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Daniel Bienvenu: Rich++
rich=c: salut, Daniel - ca va bien?
Daniel Bienvenu: Always the first!
Daniel Bienvenu: oui, je vais bien!
rich=c: not always, but fairly often
rich=c: maos je ne suis pas pret; tout le monde d'autre est en retard
Daniel Bienvenu: I can't stay too long, I have a bunch of things to work on including the last cartridges I have to ship soon.
rich=c: have to ship you have been selling them?
Daniel Bienvenu: I already ship 41 cartridges... still have 9 left to ship. and yes, I got money for them, but not for all of them... I did some trades too.
rich=c: still, that is an impressive level of demand, all things considered - congratulations!
Daniel Bienvenu: thank you!
rich=c: I think it is great that there is still demand for Colecovision games, and your producing them is really appreciated
rich=c: now if there was only a supply of machines to run them!
Daniel Bienvenu: you don't have some colecovision game systems for sale?
rich=c: I think I have about half a dozen that still work, yes - and of course the Adam runs them
Daniel Bienvenu: The non-working colecovision systems are in the trash already?
rich=c: yes, I think I finally tossed them - no one wanted to try to fix them
rich=c: after all, the game machine does nothing the Adam won't do more and better
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changed username to BobS
rich=c: greetings, Robert
BobS: ok guys, I am herre
BobS: notwwhat?????
BobS: besides the fact I cannot spell
rich=c: does that mean wwe should all leave? ;-)
BobS: hope not
BobS: then I would be lonely
rich=c: yes, that is true - where is Judy, and are the kids around?
BobS: Judy is in the kitchen makeing her lunch for class tomorrow
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BobS: the kids??? who lonows
BobS: knnow
changed username to Guy B.
BobS: knows
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
rich=c: hello Guy, you made it early tonight
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Guy et Bob!
BobS: Hi Guy, and daniel
Guy B.: Yep, my show is a repeat. Plus, I'm doing a test print of Annies Christmas Photo
rich=c: sort of like Rin and Rich - maybe they'll show, maybe not
rich=c: is that for a card or your website or both, Guy?
BobS: speakin of which.........never did get the ADAM card from the Ronald man
Guy B.: Christmas Cards
rich=c: you print your own, do you, Guy?
Guy B.: Last year, I bought Christmas cards that I insert photos on the cover for half off. Annie's photo was taken at the animal shelter's Christmas Bazaar.
Guy B.: I scanned her photo, edit it and now I'll print about 15 photos of her.
rich=c: ah, I buy commercial cards and then include a letter - composing which isn't always easy
Guy B.: I'm going to put a letter in too. Finished that on my notebook today. I have holiday stationary.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm really sorry, but I will have to end my chat session now. I'm too sleepy tonight. If Dale or GuyF shows up tonight. Tell them that I will work on the minigame project during the weekend and I hope I will be able to finish something to burn before the end of the year to start well the new year!
BobS: tired??????
BobS: tis not late Daniel, but if you must.....sleep tight and sleep well
Guy B.: Ok, Daniel. Get some rest and we'll see you next week then.
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changed username to Pamela
rich=c: right, Daniel, we'll pass the word along - sleep tight
Guy B.: HI Pam
Pamela: Hi there
Pamela: Guy, you're early tonite
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Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't sleep well the last 3 days... a cold and not in the mood, many because I didn't go much outside.
changed username to Judy
Pamela: get well Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: bonsoir Pam, je m'en allais justement.
Pamela: Hi Judhy
rich=c: hello daughter
Judy: Hi, Everyone
Guy B.: My show that I watch is a repeat tonight. I'm printing Annie's Christmas photos.
rich=c: hello Judy, too
Guy B.: HI Judy
Pamela: bonsoir, Daniel
rich=c: a la prochaine, Daniel
Pamela: brb, gonna go get my magic bag
Daniel Bienvenu: good night Judy, Rich, Bob, GuyB, Pam, and all the Adamcon members who will shows up soone or later! bye
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changed username to Ron
Daniel Bienvenu: bonne nuit Ron! * poof *
rich=c: good evening Ron
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Ron: Yo!
BobS: hi Ron
Ron: did I scare Daniel Off?
Judy: night Daniel
rich=c: how are things on the Left Coast?
Ron: well at least the snow has gone
Judy: hi, Ron
Ron: Hi Judy, Hi Bob
rich=c: from which I infer it is chillier than you like it
Judy: not ours, or the ice
Ron: that was getting ridiculous
Ron: still is Rich, yes
Ron: yeah, but it's different for you guys - it's expected there
rich=c: we have some fairly deep freezes overnight
Ron: We have about 2 graders and a plough and a half for the entire Valley
rich=c: Frances won't let me go out because she's afraid I'll slip
Ron: she might have a point Rich
Ron: Bob, did you get the xmas thingy?
rich=c: I fear she probably does, but that doesn't make me like it any better
Pamela: hi Ron, that's the technical term I gather : )
Ron: right
Ron: best I can do right now
Ron: Hi Pamela
rich=c: I did manage to take her out grocery shopping, though
Ron: so at least you have food. That's a good thing
rich=c: yes, I'm always in favour of food, though getting so little exercise I'm not sure it's a good thing
Ron: true
Judy: no, Ron he did not, when did you send it?
Ron: Last Thursday morning - am
rich=c: the scale says my weight is holding, but I've suspected it of lying to me before
BobS: got nothin man
BobS: where did you send it??????
Ron: maybe I sent it to the wrong address. What's yer e-mail?
Ron: sbcglobal?
Ron: hmmm.... hafta check the other machine. Will be right back
Pamela: there that's better
rich=c: oh Pam, did you get the clip on Speedy I sent you last night?
Pamela: yes, isn't that sad
Pamela: looks like they did me a favour
rich=c: the sort of thing that just sends you off cursing under your breath
BobS: sad.....yes....WHAT?
rich=c: how did Bev take it?
BobS: Speedy goin out of business?
Pamela: she's been aware all along but finds it sad too
rich=c: you got it, Bob
BobS: good thing you got a better job then Pam
Pamela: things haven't been right there for a long time Bob
rich=c: she didn't have any choice, Bob - the western buyer laid off all the Toronto staff
Pamela: not true Dad
rich=c: that's how I understoof it, Pam
Pamela: Speedy was company owned and operated all the way down the line Bob
Pamela: but they expanded too fast and spent too much money
Pamela: after the IPO the stock never regained it's initial value
Pamela: they started selling off divisions
Pamela: first SMK Europe, then Speedy US, then Car-X and finally the Canadian division
Pamela: in an effort to put a finger in the dike
Pamela: of course as divisions were sold off, staff was laid off
rich=c: and they still owed 2.8 billion at 12 percent interest, if the story is right
Pamela: finally they sold the Canadian division to a franchisor, Minute Muffler based in Alberta
Pamela: the intention was to franchise the remaining corporate stores
Pamela: and as a result, all those whose jobs related to running the corporate stores with the exception of a few were lost, including mine
Pamela: however, they weren't successful at franchising the stores and sought bankruptcy protection
Pamela: that protection ended when it became clear that all of the company's assets would be sold
Pamela: the last of the remaining head office staff were laid off in the last 60 days
Pamela: it was a Canadian success story for a long time and I'm proud to have been a part of it
rich=c: To interject - Pam, how much have you told Kimberly about my medical problems this year?
Pamela: I feel sorry for those who stuck it out to the end and got screwed
rich=c: amen to both those sentiments, Pam
Pamela: some but not a lot Dad, why?
Pamela: actually I guess I should say - surface stuff but not a lot of detail
rich=c: oh, my Christmas letter can't help mentioning some, but I don't want to repeat or bore anyone
rich=c: it is hard to avoid the "oh poor me" feeling, though I do try
rich=c: by the way, I don't need the nursing visits any more
Pamela: that's good!
Pamela: so that's the story Bob
rich=c: nurse told me Monday the wound is now closed up
Pamela: sorry to be so long winded
Pamela: and is it???
rich=c: yep - now if it bleeds, it's Band-Aid stuff - still looks horrible, but it's closed
BobS: everyone has a story Pam and you need to vent it swometimes
Ron: All hail to the corporate food chain
Ron: Bob..... that's the address I sent it to - 2:21 am on Dec 6th. Have just sent it again to
rich=c: well this was just sheer managerial incompetence, Ron - likely with an overdose of greed
Pamela: you know the really sad part is Ron that it's the management who screwed it up
Ron: usually is Rich
rich=c: but as Pam said it was a real Canadian success story - damn managers who can't stand success
Pamela: they did get greedy - expanded too fast
Pamela: they should never have gone public
rich=c: and now Speedy is a nobody, and that's a crying shame
Pamela: although I would like to know how they managed to get 2.8 billion in debt
Pamela: that's a lotta dough
BobS: not here yet
rich=c: must admit the number certainly startled me - it seems incredibly high
Pamela: and it certainly wasn't nearly that bad when I left
BobS: maybe have to send it to ANOTHER email address becasue ATT is screwed up
Ron: hmmm....
Pamela: it does to me too Dad
Ron: have you got another?
Pamela: unless they were borrowing at incredibly high interest rates and I don't see how that's possible
BobS: try OR [note the misspelled adamcomputer word]
rich=c: I've found email isn't necessarily instantaneous, Bob - it's likely stuck in a spoam filter
BobS: getr all of ron's other emails ok
rich=c: yes, but this one is not straight text
Pamela: I heated my Magic b
Pamela: ag in the microwave
rich=c: and?
Pamela: now I have this intense craving for fresh bread : )
rich=c: where do Magic bags come from?
Ron: ok, sent it to both
Pamela: magic barley : )
rich=c: don't be uppity, daughter!
Pamela: but Daaaaad : )
rich=c: besides, barley is for making beer with
Ron: it's travelling with a 160k attachment but that shouldn't slow it up any
Pamela: well I'm not craving beer, that's for sure
Ron: Do you have any fresh bread Pamela?
Pamela: no : (
rich=c: I am but I will likely wait ten minutes or so yet
Pamela: I came home on Monday afternoon off the elevator and someone was baking bread - the whole floor smelled of it
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Ron: that'll do it
Pamela: there's nothing like it
changed username to UbuntuG
rich=c: I suspect, Ron, the attachment may have provoked spam paranoia at sbc
UbuntuG requested to ban Guy B.
Pamela confirmed ban
rich=c confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Ron confirmed ban
Ron: Bob, is it adamcomputer or adamcomoputer
UbuntuG changed username to Guy B.
Pamela: I was tempted to start knocking on doors until I found out who and demanding some : )
Guy B.: Back
Ron: Hey Mr. Bona
rich=c: finished printing the pictures of Annie, have you?
Ron: possibly Rich
Pamela: I must say we have some good cooks on this floor, I'm always coming home to incredible smells
Pamela: we're lucky on this floor
Pamela: someone on the first cooks this incredibly horrible smelling fish every Friday night
rich=c: there are an awful lot of commercial email addresses that will not accept any attachments from anyone ever
Guy B.: Printing more now. Have to print the mailing list as well
Pamela: it's enough to make you gag
rich=c: gag or salivate?
Pamela: gag as in revolting
Pamela: it always smells like it's been dead for a couple of days too many without refrigeration
BobS: it is ADAMCOMOPUTER........I goofed when I set up my id at AT&T and now it is permanent
Pamela: I don't know how anyone can eat something that smells that horrible
Ron: ok, that's what I used
rich=c: sorry - I didn't catch the fish line - yes, that's godawful, don't know how they stand it
Pamela: I think the super may have said something to them because it hasn't happened for a couple of months
Pamela: either that or the offenders have moved out
Pamela: thank goodness!
rich=c: either way, if you're rid of it, count your blessings
Pamela: so does everyone have their trees up yet?
rich=c: yes, we have our little porch tree up, and the Christmas lights
Ron: Haven't put up a tree in about 5 years. But I do have outdoor lights up now
Ron: Won't be in town for the entire holiday, so I don't see any point
Pamela: will you be with Jeff and Francesca?
rich=c: we have no place inside for a tree, but put a little fibre-optic one on the porch
rich=c: Frances just came in and says the tree isn't lit - I will have to onvestigate
rich=c: will go and be right back
Pamela: I expect the super efficient Slopsemas are done right?
Judy: have the trees up and most of the presents are bought and wrapped, if that is what you are asking
Judy: was just off talking to Meeka
Pamela: trees? You have more than one?
Ron: Yes Pam. Managed to wangle an invite to my ex's place in Victoria where we will all gather
Judy: yes, a his and hers
Pamela: wow
Pamela: I'm impressed
Ron: Then I'm off over to Edmonton on the 27th for a few days
Judy: Bob doesn't get real excited over my Snowbaby tree
Ron: Now Robert
Judy: and his has a village and train under it
Pamela: now who's in Edmonton again, your sister?
Pamela: is that all that's on it Judy?
Ron: yes, sister - Dr. Stephanie and her significant other
Ron: Brother Dave and his girlfriend will be up from Calgary
Judy: just about, has icesickles and some crocheted snowflakes
Ron: Gets kinda confused every 2nd year
Ron: On the off years, I just go to Edmonton for the whole time
Judy: Bob's is the traditional tree with the ornaments
Pamela: I must say I'm glad I don't have to travel over the holidays
Pamela: you should get pictures Judy : )
Ron: Well, I tell ya.... when you live by yourself, Christmas needs to be done somewhere with other people
rich=c: if one could drive it might not be so bad, but flying is always a horror story
Judy: maybe I could do that, don't do much intertaining to show it off like we used to
Ron: so where in screamin' blueblazes did that card get to?
BobS: i don't nothing yet
Pamela: I'm ashamed to say ours isn't up yet
BobS: anywhere
Pamela: we're working on it but we had to make room first
Pamela: lotta stuff (read clutter) in the living room
Ron: does sbcglobal have an automatic junk filter?
Judy: then I have our village over the cupboards in the kitchen
Ron: allright, I'm gonna try something else. BRB
BobS: nop;e
BobS: you should see the crap I get
rich=c: I have a couple of little figureines we put up, but I can barely reach the places now
Pamela: we've got a busy week this week and a busy weekend ahead of us. I'm trying to get stuff done in the evenings, so that we can spend part of Saturday and Sunday getting it up
Judy: we have about 25-30 houses with people and trees up there
rich=c: when do you want to come fetch the songsheets, Pam?
Pamela: the good new is, I'm done at 5:00 on the 21st and will have the whole weekend to finish up what needs doing
Pamela: probably on Saturday Dad
BobS: ron, I have had problems in the past about even getting the mail thru because ATT was screwing with something or other
Pamela: we have haircuts on Saturday afternoon so I'll probably stop by on the way home and pick them up
Pamela: it's the only opportunity I'll have
rich=c: yes, and you've been having ice storms and downed lines in your part of the continent too
rich=c: far as I know we aren't going out for any reason
Pamela: I just hope the weather holds for Sunday
Judy: our ice storm wasn't that bad, could have been much worse
Pamela: I'm not driving to Orangeville if the weather turns really bad
Judy: we had a sunny day today, was wonderful
rich=c: no, and the dirty part is it is often much worse there than in Toronto
Pamela: yes we did too Judy and I was stuck indoors all day
rich=c: make sure you keep an eye on the weather radar
rich=c: Judy, are you still studying or have you finished now?
Judy: I was sitting waiting in the parking lot trying to avoid the sun on my face, am not supposed to get sun on my forhead
Pamela: oh I will. I'm paranoid about driving in that stuff
Judy: forehead, that is am putting some cream on it for sun damage
Pamela: meaning you're not supposed to get UV exposure?
Judy: yes, no sun right now
Judy: putting on some nasty stuff
Pamela: well if you were sitting in the car you're okay - no UV comes through the windows
Judy: supposed to burn it real good
Pamela: yes I've heard that cream is nasty
rich=c: what's the cream for, Judy? I may have missed something
Pamela: I'll be right back - I have to go start the dishes
Judy: sun damage, was in to the skin doctor last week and she treated it and sent me with a prescription for some cream
Ron: Sent it one more time Bob, only from this computer instead of my other one. Just left here cc
BobS: chemotherapy cream
rich=c: basically severe sunburn then - OK, that makes sense
BobS: i just turned OFF all the ATT filters
Ron: ok
rich=c: the filters are really a pain for all users, it would appear
Judy: so far it hasn't done much to it but make it itch like crazy
rich=c: all my newsletters plead with their subscribers to be put on the personal whitelist
Ron: here, some get thru, other's do not....and that's my choice
rich=c: seems they are inundated with bounced - or more usually dropped - newsletters then nasty emails about non-delivery
Ron: some don't know the difference between information and advertising
rich=c: I don't ask for, let alone buy, a newsletter unless the value of the content is there
Ron: exactly
Ron: One of my criteria is that I must be allowed to reply to the sender. if not, then I'm not interested in doing business
rich=c: wish I had time to read as much of the content as the value justifies
Ron: Apple is amongst the worst of offenders
rich=c: yes, although with some of them you may have no need, or urge, to
Ron: that's true, but if I do, I want the opportunity
rich=c: I find Tech Support Alert very valuable, but have only ever written to them about subscription matters
Judy: it came thru, it would be playing as we speek
Ron: helluvajulha
rich=c: what receipt time is on it, Judy? Is it the first copy or the latest?
Pamela: there, my dishes are soaking
Pamela: and my hubby will be happy
Ron: cant spell halliluja
Pamela: that's hallelujah, Ron
Ron: thank you hallelujah!!!!
Judy: 10:30 pm today
Pamela: but I liked the first version : )
Ron: good
rich=c: so it's from one of his later transmissions, then
Judy: how is Russell's job going?
Pamela: it's going well
Pamela: he's been upped by a buck an hour and they've increased his hours to 40
rich=c: does it offer much opportunity for overtime?
Judy: that is good, he is lucky that he found another job
Pamela: so, he's back to making a decent wage
Pamela: the first 40 hour paycheque will come in this week
Judy: here they just keep laying off more and more
Ron: verrry Interesting. that was the last one sent from the Mac.. Previously it was sent from XP on the Acer..... wonder if Bill Gates is swallowing my e-mail
Ron: and it runs ok?
Pamela: not much OT Dad but he's indicated he's willing to do so within reason
rich=c: you don't even know which of the various ones it is yet, Ron
BobS: runs great
Ron: well the last one from this Mac left here at 7:29 pm
Pamela: we won't get rich on it, but at least we'll be able to meet our obligations
Ron: our time
Judy: that is a good start, Pam
Ron: good. glad to hear it Bob. Sorry about the 1 week delay. I just assumed that you got it
rich=c: right - Dave Laru is working at Amazon on a 4/10 schedule - with this week 20 hours of mandatory overtime
BobS: got to be the was the version to rslopsema with a CC to adamcomoputer
Pamela: I was seriously contemplating a second job for a while there Judy
Ron: yup that be the one
Judy: it does feel good when the money is coming in
BobS: no problem sir, will get i online tomorrow night, NO PAIN NO GAIN
Pamela: takes a load off my shoulders
Ron: yeah - that's the strange thing about money can't live with it, and you can't live without it
Ron: true Bob
Pamela: hey I can live with it - just give me the opportunity to try : )
Judy: that is why I really wanted to get a job, but right now it would be better if it didn't happen right away
rich=c: and you have to take care of it if it is going to take care of you
Judy: we may be going away in Feb
Pamela: for how long?
rich=c: can HfH spare Bob for that long?
Judy: he is going on the job down to Miss for a week or so
BobS: yupo
Ron: interesting
rich=c: bet the wether is warmer on that one
BobS: the HfH I work for is going with wome volunteers from here to work in Biloxi Mississippi
BobS: fer 1 week
Judy: good to go where it is warm to build a house
rich=c: be careful, you may not get him back till spring
Judy: I will be with him
BobS: would take an extra week to sight see and diddle around
BobS: take the motorhome down
rich=c: Biloxi? is there anything left after the last hurricane?
Ron: why not - surely you guys have earned it
BobS: not mujch that is why they are building houses
Judy: down near the gulf, what to see the ocean
Ron: I seem to recall hearing that name in all the CNN coverage
Judy: yes, has been pretty bad down there even after all this time
Pamela: Judy, make your plans and if you get an interview, warn the interviewer in advance that you'll need that week. Most employers will be willing to accomodate you and if they won't you probably don't want to work for them anyway.
Ron: Yes Judy, Pamela is quite right
Judy: very true, but don't even get calls for interviews, seems they are not interested at this time
Judy: but then there isn't much to apply for either
rich=c: anyway, with the time up and down, it will be at least two weeks, won't it?
Pamela: it's what I told my current employers when interviewing in March - I need a week off in July and I wanted to warn you now, so it's not an issue
Ron: sounds like things are still pretty slow in Michigan
rich=c: yes, Michigan is the rustiest part of the rust belt - they are in really dire straits
rich=c: fortunately they have a good Canadian governor - from BC
BobS: 2 days down, 2 days back
Judy: tommorrow I am taking the MicroSoft Word 2 again, then will take the exam, see what happens
Ron: oh do they?
rich=c: that's some heavy driving, and the weatherman may have other ideas
Pamela: at least now you know what to expect from the exam Judy
rich=c: yes, Jennifer Bornhold was born in BC
Pamela: this time I think you'll have no trouble with it
Judy: getting slower, may take until 2009 before things start to get better
Ron: aha
rich=c: Bornholm
BobS: naw 2 days is plenty good, did it with my folks couple years ago
Ron: what would it be, 1200 mi?
Pamela: how far is it to Mississippi and what route would you take?
Judy: I think you may be correct, getting more used to using it and really learned alot that last class
Judy: hopefully tomorrow will be the same
BobS: down, towars the equator
Pamela: very funny Bob
rich=c: what is it, I-69 that runs down that way? Same general direction as New Orleans
Ron: we may be dumb Bob, but not THAT dumb
Pamela: Guy, are you still awake?? You haven't said a thing all night
Ron: Adamland to Chicago, Adamland to Chicago.......
rich=c: he's busy printing pictures of Annie for his Christmas card
Judy: yes. same general direction as New orleans
Ron: HfH is what..... help for the homeless?
Ron: 'scuse my ignorance
rich=c: yes, I think it was Katrina that took out Biloxi, not the later storm that did in Alabama
Judy: haven't been there before, taking 65 down 16 hours south of us
Guy B.: Well folks, going to get going here. We'll see you all next week
Ron: very good Guy - be well
rich=c: OK Guy, goodnight now
Judy: yes, it was Katrina
Pamela: Habitat for Humanity, Ron
Judy: night Guy
Ron: ok thank you Pam. Yes, we have that here too
Pamela: goodnight Guy
rich=c: that we do, Ron - their patron saint, so to speak, is Jimmy Carter
Ron: yep
Judy: maybe I will even work down there
rich=c: had a feature in the Star last week about a house they are building just outside Toronto for a Somali family
Pamela: it can't hurt to get in some tool practice Judy
Ron: must review my geography
Pamela: I have it on good authority that power tools are fun : )
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich=c: just keep them away from your fingers - they are treacherous little boogers
BobS: my speech eachmorning
Judy: see if I can keep up, he does have a lot of woman regulars, they come almost weekly
Pamela: it's more fun to learn how to do it safely : )
Pamela: blood = bad
BobS: si
BobS: anyway got to got to bed now gang
BobS: shower first THEN bed
BobS: see you next week eh???
rich=c: yes, the hour's getting on for you working folks
rich=c: take it easy then and see you next week
Pamela: goodnight Bob
Judy: yes, I do too, bed is calling, so night all
BobS: WORK.....a four letter word
BobS: nite
Pamela: goodnight Judy
BobS left chat session
Pamela: send pics of the trees!
Ron: 'orleans
rich=c: nite Bob abd Judy
Ron: Niters Bob and Judy
Judy: will do
Judy left chat session
rich=c: so that's about it - guess it's time we packed it in too
Ron: yeah... I'm gonna go and write more Christmas cards.....
Ron: still have a bunch to do
Pamela: guess so, I have some stuff to do before I can hit the sack
Pamela: tomorrow is gonna be a long day
rich=c: got to go to the dentist tomorrow afternoon
Ron: yuccch!
Pamela: oh yes, those are on my list too (OMG)
Pamela: but not tonite
rich=c: right - see you next week, Ron
Ron: I know.... thought I was doing pretty well, but time is flying along
Ron: yup...till next time g'nite all
Pamela: Dad, I'll call on Friday night, okay?
rich=c: and Pam. likely Saturday, then
Ron left chat session
rich=c: suits fine, Pam
Pamela: okay - be careful tomorrow please
rich=c: goodnight both now - sleep tight
Pamela: gnite Daddy
Pamela: kerpoof
rich=c: collur me gone
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