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Scott: Hi Daniel
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rich-c: salut, Daniel - hi, Scott
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Daniel Bienvenu: finaly, I'm here
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry... got trouble
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Dale: Hi all.
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rich-c: well, trouble happens - Winbreak easy
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Dale: How's it going.
rich-c: hello Dale, didn't realize that was you cdoming in
Scott: Hello. It's been awhile
Daniel Bienvenu: First time I logged in tonight... there was nobody in the list. I just decided to lod off and retyr and poof you are here!
rich-c: sorry, Daniel - I meant Windows breaks easy
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Scott... lastname?
Dale: Hi Scott.
Scott: Gordon
Dale: Are you Scott Gordon?
Scott: Yes.
rich-c: well, we are usually here close on to 9 p.m. but erarely before and may be a minute or two late
Dale: The one and only. For a while Scott hosted our Internet Adam chats.
Scott: Yes, that was awhile ago
Dale: Do you have a current website Scott?
Scott: Yes. and
Scott: is an author website so it's a little wierd
Scott: I've written a draft of a fantasy novel and am slowly putting some content up
rich-c: like, lit4erary author, or about game authorship?
Scott: Literary author
rich-c: aha, taking after your mother - how is she doing, by the way?
Scott: is my future Colecovision website
Scott: Good. She's still working on a draft of her new book.
Scott: She's in Arizona now
Scott: BTW, I have a new job.
rich-c: how many books has she had published so far?
Scott: For better or worse, I'm working for the US Government
Scott: She's published a total of 6 novels.
Scott: I am part of the IT security team for the Bureau of Land Management
rich-c: and has a seventh on the way - that's a good measure of success
Scott: The BLM is under the Department of the Interior (DOI)
Daniel Bienvenu: I like the coleco screenshot that says "the best game in town is back"... I wonder which game is back.
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rich-c: well, I'm sure al-Quada will be trying to steal all the top-secret firefighting maps any day now
Meeka: hello
Scott: Daniel - It's from Coleco's original advertising
Dale: Scott, Daniel has convinced me to go over to the dark side, and make some commercial homebrew games.
BobS: Mercy sakes kids, got lots here tonight
Dale: On physical cartridges.
Scott: "The Best Game In Town Keeps On Getting Better"
rich-c: hello Meeka and Bob
BobS: hi all
Scott: Really? Are you serious? That's good news. I bet you could do very well, Dale
Scott: Do you really have time for it?
Scott: Too bad you're not interested in doing Nintendo DS development, although I have no idea what licensing fees are like
Daniel Bienvenu: Did you say Nintendo DS?
Dale: Funny you should mention NDS.
Scott: BTW, my son is now 16 months old
Dale: Daniel has also convinced me to make my first NDS homebrew for christmas.
Dale: Good stuff!
Scott: His name is Aidyn
rich-c: how time flies! Well done, Scott
Scott: There's some pics of him on
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, I'm the bad guy who convince everybody to program new games for systems I like.
rich-c: seems I recall that - when were you last on, Scott
Scott: I wasn't sure if I mentioned it
Dale: Here are most of my PSP games:
Dale: All written by me, or me and a team, with source code.
Daniel Bienvenu: Aidyn?... it's nice! ... but I never heard this name before...
rich-c: it's not a common one, Daniel
Scott: Wow, very impressive PSP portfolio
BobS: BUT becoming more common every day Daniel
Scott: Sorry, how's it going Bob, Meeka?
rich-c: well, names have their fad periods
Daniel Bienvenu: One of James' child is named Aiden... that is almost my first name but scrambled a little bit.
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Scott: Aidan is very popular now in the US.
changed username to Pamela
Scott: Aidyn is a name of a character from an old SNES game
rich-c: hi daughter
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Pam!
Meeka: hi pam
Pamela: g'day all
Scott: Aidyn's Quest I believe
Meeka: not bad, a bit cold & rainy Scott
Daniel Bienvenu: Aidyn's Quest? if it's a video game, I want to take a look! :-)
Scott: We had snow last night
BobS: g'day Pamela
Scott: I may even have the SNES ROM somewhere.
Dale: think Aidyn looks like you! :-D
rich-c: we're riding a wave in the jet stream - warm, then cold, then warm again and cold again
Scott: Correction, Aidyn's Chronicles for the N64
Pamela: cold right now!
Dale: I'll be back...story time for my son still.
Scott: Aidyn looks nothing like his mother, Ligia. She's Colombian
Scott: Looking like me could be both good and bad
rich-c: it was -6C this morning and may top +6C tonight
Scott: Aidyn Chronicles:
Pamela: rain again -ick
BobS: raining here tonight, then COLD tomorrow
Daniel Bienvenu: a Nintendo 64 rpg game? my game system stoped working... or it's a problem with wires.
Scott: Daniel, what are you working on?
Daniel Bienvenu: Jeepers Creepers was done for Halloween. Now I try to finish the minigames cartridges for christmas. And Bejeweled is still in the planning to be release before the end of the year.
Daniel Bienvenu: except that, I want to try making or updating tools.
Daniel Bienvenu: as usual
Scott: Jeepers Creepers - is this an update to a ROM that you created some time ago?
Daniel Bienvenu: it's the final version now, no more update...
Scott: That's one of my favorite games
Daniel Bienvenu:
Pamela: (PRIVATE) Dad, Aunt C told me about your surgery consult - we'll discuss more by phone?
Scott: That's right! I came across you the other day on YouTube
Daniel Bienvenu: Since I have this youtube account, I try to only submit coleco homebrew related stuff.
rich-c: (PRIVATE) yes, although there is more to come
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, doing online video is something I wanted to try...
Daniel Bienvenu: There is my dev-fr blog too... not so much stuff for now :
Pamela: (PRIVATE) I figured as much which is I why I thought to discuss by phone
Scott: Just watched the video on TI graphics modes. Excellent narration. Is this your video?
rich-c: (PRIVATE) essentially till I hear from the second doctor there is nothing arraqnged
Daniel Bienvenu: All mines
rich-c: (PRIVATE) all things being equal, I prefer the laproscopic surgery if I can get it in a reasonable time
Daniel Bienvenu: I did all these video by myself... it's easy, but need time to edit.
Scott: Who's the narrator? Excellent voice!
Scott: Also just watched the Jeepers Creepers video. Your wife/girlfriend?
Pamela: (PRIVATE) that's why I wanted to discuss on the phone, to get all the option details
Daniel Bienvenu: it's text-to-speech technology
rich-c: (PRIVATE) first we need to find out what the options are
Daniel Bienvenu: I give the information in the "mre details" section of the videos.
Scott: That's awesome. Had no idea that was a computerized voice. Just excellent.
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Daniel Bienvenu: Dale helped me for the word "monochrome"... because it sounded first like "mana krum" and he finaly find a way to make it sounds more like "monochrome"
changed username to Judy
Judy: Hi, everyone
Pamela: Hi Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: Hi Judy!
rich-c: hi Judy
Judy: Now that I have my work done I have arrived
Meeka: hello
rich-c: that your studies or are you into a job?
Scott: Pentago looks very interesting
Judy: how is the Adam world?
Pamela: quiet : )
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't invent the game pentago, I just did a version for colecovision. you can find this game online, and there is a wiki page about this game nobody seems to know.
Judy: no, just talking to the kids to find out what they want to bring to the Slopsema Christmas party
Scott: Wizards Siege is good stuff
Judy: no job yet, but I have been given to a new job placement person so maybe she will help some
rich-c: don't know whether that's good or bad, Judy
Judy: have to meet with her next week and see what happens after that
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, this is based on Batty (popular game on Commodore 64), but with an annoying Wizard who try to stop you. Unfortunatly, the game still in development... the game is ready, but not complete yet.
Scott: Great tutorial for using the ColecoVision C Language Programming Kit
Judy: each person only stays with a placement for 60 days then you are passed on
Daniel Bienvenu: well, it's more a "download and try, just like this" than a real tutorial.
rich-c: so very ambiguous then, Judy - really tells you nothing
Scott: That's OK. It will save fledgling programmers lots of time
Judy: yes, it says that I am not the only one they can't find jobs for, lot of us out there
Daniel Bienvenu: I understand that people want things that work fast and quick, no tons of download and config.
rich-c: or, it's a good coverup for placement officers that aren't, shall we say, overly skilled?
Judy: I wasn't real impressed with the last one so they can only go up from here, right?
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, the only thing I didn'T do is a game make... and I think I have too many other things to do before.
rich-c: you can always hope - and I assume you're using other means as well
Scott: BTW, did you notice that Opcode Game's website is temporarily shut down?
Judy: oh, yes, the internet for one and the local paper
Daniel Bienvenu: There is a contest for NDS homebrew programmers, and the criteria to win the contest is "make me laugh".
Daniel Bienvenu: Opcode website is down? again?
rich-c: right - no local gossip groups that could be useful, are there?
Judy: don't really think there is a chance of getting a job before Christmas
Daniel Bienvenu: I checked this week-end and it was working
rich-c: no, folks tend to be preoccupied with other things - still, one never knows
Judy: have talked to ones from our church and here and there, also
Scott: The website is up, but development has ground to a halt
rich-c: and the job you are looking for is narrowly specialised, so special rules may apply
Scott: There's a "Temporary Shutdown Announcement" on the home page
Judy: yes, and no I am not that fussy
Scott: Too bad, really. They were doing lots of interesting work.
Scott: The game I was personally interested in was "Castlevania Redux"
rich-c: well, it's a very closely defined skill set, so I'd guess fussy couldn't be a factor anyway
Daniel Bienvenu: oh...yeah! I know. well, I foloow a little bit the discussion in AtariAge web site, and it looks like everything will be back to normal... next year, with the release of a 128K cartridge with the 3 pacman games inside.
Dale: Back.
Scott: Really? That's great news. Do you have a direct link to the ongoing discussion (I'm lazy)?
Daniel Bienvenu: just a second...
Scott: Dale - your PSP portfolio is good stuff
Dale: The shut down announcement will only be taken off when the PacMan collection is released.
rich-c: you're very quiet, Meeka - a bit tired perhaps?
Scott: Gotcha
Dale: Which might be soon, since Eduardo is actively working on it since the end of September.
Judy: I just want to get something that I can use some of my skills and not one that I am stretched to the limit
Scott: This is great news
Daniel Bienvenu: the discussion about eduardo's pacman collection is on atariage web site :
rich-c: well yes but your training now is medical secretary, right?
Dale: Eduardo has been posting regularly on atariagige of his progress.
Judy: the last gal I was working with would send me a list to apply to and they need a degree, I do not have that and I told her so several times
rich-c: a nursing degree, you mean?
Scott: Did not know this. Guess I was out of the loop
Dale: Scott, here is my latest minigame for ColecoVision:
Daniel Bienvenu: I've jsut subscribe to your videos, Dale. ;-)
Judy: no, college degree
rich-c: why would they want that? it's hardly essential for the job
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Dale: I've got 99 views on the Mist Maid, which is good. But Daniel's new Jeepers Creepers game has over 800 views, I guess.
Daniel Bienvenu: over 900 now
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Dale: Judy, they may not require a degree, even though they claim that they do, if you have suitable experience.
BobS confirmed ban
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, in only a month and 900 views for a coleco homebrew game... that's amazing!
BobS: I'm back
Scott: Reminds me of Turbo on water
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Daniel Bienvenu: yes, turbo on water. ;-)
changed username to eMacRonald
Judy: but I don't think I do have the experience that she was saying that i have
rich-c: hi to the left coast
eMacRonald: eHello
Scott: Good job. Keep up the good work.
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Ron!
Scott: Wow, I'm impressed how much development is going on
eMacRonald: Hey Scott!
Scott: Now if I can just get myself to finish my own projects...
rich-c: defining experience can be dodgy - some folks get quite creastive
Scott: Hey Ron!
eMacRonald: How ya doin?
Meeka: brb, need a drink
Dale: Hi Ron.
eMacRonald: shaken, not stirred Meeka
Daniel Bienvenu: Scott, do you know anything about Marcel de Kogel game named I.C.E.? Just a screenshot, it's not enough for me.
Judy: hi, Ron and Dale
Pamela: Hi Ron
eMacRonald: Hi Pamela, Hi Judy, Hi Dale
Scott: I'm have to run in the next 5 minutes to watch the latest Ultimate Fighter episode. Will be back afterward, though
BobS: RON, how are ?????
Dale: Richard, to answer a question you asked last week: you can add your own custom action under the Edit menu.
rich-c: Dale et al: is there any general website where game emulators can be downloaded?
Dale: So you can have any action you want.
Scott: I.C.E. was shelved because of Marcel's accident. Don't know much more beyond that
eMacRonald: I got the files Bob. Haven't opened them yet, they're sitting right here on my flash drive
BobS: well, openthem suckers man
Scott: I could ask Michael Thomasson of GDG to see if there's been any progress
Daniel Bienvenu: Keep me informed... because I have no contact with Marcel ... during the last 2-3 years
eMacRonald: Do a google search on emulators Rich, you find hundreds
rich-c: ah, OK, Dale, thanks - shows you how much I've poked around the program, doesn't it ; - )
Meeka: back
Scott: Dale and Daniel - Do you have regular development meetings?
eMacRonald: So what are we drinkin' Meeka?
Daniel Bienvenu: we use generaly messenger and emails
Scott: Ok, I'll ask Mike and see what's the latest. He's got another developer who's doing ColecoVision games
Scott: Crown Jewels is his latest, I believe
Meeka: crystal light-peach tea
Dale: Instant Messenger is a good tool for development usually.
Daniel Bienvenu: the sequel? Crown Jewels 2!?
eMacRonald: sounds neat
Dale: And the occasional email.
eMacRonald: I have a banana milkshake goin here
Dale: Are you on Daniel's yahoo group for ColecoVision developemnt?
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Pamela: me, I'm drinkin' Hawaiian Punch
changed username to ginger
Pamela: Hi Rin
eMacRonald: enjoy Pamela
ginger: allo
Daniel Bienvenu: err.. Dale... ColecoProgramm Yahoo group is not my initiative
eMacRonald: that must me a Rin
rich-c: hi Rin, been a while - they found you a job yet?
Judy: Meeka, I went to Linda today and she is back working in her house
eMacRonald: Hi Rin
Scott: Yes, Search for the Crown Jewels 2
ginger: hi all
Daniel Bienvenu: it's Eduardo who started it, but don't use it at all.
Scott: Gotta go. Will stop by on commercial breaks
Dale: You don't moderate that colecovision list on yahoo?
ginger: hi Uncle they haven't found me a job yet
Judy: Hi, Erin
Meeka: really
Dale: I thought you did.
rich-c: take care, Scott
Meeka: that didnt last long
eMacRonald: I guess I'm gonna hafta get into some of these games. Could at least give you guys a review
Judy: yes, lots of reasons to leave the place
ginger: I had a meeting yesterday with the civil servants at Labour and they've given me a job offer
Daniel Bienvenu: talk to you later, then... bye Scott
Judy: didn't supprise me at all
eMacRonald: Hey Rin, how about that.....congrats
Meeka: no not really
rich-c: think you might switch to the civil service?
Dale: Later Scott. Maybe we'll still be here at 11.
Pamela: gnite Scott
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't have power to moderate this coleco prog yahoo group. In fact, there is no moderation at all... that explains the spams.
Dale: (err 11 EST)
ginger: I am seriously considering it
Scott: Ok
ginger: they've gone out of their way on this one and it's a job created with me in mind
Meeka: i have to get mine done soon too
eMacRonald: l8r Scott
rich-c: a bit tricky since you don't know how long you will be able to stay
ginger: we've discussed that and they are cool with whatever happens
Judy: well, she is a lot closer to you again
Daniel Bienvenu: You are using Ginger because of which character? Ginger in Gilligan's Island?
eMacRonald: That's right Rich, had forgotten about that
Meeka: yup
Judy: did you get your Christmas tree up?
ginger: it's a one year contract with extension likely if I need it (it's something they eventually want as a permanent position)
rich-c: on the other hand teh political side is implicitly a four-year expectation, though flexible
ginger: ginger because of the red hair :-)
ginger: it looks like they will be very flexible if I need them to be and they know me
Meeka: no, mantle is done and cupboards are ready for houses
rich-c: I suspect that's an Anglophone idiom Daniel hasn't encountered before
Meeka: tree will be sat when dougs stuff is oputta the way
rich-c: wow, you get your tree up early
ginger: the British refer to redheads as "gingers"
Judy: that is a good start
Meeka: yup
Meeka: got the dishes out too
eMacRonald: tree? Gee, it's still Nov
eMacRonald: well, not by then I suppose
Meeka: normally would have been up last weekend Ron
eMacRonald: really!
Meeka: yup
eMacRonald: Humbug I say, Humbug!
rich-c: round here I think the general approach is Advent to Epiphany
Dale: that US thanksgiving stuff Ron.
eMacRonald: oh right
Judy: be back, have to go and make lunches
eMacRonald: Ham and Swiss on rye Judy
ginger: great news about my old boss though!
rich-c: we like to have our lights up about three weeks before and leave them up for four - five weeks after
Daniel Bienvenu: So, if a girl is named Ginger, she is red hair, always?
rich-c: so what's the word, Rin?
eMacRonald: Not to be left out, we had several inches of snow here Monday night
ginger: oh no, not all some just like the name Ginger
eMacRonald: had to cancel the camera club meeting
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ginger: Steve is now the Speaker of the Ontario Legislature
Scott: Daniel - you program ColecoVision and DS homebrews?
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: she would more likely be nicknamed Ginger - like Goinger Rogers (wow, that dates me)
Scott: Are there any other systems?
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
eMacRonald: that's interesting Rin. Bit of a thankless task, but somebody has to do it
Scott: Thought of doing PC games?
ginger: I was there to watch the vote and support him
Pamela: Hi Guy
BobS: Judy says she is OUT of swiss ron
Scott: Or Flash?
eMacRonald: Ok then I'll take cheddar
BobS: OK
rich-c: hello Guy - Chicago checks in
BobS: when would you like it delivered??????
eMacRonald: Hi Chicago
Scott: BTW, the Wii is incredibly hot right now. Went to a store yesterday and people were calling and walking in the entire time hoping to snag one
Dale: Scott, I've thought of doing PC games. I have a couple of Java applet games on my website.
rich-c: Speaker, eh? that is an honour
Daniel Bienvenu: I wanted to try Nintendo DS. I have the game system, but I wanted to know more. And someone told me that the screen resolution on Nintendo DS is 256x192... that's the same as the graphic mode on video chips TMS9918 and TMS9928... the one inside Coleco game system.
Scott: Oops, BRB
Dale: But I've never gotten into Flash. I think I would really like it if I tried it, but no Linux tools, so that I partly what has kept me away.
ginger: it's great and he's thrilled....and when he is finished as Speaker he gets his portrait painted and hung on the walls of the legislature
Dale: The PSP is an amazing platform to make homebrew games on though.
ginger: I'm so proud
rich-c: it speaks highly of the esteem in which he is held by the other members
Dale: Hi there Guy.
Daniel Bienvenu: I personaly didn't like my first contact with the wii... very hard to use as a pointer, that is needed to shoot the ctupid bunnies in the crazy that I forgot the name again.
rich-c: even with a government majority, it does not mean a government member will get the job
ginger: he some competition to....4 others ran as took 2 hours to get to the final vote (4 ballots)
ginger: it's true but he is well-liked by all sides
Dale: I played some Wii at the Arcadia Festival, and at my business partner's house.
rich-c: again that speaks most highly of him
eMacRonald: "Ah Mr. Speaker, just because I called the gentlemen opposite a horse's a** doesn't mean he should act like one
Dale: The pointer isn't so bad, if you hold it at arm's length.
ginger: he deserves it...he's a class act....each time someone was dropped off the ballot he went straight up to them and shook their hand
eMacRonald: this is an all party decision, right?
rich-c: the legislature is not oversupplied with class acts, either
rich-c: yes, every member of the Legislature votes, by secret ballot
ginger: right...the entire legislature takes a private vote until a Speaker can be named
eMacRonald: right
Daniel Bienvenu: I disagree.. it's hard to use as a pointer... always missing the spot I want... and the unatural shaking I had to do with the second controller on the left hand to refill the charger... anyway, I just didn't like my first try.
ginger: that's why I'm going to miss him...may be reason enough to leave
eMacRonald: Is there a nomination process prior to the vote?
rich-c: he must be someone with whom all the parties are comfortable, who they can trust to be fair
ginger: yes there is...nomination and then a seconder then acceptance by the nominee
eMacRonald: ok
ginger: he's been campaigning since the cabinet shuffle
rich-c: brb - gotta go fetch my beer
Scott: Would like to take a good look at PSP development.
Scott: Are there good emulators out there?
Scott: Guess I'd also need to get a PSP too.
Daniel Bienvenu: Without the Nintendo license system, I'm pretty that some game companies would releases prono games for the Wii. It seems obvious...
Scott: I've gotta DS, though. Absolutely love the system.
eMacRonald: I want someone to develop a program that will step the computer forward in time 3 days and return with winning loto numbers. Work on that Dale eh?
Daniel Bienvenu: misphrase it again, but I think you understand
Scott: Wii's interesting but the controls would be a pain to develop for.
Pamela: isn't this how we got into quantum physics last week Ron?
Scott: I'm more intrigued with the dual screen of the DS
Scott: Some great possibilities for an RPG
eMacRonald: I know. I repeat myself
Daniel Bienvenu: For my Gamepack#1 conversion I try to do for NDS, I want to use the microphone for the game we have to bring back sheeps togheter by "barking" on them because we are a dog in the game.
Meeka left chat session
rich-c: I just wish there were a way to make the Adam emulator work with a mouse or DOS joystick
Scott: BRB
rich-c: back in the early days of Adam there was a game writer named Guy LaForet - anyone ever hear from him?
rich-c: did the Electronic Game Packs I and II that NIAD sold
Daniel Bienvenu: the only Guy Laforest I found is a politician
rich-c: as far as I know, Daniel, they are two different animals
rich-c: in any case I believe the Adam Guy preferred to spell his last name with the cirmflex in place of the s
Judy: there that job is done
eMacRonald: Guy R. Laforest - he sent me some stuff he had written when AUFG was still alive (when I was in Ottawa). We carried on quite a correspondence for a time
Judy: took longer I had to have two
eMacRonald: he wrote an assembler/disassembler package for Adam
eMacRonald: I may still have it around here
rich-c: but I assume long lost since, Ron - as in, our game community doesn't know him
eMacRonald: how did the name come up? Let me read upward
Daniel Bienvenu: ho Ron, Did you receive my picture for the ecard? Is it ok? is it fine?
rich-c: too complicated to explain, Ron, and trivial anyway
eMacRonald: not yet Daniel.... I've been computer hopping these days. Maybe you better send again. I can't remember these days which computer I last checked my e-mail on
eMacRonald: senility you know
Daniel Bienvenu: if I know senility?... I know the word.
eMacRonald: But I think I would have remembered something like that?
rich-c: oh - on mine, it's crashes that determine the choice
eMacRonald: The more memory I put in my various computers, the less I have in my head
eMacRonald: You're too young for senility Daniel
rich-c: it derives from a Latin word for old age, Daniel, so I'm surprised there is no French cognate
eMacRonald: And as always at this time of year I'm in procrastination mode
Dale: What was the deadline for the christmas greeting again?
Daniel Bienvenu: SÚnilitÚ
Dale: I'm sure Jeffrey will want to do one.
eMacRonald: It's ok Daniel, I've got it
eMacRonald: daniel.pp
Daniel Bienvenu: ho, you find my picture then
eMacRonald: glad you mentioned it though
Daniel Bienvenu: you should open it to tell what if it's ok (working) or not
rich-c: right Daniel, you've got it - I should have remembered it (if I weren't getting so senile) ; - )
eMacRonald: My Vista setup won't run the emulator, so I'll have to fire up XP on the laptop in the other room
eMacRonald: That's another thing Dale. If I try to run Adamem on Vista, it says "this system does not support full screen mode"
eMacRonald: all the support files work fine .... the utilities and bmptopp but not the emulator itself. So those of you upgrading to warned
Dale: Well you can run the SDL version on Vista, but I still haven't gotten around to working on sound.
Daniel Bienvenu: You can open the pp files by using one of my tools... like CVPAINT for Windows 9X, XP . I know it didn't garanty that it will works in the emulator with the real powerpaint software.
eMacRonald: that would actually be ok for most of the card Dale. Where can I find SDL version?
rich-c: oh - on XP it runs but when you push F10 to get out it hangs and freezes the screen, then crashes
eMacRonald: will try that Daniel
eMacRonald: try <Contrtol-F10> Rich
Scott: Back for a moment
rich-c: I'll do that, but I think I did and it just hung differentl;y
Scott: I have some web-based Coleco development tools I started awhile back
eMacRonald: yeah, I know, I've had the same problem
rich-c: actually it's Frances who is having the problem - I can't get straight XP to run properly
Scott: I was taking some of my Visual Basic development and converting it to PHP
Scott: Ugh. BRB
rich-c: test
Pamela: we're here
Pamela: sorta : )
Daniel Bienvenu: I suppose I'm still there too
rich-c: I was beginning to wonder - everyone just went silent
Judy: yes, we are here
Pamela: so what's for lunch Judy?
rich-c: so Rin, where's your hubby tonight?
Daniel Bienvenu: Writing an email... asking for an Adam dsk image with a music composer. it's this kind of tool that miss for coleco game development.
Judy: raison bread with cheese, grapes and cookie
BobS: samiches and fruit
Pamela: sounds good!
ginger: he just got back from visiting with the girls and is cooking dinner
Daniel Bienvenu: I don'T think there is a music composer in this list :
Judy: that is mine Bob has a few more things
Pamela: Rin are you coming back up?
ginger: (on the phone with him now)
rich-c: a music composer like Videotunes, do you mean, Daniel?
ginger: I may
Judy: I have an all day class on Word 1
Dale: Ron, try:
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale suggested me also videotunes... what is this software?
eMacRonald: Oh I like that Daniel (your file I mean) That is so cool. Just opened it with BMPtoPP
Dale: If it doesn't work I have another one.
eMacRonald: parfait mon ami
Pamela: if you do will you kindly bring your mother's glasses with you? They're in the front pocket of her carry on
Daniel Bienvenu: good!
ginger: I will
Pamela: thank you
rich-c: it's a very old BASIC program for the Adam, Daniel, that allowed you to lay out music
eMacRonald: I really need to pay more attention to my e-mail
rich-c: others could likely describe it better than I - Guy, maybe?
eMacRonald: Lucky you Judy
eMacRonald: your eyes will be crossed by the time you're finished
ginger: where are they
Pamela: should be in the front pocket of her carry on
eMacRonald: Bob my son.....
eMacRonald: expect the card will be another week
BobS: si papa
Pamela: nah, she'll be fine Ron. I work on Word and Excel all day
BobS: oh well thas OK
BobS: tis only November yet mon
eMacRonald: trying to get some music that I didn't use last year
Judy: not too bad, took it before, but am taking it again and then in a couple of weeks am taking Word 2 then can take the exam and be done
BobS: don't worry, be happy !!!!
eMacRonald: Yes Pam, I suppose that's true
Pamela: I thought you took the Word 1 exam already Judhy
eMacRonald: right.... I will not worry, I will be happy
BobS: SI
Judy: did but didn't pass
Pamela: oh ( in very small voice)
eMacRonald: If it's good enough for Bobby McFerrin, it's good enough for me
(BobS smiles)
Judy: was told later that you should take the class twice before taking the exam
Pamela: nice that they tell you that afterwards : )
ginger: I'll keep looking...still on the phone so I think I will log off for tonight
eMacRonald: right
ginger: night all
ginger left chat session
rich-c: think that says more about Microsoft than the users
Judy: night Erin
rich-c: night Rin, say hi to Rich for us
BobS: nite Erin
BobS: say HI to Dr D
eMacRonald: night ginger. Hope events turn out good for ya
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit ginger!
Pamela: I have no doubt that things will turn out for her Ron
eMacRonald: of course
eMacRonald: Rich.... (totally off subject) ... I have just subscribed to an additional cable channel which give ESPN Classic sports. Lots of CFL football
eMacRonald: just to sorta let me down gently
Judy: did you ever take the exam for Word or Excel, Pam?
Pamela: No, I'm totally self-taught Judy
rich-c: I have suspended my satellite service for the next three months, Ron
eMacRonald: oh?
rich-c: figured since I wouldn't watch it anyway, why pay for it?
Pamela: the closest I've come is taking tests for temp agencies to determine my competency
rich-c: got the playoffs and Grey Cup by antenna anyway
Judy: ok, sounds like a good way, but they both do so much more than you probably would ever use
eMacRonald: Be nice if I could do that actually. I seldom watch the thing. The latest channel choices (3 of them including ESPN) were to see if I could rekindle some interest.
eMacRonald: I'm really a radio listener at heart
eMacRonald: It's on constantly
rich-c: have it back in time for the Daytona500 - unless I extend the suspension another month
Pamela: well I'm still learning. Before this job, I had no idea how easy it was to set up a merge
Judy: yes, that is easy
Pamela: I also didn't realize that a data file could be either word or excel
rich-c: well, I only ever watch CFL and racing, and neither are happening over the winter
Pamela: were you satisfied with the outcome of the Grey Cup?
Judy: yes, but the exam is a real bear
rich-c: so I might as well save myself $135 or so
Pamela: what's on the exam?
eMacRonald: As in take letter a, para's 7, 8, and 9 and merge it with the intro para from letter B. Then add the closing and signature from letter C, and you come up with a piece of correspondence that means nothing to anybody
rich-c: you're so cynical, Ron, and so right
eMacRonald: Then you send it to 300,000 mail addresses that you bought from XYZ-Supreme, and see if anyone bites
rich-c: in fact I have one second-tier package but I amy not revive it.
eMacRonald: and you'll get a response of about 1%
Judy: a little of everything, but in only 17 questions and they have to be done the way the test wants even though there are like 4 ways to do most things
eMacRonald: some people will send you a cheque because they think it's a bill
rich-c: the one channel I'd watch is now more than 50% commercials - that I don't need
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I'm tired now... bonne nuit tout le monde! talk to you again, in december.
eMacRonald: I'm not cynical
eMacRonald: later Daniel. be well
Pamela: between icons, pull down menus, and right clicking it's often possible to do the same thing three or four ways
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel - a la prochaine, en decembre
eMacRonald: Are you on Word 2007 Judy?
Pamela: good night Daniel
Judy: night Daniel
BobS: n ite Daniel, swee you nextmonth
Judy: is time for me to say goodnight also
eMacRonald: the verb to swee. I swee, you swee, he swees, we swee, you swee, they swee
Pamela: LOL
Dale: Bye Daniel.
eMacRonald: hmmm
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Ó tous! (goodnight all)
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
BobS: and with that.....and the end of the program on tv, tis time for me to also bid you all a fond adios for tonight
Judy: Word 2003, ron
Pamela: goodnight Bob
Judy left chat session
BobS: Auf Wiedersehen youngen !!!!!
eMacRonald: aha..... well word of warning Judy, if you ever get an office where they've upgraded you'll find it quite different
rich-c: good night Bob (and I assume Slopsemas en masse)
BobS: see you in the month of Xmas
BobS: si senor
BobS left chat session
eMacRonald: I mean all the functions you learned in 2003 are there, but they've rearranged things
Dale: Goodnight Bob.
eMacRonald: Night Bob
Dale: I missed him
Guy B.: Well folks, sorry I was quiet. A friend popped up on Yahoo Messenger and still chatting with her. Will see you all next week
Dale: I need to speed up reading. :-D
eMacRonald: So Dale...... where do I get the alternate version of the emulator
Pamela: goodnight Guy
eMacRonald: you got a site somewhere?
rich-c: nite Guy
eMacRonald: nite Guy. Go straight home now
Dale: Did you try that geoff version?
eMacRonald: no....didn't know there was a geoff version
Scott: Ok, bck
eMacRonald: enlighten me
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Scott: Oh no, everyone's leaving
Dale: Ron, try:\
Dale: (from earlier in the transcript)
Pamela: time for me to poof too
Dale: Scott, that's the bad news. Most people leave about now.
Dale: Night Pam.
eMacRonald: noted sir. Will check that out
rich-c: yes, us old folks need our shuteye, you know
rich-c: and I need mine, so good night to you all
Pamela: sorry, I was somewhat distracted too
Scott: Yeah, it's only 9:00 pm here
Pamela: will try to be more awake next week
eMacRonald: nite to Rich. Be well and all that
Pamela: Dad, I'll call tomorrow or Friday
eMacRonald: 8 pm here
rich-c: right, Ron. Take care
eMacRonald: we need to establish a western wing
rich-c: OK Pam, we'll be here
eMacRonald: Where's Zonker when we need him
Dale: Well, I think that that is the one to try.
Pamela: goodnight all
rich-c: anyhow, colour me gone
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
rich-c left chat session
Dale: I have another version (my version), but I think that Geoff Oltman's version is better.
eMacRonald: Ok Dale. I'll give it a shot. I've got too many machines going transferring stuff back and forth to the real ADAM. Starting to confuse me
eMacRonald: Mind you, it doesn't take much
Dale: some days are like that for sure.
Scott: Dale - how's the business going?
Dale: So Scott, did you finish your C programming courses that you were planning on taking?
Scott: Oh yeah. Got my certificate from the Community College of Aurora and all that good stuff
Scott: It's actually been a few years.
Dale: My current business is in research mode.
Scott: I also got a certificate in Java, but haven't done much programming in it
Dale: We are working on a domestic robot.
Scott: What about your pictures business?
Dale: It should be fun. But maybe 2 years until it comes to market.
Dale: I sold the pictures business to Best Buy.
eMacRonald: there we go.... a robotic time traveller who can go see the loto numbers 3 days from now
eMacRonald: guess not eh?
Dale: It went well for a while, but once it is in hands of a big corporation it can easily lose it's way. :-(
Scott: Wow, to Best Buy? Then you must be pretty well off...
eMacRonald: Impressive
Dale: I should have held out for more money. Hindsight eh? :-D
eMacRonald: always the way Dale
eMacRonald: the older you get, the more you see it happen
Dale: Anyway, it's enabled me to have a company that just does research for the last year.
Dale: My latest research toy is a 3D printer.
Scott: House paid off?
Dale: It prints any shape of ABS plastic.
Scott: Maybe multiple houses?
Dale: Up to 10x10x12" in size.
eMacRonald: wow
Dale: The only shortcoming of the 3D printer is that the material is $4.40 per cubic inch.
eMacRonald: any chance of that coming down with development?
Dale: So I have been making experimental robot hand and wrists that using my fabrication methods from a month ago I would have considered impossible.
eMacRonald: I'm trying to sound intelligent here. If the truth be known, I have no idea what I would do with a 3D printer
eMacRonald: Like the robot idea better
Dale: Well, if I mass produce the designed part, I can injection mould the final design for pennies per part I expect.
eMacRonald: right
Scott: Just read the thread on Eduardo's Pac Man collection cartridge
Scott: Uses 128K ROM - awesome! Game isn't too shabby either.
Dale: I could have paid off my house, but I'm afraid I spend too much money, and I reinvested some into my new business.
Dale: So I'm poor for now, with no revenue with my new company, and no products ready for market yet.
Scott: Sounds like you're doing well, though. Good job.
Dale: Hopefully I can work it through to product launch in 2 years.
eMacRonald: Well you're out there on the edge Dale, and that comes with its challenges I'd expect
Scott: Now just need to make that million seller ColecoVision title
eMacRonald: you need some solid investors
eMacRonald: I expect capital is there if you know where to look for it.
eMacRonald: not my field of expertise I'm afraid
Dale: Well, our next round of financing should be for $10 million. Or that is what we are targeting.
eMacRonald: make them an offer they can't refuse
Dale: We are hoping for a company which is in the appliance business already.
eMacRonald: you mean appliance as in washer/dryer/fridge/stove?
Dale: Exactly.
eMacRonald: ok
Dale: That's how I view the new kitchen robot that I'm working on.
eMacRonald: Buy Future Shop
eMacRonald: ah ok, now I see the connection
eMacRonald: Scott, are you still at university? Working?
eMacRonald: or what
eMacRonald: How's Gillian doing these days Dale?
Dale: Scott, do you use Aol Instant Messenger?
eMacRonald: Where'd he go?
Dale: Jill is pretty happy lately. She's been working part time as my Office Manager.
Dale: Tomorrow we get to go do some interviews for students for January.
Scott: Sorry, got carried away with a thread I was reading
eMacRonald: aha. good stuff
Scott: No, I'm not in college at the moment, but will be returning soon.
eMacRonald: good stuff Scott. Is your dad still around?
Scott: I have AOL Instant Messenger. Is this your preferred IM?
Dale: Not specifically, but I'm hardhatpsp on AIM.
Scott: Yes, actually he just got out of the hospital. Blot clots :(
eMacRonald: bytehacker on iChat, which is basically AIM
eMacRonald: haven't used it much
eMacRonald: Anyway guys, I'm gonna part company. Gotta play around with the xmas card and get a handle on it
eMacRonald: See ya's next week
Scott: I assume my AOL account sctegordon is reserved on AIM
Scott: See ya
eMacRonald: nite all
Scott: Been awhile since I used it.
Scott: Night
eMacRonald left chat session
Scott: So you work from home most of the time now?
Dale: About half and half.
Dale: I have an 1800 sq ft facility, where my (currently 4) co-op Engineering students work.
Dale: And so I have to go in, and gently guide them to get the real work done.
Dale: And I'm talknig to myself.
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Scott: Not sure what happened there
Dale: About half and half
Dale: I have an 1800 sq ft facility, where my (currently 4) co-op Engineering
Dale: And so I have to go in, and gently guide them to get the real work done.
Dale: Do you use another instant messenger protocol then?
Scott: The only other IM I've used with any frequency was Yahoo IM. But I have no idea what my login/password are
Dale: on yahoo I'm dmwick
Scott: If you have one that you prefer, I'll just create a new account.
Scott: Yahoo's good. I'll sign up again and send you the useraname later
Dale: Well, Daniel is on Yahoo, so that might be the best one.
Scott: I've been happy with Yahoo.
Dale: So is your NDS homebrew enabled?
Scott: I haven't done any NDS development
Scott: Just thought it would be a good project for you
Dale: It can be homebrew enabled without having developed anything :-)
Scott: Ok, not sure I follow-
Scott: Ok
Dale: Well, Daniel and I are working on a game for the compo for the end of December.
Scott: What mods are necessary to run NDS homebrews?
Dale: I could give you a build of it, but it wouldn't do you that much good without a way to run it.
Dale: I guess I test on an emu.
Dale: So maybe it wouldn't be that bad.
Scott: What's a good DS emu?
Dale: There are various ways to run NDS homebrew, but a reprogrammable cart is a popular choice.
Dale: The one that Daniel recommends is NO$GBA
Dale: it is easy to set up, which is good.
Scott: Taking a look at
Dale: Anyway, I have to go, I guess. So I'll see you on yahoo hopefully.
Scott: Me too. I'll give this site a deeper look
Dale: Lots of interesting stuff there.
Scott: Will send my new yahoo account later
Scott: Bye
Dale: bye for now.
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