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rich-c: test
rich-c: verify
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changed username to Ronald
Ronald: Hi Rich
rich-c: well, Ron, you are early!
rich-c: cycling in abeyance3 till the back comes back?
Ronald: yes, sitting here watching the hockey game. Decided to pass on the biking tonight.. still recuperating
Ronald: not the back, the legs
Ronald: better now, but I want to make absolutely sure
rich-c: oh, right - Ottawa is fighting for survival still, right?
Ronald: yes, and they're down 2-0 after 1 period
rich-c: that bodes ill when they're 3-1 in games
Ronald: yu
Ronald: yup
rich-c: surprise - got a phone call today from Michael Hurst
Ronald: Oh?
Ronald: hows he doing?
rich-c: he even suggested he might turn up here this evening
Ronald: aha
rich-c: seems the chemotherapy took the third time round and he's been cancer-free for two years now
Ronald: well that's positive for sure
rich-c: he phoned from his trailer and sounded very chipper - I couldn't get a word in edgewise
Ronald: sounds like Michael
rich-c: oh yes - but one gets teh feeling that as much as ever, things have turned his way for the moment
Ronald: I think I knew he'd been battling cancer, but hadn't heard in quite a while how it was going
Ronald: Well he's had his challenges for sure
Ronald: Wonder if Neil is any closer to firm dates
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changed username to FREDK
Ronald: Hey Fred
FREDK: Hi rich/Ron
Ronald: howz it goin?
rich-c: yes, I am surprised we didn't have an email this evening
rich-c: hi Fred
Ronald: need to make airline arrangements pretty soon
FREDK: Great and you gentlemen?
Ronald: not bad for an old guy Fred
rich-c: by now we should have firm place, datees and costs
Ronald: he's obviously got other priorities
rich-c: my back is telling me I shouldn't have walked so far today
Ronald: can relate to that Rich
Ronald: It seems to take me longer these days to recover from muscle strains
rich-c: yes, and I didn't take my Tylenol after lunch, either
Ronald: Welcome to the Golden Age
rich-c: yes, if it don't hurt, it don't work
Ronald: that's it
FREDK: Remember the golden girls?
Ronald: yes
rich-c: all sorts, Fred - which particular ones?
FREDK: they were all funny!
Ronald: Bea Arthur, Rue McLanahan, Betty White
Ronald: and who was the grandma?
FREDK: yup Betty White I guess I remember the most
rich-c: sorry, none of those names ring a bell - context?
Ronald: Picture it, 1947
Ronald: those are their real names, not the characters the played
rich-c: 1947? that I should remember, then - I was a real randy teenager at that time
Ronald: I was 2
Ronald: no, 3
rich-c: hell, I was still going to movies then, with much regularity
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Ronald: I don't think Ottawa really wants the Stanley Cup
FREDK: remember a movie?
changed username to Pamela
Ronald: Hey Pamela
rich-c: hello daughter
FREDK: Hi Pamela
Pamela: Hi everyone
rich-c: did they give up another goal?
Ronald: no, but it's just a matter of time
Pamela: sometimes it's just not in the cards, Ron, no matter how much you want it
Ronald: I honestly think the Ducks are a better team
rich-c: I haven't been to so many movies that I'd likely forget one, Fred
Ronald: Which movie Fred?
Pamela: what movies are we talking about?
rich-c: Picture It - 1947
FREDK: Oh just asking around 47 wich movie Rich remembered seing
FREDK: and you Ron?
Ronald: by the way, the "Picture it (followed by date)" was the elderly Golden Girl's way of introducing a reminiscence about her good old days. The 1947 was not really significant
rich-c: that was teh time the first British comedies were coming out - Tight Little Island, Passport to Pimlico, etc.
Ronald: Still trying to remember her name. Pam? the elderly one from the Golden Girls series
Pamela: Sophie something, I think
Ronald: could be, although that doesn't ring a bell
Ronald: anyway Fred, you asked if we remembered the Golden Girls. Was that the show you were referring to?
rich-c: Sophie Tucker, maybe? dates to that period
Ronald: Be right bac
rich-c: who was the yup directed to?
Pamela: could always look it up
FREDK: sory meant yes for Ron
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changed username to Dr. D.
Ronald: Estelly Getty played Sophia Petrillo
Dr. D.: Hi folks.
Pamela: greetings Rich
Ronald: Ottawa Scored!!!!
rich-c: well Rich, missed you last week - how goes it?
FREDK: your good!
Dr. D.: I just got back from a softball practice, and am hot and stinky.
FREDK: hi Dr.D
Ronald: yea!
Pamela: TMI, Rich
Dr. D.: Wednesday night is Diana and Gretchen softball practice, so I have been late.
Dr. D.: Was just saying that Pam so I can adjourn for 20 minutes to go take a shower.
Pamela: alright, you're forgiven
Dr. D.: But wanted to let you know that I was here...and am hoping someone can provide firm ADAMcon figures soon...
rich-c: how does one get hot and sticky tonight? play indoors?
Dr. D.: Rin and I are still trying to figure whether we have a prayer of coming or not.
Dr. D.: When I am a coach, Richard, pitching and throwing and fielding...
Ronald: Neil, if you're reading this, we need to know firm date and costs, like yesterday
rich-c: it was nice enough in the sun this afternoon, but once the sun sank a bit that wind asserted itself
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Pamela: twas cold first thing this morning
changed username to BobS
FREDK: Hi Bob!
Pamela: Hi Bob
Ronald: Hi Bob
rich-c: hello Robert
BobS: hosdy doody !!!!!
Dr. D.: Homeland Security has announced large increases in immigration filing fees to take effect end of July, some of which are like 3X increases...
Ronald: welll then,,,,, Howdy Doody
BobS: how's ya'll ?
Ronald: still nursing knees
Ronald: but better thanks
Dr. D.: so if they don't hurry up and send us confirmation of processing the I-130, so I can turn in our I-129F at only $170...
Pamela: you'll have all your stuff in by then, won't you?
BobS: but all around kinda healthy Ron, ......and still biking ?
rich-c: that figures, Rich
Ronald: yes, but not tonight. sent my regrets
Dr. D.: The check for the I-130 was cashed 31 May, but no official paper saying they are processing it yet -- which is a requirement for the I-129F...that is the last form we have to file, then we are totally in HS hands.
Ronald: next week
Dr. D.: So Ron, how svelte are you now? :-)
Ronald: no, actually, next week we're going on a camera club trip to the west coast
Ronald: no.... wouldn't say so Dr. D. Have hit a wall in my progress
Ronald: still have a way to go
Dr. D.: Well, there are always walls, but the climb attempts are the main thing
Ronald: Anaheim 3, Ottawa 1
Ronald: yes, exactly. I ain't giving up now
rich-c: I know what you mean, but a comment about going to the west coast from someone on Vancouver Island already still looks sorta weird
Dr. D.: Okay I am going to bathe...Rin says she will be by "shortly", whatever time that actually means
Ronald: well, we're about 150 miles east of the real west coast
Ronald: right Dr. D. Go get cleaned up
Pamela: go on Rich, we'll be here
BobS: one night for healing is ok Ron
rich-c: yes, teh west coast of the island - but to us flatlanders anything wet beyond the Rockies rates as west coast
Ronald: right
Pamela: well, west end of the country, anyway. Coast by any definition means wet
Pamela: I need to file my fingernails again
BobS: fiddle with a widget on your digits ????????
rich-c: keyboard giving you a hassle, Pam?
Pamela: t'aint a widget, it's a gadget : )
Ronald: filing on the tiling while smiling
rich-c: you on the laptop or desktop?
Pamela: no, my nails are giving me a hassle
Pamela: keyboard is fine on the laptop
Pamela: it's a good size
BobS: oh, ok......not a whichamacallit
Pamela: or a dealy
rich-c: don't forget the power supply when you come over tomorrow
BobS: or a thingy
Pamela: where's Erin when I need her?
FREDK: and I thought kanji was tough
Ronald: emery board for sand of the hand
Pamela: I need more contributions to
Pamela: Erin-speak
BobS: I used that thingamabob on the whichamacallit, and it broke the widget geter all to heck !!!!!!!
Pamela: what about the clippy-do?
Pamela: Ottawa just scored again
BobS: naw that's a clip
Ronald: you mean a Wing-Wong for Knudlepom to wind up the sun with collywobbles in his diamical calarium
BobS: 3-2 GO TEAM
Ronald: O T T A W A
Pamela: exactly, Ron
Ronald: they need to play like there's no tomorrow
Ronald: because there isn't
BobS: what I was thinking
Ronald: 4-1
Ronald: 4-2
BobS: tis about 3 games to 1 as we speak, no ??????
Ronald: we got a barn burner goin here
Ronald: still think Anaheim is the better team
Ronald: yes Bob. No more for Ottawa if the lose this one
FREDK: No two quacks about that!
Ronald: hah!!!
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings All!
Pamela: hi Guy
Ronald: be right back.... need a Diet Coke
rich-c: evening, GuyB
Guy B.: Any word from Neil on the con?
rich-c: gather it's a bit chill in Chicago
Pamela: I was just going to ask that - I haven't seen e-mail all week
rich-c: no, everyone waiting anxiously
BobS: kinda chilly here in Michigan too
Guy B.: Cool here noe. Tomorrow will hit 92 then storms roll in and a beautiful weekend coming.
Pamela: tis a bit cool here as well. 92 is too hot
Ronald: We had wet and cool
BobS: BUT gonna be HOTTER THAN H...... tomorrow, around 90* F and then storms and down again
Guy B.: I have a graduation party this Sunday and next Saturday.
Pamela: who's graduating?
Dr. D.: I am back, clean
Guy B.: Both of my cousin's kids from high school. Both girls
Pamela: yay!
Ronald: good man Dr. D
Ronald: that'll be neat Guy
Dr. D.: And heat I don't care about, I got permission from my landlord to buy a portable room A/C today, so I got it at WalMart!
Dr. D.: Gretchen had her grade 5 graduation today, Diana will have her grade 8 graduation tomorrow.
Guy B.: Wow, already!
Pamela: wow, busy, Rich
Ronald: ah the joys of being a Dad
Dr. D.: Elanor will be grade 12 this fall...Christina a junior in college.
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Dr. D.: I am off work today, tomorrow, and Friday.
Guy B.: Elanor is the next one college bound
changed username to Erin
Guy B.: HI Erin
rich-c: hello Rin, haven't seen you for a while
Dr. D.: Friday have to take Christina to Erie, her archaeology group is leaving for field school in Texas, to return 29 July.
Ronald: Hey Erin!
FREDK: Hi Erin
Pamela: Hi Rin
Erin: hi all!
Dr. D.: Hi Wifey-Woo <kiss> <mushy stuff>
rich-c: that will be an adventure for her, though she's easily up to it
Ronald: enough of that now!
Erin: <kiss> <kiss> Hubby-Hoo
Ronald: you'll embarrass me
BobS: hi Rin
Dr. D.: Not enough by a long shot Ron :-S
Dr. D.: It is no fun being apart :-(
Ronald: no eh?
FREDK: smoopy smoopy!
Erin: none at all
Pamela: the end is almost in sight you two
Pamela: Hang in there
Erin: perhaps
Guy B.: Some of you will be getting e-mails from me on a program that I'm working on and will need your evaluation on it. It's almost ready. Give a clue, it's with the emulator utilities
Erin: not based on what Rich has been sending me
Pamela: ??
Ronald: many hoops through which to jump
rich-c: well, Rin, you're dealing with a government bureaucracy - what more can one say?
Dr. D.: The new immigration bill here is shifting to "economic" criteria for preference.
Guy B.: I think some of you remember the Qbasic/batch files I did several yeats back
Guy B.: years
Dr. D.: "Family" is going to the bottom of the list.
rich-c: will it allow for grandfathering? and will it matter to you?
Erin: it will it effects those who applied after May 2005
Dr. D.: Since Rin has no university degree, and is not employed in any kind of tech industry, she is not of much "economic" value under the new criteria.
FREDK: Qbasic yes!
Pamela: Erin told me you had a hassle at the border going home, Rich
Dr. D.: Yes.
rich-c: and will it get thorough before summer recess? or doesn't Congress do that?
Dr. D.: It just meant that they had started to process our I-130 form.
Dr. D.: So the system "knows" I am a petitioner for a nonresident alien spouse.
Ronald: I hate the terminology
Ronald: but I suppose that's about it
Dr. D.: Though the border people never so much as mentioned that, only obliquely asked me "If we were to look in your luggage, would we find any of your wife
rich-c: did they tear the van apart or just peer under the seats?
Pamela: I agree, that's awful
Dr. D.: s possessions"?
Guy B.: The program I wrote is entirely from Qbasic.
Dr. D.: No tear apart, just made me pull off to the side facility and go in Door #2 to wait, then open the van for them.
Pamela: and if they did find some of her possessions, what difference would that make?
rich-c: I'd have been tempted to say "not this trip" - but that would not be prudent
Dr. D.: Moving undeclared possessions across the border etc.
Dr. D.: Trying to sneak her or her stuff in, I imagine.
Pamela: ??
Dr. D.: Or move $$$.
FREDK: interresting Guy.
Ronald: guilty until proven innocent
BobS: like, what the heck do they care if you bring in clothes, stereo, etc ???????????
Dr. D.: That is how my country has treated me ever since I was coming to Canada.
Erin: precisely..follow the rules and you're a criminal
rich-c: yes, the Bush effect - won't be ended till Jan. 20, 2009
Ronald: Lord!
BobS: oh tis now the US effect,not just Bush.......congress is in on it
Dr. D.: Hey, I should be careful, this chat is logged and they can Google for me and find un-American sentiments :-S
Dr. D.: Not that I will be any different a public person, no worries there.
Pamela: I'm sure you're not the only one,Rich
rich-c: oh, I thought Carnivore would be picking it up live anyway
BobS: we have MET the enemy....and GUESS WHAT ? it is US as in U.S.
Guy B.: It is Fred and Qbasic will NOT be required to run the program. It will be an EXE file.
Dr. D.: Don't want to be the low-hanging fruit for an official needing to meet his quota of diligently excluding undesirable petitioners.
Ronald: yea Dr. D. tread softly
BobS: send them my way......I am squeeky clean and passported and US married to boot
Dr. D.: As the lady inside Door #2 said, when I asked her if there was a problem, "Oh, we'll let you know if there is".
Dr. D.: Well Rin works for a political party that is named after the "L" word, in the country that let the 9/11 terrorists in...
BobS: and they will let in some undesireable terrorist type so they don't look prejudised (?)
rich-c: oh, they do it with visitors, too - take away the keys to the car
Ronald: I don't care which side of the border they're on, they have no right treating you like that
BobS: exactly Ron
Guy B.: That's not right Dr. D
rich-c: so fine, dis-elect those responsiblew
Dr. D.: I have my one vote to cast, and I have cast it.
Dr. D.: Twice.
Dr. D.: That is all I am entitled to.
Dr. D.: (Two elections I mean, not twice in one election.)
rich-c: yes, and "none of the above" is not an option
Pamela: it's frustrating to hear all of this
Dr. D.: Xenophobia means votes this election.
rich-c: why? you got the equivalent at the airport in Chicago, didn't you?
Pamela: no
rich-c: can't imagine how you escaped - oh, you were pre-cleared in Toronto, right?
Ronald: I don
Ronald: I don't recall any treatment like that
rich-c: well, don't try visiting Seattle, or such
Dr. D.: I don't think any pre-clearing is possible. The US has been insisting on fingerprinting everyone, and Canada won't allow a US customs office on Canadian soil to do that, so no reciprocal customs offices for pre-clearing currently.
Pamela: yes. I don't mind the questions, although I'm curious as to why they think it's their business as to how we met our "friend", but I wish they were a little more polite about it
rich-c: just be glad Adamcon is in Canada this year - it will make border crossings more comfortable
rich-c: except of course for Americans going home
Dr. D.: ha, getting there, not going home :-)
Pamela: actually, polite isn't the right word but I'm not sure I have the right ones
Dr. D.: Well, all I can do is file the papers they want and pay the fees they want and answer the questions as best I can.
Pamela: perhaps customer service oriented would be better. Would a please, thank you and a have a nice day kill them?
Ronald: So I suppose if one says something critical about the poor treatment, one goes on a list somewhere eh?
BobS: how about civil ??????
BobS: WHO tghe heck knows Ron
Ronald: exactly
Pamela: and God forbid a customs agent might crack a smile
rich-c: might get you a nice tropical holiday in Gitmo - they have some vacancies now
Dr. D.: This is just not a good time to be trying to get in or out of the US.
BobS: like I said before, some of the border people are jerks, and then again, some are totally friendly and awesome to deal with - a pleasure
Ronald: yes Bob, it would seem so
Pamela: I've found the people at the border to be much more approachable than those at the airport
rich-c: it's just that they are harder and harder to find
Pamela: however we haven't crossed the US border driving since 2002
BobS: agree with that, airport security people are ALL jerks.......have to be a bonified jerk to even get interviewed for the job
Ronald: I find I have less and less patience for things like that. It would be easy for me to put my foot in it
rich-c: at a land crossing you can pull out your cell and phone a lawyer on either side
Dr. D.: Well, I will know next weekend whether or not my previous border crossing experience was a fluke or else the new standard.
rich-c: and likely have time in hand to deal with it
Ronald: be right back. Mac wants some house power
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Dr. D.: If coming back from Marie's wedding in Windsor I get the same grilling, then oh well.
Dr. D.: Rin is all quiet :-(
changed username to <undefined>
Erin: I'm here...just uploading pics to my facebook
Pamela: it will be interesting to see how you fare in Windsor, where you don't cross as often
rich-c: he will still be on the hit list
Pamela: pardon me, Detroit
Erin: maybe after a few goes around they'll leave him alone
rich-c: in fact they'll be even more paranoid because he's crossing at an unusual place
Dr. D.: Yeah, as soon as the barcode scanner read my passport, the guy called for another officer and handed him my passport and that guy walked away with it, and I was directed to Door #2.
Ronald: Anaheim goal
BobS: tie ????????
BobS: nope, 4-2
BobS: sorry
rich-c: Psssst (air going out)
Ronald: now 5-2
Dr. D.: I have legit answers for it all, never transporting alcohol or tobacco or firewood...
BobS: ouch
Erin: for Anaheim??
<undefined> left chat session
Ronald: yep
Pamela: yes
BobS: sie senorita
Erin: <pained look>
Dr. D.: I take it there is a hockey game going on somewhere?
FREDK: Ya Wohl!
Erin: ice wine for Ahnuld...
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Dr. D.: Why is Rin pained?
Ronald: Le but du Mighty Ducks conte par le numero quinze, Rob Neidermeyer
changed username to bair
Pamela: hello, Bair
Dr. D.: Hi Bob Bair.
Erin: Ottawa Senators vs. Anaheim Mighty Ducks
bair: hi every one
Ronald: Hey Bair
rich-c: greetings to teh great bair
Erin: Stanley Cup
BobS: hiya Bob
BobS: how ya doing sir ??????
Ronald: Stanley is going to Anahei
Pamela: why are you watching the game in French, Ron? : )
BobS: AND Virginia
Guy B.: HI Bob B
Erin: Uncle Dalty vs. the Governator
Ronald: nah.... just a wild a**sd translation
Guy B.: How's Virginia doing?
bair: I will be loosing my internet so thought would come and say hi
Dr. D.: What, will Dalton have to do 100 crunches or something if the Ducks win?
FREDK: ugotit
Dr. D.: Losing it?
Erin: no....we will have to give like a case of ice wine
rich-c: howcome, bob?
Pamela: like tonite Bob or permanently?
Ronald: something like that
Dr. D.: I don't know what ice wine is.
Ronald: Harper will have to wear his Ducks sweater into the House of commons
bair: virginia is working any where from9 to 13 hours
rich-c: $50 a half bottle
FREDK: Reijkevik
Erin: cold grapes instead of warm :-)
Dr. D.: Grape juice is properly served ice-cold, mmm.
bair: for ever
Dr. D.: Wine is juice gone bad and should be thrown out.
Erin: Governator would have had to give us a case of California wine
Dr. D.: Why forever Bob?
Pamela: well that sucks, Bair
rich-c: anyway, icewine is made using grapes that have been frozen solid for a specified number of hours
Ronald: 9-13 hours, whatever happened to the 7-1/2 hour work day?
Ronald: work..... SHEESH!
bair: I don't use it that much any more
Dr. D.: Okay, voluntary then.
Dr. D.: Just so it's on your terms.
Dr. D.: Glad you came to see us, sorry to hear it is the last time :-(
rich-c: hey, you could keep dialup - lord knows it's cheap and does the job
bair: they don't know what that means any more
Guy B.: She must be dead tired by the time she gets home.
Pamela: is that per day or per week??
rich-c: oh, Pam is still on dialup
Ronald: Bob S knows how I feel about work
bair: per day
Pamela: ouch
Ronald: Oh... now we're going to have a real live penalty shot
Ronald: for Ottawa
bair: she comes at 4 and gos to bed by 5 or6
FREDK: Al going for it?
Ronald: nope..... no goal
Ronald: Giguere aced him out
Erin: all hope is much time left?
bair: now that I have retired I clean the house now
Ronald: um.... 34d period..........12:24 left
Ronald: 3rd
BobS: AND you could surf the net on dialuyp
Erin: sighs
Dr. D.: Guess I should leave the Canuckistanis to lament the demise of their national sport and retire for the evening...this practice tonight was hard on me, I am achey :-(
rich-c: the way the world is moving to email, you need it more and more these days
Ronald: Yes Rich, we'll do that. And you be well sir
Pamela: gnite
Pamela: Rich
Ronald: lament, lament
bair: with one pay check got to cut things out
Erin: I should probably jet too...contrary to popular belief...we are not on vacation
rich-c: OK, take it easy, Rich, and lots of luck on the border crossings
Ronald: nite Erin. good ya could make it
FREDK: Bye Rich!
Pamela: nite Rin
Erin: nite Ron
Pamela: (PRIVATE) love you
rich-c: nite Rin
Guy B.: Nite Erin and Dr. D
Erin: (PRIVATE) Nitey nite you too <hugs>
Erin: Toodles all! Have a good rest of week!
Erin left chat session
BobS: nite kids !!!!!
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
Ronald: silence
rich-c: so the night wears on and still no Wicks - strange
rich-c: one would expect they'd be on by now
Ronald: yeah, we really do need to hear from them
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changed username to Dr.D.
rich-c: quite - Frances and I can go "anytime" but for the rest it isn't that simple
Dr.D.: Forgot to leave you with a URL.
Pamela: whatcah forget Rich?
Ronald: yes
rich-c: for what?
Dr.D.: Some border crossing humour I put together :-)
Dr.D.: Don't worry, won't get me in trouble with Homeland Security :-)
Dr.D.: Just some appropos photos I had.
Ronald: got it
Pamela: how do I get that again?
rich-c: I won't attribute it when I post it on
Pamela: control what?
rich-c: -c
rich-c: -v to "print"
Dr.D.: They were photos taken at the wedding we were at in early May, Erin's coworker.
Dr.D.: I printed a super hi-res version on 8x10 for Rin and gave it to her, framed. She has it in her office at work.
FREDK: Sure have Agent Rin carry the baggage!
Dr.D.: She has enough of her own <mrow>
Dr.D.: She is definitely the classier agent.
Dr.D.: Anyway, thought you folks would enjoy...we are trying to keep the immigration stuff from getting too dark.
Dr.D.: So, good night again.
Ronald: sounds like a good idea Dr. d
Pamela: thx ich
Ronald: D
Dr.D.: <poof>
Dr.D. left chat session
Pamela: Rich I mean
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changed username to Judy
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Pamela: Hi Judy
Guy B.: HI Judy
Judy: hi, everyone
Ronald: evening Judy
rich-c: (PRIVATE) Bob: just FYI, found Mage Quest Construction Set" but not Mage Quest, even though inventory shows three copies
left chat session
rich-c: evening, Judy
bair: hi judy
FREDK: Hi Judy
Judy: have been working on Word 2003 and kind of forgot what night it is
rich-c: (PRIVATE) got into the basement by going out the front and in the side
Pamela: how's the word course coming?
Judy: Bair, how have you been?
Ronald: making any sense yet Judy?
rich-c: (PRIVATE) will try to get down tomorrow and check
BobS: (PRIVATE) hmmmm......tha sounds strange don't it ? Well he is willing to wait to see what you have or not.......
bair: hey i like retirement
Pamela: Did you get your marks for the anatomy course Judy?
rich-c: (PRIVATE) have RoboThief and the bag of joysticks upstairs now
BobS: (PRIVATE) ok, see what ya find and let me know.........AND BTW, is there such an animal as SUPER Zaxxon as opposed to Zaxxon ????
Judy: yes, but they have just certain ways that things have to be done and if you don't do them that way it will not do anything, very frustrating
Pamela: tell me about it
rich-c: Bair, I've been retired 17 years now and recommend it highly
Ronald: Word 2007 is different yet again
Judy: no marks for the anatomy just have to complete the class, and I have another month before that one is completed
bair: I keep the house done up for virginia and ema
Ronald: I concur with Rich
Pamela: oh, I thought it was done
rich-c: (PRIVATE) yes, Super Zaxxon is a Super Game (i.e. tape or disc, likely around 128K)
Judy: but they changed me to the Word now will come back to the other later
Ronald: Anaheim Goal
Ronald: 6-2
FREDK: Well now!
Ronald: we are down to the last 3 minutes of the hockey season
BobS: (PRIVATE) ok, ran across a disk labeled Super Zaxxon,........haven't investigated it thoroughly yet, but it appears a little different
BobS: BAIR, who's Ema ??????
rich-c: (PRIVATE) I think I still have a couple of them
bair: emergency management
Judy: don't think they feel that you could take two months of anatomy at one time so they give you a break inbetween the 1 and 2 or as I am taking it 2 and 1
rich-c: (PRIVATE) I don't even recall ever trying the cartridge version
Ronald: sounds like a good idea Judy
bair: i have been in it for 36 years now
FREDK: So Guy what does yr program do?
Judy: very good, poor Bob wouldn't have been able to put up with me taking them both at once
Pamela: why are you taking them backwards, Judy?
BobS: (PRIVATE) the only thing I have found so far (little time) is that the Supergame shows dates on 1982 AND 1984
bair: thats good for bobs
BobS: n no kidding Bair
Judy: did Bob tell you that we were out with my parents tonight celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary?
rich-c: (PRIVATE) likely the original short and final long version, I'd guess
Pamela: no! Wow!
bair: hey you can help the house like i do for virginia
Pamela: final minute of the game
Pamela: 20
rich-c: 60th? wow, they're even ahead of us!
Pamela: 10
Ronald: It's party time in Anaheim
BobS: ?????
Judy: it is a milestone, that is for sure
bair: bob it will keep you out of trouble
BobS: still trying to find a full time job Bair.........kinda scarce here in Michigan right now though
Pamela: well Ottawa fought the good fight
bair: ney you may not be tring to hard
Ronald: yes
Judy: he is getting some calls for interviews now which is a good thing
Ronald: well that's progress for sure Judy
rich-c: that at least is optimistic news, Judy
FREDK: Wish we could say the same politically speaking Pamela!
Judy: yes, it is
Pamela: so do I Fred
BobS: and the prospects only AFTER taking out any dating on previous jobs, so's they don't know how old I am
BobS: nobody wants anyone over 40 yrs old
rich-c: ah yes - the fringe benefits syndrome
Pamela: were you putting in just years or months as well Bob? ie 2002 - 2006?
bair: hey bob forgot to tell you that my local paper had a right about me
Ronald: Sad but true Bob. and they don't know what they're missing
BobS: both Pam
rich-c: if you think anyone values competence any more, just go into any retail store...
BobS: about your position and standing in the EMA ????
Pamela: interesting
FREDK: too much!
bair: yeh
Judy: and then there are the people that do have jobs that don't do any work and you wonder how in the world they keep them
BobS: cool, I am sure you cut it out and framied it, yes??????
BobS: still working with EMA ?
bair: yes on both
Pamela: they have "connections" Judy - and management is blind
BobS: won't they give you internet at home......or at least a dialup # to use ?
bair: not any more
Judy: so true!!!
rich-c: that is dumb of them, bair
Pamela: we had someone like that at Somerville - in the entire year she was employed, I don't think she actually put in three full months - I'm certain she only worked one full week in all that time
bair: how close to me are you 60
bair: I am 60
Judy: go figure
rich-c: I was 60 when I retired
Pamela: when she left, the woman who replaced her did more work in the first 8 weeks than she had in the entire time
BobS: only 58
Pamela: and worked more hours, too
BobS: and have to wait till 62 to get social security cash
Ronald: kids, all of you!
FREDK: bet she got fired for that!
Pamela: all of us wondered why they put up wiht it as long as they did
bair: my place that i worked is closing the doors now
Pamela: she never did get fired Fred, she resigned
Pamela: resigned under pressure, but she did resign
FREDK: they let her do that?
Judy: how do you get that kind of job?
rich-c: just couldn't get by without you, eh?
Pamela: this is before I left, Dad - last October
rich-c: no, my comment was for bair
Pamela: apparently, you apply :)
Judy: like that will get us anywhere
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Pamela: Hi Daniel
Daniel: just saying hello!
rich-c: jeez, if they'll take one like that, it isn't very flattering to the real workers
BobS: hiya Daniel
FREDK: Salut Dan!
Judy: hi, Daniel
Ronald: Daniel, mon fils
rich-c: salut, Daniel!
Daniel: is july is definitive for the adamcon?
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Guy B & Annie changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: I'm back
rich-c: not yet, Daniel - still no word from Neil
Pamela: she told so many whoppers that after a while no one believed anything that came out of her mouth
Daniel: at my job, it's going crazy, we reach the deadline, but the system still buggy. we lately change some parts radicaly that makes some improvements but some bugs too.
rich-c: anyway, Daniel, we're hoping but that isn't getting us any results
Ronald: Oh.... by the way all - I will definately not be here next week. Headed out on a Camera club trip
rich-c: unless it rains, Ron?
Pamela: physical parts or programming, Daniel?
rich-c: unless it rains, Ron?
Ronald: rain or shine
Daniel: unfortunatly, both hadware and software parts.
Pamela: what kind of camera, Ron?
rich-c: live with it, Daniel, it comes in the package with software engineering
Daniel: we expect some hardware to be defective, but in general it's ok.
Ronald: I have a Nikon D50, a Panasonic (little point and shoot) and a Canon Camcorder
Pamela: just think of it as job security Daniel : )
Ronald: should be enough to qualify me for membership
rich-c: those aren't defects, Daniel, they're undocumented features
Daniel: but each hardware seems to react differently.
Pamela: I'm assuming all digital?
Ronald: yes
Pamela: ah
Pamela: do you still have a film camera?
Daniel: some cases was solve by doing a bios setting
Ronald: no
Ronald: nobody in our 40 member club does
Ronald: all digital
Pamela: interesting
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to go here. We'll see you all next week
Pamela: gnite Guy
rich-c: was the problem only with one BIOS then, Daniel? Or did you have to revise the software?
FREDK: Bye Guy!
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
Ronald: nite Guy. see you in a couple of weeks
rich-c: goodnight, Guy
Judy: night Guy
Daniel: and I mean setting, not resetting the bios. it's some things we have to disable and enable to make the whole thing works.
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too and one dog too
Guy B.: Ron, it's June. Not July
Pamela: who and what is the program for Daniel?
Daniel: as for the software part, it's almost ok, was better than last month.
bair: nite ALL
Ronald: G'nite Bair
Ronald: be well
rich-c: not every computer has the same bios, or settings - how do you get around that?
bair left chat session
Pamela: nite Bair
Guy B.: Ok I'm gone
FREDK: Bye Bair
BobS: nite Bair
Ronald: be right back
Guy B.: Poof
Daniel: bye blair
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: nite bair
Judy: night Bair
BobS: well Bair went fast
Daniel: scuse, ... bair
BobS: poor guy, after Tim died, I think both he and Virginia's life went in the toilet (so to speak)
BobS: feel bad for them both
Daniel: anyway, I have to leave ... I'm tired. last week needs a lot of energy, and now it's just crazy to fix every bugs in a rush.
rich-c: yes, he was just totally wiped off the map - it really shows - the heart bleeds for him
rich-c: glad you came by, Daniel. A la prochaibe!
Judy: night Daniel
Pamela: get some rest, Daniel
Ronald: be well Daniel
Ronald: nite
FREDK: Dan tu va réussir lache pas!
Daniel: merci
Daniel: aurevoir!
Ronald: c'est quoi <lacher> ??
FREDK: Salut
FREDK: Hang in there
Pamela: lacher = to hang?
Ronald: ah
Daniel left chat session
FREDK: brut translation dont let go (let go(
rich-c: as in, hang in there?
Pamela: gotcha
Ronald: ah, I get ya
FREDK: yes
rich-c: (mental notes made)
Ronald: on ne veut pas lacher
FREDK: exact mon ami!
Ronald: bon
FREDK: words of encouragement!
Ronald: on apprend quelque chose de nouveau chaque jour
Pamela: c'est vrai, Ron
FREDK: yes!
Ronald: :)
Ronald: now we're doing kissy kissy with all the wives on the ice
Pamela: and my favourite - plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose
Ronald: it's the truth
FREDK: oh yeah very commom in the work field!
rich-c: I thought the work word was merde
FREDK: that too
Pamela: please, we use good old fashioned Anglo-Saxon for that
rich-c: I'm told, in racing, that's the last thing heard before the radio goes dead
FREDK: if you are in Quebec, perhaps several more words follow!
rich-c: so be sure to take a scanner to the Grand Prix in Montreal Sunday
Ronald: Most swear words in French are based on religion
Ronald: whereas we anglos swear in sex
rich-c: yes - sacre, hoti, tabernac...
Pamela: too true Ron
FREDK: Yes but not meant blasfamous but expressing anger forsure.
Pamela: chalice
Ronald: yeah
BobS: Judy went into standby and didn't come back up correctly. so she says........GOOD BYE
Ronald: taber-huit
BobS: for da evening
Ronald: nite Judy
Pamela: tell her g'nite Bob
Ronald: go straight home now!
rich-c: unfortunately it takes too long to look up the accent numbers onm an Anglo keyboard
FREDK: You guys sure seem to have heard them!
rich-c: goodbye to Judy
Pamela: everyone knows where they go anyway : )
Ronald: well, One cannot spend any time at Le College Militaire Royal de St. Jean without hearing at least a few from the officer cadets
Ronald: and 14 years a Ottawa
Pamela: and acquire them from our french friends
FREDK: that ill do it!
Ronald: was there for 10 months.
Ronald: used a few of them myself
BobS: and with that i AM home Ron. but notice taken.....NITE ALL
BobS left chat session
FREDK: cant blame you Ron
rich-c: nite, Robert
Ronald: Nite Bob
FREDK: Bye Bob!
Pamela: I think I learned some of them from Quebec friends in Katimavik
Ronald: no place for a 17 year old with no sense of humor
Pamela: nite Bob
FREDK: That sounds Nunavitich!
FREDK: ..vutich
rich-c: well, it is an Inuit-derived word
FREDK: Val dor aerea?
Pamela: actually, Katimavik is a program for late teens and early 20s
FREDK: oops!
Pamela: dunno if it's government or not
rich-c: yes, it was government - Trudeau-era initiative
Ronald: our community net just had 5 Katimavik young people for the past 6 months
Ronald: great and fun bunch to work with
Ronald: they're so enthusiastic
Pamela: you work for a year in three different rotations in various parts of the country with your group of 20 or so, paid a dollar a day plus $1000 at the end
rich-c: yes, I forgot it was still going - gather a pale shadow of its former self, though
Pamela: or at least that's how much it was in the late 80s
Ronald: we've benefited over several years from that program
FREDK: interresting
Pamela: try (or com, not sure)
Ronald: right
FREDK: see itt!
Pamela: they do volunteer work, effectively
Ronald: ya got that right Pamela
Pamela: it's for 16 to 25 year olds I believe
Ronald: yes
Pamela: I was dating a guy who got involved in it, years back
Ronald: aha
Pamela: because their first rotation was in Niagara falls, I was able to go down and visit
Pamela: stayed in the house
Ronald: that would be hard to take eh?
FREDK: what was done there?
Pamela: the project? I believe they were working at the Shaw Festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake
Pamela: doing repairs, clean up etc in the off season
Ronald: i see
FREDK: yes
Pamela: what was hard to take Ron?
Ronald: and they get to put whatever project they're on on their resume
Ronald: so it
Ronald: so it's win all round
Ronald: Niagara Falls
Pamela: actually, it was fun
Ronald: imagine so
Pamela: the house was on River Road, which is the one that runs right along the riverfront, but far enough away from downtown to be fairly quiet
Pamela: we could still walk to and from Clifton Hill if so inclined, though
Ronald: I need to get back there. Have seen it twice, but that was years and years ago
Pamela: I met a lot of great people through that
Pamela: and when we went out to Vancouver in '86 for Expo, I looked up one of my friends and we got together for dinner
Ronald: cool
FREDK: Gotta go sleep, have a great nite everyone!
Pamela: don't fuss Ron, we live here and the last time I was down there was in '92
Pamela: gnite Fred
Ronald: g'nite FRED. Be well
Ronald: Think I'm gonna call it a nite to good people
rich-c: nite Fred
Ronald: So we'll see ya in a couple of weeks
Pamela: yeah, I suppose we should get some sleep too
FREDK left chat session
Pamela: have a great trip Ron
rich-c: OK Ron, se you in two weeks
Ronald: will do, thanks
Ronald: see ya's
Ronald: poof
Ronald left chat session
Pamela: Dad, see you tomorrow around lunchtime
rich-c: OK, gather you'll be here after lunch?
rich-c: don't forget the laptop and power supply
Pamela: if we're gonna be later than 1:00 I'll call
Pamela: we won't
Pamela: nite, Daddy
rich-c: fair enough, though I'll be starting lunch then - no big deal
rich-c: see you tomorrow
Pamela: kerpoof!
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