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rich-c: test
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changed username to Meeka
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changed username to Meeka
rich-c: hello Meeka, you're the first of the Slopsemas tonight
Meeka: wooops, hit the wrong x LOL
rich-c: I assume teh others will be following along quite quickly
Meeka: dont know what they up to tonigth, havent talked to them today
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rich-c: oh, the wrong bookmark, you mean?
changed username to Roberto
Roberto: hi kiddies
Roberto: GUESS WHO
rich-c: well, here's your dad, so you gt to talk now!
Meeka: no, i ewas closing other windows when I logged in and hit the x onre to many times and it booted me from here too
Meeka: hi dad
Roberto: oh shucks ya guessed
Roberto: hi meekaeka
Roberto: slower than spit tonight
rich-c: oh yes, it's a wise child, y0ou know...
Roberto: either that or i have a stuck cursor
rich-c: what, the net is slow for you?
Meeka: naw, its those farn diongers :P
Roberto: I think it is my computer
rich-c: around here it's done a good imitation of an arthritic snail of late, but at the moment it's fairly perky
Roberto: had slow letttering coming onscreen as I typed
Roberto: so, how are you doing Meeka?
rich-c: well be glad your're getting anything at all - I reinstalled Windows again the afternoon and it still isn't right
Roberto: oh boy
Roberto: you gotta quit doin that
Meeka: ok, Doug just made my arm ouie though
Roberto: have you completely killed, hammered, and/or formatted the drive first?????
rich-c: yeah, Microsoft is avoiding me now, I make life too tough for them
Roberto: OUCH
Roberto: install ONLY windows typical and THEN when that is working,k try your other stuff over top
rich-c: this time I just did a repair reinstall as I'd already done a full format reinstall about a week ago
rich-c: my problems centre around Windows upgrade service - it keeps crashing my machine - just totals it
Roberto: won't work probably, have to start fresh. format it twice first ant then erase, wipe out and otherwise clean it cause it never goes away
rich-c: I know, it took near ten tries to boot cleanly after the reinstall
Roberto: my luck has ALWAYS been that an install that didn't work out of the gate, just plain can't be made to work, you have to start clean
Roberto: the only upgrade taht worked was 98se
rich-c: well my luck is that starting clean doesn't do it either
Roberto: sxp makes me shudder if it came in an upgrade version
rich-c: yes, I'm highly tempted to go back to it, but for the lack of support
rich-c: what I just did ws in effect run an upgrade of an existing XP install
Roberto: support arent' getting it now
rich-c: let's say that statement is conditionally true - with the conditions fading fast
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changed username to Meeka
Roberto: killed yourself eh Meeka????
rich-c: welcome back, Meeka - gather you got dumped
Meeka: awww shucks,
Meeka: yup
Roberto: how you on tonight??????
Roberto: laptop???
Meeka: clicked on a link and it bumped me
Meeka: yup
rich-c: aha - guess you just have to keep your mind on the chat ;-)
Roberto: no problem getting on? but doug can't????
Meeka: i am a woman, normally we multi task well
Meeka: no i didnt, i not sure if he has tried tonight or not
rich-c: I gather it's the same with Judy
Roberto: she is sitting here, maybe coming on now, she came awake and is turning on her computer
rich-c: question for you, Bob: I have found an Adam disc drive for sale, claimed to work
Roberto: what kind
Roberto: coleco original?????
rich-c: original Coleco
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rich-c: is it worth pursuing?
Roberto: can work totally, can work when hot, can work when cold
changed username to Judy
rich-c: hello Judy
Roberto: sure IF the price is right and you feel that the source is honest
Meeka: hi mom
rich-c: that's the point, Bob - the things are so unpredictable
Judy: Hi, Meeka, Rich, and Bob
Roberto: di you need it? and do you want it for reslae?
Judy: why is there twin Meeka's
Roberto: usually, I have had very few problems, either they work or they don't
Meeka: just luckuy
rich-c: oh, it would be for resale - the seller is likely honest, dubious about price
Judy: how are you doing?
Roberto: for resale, it is worth about 90 bucks tops.............
Roberto: have sold some for that
Meeka: my arm is ouchie, but ok
Roberto: plus shipping
Judy: must be you had a shot in it
Meeka: yup, about 20 min's ago
rich-c: so for the risks it really would have to be about half that, seeing as how I'd have to fetch and test it
Roberto: that's about it Richard
Judy: you should have come to the beach this week-end it was beautiful weather
Roberto: usless the seller will come to you and prove the working of it
rich-c: maybe I'll give it a shot - there is software available with it but that's pretty irrelevant these days
Roberto: yes, not worth much
Judy: did you have a good week-end?
rich-c: he ever has an old original Adam modem
Roberto: the big thing is people want disk drives
Roberto: modem=worthless except for nostagia
rich-c: well yes but how willing are they to gamble, and how much
rich-c: I do not want to get into the eBay trip
Meeka: yup
Roberto: the gamble has to be taken out to get a good price
Meeka: didnt do a whole lot
Meeka: a bit of gardening, a bunch of lasying around
rich-c: yes but even if it works real great when you plug it in, will it still work an hour down the line?
Judy: we didn't do much either, a lot of sitting around moving from sun to shade and shade to sun
Roberto: most will, they owrk or they don't
rich-c: Meeka, in edit change your user name to Meeka1, then we can delete the duplicate
Roberto: and even the non working may just need a head cleaning
Judy: one minute you were hot and the next you were cold, you had to have some sun but not too much
Roberto: you would LIKE it to work right off the bat, then you know it is good
rich-c: yes, some days you get lucky, some days the fates turn around and bite you
Roberto: "some days you are the windshield, some days you are the bug"
Meeka: lol
rich-c: yes, and I seem to be getting more than my share of splats these days
Roberto: <grin>
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changed username to Pamela
Pamela: Hi everyone
Pamela: Meeka, you're twins!
rich-c: hello daughter
Roberto: hello Pam
Judy: hi, Pam
Meeka: hi pam
rich-c: actually on the desktop right now, but don't know how long it will last
Roberto: you TOO can be twins.........just dump yourself and come back
Pamela: it's a slew of Slopsemas
Roberto: si
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changed username to FredK
FredK: Hey gang!
Pamela: I'm on the desktop too
rich-c: salut, Fred!
Pamela: Hi Fred!
Judy: Hi, Fred
Roberto: Hi Fred
Pamela: I'd forgotten how slow this darn thing is
Meeka: hello
Meeka: poor pam
Roberto: for caht, one is just as slow as the other
Roberto: tis jut typing ya know
rich-c: OK - HUB is now a tabloid, and exclusively a computer paper
Judy: not that many, Pam
Pamela: not so much for chat itself, but booting and connecting
Roberto: for taht yes
Pamela: I do enjoy the desktop keyboard though
rich-c: the new issue is out today and I have a copy for you
Pamela: all the keys are in the right places
Roberto: but if you don't have time, what do you have????? A FAST LIFE, that's what
Pamela: not enough time, Bob - that's why I was late
Pamela: what do you mean by tabloid Dad?
Judy: Bob is lucky he is here this may be the only night left this week that he is not working
rich-c: a newspaper size and shape like the Sun - the big ones are broadsheets
Pamela: meaning it's Sun - sized?
Roberto: well, nobody has ENOUGH time, but is is all relavent
Pamela: ah
Meeka: awwww
rich-c: I wanted to ask about that, Bob - how are things developing on the job?
Pamela: oh well, as I keep telling Ron, sleep is overrated : )
Judy: I have been saying that for a long time
Pamela: I can sleep on the weekend
Pamela: theoretically that is
rich-c: yes, it makes an interesting theory
Roberto: job is going good, am going to go for fulltime with Habitat for Humanity next week hopefully, but keep the part time job for awhile longer
Judy: I did last week-end, sleep in, sure felt good
rich-c: Pam, did Russell get to see the Friday night game?
Pamela: afaik Dad - he was watching it when I went to bed so I assume he saw the whole thing
Roberto: just have to work slower so's I don't get tired too quickly
Judy: how is Russell's job search coming?
Pamela: slow Judy
rich-c: it was a really terrific game - glad he got to see it
Judy: we know that feeling
Pamela: the only one he missed was the Sunday game Dad
rich-c: in fact all four games at least had satisfactory results
Pamela: oh Judy, there are TWO Snowbabies items coming up in Avon for Christmas
Pamela: brb
rich-c: wait a minute; Friday was the BC game then, Sunday the Winnipeg/Sak real thriller
Pamela: sorru
rich-c: Bob, if you're fulltime with Habitat, isn't it likely you'll be doing some travelling?
Judy: maybe I will have to check them out, even though I have sooo many
Pamela: (I mean sorry)
Pamela: had to go get the "What's New"
Roberto: nope, just here in western Michigan
FredK: yes sorru mean sorry in yapanese! -Not :)
rich-c: when they find out how good you are, they may want you to roam about a bit
Roberto: might be nice once in a while
Pamela: as long as you could take Judy with you : )
Roberto: si senora
Pamela: Judy, in the Canadian brochure they're coming out with a musical figurine called "
Pamela: Skating with Friends"
rich-c: given your talents I suspect you may find yourself shipped around a fair bit, sooner or later
Judy: that sounds cool
Roberto: long as they aren't the new painted snow babies
Judy: now and then I have a book left at the house
rich-c: Judy, how are the lessons coming? you should be close to finished, surely?
Pamela: Snowbaby and a penguin and a fir tree on an "ice" rink
Pamela: but it doesn't say what it plays
Judy: what is the price?
Pamela: I don't know if this one will be available in the US or not - if you want it all you have to do is let me know
Pamela: $29.99 when it comes out, then up to $34.99
Judy: I will watch for it on ebay, get them much cheaper than regular price
rich-c: Fred, did you notice Molson have come out with a Rickard's White?
Pamela: it caught my eye this morning when I was going thru the flyer
FredK: I heard about that but havent seen it yet.
Judy: most of the time I get them for half price or less
FredK: I like the rickards Red very much, I first had it in Vancouver and loved it!
Pamela: I tell you these Avon brochures are deadly things
rich-c: seems its new, don't know if it's even issued in Quebec yet
rich-c: gather it's very gently flavoured with orange peel and coriander, just barely discernable according to the report
Pamela: coriander? in a beer? hmmm : (
rich-c: in fact, check on, it's in the Living section today
FredK: hmmm what section will it be in tomorrow :)
rich-c: that Leff I had in Hull was clove flavoured, Pam, and very nice indeed
Pamela: clove I can see, but coriander? It's one of the spices in curry
Judy: I haven't had an Avon lady in a long time, she used to take orders but you never got the merchandise so I stopped ordering
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: well, I could be wrong - I am more a dark beer type (though the St. Urbain's white goes down very well)
Pamela: I used to sell Avon, but gave it up as a bad job - I had the opposite problem in that I would deliver, but people wouldn't pay me, so it was costing me money
Guy B.: Greetings from Chicagp. Watching the Cubs
Judy: Hi, Guy
rich-c: they are doing well this season, Guy
Meeka: hello
Pamela: shortly after that, Russell's cousin took it up as a supervisor so I shill for her, don't have to do any of the work but get a "helpers" discount and other perks,
Judy: I sold Avon when I was in high school didn't make any money at it either
Guy B.: We are hanging on by a 1/2 game from the Brewers
Pamela: including the what's new flyer which shows whats coming two flyers from now
FredK: Hi Guy
Guy B.: HI Fred
Pamela: Hi, Guy
rich-c: tonight I'm still making up my mind between St. Urbains, St. Ambriose Biere Noir, and a can of Hockley Valley Dark
Guy B.: I have Annie besides me. Her 2nd birthday is two weeks from tomorrow.
Pamela: Robyn, R's cousin, is one of those people who always jumps into these things and makes a business out of them - she doesn't do any selling herself, but her helpers are spread out all over the city
rich-c: that's nice, Guy - guess she's fully grown now
Pamela: we give her the orders, she puts them together, collects the money, takes the merchandise and delivers it to us
Pamela: wow, already Guy?
Pamela: it's a great system for everyone
Roberto: xounds like she has the BEST deal
Judy: sounds like a good deal for her
Pamela: every time I move jobs, I increase her client base : )
Pamela: no she does all the work - we have the easy part
Roberto: but she doesn't have to sell
Guy B.: She got a birthday card from the pet insurance company. It's really cute.
Pamela: neither do I - all I do is hand out brochures and take the orders. I do no selling at all.
Pamela: Good for you that you have pet insurance on her Guy
Pamela: if we ever have a pet again, we will probably do the same
FredK: never heard of it.
rich-c: having a hard time - too warm with my sweater on and too cool with it off
Pamela: it's just like health insurance Fred - you pay premiums monthly and if your pet requires vet care, the insurance pays a goodly portion of it
FredK: cool
Pamela: allows you to make decisions you might not otherwise be able to make
Pamela: like taking a more expensive course of treatment
Judy: we have the air conditioning on is hot again here
Pamela: we're supposed to get hot tomorrow
rich-c: we are having it quite cool today, though we arde to have a real heaat wave on Friday
Pamela: I'll probably turn on the A/C before I leave in the morning
Roberto: 90 degrees here today and humid, 85 and humid tomorrow and then on Fri also
Roberto: could cool off some for my way of thinking
Meeka: mine too
Guy B.: I took an option to cover her routine shots. So, I get a portion of that back, plus $15 each for her flea prevention and heartworm preventative medicine.
Pamela: we're supposed to go up to 31 on Friday, plus humidex - ick and double ick
Meeka: humidity sucks
rich-c: check the weather website first Pam, you may be able to do without it till you get hoem
Pamela: ya got that right Meeka
Guy B.: And we have a mosquito invasion here from all that rain last month
FredK: :)
Roberto: yes, tis the humidity that kills you can stand lots of heat if it is dry
Pamela: problem is Dad, if I leave it till I get home, it'll be hot in here already and impossible to cool down enough to be comfortable
rich-c: we are coming off the driest summer in the pst 50 years
Pamela: oh charming, Guy
Pamela: hmm, note to self: find the duct tape
Guy B.: I've already got a few bites
Pamela: dry in terms of rainfall Dad, not of humidity
FredK: yes my grass is burnt, lets say I didnt get around to water it properly.
rich-c: well Pam you do have to know how far it will heat up and when - that's where the weather office is so good
Judy: we have been really dry this summer also and one of the hottest, we had a lot of 90 degree days
Roberto: normal is like 10 HOT days, we had about 20
rich-c: oddly enough, I read the statistics, but somehow didn't feel that hot - or dry
Pamela: Dad, if I don't turn on the A/C before I leave, the living room will be up at 29 or 30 degrees by the time I get home and there's no way I'll be able to cool it off enough
Pamela: you have to remember we're on the 5th floor with nothing to shade us from the afternoon sun, which we'll get from about 3:00 onward
Judy: we have had the A/C on the last 2 days
rich-c: I hear you, Pam - but not if the temperature doesn't get above say 24 during the day
Roberto: keep the setting a little high Pam, it will be dry and feel lots cooler and will cool down quicker when you turn it down further
rich-c: remember it cools strongly during the evening now and evening comes early - we're just over two weeks from the equinox
Pamela: 24 outside can often mean 3-4 degrees warmer inside
Roberto: we run at about 80 degrees F and then use fans to move it around
Meeka: ya, we typically do too dad
Pamela: even now, it's warmer in the LR than anywhere else
Pamela: I have the fan running in the window, blowing cooler air in
Pamela: and it certainly wasn't that warm today
Pamela: it's nice back here in the computer room though
rich-c: on the other hand, as you noted I'm complaining about the cool, and I'm in the computer room which is hot
FredK: :)
Pamela: well anytime you want to come over here and defrost, Dad . . . : )
rich-c: we will likely have the exhaust fan on overnight, but maybe we won't need it
Pamela: it would be great if the wind would come up but it always seems to die with the sun
Pamela: hence, no breeze to blow through
rich-c: we have used our air conditioner very little this summer, and hardly overnight at all
Pamela: which reminds me, brb
rich-c: Judy, you didn't tell us about your studies
Pamela: sorry, had to open the shower curtain
Pamela: yes Judy, didn't you have a test this week?
FredK: Meganne started school this year, oh yes! the clothes, I gotta go do some boring stuff before I go to bed early because of horrendeous traffic!
FredK: Good nite everyone!
Pamela: gnite Fred
rich-c: nite Fred - a la prochaine
Pamela: I got a late start yesterday and was stunned when I got to the GO parking lot at 8:10 and it was still half empty yesterday
FredK: bye!
FredK left chat session
Pamela: I though it would be packed by 7:20
rich-c: yes, school opening day brings out very heavy traffic early
Pamela: the TTC lots are always horrible during the week of Labour Day
Pamela: I thought the GO lot would be the same
rich-c: right, especially since after a soft summer the trauma of 401 commuting doesn't bear thinking about
Pamela: I don't do the 401
Pamela: ever
rich-c: well, let's say I still use it, but I pick my spots
Judy: no, it is next week Monday, have been spending as much time as I can with HIPAA
Judy: I have the week off and then next week I start my last class
rich-c: how long till you finish up now, Judy? should be soon
Pamela: well, let's not say never - on Saturday and Sunday mornings, early, or late at nite
Judy: 4 more weeks and then a couple of exams to finish up
rich-c: there are other slots available, Pam, but you need to know where to look and when
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changed username to BobS
BobS requested to ban Roberto
rich-c confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
BobS: help
Meeka confirmed ban
Pamela: anytime, Bob : )
BobS: where'd everybody go?????
Judy: you are still on Bob
Pamela: we're here
BobS: puter hibernated quickly and I lost the chat
Meeka: i here
rich-c: the only one we've lost is Fred
Pamela: Meeka are you at home or at Bob and Judy's?
BobS: shenot here
Pamela: ah
BobS: she der
BobS: cause she not here
Judy: next I take a billing and coding class, not looking forward to that
BobS: hookay??????
rich-c: though it's time for me to go and get my beer
Pamela: hokay
Meeka: \i at home
Judy: she is at home
Pamela: you don't have to memorize that stuff do you Judy?
BobS: the idea is that you learn it.............HA
Judy: some, yes
Meeka: brb, i need a drink
Judy: and that memorizing doesn't work so good!!!
Pamela: OH! I ran into the Wicks, all four of them, at the Ex on Friday
Judy: am trying to memorize dates right now are about 12 of them
rich-c: really - what did they have to say?
Pamela: we had a grand old time together for an hour or so
Pamela: happy and healthy
Pamela: it's the memorizing that twigged me
Pamela: it looks like Jeffrey has a photographic memory
BobS: THAT would be a GOOD thing, no ??????
rich-c: good at remembering stuff, is he?
Pamela: or at least near-perfect recall
Pamela: we were in the Arts Crafts and Hobbies building, at a booth that sells homemade lollipops.
rich-c: he'll likely outgrow it, as kids do, but while it lasts it is great to have
Judy: Ryan was helping me this afternoon, he thought is was great that Gram needed help
Meeka: b
Pamela: Jillian went through all the flavours once, pointing out which baskets each flavour was in, (they had labels)
rich-c: yes, the kids get such a charge out of things like that
Pamela: and Jeffrey went to a different wall, where the baskets were in a different order, and pointed out what he wanted
Pamela: he was able to memorize the shape of the word
rich-c: good for him
Pamela: and the word was pina colada
Judy: he was probably picking out by color
Pamela: that's what I thought too, but there were multiple flavours in the same colours
Pamela: He did it at another booth too. I asked Jillian if he had read it, and she said no, he had memorized it when she pointed it out the first time
Pamela: That kid is such a doll
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changed username to Guy & Annie
Pamela: Anyway, they all said to say hi to everyone
Guy & Annie requested to ban Guy B.
Meeka confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Guy & Annie changed username to Guy B.
Judy: they can memorize much easier than we can because their brains aren
rich-c confirmed ban
Judy: 't as full as ours
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. Lost the signal on the wireless
Pamela: are you back on wireless then Guy, or land line?
BobS confirmed ban
Guy B.: Wireless. My phone line is still messed up. Phone doesn't ring.
rich-c: I'm tempted to go wireless - our place looks like a spaghetti factory
Meeka: wireless is great
Pamela: familiar with that concept, believe me
Pamela: it was so nice to have it in the hotel in Ottawa
BobS: do it Richard, it is GREAT, and you can use 128 bit encrytion
Judy: yes, it is
Meeka: although it can lead to some side effects
BobS: so you are safe from others
Meeka: puters tend to take bathroom breaks too :P LOL
rich-c: but I would have security concerns, and I am suspicious of delays using encryption
Guy B.: I can dial out, here the dial tone, DSL is fine. Already tried two cordless phones, both did not ring either. So, it's the line
rich-c: who do you have, AT&TT Hear they're as bad as Bell
BobS: encryption doesn't slow it a bit and it is safe becasue I set the numbers
Pamela: all I can say is thank goodness for cell phones, what with dialup computers and cut phone lines
rich-c: in computers, I don't trust anything that adds an extra step not to go wrong, Bob
BobS: AT&T is bell here
BobS: same people, just different building and they don't want to talk to each other
rich-c: more to the point, same attitudes - never outgrew the monopoly
Pamela: I wish I could find a decent alternative to Bell
rich-c: don't we all
Pamela: we're down to two working phone jacks around here, and Bell won't fix them without charging $90 or $8 a month
rich-c: but the "competitors" are people like Rogers and they are as bad if not worse
Pamela: according to them they're inside the apartment so they're our property (despite the fact that we don't own the property)
rich-c: yes, Pam, but it also means you can do with them whatever you damn well please - like triple the number
Pamela: and the fact that the lines inside the walls are, oh, 45 years old or so
rich-c: that's OK, the old phone wires seem to last a fw days longer than forever
Pamela: I'm also not impressed that they've gone to a foreign call centre
rich-c: and if you can find where the interface is, you can run whatever you want from it
Pamela: when we had the outage a couple of weeks ago, I called repair to ask if it was reported and the guy I talked to had an accent so thick, and spoke so fast, that I couldn't understand him
rich-c: what's the matter, is your Urdu slipping?
Pamela: more like my Hindi, I think
rich-c: India is where most of the call centres are, but the Bell telephone spammers seem to have more Pakistani accents
Pamela: and to top it off, I was on my cell phone, making reception just that much worse
Pamela: oh this wasn't a spammer, I called Bell repair
rich-c: that's ok, they can't talk English or understand you anyway
BobS: probably true
rich-c: guess they use the same mob - or same lines - for everything
BobS: sure,the old a&t lines
Pamela: that's okay, I got Mark from the Widows and Orphans Fund yesterday
rich-c: oh, this bunch, Bob, it's enough to make you want to crawl through the line and strangle them with it
Pamela: widows and orphans of whom, I'm not quite sure
Pamela: I can't wait for the permanent do not call list to go into effect
rich-c: Igenerally get ugly enough with callers like that that they do not want to talk to me again
rich-c: I can often reduce the females to tears but the males just hang up - cowards
Pamela: I simply tell them I'm not interested, to take the number off their lists, and not to call here again. Then I hang up.
Pamela: Short, simple and to the point.
rich-c: I know, but I don't need to be nice about it - and I'm not
Pamela: I don't blame the callers, they're only doing a job. It's not fair to take it out on them. However, I make it clear to them that they are not to call back.
Pamela: I've been going around with the post office too
rich-c: my view is that if I can get enough to quit in tears the word will get around and they won't be able to find any more to work at it
BobS: say I am not interested Thank you THEN HANG UP
Pamela: There will always be someone to take their place, unfortunately. You couldn't pay me enough to do that job, I'd rather scrub toilets.
Judy: that is what I did today in fact
rich-c: I'm not going to thank them for making me grab my cane and hobble the length of the house to listen to their speil
Meeka: well, i think its time for me to head to bed
Meeka: ttyl :)
Pamela: nite Meeka
Pamela: take care
BobS: nite meeka
Judy: I didn't call them so I don't have to wait until they decide that I don't want whatever they are selling
rich-c: nite Meeka - take care there - and keep us posted on your man
Judy: night meeka
Pamela: I don't know what the laws are in the US Bob, but here telephone solicitors must comply by law if you tell them to take your number off their list and not to call back.
Pamela: it usually buys you three years or so of peace, but of course other companies fill in the blanks so you're never left totally alone.
rich-c: here they just call from outside the country and thumb their noses at you - like Bell
Pamela: there have been so many complaints that the government has created a permanent do not call list which is supposed to go into effect soon
rich-c: I'm getting harassed by Sympatico pedlars every day
Judy: we have the list also but is doesn't work with a company you are working with, like a charge card company
Pamela: and the key of course is that you have to be able to catch them
rich-c: and if you think Bell is going to listen to a complain, let alone help, you're dreaming
BobS: AND it doesn't work for charities, and on and on.........but it killed most of our calls
rich-c: lately we have telephone phishing - really dangerous
Pamela: ?? what kind of phishing?
rich-c: I've been on the Canadian Marketing Assn voluntary do not call list for years - it keeps the honest types away
rich-c: they pretend to be selling credit cards, but what they want is your current card number
Pamela: I just wish the CRTC would grow a spine
rich-c: with Harper in charge? he likely owns a dozen call centres hmself through some front or other
BobS: oops, the fox in charge of the henhouse?????
BobS: bummer deal
Pamela: you would think with all the airtime these scams have gotten, that people would know by now not to give out any information over the phone
Pamela: but people still do it
rich-c: hell, they still respond to Nigerian letters on the internet!
Pamela: yeah, those too
Pamela: someone's always trying to get something for nothing
BobS: THAT is the crazy part, people still respond to Nigeria and surrounding countries
rich-c: we are now only getting about 30 spams a day
Pamela: our mail traffic is down recently too
Pamela: not complaining that's for sure
Pamela: seems that many of the spams come through on Sunday and Tuesday nights for some reason
rich-c: well they did nail one of the biggest spammers recently
Pamela: Hallelujah!
rich-c: oh, our weekends tend to be quiet
Pamela: fax spamming has become common too
rich-c: that is againt the law here, and I've heard they will prosecute
BobS: fax spam comes all the time IF you have a fax machine online
rich-c: among other reasons, because you have hard copy evidence
Pamela: we have rightfax numbers at work, which brings faxes right to the desktop and into e-mail, and for every one legit fax I get, I get thirty spam
rich-c: I suspect the company could do something about that if they were so inclined
BobS: that sucks
BobS: A FREE VACATION !!!!!! how can you resist
rich-c: yes, but teh culprits are easy to track down, and it's a separate legal offence
BobS: OR for only $99
rich-c: yes - just give youir credit card number, to cover the taxes...
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to go. I'll see you all next week
rich-c: night Guy, take care
Pamela: gnite Guy
BobS: nite Guy
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
Judy: night Guy
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too and Annie gives you a kiss
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Judy: it is about time to sign off also so night all
BobS: so with that......goodnite also from Michigan
rich-c: night Judy, and good luck with the lessons
Pamela: night Bob, night Judy
Judy: thanks I may need the luck
rich-c: and rest up Bob, those houses need good building
BobS: now, youboth go straight home and go to bed, nol fooling around with traffic
Judy left chat session
BobS: :-)
Pamela: : )
rich-c: will do that Bob ; - )
BobS: poof
BobS left chat session
Pamela: (in whiny teenager voice) Yeeesss, Booobbbb
rich-c: well, daughter, guess that about winds it up
Pamela: guess so
rich-c: going to be over here at all this week?
Pamela: I doubt it, I have too much to do at home. I'm sorry Dad
Pamela: I'm back at the trailer on Saturday morning
rich-c: c'est la vie - the book and paper will be waiting when you do
Pamela: So I have to get housework done tomorrow and Friday
Pamela: and laundry, too : (
rich-c: ah, didn't realize you were going up again - time's running out, enjoy it while you can
Pamela: I need to spend some time getting my life in order
Pamela: so I can do things like visit my parents once in a while
Pamela: what do you look like again?? : )
rich-c: ha, I've been trying to do that for me for 77 years and still haven't managed
Pamela: so you're telling me there's no hope?
Pamela: help
rich-c: I've been too busy to look in the mirror - let me get back to you on that
Pamela: so you know whereof I speak : )
Pamela: anyway, will try and call tomorrow or Friday, in between housework
rich-c: far to well, I regret to say - and to your mother's disgust
rich-c: OK, we'll see how things work out, anyway
Pamela: alright. Hugs and kisses, Dad for you and Mom.
rich-c: so you go get your shuteye - talk later
rich-c: night for now
Pamela: okay. Gnite Daddy.
Pamela: Kerpoof!
rich-c: colour me gone
Pamela left chat session
rich-c left chat session
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