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Guy B.: HI Rich
rich-c: well how aout that
Guy B.: Dr. D is away, so he'll be back
rich-c: two here already - more or less
Guy B.: Dr. D was here first then me.
rich-c: anyway hi Guy, I'll get rich later
Guy B.: Did you get any rain by you?
Dr. D. <away> changed username to Dr. D.
rich-c: guess that means he got home safely from Toronto then
Dr. D.: Hi all.
Guy B.: HI Dr D.
rich-c: hi Rich, see your home safe
Dr. D.: Yes I did get back from Toronto okay yesterday.
Guy B.: How's everything?
Dr. D.: We came back through Niagara Falls.
Guy B.: I heard from Neil this week
Dr. D.: I haven't been on the Peace Bridge since the return from ADAMcon 12 with Elanor.
rich-c: anyway, Guy, we had desultory drizzle almost all day
Dr. D.: I'd forgotten there was no toll.
Dr. D.: Fortunately no border problems with Gretchen.
rich-c: there isn't?
Guy B.: We had a little heavy rain overnight, but it's nice out today.
Dr. D.: At least not coming from Canada to US.
Dr. D.: Might be like Ft. Erie, pay to get into Canada but not out.
rich-c: well, you shouldn't have problems with Gretchen - she is provably your own daughter
Dr. D.: Yes, but I am not the custodial parent. Fortunately I had a notarized permission letter from Joan.
Dr. D.: I covered all contingencies...
rich-c: there are a lot of those one-way bridges in the Niagara area
rich-c: the one at Lewiston is not among them
rich-c: as well you should, Rich - there is even more paranoia on that point than is justified, and a lot is justified
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changed username to BobS
Guy B.: HI Bob
Dr. D.: I didn't deploy the letter until the guard asked if my wife (in Toronto) was the mother of Gretchen, and I said no, but she has permission to be with me.
rich-c: hello, minheer Slopsema
Dr. D.: The letter had all the trip dates, gave all Joan's contact info but gave me permission to deal with emergencies on Gretchen's behalf until Joan could be reached.
rich-c: yes, fundamentally a form letter, but vital
Dr. D.: Two pages typewritten 12-point Times...better to have it than not. I made the same thing for the wedding last year when my Dad brought the girls to Windsor.
Dr. D.: Christina is an adult with her own passport so I didn't have to worry about her.
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BobS: hallo all
changed username to DougS
Dr. D.: I just modified the wedding letter to fit this trip.
Dr. D.: Hi Bob.
rich-c: good clear type so the border guard can read it (if he can read)
Dr. D.: And Doug!
Dr. D.: She could.
Guy B.: Doug, long time no see. How are you?
rich-c: hello Doug, welcome aboard
DougS: doing well i think.
BobS: guards at ther vorder can READ ??????????????
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BobS: border
Dr. D.: I hope so :-S
Guy B.: What's Meeka doing?
changed username to Meeka
DougS: entering :)
Guy B.: There she is. He Meeka
Meeka: hello
rich-c: hi Meeka
Guy B.: HI Meeka, how are you?
BobS: Judy will be here shortly, she is dinishing a test
Meeka: doin ok i guess
rich-c: Guy, you said you heard from Neil - what did he have to say?
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changed username to Guy F.
Dr. D.: I hope Rin will be here, she was having some computer issues earlier.
Guy B.: He's late getting everything for the con and frankly, I'm not surprised
rich-c: if she needs some help, isn't that Dr. D's specialty she's working on?
Guy F.: Hola.
Dr. D.: I was already doing that by phone for an hour :-S
BobS: well we ALL have comuter issues Rich
Dr. D.: She has DSL issues with Bell.
Guy F.: Except for the Mac users I suppose.
Dr. D.: Meesa Mac :-)
Guy B.: HI GuyF
Dr. D.: I was trying to get the fallback to dialup working in time for the chat.
Guy F.: Hi GuyB
BobS: ahso JOe
Dr. D.: Obviously, can't tell while talking to her on the phone, since it's dialup.
rich-c: yes, Bell has been screwing up royally of late - I have been giving John (my ISP operator) a seriously bent ear
BobS: hi GuyF, hows the family??????
BobS: you still IN CHARGE of diapers???????
Guy B.: He's suppose to have the names who is coming to the con by tomorrow and he hasn't gotten the registration form up at all.
Dr. D.: She upgraded to a DSL-lite, but then they double-billed her for both dialup and DSL.
Guy F.: BobS: Awesome, we moved a few days ago and are finally getting installed in the new place.
rich-c: whoops! where did that other Guy sneak in?
Dr. D.: Their "fix" was to nuke the DSL for a while I was there, I had to reconfig her computer back to dialup and its ethernet port to share a net.connection with my laptop, as we used to do.
Guy F.: I have a short name, it's easy to go by unnoticed.
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rich-c: that's OK, I am getting endless telephone spam from a Bell call centre in India
changed username to erin
Dr. D.: She wanted to find out if the DSL was back on in time for the chat tonight, so we had to reconfigure by phone to that wasn't, so then we had to go back...
Guy B.: HI Rin
Guy F.: Allright, gotta go... bye all
Meeka: hi erin
Dr. D.: And I see Rin here, so I guess I backed out of it okay.
Guy B.: Bye Guy, glad you stopped by.
Guy F.: Sorry to leave so soon.
Dr. D.: Bye GuyF
erin: hi Guy
erin: and bye Guy
Guy F. left chat session
Dr. D.: Hi Sweetie Rin, glad the dialup at least is working.
Guy B.: That's the other one, Rin
rich-c: hello Rin, see you did make it on
Dr. D.: Unless this is a different Erin, I see a lowercase
BobS: WB RIN, heard that your 'man' got your computer all goofed up ???????????????????
BobS: :-)
erin: oh I know - I said hi to you and bye to him
Dr. D.: She got a nuked version of XP from her brother that is preventing a wipe/reinstall to clean it up :-S
Guy B.: Anyway, Neil told me he has been busy and he was going to put something up on the list, but nothing at all.
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
erin: hi BobS
Guy B.: HI Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir!
Dr. D.: Hello Daniel
BobS: good morning Daniel
BobS: hows things?
Dr. D.: I presume no problems with the dialup then Rin?
rich-c: salut, Daniel
erin: no problems
Daniel Bienvenu: good evening Bob! :-)
erin: hi Daniel
Dr. D.: yay
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Dr.D
Daniel Bienvenu: salut, rich-c
Guy B.: You missed Guy F, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: hi erin
rich-c: GuyF was here but had to go change a diaper
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changed username to Pamela
Dr. D.: Gretchen and I were in Toronto and Niagara Falls over the weekend.
Guy B.: HI Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: hi pam
BobS: glad you are having all the fun with ATT this time Canadian Richard can't blame me for using ATT dsl svc
rich-c: hello daughter
Daniel Bienvenu: hi meeka
Meeka: hi Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: hi doug
Meeka: hello Daniel
erin: hi Pam
Pamela: greetings one and all
Daniel Bienvenu: july already... adamcon soon... many things to do before that event...
Pamela: Hi Doug, long time no see
Dr. D.: SALYUT was a Soviet spacecraft :-)
DougS: It's been a while. how is everyone doing?
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Dr. D.: Rin and I are still waiting on immigration :-(
Pamela: Rich, glad to see you and Gretchen made it safely home
rich-c: I though that was Soyuz?
changed username to Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: hi judy
Dr. D.: Soyuz was another.
Guy B.: HI Judy
Meeka: hi mom :)
Judy: Hello everyone
Pamela: Hi Judy
Dr. D.: Our 1st anniversary is coming up on 5 August and she is still not able to move here :-(
Dr. D.: Slow paperwork.
rich-c: hello Judy
BobS: any word on progress???????
Dr. D.: Otherwise everyone is well.
Dr. D.: Nope Bob.
Judy: that is a real bummer, DR D
Dr. D.: Just waiting.
erin: hi Judy
Pamela: hurry up and wait
Pamela: it's the worst
Dr. D.: Well Rin got a raise at work so she can at least save us some more $$$
rich-c: likely the Post Office - I'm still waiting for Autoweek that was due June 25th
Judy: congradulation on the raise
erin: thanks
rich-c: pity it won't be enough to send you to Adamcon
Dr. D.: I am waiting on several government documents from various agencies...I'd be thrilled if it were the USPS that is the holdup but I doubt it.
erin: yeah - too late for Adamcon
Dr. D.: Frankly Richard I would not be too hopeful at this point...
Guy B.: Bummer
Dr. D.: ...of an ADAMcon that is.
Dr. D.: 27 July is 3 weeks away.
rich-c: well, I haven't given up hope, but I've put it in the unrealistic box
Meeka: lol
Judy: that is one way of putting it
rich-c: so Rin, you're going to be tearing down and reinstalling XP on your computer, too?
Dr. D.: She ought to, but that is not possible Richard.
BobS: format thre hd, and start over mon
Guy B.: I'm going to make my airline reservations this weekend and if Neil puts a registration form up before the weekend. Then I can get a bank check off to him.
rich-c: I spent most of last night moving stuff I don't want to lose to my USB hard disc
Dr. D.: One of her brothers "fixed" it.
erin: nope I'm just leaving her be until I can get a new computer
Judy: I got a new Word today, my computer man was over
Dr. D.: I HATE NEW WORD it makes documents unreadable by any previous version
BobS: new install of Office 2003, which dont' work any better tahn the odl version
rich-c: pity - I do have a copy of 98SE I'm not using, so it's legal
Meeka: ya, doug said vista version changed the file format
BobS: turns out, it may be the printer driver that is controlling the problem she was having
Judy: this is Word 2003 that is what I am being tested on tomorrow
Dr. D.: Good luck Judy
Pamela: Erin, I obviously missed something - what happened to your computer?
Dr. D.: DSL woes due to Bell
Judy: thanks I think I know it
Meeka: its buggred up lol
Guy B.: The mail merge in Word 2003 is WAY different than in Office 2000.
Pamela: I knew that much
Dr. D.: We had to switch networking settings around to revert to dialup.
Judy: I know how to mail merge
Dr. D.: We switched them back to DSL tonight to see if DSL was back on, and it's not, so we had to revert to dialup again.
Dr. D.: Tricky to dictate by phone.
erin: what he said
Pamela: ok : )
(Dr. D. hugs erin)
Guy B.: I took an in-house course a couple of years ago when work decided to upgrade us to XP and Office 2003. Now, I've master the mail merge and it's not all that bad.
Pamela: mushy stuff!
Dr. D.: I just noticed that all the custom Actions are gone in the chat; Dale must have reset everything at some point.
rich-c: fwiw Tamco buys its bandwidth from Bell, which is working today (mostly)
erin: I'll try it again tomorrow - basically the main problem was that for some reason the CD to load the DSL said my computer didn't have a big enough processer
Pamela: mail merge is easy now that I've been practicing for a while
BobS: oh well
erin: which is pathetic because it installed and had been working for a month already
Dr. D.: If the Network Setup Wizard stuff works, you will not need the disk AFAIK.
Guy B.: I'm taking an Excel course in August on data lookup functions.
Pamela: way over my head, Guy
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changed username to Neil
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Neil
Neil: Hi
Judy: I am finished with Excel that is the next exam i will be taking
Meeka: hi neil
Dr. D.: I hear fireworks now, it is dark enough here.
Guy B.: Well, it might be helpful with me, since I use Excel 80% of the time.
Pamela: I've also noticed that certain ways of doing things with data source make merges much easier
rich-c: well, hello Neil. Where have you been?
Pamela: Hi, Neil
BobS: just getting dark here Dr d
Neil: Where haven't I been.
Guy B.: HI Neil, what's the word on the con?
Dr. D.: You are further west Bob :-)
BobS: a littler
Judy: Hi, Neil
BobS: got firecrackers and all going off
Guy B.: Same here, but's finally stopped. Startled Annie, but she's Ok
Neil: I handed in my major paper (finally) yesterday morning and was in Montreal all days yesterday watching 2 of the U-20 World Cup games.
Dr. D.: Rin shot nice movies of the Canada Day fireworks we saw in Weston on Sunday evening.
Neil: I finally have the registration form ready and will e-mail it momentarily.
rich-c: so that's what you twp were up to - which display did you go to?
Guy B.: Fantastic
Daniel Bienvenu: great
erin: the ones at Lions Park
Dr. D.: The one at Lion's Park, Richard, easy walk.
Neil: The hotel is holding 10 rooms until tomorrow, so I have to have names and arrival and departure dates from all of you who are coming by noon tomorrow.
rich-c: oh - don't know where that is
Dr. D.: We ate carny food and played carny games (Rin and Gretchen each won stuffed pandas) then sat on the hillside facing the river and watched the fireworks.
Dr. D.: Weston Rd. and Lawrence Ave. W., right Rin?
Guy B.: I'll be arriving on the 26th and leaving on the 30th.
rich-c: OK, over by the Humber - didn't even know there was a park there - in the ravine?
Dr. D.: Yes.
Pamela: Just south of Lawrence Dad, in the ravine
Dr. D.: Tennis courts, outdoor pool, ice rink, soccer field, baseball diamonds.
Dr. D.: Playground with water spouts.
rich-c: for Frances and I, the firm part is the Thursday through Sunday - but we will likely book to arrive earlier and maybe leave later
Pamela: I thought the spouts were in Cruickshank Park, farther north
Dr. D.: The carny stuff was on the soccer field.
Dr. D.: No, Cruickshank is right down the stairs from Church Street, no water stuff there.
Pamela: good to know for future reference : )
rich-c: OK, you can't really see down from a car on the bridge there - or on St. Phillips, for that matter
Dr. D.: No, St. Phillips is too far away to see any of it.
rich-c: anyway, Neil, will the convention get credit for any extra days we book?
Pamela: Neil, do we have to print this off, complete it and fax it back?
Dr. D.: Re: ADAMcon, Erin and I won't be able to make it this year, Neil :-( :-( :-(
Neil: You should be able to fill in the form using Acrobat or Adobe Reader, save it, and e-mail it back.
Pamela: ok
Neil: That's too bad, Dr. D.
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changed username to Bob
Bob requested to ban BobS
Guy B. confirmed ban
DougS confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
erin confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
Dr. D. confirmed ban
Dr. D.: hehe finally retiring the original ADAMcon IV plaintext template dating from Herman and George's BBSes :-)
Neil confirmed ban
Bob changed username to BobS
Dr. D.: We would like to buy T-shirts though Neil.
Dr. D.: So let us know pricing and we can order some, or Rin can, more easily, in $CDN
Pamela: Neil, are we better to book thru the hotel for extra days, or as part of the con group?
Neil: Rich, I told the hotel guy we would have various arrival and departure dates, so we should be able to book various dates under the convention.
rich-c: Since pricing is dependent on room-days, Neil, I'm concerned Adamcon get credited with all we use, is all
Neil: I set up the form so you can fill in the number of days you want. (We are getting a special group rate, so I think it's best to book through me.)
Pamela: the only thing that might change that is a CAA or AAA membership - Best Western offers a discount for members
rich-c: my other concern is getting a rooom with basic handicap facilities- I still need to use my walker for any distance
BobS: and on that note Richard, how you doing???????
rich-c: and I need information on accessible parking - do they honour an Ontario permit?
Neil: Dr. D.: We have set a price of $12 for shirts. Let me know what you want and sizes.
Pamela: you might have to call the hotel for that Dad
BobS: handicapped is handicapped mon
rich-c: with my walker and a rest on the way, I can make it to the plaza and back, Bob
Neil: Rich: I will ask about handicapped. I don't see that an Ontario permit would be any problem. I can't remember what the parking lot situation was for handicapped spaces.
rich-c: I will want an Adamcon t-shirt for myself, but Frances says she will pass
Neil: They are renovating the underground parking, so they only have outdoor parking.
BobS: thta is GOOD Richard
Neil: With Frances in mind, we made the shirt optional.
Pamela: and for this they're charging $8 a day??
rich-c: someone told me Quebec was its usual nasty self about honouring out of province handicap documents
Neil: There are not many smoking rooms. If you're not in a smoking room, you may have one with a balcony where you can smoke.
Dr. D.: Okay Neil I will send you an E-mail to confirm the order, an L for me and I guess an L for Rin too.
erin: yes
rich-c: I quit smoking several years ago - it isn't an issue for me
Dr. D.: AFAIK there are no smokers in the current group now.
Pamela: I think I'm the only smoker, Neil
Dr. D.: Except Pam :-(
Neil: Pam, would you be looking for a smoking room?
Pamela: yes
rich-c: what I need is a ground floor or elevator that can accommodate my walker, and above all quiet
rich-c: assist grips and traction strips in the bathroom are a big help too
BobS: and WHAT are you going to do in the bathtub with traction strips?????? run a race?????
Neil: I will ask tomorrow about the handicapped facilities and permits.
rich-c: soapy bottoms get slippy, Bob, and with a broken back you can't balance properly
BobS: oh OK
BobS: Judy just killed herself off
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rich-c: I suspect she will be back
changed username to JudyS
rich-c: see, told you so
Neil: Yes, they have to charge for parking ($7 + tax). Most parking in downtown is more than that. They have fairly limited amount of surface parking, but the underground parking was dropping nasty liquids on cars, so they have to leave everyone outside.
erin: (PRIVATE) so do you want to go Friday?
JudyS: I am back, hit the x one time to many
Pamela: (PRIVATE) unless I'm too tired to cope, I'd like to go. I'm done at 5:00
Neil: I'm sure the elevator will have no problems with the walker.
BobS: who wants goopy stuff all over their car
Pamela: (PRIVATE) be right back, checking something
rich-c: well, I am very suspicious of the parking charge and rationale for it - no other motel charges
Guy B.: If anyone could pick me up from the airport and take me there, I could avoid renting a car.
Dr. D.: The better to support the automobile repainting industry, Bob :-)
erin: (PRIVATE) sounds good to me - we'll play it by ear
BobS: true doc
Neil: It's not really a "motel". I don't know of any other downtown hotel that has free parking.
rich-c: any idea when you will be coming in and leaving, Guy?
Guy B.: I'll have to look at the flight schedules.
BobS: depends on what time the passenger pigeon comes in Richard
BobS: AND if he has to leave inthe light or the drak
BobS: dark
Guy B.: It will be on Thursday, the 26th and leaving Monday the 30th.
rich-c: let's say that in all my years of travelling I have never encountered a hotel/motel that charges guests for parking
Neil: When I take my car, I usually park at the Quality Hotel on the Ottawa side. It $7.50 for the whole day which is very cheap, but hotel guests have to pay $11 or $11.50 to park overnight.
Guy B.: That's first for even me.
Dr. D.: If it is a city ordinance Richard not much can be done.
Dr. D.: Parking in cities exists to make $$$
Guy B.: Exactly
Neil: The Holiday Inn, the other option I had, charges $10 for parking (+ tax, I assume).
Dr. D.: Maybe you should just take a train in Richard and avoid the driving issue entirely.
Dr. D.: Rin and I would like an excuse someday to take a train together :-)
rich-c: no, especially with my baggage that would involve far too many complications
BobS: I can see that Richard
BobS: would work ONLY IF the train left your block and stpped AT the hotel
rich-c: the train involves a change in Kingston, I believe, and runs to outer Ottawa, a long way from Gatineau
erin: all right folks - I'm heading out - morning comes early
rich-c: and then we'd have no transport for our extra days
Guy B.: Night Erin
erin: nite all!
BobS: be good Erin, have FUN, get yoru dsl working and.........WORK HARD
Dr. D.: Nite Sweetie, I should follow soon too.
rich-c: gotta earn that extra pay, Rin - ; - )
erin: exactly "-)
erin left chat session
Pamela: nite Rin
Dr. D.: She is working very hard, she is the only one to get her ministry to meet a certain internal deadline that no other ministry has yet met, and she was done 2 weeks early.
Dr. D.: She is running the joint, she can be Steve's running mate in an election some day.
rich-c: good on her - or is that also telling us something about the other ministries?
Dr. D.: Both.
Pamela: Rich, will you tell her that I'll try to call her tomorrow - our Recreation Day is tomorrow and I'll be gone much of the day, but will try
Dr. D.: She anticipated certain stuff over a year ago and has been working on it steadily in anticipation of being asked for it.
BobS: ooooooooooh, a femal politican, are they allowed to lie liek the boys?
Dr. D.: haha
Pamela: not only are they allowed, they do it better : )
Dr. D.: Okay Pam.
Pamela: thanks Rich
Dr. D.: All right, I am closing hailing frequencies for the night.
Dr. D.: <boom> go the fireworks here
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
BobS: so same goes for you Dr good, blah blah blah
Guy B.: Bye Dr. D
Pamela: night Rich
Pamela: man everyone is poofing in a hurry
BobS: no lie
rich-c: The bunch Rin works for are hopeless - their only salvation is that the Opposition is, incredibly, worse
Guy B.: That for sure
BobS: so which political group is worse........the BIG QUESTION
Neil: There are 3 trains a day to Ottawa from Toronto with no change required at Kingston. The train station is actually not that far away (about 4 km I think). The airport is much farther.
rich-c: actually while the train ride is nice it isn't a viable option for us, Neil
Pamela: Guy to answer your question, one way or the other we'll get you from the airport to the hotel
Pamela: Just let us know when your flight is
Guy B.: Ok, I have your e-mail address. So, I'll let you know then.
rich-c: the only question is whether you get to ride in a Safari or an Escape
Neil: I know it's not a viable option. I was just filling you in on what that option involves for anyone who might be interested.
rich-c: and make sure I get a copy, Guy
Guy B.: Will do Rich
Pamela: it will be one of us, whether a Clee, a Vilneff, or a Wick
Pamela: and I'm sure the hotel probably runs a shuttle, Guy
Pamela: which may be a better bet for your return flight
Guy B.: I didn't see one on their website.
rich-c: yes, that depends on how early it is in the morning
Neil: The airport is not actually as far away as the hotel says it is, but it's at least a 20-minute drive + traffic jams. It's most practical to have someone drive you, but several people have cars.
Guy B.: I'm going to try to arrive by dinner time and hopefully take off on Monday morning.
rich-c: all depends on when he's leaving - Frances does not do mornings very well
Pamela: what do you have planned for the field trip Neil?
Neil: I don't know that they have a shuttle. It's actualyl not terribly easy to get from the airport to downtown, except by private car or taxi.
Pamela: and here's another question for you - what's the best way to the hotel from the 417 eastbound?
Neil: I think the Museum of Civilization is the best option for the field trip. Some may have seen it, but there are always new things, and it is Canada's most popular museum.
rich-c: if we had enopiugh Americans I'd recommend Parliament Hill, but too many of us have done that
BobS: probalby go north or south ON a road Pam
Pamela: gee thanks Bob : )
Meeka: in your car
BobS: no problem hon, that is WHAT I am here for
Neil: There's a combo ticket for Civilization and the War Museum also available.
JudyS: he is full of it isn't he?
rich-c: the Museum of Civilization has a special exhibit on China right now that's getting very good reviews
Pamela: full of smart parts, Judy : )
JudyS: I live will that daily
Meeka: just be glad you dont live with them parts
rich-c: and I hear the War Museum (which was always good) has just been massively upgraded
Pamela: that's okay Judy, I do too
BobS: nostly the back side about halfway down?????????????????
Meeka: his son is not much better :P
Pamela: when I ask Russell what we should do about dinner he says "I think we should have some"
Meeka: doug would juswt say i dont know, ehat do you want
rich-c: well, there's a St. Hubert's nearby, but I think we may want better
Guy B.: Hope they have good restaurants in the area
BobS: speaking of Russell, did he find anything to occupy his free time yet????
Pamela: not yet
Pamela: soon, I hope
JudyS: that is the common hope
rich-c: last time we were in Ottawa, Ron took us to a very nice Lebanese restaurant downtown
Pamela: what about you, did that promising interview pan out yet?
Daniel Bienvenu: my boss was thinking the adamcon was in june, but I clearly specified it was in july... the big boss return from some vacation now, I will have to ask again, i think...
rich-c: and I seem to recall a steakhouse that defeated me in my "hollow leg" days
Pamela: Daniel, be firm - you ARE coming
Guy B.: Daniel, are you?
Neil: From the 417, probably get off at Nicholas (just past downtown), turn left on Rideau, right onto Sussex 3 or 4 blocks to the art gallery, then across the old Interprovincial Bridge. The hotel is right at the end of the bridge.
JudyS: not yet, hopefully next week, the other two people dropped out and he needed more people to interview
BobS: no, but I did get agood email fromt he guy and he says he WANTS to have taht interview and ins very interested in me
Pamela: why? he's got the best already : )
Guy B.: Neil, if you get the registration form up by tomorrow. I could have it off to you later in the day.
Meeka: we know that
BobS: kinda what I thought too Pam
JudyS: we don't have time to get jobs, kids and parents are keeping us too busy
rich-c: quite, he can still count the dropouts into the interview quota
Meeka: just has to convince htthen of that now
BobS: woudl think so wouldn't you ????
JudyS: Doug was in the hospital last Saturday
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm trying to contact steve begin by phone, but I got no answer... I don't know if he will be able to fill the registration tommorow.
Neil: The new war museum is fantastic!, but I think the Museum of Civilization is more of general interest.
Guy B.: What happened?
JudyS: his heart stopped twice
Pamela: WHAT???
Guy B.: Oh my. Any idea what caused it?
JudyS: and on Monday son-in-law doug was rushed in the hospital
JudyS: not yet still running tests
Meeka: no, they not reLLT sure4 yeyt
Meeka: scar3esd the shit outt me thoughgt
Guy B.: Could be anything.
Pamela: OMG!!
Guy B.: I would be too
Pamela: I believe it, Meeka
Meeka: sorry bput my typin ,, my fingers npt working right these fdeday s
Neil: There are tons of good restaurants to choose from on the Ottawa side. I left the suppertimes on your own except the banquet so people can take their pick according to preference.
Pamela: it's all the keyboard's fault Meeka
Meeka: no, i wish it was
rich-c: yes, heart problems are seriously scary at the best of times
BobS: passed out and hit the floor the first time and the second time.......e unit guy stabbed him with an IV and scared the sh&& out of him
Guy B.: Good idea Neil.
Meeka: i haveing problemsw with my hqands
Guy B.: Carpel Tunnel?
JudyS: meek is having some trouble with numbness in her finger, will be going to a specialist next month
Meeka: dont th8ink so
BobS: no carpel finger !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
JudyS: that is Meeka
Pamela: what on earth is going on with all of you? You all have to stop scaring us like this
Meeka: i haed a MRI abpout 2 weeksa ago and they say i have demyelanization of the nerves
Guy B.: I'm wearing my right wrist support now. The other is at work for the left.
rich-c: man, you all sure have your plates full of problems
JudyS: think of how we must be feeling
Meeka: which basically meqans there is something going on with the coating that protectsd the nerves
BobS: heck I am thinking of leaving this sick bunch REichard
BobS: sucks to be us it do
Pamela: wow, weird
Daniel Bienvenu: I still want to be at the adamcon, I'm planning to be there, but I still don't know if I will go there by car, bus or train. maybe it's a good opportunity to travel by train rather than bus and car... where is the train station?
Neil: Daniel, email me names and dates as if everyone is coming. If necessary, we can make adjustments later. (There is no cancellation penalty as long as we have at least 24 hours notice.)
Pamela: one hand or both, Meeka?
Meeka: ya, im th3e mean time ist is dribinmg me bomkers\]
Meeka: bpoth
JudyS: monday I said i was packing my bags and leaving, not telling anyone where i was going
Pamela: I've had days like that Judy
Meeka: also0 feels like i have a ace bandgae wrpped around my toreosoe too
BobS: told my boss I was spending the day at home, not answering the phone.....but wouldn't yo know it !!!! D&M showed up and so did Mandy and Ryan
DougS: she hasn't been able to spell for years, this just compounds the problem.
Pamela: couldn't you folks get nice normal stuff like appendicitis???
BobS: got caought again
JudyS: we have had way too many of those days
Meeka: HEY, I reaembele thqt :P
Meeka: oops, i ment resent lol
Pamela: : )
Meeka: guesds not
BobS: THAT might HURT Pam
Pamela: oh, and having your heart stop doesn't??
rich-c: Is there a train service from Montreal to Ottawa, or is it strictly bus?
Meeka: he doesdnt remember it
Neil: It is 6.5 km to the train station, about a 15-minute drive. It's also not too difficult to go by bus from the train station, but I'm sure someone could pick you up.
Meeka: he says next thing he knows i ws on the phone with 911
Pamela: there is train service Dad
BobS: got lots of booms here fromt he fireworks around here
Guy B.: I can hear them too. Even though I'm about a couple miles from them.
BobS: long story short, the doctors kno't know anything yet about WHY
Neil: Mtl-Ott by train is under 2 hours and about $65 return. I think it's cheaper by bus. I know people who have travelled by bus, but the train is nicer in my opinion.
rich-c: oh, I went off to get my beer and missed a bit - just catching up
BobS: BEER !?!?!?!?!?
Meeka: you alreasdy had your 1 beer for the dy ddad
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BobS: what's on tap tonight
Guy B.: Neil, have you organized a schedule for the seminars yet? I'm working on a program and a slideshow with the AdamEm utiltiies
Daniel Bienvenu: thank you Neil. I will reply to your email before midnight... if I'm not too tired.
changed username to rich-1
Daniel Bienvenu: hello again rich
Guy B.: Welcome Back Rich
BobS: THAT is catchingup for sure Richard
rich-1: yes, hit the dsmn Windows key again and zap
BobS: what's on tap tonight for the brew Richard?
rich-1: anyway, Guy Foster, Fred and I are going to have a beer tasting session ; - )
Neil: I'm getting Dale to schedule the seminars. I think it's pretty open at the moment, but let him know how much time you think you'll need.
rich-1: tonight it's Black Oak Nut Brown Ale
BobS: grand finale on fireworks
Guy B.: Should be about an hour. Dale did a great job with last year's.
rich-1: I am buying six-packs from the better micro-breweries and having a sample eash chat night
Meeka: ]eewwww
JudyS: that doesn't sound very good, Rich
Daniel Bienvenu: my laptop is acting weird lately... he try booting but show a blue screen seeing that "unmounting boot device" and I saw the answer in microsoft web page and it's like a conflict between os, hd and bios... and it's not my fault.
Pamela: my sentiments too Meeka
BobS: the BLUE screen OF DEATH Daniel
BobS: a famous Microsoft innovation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
rich-1: yes, one of their best known undocumented features
BobS: how many beers ayou have tongiht??????? and how many chats are YOU gonna have at AC19?
Pamela: the only one that works consistently : )
Guy B.: Oh oh.
Meeka: almost all beer is yucky in my opinoin pam
JudyS: mine too
BobS: cept for Caribe, Judy says
Pamela: mine too
BobS: mine too
rich-1: tonight I will have the one bottle, as always. At the Con, whatever we three (and any additions) consider prudent
BobS: oops, some are good !!!!!!!
Pamela: and my father thinks I'm a peasant :)
Guy B.: I have a hard drive enclosure ready to be tested. I put in my old 4.3GB hard drive and it will use a USB port.
Daniel Bienvenu: the only solution is "if I can restart the computer and boot, then just ignore the blue screen... but tonight this screen appears twice", so I checked again and the answer is using another cable for the hd and setup something in the bios the make windows boot everytime.
Meeka: i gust dont like the tste
Guy B.: See if you can get into the BIOS
Pamela: I know - too bitter
Daniel Bienvenu: well, at least, my precious data are on my desktop computer and some dvd-r.
BobS: Bill gates sasy go to this website...
Pamela: me< I'm a fuzzy njavel type
Daniel Bienvenu: this is the message I got. "STOP 0x000000ED UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME"
Meeka: long island ice tea is pretty good too
BobS: tis this a NEW laptop Daniel?????
Pamela: yup
Daniel Bienvenu: it's a well know issue
BobS: probalby, Microsoft built it INTO Windows
rich-1: I can't stand sweet drinks (excwept maybe certain specialist wines) - I like my beer with muscles
BobS: beer with muscle????????
Daniel Bienvenu: it's the laptop I bought last year to be able to do a speech about coleco programming at the Arcadia festival in Montreal... and I use it to do some work.
BobS: ohoh
Pamela: not your average
Pamela: Coors, Bolb
BobS: probably hd cable or windows or keyboard or screen problem
Pamela: Meeka, are you contagious??
rich-1: "unmountable"? you're using Vista?
Meeka: he wants i t tio stand up by itself, no glass needed :P
DougS: what did you install lately Daniel? Update to a driver perhaps?
BobS: that there wee li'l computer is NOT a horse you know
Meeka: dont think so, why?
Pamela: 'xactly
JudyS: we hope not
Pamela: because all of a sudden I can't type either!
Meeka: lol
BobS: catching is it?
JudyS: seeing as she is sitting in the room with us
BobS: farn dingers wayany!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pamela: ya got that right
Meeka: blame it on yolur key bpoRfd
Daniel Bienvenu: well, this problem started in march... and I think it was because of a bad windows update that didn't consider the chipset inside the laptop. I had to install a patch by microsoft but things were getting worst after that.
JudyS: we think that is board
Meeka: oh man, yhay one was baD
Pamela: I always do : )
DougS: honestly. she did not have that much to drink today.
BobS: translation....blame it on your keyboard
Daniel Bienvenu: then I saw this blue screen for the first time.
Pamela: I don't need translation - and I don't know what that says about me
rich-1: Daniel, would you by any chance have a "live" CD with some Linux distribution on it?
Meeka: lol
Pamela: I speak jumble really well?
Meeka: flad someone dies
Daniel Bienvenu: I have the ubuntu ones
JudyS: ya, she is using my old computer
Neil: Daniel, that error doesn't sound good. I had something similar and eventually had to reinstall Windows from scratch. I had important stuff backed up but I had a heck of a time recovering my unimportant stuff before reinstalling.
Meeka: now if ionlty i could stoop0 lauyghing it would help some
Daniel Bienvenu: actually, my mother is using my laptop and it appears to work pretty well again.
rich-1: consider using the ubuntu for chat if you're having trouble - and also for booting and analytics
Pamela: LOL
BobS: well quit using those wierd applications Daniel
Pamela: scarily enough, some of it makes mroe sense than the computerese I see
Pamela: (see?)
Meeka: yup
Daniel Bienvenu: as soon as I can, I will bought spinrite, a tool that can repair bad data and prevent more damage and corruption.
Meeka: that cupter jumbo makles some sence to me, how scary is thsat
rich-1: it's OK Daniel, I spent all last night backing up my important stuff because I'll need a reinstall
JudyS: scary she is typing again
Daniel Bienvenu:
Meeka: sticks topung out at mopm
Pamela: well Doug has to have rubbed off on you at least a little
Neil: Spinrite is a good program.
Daniel Bienvenu: you try it?
Meeka: yup
Neil: I can't remember if I actually used Spinrite, because I had a similar Norton program, but I've read a lot about it.
BobS: goto and get a little older version of SpinRite and run it now
JudyS: just not too much we hope
rich-1: spinrite is one of Gibson's programs? I hadn't realized that. is great, too
Daniel Bienvenu: the actual version (6.0) seems to support almost anything.
Meeka: Pam, i finally finished that tree skirt
rich-1: but what are you running? Vista?
Daniel Bienvenu: but I have to use a credit card to purchase a liscence...
JudyS: and it is beautiful
Pamela: wowk, that was quick
BobS: not at Daniel
Pamela: have you posted the final pictures yet?
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changed username to Guy B & Annie
Guy B & Annie requested to ban Guy B.
BobS confirmed ban
DougS confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
Neil confirmed ban
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Guy B & Annie changed username to Guy B.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm using Mandriva and Windows XP (home edition) on my desktop, and it's a XP media center edition on my laptop, but the media center part doesn't work anymore... just freeze when starting it, also the windows media player refuse to execute.
Pamela: where is Ron this evening?
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. Firefox crashed.
Meeka: there ya go Pam
rich-1 confirmed ban
Pamela: Neil, I just realized - I'm not at work tomorrow - I don't know if I'll be able to get that stuff to you by noon because I'll be out all day
rich-1: Daniel, XP does not require you to mount your devices - your error message doesn't make sense
Pamela: I was gonna say, Meeka, that I'll look at it from work (I have stitchery.hollowdreams bookmarked) where I have high speed
Pamela: wow, no errors - good!
Pamela: but I'll have to wait until Friday
Neil: I think Ron's in a cycling group that happens every Wednesday till the end of August.
Meeka: lol
JudyS: she does good work, just can't type
Meeka: or spell apperntly
Daniel Bienvenu:
BobS: quick and easy wsebsite pam you can do it on slow speed
Pamela: that's okay we forgive you
Pamela: backspace key is my best friend
Meeka: ty
Pamela: yvw
BobS: so, your Firefly crashed eh?????? into what?????
JudyS: mine too, pam
BobS: I happen to use the frontspace key lots
JudyS: my shift key doesn
Neil: Pamela (and everyone else), if you can e-mail me the names and dates ASAP, I can worry about the details later.
JudyS: t seem to want to work tonight
BobS: yes, the round one is getting flatter............
BobS: by the time we see him he sill be a shadow of his former self
BobS: will
Pamela: I'm anxious to see him
rich-1: the main problem, Neil, is getting the cash to you - the hotel would be no problem if they take Visa
Neil: I don't have to give the hotel any cash until we check out.
Pamela: not even a deposit?
Daniel Bienvenu: and lately my desktop computer start acting weird too... a tool I use to convert video files start making errors with messages about a null pointers. and my mouse wheel does a back or next page in firefox or explorer when going up then down.
Daniel Bienvenu: for this weird mouse wheel problem I have no clue, no solution
Pamela: the mouse wheel can act as another button, Daniel - if you push it it will click on things
BobS: you got a sick set of lap;tops Daniel??????????
Neil: Technically they require a deposit ($50 on the meeting room), but they don't actually charge that unless we cancel everything. They have my credit card number.
BobS: like as in..........VIRUJS
rich-1: it's OK Daniel, I'm getting the same sort of instability - XP also is losing files on me
Daniel Bienvenu: it's true that started when I changed for a new mouse because the old one was not working very well.
Pamela: so, you're buying? : ))
Neil: Wellll, I don't know about that.
Pamela: shucks
BobS: KILL THEM BOTH Daniel and start over mon
Neil: I hope that we have enough people coming to cover the meeting room cost.
BobS: Neil, use CANADIAN TIRE money !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
JudyS: told you he is full of it
Neil: I don't even have that much Canadian Tire money.
BobS: welll but some tires man
rich-1: I just bought a new mouse today, Daniel, as the old one was dying - shown by not behaving right
BobS: and get the cash
Pamela: I have about $.25 right now
Daniel Bienvenu: I will be at the adamcon, I want to and I will do everything to be there.
BobS: did yo give the old mouse anice send off Richard
Pamela: best thing I ever did was get an optical mouse
rich-1: nope, it's still on my desk, haven't had time for that yet
Pamela: it's lasted far longer than roller mice
Pamela: next ambition is a wireless mouse
Daniel Bienvenu: if I can save enough money... maybe I will bought another laptop and give the actual one to my mother... she uses it every day to check mail.
rich-1: the new mouse if given to doing a lot of flashing even when not being used
BobS: and HOW will you know IF the newmouse is working Richard???????
Pamela: interesting Papa
rich-1: I am wondering if I have an incipient hard disc failure, or problem on my motherboard - unlikely,but...
JudyS: if it leaves mouse turds
Meeka: lmao
BobS: NO, themouse is 'flashing' you?????
Daniel Bienvenu: I have a wireless mouse for my laptop, it was a good purchase, it's better than using the tiny touchpad.
Pamela: btw Meeka, Russell thinks you have a computer virus : )
rich-1: well, a mouse flashes when you move it or click with it, of course
Pamela: in you, that is
Meeka: lol
Meeka: doug musta GIvbed it to me
DougS: ya, touchpads suck
BobS: naw, no vieuses around here, she is using Judy's old laptop
rich-1: but this gives quick little flashes sometimes when it's just sitting there
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to call it the night. Return to work tomorrow. Will see you all next week.
JudyS: so does Doug
Pamela: our touchpad is way too sensitive
Daniel Bienvenu: it's almost 23h... I will try filling the registration form with acrobat reader (if it's possible) as soon as I get it from you, Neil.
Pamela: night Guy
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
BobS: be good Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight all. bonne nuit!
JudyS: night Guy
Guy B.: Same here Niel. I can scan my form and save it as a PDF.
Meeka: noigth
Guy B.: Sorry about the spelling
rich-1: see you, Guy, and give us your flight/arrival data
Pamela: Neil, if you send the e-mail now I'll complete it and send it right back
Guy B.: I will Rich. Hopefully by the weekend
Guy B.: Ok, I'm off.
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Neil: I emailed the form 25 minutes ago but it hasn't come through yet.
Pamela: not here - I just checked
BobS: oh oh.............must be locked away where the sun don't shine
Pamela: I'll keep checking for a while yet, and if not tonite, first thing in the morning
JudyS: it is stuck in the mail
rich-1: Bell seems to have all its lines screwed up all over Toronto, Neil - driving our ISPs nuts
BobS: groan
Pamela: lost in cyberspace
Pamela: mine's working fine Dad
Daniel Bienvenu: hmmm... well, do your best to send us the form. I have to go sleep now. talk to you later!
Daniel Bienvenu: bye
Pamela: night Daniel
rich-1: anyway Neil, book us for Thursday through Sunday inclusive, handicap room and parking
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-1: and ask for one that can be also booked for a couple of days before or after - likely before
Neil: I have to sign off, so I can get some supper. I'll try to get contact with Dale to see what happened to the email list.
Neil: Okay, rich, I will ask about that.
BobS: be well Neil
rich-1: ok - trust you know where to reach me?
Pamela: Dad if you're timing it with us, we plan to go up on 'Sunday the 22nd and stay through the 29th, checking out on the 30th
Pamela: Neil, I'll send you an e-mail with as many details as I can, but we're coming for sure
rich-1: we are likeliest to go up on the 23rd, checkout on the Monday
Neil: Sounds good. I will tentatively ask for those dates.
rich-1: but we shall have to see how your mother is feeling
Pamela: Meeka, I wish you two were comingl. Having no Slopsemas is going to be weird.
BobS: AND lonely too my dear
Meeka: i knokw
Neil: They need 24 hours notice for changes otherwise they charge one day.
Pamela: well we know you'll all be there in spirit
BobS: but time and finances do not permit, along with school and work schedules
Meeka: i wish we coild havem, but tooo0o much going on right now
rich-1: we understand, but we really regret it
Pamela: ditto
BobS: but we can come for Sat eve chat
BobS: knda like being there
Meeka: yup
JudyS: yes, we will do that
Neil: Okay, I'm off. Good night.
rich-1: we will do our best to make it a good one - all us lushes with our laptops in one room, eh?
BobS: see ya's
Pamela: good night Neil.
BobS: next week all
Neil left chat session
Pamela: lushes with laptops - sounds like a bad novel : )
BobS left chat session
rich-1: goodnight, Slopsemas all - Doug, take very special care, eh?
Meeka: lol
Pamela: Night Bob, judy, Doug and Meeka
JudyS: going to sign off now, have to have a good night's sleep so am ready for my test, night all
Meeka: night
Meeka: ttyl
Pamela: soon!
rich-1: well, with wireless internet, one can do that!
JudyS left chat session
Meeka: k, will try
Pamela: well Dad, it's just you and I - guess we should seek Morpheus
Meeka left chat session
DougS left chat session
Pamela: FYI, we're at the trailer this weekend but not till Saturday morning
rich-1: I think so, daughter - you plan to phone this week?
Pamela: i may not have time
Pamela: tomorrow is Recreation Day for my office and we're at Horseshoe Valley from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
Pamela: and Friday evening Erin and I are going to try to get to the outdoor art show at Nathan Phillips square
rich-1: OK - football all four days, but Friday is excessively late - some is on CBC I think
Pamela: if I get home at a reasonable hour tomorrow, I'll call
rich-1: right - well, we'll see what works out but not count on iot
Pamela: I'll always have my cell phone with me and it's got a full charge so you can call it anytime
rich-1: OK - your mother may want words; I'll likely be watching the game
Pamela: football widow of the world, unite!
Pamela: : )
rich-1: OK though we tend to go easy on that - answeering it costs you
rich-1: anyhow, night for now
Pamela: I'm not worried, never used my 200 minutes yet
rich-1: OK
Pamela: night Daddy, say gn'ite to Mom for me
Pamela: hugs and kisses
rich-1: colour me gone
Pamela: kerpoof
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