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rich-c: salut, Daniel - ca va bien?
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changed username to RonUbuntu
RonUbuntu: hello??
rich-c: you are much early - meeting later, Ron?
RonUbuntu: yes, have about 45 min here
RonUbuntu: Hi Rich, Hi Daniel
rich-c: and now playing with yet another flavour of Linux
RonUbuntu: Yes, only this time I have a book
RonUbuntu: My intent is to read it
rich-c: I think Daniel is off playing elsewhere, will return later
RonUbuntu: ah
rich-c: read teh directions? surely you jest!
rich-c: isn't that against your religion?
RonUbuntu: I know.... sounds strange doesn't it
RonUbuntu: usually
rich-c: do you have a disc or did you just download the Ubntu?
RonUbuntu: Actually Rich, the one I'm using came with the book. I have other downloaded versions
RonUbuntu: But this one at least follows the author's description of what's going on
rich-c: that's a definite advantage ; - )
RonUbuntu: yes, usually
rich-c: I gather there is a new distribution of Ubuntu out quite recently, too
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
RonUbuntu: Surprising how many of these books don't match what's on their CD
Daniel Bienvenu: ok, it works now...
rich-c: allo Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu changed username to ME
RonUbuntu: Hey Daniel
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changed username to Judy
RonUbuntu: Hi Judy!
Daniel Bienvenu: hi judy
Daniel Bienvenu: hi ron
rich-c: good evening, Judy - how goes it?
Daniel Bienvenu: hi richard
RonUbuntu: howz life treatin' ya/
RonUbuntu: ?
Judy: Hi, Rich, Ron, And Daniel
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changed username to BobS
BobS: hi gang
rich-c: evening, Roberto
Daniel Bienvenu: life can be always better... i think
RonUbuntu: Hey Bob!
BobS: hiya Ron
Judy: it is good, passed my exam Monday, feeling great
BobS: I saw your ADAM hd problem but have been to involved to go down and check
RonUbuntu: Well Congratulations. You're a winner!
BobS: explain it to me again please
BobS: your have the IDE install disk for the MI hd..........
BobS: but..................
rich-c: we were sure you would, Judy, but it's still nice to know nothing went wrong
Judy: only one more and that is Word
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BobS: AIN'T SHE COOL ????????????
Judy: maybe you were but I was NOT
changed username to Pamela
RonUbuntu: Well what I was after Bob was the utilities that Guy Cousineau had to allow changing logical drives on the EOS side of the house. There were a couple of SmartBASIC
BobS: HI Pam
Judy: hi, Pamela
rich-c: hello daughter
Pamela: Hi all
RonUbuntu: Utilities that allowed you to issue a command like "catalog,v2,d5" and switch to that logical drive
BobS: hmmmmm........were they on the original MI disk for formatting the drive?????
RonUbuntu: I have one of them now, but it runs in my mind there was another one. Can't even remember what it did
Judy: The letters behind my name are getting longer
BobS: or a separate one form Guy ?
RonUbuntu: nope..... only the "HARDDISK" program
Judy: now it would be nice if the job would come along
Pamela: pass all your exams, Judy?
RonUbuntu: Wonder what version of Word they're going to teach you Judy
Judy: yes, my billing and coding
BobS: what disk was it on?????
rich-c: looked a my hard disc Monday and discovered it isn't even hooked up - have to do something about that
Pamela: well done
rich-c: don't know what, but something
Daniel Bienvenu: hi pam
Judy: didn't think I had a chance of passing this one and got an 80%
RonUbuntu: Well that's just it Bob, I first got those utilities directly from Guy Cousineau at one of our meetings. He gave me a disk then that I no longer seem to have
Pamela: Erin says Rich won't be on tonite - won't be home til about 10:30
RonUbuntu: Hi Pam
Pamela: that's great news Judy
rich-c: got sometyhing going with the kids?
Pamela: no, work thing I think
RonUbuntu: ah there's that word again
BobS: well Ron, you got me what you are lookign for.........I recognize the nomenclature, but not the program it micght use
Pamela: sorry, I'll stop swearing : )
RonUbuntu: Well, the thing is working ok Bob, and I did find a HELLO file that allows me to switch drives, so I guess the program I can't remember willl have to stay deep in the archives of my mind
RonUbuntu: <grin>
BobS: until it surfaces it's ugly little head, eh?
RonUbuntu: yeah.... it'll come back to me sooner or later
RonUbuntu: Still a little leary about the failure I had Sunday afternoon
Judy: Bob just says that because he is doing it sooo much
RonUbuntu: Think it was a bad MI power supply, but I'm not sure
rich-c: by the way, Ron, Frances can't open the zipped attachment you sent her
Pamela: it's feast or famine, isn't it Bob
RonUbuntu: The thing died and disintergrated
RonUbuntu: But I was able to rebuild it
RonUbuntu: does she have WINZIP?
rich-c: yes, or rather an equivalent, but OE won't let go of it - insists it's an eml file
RonUbuntu: Ok, I'll resend the contents
RonUbuntu: Used Windows Vista to Zip it, and Lord knows what they're using these days
rich-c: right - I can't seem to extract contents of eml files any way
rich-c: I think the problem is within Outlook Express, though some other mail programs can be awkward too
Judy: yes, he is making money that is for sure, which is a good thing putting us back up again
RonUbuntu: yeah. Well we'll fix that
Judy: we talked to jean stone this week
rich-c: yes, we got an email from her a day or two ago
RonUbuntu: Hows Jean doing?
rich-c: pretty rough with a variety of ailments, but fighting through
Judy: that was one of the reasons that we talked to her, she lost your email address
rich-c: they make 'em tough in Texas
RonUbuntu: Well if you're talking to her wish her well for me
BobS: she is just like the Energizer bunny
RonUbuntu: right
rich-c: with luck she may be on here tonight or soon at any rate
Judy: she is, tough, that is, says she may come to the next convention
RonUbuntu: Her husband's gone, right?
RonUbuntu: (forgot name)
Judy: yes, Jack died in April
rich-c: speaking of which - is it absolutely essential it be in July or August, not June or September?
RonUbuntu: ah ok
Pamela: well I'd better make it a good one then : )
Judy: why?
rich-c: because Niagara accomodations are far less expensive in the shooulder seasons
Pamela: if we want those with kids to attend, it pretty much has to be in the summer Dad
RonUbuntu: well for me (just my take) Rich, not normally.... either would be ok....but next year I'm planning on going with the kids for a trip to Italy
Judy: June could work for that
Pamela: that's not till September though, right Ron?
rich-c: even last two weeks in June or first in September can make a huge difference
RonUbuntu: And they're talking May/June or September. So I wouldn't be around one of those two
RonUbuntu: No, it might not be September. It might be May/June
RonUbuntu: Work things happening with Francesca
Pamela: I'm not going to make a timing decision for a little while yet so we have some wiggle room.
RonUbuntu: So right at the moment, I really don't know, and probably won't know until January
rich-c: remember Adamcon only uses up one potential school day- - most kids can afford that
Pamela: yes but you have to factor travel time into this too
RonUbuntu: And if I'm going to Niagara I want a few extra days
rich-c: but who would have a long way to travel with kids? the Wicks are 3 hours away, is all
Pamela: Rich,
RonUbuntu: But I don't want you guys planning this thing around me. If I can't go, I can't go
Pamela: Guy Foster
Pamela: we want you there Ron
RonUbuntu: awww
RonUbuntu: and of course, I want to be there
rich-c: Niagara is closer to Cleveland than Toronto is, but at least 90 minutes
RonUbuntu: Imagine Dr. D would want some input into choice of dates
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changed username to Ginger
Daniel Bienvenu: ginger... hello!
RonUbuntu: Hey Erin!
rich-c: I'm sure everyone will want input - hell, I don't even know when my surgery will be
Ginger: Allo allo
Judy: hi, Erin
BobS: Hi MRS D
Pamela: Hi Rin
Ginger: howdy all
rich-c: hi Rin - having a good gloat?
RonUbuntu: what's new and exciting?
Pamela: long time no see : )
RonUbuntu: did the politics work out as needed Rin?
Ginger: I'm just happy to have a job
RonUbuntu: yep. That's a plus all right
Ginger: so far so good, won't know where I'm going until the 30th
Ginger: and maybe a few days after that
RonUbuntu: ah
rich-c: yes, McGuinty never did figure out who he was runing against - fortunately neither did Tory
BobS: going??????
BobS: as in moving??????
Ginger: at least we know the when part of it all
Pamela: what ministry
Ginger: just where I'll be working Bob
rich-c: not sticking with your current guy, then?
Ginger: I would like to...but I doubt they'll keep us where we are now
Pamela: (PRIVATE) I've got deja vu : ) Didn't we just have this conversation???
Ginger: (PRIVATE) I know:-)
RonUbuntu: it's called shakeup
Judy: that is a bummer, Erin
rich-c: they flip the aides around sort of arbitrarily then, do they?
RonUbuntu: "The pleasure of her majesty"
Ginger: oh no, not really
RonUbuntu: should be Her Majesty
rich-c: definitely, Ron
Ginger: I just mean that I don't know what I'll be doing exactly, my preference is to stay with my boss but I also don't want to limit my potential too least I'm not sure I do
rich-c: never mind Rin, you will get seconded out to help in a federal election, no doubt
Ginger: oh I know I will be asked for the federal election - I just hope it doesn't happen anytime soon
BobS: knowing WHAt you are doing is nothing new Erin, most of us don't know what we are doing ....................... OR WHY
Ginger: hehe
RonUbuntu: well, today's events in Ottawa would seem to be on your side then
rich-c: not sure we will have much choice in the matter - Harper wants one badly
Ginger: still, I will stamp my feet and complain the entire time
rich-c: busy today, haven't checked the news websites - what happened, Ron, did Dion chicken out?
Ginger: I would at least like to find out (or figure out) what I'm doing before then
Ginger: he did
Ginger: (thank goodness)
RonUbuntu: Dion said the liberals would not vote against the Throne Speech
RonUbuntu: He's reserved the right to criticize specific legislation, but he won't bring down the gov't over it
rich-c: damn - we knew he was teh wrong guy, why did he get chosen?
Ginger: however that's not to say they won't vote against Harper's multitude of confidence bills
RonUbuntu: oh yes.
rich-c: if he's chicken, he's chicken, and won't no matter how convoluted the excuses have to be
RonUbuntu: He's got his own problems right now, and I suspect he wants to buy time. Harper wants to bring it on (the election that is)
Ginger: I fear that if an election were called today we would end up with a Conservative majority...a blank cheque to Harper that's the scariest of all
rich-c: Bob Rae must be tearing his hair out by the roots
Daniel Bienvenu: I think the liberal party decided already to not go in election based on their surveys.
RonUbuntu: wouldn't be at all surprised if there were some Liberal knives out
Daniel Bienvenu: the speech didn't change their mind.
RonUbuntu: probably right Daniel
rich-c: an election result would depend on the Liberal skill in campaigning - which is not great
rich-c: you know, they wouldn't take Rae because of his baggage from Ontario
Ginger: I think if they brought down the gov't people may vote against them out of spite
rich-c: why are they scared of a guy who has much more and more recent baggage from Ontario - the Conservative party
Ginger: not that I'm one of the big juicy brains mind you
rich-c: I think that fear is grossly overrated, Rin
rich-c: but McGuinty never figured out in his first successful election he was really running against Mike Harris, not Ernie Eves
RonUbuntu: Judy, with the new qualifications you're now acquiring... how do the job prospects look?
rich-c: give the voters some credit for rmembering eight years of being abused
Judy: don't know, so far, not much out there
RonUbuntu: well, you can but do what you're doing, and pray a lot
rich-c: yes, Judy, I would gather that once you're qualified, a good offer should be automatic
Judy: have an appointment with the job placement person at school Tuesday, hopefully she will have something for me
RonUbuntu: In this province it would be right now. But your State's situation is a little different
rich-c: the story around is that there is a severe shortage of medical secretaries - even oin Michigan
Ginger: Oh I'm sure we give lots of credit to's just seeing the difference between federal and provincial politics and the states that the respective parties are in
RonUbuntu: Let's hope Judy
Judy: was told that medical was the place to go, but in the paper the adds are few and far between
BobS: true Richard, BUT every employer wants the world and hires the wrong person becasue they think that person has it.......but they flop
rich-c: that may be a field where general public advertising is not cost effective - there may be some specialty channel
Judy: they all want a College degree
RonUbuntu: Anyway good people, I hate to cut and run, but I have a meeting to go to.
RonUbuntu: So we'll see ya's all next week
rich-c: oh, well that is the current fad I know - very much that way here, too
Judy: they say they have contacts at school, but you have to have completed all to get in
rich-c: right Ron, take care, see you next week
RonUbuntu: niters
Pamela: nite Ron
RonUbuntu: pooooffff!!!
RonUbuntu left chat session
Judy: have a good meeting, Ron, glad you could be here this long
Daniel Bienvenu: bye ron
rich-c: that makes sense, Judy - if you need a person with a specific skill, go where the skills are taught
Judy: hopefully you are right
Daniel Bienvenu: I also have a meeting... this saturday, about Arcadia festival (in November) and the Coleco hombrew games.
rich-c: I know of a number of fields where there is at the very least a useful gossip centre at the teaching facility
Judy: brb have to make bob's lunch
rich-c: right Daniel, that is a big event in the emulator world, isn't it?
rich-c: forgot to ask Ron - any in our group still doing anything in CP/M?
rich-c: Bob, how has your job scheduling settled out now?
Daniel Bienvenu: Arcadia festival is about video game world, like a mini E3. But the retro gaming section is about cool things from the past including Coleco games.
rich-c: ah, ok, a significant part of a really big whole, then, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Tonight, I'm trying to complete a coleco game I started in 2001. I want to discuss about this game saturday.
rich-c: you have certainly been working on that for a while - what is taking so long?
BobS: job is still up inthe air and I am working both jobs
rich-c: oh, great - turning a nice buck but no idea how long it will last, then
BobS: had a heart to heart with my Habitat boss Sat pm though and told him exactly where I stood on th ejob
Daniel Bienvenu: I just stoped the project in 2002, then tried to continue it at least 3 times... but this year, I release it, whatever the game is ready or not. I mean it's playable but the "reward" is just a "game over screen" for now.
BobS: he assured me that I wil know for sure shortly about the future and Habitat
rich-c: and you have to think of something better then, Daniel?
rich-c: the trouble with volunteer organizations is that assurances are in very short supply
Daniel Bienvenu: I have an idea of what to do, but I'm missing space to program so I need to optimize (squeeze data and code).
rich-c: how big is the program now, Daniel? Over the 32K "limit"?
BobS: that is the problem Richard
Daniel Bienvenu: I did a new title screen, that added even more data in the game, but it was necessary.
BobS: I want some assurance that this is long term
Daniel Bienvenu: actually, the game is 31K
rich-c: fair and reasonable, Bob, but they may be hard pressed to give it
Daniel Bienvenu: I can probably save 1K and then fill up the 2K with the tiny reward.
rich-c: and that, Daniel, is what you will be working on?
Daniel Bienvenu: it's what I'm trying to do since this morning in fact.
BobS: sounds like they have the schedule to accomodate my request though
BobS: as long as things go according to plan
rich-c: I am sure you will manage to come up with something suitable, Daniel
rich-c: as in, as long as they get to donations, and the recipients don't fink out, Bob?
Daniel Bienvenu: I have tommorow for that, I keep friday for the last testing and debug phase and making a few cartridges.
rich-c: that should keep you out of mischief, Daniel
rich-c: me, I'll be watching four football games and two motor races this weekend
BobS: actually, richard, my salary and the entire construction section salaries come from the sale of the houses, regular donations pay for the organization operating costs
Daniel Bienvenu: I have to return coding before being too sleepy.
rich-c: so the cash flow to pay you is pretty erratic and a bit unpreddictable, Bob
Pamela: wow, holy fog, Batman
rich-c: looked out the window, did you, Pam?
Pamela: what out? Out is gone!
BobS: nol the cash flow for me would be assured, as long as the organization can operate the office
rich-c: our fog is marginally less thick as we are further from the river
BobS: kinda like looking at a cloud???????
Pamela: I can't imagine you have any concerns about your job performance Bob
BobS: no, job performance is acceptable
rich-c: exactly, Bob, in fact fog really is simply a particularly low cloud, meteorologically
Pamela: like living in a cloud
BobS: that is not the problem, would just be IF they can stay busy thru the winter
Pamela: so foggy I can't even see the lights in the buildings on Weston Road, a block away
rich-c: or even if there were enough on day in the on-off sequence to live on satisfactorily
BobS: I told hiim I could live very easily on slow weeks with less hours for periiods of time
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BobS requested to ban Judy
Pamela confirmed ban
changed username to JudyS
Ginger confirmed ban
BobS: she's BACK
JudyS confirmed ban
BobS: got a problem with iiiiiiiii's I see
JudyS: lazy computer goes to sleep while I make a lunch
rich-c confirmed ban
BobS: waky waky
rich-c: btw I installed the Java upgrade and this time the chat works with it
JudyS: we are supposed to get storms tonight and tomorrow
Pamela: you can tell there's no air movement - it's warm in here despite having all the windows open
JudyS: that is good
Pamela: too warm, I should say
rich-c: we are supposed to have some unusually reelatively warm weather next few days
JudyS: Bob hasn't installed the upgrade yet, worried that it won't work
rich-c: yes, we can end up with the furnace on in the morning and air conditioning going in the afternoon
rich-c: well Ron installed it and it worked, and so did someone else, so I tried it and it worked for me
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JudyS: I broke down the pond today, was a beautiful day around here
Pamela:Wed Oct 17 22:11:34 GMT-04:00 2007: rich-c : rich-c: I don't know whether Java tweaked their code or Dale did something on the website
changed username to Guy B.
JudyS: that was our weather last week
Pamela: Hi Guy
rich-c: hello Guy, you're late tonight
Daniel Bienvenu: hi guy
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
JudyS: hi, Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry to be quiet but I'm in a programming rush now.
Guy B.: Done with overtime
rich-c: good Guy, bloody well about time
Pamela: since July??
rich-c: though I suppose you'll miss the bonus in your paycheque
Guy B.: We had to get all the reports done for another dept to run a membership report. So, finally we are up to date, Yea!
JudyS: that is good Guy
rich-c: anyway Bob if you do the upgrade and it gives you a hassle, just use control panel add/remove to remove it
BobS: will do, I am downloading and installing right now
JudyS: will let him try first and if it works then he can do it to my computer
rich-c: you will see that in add/remove they treat it as a separate program
BobS: good Richard
rich-c: that is sensible, Judy - we use similar tests on our two computers
rich-c: actually, my desktop is six years old so I should need a new one, but I can't figure out what difference it owuld make
Pamela: it would be faster Dad
JudyS: I will need mine next week for working on Word so don't want any new things then
Pamela: easier to multitask
JudyS: will be taking a all day Word class to refresh my knowledge
rich-c: no, adding new stuff is always a hassle - I can't right now because Windows Installer won't install (don't ask)
BobS: wil be right back aftetr the installation of new Java
BobS: :-)
BobS left chat session
Pamela: in theory : )
JudyS: he knows that tomorrow Doug will be over so can fix it
rich-c: I don't multitask anyway - I have a one-track mind
JudyS: we are going to Chucky Cheeze tomorrow night for Michael's birthday
rich-c: oh, it won't take Doug to fix it if it goes wrong, Bob can do it himself
JudyS: he is turning 7 on Friday
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changed username to Roberto
rich-c: hey, it worked!
Roberto: ok seemed to have worked
Daniel Bienvenu: welcome back Bob
Roberto: si senor
JudyS: good for you, dear
rich-c: great, now I can go get a good Quebec beer to celebrate - brb
Roberto: :-)
Roberto: ANy excuse
Roberto: jsut to have a brew
Pamela: no excuse necessary - it's Wednesday
Pamela: that's enough for Dad
Roberto: oh ok
JudyS: I think you would have gotten it regardless of how Bob's upgrade worked
Pamela: you're right, Judy :
JudyS: why, does he only have a beer on Wed
Pamela: )
Pamela: he allows himself one a week and it's a social thing
Pamela: since he's being social, he has his beer : )
JudyS: ok, now I understand
rich-c: clear as mud, right?
JudyS: how is your mother doing?
Pamela: actually i don't know - haven't talked to M & D all week
Ginger: going now folks....hubby's is on the phone...toodles!
JudyS: you got that right, and how is Francis
Ginger left chat session
Pamela: I keep getting hijacked by my aunt
JudyS: night Erin
rich-c: OK Rin, take care and say hi to Rich
rich-c: Frances is having cruel problems with severe back pain - she will be seeing a specialist a week tomorrow
Pamela: she poofed too fast
JudyS: that is not good, when did that start?
rich-c: a couple of weeks ago - she wakes up in pain and it gradually diminishes, I wake up OK and gradually get pain
Pamela: so you meet in the middle?
rich-c: it varies somewhat from day to day and heat sometimes helps, but not always
rich-c: sort of - I can stretch in ways she can't, she can bend in ways I can't
Roberto: the true couple who helps out the other
JudyS: so you need to combine and you are both good
rich-c: we are both bloody-minded and won't give in to the problems, which doesn't help
rich-c: but at our ages you fight for your independence - ask Jean Stone
JudyS: it is not easy to give in to the problems
Pamela: it's human nature not to
JudyS: yes, we see the same thing with my parents, but they are asking for more and more help these days
rich-c: oh, it is very easy to give in - but it is not wise (in our view)
rich-c: believe, Judy, they will ask for no more help than the minimum they need to get by
JudyS: no, you have to keep on trucking, keeps you going
Pamela: brb
JudyS: not always, keeps us coming over to visit, they love that
rich-c: exactly - though you have to know when to accept a pit stop, too
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changed username to LateGuy
rich-c: I found that out in hospital last winter
Guy B.: Hi Guy F
Roberto: ok banana's Foster, what took ya so long???????
Pamela: bonjour Guy
Roberto: you came for dessert????????
LateGuy: Hi everyone... nice to see some people still stuck around for chat.
rich-c: so ow are things in Montreal, Mr. Foster? Resigned to second place for Les Alouettes yet?
JudyS: they are seeing there limits more and more and have two people in their condo unit dying of cancer, getting a little too close
Pamela: we're always here till 11 Guy
Pamela: Argoooooooos!
Roberto: ACTUALLY, what IS banana's foster anyway........banana's and what??????
LateGuy: Good, that's what I figured, was heaading to go to sleep, but just remember we were Wednest, so had to drop by... plus, there's some insane fireworks right next to my window. (I live in the old port of montreal)
LateGuy: Football sucks..
Roberto: COOL, watch the fireworks
LateGuy: I'm HEAARING the fireworks, but can't watch them, too many buildings blocking the view.
Roberto: bummer dude
rich-c: I'm talking real football, not the American kind
JudyS: hi, Guy F
LateGuy: Speaking of Americans... I bought $2000US and it cost me... $1980 CDN. Awesome!!!
rich-c: anyway, what's the occasion for the fireworks?
Roberto: oops
LateGuy: No clue... it's the middle of the week, in October, why would there be fireworks is wht I asked my wife.
LateGuy: Hello Judy.
Pamela: what does Tamara think of them?
LateGuy: Not much actually. :)
LateGuy: Hey, Rich, perhaps you would know that, since you're a car nut...
Pamela: meaning she doesn't like them or isn't paying attention to them?
LateGuy: What are the procedures to import a car formthe US into Canada?
JudyS: say hi to your wife
LateGuy: Judy: Thanks, she's not doing well these days, on strict bed rest...
rich-c: basically, forget about it, Guy, unless it's an antique or collector deal
LateGuy: Rich: Really? Prices are so good though!
JudyS: that is not good, for how long?
Daniel Bienvenu: salut GuyF
rich-c: not by the time you pay the federal and provincial sales taxes at teh border, plus registration
Daniel Bienvenu: désolé, je programme en ce moment.
LateGuy: Judy: Till she gives birth. Severe chances of having a premature baby. She got a special shot today to develop teh lungs of the baby in case she delivers soon.
Daniel Bienvenu: un rush à cause de la réunion de ce samedi.
JudyS: when is she due?
LateGuy: in 2 months.
rich-c: then there are things like rectifying specifications, for instance changing bumpers and installing daytime running lights
LateGuy: Rich: Really... perhaps I should look into importing from Ontario to Quebec. Good deals in Ontario too.
JudyS: oh, that is scarry, isn't it?
LateGuy: Judy: Yes, very much so... we're taking it 1 day at a time, but it's nerve racking.
Pamela: what happened, Guy?
rich-c: my guess, Guy, is that deals will get better over the next little while
JudyS: tell her we will be thinking of her and hope that things turn for the better
LateGuy: Pamela: Baby dropped, contractions started and some other signs that she will be going in labor very soon.
rich-c: but watch out - you can't register your new car till you pay Quebec sales tax on it
Pamela: she's what, 31 weeks?
LateGuy: Rich: Wondering what other things I have to do to register an Ontario car in Quebec. Found a good deal on a minivan this week.
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changed username to Dale
LateGuy: Pam: Yes, exactly.. 31.5 (every .5 counts now)
Dale: Hi all.
rich-c: hello Dale
Pamela: Hey Dale
LateGuy: hi Dale.
JudyS: hi, Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: (I'm programming... sorry to be so quiet)
Roberto: Hi Dale
rich-c: far as I know, Guy, folks in Hull don't buy their cars in Ottawa - and bet there's a reason
Dale: I'm working on a maid of the mist boar driving game for the minigames compo, since Daniel says I have to come up with more than one entry.
Pamela: will you debut it at the convention then Dale?
LateGuy: Rich: I wish buying cars from the US was easier for us... man, theÊdeals I see are unbelievable to us, over-taxed/over-priced Canadians.
Dale: bot driving game. Sure, you'll get to see it there live and in person. But it is due for the competition Oct 30th I think.
rich-c: Dale, re Adamcon, we've discovered June and September are MUCH less expensive that the summer months
Dale: June is better for me for what it's worth.
LateGuy: Dale: How do you find the time to program??? I have a full-time job, a wife and a child to take care of, and don't even have time to do anything!
rich-c: the latter half, Guy, is the real deal = but with the dollars at par folks are noticing the difference
Dale: Well, the full time job has to take a back seat to ColecoVision programming occasionally.
Dale: I've restarted this maid of the mist game 3 times now. The first two times wouldn't fit in 4k, done in C.
rich-c: there is a tremendous ruckus in the Toronto papers over the price difference between Canada and the US
LateGuy: Dale: C is for lazy people.
Dale: So now I'm back to good old assembly language.
rich-c: and I think you are going to see a big adjustment in Canadian car prices very soon
Dale: Much better for a 4k games compo. I just don't know how Daniel could possibly do it.
LateGuy: Rich: Not only cars, but everything else...
Pamela: I hope books is one of those things
LateGuy: Dale: Daniel likes to inflict pain upon himself by coding a 4K game in C.\
JudyS: Michigan is car capital, and Michigan is doing badly that may be why prices are better here
LateGuy: Pamela: Yes, books, exactly what I was thinking.
Pamela: it's highway robbery what they charge for them here
rich-c: tell me about it - Bob led me to a new trailer fridge in the US for under $700
Dale: Except I'm busy June 25-28, 2008. for a robotics conference, I guess. So I leave it to you in the end.
rich-c: that compared to a quote of over $1200 - plus taxes, plus installation - from the cheapest Ontario dealer
Pamela: whatever the date, it will be at the beginning of the month, after first-of-the-month renewals are over for me
rich-c: well, not me, Dale, it's Pam's project (though obviously we'll help)
JudyS: that is a start, Pam
Pamela: I am planning a scouting mission soon
Dale: Ptobably really June 24-29, since I'll be in Zurich, Switzerland.
JudyS: sounds like a good plan
rich-c: oh, so Rich is unlikely to have a travel grant to attend, then
Pamela: aw, you poor thing, you
JudyS: sounds like a good place to visit
rich-c: as long as you're on an expense account, yes
rich-c: the option is winning a lottery but it needs to be a big one
LateGuy: The only place I ever travelled to was Ottawa on an expense account for work. Not really considered an exotic location.
JudyS: hard to win when you don't play
Dale: September is probably a no-go for Rich Drushel, but you'll have to check with him on that. I think any time after the end of May is probably good for him though.
rich-c: June can be beautiful in Niagara, though a bit late for the blossoms, I fear
Dale: Well if we have a late spring, then June will be perfect I expect.
JudyS: anytime is a beautiful time there
LateGuy: I will be taking my vacation, July-August (full month of July, and full month of August).
Dale: The flower clock should be in full bloom then at least.
rich-c: true Judy, but some times are more beautiful than others
JudyS: very true
Pamela: it's a bit early to speculate on date yet
rich-c: still, there seems to be some enthusiasm for early to middle June
LateGuy: Can we speculate on a location though? Last I heard,Niagara wasn't a good idea?
Pamela: let's say Niagara region
Pamela: possibly Fort Erie or St. Catherines, both within 20 minutes of the falls
LateGuy: sounds good to me!
Dale: June 12-15th? Sounds good. ;-)
rich-c: actually in June we can can affordable rooms and even some food tossed in for prices we can live with
rich-c: and I'm talking rooms overlooking the Falls and maybe Skylon dinner
Dale: I don't think we'll have man US attendees if the Canadian dollar keeps targeting US$2, that some economists are talking about.
rich-c: check out the Fallsview Hotel weekend deals for June and you'll see
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to call the night. Will see you all next week
Daniel Bienvenu: it's easy to code a 4k game in C, you just have to optimize the algo and avoid calling too many different routines from libraries, and re-use the same routines for many purpose.
Pamela: g'nite Guy
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit guyb
rich-c: OK Guy, take Annie for her walk then
Dale: So you say Daniel.
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too
JudyS: night Guy
Guy B.: That's next.
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Roberto: we are headed to bed also gang
Dale: I made a game that did almost nothing just a bit of animation and basic controls, and it was already 5k.
Pamela: which reminds me I need to get in touch with Best Western
rich-c: I don't think the US dollar will sink that far, Dale
JudyS: we will be turning in also, so night all
Roberto: up and at 'em early tomorrow
Daniel Bienvenu: my library named getput call put_vram from coelco library. if I can avoid using my function and use only put_vram instead, I can save a bunch of bytes.
Pamela: g'nite Bob
Pamela: nite Judy
Roberto: nite all
LateGuy: Dan: I finally got Windows XP running on my Mac Mini... so I will get back to CV programming, when I have time, now is very hectic and crazy for me.
Roberto: see ya next week
JudyS left chat session
rich-c: OK Slopsemas, y'all take care, see yoku next week
Roberto: yup
Roberto left chat session
Dale: I'm sure that next US president will be a Democrat, and the US dollar will recover.
LateGuy: Hey, Dan st arts talking about p rogramming, and people drop off like flies!!! What gives? :)
Daniel Bienvenu: I try to make a reward for my game Jeepers Creepers before this saturday.
LateGuy: Dale: Bush will reign a 3rd time.
Dale: They go to bed at 11pm.
Pamela: not unless he changes the constitution, Guy
LateGuy: Pam: He can do that.
Pamela: (thank God!)
Daniel Bienvenu: it's a over due game for me. the game works, but adding a reward is needed.
Dale: People were asking for your programming by name Guy.
Dale: So try to work it in.
rich-c: No, Guy, US presidents are limit4ed to two terms by the Constitution
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, someoe asked me what Guy F is planning to do next.
LateGuy: Rich: I know, just being silly. :)
rich-c: and he has run out of judges to buy - and his buddies have run out of money for him
LateGuy: Dan: Hmmm, maybe another 4K gaME.
Dale: You have an idea for one yet Guy?
Dale: I just downloaded the latest PSPColEm, and loaded up all of my complete or incomplete games.
LateGuy: Yes, something similar to gauntlet.
rich-c: anyway, Dale, what we need to watch is how our dollar performs against the Euro
Daniel Bienvenu: the minigame compo ends just before halloween.
Dale: I came up with 11 colecovision cartridges. Many still in the concept stage.
Daniel Bienvenu: I still have my 4k game pentago to fix.
rich-c: you guys are really going great guns on the gaming
Dale: You think that Europeans will come to AdamCon?
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I personnaly try to be more active specially for the 25th anniversary of the colecovision game system. releasing games is my way to celebrate.
Dale: We've only had one so far.
Dale: And he only came one year. From England.
LateGuy: Dan: You are the ultimate ColecoVision fan!
LateGuy: Dan: Ever think of getting a binary dump of the ROM tattooed on your back?
rich-c: no, I don't expect any European attendance, I was just thinking in terms of exchange rates
Daniel Bienvenu: I received, in the past years, some emails from someone in England, and wanted to buy my games for his video game collection.
Dale: Well for AdamCon, Amercians is what I want to attract to the next one, if possible.
LateGuy: Rich: One thing I'm still not understanding, is... Why aren't Canadians building cars?
rich-c: I think our American members may be a little shocked facing what we've had to cope with for near 20 years
Dale: Maybe it would be cheaper to hold it on the US side (even though the view isn't as good).
Daniel Bienvenu: maybe the coleco technical guide should be a good start for a tattoo.
LateGuy: I would rather have it on the US side.. Cheaper $$$
Pamela: we can't Dale, not if we want Erin and Rich to be able to attend
LateGuy: Well, Rich can attend. :)
rich-c: Canadians are building cars - per capita, more than the Americans, and we're a parts capital for the world
Dale: Those slow green card issues? Hmm...
Dale: I don't have a quick fix for that one.
Pamela: do you mean our regular attendees, Dale, or new ones?
Dale: I thought it got easier when you were married?
Pamela: not if you want to do it legally : )
LateGuy: For crying out loud, she's a Canadian, she's not allowed to go visit the US for a few days on a vacation? What kind of crap is that?
rich-c: also the hotels and facilities on teh US side suck, and don't bet the prices are competitive
Pamela: absolute crap, Guy
Dale: Well, I'm still scheming to get Geoff Oltmans to come, if I can track him down, and force him to make time.
LateGuy: But think of this way, with the strong CDN dollar, the Canadian side will have to adjust, otherwise, no business for them... everyone will go to the US.
Pamela: but she can't put a toe across the border without being penalized for three to five years before her immigration is approved
rich-c: you are dealing with the Bush administration, Guy. What else do you need to know?
Pamela: and they're looking at 14 months to two years from when the next set of paperwork goes in
LateGuy: Rich: What's wrong with the US these days, seriously... I see them spiralling down to the point of no return... Can't anyone save them from destroying themselves? OK, that's a long question, no need to answer it there is no answer, I know.
Pamela: (which should be shortly, I hope)
rich-c: the "strong" Canadian dollar is little more than par, and don't expect the Yanks to honour the exchange rate anyway
Dale: Rich, I can only tell you that the US$25/night rooms in Tenesse are way better than the Hamilton $50/night rooms.
rich-c: you want to enjoy the benefits, but your US dollars at your Canadian bank
Dale: We really need a nice place than that, but still.
LateGuy: Rich: In 2002, $1 CDN was equivalent to 0,67 US... We
LateGuy: re a long way from there!!!
Dale: And there hasn't been that much inflation in US hotel prices to account for that.
Dale: It isn't a rule, just a thought.
LateGuy: Well, the US still has the iPhone, which us poor Canadians don't have. :(
Pamela: the bonus of a strong canadian dollar is, hotels and other attractions will be forced to offer good deals to attract US customers. We'll benefit from that.
Dale: We should have the iPhone by December though, or so the rumor goes.
LateGuy: Pam: Exactly...
LateGuy: Dale: Man, I can't wait... getting one the day it comes out here.
rich-c: Guy, I can remember when the Canadian dollar was worth $1.07 - it depends on every governments' fiscal prudence
LateGuy: Rich: Yeah, in 1973, only for a very short time.
LateGuy: Or in the 50s?
LateGuy: I know in the 50s it was also at par, or even more.
LateGuy: 57 if I recall.
rich-c: when Frances was wroking, the UotT library bought books in Swiss frances with an exchange rate of 25 cents canadian
rich-c: now it costs a toonie or so for a franc
LateGuy: Well, at least, now, Americans on the newsgroups I visit can stop making fun of our money... man, I hated those jokes.
Pamela: they still call it funny money
Pamela: it must be the colour
rich-c: some day, guy, visit - we talk about an awful lot more than cars
LateGuy: Rich: Hehe, I should...
Pamela: interesting, because almost all countries have some colour in their paper money
Dale: Well it isn't playable yet, and I haven't added animation, but here is my start:
LateGuy: Dale: checking it out, hold on.
rich-c: Americans have certain attitude problems, Pam - they haven't yet realized their hegemony has ended
rich-c: go look, Guy - you might be astonished
rich-c: you don't have to sign in or loin, either, unless you want to post (or see the private sections)
LateGuy: Dale: Started the game, and it ended right away, so far it's very nice though, I like the 3D effect.
Pamela: anyway, I think it's time I went to bed, folks
rich-c: sorry, join
rich-c: reasonable thought, daughter. sleep tight
Dale: Screenshot:
LateGuy: Rich: The site looks impressive, lots of different forums, which one do you hang out on mostly?
Dale: I have a 5k version with the animation mostly working, where you can speed up and slow down.
Daniel Bienvenu: planning to release in 4k the niagara game?
Pamela: thanks, Dad
Pamela: goodnight everyone
Pamela: kerpoof
Daniel Bienvenu: bone nuit pam!
Dale: Well ,you have to hit 1 to start it, and then you can move the boat (or half of it) left and right.
Pamela left chat session
LateGuy: Rich: I went on the Ford site and can't seem to find any minivans from them? Have they abandonned that market?
rich-c: oddly enough, Guy, almost all of them - but try Open discussion and politics for a start
LateGuy: Dale: I hit one, and then hit "A" on my computer... which is usually set up as fire, and it said "Game Over"
Dale: fire quits, for debugging purposes. Sorry. :-)
Dale: Left and right is all that is enabled.
rich-c: pretty well, Guy - they're mostly into crossovers instead
Dale: I'll add the animation and speeding up and slowing down next I guess.
LateGuy: Rich: That's too bad...
LateGuy: Dale: Yeah, there you go... see, I'm not crazy!
rich-c: did you notice that in Consumer Reports rateings this month, Ford replaced Toyota as #1 in quality?
Dale: And they were planning on closing the Windsor plant.
Dale: Moving all of the work to Mexico.
LateGuy: Quality and Reliability is perhaps 2 different things. I like reliability more.
rich-c: there's a political game going on I suspect, Dale - sort of juggling production
Dale: I'm glad to hear that they aren't moving all of the Hershey's chocolate work away from Pensylvania to Mexico.
Dale: This dieting craze is very bad for chocolate makers I think.
rich-c: I will not be surprised is there's a net gain in employment, but distributed so the UAW won't notice
rich-c: you want reliability, Guy, I'll be happy to sell you my 1973 Mercury
rich-c: but don't be surprised if the Trust sells Hershey to someone else, who does move it
Dale: Daniel, remember the Niagra game had: maid of the mist, tight rope walking, and over the falls in a barrel?
Daniel Bienvenu: I remember, yes.
Dale: Well, I'm trying to do just one of those for the compo, since you say I have to.
Dale: And you said I should make more than one entry, to celebrate the 25th anniversery of the ColecoVision.
rich-c: why don't you make each module a separate game on the compo cart, Dale ; - )
Dale: Well,
rich-c: hey, how did it get to be this time? this old guy needs his shuteye
Dale: I only have until the 30th.
Dale: And fitting a game in 4k is hard work, I think.
Dale: So making 3 games that fit in 4k would be 3x hard work :-D
rich-c: I bow to your superior experience
Daniel Bienvenu: well. I asked to myself : "who will take time to install an emulator for only one coleco minigame?" not many. and in this special year, being alone to submit a coleco entry is a shame.
Dale: But if I have time, I'll make more games for the compo.
rich-c: anyway, this guy has got to go
Dale: See you Richard.
rich-c: so goodnight Dale, Guy, Daniel
rich-c: see you next week
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit, rich
Daniel Bienvenu: aurevoir
Daniel Bienvenu: à bientôt!
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Dale: For tight rope walking it would be: walk across without falling, then walk across and do ever more complex tricks without falling.
Daniel Bienvenu: midnight soon. I will also need to leave the chat session and concentrate more on my coding.
Dale: What were you working on right now?>
Daniel Bienvenu: one of the game I demonstrate during the adamcon. jeepers creepers
Dale: It fits in 4k?
Daniel Bienvenu: no
Daniel Bienvenu: it's for releasing in cartridge this saturday.
Dale: I remember playing it from your site in like 2001 or something.
Daniel Bienvenu: for the 4k, I still have pentago to fix. a bug in counting symbols and it's 5k, not 4k actually.
Dale: Great.
Dale: Not great. I gurss you'll have to squeeze it a bit too then?
Dale: Guy, did you have a game idea yet?
Daniel Bienvenu: I just need to convert more parts to assembler, that will make the game not so flexible to do a bigger and better version in the future.
Dale: The world needs a 4k pitfall game for sure.
Dale: Or a 4k 3/4 view Diablo game.
Daniel Bienvenu: pacman is already taken this year... burger time and a venture clone too.
Dale: If I could convince you to do Coleco Adam games, we could use the same C64 trick of compressing the whole level using that C64 compression scheme that I was mumbling about at AdamCon.
Dale: I really should have worked harder on that specific slide.
Dale: Whole game, not level.
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: err... I was kicked or something
Daniel Bienvenu: good night Dale and Guy.
Daniel Bienvenu: maybe a bomberman in 4k could be done for the colecovision.
Dale: goodnight then
Dale: Guy would probably like bomberman enough to make it.
Daniel Bienvenu: a 4k pengo?
Dale: could be a winner, I think.
Daniel Bienvenu: we should try to communicate more before mid-november to finish the minigame cartridge.
Dale: sure.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit guy. où que tu sois! ;-)
Dale: good night Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: good night. talk to you later. I return coding a bit, then sleep.
Dale: Bed time for me anyway.
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
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