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rich-c: hi, Eric, and welcome to the group
rich-c: what inspires you to join us this evening?
Eric in Alabama: Hi rich we talk before it been a few years
rich-c: yes, that indeed it must have been, as I admit I don't recall it
rich-c: which does not in any make make you any less welcome
rich-c: wait a minute - last time, was it you I was asking about Talladega?
Eric in Alabama: yea I live a few miles from talladega
Eric in Alabama: but I've never been to a race
rich-c: aha - a bell rings, faint and distant. but a bell!
rich-c: that's ok, I don't pay any attention really to NASCAR either
rich-c: just that the last short while some of our guys from F1 and Cahmp Car are trying it out
rich-c: anyhow, what brings you by this evening?
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changed username to Meeka
Eric in Alabama: Nothing on Tv. Nothing new on the internet. Then I remembered its Wed Adam chat.
rich-c: hi meeka, we have a visitor we haven't seen for a long time
Meeka: hello
Meeka: i see that
Eric in Alabama: Hey Meeka
Meeka: hello
Meeka: how are you
rich-c: personally, I prefer chat to tv almost anytime anyway, but that's just me
Eric in Alabama: good, and you?
Meeka: lol, I do both ALL the time :-P
rich-c: so how are you getting on now, meeka? any better?
Meeka: doing alright
Meeka: feel like a pincusin sometimes though
rich-c: that's sort of equivocal, but I know what you mean
Eric in Alabama: Hows the weather up north?
Meeka: cool and rainy
rich-c: we have had close to the warmest Septembr and AOctober on record, but tomporrow's forecast is high 50F
rich-c: we have also been very dry, under 2/3 of normal rainfall
Eric in Alabama: sunny and dry hi 70F
Meeka: ya, I do, i doing alright, hands still somewhat numb all the time, but its livable
Meeka: I can still do my crafts and such, just takes a bit longer
Meeka: Doug (my hubby) says hi
rich-c: that at least is encouraging - it's also good if you get some remission
Meeka: he is busy puttin in a new power supply
rich-c: tell Doug hi himself, thank you!
rich-c: I am still exchanging emails with Microsoft Support trying to get MS Update to work
Meeka: lol, oh fun fun
Eric in Alabama: hahahahhahaha good luck
rich-c: well the first time we tried, I broke my back and was in hospital with no computer for 8 weeks, which canned that
Meeka: lol
Eric in Alabama: how did you break your back?
rich-c: then when I got sprung the tech gave me directions that resulted in my computer crashing so badly it wouldn't even go into Safe Mode
Meeka: my version of that kinda thing is "Doug....this thing is not working agian :-P"
rich-c: I have osteoporosis - I bent over to pull out a plug and when I unbent a vertabra shattered
Eric in Alabama: ouch!
rich-c: well, I put it a little more strongly ; - )
rich-c: I'm also on prednisone which weakens bone
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changed username to Judy
Meeka: hi mom
rich-c: hello Judy, how's things in Grand Rapids?
Judy: Hi, Meeka, Rich and Eric
Judy: raining
rich-c: where's the old man?
Judy: sound asleep on the couch
Meeka: lol
Meeka: must be the treaters stopped if he's sleeping
Judy: I think all this work is getting the better of him
rich-c: had a hard day at work, did he? I'll bet he needs the shuteye
Judy: we had very few this year
Meeka: ya, us too
Judy: they are all hard lately
Judy: on his feet from morning to night
rich-c: we gave up after so few the last few years - now it's porch lights out and doos locked
Judy: it started to rain about the time they usually start and was windy must have been to much
Meeka: i dont mind only a few., then you can buy candy you would eat if there was some left over
Meeka: ours stopped comming about the time the rain started
rich-c: just as well - bouncing up and down from chairs all night is for younger backs than ours
Judy: and a lot of the churches and malls are doing the trick or treat thing so maybe it is about the end of it
Judy: I didn't even go thru one bag this year
rich-c: of course we are in an Orthodox Jewish neighbourhood so they don't let the kids go out anyway
Judy: that is true Rich
rich-c: lots of kids around, but their holidays aren't ours
Judy: we only had a few cars bring in kids this year
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changed username to Eric in Alabama
Judy: usually they come in by the van full
rich-c: oh, we never had that, Judy
Judy: we have for years already
rich-c: all the kids who came here always came on foot
rich-c: test
Judy: you are still on
rich-c: when it gets quiet for a long time, I wonder
Judy: was just talking to Bob, he just woke up
Meeka: hi dad
rich-c: also since we had a come-in who didn't, so to speak - that's often the knockout trigger
Judy: but they didn't stay long
rich-c: except, of course, when I hit the Windows key
rich-c: sometimes some of the regulars have trouble logging in - Danile, and Guy Bona particularly
Judy: Bob will be comimg in
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rich-c: that's good
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changed username to BobS
Judy: did you have any treaters, Meeka?
rich-c: so, Roberto - welcome
changed username to GuyOLantern
BobS: allo
Meeka: some
BobS: I WAKED UP !!!!!
Judy: Hi, Guy
GuyOLantern: Hey all, happy halloween.
rich-c: so much Halloween action in Montreal, Guy?
Meeka: mostly smaller ones, they stoped when the rain started
GuyOLantern: Rich: Yep, lots, just got back... have 2 nice plump bags full of candy.
BobS: we got them AFTER the rain started
Judy: it started before we had any
BobS: all sizes and shapes
BobS: TWO ???????
rich-c: right, forgot about that - it's a long time since I had to take a kid out on Halloween
BobS: and how did you get those bags???? pretended to be little, eh?
BobS: :-)
BobS: :-)
GuyOLantern: BobS: Helps to have 1 yrs old girl next to you...
BobS: true
Judy: don't think Bob misses having to go out with the kids
BobS: and the people just melt, don't they?
GuyOLantern: Yes... one person figured it out though and said: "So... what kind of candies does daddy like?"
BobS: tonight's weather ........... cold, rain and windy........remember those nights fondly........NOT
rich-c: Guy: gotcha, didn't he?
rich-c: so what's the French customary call?
rich-c: here it used to be "shell out" but now it's changed to "trick or treat"
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hi daughter
Judy: Hi, Pamela
Pamela: Hi everyone
BobS: PAM !!! another trick or treater has appeared.......get much candy tonight ???????
Pamela: Happy Halloween
Meeka: hi pam
Pamela: I got nuttin
BobS: bummer
Pamela: except virtually that is
BobS: I got someout of the basket at home here
Judy: we did, got m&ms
BobS: little bags of M&M's
Pamela: I'm hoping my parents saved me some : )
Pamela: and I'm sure I'll be eating leftovers at work tomorrow
GuyOLantern: Rich: I was in an english neighborhood actually...
Judy: did you have fun with Michael this afternoon, Meeka
rich-c: sorry, daughter, we're shut down tonight - didn't bother to buy supplies for non-existent callers
Judy: and how did Josh make out
Meeka: yes, we did
GuyOLantern: Here are some pics of our halloween night:
Meeka: has to have them out
Judy: thought so
Meeka: they have to decide if thanksgiving is better or christmas
Meeka: so he doesnt miss much school
Judy: had Ryan to the doctor this afternoon, he may have to have the tube out
Meeka: that would be good
Judy: has to wait and see what happens
Judy: he has an ear ache but no infection is a build-up of wax in the tube
Pamela: checking out your gallery, Guy
Judy: very cute, Guy
BobS: ya, me too.........LOTS of loot there in the last one
Pamela: still waiting for it to load
GuyOLantern: Judy: Haha, thanks, it was her first Halloween, we didn't stay out too long, just enough to make her eyes sparkle.
Pamela: how is Sandra doing, Guy?
Pamela: still waiting
GuyOLantern: She is doing well, a few more days and she will be giving birth it seems... a week or two max perhaps.
BobS: ths IS good news
Judy: that is great news
GuyOLantern: Yes, great news,means I'll never sleep ever again!!!
rich-c: well she should be in a pretty safe zone now; still, the longer she waits the better
Pamela: two weeks would be 36.5 weeks - that's pretty good
GuyOLantern: Exactly, she's at 33 weeks... within a week or so she will be in the safe zone.
Pamela: I give up (it was still loading)
GuyOLantern: Pam: Are u on dialup?
Pamela: yes
Pamela: how can you tell? : )
GuyOLantern: Pamela: Ahhh, that's why...
GuyOLantern: Pamela: Might be optimized for high speed.
Pamela: ya think?
Pamela: <smirks>
rich-c: or you may have forgotten just how slow 56K can be...
Pamela: I'll e-mail it to work and try in the morning
BobS: THAT is true Richard
BobS: once you get onto the faster speeds, dial up seems awfully slow except for things like chat
GuyOLantern: So Pam, you went trick or treatin'?
BobS: and we have the slowest high speed available.....
rich-c: yes, Tamco has just speeded up the connection and I am getting spoiled
BobS: now that is an oxymoron
Pamela: we're looking into getting high speed soon
GuyOLantern: Pamela: Well, at least you have electricity. ;)
Pamela: always a bonus
rich-c: if you do, remember I have the old modem that still works though it will need reprogramming
rich-c: you having a problem with the local hydro, Guy?
Pamela: I'll keep it in mind Dad
rich-c: I have found since it may not have had any problen, after all
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, finaly... I'm here!
Daniel Bienvenu: good evening!
Pamela: bonjour Daniel
Meeka: hello
rich-c: ah, Daniel - salut!
rich-c: how is the weather doing in Quebec City?
GuyOLantern: Rich: No, Hydro is fine... a bit expensive... Apparently Hydro will be releasing internet over power lines soon. Called BPL.
BobS: did you got 'trick or treating' also Daniel ???????
BobS: GuyF got TWO bags full of candy
Judy: hi, Daniel
GuyOLantern: No, daniel walks around with an axe trying to scare kids!!!
rich-c: Toronto Hydro has wireless internet publicly available now, but only downtown
Daniel Bienvenu: it's not cold, not hot
GuyOLantern: Rich: Nope, not wireless internet... wired internet, through your power line.
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changed username to Dale
rich-c: for the season it's warm here - but we have a cold front coming through tonight
GuyOLantern: Hey Dale.
Dale: Hi ya.
Pamela: hi Dale
Meeka: hello
BobS: HI Dale
rich-c: you don't want to know about tomorrow
Daniel Bienvenu: here, it's french, so there is no "trick or treat", it's simply "halloween", and sometimes a "song" , then the candies.
rich-c: hi dale
Pamela: it's getting chilly - my fingers are getting cold
Dale: I was cold yesterday, just to remind us of the seasonal average.
Judy: hi, Dale
Pamela: was lovely for our walk earlier though
BobS: ok daniel
BobS: that works for me also
Pamela: everyone was sitting outside to hand out candy, enjoying the evening
GuyOLantern: Man o man... One of the last few houses I went to, there was a younger couple, mid 20s or so... and the girl was dressed up as a nurse, a very provocative nurse... Not sure it was appropriate for kids to see that, but the daddies were thrilled. ;)
Judy: not cool, Guy
BobS: showing off as it were, eh?
Pamela: we didn't see anyone like that tonite, for a change
rich-c: most nurses I've seen lately have to work fairly hard not to be provocative - a great number really look great
Pamela: btw Dad we may be without phone service on and off for the next couple of days
GuyOLantern: Rich: Well you know how it is with men and nurses...
rich-c: why? what's going on? and should we use the cell as default?
Pamela: our phone went dead sometime Monday evening
Pamela: repair guy was out last night
BobS: oops
Pamela: he fixed our line but Lindsay and the others in our stack are also having problems
Dale: Here is the 4k version of that game I was working on:
Pamela: so they have a special repair team coming in tomorrow to get it fixed
Pamela: apparently there's a broken wire somewhere in the stack
Pamela: and yes, call the cell phone if you need me
rich-c: dear old Ma Bell - bet they leave it worse than they found it
BobS: be good kids.......gonna go take a shower for awhile .......................then be back
Pamela: Guy while Dad was in the hospital he was very appreciative of the "decorative" nurses : )
Meeka: k
rich-c: although I gather that on residential service they're feeling some competitive heat
Pamela: the problem is the 40-odd year old wiring
GuyOLantern: Pamela: Hell yeah! Can't wait to get my sponge bath done by 2 nurses. :)
Pamela: ok Bob
Judy: must be you have better looking nurses around there than we do
rich-c: usually just one does the job, Guy - and has trouble keeping the water warm
GuyOLantern: Dale: Nice game, one thing though, I noticed your scrolling scrolls at the same rate for the top and the side. I would put them at a different rate to give it a different visual effect.
rich-c: generally speaking, though there were exceptions, the nurses at Sunnybrook are good-looking women
GuyOLantern: Speaking of wiring, a friend of mine got a contract to redo a house that is on the brink of catching fire, they used silver wiring in the 70s apparently because of the scarcity of copper back then, and it oxidizes very badly and causes a hell of a lot of problems.
rich-c: not traffic stopping beauties, but tidy and pleasant
GuyOLantern: Rich: As long as they look good in the uniform. :)
rich-c: that they do, Guy
rich-c: tender hands help too when you're immovably on your back for eight weeks
GuyOLantern: It's like the cops at my work, they get all the women hitting on them because of the uniform. Me on the other hand, I wear a uniform, but I look my like a cleaner, so the womene aren't too excited about that. :)
Daniel Bienvenu: Did you received the emails about the minigame compo and Jeepers Creepers ?
Dale: I got them both, yeah.
GuyOLantern: Dale: Ever hear of Arduino?
rich-c: Guy, that wiring would be aluminum and it was a big problem in the 70s
GuyOLantern: Rich: Yes, Aluminum, correct...
rich-c: but they did find the problem and worked out the ways to make it safe
Dale: No Guy, what is it?
GuyOLantern: Rich: How?
rich-c: I'm sure the specs are in the Code by now
Dale: So are you making a 3D game then for the ColecoVision then?
GuyOLantern: Dale: An open source development board + software... really nice for embedded designs.
GuyOLantern: I bought one last week-end, costs $15 + $20 for the USB cable.
Daniel Bienvenu: Eric in Alabama... hello! first time or I miss every chat session you were online?
GuyOLantern: Software is in Java so runs on Linux, Mac or Windows.
rich-c: Guy: seems the secret is you have to use special connectors, switches. switchboxes and stull
GuyOLantern: Rich: I was told that people with that type of wiring should change it back to copper, not an easy job.
Eric in Alabama: Daniel its been a while since I've been here
GuyOLantern: Rich: Exactly, special connectors... That's what someone was talking about today, to minimize oxidation.
Pamela: I'm sorry Eric, I've been ignoring you - tunnel vision I guess
Pamela: You're very quiet tonite
Dale: Hi Eric.
Daniel Bienvenu: ha! c'est GuyF!
Eric in Alabama: hello
rich-c: oh yes, GuyB has a quite different style
Daniel Bienvenu: GuyOLantern... what is this nickname?
Pamela: takeoff on Jack O'Lantern, Daniel
rich-c: he's being subverted by the Anglos, Daniel ; - )
Daniel Bienvenu: The pumpkin scray face head?
rich-c: you've got it, Daniel
Pamela: we saw some awesome pumpkins tonite
GuyOLantern: Argh, I'm being assimilated by the anglos!!!
GuyOLantern: Help Dan!
rich-c: and now if you'll excuse me for a minute, I still have a bottle left of St. Urbain... brb
Pamela: c'est la vie, Guy : )
Daniel Bienvenu: The only thing I can do is to invite everybody in Quebec in two years.
Pamela: Dale is there anything I should ask you veteran con organizers about financials?
GuyOLantern: Hell no, I say we have an Adamcon in the US in 2 years, it might end up costing us $50 CDN for the whole event at the rate things are going.
Daniel Bienvenu: I can't move far... so I will not be able to bring the con in Quebec.
rich-c: yes, by then maybe Erin will be able to get into the US again
Daniel Bienvenu: But, I can manage something in Montreal with you GuyF.
Pamela: I sincerely hope so Dad
rich-c: pity - Quebec is smaller but arguably more interesting
GuyOLantern: Daniel: Yes, Sandra even proposed to have it in Montreal in 2 years. Actually, in Laval, where it's cheaper, yet 10 mins away from Montreal.
GuyOLantern: Rich: More interesting??? No way!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: more romantic
GuyOLantern: We have Old Montreal...
Daniel Bienvenu: and 400th of the foundation next year... it will be neat
Daniel Bienvenu: cool
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rich-c: I'm justy shilling for a cousin who owns a souvenir shop there
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings All!!!
GuyOLantern: Heyguybhowyoudoing?
Pamela: Trick or treat, Guy B.!
Guy B.: Hey Guy F.
rich-c: hello GuyB
Guy B.: Treats, but no tricks!
rich-c: send her a diet coke, Guy
Guy B.: I put on a bandana on Annie that says Little Devil
Pamela: he can't, that app is gone Dad
Judy: hi, Guy B
rich-c: well Dale's here, he can fix that
Guy B.: HI Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: I think the actions are reset.
Guy B.: Happy Haloween to all
Daniel Bienvenu: no more diet coke in stock
(A dog howls in the distance)
Pamela: no no, it's gotta be chocolate. It's Halloween, after all
rich-c: OK, how about a good Quebec ale instead?
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not the expert of ale, here.
rich-c: you'll just have to consult with Fred and Guy, then
rich-c: but a gently chilled bottle of Boreale would do just fine
Meeka: mom, i put the pic's from this afternoon of mickey up tonight
GuyOLantern: Quebec has good ale, indeed.
GuyOLantern: Don't know if they are renowned world-wide though.
Daniel Bienvenu: let's see... GuyF, GuyB, Meeka (hello :-) ), myself, Judy (feel better this week?), Bob, Eric (tell me more about you), Rich, Dale, and Pam (bonsoir).
rich-c: well, very few really fine ales are widely known; they are made in limited quantities and so cost more
(Someone throws a brick at Pamela)
rich-c: I am very glad I made a point of sampling the local offerings when we were at
Pamela: Hey!!
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rich-c: Adamcon
changed username to BobS
Dale: Well, you need to balance price and features for Adamcon.
BobS requested to ban BobS
GuyOLantern confirmed ban
Dale confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Daniel Bienvenu: Vivement le retour des actions que l'on était habituées.
rich-c: yes, it would be nice to have at least a few of them back, Dan
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changed username to Roberto
Roberto requested to ban BobS
Daniel Bienvenu confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
GuyOLantern confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
Meeka: wb
Roberto: back
Daniel Bienvenu: Having problems tonight, Bob?
Guy B.: Having some problems Bob?
Dale confirmed ban
GuyOLantern: Argh, now this wiring thing has gotten me worried. Apparently many homes built between the 60s and 70s have aluminum wiring. My house was built in 1967... Never inquired about the possibility of aluminum wiring, never even heard of that before.
Daniel Bienvenu: I think we have to make a wish, Guy B.
rich-c: Bob, keep your pinky away from that Windows key
Pamela: Bob is now squeeky clean : )
Dale: And there is always a "break even" for which if you get that many people you cover your planned costs.
Pamela: or is that squeaky?
Roberto: I think I killed the wrong one when I returned
rich-c: even if it does, Guy, don't fuss - it can now be coped with
Guy B.: Ah, that's what's going on with him. He has to watch that one finger of his that hits the wrong key
Dale: You need to set the number of people for the break even correctly, or you will lose money (or cut costs somewhere)
rich-c: besides, if it hasn't burned down by now, it's like;y OK anyway
Dale: And don't forget the required taxes and gratuity on all hotel expenses. They are higher that you're proibably used to.
GuyOLantern: Rich: Well, if it does contain aluminum wiring, I will have to take proper actions to make sure it doesn't burn down. :)
Roberto: MANY homes still have some aluminum wiring in them Guy; matter of fact, ALL homes here have aluminum wiring into the hosue from the pole - even today
Roberto: basically the only precaution is that the connections need a black goopy stuff on them to stop; any sparkiung
rich-c: not necessarily up here, Bob, the standards ae different
Pamela: gratuity?
rich-c: and Dale, if we're in Niagara Falls, the taxes at least will be familiar!
Roberto: aluminum makes a great conductive wiring, just have to protect the spark issue due to the aluminum expanding and contracting more than copper
GuyOLantern: Well, my friend visited a house a few days ago, and it was in horrible state because of the aluminum wiring, you could smell a burning smell coming from the outlets, wires would fray to the touch, lights would dim when other appliances would run, etc... scary stuff.
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't have news from Neil... last time we talk it was in september.
GuyOLantern: Yes, problem is not with the wire, it's with the connections apparently due to the contracting properties of aluminum.
Dale: I find hotel taxes and gratuities are never familiar. They are at a higher rate than for other things.
rich-c: also it may not be the wiring, rather the workmanship - not all electricians are equal
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Daniel Bienvenu: Did he contact someone about the financials things about the Adamcon this summer?
GuyOLantern: True... Never knew copper was at a shortage in the late 60s early 70s...
changed username to JudyS
Pamela: we'll be better off after the new year when the GST goes down to 5%
Daniel Bienvenu: Welcome back Judy
rich-c: also we're going to have to figure out a time - June and September are much less expensive
Meeka: yes, it was
Meeka: they took it out of coins for a while too
JudyS: that was great, Meeka, didn't know that you took that many pictures at the birthday party
GuyOLantern: I doubt the copper shortage affected our region because the house inspector showed me huge copper pipes in the roof (used for air circulation), and he told me that those pipes alone are worth several thousands of dollars.
Meeka: ty
Meeka: ya, I really like the one of me & michael that doug took
GuyOLantern: Might have been a US shortage.
JudyS: was getting out of the pictures and shut it down instead of just going back to the chat
Daniel Bienvenu: june, july, september... at least, it must be hot just enough to not have a thermic shock inside the barrel...
rich-c: no the shortage is current and world widwe just had a statue stolen from a public park for the scrap value of the bronze
Dale: lol Daniel.
JudyS: yes, that is a great picture of both of you, but i really liked the teeth pictures
JudyS: both the no teeth and the extra teeth
JudyS: is funny that they are all missing teeth
Meeka: yup
Meeka: sherri dropped of school pic's today
GuyOLantern: Rich: bronze is at $5 a pound or more currently.
Meeka: they both showing off the missing teeth
Pamela: I'm sure we have some pics of me like that around somewhere : )
rich-c: haven't been following the commodities market, Guy, just know metals have gone through the roof
JudyS: so did Mandy and Ryan is showing no tooth and has the little stick-up going also
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I can tell you that...
Daniel Bienvenu: ... for the adamcon that just ends, I paid for two , for the entire room. Neil know that.
Daniel Bienvenu: it's because I was supposed to be with Steve Bégin
Daniel Bienvenu: So, I want to know if it's possible for me to use this money to have a room for the next Adamcon.
Daniel Bienvenu: you are quiet...
Pamela: you'll have to talk to Neil about that Daniel
rich-c: each Adamcon is a separate entity, Daniel, with different organizers and arrangements
Pamela: as I was saying to Bob a few weeks back, I need to compile a list of questions and then start picking the brains of those who have experience
GuyOLantern: Dan: You mean to say that Steve Begin didn't end up paying you for the room and you had to shell out his share?
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't know what is going on with Steve. acting very strangly
Daniel Bienvenu: He still give me headaches
GuyOLantern: Seems like Steve might have screwed you over if that is the case.
Roberto: right Pam
Roberto: homework of any kind is always helpful
Daniel Bienvenu: If only he cares to answer his messages or the phone... anyway, I will try to talk with Neil again.
Pamela: well we need to do a scouting trip (hopefully in the next few weeks) and I need to compile that list
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope you understand that the first part was in reference to Steve.
Pamela: one of the things I have been doing is writing ideas and suggestions down as they occur to me, and I already have quite a few
rich-c: no problem, Daniel
Roberto: ggod girl
Roberto: good
Roberto: planning is what it is all about
JudyS: sounds like you are on the right track
Dale: email
Daniel Bienvenu: I like ideas, the problem I'm facing up all the time is too short in time to make them.
GuyOLantern: Just found out that my wife's boss was diagnosed with prostate cancer... that disease is real scary for men, have to look into it and see what are the main causes of prostate cancer. Seems widespread.
Daniel Bienvenu: Thanks Dale!
Dale: I am checking on my son.
rich-c: the main cause seems to be age, Guy
GuyOLantern: He's not that old, late 40s, early 50s.
rich-c: some doctors will tell you that if you don't die of prostate cancer, it will be because something else gets you first
GuyOLantern: My mom finally got her knee operation done last week... she's recovering slowly, not able to walk yet unassisted.
rich-c: but the older you get the more likely it is you will have it
rich-c: my younger brother has had a minor bout with it but has it under control
GuyOLantern: my uncle nearly died from prostate cancer.
JudyS: just got Bob's lunch made
rich-c: with some men it rages on very quickly, with others it grows but only by decades
rich-c: tyhere are treatments, some of which are proving successful
JudyS: that is true, neighbor of my parents died this week from bone cancer which started from the prostate
JudyS: my dad had radiation for it
Daniel Bienvenu: I sent Neil a message
rich-c: yes Judy, but at what age?
Meeka: he lasted through the pictures mom?
Daniel Bienvenu: ... did I talk like yoda?
JudyS: no, they didn't get the pictures taken he was too doped up
Daniel Bienvenu: anyway...
Roberto: 83
Meeka: thats to bad
JudyS: he went downhill really fast
GuyOLantern: Daniel: Talk like Yoda, you did not.
Daniel Bienvenu: lol
Pamela: btw where's Ron?
rich-c: yes, that's beyond normal life expectancy, but not by that much
Pamela: (speaking of Yoda speakers)
rich-c: my pension fund tells me that now my actuarial life expectancy is 88 - now I've made it this far
Pamela: sounds good to me : )
GuyOLantern: Go to sleep, I must. See you guys next week, we shall. May the force be with you.
JudyS: keep on ticking
Roberto: you are getting extensions ? just like for paying your income taxes, yes?
Pamela: gnite Guy - hi to Sandra
Roberto: nite Guy
JudyS: night Guy
Roberto: say HELLO to Sandra
GuyOLantern: G'night all!!! I will tell her....
rich-c: it's on;ly eleven more yers, and it's an average for my peer group - I could be on either side of the line
Pamela: holy cow it's gotten windy
GuyOLantern left chat session
Pamela: brr
Roberto: NOW you are gettign what we had all day Pam
rich-c: nite Guy - take care
Roberto: rain to follow
JudyS: that is what happened here also, Pam
Pamela: gee thanks
Meeka: k, time for me to go collapse in bed
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, again... I miss Guy at the end.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Guy
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to quit here. I will be on early next week as well as being on my 3rd week of vacation time
Pamela: and I'll be right behind you Meeka
rich-c: don't know about the rain, but we are getting the cold
Pamela: nite Guy
Pamela: nite Meeka
rich-c: OK Guy, see you then
Meeka: night everyone
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Meeka
Pamela: (PRIVATE) treats to you
Daniel Bienvenu: someone else is leaving?
JudyS: night to you Meeka, and I am ready to go to bed also, so night all
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Treats to you too.
rich-c: and all Slopsemas, goodnite to next week
Guy B.: Poof
Daniel Bienvenu: it's 23 o'clock? or 11pm?
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: night Bob, night Judy
rich-c: in our time zone, yes, Daniel
Pamela: oui Daniel
JudyS left chat session
Roberto: nite
Roberto: zzzzzz.........
Roberto left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit tout le monde.
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope you like our video and game by me and Dale.
rich-c: bonsoir - a la prochaine, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: Have fun by trying them
Pamela: anyway Dad when we have consistent phone service I'll give you a call
Daniel Bienvenu: and talk to you next week.
Pamela: in the interim like I said if you need me call the cell phone
Daniel Bienvenu: take care, goodbye!
Daniel Bienvenu: a la prochaine
Pamela: bonsoir Daniel
rich-c: OK Pam, good luck with Ma Bell
Pamela: thanks
Daniel Bienvenu: and I want to try these rich copyrighted lyrics :
Daniel Bienvenu: colour me gone
Pamela: Eric, do come back again soon
Daniel Bienvenu: ;-)
Daniel Bienvenu: * poof *
Pamela: and Dale, thanks for the advice
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Pamela: gnite Daddy
rich-c: looks like the witching hour has arrived
rich-c: night daughter
Dale: no problem.
Dale: goodnight.
Pamela: night Dale
Pamela: Kerpoof!
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: well, Eric, you didn't seem to get many words in edgewise, here
rich-c: it can be had to follow three or four threads at once if you aren't used to it
rich-c: test
rich-c: seems I have lost everyone - so, goodnight all
Dale: Yup.
Dale: Goodnight.
rich-c: hope to catch you again next week
Dale: I don't know where Eric went.
Dale left chat session
rich-c: well, he was slow to respond earlier, but now I have to go
rich-c: so, colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Eric in Alabama: Sorry, Got involved with the wife and kiddys. I'll try to get back next week!
Eric in Alabama left chat session
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