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Guy B.: HI Dr. D
Dr. D.: Hello Guy.
Dr. D.: Glad you got back to Chicago okay.
Guy B.: My flight came in early, a half hour.
Dr. D.: Big tailwind?
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Dr. D.: Hello RobertS
bOBs changed username to BobS
BobS changed username to BobS
BobS: hi der
Dr. D.: Is the OB in the middle for Oh Boy? :-)
BobS: yup
Dr. D.: Ah, you fixed the spelling :-)
BobS: si
Dr. D.: it was bOBs
BobS: hows the movie deal gfoing?
BobS: had the same problem as everyone
Dr. D.: I fixed the webserver so it downloads correctly now.
BobS: ok, give me the website again will ya?
Dr. D.: The tech explanation is in some coladam E-mails I sent today
Dr. D.: Sure, hang on:
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BobS: can't get the darn emails, sbc is going wacky on me
changed username to Judy
Judy: Hi, Dr D
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Dr. D.:
changed username to Guy B & Annie
BobS: got it
Dr. D.:
Guy B & Annie changed username to Guy B.
Dr. D.:
Dr. D.: 3 movies
Dr. D.: Hi Judy, and Guy is back again.
Guy B.: Back, I'm on WinXP with the Compaq. Automatic updates were installed.
Dr. D.: They played for Dale so they must be okay.
Judy: Hi, Guy
Guy B.: I'm installing another one.
Guy B.: HI Judy
Dr. D.: I am trying to find my wife, she went out with her next-door neighbor this afternoon to celebrate her birthday and I haven't heard from her since.
Dr. D.: Rin celebrating her birthday, to clarify.
Judy: does she have a cel phone?
Dr. D.: I miss it by a day, we don't meet up in Niagara Falls until tomorrow.
Judy: better late than never
Dr. D.: It's her BlackBerry, which if it's on, should also respond to E-mails, which it hasn't, so either she has it off or is somewhere out of range.
Dr. D.: I called the motel just to be sure they knew about our reservations, thankfully they did.
Dr. D.: I drove past it the time before last that I was in Toronto.
Dr. D.: It is very 1930s-type, kinda like the El Paso setup.
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Dr. D.: Would be great for a NF ADAMcon except there seems to be no network access there.
changed username to rich-c
Guy B.: Hi Rich
Dr. D.: Certainly significantly cheaper rates than the most recent.
Dr. D.: Hello Richard.
rich-c: good evening all
Dr. D.: Rin finally wrote back, still not home yet :-S
rich-c: if I may judge from the weekend ads in the travel section of the local papers, NF is very competitive in rates
Judy: Hi, Rich
Judy: at least you know that she is okay
Dr. D.: Rin and I have a single room, 4 days Thursday through Monday morning, $260 CDN.
rich-c: lots of hotels (not all of which are suitable), lots of restaurants (ditto) lots of attractions (yay!)
Dr. D.: It's 2 miles from the falls, basically a straight shot down Lundy's Lane and you end up going through the touristy part of NF and then down to the Parkway.
Judy: then if a hotel is notified early you could maybe get some kind of a deal
Dr. D.: Well we went through some regional hotel-finding service on-line, lemme see if I can call it up.
rich-c: yes, almost all hotels offer group rates - or other concessions, or both
Judy: when we did convention we had a hotel spoken for before the end of the year
Dr. D.: Niagara Central Reservations. Rin found it just by Googling around IIRC.
Judy: best way to make any kind of a deal
rich-c: wow, Pam plans to be early, but that's really early
Dr. D.: Our problem is that we barely have enough regulars to qualify as a "group".
BobS: NWVER tyoo early
rich-c: speaking of which - who is likely to come, and what weekend is best?
Judy: early is the key
Dr. D.: I had to twist arms at the hotel in Cleveland for XIII to get 20 considered a group.
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Judy: we only had around 10 and they would talk
changed username to Frances
rich-c: I think we ended up with about ten rooms in Gatineau
Dr. D.: Week 3 of July is likely best for me dodging various summer activities of the girls.
BobS: with 10 rooms we got conference for free, less than 10 on fri-sun we would have had to pay for conference Texas we paid anyway, but room rate was down so it worked out
rich-c: OK, I rhink that fits Ron's schedule too
Dr. D.: Week 3 of July has usually been the target, right?
rich-c: not necessarily - Sarasota was October, wasn't it?
BobS: don't know what DFoug and meeka
BobS: 'schedule is
Dr. D.: AFAIK only IV and VI were in September.
BobS: think they have a weekend each month devoted to their side business
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rich-c: given their problems, I fear their attendance is uncertain
BobS: think it may be 2nd weekend
changed username to Meeka
Guy B.: HI Meeka
BobS: so is a lot os us
Dr. D.: VII was 5-8 Sept. 1996
Dr. D.: VIII I meant
rich-c: hello meeka, welcome aboard
BobS: next July, what weekend is not good for you Meeka???????????????????????????
Dr. D.: 09 was 14-18 August 1997
Dr. D.: 10 was Oct 8-11 1998
BobS: 10 was in Florida
Dr. D.: The one I had to skip due to teaching
Meeka: hello
Judy: there is Meeka now, so she can let us know what week-end is bad for them
Dr. D.: XIII was 12-15 July 2001
Judy: hi, Meeka
Dr. D.: I am copying those dates off my website at APKnet
Dr. D.: I know IV was in September just after Labor Day
rich-c: well we have precedents for many, but what they add up to is what's most convenient for most of those attending
Dr. D.: 14 was 8-11 Aug. 2002
BobS: si Richard senor
Meeka: aahhh, not sure right off hand. we normally have a weekend function that month, typically it is around the fourth. let me see if they have posted any of the schedule for next year yet
rich-c: note also that Frances has joined us
Dr. D.: Hi Frances
BobS: Hi Frances
Judy: Hi, Frances
Frances: Hi
Dr. D.: So has anyone other than Dale successfully downloaded my chat movies since I fixed them earlier today?
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Frances: Had to come along to see what tall tales were being told
Dr. D.: I haven't been able to sit at the console and look at the webserver log.
BobS: Dr D, I can't get sound on the movie.........using Window Media Player.........problem ?
changed username to Pamela
Dr. D.: There is no sound, Bob.
BobS: no wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dr. D.: It's just a series of screen captures I made at random intervals.
BobS: then they work ! :-)
Judy: no wonder he can't get sound
rich-c: hello daughter - we are discussing Adamcon 20
Dr. D.: Only Neil has the actual video from his one session camera.
Pamela: without me??? Hi everyone
Dr. D.: Sorry, I thought it would be obvious that there was no sound.
Judy: Hi, Pamela
Pamela: Hi Mom - keeping us all honest I see
Dr. D.: Hi Pam, don't worry, no coups being plotted.
Meeka: hi pam
Frances: Trying to
BobS: hi Pam, leader extrodinair
rich-c: so far we have determined that Niagara Falls sounds acceptable and the third week of July is favourable
Pamela: we'll see if you say that this time next year, Bob : )
Judy: not to worry
BobS: it is NOT a big deal, start early and with a happy attitude, some organization and yo uwill do GREAT
Pamela: well now that it's all decided : )
Frances: there are good campgrounds around there so you can bring the motor home if you want
BobS: we'll cmp inthe shadow of the falls
rich-c: the only problem will be how many of us will be able to attend
Pamela: I'm not too worried actually, and we already have some ideas
Dr. D.: If you had seen one of the early ADAMcons, Pam, like IV, which had 3 parallel 1-hour session tracks for every day, 9-noon, 1-4, you would say that the organization needed nowadays is a piece of cake :-)
BobS: and have the sessions falls side........
BobS: don't wait, take your time, but keep going forward.
Pamela: I figure, I planned a wedding (in secret!) - this shouldn't be any tougher
Dr. D.: Daniel should write a new game having something to do with waterfalls...
BobS: think we had the hotel by Oct one year and by Nov the other time
Judy: then everyone else doesn't have to worry
BobS: well once you decidee don't keep it a secret
Dr. D.: Maybe be a shooter type game, Maid of the Mist at the bottom of the screen, barrels coming over, MotM has to shoot them, Space Invaders-style :-)
Judy: piece of cake
Judy: ha, ha
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Pamela: don't worry Bob, I'll spend plenty of time picking all the previous organizers brains
changed username to FredK
FredK: Hi All
rich-c: hello Fred!
Pamela: Hi Fred
BobS: now THAT is a great idea Dr D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BobS: suggest it to Daniel
Frances: hello, Fred
BobS: HI Fred
Pamela: second that Rich
Judy: hi, Fred
Guy B.: Hi Fred
Guy B.: Fred, I'll have the docs for the utilities back up by the weekend
rich-c: got home OK, I gather
FredK: Great Guy! thanks!
BobS: Daniel,, where are you when we have a gREAT game idea..........
Pamela: he'll be here
rich-c: yes, Daniel is definitely one of our regulars
BobS: I LIKE Dr D's idea
Pamela: I do too
Frances: Fred. have you ever used Smartlogo before?
FredK: Sorry Frances I havent.
Dr. D.: Rin has just phoned, she is home.
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Frances: Not to be sorry, I just wondered
changed username to Daniel
Dr. D.: Everyone has to sing her "Happy Birthday" when she finally logs in.
rich-c: I suspect its behaviour under XP may be ledss than perfect
Pamela: which reminds me, I have a card for her
Daniel: I want to sing too... but who?
FredK: Salut Dan!
Dr. D.: She is washing up dishes right now :-)
Judy: hi, Daniel
Pamela: to Erin, Daniel
Daniel: 28 yo?
rich-c: salut Daniel
Dr. D.: Yes
Pamela: oui, Daniel
Dr. D.: Or 1C hexadecimal
Guy B.: HI Daniel and Pam
Pamela: Hi Guy
Daniel: ni jyû hachi
Pamela: Meeka, how are you feeling this week?
BobS: DANIEL, great idea from Dr D for a game next convention........................
BobS: Maybe be a shooter type game, Maid of the Mist at the bottom of the screen, barrels coming over, MotM has to shoot
Dr. D.: A Niagara Falls themed game.
Dr. D.: Kind of like Space Invaders
Frances: just make it a game where you have to steer the boat to keep it out of the rapids and off the rocks
Dr. D.: Or that :-) Dodge US border patrol
Daniel: sounds fun!
BobS: but hte boat has to say "Maid of the Mist"
Judy: and from going over the fallls
Pamela: go for it Daniel
Frances: yes, that too,Rich
rich-c: and around the barrels which explode when touched?
Dr. D.: Could be
Dr. D.: And also the random swimmer going over
Dr. D.: Or random flotsam/jetsam
Judy: poor Daniel we have all the ideas and not a clue how to do it
Pamela: rescue the random swimmer
Daniel: if someone take notes like this : the boat can go left-right, not up and down.... to fix the game concept.
Dr. D.: Divert some water to run hydro power
Frances: and the can. boat out of US territory and vice versa
Dr. D.: Yes Daniel
Frances: and keep the Can. boat
Dr. D.: Chased by border patrol if caught over the border
Daniel: need someone good on drawing for the title screen.
Dr. D.: Just some thoughts
Dr. D.: I could try to draw a title screen
Judy: this thing is taking on a life of itself
Frances: Yes, then get shipped to the far side of the world
Dr. D.: Use lots of white noise for the roar of the Falls
Pamela: all good ideas for you Daniel - better start taking notes
Dr. D.: The chat is logged
Frances: I think the word is rendition
Daniel: you know that english is not my cup of tea, so you should take notes ans also sketch "screenshot-like" pictures to give me a good idea of the game.
rich-c: call it something like "rapid runner"
Judy: this is your mission let's see if he decides to accept it or not
Pamela: your English is fine Daniel - you worry too much
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Daniel: no no... I miss some words all the time... I just try to figure out the key words and I guess wrong sometimes.
rich-c: think River Raid or Super Subroc
Daniel: ...
changed username to ginger_rin
Pamela: coulda fooled me, DAniel
Guy B.: Hi Rin
rich-c: hi Rin
Frances: here's the birthday girl
Pamela: Happy
Frances: birthday
Pamela: Birthday to you
Pamela: etc
Pamela: Hi Rin
ginger_rin: allo allo and thank you
Frances: and so on
Daniel: la la la la...
Dr. D.: Happy Birthday to Rin
Dr. D.: My Wonderful Rin
Pamela: darned enter key
BobS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO RIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
Frances: what did it do?
Dr. D.: Happy Birthday Dear Rinny-Roo
Dr. D.: Happy Birthday to you.
Dr. D.: <kiss>
ginger_rin: :-)
BobS: fah lah lah lah lah, la la la la
Pamela: got in the way before I completed my thought
Dr. D.: Now 28 spanks
Judy: Happy Birthday to you, Rin
ginger_rin: thanks all
Dr. D.: whack * 28
ginger_rin: no spanks :-(
rich-c: many happy returns, Rin
Daniel: did you dream of bunnies for your 28th anniversary? ;-)
Dr. D.: water balloons then
ginger_rin: hehe
Dr. D.: She is all giggly about bunnies
ginger_rin: no bunnies
ginger_rin: just My Honeys
BobS: bunner
BobS: bummer
ginger_rin: lol
Dr. D.: Only if spanks Bob
BobS: oh ok
Dr. D.: Though bun and bum are both appropriate
Dr. D.: <runs>
ginger_rin: ha ha ha
Frances: you should!
Dr. D.: <pbbbbt>
rich-c: I think we're getting a little silly at the moment
Frances: her mom wanted her to wait so she could arrive on grandpa's birthday
Frances: but she wouldn't
Dr. D.: She works for the Ministry of Silly Labour Tricks
ginger_rin: I have a mind of my own I guess
BobS: babies are NOT co-operative
Pamela: she's always been strong willed :)
Frances: but one of her brothers arrived on our anniversary
Pamela: we do a lot of that in this family
ginger_rin: somebody cooperated
rich-c: wonder where GuyF is tonight?
Frances: I've given up on most birthdays
Frances: Pam and Russell excepted
Dr. D.: I think Rin will like the birthday present I got her.
ginger_rin: (someone ask what it is)
Frances: immigration papers?
Pamela: oh my, August is here
Pamela: what is it, Rich?
Dr. D.: Oh I wish Frances, but I would not hold that as a present if I had them
Frances: yes, half the summer has gone
Judy: we wouldn't do that it would spoil the suprise
Dr. D.: Me to know and you to find out, as we used to say
Pamela: tease : )
ginger_rin: yes he is
ginger_rin: :-)
Frances: I think it would be easier if you immigrated to Canada, Rich
Pamela: my point was that I have . . . um
Daniel: I'm happy. I were able to fix bugs in my programs, in the bus, when returning home.
Dr. D.: Probably, but I cannot leave my kids here Frances
Pamela: six birthdays this month
Pamela: only May is worse
BobS: good Daniel
Frances: Bring them too
Pamela: Erin, when is Caitlyn's birthday???
Judy: Bob's is coming up real soon
rich-c: that's neat, Daniel. I guess a lot of time and "nothing to do" helped
ginger_rin: either the 27, 28 or 29
Dr. D.: I think that would be unfair to them and to Joan, Frances
Daniel: I'm in a good way to make an update to satisfy some programmers who had problems to run the compiler with their windows (too recent)
Pamela: okay, make that seven birthdays Judy
Pamela: when is it Bob?
Frances: Well, bring Joan too - we need nurses
Pamela: the 29th sounds right, Erin
Judy: the 7th
FredK: good news Dan!
Dr. D.: Somehow I think it all a bit unlikely
Daniel: I don't know for a pascal compiler, fred, but I can help you doing a first test coleco program in C if you want
Pamela: I wish you could Rich
rich-c: I dunno - Ontario has just discovered it's going to need another university
Dr. D.: I would have to land a very sweet job in order to leave the security that I have finally gotten after all these years at CWRU.
Frances: of course it's unlikely, but we do have more sensible law, at least in this matter
FredK: Super, I can always get back to C, I checked for some Pascal to C though.
Pamela: all you have to do is start CWRU North, Rich
Judy: I didn't know that it was that difficult here
Dr. D.: North Coast College of Broadcasting and Professional Drafting
Judy: or do your teaching on line
ginger_rin: Canuck Western Reserve University :-)
Dr. D.: bo
Dr. D.: boo
Frances: the most difficult part, Judy, is that Erin can't enter the US at all, for any reason
Dr. D.: <Rin razzes the phone line>
ginger_rin: <pbbbt>
Dr. D.: Nope, or she will be summarily banned for 5 years
Daniel: what pbbbt means?
Dr. D.: So we have to play by the rules.
Dr. D.: It's the sound that sticking your tongue out makes
BobS: that is just plain STUPID, but so is the immegratioln here
Judy: that is strange, never knew that such rules existed
Frances: new word, Bob
rich-c: it's the raspberry sound, Daniel - framboise in French?
BobS: set in the troublemakers, but keep out the friends
Frances: I doubt that it is frAMBOISE in French
BobS: so WHAT is the prognosis for entering the US after paper work is done
BobS: '?????
Dr. D.: When paperwork is done, entering US will be guaranteed.
Pamela: getting the paperwork done seems to be the challenge
Daniel: strawberry is fraise, blueberry is mirtille or bleuet in Québec.
rich-c: they might let her in if they feel like it
Dr. D.: I see no reason why they would refuse the request (though they could). Just have to wait for them to do all the processing steps.
Frances: Daniel, if you stick your tongue out a little way and blow past it, it makes a rude noise
Pamela: I can't imagine why they would either Rich
Dr. D.: And given the passport backlog, I imagine that all available personnel have been pulled from immigration to dealing with passports.
BobS: probably
Dr. D.: So we wait.
Frances: What do you call the rude noise?
Dr. D.: They cashed the check, they have the $$$.
Dr. D.: Some day they will get to us.
Daniel: so, it's kind of childfish activity doing pbbbt? I'm not sure I use the right words...
Frances: yes
rich-c: once they have your money, governments get very forgetful of you
Dr. D.: But the wait won't provoke me into doing anything stupid or hasty.
Judy: then it should be just a matter of time, you have waited this long hopefully it will be very soon!!!
Frances: but do you have a word for it in French?
Dr. D.: Rin will stay on her side of the border until they say otherwise.
Dr. D.: It should be, Judy.
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changed username to Meeka
Pamela requested to ban Meeka
Daniel confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Dr. D. confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
Daniel: not sure, it's like "tirer la langue" but maybe not exact.
rich-c: did you fall off and reMeeka?
Pamela: that better Meeka?
Meeka: yup
ginger_rin confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Judy: and good for you for following the rules most people probably do not
Meeka: my puter has pms tonigth
Meeka: i locked up and wouldnt et me do anything
Pamela: that is sooo annoying : )
rich-c: the way they are tracking the border these days, she had better
Judy: better the computer than you
Guy B. left chat session
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changed username to Guy B.
Daniel: hello GuyB
Frances: I looked in my Dictionnaire Canadien but they don't know the word
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back
Pamela: everyone is falling off
Judy: how are the two of you doing, no problems, I hope?
Dr. D.: I will have to leave soon on purpose, need to finish packing for the trip to Niagara Falls tomorrow.
rich-c: no, I think they're bailing, Pam
Dr. D.: I want to be on the road by 7:30 AM.
Meeka: us mom?
Pamela: do you leave tomorrow?
ginger_rin: same with me...packing and dishes left to do
Judy: yes
Dr. D.: Rin's train gets into NF at 11:45 AM.
rich-c: you're going this weekend, then?
Dr. D.: 11:54 she corrects
Dr. D.: yes
Pamela: Erin, when are you back?
Meeka: we doin good. started the 50% dosage tonight
ginger_rin: Monday eft/eve
Pamela: so is Lindsay cat sitting?
Judy: and no side effects to that so far are there?'
ginger_rin: yepper I know you guys are at the trailer
Dr. D.: I can sit on the cat on Monday
ginger_rin: hey!
rich-c: do keep notes on any promising hotels, eateries and attractions you see
Dr. D.: <splat>
Dr. D.: We will.
ginger_rin: and <smack>
Pamela: I don't know if we're going or not - will probably stay home
Frances: 50% of what, Meeka
Meeka: not yet, but they said a lot of people dont have them on the lower starting dosages
BobS: Pam, this is an anniversary, you are not included mayube??????
Dr. D.: I haven't been to the touristy parts of NF since my high school marching band went there in Spring 1977.
Meeka: so far so good thoguh, so crossing my fngers
Pamela: no no Bob, they're going to Niagara falls for their anniversary
Judy: we are too
Dr. D.: Yes, 1 year on Sunday.
Pamela: we are supposed to have the trailer this weekend
Meeka: I have to take shots 3 times a week for MS
Pamela: however, I doubt we're going
Dr. D.: Yikes
BobS: and yo don'tknow if You are gong............
Dr. D.: Have you started the shots yet Meeka?
Judy: 50% of the total dosage of the shot that she will be getting for MS
Frances: shots of what
Meeka: yup, this is the start of my third week
Pamela: well it depends on how hot it will be and whether I get a chance to do laundry
ginger_rin: one washer was working today btw
Meeka: the med is called "rebif"
Dr. D.: Is it too soon enough to notice any effect?
Pamela: I know, Russell got two loads in
Dr. D.: is "fiber" spelled backwards
Dr. D.: Serutan is Natures
Meeka: the med does npt "cure" anything
rich-c: it is going to be likely the hottest weekend so far - above 30
Frances: that's fibre in English
Dr. D.: I know, but it can alleviate symptoms if working correctly
Pamela: in which case we'll stay home
Meeka: it is designed to slow it down and extend the time period between episodes and lessen them when they do happen
Dr. D.: Meeka is getting the American form, Frances
Frances: weak cold front on Friday, I think. and a little b it cooler
ginger_rin: silly
Meeka: it is up to my body to reverse the effects if it will
BobS: the idea is that the meds counteract the flairups, no ???????
Dr. D.: I am sure it's called "erbif" for OHIP.
Dr. D.: I think so, Bob.
Pamela: who's silly??
BobS: cross your collective fingers and hope it works
ginger_rin: my hubbys
Pamela: ah
Dr. D.: Is lucky to have My Rins
Pamela: Rin, I have a birthday card for you
ginger_rin: cool, thanks!
Dr. D.: Gretchen made her a card, too.
Pamela: I will give it to you when you get back
ginger_rin: sounds good
Pamela: Rich, are you coming home with her?
Dr. D.: Yes. Then I will depart for Cleveland on Wednesday.
Pamela: okay
Frances: Meek, i saw in the paper that they are considering using hormones. Has anyone suggested that to you?
Meeka: this is a site that explains a bit jore if anyone is interested
Frances: Sorry - Meeka
Dr. D.: All right folks, I am closing hailing frequencies for this week. See you all next Wednesday.
Pamela: good night Rich, happy anniversary and safe trip
rich-c: OK Rich, drive carefully
Dr. D.: And I'll see Rin tomorrow
Dr. D.: Thanks Pam
Dr. D.: <over and out>
Frances: Bye, Rich.
Dr. D. left chat session
ginger_rin: I'm going to head out to so I'm not totally out of it tomorrow
Pamela: night, Rin
Pamela: Happy Anniversary
Frances: Sleep on the train
Judy: bye Dr D have a great time
ginger_rin: nitey nite
Pamela: (PRIVATE) we love you
rich-c: OK Rin, take it easy and enjoy your weekend
ginger_rin: (PRIVATE) love you too!
ginger_rin: thanks Uncle Richard
Pamela: have a great trip
ginger_rin left chat session
Judy: night Rin and have a happy time
Meeka: I have heard they are doing research on it, but i dont think it is an option at this point
Daniel: I have less the blues than the first time. But I cry again one time at the adamcon.
Daniel: it's too emotional for me
Pamela: why Daniel?
rich-c: why, Daniel? Hard to leave?
Meeka: I need to be one something that has a track record for npw and get everything back under control
Frances: Considering that they are natural, they shouldn't be dangerous
BobS: saying goodbye is ALWAYS hard, even when you know you may see everyone again 1 year form now
Frances: Yes, certainly
Frances: Yes, I cry too, Daniel.
Judy: yes, and I sure missed the hugs this year, could have used a few lately
Frances: a year is a long time
rich-c: remember Pat Herrington? she just couldn't say goodbye to anyone without a good cry - and she said goodby to everyone
Frances: and i didn't want to leave Ottawa. either
Frances: I said goodbye to all the building as we crossed the bridge and drove along Sussex
Pamela: virtual hugs for you, Judy
Pamela: at least for now
rich-c: yes, Judy, from all of us
Judy: thanks, is was great and hugs back
Pamela: I also didn't want to come home
Daniel: I had difficulties at my presentation... that was really hard, not for the english but I "revivre" all the steps I did to do these games. kind of nostalgic moment
rich-c: considering the amount of work you put into them, Daniel, it's no wonder
rich-c: you're entitled!
Pamela: I like a man who's not afraid to cry
Frances: I really like Ottawa - it's so nice to be ina city that you can get out of easily
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changed username to Neil
rich-c: ah, Neil is here - hi
Pamela: Hi Neil!
Judy: not like Chicago
Daniel: embarassed, I was. I had to talk, show must go on...
Frances: I like the cnountry and Ottawa has a lot of it
Neil: Hi
Pamela: I want to go back in the fall
Frances: I liked Chicago bit it's too big
Judy: Hi, Neil
Frances: so is Toronto
Pamela: I want ot go back to Chicago too
rich-c: well, it isn't that hard a drive
Daniel: hello Neil, neil...daniel... just two letters different.
Judy: not easy to get in to or out of
Frances: and it is easy in Ottawa
rich-c: or around for that matter, Judy
Frances: you and Bob should see it sometime, Judy
Judy: very true!!!
Judy: we hope that we can
Frances: and there is a very nice campground just outside the city
Pamela: so neil, any further problems?
Judy: but this year it just didn't work at all for many reasons
Daniel: I have absolutly no idea if I can make it for next year but I will try to for sure.
Pamela: start saving now Daniel
Frances: you have to see Niagara Falls at least once, Daniel
rich-c: well, let's say the odds seem to be in your favour, Daniel
Guy B.: I'll be right back. Have to reboot
Guy B. left chat session
Daniel: I saw them once already... I find pictures of me at niagara falls with my family, I had 6 or 7 years old.
Frances: I know, Judy - but I missed you
Neil: No, no further problems that I've seen. I was very, very tired so I haven't actually got around to calculating the final bottom line.
Daniel: I had is in french,... I was is in english... I still have to remember that
Judy: that is where we went on our honeymoon many, many years ago
Frances: Too young Daniel, do it again
Pamela: we haven't been there since 1992
rich-c: OK - seems I have a leftover bottle of St. Urbain needs investigation - brb
Pamela: we plan to go on a scouting expedition : )
Daniel: je suis 32 ans, it's english translate wrong in french.
Neil: The guy at the hotel seemed disappointed that we probably wouldn't be back any time soon, so I guess the hotel had no complaints about us anyway.
Meeka: we were there last year
Frances: we spent a month in the peninsula in '04
Pamela: well not as a group, Neil, but possibly individually
Frances: had the trailer
Pamela: last time we went, it was before I got my drivers licence
Pamela: took the train and walked everywhere
BobS: we were to the falls sometime
BobS: um..........maybe after AC12
Judy: we haven't been in a long time but the first time we were there was in January
Frances: isn't that, I am 32 years old, Daniel?
Neil: I was in Niagara Falls just a few years ago, but I still like it. I even like the "tacky" aspect of it. It has a certain charm.
Frances: that seems okay in English
Judy: it is a whole different falls in the winter
Frances: were you there in winter, Judy?
BobS: in January
Judy: yes, january 11
moved to room Meeting Place
Frances: I'd love to see them in winter
BobS: married the 10th and in the falls...AT the falls, 11,12th
Daniel: In french it's "to have" not "to be" 32 years old.
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Back
BobS: COLD and lots of ice on the railings, etc fromthe mist
Judy: it is beautiful, maybe prettier in the winter, ice everywhere
rich-c: a votre sante, Fred - St. Urbain is just the thing for this weather
Frances: if you went on your honeymoon, that was a long time ago, Bob
Pamela: how long have you been married,
Pamela: Bob?
BobS: whats holding you back???? if you and Richard are well this winter, book a room for a few nights and slip down for a third honeymoon
BobS: 38 1/2
Frances: Too slippery for Richard
Judy: 38 years
BobS: stay in the van
Judy: ]you don't do much walking at that time of the year
rich-c: I'd like to deny it but I'm afraid she's right
Neil: Yes, Frances but in French it is "J'ai 32 ans" literally "I have 32 years"
BobS: go when there is a thaw so that the only ice would be on the railings etc and stay inside
Frances: Yes, Neil, I had forgotten
BobS: winter in NIagra canbe a last minute trip, no waiting or crowds
Judy: it really is worth seeing in the winter
Frances: but the best thing, Bob, is to see everything covered in ice, even the trees
rich-c: the hotels have really attractive weekend packages, too
BobS: we stayed in a hotel just up from the falls (canadian side) which is not there any longer, it is all park now
BobS: one weekend the weather will be good, sun out, temps around freezing, ..... PAM, we are LEAVING for a few days
Pamela: hotels come and go, we've found
Frances: the day we went to see the falls in '04, the wind was blowing towards the Can. side and it was pretty wet
Daniel: bonhomme, depanneur, chaise longue, ...
BobS: make Pam and Russell take you.........they can do the legwork
BobS: what are kids for, aynway ???????????????????????
BobS: :-)
Frances: do I have to answer that?
Pamela: we'll write it off as research : )
BobS: see??? it works
rich-c: every weekend the Niagara hotels have ads in the Toronto papers offering special deals
BobS: see? last minute...........depends on the weather
BobS: a short trip for you
Judy: there you go take them up on one of the deals
Frances: I think Pam and I should do the research, leave Riachard and Russell at home
BobS: :-)
rich-c: that's OK Bob, my nurse was by to do my dressing today
BobS: AND ?????
Pamela: I could be persuaded to do that Mother
BobS: lookin good ?????
rich-c: she was very, very complimentary about the way Pamela had done it in Ottawa
Pamela: but who will feed Dad? Russell can feed himself
Frances: yes, Bob, it's getting much smaller
Judy: Frances are you in need of a break
BobS: good, and will be gone when?????
Frances: Richard buys frozen, he has feed himself
Pamela: when you see her again Dad tell her thank you, I had a good example to follow
Frances: the question is, who will wash the dishes
Pamela: no comment
Judy: the dishwasher
FredK left chat session
Frances: don't have one
Pamela: neither of us has a dishwasher, Judy
Judy: Richard would be the dishwasher
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to FredK
Daniel: déjà vu.
Frances: to have a d.w, I would have to give up too much storage
rich-c: well, it's been there since February, but gone from 7 x 5 to 3 x 2 cm, so you figure it out
Judy: I see
Frances: it is a terrible scar, Judy, but it is getting there
Pamela: and we're not allowed one in the apartment
rich-c: we don't have a microwave for the same reason
Judy: that sounds like quite an improvement, richard
Pamela: it still looks horrible Judy, but much better than it was
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Roberto
Roberto requested to ban BobS
Pamela confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Pamela: it's the first time I had a good look at it in months
Meeka confirmed ban
Daniel: Bob?
Neil confirmed ban
Roberto: my wireless is working??????? don't know why, but it told me that and my chat stopped
rich-c: he's gone and come back as Roberto, Daniel
Roberto: si senor
rich-c: I had quite a time convincing our laptop that it was no longer on wireless when we got home
Daniel: ok... Bob is Robert... and Jim is James... any other names have this kind of variations?
Frances: I could probably work out a way to get a microwave if I tried but it is too much trouble right now
Roberto: sometimes they get a mind of thier own
Pamela: strangely enough, we had no trouble switching back Dad
rich-c: finally got it online by firing up the desktop with the laptop sharing the router
moved to room Meeting Place
Frances: lots, Daniel - John becomes Jack
Pamela: one of the things we did first was remove the wireless card
Roberto: when we came home from Traverse City, my laptop wansted to connect to the wireless is saw up there, even though it couldn'thook up
changed username to Guy B.
Daniel: welcome back Guy
moved to room Meeting Place
Guy B.: Ok, back again
changed username to Dale
Pamela: Richard become Rich, or Rick
Daniel: hello Dale
Dale: Hi all.
Pamela: Hi Dale
Roberto: hi Dale
Judy: Hi, Dale
rich-c: hello Dale
Frances: hello, Dale
Roberto changed username to BobS
BobS: that better Daniel ???
Neil: Daniel many other names have these kinds of variations.
Frances: Elizabeth becomes Beth or Liz
Meeka: hello
Pamela: or Liza or Elli
Daniel: so for these names, the person can choose how he or she likes to be named. and too bad for the other names.
Frances: sometimes it's what you grew up with
rich-c: yes, I refuse to answer to Dick, though my namesake uncle preferred it
Pamela: Pamela becomes Pam, but never Pammie
Frances: my first cousin is Elizabeth but she's always Liz
Judy: Judy is Judith but no one calls me that
Neil: Usually you have to accept several variations. My mother purposely gave us all names that didn't have common variations.
Frances: and my grandmother wanted to call me Fanny but I wouldn't answer to it
Daniel: i understand , rich. dick is... well... had another signification...
rich-c: well, not unless they're mad at you ;-)
Pamela: it's oldfashioned now anyway, Daniel
Frances: Richard, don't confuse Daniel
Neil: "Dick" not so common these days since the other meaning has become more common.
rich-c: yes - I established my choice by writing and getting a byline in print
Pamela: though I notice Bob that you prefer that to Rob
Frances: a "dick"is a detective, Daniel
Daniel: yeah, dick tracy
Judy: he has never been called rob
rich-c: or as a mystery writer, Dick Francis
Pamela: he doesn't look like a Rob either
Daniel: how a Rob looks like?
Pamela: not like Bob : )
rich-c: shorter and fatter
Frances: good question
Neil: I remember when the Dick Tracy movie came on video (my favourite comic strip by the way), that some kids in the video store thought it was the funniest thing they had ever heard of that someone could be named "Dick".
BobS: getting fatter, butnot shorter
Frances: the latter will come, Bob
Judy: isn't that funny that you do feel that, that certain people don't seem to fit a name
BobS: but Richard Tracy does not have the "ring" to it
Daniel: I think Bob is the taller here.
Frances: what about Rob Walker, Richard
rich-c: Frances= female, informal Fanny; Francis=male, informal Frank
Neil: In case it's not obvious "dick" is nothing other than a slang word for "penis" to the youngest generation.
Pamela: for instance, I'm definitely not a "Fiona" which was the other name option
BobS: SHAME, this is a family chat Neil
Dale: Well after some extensive batch processing last night, I published 22 MB of images to the AdamCon 19 galleries. That's down from the original 780 MB.
FredK: Dan, msg gone! sorry disconnected myself earlier!
Dale: Anyone look them over?
Daniel: it's ok Fred. :-)
BobS: was just looking Dale, great job !!!!!!!!
Judy: that doesn't work, Frances is not a Fanny
BobS: WHO is the gentleman with the beard?????????
Dale: I may yet try to order them more carefully by session, if I can figure out Ron's west coast timestamps.
Daniel: Fiona... she's a princess in a cartoon?
Pamela: not had a chance yet Dale, I'll do that tomorrow at work on hi-speed
Frances: Fanny is old-fashioned, Judy
Pamela: it's actually a very Celtic name
rich-c: not yet, Dale, but soon I hope
Neil: A Canadian guy taught a song with "Fanny" in it to Scouts in England and they were quite shocked. "Fanny" is a quite vulgar word in England.
BobS: oops
Judy: how is the crocheting coming, Meeka?
BobS: he was there on Friday dale
Daniel: Frances... it's "Fêtes de la nouvelle France" here in Québec, August 1-5
rich-c: well, the English have some different standards in vulgarity - they seem to need a lot more
Meeka: pretty good
Neil: Bob, words change meanings quite often and can become taboo quite easily.
Dale: Who was there on Friday? I took the times stamps from the image files, but Ron's are all three hours before anyone elses.
Meeka: got about a dozen rows and the first set of blocks will bbe done
Daniel: Here, no kids is named Robert... kind of adult only name.
Dale: So they are still a little mixed up.
FredK: Hi Neil!
Dale: I tried to order the images by date.
Neil: Propriety tells me not to disclose what "fanny" means in England.
Neil: Hi Fred
Frances: Ron was on west coast time
Meeka: should have plenty of time to work on it in the car this weekend
Pamela: unless you're looking at Saturday and it's Guy Foster, Bob
Judy: that is good, maybe when I finish these classes I can start something again
Pamela: Fred was there on Friday and Sunday but no beard
Meeka: we gonna go up north since qwe didn t get up there a couple weeks ago
BobS: it was definately not GuyF
Frances: gent with beard is Sale
Daniel: I had no beard too
FredK: I shaved just before leaving, I asked my wife to take a pic...hehe
Judy: when are you leaving?
Meeka: friday nognth
BobS: ok Sale????????
Pamela: Dale
rich-c: we were there all three days but doubt we could confuse anyone
Frances: did you have a beard, Fred?
Judy: that is good, say hi to your grandparents for us
FredK: Only a vacation one (too lazy to shave!)
Dale: On the home page everyone is labeled.
Meeka: k, will do
Dale: I'm the only one with a beard I think.
Dale: Looking extra bushy this year I guess.
Frances: Richard had a beard for a while in the hospital
FredK: Now thats a beard Dale !:)
rich-c: sorry, who was Daniel's buddy who was supposed to appear but didn't?
Pamela: Steve Begin
BobS: the pic I was referring to had 2 guys I didn't know and one woman
Pamela: now I have to look : )
BobS: looked like a project being built with some string ?????
Frances: women - there were Pam and me and Guy Foster's wife and Jillian Arnott Wick
rich-c: uh - sure you were sober when you took it? in the right place?
BobS: Saturday pics right by the pics of the plaques at the museum
Neil: Steve sent me a message today. He is sorry he didn't really get to meet anyone. He is going to send his registration money now.
Daniel: Steve Bégin (Bé sound like bay)
Frances: Murray McCullogh's mother was there too but she stayed in the room
Dale: I met Steve for 30 seconds on the sidewalk on the way to the museum. But it was so breif that I didn't manage a picture.
rich-c: finished the St. Urbain, Fred - very nice, thank you
Dale: That was me building a canoe at the museum of civilization.
Frances: Steve? did I miss someone?
rich-c: as it happens, yes - but he sort of flashed by
Dale: And the gray bearded guy was giving me directions on how to make the scale model canoe.
FredK: Very welcome rich, I am glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the Wellington!
Daniel: he just pass by when we goes to the museum.
BobS: AHSO,,,,,,,,,didn't recognize those folks
rich-c: but we weent over in the van, so we missed him
Neil: Steve stayed in the hotel one night or two, but except for those of us who talked to him for 20 seconds on the sidewalk on the way to the museum, we never saw him. I think his girlfriend kept him occupied.
rich-c: wait till next year, Fred - Niagara is Canada's premier wine region, after all!
Daniel: it looks like Neil's pictures are dated earlier than reality
Daniel: or maybe it's ron's pictures
BobS: kind of like Alan Neilly @ AC10, he and wife and kids spent all their time at Disneyworld, etc other than one hour at conventiona dncoming to thre banquet
rich-c: I doubt Ron changed his camera off west coast time
Daniel: anyway it's mixed... I saw the inside of the musuem then me with my laptop then inside the museum again... weird
Neil: Dale where did you hide these pictures? I can't see anything on the home page.
Frances: Are there any pictures taken of the river?
Dale: Look under the heading "News from AdamCon 19"
Dale: is the galleries organized by day.
Daniel: finally, it's Ron's picture who are dated some hours earlier
Frances: the view from our hotel was stupendous, Judy
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Scott
Neil: Oh, I reloaded the page and now it's there.
Frances: Are there any on the AdamCon site?
rich-c: well, hello, Scott
Daniel: Hi again Pam
BobS: ALL of them Frances
Judy: that is cool, Frances
Scott: Just wanted to pop in and let you know there's an article with a picture of the old Coleco ADAM Daisy wheel printer
Frances: I mean of the riverview, Bob
Neil: I did take pictures out the hotel window at the very end when I was clearing our room.
Scott: Here's the link:
BobS: the link to click is right below Pam and Russell getting the banner
Pamela: Hi Scott
Daniel: I like the picture of the tiny bird and the squirel
Scott: Hello
Pamela: It seems you got some pictures I wasn't aware of Dale
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to call it the night. Will see you all next week
Pamela: gnite Guy
BobS: nite Gyuy
Frances: bye, Guy
FredK: nite Guy!
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
Daniel: hello scott
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too Pam
Guy B.: Poof
Daniel: bonne nuit Guy
Frances: because I have several good riverview pictures
Guy B. left chat session
Scott: Hello Daniel
Judy: Bye Guy, until next week
rich-c: OK Guy, next Wed then
Meeka: I am off to bed also
Meeka: see ya next week
Pamela: good night Meeka - have a good weekend!
BobS: nite meeka
Frances: good night, Meeka
BobS: say HI to the grandfolks
Dale: Frances there are pics of the view a little bit on Monday's. But there are some nice pics in the park on Sunday.
Pamela: and Doug
Judy: night meeka, have a great time this week-end
rich-c: nite Meeka, take good care of yourself - and Doug
Meeka: k, you all have a good weekend too :)
Daniel: so my printer is my ennemy
Meeka left chat session
Scott: 1
Daniel: but it doesn't smell like ink, so I suppose it's safe.
BobS: hi Scott
Frances: I haven't seen the pictures yet.
BobS: IF it starts to stink whack it !!!!!!
rich-c: I have some but they did not come out as well as I had hoped
Frances: Daniel, what do you mean?
Daniel: I just read the paper from the link scott gives here.
Frances: Oh, I see
Dale: Pam, pictures you weren't aware of?
Pamela: wasn't aware that you were taking : )
Daniel: sorry Dale, I wer unable to use well your camera when you did the canoe
Pamela: usually I'm very conscious of cameras
Frances: I missed him, too, Pam
Scott: It's not much of an article, but it was nice to see a picture of the old ADAM printer, however nefarious
Dale: I've known about that printer issue for many years. And I do try to follow that advice for heavy use printers.
Daniel: I forgot my camera in the "conference room"
Daniel: I mean, when we went to the museum, I left my camera at the room.
Daniel: you know what I mean...
rich-c: you mean we have to put health warnings on our ribbon stock?
Pamela: I must say, I'm very impressed by my camera
Frances: Lord, Scott, I see that printer every day
Judy: it is time to sign off, night all
Neil: We can probably use your pictures too, Frances. I have some from the hotel window and some from the picnic, but we were in the shade so the river is overexposed in the background.
BobS: well gang, I do belive it is time for the two of us to head for bed also, I for one have enjoyed the crowd here tonight
Frances: and we wore out 2
rich-c: goodnight Judy, you-all take care
Daniel: bonne nuit Bob et Judy.
Frances: goodnight, Slopsemas
Pamela: good night, Bob and Judy
FredK: nite Bob&Judy
BobS: nite see ya's next week
Scott: Night
Pamela: see y'all next week
BobS left chat session
Frances: It hadn't occured to me that you didn't have riverview pics, Neil
Judy left chat session
rich-c: if we have any good Ottawa photos, where should we send them?
Frances: I'll try to send you some
Daniel: Someone here knows who is "Raymond Beaudoin"?
Dale: Send them to and I'll try to post them by next Wednesday.
rich-c: Scott, I still need that disc drive back
Neil: It doesn't look like an Adam printer to me. I think the issue is laser printer toner.
Daniel: from "bleu poudre" group?
Dale: Laser toner looks like the issue from the description.
Dale: I think it is a Brother laser printer.
rich-c: the issue would apply also to the Xerox800 and Diablo Hytype! printers
Neil: The best view of the river is from the Museum, but it was very hazy when we went in and I was anxious to go get in line so I didn't hang around outside for long.
Dale: I think that liquid ink based printers wouldn't cause the issue that they are talking about, judging from the article.
Daniel: At the end of an humoristic interview, Raymond Beaudoin takes a picture of himself and the interviewed person by himself. And Dale did take a picture of himself and me at the restaurant. that makes me laught.
Frances: I was over to the museum park earlier in the week by myself and I have pictures from there
rich-c: yes, and we have lots from the river cruise, too
Neil: Of course I have numerous pictures of the river from all different angles, but not taken during Adamcon.
Frances: also from the marina in the park in front of the hotel
Scott: Rich, I have no idea where it is. If I find it, I will send it your way. We did a thorough search of each of our houses when we moved, but did not come across the disk drive
rich-c: my problem is all the pictures are on the laptop and all the editing software is on the desktop - which "isn't working"
Frances: Richard, we can edit in Irfanview and it's on the laptop
Neil: The printer story was everywhere in the news yesterday, but I only saw promos "Coming up on tonight's news: Why your printer could be harmful..."
Frances: Oh, THAT story
Daniel: yes, Ron's pictures are dated 2 hours earlier than reality.
Pamela: um if the desktop isn't working, who is on what computer??
rich-c: I doubt it would apply to impact printers, somehow
Frances: it is, daughter, and I'm on the laptop
Pamela: oh
Scott: Rich - do you want me to send a check? There's no telling if and when I'll ever find it.
Pamela: slightly confused, was I
rich-c: note the quotes? I'm nursing along the desktop
Pamela: I'm thinking it's time to do something about the desktop Dad
Pamela: like, get a new one?
rich-c: let's leave it open, Scott - cheques I can get anytime, disc drives are precious
Frances: no, just red-do XP
rich-c: maybe somehow it got left with your father, or something
Frances: re-do
Scott: He's in Arizona now, BTW
rich-c: like format c:\ u\ followed by install
Neil: IF you do a Google search there IS a picture of an Adam printer, but they seem to have changed it to something more appropriate since then on Slippery Brick.
Daniel: at this moment, when I taken this picture of pamela and james, I was not sure if it was a good idea, but finaly I don't regret it. danielP1000863.JPG
Frances: time for me to leave - goodnight all and daughter
Pamela: why would you regret it Daniel? I'm glad you got it
Pamela: goodnight Mom, I'll be not far behind you
rich-c: night, wife
Pamela: hugs and kisses
FredK: goodnite Frances!
Daniel: bonne nuit Frances.
Frances: merci, Daniel
Frances left chat session
Daniel: well, I had this feeling of maybe disturbing the moment by taking the picture
Neil: It's laser printers.
Pamela: I didn't even notice you'd taken it
Pamela: I'm also glad we have photographic proof that James was there!
rich-c: note to self: add only dot matrix printers to Adam. Find out if inkjets are OK
rich-c: Pam, I'm going to have to pull the plug too. Call us with your weekend plans when known?
Pamela: we're staying put as far as I know Dad. Will call. Goodnight!
Pamela: I think it's time I packed it in too - I have to be up at 6:15
rich-c: goodight, daughter - also goodnight to Wicks, Scott, Fred and Daniel - a la prochaine
Pamela: and 6:15 = ick
Daniel: and I don't have my finger in my nose in this picture : daleDCP_2134.JPG
Daniel: à la prochaine, rich
Pamela: duly noted Daniel : )
FredK: Bonne nuit à vous rich-c & Pam!
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Pamela: Good night Dale, Scott, Fred, Neil and Daniel
Pamela: see you next week
Dale: Later Richard.
Dale: Goodnight Pam.
Neil: Good night
Pamela: kerpoof!
Daniel: bonne nuit pam
Pamela left chat session
Daniel: fred, je vais lire ton courrier.
FredK: j'aurais du racourcir!
Dale: Daniel, that was you pressing the "think harder button" on your nose. ;-)
Dale: Trying valiently to find my bug in the sample.
Daniel: yes, i'm thinking sometimes with my nose. i still don't know if it help
Dale: lol
Neil: Did you hear me saying before that it looked like you had your finger in your nose. (I knew you didn't.)
Dale: I deleted all of the rich EXIF information from the images when I down scaled them. I may feel guilty enough to reinsert the EXIF later.
Daniel: you said that when we were at the hotel
Neil: Okay.
Dale: The EXIF info tells the shutter speed, and info about the camera.
Neil: I don't know how big each image is, but I'm very impressed by how fast the index pages load.
Daniel: fred, je n'ai pas encore regardé le fichier, mais je crois que je vais commencer par terminer les derniers détails avec cci et les librairies pour nous faciliter la vie par la tuie.
Daniel: ... la suite
Daniel: I type fast and it's late.
Daniel: la tuie... it means nothing.
FredK: Ok super Dan, j'attendrai!
Daniel: tu n'auras pas à attendre longtemps, je suis en plein dedans
Daniel: I saw your file, fred... it's a big exec file and it shows a christmas tree in ascii.
Scott: Nice to see all of you, will drop by soon.
Scott left chat session
Daniel: scott is fast... well, good night scott
FredK: Yup! thats it!
FredK: I also liked the info. about th e Coleco in the distribution list, very interresting!
Daniel: maybe you want to do the same on coleco that should be easy
FredK: Yes would be cool to start!
Dale: Daniel, have you looked again at why your menu is not working?
Daniel: Dale, have you looked at your emails? I sent you a working rom file monday night or the next day
Dale: Apparently not carefully enough.
Neil: I have to sign off and finish eating supper. Bonne nuit, tout le monde.
FredK: :)
Dale: I was barely awake yesterday.
FredK: NIte Neil!
Dale: And Monday got home late.
Dale: Good night Neil.
Dale: Let me try it.
Dale: Does it work at all?
Daniel: the menu show 3 items but only the 2nd and the 3rd ones are games. the 1st one is not working.
Daniel: because at this time, I didn't add my game yet.
FredK: Well I am in a mood for a snack I had a lunch/supper thing and getting hungry! good night Dale, Bonne nuit Dan!
Dale: Until next time Fred.
Neil left chat session
Daniel: bonne nuit Neil
Daniel: too late...
Daniel: Fred, I will send you something by email to help you start with Coleco programming like I did.
Daniel: like I still do
FredK: Great! thanks again! good night!
Daniel: bonne nuit fred
FredK left chat session
Daniel: so Dale, did you find the tiny 7k zip file? it's getbooty and spacehunter in a single rom file
Daniel: it compressed a lot.
Dale: It's running now.
Dale: Wow, I never believed it was possible.
Daniel: I saw a graphic glitch when running this getbooty version with bluemsx. I saw one time the money bag beeing graphicly corrupted
Dale: Or wait, maybe I was the one insisting that we do it this way. :-)
Daniel: actually yes, you were one who suggest this way
Daniel: and it works apparently
Dale: So that's exciting to see.
Dale: GuyF and I needed to make only very small changes to our programs too.
Daniel: and that was a good news
Dale: Will it be hard for you to add in your game?
Daniel: based on how I coded my game, I don't think so.
Dale: It was your game that I was most concerned about, but maybe it'll be good then.
Daniel: with the coleco_header adapted and the coleco library also adapated to avoid erasing the address in 7000$ it should work no problem
Daniel: and actually, the header was modified that way sunday
Dale: Because your menu is in C, right?
Daniel: I can try to compile tonight if you insist
Daniel: I deal pretty well with C stuff
Daniel: still have to perfect my assembler skills
Dale: I don't hear any sound. Is that me, or is it the game?
Daniel: I played this rom with sounds under bluemsx.
Daniel: there is no sound in the menu because it was a test menu in fact, but the games should have sounds.
Daniel: and the menu and my game will use the graphic mode that is not my invention.
Dale: Sound does work in vcoleco.
Dale: So it is something I did wrong in my AdamEm setup.
Dale: CALL MODE1 :-D
Daniel: it's a graphic mode 2 but in text mode way... and yes, it's documented somewhere.
Daniel: not in smartbasic
Daniel: but somewhere
Dale: CALL 1f85h == CALL MODE_1
Dale: It sets up graphics mode 1.
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Daniel: I know this, Dale.
Dale: Which is 1 colour table entry for every 8 8x8 characters in the pattern table.
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Daniel: I retyped all comments to complet the absolute os7 listing I did.
Daniel: who's there?
Dale: Okay.
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Dale: Someone who came and left.
Daniel: strange
Dale: Some day, I want to make a game that uses PUTOBJ for something useful.
Dale: But I've heard it said that only Donkey Kong used it or something.
Daniel: John Dondzila uses this mode 1, and you use it too. but I prefer the multicolor option that gives the graphic mode 2.
Dale: Maybe Zaxxon used it?
Daniel: putobj... you have to set objects in ram that use them, right?
Dale: Yes, and they can be built of both char graphics and sprites put together.
Dale: I think that the flaming cats on the second level of Donkey Kong are like that.
Daniel: but the complex object support part is "not correct" and need a fix in the rom.
Daniel: and it's better using mode 1 than mode 2 with putobj because it uses less ram with mode 1 than mode 2.
Dale: There is a note about that in one of the Coleco circulars
Dale: But they also documented a workaround I thought.
Daniel: I included the "patch" code in my coleco coding guide
Dale: Have you used the PUTOBJ then?
Daniel: no, but I'm looking for it when I will try a 2k game in assembler
Dale: I never got around to it. And I always thought an editor would be the way to go.
Daniel: showing graphics moving like sprites but are characters
Daniel: that the useful part with putobj
Daniel: I may want to use
Dale: Well, it isn't really small, it is more graphically rich, so I don't think it'll help much for a 2k game.
Daniel: should be good for a game like asteroid
Dale: But you may be able to work it out. I can usually think of a cheaper direct method without all of the setup required to use PUTOBJ.
Daniel: but I dont know what is the next step ... after doing putobj, how to make the animation rather than overlapping.
Dale: Did I tell you that I'm working on a 3D skateboarding game for the PSP.
Dale: I can't find any 3D skateboarding games that aren't commercial. So I'm a little discouraged by that.
Daniel: no, you didn't tell me about the skateboard game
Dale: I have people working on the skatepark, and skater models.
Dale: Someone to do the texturing.
Dale: And a couple of people to maybe help me with missions and minigames.
Dale: And someone to do some levels.
Dale: It seems like I require about 8 people to help me make a PSP game.
Daniel: never did one alone?
Dale: Sound effects, music, menus, environment, characters, levels
Dale: The first few I did alone. After that I found people to help with all of the different parts.
Dale: My experience is that I usually still spend as much time as all of the other contributors put together though.
Daniel: tomorow is the deadline for a demoscene competition and a friend of mine did a 4k demo I didn't it was possible.
Daniel: the tiny 4k exec file run on windows and uses windows possibilities to show full screen motions and add music and voices. seems impossible to me, but they did.
Dale: I've seen some stuff from Assembly and Breakpoint. There's some amazing things you can do in demo scene constraints.
Daniel: my friend told me that the compressing phase did a better job on Cstuff than with optimized assembly stuff that did the same thing.
Daniel: so he tried to optimize to save space and finaly realized that the first verison in C was more adpated for compression
Daniel: continue your psp games, I will continue with coleco this week and try to help fred to start
Daniel: good night dale
Dale: Fred is think of programming games?
Dale: Maybe I should have done more assembly language ;-)
Daniel: at least think of doing coelco things. I will show him my way.
Daniel: with the special mode
Daniel: and the C stuff
Dale: Some day, I'd like to finish my kayaking game for the CV.
Dale: Do you think he'd like to learn the Express Basic Compiler (my compiler)
Dale: What kind of programming has he done before?
Daniel: I have this week for vacations and my coleco long due things are in work in progress. so I keep going.
Daniel: he knows java and pascal. I think he will like basic a lot.
Dale: I have the last week of August off, so maybe I'll do some of the Cv conversions of PSP games I made last year.
Daniel: but give me a chance to show him what my library can do, first.
Dale: If he knows Java, then C shouldn't be hard for him.
Dale: I'd like to convert you to sdcc. It seems much better.
Dale: But I don't know what you'd lose.
Dale: Maybe Marcel's lib?
Daniel: i think i will lose in stability because sdcc still have some compiling errors issues.
Daniel: also the tons of functions to convert in sdcc format
Dale: Well, the new cci is quite nice.
Dale: I look forward to doing some more with it for the next AdamCon.
Daniel: I sent you by email i think the version I did yesturday
Dale: It should be good.
Dale: I'll just have to decide what kind of game to make.
Daniel: next adamcon? they all talked tonight about a game to do for the occasion
Dale: I saw that email. I'll download it and get it going on the weekend maybe.
Dale: What did thay say?
Dale: You're in a barrel, and you need to survive over the falls and through the rapids?
Daniel: moving a boat at the bottom of the falls and avoid rocks and barrils... something like that
Daniel: dr.d said he will try to draw a title screen
Dale: I still want to make a multiplayer game based in the card game "Falling" where you're falling from a building with the simple goal of hitting the ground last.
Dale: I think it could be a fun CV game based on "Falling" by Cheapass Games.
Daniel: the card game I wanted to do for coleco is a simplified version of Emerlaüs.
Dale: That could be good. You're in a boat, eh?
Dale: You remember I was working on a game where you're in a fishing boat, and trying to guess movie titles.
Daniel: the boat have a name on it and it looks like it was important... it included the word "maid", I can't rememeber the rest
Dale: Maid of the Mist.
Dale: Based on a local Indian legend about someone who died chasing after her true love.
Daniel: you checked the log tonight or you guess?
Daniel: so this boat have this legend name but still have this action related features of avoiding rocks and barrels. interresting.
Daniel: but why the boat don't go away from the falls rather than staying there and getting hit by rocs.... need a reason.
Dale: Well, the boat tour that has been going since like 1800 is called "The Maid of the Mist" based on the legend.
Dale: But it seems that I got the story a little bit wrong.
Dale: At any rate, the Maid of the Mist boats are hired by tourists to get as close to the falls as possible.
Dale: So getting close to the falls is something that you're paid to do.
Dale: You just have to do it.
Daniel: it's just moving to the falls then come back or it's many pass?
Daniel: I see now. the boat have to stay close to the falls a period of time so to keep it safe you have to control quite well your boat, not too close to the falls, no hits by rocks.
Dale: Exactly.
Daniel: I suppose the next level intermission is the boat getting new tourists.
Dale: Then you also have to go to the whirlpool a little further away.
Dale: Yes, new passengers I guess.
Daniel: a whirlpool?
Dale: I'm not sure how to make the difficulty progress. But 4 levels would probably be okay.
Dale: the Great Gorge Whirlpool Rapids and the Whirlpool
Daniel: I didn't know about the whirlpool
Dale: about 2 km from the falls, downstream is a 90 degree bend in the river. I creates a whirlpool.
Dale: So you have to take tourists there to show it too.
Daniel: seems too risky
Dale: Could always to a traditional tightrope walk over the falls for a level.
Daniel: it's passed midnight. I think I will simply stop chating and watch tv until I fall asleep.
Dale: First done in 1890:
Dale: okay. talk to you later.
Daniel: un funambule? it's a funny idea but in realy it's crazy!
Daniel: take care, goodnight
Dale: So: maid of the mist boat under falls, past whirlpool, tightrope walk over gorge, and survive going over the falls in a barrel.
Dale: That would be a pretty sweet game I think maybe.
Daniel: yeah, i think so
Dale: I won't keep you.
Daniel: keep me?
Dale: you wanted to leave.
Dale: I will say good night, so you can watch some TV.
Daniel: just stop talking after saying my goodnight words then. :-)
Daniel: bonne nuit! à la prochaine!
Daniel: bye!
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