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BobS: I see you got Doug to get you on
Meeka: hello
Meeka: ya, sorta
BobS: we are under a sever thunderstrom warning
Meeka: he not quqite sure how i got in though cuz none the other puters can get in
BobS: coming into the west side right now
Meeka: ya, i hearin thunder
BobS: dlont' hear anything yet, BUT heavy rain, maybve hail, high winds
BobS: till about 9:30
BobS: thinking about turning onthe air
Meeka: we did that shortly after supper
BobS: tell Doug to keep trying,
BobS: maybe hisw compter will bounce thru too
BobS: what the heck
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changed username to Dr. D.
BobS: heyu Rich
Dr. D.: Hi Slopsemas.
Meeka: he busy trin to get one his servers in the baseemnt runnin agian
BobS: how's your weather?
Meeka: hello
BobS: got severe storms comign in here
Dr. D.: Despite Richard's E-mail, Erin reports her phone/DSL working even yesterday.
Dr. D.: Muggy muggy here
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Dr. D.: Dehumidifier made a gallon almost since I got home at 6 PM
changed username to Judy
Dr. D.: Hi Judy
Judy: hello All!!
Meeka: hello
Judy: have to go and shut all the windows be right back
Meeka: lol, here comes the downpour :P
Dr. D.: So I am waiting to see if Rin will show up...last report was she was on the bus back from the campaign office.
Dr. D.: Rain has made the corner of my bedroom fall down though
Dr. D.: And some of the living room was about to fall when I got home this evening.
Dr. D.: Zillion layers of old paint + humidity = it bubbles off
Meeka: yucky
Dr. D.: I have been running the dehumidifier/portable A/C for the last few weeks.
Dr. D.: Or rather whenever it has been muggy, it actually was very good the last couple days.
Dr. D.: The underlying plaster is not crumbly, just damp and caused ancient paint layers to delaminate.
Judy: there the windows are shut and the air is now on
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changed username to FredK
Dr. D.: Landlord has a work order out for it.
FredK: Hi all
Dr. D.: Hi Fred.
Dr. D.: So Bob, did you get all my code E-mails to coladam?
Meeka: hello
BobS: Hi Fred
FredK: missed last week I had fever was horrible.
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Judy: the wind is here, I think we are in for a dandy
changed username to rich-c
Dr. D.: Hello Richard.
Meeka: ya, sounds nasty out there
Dr. D.: Erin's phone has been working since yesterday, DSL too.
rich-c: wow, what a mob - hi, all
FredK: Hi rich
Dr. D.: Is Pam's?
rich-c: yes, got an email from her this evening saying she was back on line - likely be here lateer
Judy: the temperature is realy falling
Dr. D.: Erin's phone quality last night was more like junky cell phone, but it was intelligible mostly.
rich-c: you folks having your own junior hurricane?
FredK: note the fall in falling
Dr. D.: hehe leaves have been turning color and falling here for a week.
BobS: been getting all the coladam list emails Rich, just looked and I have gotten all the ones archived at Dale;s site
Dr. D.: Oaks, maples, locust all changing.
BobS: jsut about Richard
Dr. D.: The odd small red maple is totally red already too.
rich-c: odd - they are predicting a real scorcher for us tomorrow, and warm balance of the week
BobS: the wind hit like a bus !!!!!!!
Judy: was a good thing Liz let us out of class early, otherwise I would be coming home right ab out now
BobS: nasty here today and for tomorrow also
Dr. D.: I just hope it is nice Saturday, when we move Christina back to Erie, and all next weekend, which I am to spend in Toronto.
rich-c: you're coming up here then, are you, Rich?
Dr. D.: We want to go to the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) at some point again, went last year and I really enjoyed it.
Dr. D.: Hoping to arrive Friday, maybe possibly even Thursday night (depends on classes), stay 'til Tuesday morning.
rich-c: I'm afraid fof me the novelty long ago wore off, but it is still a draw and big event
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Dr. D.: That is the hope, also have to consider transport of girls to school issues, Joan's work schedule.
Meeka: lol, bandit doeasnt like this storm
Dr. D.: Apparently the original concessioner is coming back.
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Meeka: he just jumped into my lap
Daniel Bienvenu: good evening
FredK: Salut Dan!
Dr. D.: Bandit, like Jonny Quest's dog?
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Judy, Rich, Dr.D, Fred, Meeka et Bob
Dr. D.: Hi Daniel.
Judy: this is a show, was on the porch and lighting all around
Meeka: no, bandit, like my dog :P
Dr. D.: Hope my SmartBASIC software clock assembly code does not have too many errors in it.
rich-c: sounds like you have a real serious storm
Judy: hi, Daniel
Dr. D.: That was what I meant, Meeka, Bandit was Jonny Quest's dog.
Dr. D.: Distinctive bark, ark-ark-ark-ark
Meeka: lol,, i know, i bein sassy
Judy: we are under a watch
BobS: ya fer sure, gonna be a big storm maybe, ya ??????
Dr. D.: No twisters I hope.
BobS: no twisters, just storm
Dr. D.: Know where your storm cellar is...flashlights etc.
rich-c: severe thunderstorms, or worse?
BobS: severe thunderstorms only
Daniel Bienvenu: Fred, j'ai pensé faire un tutoriel pour les graphiques afin de commencer quelque part avec la programmation Coleco. Malheureusement, j'ai eu plus d'idées que de temps pour le concrétiser.
FredK: :) j'attends Daniel quand tu sera prêt, javais de la fièvre la semaine passée Mercredi, cétait poche!
rich-c: don't worry, Daniel, we all have more ideas than time to execute them
BobS: heck I have ideas for the next 10 years !!!!!! an diwll ne ver begin to get to most of them
rich-c: you've been under the weather, Fred?
Dr. D.: I think Fred said his Mercedes is a dog :-S (runs away at bad language humour)
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Judy: did Bob tell you he got a job this week
Meeka: our power just blipped
changed username to Pamela
FredK: yes last week I had fever on wed. and thurs. but reason I was in bed and not on chat!
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Pam!
Dr. D.: obviously answer is no
rich-c: hi daughter
Meeka: hi pam
Judy: hi, Pam
rich-c: a job? terriffic! tell us about it!
FredK: hi Pam!
Dr. D.: Hi Pam...tired of entertaining your auntie yet? :-)
Dr. D.: I know Rin is...
Pamela: Hi everyone. Bob, that's great news!
Judy: yes, the hours are something else but the money is great
Daniel Bienvenu: how big an email can be in the adamcon mailing list?
Dr. D.: 3rd shift?
Pamela: Hi Rich, no I don't get enough of her so having her here is great
rich-c: so let's hear all the gory details!
Dr. D.: I don't know, Daniel. Did you send something that bounced?
Judy: yesterday he worked from 6:30 am- 8:30 pm
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Dr. D.: Sounds like me :-(
Daniel Bienvenu: In the past, yes... but not this week.
rich-c: those are something long hours
Pamela: and in case you haven't figured it out, we have phone service (and therefore internet connection) back
BobS: I am dong TWO jobs, just so that I don't lose the one while I try outthe second job - this means 6 days a week for now
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changed username to Captain Quebec
Captain Quebec: Greets to all.
Pamela: Hi Gui
rich-c: looks like GuyF has joined us
BobS: working for Habitat for Humanity as a construction supervisor on houses
Daniel Bienvenu: I just want to know if I have to do a web page or an email will be fine for the surprise I promise last week but I may be done for tonight.
FredK: Salut Guy
Captain Quebec: Salut Fred!
Judy: Hi, Guy
Captain Quebec: Hi Pam!
Pamela: that is awesome Bob
Dr. D.: Guy, is that the separatist superhero? :-)
Captain Quebec: Bonsoir Judy.
BobS: so have somehorrendous hours for a few weeks while they build a 3 family hosue
FredK: :)
BobS: then will get down to 4 10 hour days
Dr. D.: 3 family, that is large
BobS: bummer is that it takes every Saturday
Captain Quebec: Dr. D: Yep, the francophone superhero who protects quebecers from evil anglophones...
rich-c: but has his limitations against la Maudite...
Dr. D.: Alas non parlez francais
Captain Quebec: or something like that...
BobS: 3 family house, actually 3 separate houses tied together. 3 of us supervosors each had a house and volunteers to babysit
Captain Quebec: Yeah, la maudite is his achiles heel.
Dr. D.: Who is living there, a starlet with paparazzi?
Captain Quebec: Dan: Salut mon Danny boy.
rich-c: that is a terriffic job, Bob - I reckon it's one you can feel very good about doing
Dr. D.: Or main home, guest home, spare home?
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonsoir Guy
Dr. D.: That still sounds like a huge structure.
BobS: 3 separate "familes" or family units
Dr. D.: Must be on a big lot.
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Captain Quebec: How big is the lot?
Judy: sure takes the pressure off that is for sure
BobS: its is about 5000 sq ft
changed username to ginger_rin
Captain Quebec: Not very big for such a structure.
Daniel Bienvenu: Non, le menu avec nos visages n'est pas fait... ça sera fait plus tard, quand tous les jeux seront prêts.
Pamela: greetings, cousin mine
rich-c: anyway, they couldn't get a better supervisor, that's for sure - and they got what they deserve
Judy: Hi, Erin
ginger_rin: allo allo
Dr. D.: My Rin <holds>
ginger_rin: hi Honeys <holds>
FredK: Hey Erin!
ginger_rin: hi Fred!
BobS: tiny lot, proabably 2 house lots from the early 1900's housing era...........guseeing about 150' x 80' wide
rich-c: hello Rin
ginger_rin: hi Ucle Richard
BobS: oh, that's right, ikt is ONLY Rich's HONEY
ginger_rin: Hi Honey!
Captain Quebec: In Montreal and suburbs, they build on 3500 square feet, and sometimes less...
Dr. D.: No I am Tiger <purr>
Pamela: no, Rich is her honeys
ginger_rin: mrow
Pamela: subtle but distinct difference
Meeka: thats about the size or our lot
Dr. D.: She is Rinette
Judy: they have been after him for a while and he didn't think this what he wanted to do, but then he found out what they were paying and changed his mind and decided to try it for a while
Captain Quebec: It's still impressive how much you can build on a 3500 square foot lot and still have a decent backyard.
BobS: so now I can take 3 or 4 volunteers who just barely knolw which end of a hammer to hold and pput trim boards on .......OOPS, no hammers they get to use an air gun
Dr. D.: So is Bob the foreman or other management position?
Dr. D.: Or do you have to actually wield tools?
Captain Quebec: Bob the builder!!!
Dr. D.: hahahaha
Pamela: I hear they're much safer these days Bob : )
rich-c: let's see - our lot is 45 x120, so large by comparison
BobS: one of 3 foreman/superintendents that run the Sept I will get my own single family hosue and volunteers
Dr. D.: Much easier to drive spikes through your own body before you realize it
Dr. D.: "volunteers"?
rich-c: on the other hand the 3500 square foot monstronsity next door is on a twin lot
Dr. D.: I take it non-union labor.
Judy: yes, the res
Judy: yes, the workers don't get paid
Captain Quebec: The house I bought is 6450 square feet, and I find it is just right, enough space in the backyard to hold a small event, yet not too big that I have to spend my weekends mowing the lawn.
Dr. D.: Why are they working then?
BobS: but Pam.........volunjteers are not experienced at using air nail guns
BobS: non union Rich
rich-c: Habitat for Humanity is a very famous charity - isn't Jimmy Carter one of the patrons?
Dr. D.: Or volunteering rather?
Dr. D.: Okay that was what I missed\
Dr. D.: doof
Dr. D.: DOH
BobS: yup, Jimmy has to be the premier volunteer
Dr. D.: Yes Jimmy is still carpentring
Dr. D.: I think he is 83 now
Pamela: however, willng volunteers are eager to learn and I suspect, learn quickly
BobS: maybe he will come to one of MY houses and I can be famous too...........
Daniel Bienvenu: bob the builder... my brother's son try singing this song sometimes, but he never stay to watch the episodes.
Dr. D.: Sounds like same things the girls do when the church goes on a trip to Appalachia or South Dakota.
Dr. D.: You exude Republican Bob, so I doubt it
Dr. D.: :-)
Pamela: and, the prospective home owners also must put in 500 hours of sweat equity before receiving their homes and are also eager to learn
Captain Quebec: as long as they don't mix up the doors with the windows, and it should be allright I guess.
rich-c: could be - there are H for H projects all over the world - volunteer labour and, often, materials
Dr. D.: You can build an Escher hous
Dr. D.: house
Captain Quebec: you'd never find the entrance!
BobS: and just from what I have seen, there are lots of things donated, at cost, or installed
Dr. D.: Or get out
Judy: that is a good one Guy
Dr. D.: I presume the houses still have to make code
BobS: they call those situations "Habitat Hookeis"
Pamela: what situations, the mixups?
BobS: yes they must meet code, but I am not wild about some of the things I am seeing and can't imagine it meets code]
BobS: yes Pam the screwups that have to be taken apart and redone
Pamela: that's what you're there for Bob, to make sure everything is up to snuff
Dr. D.: At what point does a building inspector visit?
rich-c: in Toronto, I believe they also have an office that collects usable parts from buildings being demolished
Captain Quebec: do you need a licensed electrician for teh electrical work?
BobS: plastic flex waterpipes, for instatnce
Dr. D.: I built it one piece at a time...and it didn't cost me a dime...
Dr. D.: You mean like bendy straws?
BobS: inpsector= basement wall in, rough in, finish
BobS: yes Rich
Dr. D.: Never even seen it for real plumbing...I have seen the metal flex stuff for toilets.
Dr. D.: But never plastic.
rich-c: we were discussing it on the carnuts web site a few days ago - seems it is a coming thing
BobS: licensed heating/cooling; electrical, and I am thinking one of my qualifications was being licensed as a builder to be onsite
Dr. D.: When I was a boy, PVC was not even code for cold water; you could use it for waste water. Cold and hot had to be iron or copper.
Pamela: absolutely Bob
rich-c: of course plastic plumbing has been standard on trailers for years - far better than the metal stuff
Captain Quebec: copper is the norm now I think?
BobS: red plastic for hot water, blue for cold, brass fittings for sharp turns and put together liek a sprinkler system
Dr. D.: Plastic is easier to fabricate and work with, less skill needed than soldering copper, less labor than hacksawing and threading pipe...
BobS: I would worry about the pipes inthe walls IF it were myhosue
Dr. D.: I guess houses are now built to be disposable.
Judy: plastic does not last as long
Dr. D.: I can't see it lasting 30 years
Captain Quebec: I'd rather have copper pipes.
rich-c: does it have one of the new manifold rigs with each fixture getting its own water line?
BobS: back 30 years ago we started using plastic fromthe main inthe street into the house.........NOW they are digging them allup and replacing them with copper pipe
Pamela: and this is part of the reason I wouldn't want a new house
Daniel Bienvenu: We can do SWF files (as know as Flash apps) with OpenOffice. We can do a kind of presentation with Impress (like PowerPoint) and convert it to static pages (no animation keeped) that just need a mouse click to do to the next page.
Dr. D.: plastic never survives in the ground
BobS: run it just like regular copper, only it is irragation type plastic in 1/2" diameter
Captain Quebec: Pamela: EXACTO!!! I keep on telling people about the 1967 house I bought, that I feel more confident buying a 40 yrs old house than a new home...
Pamela: if we ever buy, I want one that's older, so all the "new house" problems are settled and it's solidly constructed.
Judy: just be married to the builder than you don't have to worry about having a new house
rich-c: fyi, the house Pam grew up in was built in 1953
Captain Quebec: The inspect which inspected my house was very impressed with the beams, copper pipes, etc... and told me: "They don't build 'em like the used to, that's for sure."
Daniel Bienvenu: I was thinking of doing a tutorial about the basics of the ColecoVision, starting with the graphics, then I saw that OpenOffice allow creating Flash things.
Dr. D.: Bob, can someone getting a home built specify materials? Copper pipe, plywood not Celotex or the sawdust-and-glue stuff, etc?
Pamela: and it's a good solid house, Dad
BobS: no, it gets built the way Habitat does it...........
Meeka: our new house is sold Pam :)
Dr. D.: I meant commercially
Meeka: solid**
Pamela: new house, Meeka???
Judy: only if the material is available
BobS: if you build a regular type house, YES you can specify and it is figured inthe cost
Captain Quebec: New homes are solid, but they haven't settled yet (foundation) and problems can sometimes arise 20 yrs later.
Pamela: have you moved from the one I saw in '02?
Meeka: ya, its only 7 yrs old
Dr. D.: I think I would tell them full-cut 2x4s and lath-and-horsehair-plaster lasts forever.
Meeka: no, silly, thats the one i takin bout
Pamela: that's what I thought
Judy: no, she is still in the same house
Captain Quebec: they don't make things to last forever anymore Dr. D...
Judy: might be very hard to find that Dr D
Pamela: I've seen some of the ones going up around here - no thanks
Meeka: i still think of it as :new"
Dr. D.: Well frankly it's the proliferation of cheap substitute modern materials.
Captain Quebec: Meeka: 7-8 yrs is very new for a house...
Judy: we used to move every 1-2 years
Captain Quebec: Dr. D: Problem is, sometimes, even if you want to pay the full price for a quality item, you cannot find it!
Dr. D.: Hardwood, plaster, slate, brick have intrinsic strength.
Pamela: ugh, Judy - why?
Captain Quebec: Companies don't take pride in producing quality products anymore, just making a quick buck and satisfying the shareholders.
Dr. D.: Our Biology Building on campus, built 1897, has no metal interior frame, it is structural brick with 18" square cross section wooden beams, 3 floors.
rich-c: yes rich but they are brittle, there are things they can't withstand that yielding weaker materials can
Meeka: lolcuz she just lovessss movin :-)
Judy: was Bob's work and if I wasn't happy with something in the house we built we would put it up for sale and build another and hope that you didn't find anything that you didn't like with that one
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changed username to Roberto
Judy: now we have to much stuff so we can't move
Pamela: Bob, did you build this one?
Roberto requested to ban BobS
Dr. D. confirmed ban
Captain Quebec confirmed ban
ginger_rin confirmed ban
Roberto: whic one
Dr. D.: I have barely finished moving into my 7th office in 9 years and I am tired of moving
Meeka confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Pamela: the one you're in now
Judy: everyone
Roberto: yes
Pamela: cool
Pamela: I didn't know that
Roberto: and Meeka's and Doug's older sister's
Dr. D.: So how many times did you need to finally get it right Bob? :-)
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't think I can finish my surprise for tonight... well, at least you can have a preview of it.
Meeka: he built ours to
Meeka: we did hlp a bit though
Judy: this one he drew the plans and then built it
Captain Quebec: Dan: What's your surprise Dan?
Meeka: Sherris too
Roberto: never get it right Rich,,,,,,,,,,,alwasy find something you can say WHY did we do that !!!!!!
Dr. D.: I want a turret and a dungeon.
Pamela: like what? From what I saw, they're both great houses
Daniel Bienvenu: The Easter Bunny game I did for the Minigame Compo 2007, but a more complete version.
Captain Quebec: Dr. D: Those are built to last forever! Good idea.
rich-c: and a drawbridge?
Dr. D.: And a secret passage from the living room to somewhere else in the house.
Meeka: bigger living room
Roberto: surprise???????? I LOVE surprises
Meeka: more windows
Dr. D.: Like Squire's Castle, Rin, except with an interior.
Daniel Bienvenu: Go to the Minigame compo web site :
Judy: I wouldn't have a living room if I did this one over
ginger_rin: yeah
Daniel Bienvenu: Click on the link named "Games" in the menu (left)
Pamela: as opposed to a LR and a family room?
Captain Quebec: Allright, Captain Quebec is off to save the world... (actually, he's off to go to sleep, but don't tell anymore, it's not as glamorous).
Captain Quebec: *anyone
Dr. D.: Schlafen ist gut
Daniel Bienvenu: You should be able to download and try the minigame I did.
Pamela: gnite Gui
Judy: correct
Pamela: say hi to Sandra and Tamara for us
Meeka: ya, i wouldnt have let doug have a room either, jhe never in it anymore
Judy: night Guy
Captain Quebec: Pam: Sure will, thanks! G'night all!
Captain Quebec left chat session
rich-c: bonsoir, Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Guy!
Pamela: all you have to do is take it over bit by bit Meeka : )
Daniel Bienvenu: ... too fast
Judy: yea, but he has a lot of stuff in it
Dr. D.: Need it to be bigger inside than out.
Pamela: don't we all - why do you think we're still in the same place after 10 years?
Meeka: no Pam, it would have been more living room
FredK: salut Guy
Meeka: no way to do that now
Pamela: a "house of holding", Rich?
ginger_rin: well folks I'll be signing off now....looooong day
Pamela: night Rin
rich-c: because you inherited your mother's aversion to moving?
Dr. D.: A TARDIS ala Dr. Who
Meeka: i know, but right now mosta it in here
Judy: night Rin
Daniel Bienvenu: Easter Bunny : The 8k I planed to finish for the surprise got 8 levels and a title screen with music. The title screen is done, but I need more levels.
Pamela: because we have waaaay too much stuff
ginger_rin left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Erin
rich-c: night Rin - say hello to your Mom
Daniel Bienvenu: too late...
Dr. D.: I guess I should follow Rin too, have to get up at 6 AM.
Dr. D.: Classes start Monday, lots to do yet.
Pamela: okay Rich, love to you both
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Dr.D.
Meeka: lol, Pam, we FILLED a three bedroom two story house with what was in our two bedoom apartment
Dr. D.: Christina goes back to Erie Saturday.
Judy: night Dr D
Dr. D.: Bye all, stay dry Slopsemas!
Dr. D.: <poof>
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, I had time finaly to say bonne nuit to someone
rich-c: OK Rich, night for now then
Pamela: we filled a two bedroom apartment with what was in our one bedroom
Pamela: no wonder we had to move the first time
Pamela: and our second bedroom has all but disappeared
Pamela: under the crap
Judy: was at a class on that tonight
rich-c: on moving?
Pamela: what, getting rid of crap? : )
Judy: organizational skills, no clutter
Judy: or gettting rid of it
rich-c: a clean desk is a sign of an empty mind... ; - )
Pamela: I
Pamela: 've watched
Judy: the instructor decided that we were more organized than she so she sent us all home
Meeka: lol
Pamela: enough organizational shows to know what needs to be done, it's just DOING it that's the problem
rich-c: sounds like a good move
Judy: the trouble is I have to go back tomorrow night and finish the book
rich-c: exactly, it's easy to plan, but finding the time to execute?
Pamela: and getting Russell to do it, which is also the problem
Judy: send him to the class to learn how
Pamela: take my husband - please
rich-c: males have different priorities from females - as you may have noticed
FredK: Daniel, will check it out, nice surprise! keep in touch, I am tired now I need to get some rest, take care all..
Meeka: sounds like a class i need
Pamela: night Fred
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Fred!
rich-c: night Fred, get your shuteye, see you next week
Judy: yea, i knpw look at our basement, tons of computers down there
FredK left chat session
Roberto: nite Fred
Pamela: it seems to be the standard for Adamites, Judy
Judy: night Fred
Roberto: may these people ard dropping like flies
Judy: that is probably right
Pamela: heck Erin doesn't even have a basement and she's got three computers
Pamela: for that matter, so do we
Judy: three is that all
Pamela: (forgot about that)
Pamela: for a one bedroom apartment, and a two bedroom, that's a lot!
rich-c: well, we have four, half of which more or less work
Judy: we have more than that in the family room
Pamela: ideally I would like to get another desktop and another laptop, and get rid of the old desktops we have now
Judy: couldn't tell you how many we have, haven't a clue, probably don't wany to know
Roberto: true true
Roberto: too many
Roberto: but, but, but, they are all good
Meeka: lol, 7 or 8 i think mom
rich-c: I just want an exorcist for my desktop - I'm beginning to think it's haunted
Judy: in the family room, yes that is about right but then there is downstairs
Daniel Bienvenu: first time I heard about a haunted desktop
rich-c: anyone want a nice new TI-99 \4A? just make me an offer...
Pamela: we could maybe find you a good priest, Dad : )
rich-c: wonder if I could find a way to call in Rocky
Pamela: it would give him a good excuse to visit : )
rich-c: even with the latest install - total, clean - XP still won't work properly
rich-c: the latest kick is a floppy drive that keeps running and wont stop
rich-c: meanwhile on the laptop I have lost all of my email - everything
Pamela: including addresses, Dad?
Judy: oops there went Bob, he is having trouble tonight
rich-c: I believe so
Judy: this time he did it himself, pulled the plug on it
rich-c: the advantage of using a laptop, Judy
Pamela: oops
Judy: very true, Rich
rich-c: I was fine, fat, dumb and happy, on the desktop with the UPS - till the batteries died
rich-c: then came the power failure and bang - no backup
Judy: oops
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rich-c: we seem to be getting a lot more and longer power failures these days
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Pamela: Hi Guy
rich-c: hello Guy, got your phone back?
Judy: hi, Guy
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to BobS
BobS requested to ban Roberto
Guy B. confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Guy B.: Yes, Tuesday afternoon
rich-c: back, Bob - that took a while
Daniel Bienvenu: Guy! Bob!
Judy: how is it by you, Guy, having thunderstorms?
Guy B.: I'm on the notebook, while watching a little bit of the Cubs. They are playing in San Francisco
rich-c: better than ATT promised then, I gather - any idea what caused the outage?
Pamela: I gather you had phone problems too, Guy
Guy B.: Not yet, but there are storms on the way. Had one this morning
Guy B.: I was out Pam
BobS: yea bailed onthe computer and started over.......
Judy: we did too and having them right now
Pamela: we had a cable severed and were without phone for 24 hours
BobS: ever hit an email link and the computer goes nuts and opens about 50 screens allwith errors???????
Pamela: which is better than the
Guy B.: Oh wow. I remembered that happened in Chicago so long ago.
Pamela: Thursday at 10:00 pm
Meeka confirmed ban
Guy B.: Are you back now?
Pamela: yup
Judy: not cool, Pam
rich-c: what happened, Bob? rogue web site?
Pamela: couldn't be online without phone - we're still on dialup
Pamela: and the whole area was without phone
Pamela: not just us or even the building
rich-c: that's OK, you would likely have lost on DSL too
Guy B.: I have Annie besides me
Pamela: right over to the corner pay phones and everything
BobS: I don't know Richard, have had it happen a few times with reputable sites.......somehow they have an email link which is not correct and sends the computer into a cyclical spin of new and no ggod pages
rich-c: it was a plot by Rogers to sell cell phones
Pamela: the weird thing was, while if I called home I got a busy signal, but if I called Erin's, I got a ring
Guy B.: I have dialup with AT&T if the DSL were to go out and that happened once already a couple of years ago.
Pamela: (Pamela scratches Annie's ears)
Guy B.: She loves it.
Judy: she didn't have a phone, though, did she?
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changed username to Neil
Guy B.: HI Neil\
Neil: Hi
Pamela: I don't know, I only let it ring once
Pamela: Hi Neil
Judy: hi, Neil
Pamela: I was thinking it was just us
Pamela: and didn't want to disturb Cynthia
Judy: I seee
Pamela: after six hours of busy signal, I got the impression that we were having phone problems
Pamela: my first clue came when i didn't hear from Russell by noon
BobS: Hi Neil
Judy: a little slow are you
Pamela: just a tad, especially yesterday
Meeka: hi
Pamela: I was so tired last night that I was in bed by 10:15
rich-c: hello Neil
Pamela: which is unheard of for me
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Neil
Daniel Bienvenu: everybody ask about the financial status of the adamcon this year.
Judy: Bob should have gone to bed at that time also
Pamela: well if he had to be on site by 6:30, I guess so
Pamela: I was just getting up at that point
Judy: and he said that he was going to be sleeping tonight when I got home from school but he had been out cutting the grass instead
Pamela: your grass has grown enough to cut?
Judy: tomorrow he has to be there at 7 am
Pamela: you must be getting more rain than we are
Neil: Daniel, I've been distracted by other things and haven't really totalled the accounting, but I owe you for Steve's registration that you paid.
BobS: cut it down baby!!!!!!!!
Pamela: I repeat, ick
Judy: yes, we had 4 1/2 inches over the week-end and it is raining again
rich-c: oh, I distinctly saw three drop[s on the windshield when we went shopping - maybe four
Pamela: wow, send some our way - we need it desperately
Judy: we did too, but not all at once
rich-c: OK, send us half then - that will do nicely
Judy: and it would be nice if tonight is the end of it thru the week-end because the 28th street cruise is Friday night and Saturday
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changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: we were at Humber Bay park over the weekend - no green to be seen anywhere on the ground
Guy B.: Ok, back
Daniel Bienvenu: ok...
Daniel Bienvenu: welcome back guy
Judy: and we are planning on taking Dad's car and ride the cruise
Pamela: what's a street cruise?
BobS: I can't believe yo didn't get the tail end of our rains over the weekend
Judy: things are greening up around here, is nice to see
Pamela: Windsor got plenty - we got not a drop
BobS: now we are over for August by 3 inches of rain, but under for the summer by 3 inches
Judy: there were burn bans on because it was so dry
rich-c: we seem to have the lows riding a front about 30 miles to the south of us
Pamela: I'm sure Buffalo is nice and green too
Pamela: they got all our rain
Judy: do you remember 28th street?
Guy B.: We over 5 inches in some places
Pamela: the main drag where the hotel was?
Judy: it runs across town and the plan is for all old cars to ride up and down the street
rich-c: Buffalo has been in the rain band, but I haven't heard any reports of anything unusual
Guy B.: Now the grass is growing like crazy with all this rain.
Judy: that is the one
Pamela: very cool
Pamela: what is Dad's car?
Judy: there were tons of people and cars last year and they are expecting more this year and added Friday also making it longer than last year
rich-c: it's a copy of the Woodward Avenue cruise that haws been going on for decades in Detroit
Judy: 1965 T-bird
Daniel Bienvenu: Goodnight, I'm leaving now, but take time to at least download the coleco minigame Easter Bunny from the Minigame compo web site. Have fun! Take care! Talk to you next week. bonne nuit!
rich-c: I think that it is this weekend too and there will be a full slate of events
Pamela: goodnite Daniel
BobS: street cruise........ with over 10,000 cars [1920-1980] and 200,000 spectators expected
Pamela: oho, nice ride
Judy: yes, Rich and it is going over really well here
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel - a la prochaine
Guy B.: Night Daniel
Judy: night Daniel
BobS: one truly BIg traffic jamb
Pamela: wow - Hey Papa, you should take the Meteor for a ride
BobS: it would fit!!!!!! as long as it is in nice shape
Judy: yes, and come and visit
rich-c: yes, unfortunately it would take too much to refurbish it now
Pamela: it's in excellent body shape, but it doesn't run at the moment because it hasn't been started for quite a while
BobS: muscle cars, old cars, show cars, the mexican bump up and down cars, hot rods, etc
rich-c: I figue about $3k for new tires, brakes (disc, lines), various expendables that are used up from sitting
Judy: it is really something to see
Pamela: I can imagine, Judy - is this a nighttime thing or during the day?
BobS: 1-9pm on Friday and all day sat
Judy: Friday night and all day Saturday
rich-c: yes, I'd love to do it, but the Meteor doesn't have air conditioning
BobS: the cruisng up and down 28th street is set for 5-9pm both days
Judy: neither does the T-Bird
rich-c: and your event really is just the spillover from Detroit
Judy: Bob has to work Sat during the day so we will only be able to go at night but still should be fun
rich-c: oh yes, those things are terriffic, that's why they draw such huge crowds
BobS: 15 miles from one end of 28th street to the other end, but it gets jambed up in the center usually
Judy: last year we started in the afternoon but the car over heated so had to call it a day, but that is fixed now so that won't happen again we hope
Pamela: who's going Judy, just the two of you?
BobS: AND we have it set up for fans this year
BobS: maybe Fri night we will take the 3 grandkids inthe back seat
rich-c: I'm afraid at my age long parades in a hot car are a bit more than one can cope with
BobS: but Sat must us
BobS: that is why we need fans man
Judy: in our car, yes, but Sherri and Doug will be in there car and have several friends that we also be there\
rich-c: be careful, Bob, it's very easy to overload a troubled heart in this weather
BobS: taht is why we need the fans
Judy: Friday night we may have the boys, Josh and Michael because Dougs car doesn't have a back seat
BobS: if I can weather working 14 hours tomorrow in 90 degrees, I can handle driving with a fan on me
Pamela: it sounds like a car lovers paradise
BobS: it is Pam
BobS: lots of NICe restored cars
Pamela: (wipes drool off chin)
Judy: I can take more heat than Bob can
rich-c: yes, and I fear he overrates his capacity - I hope he's checked with the doctor
Judy: I am looking forward to it that is why am hoping that the rain is going away, can't take the car in the rain you know
rich-c: us old folks tend to overdo things - it's so hard to forget we aren't up to stuff any more
Pamela: just send the rain to us Judy - everyone will be happy
BobS: rain over now for awhile we hope
Judy: we would if we could, know how it is with no rain, we have been there all summer
Pamela: we could use a weather mage or two right about now
rich-c: seems we may have isolated showers over the next few days. with luck
Pamela: depends on who you ask - anything from scattered showers to T-storms
BobS: IF you could belive a weather person, it would help
Judy: that is how we started and once it started it didn't want to stop
rich-c: if in doubt, get on the Environment Canada website - they are the best guessers
BobS: but alas, no such luck
Pamela: I know Dave Devall on CTV said today that he's modernized from heads or tails - he uses a dartboard : )
Judy: that is about it
BobS: at least he is honest
Judy: they keep saying they have new equipment but they can't predict the weather any better and they always blame it on the lake
BobS: Meeka ,ya stil here????????
Meeka: ya
Pamela: you still awake?
Meeka: i watchin as i cross stitch :P
rich-c: well, EC has quite a good track record - and there's always the radar
rich-c: at the moment there is nothing remotely near us
Pamela: then why is it so darn damp???
Judy: are you cross stitching or crocheting?
BobS: cross spitting
Meeka: cross stitchin
rich-c: you get really good weather reports from NOAA, too - in fact if you don't like their probs, they give enough data to forecast your own
Judy: what are you a stitching
Pamela: I thought you were going to take a ?break from stitching after the tree skirt
Meeka: the one i did that abc center for
Judy: I quit doing all that and took up book learning
rich-c: Pam, what is Cynthia's schedule?
Judy: ok, how is that working for you?
Meeka: i did, it been 1.5 months since i picked up a needle
Pamela: clear except for Friday, as far as I know
Meeka: pretty good
Meeka: a bit slower than normal pace
Pamela: Friday is for the Ex
rich-c: I meant how long will she be here
Pamela: till Monday at noon
Meeka: but not using my fingers as pincushins anymore
Pamela: always a good thing Meeka
Judy: that is not a good thing to do to poke the fingers, they bleed that way
Meeka: yup
Pamela: and it's hard to get blood out of your canvas
Judy: the doctors office called about Dads blood test tonight was still low
rich-c: so it doesn't pay to be TOO insouciant about it
Meeka: k
Pamela: exactly
Judy: oh, Doug got the all clear from the heart doctor yesterday
Pamela: any idea on cause Judy?
rich-c: did they ever figure out what it was that dropped him?
Judy: no but he is doing good now and that is all he is concerned about
rich-c: fundamentally that's sound because some of this stuff is so hard to track - but it's always a worry
Judy: very true
Pamela: and Meeka, i gather thathe meds are doing well for you
rich-c: mysterious medical glitches - they may mean anything, or nothing - but they scare the hell out of you
Meeka: for the most part
Pamela: any side effects?
Meeka: i get flu like symptoms for a bit after the shots
Judy: that is why the doctors are practicing
Meeka: but that sould go away in time
Neil: I'm signing off now. I need to finish cooking my supper. Bye everyone.
Meeka: night
rich-c: you have to remember medicine is an art, not a science
BobS: bye nEIL
Judy: night Neil
BobS: frarn dingers
Pamela: Nite Neil come back next week
rich-c: night Neil
BobS: medical PRACTISE
Neil: Hope to make it next week <poof>
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BobS: gonna make some java for the morning myself and hit the sack, 6am goinna come early
BobS: nite all
BobS left chat session
Pamela: Nite Bob
Pamela: it's gettng to be that time I see
Meeka: night
Pamela: I didn't realize it was so late
rich-c: goodnight Bob, good luck with the new job - it's an important one
Guy B.: Yep, I think it's time for me too and storms are coming in, so I'll see you all next week.
Pamela: gnite Guy
rich-c: night Guy
Judy: but there are so many words, the words can aboout do you in, that is what I am sturding right now, have one more week in The Language of Medicine
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you (and Annie)
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Both of us too.
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: actually they are structured and make sense, Judy - pity North American schools no longer teach Latin
Judy: better say night also, poor guy has to go to bed
Pamela: any sense of word association yet Judy?
Judy: yes, some of it is making sense, more so than the first time in the class
Pamela: that's good to know
Judy: night until next week
Pamela: gnite Judy
Judy left chat session
Pamela: well Papa, guess it's time for bed
rich-c: loook for parts in the terms - "Myo", "plasty". "osteo" and so on
rich-c: night Judy
Pamela: we;re at the trailer this weekend, going Friday, coming home Sunday
rich-c: OK, I'll tell your mother - drive carefully
Pamela: I will
rich-c: I'll likely be fighting the damn computers all weekend
Pamela: good luck with that
rich-c: I'll need it
Pamela: and thank you for getting the word out earlier
rich-c: anyway goodnight and take care
Pamela: night
Pamela: Daddy
Pamela: kerpoof
rich-c: colour me gone
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