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rich-c: test
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changed username to BobS
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BobS: ahso, just you and I eh?
changed username to Pamela
BobS: AND Pamela, HI PAM
rich-c: hello Bob, how is Doug?
Pamela: and me!
rich-c: hello daughter
Pamela: Hi Dad, Hi Bob
BobS: Doug is ok for now........tests show nothing
BobS: But bad news.......................................
BobS: Meeka has been diagnosed with MS
rich-c: oh no - one of those mystery things that may indicate disaster or nothing
BobS: MRI shows previous bout with it, bigger and better MRI this Sunday night to find out about problems from waist to neck
rich-c: oh no - how much more bad news can your family take, anyway? That's brutal
BobS: I don't know kids
BobS: kinda sucks to be us don't it?
rich-c: that is sure an understatement, Bob
BobS: D&M seems to be taking it into stride better tahn we are at this point
rich-c: oddly enough, that is often the case - though there's also an element of holding back
BobS: hoepfully, with medications, it can be slowed to a little over the zero mark and possible nerve covering regrowth will occur
Pamela: I don't know what to say at this point
BobS: OUCH will work Pam
rich-c: yes, there has been tremendous progress in that area of late, talk of even a cure down the road
Pamela: yeah, that would do it
rich-c: althugh screaming in rage and frustration and pounding the walls might fit too
BobS: we have to look at best case scenerio.........meds stop the ms; youth helps regrow the nerve linings; live normal or semi normal life
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changed username to Scarlett
BobS: Scarlett OHara ??????????????????????????
Pamela: Hi Rin
rich-c: in all justice, Bob, we do have to look at the pace of medical progress - what has been accomplished in the last few years is near miraculous
rich-c: hi Rin
BobS: and hoepfully the next 5 or so will follow suit
Scarlett: hi all
BobS: hey Rinb
BobS: rin
BobS: ya know
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changed username to Guy B.
BobS: the doc??????
rich-c: I keep seeing reports in my alumni newsletters from the U of T and they ahve a new breakthrough to report every month, it seems
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
BobS: hi Guy
Pamela: Hi Guy
rich-c: hello Guy, how's the weatehr in Chicago?
Guy B.: Cooler today
BobS: LOTS cooler
BobS: like only 74 for a high temp
rich-c: we had teh cold front this morning, now it's delightfully cool here, may be cold overnight
BobS: after yesterday's 93* F
Pamela: and 95% humidity :(
Guy B.: Hit 96 her before the storms roared in.
rich-c: we're looking at under 60°Fovernight
Pamela: commuting was a chore the last couple of days
Guy B.: Did you get my e-mail Pam?
rich-c: we have the air conditioner off again and may not even need the exhaust fans tonight
Pamela: I.m sitting here looking out the window at the clear blue sky, no clouds, no humidity
Pamela: what a pleasant change
Pamela: I did Guy
Pamela: sent it to work so I can print it out
rich-c: we turned off teh a/c in the van when we went shopping, too
Guy B.: Yep, even Annie liked it. Went for a walk on the bike trail
Guy B.: Great.
rich-c: had to go to a strange supermarket, power was out at our regular one
Pamela: poor puppy, the heat must be rough on her
Pamela: where did you go Dad?
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changed username to Dr. D.
Scarlett: hi Hubbys
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Pamela: Hi Rich
Guy B.: She wasn't out all that much. Only when she needed to go and I took a water bottle just for her. Has a portable dish, so she ketp her cool.
changed username to Judy
Guy B.: Hi Dr. D
Dr. D.: Hi Pookie <kiss>
BobS: hey doc, how's your weather?
Judy: Hi, All
Scarlett: <smooch>
BobS: gettign cold yet?
Dr. D.: Hi the rest of yuns
rich-c: hello Judy, hello Dr. D.
Dr. D.: Cooler today, rain this mornig
Dr. D.: 90s earlier in the week
Pamela: Hi Judy
Guy B.: HI Judy
BobS: same here
Dr. D.: Rin did you watch 3x13?
Judy: How is everyone doing?
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BobS: and Chicago, and Toronto
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
BobS: and everywhere
Pamela: Hi Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir
rich-c: yes, on the weather radar it looked like Cleveland was getting a fair dousing
Scarlett: indeed I did...and guess what was in my mailbox when I got home :-)
Guy B.: Good here. Finally off overtime until after the con.
Judy: hi, Daniel
Guy B.: HI Daniel
Dr. D.: post was fast for once
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Dr. D.: It was mailed Friday
changed username to james
Pamela: HI James
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: it's raining a lot here
Dr. D.: Last N times it took over a week.
Judy: hi, James
Daniel Bienvenu: domo domo
Dr. D.: Did it work okay from the USB dongle?
Scarlett: it was, so I watched it from the CD
Pamela: US mail has been slow recently Rich
Dr. D.: This was fast Pam
james: hi
james: i really can't stay long
james: but wanted to say hi
rich-c: good morning james, how did you slip in?
Dr. D.: So what did you think Rin?
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, hi.
Dr. D.: Hi James
Scarlett: it was great
Scarlett: they obviously saved it all for the end
Scarlett: wow
james: g'day
Dr. D.: Now I can tell you the news...though it would spoil James...
rich-c: james, how did your auctions go?
james: rich, i sold an adam
james: spoil what?
Scarlett: Doctor
james: i think i'm caught up actually
rich-c: congratulations! in Japan, I assume
Dr. D.: Season 4 Doctor Who
james: yes!
james: they're up to season 4?
Scarlett: oh?
Pamela: well done James
Dr. D.: Well, will be by Xmas
Scarlett: what news??
james: the last episode i watched was.. sec
Dr. D.: If you have seen the Season 3 finale, you won't be spoiled
james: "the lazarus experiment"
Dr. D.: you are way behind then
james: so i think i have a few to go maybe
Dr. D.: way way way behind
james: i'll have to find a torrent with the remaining episodes
Dr. D.: Rin we must be mum and not spoil him
james: really? by how many?
Dr. D.: demonoid
Scarlett: okay I'll wait untilafter
Daniel Bienvenu: I was in Montreal for my job today. a lot of work, but it's in completion
Dr. D.: L.E is #6, there are 13 total.
james: because if i can download a bunch and watch them on the plane, that'll keep me from going insane
rich-c: is that good news or bad news, Daniel?
james: aiden wants to play a game
james: i shall return soon though
Pamela: hokay
rich-c: james, fyi Frances and I expect to arrive in Gatineau on Froday the 20th- we're coming early
Dr. D.: If Rin has her BB I can tell her news without spoiling James
Scarlett: I do, I do!!
Dr. D.: Is there actually going to be a convention, Richard?
Dr. D.: Okay Rin
Pamela: you said that already Erin : )
Scarlett: hehe
Pamela: no need to practice anymore :)
rich-c: well, the Clee family will be there, and I assume the Wicks
Pamela: and the Vilneffs
rich-c: not to mention a few of our Quebecois members
Daniel Bienvenu: well, like many other softwares, after doing a final version, they have sub-sequent versions, like revision, or simply updates.
rich-c: in fact if Daniel has the job near completion, he should have no problem getting the time off
Dr. D.: What I meant, Richard, is that there hasn't been any confirmation stuff from Neil sent by the mailing list, at least...just the 4 July deadline mail.
Daniel Bienvenu: I may need someone to take me from the train station. I think I will travel by train.
Dr. D.: Sent Rin
Scarlett: I've read it and replied
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changed username to FredK
FredK: Hi All
Pamela: Hi Fred
Judy: hi, Fred
BobS: hiya Fred
rich-c: hello Fred
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir fred
rich-c: we'll need to know the timing but one of us should be able to pick you up, Daniel
rich-c: depends on where it is in Ottawa and what time you arrive
james: well rich, i think it'd be nice if we can hook up
Pamela: we will get you there one way or another Daniel
james: a weekday morning would probably interfere the least with family plans
Pamela: James, we'll be there on the 22nd
james: ok, we should be able to meet up i think
rich-c: you realize, james, that with us old folks morning has a somewhat different definition
james: i'd like to anyway, since i can't make it to the con
james: brb
Dr. D.: Well, glad some folks are able to go the the convention at least.
rich-c: we wish you and Erin could find a way to come
Pamela: I hope we'll be able to coordinate James
Dr. D.: We have had to choose were to spend our $$$ and we decided we would rather spend half the con amount for our anniversary weekend, Richard.
BobS: and a good cause it will be too
Scarlett: actually more likely less than half the cost of the con
FredK: Pamela did you mention 22nd for the con?
Pamela: we're going up early Fred
rich-c: no, she is going up early, as are we
Pamela: gonna do some sightseeing before the gathering
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Dr. D.: I would have about 24 hours' worth of driving to go: Cleveland to Toronto first, then to Ottawa, then return trip.
Dr. D.: I spend enough time in the car as it is :-(
FredK: I wont be staying at the hotel, will drive down and back not sure maybe 2days dont know the cost for attending....
Pamela: at $54.00 a night, the hotel is a good deal, Fred
Dr. D.: I miss you all but I have never had a honeymoon and trying to combine it with an ADAMcon would have too many tradeoffs.
rich-c: rich, Toronto to Otttawa is about six hours according to Mapquest - it's superslab all the way
Dr. D.: 6 hours Cleveland to Toronto, so 6 x 4 = 24
rich-c: that room rate sounds too low, Pam - I think it's about $90, isn't it?
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changed username to Guy B & Annie
Pamela: I believe that's the convention rate - checking
rich-c: to be honest, I haven't even printed out the email yet so I'm not sure
Daniel Bienvenu: :-)
Guy B & Annie changed username to Guy B.
Daniel Bienvenu: Annie?
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. PC froze twice
FredK: Hi Guy!
Guy B.: HI Fred
rich-c: what have you been doing, Guy? thought computer problems were my department
Pamela: $54.00 a night times four nights = $216.00
Pamela: plus taxes of course
rich-c: did a reinstall of XP on Monday and it had barely any effect - problems remain
james: back
rich-c: and parking
james: rich, what do you old folks call morning?[
Pamela: try noon, James
rich-c: about teh crack of noon - by then we might be cleaned, dressed and fed
Guy B.: HI James
Pamela: Russell and I are usually up earlier than that
james: ah, ok
james: i was thinking you might mean something insane like 5.30 a.m.
Pamela: there's a 5:30 a.m.???
rich-c: that's nearer the time I can get Frances off teh computer and into bed
james: so i guess i'll download the rest of dr. who so i have something to watch on the plane.
james: not for me
Dr. D.: I regularly rise then to go to work Pam
Judy: there is Pam but most people are not aware of it
Scarlett: speaking of early - I gotta get up at 5:30
Pamela: you poor thing you
Judy: why?
Pamela: mind you, 6:15 is coming earlier and earlier
james: half of what few sunrises i've seen were if i'd been up all night
rich-c: making you make your raise, are you?
Scarlett: nope...same as usual
Scarlett: have an 8AM meeting and I have to get ready in theAM (with time to hit snooze)
Dr. D.: early for me as well, need to get some research work done before losing all afternoon to meetings.
Scarlett: so I bid you all Adieu
Pamela: gnite Rin
Pamela: (PRIVATE) love you
Judy: night Rin
FredK: Dan when do you plan on going to the con?
Dr. D.: Dr. D. signing off too.
rich-c: nite Rin
Pamela: nite, Rich
Dr. D.: Good night from the North Coast.
Dr. D.: <poof>
Scarlett: (PRIVATE) love you too
Dr. D. left chat session
Judy: night Dr D
rich-c: nite Rich
FredK: nite
Scarlett: nite all!
Scarlett left chat session
Pamela: Erin is coming to the trailer with us this weekend
Pamela: looking forward to that
james: nite!
rich-c: nite james
rich-c: you may find it cool up there this weekend, Pam
james: i'm not going anywhere!
rich-c: OK, sorry!
james: lol
Pamela: that's okay, that's what teh furnace is for
Pamela: rather have coolth than heat
james: hf j
rich-c: anyway, james, we'll be staying in the convention hotel
james: j
james: dr
james: d
james: 3r
james: etyre
james: aiden says hi
rich-c: it's the Biest Western in Gatineau, apparently just inland from the bridge
james: ok
FredK: do you know $ to attend without staying at hotel?
Judy: say hi, back to Aiden
james: i'll try to translate ;)
rich-c: Neil will hqave to tell you that, Fred - neil at does it
james: ok, any chance of dragging you guys downtown?
Pamela: we weren't given numbers with the hotel Fred. I imagine Neil could tell you
james: i'll likely be busing it
FredK: ok thanks rich
Pamela: we will be downtown, James - the hotel is right across the bridge from the Parliament buildings and Sussex drive
rich-c: I will have the van of necessity and have a handicap sticker to help with parking
james: you handicapped people get all the breaks :D
Pamela: did you check with the hotel about honouring your handicap permit in Quebec
Pamela: Dad?
Pamela: don't say break and Dad in the same sentence, please!
rich-c: Neil says he did and that the hotel says no problem, but I need to check further
james: so rich, would you like to talk business a bit?
FredK: but hand and break is o.k. :)
rich-c: they have a handicap equipped room but only one handicap parking space - go figure
Judy: maybe they do not have many handicapped people up there
rich-c: oh yes, I can't do much lifting obviously, but I've been able to get into teh basement now
Pamela: or maybe they don't park : )
rich-c: still have to go out the front door adn in the side to do it though
james: is there someone that could help you?
FredK: but they know parking!
Judy: or drive
Pamela: unfortunately, judging by what we saw in Chicago last year, the Canadians are lagging far behind the Americans in their accessibility
rich-c: yes, Pamela and Russell have been known to come by and give a hand for cause
FredK: :)
Pamela: if asked, we will respond
rich-c: Pam is very anxious for me to dispose of the Adams, for fear she'll inherit them
Pamela: take my husband - please!
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it's my turn to say bye... talk to you next week.
Pamela: gnite Daniel
Judy: night Daniel
FredK: Salut Dan
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rich-c: OK Daniel, will see you then - easy now!
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B. changed username to Guy B & Annie
Pamela: Guy what is it about your computer tonite?
Guy B & Annie requested to ban Guy B.
Daniel Bienvenu confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Guy B & Annie changed username to Guy B.
Daniel Bienvenu: dewa mata ne, james
BobS: be good Daniel
rich-c: Guy, did you dump yourself again? thought that was my monopoly
Guy B.: I don't know, but I'm about to give it a goood swift kick
Judy: he is having trouble, isn't he?
Daniel Bienvenu: I will try to be good as usual. :-)
BobS: :-)
(A dog howls in the distance)
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Pamela: some days it just doesn't pay to try and surf
Pamela: or hat
Pamela: chat, I mean
FredK: hick up!
Judy: or get out of bed
Pamela: after a while you just throw your hands up and give up
rich-c: well, actually, it's that Annie keeps sniffing the wrong key on the keyboardd
Pamela: I had one of those days on Monday Judy
Judy: yes, we have been having one of those years
Guy B.: And I'm almost ready to install WinXP in the Compaq. I installed the new 80GB hard drive last weekend.
Pamela: we heard :(
Judy: what a bummer!!!
rich-c: don't leave it on Win98 or go to Linux - XP is the pits
Pamela: Bob managed to render me speechless (no mean feat)
Judy: that is how it hit me last night
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changed username to rich-1
Pamela: you too Dad?
rich-1: see, Guy, now you've got me doing it!
Guy B.: Dr D, Erin and Daniel had to leave already
BobS: MISERY loves comapnay Richard
Judy: Meeka did try to tell me that is what they were expecting, but I was not hearing her
Pamela: what did you call it last week Bob - the Rich button?
FredK: It knows when you mention it xp!
rich-1: just helping me make the point XP is bad news ;-(
BobS: is that waht Rich Text is????????
Pamela: maybe a diagnosis is a good thing Judy - at least it gives a direction
Judy: and medication
james confirmed ban
Judy: that is supposed to really help
FredK: poor rich!
Pamela: that's good
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james: back
BobS: straighen UPU Richard
changed username to rich-2
Guy B.: Here he is Bob
rich-2: this is getting ridiculous
FredK: :)
BobS: he is like a stealth spy he is...................
FredK: lol
james: arg. i wish this damn thing wouldn't scroll to the bottom automatically every time someone enters a message
james: makes it hard to catch up
Pamela: ya gotta read faster James, or ask us all to stop talking for a minute while you read
rich-2: ha! except that every time this conks out, I lose all the information
james: lol
BobS: that is also my complaint DOES make it HARTD to follow up
Pamela: you're not missing very much Dad , you're in and out pretty quickly
rich-2: interesting part is, it doesnt kill free cell which is running in the background
rich-2: ofcourse, it isn't up on the screen when I'm typing
james: ok, so how many adams would you like to get rid of? and for that matter, what price would you want for them?
james: @bob, if i really have to catch up, i sometimes cut and paste the whole thing into notepad first
BobS: hmmm that would work
rich-2: when you consider the cost of shipping to Japan, I'll have to figure pretty closely
james: well i'd probably want to pick them up from you in person, and i'd lug one or two back here
rich-2: you can wait two days and read it on the log too, james
BobS: buit would not airline shipping be WAY more expensive than postal ????????
james: not if i carry it back with me
FredK: Depends on the weight and dims
rich-2: OK, are you thinking maybe in terms of storing a lot in Ottaa and distributing from there?
Pamela: how are you going to manage that James if we only have a little over a week before they leave???
BobS: ADAM = 42 lbs and quite big, without printer maybe 35 lbs w/ ps
rich-2: why Pam, I'll have you over every night to join me in the basement ; - )
Pamela: that would be great Dad, but at some point I have to do laundry, pack, go shopping for clothes, grocery shopping etc etc. However, you can have
rich-2: well, you can at least do the laundry here
Pamela: Russell if you want
BobS: I see $175 for and ADAM to Japan James.............probably about the same from Toronto
Pamela: I can't do five loads of laundry at your place
james: i don't want to put you guys out
rich-2: since a strong back may be the major requirement...
james: but if i can pick them up from you in person and bring one or two back with me
BobS: airline would be cvonsiderable cheaper
james: how many do you have down there rich?
rich-2: dont know what the prices are on air freight these days
rich-2: the issue would be to verify which ones are still working - some have deteriorateed over time
rich-2: somewhere between 30 and 40, james
james: and i wouldn't want these shipped to japan
james: holy crap. that's a lot of adams
rich-2: hold on - need to get my beer
james: at least not by conventional means
FredK: for 1pc console only It could probably volume around 50kgs, in this case cargo freight can be considered
BobS: why?
james: yeah, and i may have an option
Pamela: James, how are you going to manage yourself, the munchkin, your luggage and two Adams??
james: luggage will be minimal
Pamela: are you bringing Case or Aiden?
james: case
rich-2: james, feel free to send me an email anytime - I will respond quickly
Pamela: he's gonna be handful
james: he travels well
rich-2: and I admit I'd forgotten Russell is available at the moment
james: ok
james: i actually did a couple weeks ago but it bounced
rich-2: if there's a problem with my regular address, I am also blueboxer2 at your choice of or
rich-2: and I check both those accounts daily
james: ok, i'll try one of thsoe
james: i don't see a market for 30 or 40 adams here but you never know
james: the first one i sold was likely the first one available in japan
Pamela: well you don't have to take all of them
rich-2: in fact, you should get an email through the Adam list tonight showing the return address
james: and there were 11 watchers on the watchlist
rich-2: OK, we could possibly even work out a deal for drop shipping wjere appropriate
Pamela: that much interest is good, James
rich-2: and I will be interested in any reasonable offers - as long as they're patient with my disability delays
james: yeah, the potential for sales is there
james: it'd make more sense for me to bring a bunch over here and sell them locally
rich-2: basically, I can't just run downstairs, pack 'em up and ship them out - and testing takes time
FredK: Guy, Bob are you guys coming down to the con?
rich-2: I agree with you on that, james, but are you doing that much trans-Pacific commuting?
james: no, thankfully
Guy B.: Yes I am Fred
rich-2: Fred, what are your feelings about Friday Night Football?
Judy: no, Fred Bob and I can't make it to the con
Pamela: one has to wonder James, between acquiring them and getting them over to Japan, is this really worth the time, effort and money for you?
FredK: great! and bummer!
Pamela: I think you've found a kindred spirit Dad
rich-2: we would desperately love to have them but it is not to be
Pamela: beer and the CFL
FredK: Rich must admit I watch football rarily mostly in the playoffs
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Guy B.: But they will be on the special chat on Saturday night the 28th.
rich-2: it's worse because I don't know how many more cons I'll get to
changed username to GuyF
GuyF: Hello all.
Pamela: Hi Guy!
FredK: Salut Guy!
GuyF: Salut mon Fred, comment ca va?
Judy: I am taking some classes and have to be there on Monday morning and with Bob's job situation it isn't something we should do right now
rich-2: allo GuyF - bonsoir
FredK: Dans le jus mais ca va et toi?
james: for now, i think one or two would be doable
james: if you could haul them to ottawa
james: i can try a couple more sales and then look into a cheap way of getting the remaining stock over here
Judy: Hi, Guy
Pamela: well there's lots of room in the van
Guy B.: Guy F, how are you?
GuyF: I have been eagerly waiting for the reservation info to fill out for the adamcon, and never received it...
james: or if you want to make it worth your while, take four or 5 out, and i can ask my parents if i can borrow their basement for a bit
james: while i figure things out
Guy B.: Are you on the list?
Pamela: Guy, give me your e-mail address - I'll forward the e-mail to you
rich-2: OK, drop me a line, spell out your feelings, and let's see what we can set up, james
james: ok, will do
Judy: Bob does have an interview Friday morning that is the kind of job he would like
GuyF: Well, I sent Neil an email 4-5 days ago, and never got an answer.
Pamela: woohoo, Judy
Judy: this is a second interview
rich-2: long as you don't crowd my walker out ot the back of the van ;-)
james: lol
FredK: same here
Pamela: jeez Dad you could house a family of four in that thing
GuyF: Because last week I think he said that the deadline was Thursday or something like that.
Judy: so keep your finger, toes and whatever else crossed for him
FredK: lol
rich-2: don't get uppity, daughter, or you may end up carrying some extras for me ;-)
GuyF: We'll keep our fingers crossed, wish him all the best of luck for the job interview!!!
Pamela: (now try and work that way)
Pamela: no room in the Escape Dad
FredK: lol
Pamela: it's a little car : )
rich-2: well, by some standards, daughter...
Pamela: Guy, seriously, give me your e-mail address
GuyF: fostergst at
FredK: rich your cracking me up!
rich-2: I gave Neil the details but have yet to send in his form
Guy B.: Neil will get you in Guy
Pamela: okay, just sent it - should come through from tempest at tamcotec dot com
rich-2: yes, I do think we can count on that
GuyF: ok, cool, thanks.
Pamela: I returned the form same day but have yet to mail the cheque - gonna do that tomorrow (forgot today)
Pamela: the more the merrier - Neil will be happy to extra attendees
rich-2: yes, we need all we can get
FredK: I am eager to meet you all finally!
Pamela: adn we'll be thrilled to have you three there
Pamela: us too Fred
rich-2: I don't think Neil even quoted a room price in the stuff he sent me, Pam
Pamela: did you open the pdf attachment Dad??
james: arright, i'm gonna take this monkey outside
james: i'll send you an email rich
james: i should get going here
Judy: have fun with the little one, James
Pamela: okay James
rich-2: no, not yet - hold on a minute
james: ok
FredK: Arigatou James!
james: take care, fred
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changed username to Guy F
james: *poof*
Guy B.: Bye James
james: bye!
james left chat session
Pamela: nite james
Guy F: Take care James.
Guy F: Anyone see Daniel tonight?
rich-2: Pam, hate to disillusion you, but the $54 rate is per person, double occupancy i.e. $108/couple + tax
Pamela: come and gone Guy
Guy F: Nope, back Guy. :)
FredK: Yeah I gotta dry some clothes so I can look something like decent tomorrow....
Judy: night Fred
FredK: bye everyone!
Guy F: Salut Fred.
Pamela: nite Fred
BobS: nite Fred
FredK left chat session
rich-2: OK, night Fred, see you next week
Pamela: yes that's what most hotel rates are based on Dad
Guy B.: He was here earlier
Guy B.: Nite Fred
rich-2: Guy, Daniel was on earlier but had to leave
Guy F: OK, missed him, too bad.
Pamela: he had something to finish Guy
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Pamela: Bob what is this position you'er interviewing for?
changed username to rich-3
Guy F: Oh well, going to sleep, have to wake up early tomorrow... take care all.
Guy B.: Again Rich
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Guy B.: Bye Guy
Guy B.: ANd he's out
rich-3: yes - though it might have been everyone this time - I was out of the room!
Pamela: not me
BobS: a maintenance position with local hospital Pam
BobS: on the road to the outpost service buildings
Pamela: that sounds promising Bob
BobS: decent wage, van, benefits]
rich-3: you'd be a good fit there, Bob - hope they're smart enough to recognize it
Judy: we do too
BobS: is what I want for sure, just need to get it
BobS: maybe all depends on how I connect with the people at the interview
Judy: I am going to a class on interviewing tomorrow, maybe I will hear something that will help him
Pamela: remember the advice that I was given Bob - you're there to make sure they're a good fit for you as well as the other way around : )
BobS: will TRY to put the correct foot forward..............
Pamela: no spitting . . .
BobS: one thing i have found, the correct foot may NOT be the best foot forward sometimes
Pamela: or scratching . . .
Pamela: or swearing . . . : )
BobS: obviously
Judy: that is a good start
rich-3: just be yourself and show what you are - you have what they need and that's harder to come by than you think
BobS: noburping or farting either
Pamela: those too : )
BobS: good breath, slight good smell, neat clean, happy and ready to beg...................
Pamela: do not beg
BobS: that's what we are told, tell them you WANT the job, BEG
rich-3: scratch that last...
rich-3: nope - show them why it's you they need - if you didn't need them, you wouldn't have applied in the first place
Judy: my instructor says tell them you will even start for free, we are not ready to try that, though
Pamela: the phrase "I look forward to hearing from you" is a good one
rich-3: how about "When might I expect to hear from you?" - aggressive, but not excessively so
Pamela: and a follow up "thank you for the interview" letter or e-mail is always a good thing
Judy: he has already been doing that
Pamela: no, never for free
Judy: but she says tell them you want this job
rich-3: the main thing is let them know you are solid and dependable - that you will show up on time and do the job right
Pamela: if you're worth being paid a good wage, then don't lower your standards
rich-3: every single working day - and if called on for help, will answer
Judy: they are big on that at school, they think that is the way to get in the door, internship, externship
Pamela: don't fall into the salary question trap
Pamela: which is great if you're 20 but not for a mature adult
rich-3: but yes, it should be obvious from the fact you applied - but tell them anyway, maybe stressing it's a very good fit for both
Judy: he does know where they are on that, the salary thing
Guy B.: Well folkls, I'm going to call it the night. Will see you all next week
Pamela: good night Guy
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
Judy: night Guy
BobS: salary was in a good range and up front in the job ad
rich-3: see you then, Guy - take care
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too.
BobS: nite Guy
Guy B.: Poof
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BobS: even the low end of the salary range is a big step up from what I have now
BobS: about where I should be when you figure in benefit costs
Pamela: aim for the 75% range and be willing to negotiate a little
Judy: sounds good to me
rich-3: won't hurt if you let them know you feel their offer is fair and realistic
BobS: true
rich-3: it suggests you will have some incentive to hang around for a while
rich-3: they don't want to be shopping for employees for the same position every second week
Pamela: I'm sure they realize that you will expect to retire from this position - it's in their best interests to keep you happy
BobS: BTU you know the stupid part of the whole employment deal???? It seems that most of the jobs out there get aken up by people who are NOT qualified
BobS: for whatever reason and the employer is out shopping for the smae job position every month
BobS: the ad just revolves thru channels everymonth
Pamela: some people look great on paper but don't work out in fact
rich-3: not qualified, but they come cheaper - even free - so many employers don't realize the true costs of an unsatisfactory hire
BobS: and you see it over and over,,,,,,,,probably same jerk doing the hiring and he/she doesnot know how to hire
Pamela: many interviewers don't know what they're doing
rich-3: likely you've got it, Bob
Pamela: I found that with the last job search
Judy: really dumb, and who is doing the interviewing, are they qualified to do that job
BobS: NO
Pamela: at least one interview that I went to they hadn't even bothered to read my resume
BobS: THAT is the one correct fact we both learned thruout this employment thing, mostly the hiring individual is NOT qualified to hire ANYONE
Pamela: it was a temp agency
rich-3: quite bluntly, most of them are too young and inexpeienced to have a clue - and their employers don't know what's going on
BobS: and they keep blowing the hire
Pamela: needless to say I declined to work for them
rich-3: stoopid, ain't it?
Judy: very
BobS: and you would think that someone would learn from all this
BobS: but NO, they don't
Pamela: I'm sure you will go in there and impress the socks off them Bob
BobS: Doug's boss is just that kind of jacka$$
BobS: I hope so Pam
Judy: it is that time again, night you two, until next week
Pamela: I know so
rich-3: so many don't know what they have till they lose them - and even then can't figure out why the outfit is going down the tubes
Pamela: good luck Bob, and let us know how it turns out
Pamela: Good nite Judy
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rich-3: we'll be pulling for all four of you - hang in there
rich-3: and goodnight, all
BobS: thanks for the thoughts, will let you know........and goodnight!
Pamela: gnite Bob
BobS: say nite to Frances and Russell also
Pamela: will do : )
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rich-3: well, daughter, guess it's time we got going too
rich-3: do give Russell a heads-up that I may need help
Pamela: Dad, once you've gotten things worked out with James, get in touch. we're going up to the trailer on Friday, will be home sunday
rich-3: OK, will keep that in mind
Pamela: it's gonna be a busy week but we'll get it all done
rich-3: right -we'll find a way
rich-3: night for now
Pamela: yup. Gnite Daddy
Pamela: kerpoof!
rich-3: colour me gone
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