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rich-c: test
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changed username to BobS
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BobS: YO Richard
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hello Robert
BobS: hi Pam
Pamela: hi
rich-c: hi daughter
BobS: oh oh TWO against ONE
rich-c: both arrive at once
BobS: si senor
Pamela: nah - eating
Pamela: not much help rihgt now
rich-c: sort of declaring a presence without actually being here?
Pamela: just real slow
Pamela: one hand typing
Pamela: between bites
rich-c: that's ok, it's not our best day for any of us
BobS: oh oh, what happened now?????
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
rich-c: for some reason my left hand has been cramping up ferociously
BobS: not a ggo thing Richard
BobS: good
rich-c: salut, Daniel, et bonsoir
Pamela: too much typing?
Pamela: hi Dan
BobS: spasms ??????
BobS: Hi Daniel
rich-c: no, not typing much - Dr. Santo slightly changed one of my meds, took it first time today
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Bob, Pam, Rich... and probably soon... Judy, Guy, Dale, Dr.D., Meeka, and many others good boys are girls who receive soon gifts at Christmas.
Daniel Bienvenu: errr... well, I mistyped again.
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changed username to Judy
BobS: AHHHHH that is probably it then
Pamela: hi judy
Judy: hi, Pam, Daniel, Rich
BobS: see? you were right Daniel
rich-c: went from Pulmicort to Symbicort, which is the same thing plus an additive
rich-c: hi judy
rich-c: could be though that isn't a regular side effect of this particular medication
BobS: there is NOTHING normal in this world
Pamela: what additive?
Judy: sorry to hear that you are not doing so good, Rich
rich-c: may just be the change in the weather - reckon you've had your dose of that already
BobS: yup, gonna have some snow tonight,,.....1-4 inches
Pamela: 2-5 cms for us
Judy: yea, think I coughed so hard last night thru out my back
rich-c: they are calling for 10 - 20 cm. for us - that's up to 8 inches
Judy: you can have it we don't want that much snow
Pamela: there, that's better
rich-c: what did you do to yourself, Judy? And how?
Pamela: happy tummy
Judy: still have the cough I had last week and last night was coughing so hard and this morning had a hard time getting out of bed
Judy: real bummer
Pamela: we don't want it either
rich-c: you don't have any problems with osteopenia or osteoporosis, do you?
Daniel Bienvenu: got also snow... but gradually "go away" and tomorow it will be a good snowy day again... maybe 10cm (4inch)
Judy: no, I don't, have done this before and in a day or two it is better
rich-c: our problem is that Frances has to get to the doctor for 11.45 tomorrow morning, and roads could be dicey
rich-c: you think your back is just a muscle strain, Judy?
BobS: start EARLY, and stop; for coffee when you are almost there [if you are early]
Judy: yes, that is what it feels like
rich-c: Daniel, on what we are seeing, you should look for a bit more of the white stuff next day or two
Daniel Bienvenu: really? more? how much?
Daniel Bienvenu: 25.4cm (10inch)?
rich-c: oh, it's a short drive, only about 2 kilometres, just Frances doesn't like riding on icy roads
BobS: nobody does..........
rich-c: no idea, Daniel, just looking at the storm headed towards Montreal on the weather radar
Pamela: ICK!
Pamela: just watched the forecast
rich-c: I can't justify buying snow tires, so a day or two a year I tend to get caught out like this
BobS: snow tires are for red necks, not careful drivers
rich-c: well, on the radar, the bulk of the moisture has blown by - but the temperature is dropping
Judy: Bob doesn't worry about driving anytime
BobS: and what did the forescaster say ?????
Pamela: 10-20 cms of snow in the next 24 hours
Pamela: and the changeover will be ice pellets
Pamela: I repeat, ick
BobS: right ICK with capital letters
rich-c: Daniel, should lead you quickly to the Quebec Sity forecast, in French
rich-c: well, I've had the road go out from under me a time or two and really don't like it
Pamela: looks like Huntsville got quite a bit today already
rich-c: they are up in teh snowbelt - Barrie and up, expect to get dumped on
Pamela: callers are reporting ice pellets on the 400 just north of the city
Pamela: one of those days when I'm glad I only have to go 4 blocks to the GO station
rich-c: this is actually moving from the southwest. so we and the Slopsemas may get more than GuyB or Rich this time
BobS: hmmmmmm.......bad omen
Pamela: it's supposed to be originating in Southern Illinois
rich-c: they wil be long blocks come this down - walk
Pamela: so Bob and Judy, you will most likely get hit
Pamela: do you know how long it would take to walk that?
rich-c: well, it's basically an arctic air mass, but they got an inch in Lethbridge today and a foot in Missoula, MT
Pamela: I am not getting up at 5:30
rich-c: our guy in Kansas City was complaining about a heavy snowfall yesterday
Pamela: I hope
Pamela: Russell is careful coming home
rich-c: I think he has learned his lesson about slippery surfaces - where is he off to?
Pamela: from work
rich-c: oh, what is he doing?
BobS: cool. when did he get a job??????
BobS: \thought he was still unemployed
Pamela: oh hell, I forgot you don't know
BobS: ya
Pamela: <oops>
Pamela: he's working 3-10 pm Monday to Friday at another alarm company
rich-c: well those are somewhat more civilized hours, at any case
rich-c: do we know the compasny?
Pamela: Vigilarm
rich-c: never heard of them, but no doubt we will
Pamela: I'm sorry Dad, I thought we told everyone
Judy: that is great Pam that he got another job
rich-c: nice he has the weekends off though
BobS: right!!!
BobS: and in a few years he can transfer to days??????? maybe, eh?
Pamela: given that it's his ideal shift, he didn't feel he turn it down : )
Pamela: he doesn't want days Bob he's not a morning person
Pamela: I'm glad he's out from under foot in the evenings
Judy: then that will work out perfet for him
BobS: just checked the weather service and it confirms the parade of weather going up the missippi valey mostly and on up into canada
rich-c: I can guess those hours don't carry a big salary, but thats peripheral right now
Pamela: don't get me started, Dad : )
BobS: money is money man.............some better than noe
BobS: noe
BobS: none
rich-c: ah, OK, we must have another of those collisions of gulf air with an arctic air mass - batten down the hatches
Pamela: someone sneezed again when drawing the jetstream
Judy: worse come to worse we will have to go pick up my parents for Thankgiving
BobS: chicago is not getting anything
rich-c: it's one of those classic early winter weather patterns (or late fall, still a month to the solstice)
Pamela: anyway, I'm back to cooking dinner during the week
Pamela: but I'm enjoying having the evenings to myself
rich-c: We have only looked at the NOAA website in Buffalo
Pamela: geez, I can't type that fast
BobS: type type type
Pamela: 5 to 10 cms of snow and ice pellets overnight followed by another 5-10 cms of snow over the course of tomorrow
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm here...
Daniel Bienvenu: Just trying to finish something at the same time
rich-c: that's an advantage we have - NOAA is not that much use for Daniel, except for the continental big picture
Pamela: I was trying to read and type from the environment canada warning but too much information
rich-c: bring up notepad and transcribe to that, it can help
Pamela: i'm starting to regret that I didn't go for gas tonite
rich-c: well, I've already bought my gas for the month
Pamela: I'm driving so little, I'm not using much either
rich-c: actually not sure, may still be running on October's fill
BobS: gas going up in canada like it is here?
BobS: AND jumping around too
rich-c: well, outside of shopping and medical appointments, we're not going anywhere either
Pamela: I wouldn't need gas now but Lindsay borrowed my truck on monday and used about a 1/4 tank
BobS: TRUCK ??????
Pamela: well technically, yes
Pamela: it's built on a truck chassis
rich-c: I hope she replaced it - I think gas was $1.044 a litre today
BobS: thought you had an Explorer 2 or somthing
BobS: ahso
Pamela: yeah, she gave me $ for it
Pamela: it's an Escape, Bob
Pamela: and it's about to get it's first snow workout
BobS: 4 whel drive?
Pamela: I'm going to have to learn to drive in snow all over again
Pamela: yes
rich-c: like my Safari, Bob, built on a truck platform
BobS: antilock that is
rich-c: just remember 4WD just lets you get stuck deeper, further from home
Pamela: it's not a roller skate!
rich-c: it's no help steering and no help in braking
BobS: ggod one Richard
BobS: good
Pamela: I won't drive any different in the truck than I did in the car
Pamela: slow and careful is my motto
Judy: never heard that before and it is great
Pamela: I just have to get a handle on how the truck handles
rich-c: it's a car people joke, judy, non-enthusiasts don't hear it
Judy: very good!!!!
rich-c: it's simple, Pam - hit ice and you're a passenger
Pamela: well the Taurus was big and heavy
rich-c: well-polished snow has the same effect
Pamela: it handled relatively well in snow
rich-c: the Escape is likely significantly heavier
Pamela: the truck is about the same weight, but distributed slightly differently
Pamela: it's higher among other things
rich-c: weight is the enemy of driving in snow
Pamela: I disagree
rich-c: I've done more than you have - and in a greater variety of vehicles
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Pamela: that's true, but I'm still entitled to my opinion : )
changed username to Meeka
rich-c: evening, Meeka
Pamela: hi Meeka
Meeka: hello
rich-c: best snow car we had (in your lifetime) was the Zephyr - which was also the lightest
Pamela: yes, but still a larger car
Pamela: I wouldn't want to be driving a Civic in weather like this
BobS: hi Meeka
Judy: Hi, Meeka
BobS: turkey ready to be heatedup in the morning??????
rich-c: no, the Zephyr was built off the early Fox platform, same as the Mustang, a small car
Meeka: think so
rich-c: if you knew how to handle front wheel drive you would find it comparatively easy
Pamela: so what do you have planned for Thanksgiving?
rich-c: scary, but easy ; - )
Pamela: front wheel drive?
rich-c: you did have the Taurus so I guess you know
Pamela: yes both recent vehicles are FWD
Pamela: only the LTD was rear wheel
Pamela: I didn't like driving it in snow at all
rich-c: they are reputed to be easier to drive in snow - though I have some buddies who'd differ on that
BobS: the whole gagn is coming here !!!!!
Meeka: i dont like rear wheel in the snow either
BobS: to mom and dad's house
Pamela: everyone has a different opinion
rich-c: there are two different techniques needed for snow driving, depending on the driven wheels
Judy: I am cooking
BobS: stay away from people.........and stay away form people
Pamela: I'd like to go to skid school at some point
Judy: was baking all day today
Judy: we will be eatting
BobS: no skid........antilock brakes
Pamela: and when all else fails, hit something cheap : )
rich-c: it would be a good move for you, Pam
Pamela: that and learning to drive stick
Judy: what time are you putting the bird in the oven, Meeka?
rich-c: and Bob, on snow antilock brakes can lock up and fail to stop you - they plow ridges of snow ahead of them
Meeka: around 9:30 or 10
Pamela: actually Bob, the Taurus didn't have ABS
Meeka: its a 10-12lb bird
rich-c: I won't say I've forgotten how to drive stick - but I'd need a serious review
Pamela: took me some time to get used to teh ABS on the truck
Meeka: mine did Pam
Pamela: yours was newer though Meeka - mine was a '93
Judy: I have a 14lb so will have to go in a little earlier
rich-c: keep forgetting you Americans have a holiday tomorrow - the official launch of the Christmas shopping season
Meeka: i figured that I wanted it done around noon, then soon as its done we will head your way
Pamela: are you cooking two turkeys for the gang?
Meeka: yup
Pamela: I'm looking forward to Thursday and Friday - I expect them to be very quiet days at work
Judy: that will work
BobS: why?
Pamela: I work in the US Workers Compensation department Bob
rich-c: she works for an American company - head office will be closed
Pamela: most of my clients are American
Pamela: I do not work for an American company Dad
BobS: cool very slow days then
rich-c: OK, a subsidiary of an American company, more precisely
BobS: lsame thing
Pamela: actually my clients are Canadian companies with American divisions
Daniel Bienvenu: what is Ron email, I still have to send my christmas powerpaint picture
rich-c:, Daniel
Pamela: requiring USWC and US Auto liability coverage
Pamela: which is what my department specializes in
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BobS: ronald NEEDS your pictures
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
Pamela: Hi Guy
rich-c: hello Guy, gatehr you midded the snowstorm
Pamela: are you knee deep in snow yet?
BobS: the source of all this rain and snow......GUY!!!!!!!
Guy B.: No snow yet. We are expecting 1 to 2 inches later tonight
Pamela: to quote Erin, meh
Pamela: that's nothing
Daniel Bienvenu: done... finaly sent my powerpaint picture for the adam ecard.
BobS: the weather people are telling us 1-4 inches here
rich-c: yes, the storm is from the southwest, you shoulf just see the fringes
Pamela: well done Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: yeah!
BobS: good job Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope you will like it
BobS: sent in a couple this week
Guy B.: You're getting more since the Low pressure is closer to you than here in Chicago
BobS: maybe Sun it was
BobS requested to ban Judy
Pamela confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
rich-c: yes, it's a collision of two air masses and in the warmer one, Guy
BobS: Judy's puter shut down cause she went away for a minute
Pamela: weather guy just said that the centre of the low is currently between Shelbyville, IN and Dayton, OH
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changed username to Judy
Guy B.: HI Judy
Judy: Hi, Guy
rich-c: one of those cases where we get a certain amount of lake effect snow
Daniel Bienvenu: welcome back, Judy!
Pamela: note to self - I hope they remember to turn on the underground ramp heater tonite
rich-c: though it takes a southeast wind to really nail us
Judy: sometimes computers minds are dumb
Pamela: you said it Judy
Judy: it just decided to shut down
rich-c: computers re a plot against civilization - just ask Doug
BobS: that is what the computer graphics model shows also Pam......going to the east of us and up to you
rich-c: I was looking at an ad for a new line of Dell Computers this week
Judy: I have to be carefull what I ask, some of his answers are way to deep for me
Meeka: lol
rich-c: it listed all the neat gee-whiz things the new Intel chip could do
Meeka: least you only hear it sparingly
Pamela: and do you believe them?
rich-c: unfortunately, even the things I could understand wouldn't interest me in the least
Pamela: what does interest you?
rich-c: I'm beginning to conclude every computer currrently on the market is too overdesigned to be useful for me
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changed username to BrianW
Guy B.: HI Brian
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Brian
rich-c: for instance - I have three full capable business suites - and no reason to install any of them
Meeka: hello
BobS: greetings Brian
Pamela: Hello Brian
Judy: hi, Brian
rich-c: hi Brian, how's things in Ottawa? snow reached you yet?
BobS: BUT Richard, you do HAVE the 3 very wonderful programs, yes?????
BobS: so how can you complain.........
Pamela: I must say, I'm glad to have a computer at home that's fully capable of doing work
Pamela: I've brought a lot of work home over the last few weeks
rich-c: oh, I have lots more than three, they just aren't any use to me
BobS: to us, computers are more toys thatn anything else
BrianW: Hello to all, just dropped by to listen to the adam news
BobS: ADAM is having thanksgiving here in the states tomorrow
rich-c: OK, wait till I go get my beer, then - brb
BrianW: Yes the snow has arrived. It was beautiful this morning.
BobS: ok now it is time to melt
Judy: hope you keep it there, we really don't want it
Meeka: ya, snow sucks for shopping day
Pamela: oh yes, Black Friday is coming
Judy: sure does, did you see that Kohl's is opening at 4AM
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BobS: we WILL be there.....for sure
Meeka: ya, sherri said that
Pamela: what you just saw was my eyeballs popping out of my head. 4 AM??????????
Guy B.: So is Penney's
Judy: this is nuts, what time do they think you are going to start shopping
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rich-c: why, don't they start at midnight for Harry Potter books?
Meeka: lol, they must figure some people wont even go to bed
Pamela: poor Rich, he's heading north on Friday morning
BobS: hey, inthe states, the economy sucks and they ALL wan tyour money
BobS: earlier than later
Guy B.: Two stores at 4 AM, Walmart, Best Buy, Linens N Things at 5 AM, Target at 6AM
Judy: I didn't see that Penney's will be open that early
Guy B.: Just saw the commercial tonight
Pamela: at least he's going against the flow
BobS: you going shopping that early Guy?
Judy: Sears is 5 also
rich-c: I think they're all nuts
Guy B.: Don't know yet until I read the ads tomorrow
BobS: I agree Richard
Pamela: I'm with you Dad
BobS: I don't' care WHAt the ads say
rich-c: where is Rich going?
Pamela: he's coming up here
Judy: we always go shopping but we are fair morning shoppers
Guy B.: And I'm going to at least start setting up my Christmas lights before I head for my cousin's house in Naperville later in the afternoon.
Meeka: ya, leave around 8
Meeka: start shoppin about 9
Guy B.: So, you're heading out then
rich-c: he'll be coming into some pretty dicey driving conditions, then - any idea how he is on slippery roads?
BobS: you'll know when he gets there
Pamela: fairly good - last winter he didn't have much trouble coping
rich-c: glad you said when, Bob
Pamela: my concern is that he gets enough rest
rich-c: yes, that is certainly not his speciualty
rich-c: by the way, has Erin found a job yet?
BobS: she is unemployed??????
Pamela: she has a line on a couple of things and is waiting to hear
BobS: thought she was secure?
Pamela: yes, her minister didn't get another cabinet position
rich-c: no specific assignment, Bob, with the changeover after the election
BobS: but she will stay in the gov't office?
rich-c: political critters are affected by such things
Pamela: she will either go to another ministry or to the bureacracy
Pamela: at the moment she's leaning towards the bureacracy
Pamela: I spelled that wrong
Pamela: bureaucracy
Pamela: that's better
rich-c: will they want he that badly knowing she will be leaving soon?
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Pamela: yes, as I understand it they're trying to set something up specifically tailored to her needs
rich-c: politically trustworthy bodies available for short time assignments can be very useful to a party at times
Pamela: I think they're trying to get her in on contract
BobS: leaving soon for why??????
Pamela: contracts 5 months, 29 days long I believe
BobS: the way the us is bungling the marriage thing, it could be years
Pamela: well theoretically sooner or later Immigration will decide she can join her hubby : )
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale and I are thinking about which "christmas theme" video game should be fun to do... something that could be programmed on Colecovision but will run on Nintendo DS for a christmas video game contest.
Pamela: right now they're estimating 12 to 18 months
Daniel Bienvenu: if someone have an idea of a "winning game concept".
BobS: sounds neat Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: tell us
rich-c: well, if nothing else Bush will be gone in January 2009
BobS: well duh, that is a given
Meeka: well guys, I fading fast, i see ya next week
Judy: what does Bush have to do with them?
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Daniel Bienvenu: (bone nuit) goodnight Meeka!
Pamela: Happy Thanksgiving Meeka
Daniel Bienvenu: too late...
rich-c: it also means there's a very good chance of a bit more sane approach to border matters
rich-c: with any luck much of the Republican party will get tossed with him
rich-c: OK Meeka, see you soon, take care
BobS: like we need Hillary
Pamela: wow, she poofed in a hurry
BobS: we need a real dark horse
Pamela: well it's still a couple of months till the first primaries
rich-c: the point is, the security paranoia is led by the Republicans - with them out, a more balanced approach is likely
Pamela: someone else may yet emerge
Judy: Wed's are not good nights for Meeka, she has to have a shot on Wed
rich-c: like, they won't be stopping fire trucks at the border while American buildings burn down
Pamela: yeah, I heard about that
rich-c: or vthe ambulance that was sent over from Windsor - stopped even thopugh it had pre-clearance
Pamela: I'm sure there's more to that than meets the eye
Judy: not a chance
Guy B.: Be right back. I have to reboot
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: I'm talking about two real incidents that happened this week, Judy
BobS: what we have is a "failure to communicate".............
BobS: mostly it is the local power hungry jerks that have the say
rich-c: would you believe "bad attitude" - the same mindset that makes you take off baby's booties before you can get on a plane?
BobS: give someon a little power and it goes to their head and they blow it
Judy: good reason not to fly
rich-c: they haven't been given a little power, Bob - they've been given far too much for the wrong reasons
BobS: profiling...........that is the answer,not being jerks
BobS: true onthe power thing
Pamela: oh, but they so enjoy being jerks
Judy: that they do
rich-c: you know that, and I know that - but the current government leadership does not know that
BobS: and by profiling, I don't mean generally for different groups, but the entire population ingeneral
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Back
Pamela: that better Guy?
BobS: if they can train the agents to watch and pick out the trouble makers, we would all be better off
Judy: welcome back
rich-c: hi Guy again, then
rich-c: unfortunately what is needed is minimal common sense - and the current regime is against that
BobS: the entire hirachy is agin it
rich-c: yes, hence you need a change of government, and such will benefit Erin on her immigration
Pamela: I hope it doesn't allow her to fall through the cracks
BobS: don't count on it
rich-c: oh, eventually a certain level of common sense will prevail
Guy B.: I forgot to turn the printer on and I couldn't print anything. So, I had to reboot
BobS: tis just a different name onthe door, and hopefully a little more honesty......BUT, the politicians are still politicians, and probably all crooked.........
Pamela: I'll be back in a minute, I have to go deal with lunch for tomorrow
rich-c: even if you simply get the real Republicans in place of the current crowd, things will improve
BobS: common sense will never prevail, you know that
BobS: lunch=TURKEY
rich-c: also Friday lunch, and dinner, and... - right, Bob?
BobS: amen. love turkey I do
BobS: but only the white meat
rich-c: odd, we prefer the dark, and sul;k that it's so hard to come by
rich-c: though in parts, Frances is more likely to buy breasts than thighs
Daniel Bienvenu: question : (because of the tradition) if the us president saves a turkey that die suddently a few minutes or hours... do they have to save anothero one? do they eat the dead turkey?
Judy: we don't usually have that much left-overs
BobS: good question Daniel
rich-c: oh, that PR stunt - actually he "pardons" a couple of turkeys, just in case
BobS: you got the answer?????
Judy: white meat is better for you
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
Guy B.: HI Dale
rich-c: hello Dale and welcome aboard
BobS: Hi Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Dale
Judy: hi, Dale
Daniel Bienvenu: did you fix an idea of christmas minigame to do?
Pamela: Hi Dale
Dale: I read the documention on how to program the DS this morning.
Dale: Hi Pam.
Dale: 128 sprites is a lot.
Dale: And the sprites can be 32x32 or 64x64. I'm impressed.
Pamela: I missed out on my turkey this year
Dale: Are we talking about US thanksgiving?
BobS: si senor
BobS: turkey day
BobS: actually just a day off from work
BobS: hooray
Judy: and lots of good food
Dale: I've hear it is a big shopping day on Friday, as big as Boxing Day sales in Canada.
BobS: the biggest day
Judy: that would be black Friday
BobS: they claim retailers know if the year will be in the black OR the red after Friday
Judy: starting at 4 am this year
rich-c: yes, they call it Black Friday in retail because it's the day that takes the stores into black ink for the year
BobS: hopefully
Pamela: they'll get lots of help from the Canadians this year
Pamela: I shudder to think what the border will be like
rich-c: should be interesting to see what happens this year - the economy is in fundamentally pretty awful shape
Judy: good place to stay away from
rich-c: but the retail sector seems to be staying up, despite all expectations
rich-c: yes, can't figure what all the Canadian hysteria is about
Judy: they are not expecting it to be good that is why they want to start earlier
rich-c: by teh time you pay gass or bus fare to Buffalo, and duty and taxes on what you buy, you're hundreds of bucks behind
Dale: But it's exciting to do.
Daniel Bienvenu: I think I prefer a game concept that use max 32 sprites... just to be as close as possible to a possible ColecoVision port.
Dale: Even if it isn't really cheaper.
rich-c: I just suspect they can't count to 11 without taking off their shoes... ; - )
Dale: So no 2256 colour sprites?
rich-c: but dollar parity is sure giving Canadian retail a long overdue shakeup
Dale: 256*
Daniel Bienvenu: ho I will make is colorfull... but not too difficult to port the gameplay on coleco
Dale: Well if you went that week where the canadian dollar was worth 1.10 us (mostly 1.06 on the weekend) it does add up eventually.
Pamela: it certainly makes shopping online at US stores easier
Judy: I will be signing off now, night all until next week
Dale: HAve you used the tiled modes before?
Pamela: night Judy - Happy Thanksgiving to you all
rich-c: night Judy, take care of yourself - see you next week
Judy left chat session
Guy B.: Night Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: I just used the hello world sample to make the game demo I did in one day
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't check everything possible yet
rich-c: is it fairly easily to dither doiwn from 256 colours to 16? I think I recall from the 3.1 days that it is
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to be wrapping things up here. Annie will have me for the 4 day weekend. Bob, Happy Thanksgiving. I know you Canadians already celebrated Thanksgiving. Will see you all next week.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Guy
Pamela: Happy Thanksgiving Guy
rich-c: nite, Guy and happy Thanksgiving
Pamela: (PRIVATE) hugs to you
Guy B.: (PRIVATE) Me too and Annie does too.
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: Happy Thanksgiving Bob
BobS: and with that.......I will be leaving also........BE GOOD and I will be on NEXT week......................... fer sure, eh????? [say YA to da U.P.]
BobS: thanks
BobS: nite all
Pamela: g'nite
BobS left chat session
rich-c: nite Bob
rich-c: guess it's time for me to pull the plug, too
Pamela: I'm going to poof as well - I still have laundry to put away and I want to get a good nights sleep in prep for tomorrow
rich-c: will we be hearing from you soon, Pam?
Pamela: Dad, drive safely tomorrow
Pamela: hopefully Friday evening
rich-c: ditto, likewise, and right backatcha
rich-c: OK, we'll update then
Pamela: okay. Gnite Daddy
Pamela: Dale, Daniel, good night and safe commutes : )
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit pam
rich-c: Daniel, a la prochaine; Dale, hope you two work out a neat game - see you next week
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit rich
Pamela: Kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Dale: just us two.
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale, if you want to talk... we can say goodnight here and continue on messenger
Dale: sure.
Daniel Bienvenu: bye
Dale: bye
Dale left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session > chat > Wed 2007-11-21
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