooooofff
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