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Dale: Hi ya.
RICH-C: oh, that's why I couldn't get on ;-)
RICH-C: playing around waiting for us, were you?
Dale: i"m the reason?
RICH-C: dunno - couldn't get on Rich's site, either, but others were working
RICH-C: btw, any hope you can adjust the program to work with the latest 1.6 Java?
Dale: well, my old backup name server is decomissioned, and I haven't migrated to a new one yet.
Dale: And my main DNS server needed to be reset (last night someone was attacking it, and so it needed to be restarted)
RICH-C: so we're lucky to get on at all?
Dale: I'll have the new backup name server set up by next week.
Dale: Other people say it works fine with java 1.6
RICH-C: maybe I should try again, but my copy of XP is wonky - it will not download updatesw from Microsoft
Dale: Tonight I'm on 1.5 I guess, but it's on a computer that I don't use much.
RICH-C: of course Java is DEFI ITELY NOT from Microsoft!
Dale: Odd.
Dale: That is true.
RICH-C: yes, I took the 1.6 upgrade and couldn't get past your entry screen
Dale: MAybe I should send a quick note to the mailing list that the site is accessable again now.
RICH-C: but when I deleted it and went back to 1.5 got in right away
RICH-C: depends on how many have been trying it - most tend to be arriving a little late anyway. Still, it couldn't hurt
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changed username to BobS
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BobS: howdy doody
Dale: Hi ya Bob.
rich-c: speaking of which - here's Roberto now
BobS: how's Jill and Jeffery?????
BobS: \AND Richard and Frances?
rich-c: I'm doing fine, Bo, as is Frances - but what about you and yours?
rich-c: will Judy escape from her exams long enough to join us later?
BobS: doing ok, Judy is studying like crazy, I am working 6 days a week at 2 jobs and Meeka is fairly tolerant of the ms shots she has to take
BobS: hopefully so
rich-c: I hope you won''t be pushing the two job bit too long, once your're secure with HfH
BobS: well, will probably be till the new year, as the HfH job may not be all it was billed to be
Dale: Jeffrey is back to school (Senior Kindergarten), but it is tough to adjust all of our schedules off of summer hours.
BobS: and with that rtealization, I don't want to throw out the retirement home job
BobS: THAT is the big problem everywhere Dale, REadjustment
rich-c: yes, fortunately it's a problem I no longer face
Dale: Jill is up to some good. She's been working part-time for me a bit lately.
rich-c: yes, Bob, volunteer charitable organizations can plan but they can't always promise
BobS: and I WISH I didn't have to face,.........give me 4 years and I can throw inthe towel if needs be
Dale: But you know I think that with Jeffrey back in school she's going to want more hours, so she might jump ship, or might get some more contracts.
rich-c: so how is the new business coming along, Dale? On pace with your plans?
BobS: well, in a conversation yesterday with the guy that hired me and guaranteed hours for this year, he is hemming an hawing about the hours next year (winter) and I am beginning to think he just wants me to get over the hump for the rest of the year, and THAT is not what I am looking for
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Dale: I think we are still on track.
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BobS: that's great Dale
rich-c: hello daughter, how was the trailer?
Dale: Our big experiment in August was using the robot we built to pick up a cup.
rich-c: hi Judy
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Pamela: Hi everyone
changed username to james
Judy: Hi, Dale, Rich, Pamela and Bob
Dale: We did that successfully 3 times before we needed to go back and do maintenance on the arm again.
rich-c: now that's a challenge, Dale - next time, a full cup?
Pamela: Hi Dad, the trailer was good
james: hello
Dale: Prototypes are always a little more flakey than you'd like.
rich-c: hey, good morning, james
Pamela: morning James
Judy: hi, James
rich-c: anything electronic is more flakey than one would like
rich-c: just got over a session with "ghost wipers"
Dale: Well we will be working on identifying different things on the table this fall.
BobS: HI Pam
Dale: So that it can tell what goes in the dishwasher, and what doesn't.
BobS: Hi James
Pamela: Hi Bob
rich-c: shape recognition? been a lot of work on that but it's still a big challenge
Dale: Hi Pam.
Dale: Hi Judy.
Pamela: Hey Dale
Pamela: Hi Judy
BobS: lo
Pamela: the computer feels funny
rich-c: Pam, if you're still looking for a jump drive, Future Shop has 1-gigs on for $10 tomorrow only
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rich-c: you on the new laptop, Pam?
Pamela: $10.00 is good
Pamela: yeah
Pamela: haven't been on it for a couple of weeks and I'm wired for the desktop
rich-c: it's very good - I may go fetch me a couple just on general principle
Pamela: so, the laptop feels funny
rich-c: oh, I'm shifting back and forth so much it no longer makes much difference
Pamela: I haven't seen an ad Dad - how did you find out?
Judy: why Pam, that is almost all I use
Judy: is very handy always where I am
rich-c: there was a flyer in the Globe this a.m., only coveredTue-Wed-Thu oddly enough
Pamela: it wasn't where I was Judy - that was the problem
Pamela: limited quantities I assume?
Judy: I seee
rich-c: our laptop is in front of the tv, causes conflicts on football nights ; - )
Pamela: well the laptop is by definition portable so it shouldn't
rich-c: they dont say so - if I go grab one you want any?
Judy: we each have our own, then you don't have that problem
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Pamela: yes, get us two please
changed username to Frances
rich-c: noted, Pam
Pamela: Hi, Mom!
Judy: hello, Frances
BobS: howdy Frances
Frances: Hi! all
rich-c: the problem, Judy, is that to move it you need someplace else to put it - that is not easy around here
BobS: oh Richard, get the girl one, she is busy with work and all
Frances: Got sort of bored and decided to see what you-all are doing
rich-c: hey, here's the authority herself 8-)
Judy: goes under the chair and couch or where ever you sit
BobS: yacking about Pam's lack of computer finger skills
Frances: put what
Pamela: I've been terribly clumsy recently
Judy: I am staying away from homework, of which I have a ton
rich-c: the laptop - but there's the problem of the network cables
Pamela: can't seem to hold on to anything, or get my fingers and my brain to communicate
Pamela: hence, I have a bad case of fimble ningers
Pamela: and the backspace key is my best friend
rich-c: more sleep is often a relief for that problem
Pamela: yeah, yeah : )
rich-c: well I'd suggest a new computer, but you just got one of those
Pamela: how about another new computer? That way I don't have to duke it out with Russell for time
rich-c: james, you are very quiet - waiting for our francophone troops to arrive?
Pamela: we've just about come to that conclusion anyway
Judy: what is your problem, Pam? When did this start?
Frances: if you are talking about a better place for the laptop, we could always re-arrange the living room!
Pamela: actually my problem is PMS, Judy - clumsiness and a lack of personal spatial awareness are my version
rich-c: but where would we move the sewing machine to? <ducks>
Pamela: and Dad is right, often I'm overtired and that doesn't help
Pamela: you better duck, Dad
Frances: let's jun k the tv
Pamela: send it here, ours is dying
rich-c: anyway once Russell gets a job computer demand should be less
Frances: the tv?
Pamela: yeah
Frances: you have 2 computers, don't you?
rich-c: I'm tempted, Star Choice jacked up their rates again this month
Judy: we have ours turned off, it is quiet and wonderful ( the tv that is)
Pamela: well the desktop still works but barely Mom
Frances: oh
Pamela: and won't run any of the games etc that both of us want to use
Frances: I keep telling your dad to give you our desktop and get a new one
Judy: what do you do to your things, everything is breaking?
BobS: A PLAN Frances
rich-c: if I had an excuse I'd consider giving you our desktop and getting another
BobS: you got to be more CAREFUL with your toys Pam
Pamela: plus my computing needs are different from his, mine are more business oriented (at least at the moment)
Frances: what excuse do you need?
Judy: that is the excuse
Pamela: we need another laptop
rich-c: well, once you have a computer, you just put what you need on it anyway
Frances: Dale, I've been trying to use Smartlogo but I can't save anything - it crashes the computer
Pamela: but thanks for the thought anyway
rich-c: desktop gives you more computer for less money
Pamela: but no portability
Frances: Ron said he would try to help me get a disk for saving
Dale: Frances, I had that trouble in the emulator but I got it fixed later.
BobS: it is portable.....just BIG and portable
Frances: Dale, what did you do?
Pamela: as for the TV, it's simply overuse
rich-c: yes, but if you have one with portability, why not have a non-portable but higher capability?
Dale: Let me think. I think it had something to do with compressed disk images or something.
Pamela: it and the VCR need to be replaced, we put a lot of viewing hours on both
Dale: Or using the older version of the emulator.
Frances: I figure it is because the Logo dis image is full
Frances: disk image
Pamela: because I need the higher capability and the portability in one
rich-c: is the emulator a bit unhappy using XP?
Judy: I think you are sitting watching too much, who has time for that much?
Dale: I bet Ron would remember how to fix it.
Pamela: not me, I'm not the videoholic around here
Judy: I will send some of my homework to you
BobS: got no time for tv games, got no time for balls and chains, got no time for summer rains...........................
Judy: oh, that explains it
Frances: I've e-mailed himabout it and he said he would help when he finishes another job
Judy: send him to school
rich-c: yes, driving school
BobS: who?????
Frances: I've got 3 other Logos, all better than Smartlogo in some ways but none of them do sprites
Judy: there is an idea
rich-c: though then he'd want to do all the driving and that would not sit well with Pam
BobS: teach him to drive truck
BobS: even I could do that
Judy: then he would want his own car, see the new problem
Pamela: my problem these days is that I'm a very nervous passenger
rich-c: yes, and the apartment building only has one parking space
Judy: who is that?
Frances: then there would be a parking problem
BobS: BUT they wnated me to do long haul down here casue our economy sucks.......up in CA, the econmony is good so he could get alocal job
Pamela: I've gotten to the point that I'm very picky about who I get into a vehicle with
rich-c: Russell, Judy
rich-c: you sound like your old man, Pamela
BobS: well Pam, there are 401'ers and those that don't
Judy: ok, he doesn't drive and he has a problem with your driving?
Frances: I don't think he does, Judy
Pamela: no, he has no problem with me driving. I, however might have a problem not being the driver.
Frances: Yep
rich-c: no, Pamela drives very well - a little overcautiously, but that's better than the alternative
Judy: got ya
Frances: Yes , she does
Frances: and she backs up better than anybody else
Pamela: (Pamela buffs her nails on her shirt and smiles)
Pamela: I have no choice, Mom!
Judy: I just don't like to drive in the dark and even worse when it is raining
Frances: why?
Pamela: because in order to get into my parking spot, I have to back in.
Frances: Oh
Pamela: and that was true at the old building, too
rich-c: I've never liked driving in the rain and/or dark, but necessity has no law
Pamela: I might have gotten it into my spot, but I doubt I'd have gotten it out again
Judy: can't see very well in those conditions
Frances: Raining is awful, everything is so glary
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Pamela: I don't mind driving in the dark, but I do mind dark and rain - bad combo
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings
Pamela: even dark and snow is better
Judy: hi, Guy
rich-c: sort of like my garage - I was never able to take the Meteor in forwards for fear of never getting it out again
Pamela: Hi Guy
Frances: Hello, Guy
Judy: yes, but am not looking forward to snow
rich-c: hello, Guy, how's the weather in Chicago?
Dale: Hi Guy.
Judy: maybe we won't get much
Pamela: Hats off to you Dad, I don't know if I could have gotten Behemoth into the garage, forward or backward, ever
Guy B.: Very cool right now. It's been in the 60's the past two days
rich-c: oh snow is fun, the heavier the car, the more fun
Frances: Nowadays. I do the guiding
Pamela: this winter will be interesting with the 4 x 4 - first time I'll be driving the Escape in snow
Judy: when there is snow it is cold and I am not crazy about cold
Pamela: I don't mind the cold, it's the snow I object to
rich-c: just remeber it will help you get going but not to steer and not to stop
BobS: COLD sucks, SNOW sucks
rich-c: amen, Roberto
Pamela: I'm a very nervous snow driver
Judy: snow and cold don't like either
Frances: I was reading atravel page in the paper today where someone said he avoids O'Hare in the summer b ecause of all the thunderstorms
rich-c: and because four wheel drive gives you a false sense of security, it's even worse
Pamela: gee, I can't imagine why : )
Frances: that rang a bell!
Pamela: re O'hare, that is
Judy: it has been cool here the last couple of days, supposed to be warmer tomorrow and then get cold again
Pamela: had a rip-roaring thunderstorm last night
Frances: ditto here - we get the same weather a little later
Pamela: came outta nowhere, was over in 15 minutes
rich-c: I also noticed in the travel pages that Niagara hotels started offering their bargain rates last week in August
Pamela: yes we've gone into off-season
Pamela: that won't help us next year
rich-c: well, it gives you an idea as to their seasonal pricing pattern
Pamela: I already know prices are higher in the summer
Judy: is that way in any tourist area
rich-c: we have to respect everyones job limitations, but it's nowhere written in stone that the con has to be any particular month
Frances: no, but it has to be in the summer and that is limiting
Pamela: the problem is, if we don't have it in the summer, those who have school age kids or work in education are unable to attend
Judy: that is true, it is your con, pick anytime that works for you
rich-c: well, we've had 'cons in the fall many times, especially in the south
Pamela: which means, scratch Dale and Jillian, Rich and Erin, and Neil
Frances: yes, but then we had more people attending
Pamela: heck I don't want to lose a third of our attendees!
Frances: well, we can't afford to scratch them or there won't be anybody there
rich-c: let's remember that teh schools close down fairly early in Jube; there might be a quite attractive window of opportunity there
Pamela: high schools and universities, yes, but not elementary schools
Judy: yes, you could have it early and work around the the high prices
Pamela: they often go right to the end of June, especially in Canada
rich-c: oh, even the elementary schools spring the kids well before June 30
BobS: huh?????? here in the US they only go to baout the 10th of June
Pamela: last day of school this year was June 27th Dad
rich-c: and generall exams and stuff aren't an issue, the kids can leave early or take two days off
Frances: well, they didn't when Pam went to school
BobS: kids were smarter then Frances
Frances: Bob, don't tell her that
Judy: when do they start?
BobS: Dale when does Jeffery get out of school????????????????????????????????????????
rich-c: the kids would only need Thursday and Friday off anyway, even just Friday in a pinch
Frances: day after labour day
Pamela: day after Labour day
Judy: that is the day Ryan started, and his last day is June 12
BobS: Jeffery is about the only one in school
BobS: true????
Frances: think so, Bob
Pamela: also don't forget that Rich's kids start earlier, and end earlier
Pamela: and Rich goes back the third week of August
rich-c: yes, and the university classses will have been ended for a month
Pamela: I'm talking about Diana and Gretchen
rich-c: if the 'con location is only a two hour drive away there is a lot of flexibility available
BobS: did they come this past year?
Judy: yes, but they don't come to the convention anymore
Pamela: who, Erin and Rich? No
rich-c: no, none of the Drushels came this year
BobS: you right
BobS: silliest me
BobS: BTW where is Dr D ??????
Judy: I started my last class this week
BobS: been ansent for a few weeks here
Pamela: dunno, we haven't seen him for a couple of weeks
Pamela: and I haven't had an opportunity to ask Erin
Pamela: woohoo, Judy
Frances: how long is your last class, Judy?
Judy: have they had any word on things yet?
Judy: four weeks
Frances: what is it?
Judy: billing and coding
Pamela: Immigration has apparently finally sent them the acknowledgement for the first set of paperwork
Pamela: that allows them to get started on the second phase
BobS: thought theylost it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pamela: only took them 3.5 months
Judy: so now what do they have to do for the second phase?
Pamela: well it didn't help that the Ontario government lost their marriage certificate paperwork to begin with
Frances: No, that was Ontario, Bob
BobS: gov't..........jerks
Pamela: Now comes an application for residency for a fiancee or spouse
Pamela: I believe
BobS: is there such a thing as a "hesitant resident" ?
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BobS: that would prolly not be agood thing to put down, eh????
Frances: if there was, what would that b e?
Judy: always something goes wrong
BobS: si
Pamela: uh, no
BobS: oh yes
BobS: das ist gut, ya?????
Judy: we did get good news this week, Mandy went to the doctor and got an all clear, they got all the cancer
rich-c: yes, one of my carnuts buddy has a friend who's been waiting two years for the U.S. to let his wife in (he's a US born citize)
Pamela: that is good Judy
Frances: good, Judy
rich-c: oh isn't that terrific, full remission on the agenda, then?
Frances: what did they do?
Judy: that seems crazy, they let in the illegals
Pamela: I know, it does, doesn't it
Frances: well, they don't let them in, they just come
Pamela: it's far more difficult to do it by the book
rich-c: yes but they're paranoid some citizen's wife might want to stay
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Judy: we thought so, what a relief no more medical issues to deal with for a while anyway
changed username to Guy B.
Frances: apparently, it is a lot easier in Canada
Guy B. changed username to Guy B & Annie
Pamela: how's Meeka doing this week?
Guy B & Annie requested to ban Guy B.
BobS confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Frances confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Guy B & Annie changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: that mean Doug is OK too?
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Guy B.: Ok, hit the wrong tab on Firefox again
changed username to Ron
BobS: well, in Canada, you don't care who you let inthe US, we only want the cream of the crop criminals and terrorists to get in
Frances: Hi, Ron
Ron: The long lost have returned
Pamela: RON! Hi!
rich-c: hello Ron - we have Frances here for you
Judy: she is doing okay, still have some side effects from the drugs but something she is trying to live with
Ron: Hi all
Guy B.: HI ron
BobS: thought you forgot us man
Judy: hi, Ron
Pamela: no cycling tonite?
Ron: Well no, it was the cycling thing.....which is now finished
Frances: no, I gather he's been exercising
Ron: will keep riding, but I don't have to do it Wednesday nights
Pamela: next year you need to insist on a different night, Ron
Guy B.: As long as the weather is good
rich-c: hey, gotta go get a beer to celebrate - brb
Judy: that is good news Ron
Ron: I gather this thing has been happening on Wed nights for several years, so I probably wouldn't have much influence
Frances: what do you do?
Frances: where do you ride?
Judy: what distance are you up to, Ron?
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Ron: various places Frances. The ride is usually published on line each week sometime before Wed. There have been as many as 30 doing it
Guy B.: HI Daniel
Ron: ranges between 10 and 15 miles
Pamela: Hi Daniel
Judy: hello, Daniel
rich-c: salut, Daniel, et bonjour
Ron: around the community
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir tout le monde
Frances: Hi, Daniel
Ron: Hey Daniel!
Pamela: have you figured out this single file thing yet Ron?
Judy: that is a fair distance to be going
Ron: oh yes, and we've got hills around here
Judy: Bob wants to know if you have biked up Mt Washington and back, yet?
rich-c: man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, Judy ; - )
Ron: Nope..... dont think I could do that one
rich-c: Mt. Washington is in New Hampshire, Bob
Ron: Have a rack on the back of my car for that
Ron: Mt Washington on Vancouver Island
Frances: you have a Mt. Washington?
Judy: that is cheating to load the bike on the car, no exercise by driving the car
Ron: yes we do..... 6200 feet straight up
Ron: not much of a mountain really, but high enough
rich-c: why, who knows - can't even see Washington State from it, can you, Ron?
Daniel Bienvenu: last week, miss the chat session. I was doing something completly different, in a rush, and it was a first try for a devkit for another game system.
rich-c: tell us more, Daniel
Ron: no, you'd have to be about 140 miles south for that
Daniel Bienvenu: In 24 hours, I were able to convert a minigame to... portable console nintendo ds
rich-c: you must be getting pretty adept at this, Daniel
Guy B.: I don't know if anyone has tried the new program I showed at the con, but I think I will have this available on my website soon.
Ron: Bob and Judy have been to our Mt Washington..... feeding whiskeyjacks at the top
Ron: and all who attended AC15
Frances: we were there too after the Seattle con
Judy: yes, we have and we really enjoyed the visit
Daniel Bienvenu: it's the touchscreen, and the fact that the resolution is 256x192 pixels (same as coleco machines), that make this try interesting.
rich-c: Guy, some parts of your website won't load - just give a page doesnt exist message
Frances: and the snowpack was so heavy that winter, it was still on the ground in the park in the summer
Ron: Frances - haven't got to the images yet.... will do so soon
Frances: yes, that's okay - you have other things to do - me too
Ron: Yes, there's a ski resort up there...... regularly 5 - 15 feet of snow
Dale confirmed ban
Frances: but this was summer, Ron
Ron: being the procrastinator that I am, I need to get at it
Dale: Fun on the DS for sure.
rich-c: what is the latest version of the emulator, and where?
Frances: it was quite fantastic
Ron: you sure you got the same Mt Washington?
Ron: wasn't aware you'd been up this way
Daniel Bienvenu: The nintendo ds french group helped me to figure out what to try and gives me a space to talk about projects. In exchange I talk about Coleco programming to develop their "retro game development" new section.
Frances: not Vancouver Island, Washington state
rich-c: I think she's thinking of Mt. Ranier, which we visited from Seattle
Daniel Bienvenu:
Ron: oh ok...that explains it
Frances: Richard's right, got the name wrong
Ron: Our Washington has nothing to do with George Washington....
Frances: but it was still fantastic
Ron: Our Washington was a surveyor travelling with some 18th Centure explorer or other
Frances: who, then?
Ron: might have been Vancouver or Cook...not sure
rich-c: yes, have to remember that Washington is an old historic English family name
Frances: oh
Ron: exactly
Frances: Mackenzie?
Guy B.: I'll look at it Rich. I did find problems that I did correct.
BobS: THAT:S the one
Ron: Captain Vancouver and Captain Cook mapped a good chunk of these parts
rich-c: tell Frances, she's the one who got frustrated
Frances: tell me what?
rich-c: my problem is that I need a new download of the emulator since XP crashed out on me
Daniel Bienvenu: I received Murray's book last week. I was first surprise to not see pictures of the computers and systems he's talking about, then I figure out 2 reasons why the pictures was not in the book... one of these reasons is he didn't taken the pictures himself, so it was a copyright problem.
rich-c: what's with his pages that won't load - or even admit they exist
Ron: who, Marcel?
rich-c: no, Guy
Ron: have no idea
Daniel Bienvenu: missing the tilde symbol... it's :
Ron: ah.....
rich-c: how do I tell which version to download, Ron? the page has been re-sone and is rather confusing
Frances: Guy, I can't past your opening pages
rich-c: re-done
Ron: I usually go to and then scroll down the list of site contributors until I get to dekoge
Ron: dekogel
Ron: just get the one that's there
Frances: I found deKogel's site - its bookmarked
Ron: you want the DOS executables
rich-c: what about that Windows front end - is it in the emulator or do I need to get it separately?
Ron: it's there
rich-c: OK, I still have all the disc imiages, I think
Ron: how many of y'all have Sebelist's CD of everything?
Frances: spouse, they are all on the laptop
Daniel Bienvenu: In gooddealgames web page, they said that the eskimo game by Marcel was in development and should be release eventually.
Ron: I've found that quite handy
rich-c: Frances wants to compare SmartLogo with MSW and UCB logo among others - so far, Adam's ahead
Ron: yes, so I understand
Frances: I don't want to compare, I have compared
rich-c: what CD of everything what?
Frances: Smartlogo has sprites - the others don't
Ron: Bob Sebelist produced a CD that I got at one of the cons...not sure which.... but it has every piece of ADAM software that was ever produced by man
Ron: think Guy Bona gave it to me, not sure
rich-c: really? I wonder if I have that somewhere - it rings no bells, I admit
Frances: Surely, we have everything somewhere!
Ron: well, we can fix that
Pamela: Pretty sure you do : )
Frances: well, daughter, you know your father's filing system!
Pamela: and if you don't have it, I do!
rich-c: might be I just haven't had time to look at it yet - I'm a little behind
Ron: be right back..... have to clean my glasses.....y'all are fading out
Daniel Bienvenu: In the news, on tv, here, I'm seeing the different projects for the 400th anniversary of Quebec foundation (next year).
Pamela: a little!!!
Frances: less Carnuts, more Adam!
Pamela: just how do you qualify a little?
rich-c: 1607 - that was Champlain, l'Habitation en l'Acadie?
Judy: am I still on
Frances: yes
Pamela: yes Judy
Judy: when I asked that I got a whole lot of stuff come thru
rich-c: just a sort of burp on the server, then, I guess
BobS: how big is it and can you zip it and send it to us Ron?????????
Frances: thye hide it somewhare, Judy
BobS: rings no bells here either for me
Pamela: (You all wil notice that Dad's ignoring me) : )
BobS: woudl be kinda of nice though .........all i none place, eh?
Guy B.: Those that came to last year's con got a copy of the CD from Bob Sebelist
Frances: And me
BobS: ah, no wonder............
BobS: we missed last year
Daniel Bienvenu: almost every buildings here about amusement, sports, and arts, are in a "update" phase to be "like new" for the 400th.
Pamela: heck, I think I have a copy of that CD somewhere
rich-c: OK, if you have it I can get it
Guy B.: I still have the original. If anyone wants a copy, let me know.
Frances: does that include hospitals, Daniel?
BobS: 'Guy....copy
Pamela: let me look Dad, like you I'm a little behind : )
rich-c: if I get that gigabyte drive, it will hold a full CD and more
BobS: email it Guy
BobS: saves postage
Frances: your grandmother used to have a joke about that
Pamela: "the hurrier I go, the behinder I get"?
Guy B.: Ok Bob. I'll copy all the files and send it as a Zip file
BobS: remember that one
Judy: I feel that way a lot lately
Daniel Bienvenu: err... good question pam. they don't talk about health.
Daniel Bienvenu: what are you looking at?
BobS: cool
Pamela: actually that was Mom,
Pamela: Daniel
BobS: I can burn a cd of it here
rich-c: maybe if it's that big it would be better if Guy posted it and let us downl.oad it
Daniel Bienvenu: I mean, which file you search in CD?
Ron: that's better
BobS: ya that too
Pamela: amazing what happens when you clean your glasses, Ron
Guy B.: I was thinking about that myself.
Ron: Daniel, I must say I'm really impressed by your voice tutorials ... they're neat
rich-c: just so long as we can get past whatever Yahoo has done to your pages, Guy
rich-c: and by the way my Yahoo password doesn't work on them either
Ron: yes... I can actually see things
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks Ron,
Frances: Guy, how do we get past the opening page?
Daniel Bienvenu: Did you find any errors or have questions about it?
Guy B.: I made some changes to the webpages back at the con. I'll look to see what's going on.
BobS: hmmm.....Richard, I just went to Guy's pages ansd they all seem to work ok
Ron: not yet Daniel...... must of what you had there I was aware of, but haven't used for years
rich-c: OK, but Frances and I could not get in last week
Ron: pattern tables, name tables and the like
Frances: I can get the list of downloads but Yahoo won't let me get to them
Frances: okay, Bob, how do I get to them?
Dale: facebook ate me.
Dale: again.
BobS: goto
Dale: Or at least sucked me in.
Pamela: what? you were fine earlier today, Dale
Guy B.: Ok, I found what's happening. I'll have to do this on my desktop. I'm on the laptop right now.
BobS: and follow the links Guy has on the page
Dale: Well, it distracted me from the chat at least.
Judy: smack them, Dale
Ron: What is facebook anyway? (I'm from the dark ages)
Pamela: ah
rich-c: that's what we did, Bob, and hit a dead end
Daniel Bienvenu: ok... and I didn't talk about the video registers that is , in my opinion, the hardest thing to use. No register is the same, impossible to make things clear anough for anybody.
Guy B.: The documentation and the Qbasic pages won't display due to a messup on the link.
BobS: click on Adam Emulator and Utilities Direct Download link and you go to Guy's files
Dale: facebook is a contacts network, for connecting all of your friends, former friends, etc.
Ron: Think I've reached a stage in life where what is really important to the vast majority of the world..... I've never heard of
Dale: But it is a clever site that is said to use up 30 min a day for the average user :-)
BobS: I'm with you Ron
Ron: ah
Ron: right Bob
Judy: I have been thinking that for months Ron
rich-c: I've heard of it but have never seen it - and have no urge to
Ron: Like when Dale trys his best to explain certain types of puzzles to me that are all the rage
Frances: heard about it too
rich-c: especially now that spammers are apparently using it (or facebook itself, I'm not sure)
Ron: Poor Dale!
Pamela: I like it because it allows me to keep up with people that I wouldn't normally have a chance to stay in touch with
Dale: Hey, I first did the Internet, and web browsing at AdamCon 007. And you're all here now.
Dale: So it doesn't take forever for things to spread, I just need to be patient.
Ron: well yes..... with Lynx - text based eh?
Pamela: like, Dale and Jillian : )
BobS: yes Dale, but we are still resisting arrest and kicking and screaming
Dale: I thought the session on wikipedia was a good one this year.
rich-c: guess that goes to prove something, Dale, though I'm not sure what
Ron: Yes, Dale, you're right.... that was a bit of an exception. That on I did get something out of
Pamela: I think it proves that technology has a way of pulling us in
Frances: who do you keep in touch with, daughter?
BobS: we're here are we not??????
Ron: Daniel, next you need to do a session on the ADAM sound chip - and 10 bit data transfers on an 8 bit machine
BobS: that says somethign for technology
Pamela: and most people have at least a passing fascination with technology
Dale: I may be ahead of the pack here, but things still change, even when you resist.
BobS: too true
Judy: some of us are just slower than others, Dale
moved to room Meeting Place
Daniel Bienvenu: err... I admit that I have no idea what to talk about next time.
changed username to Guy & Annie
Guy & Annie requested to ban Guy B.
Dale confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Frances confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Ron confirmed ban
Dale: All about the sound chip would be cool.
Judy: I am really speaking of me first
Guy & Annie changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Did it again
Dale: You've done all that work on the jukebox, so that is a good topic.
BobS: well quit doi it
Ron: right.... that was always fun
Ron: 8 bits to 3 voices, or was it 3 bits to 8 voices....hmm.
Ron: and then the volume setting and the noise channel
Pamela: lets see, Dale, Jillian, Kimberly, Emily, Chris, Miriam, Neil, Kimberly's cousins Jennifer and Stephanie, Allyson, Erin, Cynthia, Lindsay, Marie . . .
Ron: presto.... instant song byte
Pamela: and I'm missing a couple
BobS: but kids, gotta go to bed I do..........early morning tomorrow....and every good until NEXT WEEK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Ron: right Bob.... glad to be back here..... gonna have to build a wall around Wed nights I think
BobS: see ya's
Daniel Bienvenu: oh... are you talking about the sound format used in coleco bios or more about sound chip itself?
BobS: good idea Ron
rich-c: OK Bob - take care and get those houses built tight
BobS: si senor
rich-c: right
BobS left chat session
Frances: Night, Bob
Ron: niters Bob
Pamela: Night, Bob
Judy: yes, can't hardly keep my eyes open, Bob's new hours are killing me, night all
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit bob
Guy B.: Bye Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: ... too late
Pamela: goodnight Judy, go to bed
Frances: and it's recycling night and I have to get the stuff together
Ron: What's he doing now Judy? (just before you go)
Guy B.: Night Judy
Judy left chat session
rich-c: I'll bet Judy - you go get your shuteye too, you'll need it
Frances: so I'm going too
Pamela: He got a job with Habitat for Humanity, Ron
Guy B.: Ok, I fixed the links via Yahoo File Manager
Ron: ah.....great stuff!
Pamela: you heading out Mom?
Frances: Thanks, Guy
Ron: Frances..... images come soon......
rich-c: OK Guy, we will give them a try in due course
Frances: yep, goodnight to all
Guy B.: Night Frances
Pamela: night Mom, hugs and kisses
Frances: Ron, when you can
Daniel Bienvenu: I can do a video about the sound chip, yes.
Ron: right.... night Frances
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Frances
Pamela: talk to you hopefully tomorrow (if others quit calling)
Ron: Guy....give me the URL again
Frances: okay - I'm gone
Frances left chat session
rich-c: well, we should be clear at our end
Guy B.: Well, I'm going to go myself. Will see you all next week
Pamela: night Guy
Ron: night Guy...
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
Guy B.:
rich-c: see you Guy - give Annie a pat for us
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too
Ron: Thank you sir
Guy B.: I will, she's right next to me
Pamela: Between Cynthia, Erin and Kimberly it's been a busy week so far
rich-c: isn't that /~, Guy?
Ron: whatcha got goin on Pamela?
Daniel Bienvenu: In which other system this sound chip was used?... Should be used somewere else.
Guy B.: pffo
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks guy for your link. it's bookmarked here.
Ron: SNC76409 I think (or is that the Video chip)?
Pamela: well I was on the phone with my aunt on Monday for an hour and a half, and with Kimberly last night for an hour, and Erin was up here before that
rich-c: you mean the TI 9918, Daniel?
Pamela: so I got derailed because I don't like to call Mom and Dad too late
Ron: ah
Daniel Bienvenu: o specs
Daniel Bienvenu: Sound: TI SN76489AN. Channels: 3-tone, 1-noise
Pamela: and tonite I had to go shopping, we were emulating Mother Hubbard
rich-c: yeah, we don't go to bed till after 12, so conversations can run late
Ron: Well I was somewhat close
Pamela: home at 5:45, back out at 6:05, home again at 8:05, dinner and chat
Pamela: busy night for me
Daniel Bienvenu: well, sega genesis have 2 sound chips, including this one
Pamela: yeah but Mom gets wound up if she talks too late, and then can't sleep
Ron: wonder you didn't meet yourself in the hall Pamela
Pamela: I don't like to do that if I can avoid it
rich-c: and especially if I get those jump drives, you'll have to get over here soon too
Daniel Bienvenu: well, almost all the sega old systems have this sound chip too
Pamela: plus, I know that if the phone rings after 10:00 around here, it makes me nervous. I won't do that to others
Ron: for me it's 9:30 Pam. don't like anyone calling me after that, so I don't call others
rich-c: geez, that's the good time, when the telephone spammers quit 8-)
Ron: Yeah, so far I've won 20 trips to the Caribbean, and about 35 million dollars
Pamela: the good thing about not having call waiting is, the phone solicitors can't get thru
Ron: I have caller display and I've told those who know me, if you don't identify you don't count
rich-c: if you have caller ID you can set it to refuse any calls with ID blocked, from what I hear
Daniel Bienvenu: I know that SEGA SG-1000 is one game system that is almost the same as coleco... except the game is its own bios at the same time, and some games used strange O/I ports to support their computer version SC-3000 .
Pamela: everyone in this neck of the woods wants donation money or to help us move, or install an alarm system
Ron: Daniel, I suppose there were no standards on that at the time eh?
Ron: people used whatever i/o the pleased
Pamela: the problem is, if you don't answer those calls, they keep calling back
Ron: yes, and they keep getting ignored
Pamela: I prefer to answer them and tell them to go far, far away
Daniel Bienvenu: in fact, one of the strange thing I saw about sega game systems is the way the joystick data is structured.
Ron: Daniel - and how was that?
rich-c: I'm fairly expert at telling them convincingly not to call again
Ron: some nights I go into "enjoy tearing wings off a fly" mode, and have a little fun with some of these young bloods.
rich-c: is there some customer way of structuring the joystick input, Daniel?
Ron: They persist in reading me a my pitch is...look, if you want to really sell me something, just talk to me about it.... don't read
rich-c: yes, lead 'em on for half an hour then tell them where to head in
Ron: yeah
Pamela: I just tell them to go away, then hang up
Ron: Are you still sending your pizza orders to Bangla-Desh, Rich?
Daniel Bienvenu: it's difficult to explain here, and now.
Ron: Mostly Pam, that's what I do too.. Just now and then I want to make someone suffer a little
Pamela: I can't be bothered, Ron : )
Ron: right Daniel, don't think I really expected you to, but I imagine it's proprietary.... or was
Daniel Bienvenu: the joystick data is mixed with the pause and reset button, and all is like mixed in two ports.
rich-c: no, I find their English isn't good enough to understand "effing towelheads" so I just hang up on them
Ron: <evil grin>
rich-c: so there have always been problems adapting the emulator to use a APC game port?
rich-c: a PC
Ron: so Daniel, depending on which bits in a byte are set or not set, the hardware responds (or not)
Pamela: I'd rather answer once and tell them to go away. Problem was, when they kept calling back, they were calling while Russell was trying to sleep
rich-c: none ever call me back - at least the same day
Ron: i told someone where to go one night, and he actually phoned back with his "listen A**ho**" speech
Ron: we were not friends
Daniel Bienvenu: oh... it's more mixed than you think... like there are info about joystick2 with joystick1 data that came from i/o port, and it really looks like mixed... a real puzzle
Ron: sounds like a committee job Daniel
rich-c: obviously it must be, Daniel. I'd always assumed it would be quite straightforward - another illusion shatters
Pamela: those are the ones you call the cops on : )
Daniel Bienvenu: there is a link about that. scroll the page to the bottom. you will see some strange things about sega sg-1000 and sc-3000 joystick data from i/o ports.
Ron: If bit 7 on the 125th byte from the beginning of the file is set....then crash
rich-c: I seem to recall something like that on the Adam...
Ron: capture a series of 40 bytes from a device spinning at 7600 rpm, and look at the 12th byte
Ron: I wonder how anything gets done at all - why does it work!
rich-c: sometimes it is better not to ask about these things...
Ron: yes, I think so
Daniel Bienvenu: Port A for sega is Port 1 for the coleco, TL for Sega is Fire 1 for Coleco, and you see that port 1 and 2 are mixed in a strange way.
rich-c: Daniel makes my problems with XP and Thunderbird seem simple in comparison
Ron: The whole point is..... that after I read the Hackers Guide on this stuff.... years ago, it took me about 5 years to really understand what was going on.
Pamela: anyway gentlemen, I'm going to leave you to talk computers and go to bed
Ron: To get a song of some 80 or 90 measures through that sound chip is really quite a challenge, unless you use a music editor
Pamela: Dad, I will try to call tomorrow night and get over to see you this weekend perhaps
rich-c: OK Pam, I'll see if I can get that stuff then - you home this weekend?
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Pam. sory to talk about annoying technical things... again
Pamela: It's okay Daniel, I don't mind : )
rich-c: OK Pam, have a good sleep
Pamela: Gnite Daddy, sleep tight
Ron: Daniel, that's what this chat is supposed to be here for..... don't worry about that.
Pamela: Gnite, Ron
Ron: nite Pamela...go straight home now
Pamela: ah, no bars? : (
Pamela: shucks
Ron: negatory dear
Pamela: if I must : )
Pamela: ciao!
Ron: you must
Ron: niters
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: I'm beginning to have a little trouble focussing - guess it's time I checked out
Ron: Daniel, I once learned enough about the TI video chip to actually change the character set for a program I was writing in BASIC. But that took so long, I wondered if
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it's supposed to be about coleco, not sega... but I tried to figure out this joystick data when I wanted to port a game from sg-1000 to coleco. finaly, I did a strange routine in assembler that makes the coleco joystick data looks like a sega joystick data and it was almost working. But I never ends with a final full playable result.
Ron: i would ever get my program to work
rich-c: so Daniel, bonsoir; Ron and Dale, niters - time to go
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Rich
Ron: ok.... that's one way around the problem
Ron: nite Rich
Ron: be well
rich-c: colour me gone
Daniel Bienvenu: your program about lotery?
rich-c left chat session
Ron: no, it was a game involving patterns of squares on the screen....
Ron: forgot what the premise was, but I did get it working as I recall
Daniel Bienvenu: oh... I didn't know about a square game you did. I'm sorry.
Ron: The idea was to acquire enough points by writing software to become a dealer, and then a developer
Ron: all in the Adam community of course
Ron: Then you had to outsell your other developers - think I'd called it Adam W
Ron: Adam Wars or something like that
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm probably wrong, but It sounds like a simulation game or a board game.
Ron: it didn't get much airplay at the time Daniel..... was eventually released through the Adam News Network. I actually got a royalty cheque from Jim Notini for about $19.00
Ron: that was my software career
Daniel Bienvenu: ho... it's ... (what is the word?) err... autobiographic?
Ron: NIAD (Northern Illiyana Adam Users Group) (out of Chicago)
Ron: yes, sort of
Ron: I have a copy of it around here somewhere....... should bring it to the next Con
Ron: Back then I really wanted to become a computer programmer..... to me that was the fun of owning a computer..... learning to make it do what I wanted it to do
Ron: difficult to figure out the details of the sound and video chips, when you're supposed to be working for the gov't or home being a family man
Ron: Now I have the time, and the opportunity, but I find I have lost the curiosity about the machine that I once had
Ron: Don't get old
Daniel Bienvenu: I was thinking of a board game I did with paper and played one time with a friend about the video game history. the idea is to acquire workers and release games. the games "idea" can'T be release in any order, to respect "almost" the video game history. but if you were able to release faster a video game thna the real historic release date, you gain more cash. and at the end, at the year of the video game crash, we count money to see which company is the winner.
Ron: I like that
Ron: something I could get into
Ron: Sorta like a Sim City.... only for software
Ron: Still intend to follow up on some of your tutorials, but I need to start by learning C. Been on my to do list for years
Daniel Bienvenu: for the board game I did, there was cards for workers, cards for games, and other cards for lucky/random events.
Ron: yup
Daniel Bienvenu: and if you didn't release a game idea, someone can steel it to release it.
Ron: and the idea is to make enough profit to keep your company solvent, and then to have your influence in the industry grow until you are making $100 billion dollars over your lifetime... like Mr. Gates
Ron: yes.... these ideas never present themselves in a vacuum... usually somebody else has the same one
Ron: you've got to let your imagination go a little
Daniel Bienvenu: each game card have history details about the real game, and informations about number of workers needed to release it in time for christmas. because the release time in the board game was christmas.
Ron: the infamous Christmas deadline
Ron: oh yes!
Ron: you could bring a little of the detail that Neil presented into it...... denying rumors - exaggerating company intentions, etc etc
Ron: You still there Dale?
Daniel Bienvenu: some random events I written included "temporary workers" they leave at the end of the year, "the genius" that want to help and work like 2 or 3 worker to rush release one of your game before christmas. so it's possible to release games because christmas in this game.
Ron: ah.... more is less
Dale: but i have trouble with my caps lock today>
Ron: buy a Mac
Ron: I still have to get Mac developer tools so I can get X on this thing and finish off the emulator install
Daniel Bienvenu: my friend got a macbook, and he likes it.
Dale: it reminds me of a card game i"ve played
Daniel Bienvenu: and he uses bootcamp to run windows.
Ron: there..... a man of taste
Dale: if only i could think of the name
Ron: right
Dale: it was from steve jackson games though>
Daniel Bienvenu: he uses both : macos and windows.
Ron: you see guys, I now have a concentration span of about 28 seconds, so whatever your game does needs to be presented in that time span
Ron: I'm using Parallels to run XP on this beast
Daniel Bienvenu: I did a zip archive of my boardgame and let everybody download it... but I forgot where I put it in the net, but I probably still have it in a CD.
Ron: if you find it Daniel, let me know
Ron: Meantime there's more than enough on your website to keep me going more or less for the rest of my life
Daniel Bienvenu: ... it's in french, but I will probably be able to find it again.
Ron: oh that's ok.... I can probably work my way through it... and that in itself would be good for me
Daniel Bienvenu: that remembers me... I have to do more video, at least the classic HELLO WORLD
Ron: yes, that's a start
Ron: three line program, but you have to begin somewhere
Daniel Bienvenu: I will keep using the file I did. it's a little bit different than the library I used for my old porjects and the actual "Coleco programming in C" document I did.
Ron: I've actually got a file on this Mac labelled "Daniel Bienvenu". things I want to learn about
Ron: so my intentions are good
Ron: Anyway, think I shall go now..... it's been an interesting chat
Daniel Bienvenu: this way, sounds from coleco games can be used in your C projects, rather than using Marcel's sound routines that uses another format and doesn't allow playing with sound channel 3 to manipulate the noise generator.
Dale: good night
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit ron.
Dale: i"m going too i guess
Ron: right gents..... have a good night
Ron: or what's left of it
Ron: g'nite
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit dale
Dale left chat session
Ron left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: wow... was fast
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
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