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changed username to FredK
FredK: Hi Bob
BobS: hiya Fred
BobS: first in tonight
FredK: wow
BobS: last week no chat
BobS: I guess it was upa dn running for a few minutes around 10pm and then went piif again
FredK: good in a sense I didnt miss anything!
BobS: didn't miss anything
BobS: poof
BobS: spelling not so good tonight
FredK: thats rare!
BobS: not so rare, farn dingers sometimes get stubby onthe ends
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BobS: <smile>
FredK: hehe
changed username to rich-c
BobS: HI Rich
FredK: Hi Rich!
rich-c: god evening, gentlemen!
BobS: BTW, how's the weather in Montreal (fred ????) and Toronto
BobS: thats good richard
rich-c: hey Fred, I took in some empties to the beer store today
FredK: Very nice it was 29 today
rich-c: and found the are selling La Maudite and Fin de la Terre!
FredK: haha Fin du Monde I guess ay!
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changed username to Troy F.
rich-c: yesterday we had over 90.F and came awful close to a blackout
Troy F.: Hello everyone
FredK: Hi
rich-c: hello troy, saw your email earlier
Troy F.: Rich, yeah I'm pretty geared up about the ADAM right now, lots to learn!
rich-c: aha, fin du monde, hein? well, I was close!
BobS: ok was weather was here on Mon and very warm and humid Tues......
BobS: HI TROY, welcome
rich-c: well, we talk about it here, though we aren't monomaniacs - we discuss other stuff too
Troy F.: Thanks Bob. Where is everyone from? I'm in Guelph Ontario, Canada.
BobS: I have ONE qauestion Troy, id your ADAM work when you got it?????
FredK: Near Mirabel, Quebec.
rich-c: anyway, we had an all time record temperature for the day yesterday - 32-something
BobS: from your description I almost thought maybe no, due to misign parts
BobS: Grand Rapids MIchigan, US
BobS: ouch
rich-c: I'm in Toronto as is my daughter Pamela who will likely turn up later
BobS: so someone stripped it and then sold it to you, eh?
BobS: we blew the record book also richard, by about 7 degrees
Troy F.: Well not exactly. It seems to have pretty much all components, and actually I got an dups of both boards with it too. Just that it was from an estate auction and the seller didn't know anything about it.
BobS: so Troy, have you procured a working aDAM????
FredK: Way too hot for fall time!
BobS: si fred
Troy F.: I used to have an ADAM back in the 80s, but this is my first re-buy. I'm hoping to get it working, and learn a lot along the way.
rich-c: yes, hydro had six of 16 reactors down for maintenance, and four thermal stations - fortunately Michigan and NY bailed us out
BobS: and THAT Troy is what brings new ADAM curious users into the fold
Troy F.: I'm blown away by the depth of knowledge out there on the machine, and I'm really hoping to be able to sort through it all. If anyone hasn't seen my post to the mailing list, I had a number of questions and would appreciate any feedback anyone could share.
BobS: the lure of curiousity and the desire to push a workable system to the limit
rich-c: by the way, for version: turn on, boot through POST, then hit control-R - version will appear as a new Smartkey block
Troy F.: Rich, I don't see any POST. All I can get up is the Colecovision screen when I do a cartridge reset. Computer reset shows a black screen.
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rich-c: oh, you should get the "Adam's Electronic Typewriter" screen
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir tout le monde
rich-c: salut, Daniel
FredK: Salut Daniel
BobS: I was wondering about step three, which checks for device tape drive...........NO, I don't think the drive moves or anything when the cpu checks it
BobS: Hi Daniel
Troy F.: I've checked the ribbon cable that connects the two boards, all lines are good. I've also checked power into the system and things look good there too. I've reseated all socketed chips on the lower board too. Yeah, sadly no typewriter screen, also key presses do nothing although LED on keyboard is lit.
Troy F.: BobS, interesting. I would have thought that in order to see if the media was bootable you'd see some action in the drive.
BobS: ok do you have it hooked thru the TV outlet? and thru a game switch? AND onthe correct channel channel 3 or 4 ()has a switch
Daniel Bienvenu: Did you know there is a RPG annuel meeting by someone named Adam and it's called : AdamCon?
BobS: HERITIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rich-c: well, with disc drives you do see action, and I suspect it does give the tape drives a kick, you just cant see it
Troy F.: BobS, I've used it through both the RF out and direct to monitor through composite. Both are the same black screen.
rich-c: probably could if there were a tape in the drive, but you're not supposed to have one in at reset
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BobS: The monitor port will not work without a special cable........AND for the RF port you must have the switch on the correct tv channel and also the tv on that channel
changed username to Judy
BobS: the switch is to the left of the RF video port as viewed from the rear
FredK: Hi Judy
Judy: Hi, everyone
rich-c: yes, but that applies for the default Colecovision screen, which shows
BobS: GUTEN TAG allas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: well, to simplify, I find this information about Adam Dray's gaming convention (AdamCon) when searching for the secondary chat server last week.
Troy F.: BobS, yeah I'm not using the monitor port (although I'd like a pinout for the cable) I've just got an RCA cable going to an old Commodore monitor from the Monitor port. I've checked both channels with RF, I only get the Colecovision screen. Computer reset just initializes the printer and shows a black screen.
rich-c: btw I assume you know you need a composite monitor; a VGA won't work
BobS: is it not the best form of flattery to be copied, Daniel??
rich-c: hello Judy
BobS: could be bad video board Troy
Daniel Bienvenu: Troy?
Troy F.: BobS, I thought that the video chip for everything was on the Coleco board? Is there a seperate one on the ADAM mainboard?
Troy F.: Bonjour Daniel,
Daniel Bienvenu: bonjour :-)
BobS: the video board is the smaller top board I believe
rich-c: right, I'm using a Commodore 1702 with mine
Daniel Bienvenu: les questions à propos de la version d'un Coleco Adam
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Daniel Bienvenu: c'est ça?
Troy F.: BobS, that's what I thought too.
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: tu as raison, Daniel
FredK: oui et il n'a pas d'écran qui apparait au démarrage.
Daniel Bienvenu: je ne peux pas aider pour ça... j'ignore la version de mon propre coleco adam.
Pamela: Bonsoir and hello
rich-c: hello daughter - did you see Troy's email today? he's in Guelph
Pamela: Hi Dad
FredK: Hi Pam!
BobS: IF I rememberr correctly ( Rich Drushel can correct me), the ColecoVision and the ADAM are common as far as the video board - the difference is the logic bottom board
Judy: hello, Pamela
BobS: with ADMA having disk and tape drive hardware onboard
BobS: and CV board NOT
BobS: HI PaM
Pamela: Hi everyone
Pamela: greetings Troy, welcome aboard
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale is working on a rubik cube game for PSP... I suppose he will be online later, on next week.
Troy F.: BobS, that was my understanding as well. I believe all video control is on the top board, and since I get the Colecovision screen I think it's working OK. I'm wondering about the ROM chips.
rich-c: basically the Smartwriter program likely harbours the entry screen too, so troy's trouble is in the Smartwriter ROM
Troy F.: Thanks Pamela. Both you and your dad are ADAM users?
Pamela: Dad is a user, I'm a groupie : )
FredK: Daniel, J'ai pas été plus loin dans l'apprentissage car super occupé avec déménagement.
Troy F.: Rich, are the ROMs in particular slots, or how do I identify which is which?
Pamela: Boy that looked terrible out of context : )
Daniel Bienvenu: pas grave Fred. Au moins, ça m'a forcé à mettre en ligne une archive pour le développement coleco et un petit vidéo qui montre comment s'en servir.
Judy requested to ban BobS
rich-c confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
rich-c: OK, the ROMs have designated homes, andbtw I have schematices ofr the Adam
Pamela: why did we remove Bob?
Judy: Bobs battery died so he has to come back
Pamela: Ahhh
Troy F.: I have the schematics from Rich Drushel, but I can't make out which ROM is which.
Daniel Bienvenu: le vidéo dont je parle est ici :
Troy F.: If you can fill me in on which belongs where, and how to ID that would be a big help
Daniel Bienvenu: je suis content... j'ai eu un bon vote, mais toujours aucun commentaire.
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rich-c: when it comes to the guts of an Adam, I've cleaned dozens, but that doesn't mean I know what I was cleaning
changed username to BobS
rich-c: after nearly a quarter entury of using one I have picked up a few clues, but no more than necessary
FredK: Oui Dan, je l'ai vu! C'est super j'ai vu les exemples aussi.
rich-c: by the way, Bob and I still play at being Adam dealers occassion
Troy F.: Rich, I know what you mean, many things look the same in there, and I cannot find any descriptions of the chips online based upon the numbers listed on the chips. Too bad really. Good to hear you've been using one for that long, that's pretty neat.
Troy F.: Adam dealers eh? Do you have any working systems available now?
rich-c: sure
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changed username to Dr. D.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Dr.D
BobS: the only info onthe ADM is basically what you can get from the technical manual and the brains of people around here
Dr. D.: Salut Daniel.
Pamela: Greetings Rich
rich-c: hi rich, your latest protege is here ; - )
FredK: Hi Rich!
Dr. D.: And hi to Troy F.!!
Dr. D.: (and FredK too)
BobS: alll doktor D
rich-c: now where is your good wife?
BobS: allo
Dr. D.: Troy I got your E-mail, no chance to do anything with it.
Troy F.: Rich-c, I'd be interested in knowing the going rate for a working system.
Dr. D.: She is at a barbecue or fundraiser or something for Steve Peters.
Troy F.: Good evening Dr. D. No worries, I know that you're a busy man.
rich-c: depends on how fussy you are hence how much work I have to do on it - very negotiable
Dr. D.: Shipping is more expensive than any system...I would give you a working one if you were in Cleveland, for instance.
Dr. D.: But if you are next door to Richard he has many working systems for little $$$
Dr. D.: Shipping a printer has to be the worst, eh BobS?
rich-c: right - I keep forgetting we have the stupid election going
Judy: hi, Dr D
Dr. D.: I am still in my office revising Form I-129F
Dr. D.: Hi Judy
Troy F.: Rich-c, I'd like to chat more about a system, can I email you?
Pamela: tax form?
Dr. D.: the last immigration paperwork until they let me know they want more.
Dr. D.: Which they did already this week.
BobS: YES printer is HEAVY
rich-c: yes, printers one should pick up from the vendor, they're horrendously heavy for the post office
Troy F.: Yes, shipping can be bad for this stuff. I was lucky to get this one cheap and from somewhere close so it wasn't bad.
rich-c: or wouldn't be if it worked ; - )
Dr. D.: I doubt Rin will be on here tonight.
Dr. D.: I have not heard from her hardly at all today.
Troy F.: Rich-c, even not working there is nostalgia there, and pulling it apart has been a good experience.
Pamela: she's working too hard
rich-c: no, not during an election - they may know she's leaving but they expect her to do her emergency duty till she does
Troy F.: If I may ask, what does everyone do in their 9-5?
Dr. D.: I am coming to see her late Saturday night, after spending all day Saturday in Erie with Parents Weekend at Mercyhurst for Christina.
rich-c: I have been retired for the last 17 years
BobS: the ADAM is an interesting pull apart.....even for us who know little.........had a pull apart and put together competition at one convention Troy
Dr. D.: I am Instructor and Executive Officer, Department of Biology, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio.
Dr. D.: But Troy knows that from my E-mail sigfile :-)
Pamela: I'm an Insurance Assistant for a commercial lines broker
Dr. D.: hehe that was my idea, shamed poor Bob and Judy
Troy F.: I was just in Clevland with my girlfriend this summer. We went to the Science Centre there.
BobS: wht's this 9-5 stuff....... I am working both 8-5 on 2 daysw and 7-5 on 4 days
Dr. D.: I had several years' worth of LEGO robot contests there in from 2000-2004.
Troy F.: Bob, I hear you. I'm actually more of a 7-3:30 guy myself. I work as a network admin for a manufacturing company.
Dr. D.: BRB, have to run some copies
BobS: THAT was really on the web
Troy F.: (PRIVATE) Test
BobS: MINE is the monster truck (along with Doug, Judy and Meeka
BobS: good job Troy
Pamela: that's Bob for you - colouring outside the lines again : )
Judy: that is for sure, lately he is walking on roofs, not cool
BobS: yup, but that baby roared
Troy F.: Well sadly I've got to get offline now, but it was nice to chat with you all. Rich-C, could I contact you about a working unit?
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Pamela: you're going to come back though, right?
changed username to Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Ron
Pamela: Hello Ron
rich-c: yes, I'mavailable pretty much noon to midnight seven days
Dr. D.: I will be back, gotta hit the Xerox
Troy F.: Pam, not me, I've got to get some sleep. 4:30 comes mighty early.
Ron: Hey !
BobS: comem back soon Troy
Pamela: no I meant next week
Judy: hi, ron
rich-c: hi Ron
BobS: HI Ron !!!!!!
Troy F.: Rich-c, best way to reach you is?
Ron: howz everone?
BobS: good and how is the west coast?????
Pamela: tired, as usual : )
BobS: we are always tired Pam
Ron: just about as beautiful as always
Daniel Bienvenu: before someone ask... yes, I know about a new coleco game project named "wrong way".
Judy: I am tired also
rich-c: email - in this case use blueboxer2, which is at - my home email is down
rich-c: thunderbird crashed out during an upgrade and lost everything
Troy F.: Rich-c, thanks you should see something from me tomorrow. Goodnight everyone, nice to meet you.
Pamela: gnite
FredK: Hi Ron!
Pamela: Troy
BobS: nite
Judy: this learning stuff is exhausting
Ron: hey Fred!
Pamela: darn enter key!!!
Troy F. left chat session
Ron: learning? What's that/
Ron: ??
Judy: but I only have one week left
rich-c: right, and the exam is close now, isn't it, Judy?
BobS: AT OUR AGE......learning ??????????? are you kidding
Ron: Ah, but we must remain teachable
Judy: pasted one this week, the HIPAA
BobS: I meant, we are the MOST teachable, no?????????
Ron: I'm way behind Judy, what course (s) are you taking?
rich-c: well, Bob, trainable, maybe? ; - )
Judy: Medical Front Office
Pamela: learning is much easier these days, I understand more
Ron: sounds like fun
Judy: right now I am taking a course in billing and coding
Judy: the homework is out of this world
Ron: So that the right Dr gets credit for the the patient in OR 2
BobS: so's you (Ron) will be coded AS youare billed for this session with MicroSoft
Ron: Had to download JAVA, so that will be another bill
Pamela: I though Java was free
BobS: you running Java newest edition with this chat program????????
Judy: but now I am a person with letters behind my name
Pamela: letters always look so impressive Judy
rich-c: welcome to the club Judy, it's always good for the ego
Ron: Naw, I just installed VISTA on this laptop, and for some unexplainable, IE 7 doesn't come Java equipped
Ron: I'm impressed Judy... will all of this lead to gainful employ?
BobS: gott be kidding
rich-c: you put VISTA on a poor, defenceless, computer???
Ron: yes
Ron: I am a sucker for punishment
rich-c: hang your head in shame!!!
Ron: forgive me Father, for I have sinned
Ron: a grievous and terrible sin
rich-c: bad enough if you had gone for (shudder) XP - but Vista? NO ONE is buying Vista these days
Ron: I happen to own 2 copies
Ron: please do not ask why
BobS: TWO, just incase the first one doesn't work??????
Judy: it does feel good but would feel better if I had the rest
Ron: <grin>
FredK: too late
rich-c: hell, Dell is offering its new computers with the option of XP - so are MDG
Ron: SO FAR, in my experience, all the criticism is completely unjustified
rich-c: and unfortunately, when you find out, you'll be too badly crashed out to get on line to tell us
Ron: And I love the Vista Media Centre
BobS: and XP seems to me, to be nothing more than Win98 by another name, except for the fact it will automatically recognize my wirelss router
Ron: true Bob
rich-c: the difference between XP and 98SE is that 98SE worked
Pamela: I think it's going to be like XP - some people will get along fine with it and others (who shall remain nameless) will have nothing but trouble
Ron: 'sok Rich... if that happens, I'll use Mac
rich-c: right - Mac will be happy with the workout
Ron: Of course everything in that Apple "Cancel or Allow" commercial is true
Ron: but to me that's not an issue
rich-c: I am looking at yet another reinstall of XP in the immediate future
BobS: mon, you LOVE punishment, don't you Richard ?
rich-c: did you catch the story about how Microsoft is looking into your computer and installing new software without your knowledge? It was in Information Week and a number of the newsletters
Ron: in my humble experience, ALL operating systems have something I don't like
BobS: you are almost sadistic about it
Ron: And something I do
BobS: si
Ron: So I wander amongst them all
Ron: This beast here also does Linux
rich-c: all I want the damn OS to do is work and stay working
BobS: should have bought a Pro version which does not register and tell on you
Daniel Bienvenu: If you have time, go write an email to wish good luck to Dale Wick for its entry to the PSP Rubik game contest.
BobS: stick to Win98SE
Ron: Is Frances there Richard?
rich-c: I'd love to, Bob, but it's no longer supported and will not run increasingly large amounts of the new software being written
Ron: tell her that I haven't forgotten her...(re the emulator disk images)
Ron: It's just that I don't know where this past week has gone
rich-c: yes, she's on the laptop, playing with Logo I think
Pamela: Tell Mom hi for me, Dad
Pamela: Have you read HP 7 yet?
rich-c: you're a piker, Ron; we lose whole months without even trying
Ron: exactly
Ron: I am supposed to be retired dammit
rich-c: you're not serious, daughter? I'll be lucky to open it by Christmas!
rich-c: retired is when you find out what a good deal work was - at least you got some time to rest
Ron: true
Pamela: perhaps you should consider a work-like structure for day to day life : )
Ron: like getting up at 5am
Ron: treadmill at 6
Ron: drive to the office
Ron: at 8
Ron: beer with the boys at 11
rich-c: I didn't even have time to try (again) to restore Thunderbird, or see if reinstalling XP (again) will improve the problems any
FredK: Dr D., I sent you an e-mail end of last month did you by chance stumble upon it?
Ron: How do you like Thunderbird Rich. must confess I've never tried it
Pamela: I don't think he likes it so well right now Ron
Pamela: It ate his e-mail - all of it
Ron: oh....'nuff said
rich-c: I am delighted with both Firefox and Thunderbird, just have the current problem
rich-c: I am getting support but I can't act on it, too much time basically
rich-c: I am assured my mail is recoverable - one just needs to be more of a geek than I am to do it
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changed username to Ron-1?
Daniel Bienvenu: welcome back Ron
Ron-1?: Hmmm.....
Pamela: what happened?
Ron-1?: Maybe I spoke too soon
rich-c: as we were saying about Vista...
Pamela: did you find Dad's magic key?
Ron-1?: The Google tool bar decided it wasn't happy, so reared it's ugly head
Ron-1?: Don't even know if I want the google tool bar
BobS: just say NO
rich-c: don't worry, it only spies on you a little
Ron-1?: cancel or allow?
Ron-1?: Am I coming to a sad realization?
rich-c: time to defenestrate
Ron-1?: yea..... par la fenetre
Ron-1?: anyway, as I was about to say..... BRB time to raid the fridge
rich-c: maybe I should send you some of my tech comments on Vista - you'll love them
rich-c: fortunately I keep my Tech Newsletter file on
Ron-1?: Oh I've read most of that kind of stuff Rich. Jeff sent me a bunch. Found a bunch more amongst the regular columnists I read
Daniel Bienvenu: n'oublie pas d'ouvrir la fenêtre...
rich-c: OK - though I'd recommend the Tech Newsletter anyway, on general principle
Ron-1?: Oui, on ne veut pas casser la fenetre (no accents on this keyboard malheuresement)
Pamela: moi, je prefere l'ascenseur : )
rich-c: btw Ron, which version of Java are you using to get on here now?
BobS: must still be attacking the fridge
BobS: and the fridge won
BobS: poor Ron is laid out on the floor after being beaned by a frozen food item
BobS: QUICK ! someone throw some water on his face.......................
Pamela: ice water??
rich-c: stop it - you're making me thirsty
Pamela: go get a beer Dad
Ron-1?: right.... I is back
Daniel Bienvenu: je vais manger une poire. de retour dans deux minutes.
rich-c: OK Ron, which Java are you using now?
Judy: welcome back
FredK: bye Dan, je dois y aller
Ron-1?: Re Java.... whatever I just downloaded from Java's site
BobS: see ya next weekk Daniel
Judy: night Daniel
FredK: I am the one needing to go, good nite!
rich-c: because for me, 1.6 won't work on this site - put it in, had to replace it with 1.5
Pamela: Nite Fred!
Ron-1?: Nite well
Judy: night Fred
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit à tous.. mais moi j'ai faim
BobS: oh nite Fred
FredK: bye
FredK left chat session
Pamela: I'm using the newest version afaik and it's working fine
rich-c: nite Fred and Dan iel, then
Ron-1?: I think I got something with the download that I didn't want - like this Google tool bar thing
Ron-1?: will check it later
rich-c: wait till you download the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader - and get their photo album thrown in free
Pamela: Is this the free version, Ron?
Daniel Bienvenu: back
rich-c: it gives now meaning to the word obtrusive, and so arrogant you'd think Microsoft ran it
Ron-1?: went to and hit their download button at the top of the page
Ron-1?: One of my problems these days is that I seldom have the patience to read the fine print. One of these days it's going to get me in trouble
rich-c: they likely give you 1.6 then, that's the latest - great if it works for you
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Ron-1?: well..... we'll see
changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: you must have the same version that I have then, and it doesn't come with the google toolbar
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
Pamela: good evening Guy
Ron-1?: Evening Mr. Bona
Daniel Bienvenu: good evening GuyB
rich-c: yes, some of the EULAs around are legal nightmares
rich-c: hello Guy, wondering when you were going to turn up
Ron-1?: yeah for sure. And that's another thing. I kinda resent being called an "End User" - customer would be more acceptable
Judy: hi, Guy
Pamela: you're unusually late Guy
Guy B.: I'm going to late for a while. Trains running behind, plus dinner and walk time for Annie
rich-c: I suspect customer is an alien concept around Redmond, and overuse of the work severely limits one career prospects
Ron-1?: But he's here
Ron-1?: no doubt
Pamela: working O/T?
rich-c: right, so I'll go get a beer to celebrate
Ron-1?: Another chapter in the book I'm going to write ..... "Things that P*ss me off"
BobS: :-)
Ron-1?: What a fat book it's going to me
Pamela: that's gonna be a long book Ron
Guy B.: And still working overtime. The good news, I'm taking a personal day off this Friday while our servers are being upgraded. We will have no PC's or phones for all of Friday and through the weekend
Ron-1?: unheard of Guy
Ron-1?: yup
Ron-1?: that's right Pam
Pamela: I wish someone would do that with us
Pamela: we're having real server problems right now
Guy B.: You got that right. Our Data center is being remodeled and they have to power the servers off to move everything around.
Judy: that is the kind of work that our Doug does
Pamela: e-mail was down three times last week for hours at a time, and still isn't completely up to speed
Guy B.: So, Annie will have me home for a day this week
Ron-1?: lucky pooch
rich-c: what you need to do, Guy, is switch them to run on Linux
rich-c: oh Pam, how is your home modem doing now?
Guy B.: Well, I'm going to install Ubuntu onto the Dell computer I'm on to another hard drive and boot between that and Win98
Pamela: working fine Dad
rich-c: John spent 18 hours straight on the upgrade Monday and it was a mess
Ron-1?: Sounds like a plan Guy
rich-c: but since he got it done we are rally flying
rich-c: I have to figure out what to do about computers soon - my desktop is six years old now
Ron-1?: ancient
Pamela: still convinced that we're going to need another laptop here
Pamela: and debating the wisdom of getting another desktop
Ron-1?: I'm planning on setting up my Adam again, for those nights where I cant stand anything new
rich-c: well, tell Russell to buy his own as soon as he gets a job
Guy B.: I've printed some of the threads from the Ubuntu forums what I need to do. So, if I have time this weekend. I'm going to try this out. Took me 5 hours on DSL to download the entire thing
rich-c: your mother is muttering about taking over our laptop for herself and us getting another family one
Pamela: seems like the way to go
Pamela: if we can get all the options we want on the laptop we don't need the desktop and it gives us the freedom of portability
Ron-1?: Guy, in your reading, have you heard of Automatix?
rich-c: should have asked me, Guy, I'd have mailed you the CD - I have a few and can copy all I want
Dr. D.: back from Xeroxing
Dr. D.: bleh
Ron-1?: allo Dr. D
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changed username to Capt. Quebec
Daniel Bienvenu: GuyF?
Pamela: isn't that a character from Asterix and Obelix?
rich-c: well, laptops have a lot of downside, Pam, including much more inclination to break
rich-c: and they are hard and expensive to repair
Capt. Quebec: Hi Ho Blue! (as opposed to hi ho silver)
Pamela: Hi Guy
Pamela: how is the Montreal contingent this evening?
rich-c: hey, he's here! hi, Guy
Capt. Quebec: Greetings everyone, almost forgot about this chat session, woohoo, happy to see everyone is still around.
Dr. D.: Speaking of Montreal...
Ron-1?: Captain Quebec indeed! <evil grin>
rich-c: OK, we know about you BC Lions fans, Ron...
Dr. D.: Erin got mail this week from Homeland Security saying that her visa interviews will not be at the Toronto consulate, 10 minutes from her work, but rather in Montreal.
Ron-1?: foiled again!
Dr. D.: Whenever they get around to the interviews, that is.
Capt. Quebec: Will you be going to Montreal with her?
Dr. D.: 6 hours trip for her, 10 hours trip for me
Dr. D.: Yes of course
Capt. Quebec: Let me know, we can hook up for lunch!!!
Dr. D.: But it will now take 3 days for sure, 2 of which are travel.
Dr. D.: Actually that would be very nice indeed
Ron-1?: can they get away with that?
Capt. Quebec: I live downtown as well, and you will most likely be staying downtown.
rich-c: just be glad you're getting the interview
Dr. D.: Homeland Security can do what it likes and I will say yes sir yes sir
Guy B.: Hey Guy F
Capt. Quebec: Hi Guy B!
rich-c: likely HS doesn't know there's a difference - if they're taking it out of Toronto, why not to Ottawa?
Dr. D.: Not sure whether I would meet Erin in Montreal, or whether I would go to Toronto and then we go by train together.
Guy B.: How's Sandra doing?
Ron-1?: What, prey tell, is this world coming to?
BobS: it is run by IDIOTS
Pamela: Is there any way to appeal that, Rich?
Ron-1?: They're making it just about as hard on you two as they can
Dr. D.: Well...her application has also been sent to one of the 2 processing centers (that was confirmed in mail we both got this week).
Capt. Quebec: Sandra is doing great Guy, we actually went for a 3rd trimester ultrasound, and we saw the baby in 3D today, she's a cutie!!! Less than 90 days and we should see her live, in person!
Dr. D.: There are 2 choices, California or Vermont.
rich-c: the problem is, we can't get rid of the problem till January 20, 2009
Dr. D.: According to the Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman's report to Congress, dated 18 May 2007, the processing time at the California center is 6 months, and the processing time at the Vermont center is 14 months.
Dr. D.: The Ombudsman was not happy about this in his report.
Dr. D.: But them's the apples.
BobS: now I KNOW we are run by IDIOTS
Capt. Quebec: Do you guys know the date you will be in Montreal?
Judy: they don't want to make it to easy for good people just for the dirt bags
Dr. D.: No.
Dr. D.: This was just a notice of, when we get around to calling you, it will be to Montreal.
Ron-1?: adds new meaning to the phrase "throwing out the baby with the bathwater"
Dr. D.: At least by receiving this notice it suggests that they expect to see us within the next 9 months...
rich-c: you folks would get a great kick out of
Pamela: As Russell pointed out, it's probably because Montreal is the closest consulate to the Vermont processing centre
Dr. D.: ...because info with the mailing said that for longer waits than 9 months, they would hold all materials at the consulate until we were being notified.
Dr. D.: Possibly Pam.
Capt. Quebec: Idiots? Run by idiots??? No way, want to hear something funny? I have a friend who is an elementary teacher, and she told me that in her class, she has severely autistic children and super bright children who skipped grades, in the same class. The Quebec government is trying to use a Swedish model and integrate all kinds of children together... It didn't work in Sweden with one language, so it's supposed to work here with 2 languages.
rich-c: the guy is a security expert - and that's his blog
Dr. D.: Well, the next round of stuff that I am mailing in has a $70 fee. Between May and now, the fee for a second set of forms has changed from $170 to $455.
Ron-1?: Out to be good for several post implementation studies Guy. Somebody's gonna make some green out of it
Dr. D.: However, in the circumstances for which I have to file this second set of forms, they have also decided to waive the fee.
Dr. D.: So dodge a bullet there.
Capt. Quebec: It's not fair for the children I think... The super smart student will be bored out of their head and start causing trouble, and the less bright children will perhaps develop some sort of inferiority complex... Who knows.
Ron-1?: well bless their pointed little bureaucratic heads
Dr. D.: Even better, the first forms cost $190, now they cost $245.
rich-c: well, there's going to be a lot of Republicans out of work end of next yer, so gotta have the pork barrell ready in time, y' know
Capt. Quebec: You mean Bush is not getting re-elected?
Ron-1?: ha ha
Dr. D.: Erin has had a devil of a time getting an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) so I can complete filing my 2006 income taxes.
Judy: he can't be re-elected it is his second term
Capt. Quebec: Well, can't he like change that law? :)
Dr. D.: They have denied her twice, yet all the instructions available say we are giving them the correct info.
rich-c: well, not that the constitution means much to him, but it does say any president gets two terms and out
Pamela: At least this time she found someone at the IRS who seems to know what she's talking about
Dr. D.: But it still seems like what the woman told her is stuff that ought to be in a public FAQ or instruction set somewhere.
Dr. D.: What they told her does not exist in ANY printed instructions.
Pamela: you'd think so, wouldn't you
Dr. D.: In fact, our case of 2 totally separate incomes does not even show up in the sample cases in the USA-Canada tax treaty.
rich-c: no, bureaucrats are very un-fond of anything printed the "customers" can consult
Dr. D.: Everything assumes that at least one spouse has income in the opposite country.
Capt. Quebec: Wow, they sure make it hard in the US, when my non-Canadian mom married my Canadian father I think she got her citizenship the next day... Granted, that was in the 60s.
Dr. D.: What Rin and I are doing, in the UK, costs 450 sterling, has one set of forms, and takes one day.
Ron-1?: I would be as mad as hell were I in your shoes Dr D.
Dr. D.: All I can do is go through the system and hope that they don't find something stupid to hang it up on.
Pamela: you're sure you won't change your mind and move here, Rich? We'd love to have you
Judy: the trouble is that you are not in the UK
Dr. D.: "Give in to your hate, Luke...come with me to the Dark Side..."
rich-c: uless either of you has a parent or grandparent born in the UK - then it's all but automatica citizenship on the spot
Ron-1?: but then I don't suppose "mad as hell" would be too useful
Dr. D.: nahh
Capt. Quebec: Dr. D: How about you coming to Canada? :D
Ron-1?: right
Capt. Quebec: Meaning, pack your bags, and live here...
Dr. D.: That would be unfair to my kids, Guy.
Dr. D.: I still have 3 at home, granted one will hit college next year.
Ron-1?: yes.... there are all aspects to be considered
Dr. D.: But 6 years until Gretchen graduates from high school
Capt. Quebec: Oh, I thought you lived in an empty nest...
Dr. D.: Just can't do that.
Ron-1?: no, neither could I
rich-c: well, for a while they'd let you cross the border back to see them, in fact you could have dual citizenship
Capt. Quebec: Neither could I!! If my wife and I seperated and she wanted to live in Timbuktu, I'd have to follow... :)
Dr. D.: I do, technically, Joan has sole custody, but I live half a mile down the street, and I am over there all the time when Joan is at work, to get them to school in the mornings etc.
Daniel Bienvenu: I have to leave now... I'm sleepy.
Pamela: what does sole custody mean Rich?
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you next week
Dr. D.: Anyhow my job here is too good and secure, not sure I could find an equivalent up there.
Pamela: bonsoir, Daniel
Ron-1?: nite Daniel see ya next week
rich-c: OK Daniel - take care, then. A la prochaine!
Dr. D.: They live with Joan and she is the legal guardian.
BobS: nite Daniel
Pamela: ah, okay
Dr. D.: So I am not empowered to make any decisions on their behalf, unless expressly granted.
rich-c: which is not about to stop you from being a dutiful father - as it should not
Judy: night Daniel
Guy B.: Nite Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: à la prochaine.
Pamela: was it better to do it that way than joint custody?
Daniel Bienvenu: bye!
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Dr. D.: For instance, when they came to Windsor for the wedding, and when Gretchen came to Toronto this summer, I had a legal document drawn up granting me those rights until such time as Joan could be reached, in case of emergency.
Dr. D.: Yes, because I don't have an apartment big enough for 3 kids to live in.
Dr. D.: Nor could I afford one.
Capt. Quebec: Do they need their seperate room each of them? That would require a huge appartment.
Dr. D.: This way they stay at home, but as stated, I am just down the street, so they see me enough.
Pamela: so joint custody would mean "time sharing"?
Ron-1?: man oh man!
Dr. D.: At the house the younger 2 are in bunks and the older 2 have separate beds.
Dr. D.: Yes, swap back and forth, ugh.
Capt. Quebec: We have 3 rooms in our house on the top floor, and plan on having more than 2 kids!!!
Dr. D.: Despite being divorced, Joan and I get along too well in managing stuff for the girls to resort to rigamarole like that.
Pamela: Is Elanor planning to go to college out of state or live at home?
Dr. D.: We cannot afford to send her anywhere out of state.
Capt. Quebec: Dr. D: You're lucky, not a lot of people get along after a divorce.
Dr. D.: Her grades are not good enough to make her competitive at CWRU, so there goes free tuition.
Pamela: what's her GPA?
rich-c: I think you should be firm about their going to CWRU so you can benefit from faculty discount
Dr. D.: Joan and I are good people, just not for each other.
Capt. Quebec: Well then, you can make her go to school in Canada, it's not expensive here. :)
Dr. D.: Richard, she will crash and burn with her math/science grades and an engineering school that hates women after all these years.
rich-c: she has an engineering career in mind?
Dr. D.: We are looking to send her to University of Akron or similar, in-state, state school, low tuition, where she has a prayer of succeeding.
Dr. D.: Yes, civil engineering or architecture.
Pamela: so she wants to go to college?
rich-c: OK, grades are pretty good indicators in those areas, I see your problem
Dr. D.: she says so, yes
Dr. D.: but her test scores frankly are 50th percentile
Pamela: when will she write the SATs?
Dr. D.: and she has dogged it in school, so no real hope of academic-based financial aid
Dr. D.: She did already, in the spring, and the ACT too.
rich-c: it doesn't help any that they are desperate shortage fields and really they need every kid who might consider them
Dr. D.: Both just average.
Pamela: what's the ACT?
Dr. D.: She would be in the bottom quintile at CWRU with her scores.
Dr. D.: American College Test, another entrance exam, more common in the Midwest.
Pamela: wow, I love having American sources for these questions!
Dr. D.: Rin writes to say she is partway home.
Dr. D.: Trivial Pursuit?
Pamela: nah, I'm good at that!
Dr. D.: True Richard.
Dr. D.: Free tuition if you are in a place that makes you fail is no bargain.
Pamela: the differences between the US and Canadian post-secondary systems are fascinating
Judy: time to call it quits, night all!!!
Dr. D.: They are 10X different in cost.
rich-c: I really have no "advice" to offer - perhaps some other field of science she can cope with?
Pamela: gnite Judy!
Ron-1?: g'nite Judy.
Dr. D.: I have no sympathy for the people whining about $2000 per year for University :-S
Dr. D.: nite Judy
Dr. D.: Well, that is what we have to find out, Richard.
rich-c: oh Judy, before you go - I now have an appointment with a surgeon
Dr. D.: She has really done alot with vocal music the last 3 years, has taken lessons for over a year, and is now in some advanced groups.
Judy: for what?
Capt. Quebec: Dr. D: Yes, that's what I used to pay here for Engineering studies a few years ago... $2400 or so + books.
rich-c: re-appearance of one of my hernias
Guy B.: Well folks, going to call it the night. Will see you all next week
rich-c: nite Guy
Dr. D.: They are putting on Fiddler on the Roof in November, and she has a role in the "A" cast (they are doing 4 performances and have 2 casts, A and B).
Judy: bummer, Rich
Capt. Quebec: Nite Guy!!!
Pamela: night Guy, enjoy your day off!
Dr. D.: hernia, yuk!
Guy B.: That I will
Guy B.: Poof
rich-c: see the surgeon Nov. 28th, then see when we can get the job done
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: that's awesome,
Judy: keep us updated
Pamela: Rich
Ron-1?: progress Richard
Dr. D.: The performances are 1-2-3-4 November.
BobS: well Ricahrd, you willhave to take it semi easy for the next months..........
rich-c: yes, it is pretty painful even with support
Dr. D.: Elanor's are 1 and 3, but I can only attend 1, since I have other commitments for 2 and 3 that predate this musical.
Pamela: at least you'll get to one
rich-c: well, just so you are there for the 1, that should be fine, Rich
Dr. D.: Well folks, having been here since 8:25 AM, I think I should go home...
BobS: I'm going to bednow too kids.........
Capt. Quebec: Have a safe drive home...
Dr. D.: Glad that Troy stopped by.
Judy: night again, until next week
Dr. D.: Thanks...nite all
BobS: will se ya all next week
Dr. D.: <poof>
BobS left chat session
Dr. D. left chat session
Pamela: night Judy, Bob and Rich
Judy left chat session
rich-c: ok, Roberto, Dr. D., take care and sleep tight
Ron-1?: nite everyone
Capt. Quebec: Well, I'll be off too, baby just fell asleep and it gives me some alone time for an hour or so...
Pamela: Guy, is the 3d you got a video or still?
rich-c: OK Guy, say hello to Sandra for us
Capt. Quebec: Pamela: It was a still...
Ron-1?: yes, I shall be away too.... see y'all next week
Pamela: awesome
Ron-1?: be well
Pamela: goodnight Ron
Ron-1?: nite
rich-c: right Ron - you take care
Ron-1? left chat session
Pamela: wow everyone is poofing in a hurry
Capt. Quebec: She is 3 pounds and a few ounces right now... Should be a plump baby they say (most of the weight is gained towards the end). Sandra will be finishing to work in 10 days or so...
rich-c: well, daughter, looks like we're pretty much alone
Capt. Quebec: I will be going back to work in 10 days.... I took 5 weeks off.
Pamela: nice
Pamela: will you have time off when the baby is born?
rich-c: OK Guy- lots of luck finishing off the job, then
Capt. Quebec: Allows me to bond with the baby... Yes, I will be able to take 5 weeks off as well thanks to baby #2. The Quebec gov't has an awesome program for parents.
rich-c: it sure sounds like it!
Pamela: what is mat leave in Quebec?
Capt. Quebec: Hmmm... Close to 1 years.
Capt. Quebec: 48 weeks or something.
Pamela: similar to Ontario then
Capt. Quebec: But at 70-75% of your salary.
Pamela: yes, that's s.o.p.
Pamela: give Sandra a hug for me please
Capt. Quebec: I will take 5-7 weeks off next summer to work on the house, renovate the basement... Anyways, I be off, glad to hear everyone is doing well, hope to see you guys at the next Adamcon!!! Did you decide on a location?
Pamela: you'll see me, I'm the organizer : )
rich-c: Pamela is working on it
Pamela: Niagara Falls is the proposed location. More info to follow soon
Capt. Quebec: Good, last I heard Niagara Falls was too $$$.
Capt. Quebec: Allright, no rush!! Take care all.
Pamela: gnite!
Capt. Quebec left chat session
rich-c: maybe we should make it in June or early Sept - the $$$ are far more rasonable then
Pamela: Actually I suspect it will be Fort Erie, or St. Catharines
Pamela: much research still to be done on my part
rich-c: OK - any idea when you'll be dropping by, Pam?
Pamela: not till after the weekend - it's our last trailer weekend
Pamela: why, do you need your jump drives?
rich-c: right -I'm eager for the jump drives, but it isn't urgent
Pamela: soon Daddy
rich-c: in fact, if I have any programs you want, bring your own drives along
rich-c: you know they will hold a complete CD each?
Pamela: I found our wedding CD last night after much searching, and saved all our photos onto it
Pamela: so now I can post them more easily, among other things
Pamela: I love these things
rich-c: good - now duplicate the CD and put it in your safety deposit box
Pamela: It's amazing to me that something so small carries so much information
Pamela: I also saved them on the computer : )
rich-c: it is just bloody incredible, isn't it? and apparently they're hugely durable, too
Pamela: these ones have a five year warranty
Pamela: amazing
rich-c: I'd say once they're on two CDs in different places, take them off the computer (except for conveneience)
rich-c: one of my carnuts buddies put a 4 gig SD card through the washing machine and it survived - and held its data
Pamela: wow
Pamela: that's why I keep mine in my purse - no chance of washing it : )
rich-c: just don't carry them in the same pocket as a magnet
Pamela: I'll keep that in mind
rich-c: anyway, getting on towards that time...
Pamela: and FYI we don't have a safe deposit box
rich-c: your should, but that's another issue for another time
Pamela: well I suspect that will change in the not-too-distant future
rich-c: just do make sure you know where your mother and I have ours
Pamela: it's at the CIBC at LP, isn't it?
rich-c: yes, but there are details you need to know
Pamela: we'll talk : )
Pamela: but not tonite
rich-c: OK - jut not here and now
Pamela: don't forget we're at the trailer this weekend
rich-c: so hear from you next week?
Pamela: probably up Saturday morning and down Sunday evening
rich-c: OK
Pamela: so if you need me call my cell phone
rich-c: right
Pamela: which I always have with me
Pamela: and I'll talk to you early next week I hope
rich-c: good
rich-c: nite for now then
Pamela: I'm outta here, Dad. Gnight, sleep tight
rich-c: same back atcha - night now
Pamela: kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
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