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BobS: HI Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: good evening Bob!
Daniel Bienvenu: (in advance...) hi Judy
BobS: was just watching your tutorial on putting a cartridge tgether, AWESOME to watch it go together
Daniel Bienvenu: Thanks
BobS: Jujdy says Hi to you! she has headache and doesn't know if she will get onto chat or not tonight
Daniel Bienvenu: take care Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: Next time, will you want to do the naration for a video like this?
BobS: heck no, I am not a professional actor ! :-)
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Daniel Bienvenu: What do you think about the text-to-speech voice rendering?
changed username to rich-c
Daniel Bienvenu: good evening Rich
rich-c: good evening, gentlemen
BobS: hiya richard
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changed username to Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: good evening Pam
rich-c: hello daughter
Pamela: Hello, Dad
BobS: Hi Pam
Pamela: Hi, Daniel and Bob
Pamela: what's new?
rich-c: got your mother over for her xray today
BobS: you mean that the speech was a computer gererated voice???????
BobS: generated
Daniel Bienvenu: in the video, yes. it's voice generated... I alternate between AT&T and IBM text-to-speech web sites.
rich-c: when we came into the clinic they greeted me by name
rich-c: I'm not sure that's really a good sign
Daniel Bienvenu: for the cartridge video it's the IBM one, sounds like a voice heard by phone
Pamela: clinic on Lawrence?
BobS: well Daniel, if the voice was a computer generated one, it was a darn good one and natural also
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rich-c: yes, beside Dr.Santo's building - I usually go there but she doesn'e
changed username to Family Guy
Family Guy: Hello from beautiful Montreal!
Pamela: guess they remember their good customers : )
rich-c: well, hoe's Mr. Foster?
Pamela: Hi Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Guy!
Daniel Bienvenu: en forme?
BobS: hey GuyF, hows Montreal doing??????
Family Guy: Hi all!
Pamela: how is Sandra doing??
Family Guy: BobS: Montreal is doing great... a bit gloomy and rainy the past few days, but Monday was remarkable, nice summer weather.
Family Guy: Pamela: Bed rest, waiting for the day she will give labor... she got steroid injections to develop the babies lungs.
Family Guy: *go into labor
Pamela: well, she's another week along, that's always good
rich-c: we cleared up nively this afternoon, but chill - you should have a nice day tomorrow
BobS: yup the nice weather is coming your way
Family Guy: Yes, wasn't too bad of a day today, but the past few days have made me realize that fall is here.
Pamela: I'm okay with that
BobS: will rain here about Friday, so by you come about sun
rich-c: I suspect Daniel is just a bit off our weather track to offer predictions for him
Pamela: I have issues with 26 degrees at the end of October
Family Guy: I don't!!!
Pamela: yes Saturday is supposed to be wet, Bob
Family Guy: Dan is 300 KMs north of Montreal approx. It's always cooler there and it snows more... and the blueberry apparently there are the size of baseballs.
BobS: I don't want it to be wet here though
BobS: got a hosue to build
Pamela: sorry Guy, I'm just not a hot weather person
rich-c: hell, I'll happily accept 26 degrees in January!
Pamela: is that C or F, Dad?
Family Guy: Pam:Anything about 18 and below 28 is fine with me.
Daniel Bienvenu: I confirm, we probably have some snow before the end of october. maybe this week-end.
Family Guy: Dan: How about the blueberries?
rich-c: C
BobS: NO! ..................... NO SNOW, please
Family Guy: C!!! Who the hell uses F anyways? ;)
Pamela: I'd rather have cooler weather at this time of year. I hate humidity and the icky taste and smell that goes with it
Family Guy: F is actually a more precise scale to base temperature on than C.
rich-c: oh, the Americans still do, and we watch NOAA weather out of Buffalo on occasion, we we still see it
Pamela: and lets face it, 85 sounds much hotter than 28
BobS: warm enough to NOT wear a jacket is fine with me
Family Guy: Warm enough to take a dip in the pool I guess is fine with me.
Pamela: however, -10 sounds much colder than 27, or whatever it is
rich-c: well, 5C spreads out over 9F
Family Guy: So there we have it folks, C is for COLD and F is for Friggin' Hot
Daniel Bienvenu: At home, it's common use F for hot, and C for cold. We cook with F, we check temperature with C.
Family Guy: Yep, here we use C for temperature, but a pool's temperature is ALWAYS expressed in F.
Family Guy: Weird.
BobS: ah, then you can easily go back and forth between the two scales, yes???????
Daniel Bienvenu: blueberries? it's already done. it's apple time and pumpkins
Pamela: we do it a lot, Bob
Family Guy: Nope, F doesn't work out in my head for me.
Family Guy: I need to calculate it.. hmmm 32 + 7/8 or something like that.
Pamela: we measure our ingredients in Imperial but weigh in metric
Daniel Bienvenu: I can't convert in an instant. it takes me time because I learn C, not F. my parents use F.
rich-c: depends on how old you are, Bob - us old folks still think in F because C is still a little new to us
Family Guy: Daniel: I know you are good in C, but F++ is a good language too.
Daniel Bienvenu: F - 32 / 9 * 5 = C
Pamela: and some of us were switched half way through and are thoroughly confused!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it's almost exact
BobS: jujst need a thermometer with both scales to learn the conversin between the two
Daniel Bienvenu: missing ( )
Family Guy: I started and C and will stick with C all my life, even if they decide to express temperatures in K (Kelvin)
rich-c: to convert, use the 5/.9 ratio, adding or subtracting 32 as appropriate
Pamela: I was in grade four when they brought in the metric system
Family Guy: what y ear was that?
Daniel Bienvenu: I can't remember welll, -273C is solid state for H? and -276C is 0K?
Pamela: 1974
Family Guy: -273 I think is absolute ZERO. 0K.
Pamela: and now I feel old : )
rich-c: thus 20C / 5 = 4, x9 = 36, = 32 = 68
Family Guy: OK, I was 2, so figures why F never went through my head.
Pamela: how much do you weigh?
Family Guy: 0 K is apparentyl only theoretical, doesn't exist, even in space.
Family Guy: I use pounds.
Pamela: thought so
Pamela: I'd rather give it in kilos, sounds better : )
Daniel Bienvenu: cooking in F, swimming in F, thermostat in F, but going outside (and the rest) in C. that's common for me.
Family Guy: give it in stones, sounds even less!
rich-c: if you're putting them on, offering your mass in kilos is much more reassuring
Family Guy: Daniel: Yep, that's being canadian!
Pamela: ya got that right Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: the value in kg is less than in lb, but we use lb.
rich-c: "I mass 80 kilos" seems a lot less than "I weight 176 pounds"
Family Guy: same thing with miles and kms. I don't use miles.
Daniel Bienvenu: how tall I am... and we talk in foot and inches.
Daniel Bienvenu: at least, I use km rather than miles.
Family Guy: I use meters or foot and inches.... that I have no problems with, more comfortable with meters.
Pamela: interestingly I'm all about metric for speed - I guess because I didn't start driving till after the conversion
Pamela: but I measure in feet and inches
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it's easy to use km with all the limit signs telling you max 100 km/h.
Family Guy: Love the americans who come to Canada and think they can speed at 100 miles an hour on the highway when they see max speed: 100
Pamela: no one pays attention to those anyway : )
rich-c: I don't know; metric makes certain conversions easier at 100 km/hr it's easy to work out your time to destination
Pamela: I guess i should say for short distances, I use Imperial - for distances, I use metric
Family Guy: I use hectars for measuring land size.
Pamela: Ie it's a foot long but 100 kms away
rich-c: the kilometrage to your destination is the percentage of your time to destination
Daniel Bienvenu: Bob still there? no headache yet?
rich-c: so, at 100 kph, if you're 50 Km from Bowmanville, you'll get there in 50% of an hour, i.e. 30 minutes
Pamela: but it's still mileage : )
Family Guy: yeah, but if you drive at 60 mph, and bowmanville is 30 miles away, same calculation applies. ;)
rich-c: yes, 60 mph is of course a mile a minute, easy too
Family Guy: miles is actually easier, because if you drive at 60 mph, you do 1 mile per minute, much easier to calculate destination time.
Pamela: I guess I'm just a product of my time
rich-c: but then whop drives that slowly these days?
BobS: but once yo go slower or faster, all bets are off
BobS: I do with the motorhome
BobS: gets better gas mileage taht way
rich-c: well, yes, but that's a special case - but of course it works
Family Guy: .... how about lightyears vs...
BobS: vs darkyears??????
Pamela: lightkilometers?
Family Guy: yeah, could be a good unit of measure.
Family Guy: that works too!
rich-c: well, not really - like really low temperatures, your unit is too small
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Family Guy: hello stranger
Daniel Bienvenu: wiki : The fundamental SI unit of length, the metre, has been defined since October 21, 1983, as the distance light travels in a vacuum in 1/299,792,458 of a second;
changed username to Meeka
Family Guy: hello meeka
Pamela: Hi Meeka
Daniel Bienvenu: hi meeka
rich-c: hi Meeka, how goes it?
Meeka: hello
BobS: hi Meeka
Meeka: ok
BobS: what time did you go shopping???????
Family Guy: so that's why we use meters!!! cool.
Family Guy: how about 1 second, why is it defined as such?
Meeka: dont know...around 7 or 7:30
Family Guy: something to do with hydrogen molecules I believe.
BobS: K,mom wanted to know how long I took a nap, but I couldn't remember what timeyou ahd callsed
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't understand why they didn't use a rounded number.
BobS: had called
rich-c: actually, these days it's defined in vibration cycles of a cesium atom, I believe - though it may have changed very recently
Pamela: this is why I gave up science!
Family Guy: cesium? thought it was hydrogen...
Meeka: ahhh
Meeka: didnt maen to wake you
BobS: no, I was awake, but I laid down shortly after you called
rich-c: well I think I saw somewhere that they had found something better than cesium r3ecently, but don't recall the details
Meeka: lol
BobS: good lord, we dont' need another form of measurement
rich-c: for details, try
Family Guy: thanks Rich.
rich-c: how's Doug doing?
Meeka: alright
Meeka: drivin me nuts with this tooth thing
rich-c: that has something of a "sorta" quality to it, Meeka - no better than that?
Pamela: what toot thing?
Daniel Bienvenu: the wiki link to this page for the metre :
Pamela: tooth
Meeka: he has an infected tooth that will be pulled out on friday
Pamela: ouch
rich-c: ouch! those things are murder!
Daniel Bienvenu: tooth? ourd cat have a problem and the specialist decided to extract 4 teeth
rich-c: at the moment my back won't allow me to lie back in the dentist's chair far enough for him to work
Daniel Bienvenu: be right back
BobS: no no, doug is not going to get 4 teeth pullo get 4 teeth pulled, just one
rich-c: if it's infected, one is more than enough
Family Guy: Dan: Are you back yet?
rich-c: how long has the infection been there, meeka? does anyone know?
Meeka: not sure, it started being very painfull last saturday, so not too long i dont think
BobS: I used to HATE those tooth aches
rich-c: I gatehr infected teeth can also have an impact on heart health - wonder if a long term low level problem was behind his otehr troubles
BobS: huh??????
rich-c: yes, apparently if you neglect your teeth long enough, infections can set in that will damage the heart
Daniel Bienvenu: now, I'm back
rich-c: I am not at all well informed on this, just have seen the odd cautionary warning
BobS: never heard that
rich-c: you'll have to dig to find it but dental health literature should turn up a good lot
Pamela: brb
Meeka: k
BobS: youch ouch
rich-c: so where's the rest of our bunch tonight? GuyB? Ron? Judy? the Drushels?
BobS: JUdy is here by me,
Daniel Bienvenu: Guy, I heard the words "Jean Charest" in a video clip in chinese in youtube. I know it's just a coincidence but I was sure this kind of coincidence was in song, not during a discussion.
BobS: she has a backache and doen't want to get on, but I ma keeping her informed
BobS: am
rich-c: maybe it was just a phrase in Chinese that happened to sound that way, Daniel
rich-c: and by the way, why wre you watching YouTube in Chinese? ; - )
Pamela: IK think Ron had a meeting tonite
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I was looking for different algorithm about sorting. bubble sort, insertion sort, merge sort, etc.
rich-c: he had one last week but I got the impression he might escape tonight
Pamela: Rich left either late last night or early this morning, so don't know how much catching up he has to do
Daniel Bienvenu: then, a video in chinese about how to program a kind of bubble sort that acts like the insertion sort.
rich-c: oh, was he here in Toronto?
Pamela: he was in Windsor with Rin for her high school reunion then drove back here with her and stayed till at least yesterday evening
Pamela: he was still here when I got home last night
Pamela: I think
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't understand his speech in chinese, not even the chinese text on screen, but it's like an animated powerpoint and I understand what he is trying to tell.
rich-c: oh, OK, then you know it was Charest and he even appeared, even if the sound had been dubbed?
rich-c: where has everyone gone all of a sudden?
Pamela: I'm here just not much to say
Pamela: very tired
Pamela: we're also missing Guy B I notice
rich-c: hard day at the office?
rich-c: we don't have FredK either
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changed username to redmitch
Daniel Bienvenu: no no, the naration he did just sound like he is saying "Jean Charest" but the clip have nothing to do with him.
Pamela: who me? yes, we're in the middle of the largest renewal of the year. I've been pulling 9 and 10 hour days
Daniel Bienvenu: Mitch?
redmitch: Yo!
rich-c: ah, here's the man, now - hi ron
Pamela: Hi Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: Ho... Ron,
Meeka: hi ron
Pamela: You must have heard us taking your name in vain : )
redmitch: How are ya's all?
redmitch: Hi Meeka, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't realized it was you, Ron.
redmitch: Ron Mitchell on Redwood..... redmitch
rich-c: Redwood? is this a new o/s or something?
redmitch: no, that's my address 319 Redwood
rich-c: RedMOND I know about, though I usually don't use such dirty words around here
redmitch: not with a smiling face at least eh?
redmitch: W
rich-c: ah, OK, didn't realize that - but then I lost everyone when Thunderbird conked out on me
redmitch: Was out all day with the camera club. Went to Hornby Island to take pics
Meeka: brb, i need a drink
BobS: and got some good ones?
redmitch: Meeka, have a drink!
rich-c: OK, have heard the name, but have no immediate association - a gulf island, I assume?
rich-c: well, send her a diet coke, Ron
redmitch: think so. there's some glacial rock formations over there that are really neat
rich-c: I can't, I only have beer
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redmitch: Yes must get one for myself
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
redmitch: Hi Mr. Bona
Pamela: Hi Guy
rich-c: well, GuyB finally turns up too - we were just discussing you, Guy
Guy B.: You were?
BobS: yup
rich-c: more specifically, your absence
Guy B.: What about?
Guy B.: Well, I'm here.
rich-c: you are later getting on tonight than you have usually been lately
rich-c: so we were wondering when and if you would be turning up
redmitch: 2 on 2 out, bottom of the 4th. Redox up 4-1
Guy B.: I will be late, since I do have to take of a dog and have some time for myself.
rich-c: just that you'd built up an earlier pattern recently, Guy
rich-c: I though Boston had won their playoff?
redmitch: they did. This is game 1 of the World Series
redmitch: Boston vs Colorado
rich-c: oh, they're into the series now, then? My Rhode Island cursor crony will be pleased
redmitch: indeed he will
Guy B.: Anyway, In a couple of weeks, I'll have my 3rd week vacation and I do plan on being here a little early that week
Meeka: b
redmitch: whatcha drinkin Meeka
rich-c: we all have our patterns and reasons for them - and for varying them from time to time
Daniel Bienvenu: one more cartridge... :-) I don't know if I will have enough for everyone.
Guy B.: Ron, you have Ubuntu installed on your computer? Just installed 7.04 last weekend as a dual boot with Win98 on a second hard drive and the dual boot worked.
redmitch: Yes Guy. Ubuntu 7.10
Daniel Bienvenu: GuyF is gone?
Meeka: crystal light
rich-c: when you use the install program from Ubuntu, doesn't it automatically offer you a dual boot?
Guy B.: How is running so far?
redmitch: no, not to my knowledge
Guy B.: It recognized the Windows drive, but the Grub manager did come up with the Windows boot.
redmitch: really like it. It sure has come a long way
rich-c: I'd sort of got the impression from my disc that it would offer to create and format a new partition and set up a dual boot
redmitch: yes, that's how it's supposed to work
Guy B.: I thought I give this a try on the older Dell.
redmitch: Oh yes Rich, it will do that. You have a choice between using the whole disk, or allowing Windows to live
Daniel Bienvenu: ONe day, I will try again Ubuntu. The version I tried last year (in march) wasn't able to find the pilote for my onboard sound card then crash.
redmitch: Really Daniel...... I've had that experience with other Linux distributions, but never Ubuntu
redmitch: It's the best I've seen yet at sorting out the hardware
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changed username to DougS
Pamela: Hi
Pamela: Doug
Guy B.: Hi Doug
DougS: Hello all.
Pamela: darn enter key!
redmitch: Hey Doug!
rich-c: hey Doug, how's it going (beyond the tooth, that is!)
redmitch: I have a sticky "s" key
Daniel Bienvenu: I suppose the driver for the sound card was added the next version because my board was "common"
Guy B.: I joined the Ubuntu forams and they have specifically for Dell computers.
redmitch: Be right back..... gotta go raid the fridge
DougS: other than tooth, all is well.
Daniel Bienvenu: But because of that missing driver, and the installaiton crash, I have Mandriva in dualboot, not ubuntu
rich-c: that's encouraging - ever track down the source of the problem?
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changed username to Judy
Guy B.: Hi Judy
rich-c: there is no way to install and run ubuntu from an external USB hard disc, is there?
Pamela: Hi Judy
Judy: Hello, Everyone
rich-c: hello Judy, how are the classes going?
DougS: i would imagine there is a way rich. most linux distros can be run from usb thumb drives and such.
Judy: they are done, had an all day Word class yesterday, to get me ready for the MOS exam
redmitch: Judy - hi
rich-c: I wish there were, Doug, because it would be a real convenience for me, but I tried an install and it wouldn't
redmitch: I have Ubuntu on an external USB Rich. Works just fine
Judy: the MOS is the only thing I have to go yet and don't know if that will even have anything to do with getting a job
rich-c: but as you point out it will work from a jump drive which Windows sees as a hard disc anyway
redmitch: depends on what you tell the Boot Loader to do Rich. Ubuntu will substiture it's own boot loader for the Windows Boot Block - if you so specify
rich-c: like so many things, Judy, it often turns out that what you have a paper saying you can do isnt what you will be doing
rich-c: but the employer will want it anyway - go figure
Judy: don't know they don't seem interested in the certifications that I do have, but I am planning on takin the MOS
redmitch: MOS is ??
Judy: it is the Word certification
DougS: rich, you could always run ubuntu inside of vmware player with the ubuntu hd image on the flash drive
Judy: mircosoft operating system
redmitch: ah
rich-c: not sure I have a vmware player, Doug - btw I'm running XP
DougS: download vmware player for it's free.
redmitch: there's vmware for XP
rich-c: OK - I assume it works with many virtual machines?
redmitch: indeed it does
DougS: vmware player will run pretty much any os inside of it.
Judy: I think I got more out of the one all day class yesterday than the 4-4 hour classes that I took before
redmitch: how so Judy?
Daniel Bienvenu: I still have 6 copies of Ubuntu 6.06 ... I didn't try if this 6.06 version works on my computer. anyway, I prefer to wait before trying other OS right now.
rich-c: I don't suppose that includes the Adam EOS, though...
Guy B.: 7.10 is the latest one Daniel. I have 7.04 installed on mine.
DougS: you could run adamem on a dos box inside of vmware player.
Judy: better instructor and more educated students than the last time
redmitch: There's not a heck of a lot of difference between 6.06 and 7.10 so far as I can see
rich-c: that's a thought - Adamem is being very awkward about exiting, on the laptop
rich-c: I'm afraid it is going to lock up on me completely
Judy: in the last class had 2 students in the class that knew nothing about a computer, this time they were all computer users, made a huge difference
redmitch: I have the same thing here Rich. have to do the f-10 thing twice, maybe 3 times
DougS: that makes a major difference in the teaching method used.
rich-c: well yes, they'd know a lot more swear words...
Judy: it sure did
Daniel Bienvenu: windows under mac to play adamem... is it slower than ubuntu running vmware running adamem?
rich-c: we hit F10, we use the three-finger salute, we use about any key, and it just sits there
Daniel Bienvenu: I suppose it's faster ubuntu+vmware
rich-c: took me about ten, 15 minutes to break it out last time
DougS: you should be able to run adamem from ubuntu directly. i know adamem is part of red hat, suse, and a few other distros
redmitch: Oh.... never been that long here, just seems like it never wants to do it the first time
rich-c: it was the same way on the desktop till XP crashed and I had to do a complete clean reinstall
redmitch: tried compiling it on the mac (BSD Unix variant) whilst at Adamcon, couldn't get it to compile properly, even with Dale's assistance
redmitch: Seems I have to install X on the macBook, which is part of the developer tools. Still need to do that
rich-c: now I don't have Adamem because it was lost in the crash - plus one full and four "upgrade" reinstalls
redmitch: Boston's running away with game 1 == now 8-1
rich-c: have to download the emulator again - is it still at
Meeka left chat session
redmitch: that's in Rich
rich-c: and I want the binaries, right?
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changed username to DougS
redmitch: yes, the MS DOS binaries
rich-c: weird - there is no MS-DOS underneath XP
redmitch: should try compiling Adamem with Ubuntu GCC
redmitch: that's just a nominal Rich..... DOS - Windows- whatever
rich-c: don't have ubuntu running either - first I need to get XP up and running
redmitch: Not the Linux/Unix versions
rich-c: at the moment it won't install Windows Installer 3.1 - keeps offering it then saying didn't install
rich-c: but it doesn't tell me why
redmitch: Gee Rich, if you didn't have bad luck you wouldn't have any luck at all
rich-c: tell me about it! Bill Gates hates me
rich-c: I just can't get anything to work in or with XP
Pamela: he's offended the computer gods
redmitch: sure sounds like it
rich-c: I knew I should never have left 98SE - now I will pay for it forever [weeps]
BobS: maybe you could go in and install as another person
redmitch: I tried Vista on this Acer laptop. That was a futile exercise
redmitch: So now I'm back to XP / SuSE 10.3 on the main hard drive, with Ubuntu 7.10 on the external USB drive
redmitch: Split personality
rich-c: no, that gets you into stuff about who's an administrator, and preferences, and profiles, and all sorts of junk
redmitch: yes
redmitch: got tired of typing 'sudo' under Ubuntu
rich-c: one of my newsletters says you can revert Vista to XP, sometimes for free depending on which Vista you have
rich-c: what is "sudo"?
redmitch: all's i did was restore tha Acer with the factory recovery disks
DougS: sudo = ubunto for run as superuser i think
Daniel Bienvenu: sudo is to do commands as the admin
rich-c: weren't the factory discs Vista?
redmitch: Still have Vista on my desktop
redmitch: yes Doug, that's it
DougS: most other linux distros, you just type su to become superuser
redmitch: yup
Daniel Bienvenu: I learn that quite fast this "sudo" thing.
Guy B.: When I installed WinXP on the Compaq. I used a hard drive selector amnd kept WinME on the original hard drive and WinXP on another drive. I just push a button to boot that hard drive up. The BIOS will automatically detect the newer drive.
redmitch: One columnist I read fairly regularly described Ubuntu as Linux 'dumbed down' for the common people
Daniel Bienvenu: Just wanted to setup the boot selection to not choose automaticaly Linux took me a few command lines in admin "privilege"
redmitch: sorta figure that's an "elitist nerdy schmuck'" opinion
redmitch: I would have given up on Linux long ago had it not been for Ubuntu
BobS: that's what I need............a schmucky way to get the job done
rich-c: yes, if I'm going to play with it I need the dumbest-downed distribution I can get
BobS: AMEN Richard
Guy B.: And the best part of Ubuntu, there is free help if you need it. Hopefully, I might not until I try this out this weekend, But, I'm registered with the forums.
BobS: plug part A into part B, then put cd or disk into drive A............and it will work
redmitch: Daniel, in an XP book I have, it describes a way of telling Linux to keep it's boot loader to itself, (ie on the first block on the Linux partition) and then editing the XP side of the house to do the same thing Grub does
redmitch: Only do it from Windows
redmitch: think is's boot.ini that gets edited
rich-c: I know XP is supposed to have a facility that allows dua;l booting
redmitch: that's right Bob, and if it doesn't work, swear a lot
redmitch: yes, it does, but I've never used it
Daniel Bienvenu: Thanks Ron, I didn't know that. But I should learn that last year. Now my dual boot is set and works perfectly, it was just "not trivial" at that time.
BobS: but the swearing just makes us madder
redmitch: yeah Daniel, if it ain't broke, don't fix it
Judy: and upsets those in the room with you
redmitch: nobody here to get upset Judy, but I hear you
redmitch: When I start throwing computers through the window, it's time to go for a walk
rich-c: no bricks through the monitor screen? or is that the prelude?
Pamela: my preferred method is down the elevator shaft : )
redmitch: Speaking of which, my Mac dealer showed me a laptop a few weeks ago that been obviously abused.
redmitch: I don't know what the poor thing did to deserve the treatment it got, but boy.... was it in sad shape
rich-c: someone drive a truck over it? road grader? bulldozer?
redmitch: looks like it
redmitch: but the damage didn't seem to be consistent with one single act
redmitch: it's now 12-1 for Boston
rich-c: got sold to someone with anger issues...
redmitch: yeah Rich
redmitch: bigtime
rich-c: I wouldn't think twice about it if it were a Windows machine, but with a Mac it might be more serious
redmitch: fer sure
redmitch: Guy, I bet the Cubs wouldn't have got themselves into this predicament
rich-c: some people just aren't meant to use computers
Judy: good night all, time for bed morning will come way too early
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Judy. Take care!
rich-c: but then, some computers aren't meant to be used
redmitch: Yes Judy..... sleep well. See ya next week
BobS: got to go also gang
Pamela: night Judy and Bob
BobS: will see you ALL next week, same time, same place !!!!!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonne nuit Bob! Take care!
redmitch: Niters to the Slopsemas
Judy left chat session
Pamela: hopefully I'll be more fun next week
rich-c: anyone like to make me an offer on a TI99-4/A?
BobS: nite
Guy B.: well folks, got to go too, Will see you all next week
BobS left chat session
Pamela: gnite Guy
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
redmitch: nite Guy. Go straight home now
Daniel Bienvenu: I already have a ti99/4a.
rich-c: nite Bob and Judy
rich-c: and Guy
DougS left chat session
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Guy
Daniel Bienvenu: Take care!"
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
redmitch: I got the answer these days. I just go back to my ADAM
redmitch: a much less complicated world
rich-c: what do you do with the TI, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: nothing. I bought it from a friend because I wanted to know other system that use this texas intrument video game.
Daniel Bienvenu: finally, I just have it, nver pluged it
rich-c: I'm about teh same, except that I actually have some programs for it
Pamela: sorry folks, I'm beat and not much fun. I think I'm for bed.
rich-c: OK daughter, go get the shuteye, and take care
redmitch: aw Pam....... ya better sleep kid
Pamela: night Daddy
rich-c: night Pam
redmitch: be well Pam
Pamela: I plan to Ron - see you next week
Pamela: Night, Daniel
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: looks like things are falling apart rather rapidly
redmitch: now there are three
redmitch: have a Linux Group meeting tomorrow night
rich-c: and I think it will be two - I'm beginning to nod off, as old folks do
redmitch: yeah... I've been walking all day, and I'm down a quart
redmitch: but it'
redmitch: is not bedtime yet
rich-c: first I need to get XP sorted out before I can even think of Linux
redmitch: good luck with that Rich
rich-c: yes, you have a time difference going for you
rich-c: I'm going to need it, Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, it's about time to say goodbye
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight
redmitch: right gents, I'm away too... see ya's all next week
rich-c: and even if I get it then I have to restore everything lost when I did the clean install
redmitch: nite all
rich-c: night Daniel - a l prochaine
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
redmitch: ??? who's here?
Daniel Bienvenu: I think I finaly find the Rich *poof* button.
redmitch: Double Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight!
rich-c: looks like Daniel pressed the wrong button
rich-c: OK gentlemen - goodnight all!
redmitch: anyway... alll be well
redmitch: nite
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
redmitch left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session > chat > Wed 2007-10-24
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