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TEST: This is a test
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changed username to rich-c
rich-c: test
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changed username to FredK
FredK: Hi Rich!
rich-c: hello Fred
FredK: How are you doing?
rich-c: recovering - sorry, can't immediately place you - (senior moment) :-)
rich-c: my head tends to get fixated in one direction, and miss the most obvious
FredK: Thats o.k., slowly but surely they say!
rich-c: care to cut it short and tell me?
FredK: Fred from around Mirabel area
rich-c: ah, OK, you hang with Guy Foster a bit, don't you?
rich-c: anyway, it's been a lot of months since you've been on here!
FredK: That would be Daniel Bienvenue, but I would like to meet them both at the next ADAMCON
FredK: As a matter of fact everyone!
rich-c: yes, since it will be in Gatineau in all likelihood, if Neil ever gives us a date
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
FredK: Sorry I was not on often, I just finished a course at University
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Fred
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Rich
FredK: Salut Dan!
Daniel Bienvenu: how are you today?
Daniel Bienvenu: salut!
Daniel Bienvenu: :-)
rich-c: speaking of others - here's Daniel now - salut, Daniel
rich-c: gorgeous day here today, Daniel - how are things down the river?
FredK: Was just saying would like to meet everyone at the next Adamcon
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Daniel Bienvenu: I can't stay too long tonight (again)
changed username to GuyzzzF
GuyzzzF: Yo!
Daniel Bienvenu: salut Guy F
FredK: Salut
rich-c: well, Guy - now we have the whole main Quebec contingent on
GuyzzzF: Rich: Quebec is taking over Canada!
Daniel Bienvenu: I think scott is also from province of Quebec... no?
GuyzzzF: Vive le Quebec!!!
rich-c: you been a little short of sleep there, Guy?
FredK: lol
GuyzzzF: Yes, I do on average 65 hours weeks, so don't sleep much.
rich-c: oh wow - Frances is having problems too, but hers seem to be insomnia
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm more than 18 hours in front of a computer screen every day, except the week-end.
GuyzzzF: So we have an Adamcon date, woohoo.
rich-c: took her over to the sleep clinic to arrange an appointment yesterday
GuyzzzF: Dan: I rarely touch computers these days....
FredK: The weekend its more Dan?
GuyzzzF: We are moving in 4 weeks or so, and it's stressing the hell outta me as well.
rich-c: we have an Adamcon date? is there a new posting this afternoon?
GuyzzzF: Yes there has been Rich.
GuyzzzF: End of July if memory serves me well.
rich-c: don't keep me in suspense; it's on the other computer and Frances is using that
rich-c: that is a lot earlier than I was expecting
GuyzzzF: July 20-22
FredK: YES!!
rich-c: did he give a venue and cost?
GuyzzzF: No, not yet... just the date.
GuyzzzF: Holiday Inn for the conferences and Best Western for the accomodations.
Daniel Bienvenu: during the weekend I try continuing personal projects, but I also have to archive what I record from tv.
rich-c: OK - I can live with Ottawa/Gatineau but even Montreal if it came to that
GuyzzzF: On weekends I've been biking a lot these days, and am having the crazy idea to bike to the Adamcon from Montreal.
Daniel Bienvenu: I replied with "how much?"... except if it's more than 900$, I will be there for sure.
GuyzzzF: I did ~120 KMs a few weeks ago in a day, so I can probably handle that for 2 days, and that would bring me to Ottawa.
rich-c: if you allow enough days I'm sure you can make it, Guy
GuyzzzF: 2 days Rich... will see. I have lots of crazy ideas, never do all of them. Only a few.
rich-c: figure something a little north of $300; the Wicks prefer a bit better than minimal accomodations
GuyzzzF: Dan, if you want to rent a single room and share the single bed with me, it'll be half price for both us. Let me know.
rich-c: btw Daniel, what are you archiving from yv on the weekends, and why?
rich-c: well, if you two share a room, you'll save the single supplement, but that's it'and you'll still have to pay for the food, conference room and stuff
GuyzzzF: Rich: Yep, still a few savings. I will probably come alone this year, depending on hotel fees though, if it's not too much to bring along the rest of the family I will, but then there is no biking. :(
GuyzzzF: I know that my wife really liked the Adamcon 2 years ago, so she would be happy to see you all, very nice bunch of people.
Daniel Bienvenu: I use my computer to record tv, things I want to see but I don't have time because I'm working or things I want to keep to watch again later. but my hd is almost full because I don't have time to archive everything.
rich-c: well, if you bring your wife and daughter, they should be included in the room charge, but there will be the food to consider
rich-c: of course you have to feed them anyway, home or on teh road!
GuyzzzF: Exacto!!! The conferences though, my wife will unfortunately skip.
GuyzzzF: Rich: Do you think health-wise that you will be OK to come to the Adamcon this year?
Daniel Bienvenu: maybe I can convince Steve Begin to be there too.
GuyzzzF: Would be nice to meet Steve.
rich-c: I'm sure she will be able to find more than enough to keep her amused in the Capital District
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: good question, Guy. My back seems to be healing nicely; I'm quite mobile with my walker
Guy B.: Greetings!!!! I'm on the notebook tonight while watching the ballgame.
FredK: hi
rich-c: hello to the Other Guy ;-)
GuyzzzF: Rich: Awesome! I hope things get much better fast for you. My mom is scheduled for a knee surgery in Oct. and starting to stress about the whole ordeal.
rich-c: who are the Cubs losing to tonight?
Guy B.: Florida Marlins. Florida is leading 4-0.
GuyzzzF: Rich: Har har. You're almost as sarcistic as I am, if not more! ;)
FredK: But he is right!
rich-c: and I did that without peeking at TYSN, either...
GuyzzzF: Hehehe, Rich is a very knowledgeable person.... knows a lot.
rich-c: but Guy, I'm afraid your Mom has good reason to stress out
Guy B.: Rich, I got a new hard drive from Wal-Mart. Didn't have any trouble with returning the other drive and I got the same size drive, an 80 GB for less than the other one.
GuyzzzF: Rich: No, I'm the one stressing.
rich-c: you know we are very used to excellent outcomes on hip surgery
GuyzzzF: Rich: I'm scared of her being wheelchair bound.
rich-c: but knees are a whole different ballpark, and require a lot of research before one commits to it
GuyzzzF: Rich: Not much choice left, cartillage is all gone on both knees, severe swelling, etc... can barely walk.
rich-c: One of Russell's uncles has had both knees done and he's now almost a track star -
rich-c: but a nurse friend of ours had her knee done and it has been endless pain and trouble since - a couple of years now
Guy B.: My mom had both knees replaced within a few years of each other. The left one back in 1989 then the right a few years later.
rich-c: all I can suggest, Guy, is get on one of the support groups and learn all you can
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changed username to BobS
Guy B.: HI Bob
BobS: hi kids
FredK: Hi Bob!
Daniel Bienvenu: hi bob
GuyzzzF: Yeah, well a few of her sisters have done it with good resulsts, so we'll go with that... don't have much choice now.
GuyzzzF: Hiya Bob!
rich-c: remember if the choice is between being surely wheelchair bound (untreated) and maybe not wheelchair bound (treated), it's easier to make
BobS: yesw, who likes to use wheels anyway
rich-c: welcome aboard, Bob - the guys say we now have a date for Adamcon
BobS: saw that (tentatively) from Neil
BobS: July 19-22
Guy B.: Bob, returned the hard drive back to Wal-Mart. Didn't have any problems and got the same size drive for less than the one I returned.
BobS: but he hasn't nailed it down yet
BobS: why didn't they have athe 80 gig???????
Guy B.: They did, got the last one.
BobS: good
rich-c: OK - I can forsee some flak possibly from one or two folks - does the date fit Ron?
BobS: odn't know
Guy B.: And almost $20 less than the one I returned. Came out ahead.
rich-c: considering the way they treated you, GuyB, they should have given you a 150 as the replacement
Guy B.: I was considering a 160, but I would had to pay the difference.
rich-c: have to find out, too, if the Drushels can make it - they are into heavy expenses right now
rich-c: anyway Frances and I are planning to be there, if no further health issues arise, and Pam and Russell are planning
BobS: don't think we will be able to come, what with my 23 hour job and all
BobS: last year was close, this is not
BobS: BUT we will be there in spirit
rich-c: no, it will take an unexpected break - still, amybe you'll luck into something
BobS: keep trying to find something, applying like crazy, but nobody apparently wants an old guy with experience
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changed username to Judy
BobS: and Judy is in school Monday and Tuesday afternoons, makes traveling home on Mon kinda hard
Guy B.: Hi Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: hi judy
FredK: Hey Judy!
Judy: Hello, All
rich-c: hello Judy, got your sewing done for the evening?
GuyzzzF: Bob: Ever consider security work? When I was down and out in my luck, I worked as a security guard and it paid pretty decently and the job was easy to get into.
Judy: How is it where ever you are?
rich-c: yes, that's what Russell did, but the company got bought and everyone was fired
BobS: tried that too, around here the pay sucks, but I am a fill in for the security night shift where I work...and that pays more than my woring job
GuyzzzF: Security paid ~$13,50/hr CDN here.
BobS: around here they want you for $9.50
BobS: THAT sucks
GuyzzzF: Yes, depending on where you live that sucks.
GuyzzzF: Sorry to hear.
BobS: although the work is not hard, and it would possibly be morehours
Judy: in a house that sucks
rich-c: much security offers overtime, night and weekend premiums, and stuff, I gather
BobS: but then how you gonna find a better job
FredK: but you have accomodations...
BobS: nights are LOOOONG, I did one night and about 4am it is getting real old
Judy: the trouble is that he doesn't even get a response to his resume
BobS: changed my resume, go to skills and leave out dates so they won't know I am old and creeky
GuyzzzF: What is your line of work Bob that you've been doing all these years?
GuyzzzF: \
BobS: building houses and apartments and doing repair/maintenance on apartments and office space
BobS: kinda covers ecverything in buyilding business
BobS: but here inthe US, economy is slow and Michigan is the worst of the lot
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changed username to Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Pam
FredK: Hi Pam
rich-c: hi daughter, on your new laptop tonight?
GuyzzzF: Man, that's great experience! How about starting your own business specializing in things like windows/doors, roofing, floors, landscaping, etc...?
Pamela: greetings, all
Pamela: who did we just lose?
FredK: Yeah get the permit and get others to do the jobs!
Judy: Hi, Pam
rich-c: Bob, from the look
Pamela: oh, okay
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GuyzzzF: Pickup truck, ladder, tools, couple of mexicans (no offence to any mexicans here) and you're in business.
Judy: I think that Bob got thrown out
Pamela: no I'm not on the laptop because it doesn't have Java installed
Pamela: grr
changed username to Robwerto
Guy B.: Hi Pam
Pamela: started the download from Java - took 25 minutes to do about 30 %
Robwerto changed username to BobS
Pamela: I'm not waiting forever for it
FredK: hehe
rich-c: oh, when you get it, get the 1.5 runtime as the new 1.6 Java won't work on this chat
Judy: so you got a new laptop?
Pamela: well, used new
Pamela: newer, anyway
rich-c: right, you are still on dialup - maybe I can get it for you, slap it on a CD
Pamela: we really need to get DSL
rich-c: what are the basic specs, Pam - processor, memory, hard disc, screen size?
Pamela: Fred, were you snickering?
FredK: ummmmm whoa?
GuyzzzF: Heck, even Dan is on DSL, and he was a die-hard dial-up user.
FredK: me nah!
Pamela: Toshiba 15.4 inch screen and um, I'd have to get the rest of the specs for you off the info Chris gave me
Pamela: just checking, Fred : )
BobS: sounding good Paqm
FredK: me be safe:)
BobS: Pam
rich-c: surprised you didn't get John to switch you when you talked to him last night
Pamela: anyway, otherwise it's got more power and lots of hard drive space, and Chris loaded it with MS Office
Judy: we are sitting on the deck again watching a fire and it has been very hot here
Pamela: so once I get this little wrinkle ironed out, we'll be laughing
rich-c: which operating system?
Pamela: Russell has swiped it already
Pamela: XP
Daniel Bienvenu: I change to dsl to be able to work at home. i still have a dialup but I don't use it anymore
Pamela: I didn't talk to him last night Dad, he didn't call back until this morning
rich-c: with Service Pack 2, I hope - likely an Intel processor of some sort
Pamela: we'll have to load Belarc, then I can tell you for sure
rich-c: but you did get the configuration information to get you on line?
Pamela: yws
Pamela: oops
Pamela: yes
rich-c: you don't need Belarc, it's built into XP if I recall
Pamela: we haven't configured e-mail yet either
Judy: what is Belarc?
Pamela: it's a small program that tells you all about your computer Judy - what hardware and software is on the computer
Pamela: it's quite comprehensive
Judy: thank you
Pamela: It's actually called Belarc Advisor, I believe
Pamela: also tells you when you loaded the programs
Judy: don't believe it is on our computers
BobS: easier to just go to device manager and llok
rich-c: no, it's one of about eight million freebies I've picked up over the years, and I gave Pam a copy
Judy: I see said the blind man
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changed username to Pamela
Pamela: sorry, just dumped myself
Judy: next week I start my class on Word so I sould know everything there is to know about Word in a month
Pamela changed username to Pamela too
Pamela too requested to ban Pamela
GuyzzzF confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
rich-c: there are actually better ones - Fresh Diagnose from Fresh Devices is one if I recall
Pamela too: good, then you'll be on my call list the next time Word gives me a hard time : )
Judy: I already use it so I hope this is going to be an easy class
rich-c: anyway, Judy, there is more (and often better) free software on the net than commercial, I believe
rich-c: you need to know how to pick the stuff that doesn't have booby traps built in, though
Judy: how is the back coming along, Rich?
BobS: like windows xp ?????
Pamela too: that doesn't qualify as freeware, Bob : )
Judy: that is very true
BobS: o
rich-c: Judy, the back seems to be healing well - I can move short distances without the walker
rich-c: Bob, I have a buddy who got some software with the requirement "XP or better" - so, he got Linux
Judy: very good, keep up the good work
FredK: lol
rich-c: we're progressing pretty weell - Frances got her blood pressure 24 hour monitor done yesterday
Pamela too: hey Dad, I have a question for you. I saw a vehicle, low slung, convertible, beautiful lines, and the plate said "65 Shelby". It wasn't a Ford - any idea what it might have been?
rich-c: and she has arranged for a sleep study in two weeks
BobS: 1965 shelby mustang
Judy: why did she need a 24 hour blood pressure monitor?
Pamela too: didn't look anything like any mustang I've seen, Bob
rich-c: it could have been a Mustange customized by Carroll Shelby, but I think you'd recognize that
rich-c: so I guess it would have to be a Shelby Cobra, likely with the 289 Ford engine, built off an AC Ace chassis
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changed username to Guy B.
Pamela too: wasn't a cobra either - I know what those look like
BobS requested to ban Guy B.
Daniel Bienvenu confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Pamela too confirmed ban
BobS: hmmmmmm
rich-c: her blood pressure habeen a bit erratic, running a shade high of late, so the doctor wants to investigate
Daniel Bienvenu: note: talking with Steve Begin ... he may be at the adamcon this year.
BobS: didn't Shelby have some Chrysler Corp cars too Richard?
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Pamela too: it actually looked more like a Corvette, but the lines were wrong, too rounded, to be a 'Vette, especially of that vintage
changed username to Guy B.
FredK: Or since it was only on the plate its maybe their dream to have one!
Judy: okay, hope all is well, you have been thru enough, maybe that is why her pressure is off
BobS: WILL the REAL Guy stand up please ?????
rich-c: yes, but none of them were low slung convertibles, Bob - I think it's a 289 Cobra - was it blue metallic, Pam?
Pamela too: no, gloss black
BobS: wrong again, you sure you don't need glasses Pam?
Pamela too: already wearing glasses, Bob : )
BobS: oops
BobS: not that
Pamela too: new ones, even : )
rich-c: I don't think I've ever seen any Shelby product in black, unless maybe the little Plymouth GLH
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Judy: well stronger ones than
Guy B.: Be right back.
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changed username to Ron
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Ron: yeoo
Pamela too: Hi, Ron - finished your ride for the night?
FredK: Hi Ron!
BobS: HELLO Ronald
changed username to Guy and Annie
Judy: hi, ron
BobS: yaes
Pamela too requested to ban Guy B.
BobS confirmed ban
Judy confirmed ban
Guy and Annie confirmed ban
Ron confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Pamela too: there, that's better, Guy
rich-c: hello Ron, welcome to the left coast repwas the cycling tonight?
Guy and Annie changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Hi Ron
Judy: how is the biking going?
Ron: Didn't Go..... been down nursing sore stiff muscles since Sunday night. Hobbling around like a 93 year old
BobS: more ibuprofen my man
Guy B.: Takes a while to get use to.
Pamela too: what did you do Sunday?
rich-c: what did you do - fall off a cliff?
BobS: LOTS of ibuprofen
Judy: that is why you are supposed to start slow
Ron: moderately better today, but have been sleeping a lot - that's why I'm late
Ron: yeah, that's what the Doc said yesterday
Judy: we went with Ryan tonight, he is now riding a two wheeler
Pamela too: unfortunately, the only cure for sore muscles is to gently use them
Ron: good stuff
FredK: yup!
rich-c: which NSAID did your doctor recommend, Ron?
Ron: Unfortunately Ibuprofen doesn't do a thing for me. Extra Strength tylenol sorta helps
BobS: hit the drugs mon
Pamela too: better living through chemistry, Ron
BobS: have you seen anything called Percogesic in the store Ron?????
rich-c: I'd have thought that given it's an inflammation issue most likely, aspirin would be preferred
Ron: if one's digestive system can tolerate it
Ron: Aspirin for me is bad news
rich-c: yes, that's the issue - for straight pain the hospitals here are hipped on tylenol
BobS: and aspiriun is not an anti inflammatory
Judy: that is not prescribed for inflammation
GuyzzzF confirmed ban
Pamela too: what is Percogesic, Bob?
FredK: stay tuned as the battle of the pills continues...
Pamela too: aside from not available in Canada, that is : )
BobS: kind of a muscle relaxer med Pam
Ron: Actually, there was another possible cause. After I did the ride on Sunday afternoon, I sat out back in the shade, and there was quite a cool breeze
Pamela too: ah
Ron: Think I might have taken a chill
BobS: use Ben Gay of Icy Hot or FlexAll 454
BobS: that helps too
Judy: or rub on that awful smelling stuff like
Pamela too: A535?
Ron: have been using A535, which also helps
Ron: smells like a hospita
Ron: hospital
BobS: yup that's it
Judy: or worse
Ron: exactly
BobS: makes people AVOID you eh????
Judy: Bob has been using it on his leg, bad smellin stuff
Ron: well, there's nobody around here to avoid.....sometimes living alone is an advantage
Pamela too: hmm, maybe I should try it at work : )
Pamela too: guess that wouldn't stop the e-mails though
Ron: Think I'm gonna have to get myself a couple of these elastic knee braces for my biking
Judy: people should stay away
BobS: yes, but the funny looks yo get in the store are worth a LOT
Ron: right Bob
BobS: and the poeple sniff like you just got off the farm
GuyzzzF confirmed ban
GuyzzzF left chat session
Pamela too: Did everyone see Neil's e-mail?
rich-c: a heating pad can improve matters too sometimes
Ron: I swear, Sunday night, I couldn't find a comfortable place to sleep... tried my own bed, the bed in one of the spare bedrooms, and the recliner in the living room
BobS: with "dirty" shoes
BobS: yo Pam
Guy B.: Yes, I sent him one back to let us know the costs
Judy: I can relate been there, Ron'
Guy B.: The dates will work perfect for me.
rich-c: how does that time suit you, Ron?
Ron: One ofOH..... i missed that, what's proposed?
BobS: July 20-22
Ron: sec
rich-c: July 19 - 22 I think; Frances has the email computer right now
Pamela too: they're good for me, I think
Ron: bingo! Perfect
rich-c: just so long as they don't get changed once everyone is committed!
BobS: except he hasn't got it nailed down yet, next week he said
Pamela too: here's hoping : )
rich-c: if he gets Holiday Inn we get wireless internet free in the package
Pamela too: we may get it with Best Western, too
Pamela too: most hotels are going that way
rich-c: yes, the big chains have to meet the competition
Pamela too: I think we may get a better price from the Best Western
rich-c: wonder what he can line up in the way of food - there is some good eating in Gatineau, I've heard
Pamela too: such as?
Ron: Just looking at his e-mail now
Ron: So that means, if I'm going to the maritimes, I would need to go before the 'con
rich-c: I don't know, I gather it tends to be independent restaurants
Ron: whatever, the dates for the 'con are good for me
rich-c: maybe our Quebecois know Gatineau well enough to offer a suggestion?
Daniel Bienvenu: err... I never went to Gatineau before
rich-c: and please, no St. Huberts - that is NOT what we have in mind!
FredK: I have not been often to Ottawa but only passed through Gatineau, sorry dont know!
Pamela too: Ron, you're our resident expert on the area - any ideas?
Ron: hmm
rich-c: well, it's a fair way for you, Daniel, but close enough for a casual trip for Fred or GuyF
FredK: Yes less then hour and half approx.
rich-c: anyway, Ron, how long since you've been in the Ottawa area?
Ron: must confess, I never ate in Gatineau. Drank a lot, but never ate (evil grin)
Judy: way too far for us to come, have to be in school on Monday noon, can't make it
Ron: I'm no connaisseur of restaurants Rich, you know that
rich-c: I've heard that's often teh case with denizens of Ottawa, even though the tourists report they liked Hull better for food
Pamela too: Ron, is Ottawa a driving town or a transit town?
rich-c: by Toronto standards, it's a driving town, but rush hour can be trying
Ron: It has a very good transit system during rush hours, but after that you can take literally hours to get downtown
Ron: besides, it's all changed since last time I took the bus there
rich-c: and I'll bet it works better if you get on the OT website and work from the timetables
Ron: OC Transpo
Pamela too: clearly, I need to get on the Ottawa tourism website and explore
rich-c: oops! my bad - I should have remembered
FredK: Poor sens, they are down by one!
rich-c: anyway we have always driven around Ottawa on our visits, and other than leaving the Air Museum in rush hour, no problems
Ron: oh geez.... the game's on
Ron: where's my remote
Ron: there
Judy: there should be a remote finder
rich-c: right - forgot, Ron might actually care about the Sens and the Cup
BobS: what's the score?
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changed username to james
BobS: who's on first?????
Pamela too: good morning, James
Guy B.: Hi James
james: g'day
BobS: hi james
FredK: Careful see the click movie!
james: can not stay long at all
rich-c: good morning, james
Judy: hi, james
FredK: Hi James
james: how is everyone?
BobS: g'day jmatey
BobS: ot
Pamela too: tired, thanks
Ron: I dunno
BobS: hot
Daniel Bienvenu: hello james
james: lol
Ron: Hi James
Pamela too: there's a nice breeze coming in my back window here
Judy: I am tired also worked in the yard today
FredK: 1-0 ANA
rich-c: just considering Adamcon for which we now have a tentative date
Pamela too: how are things for you, James?
james: so it looks like the con is on for the 20-22 of july
Ron: Yep... yard work will do it for ya
rich-c: subject to change
Ron: does that open any doors James?
Judy: that combined with heat is a killer
BobS: not as good as biking, but.........
BobS: still exercise
Ron: yep
Ron: brb
Judy: and we went on a short bike ride
Pamela too: sheesh, that's only eight weeks
BobS: exacfly Pamela my dear
Pamela too: gotta check my work calendar, make sure I don't conflict with anyone
FredK: Gonna relax a bit then get some shut eye! take care all goonite!
Pamela too: gnite Fred
BobS: nite Fred
BobS: nice seeing you again
Pamela too: Guy, aren't you in overtime at the end of July?
rich-c: good to see you again Fred - sleep tight
Judy: nite Fred
james: as it just so happens, i will be flying in on the 19th of july
FredK: Tks &Ciao!
FredK left chat session
Ron: nite Fred
BobS: to where?
james: to ottawa
Pamela too: OMG, really? Are you going to be able to come to the con then???
james: i'll be in town for my father's birthday the following week
Guy B.: Usually overtime starts close to the end. After last year's con, I started overtime.
james: and will have a highly animated 15kg package in tow
rich-c: sounds like you should have the slack time necessary, james
Pamela too: that's okay, Jeffrey will keep him busy : )
james: i will have to see - i won't have seen my family in about a year and a half, so that definitely comes first
Guy B.: James that would be great if you were able to come to this year's con.
james: but i don't see why i shouldn't be able to drop by and at least say hello. i'd really like to be a full participant but i think my mother would kill me
Pamela too: come for at least one day, James
rich-c: obviously, james, but then you don't have to spend the whole 'con time at the 'con either
Guy B.: And we finally would get to meet you.
james: a few hours should be doable
rich-c: maybe just join for a session or two, or lunch, or dinner, or whatever
james: i'd like to at least meet people
Pamela too: try for Sunday and the banquet, if you can
Ron: Ottawa lost
Ron: 1 zip
james: sunday.. hmm.. think my mother might have a banquet planned. my brothers will also be in town from calgary and sault ste. marie
james: again?
james: &%$!
Ron: yup
Guy B.: I'm with Pam on that. Bob and Judy came down to Chicago last year and came to the banquet and attended the sessions.
Judy: not this year, though
Pamela too: what time do you come in, James?
james: anyway, i would like to see people, so i'll see what i can do. i'm sure you can figure out how to have a good time w/out me though ;)
Guy B.: Unfortunately, not this year.
james: i think late thursday night
Pamela too: direct flight?
Guy B.: See what you can do James.
james: with a 5 year old in tow
Ron: well maybe James, but it would be a lot better with you
rich-c: hey, let's black out the windows of the van and snatch him at the airport!
Ron: tee hee
james: :D well i'd like to meet everyone, especially those i've not met face to face
Pamela too: yeah, mom can have him back on Monday morning : )
Ron: right on Pamela!
rich-c: I'm sure you can find a way, james - maybe even drag along some family to meet your fellow eccentrics
Pamela too: well, we've only managed to have James for a couple of hours at a time, so far
james: anyway, i'll see what i can pull off, if anything. i can't commit just yet
james: lol
Pamela too: a whole day, or even half of one, would be a luxury : )
james: lol
Ron: which is about all you can say comes first......
rich-c: and do remember there will likely be transport available
Ron: and we are family (grin)
james: family comes first.. reminds me of a movie i just saw
Pamela too: I feel a song coming on
james: click.. adam sandler
Ron: my brothers and my sisters and me
Pamela too: how was that, James - I'm not an Adam Sandler fan
james: it was quite good
Pamela too: but it looked just goofy enough to be interesting
james: by far one of his better, if not best, movies
james: i thought it was quite creative
james: but coming from me, that may not mean much
Pamela too: just one question - are you a Three Stooges fan?
Ron: What I'd like to know is who makes Don Cherry's jackets
Ron: Good Lord!
Pamela too: LOL
james: three stooges.. i'm familiar with them
james: i've seen some of their stuff
Pamela too: hmm
james: mostly when i was a kid
james: not that *i* was around when they were first broadcast ;)
Pamela too: well okay then, I'll take your recommendation
james: i do remember watching the little rascals a fair bit
BobS: reruns
BobS: well gang, we are heading indoors for the night
Guy B.: Soitenly.
james: that show broke a lot of ground if i recall
Judy: so long all, going to call it a night, until next week
Guy B.: Bye Judy
Pamela too: OMG
Ron: nite Bob and Judy
Pamela too: I see what you mean, Ron
Guy B.: Nite Bob
james: not the least of which was breaking gender and racial barriers, considering they were produced in what.. the 30's and 40's
Judy left chat session
Pamela too: g'nite Judy, nite Bob
Ron: isn't that something?
BobS: and with that, we bid ya'll a fond adios and farewell and goodbye and auf wiederwsehen
Pamela too: what I want to know is where he got the bedspread
BobS: be well ronald
BobS: and all the rest of ya's
james: i should go too
BobS left chat session
Pamela too: oh, that's horrible
Ron: thank you sir, I shall recover and ride again!
james: i need to take care of some advertising for the new school
james: which is finally close to breaking even
Pamela too: woo hoo, James
Pamela too: that's good news
Ron: sounds good James
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to scaddle myself. Annie is tired and will be taking her out soon. See you all next week.
Pamela too: now you'll have to start saving up stuff to tell us
Ron: Night Guy be well
Pamela too: night, Guy
Pamela too: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
rich-c: wow, everyone's leaving - well, goodnight, all!
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Hugs too
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
james: have a good evening everyone
james: *poof*
Pamela too: night, James
rich-c: same to you, james
Ron: Rich, we don't do Saturday afternoons any more do we??
james: hope to see you all, if even for a few hours in july
Pamela too: we'll make it happen, James
james left chat session
Ron: Any time you can manage James will be good
rich-c: no, that sort of died from lack of interest, Ron, but I'm sure if enough wanted it, it could be revivied
Ron: Think it's time the gubernator left
Pamela too: why, he just got here
rich-c: why, what's he been up to today?
Ron: Well, I don't want to set up the universe around me, so let's leave it for the moment
Pamela too: c'mon Ron, you have to follow that one through
Ron: think he's coming to BC.... but I was thinking, we don't want him watching hockey games in Ottawa
Pamela too: ah
Pamela too: okay, I get that
Ron: which one?
rich-c: ah right - I do believe there is a certain political necessity to who he cheers for
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry... to be quiet... I'm on the phone.
Ron: yes
rich-c: I am trying to figure out if I care who wins - or even if there is a game
Pamela too: i don't know how you do that Daniel, I can't have two conversations at once
Pamela too: especially when one of them is happening through my fingertips
rich-c: Daniel is younger, he still has certain talents
Ron: Well, that's a good point Rich..... I mean it's now almost June. The hockey season should be over
rich-c: Harold Ballard cured me of any interest in even if there would be one
Pamela too: yes, hockey in June is a bit ridiculous
Ron: right. He did that for a lot of us
Daniel Bienvenu: finally... well, great news, Steve Begin is planning to be at the Adamcon too.
Pamela too: however Saturday nights at the trailer park are great - it's so quiet : )
rich-c: we will have a lot of new faces - that is very good stuff - but I'll have to review my French
Pamela too: that is good news Daniel - is he planning to stay for the whole thing?
Ron: do I know Steve?
Pamela too: we're all going to have to practice our French - and Daniel will have to be our professor : )
Daniel Bienvenu: Steve Bégin, he is talented programmer who already did some Coleco homebrew projects. most of his work are conversion from sg1000 to colecovision of some games like Lode Runner and Penguin Land.
Ron: good
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Daniel Bienvenu: Bé (prononce "bay")
Ron: Well folks, I'm gonna sign off..... hopefully will see you next week, (albeit briefly)
Pamela too: g'nite Ron
Ron: be well all
Pamela too: you too : )
rich-c: briefly or whatever, we'll look for you, Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight Ron
Ron: pooooofff!!!
Ron left chat session
Pamela too: I guess I should get some sleep for a change
Daniel Bienvenu: finaly I stay more longer online that I was supposed.
Pamela too: Hey Dad, you gonna be around this weekend?
rich-c: sounds like a plan, Pam
rich-c: yes, I expect to be here - bring over your computer and maybe we can set it up
Pamela too: I'll call and we can discuss - if I bring my assistant, perhaps we can get your lights down too
rich-c: right - it's long past due on that
Daniel Bienvenu: too bad... I miss all the discussion tonight... well, goodnight Pam, Rich, talk to you next week.
Pamela too: ya think? : )
Pamela too: goodnight, Daniel
rich-c: goodnight Daniel - glad you could hang in so long, though
rich-c: bonsoir, et a la prochaine
Daniel Bienvenu: aurevoir... à bientôt!
Pamela too: Dad, I'll discuss with Russell and I'll call to make plans
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Pamela too: in the meantime, I'm for bed
rich-c: OK - btw, did I tell you about your mother's sleep study?
Pamela too: yes, you said two weeks. What date?
rich-c: Tuesday week
Pamela too: I'll make a note
Pamela too: I'm going to bed, Dad. Gnite!
rich-c: don't know what it will tell us, but whatever it is we'll know and not just be guessing
rich-c: niyte now - talk to you later
Pamela too: kerpoof!
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