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rich-c: bonne nouvelle annee, Daniel!
Daniel B: bonne annee!
rich-c: how did you get through the holiday?
Daniel B: goes fine for me... relax for most of the part.
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changed username to BobS
changed username to FosterTheSnowMan
BobS: howdy all
Daniel B: bonsoir Bob et Guy!
BobS: I like the snowman thing
rich-c: good show - got enough snow for Carnival?
BobS: how2 much you have guy?????
FosterTheSnowMan: Yeah, I got TONS of snow... want some?
rich-c: happy new year, bob aand guy
BobS: want NONE
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Daniel B: there is enough snow here. thank you!
left chat session
rich-c: thought you were selling it all on eBay ; - )
Daniel B: bonne annee!
BobS: maybe is Jean Stone tryin to get in
FosterTheSnowMan: We got close to 35 cms I believe since yesterday morning.
FosterTheSnowMan: We haven't had this much snow here in Montreal since 1984.
Daniel B: 400th anniversary ... Quebec founded in 1608.
rich-c: on top of that record fall you had earlier? oh, wow!
FosterTheSnowMan: Rich: Yes, on top of that. I've never shovelled this much in my life.
rich-c: still, it's better than an ice storm
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BobS: AND the forecast is to stay the same way. storms come up from Oklahoma and headed northeast
BobS: JEAN is that YOU??????
changed username to Jean
BobS: IT IS!!!!!!
rich-c: hello Jean and happy new year
BobS: ya made it my dear
Jean: yes
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changed username to Dale
rich-c: hello Dale
Dale: Hi ya.
Daniel B: goodnight!
Dale: Busy place for so early.
Jean: It took this old woman a few tries before I found the spot. Hi everyone!
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rich-c: Frances is complaining that the chat transcripts haven't been up to date - have you had time to deal with that yet?
Jean: I still need to know which month we are having our meeting.. I need to know so that my family can plan their trip with me
BobS: what is goodnight Daniel ???????
BobS: Richard, has Pam made any inquiries for a hotel yet??????
rich-c: literal translation of French greeting that is both hello and goodbye
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings and Happy New Year!!!
Jean: Frances, I feel so ashamed that I have not kept up to date with you.
rich-c: I know from comments she's dropped that she has been researching but isn't charmed by the results
FosterTheSnowMan: Guy B: Here, grab some snow...
Guy B.: We have enough, Guy
FosterTheSnowMan: Guy B: Us too...
rich-c: oh, Frances never comes on chat, just reads teh transcripts to check up on the old man
FosterTheSnowMan: I'd like to officially petition for the snow to stay in the US, so far we keep on getting bad weather coming from the states and it affects us.
BobS: oops that is not good Richard
Guy B.: Almost 18 inches. Right now, we are cold. But a big warmup is coming for my area
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FosterTheSnowMan: A big cooldown is coming ina few hours. I heard -28C for tonight.
Dale: eeeek.
Dale: that's too cold for me.
rich-c: in fact, right now she is looking at where one of our guys has posted photos of his trip to San Antonio last week
changed username to Judy
Guy B.: None of December's logs are up and I sent an e-mail to the list and I don't think it went through
Judy: Hi, Everyone
rich-c: hello, GuyB
FosterTheSnowMan: hey Judy... (humm, isn't that a Beatles song???) :)
rich-c: hello, Judy
Judy: have you been sliding also
rich-c: Dr.D. was asking last week if teh mailing list had been taken down as he could not access it
Daniel B: Bonne anne a tous! Bonsoir tout le monde!
Judy: I think that is hey Jud
Jean: Judy I am so proud of your accomplishments..Yea
FosterTheSnowMan: You're leaving so soon Dan?
Dale: Hi Judy
Judy: hi, Jean
Judy: thank you
Dale: The mailing list is down "temporarily".
Jean: Yo hablo espanol.
Dale: I haven't gotten back to working on putting it back up.
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Judy: we took the grand kids out sliding this afternoon
changed username to Dr. D.
Dale: I could have had a web based forum up same day, but he said no.
rich-c: I do hope it really is only temporary - it's still our main line of communication
Judy: have to enjoy the snow, ya know
Dr. D.: Hi all.
FosterTheSnowMan: Judy: Cool! I went with Tamara to play inthe snow today for the first time. At first she had no clue what to do with all that snow!
Dale: Well, it's been down longer than I intended.
Dr. D.: Happy New Year.
rich-c: hi Rich, Dale'
Jean: Company coming..hope tp see yoa all next week..bye
Judy: Bob and I even went down the hill
rich-c: s here so you can ask him about the mailing list
Jean left chat session
Dale: My new ISP doesn't support the old mailinglist software by default
BobS: nite Jean
Judy: took the bump and all
rich-c: night Jean, happy new year!
Judy: night Jean
Dr. D.: Lots of people were sledding yesterday.
Dale: So I have to pick a time when I can either configure that, or replace it with an alternate package.
Dr. D.: But today is too cold and icy I think.
Judy: was a great day for it, not much wind and perfect snow
BobS: how much snow did you get Dr D????????
Dr. D.: I am told Cleveland got a foot of snow yesterday.
Dr. D.: Here in Toronto, only a few inches.
BobS: yuck too
Dr. D.: I am here with Rin until Monday.
BobS: tis coming your way in Toronto
rich-c: yes, we had a high of -12C today with -17 called for tonight
Dale: I payed double what I otherwise would have to keep this chat server, and support the mailing list on my new ISP.
Dale: So in principle I support the use of both.
Dr. D.: Rin and I were out at a park yesterday for a few hours. I made a Snow Rin, she made a Snow CN Tower.
FosterTheSnowMan: Snowblowers around here are impossible to find, most stores are out of stock.
Dale: It is just a matter of configuring the mailing list ,to bring it back up.
BobS: they should accomodate youbetter then dale
rich-c: in our part of Toronto we had quite a deep snowfall, about ten inches at a guess
Judy: ours has been working, just to keep up with all the snow
Guy B.: Dr D, how much snow by you?
Dr. D.: Here it's nowhere near that deep, Richard.
Dale: Well, I got an account where I can do it all myself, if they don't have everything I need.
Dr. D.: A few inches at best outside Rin's apartment.
FosterTheSnowMan: If it snows this much, a snowblower will be a potential purchase within the next year or so.
Dale: It is just quicker to use the preconfigured stuff.
Dr. D.: This is "normal winter" to me, from my boyhood at any rate.
Dale: And I've been very very sick for about 3 weeks. I'm finally getting better, the last few days.
FosterTheSnowMan: This winter resembles the winters I had a kid as well, here, in Montreal.
rich-c: well, our gardeners keep themselves alive over the winter with snow clearing, and the last fall was a bonanza day for them
FosterTheSnowMan: how much does it cost to get a snow removal contract?
FosterTheSnowMan: stairs/driveway
Judy: not here, it keeps on melting we used to get a lot of snow but it stayed for most of the winter
rich-c: what sort of bug bit you this time, Dale?
Judy: this is an odd winter we have snow and the next week it all melts
Dale: Well, it should have been a simple cold and cough, but I let it get right out of hand.
FosterTheSnowMan: Well, it's better than an ice storm, like Rich said. :)
rich-c: that I have found not to be teh best decision, Dale
Dale: My Asthma took over. I even needed to pop into the hospital for 5 hours about a week ago.
Judy: glad that you are on the mend now Dale
rich-c: five hours sitting waiting, five minutes for treatment?
BobS: you HAVE to take better care of yourself Dale
Daniel B: I'm still there, not leaving ... just not totaly there.
Dale: Naw, our local hospital had me in a treatment room in 5 minutes.
Dr. D.: Last time I was hospitalized for asthma, I spent a week in an oxygen tent. Not sure they do that anymore.
Dale: They kept saying "you should never let you get that hot"
Dr. D.: That was about 1970 :-)
Judy: you just made me feel better
BobS: makes our little xmas sickness seem piddly
Judy: I was feeling sorry for myself for being sick so much
rich-c: face it, Rich, your hours and lifestyle drive the medical gurus to despair
Dale: I don't know what they were talking about, but after they released me, I watched my temperature, and had to take tylonol every 3 hours to keep the fever away. After 16 hours, the fever broke, and I was happier.
Dr. D.: Sorry to hear that anyone is sick. I have been lucky I guess, no colds or flu. I got a flu shot the day after Thanksgiving at my annual physical.
rich-c: yes, Frsances and I are pretty religious about our flu shots too
Judy: I had a flu shot but had a cold
Dale: Well, I just should have been more careful. I've avoided major sickness the last 2 or 3 years.
Dr. D.: This is the first year I ever got one. Doctor said I was now "old enough"
BobS: but even with the flu shots, you can get other and asundry illness'
FosterTheSnowMan: I avoid flu shots after I saw a friend of mine get hospitalized 3 hours after getting her flu shot. She had an allergic reaction to it, and it's freaked me out ever since.
Dr. D.: That is true.
rich-c: the shots only protect against one variety of flu, nothing else
Judy: make you feel good, Dr D you are old enough for a flu shot
Dr. D.: hehe, old enough at age 45
Dale: Last year I took that Cold FX stuff. I think it does the trick, but this time I didn't take it.
rich-c: the idea is to maybe head off a pandemic like 1919 if they guess right
Dr. D.: My Grandpa Drushel survived the 1918 outbreak in Ohio.
FosterTheSnowMan: A flu outbreak? Never heard of that... interesting, will have to read up about it.
Dr. D.: Very high fever for days...ended up damaging his kidneys some.
rich-c: so did all my family, but an awful lot of Americans and Canadians didn't
Dale: Happens one or twice per century, as far back as I've studied. Usually kills lots of people.
rich-c: you sure should, Guy - we're overdue for the next one and you have a lot to lose
FosterTheSnowMan: No, I don't believe in flu shots, sorry, not after what my friend went through.
rich-c: yes, killed off significantly more people than the war itself, I believe
Dr. D.: Well, vaccines in general these days seem to aggravate people's allergies.
Dr. D.: Or rather, there seem to be lots more people allergic to stuff than used to be.
rich-c: I think I'd want to see some pretty solid research citations on that, Rich
Dr. D.: Most vaccines have an egg base, many many more folks with egg allergies nowadays.
rich-c: but yes, the expansion in allergies - and astyhma - has been scary
rich-c: yes, not sure how they vaccinate those with an allergy to egg protein
Dr. D.: They don't.
Dr. D.: It is a fear, if immigration requires Rin to have certain vaccines, she has not had them due to egg allergy.
rich-c: that's likely the problem with Guy's friend, then
Dr. D.: That is what I suspect.
FosterTheSnowMan: She had some sort of allergice reaction in the brain, that's what I seem to remember.
FosterTheSnowMan: Freaked the hell out of me.
Dr. D.: Encephalitis, that is very dangerous.
Dr. D.: It probably caused seizures.
FosterTheSnowMan: She could have died because of that shot.
Dr. D.: That is true...and there in is the roll of the dice: which is greater probability, dying of the disease or of the vaccine?
FosterTheSnowMan: Why would it cause a problem though? Aren't flu shots just an injection of the current flu strain?
rich-c: if she had that severe an allergy I am surprised she was not aware of it long since
Dr. D.: They have to grow the virus in something, even if they use it killed later...oftentimes eggs are used to incubate.
rich-c: it's not the germs, it's the medium in which they are cultured, most often eggs
FosterTheSnowMan: Rich: She had no allergies whatsoever, just go a reaction to the shot, but no other type of allergies.
Dr. D.: It is an active area of research to find non-egg-based vaccines.
Dale: Well, the issues with the flu shot are supposed to be about 1 in 10,000.
FosterTheSnowMan: Yes, 1 in 10,000 that's what I remmeber them saying. She was the 1.
rich-c: remembering, of course, that there are degrees of issues
Dr. D.: Sometimes the reaction to the vaccine is what they would have if they actually got the disease...
Dr. D.: The purpose of the vaccine is to give your own immune system something to raise antibodies to, that will not kill you in the process.
rich-c: Guy, if you do not know about vaccines, some 'net time on medical sites would be worthwhile for you
Dr. D.: However, some people already have antibodies to the virus, and the vaccine provokes a big response.
Dale: That reaction, Dr D rarely lasts more than a couple of hours.
Dale: And never more than a day, from my reading.
FosterTheSnowMan: Rich: I am 35, I am not in the 'vaccine" demographics yet.
Dale: Where the flu would wipe you out for at least 3 days.
Dr. D.: "Vaccine' includes childhood immunizations too.
rich-c: you are going to have to make some big decisions soon, Guy, where Talia is concerned
Dr. D.: It has been awhile since I read up on it in any detail; I just let my kids get what the pediatrician said and when.
Dr. D.: And my girls all got the cervical cancer vaccine this year, Joan tells me.
rich-c: how often do polio shots have to be renewed now? I know tetanus is every ten years or so
FosterTheSnowMan: Well, we give the prescribed vaccines to our children, that's for sure, but the flu vaccine, last time I checked was not a neccessity unless you were part of a certain age group.
Dr. D.: Flu, yes, certain age groups...mostly that is rationing of vaccine supplies though.
Dr. D.: We will see if it works for me this is always a crap shoot as to what the dominant strains will be in any given year.
rich-c: essentially the age grouping is a form of triage, those likeliest to die get it first
FosterTheSnowMan: haven't been sick as of yet.. crossing my fingers.
Judy: they do advise under one or two year olds to have the shot also
FosterTheSnowMan: I'll see what my Ped says about that...
rich-c: and remember as soon as children start going out to play, they bring home all sorts of germs
Dr. D.: Oh yes...we were sick for about 7 years straight once Christina started into daycare.
BobS: it is the class of friends they have Richard
FosterTheSnowMan: My wife says our Pediatrician did not mention anything about a flu shot to her.
Daniel B: Question : Since Dale, GuyF and I are working to release our minigames for ColecoVision, we did a first beta version. It's playable but it's not finish yet. Even during the holidays, I didn't work on the project like I wanted first.
Dr. D.: All the "common diseases" had mutated, and we didn't have immunity to it, so we were sick alot.
Daniel B: My question is : Do you want to try the actual beta version?
Dale: Not many gamers here tonight I think.
Judy: had a lot of problems myself once I started watching the grandkids, they brougt all the germs over to gram
Dr. D.: But eventually we got over it.
Daniel B: I want particulary constructive comments about the project to finish it well.
rich-c: reminds me, GuyB, can you (again) give me the url for the Emulator utilities? didn't you change it lately?
FosterTheSnowMan: Does using a flu shot decrease your natural's immune system from fighting of different strains?
Dr. D.: I don't think so Guy.
FosterTheSnowMan: Such as, using a flu shot make you more dependant each year on getting the shot?
Dr. D.: No.
Dale: They say there are 4 mjor strains. The flu shot will help most with one, and somewhat with 2 of the other three. Or that's how I understand it.
Dr. D.: The reason for the shot every year is that the virus is mutating all the time.
rich-c: no, it strengthens your immunity to a specific strain but may be beneficial against similar strains as well
Judy: don't know but since I started getting the flu shots I have not gotten the flu
FosterTheSnowMan: But how does it protect you from getting sick, since the flu is basically being injected into your system.
Dr. D.: The epidemiologists have decades of strains in the freezers...they make a guess about what will most likely be in the wild, then use the library strains to make a vaccine.
Dr. D.: The mutations are in the surface proteins of the virus...they change from strain to strain, year to year.
rich-c: ditto Judy, but some of that I recognize as lifestyle and some as plain dumb luck
Dale: Once in a while they bet wrong, and people who get the flu shot are still susceptible to the most common strain that year.
FosterTheSnowMan: how about a "super" flu shot, with every single strain in it. :)
Judy: you don't get enough to make you sick
Dr. D.: Immunity to one strain may not transfer exactly to another.
Dr. D.: Too many strains for that, Guy...and the virus is designed to mutate to make new ones.
Dr. D.: Immunity works by 3-dimensional recognition of protein or other shapes...the virus keeps changing its shapes, so existing antibodies may not fit the new ones.
Dale: It is dead flu that is injected, so it just stimulates your immune system.
Dr. D.: (highly simplified_
FosterTheSnowMan: The flu from 1918/1919, what was so special about it? Why couldn't humans just fight it off with their regular immune systems like they do every year?
Dr. D.: I would have to review the history of it...but some of the mutations affect how fast the virus can replicate, or invade cells.
rich-c: the disease constantly mutates - that mutation was more effective at mass murder
Dale: Well wikipedia says:
Dale: The "Spanish flu", 1918–1919. First identified early March 1918 in US troops training at Camp Funston, Kansas, by October 1918 it had spread to become a world-wide pandemic on all continents. Unusually deadly and virulent, it ended nearly as quickly as it began, vanishing completely within 18 months. In six months, 25 million were dead; some estimates put the total of those killed worldwide at over twice that number. An estimated 17 million died in India, 500,000 in the United States and 200,000 in the UK. The virus was recently reconstructed by scientists at the CDC studying remains preserved by the Alaskan permafrost. They identified it as a type of H1N1 virus[citation needed].
Dr. D.: The 1918/1919 strain was very virulent.
Dr. D.: Yes I remember about them digging up someone in Alaska and recovering the actual virus.
FosterTheSnowMan: Holy cr*p... Now that's wht I call devastation.
rich-c: yes, they also got some from graves on Jan Mayen Island
FosterTheSnowMan: are we immune to it, since our ancestors most likely survived it?
Dr. D.: So that is the backdrop for fears of what an AIDS pandemic or ebola pandemic or another flu pandemic could do.
rich-c: yes, the Canada Health lab in Manitoba has a sample
FosterTheSnowMan: Yes, the H5N1 (bird flu) virus.
Dr. D.: In general, descendants of people who survived it (actually got the disease but recovered) would be more likely to survive it again, but there are many other factors that can affect survival.
rich-c: no, your immunity to anything is far more complex, Guy
Dr. D.: I am sure sanitation, nutrition, etc. played a factor.
FosterTheSnowMan: hmm, conflicting answers...
Dr. D.: Population density, to reduce spread.
FosterTheSnowMan: will have to read about it, sounds fascinating.
rich-c: not really Guy, more like the same thing differently phrased
Dr. D.: Epidemiology is an exciting profession.
rich-c: proceeding from difference basic assumptions, as it were
FosterTheSnowMan: I'm sure it is!
rich-c: theres a book - forget the author ' titled "Rats, lice and history" that's a bit of a classic in the field
Dr. D.: It would take many generations of being exposed to exactly the same virus strain, and surviving all the while, and interbreeding among survivors, to make a real difference in the average person's "survivability".
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rich-c: Frances is very knowldgable about the popular literature on the subjext
Dr. D.: This is a population biology argument, predicts averages, but not individual people.
changed username to Pamela
Dr. D.: Hi Pam.
FosterTheSnowMan: Some races are more immune to certain things than others, if I remember reading correctly.
Guy B.: HI Pam
Dale: Looks like so far the bird flu is just that. Limited to bird to human transmission.
Judy: hi, Pam
rich-c: hello daughter
Dale: Hi Pam.
Pamela: Hi folks, sorry I'm late
Dale: We're talking pandemics tonight.
FosterTheSnowMan: Hi Pam.
rich-c: Jean was on earlier, asking about progress in setting a date for Adamcon
BobS: ok ok no excuses
Pamela: I have made progress in setting a target date, so now I need to see how well it fits with our target area
FosterTheSnowMan: What's the target date? :)
Dr. D.: Pam, I just resurrected my E-mail of dates to Rin, and my conference in Pittsburgh is June 23, 24, and way to know yet which of the days is my presentation day.
Pamela: hang on, licking my fingers
rich-c: ouch - that's the end of the period of reasonable prices
BobS: oops
Pamela: my target date is either the 12th to 15th of June or the 19th to 22nd. I'd prefer the former.
Dr. D.: I am available before that...only other big date in June for me is June 1st, Elanor's high school graduation.
FosterTheSnowMan: Adamcon should be held in Cuba in February. $650 or so for an all inclusive hotel (3 1/2 stars) for 1 week. Not sure about Internet access though. :)
Pamela: However, at this point it's a crap shoot - we may not be able to get a hotel that falls in that range
Dr. D.: No Americans can go to Cuba...we would have to settle for video chat.
FosterTheSnowMan: Ok, Mexico then.
Judy: no Cuba, Guy
Pamela: I looked at my work schedule and mid June is the best fit for me
BobS: Acapulco????????
FosterTheSnowMan: Cancun!
FosterTheSnowMan: Been to Acapulco, it's nice, but.. Cancun is nicer. :)
rich-c: how about Costa Rica? that's been getting some good reviews
FosterTheSnowMan: Yup, Costa Rica is nice, but more $$$.
Pamela: Dale, my concern is for you being able to pull Jeffrey from school that close to the end - what do you think?
rich-c: Belize, maybe?
Dr. D.: No non-Canada international travel for me this year.
FosterTheSnowMan: Belize, now you're in the Club Med price range.
rich-c: that good or bad?
BobS: never been to Belize, but WANT too
FosterTheSnowMan: Rich: $3000 bad.
FosterTheSnowMan: Rich: If not more.
rich-c: <gulp>
BobS: ok letsl just visit briefly
Dr. D.: Rin is paging me, so I am going to sign off for tonight.
rich-c: for that we could do New Zealand on a discount flight
Dr. D.: Hope you feel better Dale, sorry to hear you had a rough time of it.
rich-c: OK say happy new year to her for us, Rich
Dr. D.: And the mailing can stay down, I have been getting no spam at all to my APKnet E-mail address now :-)
Dr. D.: Happy New Year from Rich -n- Rin.
FosterTheSnowMan: Hope we can get Niagara Falls done at an affordable price, looks like it's going to be tough.
Dr. D.: And next week I will be back in Cleveland :-S
Dr. D.: <poof>
Dr. D. left chat session
FosterTheSnowMan: paf
rich-c: well teh shoulder seasons are quite reasonable, going by their local ads - they had stuff on offer in September in our league
rich-c: mid-June its really pretty in Niagara, but I don't know how early or high the prices rise
Pamela: darn I missed Rich
rich-c: well he's just downstairs with Rin - he's here till Monday
Pamela: yes
Pamela: I was picking his brain about this the other nite
rich-c: Dale, maybe you can answer a question for me
FosterTheSnowMan: well, we'll leave it in Pam's capable hands to figure out something for us, I have 100% confidence that she will get us the best deal possible.
Pamela: and may do so again
Pamela: but no pressure: )
rich-c: how current can a computer be and still support the Adam emulator, DD disc drives both sizes?
Pamela: I think Dale fell asleep
FosterTheSnowMan: Rich-C: There is an emulator for windows that will emulate a more ancient machine, forget what it's called... I used it to run an older MS-DOS game I used to play.
rich-c: for instance, I would guess the emulator needs FAT32 and would prefer FAT16
Pamela: so for the rest of you, how do those dates work?
rich-c: fine here, far as we know
Pamela: Bob? Judy?
BobS: ya
BobS: works for us
Pamela: Daniel?
rich-c: my computer is six years old but meets basically all my needs, but I'm wondering about modernization
Judy: we are back was just making Bobs lunch
Pamela: I'm back to typing with one hand while I eat
FosterTheSnowMan: pizza arrived... yay
rich-c: well while the gamers are PMing, I'm going to get a beer
Pamela: Guys?
Judy: am eating also and I have a rum and coke to relax me
BobS: we have no kiddies inschool
Pamela: there, that's better
Pamela: happy tummy
FosterTheSnowMan: hmm, wonder where Ron is.
Judy: the sliding was good but the flip was not so good
BobS: you got rid of the "rumbly in your tumbly" ???????
BobS: thas good
Pamela: not rumblies, but even more disturbing - grumblies
rich-c: at a gyess, Ron is in Calgary
rich-c: or rather, Edmonton
BobS: STILL vacationing??????
Pamela: I thought he was back home this week
FosterTheSnowMan: ahhhh
BobS: you'd think he is retired, wouldn't you??????????
Pamela: Gui, I like your sense of language humour
Pamela: say rather, unemployed
FosterTheSnowMan: pam: u do???
Pamela: I do
Pamela: very clever
FosterTheSnowMan: pam: thx!
FosterTheSnowMan: Daniel Boone: Ou est tu?!?!??!
Pamela: just as I admire Mother and Dad's consistent ability to come up with things like cleechez
rich-c: geez, you guys are no help at all
BobS: you didn't say you wanted hellp Richard
FosterTheSnowMan: I remember an actor back in the 70s, his name Lee Van Clee... Or was it Lee Van Cliff?
BobS: Van
BobS: Cleef
rich-c: just any idea how new a computer I can buy and still run the Adam Emulator
BobS: maybe
FosterTheSnowMan: Lee Van?
BobS: can run it with a p3 1ghz running win XP
BobS: so...........the onlyproblem would be abouthooking up a 5 1/4 drive to it
rich-c: can you run it with a 4 ghz Athlon 64. BIOS to match?
Pamela: DANIEL!
FosterTheSnowMan: quad core?
Daniel B: I'm here.
BobS: I am not THAT rich know about those high falutin things
Daniel B: just trying to write an email
rich-c: I dunno - I need to know what to avoid buying, that's all
Pamela: dormez-vous?
FosterTheSnowMan: to whom?
Daniel B: to coleco programmers
Pamela: well that worked, think I can rouse Guy the same way?
Daniel B: asking for beta testers, serious ones, for the minigames cartridge project
rich-c: like if it needs an FAT32 or lower file system, no point in buying a hard disc iver ~160 gb, right?
Daniel B: FAT32 ? errr.... 160gb is limit for some BIOS, but I'm not sure about FAT32. I need to check
Pamela: Daniel, check your calender for the weekend of June 12-15th
rich-c: well, FAT32 has a partition size limit of 32 GB (roughly) and allows four partitions
Daniel B: it'S too earlier to check these dates, Pam. But I know for sure it's near my birthday (june 18th)
Pamela: well then keep them clear for now
FosterTheSnowMan: Daniel: We'll celebrate your birthday them, a la Adamcon style.
rich-c: good Daniel, plan to celebrate it in Niagara Falls
Pamela: that's my first choice of dates
FosterTheSnowMan: We'll throw you in a tub down the Niagara Falls.
Pamela: Mine is the following week, the 26th
BobS: and YOU my dear are the queen of the con
BobS: so you set the pace
Pamela: well there's no point in being queen if none of your subjects show up : )
BobS: Richard, good questions all......looking @ the ADAMEM website and see nothing.......
FosterTheSnowMan: pay for us, and we'll also show up for sure. :)
FosterTheSnowMan: as a queen, you must have the funds $$$
Pamela: unfortunately, I'm not the queen of green : )
Daniel B: Mathieu Proulx : june 25th. (a friend of mine, he did a few ColecoVision games in C like 421)
Judy: what is the saying YOU PLAN, THEY COME!!!
FosterTheSnowMan: Why are you giving us Mathieu's birthdate???
rich-c: the otehr issue, Bob, is will a current BIOS still support both floppy drives in double density mode for read/format
BobS: best way to get an answer may be to emial Marcel DeKogel himself...........
Pamela: Mr.
Pamela: Bona, you there?
rich-c: no, he's busy surfing in another window
FosterTheSnowMan: macGUYver...
BobS: onlyu the computer gurus can answer if the new boards will support older drives.........
Daniel B: Win98 does not support drives over 137 GB. And Win98 uses FAT32, not NTFS.
Pamela: : )
FosterTheSnowMan: BUT there are special versions of Win98 that will support NTFS!
FosterTheSnowMan: I think I wwas reading about that a few years ago.
FosterTheSnowMan: but not common.
rich-c: yes, but I have WinXP, and the emulator is running (badly) on our laptop - but it has no floppy drives
Daniel B: Windows native partitioning system doesn'T do FAT32 partition more than 32GB. However, partitions larger than 32GB in FAT32 is clearly possible.
Daniel B: a FAT32 volume can theoretically be about 8 terabytes
rich-c: or are they? I have a 40 gig hard disc with three partitions - one primary and two extended, though
FosterTheSnowMan: how about running the emulator in MS-DOS mode using a boot disk? is that at all possible?
BobS: sure should be, that is what the ADAM emulator started out as
rich-c: there is no MS-DOS underlying XP
Daniel B: well, BIOS have limit on size in gb you can use for harddrive. and Windows impose limits to create partition in FAT32.
BobS: would have to have a dual boot drive Ricdhard
Daniel B: I tried dosbox, a dos emulator, and it runs adamem, but don't try to use the adamem-frontend-gui interface with it.
FosterTheSnowMan: yes, that's wht I was talking about previously. DOSBOX, thanks for the name Dan.
Pamela: brb
rich-c: I'd like a quad boot, really, XP/XP/Ubuntu primary partitions and an NTFS XP partition
FosterTheSnowMan: XP / XP? 2 XPs co-existing in harmony side-by-side?
rich-c: with a dual boot, why not? neither knows the other is there
FosterTheSnowMan: probably, I have never tried it myself...
BobS: I am also just a one program man............
rich-c: yes, but you use a Mac, which is different
rich-c: well, Bob, I want to find out if Ubuntu is something I can live with and is worth pursuing
FosterTheSnowMan: I use a Mac as my primary rig, but do have a few Windows systems lying around... I just don't enjoy them as much as the Mac.
BobS: I haven't the slightest idea about Ubuntu
rich-c: it is rated as one of the most user-friendly distributions of Linux, for what that's worth
FosterTheSnowMan: Yep, easy to install, works really well out of the box.
FosterTheSnowMan: used it last year as an alternative to Windows.
Daniel B: I think Ubuntu means community
FosterTheSnowMan: in Africaans.
rich-c: in fact I just downloaded the latest version distribution disc image today - 700 meg!
FosterTheSnowMan: or is it, Afrikaan.
Daniel B: I was wrong
Daniel B: it means "humanity to others"
FosterTheSnowMan: Ubuntu is a concept of community.
rich-c: I used teh live CD of the earlier version last year during a couple of my regular crashes of XP
BobS: works as windows does and runs all programns???????
rich-c: it was the only way I could get on the net
FosterTheSnowMan: Nope, it's not a Windows replacement, it's a Linux distro.
Daniel B: If I find a way, I will try to build a new PC, silent, low energy cost, with multimedia capacity, and very small.
FosterTheSnowMan: Get a Mac Mini Dan and install Windows on it.
FosterTheSnowMan: It's TINY and very capable.
Daniel B: I saw the "pico-itx" from via, and it's amazing.
Pamela: here's a question for you - can a laptop be upgraded?
rich-c: yes, if you want to pay teh price
FosterTheSnowMan: Memory yes, other things such as graphic cards, nope... CPU, perhaps.
rich-c: memory or hard discs are easy to come by and install
FosterTheSnowMan: What do you need upgraded?
Daniel B: pico-itx is a motherboard, the size of an old gameboy, and is pc compatible, can use a via processor to avoid using a fan, etc.
Pamela: I don't at the moment, but I was wondering about in the future
FosterTheSnowMan: hard drives and memory as easily upgradable, other components, not too sure.
Daniel B: the tests of the pico-itx + via processor is 20 watts at the peak!
Daniel B: and no sound!
BobS: laptop upgrade.........same as buy a newer laptop, cause old on is not worth spit
FosterTheSnowMan: Dan: Do you want to run it off batteries or something?
rich-c: laptops are prone to breaking so upgrading them is problematic
rich-c: rough if you put in a new hard disc the day before teh display screen goes phfft
BobS: ya just save the old laptop for running ADAMem
FosterTheSnowMan: That's what the world needs, an Adam laptop.
Guy B.: Yep
Pamela: well I suppose if a new hard disc can installed, it can be uninstalled
FosterTheSnowMan: GuyB is back ladies and gents!
rich-c: well look who's here - where you been, Guy?
Guy B.: I'm chatting on Yahoo IM with a friend
Pamela: hey Guy, check your calender for June 12-15th
Guy B.: Plus looking up stuff on OpenOffice and Ubuntu forums
rich-c: oh - what's the url for AdamEm Utilities? didn't you change it?
BobS: youknow.........I could start windows and bounce immediately into ADAMem.........................
FosterTheSnowMan: wonder if they have openoffice for the mac.
rich-c: there's a new Ubuntu out, 7.10 - I downloaded it today
Dale: GuyF there is a FGPA ColecoVision.
rich-c: and OpenCD has now been supplanted by OpenDisc
BobS: use a parallel port 5 1/4" floppy and the onboard 1.44m floppy and AWAY WE GO
FosterTheSnowMan: Dale: Is there? Does it really exist?
Dale: So with some small upgrades, you'll get a ColecoVision on an FPGA.
FosterTheSnowMan: That's what the world needs.
Daniel B: I'm looking to make a media center silent with possibility to customize and program it like I want.
Dale: For about $60 you could build a battery operated one I'd expect.
FosterTheSnowMan: Daniel: Look into the iTV.
Dale: (assuming you could scrounge the LCD)
Daniel B: just using the dvd player I have is painful for the ears.
Daniel B: and a normal desktop computer, even a laptop, is making too much noise
FosterTheSnowMan: Solution: Don't use a DVD player. Extract DVD onto hard drive and run it from there.
Dale: It really works.
Daniel B: I will use wifi network, maybe a hardrive in a special silent case.
FosterTheSnowMan: never heard of it Dale... where can one buy it?
Dale: I've downloaded it, but I haven't tried it yet.
FosterTheSnowMan: Daniel: That's what the iTV does, uses WiFi to stream content to your TV.
Dale: It would probably work on my prototype board.
Pamela: Dale did you catch my earlier question?
Daniel B: I don'T want a ready-made solution. I want to build one. I know how.
Dale: It's open source. You can't buy the CV, just download the plans for free.
rich-c: it's OK, Pam, GuyB isn't listening either
FosterTheSnowMan: Dan: Good luck. I tried a few years back with some amount of success. I found the remote control aspect of things lacking... I built my own RF receiver and plugged it into the serial port.
Daniel B: I worked two years on a system media center for hotel rooms, I know exactly what I want and how to make it. just need material and time.
rich-c: GuyB: are you there???
FosterTheSnowMan: I just need $$$ to buy the ready-made solution. :)
Pamela: hello?
Daniel B: yes
Daniel B: I'm here
Daniel B: and you?
Pamela: nope
rich-c: we're here but GuyB seems to have left us again
BobS: nope I am gone too
BobS: ah
Pamela: Dale, I'm aiming for June 12-15th. How do you feel about pulling Jeffrey out of school for a day that close to the end?
rich-c: give him time, Pam, he likely has to talk to Jill about it
Dale: I'll do it if I have to.
Dale: Or he'll join in Friday after school.
Guy B.: Well folks, sorry I was too quiet tonight. Will see you all next week
Pamela: one of the bonuses of the Niagara area is it's close
Pamela: GUY
FosterTheSnowMan: don't they usually do absolutely nothing in class towards the last few days in school?
Pamela: don't go a way yet
Dale: It is only 4 hour drive away, so coming seperately is still an option.
rich-c: well, how uncomfortable would it make you? really upset? or just, well, it's like he has a sick day?
Guy B.: Why
Pamela: check your calendar
Pamela: June 12-15th
Daniel B: well, it's true that you are closer to Niagara than where I am now.
Guy B.: Those are the dates?
rich-c: Guy. for the fourth tim
Pamela: tentative
FosterTheSnowMan: Dan: The only thing you are closer to anyone is Montreal!
Guy B.: Ok, I'll wrute them down
rich-c: what is the new url for the AdamEm utilities
Judy: think I will sigh-off so goodnight all until next week
Guy B.: write that is
Pamela: goodnight Judy
FosterTheSnowMan: salut Judy et bonne nuit.
Pamela: do they work for you?
Daniel B: err, GuyF, you didn't count yourself by saying that.
rich-c: night Judy, see you next week
Judy left chat session
Daniel B: you, GuyF, you are more closer to Montreal than me.
FosterTheSnowMan: Dan: I am pretty close to Montreal.
Guy B.: Not up yet. I'm working on it. You can still use the current one
FosterTheSnowMan: Being IN downtown Montreal makes me rather close, yes.
Pamela: GUY
Dale: June 13th is the only Friday in June that Jefffrey has school.
BobS: oops that is Marcel's site
Daniel B: Did someone get any reply from Marcel deKogel during the last 12 months?
Pamela: that figures, dale
BobS: gonns head out also people
Pamela: goodnight Bob
Guy B.: That would work out Pam. June's the least busy period of the month before July reports come in
BobS: bedtime and all. see you all next week
Daniel B: goodnight eveyone! bonne nuit tout le monde!
Pamela: that's what I thought
BobS: nite
BobS left chat session
Dale: Not me.. I haven;t heard from Marcel in ages.
rich-c: parents seem to vary in how important they consider one day of school to be
Daniel B: bedtime for me too. il est temps de dormir pour moi aussi.
Dale: Is he the one making that ICE game?
Pamela: okay, you can go to bed now : )
Guy B.: night Daniel
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel - a la prochaine
FosterTheSnowMan: got dishes to do, bleah... luckily for me, I have on order from Sears a BOSCH dishwasher... no more dishes, ever!!
Pamela: colour me green, Gui
Daniel B: (yes, marcel did the game named i.c.e. for colecovision, but what I know about this game is it's almost complete, not done yet.)
Dale: yea!
rich-c: famous last words...
Dale: good night then Daniel. Sleep well.
FosterTheSnowMan: Not that I don't enjoy doing the dishes... it's actually quite relaxing, but I've had enough!!!
Daniel B: talk to you next week. on se reparle la semaine prochaine.
FosterTheSnowMan: Take care Danny Boy.
Pamela: bonsoir Daniel
Daniel B: *poof* *pouf*
FosterTheSnowMan: french/english poofs?
Daniel B left chat session
Pamela: bilingual poofs, I love it
FosterTheSnowMan: haha, me too.
rich-c: why not?
rich-c: I think everyone here is at least sesquilingual where French is concerned, though not all our regulars are
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Guy B.: I'm gone. Poof
Guy B. left chat session
FosterTheSnowMan: pouf
Pamela: goodnight Guy
AdamForSale: Hi anyone interested in an Adam ?
rich-c: OK, why is an Adam for sale?
FosterTheSnowMan: yeah, how much?
Dale: where abouts is it located?
AdamForSale: near Quebec city
FosterTheSnowMan: We have a member from Quebec city and another from Montreal.
AdamForSale: is not far from Montreal
rich-c: merde - Daniel just left - you should have come on five minutes earlier
Dale: And the member from montreal is in the market for an Adam.
AdamForSale: I can send pictures if you want, it is in its original box
Dale: GuyF, get his details.
rich-c: the real question is, how much of it still works
FosterTheSnowMan: How much?
FosterTheSnowMan: I can always pick it up for anyone who wants it.
AdamForSale: it works very well, I just tried it yesterday, played games etc. The printer works too
rich-c: remember it will cost you about $40 to mail it
FosterTheSnowMan: Rich: If it's close to Montreal, I can drive there directly and pick it up.. no $40 fee required.
FosterTheSnowMan: In which city exactly are you?
AdamForSale: we can find an arrangement
AdamForSale: I'm in Quebec city
rich-c: right now, if your roads are like ours, you might not make it to Montreal ; - )
FosterTheSnowMan: Ah, not very close to Montreal. :)
FosterTheSnowMan: Mais, laisse moi un email a: pour mes donner tes coordonees, on a un membre qui vit a Quebec qui serait peut-etre interesse.
rich-c: on the other hand, Daniel is in Ste.Foy and would likely allow a dropoff
Dale: I'd better go. Goodnight all.
FosterTheSnowMan: Yup, Daniel is not too far off from Quebec city, a few kilometers away if I recall.
rich-c: night Dale
AdamForSale: Ah ok des francophones! Cool.
FosterTheSnowMan: g'night Dale!
Pamela: goodnight Dale
FosterTheSnowMan: Adam: Oui, il y'en a quelques un parmis nous.
Pamela: guess I'd better head out too
FosterTheSnowMan: Je pense que Rich et Pam sont aussi assez francophone.
Pamela: comme ci comme ca
AdamForSale: D'accord, FosterTheSnowMan, je dois y aller mais j'ai ton courriel. Je t'envoie les informations/images dčes que possible. Merci!
rich-c: non, nous some trea anglo, desole a sire
rich-c: dire
AdamForSale: Ok bye!
FosterTheSnowMan: Merci Adam!!!
AdamForSale left chat session
Pamela: and we can't type in either language : )
Dale left chat session
rich-c: right - hang a minute, Pam, you need to know about Joanna's operation
Pamela: Joanna who?
rich-c: Rosenheck, your cousin in Quebec City
Pamela: who are you talking about?
rich-c: Zella's daughter, from BC - I think your first cousin
Pamela: um, okay
FosterTheSnowMan: g;night all.
FosterTheSnowMan left chat session
Pamela: gnite Guy
rich-c: if nothing else, you see her letters here every Christmas
rich-c: night Guy
rich-c: anyway, in Jube she needed a stent for a brain aneurysm
Pamela: and . . .
rich-c: you will recall you lost your grandfather and cousin Doreen to brain haemmorages
Pamela: yes
rich-c: there may be something hereditary going on
rich-c: I've casually mentioned it (because of the coumadin) to Dr. Santo
Pamela: yes
rich-c: but a little reinforcement and caution to watch down another genration might be prudent
Pamela: so what did dr. Santo say?
rich-c: hmmm
rich-c: actually that's all he could say
Pamela: a man of few words
rich-c: possible hereditary genetic defects, especially latent ones, are one of those medical nightmares
rich-c: they are pretty well asymptomatic - don't know how Joanne's was spotted
Pamela: I thought he already knew about this
rich-c: well, we now have more evidence down a generation more, so some emphasis might be in order
Pamela: is Joanna your generation or mine?
rich-c: just so a bell rings if they ever find a predictive tool
rich-c: yours, I believe
Pamela: Zella was Grandpa's sister?
Pamela: no, niece, right?
rich-c: I think so - or was she Annie's daughter?
rich-c: yes, you may have it
Pamela: so she would be your first cousin and Joanna is my second cousin, I think
Pamela: children of first cousins?
rich-c: could well be, I'd have to check
Pamela: oy
Pamela: I can never keep that straight
Pamela: Graeme's kids are my first cousins once removed
rich-c: anyway it's in close family so its a bit suggestive, one more thing to be aware of
Pamela: so my kids if any and his kids would be second cousins?
rich-c: you've lost me - that's one of those "ask your mother" questions ; - )
Pamela: that's just what I was going to say
Pamela: LOL
Pamela: I"m too tired to make sense of it anyway
Pamela: hopefully I'll sleep tonite
rich-c: sounds like we both need some sack time
Pamela: oh yeah
Pamela: has been a busy evening
rich-c: OK, shall we shut it down?
Pamela: I think so. I'll call in the next couple of days, okay?
rich-c: OK, night daughter, sleep tight
Pamela: Night Daddy -oh, and happy new year!
rich-c: same backatcha - now, colour me gone
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
rich-c left chat session
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